Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Tbr LtrtcU Cireulalioi ii the DUirici W. t>. WALLAfHt Ktfitoriai w ASHINGTOM CITTJ wi DXFSDAY FEBRUARY 87, 1MT. BRA 0150 MATTER OH RTRRY PAOR. SKk. OlTMDK FOR 1MTKRR9TIM0 TRLR UhAfHIC AND OTUI.K MATTER. TO AIIV kRTMERI. The tPiion.iif ttir oR(!MJ sbowlag of tit eifrnlaript) at me daily papsr* of tbia alt7 oouipetmg for the Government utTrrtitinj uiioer the rfoniMt of Congre*? directing sash u? r* ! the two telly newels' !>? r?. of Wublnftoi btrl>| the largos tTcstation . Lvume Mil 7,71f copies per duv. CkrmtcU ... ? u Int'lhamerr .....3SSS ?? * Tne rstarn* of advsrtiping by the oity papers or tb?- qu*r'?r ending I>?i?mh?r 31. ?*Kl, as t*ki?a fr. m -he book* of the Internal Revenue Oftrr. are a* follow*: r. v *> 1 * ? Star SIS, lift Jru flu fencer............. ........ 9. | ttf Ckrmuei* 9 1*4 Rer%Hicmn S,W THK REfEPTIO.IS. The White Hease. The ladies of tbe Executive Mansion, Mr*. Stover and Mr* Patterson, are at hjtne erery Mouday. The tablaet. Tbe ladies of the family of Hon. O H. Hrewning, Secretary of the Interior, will rsceive their friend# on Wednt-eSiys. at tbe real dence of ttie Msernary, on tbe tut side of Men?gomfry street, Georgetown Height*. J^ecietary and Mrs McCulloch have issued cards for tvm reception#, tbe first to be held ?n tbe evening of *be 'AJd lust., and the second on the ?J of March. Mrs. ro-.tma.ter General Randall will re. eeit<> at h?r residence. No. 107 New York avenue, on Wednesday alter noon. ' # ? IMPROVEMENT OP TUB KIVEK CHAN MEL. Aoout tbe iroportauce and feasibility of ehangmg the channel to tbe Waabtngion side f the river there appears to be ao donbt, and 'I agree that tt ruu?t be effected, mainly, by means of a breakwater extending from Mtson's Island eaatward, aud by dredging a cnacnel across tbe tlata in tbs same direvtion. How to form tbe breakwater has not been dutincily stated by the engineers who havs written on this subject; probably for the reason that it was necessary for them to bare more exact surveys aud soundings. Hut on tbe qnes'ion of farming the channel they are more explicit, and although there is a general agreement in :be object aimed at, yet in tbe manner of accomplishing it therein a difference. One proposes to dredge a channel across the hat- of onlj one hundred feet widtb, aad to a depth uf twelve feet, depending on tb* current to work a greater depth, and to exteud the width to some 1.7WJ feet. To this part of his plan there are certainly some objections First, it will require too much time for the current to do w much work. Second, tbe great quantity of deposits to be thus washed away will not only be wasted, bnt may obstract tbe channel further down stream to an unnecessary extent. Thia danger and waste might both be avoided by u?ing these deposits in the formation of and tilling valuable lots alongside of tbs channel, as proposed in the plan submitted to the Mayor in December last, on the improvement of the ca. nal and nver, in which it is very properly claimed that there is an intimate connection between the Improvement of these two thoroughfares and between the interests of tbe city that ol the General Government. In this plan it is proposed to dredge tbe channel to the width 01 from one-fourta to one-third of a Bile, from Mason's Island u> the foot of 17th street, and with the deposits thus dredged form about one hundred and thirty.two acres or land between the channel and tte canal west of lTtu street, which it is supposed would be worth full two millions ef dollars more than its cost, if thna formed and improved as proposed. In this way a capacious channel could be formed in ranch lew lime than in the ether and the deposits of the river thas applied would be worth far more than tbe cost of drsdgiag the channel; beside*, it wonld obviate all apprehended danger, and all objection* tbat might be raised to allowing some million* of cubic yards of deposits being washed down stream. The oest of dredging the channel would tho* not only be fnlly returned ia the form of valuable lots, but the lot* coald net be formed and filled so cheaply in any other way as by thus applying the earth dredged from the channel. The location and manner of improving tte ground to be thus reclaimed is thus *et forth in the report submitted to ths Mayor. Tbis field will be bounded on the north by the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, ea?t by tbe pi* r aad causeway at the loot of Hth atreet, aad oa the aoutb and we*t by a curved line of cne mile in length, forming the river front? w bicb will contain a superficial area of 5,730,. square feet, a fraciiou ever 13.2 acres. The location and surroundings of this extensive field are peculiarly favorable tor an ecoaomleal conversion of it into a most convenient and valuable coal depot, or into wharvss and numerous sites for warehouses, to be used for various commercial purposes This mar be accompliabed by dividing the reclaimed land into six or eight parts, corresponding in width with tbe width of tbe city squares iu tbat vicinity, and forming deep, navigableslips south and opposite the middle of each square, and extending from the river front due north to withia fifty feet of tbe canal. At the bead of each slip, and on the fifty.feet *pac- dividing the *lip from the caaal, there might be placed crane* for tranaferring coal and other good* or article* direct from boat* in tbe canal to veeasl* ia the ailpa, or from the river craft to the canal boats. By uua locating the slip* opposite the city Squares, tbe middle ef the paces between the slips will come opposite the streets running north aad south; therefore, by extend, tag the sir sets so nth across the canal, aad aeroo* tbs middle of ths land or pisr spaces between the alipaas far as the river front, there will be wide space* between these street* and slips tbat may be used as open wharves, or for the erection upon them of extensive ware, houses, having their opposite ends or sidsa fronting on thestreetsend on thsslips. Counting the river front aad tbs sides and ends of the *lip* as wharvss, ws shall bays about three mile* of anch property within ths one mile in extent of river trout, aad all advantageously arraaged for the aaving of laber aad other exP*?!** atteudiag tbe trnhsfer of freight. T LVI*#f being ab>ui lour higher than mean Udaa in the rivsr, is a clrsamataaos that may be need advaatag*, oualy for cleansing tbe slip*. By having sluices at the bead ofsaeh slip, through wbich di*w water from ths higher level of the be thus thor. oaghly cleansed as ottea as may bs reaaired IK acres in tbs mannsr dsscribed will be about thiee miles, which, at 913 a lineal foot, VOSld coat .....9B37.6UU 00 To raiss the aurface above the higheet water will require 1,493.333 cubic yards ot sartb fi.lmg. aad as this can bs taken direct from the slips, aad from tho river la front. 4 0 cents a yard will bs abundant, which will uaoant to 397,333 20 9*14,833 W JE?unauag ths vuloeof the property reclaimed aad thus improved at 39 eaisasqaare Coot, including the mips, tbss ths whole surfacs area 4,730,1*0 square feel will amount to *973,000 00 It* value over Its cost 80 great dtffersaoe certalaly Tot this is not nil: tor, by takiag ths sartb for filling mainly from the river, will effeot all the dredging thai will he required to forth R broad and IU?*t?nt channel for rivet' from Mason'* Island as R*1 4b 17th street, which of itself would be 'Worth a large sum, and ought to be added to the foregoing vale* of 9l.o4o.uMhu. In dredging tbecbnsnsl further east thesarth can be similarly used m tbs formation ot otbsr vainsMe wharf property betweea 17th strset and tbe Af9*aal, and in extending Go vormnii reservations. It will thas be seen that tk? c*aal and river ofiTer sxteneive fields for imprOWAeat, which. It is hoped, msy not be neglected. How macfc of the work enght to be done by the General Oeverameut, or by the city, or tow much of the property tbit may be reclaim?d or aewly formed in the cutir-e of such improvements, tall to tb* one or ths other, or to private XL j parti** arf qof^tism tbai h*ve ant Wa totstt*r?d iu this coinimiQicaticta, the whole ob1 j* ct of wbtch is simply to nitm on a r?Mh1 j sys'eut ol ral impritverapi'i nv whloh all may b* hm. fit* d Orta n po'tions of the n v?r improvement, ?ncb an mar west of I7ta etreet. might perhaps t>- mad* hy private enwrpr m the pm ties receiving for ctm peesation part of the Inod to be reclaimed. provided the work done shall be made to conform to sach a genI erai syrtem a* may b* adopted by comptent au'hoiity, and tb* general regnlation aa-1 con?iol thereof shall rma n under tb? city or n?"onsi authority. Bat tb* canal being th* property of the city, a? it doe? wholly witbin ita corporate limit*, and being tbe mwi impor'ant p irt of and imiirpmiaM* to tb* snc-*s*ful working of iu t*usi v* system of sewer a, tbe efficient or ill-Working ot which will aff-ct favorably or unfavorably tbe value 01 most o( tbe property of the city, as w*ll as its general health. tais, aside Iron, its commercial value, gives to tn* carel too ir neb g? n?? mport.noc* to mak* it a.- f* or proper to allow it to become in any way*ct to ihe caprice or avanc* of any private company or private inier?sts. Socb comirtule*, constituted a* tbey u-ually are, having for their flrar object th* making <?f tb* greatest possible amouutof mon*r, will not b* likely <o provide in tbe b*s? manner for all tbe pablie iuteresia connected with and depending 011 tbe proper tinprovemvniot th* canal, l'neir individual Interest, and perhaps counecions with other companies, or with some as yet iadiT*l> oped projecs, tniirhi incline them to the eery oppo>ite. Whereas, tbe city, realising as it do?-s th* im ponance of first aud fully provid* inr tor tbe bealib and geueral welfare. se*? and aleo/?f/* tb* importance of improving the city carihl in the t?-iK possible inauner for the ad van<em*nt of ih* commercial int rests; not re ardiuc it merely as a section connecting lb* 4*liesa|iMke and Ohio with the proposed Aneapoi s mnnl, hut also a? a link connecting boib oi HiHse \* i'b the destined extensive commerce ot th* Potomac. i Tliese views appear to be sonnd and prncti cat, and tbe results anticipated are quite with. in tbe bounds of reason Tb* object* aimed aj are certainly of great iraportarce. The sag. tte-tion that whatever work may be done ia the foimanon and execution of these improvements eball be mane to rontorm to a well m&tnred gt-ntral sysUm, and that tbe regulation and contiol thereof shall remain under com* petent authority, is certainly important. For instance, tb* lorm and lot a'ion of the slips, piers, w Carves, and th* entire line of river I frott should all be exactly established, and | th* construction of every part, whether done by tbe Government, th* city, or by private 1 panes, should all be wall sxecnted on a clearly dt-lli.ed plan, and ibua avoid such irregularis ! ty ana contusion asexista in tbe wbarvea and j piers of some ot onr leading commercial cities There ia no necessity lor such disgraceful work besides, it is far more economical, on the whole, to do tbe work right at tirat. All ofthe proposed work could and should be well and permanently secured along the water aide by substantial walla compoaed of atoao above j water, and resting on firm pile foutidationa, tbe cost of which a ill be froai *15 to $20 to the lineal foot, equal to S?0,10U or #100,000 to the mile. Such walls will last for centurlea and ! obviate the necessity of frequent, disagreeable and expensive repairs, which always attend wooden structures of this kind. The sores' way to secure all the enda desired, woald, ' perhaps, be to have the whole work and all other work of this nature planued and executed j under the direction and sup*rvlsioa ot a com! petent and faithful commissioner. tub tariff. Mr. 3Iorri!l la zealously pushing the Tariff bill in tbe House, but it has no earthly chance >f setting through this Congress. The Honse W*vs and Means Committee made two hundred and seventy-live amendments to the Senate bill, and of these, barely nineteen bad bee a consioeied up to 2 p. m. to-day. When the fact I* considered that tbe session ends at noon of Monday, the chance* of getting the bill throaga the House at this rate of progress, in season for tbe Senate to act upon u are dubious indeed. Tb''free-traders, and those on the other hand wbo fear a reduction of present duties on car. tain articles in which they are interested, seem to have joined lorce3 to defeat action upon the new Tariff bill. Should it rail this session, it | must go over until January next, as there is 1 no probability of getting it up in tbe coming i short seeelon. SUPERINTENDENT OF TUB COAST SURTBY. Professor lienjamin Peirce, of Cambridge ( Diversity, has been appointed Superintendent of the United States Coast Surver, in place of Professor A. D. Bach*, deceased. Prot*ssor Peirce is one of the first Mathematicians ia th* world. Tbe oatb of offloe was admlElstered to him this morning. TUB TWENTY PER CBNT. BILL. It was stated this afternoon that the Preai. ' dent received the bill granting the twenty per rent, increase to civil employees of the Government aboat eleven o'clock this morning, and immediately signed tbe same. DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC LANDS. Commissioner Wilson, of the General Land f/fflce has jast received returns from th* District Land at loata, Michigan, exhibiting an : aggregate disposal of lt.Mo acres of the public j lands during the month of Jan nary last. The larger portion of the land was taken ap under i tbe homestead law for actaal settlement and cultivation, the remainder located with agri. i cultural College Scrip, Military warrants ?nd old for cash; the cash sales ameuaung to $1,653. t ? i PUBLIC LANDS FOR A WAGON ROAD. 1 he Commissioner of the General Laad Office has just transmitted to Governor Fairchild of Wisconsin certified transcripts of approved lists containing $3,490 acres oflaad enuring to the Slate of Wisconsin under the i *tl ?'M>uch, 1*63. granting land to Michigan and Wisconsin to aid in tbe construction of a military wagon road. Twenty continuous miles of road have been completed in tbe State of Wisconsin. ??? - Tun WASHI>OTO? CoRRa^po5DgRT8'CLUB. The representatives ofthe press of different 1 cities located here met last aight In tbe room or the Honse Committee on Banking aad Currency, and organised an assoclatloa to be called tbe " Washington Correspondents' Club." LA. Gebnght was elected president, George WAdams first vice president. J. II. McCuliough second vice president, Croeby S. Noyee secretary. L. L. Cronnse treasurer. W. B. Shaw, W W Warden. J. E. Young, B. it. Elliot, snd J. W. Fitch, were chosen a* the executive committee. The object or the organization is stated to he tbe cultivation of fraternal feeling amoag its members, aad tbe establishment and maintenance of a reputation for the proression which ita Influence demands. A Rbtobt was afloat at the Capitol to-day that a member of tbe press had beard from a friend that an acquaintance ef his had been told that a member from Ohio had learned that a Senator from Maseachusetts been informed that General Grant had said that the President had announced that he woald sign tbe Military Government bill. At la*,t accounts from the Capitol the newspaper men were industriously engaged tracing the links of the report. Tub Wbbb Si*tBBS.? Another crowded bouse at Wall's Opera Hoaee last evening gave evidence of the high appreciation by the Washington public, of tbe capital acting of Ada aad Emma Webb, who have Improved immeneely in the laet fbw years. Ada Is without aay doubt destined to allala a prominent position as acomedleana. Turn Natmial Pabk?In the Senate, yesterday afternoon, on motion or Mr. Polaad, nn amendment to the army MIL was adopted, appropriating WJO0 far tbe survey ot a Ifaloaal Park at Washington." Natal Oadbba .?Paymaster De F. Barton has heea detached from the Swatara, aad ordered to settle Ms accounts. Past Assistant Paya?sur Robert W. Allan has bean ordered to the iMIIWt .1 , IPThe bewitching Webb Sisters are fllMag WalPI frNtf* Homo nightly to overflowing. ltit was almost Impossible to obtain I eta?<U9*I*oa there- Seats should be engaged eftatyv * ? * . h .? i, | nr^VVPOofOMi Military Geverameat btn stae not sent In te-day aa was generally expect, ad. It Is looked for on to-morrow. imuAL Rbvbbub.- The receipts from this source to-day wore IM7.MUI. 60TEBRNIRT SECURITIES. * Asmnoron, rtkrivy fT. 1MT. Jay Cook* * Oo fnrniafc tbe following q??. tniione of Qeunwi ?corttMt: !. ?! *!* Uojpo*. I8?l.; ft? il?? H ? liJ* 10,8 nojy in! U 8 Fit* Twenties. ism n n\ iujJ si **BU9m ,8W !? ? IU?* U t Ten" "?* ??3 u >. leu rortie* luifc tin v " C Tfcirtlff, Aa(iit.,..iii5K n m "** "SX U. S. Se\en Tto rtiea, J my t(l6^ 1(J6~ *?W TOM VTKftT !*"*RI) BALM \l?k 10.4U-S 101 * f * 7^S*s, August....105% 52J.I1 ** 7-"?'a, June I?* ^10Si5 , . /.3u'l? J uly wit ^ $MT* Ja.4Jy,'?5.106x QoU .".I?"l40* financial. L*wis JofckBOB Jc Oo , qaot* Stocks and Bond* In home and foreign markets as followsN?w York. Feb. *1.-9d Btard-U. S. i8ii Coupon 6 s. 110*; do., * wi, llu\; U.S. 5., 10-40 s. Coo pons, 101%; 7..l0,s, lo#\- (Jaaton (V. 45*; Cumberland Coll C. pra?*^!*?^: u'J?'?'?*??**0W ^^ntrtlH.R.?r^Ra,,?^ *Jf: r.r. 5 K ' J'' ? Muhignn Southern and N.Indiana 5.i w U*i?? /l-ar^BtT1' ; UIHioia Cenurai R. K? 116, Cleveland and Plttabnrf K K 80n; Chicago and Northwestern R R >m' R? **I ?** ? ??? ?nd Toledo it! R . 117, Chicago and Rock Island R. R 961'P.UMjnrg, For. J*syne, and Cbica?o R R ' i *D<* Mississippi Certificates, 25 v Pacific Mall. 13?*; 2 p. m.t Gold, 140v. *' vl?V?LV, Z*b Cable.J?Honda, 73* Erie, 37*; Consols, tl; Illinois Central, 77*. nominations. The President has nomioawd tbe followinr Quartermasters U. 8. A.: 1 Ti? Uo?-,?n,l|'u'LMaior. Rob*rt Allen. Major J ??"*{<laon. Major I>. H. Ranker. ??i? m ,j|*u,'?'1nt Colonels?Mtjor R. Ingalls. Major J.C. McFerran, Captain R O lyler. Captain J. A Ekm. * To be Assistant Qnartermasters with rank joSru'v.^r,.1 """ Wm(?. J i*r*nk of Major?John G. Chandler, ^1,' , iMyers, R N. Uatcbelder, C. G. Saw. iHg^on ^ Jamet A' Potler' M-1- Lnd??".* of^?,OB'?-I> H. Vinton. 0?born clary. !??*" . E. B. Babbitt, R. E . ,'h of Lieutenant Colonel M. S Milio'l.K.1VISE;8 v- ??? ?- A- K*i?iT.?rran?lt ,M11M^r-H ? Ranson, J. M. yrtHJ 1i? Tred well M >ore, A. R. Edd>. J D. Bingham, H. C. Hoaices. J"""1" Captain?N N. Constable. W. A. T? rT?if Thomas B. Hunt, E. B. Kirk. halr^^ku,VLl"lll,tt' Colonel?S. B. riolabatrd, U. H. Tompkins. To be Asfistant Paymaster General, with the r8JI wf Colonel?Daniel McClure. To be I>eputy Paymaster <t^nTals, with the Brown' I*"'ulei>ant Colonel?C. H. Frr, N W. To be Paymaster^?E d. Judd, J. C Dewe? BMamM'H^' H- Halsey, Wm Smith,' iiii iy to -L L' Hod*"- i> Clark, C. M T-rl J M NeWio? B ReW V" ? H!lnn*. J.n Nelson, T. H. Stanton, D. M Adams <J ri ?' S; (,,b*on? J- W. Smith, p* p G.Hall, C. W Wingard, E. J.P Canbv W B Koch?ter, G. W Candee, j. E. Bnrhank N. \edder, J. ?. Walker, G. PomerorWH Johnston P M. McGrath, E. H Brooke o^T M.TV. assSIS?-0"2 s AssUtant Medical PurT6vor?. witki J*V I?r J",<wtoLDa,,t ???onel-Dr. C McDougal. Dr. E. Habadil, Dr. R Mnrrav Dr r Sutherland aiarray, vr. t. To be SnriMM-Dr. C. Waaner. Dr J P WnKh,? Ur- C C Gray pr. W^. Speucer. Ta? Governorship o? Martland -Yes?-rday morning L.ientenant Governor Cox. of Maryland, received a letter from Governor bwaun, in which the latter says: .J informed yon of my purpose to re. ign the position which I now hold as Goverorde? thln???d2? daj' 1 now >n ate to who Vh co?n>nnicated to the Sen. 0 "om the announcement has be<>n made that I d. not fi at liberty to t?e^T,? eration* 1 Jhlfi WUhont fnrther time fordelibA^i^Kii .. communicate with tbe General thuVSbUc??** J * day " P^cticable upon W" flliwl With Politician., offlca. Mkin, am] ptrioDi Who caaie down ezn?rt Co^x10 Th^r^w111? lnaH*uratlon of Governor . . ?re*t excitement and much disappointment among the friends ana parti. 'h parti.., and rumors of all kinds T j w Quite a aensatlon was p-oduced by the annonucement in Baltimore, and it is nowstated that Gov. Swann will not resiirn bnt will decline tka V. s. Senatorship to which THUKnDAY IVUiio^ia?h kf%!Kr*#t0W" o'clock 28th of Febrnary,at7* Eas# 1.. i Instant, at Uo'clock m j tbs recant act of Oona'rewte ? ^i2f.?V.H .V.LC.l,0n of "W '" ""..VaaTo"sr aiatters and things connected therewith. lt? J5"'AI" or ?AST W4DHI(|?T0N m. 5. [J^PAWIBBOKIB^ MOTIOi: GOLDSTEIN * 00., 9" ^ ltr6#t Wiflt, DOir PtQl'A ava Z&ViSLm- w,th ood MfM for alnfI a lb usfufss * connected for all eenhdenT>i1i??V^2f,ac*d 00 ?0,d Silver Watches c?lui"" ilock,' Government Bejeettofnhs4* bf (Ur 0r WMk ?* merekaniise snk? ? ?ArriBs[6m?nti hi?# bft#n ntia hv ?hi?*K fersens desoslting eroperty with ns can receive ?ot the 0nlo^. ?4 FOLKAMbaifALr STKIBT^ fe ll tf rrs^JOiiPH sHArniiLD^ (r~. 'HlOU OORFCOTIOIIKT XI- c?"" * _ 6 At... b.t ]Mfe .D. 13th it. l?Zr'J?tJV,ii'7 !*" Or a ame wts SaUdf jslMm JO?MM . 8HAFH1LD. ?' *"? annual aWkaentfoT^Sr ^ *}"?4eom?leted the appeal, and fer the pn^Serf nfin2"eo?t2if- of is aaawttSySS3S3? _>7_erdsr of lhs P'-ideat. [Int]_fs l^otAfl [pr* >taili8||p 1 M %,? #T1 * ' *?U8o*. " j&msf/K'WKwa""'"-. 3jsiisi nnd call end exanUne my stock. ftr It mo >06 p?". n JfjgAt. 'po OUB OU8TOIURS. "i"- "m fcW~? ?? ?? rtk ii.MYi!l.. puioi. rum. rIA*?* mvajusagi.*. SOS Pennaylvanla a venae, ^ " " Ml' ^ TELWJKAPHIC NKWS. run Evuarc TO.DAT. larlnc Dlii't'r- Inrrkiai I* k? CMtinH ia Prtacr-riMaci?l,lc. [By Oeoie to AHMtklSU Pr*BS. I .i ebpool. Feb. 87?ffeoe.?ln'elligeece as kffi irrrtifd her* to the effect Uat the iiuk lrma, CapL Oumming , from (lai ve-iton > -a. mber ?S'b. for Liverpool. arrived at Fay11 leaky and o?herwi?e ?i?mar*<t Pa Kin, Feb. 27 ?The efforts of the Amerieta ??aiwn here to procure remies.oa of bu( vfi Birch during tbe coB'intiance of the r*ri? Svpwtuon have failed Tue French doveronfnt hw officially annouaced that it will ant ''Trnii tbe searcn olforetae bagg age arri rug p France. L<'Knov, Feb. *7?Neoa ? Ooaeola, W; Erie, ?M 1 llinoia. 77K; Hoade. 73 H CiTinrooi., Keh. 27?Noon?Tbe cotton r.arket ie dull aud inactive. Tbe aalea this Horning bare been trifling. The total ealae of he day ara estimated at 4,n00 biles Mid lling ipland* are quo'ed at II \rt. Tallow, IV.Il. Ixjkdob, Feb. *7?Freeing.?Coaaols, M, r.rie,3?X; Illinois Oatral, 76g; U.S. 5-2u>, a* LiTuarooL, Feb. 27?Evening?The cotton natketbae been a little mora active to-d ?y. Sulfa to-day f^Mni baiee. Price* remain unbanned. Middling Orleane IJ^d. Middling j ipi&uda, 3]| BreadetufT* raarkei g-n?r*lly I i a 11 Corn, 37a. Tbe market for pr^viaioaa I ?unchanged. Lard, VM.Id. Liat^d Oil, IM. roa, 53* 6d. ^eter fram ( kiia, Japan, and Ibe Weat Indiee?fr^rraa af iba Chlaeee Rebel* I lian. San Francihco, Feb. 27 -Hong Kong vlvices ri.\ Yokahoma, to Jan l.'Ub, have re- I *l ved Pankow l? threatened by the Nenfe rebels, I ind the country people are tlockinx taCravee I

eland. The people at Pankow are pr?p\rlng or the attack, having beeu reinforced by tae mperial troopa. The Viceroy ot Peklnis colectlng forcea to mircb to the privm * of I *ben?bi, where tbe Mabommedaa Neufe ebele have taken poseeeeion of the capital Tbe clipper Ariel baa made a return voyage mm I.onrion to Hang Kong in 7V daya. Tbe United States frigate Sheuandoah. which I eft Calcutta!lor China, ia expected at iioug 1 vong in a few daya. Tbe Italian war steamer Mage a in. at Hong vong, has attracted much attention, b?ing the I Irat representative ot tba Italian nag ever in be China and Japan seas. There waa great deatruction to tbe rice fields ty floods near Perang,and thousands of people ire suffering. A lire at Yeddo destroyed four mil?s of louses in the commercial portion of the city. Fire. Philadelphia, Feb. 27ih.?Six houses be- I engingto Pierce Butler's estate,at the corner of tb aud Callowhill atreets, were damaged by Ire tbis morning The lossia about S3j,U0U; no Qeurmu-e on tb** buildiug*. Phii. a dblfhi a, Feb. 27 ?Tba extensive cot- I on mill ot M Blundm. in tbe 2ltb Wird, waa uroed tbla morning. It is inanred for $ltj,o*J. "he following Baltimore compauiee are losers 'benix Company, 810.0UU; Citizen's Company, tlO,OUU. The Tenspernnce Convention. H a an in Brno. Pa, Feb. 27.?In the 1'empe- I abce Convention tbia morning, a resolution ra< adapted calling on tbe medical profession a ba careful in prescribing aleobor.c drinks. 11*0, a resolution urging the enacting of a law o prevent tbe sale of bitters Hertce (Jreeley pas introduced, amid great applause, au 1 ia<:e a lengthy and able speech, for which be I eieived a vote of thanks. j rwo moke or thobb pablob oiks PIANOS for 83U0 each; beaatlful.-^^^ osewood.ssren octaves, iron frame, audX3HBSB rarr.iBted. JOU& F. BlUs.'*'**! fa V zt 3Qa Pa. avenoe. , Sftfl C0MGBBB9HBH j H Will OF TBCMK9 THAT WILL BTAMD BAILBOAD CBAGB, ( ihould purchase i TBCBKB. YALISBS, LAD1BS' AMD MBH'S BATCHBL8 TBAYBLIBO BAGS, he., Be., it the practical aad extensive Mannfaetory of JAMBS 8. TOPMAM A 00., j y4 00"VI BBTBBTH 8TBBBT, IA8T BIDS, 0MB DOOB ABOTB ODD FBL LOWS' HALL. Trnahs,Ae.,proM?tlr and thoroughly repaired. I feg It 5mALL OHBOK BILK F0PLIH8. We invite the attention of the ladles to a beau- I ful assortment of Terr flue quality of SMALL OHBOK BILK POPLIHS, i Black and White and Fancy Oolers, the MOST DBSIBABLB O0ODB i tbe market, aad only ?1.50 per yard. TON S BLACK OBO. GBAXH AMD AB MUBB SILKS. Ten yleces splendid quality. Lyon's Black Qro Grain and Armure BILK 8 I vkite selvage) at tbe lew price of 9a.?0. fz.71, I 1. is, S3 JO, fS.71 Bad $4 per yard. ! Ladies in waat of a | HABD80MB BLACK BILK ay rely u pea gettt ag frem us a goed article at A LOW PBIOB. BW 8PBIHG DBB88 GOODS { i great rarlety frees 91 ceats to 75 ceats per I krd. i J. J. MAT ft OO , j 309 Pennsylvania aveaue, fe 17 ?tlf bet. ?th aud lgth sts. 1 ^BBOHAHTS TAKI BOTICB. I THB HIW STBAMBHIP LIBB. ! TV# Steamship B. 0 KMIGHT will leave Hew I crk for Alexandria. Washington, and ^jask eoraetown. ea SATPBPAT. March 1.4jm h>7. puactuallv at 4 o'clock p. m.,feon?*^^^^? | ier 2V. foot of Boeevelt etreet. Bast diver. TbeJOUB GIBSUM. aow anloadlng at Bartho- I iw'e Wharf, will leave for Hew York, THCBiA Y. February M, IMT. Merchants will ateaee notify shippers to sead I islr goodshy this line. Office of thet oBpaay. coraer of 17th street aad I ew Yorh aveans. fea st J. W TH0MP8QH, PresUeat. I rP I A N o H . WO OHIOKBB1KO OKAHD^^ PIAB08, RM| hlch we have taken in ?xthange ; one " * wvl I r th?m klbii>st now. For sale upon easy terms, 1 I tbe ware-rooms of | W. O. MBTZBBOTT A OB , j Bole agency ef BUiawar's Pianos. fe M-Sf ^ BBAT BARQA1M8 IH DBF GOO MB. j We have a large aeeertaieat ef Ot*eds ea hand I hlch we will sell for the lowest cash prices, I amely : ? OALIOOB8. from 11* te M cents; LBACHBD OOTTOHB, from II>4 te M eeuts; I OWBL1HG, from llSi cents a yard up; All Wool ABB1HHBBS, 91 a yard. Oar aatlre stock of Pater Goods at aad below coat. We have ea 1 tad a large assortment of H0T10MB and F AHOY I BTICLB8 which we will sell he law Market rices. KID GL0VB8 ebeep. HBHHAQB ft LBTTBBLL, fe M-St* Corner 90th street aad Pena. avenue I i-" ""."."SKril.!:""""' ALIX B. BHBFHBBD ft BBOB., suecasaoas TB J. w. xaenreo* ft ca.. Is. BB9 Psaa. aveaae, Wsahlagtoa, B. 0., BBALBBS IB tSTALS, MI8CMLLASEOUS HARDWARE, I PLUMBING, OAS and STEAM FITTING. PLDMBIHO WOBK la all its branehss aaeeutad y experienced workmen. at tBe leweet prieee,a?d I erfect satisfeetlengiven. We ars tbs oaly agents n this city far the PATENT LEAD ENCASED iLOCRTIN PIPE aad FULL EE'S PATENT VIMPRESSION COCKS, which are aohaawtdged te be the moet durable ooek aow la uss. Also, rCBHACBB aad BABGBB But up la the est meaner, at reasoaahle ratee. We eepecially I fN\c^E^tBOCKlsR*RA E, for wbleb vem j be ageata la this eity; six hundred ti which have I teea pat la by ue and aivaa eatlie sati?fvtioa. ^OaVPITTlB?*o?r^r deasriptloa latrodaoed dto private dwsUlags In the best manner. aad at I easonahle prisss. a U-B 4 kf BTZBBOTT MALL." DBCOBATBO CHIHA DIHHBB, TBA AMD I *T?0 Mstasrett flaU. 1 congressional. WBiK "dat. Fet>rnary?7. j S*?atb ?Tiit* bill to amend tfet acts nlttiu I to tbe navy van read. Mr. Ori^N off*r?d an Mtndant i|alh?i> a ter the DDBbrro: cadets at lb* Naval Academy shall be one for each Senator. R- pr-? ,.u and Dflffa'f in (/ongresa ; one tor ma k Distrlci of Columbia, ten at large, and ten ad. 1 dltionsl. to be teiected from the b>ys ,n the ? nary deservirg of snch by reason or capa^l'y , ard rood conduct. Adopted. Other amendments were adopted and the Mil ^ Mr Harris, from the Committee on the Ju- * dlciary, reported the bill to amend the act for f the removal of causes in certain easea from ,, Stale courts; which was passed. ! fit pro viae* that in cases between citizens, where the amount Involved exceeds t^u. ? <? aMdavit of either of the parties that he has reason to belter* be cannot obtain justice In ? the State Court, the case may be removed to S the United State* Circuit Court la such State 1 f Mr. TrumboII. from tbe Committee on the [ Judiciary, asked to be discharged from the further consideration of the bill designating i the persous to aet as President tn case of tbe * die?MH.y of the President, Ac. 7 Mr. Trumi nil said there was some doubt in ? the minds of the committee as to the kind of a i law which should be passed, and as tbe next ~ (Ynrr? *s would meet so soon, It was thoagbt f betn r that the subject should go over to tliat J body. 0 Mr. Anthony moved that the bill be placed i on the calender, wbicb was agreed to. mr. Poland asked leave to take up the reso> lution authorizing tbe Sergeant-at-Arms to 1 erect monument* in tbe Congressional l>me?ery to those Senators who bad died since IHH. Mr. Wilson said if there was anything that ' whs a disgrace to the coontry, it was these c monuments. It was a good thing that none bad l>een erected in tbe last six years, and he " hop< d tbere would never be any more erected. 1 11 we were to have monuments, let them be f fitting and in good taste. 1 Mr. Sumner said originally there was some i reasou for tbrse monuments; they were placed * over tbe remains of those members who had t died in the city and were buried in the Congreesional Cemetery. Latterly, deceased Sen- i ators and members bad been removed u> their homes, and be could see no reason for piacin ; I cenotaphs In an un visited spot. If the memory 1 of their deceased associate* was to be perpetuated, h? would suggest the erection of tablets 1 in the Capitoi, where they could be seen. t The resolution wns then referred to tbe Com- t mit'ee on Contingent Expenses. Tbe compoaud interest note bill was then * proceeded with. a The Committee on Finance reported a subsl!i,u,e 'or ^ House bill, as follows: t That for tbe purpose of redeem-.ns and retiring ai.y compound it terest notes ootstandIng, the Secretary ol the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to issue temporary i, loan certificates in the manner provided by 5 section one of the act "to authorize the Issue ? of l>nited States notes, and for tbe redemption . or fnndibg thereof, and for funding the float, ing debt of the United States," approved feb. t 25. ink?, bearing inteaest at a rate not exceed- i, ing three per cent, per annum, principal and i inteiest payable |q lawful money on demand; 1 and said certificates of temporary loan may eonsntute and be held by any national bank holding or owning the same as a part of tbe Issue provided for in sections 3! and 32 of the act " to provide a national currency secured by a pled re of United States bonds, and t > pro- , vide tor the circulation and redemption there, of, 'approved June 3, 1H64 : Provided, That . no less than two fifths of the entire reserve of , suc h bank shall consist of lawful money of 1 the t nited States; and provided furtner, that tbe amouti* of such temp >rary certificate at any;.me outstanding shall not exceed si1*1,- tf Mr. Sherman saul th?Heusebill authorizing r the tsc ue of *iui.0tx>,0*? legal tender notes o redeem the compound interest notes was a r violatien of the public faith. * ii0u8b?Mr. Stsv'Bs (Pa) asked leave to introduce a resolution regulating tb?* restau- s rant in tbe House wing ot the Capitol. It pro- ' vides tbut ?he Clerk or the House shall invite proposals for the keeping of the restaurant, to be opened on tbe Pith day of March, In>7, and biennially thereafter; and the right to keep tbe * restaurant shall be awarded by the Clerk. The person obtaining the restaurant shall pay the sura ol ?l,uou for the privilege of keeping the restanrant, that amount to be turned ever 8 to tbe treasurer of the Soldiers'and Sailors' Orphan Horn* for the benefit of that institution. The r*?olntlou met with some opposition but was finally agreed to. On motion of Mr. Stevens, (Pa.,) the House j resolved itself in'o Committee of the Wboleon the naval appropriation bill, Mr. Daweer Mass ) in the chair. The prlucipal appropriations are the follow, ing: For pay 01 commission, warrant and petty officers and seamen. Sl?,s26,2si>; for bureau of yards and docks, * 1,0*7,(tote Navy 1 y ard at Portsmouth, n. h., wt.otki; ditto at Uoeton, ?i2t,txK>; ditto at New York, Slfi3,?oo ditto at Philadelphia, #n>.o:?; ditto at Washingt > , ssk.ouo; ditto at Pensacola, S*j,48<?: ditto if'and; ?7i^77; Naval Asylum at h Philadelphia, **4,230; for pay of superinten- 5 dent* and the civil establishment a the several Navy Yard# and stations, tt58,!?7; for expenses of the Naval Academy. *2b3,!u3; for expenses of Naval Observatory. f-.'l,5'w: for navi- tl cation apparatus and supplies, and expenses incidental to navigation. tor parmeut ol bounties to discharged seamhi^fsotmjijo- for '' expenses of recruiting, apprehension of deserterters, assistance to vewsls in distress, ao.. $500,000: for bureau of construction and repiur,; for bureau of sttuimtsngiaeeriug, 921,1*1); for bureau of provisions and clothing, si8.1v;: l for Naval Hospital at Washington, 1*5,uoo fir the Marine Corpa, iucludiag pay of officers, men, Ac., provisions, clothing, fuel, military stores, contingencies, Ac., On motion of Mr. Brandage?. (Conn.,) an amendment was adopted authorizing the Sec- M , retary of the Navy to reesive ana accept a tract of land on the Thames river. n*-ar New London, Connecticut, for naval purposes. Mr. Rico (Maas.) moved to amend by adding an appropriation of ?65,ooo ldr the repair of the Marine Barracks at Washington. Mr. Hice aaid aince this bill was drawn hia ait*n 1 ion had been sailed to the fact that the Marine Barracka here were in a very dilapidated condition, and this appropriation was < necessary. 11 Mr. Scbofield (Pa.) aaid the only difficulty 71 In bis way waa that he did not see where the money was to come from. Mr. Kasson (Iowa) aaid that as he under. atood it, thla appropriation waa to rebuild the west wing of tbe barracks, and he feared it fl woald open tbe door for an appropriation to rebuild ull the buildings. The amendment was rejected. Mr. Klce (Mass.) introduced an amendment, T an morning the Secretary of the Navy to use O nay sum heretofore appropriated for naval 1' purposes and unexpended, for neceesary 1m- * provements and repairs at navy yards eati. ?, mated for, but for which appropriations have n not been provided in the pending bill. Mr. Kice staled that tbe committee had left tl Hi $700,00(1 for yarda that had been estimated for, andtbia is simply to meet ordinary ex- * pauses, which are necessary to the succeasful carrying on of the naval establ'shment. ri Tbe amendment was rejected. J Mr. Cbanler (N. Y.) moved to amend by a proviso that no anpermtendent or other per- w aon employed la any navy yard of tbe coaa- ol try shall be allowed to take any part, directly ai or indirectly, In tbe political questions ef the d*7 while In tbe employment of the United States, but tbia ahall not deprive any officer of the rigkt to vote. Mr. Kaaeon made the point of order that the f amendment was not germane to tbe subject 1 under consideration, and tbe Chair auatained the point of order. w The committee then ro?e, and the bill as _. amended was reported to the House. Tbe amendments were adopted in gross aud ? the bill pasaed. T The Speaker laid before the Houae tbe an- ? nual report of the Smithsonian Institution, and it waa ordered to be printed. * The regular order of bnaineaa being demand, bi ed, the Speaker announced that to be the con- . sideration of reports from tbe Committee on Foreign Affairs In the morning bonr. 91 Mr. Banks (Maae.) waived the right of the committee to the moraine hour. On motion of Mr Morrill, (Vt.,) tbe House resolved itself into Committee of tbe Whole on j the tariff bill, Mr. Pomeroy (N. Y.) In the * chair. Tbe amendments of the committee in tbe paragraphs relating to wool of all claseee, fixing the duty on that article without regard to the vaiae of the gooda "at the last port or place- whence exported to the United States, . were all agreed to. * VOS1 PlAVO?Oae ef these fine Piawnn beauiifuUr finished ; ^T... ^ ".-1 Ai?'' b earing the aeasloe of Coagress, a ad fortfiB P sals atagreatsaerlffceTlrarraBted. f.fftt JOHN ?. *LLIi. 4 g" 306 Peaa. a vs. c fcg fe' 8he?, 4TT Mb ateeetTaaar b. ft ; . efttl u hralat * eorn. eeaa. aad ear ley la Kaasas and Colored* at ft.M and ? mt beshel. a-Kit AJeift V'iiiJagur*" u ' MLSttSi&'&ir- -'tir,.* I Attain ta 9Mt|rMvi. T?? TLB T W.?1 Of I'lluVikC i? a corrected 1 . ? ikr u't for Mayor *n 1 Om? > ' at the letr elation. fr? m ?buh it in p ?%iMt ito vole f^r Mr. A<id?u.a ?u <o i??t*ad ol ?3 aa tit Bret ki,kuml(H. n?*k ar the maj.-rl'y fur Mr. W-lch ft me-ead of ?*>ine alight rhMcN appear in tb* v(?Mr I cannon I'ovarii Tbe correct vo?e i?, tmt Major. Chae I>. Welch, l.blr, He.,ry Addt-.a 9*1 For Cum n Uoon. il Welch <4 g-t_ Tfc mat Brown. W; A. J Kadoliffe, at? Koht I eybtrvo. Wj: 1' S k*a<> or*. <*;. Vr-a .SW-; Levi Pave. 09 ; L. I, Oi-aaat . w .? Win A pleby. VT1; Joan H. N e # m < n >? < 41' II. C t JD. W. E. J Sto*mikfr. t<W Ad<li. fon ?ich-i?Jota M S'Bire. :?; E If Itarre*' 07. Jota B ItaTim. W-*: Wm. I'Ubnueii mtP. I? Uroplfi, 97'; F. W J?nm, <4? j j' Kkhc. David Edee. )M. J?m-? <;*d'.urd 9T4. Wm. M Kobr?r M, Ixo Pukrril. | nij" Tb>s errrested vote, it will be l?-n \ es b- lie I of o!eveo member* of 'Or K *rd of 1'??ir tnon (Vim il ?|ec rrcfif>a| the hri.-et rujihurof v w? inBuuirod u ywu-r. do*?Welch Uck-t, 7. Ad4i?oa tl ket, 4 SlUliPt AO I> Alti?.-Lu( miot. to* Holy Hill String Hand cerenaJed tie caaliriatee oa the A<id<?ou ticket la tBe It'eeie^. in n 1 key star led with the serened* ah >a' n o'< lock, nod rrmde o< distmctloa betweeo tbo?e elect d and i!? n'?J Saae pereoa, vry i>a> prudeaMy or miiirtouair. went to Herrtag Hill ar.d told the coktied peopi#- a*?embl>d at chtinh. tbnt ? hi'e nim w?r? * *?? oa Br?? ft- atieet fiK tbet ui|<M>ufauackiBi; tne?. 1' caueed er ?i alarm imoni tbrm, inn rOey beirnn -o prepir* tor^li officer Paason going around that section flndior ibe colore*; men en ited and armed. ner?-riatn<*i too and by tel.ina ?b*-n> ?o*t tne tac? waa quie'ed ?be fenxe of the ia?n. wbo at once diaper sed at d went pexceahtv to tOeir bom***. trou/b they were very angry wuh tboee woo nnfifd ihf n.n>? b>evoua alarm. A Mi ch .Niiniti ?Mow that we are to have a < nan ire in to* 0<irp?ranon. we a? c*ll m.en?ian to tO^ h*u-fo condition of Aquednctand Man'r?nierr atrwe'a p*rncolarly where they iiitereect ThiP approach to (l*orgeiown frutn \Ta>hm*'.)u taaeran.tiac disgrace to the community, an.f (ivea the tton. ?aiida of nmpr? woo *i?nt oa a p,x?r opinion of our enterptiae On the Wa?b>n?<on ?ide of the bridge U a eo<.?d p**emen( and oieaalia ? On tha (Jeorjetown *ide the ta>id la at tiai?? 40 deep aa to coapel nervosa wno ride on tha atreet car* to ri to Qr?*n street, a block oat of th?*ir way. Woat la r?>quir*>?j ta a p&vemaat of blue (neiva oa Aquedoct atreet. al?o Moai> gomerjr atreet, at the int?T*ection. and a proper *fade of the latter from A^nedact e're?-t to Bridge street, with aidewalfen aud Battist?At a mt-fiinc of the reeeatly organized Haptiet Society, (be foliowilc g-ntlrrnen wero elected truatee^ of the church <<? be erected on Market, between 2d tad 31 atreete : ?Jamea McOutcbea. Wm. Bnnain. B P. Nichol*, A M Api'l-r. Jam?a S. W-i a The aoclety intend to er?ct an edillce of brica the dimenoiona to be about it) by 75 feet, and u? coat about The plan baa not yet t>~?u submitted to the building com mi'tee, |>u. w n be conaid?>red by tbem shortly, and the work of conatraction will follow aa soon aa the aeaaon favors u Whikkbt Blambd n>R it ?Teaterday Wta. 'i t'ee, Sam I H<H*the and William feu*ra were arreeted by xfflcara Roby and W bite tor a*?anlt and battery on Uonughne li appeared , on trial before J natics Buckey that on tbe ? ve- " lung of the *5th the accuaed went u? 1> >aogbue'a for liquor, eoaie he accommodated and oihera were refused. They got angrv and P*1 a^ized lH>nogbue and commenced draggmg him from the ahop. and th*n aome aruclea werea?olen Justice Buckey fined <?au*e So S?. dismissed Bootbe. and held Petera to bail for court for assault and battery. Henry Yonng was arrested by officer Warwick on suapl. cion ?f the larceny, and he ia beld fer a heatinr Kiohttwo in thb CorBTV?Thia orning, officer Jones, oftt ^mty, arreated Oathanne Jakebar t-ter TajiTr and Africa Wiaby, all colored, for fighting id the county. The two first named were fined *2 90 each, aod the laal was dismissed by Justioe Buckey. Klotb audGbaii Markbt?There are no changes in tbe price of breadstuff. Toe demaud for c hoice grades flour for the local trade contmoes moderate. Salea uuimporiant, aud no receipta of floar or grain reported to-day. I'ORT or Geobmbtowv?Entered?Steam-ra Eapress. Kytber. from Baltimore; Valley t'i'y, Tomhn, Irom New York with merchandise. | GEORGETOWN ADVERM1\< pHBAP BPBIVa GlK>DS ~ ^ ... mJJ AT ILLSBI. _ Ml 'rldn atreet Oaorgatawa. D O. OollooM, 1<S to la, Meniritae aod Baraguea.jn ?* *flalBOB. choice alylee. earr eOeat; Mleached aeliea ji, US. 1?, H; wide d... " JMiaa'Steam Milla. ? 4, ? cU "ate'a B. 8 ., *t Aodroacog^la, Weamtta, Mew Tork HI I la Cheae; Broea Maalia, Id. it1,. H. yard *'' ja^ ?csate Aleo, a general aeeerO *nt ?t$rJ Ooofla. Oail and eaawine oar otook. Ton will buy cheap. 1 fe Sl im* BB5JAMIH M1LLBB. m niFAITMBIT or THB IVTBBIOB, U UMTEV STATES PATE XT dPFlCE. Wami??IOI, rrb.aar* Ji. |*T. ??lh*%?*<ttt?a?lAl.S\aBDBT J ?ALKIB. ?f > . T.. profloc for the eitonaiou U 0 Mt?? granted to hka too :4th dar of May. 1?J. for *e imjroremeat ta Mairit Laataa. for aeeea l*tT* *he eaflrattoo ef oald patent, wOtoO that toe oaka peMUoo oe hoard at *?* Patent Offioe oa BaaUi. the 6th day of ^faTfV**4 ' clock M . aad all paraona are oetlfied to wiear and ahev aanae, ffany the* baja. why aald petitioa ought not to he granted are i ?aired to r*-i??p? >k.*tr Bp<"'ally aet (ana in vrluag. at Isart twenty dara bafore hoorlf; all toatlseer Wed b* either party to be need at the aald hearing aaat be takoa aad la aaoa^auce wTtO the rale* ef the owt_ whtoh wlB be faroiebed oa applicathoa. Depoaltlooe aod other pa pen relied npoa aa tea 5^???' K,,t Bled la foe o?oa twenir da/a before the dav of hearing; the argnaeata If anv within tea daya afar ft nog the teotiaeor Ordered .alee, that thla aotfco be published la aad the Hatienal latelllgeocer, Waahlagtoa. B C. a^ la tbeTl.ea. Ns? Tork! f J.: oa?* a week for tbree eaoeaa-lee weeka, the ? rat of aald pa b I toe time to heat least at*t? dara prerioua to uio ftay of heartner. T O. THBABBB. . . _ Oaaaiadeasr of Pateate. " ' Baltora Of the above papere will pieaee copy, aad aead their Ml la to the Patent Office with B paper eeatalalag thla aetloe. fe i7-lawtw J^JDBIC&L lOTlOI. Aa Iohall move ay entire <t?ck la a few daya ia rdar to have built on tbe present alto a aew Pit""1.Haale Warehonae. I beg of all paraoaa | in<lebtad to me to pieaee eettle th-lr aceoaato. br cash ar notca. hetweea thla aad the ?b of Hareh. iOH" 9 BhLIB, I'B ^ 30ft Peaa*ylvaala aveaae pSOPOBALB FOB OABTAqIT Propoeala will be received nadl 4 p. m. oa the th of March, 1M7, at the OBae of the WoehingtoaOae Light Ooaeaar, Bo. 47B Teath atreet, for Oaitaae. from April 1.10T. to April 1, IM The right to reject aay aad all btfta that aay be offered la reeerved. A sch? dale of what ta required aay he aeea ea application to OHAB. B. 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