Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Tragic Affair la a Ball-Roem?i Wtnu SbMU hfr Huband. Friday evening, Protection Knrine OomPM.y, Ne. I, of Pmou Township, Hudson ? ui.ty, New Jersey. c%*e tk?ir annual ba? at odd Fellows' Hall. Hoboken, which ?u at. tended by a large number of the members and friends of the company. Kveri thing paseed off very quietly until a Utile put tl o clock, when me report of a pistol was heard tteAr the dour to the gentlemen a retiring room, which was coon followed by another. Several r?>ilemen immediately rn?hed ?o tie spot, where they found on* of tbairiwwfla**, named John Swentx. standing on the stairway leading^? the npper room and who, en seeing them enter. cried out, ?1 am shot." At the foot of the stairway stood his wife, witfe a revolver la her hand, id the act of Uischdrrioc another barrel. when she wa.? seised by two of the members and the pistol tafeefc from h?r. 1'pon exairnnatien it was discovered that two ball* bad entered the body of Swesu, one jnst under the left shoulder, near the oeatre of the back, and the other ahont six inches above. He was immediately taken into an adjoining room and a physician sent for, who succeeded in extracting one of the balls; tt>e other could not be found He was then conveyed to hie home i* Union Township. Mra. Swentx was immediately taken into custody by officer Keyser and conveyed to the station hr use. and locked np to await the re. suit of husband's Injures. On examination. she stated that she had only been mimed to Swenis about six weeks; that her name was former'v I?obb-, aud that she for m?rlv resided with be' parents In the vicinity of Bull's Ferry !She alleges that Swentx seduced her dq. der prcmtee of marriage abont eight months ago. that he for a long time refused to marry her, but Anally consented, and was united to her about six wee*sago Kver since he has, she says, neglected ber and repeatedly keepa me company with other women I,a?t evening he l?-ft her home and took with him to the ball another young lady. Determined to revenge, she purchased a revolver and procsed-d to the hell room, where she fonnd her husoand dancing. A* soen a." Swn'znw her he rame over to where she wa< s'andlng, and wanted to know what she was doing there. She ?tated she bad followed him, be then told her to ro take off her bat and remila to 'be bait. A* he did so, he turned and was parsing out of the ball room in the gentlemen's room, where she fired the first "shot. The affair has created no little excitement in Hobvkrt.? .V Y. Enprtn. Llebig's loo,) for Infants. The suffering* of an infant grandchild of Prof. Lietng recently led the great chemist to investigate the subject of artificial food for mlant children Tne child was pining awar, notwithstanding ?ce care tbv was taken In the , prepnratiou of .artificial food from cow's milk, to supply the piace of the natural food, of vrlnch it wh> unfortunately depri ved During his instigations. l?r Li-big found, first, that even the best eow'smiik is -luh-ly acid, while the mother ? milk is alkali, aud the cow's milk contain- different proportion* of constituents, so 'hat, to get the ?ame nourishment, the child has to take more and waste more In order to get enongh of the ore kTnd of substance it liseds. t-evond, that most artificial food, however carefully prepared, is sti I more acid, and that the flour is never chemically dissolved, and that full twenty peT cent of it never is digested. and the whole taxes the digestive sys. tern too severely. Tnird. that by mixing w th the soluble parte of uneounceof wheatandi ne ounce of malt, wn ounces of milk, and sixty drops of a solution containing #>!ev*n p-r cent of carbonate of potassa, the nearest p asibie approach is made to a food containing the nutritive qualities of the mother's mMk He h?s, therefore, published the following prescription for the preparation of what he te m? rational focd lor infants. This U said to be sweet, pleasant, requiring much less of it than of pure milk io sa-isfv them, while it nourish** 'h-m far better. It requires no more sweetening. and should have none ordinarily for infai,t= The following is the prescription ?"In a small saucepan carefully mix. s* alto avoid the formation of lumps, wheat Hour, u ounce: milk, 5 ounces; bring this mixture to boil slowly, and keep it boiling for three or U,ur m nuu-f, and thee remove it trom the fire, l'uring the time it is boiling mix in another vessel malt, x ounce, water, 3 ounces, an i o drops of a solution containing II percent of carbonate of potaeea. Then add this mixture to the hot contents of the saucepan, pnt on The lid aud let it remain for half an hour uadis. tnrbed In a warm place, where the temperature do?s not exceed |;> decrees. After tne lapee of this lime put the saucepan on the Are again till ite content* begin t? t>oil and then pass the liij aid through n floe Primer. The exhausted bran will be retained upon the sieve " Three People live ea .Mice fer several days 11 r^m Le I'eterborcugli (Canada) txamiuer. A melancholy tale is related to u by Mr p H Clark, who has been bi.-V to flaliburton, el the sad cud of mi old hunter, who lived in the ;o" . hip of McLmtock, about 40 miles irotn Haitbur-.on, and lt?i miles from Peterborough 1 he as n tree was Isaac Hunter, and heal so lued by hunting. It appeared from what iuictmaikL Mr. Clark received that Hunter lived about fc miles trom auy settler; it being his custom to move back as settlers moved in Mr l.urter, his wife and two children lived Kgeiher, hut net being very thrifty he had li'Kircttd '? !?y by provisions against the w cler. sot even wood, bat in a woody country this appears a little thing. About the Ifcth of January la*t, they all betook themselves to the same ben, to keep from freezing, and remained there eleven days without fire. Their food then gavs way, when they were forced to lake the hair off some deer skins, and then eat the skins. V. hen the sklue wereea'ea they a'e the cords out of a pair of anow shoes. At tbH Stage the old man died, and the others * er- SO f*T spent that :he corpse lay in the bed with item for tbrne days, taey not being able to remove it. They at last made an effort and got it into a corner of the shanty, where some mice came and nibbled the face and eyes Thu survivors endeavored to frighten them off. but they became so bold that they would not go away. One of the survivors at length succeeded in killing some mice, and on these mice they Uved until, in the good order of Providence, they were discovered by two brothers named Cole, i>f Thornbnrn. who by chance parsed that vi ay. One of theae men stopped with the unfoi tuaatesurvivors while the other went to the nearest settlement and brought food, and by kind and careful treatment theyhad been restored to sufficient strength to be removed to a more comfortable place. Oae of ihose Cole's was Mr. Clark's informant, who asserted that they were perfect skeletons when lot. (Hi. Katiikr axubos iirmwmbo.?On Thursday Tiieht a sad case of drowning occurred in the MoeoBgabela nver. at Stone s Upper Coal Morks about 1.- miles from this city. It appears that a skiff containing Itve persons, among whom were Mr Samuel Alton and bis son. Henry Alton, was being rowed across to the u*h side of the river. The current wavery -.witt, swing to the recent rise in the river, aud one of the parties in the skiff cau"br told of the ice-breaker of the coal-tipple, vliiih projects into the river, to prevent tfc. >ki!l fr> rn bein,: drifted down the river. Tai* can-ed -Mr ,-k.ff to upset, nnd all the occupants were thrown into the wuier. Three succeeded in Mum themselves by swimming ashure, but old Sir. Samuel Alton aud his son lleury were both divwued before aesiatanue arrived. The bod es had not been recovered veaierday. and it i? probable that they have beer, drifted down the stream, the current being so strong The deceased were both married, and leave families. who reside in the neighborhood ?r wh-re 'he drowning occurred?I\ft,b*rg UazetU. 1 taii Politm s?Ou ihe condition of I'tih the following notice of an election will give eosse impression The Salt LAke r*U.H YeJt'ie of the speaks of the election in that city tliu> '-We have witnessed many an election have see* the conrse pursued bv the nuliiflerx of the bus's, where pauper* were driven in t arriares to the ?<olle, and the grave-tones of cttnfrbv aras were resorted to lor names to be used ty the liviar. VN e have visited tbe polls in'Besixtc ward In New York, where the purlieus of the Five Points were brov.ghuinto requisition as fighters to deter respectable citizens from the free exercise of a just privilege We have been a cou*tantspecia o of ail the elections In San Kranclaco from i*p) to 1H?1. We bave seen all these attended, as ?uch practices will ever be, by riotous pro eedlags blackguardism, aad a violation ef all Uwe But we have never jet wltnew^d an el>ctien where all the requirements of law, all- th? observance of custom, all adherence to rule aud usage, were so openly and flagrantly violated as was that of yesterday." ??r A legal inquiry la Milwaukee is, "ha? a barter a atechsaio's lien on the face of bis enstoaer tor the labor perloraed." ^Tbe Columbia (S. C-> Phoenix came out in mourning on the 17th iusi, the anniversary of Sherman's entrance Into that city aad its deMructioa hy Are. A Peroviau Nnrgson in San tranaisco warrants to very young ladies the uoieei aad most gracefuly foot by meaos of the amputation of the little toe of each foot. Wr. Bright, in one of bis late speeches, said tfeai ?if-bait n| jvcoihuid is owned by twelve pereons. and one-half of England hr oae husdred mm4 iiity. K clerical gentleman ?l>ssf\t% that danc. leg h?? a tendency fo shrivel up all man's ?i ieany," awa reduces i>sdmcj to a ueneatttr/' J* also affects shirtootia/s. turTb? souudmge for the cable batweta ()?. ba and f lorid* have been made, and the cable will be laid by Bear November A submarine mountain waa discovered while making the ecuadsags. ?- * f 1 i , V m I AUCTION BALES. OI ?. L WU? B OO. Aasll Iin, D 8*rtb?Mt earner of MKh ud f VAIOABLB BDBINBt* AND BWIt a* rc?*.i? auction . ~ On TIDUKAI, tbe ?th dap of VMritry Instant, at 4 o'clock 9. m ., on tbs jr?BU?, w* ?b*ll nU all that two atari Fr*a>S Btors, iloase. i %od P welling. lately rebuilt, coit?mii| a a tor* 1 er.d six convenient roonto. with tbe lot JuxBI, being part of Lot Ho it In Ritaar* 447. Trrmt |; Mtac* lat?o,atiktaad ta*lw Bontki. Fmnrtm immediate. #100 down bi sole. aim*. Immediately after tk? sole of the store Bfqperty, we abaD aall, on tba prentice*. Four email Frame two rooms each, wrltb th" b >t. Ifx4l, bri ng rear tart of Lot No J! in Square ftU.eitnoie om Mailer* alley. between 4tb and ftth streets wee* and K and L streets north. Terms: Gne half rash; balance in alx Month*. ffiO down at aale. Stomps and conveyaocing ?f both proper tiee at parcha'sre' cost ntle pwrrect. fe ? ? ?. L. WELLS A PP., Ancf. gl CBOWN, WALKEB A CO., Auctioneers!" For pnhlie ai'tion on FBIB At,March 1, 18oT. at 4 e deck p m., a three etory pressed brick front HOU8B. containing is m?gii, r?i tkroirhout. fronting J1 lett on 12th street, running back dS feet, between B and O streets. *ale with<at reserve. erots: One half oaak; balance In I and IS mouths, aecnred by deed on tbe property. $1utf caab when tbe property la knocked down. CBOWN, WALRBB A CO.. fe?3 6t* Auctioneer. |)T D L. WBLL8 A OO . Auctioneer. D B. W. corner lUtb and F atreeta. B08NWOOD PIANO FOBTB, FRBBOH PLATE MlBhOB*. LAI BAND B KOOATBLLB cPttT AINf. BBl'BSELB (JABPKTS. WALNUT >KD MAHOGAkl PABLOU AND CtiAHBEJ^FCBNITCBB, Ac.. AT PUBLIC AtlCOn MUSCAT, tbe 4th day of March next, nt it o'clock a at , we .ball aeli at hon*e No. 15tk ?treet west. between I and K north, east .ide, nil the Fornitare nod Btfectecontained in.eld house, vie : Botewood Onae Piano Porte octave, very aweet tune. and in excellent order Fren<h Plate Mirror. Gilt Frame, w uh Brockets and Marble Mai. Lace and Brocatelle Window Curtains Brn**ele, Ingrain au-l Carpets, Bn?a, Ac. v Walnnt Sofas, Side and Basy Chairs, In Hnir Cloth Walnnt and Oak Chamber Seta Maib'e-top Bureaus. W ae bsrand., and Tables Wardrobes. Toilet Sets. Red Linens. Blankets, Comfortable., and O mti'erpaiei Feather B<ds, Pillows ami BoUttr) Hair, Shuik. and Cetton-Top Ma tresses Bla*k Walno' Extension billing Table Mnr'oie top Sideboard. i Walnut* irdaor ann Oak Dining t'haTS Cooking. Parlor, aud Chum tier Stores, with I tensile Silver plated 4'?*tor, Spoons end Cntlery China G ns*,ardCro kery Ware AUo. large l->t Kitchen Be luisiiei, too numerooR to ni*nti' n. fe 20 | Intel ] D. L. W ELLS A CO.. Anets. |J* THUS. DUWL1NO Auct , GeorgetowtT BX< ELLENT HODSk-liOLU FI'UNITl'HR liUbA^UCD PI Ah O OFFICE FUUNlTDtiR liEbkiNU ikUB t?A KB Ac . Ac.. AT AUU 110k On MONDAY MUBNINO, Harrh 4th. at l? o'rl6< k. -I will ?eil, at the residence of the U*? W?. B< dm, ho 1 > Gay street, t>eiH?en O'ligr^ss and Waahlnston streets, Georget >wu. the lluusehold Furniture. Ac , c nnsilu< in part of? Excellent Bi sewood Piano, (alicest new.) Stool and CoTt r Mahoaany Haircloth Chairs and Sofas Dan-ask and Lace ?'nrtains Cornices and Shades French Plate Uiit Kraoie Mirrors Mabogan> Marble top Center, Pier and Side Tables Mahegany Bureaus, Bedateada, Wardrobes, Ac Tbteo tily and loaraiu Corpola Oilcloth a' d llattio Fe Ither Bedh. Reddine. and Mattresses Walnut Exteosiou aiti oth r Tables Sideboard Ac Mahogany Secretary aid iJook Case hmall Iron Safe ' Gaa Fiatnrea, French (Mock, Ac I Crockery an<i Glassware Large Oooktae and other Stoves. And a ^reat variety of Qooda, too nnmerous to mention. Terma cash. THOMAS DOWLINO, fe IS Auctlon-er. 'p K OB T^ll' B IALI. In pnrsoanco of a power of sale vested In rae by a deed of truat, executed to me by OeorKH ? Mitchet and Cornelia D. Mitchel, his ?ife, of Waakington city. Distrirt of Columbia, dated n tte/ttih da* of Aoanst. 144^ and tocor'ed in Li lor E B. P , Bo 3. folio 233, Ac., one of tbe land re-ordaof Montgomery c unty. 1 will offer ot prbiic sale and sell to the hi^heat bidder, at Uv Ker'a Hotel. In the village o* Clarksburg, in Montitoverr ceonty. M4 , aa WEDNESDAY, the 2t>th day of March, in the year eitfb.een hundred an>1 sixty seven at ll o'clock a m .all th-f dlow Itis ''.escribed teal estate.slimntsd In Montgomery county Sta> of Maryland The?e lands lie near Clarksburg. Montgomery oonuty. and adjoin U?n prcnerty of BufusKtn*. Perry Browning. Bast) b- all and others One of the tracts is rartof a trsctefiand called "Trouble Euou^h Inl-xd." c* ntafnin<r fix hnndr<d and sixty acres uf land, itbein?the sane land heretofore conveyed by ; Chai 1*? Hendry and Hlean< r ileuiirf. bis? I enid George W. Mltckel. by deed dated on the 13tb day of Aognst. loe.'. The other Iwiuc port of a . tru t of loiid called " Rosnt vsy r>n Mnple Branch," heretofore ciiveytdio said Ueor?e W. Mitchel I by Anu K"per. and contilnln^ thirty fue.n-re'O? I land Ibis land la under n good state of cnltivation, "imated In a healthy kei?rhb >rbood. well . watered nnd staler very good (Vu< mi: Tb* im ! provenien's consist of two oomlot ta'dn lo? dwel ! linxs. jr-cd stable, corn honsee, and ether noceaeary out-hnildince: aJ?<>, fear ffood tobo o fe< uee-. The ahove deecri bed tract is susceptible of being divided into two or three convenient farms Person* vlablng to look at tbe property can do nr>)l-y raiHug on Mr King, residinic on the land. Who will take pleasure in showing it. Tsrms of ?nle: Bno-thlrd of the purchase money tc be paid on tbe dny of sale; the residue of the 1purchose*<>Bey to be paid in one and two years tr?ai tbe dar of sale, the pnrchaaer or pnrch* aers giving hts. her or tbeir notee, with approved ne>ni ity. bearing Ibtereet from theda> of sale. ' On pi) ment of the whole purcb <se rn^ney a deed wl if be executed by the tr??tee. the purchaser pa> ing expenses of preparing tbode??d andetampa. JOHN "T WILLIAMS. Trustee fe 23 dig LEVI VANF<>8SBN. Auct. BT NACLE A CO., Auctioneers. Salesroom Bo. 393 Penn. aveaue, Between 9th and 10th st>. NAOLB A OO- will give their porvonol attention to tbe aale of Beat Estate and Household Furniture. Also, to the sblec of stocks of Groceries, Wises. Lienors. ?cd Merchandise of every do rription, Horeoe, Oorrfagee Harness, Ac Liberal caab advances made on consign meats. Begnler Sales ot o?r saleeroom every TOESDaI. TUCBSDAT; bad batobdat, ot 10 Or lock NAGLEAOO, ;ail tf Auctioneers. QBOOBB1MB. HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner Nsw Tork avenue bud tttn street, (Bntrooce eo New York avenue,) Dealers In line FAMILY OBOCBBIES, TEAS, W1NBB, IMPOBTBD LUXCBIkS, Ac., Ac., wonld resrectfolly botlfy their friends and the pnblic that they have jnet opened their New Qro eery Store, where con bo obtained any article use ally kept in n first claes Grocery. Without attempting to eusmerate our large, fresh and wellSelected stock, we cordially Invite the public to exanlnecnr etere and stock, believing we shall bot fail to give entire satisfaction to all who utay favor ue with their patronage. W? call especial attention to onr assortment of TEAS ana COFFEES, which have been selected With gieat rare for purity. Dealers will find a Sue atSHrtiuont to select from, and onr prices to suit. Goods doll vered promptly in any part of the citr. jari V :ns _ _ 1% I BTBol'OLlTAB PATtST 1 i'l BTKAM BAKBBI, 347 O street, between iH bud Oth strseU. Fnrnlsbed with McBenxte's Splendid Keel Oven bno the most approv-o tnacfeiaeiy. ueing none but the be?t tnatertitl, carefuli> aeio ted I lie Oracbeis nisuofaci'ired at tnis e-VAblishuent b>e suo>-ri r to any heretofore offered In tnis market Wo Invite attentat* bCU?1 ^?' ,*rteti*' A eery choice article, from eeleot family floor. BOsT'iN CBAOKBKB. From Welch's fomll* fl?nr. e<tual to nay la the 50D A?CBa?5KBBS, Nxtra fine, frosbblgMgrades extra floor. A'so, the following stan<tard vonetleg; W ATEt CKACKBBS Bl'CAB CBACK BBS. "T?stt^.D 1 G IB OK B SN APS, bovbltik8, Wo are also .applying Grocers end Families With Hbvebner's well Isowi FAMILY BREAD. fbH I? THO. HAYBHNEB. 34T 0 street. ^ABDIN SEKDS, I-BIJ1T TBBB8, Be, J OH N BAO L Nag now In Store his exteaslve stork of OABDBN BBBDS, which are this season of flneet quality. From Ms practical knowledge of the 5* ood the Seeds having heoa grown specially enoloe *' *** w,rr*nt#^ Iresk, pnre, '7bt^rNB SBBDB. eahraoiag oil the aovolttee front Ebglend and the lootinent. with many artlelee eeved treat ble rich eOll -etioa >f Florist flseer* FBUIT TBBBB *4 toeet eaalitr, ooti?Htlnc of Pears, Apples, Fearhoe, Apricots, Neotarinee, Cherrie*. Ae I CBAPB VINBB-Delaworo, Concord, Diaoa. Bogere Hvbrids, loee, Adirondac. Ac Strawberries Blscbberriee Oooeeberrles Oarre??e. Bvergroewe, Shade Tress, Boeee, Qrsen ^r.r?K.?3,or,r5rM. ' xaairi&jvL. rklABlBB FOB 1MT.-A large ?n iilMStlT 1 7V ^ 4 i f t * * ? i. a.t PROPOSALS. | : ' *rktrk' mm: bt cf ffcr reVy ben rualtry to be do* liwered free of itaveiupneot tax,at the WeaPlagton JUtftXagd. m*J jm*>? /to X j *.>?f<ij o?.tp*rMo?? tt*r/s(, to wii: ;,j ".JTwraaii t.iutpmtnt ana Ktmritinf ? 800 Chain Link*. of S 3 1? iMiw dftaaear. ?* *"r ?* J ' ?-ir -"^?i]rti it iifjf|"fiCf~*"7. VtO Chain klfiki, oflll llriikM dldWafcg; [ no J1 )MkM long, estimated welcbt &9,?W lb< rf> 7w Chain Lux!, of1|?|8 ifcb*, dlTiiier and U torbee OetiMeied freight. 39* .twlh* ' ?-'-K -f i r m faiira rtMini.u< ' 1rL!!? " '!Tr "*** ^Iom, a* ircbe* oataki* 4Ua*i?r. ; *? Plato* l?q?,?xll?xX Inchea, bNtinMrieu Charcoal Blw?. M Plit* Iron, Mxlknl W incbea, b?*t A inert(u OlurMl Bloc* To be bM for per poimd. " hurtau Omftruetion, te " iJtV pounds J1, inch l)rlVB Lead l'Ipe. aedinm. MO pounds 3 inch Drawn Lead Pipe, medium. **Bureau Ordnance." 40 iforty) Gallons Alcohol. 96 per centnaa. A responsible aecurity reqafred for the prompt and faithful delivery of vnpaLoa awarded. Blank forms for bt<ta, with farther particnlara for l>M??n to b? bad M thia office. . CALVIN C JACKSON, fcW-M __ PirmMter D.8. Htu, pBOPOBALS FOB VBB8H BBBF. Bcwistxmcb <>rnex, 8. 8. A., ) (Bear of 104 Lombard street,) > Baltimore, Md . FeorBarv 19, l*7 > irepoael*. In duplicate will be r*calT*| at thia nntil lz m on THUBSD A Y Feb M, 1817. for the FBB8H BEEF repaired for tne supply of the troop*. boapttal and officer* at Winchester. Ueat Virginia.lor six ui nths fro;n April . iSTttch lim<' " ,ke Comwieaary (A neral of Pabai?teace may dirict. /he Beet to la dellrered at Winchester, West > lrrinia. ob the order of tbeUouimtseary or ActIuk O^nmiNary of Saheisteare at >hat place The Beef to be of good and marketable inallty. In e<inal proportion of fore and bind quarter meat, I t>e< ka. ahar ka and kidney allow to he excluded ) The B<cka of tbe caule ilaiijhtxrwi under tki* agr>?ii.ent *Ka.l be cut e.T at t?e fourth vertebral j'lnr. and the ?.rea>.t trimmed down. 1 he ahanka of thefore.jnarteraahatl becut off from throu to lfiir inches above tb?' knee joint. *nd of hind 'irtar- 1 tera from eix lo eight inchea above tbe naniDrelor 1 h?? K joilit. Bidder* are restated to be preoent to respond to tbeir I'lda, and tie preparea to (ire bond* for I tbe fulfillment of their cuutr*ct I'ropo*M* mnnt b<> endorsed di'tinrtly " Propoaula for Vreab Beel,'' and a idre^B'-l to the under \ aifrned. who reserve* tbe. rinht to reject any or all bid* not to thointereet of the United Bfata*. Condition*, re<inirem?-nt?. payment*, Ac., as heretofore THUMAH Wli.aON. i B*t. Lieut. Ool. nndO 8 C 8. A , fe 21 ?t K vt Brig Gen. Vela. ( MAN IB*.? Propoeala will be received at the tiflice ol tbe atlitu^tou A i;eoruei>'*ri H^ll* ?oad_on;P?nt, ftif6 V?w Jaraey avenue, until | W?p??8liAY. tbe 27tb inatant. fer all the MANl KE from tie St-tb'e* of ilit- OoBtpany <onti4ct>d with tbe Central tiepot. Bida will ataie tbe piicw per mooth. For further Information apjh to JOHN B tA V KB, Superintendent. fe 21 td B1BP ANl) YBQBTABLBd. Haw DKi ARMjiST, I 1 Furta* and C'otktng, YeO 14,1M7.\ bi-aiwd proposals, eml Te-d . Proposal* for Frtab Koef and Vegetnr>ie?," will he received at tbla Bureau until 1 o < lo< k p, m . on the .7(h day of ?ebrnary 1^7 for thesupply of > > Oun pour>*x of KBkMI MEK r end S5.?U> pouuda of fBEBU \KfaKTABLKS. at the WAnHlNOTON. O. 0., NAVY YaBI> AN 0 AT ATION, a* repaired. Tbe Beet and Vegtlabie* nuat bo of ^oo<l <taalit) , and the be*t lb market afford*, aud ea ii article inork be Hero.i tor br the pvoul. The Beef to be it- e^ual proportiona. lore au l bind juarlera j Br.nda aitb approved reonrity. will b# re<i>ifred In <>ne half the eHttritiito<l amount of the contract, and iw-nty percent in ndddioa ?ill he withheld fn?m tne am >nat of each puymeut to be male, a* cul ateial aeeurity tor the dun performance of tbe coi.tract, which will on no account be paid until it ia felly coat plied wltb. Every offer made must be *oco?np>inied by a written guaranty, aimed by one or more reaaon per*"tn. that the iddder or bidder* will. If bia or tbeir bid be accepted, enter into au obligation within five daya. wltn jrood and autticieut enretiea, to furaiah the article* propped. .No pritpf.iat mill be r??\idrmt unless Hccumpanittl bt >wh , varan: y. amii l/y -? t\fac:trry ecflenct I kit in' bidder t< a tegular deiltr m tk< nriiclt* pra ptj-'djor, and ka* tkr l\itn*e rtquired by act oj tontr-tf. Tbe I>epartm?nt re*erv?* the rlrrht to reject any proposal not couaidered advantageuu* to tbe Uovemtaent. It i* to be underatoad that In caae the *tlpulate4 quantity of aitber article sbull u deli\erad, leavi*g a balance due on tbe o^ier article, tno contract hih/be con^Her^d as cTlbipleted in full, at tte option of the Popartipent. ja 15 l't IJ BRIDGE. Chief of Bnrean. Proposals yob a km* tbanspoktation . Qi"Artkrvia*trr Gknkk*l'* Officr, i W asbidston. o. C.. January 16, idrJ7.\ Sealed Prop eal* will be received at thl? yrlice i nnili i^uxlock m.. on the a?th of F<*brnary, 1847, for tbe tratiaporiation of Xlli;ar> Snj plioa durlriK the jear ci mmeucinjc April 1, l?>7, ^nd ending March 31,18t>d.on tbe following route*: - - BOUTB No. 1. From Fort cPberM>o Nebraska Terrltorv. or ant I. iart* *a mar be o?teraitbe? upon during the >ear on the Ooiaba braacli of t>>e Uuioa i'acltlc mil road, w?at ol Ion Hcfheriua or from fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to ?ucb po^t* or dePJ'ta at; ? ? no* or may lea eataklUhed in tha Territy o> Kebra-ka. weal of loBgitnda I<<2 deg , in the Ter.itory ot Montana, eo itn of lititudeio deg. In tbe Territory ?,t Usksta west ot longitude lOt deg , in the Territory of Idaho, a nrtj of latitude n deg and east ot longitude m de? . and in 1 the Territories, of Ctah ar.d Color ad north of latitude 40 deg , including If ceceuary, Denver ' _ BOrTE N . 2 Yr< m Fcrt Bl'ey. fctate of Kan;aa, or ancb 1 pointa as may be determined up< nduriag the >?ar 1 on the Cr.Ion Pacific railroad. E D..t?ao> po>ta or depcH ihat are now or nisy be eatabiitbe.l in the State ot Kansas ?r in the Teriltory ef Colora' do. aoutb of latitude todegreei uortn, and to Fort 1 I nion. bow Mexico, or other depot that may be 1 deaigaated in that Territory, and to any other foint er pr ists on the ronte. BOUTI No. 3. Fro? Fort UdIob or anch other depot a* my be ' established In the Territory of Hew Mexico, to any post* or atatlone that are, or may he e*tnbllihed in that Teriltory, and to *acb post* orata- 1 tioea a* mav b?> designated in the Territory of Arizona, and la tbe State of Tega* west of longitude lu6 deg. i BOUTB Mo, 4. i From Bt Paul. Misneaeta, to *nch poata a are ' sow or may be tatahilPheb in the Mate of Minna- I aota. and la that portion ef Dakota Territory lying e?at of tbe Miaaonrl river 1 he weight to b?(transported daring the year ' will not exceed cn Bonie No 1. Su.'Mi otw pounda : on Boute No. 2. 2u^sjW 0uo pounds . ou lioute No t. h.itKi uu> ponnda, and on Bt/nte Bo. 4, 3,floo umu pound a. Proposal* will be made far each route aaparetely. | Bid.lera will state the rate per ion ponnJa per i lOo u.liea, at which tksi will transport the stores i In each aaoutb of the >ear, beginning April 1, i l#C7. an ) ending March SI. 18*8. Bidders should give their nao>?e in full, aa well . as tbelrl piaces of resideace, and eacii proposal ab< n Id l>e aceompanle l by a bond In tbe aaaa ef ten thouaai d flu,0oi) dollara. signed by two or i more responsible persona, guaranteeing that in ca-e a contract is awarded for the route mentioned la the propoaal to tne party proposing the i Contract will be accepted ami entered Into, arid good and *nfl:cleut a?cnrlty furnished by eatd party in aocerdance with the ternaof tblaadver- i tlrenn nt. Tb? cvntrnctor will be reqalredto give bond* In tbe following amonata: On Boute Ho. 1, $2*>,W0 On ltonte Ho. 2, 2W,n<?. Oo B'ate No 3, !? (*) . . . On Boute Mo 4. rotao , Satla'actorv evldeno* of the loyalty and aolvency ot each bidder and peraon offered aa eeonrIt* will be roqulred. Propoaal* mu?t bo eadorsed M Propoeala for Army Traoapertation on Boot* Ho l,J,S,or4," a- tire caae mav ba and none will be entertained nnleea tbsy fully comply wltb tbe retirement* ot this advrrtie* ment. The party to whom an award i* made an*t be ' prepared to exeea'e the contract at ouoe, and to give the re.juire.1 bond* for tbe faithful performance of tbe contract

i Tbe right to reject any or all bid* that may ba Offered I* reserved Tbe contractor* o?i each route moat be In rendinesa for service by the l*t day of A-nril. 1<V>7, and will be repaired to have a place of baaioeee or agency at wblcb be may_be communicated with I p. ampily and readily tor Boute Mo 1. at Onaal.*, i M. T.; for Berne No.S, at Fort R>ley. Bansaa; far , KonteNo 3 at F?rt Tnian.Hew Mexico;for Rente i No 4. ut Salat Paol, Minnesota, or at such other i point for each of tbe aeveral Bob ten aa may be Indicated a* the starting point of the route. Blank forma showing the cendltian* of tbe con tr*ct Is be entered into for each rontb can be bad on application at this office, or at tbe office of tba Qnartermaater at Hew York. Bhlat Lonla. Fert Leavenworth. Omaha. Santa Fe.aad Vort Snel ling, and muat aooompany aad baa part of tbe propoeal. By order of the Quartermaster General. ? ALEX ABBEB BMdS, . ,0 ^ Brevet Calonel aad Aadiataat Jal9*t Quartermaster. (J. 8, A. Ui;?iTi?* A?TKEfl!:!HEAi/a Ornca, I nmrAfSi^iV-giSSi'Sia ! FOB AH MY TB ANSPOBTATION. opening of tbe aropoaalg for i by advertisement I from tbi* office of .lannary IB, lst7 ia hereby exM??c*h, \?m. m ' 0f THL'"DAY, tbe 7th toy of By order of tbe Qnartermaater Oenaral _ ALBXaHDBB bliss. Brevet Oolonel and Aaaiatant Qnartermaater. D. 8 Army. fe23-td ^gagMriwwma ray,1 iKisa^; |b^otbeg?, jaad nwiwl^^ , r jti ? * a 4 {"??' , " { . .? ii* government sales. flUUgUEBB AT T CAM? AT ^ j'-?' '- ?" '_MV- HZ "; ??SS?JSJWBn-.. fifteen 4iT?frMi4M of Ml* Will be (ranted r?f7?tf^T^Vc=sL. (JOV ifiiin .XL* if-gHAiiiffu? ..^.'S.'Sll uH,.yfvISr&. T"! i7,rv Cbarleetoa. ? O.. on MOUtt. iKSk??^' commencing at 10 o'clock alaL """ *' ***' *{"> ' !Wo?t tout (Cannon*Oast Iron. About 74 Dtt U)M Btol Bb*ll Mm iilkABtMA. half li?w rtloibl* s?fi metal at'tKhiili^ About 100 l.n. Lamm #be? ' At* ut 16 ton* Scrap Wrou*htIron Ab*M ton* Scrap VrmJ|?Mr. Ac, ^5 *r' t," rifles, Ironed. M? Woeden <'b;u?t?, ironed About 7^0 Cavalry Sadeles, 7M Bridies, IJM Wei h * "<>* end A quantity ef other Leather PhiiS!?,i5rf ,ire Bn*lM'(bolu by A?"? About 1 ,.**) barrala Unserviceable Powder. Also, a lerge uuaatit* of other Property, con ltlliiK principally of Musket Appendages. Base, Hope, tupl. menu. Mt*cel laneous T -ol* Ac , Ac. Term* Cacb on the day ol sale, la United States currency. Ample time el lowed for tbe removal of Property .at tbe as plratioa ! which that not removed will revert to the Otteramil. By authority of Chief of Ordnance F. H PABKBB. Capt Ofinance and Bvt Major, II S. A , fe 9-sAmtd CoBBaudlii Charleetoa Arsenal. IMPOSTANT BALE OF GOVEBNMBNT YBSBEL. Depot OuaritrmaM^r's OJlce, i win v m Palttnwr,. M'i.. J\nuarv *?. ISF7 f Will bate Id at puoiic auction, at the port or Bal Ir?!n'wP.'-J! ?^.D wharf, East Baltimore,; on TBCBSDA^ II M . February 28. 18?7, the SUi'ABB BIDE WHEEL aTBAMBB COSMO PwLlTAB EP** 1-B*th, 2ti feet; breadth of beta. 91 leet depth ot hi.Id,'eat; cylinder, tO incbea, and 11 feet ttroke. A rara opportunity la afforded in tbe aala of thia Steamer u> pt r; ns dealrliig to purchase a really Brat cla?g vessel. She i< of 11 kLit ciraft. the engine and bollera are n most excellent tradition, and the boll perfectly aound ?aa strong. It la believed that far site and build the Cosmopolitan surpasses any ve**el hitherto offered by wovernmeat for sale at thla port Terms caab, in Government funds, on day of aale. Further particular* may be learned upon appll. rati, n to the uadersigixwi or to tbe Auctioneers, Me^ra. ADMON, THOMAS A GO.. No. 1**, B"Uth Churles street. By order of tbe Quarter master General. A 8. MM IS ALL, Captain and A Q. M ., 0. 8. AWl Wt Depot Quartermaster. (^OVEBNMENT BALB. ~~ _*?<l,Er0Fert' known as the "GOVEBNMENT TANNEk' AND STEAM SAW MILL,'' ?i*h seventy five acrea of land, near San Antonio. Teias Sealed Proposals, in duplicate, will be received up t" the 1st day of March, 1H7. for the purchase of aeventy-Ave acres ol Una. more <?r leea, together with the halloing* erected th-reon. and the appartenances appertaining, tbat ia to say ONB TANBEBY, Containing TWELVE bT?*NB LIMB VATS, F1K1Y TWO WOODEN V?TS, . v. r . . 2BV?? 8TONB POOLS, aid capable of tanning fifteen tboasaad hides per unnni 1>BE STEAM BAW-MILL, capable of aavring three thousand feet oi lumber daily OKB SMALL STONE BDILBIHG. The above property ia aitaatpd about two mllea ab ve San Antonio, on the Ban Antonio river, and ttw water is c?naucted to tbe establishment by a <>t bewn stone, laid in cament. jIrie land ??? purchased and Improvements made hy the l;ite ?o-calle<l Confederate ? >verkn.frnt, and are estimated to have coat flflOOuu in KO'd Therroperty has been aader lease for the vear 18fr.. at a monthly rent of $60t, payable in' ad vance A aeenre* tltl? in fee simple will ba given 11 the United States Government Proposals will be marked "Proposals f<>r Government Tannery and Saw Mill,' ana addressed t? ? ? J B. HINDOO, Bvt. Major Gen., Aaat Com. Barean B , T. and A. L . Galve*ton. Texas jail 3Tt legal, votIcesT ORPHAH8'CO0RT,Fkhki AKT 5.W?DTITUCI orCoi.rwiBia WiffliMTinGouktt, ro-?o?r.? la thucaae ol Moi ris Adier, administrator W. A., Ann <'iaik, di-ceatod, the a4uiiiitstrator W. A aforeaaid baa wltb tbe approbation of tbe rpbans' Court of Washington rt*>?nty aforeeald. appointed Saturday, tbe M day of March, lsV.for tbe final sottlement and ditiribnUon of tbe per norial estate of said deceased, and of the aas^ta iu band, as far an the same have been collected and turned iafo money; when and where all the creditors and hetre of said deceased are uotifitxl to attend, with their claims prupetly vcocbed, or they may otherwha by law be excluded from all beuefit In said de*****!>s M. tate: provided a ctfy of tbia order i*s published oace a week for t|r*eweeka in the IveniagBtar. previous to tbe sa?<i day. , . Teat:?J A3. B O BKIBNB, ?-w?w* Register ot Wllla. OBPUAN8' COCBT Feb. U. lM7.-OUTKjei op Columbia, Wash^stos Gou**t, T? t?u: In the case ot John K akan. udmlnistratoi of Patrick McNeil, deceased, the adouinistratn aforeeald haa. with the approbation of the Orphan*' Court of Washington County aforeeald, appointed Saturday, the 9th dav of Marcli, !8?7. foi the final settlement and distribution of the personal aa'ate of said deceased, and of the asset* in hand, as far as tbe same have been collected aa l turned into aiettey, when and where all the creditora and be its of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise bv law be excluded froa all benefit In aid deceased' estate Provided a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks la the Evening Star, previous to the said day. ' Teat?J AS B. B1BH B. fa lS lavBw* Beglater of W IHa. I <1118 18 TO OITE NOTICE, Tbat the aubeariA ber baa obtained from the Orphane' Court of Washington the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal eetate of William Barkhausea. late of tbe U. 8. Army, aeceased. All persona having claims against tbe aid deceased, are herebv warned to exhibit tbe same, with tbe voucher* thereof, to the subscriber, an or before tbe 29th day of January next; they may otherwise by law ba excluded from all benefit pf iftid mUU. Given ander my hand this 29th flay ?f January. IS67. . LOC1S KI BTZ. ' jaWl-lawlW* Admiai*t rater. LJ^ lA*\ Tted&a rf* Pa^Frics, Wasuix^tom. January 21. ld>>7 On the petition on WILulAM H. JOHNS(>N of BpringAel#, Masea hna^tt* prayins tor the extension of a p?t"fit gratrfe, 1 to hiru on tbe 7th day ef March lS-'>4, and patented in England tbe 21st day of April,lfaLS, ter an impiovet.eut in , tor seven years from the exptration of patent, which takes place oa the slat da> o( ftie'ordered tbat tbe said petUioa be heard at tbe Patent Office on Monday, tbe lAth day of April uext. at It o clock M.; and all porsons are notified to appear and show can*e. If any they have, why aaid petition oaght not to ba iraated. Persons opposing the exteuslon are re<jnlred to lie Im tbe Patent Office their ab.ectlons, specially se' forth in writiug, at least tir-nn days before the day of bearing: all testimony filed by either party to be usee at the said bearinc must be tak?n and transmitted in accordance with the ruloa of the ofIce. which will be furniahed ob application Depoaition* and other papers relied upon as teatimon* must be filed la the ? fllce "ctnty days be fore the day of hearing; tbe arguments, if any, aitbin un days after filing rbetas imonf. Ordered, also, that this aotice be pnbUahed In tbe Bepoblican and tha Intelligencer, Washington, D 0., and In the Bepuhllcau. Springfield Maaaarbn?ett?, OLce a we^k for three successive weeks; the first of said publications t? be at least sixty days previous to the day of hearing. ? T. C. THBAKEB. _ _ _ . Vemmlsnloner of Patents. P. B ?Editors of the above papers will please copy, aad send their bllla to the Patent Office with a paper containing thianotloe. fa 4-latr3w rpHI8 IB TO OXViB NOTICBT^bat theaabecrl A ber baa obtained from tbe Orphans' Court ol Washington County, in the District of Colnmbia. letters of administration oa the pnreonal estate ol Cornelias Donovan,late of the United BUt*s army, deceased. All penoas having claims against tbe said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with tbe vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on st before tbe xd day of February next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all beuefli of tu laid MttW). Given uuder a* hand this id day of February. 1ST. MBS. MABTHA B JOBDOH, fa ilawtw* Administratrix. PBOTBCTBD if1^>TALB'LBTTBBB PATTrisssmsr Ho. 1, la the effectual remedy fer Beiaxation, Fpermatborrboea, aad khaaatioa at the By stem. Trisssmsr Mo. I haa entirety superseded the naaseoaa aaa of Cope via, Cabaha, A a. Trteaemar Bo a la the Infallible remedy far all ssssrst. 3Sj&&tf&SteV3BHa 'Wholeeaie and retail by Dr BABBOW, Mo. IM 2ww2r?lMhSi **' ,\1 ACKEBEL AND COPTIBB. . Jaat received and for eale at an* ^harf, at tha raMo'Betanthrt. daU tf Bo. dBB Wliitfi air, bat^ B and r^1 JiSSS *KI AK iKi w .lii C*i5/ y I Tic I RAILROADS. j 1866 mnbTiiu BOUTS 1867 TO TH1 KOBTBWB8T. SOOTH. ABD SOUTH* n.ami .J*1***? SCHBDULBJ i'Se^^feOowe- Tem*" U' *"*' tr>lu w!l1 Waohlagtoa ...T ??.J? I Baltimore Hi !1 fcj n4?rtl0y?. with modern improvement*, aadsaving from four to twolre boor* in time over *r j other route. Two huadred at 1m eared to I ??Mri mm Ooatral B*? York Two Mtr Th)m to tk* Wtrt. I North BtafcAsa iasrs^.100"""" .J"?f^agereby tbls rout* ftoa Baltimore have * B"'?" .~eho>s hi tkli root* can bo prooared M tb? ofStreet aad PmmtI??rUavease, tboBotionnl Howl, where reliable iafar wtiss w|l] bt slfto at all tin *Mo*ofOn procuring tickets at tbla jfflce coo JJJ^ro ooroniiaodatioas la Sleeping Car* for EI .J. W ILK IBS. Ticket Agent. __ _ _ _ Washington, D 0. ">h&,i^'a?G~ *? ' 4.,,, 1 T,B?gii?La^yL',ii'4T;gr,?v^a8to" 2|VHD -- ? Wash mo to.* .Job. I, IM7. >?jm?EfTik-ir "* H,w Tork **** *PW *oBb. without change of ear*. ga?*i (axoopt Sunday) at 7.46 a. a. and [ pMa* TOBE.chaaglBg car* at Phlladell i^'a4*"' <**eopt Sunday) at 11:1# a m and - ' ' .JOB PHILADELPHIA. L*avs dally < except Sunday let 7 *4 and 11:IS a. m., and 490 and < so p m <?B SUNDAY. Leave for Bow Tork and Phllao Jphla at I ? p. m only. Sleeping oar* for Bow Tark on 4J0 p.m. train Through tickets to Philadelphia. New Tork or Boeton, can bo had at the station Office at all hours In th* day. at well a* at th* new office i'l the Backers and Brokers Telegraph Line, J4? Peon, avenue, *-?tweea ?th and 7th streets Bee Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertisement for achedal* between WaihlufUk, Baltimore, Anna polu, an<* the Weet J, L, WILSON. Master ot Transportation L M COLB General Ticket Agent 010 S BOONTZ, Agent. Washington, oc w-tt IJALTIMORS ABD OHIO RAILROAD, WaeuiMfcToN, Jen S, 19C7. .T.'iirrv^oVora^w.viiJi are now rna aa follow*, vi* _ FOB BALTIMORE <* * exempt Buu.iay. at 7 *?. 7 44 and 11.16 a m., and 2>0*, and 4 nud ? <io p m. _ FOR ALU WAV BTATiOftS ?^8 FOB .JA* STATIOB8WRTH OF ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION * Ul"0 p ?*** U<1 ' w at a.Oi and 4h t ' . TOE ANNAPOLIS Loaje at 7 As a n., and 4? p m Bo train* to or from Annapolif on Snndav OB el'AUif. FOli BALTIMORE. Leave at 7 44 a m.. an 1 JOo am 8 (JO p a. fob Wat staiiuns. L***?.**? 44 a.?., aii<? J 0u n im m. . ^T^b.all pabts of tub wear " "7. except Bandar, at 7.-45 a.m., and w w n. Ob Bandar at 8 00 p. m. only. ronneetl ng at Belay PhVier*bnr ^Ac"* Irom BalUtaore to Wh*oUi?<, IHIwSI flCKlTB to the Woet can be had at the ?Mhlntt"n Btatlon Ticket Office at all boar* lu the aay. aa well a*at the new office of the Banker* aad Broken*' Tol?-?rapa Lino, 34 9 Peun I arenne, between 6th and Tth atreeu. For Kew York, Poila laipbla. and Boston, soo ndvortlsemont of "Tbrooxh Line." J. L WTLSOB, Master of Transportation L. M. COLB. General Ticket Agent oc SB tf OBO.8 KOOBT7.. Agent WaTliIa.toa | HCDSON B1VBB AND HABLBM BAIL- i BOADf> ? On and alter MONDAY. Ni?, 1 IWo, trains for Albany and Trcx. coaueciina wltu " "h'rnnt.d Western train*, will leave Bow Ter* as lollowa : fca. m B*press train via Hndnon Blver Rati- i road. 3iith st and 10th av . thr-n?h to Ua T?li> and I hn?t>eii?l?n Bridge wiih<>ot ci.auv* of cars md connecting at Troy nithtraius (or 8?rat >ga, Ktttland. Bnrllngton and Montreal. lOn.m. Express aud Mall train via Bad*r>n B'ver Railroad, connecting at Al' an) with West- ' orn trains, and at Tr?.y with tr?in? f r Norm. llam Express traia via Harlem Btllmad, I 94th *t and stb av., conaocurg at Cbatbani with | * woetern Railroad for Lebanon Spring*. Pltut e d, Ac , at Albany ?Hb Wtiirrn trains ?l I at Troy wi'h train* tor Saratoga Batland.Barlingtou and Moi,treal. 3:44 p m Express train via Hnd<on R r. r Esilri?d connecting at Albany aim West -ru trauo, and at Trny with trains for M I.traa*- w.m s.eci ing car attached 4 16 p m Bxore** train ?l? Harlem Rallroal, co?nectit)gat Ot.atham with Western Ba ir..4 l f<.r Lebanon Spring*. Pltufield, *r ; at Amain Mito Weste. n trains. and at Troj w. th trains for Rotland. Bnrliftrton and Montreal. tUeepia? can attached at Albany 6 *i p id expreo* tMln Tin Hndson Rieer R?l|. r? ad. with ?1' eping cars atta^ i,ed, aud throu^n to Buflalo and 8o*^u-iou Bri lg- withoat ehanie f car*. Also, sleeping car ?i#rv d*y -\c-puud Saturday a attached trom B.-w Y?rk tbr-iugh 'o Ogdenal urg without dhange, v a Rome W. and O. B?1lro?o. Oornecttoe tor Trey will t>e ma4*. at East Albany This train will rtn on Bondays 11 p m Train via Unison River Ballrovi, with ! sleeping car attaebwl. connecting at Albauy with early trains f?r Befaln and Bn^penslon Bridge aud at Troy with trains for Saratoga and potuig NerthA Snaday train will he run via Unison Blrsr Ballroadfrom New York to Pongtikeep?i,> au<t i?. teruiediat^ stations leaving New York at 4 to a ' m. Betaruing, leave Pong*ikeep*ie at 1 tj p m arrl vinJt In N?-a-York at 6 1"> p rn Al?n.s Sunday train via H*rl-m Railroad . leav- . Ing 4td street at a. m , and arriving at Mjliert?n at s to p u. Beturnliig. leave Mllhrfon at s p m., arriving la Bew York at it.3 n WM. H. VAUssBttBILT __ja It Vice President. pK MOUNT VBBMON. Po'.omie F-rrv ^?wtri?y. 1 StrtmiA &:rret Wiuf. . 1F<i^Ain<f?'a, February 36, 1S<T.> ' The Steamer wWi leave the Company - W barf, foot ol 7th ftr^t, at lu o'clock. on ?r>^?^ THUB8DAT ? -- T aud 8ATI BOaT MOBN IBQ,March*?*HHMb Sd for MOUNT YEBXOB, Baturninp. the boat will arrive at :i p. in. Tare 91 AO, including adbUesion to the Mansioa. fa * 4t MTT.LTAM P COLT, President. SlkAMhB W iLouil'SMALL hOh THE EASTERN SHORE. OTICB?The Bt?sm? WIL*??B SMALL, CAPT B T. LEOMARP, now m -IF** ail reepects one ?f tbe stanncke-r.^^^VjlK^ n>o*t comfortabla and eiegant*HS|"^BM iteanier* plying en Oh?*aro*ke l;ay. will resume I h r r?>nte on BA 1 C BDA Y , M .rch 3d She leaves her tier opposite N > .70 Ligl t *tre*t wharf, I Baltimore evert TUESDAT. TH TRshaT, an i SATURDAY, at 9 p in . for J-A.-TUX ft 1ST, VOVBLK MILLS, OX rOKD fLOJiA'S t>OJN?, WA LL <CH S WHARF. CA HEBTUti E. H 07HikTTS tVHARP, CABIX r-RKKK. HE/) ' FfibD'S WHARF,*** LLOYD'S LAS'UING. \ Returning from TBB BASTKBN 8U<iRK,?h? I leavoe Lloyd's Landing at 1 p ai , Cambriige at 4 p m., and Boston Point at 8 p m .? very M<Hsdat. Wedeesdav and Friday,touching at all interme Slat* laadlng*. aad reaching Baltimore at Sam. I on the following morniaga. She has a large number of fine state rooms. giioaao* n TO TRAVELLBB8 00LBQ SODTli. TWICB BAIbTt(Sunday p. a. excepted.) Tbe qalokeet aad moot direct route to Blehnsood, a .and the South, via the Poton.*. <i n . ?non from Sixth Btroet Wharf-^^^BBK? hlngtoa. to Aauia Creek asd^MB^MI Richmond, Froderlokobarg and Potomac Bailruad, aow entirely eosapleted from Aquia Creek to Rich mond.Ya. coaaecting there with trains on the Blch* mond and Petarebarg aad BIcEmond and Don vlUo i Bai.roads, for PoUroburg. Weldon, WQaUagtoa. Baleigh, Greensboro', Salisbury, Charlotte aa? C Stesmers K?riort aad 0 YanderhHt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sunday evealag oaooptod) at 1.2^ a. a. aad 7 p a. aad ardto la Biohaoad at 1.48 p. a. aad 3 a a a. TBROUOH TO BICHMOBD IB SBTBB HOUBS. Fifty Miles Shorter aad Hour* Qulckar thaa Mlkar ftkOUtA. Ba tare aad got Through Tlcksa Jla A outs Creek aad Frederlckoburg, ts Bhtmoad, M tte Compaay s 00oe, comer ot Penna. avenue and 4th street, or oaaoard of the boats. Baggnge ohoefeod Omnlbasoes aad Bnggag* b* ?* readiness to oonvey pa^ngoa aud .baggage ba* tween depots la Richmond. ...... Passongere by this lino poos by daylight Mouat Yernoa. and mag have aa opaortunUy of visiting Koral Uttl* fields near Fredericksburg hp atopg at Chat point. . 9aSptiATTiVOLr*Jap4, D ?* a. BTMATTIBOLY, Tlck.t iljn^ apt-ly CaaohsJ Pesssagsr Agont^ POTOMAC TBAH8PORTATI0B LINE. * B0T1CB TO SMIPPBBB. SSiSS1 fiErava^Si fc'SSM . Plusy Point, Point Lookout, aad arftvee at Bal?: ' ? 'l ^ n ; ? 4 ? * ? ill* f|., 1? A tl L I k . ^.* ? o M ' - h * i ?V ia Uka fa RAILROADS. BEaDIBG BAlLBOAB~ ^ir.^r^?rsr3S MOBBING AOCOBMOPATIOB8 ?.t?o2* " * *? ? ?U ibUrmM,!!* ..vasawTr.wr ? ?? BOBBIBB EXPBim fmuVu;."^o Sr^11 V^,T Jdtefw lisaMort. STplfr M JfU.. Alleato*B. WritMhirrt, |T;tut n *I?j" CylUlo, Ckut.rtk.riIrk*li?a irM cMiNti a< BBalI.Nw altCta. F?CliJI?iW? laaairoau train* far allaBLo-.! oiad with tba MlMi>a Vailaj Irata f#r nj/J? ' Ac ; at POBT OLlBluS wUb u.iiY.lL EBlIYoad traloa tar ?tlliaii?tart. Ui't*.'* kalra. Ac . at HABBISblVvi wlifcVlJE?* ? Btral, Cumberland * allay. ado t*i 'irikin ?1< BuiuwkiiM train. f?,r Burttun?barlV!| llaaitaycrt, iark Chwriit>er?k.rg Ptoagrcva' A.1' . AFTBEBOOB EX fBEbs ?,?!?. PM'*d''Ir?1' ? * ? 9 ni for B*?diM PctUvffla, barrub'TC Ac , oonaocttuc w??r bU?*!? * Oo???W? B?wn?4 train. CorUolu!^ ' BBAPIBG APCOMBoPATIOB be?.?* nlMl a., iiDMi q. al -i| ttatioua. arrive* lu Pni ode plla wt?oL a 1 M Betnrntsie, leave* Philadelphia at a J?J d m a.'fiT?* ID Ca<?lBg at 7 r a m p- " 1 raiaa M?r PhltMeipkla i*ar? Harrt*'.arg at S in a aa.. aa<1 Pott>illi? ai lu a a arntli* iV> 1 bna-lelpbi* ?t ? i? 9 m Alt rooon train.TJLl. Htniibarg atl 1< p iu. aau Poiutiii# At * . al at 6 at p m * ? ? 5* *L """ 'otlon !?<tn Beadina at j 7 .? a in , aa<t Harn.tqrg at 4 10 a m Co .rti JtV*!"' Aftemo?a Ac ->innj n KXi.L,** 9 ? 1'kiladelphU M llftfkv( Train. with % bbm^nfaf ? ? _ . . Ie*vt? PtiUad* ipbla at 12 4 uoou for : all ?.) itaticd , JeaiE b/JS||*I!f ST!aS5SBlir? w&^tfta'Ltfa ^!^;;^.vB,.rv.vT?Y^!v.::na^;vsr^ Pbiiao?ipaiaail 16 r m . i*?*. ?'?.iiadai, ia ? ; at 0 a. Bi . l?turi?B* lr?Oi braJiLg at 4 ",' GREt-TEB VALLEY RAILB'>AP r HUM #' r* II I I'OWI 1 BtfTow r. ai (1 Inl.rmJUi. point* t.k. ,be 7? a.,3 8 1*. ? LVila^ai*!! tiaioafroBi Pbila4*i?bia.rf.tDrnlQC froBi'Dow? iDftuwa at 7 am. aid b?k.o i^?b I ?Obk BXPai.S? foB PITTT^BDBon AM> 1H* H?8T 0H ! . ?TW5.Bew Vorkat.- ay a. Bi M<11 a m IriK KaaJh g at 1 a6, II LS m oi aud i J? J ***, e. !,' a tiii? at H arrULui k ? 111> pr a>iU*?i. 1 ' 4 4VBDd,|U.MB. ?. bd. II ? p m afr,?, "?ftt hew T? rlt lu a m , and I a', a in ?ii * * a<ycn>paii)li.|( tfcf-a tralaa th'au.k 5*r# \z;i Si, ssi bomnlkill valley bailbuad Tiaina l?a*c IViferilla at 7. || ? . Vld P Ui . rnarDiBK Ir?-U4 laiu^sa at 7 ? a m 2' aau a 14 p. lu. ** a m , and M.liVYLBlLL ABiP^SrsyDBBABBA B1ILAubnru at 7 SOa tn for aN A11^ JU-rriaturg. anJ ,.t l an i ui i r *?,. ? ' ?'? "tir",,"r ,r"?' ? ?rn*ars ?TsZ p.m." m I' nu'u, ? 7?i a. m ?Cl j.i | ?' . ? . FBKIOHT G?>od? pfall daacrli tiuua forward-d to all th* BI OTr M IbtB frctt tLe f. i, p,D, , N.J y, , V? Bread and illo* strata ?*?*BM -VI1 t**1 TKA1N3 ad *r ? S'Kitjf1^,3?? m?* "???<? Pott.Tllla. Bit poiui.uTjool' < lo*?-at the PbfUdBip il! Poat Offlc* for alt ?>acM'-a. tk* r Bd an i iu braucbe. ?iV- * **a jy*tf ,nBCl'*1 it*t?uoa onii ai i.J: f la> * wMtb la rea, .ed oir?-. (| > t, tfc.rar* "( Ba 11? a > Tt)-?-.^therJbr*t1?N BCSfATB-Thf Market Btr?>t Front and Markat atrert. ?, ^ll4ul b^L? d.partnr-af e?< h iraiu b?-larc tba MAhMD BAOO\ttk B.VPBRSt! will call f, *D i Oe.prcr ba^kraf at ilje Mrdara li? I :i%h:fr'a9mok"t'""'?~'< r^ei?; Mall Train 7V""" L"1' Ftt: ^oH Arcomy N.>a I A t.'1?."? a ?~AH * b 2' Lliia md Brie Ixprtu in . . i I E*rkaw.r?*ra,a.... llnrilaburK A<< viiu.o-a'iou . a- ? ?? ? m' L>ai.CMter Accobiu ?ia: d . lt ! * ?'{ulfr,il: mbmKne .? J,?;j K. UadHphia Bxpn-?? 4,1 I'lUI. T.^Pff t) M?t. Tf ralL, tfa. f/? U'.lll ^ - flHBB . cf.-rsv, i'.s v'?,T.r?iv.?. oV.Sf -a M?. Bin, Oar T.rket* ki ba? Bllr?M ? *U tlir 1 ickat Ofht . bS t ChNtliltilrfM TV*tit- Arrive i' Or r.. . ParkVlSTrV'Trtfti"' " l 3 ? a wi . A r 16 a u. Da. ^ S 2* pvr?rl''U!icoaorao>iat:c>a at 8Mb th *? otk., PaaacDRarB l*a?ia/Lo k Ha**a it 7 a m a n ?' ?' 'iMjIuaU BailroaJ Coaaatii will n .? FISV&X****! WairK rr,rsfe.^ JOHB,rT AlVVw '^*?ui ppl' 10 nut ?r^*t ALLk*. Tickat A<eut. 631 Ch#at. Dr^t BL H< WALLACB. Tiekai A?aat at the BDAada*,lIOB4,,T TE41* r"# ??? ?* F?r tall[partlcalara -a to far?? aod arfw.^. tioa* arply to FBAycis pr w K, UTDaeTS /-EHTBAL BAILBOAD OF KBV JBB8BF? y. Fieljtht D?fv.t lo B?W Tork of lithffty Ooni#ctc at ? ?';"(f',onK"'t' Jj" D La< kaw .nna and T 1^1 k ,i %C ^*th tb. Lohijch T Ua? kaur^ad *i.U na ?M.a?ctiwaa, f#n:,io? % 2S3?"5f?? rilUkar' ^ ^ Wmt | ALLBWTOWK LIBB TO THB \VBgT. Two Fir t*?? Train. Cailfforth. \T.^t, excera 8<inda>a, mh?.n < n?? TraiBtn tna oT*atui Pl throo boar. ?ar?^l bf thla lind ^ Chicago. Cin. laaatt. s?t. L??ai., Ac., wttu bat oua cLblhj of car.. _ HIBTBB ABBABOBVBNTs, ???*7C,tt| '.*5*7?Laa.t Baw York aa nf \ A ?M ~For B'thMi-ta, Ma-.cta tUtauiap rt, Wilkaal>artf, kU^a *:1<) A M M*IL Tita *?For PlaaiiMCkon. Baa!l "j n1.*! M iikouarre, Grant Bfiid. Pittabura, Hiii?ba. >roi?. A?. . 9 E. M ? WaaLra *\?rr? for ta-tou, AllenJowd, Ilarrtst ?ig P;tr?bar ?. ai l tb * est, ? iUl tut or e (basse < f car. to Cfiailaitati ar Oblcac . BW.1 bnt two rhanr~ to St L?ata V nn-ct* at Varrubarc witli Br rtheta <). ntrai and Pktlalal|Lia and Brin Kowila, tor Bria aad tba Oil Bagiona. vT?i *.~For,*,"l.4>n Alleotawn, M?nrh huuk. VM.ktaba; re, Kcadtug, PotUvlUa, Harrta* t ore, fc. c^M.-Fof Baat a. BatUlekam, aod Maack ? P M.?For BomarvlIU aakd Kle?iact?a. ? P M -For Baaaoa heaUtua. HanlaburA. Wlli I i am f port. Irriaetou. CorrrTarla. Ac. blaaatBA car frotB Naw York to Witliamapart. P. ? F?r hwaierrllle I W P. M.? For f > ?-*!lie. 8PM -Waitrai Biraia Titm -For Baaton, Allrpicwu, BwadlDg. Mann- nr*. Pitlaburg, and thr Weat 8l?*aptoc cara through troa Jrraey City to Pittali'irg ?-*i-ry eveD.r.g. AadiBotial traliia are run t* Bargan Polot. I Elizabeth Ac. I Tt<k?t<forttia Weat ras ba obtaiaad at tAe oBoo ' ef the Central Ballr ad of Bew Jrtai>r. foot oI Liberty etreot. Bortn Bo. 1 A?tor Vooaa. Boa. SS*. '-11. *36 ttroadway, and at Bo IB Greenwich ?T*et jaII JQ81AB O BTB' EB8.Ba??TlDUodBnt a IVEW YOBh AMP BEW U AVBB BAILBOAD. 1^ A aa.angar Btotion in Baw l wk, coruar 27aO ' atraat and Fourth av.Lut TBA1BS LEAVE BBW YOBE For Bew Ua.aaaod foldfepurt?1,8 ?Ek LUJO a. ni., 1S.II (Ex.),SiB* ), 3M, 6.30, aod SiExJ. *Tc>t Mllford, fHratf^rd, FalrfeH, B^nthaort, and SO a m . 3 t? aud ?i r m For Norwalk? 7, ? ? , llAVa. m ; lJUtBa ), S (Ei.i.l ft" a ku ? ? . and bi Ex.ip. a>. ForDorltu aul GierD?ich? 7. y 30, 11 JO* a * 3 ro. a 5 * atwl 6 *_a m. For Btamford-T.B it?M? 11 Ma in : 1>19 <Ex.t.3<B? >? ?,4 W.kJi.dJi aod?(B.?? .' Por Port Ohaakar aad lataraaodtala Matt' aa?7, 9 Jk, UJO a.k ;3H< 4-*w. * *- ?.?. aa4 7 ?. at. CONBECTIBO TBA IKS. Far Boatoo via 8priogkeid?? a. m , iBi.i1 >< (Ex.,> Por Buatoo tU Bboco I?iaa?U 13, 'Vor bwrtR'rd aad 8prlngfleld-8, (t*.,) II V m : I, (Bx ,) ?. ?" . For Ooiicfx t tent Bivar Bat I road?8 a. .. ( Ex.,) U at a to oatraal #?a.w Bartbaaiaaoa. jar Hartfard. Prvrldoaca aad PlabAiU B. E.^fwiaw Btri"' **w Londan and Stoat agtoa iuiifi r,^"p - M ^or Oanal Baliraai p. m. U Borthaiap' *VoVpaabary wad Borwaik B B.-f, f 30 a. *2J ?