Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1867 Page 1
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r ? / ???? ?i? ????? ???? ? ? . V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27. 1867. N2. 4.360. *. ,, : . , ._ __ ' t . . .. _1 _ v.., _ TilK EVENINGSTAR L PUBLISHED DAILY, i BUI* DAY BXCEPTBD) AT THE STAR ftl'lLlUMO, MwAwil turner and 11 (A tirttL t w. d. wallaoh. Th* HTAK W? ?*rvef1 by taa Mrn#r? to tb?4r fpbecrit^ra to tfie 0*7 ? <! I>Jtrict at Taw Cijti rn vut Copies at Um? coauer, with or without wr?pr*T?. Two Ciktn each. Pules for Maili?? ?Tbr?# montn*, On* Doliar smJ ryfty t enU; ft* montba. T\t'* Bui' t Kiri one taAi, Fire DoUnrt. No pnpare m erai ffvTn th# otr.c* longer tbau paid for. Tb?WEKKL\ KTAR?published on Friday Wicrul?f? On* and a UmlJ a Year. I ~ DENTISTRY DB. LBWTB'S DBBTAL AsStfCIATIOS, Bu. Vto t CNN 'A AYR , lzth aaJ Utb atreeta. Te*th extracted wltboi* pal a by admluatarlag MU'jui Oxjde *r LMfhiKiff <?**. Pr ^p^ Lklllhu rK<Dli; purcbvfl tbe brei^?BB# Ibw.iul Ai'??r?tu? is the country fur^* "rn ranting portgae eaery d>r, alao, an jved V*l vnlar inhaler lb* A??ociati>n la now prepared to make Teeth on Gold Stiver ami Rubber at Hew lurk Ptiil>d*lri<l? aa4 H<<*ton pnoaa All per aou ?labium dmial wtirk iIom oan laave it aa<-h>-ep aa in ik? at>-ve aaaied tlti?a. All work done in the u??i?tt as.) b??l manner. a?d warranted to give eattafactioa. Prraona will do wall to call i ami mmipf onr work. de U tf T " * 1 M UMJMIS.M D., i Jk? liTtsUr aiid Pau-ateeof the BIllBAli L iLA'HTaiCTH, att*' d? personal j > | kti ( the* tu Uim city. Many p?rioDi ?u|lM ? ear tfeee* teeth who cannot wear otktn, *'"* and no person can wear other* who aanaet waar tbea*. Peraona calling at aty offlca ean t>e acrocamoda ted with any atyle and price of Teeth thay may da Ire, but to thwaa who are particular, and wlah the yoreat, claaoeet, itroifMt and aao?t perfect denbra tbat art oan procure, the M IB B HAL TBBTfi wttl be more fully warranted kv-oai* in thla city ? No S J* Panne aveiue. ba twaen9thaud tOtk ita Alao. 90? Arch atreet, Philadelphia. ry f It PERSON A U VOL' CAN K B \ iR M A K B T?i IT RIP on Bm1 aiiQ or Samaritan humbugs but i?r L)Vi41 t . *y.i 7th iitiaet lie u tb-'blgneat authority i>L >eck ca?ee Ilia private rooms are opp >aite t?cd Peilowa" Hall >h2> 1 m* | > kKVBht 10H BBTTBE THAN Ct HiT^I t'rtul prcrautlvaa a<ain?t cia??80 %n1 prea baucy i wbi-n arch ta nn?Ja l.-nt>lei ?-ut to aar aaareaa. at If*. %: > ^l<anJ #7 i?-r lo/en acoordiBf to quality, by Dr. WOOU Has nit, ?r call at 4*? th aireet, mp a'.aira ) W a?hiugtoa, D ' ja3-lm* |\IHt? C L ItriS 1RV1NU, Cl<i(rroym', ami T-'t 1*1 Afrrfiam. will nt?e life re*diug?, incindlua i'aat, Piaeeui au>i future at tx>r oiKco. t^o, n*rta t!d?* >\ fa. av . bet ween 4>a autl Mb atreata. U fica bonra from v to i a n aoditaaa. n. ja 14 2ui* A B. Mai BI B BBAL S4)lANTiriO AS. TttuLujicK or A.nt,iii?j\, >romtbt pvtiliuu aou a* pact of t e 8t.?ra At tha tlaa Hi alllll b.rt?. will reveal aetoni'thi'i^ ae creta tbat no h vi ug mortal aver knew b?lor^-, b"W to be aucct'!>?rnl in ?lt r???oa-*i?|e un>1ert ?kin?a He telle ran e and ?ery day you marrv . the ili?-i .Jul coiKptnLon. ai>d t l.? all eaeuM of in. k and long life to viattora t>a>ii?*M> ceitalo#l Keutleuea lu fnil ?|. (Jail at I ' O 131 !i at . w.r V. all boara uutit j tntaa evening. de 31 fca' * ^^ChflDBNTliii ? louug nrg who have InV jured vea by certalu aacret babita, wfcich unflt tb< m tor bnalneea. pleasure, or the dnttaaof marrtad life: middle *ced nni old men. who. from the fblliea of yonth, or other Ca-mea tae I a debility iu a<lve ic+> of their yeara. _ before plat i: I then celve* uti'i> r the tr?atnieut of any one.ahouid ferat read The Peoret k'naud." Married iaaive ?Hl learn aouH>tbinK wt importance 1 by p< ruaiuf "Tba Secret Friend.*' ?- ut toauy ad dreea, In a aealed envelop*- on r*c?<lpt of s cent*. I Aodreaa Dr.OBAH A BTCABT A CO . Bomob. II w no ?ly cLOTHINO, Ac. 1/ j . B Bll!lBGBlk, * _r Bncceaaor to H V. t*?4oo#0o.,^ 0JTll?lf'S AX3 MILITARY MFBCHAXT TAILOR, (Q Metropolitan flotal. Inea Brotru'a, IT . ? Slli Paauaylv*w1? avaan* V"** Wnahlngton, D. 0. ^ B BBOWB*. I J. SJtlTHBRB. ERO^SB A SMITH IRd. i vv AMI lNGTuH. D.C , ATTORMKYSA *i>C'tiysEH.ORS 4TL/I IP AND M?fl01TUK8 rug THK tl BBAL BBP> OBB*. PBARDHBlf, ABD ABA B DONBI) LABDi. Ornce So. 4 7 6 Seventh r\reet,oppoeite the Pxt ta 2 iy Otto ^ilkbbs' pianob abd oabuaat A kkiuab S PABLUB OHOAN* AB will tad it greatly to their M to viaaiM tb*-M .anrk I oairumauu ba-ltila >-r> anrabaai^g aa> other. III IV I i Only agency ar OloKGl L WILD A BBO '8 i Bew Piabo Forte and Organ Warrroon. N<- 197 lllb -tret-t bM*tra Pmu a avenue anB B street I A elect aae>.rtment of ne w ?,.* *eooud hand Inatri.{Beut>. tccludiBg a tt)CK< H ORGAN, for a1?- At lowf-0( tacMry prifM and oo imv term* TI N 1 H G and RBPA1 RlHBfat .h^Hy executed ttOjS im' W B C B B T D 1 B E A 8 8 7~ ?AMARir7si'S fllfT! Samaritan a mtrrt TUB MOST CBJiTAlS KKMtUY If KR LSBD "Tea, A To?-t!vk cb**." far VOfiuMXUUtA, OLJiMT, SIKJCTURKU. ContKina no K neral, bo Balaam, no Staroury, Only Ten Ptl r M 6* Thmtn to X/eci a (W?, Thai are aaUrcly vegetaoia, bavtug bo auell not any anpleaaant unt?, aad will not lu any wa> 1b jnre tba ?tomacL ar boweia of tba m-?at dalicata. CurealBfroai two to four daya, and receb-t caaaa la "teeaty fonr 'lourj " rrapared by a gr^duau tf tbe Culvaralty of Panaaylvanla. aneof the a.j?t enjiuent Doctora aid Cbemlau or tba areeant day: w JFe'nra, no itomble, no cAaa/ra whatever. Let tboaa wt^> have daapairad of getting cur?d,ot who bava been gc rgad wltb Bai^am Oopavmor Mar enry. try tba SAMABITAS 8 OIFT. Bant by iBall-lne plain anvalopa Prloa?Mala paikagaa, >1. FMMle. 91. BLOOD t BLOOD! I BLOOD/// aoBoFCLA, clcbkb. bores, bpotm "" ot't.tiak a ABA BIT A* ? BOOT Ait D RMEkS JU1VB ' la offered :ba an blip aa a aoalttwa onra 1 bVPhltis lit /r.ji4tAL Iu?Bas1> tn. , 8 AM ABIT ABU BOO? ABD U B RB J L10 a t? 2 I n. ?t potant, aar ^ia apd afleetual rao.ady avar are" 1 aenbed. It reach aa and erarfioatea every Mrt"|?^ tbe vauevaal poison ao that tba cure ia tboroufe I aud permanent Taka. then.of tbta purlfvlu, roi I a?iy and ba beal<?4. and do not traaaaM It to v ?n? poatertty tbat #>r wnlab tin may aapaat la ^ DO BOT DBBPA1BI ^WRRIW RSfSSPiSSWi-o* 1 fem4.lji3 i fem a j i 1b intdj with wUco d axdden of maiee .uCer tba BOOT ABD HMB j?'j. happll? adaptoc , ia Ulcerated Ltarua In 1 < rbaa. In baartai dovn. Falling 0f tba tfomb^L' blllty. acd tor aR aonplainta Kiofdant to tba aa? Brat by axpraaa Frlee^SiJB per bottle , BUIABITAB-B WABH R^a'TrB^b y^"' lnooQa*?t1^ TH* tba Full directtata P-tcaMceata. The eSlcaoy <yf tbaaa remadlea l( alike arltnawi lStfaV.|btfii,}St:ild **a,nU- Th" '"a-d what or M^i'SJIki ?rrMitLV? 4.c Ma^ihau.. Balumore, ~ 1 fVt aabafacneu In aattdpattoua promatly aud afleetually KaowibI S*!? SSK?? *12' <wT# ^ confl lwnca^u iHiigSpT^ | 7jMT Bsaaftbaaa axlew? ? "^tFbBB 0. BOW BBS, "Allant Burgeon. MB H. F. Vofg ? M byl.C. FORD, oecner ll?h afreet aad Pans* 'bsiiiiab a. ? ' luci. BLACK, LAM OB A OO., wu. lat,?t '"&&!&<>"-?' "'* 1 *. AlLIW. . ,0 ^ HAlti dresser, 4 3i? B atraat. b*t?a?B ISta aad lath au r. Alllot, from Pari*. Uair-Dr .ear ?t tk. aelabratad Ba' baj, with ?h .m be arrived lu tkia c. aatry, bag now been eat^lt.uJd for tli u!a eight yeara la Waabifgt6a aud Newport, I ' ""+* UlT'" ".uTie... J of tba hlgbeat aociety. Ma ha? the b nortjt?. Louaaa tbat be Baa tbla aaaaoo imporara tto Taabione of hal r Jrtf.lag, and alao pomadaa.Ud ( everythlaa tkat bebMa to tbadraaaiag of Lair at very reaaoaa?.la prlcla. t*I trn* 4h0 cimaiffi^: 180 ' Be. 4*fl lot bitreat. ona door baiow Va. ava . 000 to loan en Gold aad Mlvat W ATOHE1 I AMOBDB. rLOTilfBOr "nfiWl.' Lie K at every daarriptiaa. M atric tJy aoa:-<1- ntial ' W* BBABM A OOt fj AM OB, aj? "*-1^ , TJtlt ?* **? tar*. %. Be. 499 11 IB t A I t BANKERS. JAY COOKE A COIJ bam EII>. #Vtw*A ?rM, oFfrttt lVl('?nfi B?yud Ml a icnrrent market rates, and heap OBStMUly OB haod. toil N??lr ftf MJ SOVlUnillT BOBDE, BEVBN-THIBT1E8, AND OOMPOUHB IBTBBBST HOT 18. Orders far BTOOKE. BONDS, Ac., wK?W. Uellectiona made oa ?U aeoeealble points. eeltf _ _ UiRROW A CO., BAMKIB8, CorMT loililkD* ftr#iw ftBd Seventh siiLiii m voversmhnt securities, BOLD ABD SlLVEB ,y| tf AND LAND WARRANTS First Itaiioial Btik of Wiskingtoa. B.D COOES, (of JayOooke A Co.,) President, V? *. 8. HUNTINGTON, CasAler. GOV E BN MANT DBPOSITOBY as i) J IS A NCI Alt AGENT Of THB 0H1TBB BTATBS, 1AU rtrtti, ovP&<i:t tk* Ttuimry Utrorimtnt. Of funment Securities with Treasurer United iulm|toj\e million dollars. W boy and sell *11 cImm of governmeml btcl h1t1 ESat current market rates hjrnish exchange and wuike collection* m all the tuincjpal cities of the lmtev states. V> e pnrcbase Government Yonchem on the AJOhT ravorabl.e terms, and give cftrefn' biia frompt attention to accounts of busiyfss men mnd firms, and to any other bnelneea entrusted to aa. PULL 1NPOBBATION In regard to GOVEBB tl B>T LOANS ftt ftll timet cheerfully fnrnlaDed ?U 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. Washington, March *), IMS m 21 tf Till OLl> BnUULhHKl) tlBM OF 6, GOLDSTEIN * CO . LK'ENfED l'AW NliKOKKB'i, 3 t FOUR A N l> A HALF STKEKT WBST, near IVnn*> lvania avenue, ( Cer the hig ent cm), ulttiicn on all kind* of Mercliandiee. to any amount and for any lime deairrd, at reaenn tblc rates JL A Ii: t*re?t on larxe anam gri-atly reduced |p V Bnatnese *tr1ctly c. nfldential. Goode bought for cash and told at private tale. fe illy HOTKLS,R^TAURANTS,<ko. I^IBKWOOD HOUSE, Cot arr ftnna. a~tnur mud wfflAw wa km t orn. It. c. Bltwated in the moat central location the city, midway between the UAP1TOL AND PBSSIDENTtAL MAN810H, Only a abort distance from all the Departm?ata, Patent and Poat Offices. Smithsonian Institute. *tc. B. li DUDLEY A OO., no 21 tf Proprietors. EMB1CB 8 RESTAURANT. No. 34# Prnns avenue, near ?th street. P EMBM'H wishes to laferin hla frlen la and tbe public generally Uathe now k- tpe cou-Aa Hantly < n hand ftYfcTEBS. fresh every day . prepared In erary atvla ai? -flM I Ilia W I.n E.s and r.iyi*OR3 cannot be eu^paiTIeT Pall aad give h)m a trial. ocOtf WOOD AND COAL. ^ O A L COAL!! AT GREATbY BEDUOED PRICES Gro?? toL.ii of z SjO lbs , deiiveie 1 In &u. part of tlie city CbentDOt White Mh. 87. hto\e. > gi< ?u<l Puruate W hfte Aah, a*.*. P.. d A?h ?8 Ml L? tilgh ft'i. (>?k and Pine Wood aooataatly on hand. Ordt-re rerei v?d atonrOdice; or at the Wharf, foct of beveutb atrtet S. P BROWN A BOM. jais tf df'S "tli etreat between K and P. b. claobtt. ii. D. sweemy, BEAL ESTATE EB0KER3 AS b AUCTION I 1118. Partlea coc.?etnp!ating bnildlng in the aprinc parchaaiiig nainipruaad property (or lureetmoat will flod It to their adTantage to look over our 11at befor? pnrchftainc. aa we Lava added recently to onr foimer list a large aatuuut ul thatdeacrip lion of property. We ''an o(T?r manr 1ndneetc?ata m regarda altnatlon. low prlcea and aaay tcraa. We have alao far aale aeyeral amall tract" o' land In the Immediate vicinity of thia city, very ellllhly lccftted for aabnrkan rraideneea.M well ae highly Improved faraa in Maryland, which are really bargains. Property Mt with na far aale doea n*t anbiact :h> owner to expeftee naleaa sold while on oar >ooaa. fe 11 lm CLAOBTT A 8WEBHT. HOBTICULTCRAL TOOL8r UOHIlCCLTUttAL TOOLS'! PBI'NIBG IAW8, PBUNINO KNIVES, PRUNING BC18DOE8. CEONIMG BAW AND CUldkL. TBEE TRIMMERS. ADVABABCAT0B8. Ac., Ac. A fnll and < omplete a*eeitaaent of theee toole.^ AI?o. tbe HORTICULTURAL TOOL CHEST, rentalnlng Tnll aet Hurticnltural TooN i. P. BABTBOLOW. fe 18-eo2w r>8B 7th straat, halow Pa. ave. 4 H6 } MAttHHuT t 486~ Jth atraetA A?*lorK:aTl ?o*? /7th aireat. ALL 3 a A 9 U A B . eeavtffvl axo vskfcl combined PAlMlBUh AND tSORAVlNGS A Mmlted cut choice keleetioog of Oil Paintiuga, BngravUiga. Cbrotuoa, Wieatlis, Ha* k-ta of flow>re,Ac., appropriately framed. OVAL PICTt RE FRAMES A rich and varied aaaortmarit frwm th? heat manilactorara in the country > mbracici{ Walaut, lm tati^ft Boaewnod. all Gilt. Ran tic and Oarvad F- aanea Pae-tepurtontx Card Prarnea, Ac. Pld^tJBE OORU AND TASBBL8, WALBUT ^ KETS. A. PicTnre Oerd and Taaaela all atnea and colors. Bins Nulla .Walnut Brark- te, Eaiela Ao PAPERriAB?ia?8 ABD WINDOW SHADES A beautiful variety of theae gooda. emhraciug tbe dchest dMitiu of Ollt Embroidered Parlor Pattarae ta tfta nietrtat, with a well aaeartvd atock of he cheaper gradea, with a large variety of Winlo? 8KaC"?. different a1/.? aad colore. Ortleie far Window ^nadas aad Paperhangings anetually filled. In city or conntrp. A large portion of the ab<>vs Oaode wars aaada ipt-clally to order, believing the beat the cheapeet, md aiming to keep that dales of Goods, wa reapect- 1 ally tnvitw the PobMc to impect and oonapare dor Seode with au^ in the market. Ttrr,i* i?M?ioK* n>* J. M ABRRITER, No 4*t6 7th street. dolS 2tn* Eight doora above Odd Fellow*' Ball. j^PXCBIEB POB~TUE holipaTBT 1 iaillard s cabbies and chocolatee. ! CARAMEL'B CREAM CHtlCOLATB. ' DOIBLE VANILLA tlHOUOLATB, tosr AND VANILLA Eui*? almob6b. ! MIXED -I rtAR PLUM?,fta? APSOBTED C&BDIES, 1 luet received ftt KINO PLA?B 7. II. F KING A BOB. It'EST lilDIA OBANGEBANO VV 8WEET MALaOV GRAPBB. Freeh, at KINO PLACB. VIINOB MEAT <DOBBBT(0,? ."I Just made, ?f sele-t materlftls, , At E1>G PLAOB. j Ii0"" "VmiMrVffir. w,? i Gold coler. fall, yet delicate flavor aad fra- ' trance, and lea a than one half t h e^r oa t^o H m ^ 1 VJ&1TB OPORTO POBT, . ^ ? *' ("Tears of the Bnoro, ') Direct Inportatlen. ?.>, ' ' '"8A1Sik V riABO1TUWVRBAND BEOULATOB_m^ Estaalkhid is int. IBM eini?? vn*v )BMPBET A o4o".Ul>. Eagraters awl 8tfttlonera, Ae , 386 Pa av bet 9th aid l?ih ate. r. C. BKICBEEEA'JU o Piano ttoyjaa, ??? atA_^aat. near Pe eve*aa. oom, and we take pleaaare m stating tAftt we fep ieve him k> bs a competeM tmaer, uoll tm TKLRURAMI, fee. Tie Penn?jl vanla Stat* Temperance Oonftrf?ee met at Harritburg yesterday afternoon, and *m railed to order by Gen Lewis W^ ner, of Philadelphia, wbo nominated Governor Gearj as temporary chairman, The reso lutton which is regarded as the platform of the convention i? as follows Jtrsvlrtd, That no law, however stringent, wMih recognize* the right to sell intoxicating driu Ire, van receive our (auction. as we b 'li*v? the time bas folly come when this traffic should be at once and forever abandoned The Louisville, Ky., Democr it repudiates th Democratic Convention of the 22d, aad wil rot support its nominees. Large numbers oJ delegates to the Republican Con v?ation, to t>.< held tber?*. have already arrived. Tois Convention will make no accession lor th* sake or vot<>s. but will nominate a straight-out 1'nion tit k?-t. it is now certain that there will be tbir* parties in Kentucky at the commencemeu ol the canvass. William A. Putney, a member of a prominent dry good* Arm In Chicago,has commenced three suits against Clafllin k Co., and Setb Otie, of New York, and his two partners, living the aggregate damages at S'.AMJ,OuU, tbe charges being trespass and slander, He allegis that the defendants in these suits have conspired together to get him out of his ttrru. and have made scandalous charges against him in older ttf destroy his credit. The commute* appointed by tbe Kiver Improvement Convention lately held in St. I<ouis ?o memorialize Congress relative to removing obstruction* to navigation in the Mississippi and its tributaries,have made a lengthy report, wbicb contains much valuable statistical and general information respecting inland commerce, and the importance of improved transportation facilities. The Senate of Missouri has passed a bill, by ? vl te of 19 to 7, submitting to tbe |ieople ai the lit x' general election an amendment to strike out the word 4 white." A similar proposition was introduced <n the House, which was made the special order for Thursday. Governor Hrownlow h:is issued a proclamation aimonncing bis determination to call out the militia to enforce the laws and protect the Imonmenaud all other citizens against evildoers in Tennessee The Virginia Senate held a secret session yes'erday on the subject of calling a State convention. No result was made known It is estimated that $250,009 worth of property was destroyed in Western Kaunas by the recent freehet iu K?w river. ' Admiral Furrugutef Spanish Descent. froRKcLk, Va., Feb. 17, W, .? Kditort Star : Some time since 1 read in your valuable paper an abstract lrom a letter of an American travelling in Switzerland, which stated that some of the good people there claimed Admiral Farragut to be of Swiss descent. As everything connected with this distinguished officer aud bead of our navy is interesting, aud as 1 hap. pen to know something of his pedigree beyond mere conjecture, I communicate it to you for the beuetit of your readers. The Admiral it lineally descended from one 1 old Pedro Farra^ui, a Spanish Knight, wbo some k< 0 years ago followed bis master, Jamee the First, Kmgof Arragon, in his invasion and conquest of tbe Island of Minorca The King bestowed signal marks of bis favor upon his gallant follower, and as a reward for military exploits gave estates to bim and fifty-two other noble knigiits at tbe came time, directing the historian. Massen Febner, to relate the life of each one of tbem in verse. 1 cannot lay my hands upon Febner's book here, bnt think Mr. Tlcknor, of Boston, the well-known Spanish scholar, has a copy. It has been said that in looking at a gallery of family portraits one is ol ten struck at the wonderlul resemblance between person* born centuries apart. Id tbe same way, In reading tbe lite of this old Spaniard, one well acquainted witb the character of Admiral F. Is astonished at the many points of resemblance betweeu them Indeed, it is th* same character reproduced centuries afterwards. It is au interesting fart turn when, at th? ige Of seventeen, the father of Admiral Farrngut left.his bome in tbe Old World to try his fortunes in ibe did so from the same estate at Cittadilla. belonging to his parents, winch bad been bestowed upon old Den Pedro by tbe king, bis master. The Admiral baau coasin liviup in Paris, a Spanish gentleman, who was obliged to leave Spain because be wm? follower of Don Carlos. wbo ha> in his possession the coat of arms of their common ances;or, the old knight, it is a golden horse-shoe, aud nail of the same metal, with the words. "Fimstima ors y un clavo." Yours, Ac. Ah OldScbscbiiier. pROCKEMWig OK TBE MlBTLiSO LB'USLAtvre?Iu the Senate yesterday a letter was read from Gov. Swann, announcing that his resignation of the office of Governor, wbioh he bad intended to send in yesterday, would be withheld for further consideration, and that at an early day he would communicate with the General Assembly upon the subject. On the letter'being read, Lieut. Got. Cox made a statement, explanatory of tbe circumstances uadsr which the arrangements had been made for tbe installation of himself as Got. Swauu's successor. The only other business of importance transacted by tbe Senate was the adoption of the majority report of the committee en internal improvements against a modification of the charter of the Baltimore aad Potomac railroad. A letter was read ia the*Honse from Admiral Porter, superintendent of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, asking tbe ooudemnation of certain lands adjoining said academv, to carry out which a bill watt reported on Monday. Tbe House parsed the bill to exempt from execntiob or otb??r ft nal process, except distress for r-mt, two hundred dollars of the property of a debtor ; and the Senate bill re-enacting Uieold law of conveyancing. A large delegation fro n Baltimore was formally received in the hall of the Bouse, and presented a memorial, numerouiy signed, urging the passage of the Bainnu re municipal election bill and the bill to call a State constitution convention. British shi^pi*?.?The annual statement of British trade aud navigation, laid before the English Parliament at the beginning of ; the present session, shows that at tbe close of the year l-<>5 there belonged to the United i Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland *5,lttti i eitiling veeselsof 4,M5,144! tons, and *2,7ti? steam t vessels of 821,731 tons, making a total of 27,Sfid J vessels of 6,Wi#.S73 tons, manned by 'JlQ.tjjtj men. This is au increase in the cour*? oj the 1 year of 131 vessels, 123,935 tons, and 1^76 mfn, i the increase belnc entirely in steam vessels, i the number of sailing vessels having decreased, i To these numbers are to bo added yiv vessels i of <fc>.43? tons belonging to the Channel Islands, 1 n>ann?d by 5,1?5h men ; and 12,477 vessels of < 1,(69,895 tone belonging fo the other British i possessions, manned by 91,36y men. The grand i total of vessels belonging to the United King- ' dim and its possessions at tbe end of the year I INo is thus brought up to 41.205 vesnta or j 7,3".M,0i>4 tons, manned by 360,025 men ; an in- i crease, as compared with tbe end cf of I 3!I7 vessels of 'J19.343 tons, and of 8,5i'4 men. I Yiboihia LKiSLATUM.-fcn the Senate, on Monday, the Cumberland Gap railroad bill was taken up, and was the pending business l at the hour or adjournment. j In the House, a number of bills were passed. I A bill appropriating $10^mju for the education ] of indigent children was laid on the Utble. A 1 substitute wa? offered by Mr. Crump for the t bull to previde for the payment of inteteet on j the public debt, reported by the House Com- t n. ittee at Finance, and Mr. Seawell offered a f substitute for the proposed substitute. The < matter was discussed at some length, and ? dually postponed nntil Wednesday. Tbe bill 1 to allow tbe Jamee Mirer and Kanawha Oa- t nal Company to borrow mouey was taken np, and a substitu e offered by Mr. Pendleton, wbo tated that the friends of th* several pend I lug propositions etaenrred in the substitute. i American Contribitiobs to thv Pari* j SiFoei+io*.?The Havre steamship St. Laurent, which sailed from New Y'ork on Satnr- > day for France, carried several hundred tons ' af goods for the Paris Jix^osltldn, ificludlug ,|i* celebrated CorUse.^iwahie. a wsawra firmei'? home, a number oi sewing machine*, a < lot pf silverware, n-arly one thousand ep?-cl- 1 nuns of California anrt <poldTa<fo ores "of precious.metfels. FairhaxvJts' scales, a caloric eu-, 1 Jine. arnetiUural machines, oer?als from dif- < rent, Statee and Territories* from the M?iv4a 1 df Agriculture, Uflitec! flmtes weuiu* and mearnrea. a colleattonof specimens or coafaud ( iron from PepJMjrlvnaUt IffW York- and New { Jersey, n' -r n,.tic.. 1 0-.i1; I mins were AB9fe heiatsd In conssqusnoe. ] rt eK? j t* W M ** ??' t% m* . n J r-f <1 - . ?v , . , T - 21 : ' #oHi ! '.IJ* tiym .msoJ srs bse i aj .? -s ? -a H. "isl | i I SPECIAL NOTICES. a l/NAVI YOU A OuVOH 0*14, pnln In the Ciwt.M Broa< In (set have you the preha niiot j ) Biptems vf >he laaaita^ archer.'' roii?n?ptiwu? If know that lelm t? within ysnr re?ch In the ehap# of Dr WInTAR'8 HALBAM OT WILD CM EBRY which in man? c*-ea wh>rebcpa had fled bu anatcbed the victim fromtb?;lwnlif (r?T? It 7* Thoae who have been swbjsct to Nervous

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It dees not lye tie balr. bnt strike" at the root and fill* it wi ih new lifx ud coloring iunit?r, * The first application wiU do cood ; yon wi U ?? the nattkat coj ob retaining ere-y day, an 1 UkKORK YOU KNOW IT the f Id gray, rlteco cred apaearance of tha hair will e ? ii- ?* an place to luatrona. shining ai d teantlinl lx< k A k lor i all' lidlllB Hair Benewer , no other I artic le In at all like It iu effect 8e? that f-neh bottle baa< nr privet" Government I Ptarvp ever the top of the bottle. All otkers are I imitation , R P HALL A CO Bwtina N H . Proprietors. Fir Sale by all draggiats. fe 18->lJtweoim,r I REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES. Ra 14 Bond atreet. Rew York. I 9fTn\\ luf-rmat.on, win. tiie Mtk*.?? tifhmo I Minis, alio, a book on Sperial Disrates, tn a staled I envelope, sentfree. lit sure ami s'nl.for them, I and ?,)u trill not rrgret it. for, as advertising phy 1 aid an* are generally trnpo*t?r*. wttimnt r*/er*?s<-*.? | no atranger should be trnxied. 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QBarter commencing with the first lesson. ja9 I M A K I N I S FA8H10MABLB DABCINQ ACADEMY, AT A MARI WI S ASSEMBLY BOOMS, it ! K, bet wean tth and litli streeU. The last quarter of -Jii^ *eason. prev>ara- VB I torr to the ila> Bvll will <ooitreDce on 8atnr- I da> , March 2. Clauses fer ttie Genua l aie uu* I o pe n. 1 M It ?Private i nstrnctlon given t# suit the con- I vejilence of the pnpll. seS5 | MAaylKRADK AND KANCY DBBdS BALLS AMD PARTIES. I The naderslgbMi wouU most reapectfally in- I form tte ladle* and gentlemen of Waahingtoa city, and the Dlstilct generally, that he ia at all I times prepared to farnlah partiea with Mas juer- ! ade and Fancy Coatnme, either on loan nr made to I ordor. He has taken rooms at the well known I fancy eatablishment of Christian Bap pert, Bsu., I 6 J J 7th street, l-^tween D and B. where he will ba I happy to await order*. CHABbBS BERO, late Costa mar at Ford's and Grover's fell lm* Theaters. Washington, D. 0. BOOTS, SHOES, A. 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S?< tion second provides that the heaouuar. U s of the general of the army shall be at Washicgtcn. and all orders to the army fresa the President shall go through him, and In case ot his Inability through hn neit in rank The general of the army shall n?t he removed, suspended, or relieved from command or assigned to duty elsewhere than athis headquarters,except at his own request, without the consent or the Senate. Mr. Trumbull moved as an amendment a section directing otflcers of the Freed men's Bureau to prohibit maimisg and whippiug in tne late rebellious States Agreed to. Mr. Wil?on offered an amendment directing the disbandment and disarming of all militia organizations in the late rebel The amendment was subsequently modified so as not to include disarming, and it was then adopted Mr Poland moTed an amendment appropriate P?,5Wi tor the survey ol a nation it park at Washington Adopted Mr. Johnson moved to strike ont the second section of the bill, which he said was to bim clearly in violation of the Constitution After debate, the motion of Mr. Johnson was disagreed to?yeas. 8 nays, -JH Messrs Buckalew, Dixon. Doolittle, Heuderton. HendricKs, Johi.son, Norton, aud Patterson. voted in the affirmative. The bill was then read a third time and pasted M r. Sherman called up the compound interest note bill. W ithout action on the above, the Senate at | 4 40 took a recess till 7:30. At the evening session, on motion of Mr Trumbull, th? Senate insisted on its amendmen ts to the joint resolution prohibiting auy officers of the Government from paying money to any person not known to have been or posed ?o the rebellion. Ac., and agieed to the Conference Committee called for by the House. Mr Wilson called np 'he bill of the Hou?e to allow the reissne ot discharge papers, for use in collecting extra bounty. Ati amendment was offered, making provision tor additional bounty in the bill ot last } ear applicable to sailors and marines in the ta>y Fending the consideration of this amendment the Sena'e adjourned. Ilnrf?? ?Yesterday afternoon? The jolut resolution relative to the removal ot the fraval Academy from Auuapolis, Maryland. was rejected?yeas 30, nays ltrj. At the evening session the House, in Committee of the Wdole on the state ot the Union, resumed the consideration of the tariff bill, the Clerk coutiuuiug the reading of the Senate amendment, which was concluded at 8.4u. The committee then proceeded to cousider the amendment proposed by the Committee of Ways and M^aus. The first amendment is to make the act take | effect on and after April 1, t?C7. Mr. Morrill moved to amend that by making It take elleci len days after its passage, and ar^ned the desirableness of its going into effect quickly in order to prevent the market being flooded with goods in anticipation of the increase of duties. Mr. Cbanler remarked that the position taken by Mr. Morrill showed that the bill was In competition with science and th- Improve, mems of the age. The Atlantic telegraph was agaix." - the bill, and so wan ihe spirit of the age Mr. Morrill's amendment adopted, so that the bill will go into effect ten days after its passage. A considerable ume was occupied in settling the mode of proceeding with the bill, aud Dually It was decided that all the amendments reported trom the Committee of Ways and Means should b? first disposed of, and then the bill would be open to general amendment. Among tne amendment* thus disposed ot were the following : Increasing the tax on all plain-woven manufneturee ct cr ttoa from four to five cents p-r square jard Rejected. On same, it bleached. trcm four and a half to five and a half cento per square yard. Adopted. On same, (lighter p.x>ds.) if colored, stained, painted, or printed, from five and a half to six aud a naif cents per square yard. Adopted. Increasing dmy on bleached fabrics of a certain class from thirty-three and a half to thirtyfive per cent, ad valorem. Adopted. The committee then rose, by a vote of t>? to 3*>, (having disposed ot only -io of the i'i amendments to the bill reported bytheC)mmittee of Ways and means,) aud the House, at a^ftuarter before eleven o'clock, adjourned. Ahyantaur ov Tuokoiuh Utiifisa? The good elteviol sanitary impro\eineuiaaave been most wonderfully exemplified in Leek, a town of Staffordshire. Kngland. It appears that for a long time I>eek has been a badly drained town, out during ttie last six years considerable improvement* have been in operation. A contrast of this period with that of a like preceding one gives an aatouishing result. There is in Leek a Burial Society, which include* In lt> ownership one-third of the population. During the first six years there were 5,179 members on an average: the total death* ot this number were *4: and the annual rate of mortality was, therefore, absut 3t? in 14)00. In the second period of eiz years, thatof sanitary reform, the number of members was fi.Ute <$10 in excess of the first period); the deaths were 6ug; the annual death rate, thereiore, being 17 per 1,000 of the living: or, in other words, an addition had bean made of eight years and a bait to the life of each member. Nor was this all; there was a saving la the amount of wages not lens, and in If cost of sickness and tuneral expense- equal to nearly gTO.OOo. A good influence has been exerted upon the town generally, the mortality having fallen from 31 to per 1,000. So ;hat low rates, healthy and prolonged lire# and comfort have followed immediately upon the sanitary improvements. The advantages of the system pursued at Leek de not end with the past-six years. They will extend over all future years? PhUa Ledger. Is CEI.KRRATI SU A CllRICTEMTM OK A Sn?pat a Vioi.ATiu* o? THE fc-xciNH Law I?Tne New York World report* .lie following o**e. which was tried before court in that city ou SatoTday George Dellert vs. Henry J ay.?On Sunday, ll.e &.tn of May, 1-.5, the pituauff invited his friends aud their wives tohi--h?u8? to celebrats the christening of his ctujd. Rhine wine, lager beer, and ham and n^-s were profusely osed in the private room of plaintiff, and ihe Teutons were celebratiug the eyeut accordiug lo their innocent custom, when the defeudau', * policeman in citizen's dress, and ou special iu'y, entered the premises, arrested plaintiff, took him to tne station-house, where he was locked up fur to* night. The next morning ha a as discharged by Justice Led with. Thi* irrest took place about the time of the comtnencemeut ox' the enforcement of the excise law. The defendant claimed he had eepeoal order? to arrest any person exposing, dupting of, or living away any liquors en Sunday, and sating plaiatiil expaaing aud disposing aud giving i?ay liquors, he arrested Una. This suit wa> irongl<t lor damaces, and the jury found a verlict of f 125 aud cost* for plaintiff. Tblal Tiujp or tub Lksdkkiseb,.?The ron-clad auam ram frigate Jjunderberg arrived at New York on Saturday eveuing after laving made a two days1 trial trip on the ocean. tier speed, sailing qualities, and suitableness or naval service were tested In evenr way, ind are said to have proved fully satisfactory. \ number of United States naval oOoers deailed to report on her efficiency as a sea going rigate, were on board, as were also several aptains in the merchant marine, and all appeared to be pleased with the result of the trip. Liu ring the portion ot the time she made wetve mil? a> hour. gTTh? wi'e ot Lieutenant Corn well, of the iron-clad Miantonommh, whose death waa announced by Atlantic cable, stopping with ler friends in St. Panl.and read the death of ?er has band in the papers at breakfast on rhursd?.y. She fell fainting to Uu floor, and t is feared the suddeu shock may prove fatal o her. urnnSalt Laks Ksdsfft snnsnsrr? that' he wark?f "GeatUe expulsion" by ths IUr- lt sons is Mill progressing. On ths 89th of Ijinuarr, two prominent citizens received the syeietions notice** qait toe-plftoe sr takstfts ' onsequences. Accepting the llflhlin -ah ?i nevitable, they reft. i . i n n in i j fMKittosi are briskly onnais g;tq the PenssVjmBWtsz x&stisF here are abou t flirty oaadtdatss fcrOsvirnor of lows. (H>?. Baker. OooimMn irisnell and Col. Merrill MM UM HMMff So a : I tot ?i *1 I ? s'lf* moi* "?ST . sitt . <ti jif til .?6l?,?l-"5 i?* t*u S' l-.tKi El KOREAN NEWS. I OK I o*. Peb 'X-liTWIU-rbt Oi)T?rg. m-ui has wltltOrtwc ita resolutions on reform *" 11 I'ffmilM u> lay be tor* Parliament a r*ru. lar mora mi, ^,1 (or tfcr provinces J, >\>rtb America Uas pa^ert h? Hons* ?f Urtfi l>r?Li?, Peb.?-Kv*ning -Car'aln McCaf! nfr ' 0 ^ vmy and rroratlr a leadag fmt,r<,[ tr* Pen.a'a orfulntk^ ib America and companion of Head Onttt S-rpbeni, was arr*?i*d in u>? city t -day, on Suspicion of having b^>n coac*rnrd ia U)? recent outbreak ia ktiiaraey Paris >Vk *2Ji?it 11 aanouared that tho fl;?t steamer of the Havre and New Orleans line win leave Ha%re iod> time daring tbe moc'-b of May. f LOKBUCS. K*b. M_The s lectio.# whieh bnv* so far taken place for member* of th* Italian Parliameat hare generally ntnlwd in the defeat ot tbe supporters of Kicasoli Tat Latmt porxik?Tbe residence of Mr Jules Piur.kett, No M Kast ??b street, wa?entered by a gang ef be >as* move#. a ad robbed Of wearing apparel, jewelry, etc.. valued at over #4<>P. The robbery wa? effected while the family were at dinner In tbe front basement A te?p*rtably appearing yourr nun railed at tbe boose and inquired tor l>r. Row*. wb? has an offlc# in ib* house. Th* doctor wm not in. and tbe young mau requested tbe ser. ant girl to obtain a piece of paper for him, a* to '**** name. A* the girl descended tbe atair* In the lia?enx>at the young man fallowed her, and nfter leaving tbe Bam* Ox "tfewnptoji, dt-piru?d tferoift) tfe? mm* ment ?kH.r. luring tbe evening. when Mr*. 1 - A*/*"dfcrr bedroom, she found tbat be door bad N?en forced op-a. and the P?T?'.r,V,> *?olen There If no doabt tb&t tbe polite yauac gentlemau wbo left his euphonious n:,ma for ih?-doctor aoemn. plire of tbe thieves. and aa aoon a? the servant * *? down th* buraeu stairs. be ?*.^JT. ??"*,eMl17 opened the hall door and let the thieves in By following tne girl down stairs and making bla exit by Ui* bawmnt he precluded the necessity of gcing to the hall ?hTI?Cl,n,.Vch Ooohflev. nave had tbe effect of diacoveriug ibe thieves eaiermg the bouse Information ?f tbe robber* bu b^-en longed at tbe detective office Honse'rob^ bery baa been alarmiagly frequent of late fi? . rVl,mo', al**T* accomplished while the families are at dinner in the lower part of tbe h< a,.* The front hall door should never be left unbolted.?.V. }* E*prt,$. HO* TO A v.IU.STKIK** _| |t** report of th * 1 J? J~ A titration 01 the Rotiiaguam < bxg.V J?^*">rT trad*"' JUBt ???u?*d. states that Ui* board having now had six year- e?p?r,ence of the practical worklrr of b? -vswrr of*rbitratioi.. as opposed to nnk?>saud lockout* t? thoroughly convinced that in a free conntry. where workmen aud capitalist* have a perfe't right to enter into combination*, the impl'-at oat bnmane and ra ional method of ?e;tlinc ail dif-pn'f*. Im>iween employer and employed is arbitration and conciliation. Tbe board 1^ .trenj;ib?.|1?.d iu thia conviction b> th- faot tba tbe past two year* the dem?u.1 for bociery baa b.en in several branches of an exceptional character and labor, in eomede. partmenU. uuu?ualJy ecarca aud n ^wiUistanding the w< rkmen have pre>>frved their trartea uiiloaa by ha vine a central a^^ to appeal to, composed equally Of empl?r^r? ana employed, all qo,tV.? cic.K^d r0 produce irriuition and to lead todi?putea have b< eu promptly settled, a l inequaliu?? in the rates of wafer- La\e been adjua ed. the manulac'wr^r h^??n ^nabl^d to accept hi* cootract* wltboat apprebenaion and execute them Jiii.' "Bd lh* r?Cht# ot wc rkmea have been j*-alout>ly looked att?r aud atncKlv prfpeMed where.*, m ueigbborin* counuea and tbronfhont the country, chronic warfare has existed between labor and capital, to tbo great injury of both, owing to tbe wantofaome court ol appeal c? uimanding alike tike conhGt-nc? of era^ioyerM aud employed." Scabc itt or Litwt ?The cry .onrtnne* to com* from tbe surrounding eonatiew of the great and increasing scarcity of labor. Tbe spring is upon us, and yet there are many, if not a majority of our farmers, wbo have not aucceeded in hiring enough hands to work their farms--and some have feired none a: all. 1 he city is tilled with idIh negro men. bnt it ia folly to aMt tbfm to co to the country. They prf/*r ,,T<' Rs m*y in the city, rather than to enjoy a competence earned by the sweat of boneat toil. A gentleman wbo wanted only two bands, told ua yesterday thai be bad approach*** no leas than flftr different negroes on Monday, and offered them in per mon-b. payable monthly, with rations | ttud quarters, but they positively refused U? accept his pro|H>s|t*on. and h?did not contract w ith a single one. We aee no r?m*dy for tbi* a.aie ol affaire unless It be found in a vagrant l..w, and we tbink that tbe Legislature has not done 1? oaty to tbe State, and to the negro*. J-TDselye*, in tailing to re-enact tbe law mi aMde by T* tj Uat winter, it i* uot too lau* ID,ltJ>'r UP now, and we hope it wi.l be done Th* negro, as well as the white | sboald be torced to earn what b* eats ? Lynciiburg Xtws. Mi hmr ok a I/ifelv Oli. Maw ?A tragedy similar u that ouai >d at Prancania N u * I^kilb, N. V., on tbe nib instant! ,h;u daJ. ati Old man, named Thos. Hand, | was fonnd dead in the cellar of bla bonse where b? had been thruwn after being murahJ^t* fi ^ Wah * ^h^lor aad lived t wa*d a farm aad kept stock. On r riday the aeighbors' attention was attracted by the barking or a dog. and upon visttiag premises hi? cattle were found in a fami*binr Condition, net baying been fed in several days There w?re no indications tkat be aeen about since the last saow storm. Search was then made, tnd bit dead body found thrown In the cellar, and the hatchway, tbrongh which it wa*, closed On toe ?oS? IfiS w&b found hM axe witb which his brains had been split out. Mr. Hand was an old, nueera2 a Bon ot *> ?"? 1: life, and had recently b?**n disposing of h?y and produce and probably had In hi. possesion soi^mo?: . T. c.indidat*e, named John Kenneday l^?Tine, have been arrested on aaapion of being the murderers. CO Lev XL .Iohx UX'oaxoaTwbT u r.nmed to ban commanded tbe Feaiaas la ittHr recent 00tbreag ,n freland. was "rmerivTa IS kr*to?. O Connor entered the S9th Mtsaachuaette regiment as ordariv eer^ld^ith th** R,Ce of ei*ftt**Q years, and be ^I'nent through all its arT duous campaigns in the department of !be i^^.Bnd*r G<m ??raalie lu U, North VAi^l'aa cai?ralgns, and afterward with the regiment when brigaded with the ?? ?? lri"11 bri*ade, under den. Meagher bU fallantry "a tbidS.: I? Focotalige, when the 26th Must chaaette *u nearly cpt to neces In n>r soeal appearance O'Connor u ^ufte Dre^I* --tn^.taidingabout five feet^^nP?n^s ? I nd'r but *rac?*ui baild. light *VM i* complexion, with fair blae M??kMha 1" an excellent education, and speaks the Kngiisb tongue wltn a very musi. cal accent. Colonel O'Connor came home iu command of the -j^h Mavwurtjuseit. as ranking eaptam. and since that period has been in Irs land?Baton Herald. Sudd** Ubath of a Mbb hivt in. o. JrotW Imrmnr ,n Cfnf^aence -Mr Oeo" Brown, of tiie firm of I. C A (i kr^.i * goods deaieta, Jersey City, suddenly f-li dead r^r.?t.L? -d- *T ? <* to inform the JlL yo*og the de. ceased wu ngag^d. and she, orerhearing the death^m.T; 2Z*OWle4*9 ot *'r SJ5SSLK , ^ h_COmLEr ^ ?l,'r uddenfy, nad the effec PBATH Oy A XlXUHl?Th( Ue? n. nk.. B. Tipj*tt, of the Kast Baltimore Jftetkad?st lalr^^i001* ***' ams Monday night rtaTuT/Sr?. T0***' "* Mining aad IET Travallng on Use MiaeUsloDi Is aaont .. Silai^11*^ * kUctamlt* ? * powder Will la. It is said, wm for years be fore his death a flm kelierir in w?UuEHZ . ^"Chronic bald-headednem Is faahioaabie to Pane, and of eoorse, la New York. 7*lt is estimated that thick akoee have *? proved tbe health of women is per oeat WTTkree eaddea deaths occurred in Mow York on bunday. VA man la Philadelphia pat Me mtrthtiT aged ?9, out into (be street to ke taken care of by the police.' WThe paper that hae the targeer eircnlatien in this coautry m the oomforiaeie wrZ!ml back. ^ .^ouxir " | . bavs a wejl pa Aping dux m barrels Der^t WKew T?rfc bailee are ravinag tba *?ItrTfce lUlnois iegisiauire have at?y kn.(Ou,u(xj foe a aaw Suu tL JZ * I " "m ; ' ' ,V ?'T* ' f 1 >0 Ci gtr *. V JL. ? *' * *^ 'w to i I s ItUaa v. t T" ' ' a BeB t ^ - ?* ? 1 .? 1 ? * **' 1,1 71- "iv hi at Uai \*.m I J\?c / kK^B