Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. I 1?1AH Kmiukatio* ?The Virginia Senat? yesteniay passed a local bill ?oIncorporate tbe lr ?b t migrant Aid Society of Virginia. It j Cirstitntes certain citizen* named therein and orb other persona a# raay hereafter be a?*ociaied with them. a body corporate, wltb tow object of affording aid and information toeml(rants, and generally to promote their welfare. The soceiy is empowered to taka, by purchase er gift, and bold, by lease or rental, aLd rent ont or leaae, mortgage, sell, transfer or convey real and personal estate to an amount nor exceeding nt anr one time one hundred thousand dollars. The control and disposal of the fund*. property and estate, and the direction and management of the concerns of the society, including tbe framing of a constitution. by-laws, rules and regulations, not inconsistent witb the constitution and laws of this State er of tbe United S ates, are to be Tested in a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, and nine otber persons, to b? designated the executive committee. Tbe act takes effect as non as it passes tbe Honse of Delegates?Richmond Examiner. lnnrnAKCB K?ach ? Some time since a man named J. N. Sarjrent, of lie* coinea, Iowa, rot bis life Insured in tbe Travelers' Accident Insurance Company, ot Hartford, Conn., for 96 CM). A few weeks since, hia wife presented bis cialm to tbe offce for tbe insurance, saying that be whs drowned at Winneberg, Illinois, and produced Sargent, ander the nam-of j Allen, as a sworn witness tn vr husband's dearh. To complete the disguise she bad ship, ped to her residence in Wisconsin, frotu a railroad station m Southern Illinois, a coffin filled with a lor of wood, which wis duly buried as ber husband Tbe cheat was, however, discovered by the vigilance of that company. Tbe entity parties have b^en arrested letters bare been received reporting the | arrival at Capo Mount, UecemVr 17, and Monrovia. January 3, of the colonization packet Oolconda, which sailed from Charleston. South Carolina, November 21. with six ) hundred emigrants fer 'he young African republic She had a qmck run. and landed her pa*?engers in good health, except four, who died on tbe voj age; of theae two were infants, a T?nug, and Rev Alfred Alberts, of W-wberry, a wortny minister of toe Methodist t'hnr. h, who died instantly, from apoplexy, the >ery morning after the ship left Charleston. atai. Accident.?tin Sunday week, while Mr* S, otf, wile of Major John Scott, of Fiu jiurr county, Va., attended by a colored s*rvant woman, was crossing the Rappahannock, at the Springs, Virginia, the wagon in which tbev were travelling, owing to the swelled condition of the stream, was capsized and borne rapidly away by the current. The ?er- ' vant wa? drowned, and Mrs. Scott barelv ' escaped with her life, losing a quantity of vai- ! uable baggage. Mrs. Scott had lately returned from lialtimore. yThe notorious Colonel T. T. Titns, of Mexican and bu-hwhackmg reputation, attempting lately to drive a harpoon through a re>enue officer when in th? execution of his duty, was arrested and turned over to he United States Marshal at St. Augustine. Kla A negro made nis appearance in Ka?t Mai bias village. Me , the oih>-r day. and was quite a curiosity to the young people, manv of v hem never saw a colored man and brother he tore. \ Self-ris'ng Urea 1 Preparation is a1verftsed. Tb?re must b? something like it secreted m flour-barrels, judging from the way in which their contents go up in price. S^Tho effort to snpply the masses of London with preaching in the theatres, on Sundays, has n?t with good *nece?t. the attendance being from l.outi to <,.'?< Ki in the larger theatres Iiunr r the lam sea Hon about la i.ouu person* have attended, and many nave been benefited. W The black mea?l-a are very prevalent and fatal at Andover, Me. In onehanse three persons lay dead at the name time, vnd all the schools have been suspended till the epidemic subside*. H*"t PU1L1PP1, FROM PARIS, LADIBS' AHD OENTLEMENS' H AIBDBE9bRR, Would respectfully inform the public of Georgetown and * ithlnttf i that be has removed bis Lariis* Hair PrstriDg t?aio<?n t?> No I?*S Bridge attett. near < ?D?re*s Ladit * will find fv.-ry *tyl* ol feim.sti Hair \? oik. Halrdre<*toK In *.elateet prompt'j attendea io. (Jentiemea's Wigs at,d Yonpee* n ale to order. Promiam Hair Wora. Puxe Medal at the French International Bihi Mil? n, 1?1. Lad i as entrance next door above the Barber Shop f? jj 3t? ALIX. R. BHBPHBKD TH M. SHEPHERD *.S bUEPHRRD ' AL*X R. SHEPHERD * BROS , sirc?k*( l< TO J. W. THOMPSO?l M CO.. Bo. J69 Pean. avei.ue, Washington, D.O., MllJljl IN METALS, M1SCMLLA N Ed L'S HARDWARE, P1.L MEJNG. HAS am A STEaM FITTING. PLCUIIO WOIK In all Its tranche* executed ?xp?ni mad workri en. at the lowest prices,aad pertoct aiisfeetlwn van. Wo are fbe only agent* PATENT LEA It EXC4SSD r!?,?LPE "d 'UI-'-BK'S PA TEXT 1 * . ? *i! ^ LOCKS, whi h are acknovl%dgtd to bf tit most d?r?Mi cock mow Id qm aHo, sLKAACKS and sntipin tbt test manner, at reasonable rates, wis especially f ,'n*pectlon U ths A A i( At ht>(>( K h. R RASH E, for vhi(h we are the agents la this city, six hundred of which b it* ; besii put in by ua aud giT*n entiie satisfaction. sDU/ia?,lni,M of ?AB CMAHDELIBRB, BBA< KITS, and every variety of P1XTURR8 I* the largest thl* sld? of Philadelphia, aad sold at manufacturer priae*. OhB F1TT1BO of every deacrlp tlon lntrodnced i into private dwelling* in the be*t manner, aal at i reaaoaable price*. f( jj at b o Timr HALL k PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New York avenn* and lKn street, (liUMce en New York aveane,) Dealer* tn fine PA WILT QB0CEBIE8, TEAS, ViINBS, 1MPOBTBD LCX0BI1B, tc , Ac., would r as pec tf ally aotify their friends aad the public that they have just opened their New Grose ry Store, where can bo obtained any article uau ally kept In a first clas* Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate our large,freah and w*ll elected stock, we ordially Invite tbe pa bit o to exavlne our store and *tock. believing we shall not fail to give antlre satiafactlon to all who may faver ue with their patronage. We call espesial attention to onr a? ortment of TIABand OOFFBBB, which hav* been selected *lth r teat care for purity. Dealer* will And a floe assortment to select from, and oar price* to suit. Goods delivered promptly la any part of the city, jau 0 3m C'HOCOLATB DOCRLB. VABILLB, 1 DR H. MAltiLalRD. Pur Oacao et Sucre. Exempt do tout: melange. Z. M. P. RING M SON, _ ? Ring Piece, Corner Vermont aveane and l&H atreet. WIST INDIA uRAMdlS Alii) ~ swrbt Malaga gbapBs. KIBG PLACB. i^MOlCB NITS, RAISINS. FIGS.CORRANTS, V/ BPU as Ar , Ac., to *nlt thi* particular ***. Z. * P. RING A SON, Riag Place. ||K MONTGOMEBY JOHNS' BOARBIBG ' AND DA* SCHOOL TO? BOYS wlH to"a n'r*?f".,U J,,,rd Sessloa F-b 6th 1* miles went ? rf ?<! \of a mile wo?t of B aud W. r?- .. d-olalng t>e premises of tl.e Agricultar?l College .MOATOOMBkT JOHBA.Th D j L. BBHKBLET. A. B . Vice Priti^ ??el For further 1u*orniation apply to the Principal MONTGOMERY JOHNS, ft D. Poet of Bee addreas, Hyattsvllls, Prior* George's ounty, f*?-a* MAILLARD'S GHOOOLATS DB FANTAISIB BT BOBBGNS. AIJULABD'S * OHOOOLAT PAR BXGELLBNOB, i Thl,..Trt*,t CHOOOwVa*ll WMrtU la aeaUtp aad Savor to aar other made la thl* oouatry ,aad la prepared especially for table nee. N. w. BLKCHBLL. 4. . eeraor l?th and V street*. aador Bbbltt Henae, R * ? a_L~ :?:? I THB "AtTOWAL FB10N IHSDRANOB OOMPANY Of WASHIBGTOB Have roiaved to their Row OSce. Bo. Y1 LOUISIANA AYBH0B Jlnt door eeat of 7U el. _ DIB ?"cT 0 B B; Ghaa. Reap, FreeX Geo. W. Rlgg*. Tloe Pr**t, Tboe Berry, Mare hall Brown, Rich d Wallacb G Gkieon, Daniel Dodd, Wa. Dixon. Henrj D. Oeofce, de i tf NOBLB P. LABBBB, Beereta^. | O A N OlflOl, MOBRY leaned oa"Bold aad fllver/?\ faf>* botwooa loth aad llth s*a. f^lOARS AND TOBACCO^BBOOiFB- BD. Md the^nbtiJ1 JJlh ?? hMPT-a?^JrT# kl> trt*nd? s*'!* fub lie with Olgar* aad Ttbacco, at Bo. OA Loaialaaaaveane. near Baakof Washing% auction sales. |tl OfOPBB a iiATlMBB. iioUMMn, 3 1 **?? clerk* *Hk Jm. 0. Mcliaire * Oo.,> boa l sweat craeref P**M|lfuU in. t>4 11th atre.*, ?tar Otfioe Bonding u* tuiUuio 4t Auonoir B> ?lrlo? of a d*rd of tract dote* the ttk dor of Jnee A. D. lr?M. and reoorded in Llhar J n o h. lw.folto. K 7. B, end*. ooo of the tool recerde ??r Wooh4o*too connty, u. O , 1 will eell Bt aab lb mhi'v'N* premieoe, ot Ave o'clock P. m, OB t,HI>AY, Mtrckli, 16 J. DOlt inBhami Mrt of Lot Mo. i7)niii lo wb. H Philip# nb ,f part of *riginal Lot Mo', it) tw* ,T# MM elihty oZ tSi ir ?!.", !* ?ro^r,? ? situated on the M<t il lthmuJTJ^Sl .*~r *"?** ? ? . -d Terms: Oto btli cub, btluctln ill iii t*>lu d^tVof tTnVt iuufi*x fro? of cored br titf h. li IL^S f.k* A depoelt of fM * u be repaired fro* iko pnrchaeer ot time of T*>n?clo? and revenue iUibh at coat fo 19- tod Ada ^OOPfcSV" BT ?oorM" * I.ATIMBB, Anctioneere. ^OBIH KIi?iii?,JIOD8B AMD LOT OH bOUTH K STBBBT. between 1Mb and 11th *to. ?l *r ** Supreme Ooart of JV P ^ rc ??t. (y?'?"l>lo mode ond paaaed on tht i. iif of ' J>r.n*S? A D 1^7. ? oon*o Ho. 7M, btallinge ti. Bolt eral. tbo nnderslsned will eell ot pnbnr ?nrtlon, to tbo Blahret bidder, oo tbo' ??. ? March A. D. 1 Mr, ot (o'cloci p. to on tbo pr< mieei, parte of Lota Boa. 3 ond 5. in "' j", ??- W. deacribed oe follow* ? Beginning ?? M ,#,h ?t^ot; OHd run. f-iVf?* * 'a f***; thence north w fo?t # iuchee, thenoo wo.t 2J feet; ond thence eoutb 90 .feet ? iucbee to tbo beginning, with tho two etory ![*? D?elllng Hooao thereon. Terme of Bale Ooo hoi I raeh. the neat due in afx month, frori the day of *ale. witb IRereet. or at the option of the parcbaaer the whole may b<- paid loco-b. If the term. oro not oooipllad with In fire da\ a from the day of.ale the property wlU bo refold ot the rich and coat of tbo defaulting pnrchaeer, upon Dee data ootloa Oonveyantin? aud ot the expenee of the anrchaeer * f? U *o3w OOO PEE * LATIMBETAZ^: 111 D. L. WBLLB A CO.. Anctleneere, tJ Morthweet corner of loth and F atreota. BLI BOBINBl*# 8TAND AND DWFf. Vt?1 ?Th2*TUJV8* a!mKASJ or il **?tandobtbbbt NORTH AT PVRLlO A0CT1UN xiokiii, in^tn.?TH^li8,,A,Y'wl,,e Ktk 4%' #f ??braory ? m if * o c>ock p m., on tho premUe* wa IbS n!T IM* ***** Iwo V*V *r*ni? Btore, Hou.e, and Dwdllnf. lately rebuilt, contalniax a atoro 14 . 5 convenient rooma. with tho lotluxdJ boln* !' ** ?f Lot Mo It in Hqnar. 4t7. * c*?h. tiaiattco In two, eight, and do wn at aiSo! Pw"#*,1?n ?**Md??to. fiuo weTbiTflSfn1*^^ th* *'?* of 'J1* ,tor* fr?**Ttyt ?! "*',b? pramiaM. four ainall Fraine Tratni< nia. of two r<<oma oach, with tht^faot. ifxii b|-ir>? .ear part of Lot No ^3 in 8 mare 614 aitoate ai..i k'IbVi -?y' 4tb "> atrof-n we.t Ji ^ north. Ml h!ar ru*h; b%,*BC? ?n >* m>nth?. 8?nmpi and converanciriK ?f ri ?? at co"t ' P?r *ct. L WBLLB A OO , Anrt. ^HCBTIl'l BALE. . *f ? ?ower of aale reatod in me hy tr??*. ?'X?eated to noe by Ooort;e t\ Mltchel and Cornelia D Mitrhel, hi. wife of tT!'*? ?" ri%2' W-frlct of Oolumbia. dated en {^S^yl-iof An?oat, IMS and tocoHel in L. 1?' *v ? 3. folio I3J. AC., one oftne Uud re ordeof Montaomery c-unty. 1 will ofter at { r^LCHMoianiB,#?Kt0 if. W?hr?t b?d I, r. at B?Kar a U'tei. in tbo village of Ciarksbnri; in ? ^>K??0? Vicoo?t^ M<1 #n w"DNBSUAV?th? ch, in tho year el?h.oaD hnnlred ?* ' II o'clock a m .all th?- follow coSat? B?M##,^to!a,l,VJ?!* M"nt?r'>n,ery tMB.klhn, J f *,r>l?n<l The%e landa He uoar i\5 "** htiedrrd ABdaixty acretoflaad ).J^'"a Jh* eame land heretofore conveyed br' ! i bi5riM H*Dir?^nd or Hendry. hia wffe to , dB.dnGrVr** ^ *>' ?> <* dated "It t he ttth Tb* ??h?r boiua part of a ' w.i ? c?l'?d 'BomrT.y ob Maple Branch."' heretofore conraytd io aald ttoorga W. Mitchel la'nd rootninln. thirty fi?i" ro. ?f land Tlil* land la under a good atate ?f pniti wVt'ertd"1 * '" 'l^L.1*ei5hb(,r,l00d- we'i I ?red and nixler >fry food I^q. idit Th? i;r I fia??T!7.7,K,.Ut0Mw.0 o-'ortanlo loVlwi". itBtft. a fltfthl*. corn boo?*-t, aud ether ner*-a I -*b* b -y tfeacrlWl tract la .a** dbt>hle ' lar^t dlTided into two or thr^a cuny. n rut Paraon; wlihlng to look at tho nropertr e ?n .lo -ln,.?nM,n:.0"rr K,??' ' "*?< oithlund? wbo will tile plentire in litoviig it. of tbe P"r^hMe money to he paid on the of li e the renHne oftfie frnm .V?0'"? l? P" P*id *B(t two >"?? trom th* da\ of ?ale. th<- tnr hi?er or parcb? bom ,'lvlnt: hi. bar or their noita. with hppro*^ Z.' ,D,#r'?? frcr.i the day or aale i'" *ho.'' ??ri!?a?p m oey adexl will ho ex?ent> d by llio tra?ioe. >ihe nir< kBa?r pajln* axpanaea ofrrcna, .r,. u?d*od aud et?r..?a I ? M .. JOHN 1 WILl,f\MS. _ U 9 *" L* VI V AN f iSSBM. Aiict. M' MAOLBA CO.. Aactioooera. " Bala*room > a. uvi nn. arenne, Between ^ and 10th ate. tolthe0.?u T'L.'-f1!' th5?r P*raona1 attention ture ai^ . .kl*2?U ^2d ''ooaehold ramiWlZ*.^ lh* ???- ?* *tocb. of Orooerle^, ? .* Li'joore. as<l Merchsadiao of evert da. L^?*I Uaraaaa, Ac. 'al caah advancoa mada on cooalgnniente. Bui 1 ar P,!oar aalearoom ererr TUBS ^1, s?K&bo". w Anctlopxera. legal notices. 1 H the BUPKEHK COUBT of TilE VIM. ^IfcluT or COLUMBIA " -,tH . - ? 3d day of, * trick White and Andrew J. i Joyce, coir plalnante, j riyn and John M^lone, defendaate. I Theobjeet of the bill filed in 'thia canoe le to proLore n decree for the aale of certain oteoea or > ? ?? Waahlngton 1 i?!. I ^ wa, bomit Lot a and part of Let ?. la Naare l jm, to eaUafy a debt doe by defendant Joaeph Johnaon, to the conaMainaow. Tbe bMt eeU forth In aubaUnce that the .aid J?'hnaon waa indebted to aald complain KV. a .'-h* i?f 40for goods aold aud ceiTAVt. I *!?' tl?eof contractlag said debt tUe Johnaon waa aeized and poaaeaaed of >*#c**.y F?.r?*U of BT.)?nd, whlcn. While f J ** 'ranoolently conveyed to !!ti. BtlcJli'P ^'A Hanaon, in trn.t for the EL"! " r* Johnaon. wife of .aid *J??t cow>plalna.itaobtainedjndxSr?f the aald piece, or p?rc ls of groniKlln and by yirtneofa* attachment iaaaed ? coni?on law aide of thia c urt in favor Jo??ph Johnaon and pray a that the aald deed of trnat from aald Jaemh Jij"?11. bbIo John M. Hamon a* afereaai 1 ^a gSfrna'g *' i'i0" rt' y* theaame be canj5h3ssb^^x^8,& s^\?sira<ra8tia,<;,/s;-}i,1;; tf'WaViiti"1^* ^ "1ftha*ianaTnioorta f*"biniton county. Diatrlct of " * or deed of trnat wa. recanted ia aald iu. r?n orda, but tbat rfw flnaing of the jurr and indgm?Bt of condvaatioa on the .aid attachmeata tne aid reeorda were aaaia aearchad a^l a detl o? trn.t from .aid Jeaeph Johnaon ta Jobs If Alone toaecare John Thn for the antn of "i *x, ^ J^?DrHlSr0rd*<J- TbBt,ke aald deed of tr?,t ?m recorded nearly eleven n.ontl>B after the date tbeteof, and over two montba after tbelmniBs and lerlrg of aaid attachment. -?hat the Vaid atfM.h Prtor lien on the a?ld piecea and parW. h*'ore tbe aald dea<l of treat. ?raya a i?S # a monnt till due ana unpaid on eld de* d of traet. and prays a tale of the iuM par?^,*of grourd toaatiafy the deman ia of the complainanta and other oredltor. and for en injunction agninet aald defendania JoaeDh irhnD;?"- Jl*? ? ia".*n. Jo?? riyn and John Halone, and their cenfedaratM r?'er^' H ' ? ?? and pmfcibit t lip in BJ'I Bd tervnnta fr. m aelling or it SwSs"'iL!" rwfff.Siii'.Ji.'S; to the .aid aoa reeident defendanM. Joaeah John vuvs1'^:0.' fendant?tobe^ii'BTiI? ' 'm,a ??n reeWent detor^^af niM *n\212Ir,c,Ilor by aolicihi "itTih.T p^T-j L1 2* taken pro ron/?^? aa^inat ihtjl a^d.T1,I^.t,r't ^^rfcatloTof thia order TniA?^f B#B,hl before aaid 11 rat js^vablffif^yassf"" ?" aoh^t,.4'' ntf.'n.'A Addlaon, gnardln? to bar minor bob Morrla Addison, having reported le taa conrt that in vnrsnanoe of ita deerearratlBad Int CeTnnhil 7b* # ?n?r*f|?e Conrt of the Dlatriotof wrn .B. f*A h *?1 d ?ba I file re*t of he "aald gg?&ftSBJGrS-lKrxgttix ? Eeglater of W|||(. s??imksr}.2!4 ?^sttju's! i FEAEOK TATbOE. PROPOSALS. in ftianita'i Orncs. i _ . , WiiHiRuion, t O.. Feb. S?, 1867.f Pealed fro?oi4ii, u ke MdnrHd 'froitali," will ka received at ikli ettice til 11 m th? tth day of Marah, 18 <7, for tbe foilewipg supplies, wbicA must bt af the rtrjr be't quality to be 4? It vered fraa of UKIw and Oovernaeat tax. at the Wutililoa Havy Yard. and subject to ikt uiual tntptetttm thgreeU. to wit: "Bureau hquipmtnt and fitcrutttng." JWtliii Links, of J 3 16 Inch** dUa?u>f, ud *\ mcjkea long.eatiasated weight, 17?,MJ0 lbs. 3.<t?0fc*ta Links, of I IS if ineke* diameter. * ? >1\ InckM lon?, eett mated weight S#,?u? lk?. tt.7?OOkoia Link*, of i i& is laches diameter aad U iarhealong, weigkt. W..1* I be 8.IM Okain Link*, cf 1 7-H Inckea diameter, and V& !" **'??* cd weight, M,ooo Iba. T*tai, 686 MO poaade. " Bureau Steam Engtnatrimg " 1 ?50 amies* Bros? Tabes, 61 inchta long, 2* inckoa oautde diameter. 7* Mate* Iroa, 36xl20a V Inckoa, best American Charcoal Bloom. M Plato* Iroa, MUVtl It Inchaa, beet A inertcaa Charcoal Broom. To ko bid for hf yoand. "Bureau Um.itrmetion, 4>" 1.000 pounds 2>, lack Draw* Load Pipe, aa?dlnm. 1W ponnde 3 lack Drawn Load Plfo, aodiam. " BurtauOrdmaHre." 4t I forty) Oalloa* Alcohol. to per ceatum. A responsible aecarity required for tk* prompt and faithful delivery ?ff an pal as nwnrda<l. Blaak forma for blda, witn fartkor par tic alar* for bld?ars to ko kad at th<a offlco. UAL VIM V JACK BOB, fe 26 3t Paymaster P. 8. Havy. pBOPOBALI FOB FBBBH fiBKF. BrnaiPTSitm Ovriea, O. 8. A., ) <B*arof 104 Lombard utroot,I I _ , . Baltimore, M4.. Fooraary 18,18i7. \ Sealed prepo**|*. in dopllc*te,wiIl he receive 1 at thl* oilce nntll 12 m.on THUB8DA Y Feb. ?8, IMT.forthe FBBbH BMf repaired for t*e *upply of the troop*, hn#p4?al and officer* at Wia? !fr" Waatwlrflnla. for six m>ntbs from April ! !* ' ?r each lee* time na the Uomviaaary G> n er?l of Subsistence may<dirict. The Beef tu ba delivered at Wlachester, West Virginia, oa the order of tbe Uommiseary or ActingC-mmi*>ary of 8ui>ei?tenve *t t)?> place 1 b* Ht-ef to ba of good and marketable quality. In filial proportion of fore and hind <iuarter raeU, inecka. shanks and kidney allow to i? excluded > The neck*of the cattle slaughtered uuler this green.ent shell be cut aff at the fourth vertebral joint, and the hreatt trimmed doWSi Th* shank* of the fore qnarters shall be ml off from three to fonr inche? above the knee fOint.and of hind quartern from six to eight inch*-* above tbe gambrel or h< < k joint. Bidder* are requested to bepieaent ti re?p->n I to tbeir bid*, aad no prepared to give bond* for the fulfillment of their contract Proposal* mnnt be ender*ed distinctly ' Propo"*'a f >r Fresh Beef,' and addre**<*d to the under signed, who re?er*e? the right to rej-?-t any or all bidn Bot tc the iii?ero?t of the D nited 8tt%ten. C'oriditii.nH. re?4Uir*nienf?. payments, Mc.% at hereto!.>i< THOMAS Wli.SON, Bvt. Llent Col. and O. S W S. A., fe >1 6t Hvt Brig Oon. Vol*. |VIANLBE.? Propoeila will be received at th^ wtticoof the Wathiugion A <?oorgerown U tilroad Company, ft'ifj Ne^ J*r?ey av^nne, unt I W1DN ICS PA\, the ^th inst-tnt. fer all tlie MAN I BK fr'>m the of the 0 >w pany connectt d aith iheOntral Jepot. Bida will atate the pi ice per month. For further inform .tioa ap.ljr to JOHN B. SATBS, Bapcrintandeiit. fe^l-td I^BXBH BBBF AMD VBQBTABLBS. liVT DFPABMXSTi / Bureau Prori'toa.. an Ciuthmg, r?o u, 1867.< b?-aio<l proposals, endoraed ? ' Proposal* for Frtati boer and Vegatajl<-s,' will be received at this Korean until 2 o < I?k k p. m . on tna -7> n d ?y of February. 1S*>7 for th supply of 23 UU0 p'>nu<ls of FBkttU HBhF and 2i,uo> ponuds of FBtBIl VKuRTABbld, at the WAbHINOTON U. C.. HAT1 YABi> AMD bTATION, a* r?>oir<d. The Beef and Vegtfab'e* most bo of go >J <iaalIty, and the beM tb-- niarkat afford*, and ea h ar tide ntort benflored tor by the poonl The B*-f to be lr equal proportions, tor* ani h'n l quarters Momla with approved ?o?ariry, will lio required In oae half the eetlmatod anionnt of the contract and twenty par cent in addition will be withheld from the amouat of each payment to be male, as collator*! security for the due performance of the contract, wblci will on no account be pUd until it is folly complied witk. Bvery oflei made must be acoompanied by a written guaranty, tinned by one or more responsible per*'n* that the Mdder or Id tder* will if hi* or their bl' be accepted, enter into an oblig* tiiTi within live day*, with and *ufticieut sureties, to fnrnish the artlrle* pr?>p->**d. An Priipasal ir ill be rontidrred uni4m rtcc?mpanied by iwh guaranty, and by sa.tyfatiuru evident* !h-U th< Kidder is a tegular dealer in the. arhrle, pro P'Ttedfor, and ha* tk* lieenst required by act of (<*? *r'i> The Department reserves the right to reiect any proposal not considered advantageous to the Uovernment. It is to be nnderstoed that In ra*e tbe atlpulated quantity of e.ther article xhHllle delivered, leav ing a balance dne on the u|A?r artb'te, toe contact maybe con?idtre<l oa cOTnpleted in full, at tbe option rf tbe Hor aument. ja 16 lot M_ Bttl DOB. Chief of Bureau. PHOPOtALS FOB A KM Y TBAMSPOitTATION. QraRTXRMasTgR QcSirai.'s OrrieK, I Wr AeHi.m.ToN. D. O.. January la. I8d7.\ sealed Proposals will be recolved at this ettice nttli i^e'clock m.. on th* 2tMb of February, ignf for the transportation of Military- Hughes during the year commencing April i, i?>7, and endiug March 31, lM.oi the following route*: BOUTB Mo. 1. From Fort McPherM>? Nebraska Terrltorv, or such iarts as mar be tieterailhed upon during tbe >earonthe Omaha branch of tbe Union I'aclric railroad, we?t of Fort McPhareou or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to such poxt* or depots h* ai e uo? or may be e?tabll>hed in the Territy o* Nebraska, west of lonsltude il deg , |n the Tertltory of Montana, south of latitude M deg.. la tbe Territory tot Dakota. * est ol longitude lot deg , la tbe Territory of Idaho, e<>uMi of latitude 44 deg and eoet of longitude in dag . and iu tbe Territories of Utah and Colorado north of latitude ?o dec ? Including If neoeasary, Denver wity. BOUTB Ho. a From Tort Bilej. htate of Kaasaa, or auch puinta a* may be detrriniaed aaonduring the year on thn Uftlon Pacific railroad. B I)., t. *u> pu,ts or depcie that are now or may be established iu th* Stat* of Baa*** or i* the Territory of Colorado-soufk of let it ode 40 degreee north, and t-> tort L nlon. Mew Mexico, or other depot that mny be deelcnated in that Territory, aad to aay other point or point* on <he route. _ _ BOUT* Bo. 3. From Fort Uaiua ar auch other depot as may be established in th* Territory ol Hew Me*lco,to ?*?LS!WJ ,ll*t r?* he eatahliined in that Tertltory, and to auch posts orstationaaamav be designated in the Territory of Arw?*'Mu * the 8tat* of Texas west of loagltude IU* 0i ? .BOUTB Ho, 4. From Bt. Paul. Mianes^ta, to sack poata a- are saw or may I e satahiiobeu in the Mate of Minnesota. and la that portioa of Dakota Territory lyina e-st of the Missouri river. *Ba weight to ba transported daring the year will not ex. ted < n Bo ite ko I. Ml.UWI WW pouuls ; M?- * ?*>,?"? ?00 pounds , on Honte Bo. 9. 'i.nw (Oj pound*, at<d on Boute Bo. 4, 3,6oy ih>j fODDu0. raVely'0"1" 1)6 tor each routa *epaw?" r?te F?r BW pounJ* per lOtimliea. at which tkey will transport the store* In lici noilth of the )ftr, beginning Aoril I 1S67, sad ending March ?1. 1*58. * * * '' Bidder* should give their name* la full. M well ^t'l?v\p,*c,', ?* "M"lencot and rach prop>mal hould be acc"injaante 1 by a bond in tbe aum af ten thousand ?I0,0Ui) dollara. *igued by two or nu r* re?pou*ible persona, guaranteeing that in 'a e a contra't is awarded for the route meu tioned in tne aropnal to tbe party proposing the coutract will be acreptad ana entered Into, and gocd and sulhcieut corlty furnished ly e%id {ftement ?c*rdwic* the termaof this adverThe contractor will be required to gl va bond* in tha following amounts ; On Boute Mo. 1, j?roj?0 On Boute Mo 2, ??.<*i0. On B,<ute No 3, 100 (<aJ. _ A Oa Boute Ho. 4. U) ?lA) Batlafactorv evidence of tbe loyalty and *ol ency' of each bidder aa<l parson offered as security will be rtgidrad. Pro{?-sals mu-t be aa<lorsed " proposal* f.,p Arui) Transpwrlatioc on Kout* Ho |,2.t,uri," as tire case n>av he and none will be entertained ntilasa inty fully comply with the re<iulr*uu-nta ol this advertisement. Th* party to whom aa award is mad* must do prepared t?execute tbe contract at once, and to give the required bonds for the faithful performance of tbe contract The right to reject any or all bids that may he Offered Is reserved The contractor* on each route moat b* in reading* for service by the 1st day of April, 1*67. ana wTll be required to have a place of ha*ine*s or agency at which be aty l?e oouoianlcAted with *<?r Boatw Ho 1, at Omaha, " J*^farBeate Ho.2. at Fort BUey. Bansaa, for BouteNo 3 at Fort Un aa.New Mexioo;for Route ? 8,111 p*n1' ar at auch otker point for each of the aeveral Boate? a* mar be indicated as tbe starting pwlnt of the route Blank forma showing the conditlen* of the con ,r?? te he entered into for each route can be had on application at thia office, or at the office of the Quartermaster at New York. 8aiat Louis, Fori Leaveuworth, Omaka.Bsuta Fe, aad Fort 8nel> line, and must aooompany and be a part of the proposal. By order of tk* Quartermaster General. ALEXANDER BL188, , ? ^ Brevet:Colonel aad Assistaat Jftl8 86t Quartermaster. U. 8. ASpAhTBaMASTBaOEIttXAL's Orricg, I ash i no Tog, D. February h lujy ( FOBTFOMBMCNT OF OFENlfio OF B'IDB

ABMY TBAM8POBTATIOM. . JJae fer tbe opentnx of tke aroaoeala for from'thf**I!nT? nV'i^ylrU^lnt from tbli offlc?ofJftii?iry 15. ik<7 {b h?r#hv by. MardS. 1867? ^ TH0"DA*. *?? 7th day By order of tke Qnartermaster Oeneral BrV'i?2lTOMl Q""t8er^Ur\ U. 8 Ar"y> fen-td <re&aag?it&jxsfsMt&fc -a,?; ? I g GOVERNMENT SALES. CALB or OOVrAmsNT OltDISO*. ?c ? AT DIMAMfiKU FOBr* ASOUND ' w _ WASHINGTON JliitflMiKii Dcgrrimfi of W*tktmgvm, ) v . . Ck**f Vmrtirwrdf,) win v? Z3KA,!,#l4Hl w? c- KWUrf ;i 1M7 ^ rf i Public inrttoi, ia4?r 4tr?cit?a w*Dii7?ANrr-JS,nM A Q. M. ?a Jl *il"*2^1 rfV?.yr *7. at 11 o'clock ?o m a r^.? vfr^r^1 bn,k1*"' U",W| * ror attached. Q***Ur*' <rr*Ba#') P*ll fMt, Witt lM 1 WBwn' Qatrtm. t fruM.) rOx? r?*t 1 **r??k. (iraaw.)?*?i teat. 1 M?m Imm, i frtat i Mm fN? 1 Log Balldiag, i. lit feet. At 0 o'clock p. ? os a* fM| Mcrtoa, Ytratnla the ntUrltli coatalaed la ug? Bemb proof Building. ltoxeu foot. Terw^Crasb, in Government fnnda, and tea dayi allowed tor removal of proearit. M I. LUD1NGTON. Rrevet St ig On ., *. ] ?? ? * Ob I of gaartermaser, '* " ** Depa taeentofWaahiagaun. QOYXBNMBBT ALt^or BCILDIBWMA BlfOt QjiETimMTM'# Or/lCK. ( By^.rllLV7L i ar.1 p'^no saa? sMwa Eisft/s Fat7It m f .CrV? iW^lW'^wKV *c.rlnlidf'^c#n<1 h'n* Building MaterlaUtoV!?' ? rn? foonaioro or leoa/rufl??ga. ' WU .wdffrtmon or lesa i Scantling. *5 r'rti,'"ore ?r 1 lot Saab Weight* ? I'?.XS" binges *??d 8crowa. 1 lot W ater H pe 1 lot Wladow and Door Praaw, 1 lot l oora and Nhuttere. aa)*r *: UM,,' '* Government AiaSi, ?a dap of 1 ?o deys allowed to romoT* *nrchasea Bale to be conducted by Arfreon. Tbaou* A Co Auctioneers, No. 1> South Charts street. ' _ A , A. 8. BlMBALL. f??w# Captain and A. 0 M .U.S.A.. f> ?MI Depot aar term** tor. gUlLDINQS AT ^.fcVAJ^KSCEST CAMP at C%uJ<S*iiT'ermaittTy CMc,, Drpot of Wasktnttv*.! p i> C , February I, Ia,7. f i.iiLiDrd*r of/ne guatterm?*ter (General, toe buildings at CoavilesceM Carna, between the ! iV^?* ** ?*? *"*?''<5r>a, will ben .11 at tub I lie am tion on Tl. I>U A 1 . March 6 uader tee snper-vi*ioii of Brevet Lieut, Col .I.him M Maore " hale to commence at 10 o'clock , ' ? "** building* ci>mpr1>" u Harra< ks ? Mao 1 H capital ft a,rt..? ft to re HoW ,L a uT dry.l Waeh Houao i Offl. e*. 2 Utall ? i rthe-t feet" wh,c*1 10 alee from 7xJt feet to 1*175 Hnlldinga will be aeld ainfflr. Terira C*?h, in bovernnent fond*. riftren da;* from ilatn of eale will be *ran?a<i purchaaerii to reuiore their t>nildioK? _ 4B1 CHA!?. H TuMPKIIVS, , , Br,? Wt'n l>ept. g. M U< n-ral U} Act'* Cijlefg >1 Depot ft ?,htnii on. EJiMMENi AT CiiARlTESTuM, The following Ordoame I'ropnrtr will be nold at public aactioB ?t th? I attml state* Ar*en tl tharlent. a. U C . on M<?H DA V, *Lr,h i iaJ'' coiiinKlicing at 10 o'clock aw: ' ' AboHt uw net toti* (Cannon I Caat Iron. tr,?* st,0, 8ht"- Ac-> <?bont oaeI CH f I Hie valnjiblt) infi Hiatal Mtttichvl ) About ICO feiit h?>?)| Ah ut J;, to us 6cr*p Wrought Iro? font >?r*p Hr?flN. r?>tpi-. . Mc, W7 Uotjd^n Artil.ery <nrrUc^?. Ironed. 1! irou? d A boot 7.0 Onfalry s, 750 Bridfe?i, 8 &*) Wol k Boie?, and a ^aautity of other Leather p^pSr?rir' Ea*in* ,boi,t br About lr'ino barrels UnserTlcenble Powder. Al-o. a large 'tuxulity of other Property, coa ieitng principally of Mneket A ppen ia^-?. R?d4. Kope. mpliuentg M mcel Uneoii* T'^tl* Ac .Ac. 1 ernta : Ca? h on th" day ot sale, la United States curreury. Anip e time allowed for the removal of Property at the expiration et wiiith that uot removed will revert to tbo Gevtnuieut Bj authority cf ( hief of tir<ln?n<.e ? ^ , f H KAHKKB t apt Ordnance and Bvt Maior. II 8. A , fe 9 ? VuitJ CoiBniaiidiug Cbarleet<>a Arteual. J^AJtO* aiALt Or ABMI OLOTHINO.^ D-pot (juar.crnin}'t.r'< 0<H^e% I viu V EaltunorM.t.. .ruart >. 1.-X7 t ?... ARM* CLJ1UINO, coaalatlrtof 3,47- NSW YORK *TAT? J A''K BT8. or irrtgular patteia, and < ibfr\M?(, unauiiod for ir-pne to H> reason of ita long retention In ?t-?re, the material la in mme inatai.ces m.?re or lest dimait*d. 1 The ^ale will take place in lota t^amt puroh?e*ra 1 ernta Oanh, in Government funis, on dav ,.f a'e . Three d.>\ ? allowed to remove parchaaea By orfler of the gu?t tarni iater Ceaeral A 8 HI MK.ALL. Captain, and Aaslatant guartermaater 0 8. A ADRIO*^Krfr/r, , ? no. IS South Charloa-treet. ' t Auctloaeera. T MPOKTAkiT SALKOr OOVKRBMBNT VB8>i BaU. ll'Pnf '(Var:>r?ta*t*T't Omre, # Baittmvt*% Ml.. January 3*. nfr t W III be acid at puuiic a>i< ti n. at tlie pert of B*l TRDHa'DAV Y*\n ,-w!,"*rr' E"? ??U?r.o?"on J. U . .UA ' J1 February ?. 1$<7. the bLPaRR 61DI COSMO Of779 tons, length, :u> f??t, breadth of beam Si inV.^uoke1. '13 fe*1, *,,lnd#r> tOiucbea.'and A rare opportunity U afforded in theeale ofthia Slafu^a Veael " do*"11'* 10 ??'cha-?o a really She l? of light draft the engine and holler* are In nioet excellent couuitiou., and the hull perfa-i 1> -oun l and atroug. " It ta believed that far file and build ti e C,?bio oistan aurpa-aea any verael hithoito offered bv Uovai ninent for aale at thie aort ' a^Tarnia caah. In Government funda, on day of rurther particular* maybe learned upon appli. '^atl< b tothe uB'leraigneo or to the Auction-era Meama ADRROM, THOMAS A (Ju? Mu 19 South Charlea atreet. By order of the guartermaater General ? A. 8. KIMBALL. falut Oaptainand^A g.M.D.S.A.. " ' A4t Depot g narteriaaater. /^OYBRNMEtiT BALM. ? known aa the "GOVKBNMENT TANNERY ANU STBAM eAft Ml!*. "|th Te'xaa * ?f UB(1, De*r S*n Sealed Propoaala. In duplicate, will be received up to the latdar of March, >8.7! for the purcn.te o1 "rs i l'l. " 01 ""t ?T l?M toaeth^ er wnh the butlolnga erected th -reo.j and Uw .. purtenancea apaertaining, that ia to aar ONB TANNERY, ? Containing T?ILVI sTONB LIMB TATS HKTY TWO WOOI>RN VaTS, TAT0? .... . 8BVBM STONB POOLS, and capable of tanning Itteen thouaaad hidea Der annum OIIB, STIAMOAW MILL, capable of aawtng three thoueand feet o> luavber daify~ ONB SMALL STORE RDILHISG The ahuve propartr ia situated aWout two ml lee ab it* San Antonio, on tha San Antonio river, md the water ia c?ndncted tothe eata^liahnent by a race of hewn atone, laid in roMent 1 be land wa* pucchaae.1 and Improvamenta made by the late ?o-cailed Confoderata Ooveru n.< nt, and ara eatlmated to have coat Alauouula gold The property lias been underlease for tke year IMfi. at a mo nth I) rent of $yio, payable in ad vance. A aecnr.d title In fee simple will La irlven by the Cnited fttatew Government Propoaala will be marked "Propoaala t?r Government Tannery au? Saw Mill.'rand addresaed V? . ? _ . , ? J. B K1DDQO. Bvt. Maj?r Gen., Aaat. Com. Bureau R . F and A. L.,Galveston. Texaa ja)l-97t ^JOLL'MBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOMUI LY1MG IM A8TLUM, Fourteenth atreet ,<eircle,)ooraer af M atreet Washington, D. 0. ' Thla Iaatttntlen has been eaUbllihed for tta recevtli n of aatlenta who may be auffarlng from dieeases peculiar to their se* and for the adula*ion or tuch femalea aa may require the Oomfarta of the lying-in chamber The building la situated In the moat healthy portion of tba District, aurrounded by Ita own grot>n<la. Oara paae the *?or every Ave minutes Termo of admission : From %t> to #10 aar wm?W leal aa* Surgical attendance. MEDIOAL staff BDRGBON IM CHIBF. aa ,jL5 THOMPSON, M D.. ooi^Li5SS,^?TOiAN??lHBaifS59oaa JOS. RiLBV.M D., Georgetowa Hall.Onrlev. Gi lUtU "SdOiomba J00"" applylachy latter to the matroa of the | ^iBMBSAe SORTOB *8 PjLJgfB APPLB, a. w. Ai'og0.^"1'04rssrtssA'ss H BCBPTIOM IaOXPBlBT ; ?NiTlan?,MlBf||, J SAiLROAPB. 1866 PMBBTlSftjNB BOOTS 1H67 to m KOBTBWIM.MCTH. ilP oWi' WlHTBB *T8?DUI/B.l . Q? ?t< *?tor lowrtw |?. nM, tralM wUI lMt? ee tolklw*V?feta|ua .Jlii.a | Baltimore.... U a m. Hrkl 1 Bey ead algkt Oara with msdsra t??ri>?wn. Mi MHaiTrm tear to tvtlvi kvtra Id Obm over vr other saato. Two hwadred ssiles saved to ?NMN Mr OMinl New To* Two Dally Train tolto Int. .? .? North. nnu> from Baltimore to IOOEimt?4 rnTVllWffI vHkoatckaut Pa*?. oger* br tbti rvuu rroa Btltlnor* k?n Ikt t<T?at?|i?fMklB| *11 Au|n Ii UIIOI DBPOTB ead aa FRBB1BS Tickets bi MM nat* m h* prooared it tk? ofBre coratr Oth street IM PMMflvaaU evaaae, ander the National Btkl.vUrt rtlltklt liftr tMw HM It* |hM at ail ubm. Fau?if*n yrwartai tickets at this effioe eaa mut Mc?BB?tatioai la Bktftai Car* for B1 alraar WILR1BS, Ticket Agent, Waeluagton. D.O. BO. a. TOCBO, Oaa. Put. i(Mt. ItaiMam.JU. de llr I^HBOl bU LIMB BBTWIBB VAStUROTOII YORK . WiiiiHSTOH, Jaa.J, 1M7. Tralae botweea Waefciagtoa ead Bow Tort ere aow tin oo Ullow*. tU TUB KtW lOBK, wlthoatchaageof ears. ?**"? ??co?t Sunday > ot 7 # a. a. ead ^ViVnBW TOBB,ohaagtajr cara at FMladel4 (except Baaday > at 11:1* a. to. ead ' ,,'OB PHILADELPHIA. Lea to dally (except Baaday) at 7:40 ead 11 IS a. B..?BdfBitd l:?Va OB BOBDAT Uan far Baw fork aad PhllokJfUo aim ?. oaly. _ . Sleeplag eara for Bow Tark aa OJO p.m. traia dally. Through tlckata to Phlladelpble, Bow York or Boeton, can be bad at tka Stall so Office at all hoars I la the doy. aa wall aa at the new office l-i the Ranker* aiV Br< kers Telegraph Llo?, 14* P*an. avenae, *etweea 6tb and 7th eireets. Bee Baltimore aad Okio Rellrovl edvertl*? ment for echedole betweeo Was king tea. Belt! mere, A nee poll*. en<* tka Waat J, L. WILSON, Baiter of Trans portetlea. L M CO LB General Ticket A cent OHO. B feOONTK, Agent. Wesklngton. oc 90-tf BALTIMOBB AID OHIO BA1LBOAD, ViumeTui,Jaa ?,1W. Train* betweea W ABHINQTOI AND BALTIMOBB. and Washington and tbb wbst are now ma aa folia we. vir. : BOB BALTIMOBB Leave dally, except San<lay. at 7 00,7 45, aad 1118i m., et>d ><4V, and 4 10. ead 8 00 p m. FOB ALL * AT STATIONS. Leave daily, except Bnaday, it 7 00 a. m , aad 1 Kiaa?t 0 00 p a. rot; .;ay si atiuns south of annapoljb JUNOTlOB. I Leave at 0:11 aad / w a. aa., and at f .0o lad 4 M > ' FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 7 41. a ra , and 4 SB p m No tralM to or from Aaaapolte on Saaday OB elhDlY FOB BALTIMOBB. Loavo at 7:41 am aad 1 ?u aad 8 00 p. a. FOR WAY stations. Leave at 7 42 a aand J.Ou aud 8 W a. a*. FOR ALL PARTS OF TIU WBsT i ob**Va ?-?* Baaday, at 7*6 a. a., aad Oa Sunday at 8 00 p. m only, connecting at Belay Station with train* front Baltimore to Wheellag. Park.eraburg Ac. TUBol GH I I0KBT8 to tko Weetan bo ?ad at the " arhtugt'D Stetiua Tlckot Office at all hoan in ttae a?y. aa well aa at the aew office of the Baakerr aad Broker*' Telegraph Liao, 34** Peaa. avcnn?. between 8th and 7th etreeta. For New lrork. Philadelphia, aud Bo*Von, tee eivertl??n?ei.t of "Through Llae." J. L WILSON, Maater of Transportation L M. OOLB General Ticket Ageut. o< 90 tf GBO. B. KOONTZ. Agent Wadnuatoa HI I??ON BIVBB AND HtRI.BM RlILhOA l)S ? Oo and alter MVMII&Y N >f i9, 1-4', train* for Albany aid Trc> . ooenec'tug ?ith aud Waaiorn train*, aill lease New Yerk as follows : 8am Birreaa train via Halaon Blver Rallroad ? tli *t and 10th av . thrxngh to Hq(T?Io au 1 hn-teiifi.a Uridge withoat criiage of < ar* au.l connertinK at Trov with tralua for Baritoga, Rutland, Barlli gton and Moatreal. 10a m Bxrr?*a aod Mall trala via Hodaoa Biv-r hallr?ad. connecting at All aav with Wi?tern train*, aud at Truy with train* t?-r N'>rt S. Ill m aspreaa tula via Uarlea Bulr ad, 3>.th ?t ar.d 4th av? coneOctiug at ? hatti?<n with . Witt?ru Railroad for LebiboaBariiigo, Pitune'd, Ac , at Albaaj wl'h We*t?-rn trains, aud at Troy with trains tor Baratofa Rutland, Barlngtou and Montreal. .viip a Bxpreaa trala via Bad^oa Riv*r Railroad coaaectlag at All.any with Waot"-n tralua, and at Troy with train* for Moatfta*, with aiooplag car artachad. 4 Ift l m Bapreaatnln via Harlem Railroad, coiir-erting at Ohatham olth Weatern Bail road for 1 Lebanon Spilug*. !'itt?fleld. Ar ; at Alt>any wita U cab-i n traia*. and it Troy with trala* for Rat lead. Bnrlinrton aad Moa trail, aloe ping car* at- . tached at Albaay _ 6 30 p ni upreoa t*a!a via Hndaoa River BUIread. * ith *l<-eping car* att* lied, a'.d throagti to buffalo and Baap^riMoa Bridge wlthoat change >f earn. AI go * leaping car every dar eaeeptiug | Bala rda> a attached from Hew York tbroaxh to l?gdenat>ur( without change, via Rome W. aad O Bailioit*. Ocnafctton fe>r Troy will t>e mad', at Kaat Albaay Thia train will raa >n Buadaya 11 p m Train via Hudson River Railroad, with sleeping cir ttieh'd connecting it Albany ?itk ear!> tralncfer Baffelo and So^penaloa Brllga. , and at Tray witb trains for Baratoca and points North. A Snaday train will bo raa via Hadaoa Blvsr Railroad from New York to Ponghkoopsie aad Intermediate stations leaving New Tork at 8 30 a to. Returning, leave Poagbko-psie at 1.45 p , i arri\itigln New York ot? Hp a i Alt*", a Knoday triln via Harl ni Railr oad, leav- | lag 4ld etreat at s?a. and arrivlac at Mlllertoa at 3 to p m. Retaruiug. leave MllWrtoa at 5 p. j^^iMnin. jal9 \ Ice Presidoat. I riohmond^FiBBD^JSB^B? *BD PO TO TRAYBLLBRB BO IB 8 BOOTH. TWIOB BAILT,IBnoday p. m. aaoeptod.) The quick est aad Boat direct roots to Blokaaoad, Va ,iad the Boath. via Iks Potomae ^"ak steamers from Sixth Street Whirf Washingtoa. to A a ale Oreek , Rlchatond, Frederickabarg and Potomac Railroad, bow entirely completed from A?j&la Oreek to Rlokmood.Va, oonaecnag there with trains oa U?e RHhmond and Fetorebarg aad BlcEmoad and DaaviUa Railroads, for Petorsbarg. Weldon, WllmJagtoa. Raleigh, Oreea*oro', Sallskary. Okarlotto wmd CSteamers Keyport aad O TaaderkHt leave BlxU Street Wfcarf dally (Baaday e veal eg excepted1) at a. m and7i m. aad arrive la Richmond at 1.46 p. m. and 3 90a to. THROUGH TO BICHMOHD IB BBTBB HODBS. fifty Ml lea Bkorter and Ufc Honrs guicker Has any mker Route. Ri pare aad get Through Tickets via Aeaia Oreek aad Fredericksburg, to Riebmoad, at the Company *s Office, corner of Peiai aveaoe and ?tk street, or oa board of tkakoata. Baggage checked ttOm5lVuseee aad readlueesto convey peeeeageia ang.aaggaBa aeI ^^ ne a? daylight Moaai ernoa. and may have an opportunl^y of vieiUng Mvertl kittU-BfUt Biif frwdrickikiri b? itoi ping at that point. O. B- MATTIMOLT, Tiftket^ynt^Waehjngtoa. ap 9-ly Beaeral Pieeeager Ageot nOTOMAC TBABBPOBTATIOB LIMB. * BOTIOB TOBH1PPBRB. The Btoaaser BXPRBSd, Oapt. B. A. BTTUBB, SSW pJiff1isshb^i' Stores, Mat hi as Point .^apel^ointPlowdeiJ riHSJ P55L point * * ** more at BBpB BBO , Ageato, H Be. B4B Peaaa. aveaaa. pROTBOTBD II^oVaL^BTTB BB PATpJf?rfSL3!} dTlArUTthTftias *^ri?eoae?Bofci?*toU?aaS?o0?al pmedy Balaxatlon, *?w?a^rrk^ aad Bxh^lon nl -I lB|2$ l??Uray oa to la the format a moat acraeabls Loa^ga Secared from the. Beete of clis^as^T^r^ss*iisr *Vholeeato aad rotodl by Dr. BABBOW, Bo. 194 Ba. lk| ACK.XBBL ABD OOPFIBH. s 2L^'rr/cWALL0D'j^( m ^ J?*t received ead for mje?aVVa2bM fo^ f BeveathM. galS - tf Bo. dBB Blath St.. Wet. B and F._ riABOKTATMB. 0 ! RAILROADS. "" ! Railroad iZfn: **> ?*? . at th.r^i^i; j ... Jf0**"*? AO< OM*ODATIoii8 .tcaawrir.^r *. uf. ".g't r.m,.u., ft.. s??. V? >IWM. * tub,iTVu?"?f?ll' J'I !Sf2iiAu5*i?r5: '^keetarre, Vi?u?j? to^k t artfele. Chaaul-eraLarg Hutrtl^in a. i^k' Thla Mia <??D?cts uRIiURG ?lthtbe?.? , P BOv|ivabia ttaUiwa^ tralna for iiiMia*. . Ml wKh the l4t*H<>D \ a lay train far u Jj . bur* Ac ; at PORT OLIBTuB wu? o.w^ ' Railroad IrtiM for W liliamaport Lor Ik Hf 7. Kiadra, Ac ; at HABBISBlVo^?hT J!?,!''** C...r^ CaiUrland Valla,, M ^,AIU^A SoaMDthaaae traiaa for lorUu?ib?rU,i w llamaport, York. Ckan ter?b..rg PlSJESa TL'1' AFTBBBOOM BXt'RRss Leavaa Phliadeiykla U l ie ? lu fw a Pettaville, Harriets re, Ac , conaectliJ^???: fiT^c* ?o|b*m* *""?* MBAD1BQ ACCOMMODATION Lnttl fceadltg It I JUt m , (lotei u at >11 Utloni, urlTMiii Pil,?4*i|Llt ?l? wi m ReiurtilBf. Irave? Philadelphia at I JO a m trriTMIBMI(|l|7l?? II v Trau>? >r FliiM?i|kii Ihii Hirrlikart at a ia .11 *i"i PotteTllla Ititsi a. tir flu, 1 Allartelphia *t I .? p m. Aft- riMD train. lT?I liar.iel.urg Alt l-i a a. tO'l Potuvllle it i k , m . arttviug at rkfiedelplita tb?i p Hamburg aco- ubi. .latlca Im?m Readi n* ?? 7 .#* t>i .aad Harriabarg at ? In p ib . Coi.n~ i ^ Kea<Hn? ?ltb *! i A<,oatu...iati a i1*** ? arriving Id Philadelphia At . Market Train, with niaicnt ear w- i H'IMll|U? At I] 4 aval Iwr kaadiaf an { All wayalAlioaa, h'Adli,.- n * A IB mi,\ Do? BIBfc to* D II B' p. Bl. for Philadelphia aa'd . I AI ' All ttiA Aki'V* trAlBi rtiB dally, Sunda?? *ir^ bai M'BtAJ llAlLS l-A?r Putt.VllU At I A ni . A I'Mia lelpfclA At a It p tu IrA??- I'bllA-leil k.1, r K* a^idk At s b. bi.. returnta* from kraliuj At? a *'* OHKSTBB VALLEY KAILK ID Patten*>ntor Do a jbc<o? n Aud 'DTu^d ... poiota tak- tk# 7 9h ai u 9 16 a m Ai d ? at r ?. ti Alna froai PkilAdt-ifLiA. rriornluc froBi'DowL iti#tOW B At 7 A. Ol. At d l: 31 DAUB. Kft* YORK BXPRKSH KO* PITTT>?CBqh ANDTMRMR8T I Lm?m |?? UikAliWA Ui ab I S a bi a%.. Ick hrB 111 f At I Ai. II :j I a iBdllt , ?! . \ coDbALtiBC: At BartUburK mitb Pabb?? I? aaia * i h.rthB I O.IHI RBil'OAd B??r'.a T.. ,. ? tV.or.U Ac ch>e*?0' W"UB,B.^t.R4aiirr^ KMnrBiM ltr*N TtbIb l*A??S HBrrl?t.-r, ? Bril.Al ol feniM l^i.lBkiprAAifroiu Piltab-r ? Bt S ADd ? A' I ? . y 15 A Bl AAaalBA R?... I IS. AbdJf.M A rn. BLd 11 .10 ? aS^5.,!? V 1 k>A T.rfc 10 A DJ . a*d re,, ?l A<CfBipAti|ll,f tbr-A trAtba thrtfilKb l^tAe-nJ* er t l?y AB'l Hi tabarvh. with^Bt ckan.a * Mall trAiB f? r Maw Vork Harrtahinr at v?: ?, ,rwn ,or \ ork At 11 hooo * WI I YLKILL TALLBT RAILBUAD TiAina leave Pottjri.lA ?t 7. UN. m .0ri, p. Bl , r?tBrbia? Iroui 1 AO.A. OA At 4 V> A m a < l.#ua?lt| b. ?'??m,AL4 IK ilk \ LA1LL AJiD SIBgOBHABBA BAILTrBlnileATA Aaburo At 7 Mb m for Piaatr >? and HtrrUt'arg. abI ;?t l M p. ib? for Atid 1 reniobt. leto'Bin* fr?Bi U ?rnibur.- 4' J i P m., And from TiemoDt At 7kt.n mmd | u *' FBRIGHT Oi-od? of All <1aa< n ( Uuua lorwArAM to All th? J aI ovc f( lota frcB tfc?- VoiiipAuy 'a &-a rr(i-.. Depot, lift Ad and Willow atre?-u ' ttit ww.. tB.BICHT fKAiBS rb,'%d?lfkiadail> At J jo a a ,11 IB boob Aiid ti | in. for MeAwtiij, L-t'i?tnjn. Ha riai ? Pottavlila, Port Clinton, and all poiata k.e,on3' MAILS * C'lo?e at the Pkl|adal?Ma Poat Ofllca for all ?lac**oB?kw r? ?d Bad iu brAbcbes At ft a tm Jj'f ?na?l#?l atetioBAWBij ?t S.U p m, * PINN!-TLVAMA cbntral bailboalT MIMTRK AMRAKUItllRNr "UA ' Tbe tratBi of tbs P^bd-tIvaaU CeutraJ R?ii. 'ttfc?*,he,?e?ot, at i.atABl Mark-t atraeti r i l? dtreci;> 1) twa CAra ?l tto. *.rket btiwet PAAe< BIAr BHtl?%) Th >ae iftlieOhe.te??j?w% rBn w'"?la ooa OW bl'N HAYB?The Maik-t Street Carale.eA Front AUd Market atreeta Ji lulBntAA before "bt dr aai ture ?f aai k train. MAhN'8 BAOOaUK BXPBBS8 will call for AD.l deliver B?ggA?e At tfeA DepAt. OrUAra lAft IttlDtloD " 6,1 Ch'#,,lu,*lr,^t? w,?l TAoelva _ . Trmt-tt I.tav* O'ro', V,t: ?i!ii Bt iwa m. Accob n Nui 1 Si 2a Iff. a in a j i %k * ?r l?l LU# b?<1 Brie kmpn*. .. Vumfm PArkat.urc TrAlU It J. a m Harilabnrit AcconiinodBtlou At 2 a? i Laecaater Accommodati on .? a a plttal.Br?l. aod Krle Mall ? Plillad^iybia Ripreaa Iu" * *'' daitjr. ? *^t Sat PkMadelykla Kspraaa leavaa daily. All oibar traiLf* dtl > , tic* p' OnndB) ?.P.!!M".r*wr,tT !imil Tra,n ? to WilllAn.aB >rt TAD at 8 I* ?*B? C*r'' arrl T" mt L*ck U* ?Fa?yMtwkB Mail TrAia eo to Oarltal*BBl CliAiiii eral ui^httii.ii.t a cbABge of care. Ma?-aIi.c CATT^keta can bakAd on bbb1Icb:iid at the Tick AX 'IfctA, t?31 CtiA* itreet CDClDD.t.: JStlAdelfhla tt ? fSS A Paoll Aeeaoi . Noa 1A1 8 20 a tn , * 7 10 a u fark.bor* Train ;t '9 ? J ? hTtTr.T^' i( SMS la) B??raBa.~1" " lioa Bpv.'i'i"',iU!'i.,4ic;aa11 ob At ?.M p u, MwS ^* "* ? ^ir. WoaM u&RV.SX'ZJX* du,r A" Ha Tea at 7 a. , a 1 WiaiBmaport at h ? a. m . r-ach FhiladalaTiA. wltkoutckaaca of cara. WililAaarori bV Da> Bxpreaa, Bt 6 fr p m Ihe Peana) Ivama Railroad Conawnr will not aaaotue any nak for Pa^cafe, except for Waartua A??arel. and Itmlt tbelr r?aaooalblIIty to <4U* Baud red Dollari la aalaa. All Ba?Ca?e atoead in? tkat aaoaat la Talna. will ba At tbe rlafc of ? n?laaa takea by aaacial ooatract For furtbar tutorBatioa. apaly to autSnc?" ALL**? Tick*? i**ot. ?SlCkait^SAMUBL H. WALLAGB. Tiekat A?aat at tka kK BMIOBAMT TBAIB raaa Aally, aaca* BBBBBT. F?r fall ?artlcalara m to fare aad arconi? -t? Hoot apply to FRANCIS F!J N K, 137 Dtci at CBBTBAL RAILROAD OF MBIT JCBSKT~ Pitaaeiurer and Fralfbt Depot la Haw fork foot of Liberty Mreet OodbacU at HamatoB Junction with tbe DeUwara Lackawanna a^i ^k cetera Bail road, and at BAatoa with the Lakicfe Vallay Railroad and lu connection,. f?rrntnc a , direct line to Fltuaarg aad tka Waat wttboat chALge of can. _ ALLBBTOWM LIBB TO TBB WBST. I T?o Ki| raaa Traini dailf for tka Weat, accept I Bet Oaja, when one Tratala tka areata* Btst) tniiae and th raa boar a aaved by thta line to fblcuffo. Cincinnati, St. Loala, Ac., with bat oaa chaoga of eara. VINTRB ABBABOBMBNTS, Comaevclng Jaanary 7, ls?7? Maw TorA aa followa. ?.3u A M ?For Baatoa, Bethletx^B. ktaich Cbauk. H llliaBiap rt, WilAaabarre, MaU y Olti, Ac. t 10 A M Mail Traii?For Flaminfton, B?atoD. Matar Oap. Bcraatos, Wilkaabarra, QreU Bend. Pittabnra, Bttijrhaniton. Ac. ? A. M ? UaeterB Bxaree* far BaetoD, Allentowa, barnabwra, Pittabarc, and the Waat. witb l ut ona chante of can ta Cinclanatl ar OMcbk . abd but two ? han??a to tt. Laaia C anerta *t HarrUburf wlt'i Northern Central aud Pbilaleiphia aud Brie Boada, for Bria aud tka Oil B?(loul. 11 P- Jmai* ?For Baatan. Alleatewn, Utah "bank. V llkeabarra, Beadini. Potuvllle. Harrlabars,Ac. _ i P M.?For Baatoa. Batklahaiu, aad Manck Chunk. ft P. M.?For Bomarrllla and FleBiact?a. A P. Jf ?For Baatoa.Maadiua. Barrtabura. Wtlliatnaport, IrTiaatnn. Corrf. Brie. Ac. Sleep<uj car IrutB Maw York to Wtlliaiaapart. ,1ft F. M ? For Kwtnervtlle 7 30 P. M.?ForBomerTilla. A P P -Wi'Ttiw Bxriut Taaia?Far Raaton. Alleatowa, Baadisg, MarHabarg, FitUkurc, and the Waat. Bleaptac cara throaffc froa Jeraay City t Pitu burc every araninc. Additional balaa are raa to Bergen Pol at, Rlirat-eth. Ac. Tlckat/for tha Waat caa ba obutlaad at the office of the Central Ball road of Mew Jeraar. foot of Llbarty a treat, North Ho. 1 Aator Moaae, Moa ill, 811, M? Broadway, aad at Bo. 10 Greenwich atraat. ja IV J OBI A B 0. 8TB * BNS.Boparintaadoat NRW YOBh AND BBW BAYBB BAILBOAD. Paaeancar BUtioa la Naw York, ooraar ITiA ilr##C n4 Fourth ivtunr. TBAlHa LBAVB BBW YOBK For Bew Ha too andJW lageport?1,8 i Ei ). 11 M , ?. u.ilAU (R*.),ltBi >, 3.M. bJU, aaj o.Sx.U 1 * For Mllford, Btratford. Falrtald. Beath?ort, bdA Waatport-7.ll.Ma , I to aad ft.90 p m. For Norwalk?f, #.?, 11 .Ma. m ; u u Bi '. i |Ii,i.|?.lB.I?JiaMI(?i.i? a. For Dallas aad Oraaawtch-7. IB, ll.Ma.aI ??. i.M, A M. aad t.M_? a. For Stamford?7, g (Bzl.t M.ll M a. a- M l* (Ii,I,||Ii ) S.S0,1 M, A.tO, ft M aad?(B*.lr? For Port Cheater aad ate Btatloaa-7. t.M. 11 JO a. a ; S M. 4.M. IM. ?.M, aad 7 p. a. CONNBCTIBO TRAINS. _ . , Far Boatoa na Harta*ftAld-? a a. (M? .' ?> (Bx.,)B B- a. For Boatoa rto Shore Wae-ll 1?. (*For Hartford aad SprlafSeld?S, <B*.,> 11 M a. mF,MOoB ac*^eu'fc* ? Ball road?8 a. a. (B* ;) U B t B to lo' tr?al I p a. to SerthABpto. For BartfWrd, Prorldeaco aad Ftekkllt B. B.I SiiBa^Hl-MA. a. ..... Tar Maw Baren, Naa Load aa aad Stoa a* RAilroad-Sa. a.; lt.IA.laad B- a~ or Canal Bailraod-U.U p a. la Bortkamp*?f or Boaaatoaic aad Baa?atacfe Ball road?? a. VrUmr ^ Borwalk B. ?.-?, M a. aHf Si ?W Bleapiac Oar* attacked US a l JAMBS B. lQWilmiMIIlM (