Newspaper of Evening Star, February 28, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 28, 1867 Page 1
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/ # : ? ? ? i i i _ V . XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C., THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 28. 1867. N?. 4,361. | "the evening star PUBLISHED DAILY,(SUNDAY IXCBPTID) AT THE ?TA* BTTLDllfll, Scutktrst -omer rtm?' . ?<*? ? and 11U strut, BY W. V>. WALLA O H. The HTARii (?rv?d by tae carrtwre to their subscribers In the City and District at T?* t ru wuk. Copies at t&? co?nter,w?Ut r without wrappers. Two Cbbti each. Paics roa M aili*?v?Tbree months, On* DoUcr end F\fty Cent*; ?t* months, TKrtt D<4Urt, one year, Fir* Dollnrt. No paper* eat from 'he oBm longer 'nan paid (or. ThfWEEKLY i?T AK?polished on Fridfty morning? Ont DnUar and a gay a Ttar. DENTISTRY. DB7LSWli'8~D~EMTAL AsStfCtATlOB, Ho. W>o fKNB'A aT? , Between nth and Uth a?Teets. &th eitracte* withou* h>* by ue Ui)il? *r Laughing Gas. Dr.^-wm^ LlVlt bM recently pnrchaaad tbs be?t^JS3 Chemical Apparatus in the country for auD making pM?|u?w) day; tbo,mi Improved V*1 valar Ir tiaier Tb? Association 1* now prepared to wakr T*tth op Gold Silver and Bubber at Mew )?rk Piniadelptile and Button arieas Alt per on* ewbiB* dental worklon? can m id the above named dti-i AM work doae la the and bwt niHu?r. aed wuruM to give ??tnf?ctioi. P?racna will do well to call avid mhi'd* our wnrk. de 34 tf *T* I I T b ^ 1 II LOOMtt,? O., iaTHMr arid Patentee of the IllBBib PLATE TBETH, attonda personally >1/^^ hisoAcetn thta ctt|. Mauy persons cuMH wear th??e teeth who cannot * ear others, * ' ad^ao p?raon can wsar other* who saneet wear Pers? ns calling at my office can t>? aocomiwode led with any style and price of Teeth they <aay de Ira, bat to Uteee who are particular. and wlvh tba purest, cleanest, strongest and Boat perfect den tor a that art can procure. the E IN S BAL TBBTB will be Bore rally warranted. Boom* In this city?No SS* Fean'n avenue. be twaen 9th and 1Mb its Alto, 907 Arch afreet, Philadelphia of W It PERSONAL. \~U CAB &EVKB MAKE THE TRIP on Ba chu or >*rnarrtan bumtngs See Dr D\BBV, 4H'J 7th street He 1? tbe blgneet authority ?ti ?uch cmm. bis private room* are opsins Uod Fallows Hall jaZViin* f~ > BE V K N T ION BETTBB TH&M OCllK French preventives against t ml prea nancy i when ia oo<!e vaM* e-nt to aar ad dr? a-> at 8 i #5. ami $7 ?er lo/en according to quality, by I'r WUUi? Bo* <ai, er call at 4** <th aires-'. < op si airs.) W whingtua. l>. C. ja-'H-itn* Mtis lUBTU lkVlBO, ClafvwfsiK, an i T*?t iWtdiam. snill jiitre li;e reatliugs, including Paat, Preaeut ai.d Future at her ulfcce, 4*dO, n^rtb aide of Pa a v., betaeau 4>, and ?tb streets Oifice hours from 9 to 2 a. m. and i to 9 o. m. ja 24 2tu* Ab Mil Bl< B, MAk BtHBNTiriO ASTKULuUlK OF &MHB10A, Pron. the pi'sitiwu ana aspect of U'e Btara at the time oT ud<> - birth wt|J reveal ,utmistiiug ae erets that no I: ri ng mortal ever knew before, haw to he aticresMtil in .11 reportable nncertakings He tall* same and vary dtty you marrv; descrihea the inter iir?i cun t >iuu&. aud t> lts ail events of ltie.good laik ?no loug lif- to visitor*. Ladies M cetita lo Si Kei.tlt-iieu lu fall |1. Otil at 4 7 0 l]ih ?t near r. all boara until * in the etaalag de Si Tm [ Cl>SFlDbSTlAL ? Youug mm who have Injured tiemaelvra ?y certain aecret habita, which nnflt th-m for business, pleasure, or the aattaacf married ilf?<: al*o. middle aged and old eD. who. trom the folliea of yr>ut)i. or other Cannes, teel a debility in advance of their yeara. before placli g themselves nud-r the treatment of any one. should flrat read "The Secret friend." Marr ed Udfe* wi il learn omething ?f Importance by perusing "The Secret Friend." denttoany address, In a eale>l enveloa* ert r?reipt of B cents. Andrew Dr.CUAB A STUABT A OO Ho-ton. Maes no s ly CLOTHING, Ao. FJ. H Bi-BXBGEb, . r Baccaaaor to H V. London ft Co., a^ VJTILEX'S AHD MILITARY ^f| MERCHANT TAILOR, 1m Metrexmtan Bote 1 lata Brown's, *W . ^ 36'J Pennsylvania avaana, 1 7 1-?f Washington, P. 0. ^ K. BBUVNAiX. K. J. fcJJlTHKBS. BBOWNI A SMITHBB3. \s Afil^OTuB. D. 0 , ATTORNEYS AS I) Cit CASK LLORS AT LAW. AM) MtLlClTOB.H POKTHK BUBBAL BBft OBB*. tBCBUMEN. AND _ ABABDONBD LANDS. ^OPlce So. 4 7b 8?*enlh at real, opposite the Poet "Bice. la 2 -ly i klTO ViLeSNs PIANOS AND OARHibT U A HBBl>MAM'9 PABLO* OBOAJIdT All will And H greatly to their Interest? If naa ine ttie-e-uperb lnetrnmenta be-|*3lH fore porcha.-ing any other. ?lI *T I Oni; geij'-y at OKoBGI L. WILD M RBO "S Feu Piajio Forte and Organ War^-roo-a. ?.?. 497 Utb street between Panu 'a a- rsu? and B -tre<-t A select ass> rtment of new a' e second bartd lnatrnwents, Inclnding a OHCRCH OBCSAN, for sale at lowest factory pri? es and on easy terms llMXi and BBPAIB1HO fbttbfnllyaxecntad no U Sni" ^ IC KIT D I B B A 8 1 8.~ iamaritiU'i Birr: sAMARiTAira aim TBB MOST CBKTAlb KEMBDf BVBB USBD "Ye*, A Poimtjv* Cran," fer BOSUHRU&A, trL&KT, aTMICIURKU. 4? Contain a no Mineral, no Balaam, no Mercury. On.y Tm fill* to lUasa le Aita a t'wve. Tbcy are eaUtelj Tegetano narlug no mi.11 BO, ani aiip.eaaajl taate, and will not In any way Lamfe the stomach er bowels of the nioat delicato. Onree\u from tsev to fanr aays, and lucent case* In "twenty font bonra " Prepared by a gradnatc of the I ui vei.i ty of PenusrlTanla. eneof the no? amlneui lx>cfc*e and Cbaimsle of toe prsseat day, me txrMMrft, a? troubi*. nu (Ass(i ??Mtt"ir. Let iktM who have dee paired of gaitiiui oarad.ot sr c"?.ssfivs9?fflv?r Beat by mail lu a plain envelope. Pttoa-Male packages. >l Bsmate, fl. BLOOD/ BLOOD 11 BLOOD nt 8UBOFCLA. DLCBBS, BOBES. BP0T9, BABABITAira BOOT AMD JUM JUtOB la offered the nnbllfl as a poaltl ve on re BVPLlLlt? OB VKNABAAL IHSJLASfta. ta* bamakiian s boot amj> ubbb Juicl'irl noet potasit. certain and etfectuai remedy ever sre pen bedIt reaobee and eradicates tTarj particle of tba veuereal poison so (hat the carats thoroanb and permanent. Take, then, of this parlfylnady and be healed .and do uot transmit It to yoni poster ?y that lot arbtab run may rsput la afla* r " If) HOT PUPAIII AHhoagh yon may pe pr wjobcm inenrania BAMA BIT AN % BOOT AMD HJtBB JLTcia every rjstlge ef Impnritlea from Us ayateni as weUas all the bad effect* of ilar^ore FIMJLLhd! FKMALBsii ' An rs- r afleciKns with wnictr nntnoerv nf e. sale* =ufl?r tbe BOoT AJrUUIt-Bb juTuns bavplly adapted, ia Cloaratad Uterus la L*nc^ rboea. In hearing down, iWllng of the Womb.^a biUty.aud tor all corn plain ta incident to the aa* ant *?y sapresa. Price $1 a par bottto BAM A Bi TAN'S WASH ??uFull dlrecttone Price JS cents The eitracy of tbeea remedies Is allks acknewi V patients They are naed la the U B. Hospitala. WHAT TMB aUKGBUNX 8AV OF TBB 8 AM AB ITAN'S BCMCDIB8 DA"AM **Fost Bo-rjral. fo*r Maihuu, Baltls&ora, Bd . Ve# MJ. uKs ?'" 1 bate great saiiefactlaa in tfi^itsrs2iss%i? attsciB*Uo?s aramatly and affaetnally. Kaowini their sompoalUvn, 1 have the fnUeet contdence to their efflcacjr, and as far assay sseof tham eztonte, I reaonusend tbsa stronaly, "ALFBBB 0. BOW BBS. "AiMmant jwm,Mb H. *. F0la. old by 8. C. FOBL, earner Ilth street and Fann* sylvenie aveaua, Vastuigtotj BEN UT OOoS 'Baan.aMs. black, waarn. l*mos. c. v. blacc LAW OiriCB. ?.?.*cg. BliACJB^fcAMOTI A CO., Osnasellers ana Attaws*ya at-Law in the Bnnrmaa the United Btaies. the Court of Claims the Courts of the Plat riot, ihe Baaaatlrs Dea.% ^rsin *[** """"" "?j.uu*}1I a?? . At^LlBT, ma,tP**Cri l>RE$sm, Slid Xatrest. between lgcn and lath at*. Malr-Or^aac. af tbe sal-braBed Baclsl, with Nov he arrived In-thla gantry has new been eatabrished f?r tne lasd Staht years in Waabingtoa and Newport. eaT ^."atbe p*'ruua*??wf tuer.iejn ^irS^nWvif, ^c4 el tbe hlghrst suctati. Ue ha* tba b. nor to aaloulv e that be Una IM? season imported tbe latoat laabtoas af hair Jre?aiOf, aad aEvnemadeg, and everythiaa tb*t betonga tT^e IreSTPTClr t very reaeaaat le pWcss. tafte* 4 ^ 0a^^VIJtA^ ^"VoFFICI. 480 Be. 4-B l? hstraet. woo door below Fa. are.. tl? *041 to loaa >?b Oojd and 811 ear WATCHES SWS'iitnJlsSffi?- is 9 OpWcsfnesp strictly ritaftdmrtal.^jm \|'M. BBARB A OO 'B FTABOf, " _ PBIBC'E A OO m aVIaMV A*B BtjMIl -Tiir r~ f,o"i"i!on nlM" ' #n Vf 4 ' 81 1b 1 I carriages. ^?D?1W J . JOYOlft CO., CABBIAGB MANUPACTUBBBS, OB. 477 ABO 479 rOGlTltNTl BI1I1T, ar d fashionable styles 10 hs cowylstod tit? at in i?rlr day. kaveon kead a Urn assortment af LIGHT PAMILY 0ABBIAGB8, flhb top and mo tbp buggies, dbabbobbe wagobs, BOOKAWAIB, Ac. Desirousof maintaining the high standard which our work has held for many year*. we contiueour business exclusively to OABBIAGES of oar own manufacture. and of Tti? ttmt sla?? *111/, an4 ad vl*e oar patrona and the public that we offer bo Inferior aale work, BEPAlRlNOmada ft speciality. fe la eolm ANDBEW J. JOYCE A CO bankers. JAY COOKE ACO., BASKlIf, nrtttnik Strut, err*>*t$ lVMMry, Unycud sel 'ourrent murk at rates, mnd keep distantly on bftnd, ft fall supply of ?U GOVBBNMBNT BONDS, SEVBN-THIBT1B8, AND OOMPOUNB INTEREST NOTBU Orders far STOCKS. BONDS, Ae . executed, and Collections made oa all accessible points. ae 1 tf JgAHBOW it CO., BAMKIBB, Corner Louisiana avenue and Beventh reet, DIALXBS IN VOYE&NMENT SECURITIES, SOLD AND SlLYBB jy t-tf AND LAND WARBANTB First National Bank of Washington. b D. COOKE, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President W*. 8. HUNTINGTON, Caskler. GOVERNMENT DBPOSITOBY AND PIN AN CIA L AGBNT Off THB DH1TBD BTATBB, l?u sirsdi, oppo.'it* U< Trtatum Dtrartmrru. Ootemisal Securities with Treasurer United States WTONE MILLION DOLLARS * e bur and sell all ctaeaes of OOVERNMEN1 SECURITIES it current market ratea. PURNISH EXCHANGE ani mike Cbile&iont cm ALL THE PUJNCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers on tbe y.OST FA VORABl.E TEHMS, and five careful mi prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN mmd FIRMS. and to anf other business entrusted to ns. PULL INFORMATION In regard to GOYBBBMBhT LOANS at all tlmee cheerfully furnlabed WM. B. HUNTINGTON, Oaikler. Washington, March O, MM. mM-tf Tub old established pihm or . m S, GOLDSTEIN A OO . ,. LKMrtD I'AWN Li BO h. IBS 34 POUR AND A HALF STnBKr WBST, .. near Ponnajlvaula avenue, oner tbe Md-sest cash advance* oa all kinds of T- r.fL'to *ay aniHiBt and f?r any /fK time desire*], at reasonabl-ratee Jl**\ lnter,"'t on larce soma greatly reduced. O n<i?lneaa atrictly confidential. GoodrfBonght for cash aad sold at private sale, fell-ly hotels,restauil1nts, ac. | J^lBBWOOD HOU8B, Cttntr Ptmn>t. rnrmne mnd Tv-elf'h W&tkinttom, i>. C. Bltuated la the most central location tbe city, midway between the OAPITOL AND PBBSTDBHTOAL MANSION, Only n sh<>rt distance from all the Department*, Poal Office*, Smithsonian Institute, tc' . H- H. DUDLEY A CO., *?ntf 1 ' Proprietors. a?- 3" Pe?a ntenne, near 6th strsnt. Tl'has to lafferm his friends and the public generally that he now keeascon^A atantly on hand 0TSTBBS. ftwih svwr pawnbrokers g,'B T A B L I B fl B B 13 3 3. 8PBCIAL NOTIOB. _ CHABLB* HBB7BBRG. .... Bocceeeor to lsaae Her/berg A bod, nave conducted the Pawubrokin/ Hastnees fox fifteen >eers in this city, f?r tweive I'?'\I}1* 'l Pawnbroker in the Dlstric* '" " od ?t thanking their patroaaQ O aiu?l tha Pi'bllc for thecunfldeoca beretolerashowu e?11 tb*ir *t<eatioo to the ct that weetill < eat!one to make the hlgnnst ui. vaaces In all aunia upon all articles of Jeweirr "ich^ v?^5??ment B&T 'i K . * Ac.a for which we hi>c lODtrlap slsrea of depoelt and secirlt/, which will always In shown for the ?etlsfacii ? of tao<e pntroninlng as. W a have aoecial U< tiulve for the care iml ?rrr?,V? if Wt?r,n< of every desirlpiUn. tfc o<ileus, A?., on which the highest ad \?nce- are 2uade, gaaraat eirut when reaulred agxiest mota, ?i 4 aiway? aicalnatInjury Ravine if** warehonee in r?:iaectiAu with oar attice we have apacial fscilltlee Tor aterage of all kinds f Merchandise, P?ralt?re, Ac . on which we r?r day*. we?ka or f!". ? call e?p?cial attention to ttie fact that t>wlbg to tbe large capital employed In our business, we enn mag - advances at unch r-?te? <<f 'etereet as to def^ ?oh.petition. We sell ao ioldn feUnr ,of '* ???ntha a'ter their for?abii? aection. flrat elv J .T- t^ron*h-t,le rtou* city jour nal- t? all deeoetter*. Ry this means d. pusltoi U1f*r their redemption ia de I ? r S? ***attention to onr arranee meutj* for fcrwatding goods to any part of tbe conntry, arrangements which an experience of mteen h?? br?a?t,r te rerfectioa. DepoeJ led by thiaaenns to rede< m their ^o^.Jrnn. o-r office p? .attar where they may We located Pull information always gtren. Prlvate.apnrtamita for confidential buoioess. N. B? heh^llrth,0thi).nHt.tluL.7,t^ ' ilar eaub!af-thia city. Befer to any >M resident of Wfvabin*toB E^menibtr HlftXBlUO'H r w!Sia3iin*?te? ^OBBYI MOBBY^ MOMBTMI H. PBiNOB'8 BBWLY^EKTABLI8HBD LOAN 977 Pa. ave . next to PotonUni'sOonfkctlonnrr. Menap loaned on every description of galable Merchandise, eepociaily Watchee, Dla- <Av .nds aid toe Jewelry. I eana?snr?/^\ theee who may favor ae with tbor patroh-W U age that thary will not regret having donaTT. N^ B ?Private door and office. Person* not wishing to ent.r tha pnblle effloo WBfring the olbce bell. 4sMlu* j o a m Of HOB, * " MOBIY ledned on 8oU and SilvWr/?\ PBOMING SClbSOB^PMDBlNC SAW ABD TBB1 TB1MMBBS. ADVABABCATOBS. containing full pot BorMcnl??raV 4?(s . - ' - . . i- P. BABTHOLOW. fnleeway > M" Uh Ur*?t,U|ow Pa. ave. UPBBOBBB ABD ADPBBBBBS Of H VllCTTBB DAY? Oo^rssiTTin-~r w;,r i Bayard Taylor. The CUrsiTn*.! JPovef hy^jST i 1 I h I i f ? m 7!; 4. 4 ' c it led I SPECIAL NOTICES. ? KTHlBVOrB HEADA?'HB8 are Instant eWt ed hy odote <" forty d r?pa ") of M ?T("Mi V E <4 HEAT BHKlMATlti REMEDY bvl I by *11 Druggists te 19 eoaw 8.O. TOED. Arm! BBMED1AL INSTITUTE BOB SPECIAL OABBS. ,Bond Hew York, fir FanInformation, with the *>?%??< wait: alto, a Book ob Special Uiuantr, ?? a >4?Ud euvrltvpe, sent free. <ST B$ <wr? rind .'??</ far <A??n, d yow will not Ttgr* it. for, us advertising phj Blclane are gt-terkllf tmportort, without r(f?r??fu ne stranger should be trti?tf?d. Enclose a stamp for postage direct to DR. L&WBKN' I So 14 Bond street. New York no IS DAWly V MARRlAGB ANDUBLIBACY, ABO TH Htyplnm of True Manhood?An Iw?t fur Young Men on tbe Crime of Solitude, and the Physiological Errors, Aba-esaud Diseases which cieate itup*dimeut? to Marriage, with sure me?n< of Belief Pent in sealed letter envelopes. fret- of charge. Address Dr. J . SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association. Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Jm SECRET DISEASES. am aei van's Gift is the moat certain. safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy avar discovered. Cures in two to loor days, ud recent caees In twenty four hours No mineral, bo balsam, no mercury. Onl> tea pills to be tea en. It Is the soldier's trope, and a friend te those who do net want te be exposed Male packages, 03; reBale, 61. Sas a*itai?'?- Boot and Hkep J cirK?? A positive an4 permanent '-nre fer Spyhilis. Scrofula. Ulrera, Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ac Pr'oe $1 ts per hettle. Sold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my I COLGATE A CO. 8 WINTBB SOAP. Becommanded for chapfeii h a mm and for general toii.kt use during cold wkatubr. It may be obtained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers feh 9 eoly ~ dancing" pBOFS. J. W. A a V K.BE18' DANCING ACADEMY. JM Pennsylvania avenue. bet. 6th and 7tb sts . JjX Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. G9k New Classes forming every evening. Those dawring to enter oar classes should avail them " I'es of tbia opportunity. Preparations will be made in this quarter for our annual May Ball ".or Cirenlars can be had at J. F. Bills' and W O Metierott A Co.'s Music Stores The Hall can be rented tor Soirees, Ao. Dayt and Homrt of 1\itun : For Ladles, Missus and Masters, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, from j to ? o'ciocK Gentlemen s Clauses. Tuesday and Friday evenings. from 8 to lo o'clock. For lurther Information,apply during the hours ef tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson, ja 8 MA KIN I '8 FASH ION ABLE DANCING ACADEMY, AT a MAB1KI 3 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, ?i E, between 9th and Itfth streets. The last quarter of ;hia?eaaon. prepare tory to the May B*ll will commence on 8aturMarch 2 Clares fer theGermai are now open. * B ?Private i nstructlon given to suit tne convenience of the pupil. sett MASQUBBADE AND FANGYDBESS BALLS AND PABTIES. , The undersigned would most respectfully in form the ladle* and gentlemen of Washington city, and the District generally, that he is at all times prepared to furnish parties with Masqiter de and Faucy Costume, either oh loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at the well known fancy establishment of Christian Buppert. Es<i *aa 7th street, between D aa4 B, whefe he will L happy te await orders. CUABUBS HRKQ, late Costumer at Ford's and Orover'a fell im* Tbwtere. Washington, D O. WOOD AND COAL. COAL!! AT GREATLY REDPCFP PRTf'BS Gross tone of 2,'UV lbs , delivered in any part of the city. Cbestnnt White Ash. %7. Stove, Ifg and Furnace White Ash, $S.2d. Btd Ash *8 60. Lehigh B?. Oak and Pine Wood sonstantly on hand. Orders received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street 8. P. BROWN A SON, ja2t tf 463 9th street between E and F. " BOOTS, SHOES, &. Sft] BOOTS AND BUOBS. NEW TT O B B . The undersigned Urs leava to Inform his friends J,- .1. Pni,lc generally that he has opened the *?W CHEAP BTOBB, Mo. A04 7th street.uuder Odd Fellows'Hall, where he has on hand a genial aasortmentof Ladies' and Gent lemon's, Boy's, Mlaaes and Children's BOOTS AND SHOES. Bemember the nmmber, iOK 7tn etreet, under Odd Fellows' Hall *he New Cheap Store, farmerlv B. F. Page'satore. dela MBOBGB B. WILSON. ^TEBLING BILLS for sale in anuia to salt purIJ chasers. ^H|^heet market price paid for AMEBICAN ' LB WIS JOHNSON A CO , Baakera, fe7-tf Penna avenue. /^IGABS AMD TOBACCO.-BBOOBE N. BDV/ MONSTOH will be happy toserv? his friends and the publlo with Cigars and Tobacco, at Bo, Louisiana avence. near Bank of Wa?hingtou fe 9-lm CI O TO _ r W.B.MOSES' FASHIONABLE CABPLT, FOBNITDBB AMD BEDD1BO STOBES, BOS. ?W1 A A19, INTBLL1GEBCBB BUILDING, COBBEB 7TH AND D., ABD BO. ??? TTH 8TBBBT, TH0BN "S BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD 7BLL0WS' HALL, ABD EXAMIBB THB FINEST ASSoBTBD bTOCB TBIS 8IDB Of PHILADELPHIA. Be has all the latest design a made lo Philadelphia, Hew York, and Boston. The stock is a!wars seieeted by Mr. Moses, and bought at the loweet ratee tor cash, which enables him to compete with f1*"1 Hie finest F urnitureia made to order in Philadelphia, and of the beet material that can be fonnd. Purchasers should study their owa Interest by calling at his Stores and examining the well assorted stock of CABPET8, FUKN1TCBE, Ac,, and obtain bis price-list before going elsewhere, which he will tarnish with pleasure His assortment of Mattresses Blankets, Comforts, CeoBterpaiBee. Pillows. Bolsters. Featherbyde.andail kinds of Cottage and Bitehea ?ur5. w ' '??P1?ie, whish be offers at the lwwest New York and Philadelphia prices. Bemember Noe Sill and 419 Intelligencer Bnildine corner Tth and D. and No 50H 7th street. Thorn's Building, adjoining Odd Fellows' Hall, between D and B streets. J? 1* ?f W. B. M08BS. 500,000 """SKi** od*MS???? FROM HEX D ALL U HE EN VINEYARD. CONCOBB, the most valuable flrayo in the countiy NORTON'S VIRGINIA, CATAWBA. BEBECCA, DIANA, HABTFORD PROLIFIC, with many other choice kinds, at per id* cuttings, or *er 1 goo; warranted ail good wood and true to name. Carefully packed and shipped to any address on remittance. Barly order* are solicited. ... J. PlABSOBB Btere, 491 ath street. w. H. CLAOBTT, U. B SWEENY, BBAL ESTATE BROKERS AMP AUCTIONEERS. Parties contemplatlag buildiag la the snrlng or L"!Ll5*Srt^WerAd property for laVeetnMOt wlii lsd It to their aslvantefe to look ovwssr list before pnrcha^sg. as tsktve added reoaoAiy as regards situation, lo* prices aad easylerus We have a)*o for sale several small tracts of land **> Immediate vicinity of this olty, very eM **>1*, >eoate4 for suburban residences, an well as "Ably improved farms In Marytaad, which are rs?Uy bargains. Property left with ns for sale does net sabieat the owner to expense tales* *4ld while on oar |>00 fl. foil II CLAOBTT Jh SWBMNT. 241 sJiK^WSKS!- 241 All work don* by band. Good* called foraa4 delivered,At the shortest notice. Ail Made of Bfchatt? down in the ?fUaAetyio. font* ||BCBPT10B WJXD^IBS. ? ?! C . " TELCflRAMI. *e. It I* said tb&t a tni'Mry, wbo bu arrived frein Ireland, reports to tbe Brotherhood ikat the English statements that the rebellion h?d ended is false. The organixvion is tronger than erer, and the soldier* are under Immediate drill of fonr hundred officers who served t? this country during the renHllon. A* to the defection among the British troops, ii Is understood they will march wherever ordered;t>ut when 'h??eome to fire they will know what to do. An American officer has enlisted eight thousand British soldiers since Christmas. Five dead bodies, two aiales.two females,and one new-born infant, were found by tbe detective police At the Grand Trunk railroad depot, in Bnflalo, N. \yesterday. Tbey were shipped through the American Espren* Com. puny for Ann, Harbor Michigan. The bodice were packed in Hour barrels in a nude state, And had not te-ea dead over a week. They w? re not decomposed, and there are 110 marks ot violence u|>?n them. They are being cleansed ot the Hour, and will be exposed for identification. The city is wild with excitement to know wboee relatives have thus been desecrated by body-snatchers. A steamer has 'arrived at New Orleans with Vera Cruz c'ates to the 21th. The greatest confusion prevails there. Communication with the City ot Mexico if entirely cut off The Liberals hold all the important lines, and with prompt action have thrown the Imperialists

into dismay The French transports have all anived. a French naval force, in which there is one iron-clad, has recently arrived to protect the embarkation of the French troops, f oreigners are leaving: the country as fa?'as possible. IT IS believed that Maximilliiu will leave soon He may le ve within ten days. Judge Dean appeared before Governor Kenion, in Albany, yesterday. to argne the case of Captain Olney, cUimed nnder a requisition of the Governor of Virginia. The ground taken1 by .1 udge Dean Is that if Virginia is no longer a State the constitational provision for thesurrender of the accnsed person does not apply. Also, that no offence defined by the statutes ol New York is charged in the requisition. Mr. Hammond appears ,'o'r the Attorney General. United Sta'es Commissioner B. B. Foster issued warrants yesterday morning lor the ararrist ot five magistrates of the Corporation Court, at Norfolk, V4., for violating the civil rights bills by refusing colored testimony in 1?gal proceedings. The editor of Tk? Commonwealth. pnblished in Frankfort, Kvreceived notification from Judge Lynch that his paper, and others like It. would be broken np unless they chauged their tone, and th?re is danger of it. A negro who wis confined In -,he jail at h rankfort, Ky.. Thursday night, for attempt to violate and seriously injure a little white girl a few miles oat in the country would, it was thought, be hang last night. James Kobertssn, a son of Chief Justice Robertson, was foujd dead in Lexington, Ky ., yesterday morning irom intemperate exposure. The Montreal Gaxtte'i special says that the name of Kingdom at Canada for the new confederation has been chauged to the Dominion of Canada. A convention ot tke Fenian Brotherhood ot New York State hat been 111 session at L'tica. President Roberts and numerous promineut Fenians were present. The Illinois Legislature adjourns to-day tint die. Dry (>eods. Tbe heavy snow-storm interfered with the trade demand for goods last week, checkiug sales. Tiade is not dull, though without excitement, and great activity Is looked for as s?on as the weather It more settled. A moderate business Is doing in brown shirting* and sheetings. Prices are steady. Tbe beat grades of bleeched shirtings Aud sheeting are also firm and in good request, while some grades have advanced. Luw grades are more abundant and weaker in price, a good home demand for drills pre\ails, but ligbt w**igbis are dull, stripes and ticks inactive, but steady in prUe. Light denims are more brisk, but stocks are increasing. Prints are at present tbe mos; active guilds, and de-wattle styles ara firmer Ginghams are steady and active. Delaines are In' more active demand and very firm all, desirable styles are readily sold. Spring of shawls are coming into more demand, auu fine grades are strong in prices. Italian t loth* are steady in demand and price. There Is more f>risUness in broadcloths, but altogether for Immediate consumption. Desirable styles of lancy cassiroeres sell readily and veil. Inferior style* are lew in price and large in stock. Satinets Inactive. Flannels are in moderate request. Blanket* very dulL Imported goods begin to show more attractions and more activity. Desirable style* o( all drees-gcoas are it increasing demand. Kroadctoaibs and fine casMmeres are also moTe active. Auctions are increasing, and seasonable goods are in spirited demand A good compeiitlon among buyers is advancing rrices of all desirable styles and qualities. iinens, lawns, ginghams, alpacas, and delaines ot good style* are much inquired for. Silks are steady, but are beginning to attract more custom.?-V. 1'. ImAet*nd*nt, Qti/h. The Mahyi.wd Lx .isi atlr*.?Ah order w as adopted tn tbe Sen.tte yesterday to receive to-day tne delegation appointed at tbe Lnrht street meeting in Baltimore, to protest against tbe running of Sunday cars, &.c. Tbe bill incorporating tbe Maryland central Railroad Company was ordered to be engrossed for the third reading. The bill to compensate the members of tbe Legislatme of la6l was so amended as to refer the wbole matter to the Comptroller for adjustment and settlement. As thus amended. It was passed. A communication was laid before tbe House from Robert Fowler. Esq., State Treasurer, in obedience to an order, in relation to the State finances, and also a communication from John W. Garrett, Esq , President of tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, giving a statement of the account between the State and that company. The bill to provide for tbe settlement ol the arrearages ef pay due to the officers and men of tbe police force of Baltimore, organized under tbe act ot lstio, was taken np, amended, and ordered to be engrossed for a third reading: after whicb the bill appropriating mn,uuO to complete the building of tUe Maryland Institution for tbe Blind was passed. '1 he bill to amend the Baltimore police law was then taken np. Several amendment* w ere adopted, among them one requiring tbe police to take parties arrested before the nearest magistrate for examination previous to committal, and another to continue in office the present police commissioners until their successors are qualified. Tbe provision requiring a police commissioner to be taken from eucb legislative district was stricken out, and tbe bill theu passed. EsTraoRuiNABY Divoku* Cas*.?A case of most remarkable character has been before the English Divorce Court in IfctO, the respondent, Mr. Peaty, a clerk in the Bank of England, man led nis cousin, Miss Hancock. All bur nearest relations were present, and by tbeir presence gave tbeir sanation to tbe tiansaction. Shortly afterwards Mrs. Peaty bad to be sent to an asylnm, nnder circumstances differently stated by the witneesee in tbe cause. The allegation is that she was mad before her marriage, mad wben tbe marriage ceremony was performed, and. If not mad now. liable to be mad at anytime; and ber guardjane appear in court and petition-the judge to declare the marriage null and void, on the ground that the lady was not. at the time when the ceremony was performed, of sound mind. Now?ana this is tbe peculiar par; or tb* case?Mr*. Peaty and Mr. Peaiy are at this time living happily together at Twickenham. Tbe lady nas not tbe least oesire to be separated Iron ber husband: Mr., Peaty has no wlbb whatever to be pslleved from the cbavge of b4? wif#, Whatever might befall bey. it is admitted that m> pecuniary i considerations are involved in the matter. We are, tberefArt, to understand that this is a contest of infection fotlhfe. possession aad eharge ot Mrs. Peaty, mad or sane. But. of course, the legfd question, tbe point for the judge to (iffribe, is *betb?4-on the day she*was married Mrs. Peaty was ofaodnd JMsdfend knew what she was about. That a marriage with an lnsaae person is null and void Is not at All contested Odrtly enoovh, the jvdge' seems disposed to evade tta> responsibility of preaoancing a d* clslon, and aA)9nrned tbe case tin* du, so tba i a compronltsy toight be effected. STirHnibrtu fiMAi H*ap Cektk* Hxard Fbox.?The Fans (oiTwpondeni of th#1 Landed Sueday fttnettr, frrtaag. f eb ' ruary 8, says:?"James Stephens, late Fenian I Head Centre, has jugt arrived In France by 1 olaea paes anger; tot be eadsayunsd t* keep dark, and may, therefore, sttll be considered m | a conspirator.^ ?, k f *r ft ~i, f m f f it (tf 1 * ' ) (i I sUtittftMrftt *4 \*?TU1 j I I CONGRESSIONAL,. SaxsTB.?iMKNif tft(mooii,U>? compound Interest not* redemption hill being ender cansioe-stion, tb? Senate bill (reported bjr a* yesterday) was i|rwd to a* a sobsutatefor the llvnw. Mr. Sherman said the Committee of Fl? i)?uc? bad .o day agreed upon an amendment whicfc be would offer. Ii was as follows "That no national bat k (ball either pay or receive interest oa any portion of Ira reserve when deposited In any other national hank, and tbe compound interest notes sball not b?? beld or counted as apart of their reserve after the drat of J111 v next." Mr Sherman's amendment war agreed to: and the bill aa amended was pa-set Mr Sherman called np ihe omaihus appropriation bill, which was read. Tbe following amendment to the hill as it paseea tbe House was recommended by tbe Finance Committee : Strike out tbe section abolishing the office of Commissioner of Public Buildings and author, ixmg tbe election by the Senate ol a superintendent of public bnildisgs. Pendlng the consideration of this amendment. tbe Senate went into executive session at 4 15. At the evening session, Mr. Wilson railed up a joint resolution passed bv 'he Hou?e at the last session, directing tbe Secretary of War to contract for the erection of an equestrian statue in bronte to the memorv of (}eu"i Winfield Scott, to be placed over his grave at West Point. Ii is to be made by Henry K. Brow n. of Newburgb, New York, ol caauon captured in tbe Mexican war, and to cost not exceeding f2?i,<00. Mr Grimes moved to strikeout the word* ' over his gr tve at West Point," and to insert the words in Franklin Square, Washington city, but subsequently moduled it to read, "in Franklin Square or such other place as may be designated by tb* Secretary of War." The amendment was ngreed to and tbe resolution as amended was passed, and roes to the House for concurrence in the amendment. The miscellaneous appropriation bill was resumed. The question was on the amendment of Mr. Kdmtinds to Insert. In lienof tbe section of the nonse abolishing tli? office o! Commissioner of Public Buildings, and providing tor the election by the Senute of a superintendent of public buildings, a secUou abolishing the office of Commissioner ot Public Building* Wrid imposing its duties upon a competent civil enr nees. to he appointed by the president, by and witb tbe advice and consent of tbe Senate. Tbe annual compensation of this officer shall be $4,(AM. The amendment was adopted. The Finance Committee recommended the adoption of an amendment authorizing the Secretary of the Treasurv to pay such assistant assessors as were actually employed in tbe collection ol internal revenue in tbe r*b?i States prior to the first day of August, 1*06, compensation at the rate prescribed by law. A spirited debate ensued, during which Mr. Sumner said tbe Secretary of tne Treasury was guilty ol an illegal acu-nay, more?a crime. He violated law in appointing ineu who conld not take tbe oath, and when complaint was made he replied In a notorious falsehood, that there were no Unionist* in tbe South who could take the oath. This was nothing less than a notorious untruth. Congress bad been too leuieut toward the crimes of this officer. He (Mr. Sumner; would not vote to pay these rebels, l^et the Secretary pay them cut of his own pocket. Mr. Snmut-r having in tbe course of his remarks referred to Mr. Sherman as attempting to cover up a crime. Mr. Sherman rose at the conclusion of Mr. Sumner's speech and said this language was unparliamentary: it waa ungentlemanly; it was lalse; it ought not to have been uttered in the Senate. He (Mr. Sherman) had uothuig to say In reply to what Mr. Sumner had sud about the Secretary of the Treasury. He believed that Mr Sumner had a difficulty of some kind with that officer. After further debate, the Senate at 11.45, without action, adjourned. Hocsk.?Yesterday afternoon, the House being in Committee of the Whole oa the tariff bill.? Tbe amendment was adopted atriktngoif the Seiidif par*cra.pta an women ciotns, and inserting in lieu of it paragrapn taxing woolen ciotns. Ac.j not otherwise provided for. fifty cents per pound and thirty per cent, ad valorem *epnyr worsted twenty cents per pound and thirty per cent, ad valorem and endless belts or felts for paper or printing machines, twenty cents per pound and thirty-five per cent, ad valorem. Amendment striking out tbe Senate paragraph taxing bunting lllty cents per pound aud thirty per cent, ad valorem, and inserting paragtapbs taxing banting twenty cents per square yard and thtrty-five per cent, ad valorem, ana taxing women's and children's dress goods and real or Imitation Italian cloths and similar fabrics nncolored or in tbe grar. six cents per square yard and thirty percent, ad valorem when not valued over twenty cents per square yard: and wben valued over that, eight cents per square yard and thirty percent, ad valorem. Adopted. Amendment itriking out the Senate paragraphs relating to carpet- and inserting paragraphs taxing caroets. m which Uje lowest rates were on the highest priced carpets, and in which Mr. Morrill stated that the protection to American carpet manufacturers wonld be somewhat less than it new is. was adopted. Amendments adding Ave cents per square yard to tbe a."> per cent, ad valorem on oilcloths valued at fifty cents or less per sqnare yard, and adding tea cents per square yard to tbe 43 per cent, ad valorem on oilcloths., Ac., valued at over filty cents. Adopted. Inserting "dress bilks" in tbe paragraph taxing ribbons, Ac., ?o per cent, ad valorem. Adopted. Increasing tax on unmanttfact-m. !.*- *-om from *15 to *-J0 per ton. Mr. Scb.-nok's motiou to increase the duty on flax to *40 per ton was debated at some length and adop ed?yeas 5ti, nays 45. The next amendment reported bv the Com* mittee of Ways and Means was to ircrva?e :ae tax on hackled flax from thlrtv o *o--ty djilars per ton. Mr. Farne worth moved to increase it to eighty dollars. Pending tbe vote tbe bonr of half-past four arrived, and tbe House took rocess u ntil halfpast Seven, having disposed up to this point of only forty-five of the amendments of the Committee ol Ways and Means. At the evening session, Mr. Scbenck, by unanimous consent lrom the Committee on Military Affairs, reported back, with amend, mente. Senate bill to provide for a temporary increase of tbe pay of officers of the army Tbe amendments provide for allowance of commutation of rations inseitleraeut ot tbeaccounts of L'n oa soldiers who died while held as prisoners of war In the rebel States, or subsequently: for storekeepers In tbe army baring hereafter the rank ot captain of cavalry, except the ordnance storekeeper at Spriugtield armory, who has tbe rank of major of cavalry: for allowing bounties where soldiers have lost their dischargee: and for allowiegtheadditionai five jrears' ration to geaeral officers and officers on the retired list.. Tbe amendments were agreed to, and the bill paeeed. Consideration of the Tax hill was then resumed ., Mr. Farnaworth's amendment paeeed, as did others, increasing the duties on flax, hemp, iron ware, Ac., Ac. Tbe committee then rose, having progressed aa far aa amendment No. b*, leaving suii isu to bo considered. Mr Morrill gave notice that he wonld to-day try and press the tariff hill to a bnal vote. .Raymond asked leave to offer resolntteas declaring that the establishment ia the tame, dlate proximity of the United Stakes of a powerful monarchy nader thesnpport of* foreign nation eannot he regarded otherwise than as being hostile to the peaee a&d met.aci%| to the safety ef this .JUpubli*! aad requestor the President to inform the House whether any remonstranoo has been mule hy ihwQovent* meat agalbst the Jprooo?*fc?nfederation of all the British North Awerfbah Provinces into a MT. tohklia* objected. ' Mr. Kajraond move* to anayoM the rales. Ob the vote being taken, there was sosio. rum, and then the Mouse adjourned at twenty minutes past tea. f ?rta EAypt girls areoftea *0*?I* at thirteen. STThe lttw Hampshiree?e*Ha hLhee piaoe March whll<Mn#bed*and rob tod ?f Ijeno"* ******* isswsaegvS? . t *3 2?t* *4 lifi 'kill '?* I W IS *6 F.t ROPtA* newt. Loanoa, K.k *7?Tae p^rty Ml'atf Mt A rtullamites. nr dT the lesd? r-bip of Vr. Roeb?tk. I?t? recited |o fua 'k?ir torr?wt?h be I.ibersi* Tbe English C urt ot Admiralty. in the case of the ?t?atner XUxaulria, wbieh t'aiUd star* Consul UnlMj iwitlT (uiDinrBCfd a tail to rm'm, bu required security lor the Cu?1? id ?be ?\est ot the CtuM Iflri rffsldffl tor ih? defendant*. The final decision ia tfMn*d uatii ib- tterfurmanoe of this prelimiaary. Pakio, Feb. Oo*of 'be reforms proposed bt tb? tmp?rorJ?H#*t*li?b?niteftli#r?fly | to 'b* address from tbe throne. which la peculiarly unpopular 1 b? L.t*r*i party insist upja the preservation of this privilege la the Krmcb Ooart ot Admiralty in the case of tbe I ri'fd State* v*. Arm an file. me appeau mi the limed Mj'm against 'be decree requiring payment into ?he ceurtsof a certain *uin of mosey a* security lor ihe cetU of the suit wa* again re lecHd VrnicK. Feb. J?.? Oarihaldl arrived in 'bis ci'y yesterday from Kior-nce He **? greeted with tbe most unbounded enthusiasm fBv Steamer 1 The Derby Plaa of Keferus. Among tbe resolutions moved bv tbe Chancellor of 'be Exchequer in Committee ot tbe W bole House, are ibe following That the number at elector* for con Title# and boroughs in hngland and Wale* oarbi to be increased; that such increase may be heat effected by both reducing tba valaeof theqaalifytag tenements iu count'es and Urtugba. hud b> addug ?'her franchise* Lot dependent on such value. Lb at while it if deairaMe that a more direct representation abould be riven to the laboring class, it is contrary to the fomentation of thia realm te give tv any one data or interest a predominating power o?ar ibereetof tbe .>mmnnity ibat the principle of plurality of vatea. if adopted hy Parliament, would facilitate tbe settlement of tbe borough franchise on an extensive basis: that It la expedient to re\ ise tbe existiug distribution of seats that in auch revision it i* aot expedient that anv borough aow repreFented tn 1'arliament abould be wholly di!-franrhised that in revisiug the exi*tiug distribution of aeata. thia House will ackaow. ledffe. It* main conaideration. tbe expediency of supplying representation to placea not at present represented, and whlcb may be coa s.dered entitled to that privilege, ibat it ia expedient that provision should b?- ramie for the better prevention of bribery and corruptioa at elections. IMidaight ABsassJaaliea? Lady Murdered In Her O* t tin in Iter One of tbe moat horrible murder* that have tar led tbe community for motuba past waa perpe rated at midnight, at Newmarket. Middlesex County, N J. The victim of tfeis terrible crime I* Mrs CoreII, the estimable Wife of Dr. fort ell. a well known In tbe cttinty. F rom all that can be learned of tbe particulars ot tbe affair, it appears that early on Monday evening, two men, stranger* in the village. called at the doctor'* rend, me and inquired tor him. Mrs Oorreil in'ormed then that the doctor was out. Tbe men then left without stating ibeir business A' midnight tbe men called again, and Mr*. Correll answered The'r summons, and on being informed i hat the do'tor vrf?* *till not. the nv-n rushed in tbe bou?eand immediately attack*4 Alt*. Correll with large dirk kuives. A d*speiate struggle elisued betaeeu the aflrigbled woman and tbe r.ffiinly murderers, during which the nnfortnnate lady wa- -tabbed three or tour limes, tine of tbe wounds penetrated ter heart, causing almost instant death. Tbe villains then dragged the remain* wt Mr*. Correll into the bedroom and then set lire to 'be room, after which they escaped A domestic who slept in the house wa? aron?eil hr the noise of the struggle, and beard Mr*. Corell call to tier to take tbe babe from tbe cradle, and leave tbe house, t^e girl snatched the oabe from the cradle and ru*fied ont. She proceeded to the bonse ?f 'be nearest neighbor, * inch happened to be that of the minister of tbe village, and aroused him Tbe minister a' ouce proceeded to tbe residence of Dr. C. and discovered the house or. fire The remains of the murdered woman were dropped from tbe burning room ai d tbe pre waa extinguished. ISo trace of the villain* could be discovered. A telegram w a? at ouce sent to tbis city, aud was recei ved by Inspec tor Dllks at 3 A M T*ie inspector at otice dispatched detectives to all the ferriee to intercept toe murderers, bat without success.?.V. 1'. Lrprr.i, 2~tk. Attmptto Kin*ar a CatLn limn to a. Lihuk Kstatk?Information wa? trivee to the Chief ot f olioe yesterday, of an attempt to kidnap a child trom the buusi of a Mr. Hondemolnt, a wealthy old gentleman, living abwut six miles frem 'be city, eu the Olive ?treet road. Tbe facta of the affair, so far a* known, appear to be as follows There ia livtar with Mr. H. a little girl, about nine years of age. bia prnnd.daughter, being aa orphan, a child of his son. Some time s^o a suit was commenced by tbe relatives, on the mother's -tie. to ob'ain poseest enof the girl, but wbicb is said to have terminated in lawr <?lMr. 11.. ana bent e. probably, arose the attempt to carry off tbe child, wbicb was reported to the chief as follows: tin Thursday afternoon, a oarnac*. coataiaing five or six genUera>*n. -topped o?ar the residence of Mr. li . vbti vi. ao-eni at tbe time, and three of the men entered the bouse, tba others remaining in tbe carriage There wera in the honee at the rime a son-in -law of Mr. H. and some ladies. The three men entered the bouse atrup'ly. aud said t??y wanted this child,ar.d took bold of th? linle gul to lead her away. The ladle* interfered, ami considerable excitement anl confneton en-ned Mr h ' < on-in-law seeiug forcible mean* were about to be resorted to, raa up stair* and got bit pistols, and on his reappearance, armed in this formidable way, the three gentlemen relinquished bold of tbe IKtle girl and b^at a hasty retreat to toe carriage, whlcb drove off rapidly, and so euded this somewhat singular piece of bast nee*. It is difficult to understani this pesrsisient effort to gain possession ot the child, unless aa explanation be found In the fact that the child is said to be beir to property amounting toover K? ,uU?. The parties concerned, however, bar* acted very foolishly in thus rendering themselves amenable to the laws in attempting u? carry out their design in an illegal manner. Mr. H. is determined u> seek the assistance of the police should the attempt be repeated ?Sf. Lvuit Republican. Diurucs or tk KnowTiaa.?Tbe Military Committee of the Maine Legislature has reported a resolution directing the Governor u> procure from the general government, or elsewhere, three batteries of fight artillery, of *ix gun* each, and two thousand of the beet pa'iera of breech-loadiag rifle muskets. Tbe guns, should the resolve pass, will probably be either the bra-s Napoleon, iron I'arrou or "ordnance gun.'* The report cays ?"As Maine is a frontier State, and liable to be called upon u> defend her territory from tavastou. there ia an obvious propriety in her possessing some ot ttefce superior weapons, and it is to be hoped tha- tbe general government will, for these liberal toward tbe State by farn siting or aiding to procare the-e arms." \ iBontti L.XoI>lati ki.?Nearly the whole of tbe session of the Senate yesterday was m secret. 1 be Hoase "dismissed' the ^eti*t? bill appropriating SIO.OW) to the S'ate Board of Immigratioa. and passed the "IrMb Immigrant" bill. A uumoer of other hills also passed, and the Cumberland Gap or Soatuside Consolidation" liailroad sclleitle was discussed at length Thk Pnt s*iaj> Co?ecKirxioH ?A letter from Hadersleben says: "Y iu cannot form aa idea of tbe emotion ca< ed in Northern Schleawtg hy the conscription for the PrnsMananuy Nearly lour thousand youths bar* left tbe country to escape wearing the Prussian nniform: they have taken refuge in Denmark, where they will eater the Danish army.* A New Cam* ? Sleeping in church is a serious crime in Kbode Island. On Sund-y afternoon a poor Irishman went into oue of the churches ia Providence, was shown Into a seat, took a quiet aap during the services and was peaceably retiring at their uloae, when aa was ariested, tried and uut to jail tor tea days. IntCf Tisv.TiiS Porg?Some caricature* insulting to the Pope having been recently published by the Tribune of Berlin, that journal was cited before the tribunals by the puMia prosecutor, bat in consequence of tbe Pontifical government not preferring any accusation, the charge waa dismissed. W The days are two hoars longer. (ff A wife In Indiana recently held a chatty conclave with seven of bar owa husbands, "festive." ?~A silver mine has been discovered on tha farm of Tm. Bradley, l^sqon Pass Kuu, Pag* county, Va. The or* is said to ba very rich. 7"An trothhrrted man la ConaecUcat ad* vertise* lor hHtad*. t ITTbe lafhlMreof Illinois has fast paused a law auekoria*ae par ue* ttk ctiU oaaea to ha sworn as wunesse*. %TCases olJlsiafic cholera are said to kara PMently appeired in Hartford. Connectionu attended with fhtal rssnlM. ? tarn te*ta man tt9? tor MahaHtag a re. porter In Cincinnati. * j ay-Ttie Tus< ai oi amttts, npaj Uemt>org. Va_ Wblrh were bamt Strrlng the *\r. hare been, rebvtu.nad are again la operation. 7*Aboat eighty reporter* as* employed by the Liondoa press ia ths <va II rats* of fwua? ^ ?*' WMsmphii negroes art pracucih* all sorts of confidence games on their t*s* reconstructed compatriots. One sharp fellow tfca oth< r day represented himaslTaaa tlckst a?Nt for the^CTrcjlma^ rhilread, and mad* qmt* a WTbs working men at Wew York, It i* said ihtcad ?*tkbl>ahiag oo-oporaare Moraa. u b