Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1867 Page 3
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1 THE EVENING START" ~ LOCAL NEWS! AMT^EMKNTS Ac., TO KIfiHT. wut'd >'rw ui'mti H<<i?ic?The talented W e->b S:ster? in three c*p't\l piece* " A llus- | ; b.ti,d at sight,-' 'Betty Martiu" and A Day Too Lat? Ada in fi ve cba-acter?, with songs an'! dances. Lmaa in fire characters. Natiosal Thbatbr?Last night but two cf >.ewin Forrest, who will apt>ejtr in -Jsck C?de." Miss Lithe as ? Kate Worthy." hoauanT Hall, Georgetown. I> C.?The Lafayette liramau3 Association, assisted by a lady am at* wr, will present The denouncer," ?3i ^Barney, the Baron," this evening. (>d? Krli.owb' Hall, Navy Yard.?Fair of last Washington M E Church. -? ? Ho a kd or Scbool Tbchtim.-A spec'al meetirg ot tbe Board of Trustees of Puttie .Vhuod ?u held last evening in their reem at tbe City Hall. Mayor Wallacb in tbe cnatx. Present?Messrs. Wilson. Rbeee, Wal?b, Tustin, Brown, Woodward, Fox, Casaell, Johneon. and M urtagh. The object of the meeting being to hearths re|>ort of the committee on vocal music, ou tbe resolution offered at tbe last meeting by Mr. Clarke, duectiug the teacher ?f mamc to discontinue the public concerts until further no* tue. M r Brown, chairman of tbe committee, m\de a report favoring tbe present system of giving the cimcrts, hut recommending some changes a? to tbe manner of giving them Mr. Clark* *a? opposed to tb? piblis concerts. aud contendei tnat it deprived tbe children of instruction while tbe music ifti brr's time ? *? occupied in preparing for tlie public exhibitions. He thought this time could be more favorably employed in perleciug the pupils in tbe elementary branches of music Another reason lor objecting was. tnat it ili verted tbe mmds of tbe children from tlft?ir studies, and seriously In'erfcrsJ with tbeir j.repress in the regular and more importaut branches. Mr Johnson concurred iu the opinions exprised by Mr. Clarice, and stated the teachers 01 'he schools were opposed to the concerts. Mr. Woodward advocated the present system. 1' wis an incentive and made tbe study ugreeable u> the children. Messrs It bees and Mur'agh advocated thpassnge Ot the resolution offered by Mr Clarka. ai;d thought the concerts should be dispensed with. Mr. Wilson was opposed te the resolution. He thought the concerts created a in tbe children to study music. 1 he vote being tak?-n on the report of the ccmmittee, resulted as follows : _ ?Messrs Wilson. Brown, Woodward, 4'assell aud Tusnn. .Vayt?Messrs. Kbees, Walsh, Clarke, Johnson and Muriagh. Tbe Chair voted in the negative, and the report was rejected. Tbe reaolutiou of Mr Clarke was then adopt, ed. instruct lit the prefessor of music to con* 1 re biirseit to tbe teaching of the science and practice of music. Mr Tmtin ottered the following regulation, which was adopted: ftesolr.ti. That the committee of the City Councils be instructed to ask tb- City Councils ?o consider the expediency of purchasing lor tbe ure of tbe pnblic schools in the First District tbe building situated on liMb street, l>etwer*n G and H streets, now occupied as the parish s. bool of St. Matthew a Church. Tbe application of Miss Clark fer the position ol teacher was referred AJ]???rned. Pickpocket* on thi Railroad*.?Daring a n.ontb past tbe railioads have been Infected with a great number of thieves and pickpockets operating wherever opportunity c tiers. Several robberies have been reported, and upon the tra ns between Washington and rlnl'?m<?rea number of the light-lingered ren-ry b.tve been -een ard driven off. Yesterday, we are informed, a covey of eight noted thieves were put oS the train at Annapolis Junction. J?rd a number of ottiers were seen. The Souther* trams fiora this city were infested by them for a during tbe winter, and several losses of considerable amount were recorded T be Defectives managed to drive off the main body, but the operations on the Maryland roads md cate that the thieves are coming this way aga n. The Detectives are on tbe lookout for them. 1 sdir thi Hiad or 'Charge of Larceny" an item appeared in the Star on Mwnday con ceraing a charge made by a gentleman who bad taken a vajior bath at the electrical Institution of I?r. W ? Shedd. on 8th street, that he bad lost a #60 note there, and that it had been taken by the yonng man in attendance, a aon of L>r Shedd. Had the item met our eye it would not have appeared, as we are satiafled from the evidence tnat the charge was an entirely mistakeu one. and that tbe money was lost elsewhere than a.t Dr. Sbedd'a establishment. The Justice who examined All the evidence very properly dismissed the case. The establishment of Dr. Sbedd bears a high reputation for the manner in which It ia conducted and we think it due to Dr. S. and his aon to ihua aet the matter right. TniriBA5c? Hall.?The bnllding on E atre? t, be*ween*th and 10th, erected some years since, and used for a time as a temperance ball lo ^ u?ed for ira original pnrpese?! The Washington Temperance Society, which waa incorporated during the last aeasion of Congresa, last evening concluded arrangements with Col. W H Philip, ita present owner, for ita purchase for f2n,0U0, one half to be paid on the 1st of July next, and tbe remainder in January next. The Society propose. for tbe purpoee of nualng the amount neeessary, to laane 12,oro shares at f2each, thus enabling every temperance mac to he a shareholder who wishes to beeome one. Okphav*' Oor*T, Judft Pureell.?Yesterday the will of the late Charles Stock-, be<5oeathing his estate to his wife and daughter, and nominating his wife aa executor,was filed ar.d partially proven. The first aud finel accounts of the administrator of Louisa Collins, and administrator of AugnstiaeN. T. Howie, were approved and passed Tbe sale of the real estate of Charles Morria Addison, by bis guardian, Julia H. Addison, was finally ratified, confirmed and made absolute. ? Sror>*w Death?Yesterday afternoon Sergeant Pool found a colored woman lying in the gutter on the continuation of North Capitol street, in tbe coanty. in a helpless condition. She was too 111 to tell her name, and the sergeant procured a wagon aud removed her to tbe > reedmen'a hospital, where she received proper attention All was without avail, however. ane she expired an boar after ahe arrived at tbe hospital. She was identified aa a woman named Sarah Carter. SXBiors Accidbxt ?Yesterday afternoon a colored aa. named Thomas Curtis, was driving a horae belosging to Mr. Joseph H Oawler. on Pennsylvania avenue, between l?th And 18'h atreets. wjen the animal took fright and inn away, and in hia course ran over a aon of Mr John A. Rbeem, aged aboat 4 years. 1 doctors Toting and Lincoln were called to atMiui tb# child, ted loond hn iBjarit* so 9*?rU ous that they ecprese no hope ef his recovery. Not A do ft an ?The preamble and resolution offered by Mr. R. M. Hall at the Board of Trade meeting oa Monday evening last in reference to Congress enaeting soma geaerai form of government for the entire District, and the substitute fertbesame proposed by Mr. Thorn praying Congress to repeal the charters of Washington and Georgetown, were neither of the? adopted; bat were both referred to a special committee? Messrs. Mitchell, Hall, and Orme. Pxjvatx Hor.?The O. Y. M s will give the third of a aeries of privats hops oa Friday evening next, aad from ths list of young men composing ths committee of arrangements, it premises to equal If not excel, their former parties, which bave created such a sensation among the yonac ladies aad gentlemen of Washington. - Thb Vbbawity Ball?On Monday evening next, the Urbaaity Association will give one of their very agreeable balls, at Mariai's Academy, E street. Bear 9th, for which tbe committee of arrangements are making every arraagemeat so that their friends will soead aa agreeable time. p Ba Natiobal Bank or thb Metropolis aot c. o Spraocb abd Othbrs ?Yesterday. J edge Olla appoiated Joaa K. Easts aad Natttaaiei Wilson reoolvera In thla ease, with aathorny to take peaseasion of the lease, fnrnltare, Ac., of the Ktrkwood House, oa giTiag bond ia the penal earn of ? A Yot-trftl Hiorwatbai?Yesterday, ofiirer Bail, of the Kirst Ward, arreated a colored toy named Edward Gordon, fur larceny of tea rents from a a other boy oa tte street. 1 pon tbe morniag report of tbe preelnet It apthat tbe prisoner was committed to jail for court for highway robbery. Pocrbt Pica bo ? Last Bight, Mr. M. Mar the correspondent of the Constitution* on in the eastern section of the city, was reiieved of his pocket-book, coataiaing lit Hot.icr r RroRTB?The police arrested tweaTw*1?e parties yesterdav for yarioaa offences. 1 "* Ones amooated to |R 81. ^ w ' *"irAi ? Joseph Hermaaa'B. the great iT***' Advertises a Grand Ceaceri at Metxerett "^1 ou s>atarday next. r ~ | ? Aliiumm Itmi ?from tfet Alexandria MrwJ of yte iirBap illinoM wt eUp the fotlo**a|: The grocery store of Mr. 0. Mllbmrm. corner Cameron and Royal street*, wh mi tared last night through mm of the rear windows, and about ***** hundred peaaies, two dollars aad Hl'y cenU in currency, and a quantity or feast, stolen t bo re from. A colored ooy, dih.nd George Boas, in Uw employ of Mr. M . was suspected, and subsequently nrreeted by the watch, and confined In the lockup. liberty Hall, we learn, was well filled list eight, to wltneae a sparring exhibition, between several "competents" in that order, tbe principal of which were McOabe and Bolster, y: Maryland, botb of wbom rank high among the pnguUstic performers of the ago. A strong force is now hard at work, repairing damages on tbe W. A. A O. R. K. Bridge, lud It is expected that the trains will agaia be in motion between tnis city and Waahington ion- e?4ne during tbe coming week. If the weather should permit tbe continued operations of tbe construction corps, on tbe L. A R. R R., it is believed that the trains will be running to Leeehnrg by the 1st of May next. One week from to-day. occurs onr municipal Mec'ion. nnd tbe various candidates for popular favor are In a perfect flutter. Fresb sapplies of Anthracite coal are coming in (\ery opportunely, as tbe stock waa low,) sud if> selling at from 88 to S8.50 per ton. The O-bermen are casting in their nets, and tbe probabilities are highly in favor of a "good ri>n." Theodore C. Mobler, the mule tbief, who escaped troro the officer, a day or so since, is still at larce. CITY ITEMS. .Toitw P Rrophy.314 F street, sells goods at exceedingly low prices. Whrru ignorance is bliss, Tis folly ro Bnv your clothing at Henning's One Price Stare. on the corner of (Seventh street aad Maryland avenue. ? All the Magazines and Weekly papers at Bropby's, 314 F street. Good Merino Shirts aud Drawers, #> cents: gowd cotton Half Hose, 15 cents; good M-rino Unit llose. 23 cents, at Krnnc's Popular Gents' Kumtshiug Store, 494 7tb street, between D and E streets. Statioskry of all kinds very cheap at Brophy's, 314 F street. Tn* Cojjcekt. last night, at Odd Fellows' Hall, for tbe benefit of tbe poor, was a decided success, and the snperb full grand Chickeiing A Sons' Piano, kindly loaned by John F- Kill*. Pennsylvania avenue, gire general satisfaction. School Books cheap, at Brophy's, 314 F street. - Wasted to Runt.?A small neat house by a ie?p?nsible man and his, wife: so children. Flense rcddress Box 45# Post Oihce. siaiing terme. Ac. ? Laos Pictcreh In great variety at Brophy's Bookstore, 314 F street, near St. Patrick's Church. ? Fts? Gloss Kid Button Boots at G. B. Wilson's, No. 50t 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall, at prices ranging from S-1.50 to $6.50. 6 Thopi Ladies who want an elegant Embroidered Yoke for Night Gown or Chemise, can get one theap by calling at Prince's, 331 F street, beiore be moves his stock to his new store, 438 Ninth street. 6 ? I?r Whitx Chiropodist, 4M Pens. ? ., between 4# and Oth streets, continues tbe successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, ealnrged jo.nis, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office hours from 8 a. m. to 5pm. and 6 to 8 p. m. Established 1861. For Chilblaixs and Fronted Feet, White's Embrocatien is a specific. Price f l per bottle. For sale at 4*24 Pennsylvania avenue, between l)kand 0th streets. AScri Pili CURB?Ur. Gilbert's Pile In strument positively cures the worst cases ol piles. Sent by mail on receipt of 84. Circulars free Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere Address J. B. Uomaine. Manager, No. 975 Broadway, New York. 3: PniiM can be had m any quantities at ths Star office conntsr HABR1KO. JOHB8-BBASON. On tbe 2lst lust., at ths residence of tbs bride's lather by ths Rev. Mr Krebs Mlis FBTTIBG. JUNKS, of Washingtea, 1' O., to Mr. JOHN BBASOM, or Mllwaukie.Wis. Mo cards. ^JOHBY! MUMT ! MONBYMI H. PBINCB'B NBWLY~isTABL18nBD LOAB officb, 97 7 Pa. ave.. next to Potsntint 's Confectionery Meaey loaaed on every description of salabh Merchandise, eepeeially Watches, Dis- /On mends and fine Jswslry. 1 csa aisure J. \ these who may favor ais with ther patron-W m age that they will not regret having done so. B. B ? Privets door end office. Persons noi wishing to sat<r ths public office will ring th< office bell. fe-Mlm* 88 ",u i,d r"D"01- d C?UBVOIBIBB'8, ALKXANDBB 8, PULL SUPPLY OH HAND. AU aliei, frem 5'; to 10X. Ladles, |1, Gentlemen's, $2 21. LONG, OB TWO BUTTOS GLOVBS, In white or evening colors. Pries f 2.50. JOB. J. MAT M CO., fe M-ttlf 308 Pennsylvania avenue. j^TBlH WAT'S P1ABOB. We have jest received a new assortmsat of 1] PlANOFOkTBS trnm tbs factory, roe ltt.iig ct UraLd, fl.aere, and 0 Cabinet Pianos. fTTvfl For the last ten years SUlnway's Pianos have on all occasion*, received the first premium ovei all new York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimon takers, whenever and wherever they have com* in con petition At the World's Fair la London Steiaway A Bens received the Indorsement lo superiority of tbsir Pianos ever all maker* ef tin world. W O MBTZBBOTT A CO , fe 23 tf Ho. 318 Feaa avenae, Sole Agents. (^UITABB AID TI0L1NB AT UOBT. Determined to reduce our lameaee stock PBB PaBaTOBT TO offer TILTON'B BBALT1FUL BBITABS AMD VIO L1BB at cost, for a few deys aaiy. CALL AND SIB THIM JOHN F. BLLIB. fe tt n 306 Pa. ave , neer 10th st. DIBSOLKTIOII OF PABrMBBSHIP.?Notltt le hereby given that tbe firms heretof ore ex istiag under tbe names of TATBB A SELBT an* 8BLBT A TATB8 are dissolved from and aftei T1TBS. J AS. W. 8BLBT. JACBBOV TATBB le empowered by the term* of diaaolatlen te soiled all debts dne the Brm ol Pelbr A latee. and JAB. W. SBLBY these of the ftr>1 e* Tatee and Beloy. JACK SOB TATBS, fe M St JAS. W. 8BLBT. JAB W. SBLBT havlag associated with hla J AS W. McKBB. will eoniiaus ths Dry Boodi beeinese under the name of J. W. 8BLBf A CO. at tbe old stand of Yatee A Selby. .VJ3 Penn. ave. where they would respectfully solicit a sontfnu ance ef the patronage which has heretofore beei so liberally bestowed fs B it ^BLLItfo OFF OCB STOCK TO MOTB. I^BLLlftO OfF UUB STOCK TO MOVB. BBLKINO OFF OUB STOOK To M?T|, 8BLL1B OFF ODB STOCK TO M9VB. BBLblHU OFF OOB STOCK TO MOTB, BBLL1BG OFV OUB BTOOK TO MwTB. Bo. 306 fennsy I vaai ? avecue. Mo ? ?? Penasylvaala avenue. JOBM F BLLI8, Piano, Mast. A Musical Goods JOHN F BLLIB, Piano. Music A Musical Goods JOHN P. BLL1S. Piaao, Music A Mesioal Gaods fsMM API A N 08. LABGB A8BBBTMBN r OF ri oab%bt obgans, ?"ir AMMTLODBON8, For sale upon easy monthly Instellmebta, at th< ware room.* w Q MMTZBBOTT A 00. tet'M* 31S Penn. ave. |T OTBL GOODS. 0100KMBT. . tiffl 4 fill itMk Miull'a'Snl yiJ fsMSt Beveath street. S?"VscoV^i? ioas MMSVAOTOEB FRACTWAL CARfBT WbATMR, 0?r?er?M aad 0 etrepts.(Island.) Mahee OarpetsCo order with dispatch, on mode sier**tt#d)a(tT^mtl pBBBDABT IS, 1B47-AB pereene havlai m % i < AMUSEM ENT& WAIX'I WW trttA HOUM. S. s. *?? Jla*KjiVgbe Bimmt KicipTioi toumo, nmvka?tuiim ADA AMD aiKi Vbo ?iU Btki tkilr *MA. , TBI. <w22!2t{int&t)ftL ?,... In the (oIImIm itirtotlM >r?|riaa? * ADA, ta ^fwd Duet*. ? k?r?ci?n. ....t? MOABOW, ra? W?1B SI8TBB8 111 TAIOMON. NATIONAL THEATRE. Penasylva&la muMW WiUards' Hotel. lmet Bight bat two, Boat positively, of IE* ?( geoitDt Of _ _ . ... ADWIN roum, * bo will typ*tr _-j THIS (Wed need ay) ft^SNIMG, rob. V, IMF, JACK OADB I MISS L1LL1E AH EATR WOBTHT. FOR MB FOBBBST'S NIGUTB: Admission 91 00 Enured Seats... Netnutxlrt Gallery _ .Mrenta Deora wp< b at 7 o'clock: Owrtaia rieeant7.4t. METZEROTT HALL. 8ATTKDAT EVENING, March S, 1317. JOSEPH HERMANNS' QBAND COMOBET. Tickets _ 91 W (Secured Sim, 60 c-nts rxtrt.) The 111* of ie?tl reaimencea ou WdOMdlT DoruiDg at re* 6t METZBBOTT'S Musio Store. FORREST HALL, Urorgetoww, D. C. THE LAFAYETTE DBAMATIU ASSOCIATION Will give aa entertainment at th* above ut?*d Hall on TUE8DAT AND WBf?N BSDAY EVENINGS, FEBRUARY '2* aud 27. TWO PLAT*. THE DBNOrBCBK, A BARNEY. THE BARON As*Uted by a lady agiatear Admission a cents ; reserved seats, AO cent* te a at* L-ANOY DRESSES AND COSTUMES. A For Tableau* aud Private Partlea. Apply to MBS. FBaNK BE A. fa 21 1m* 4 47 10th street. BALLS, PARTIES, &o. THE ^ URBANITY ASSOCIATION WILL GIVE A 0 BAND BALL ON MONDAY. MARCH 4,1*67. AT MARIUrs ACADEMY, E atraot, between 9tb and 10th atreata. Tlckata, admitting Cent and Ladles, $1. By ordar COMMITTEE. fe 25 7t ftood will In on4 and all w extmd. Our motto is pleasure to our tr tends. SECOND GRAND BALL M or thk tfl 600D WILL ASSOCIATION, /Tm Which wai to oome oft Thursday. Feb. 21,UmA la postponed until THURSDAY, FEBRUABY 2*. TheConiRiitt?? pledge tbeoiaalvea In making this ibe graoJe?t aiTair of th? a?a?on. The bull will be given nett Tbaraday. Feb 23, rain. bail, tloworen<w. Come one, coma all The ticketa are good for next Thnreday.* f? U 4t* LOST AND FOUND. CTRAYBP AWAY, on th? 14th lnat.,a young RED BOLL, white face, tbree yeara old .i liberal rawai-i wil1 he given if returned U D AN 1EL SULLIVAN, 14th and U eta. fa 27 St* IOST-A pink TOPAZ BRA.ORLBT, sat In * etru?. an gold; clr~p aet with brilliants. The flmler will l>e suitably rewarded by leaving it at C.B WHITTLEbBY'S, 329 7th atreet, naar D atreet. fe 27 3f #200 ? ? * i_? ? My a table was entered laat night, JGth Feb ,*ad two dark BAY MABIB. with two red Blankets (toUn therefrom. The Maraa are sapposed to ha 7 and 8 yeara old. One baa a hole in each aide of noatril, and a mark on each flank, at though the akin had been aewad. The other haa a mark on her left rump, naar the crapper, in ahepe of aletter A. Both af tbeiu lateriere when travelingOna haa vary thick left. i $100 will be giv^ for the marea.or the above reward for tka maraa and convict! on of tk? thief. SAM L A. H MARKS fa >7-31* 39% aonth O at., naar Navy Tard. I ?9T.~0n Thnraday aveuiog. a DIAMOND ' BINQ. a solitaire aat In jet enamel. A liberal r; ward will be paid if lart at Mra GEO. FAB K BE'8, Corner of and O eta feji-St* IOBT?Oa Sunday, the 24th, a lT?tila"~whlto J POOI'LB DOO Hie ayeaand tip of n>ae are black. Anawers to tho aama of Liado." A liberal reward will ba given to any ona raUraln* > him to 14th at., corner of V. ae he 1? a pot, feM it* (^OUND?Ficked up. near the Waihlugton De . ,fctter of lMt Decambar. m Black SATCHEL, containiag clothing. Ac., which the t owner oan get by calling at Mo. 190 I itreat, da acilhlag the same, aad paying for thia a Uertine fa 21-31* BBWABD?Lost, OKB T1FIOA FB OF ?al[STOCK Bo. 47.'National MetroToIit.a | Bank, for #1,000 andaeoyyof Loast-of Pr.iper| tg. AppU I 7th street. fe js Jt* f OST?At Oonzaga Hall, oa the evanlruTof Li Thnrsdar. Jlat February, a LADIES MUFF. The fladsr will confer a favor by leaving It at the Collage. ft 18 It' I OST?At the National Theater, or between ? thareand Wlllard a.laat evenlag, a BBACB LET. marked "M. A. F. to B. B . Birthday Gift, lNi6 '? The Bnder will ba lil>oraliy rewarded by leaving the iaaa at Wlllard'a Hclel. fe 22 tr BOARDING. VIC'LY FrRJilSHBB BOOMS to rent, with li Iikli Board,at Bo. 439 H street. Tarms moderate. H? ' I^UBBISHED, front, aecand atory, BOOM for I lr i*Sk.wi,chJ>i-wUhw"t BOARD. A few TA| BLB BOABDBBS alao. Naar the atraet cars. AJpli *? *. betwaon I and K, Na 311*. la m st* i IT OB RENT?Two FURBISHED BOOMS, with *. ?r withaut Board, at ?*0 I street, between 4th and Mb. Iatt-3t* ? ROAB0-FRONT PABLOB to lat. with Baard EJ for two. at 9-4 par month; BACK. PABLOB rur two, at 9? per month, at 390 B atreet, near B'tb. fe V? Iw* THREE OB Foes GENTLEMEN ran be ac oommodated with pleaaaat BOOMS aud goo-1 boABD by calling at No. >? Pons ava,, between *1 at nad 220 ata. Tar ma vary reaaonabla, fe 14 34* Room with first olahs table board, at 92# a month, at MADB'SBotal.coraar 10th audBatraete. faao-tit* WBLL-FUBBISBBD FRONT BOOMS, with Board, can ba had ; alao, one unfurnished I B*oa. upon moderate tarms, ateornsr of Indiana avanna aad 3d street waat. fa If n* | fl"'?? ?B?I~Two 7Sn f*r?i?b*4 PABLOBS, on r 1 the Irat floor, with or without BOaBD. AtPly 393 E at., bat. 9th aB'l 10th. fell rpABLN BOARD at No. ? ? Mtt BSraot.a faw 1 ,1<w ? B8TABLI8HMBNT, w . *A \9 JefferaoB at., Ooorgatowa.D. 0. , Established In 1S3I; premlnm awarded by tha ? *etro??Btff laatltnta. 1M7; rebuilt ] ??. iBdla , Sc! k)> f*r 'he largaat and moat oompleto eatabllahnient af the kind In thia aectloa of country Dyaing and Bcoarlng of aU kinds d?aa In the b?st DlftOMf. . T/?'7Ah"k^lf#r tha snnac-lbar solicits tha coatlnaod custom of tha eommnnitv Goods received and returned by ox ureas withthe utmost promptneee and deapatcb Poat Ofllto address. Lock Box Mo. bO. -S"c?.f.l,*T,4!i1,!r. .V *^o*?t Saturday, When It Is closed at ?>, p. ta fe |<-4m AQi? FINN OIL PARTINGS, 4 o*? 4oO bnubavings, 4 So . walnut bbao k^et^boo ks h el yes , ? No 4bi? Tth Strkst. Paintings.?Oaualli Moantains, vary flaalandae? ?. by Samnaers. Pair Cabinet fir.e Landaca*?e by Willeoa. Original group Chickens, by A F* I Full FmIsI, by lnii Rla|. Bothir i jor by Meyer. Interior Cathedral Viow, vary fine by ' Benoax. Beatrice Ceaci. Ae .Ac. ' B?gravln?ra ?Taaao at tba Court af Tarrara ra? f M his immortal aoam "Jeroaa> - . Sbaksp4 are at the Court af Qaaea Blitabeth reel Hag phaaagea from "Mae beta* > Thaaa are aaateh engravings from Nadars aatat.Sleigbiag. engraved from a painting by Girardet. The Nappy Baacua n vary sptrltod ple* pointing by Carl Bubaar. Farbldden fruit, engraved frev a painting by Sahlaaalance ' n... t Odd Fallaw's Mall. 50 ^^yur* ?? i rtb, bat. 4tbaadAtb. jall Am ! *" "wu a. P MASm-*90K 09 'MAOTIOB k??l nuoi iaimk. .?J| v | I . ' 4? ">' WANTS. wjgR-^ijsa* !M ??T' r? r* Hi fnm ?*->? . WATOnrrAT7iFi^r> m.w'im?r<5"lS: rJ Referaac# jiren tf rainlred. A. *. B.,Olty Port Alice. f# P W (THrUBBIftBBD BOITBB WA*TBD-0? v t?is)M trva o HI ruAW. f???i nana do irod on *Vl?? tbe 1st of April. Add rasa B >*

: ?1 Poot Office. to r-H* comfor'\Me uwelllug <I??UUB, "" oontainlnc ill or ?lgM room* c?-trall lomm ?? ?" ? f* J7 #t On?r 7th aad D mwn. W" AStlD Tw. or three CABYAB3B*" tor fire aad Lifo hittitnw lilt bo wellao???(*Ud la the city. Apply batwe?a 11 lid I o'clock. ttHt. ft latelllgeacer Building, 7th it ( 17 M* ________ WANTED -A SITUATION aa by a i*dr who au!*iiluli sewing tk?r?t|kl> hT Wbetlw t Wlltoi't Scw.if Mf bln* Can cat nod tit Iad lea' aad children's dreaeea Addreae, for thrno day a. Box Bo. 1, lUr offio?. to 7 WAITID-^nrtl kADIB*. CLERKS, who have experlenee in bulMW. *nt mi o.>a? well r*caww?nded. Alio, enteral (M( DHttSS and MANTILLA MAKEBS and 111. LINE**. M WILLIAM. faJT-lw 8^6 Peana aw?"? WANTED?To purcha*e a BAlOK RB*IDBNUB, with back building, r-ut.lmng it r lk room*, with modarn improvements nleaeunt'y situated; must We botwr-a 6th aad ltth atrrem tut, aad B and H streots north. AdJreas Poet Oftica Box No. toll, atatla* location, terms, Ac i? fr-M lA ANTBl*?A rood OOOK. with go ?d r-for '' ?nc?). Apply at No 40:1 coraar L and Uta itrnto. fan M* tm; ANTED?A Rood COOK, washer,nud Ir >ner Apply at Js9 Utli street, between U a?4 I atreeta. faM?' %R7 ANTED?Immediately, g d OOOE, washer *i and ironvr To oi? that eau cu?? wall r*<*on.meaded the best w??ree will ba Riven Apply at 397 l.ttb >t , bat. Q andJL fo M WANT AD?A ?ood WOMAN COOK. aal t) do washier. aud thoroughly understands bar businasa Call at i?9? B atre*t _ fa 26 St* OAMPHELL A GODFREY HOUBB WANTED?Of five or six ro -ms. stta a tad bet. Ith and 15th atreata west and F and N north. Bent not ta exeend $ 0. Ad Iress, with particulars, B. W.B . office ofthla papar fl<? St* W ANTBDTO BBNT?A STORE nal DWMLL- I 180 attached, either ta Washington or Ceergetown, suitable for a general retail grocery and prevision business. by a reepnnslble partv A'lt'rese, stating location aod ?ra,M. A r , box N*. Po?tOfflce, Alexandria, Va f?26-St* Bi?aKI> AND BOOH WANTED lo a private family, where thore arena other boardera, by a lady tngaced <n bnalne>a. Mnat ba near the j Avenne.and between <th and 11th ?ta AIdreaa, atatiuit tertna and location, 0. D. E., Star offlca. | Beterencea e>chane?-d. fa? M' W" ANTBD?To bay, a firat-elaaa. large dwelling HOUSE, with modern improren-nU, wall located If ofTared rea ly cheap a oaab cm tonier can be found on appllaatlon to PH1LP A SOLOMONS. fe 26 St 33 5 Penn areune. WANTED?A^nilddle aged white WOMaN to take care of children and aaw. In intra at O atreot north, or aontheaat corner Duutiarton aad Washington ?ta . Qoorgetowu. feS5St* SITUATION WANTED by a reeoectable young woman to do Waahing and Ironing in a atnail family. or ('ham,'erwork and help, witn the waahlnff and lrontag preferr>*d Be?t city referenreagiyen. Addreaa Ko* 9 Star Office feJv.K* WANTED TO BDf-A aecond band Fireai*<l ? Bniglar Proof SATE. Any one dealrlng caA find a caab pnrcbaaer by MPly>nlur0^',ir''**i.Dt bTAuU 41 OO.i fa 16 lw 489>i7th at^. bat. D and E. 'I'D VETKRIN A BY ?U E0BON8- Wanted, a 1 first cl.taa VETEB1NAET SUBOEON. aa aaaiatant. Salary flaw per aonth Apply by letter to Dr. JOHN B. M KaT, Veterinary Snrtreon. 6th at , between Q and U ita fe H 6t* WANTED?An APOTHiCOABY for the U.S. Hieaiuer Swatara. Mediterranean S juadron Apply aboard immediately, at the Navy Yard, with reootnmendaliona fe tl-it* WANTED-All in want of MONEY call at S. (IOLDSTE1M A CO W, bicenaed Pawnbroker*, 34 4,'t atraat, near Panaailvanla arenno. fatllm WANTED-GENTLEMEN dealrona or anxaxinglna paylna bnaiaeaa to call at EMPI. OYMBNT AOEHOY. No. Pa. are A rara cbxnre oflered tc maty nioaey, fo 19-tw* Agents wanted eoe "Thi history OK THE WAB BETWEEN THE STATES. TBACING ITS ORIGIN. OAUSES AND REBl LTB," By Bon. Alex. H Stephana, and for THE L\EB. LETTERS, AND SPEBCHEt OF HON. ALEXANDBB H. STEPHENS, by Henry Cla*-land. Hand for Clrcnlara and aae our term* Addreaa NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., fo ll-Ia* A07 Minor a roet, Philadelphia, Pa. %a; ANTED? All poraona abont breaking up ? t bonaekeeplng will pleaao call at our office, a* we wiab to buy their furniture, hartag ooa atant calla for the same. Alao, Honaaa for rant. D. L. WELLS A CO * fa 4 1m ' oArner ltth and W atraata. WANTED.-Wowantaororalflratclaaa FABMS In the conntry for our Ouatomeri. Alao, HOU8BS and LOTo in the elty, both large and a mall. Apply immediately to D. la. WELLS A CO . corner 1th and T ate. ja 3U la WANTBD-New and Caat off CLOTHING, old GOLD and SlLVBB.or any other article of alue, at the old established Merchant Pawn biakor'a Store ot R EULTON A CO., dttUSth it., 3 doora north of Penna. arenae. _ BoU Agent for SINGBR'S SEWING MACHINE deal) WASTED?100 LADIES Immediately, to embroider Yokea.Banda, Wrapper Y9kea,Flan nel Skirta. Slippera, and Inttlala To good handa who btiiw aamploof work. g?<M wagra and con atant employment given. Ctill ?t tb? new Stamping Boom, 439 9th street, opp>alte Patent Office STAMPIBO reduced to EIVB centa per width, do 18 tf. WANTED?10.000 LADIES to know that at tbo New Btamplng Rooms, 4 39 9th *treet,oppoalte Patent office, tboy can find the beat aoiectod a??<rtmeBt of Patterns or or ofTored hero for Cloaks, Capes. Aprons. Joaera. Waists, Tokaa, Banda, Wrappers, Slippera. Plnonebiona. and Initials. Alao, dealgna for Pillow Caaes. Ottomans, Chair Oovera, Pianoa, and. In abort, aTer^Varlety of Patterns as they ara dally Issued. We bare a Preach Machine and a Piactieal Stamper, aad bare reduced the price lo ___ FIVE CENTS PBB WIDTH. We make aad stamp any pattern brought ua. Braid?, Silk and Working Bottdn rary low. de IMf WANTED?SECONDHAND fUBBITUBB Alao MIRRORS,OABPETB, BEDS, BEDDIE O and HOCBBTDRNISHING GOODS ofawry deeenption. B. BUOH17T. 40ATlh street^ )eeQ-tf between Q and B. oaat aida | PEKSONAL. f f bapoUartbbs u. s. in e ant by , II WtiN uuTON. D. O.. Fob. U, 18J7. Thirty dollars reward will bopald for the apprehension and delivery of JOHN H. DUKE, ?el re?. adeaerterfrom the ? th U. 8. lafanUy. Bald Duke la U yoara of aga, dra loot aevnn Inches birfh, black complexion, blaak oree, black hair, and by oceupntlon when enlistod a soldier, nair. ano vj oceopwa H 8yt|VJ|s*BB. lat Lieut. 44th U. 8. Infantry, fe St-St Recruiting Officer. /INLY EOB LADIBS TO BBAD -Elegantly tJ Embroidered EIGHT BOWN and C'HBMI-1 YOKES, more elaborate than any ever oiler-1 hare, of tke newest and meet beautiful dealgnc, reoeiyed dally, frem oar corps of itu superior binds, and for Vale at BBDUCED PEIOEB tbe largeet manufaetarer here of this kind of ladiae' wear, wa can please mil. botn In quality and prloa, aad ara detaratinad, at whatever coat, to produce tbe heal work, lasne tbe most elegant paiteTns. Mid BTAMP CHEAPER, than any ooaaera In this o* any other alty. ai , Onr reputation aa the oaly Practical Stamper hero insured lad lee that no injurious compoaltlona Ara tisod, and sblelda them from trusting their work tn tbe bandaof thoae who buy a few blacka And proclaim tbemaelrea stampers. Stauiplug, i cento per width, aud (ire yon a Collar aad Cuffs m. ^ WM. PRINCE, 439 *h street, fe j-tf opposite Patent Office P L. SHUB<'BI5G, M. D . BYGIENIO AND HOMOCOPATHIC PHYSICIAN. Orrici?^49 Pa. A*a ,bot 12th and 19th ate. jaJBlm* A" T TUB HEW CHEAP STAMPING auuMB 4 JW pth aVreet, opposite Patoat Office, ladles caa gat at our reduced prloea, oa the very beat lyamMPtti? Night town Tokaa, ready atomptfl??* eto. Chemlee Yokea, eta. Banda ? JOcto. Bither for araldor embroidery, oar pattoiaa ara of tbo very mte^i deaigas, eoleeted with oara la New York, aad batac In receipt ot tksn weekly, wa ara able dally to Issue new natteraa aa wall aa make and atnaap say pattern broaght na. I. O. O Worklac Cottoa at redueea prions. j^.MT-h'L'SJSSWfe ? betweeaG aad H. wl?at IOHN D. OLABB, ATTORNBY AED WONJ SELLOB AT LA W ABB HQTABT PUBLIO, No. aBA Wh atraot waat. de>4 ly racm. M. 0-n.Moittd.u^. ,OBOH?LI.. earaor 14th aad r etnaota, fe 14 audor Bbhltt Honaa. 2 ae*/TkSUrtaa. Bpbot snarl jf, a2dTara&GOLD raBB-A Baa aaaartaaat of Gold Paae, FOR 8ALB AND RKN'T. *??T-T%e iifinUM SOO as, mil*t'f boeeeheoplaa far I Ii?a4 wile, at It* tI'NMt dwell in HOTMB ta V.J%^eir?L'wIL-'ermi exceedla.' 'h??w ?tk? sur odm. r* v it* L'OM BBNT-Brtrk ftOGBB. V* SS IdMin., frcm Pm awe., ar m pert If !* lr*d. ItownmU* preaiieee. feI ? T*? FKaMB Boom, la ? o4 M?r. ' ' ?*raet be.maen ?u and Hb. Se*-. a ro< ma. Laaotre on tb? p/?mleoa f? V t?* rr? ? LITTLE ~*TOBB, e?iteb?e~ far I MVvaf ill'b end 1. lb KmU ?nl Iuqnire at *->4 Pa. _ h V ?? KOB FBA*B BOOHB. oateJalac fr?ar ro?tu? adtaa'a-t oil) atraet. Mw?nt???il Mh a treat* Apnly three dc?>r? * * 'M*1 H IfBfrKLtlK. F-'OB BBMT^-A ao-ator* fliHft H4?L8B on 4fc atreet. H>r N irattii* itait* with auku I'V ' tk? raar. Apply M ?d? D ?t r ath far 4S >|. i7-tl* ?<'** FUB ^ HSIIID BOOMS, tt (OS v "treat, h"tae?n *1lend 3d c?a*aaieot to tt-e Capital aad Pataat Odke. Street car? h>< the Soar. Kant a da rtt*' fei; It" ? ' L'CR BENT- Three anfurniohed ROOM*. <w tka flr?t ar aecoud flaor, am aw la for hea?ek??.<? location c "d Aptlt at I * betweea uth and 1Mb treat* ? K^OE BBPT-Thrre lerce Paratehed ROOM, I 1 P'eeeantly aliped for aprinc ?e4?nmn r. I near the Capi'ol Tarma aaadera'e f rMembera I ??-* ' * 3 7 l c?r oar af <) a., 4 lat atx eaat. Capital Rill. fetf-3t* I P?E BINT-DW ILL!NOHOnHB~cora rV N l.l,h ? * ? wa-t cuacalntaa If nt f*OWi with ?t*K|f %tt* b^i % a 1 * !?rf" I den Inquire of \? T rtNHALL o,.rne ?s??. and La eve . ?r AMTOM HBlTMULLBa Vt ?V? . feat BaeaO. fa *7 tt* I KVB **J?T-T,,r** E?>o*? on third M O', nn- I * faraifhed.at493 U (treat, beta van 8'h a .J tk lll ^ ft. n w **^T?TwonafMrat^had aad tw.jfnrniahel * BOOMS, at Ma JJ7 Uit it., Iietv?an H tn t 1 I treeta f- x n. I WJTOOK ANB VIXTVBBS of Store 47? 7th~* 7JS5 wr *">*??>raa for aala an4 ataia far rant. 2b SI h%**' 'OT rjv^al franc IIOL8B. uaar th Oirrla Alio ? tine I rarria^a l?Oii for tala at ItO n BBT ru LT?>N >, lawnhrtk-r tOi >lk at. naar fa ar. faj< *w* ) l/CKNISHJD BOOKS roR UBST, withoat 7.W. 1?T'e*rhauKad AppbatN > V? ?e* ^ork ateaue, b?taaan 9th and IOth ,U fa24-?f I^OB PA IB- The <JO<>D WILL LB \ nC LI* I CBBSB aid FIXTI RBr. wi h " T<K!K I' arrard oa.of tba atora ?Hnaiad no tha< iu'k?Ml roraerafl3S aad Datreau In4ulre on the ?rei* |B,*S fa MH* L^OB BBNT-Konr Bara.naut BOO*8~?nTtaTu I for etorc or ahopa. on th- miMt protnin-n? I n?lnaaa cornar of 7th -traat. rar i-rnii i n inir. at ISBABL'S ?h>e ;,!?. Mr; J7 9 7th traat, corner of I. faJ.Jt* | F'OB BBNT-Oo.thre. atarr BlifOK MOUflB contalnjne 9 rnoai, with ?a? %n l ?it,r nawi. aV? ^atT" V* V r?r 'wo ''"raaa K? * 4 7 18th street hataean if and I-lau.1 taa I Rilnnta* ?alk to the Trea?ar7 holldlLa Ammiw I at No. *29 7th .t , bat. D a .4 t ''rt? 'f, ' OHK Of TBI MO^T VabtAHLB AMO !>' 61BABLB BUILDING L<?T8 l>. tha lty f" aia. It U altoated an the north affla of K atra t naar ISth, batwaan *anator 8ha, ? aad tka Maslcan Mluiatar a fretting on Franklin 8 jnara Bald lot I. j# feet br 137, rann.n? bar k to a w.w alley and lnprova<l b* a t*i atory brick ?ta >la faae tf B P. BBOBfM, 46A ?th ?t^et w^atl I^OB RENT?Suites of VCBMISH^BD~B >0 M 8 -4d aad 3d lloort of hon-t* corner jati, V?re*t?- > ? L WKLLS A oo , '* a M M. W corner Id'h aurt f KOB 8 A L K- ( On If; f t&n oaab re.4 n i ra4. t be h?l fats tw 7th ?!.*?(" o aad'k. Kio?LS2*PaBOV,l!,-T,r'> kaadaowa I'aRr LOB8, flnt floor front, with or withaut be<i r rooklnaatore AI?o. CH A H BBBS for hon-ak apconTeniaut. 4?S B .tract, batwpen 5tb ana Mh. jr* K**T~ ^ v?ry de.irable 1 BHUSE.ia tha tiav and alefant block on ?h * raot, naar Baa ad ary, coa tat nine aaaan roooi* ?-!!t aS,?* U ow.*ocnJP1r4 k2 Mr 8 usabancb. it--1* fr. UlOBtb ftio* At.**. P >a?easioa I ^iranMarchl. p mbowm fatt3t IChron ) 46^ nh atraet w'aat. VOn BBMT?Elegantlr rCRNlSHEU BOT8B * 1? raawa,aaar tha Prealdcntlal *anilon" it | moDlli. AIh, odi of 10 roomi ok Ii tt. I land arenna .near tb. Capitol, at fioo per m atb Alio, ona of 10 rooma. nafnrnf?Lad. on Naw Tor*- I avenne. at fM par month. All tbata hoaaaa hara modern lmpro?euient? D. L. WELLS A CO., fe_2A? 10th aad r a?ra?-U. F?thmr-*I.tb*1,1 M,rch-? houjTb wTTh * ten rooma, with gaa aa i water, on Idth at . ta^JlirL00' "WD1 "'*4. Inquire uaxt doer, at tt a a tore. feast' p?Aw,AFA~*A11 k,;d of imbbdbbbbd * PLBDSB8, to pay adaaneea. at 34 4S treat I T/L,M B. GOLDSTBIB iij.. 2 Llranaad Pawnbrokara. HOtilS in the Philadelphia B> w, I rtde from tba I xh ?i# BVQMI blTf ill CUDTfOitDMI I SJ J* rtated br the neath or year, at *ery I 1?" I??alre of the ACant. 304 # i at reel. fa ll-?t* I A\t?fnBwT?2A?5-^k#HOD?,HOL? *0B- I m*t'ai?WIL^i BAB, and * I aTI BIB. of lb# Hotel Luti. At iki rflpunp nf I Kthatieetweai and O .trUt aoith Ve^t^! ifiV 'n<J",r* 00 "?e prenilea* of the awner. If wot I of u%rch'11 win ^ ,"d i Wl?" BOTHBOHILD. POBBALB OB BBNT?Farni*hed or anffcr I T niihed?the BB8IDBNCE of the Aoatrtan I I J? J", ?r' corBer Uth and k. Apply between u I I ""? "* fe to lm* I I p*0* 8A LB?Three anal I OABDEN EABMS. *_ **r of M acraa improved br aew I twoatory brick hunae aad neoeaearr ant bnildinaa. I rape., traaberrlaa. peacbea. applaa. Ac , fci I teen acrea beat of irarden aail; Sd, thirty t> aixtr I acraa, daalrabU located fer Butcher or Milk Par. . D. STOCKBBID?B A UO . | I f.i.,.. _ Baal Batata Brokara, I B. B. corner 7th aad P ate. F a? .B?HT_Tbf KOOM next |7 the to<?R M?'rj**1,**a Hall Aprly I I to C. B. BaBBB. Btar office. felBtf I K^UBBIBHBD BOOMS FOB BBMT-P&khuK r and twoBBD BOUM8. ..^"".Maau' I ,orr??*w?*'??rwltboat board. To be let I Honaaii fur rant at 9tt to f 1 ? p?r nionta. ' Dee treble Hoaaaa and Lota for aale. fe 14-1 at OBMB A COOPBB. | t-OE BALB-Atwe atorf BB!OK HOU8B.<rith I V lmrF* r?"D* ad caatre hall.< fact of "?!? nort^Mt boundary of I - ^ y' 'rl?e f3,B?. Apply at 347 3d atreat I wmt- fe lS-tf I iTOB SALB-Tbe STOCK. GOOD WILL. LBANE I T aad part of FIXTCBB^ of the well e-tabhahed I 8u>r? Mo 7th atreet, Mary Tard, aow I V?4 ir'"" Beaaoa for iellla*. b^d I baaltb. For farther laformetioa ia<iaire oa tba I I premiaea. b I I 1^0* FABM. for the laat three yeara I r' the realdaace of Major Tbeeahllna Oalaea, eoaI e!" 'BI of ?*** "ebaa. 1 .lie pom Benalac'a Bridge. IniproveiueaU, dwell na I bouae ef U rooma, atone atabla. aaraanOa hoaaaa Addraaa 'B. 8.." 4S7 B aSTaet. Waaa| lt?ftcn, D. O.,or aall la paraoa, betweaa I aad T^p, j I 134 Pann. ay., bat. 1Mb and Mth ata bo 2s tf I I If ?|,,AMOB?For Immediate aale. oaa of I ZrvVi* ??* ff*4^ all ooraar atore OBOCB I BIBB la tba city. Stock and Flxtnrva aew At- I nl> immediately, by UMar, la A. B. O., Olty PoSt I wnictj M jg tf I A ?HITTTw.? 'nrnfahed BOO M sTaTBo". I 487 I3tbatreet betweaa B aad W ata. de 14 tf I ^BTABLIIII# 194 8. == I ' SPECIAL MOTIOB. ' CHABLB9 BBBZBBBO. I Bnocaaaor to laaeo Beriberi A Bon. I . a*a cond acted tba PawabrokiB? Baalneaa t^i-. tht* .i**! *',*' twelve /<K I Pawabrokerla the Metric*I tbla method of tbanklag their patroaaO fl I aad tba public for tbeeonfideare heretoforeabewn aad be.'?Bto to c*l their at'enttontoth! I fact that waMll reatiaaa to make the hlaneat ad* I I '?* *" arWclet of Jewelry, I fiwSTpf:.- Boada. eTernmeat Scrip. I Bilttf PI?Uf j|c., for wblcb w% hiTt ivHrior I I ?*BepewtaaiaeaarltrTwblob will aSwaya s.'NRtt^'sasrtsiias *r<sssiu Ks^t^S^vaHAfiasr. Babe tba blsbaat adraacaa for daya. weeka ar S^tta. Wa_<mll eapeolal at taa tl on ta the (art jr.wwwjss'.rs'sitr.. aa. gtfiacjarirr&gc fl?uVnVeaVar*bSST* h^^ I tor a are'eaabled feiTtbta'meaas'to^odeemtCtr I ja^aparimenta for confidential banaMLl |- I We baa* no eeaaectlon with aay almllar aataA. I jTehmy to tbla rity. Bafer ta an ? old raetdaat af Bajiembar BEEXBEBB'S La^ J WaSia?laa^V?. " 1 ( m AUCTION SALE*. t/W ittir amlasa BbI? a>? />ri> f'e'rd.J tkim aprrnmnoom and to-mokk >?. il? COOPBB * LiT-HIK 4a t|>, P Utucltil' Ilk iMiiiralbi ?l B> atlt??M ooraer rwiiiifiiii ? ? ,m , mi etreet, SurtflM BiiMIm " CATALOG flit liLI or LAW IIP MtBCBLklVIVVf ROOKS, ft kvnriow mom day Trim *r u< vinmiitr BYEBLMGS xi. February a as. ?n?t y. br erder af the Or^haae 0?art. will ta* l?>wi of 0>"*por A LatUBar, th* eaian I' Lki Lib'iii of Ik* Uu OIm H Ui*r>Mkl?, Bi*.ag a hiob will b< feual atif rai ko*ki. Mm* sf ahfc ^v*MW MtKyriat. CABDSI, I MAONI ITBimill \ Adaala. COwPIB A LAT1MBB. iitrlt. . Ta which will ?e M?w<Ah?<?i !,? taIimki of a mltrtlU^MK eo1'?ttoa of ki/Ml. b. eaHaeat eat bo.a. Theological, W?rk. Kal? to ? > Di?. i,c* ! 7 oVlaik each rrmlng. ' Bow ready, &od can k? had el Mr Teras* caah. f'? M OOOPII A LiTIVIB.Auti. HV COOPBK A UTINII Iiku >m*I. (U?J?ik??UkJ C M. 0<ilre |Ot,) Sottnweetr rmr P*bH<iTul?*>*?u llth atrtet.blar Mc? Hulldli| *T memo*. O'. Thj k<su%v r.b 2?tfc at ll'erack ?t Dwelling Ho .? ; M atreat ,h, ? ,th " i1 ?*? atreeta ?ai,we win ?ati tba i'm! BBiai l* ikrrtu cvklftitM, bb> Tl?<ee ply ai d lrgr?tn 0?rr?*i Baliclath Bof., In kir and Hid* VM*rt Mmbie tor r?Bira and cafe Table*. lL(r?rtg., *? ?' ExteB.toa Ltaia* TaAe. Oeaa aaat 'hairs P?d-t?e<1* R*r**na Vk *r.l">^e I rtlher Bad , B'later. and Pillnwt II MnttTr>?? Lonate Kail and ft p Ofklctk stair Rode Hat retk ^ iii'lo* m unil-? Befr^r.t r ., twenty laat HukM-rUnHtnl ?Wk <ag and Chaaibar W?d and Goal Stores 1'rwltMj G a?? arid Ttawar* Tn?"e ai??l H? H?? R?th Together with the saual Hou*ehol ! Be aia'tea. T>ra> cash f<' 1.' d COOPBB A LITIMII Ai la BT kAGtK & OO . AarllowHirt 8?ltar?u|i. 2V4 Patonaytaanle aaenaa. OBOCBRIES. TOPAUM) CIUARS. BBouBS AT AUOTDH TBrBHDAl MORMlbG. al i? oWxk at oar Mltfl Hcx>Ui ? A vaiiety ol Gr ??rm. balaaca of at? k of a kvi?? oicliniuj t Qii'.aaa Also. ? desaa < enaed V?(. t?t i??. 10 docen saerea l?i? 9 end a pnaokin* T.?bao?-o, M fr?>? Onaalec 7vlii?r? ?u4< ?.?n Broom*. SS gr<w Bla B eg lo | at Bag a? Hattrr 4i caa*a V> loaa a:>l LI jnora Ac . Ac T?rn,? ra?b. Bala poiltlra It ?ACL1 A OO . tn"ta IIT NAGLB A Oil.. Atu^tiwiMara ~ L9 Paanaylrauia araaaa. BOt'BKROLP rUKKITCBB. BEOOfNa. CAB? Pfc.1?. KTl?TB8 Ac , AT AL( TlUN Ou PaTCHDaT Uarrh 2d. Bt Iv o'ci.?k. *a aball aril ia fr?ti( of oar Auction Boom, a lot at Hoatanoid rnrnlture, Badiiag, (JarpcU biotm Crockery ?iio Qiaaawara. Ac. Bal?- ? ith( lit raaarva f*17 HAGLE A OO.. Anrte. |JV W. L. WALL A < O . AlclluiMri. BALE OF A UBirK- HOC HE ABD LOT Oij Ba ll i?L? a k . 2d ol Havib. at 5 o 'cluafc . va will ?!>, In tiwnt af it,a ^r*a>l??a, ooa amali Br1?* Hfciina and Lot. alluat?l on id acoat. bnaa-i B an*! 1. on tLa cUi of tba city kaowa a* Lot J lk Njuaf sy. The >ot caotaiua ai..>at l f??t ' 1 arm* Ona tuird raati. balaoca In at a ? and irantba. (ha purcha*. giring hi* notoa with interaat, .wured b? a of iru?t Oonvctaik Ian aa 1 at am pa at parc-haoar'a ^ia?aa> fa aT-d W. L IA ALL A Co . A acta. B* W. L Ik ALL A OO . Aactioaaara, Original U ?t?e and Oarriaga Bataar, ?t? Louiaiana araone. BALB OF HeBBBB. OAKKIAQEB. H ABB EBB, Oa BATUBDAT HOBNINO. March J. at M ol k. a ill aril, at tba Bataar a aimMr ot baddlo Carriaya- and Work llaraaa, ^afall d?-ac?iytio? at Hl*,icoBi?ri<tni about _ B1ATT Bl'BfBB. Many good Work, bad iia and Uaraaaa Boraaa _ . _ ALao. Tangoed Farm ?r Work Bora a fr*m tba c?qb try, and Two very fiaa Ray H raaa Oaa tlioronKh brad B.|. warka la any Baraaaa, ??rlact:y a?un<l and caatla. warraatad aa raaraaaaval, taa yroaariy of a ?aiitlatnan Bbtiba na further u? for tbam. Also, A anaibrr of Malaa OaaaocaaA band faaily Carriage,a*t loagla naa .. - A Lao. A larga oollactloa of Mew aad Baooad baad Bat^*bl^ea Garrlagaa. Wagoaa. aad othar Two aaw Jaaay Llad Wagoaa, built la tbla city. _ ALao. Baw aad Baeaad haad karaaaa, Baddlaa, Varrlagaa. Ac., at priTataaala. Batofdaya d*"' T**?*" T"?rad^?. aad ( arriagaa and HaraaM always on artvata aala fag w L Wall A OO. A acta. IIT SKBBI A WILLIAMS. AacttoMan. a3 lo. }*?, eoraar 7tk aad O itrHti, TALVABLB BCILDIBO IK TBI 3D W'ABD FBOMT1BO DM ItTd BTBBBT WBBT RB TUEBM OHIO AT Ear B AMUD BTBBBr MOkTH, AT PCBLIC Al'CTIOB. m*mmmT Oa MOBPAT, tba ?th laataat ataa'clo^ka a, weaballMtl. oa tba rr^mtaaa.Lot Ma U.ia ^aara Bo M. havlag U faet. running back aboat So ^ 1> d*?U. saklag It a UaSdao?. BaUding Tanu . Oaa kalf eaab. tba balaaaa la < aad II oaiBa, for aw taa baariag late rear, aad aacarad a* a dead <4 traat oa tbe ?reaaieaa. Ali WaV^.a' ?ag aad reToaae Hbbh at tba coat of tbe >.r cbaaer $ mi down oa tbe dav of aale. ?eiT <l QBEBN A WILutABB. Aacte BT COOPBB A LAT1MBB, Aaetteaeara dale clerka with Jas C. McOalre A (Jo.,) Boatkwaat corner of Panna araaue aad lltk at Btar OBoe Balldlag. ' 10,000 riBB OIQABB AT ACCTIOB. BOB ACCOOBT OB WHOM IT MAY 0AH0BBM Oa rulBAY MOBBING NBXT. March I. at Id o clock-at oar AucU?a B >ea, we will aail. to braSd^^0*-' Im c*"*< ' "? (alio viae "OP Bayanola Prenaado 14 #0 kale de Cabaa Ooucbaa n IM Oabaaaa B reraa Tae tt*atioa of oar (rtaada aad tbe trade la iBrtted to the aale of the above men Mused iat a' Uigara, aa they are froai a Brat clae* heaae and' ?tr.e v, ??. and ^ aad Aaetti.aaore. IIY d. L. v>mllba oo ,an,ti0m-n. " aa M. W. Ooracr ol l(Hh aad r atreete. B0CBBH0LD BCBB1TCBB AT FUBLI0 ACC. ,?.? BBIDAT, the let day of March next, at 14 0 clack a.j.,aa ehall a.-li. at honae U i J-J G atreat Berth, between itth aad lA'h atraeta weal the furniture therein contained, ' IB Marooa VeUat Marble top Baroauaaad Waebetanda y.y^.* mDd ??her Tablee Baaerlor eoll l Mahogany Wanlrabea Thraa * alnut ao. Mahogany Book caee Loon?aa, Plllowa aad Bolatara Blank- ta, Co*forte Baraada Carreta, oil Cloths Cane aeat aad ether OBalra Parlor aad Oban ber S'ovaa Wladow Cnrtame aad Shade* Lot Tailetta Orackery Oil P bib tags aad Gas Globea Marble S'ab'aad Gut Mlrrer Together wrlth.maay other articles toe aaatr ooa in BientloB. P. L. W ALLS A Oo . 'b V CChroa.] Aacta. DY BBBBB A WILLIAMS. AaaMaaaava A* Bo. SBS, aoraer 7th aad D streets. ?o7ldibo lots tbobt?!?2e.?ol,-li-81JiyATB B" ?0?atb and I^^^HBTS. WIST, at Pabllc Aactloa. Oa TB 0 BSD A Y, the Stalastaat, at 6 o'clock a ? , wa ehall sell. la front of the arealeaa. LcSa Bob. g aad 7. la sahdtvlsioB of Si a are Mo All, havlag good hiaAlaa froats aad daHhs, ranalac tlTal i*: party la thle aqaare la tmyroaed by good dwelling hoaaaa. which niakaa the** lots vary deetrahle. Teraae Oa* aaartar caah ; balaace la land IS BOBtha.aaeared by a daed of trast aa the ?raa laee. All eonvaranclag aad reeeaae etaaiaa at tbe ?**"r?Ae parcha^rrSMdewa wkMaViaW BBBBB A WILLIAMS. A nets. ?* -MaJJb?"at 10 a cloak f-fLJJ*. * ??* fallowlag articles, yfa OaeOreea %? PaH?f Salte. ooaalstla^ of Tetaa Tatoa Sofaa Oaater aad Biae Ckmrn WxlkaaSaoM*FalVatoi^lni ^ SrsTjjr ^ LSlifWaS'SlSu m*. MarbSe tap^eatre Tables aad Ottaaisaa Maggto aew i^BBi^hytia OaipiB rxealleat Biteaeloa Table aad Dial a/ Chain Bafreard. aad a good lot ef Battag. /armltj* ?rly aew oaoklag aad ethar Btovaa aa, Blase aad Crockery ware. Aad ? aary ta aansaraia. Tern* cask. BBBBB ft WILLIAMS. kWS AarBaai in. 8a ? 11 *"* TTf^s'lTs 2^BB BB. | P