Newspaper of Evening Star, February 28, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 28, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. I LOCAL nbw8. AMrsKMKXTI Ac.. TO SXfiHT. Wall's Nnr Uriii Hotrai The beaaatfal Ada Webo uii* eveniag, in htfil dogmt-cuc drtm4 of MKaiibot." EtHU Webbs as aoet, the Witch " National Thbatbk ? Lut alght bat om of xawm Perrest, who will appear lor the last time u "Othello." Miss Lillie aa ^daede moaia." oi>?> Fax.low ' Hall, Km Yart.?Fair of Xut Washington . E. Church. Sfcobd qi4id Ball of tfc?0?odWUll?o? ciaticc. this eveaiag. liV" B HA1TOI t>TKRT (1. E-) OlVtCI, 43eorgetov?n. 1>. c ?Biahop Kiacslaj wiU toetar* on "Obeer vatioas on the Pacific uaut," i ttll _ Thi Patiio o? 14th Stbbbt.?Paris* | past wrrk tee re baa m?a argued two case*. brewing out of the taking ap of Ik* cabbie wtone pavement of 14tb atreat, betweea Pens- i ?) Ivania avenue and f atreet, aad relaying it with blue rock. Sykee, Chad wick and oo agt. the m-itor aod Hoard* of Aldermen udUomtrun Council of the city of Waahiagtoa, and jocepb c Wiliard, aad Heary a , Carolina m and cairo c. w iliard act. tha saa?e. The bills in these ca-ee eet forth that acme year# aince the aaid nreei wa? graded and paved under the oirecmua of the corporate authorities, and that it fobimu?d la g<x>d and unimpaired conditioa until i< ?as repaved nnder the act of October i 12th, lsb.">, 'be coat being as-essed on the ad- i j?cnt pioptriy, Joseph c Willard beincaa- i ??ssed jot 4<* leet froat only that that portion on ibe ?i<i aide of the street ia lea?ed to g. g i fret.bury h a Cbad wick and j. Sjrkee, and in the ind-o urc it. ia stipulated that they (Pres- | bury, Cbadwick, and Sykee,) aball piy all taxes anil a.?-?e*sni?tnte on lb-1 same; that at the time of ibe passage of the act referred to, the i defendaat, j. c. Willard,-bad no property liable to this assessment. They charge that this improvement wu net required, was i wholly unnecessary. aod not asked for by the complainants; and that the ordinance origin- i ally provi??*d lor the grading and paving of eai?i street from the canal to h street, excepting thai portion between Penney i ran i a avenue and t street, and that it would hive been so p\ss*d Lad it nut been for the misrepresentation of the defendant, j. o. Willard. wbe they believe, while tbe ordinance was pending, protested againat paving tbe square Above named, and lua.ated on an amendment requiring said eqcare to be paved; that be, with i liis brothers, were tbe exclusive owners of the property interested, and desired the i "work to be done, and tbat lie agreed with tbe i 2tt:tyor and Common Council to pay tor tbe i same. They a?k that tbe court may enjoin the i corpora * authorities trom advertising and i felling tbe prrperty to jsythe assessment*, i and that the defendant, j. c. Willard, be re- i quired <o pay tor tbe same in conaideration of i tbe ordiname having been pa^?ea on hts repre- i mentation*. j-c. Willard in his answers denies that he was guilty of any misrepresentations in tbe i premises, al'bongb he did petition tbe Coun- i cils not to except the square referred to, and i denies that be wa^ not in eresied in tbe prop- i erty wb kb would be assessed for tbe pay- i it^nt. Judge Olin this morning cran'ed an injunc- i tion in each case enjoining the Corporation not i to Bilv?r'i?e the property for sale on account of i tbe non-payment 01 the .v^?es-ments. the plain- i tiffs .11 > .i h case to g ve bond in the sum of 1 *4,UUj o .iu?wr all damages which mar ac- I erne to the city of Washington by reason of i the injuucton mesns k t Merrick and k. j. Brent ap- i yeared for the pla ntifs, Mr j. li. Bradley f?r i the Corporation, and Messrs. w. l>. Davidge i and w. f. Mattingly for j. c. Willard. a Kkfcblka!! Amociatiow.?last evening a I regular meeting of the Kepnbllcan Association i -w its held at the Union League Rooms: Mr. j. | jk li vans in the chair, and Mr. a. g. Hall secretary. mr n" h Miller, from tbe committee to wait on tbe court in reference to the appointment of registers of voters, reported that they had attended to tbeir duty, and tbe registers bad been appointed ? Meaara. Bowen, Bobbins. Plant, Bacon, and Ciephane. Mr. j.^aj ies Brown, of the executive committee. atared tbat tbe com mi nee had organU-d clubs in the Second Ward, numbering about 145, and in the Fourth Ward, numbering abqat 110 1 bey have made arrangements to organize, during tbe coming week, clubs in tbe First and Fif'b Warda. Tbe Chair suggeated that tbe committee take steps to organize a club m tbe Tbird Ward. Mr n h Miller offered a series of resolutions xpressiug the joy of the association on the reault of tbe election in Geotgetown: declaring that tbe colored people of Georgetown, by their forbearance and orderly and correct deportment have won tbe regard and confidence of the liberal people of the entire community, aed stamped aa fallacious tbe declatatioa of rebels and copperheads that the colored voters -would be governed by the wishes and dictation ?f tbeir late masters," and that they have ehown "that tbey know where to tkoot when traitors assail their country, aad how to rote when rebels and their sympathiaers attempt to gain by the ballot what they loat by l^eir ballets." Tbe reeolntiona were unanimoualy adopted. Mr Browa moved tbat when the meeting adjourn it be to tbe flrat Wedneaday ia April. Mr. Miller moved an amendment tbat it be to aeet at the call of the preaident aad executive committee; which was accepted, aad tbe motion adopted Mr. Brown snggeated tbat the colored friends should come forward to the front seats, and Bot remain away by themaelves in the rear of the room. Thhe Chair aaid it was acarcely accessary for him to atate that the associatloa was one of equal rights, and no more distinction was made in regard to seats than ia regard to color. Adjoarned. Ab Impobtaht Li*. ?An act has recently been pa??*d by Congress and received the algBaiare of the President, regulating the proceedings before justices ef tbe peace and for other purposes, which ia veiy important in many particulara. The first section gives the jus'icea jurisdiction to the amount of sluo: eect.on second directs the Supreme Court of tbe Iiiatrict to prepare aad publish forma of pleadiaga before tbe jastices. aad to fix a bill of fees aad coats: aection third provides that where the judgment ahall be leas than s5 execution hall issue immediately, and if the judgment be from 95 to ?2v there shall be a a lay of axe. cotion one month, from to s4e two month's; from wo to #75 four months; and over 875 six moatbs. good aad sufficient security being given Section fourth provides that justices f tbe peace may issue wnginal writs returnable before themselves, but tbe cause may be removed before tile nearest juatiee Se?Uon fifth provides that no person shall be fined or Imprisoned for disorderly condact unless such person was the guilty Individual, and any person who uses unnecessary and wanton severity m arresting or imprisoning any person shall be deemed guilty of aa assanit aod bat. tsry, and npon conviction be punished therefor. Section aixth, that in all criminal case a tbe defendaat shall be Allowed a reasonable time to prepare for bis defence or procure bail, but no exorbitant bail shall be required. Section seventh, that non-residents shall aot commence a suit without giving safBcieut aecarity tor costs. Section eighth, that when a person ia arrested for committing an aasanlt and battery or an affray on a warrant he aball be taken before the juatiee who iaaued the warrant, or ia case of bia absence er bia incapacity to act, to the aexf nearest ene, who shall have power to assess aucb fine as authorized by law, and to enter judgment for costs ani issue execution as ia civil cases. Section aiuru repeals all acts and parts of acts incoasiston: with ibe previsioas of tbe bill. Dkafibatb Bots ?This morning it was discovered at ths jail that five boys coaflned In one of tbe iron-clad cells, had made a desperate attempt to breah oat. Theae boys were Traacls Braaaaa, (who baa been convicted of lareeay, bat baring represented to the Court that be is under aixteeu years of age, has aot been aentenced,) wm. Connelly. John Gal lagber. Lawrence McDaniel, aad John Smith, ail of whom having violated the prteou raiee, -were placed in aa "iroa-clad." Theee sella are furaiehed with two doors of Iroa gratiag, one on the ianer aide of the jam, aad the other oa the outside, tbe latter being need as the aaia door, aad alwaye kept locked. They succeeded by tbeir united efforts ia wrenching off vae upper porUou of the door, aad with it ea deavored to pry opeB tbe outer door, bat havtag failed la tbia, they attempted to prize up some of tbe Iroa plates caatag the oell, with a view of werkiag through the walla, bat bappilv the guarde discovered tbe attempt ib time to rrastrate it. a Sblliro bt sahtlb ?Yeeterday e. b. MeConvey, ageat. was arrested by officer Thompson, of tbe 4 th Ward, for seiliaggoods by sample witboat license. j settee Walter flaed tbe agent sod Thia practice of dealers la other cine* eending their a?eatatotbe District to dispose of good a by sample witboat paying for the license as resident merchaate do hadgrewa v> he so obnoxious tbat tbe City Ooaaeils eaactfd a law to prevent it, and tbe fiae ia tbia ease |a the i it b test penalty tor b vtotattoa of the law. a large aumber have paid the peaal*y since the eaactmeat of tbe lav. bat the practice is not entirely broken up, aad tbe ageats geaeraily, wbsB caught, plead igtieraace of the law. ? b ' aibfaz aVd Gbobobtbwb ?Tb the Virginia senate, oa Monday, Mr. i>aleay reported * h'u to lncor|torate the Fairfbx aad geor^a<o?a Tarnpike Koad Compaay, which was rr** three Umea aad paseed. V# J / / J 4 , / (; Msoical. ? Tfce medical 4nvtm*it or f'tm?*ww> Collage will hold ti? eighteenth a > iiu?| coBownMtMt at Wall's Upm Heal* M Towdnj f ream >'?. TMirUHtMtkn y?sr are:?Walter O. Alexander, D C.; John yrnvier Bo tighter, Penn'a: Sm'l Brock, Slaw.; a* r/e W. BMW. Ml, Beajvnin B Bthcsck Penn'a; Patrick 11. tirnnu. Pmn't; tqfa> O < !?, D. C.; Thorniu Con ant, Muss.; Samuel W UMwtll. Penn'n; J . Neleon Clark, Penu a; R cardo D. Del?. Preach, If. Y.; Andrew J. ^aataaa, N. H.; Kotorxoa Howard, D O.; Prnakttn T. How*, Maw.: William Halo. N T.; Albion B. Jamison, Penn'a; William B. I->on, Pftia'a; Daniel S. Lamb, Peana; Granville MaJcom, Penn'a; Valentino McNa'ly, ' -ona.; Charles E. McCbesoey, N. J.: Willan J. L Nieodemas. Md.; Fred'k Wooator Owen, N. Y.; Joeeph T.O'Connor, Peau'a; Albert 8. Pierce, Ho.; L*wis E. Rauterbsrg. D. O.: Benj. R. Raines, Mo ; Chase Bora, D O.; Algernon Marble Squier, N. H.; Harlon 8. Smith, If. Y-; Charles W. Sonneaschmidt, D. O ; John E. Smith, D O.; William O. Tildaa. Vt.; Tboo. H.Trott, D O ; GraaTlBe S Tbomr>eon, N.Y.; Charles M. Tree, D. 0.; Joba W. Van Arnnm. Wia: David C. Waters, N. Y.; J. Harry Wright, If. Y.; Joha L>. Wolf, Pa. " a Marriaoov thi Jv ericas or thi Pbaci akd Com stab lbs.?At noon to-day. a meeting of the jnsttoaa of tbe peace aad constables of tbe connty of Washington was held at the office of Justice Giber sod, on Louisiana avenue, to take some aotloa la reference to the law recently paaaed affecting thsm, (noticed elsewhere in oar paper ) at which were present Sqstrrs Thompson. Goddard. J. T. C. Clark. Morsell, Barnacio,Gibersoa. Harper. B wwell, Walker, Cnll, White and Barret*, and Constables J. P. King, Gibbons, Plumsill. M>?rrymsn. Edelln, Tnne. Trnnneli, McKenna, Harrigaa, Oliver and McGowan Jnstice Giberson was called to the chair, and Justice Harper appointed secretary. Justice J. T- CT. Clark moved the appoint, noeut cf Justices Thompson, Morsell, Goddard, White, and G?ber*on to draft a tariff of fee* or charges for Justices and constables to submit to the Supreme Obort of the District, which was adopted, and tbe meeting adjourned *tne die. 9 Scrkatt ?John H. Surratt, confined at tbe jail, seems to take his impriaonment quite philosophically, and beiag quite liberally supplied with food by bis trienda outside, ia improving daily,and now looks mnch better than when be wa* committed. He has since Saturday worn his citizen s suit, and spends his time in pacing tbe corridor in front of the cell when not engaged in re&ding his Testament or other religions books with which he has been snp. plied. His brether Isaac, who has not seen him since 1?6??, when be left for Texas, was at tbe jail with hla sister a day or two ago, but the warden being temporarily abaent, and the orders being very strict as to the admission of persons to see him, be was not allowed an interview. Larcrnt.?Frank Oronin, L W. Shaeflfcr and W McE. Robinson were arrested oy Oilicer Roter, of the 3d ward, yesterday, on the charge of atealing butter from a country wvon at the Northern Market and selling it to Mary Kepler, a huik-ter. M:try Kepler denied having the butter, but it was found in her house, and she was held to bail tor court for receiving the stolen property. Frank Cronin was sent to jail, and the others were dismissed by Justice Morsell. rklikp for thi sckkibimo poor at the SorTH.?Henry Clay Preuss, the poet, will, at the request of several distinguished persons, repeat at an early dav his interesting lecture on "Hamlet," and baa with commendable generosity,annonnced his purpose to devete the proceeds for the relief of the suffering pcorattbe South. We trust bis effort will realise a handsome snm for this charity, which commends iUelf to the favor of all true philanthropists. KirrriSG Oprn aftkk Hours.?Yesterday, F. Potential was arretted by officer K.T t'ajrlor, of the Second Ward, charged with keeping open bis place of business after the hours prescribed by law. H'wsi fined $11 by Justice Morsell Michael Leahey was arrested bv officer Auldridge, of the Seventh Ward, charged with telling liquor after hours, and was fined 9^0.90 by J nstice Handy. Foa OorRT.?This merning, Wm. Davis and Win. Royeton, alias Joshua Keid, who were arrested two weeks ago by detectives Bigley and Kelley tor burglary at F. Ochseareiter's, on 7ih street, were brou<rnt to a bearing at the Fourth Ward station. Tbe bnrglary ca?e was dismissed: but they were committed for court for the robbery at M. Heil'j restaurant, on Delaware avenue, on tbe 13ib instant. Mimstrrial ?The Rt. Rev. George D. Cummins, Bishop of Kentucky, aad formerly rector of Trini'jr Church in this city, is in George, town, the gneat of Rev. W. W. Williams, rector of Christ Cbnrcb, and it is annonnced will i preach in Christ Church, Georgetown, to. morrow evening. m Rgcov*r?t>?Yesterday Detectives Miller and Coomea recovered a suit ot clothes valned at 9'JO, belonging to Mr. J. N. Burrett, which bad been stolen from the Avenne House last Monoay and pawned with a regular broker. The thief has not yet been arrested. o Policb Rbports.?The poliee reported 56 arrest* yesterday. Tbe fines amounted to 9 126.54. CITY ITEMS. Tns 20 per cent bill has passed both houses, also the 10 per cent, dednction bill or China, Gla?? and Crockery Ware, Cutlery, Plated Ware. Ac., Coal Oil, Lamp Goods, Tin and Wooden Ware, and everything usefnl for housekeepers at tbe two stores of Foley A Co., /75 Pennsylvania avenue, and 31C F street, between lotb and lltb streets. Agents for the new Oil Company. Goods rented to parties and sold to tbe trade at Baltimore rates. 2: Jrwrlrt?Tiped Bog Wood Setts, Tiped Close Setts. Cluster Setts, duo styles ef Buttons, Stnds, Lockets, Rings, Pins, Silver Plated Spoons, Forks, Cups, Goblets. Call Bells, reI reived this morning, at Prigg's One Dollar Jre-eiry Store, No. 438 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4# street. a Havr Tor callrd or Harvey A Co., Pennsylvania avenue, between *th and loth i streets to try those mammoth evsters that they are receiving fresh every day] If not, go: and you will get the pick of tbe market, served ! in every stylo. Fikr-Stitchrd Boots made to order for 910, Gaiters for 97.50; ladies Kid Bntton Gaiters for 9C: Balmorals tor 95, and all styles of Misses and Children's Shoes very low at Helibrun A Bro's., 5(6 Seventh street, one door sonth of Odd Fellows' Hall. 3 ? Billiard*.?Another one of those Interest* ing match games of billiards between Messrs. Davis A Jones will take place at Miller's Billiard Room, 430 Pennsylvania avenue, to-marrow evening, at 7# o'clock. a Yora Fxtra Compesbatior Moxbt.?Bny a plane from Ellis, who is selling oat ata sacrifice, to remove his stock. 300 Peonsylvaaia avenue. Go to Franc's and buy a good white Shlrta at 9* ug, and 92 50?and all otber goods in bis line cheap in proportion?494 7th street, be. tween D and ? streets. a A Yornt, to fortune aad to fame naknowut will find clothing to suit him for One Price only, at Henning's, corner or Seyenth street and Maryland avenue. a F?a Gloee Kid Bntton Boots at <*. B. WIU sen's, No. sot 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall, at priees ranging from 93.50 to 94 50. 6 ? Thosb Ladibs vbi want an elegant Embroide red Yoke for Night Gown or Chemise, can get onesAeep by calling at Priaee's, 3*1 P street, before be moves his stock to his new store, 43U Ninth street. 0 Da. Wnrrm, Chiropodist, iJ4 Penn. av., be. twees ijg and 9th street, coatinues tbe sue* cessful treatmeat of corns, bunloas, bad uails, enlarged joints, warta, moi*e, v*~cuiar ei> creeences, Ac. OfBce hou's from 8 a. m. to S p. m , aad C to Bp m. Established 1961. Foa CaTLOLAi** and Frosted Feet, WhMe's Embrocauea mi a specific. Price 91 per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4jf tad 9th streets. ASvbbPilb Cvam.?Dr. Gilbert's Pile lastrument poelttvely cares >be worst cases of ptlee. Seat by mail on receipt of 94. Circa* lars free. Sold by druggis's. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Romaiae. Slaaa. ger. No. 979 Broadway, Now York. tt Paaaiaa eaa ha had a My qaanuttos at Uo ttmr ufflce couaiee MAKA1I9. btrkb-th0ma8 On Tharsday, the fist Sr/FVtm". KSW; 3 TSBttJ: kla.Wla. go cards. BKlBOtPItT or Abb Kia?9 wouit os reaasaable tersss Mvsrr klad of Vaeejr Work tsught at eery lew prices, by Madam m0tcbba0k., at t b???'s 0, between Stfc aai kh streets. fsta-lm AMUSEMENTS. I WATIWHAL WliTlI. I mmrlndi mmmmt vum' lim. lUMt^algtt bat nwu roum, Wfc? will iiwir ____ THIS (funiw) ITllHa, Feb. M, ISM, HIM BILL?2 AML1>B8DBW0WTA. FOB MS. FOKBBBTS BIOHTB: AMNtra. #1 M I Been red Smm. M otiiti extra I Doors opea at7 o'clock; Onrtaia rleee at7.<?. | WILL'S MIW oriRl HOCSM. ....... ST MAlTlOBE YOUKG, TALBNTBD ABD BBAUTIYUL, WBBB BIST EES, Ob which occeelon THS 0H11SU0 ADA Will ?)ptir 1b the BBAUTVWo58S"IDTL* At recently played byh?r in Baltimore with im I men?? success. 1MMA W1SB u OLD FADIT. by ail the ? AVOhlTEB OF THE OOMPABY. TH MOBKOW, BENEFIT or THS W1BB SISTBBS. METZEROTT HALL. 8ATUBDAY BVBBIBO, March f, IS57. J03EPI1 11 ibm ARBS' OSAND COBOEKT. Tickets .... ....11 00 i Secured }* ; . 50 cents extra.) The silo of seal* cemmencee on Wednesday I tens* MET*BEOTT'3 Mn'lo Store. Y7?ANCT DltEBSBS ABD COSTUMES. 1 For Tableaax and Private Pa^tlea. Asplyto MBS. fBANK SI A. fW 21 ln<* 447 10th street. BALLS, PARTIES,^c. UBBAHITT AHSOOIATIOB /Pj^ | WILL GIVE i A GBAMD BALL OB MONDAY, MABOU 4, 1SST, at I MARINVS ACADEMY, j E street, between 9tti and 10th streets. j Tickets, admitting Gent and Ladles, $1. j By order COMM1TTSS. fets 7t I Good will to <>n? and .111 *>? tsl end, Out mono is pl'n.iure to our ft tends. Cti OND OU.VhD ball g% kj ur th u jrf 60OB WILL ASSOCIATION, fl WhtrL wai to come off Thnraday, Feb. 21, lifaMk Is postponed until TBIlKsDAY, FEBBCARY it. The Committee pledge themselves in making I tbi? the grandest affair of tl?<! season. Tha Ball will be ven next Tborsday, Feb ?4, raia, ball, I bloworsnow. Come ooe. come all. Tha tickets I are good for next Thursday. fe 21 0t* j LUST AND FOUND. I OST-A Gentleman a DIAMOND PIN. single a atone, ott color, naoielfd border and ehank A I liberal reward will !> paid b> leaving It at the I Jewelry btorvot Mr. 11. O. HOOD, 339 Penusyl- I vania avenue. fe28-:it* | OHT? On the evening ef the 27tU instant, an I I * Onyx or Jet BBIASTrlN, with a pearl can- I tre 1 be fibder will be aolt.bly rewarded by | leaving it at 410 U atreet norih, between 4th and I Mb streets. It* j LOST?On Wednesday. the ;:7th, either on Navy I Yard er in car No. 14. or on Penn'a avenue, I between 9th and i<*n atreets, a pair of gold square I glass BPS' TACLKS. in caee. valued aa a preeeut. I The flDder will be liberally rewarded b> le.tvlng I th- aame with B. BOB1NSON at Wall, Stephen* I A Co. 'a, Penn^a ave., bet. 9th and 10th ata fe ^TKAYBD A WAT. on the 14th inat.,a young > BHD HULL, white face, three years old A liberal reward will te given if returned to DAN ! I EL 8ULL1VAM,_llth and P ata. fe 27 3t? fOST A pink TOPAZ BRACELET, aet in etrcacan gold; clasp aet with brilliant*. The finder will ba sultah j rewarded by leaving it at C S WHITTLESEY S, 7th atreet, near D atreet, fe 27-3t* j $200 " ' w !_" u I My atable was entered ! <at night,SGth Feb , and I two'lark BAY MAEBS.with two red Blankets I atoUn therefrom. The Ma: ea are auppoaed to be I 7 and * yeara old. One hat a bole in each aide of | nostril, and a mark on e\ob flask, aa though the I akin had been aewed. Tke other has a mark on her left rump, near tke cmpper, in ahape of a let I ter A. Both ef them tntoriera when traveling- I One has vary thick legs. j ?100 will be gives for the mares, or tha above ! reward for the mare* and conviction of tke thief. I BAM L A. H MASKS. fe I7-3t* 39% aontb G at., near Bavy Yard. I LOST-On Thnraday evening. A DIAMOND | SING: a solitaire aet tn jet enamel. A liberal reward will be paid if l?rt at Mrs. GEO. PAS I KBB'S, corner ef ami C ate. fe 26-3t* | f OST-On Sunday, lue 21th, a llttla whit* I 1 j POODLB DOG. Bu eyee and tip af aoee are blaak. Anawera to tha name of " Liado. ' A lib- I ! eralreward will be given to any one retarnluff him to Ktk at., corner of V, aa he in r. pet. feMM* I iT'OUND? Picked np, near the We?hlugk>n De r not, tha latter j art of laat December, i Blvrk SATCHEL, containing clothing, Sc., which the owner oan get by calling at Bo. 190 I Mreet, de- I aciIking tke same, ano paying lor thia a<lvertiaement. * I OBT? At the MaMonal Theater, or between Li thareand Willnrd'*.last evening, n BBACB LET. marked A. P. to B. B , Birthday Gift, lsti6 " Tka finder will be liberally rawnr/ed by leaving the >ame at Wlllsird'a Hclel. fe ? tf i PERSONAL. WOFT FBLT HATS, And all klnda oflTaU, ! Cleaned, Coloied and Trimmed new,at.*f. OOBBIBGHaM'0 Cheap Hat Store, No. 346>, Bevetth atreet, between I and K. fe 11 eolm* fkBLY FOB LAD1BH *0 BEAD -BlwuatTy VY Bmbroidered BIGHT BOWS and CHEMISE YOKES, more elaborate than nay ov?r oftered bare, of tha neweat And maat beantiful deeigua^ received dally, frem onr corps of 130 anperi r hands. ?nd for aale at HEDDCED PSIOKB being the Inrgaat mannfaatarer her* of ttiia kind at lad lea' wear, wa can plea*e all. both In <iaaUt> and price, and are determined, at whatever eoet, to pradnea the beat work, iasne the moat elagnat patterna. and BTAMP CHSAPES, than naTooncarn in thia of any uther alty. Oar repatati?a aa tha only Practical Stamper hare inanred Ladles that no iajarious compaeltlwaa are uead, and ahlalda them from traetlng their work In the band* of tboee who bny a few blocks and proclaim themaelves atauipcre. Stamping, s centa per width, and five you a Collar MdCnffaia. . _ VI. PB1BOB, 439 Mk atreet, fe IM appo-ite Patent Ottoa. PL. 8HDBCKIBO.M. D. HYOlBNiO AND HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSIOIAN. OfTicx?349 Pa. Ave., bat. 12th and Uth ata. Jn 30 1m* | At tbb bbw ombap stamping sooms 439 Mb atreet, obpasite Patent OAce, ladlea can get at onr redaced prices, an the vary beet Tfim uqtii Bight gown Yokes, ready a tamped 40 eta. Chemise Yobee, " " It eta. . ** ** -Su eta BIther for braid or embroidery, enrpatterna are of the very Isimi deaigaa, selected with care in Bew York, aad being In receipt at them weekly, we arc able daily tolsene new patterns aa well aa make and atamp say pattern'braaght na. I. O. O. Working Cotton at red need prioaa. daH-tf UBIDAL AMD FDBBSAL WSB \ THS, BO D QCBTS.CBOSSBS, ABCHwBS. STAS^jjSa.,

preserved in natural forntl Imnortad FLOWBB8, HA1B FL0WEB8,and BKAIDIBiG. Aleo, Imported MOSB, Ha IB DBE88ES for BalU, by Mrs. FBljIS. Haa removed to No. 429 llthst., between ^ad H. oc 3 0m* JOHN D. OLABB, ATTORNEY ABD OOPNBBLLOB AT LAW ABB NOTABY PUBLIC, Bo. 48* Uth atreet treet. de 11 ly FIBB OIL PANT1NG8, |Q<> ?00 BNC.BAY1NOS, -4ot) W ALNDT .,at Bo 4*?8 7th Stkkbt. Paintings.?Catskili MiHintaiaa, verr Sac land?cape, by Bemraers Pair Oahlnat alia Laadaoapes, by Wlllaoa. Original gronp Ohickens, by A F. Tait Finlt Paatel by Bmla Kfag. Mothar'a Joy, b* Meyer. IaUrior CathadraJYIaw, vary fine, by Bencnx. Beatrice Ceacf. Ac , Sc. Bagravlnga ?Taaao at the Oeort of Terrara reciting paaaages from his immortal poam " Jeraaalem Delivered." Bhakapearc at tka Court of guaea Elisabeth reciting paasagaa from "Macbeth." Theee are match cagravlnas from End era paintinga. Blelgbiag. engraved from a palatini by frardct. The Happv Beacae. a vary spirited plctnre. from a palntingby Carl Hnbnar. Terblddan Frnit, engraved frem a palntlax by Schloealaace. Alao, Walant Brackets, Be ok ah alves. Parlor Gaaee,Ao. J. MABEBITEB. , No. 4B6 7th str#e4,8 doors abeve fe>3-4t Oil Fellew'a Mail. gTBIBWAY* PIAB08. _ We have received a now asaortmeat af 11 For the laa4 ten yaais Mslawag's Piaaos have, sa all oopaatou, recaiwad the Irst premlam over AH mm York, SoaOoa, t Mladelpkla.aad Bcltimors akars. wheacvor aad wharavor tSey have soma wg?;'":r %:,xw?/'?oiw*o5r' ^ wStf Mo. SIS Paaa aveaae. Sole Agaats. D MOBDOB M OO.'S , WT Tha Boat af thsftr kinda JS U. wJltTBOHBLL. corner 14th and T streets. I fell aader Bbbltt Bouse. jf 4 ' - A..S * > 1 | 1 >| \U | *4 'I WANTS. I Wt5S*~A 0AB1HHT IAIU. MM V WM iXwm.ltjrl I *^5'?nK y~xs!? fym* -''"J. WBw b***Wor? Adaraaa Wx N?. 81 tUr W i955?37?~ *OMBH - OMId* kaat * J?M III I sa&cEsn'i'jsni.*"0 W uaT5,d7i!L*!L w?o ? #r 57/i' . "Ssjrei'srtVVi^ia?**" WAAT*?~A .?9**' WiNUl aad IMS j eu .IT: !.fctt "<?nt.ndi her work *H i?st.,r? st B?I'i*Jaa?anrthT bltwMB 9th tad 1Mb atreeta ?Mt fe ? it I W "* *? MV ,B * t*?* loeatloa , r(0_* ?^*LJUtWO HOD1I with not leea Uu < U^S'SIW ^t0 *? "? T?rai. One AddrI2?ttlt!! b;1"?* ? <* ?Bd twelfe mentba 719 ' glTlB? fu? WkrttnaUri, Peat Office Bjx *" f*a at* | VAMT GIEL8 to jro? arJl^ ?? ."* 7**'f omm ' ? * >Mh and I ^"'re^Lma,Jlido*ckB"b?rw?rk- "" ? *?? swaSH-Tv-* ?"??i *ssrs is ____ ?? ' H tw-m iiiu. m. Ye m m W A"rT*f?Tf ??<>?. ??Y OotmupiBL7to do rezr * ^ h?uaework. ? WILLIa H, , ' _ *38 Peana twaue. I WC,H? of K?w Jeraey tT*in? I " ",?i! 1 '.lr**t-wk,*? famale OWOK. Mo _1_ * *bo b?rt rtcoaaKidtUoii ind t|- j 1L fa xr -u A^IT?!i?K5"? v" litlBJUM 4Mir?? ? I ?r? JtfXy i? ?? *ber l? t dry or crock I i W (!U. ?^i,',ll,,r*l'llr"1i Ad.treee v?F Pott fflw, fe 17 si* J a"i "' AJ,a.r',^.*." VV ^t2D7-^ comfortable UwelltacnuUHB, . or alght ronma centrally looatad. A good tenant can bo had by addreaainc foWK* ?W D- 8HBPHBBD, fe JT fit Corner 7th sod D atrrrts. W V!*,D7??I* ,or thr?? CAHYABdBfcB for Flft tadLlft Ioniaaoc. Holt b? wellie- I attainted in the city. Apply bttVi" n ,L?i ? fa 77 3t** 4 Intelligencer Building, 7tti ?t VV ANTBD?A SITUATION m otmitrMi by~a I * ? '*dy who naderatande eewing tnarongblj by I ht iif<2fX * J*0?!1!-! ?B* *4, h'M Oea rot ond I fit ladiae aad childrea'a dre?aea Addreea, f?r threo days, Cox No. 1, Star ollice. u 27 | W J * D-8?Yeral kAD lis. O L K <1K 3, VtTo * har<- ex parlence in baainau. and can eoa?> *^ll reiouiiiicndid AIno, itreral torwi drkm4 I 01 Mi?*lULAMAKlk8.;S Mlf?l??Sa" f.?.? _ ! WWilKSwSg .SuVis&J'.s?':? w"ir.o;::,vrj't,rh treat* w^t, and K and H .t7e"u nortb AddrU1'oat Oilica Box Mo. bl3,aUtia? locatioa.iarmt, J *? f? K M. \\ food COOK, with good r?farA*>'' doi corner L and lith tre#to- fa 1; >t? W VITfl1!?^a*?i*,1.?00K waabar.and iron^r ?7rI??^PP ' 9 13th botwoaa U an1 I atre*UL fe I6 3t* \Y'AMTBO-InimodiauiT. good COOK, waTher on^n.?,Hiir.0|I,*r . w"" lhfct Cfcn Com" We" rer" bi!Ji V*"! T,m Le Apply w 13ttSt., bet. O Hud H. ft S6 3t* I WAVTBD-A ?aod WOMAH COOkTaa~l t ?7o wKt-ii oj. ?ud tboroacbly anderatauda bar I bBam??a Oall at R atraat. UDU,'^ l^la,' **r fa Jt> It* OAMl'BBLL k GODFRBY H0r?? W ANT ID?Of tire or alz ro !?, mrn .1? ? h atJ<1,5t,, traata Wf>at and Fa td V I n ?i t?ncliit*-*xcr.ed t10- Addreaa, with particular*, K. Mt. B , oSlca of tkfa p?par f j.; Jt* I WAi *fJNT-A BTOftB aad OVBLL 1MQ attached, aithor in \Ta>bln(ton or I nrtetowD, sal table for a general retail xrcery and prarialon baaiaea*. by a reaponalbla partv Addreaa.atatiag location aud particaUra.M A T I box'J-i Po.t Ofllca, Ale?an.lrla. V 'fa*-3t' OOAKD AND H00* WAWTBD in a art Tata , family, where tbara are no other a lady engaged In baaiae?a. Maat be near the Avenne. aud betweea Sth and lUb aU. Addreaa atatlng termi and location. O. D. B , Star offlca ttefereocea exebanged. fa 26 St* I llfAlTID-ToUj.t flrat aiaaa. large dwell- I I"1 HOI HK. with modern liproTeacnti, I well looated. If offered really cheap a caah caa tomer caa ha foand on appllaatlan to PHILP * 80LOMOM8, I3< Pann. a?enaa. I \V ANTBD TO BOY?A at-eond hand Kire and I - , Bniglar Praof BAPB. Any oaedeilring can I End a caah purchaser by applying or ad lreaaiog f* * 4^S^7thi?A*tKD and k. 'rO^VBTBE^AlY ??OBON8-W^dr-a I first claaa YBTBBINABY 8UB0KON. aa aaaiataat. Salary BlM par aaanth AdbIv hv let I ter to Dr. JOHM S. ^kTy. VatfrlSaiy Vur gaoa^ at . between ? and Hat a fa M ?t* I W A?it?H5mm}lm call atT. . . ?OLD8TIlH A OO.^, bicimed Pawn* I brokara, 34 atraat, naar Panaa.lvaala avenn* fa 21 lm UTAMTBSl-eBNTLKHBIV daalrona o?- e^?%?4i^Am?.ir?'l5Sft.,.V.1 "if.1 chance offered It maht pnney, faujw* I AttBMTd WANTED KOH "TUB 18TrtRT I OK THK WAB BBTWIBR THB 8TATM Ir*.AClM ITB OfciGIM. OiGglO AID ||.' Send for Clrealarannd see car taroaa. Ad dreaa f.ta 1-. a<r> aat ^BMBHIIIQ oo" fail-la* >0? Minor a ra t, Philadelphia, ^a. WANTBD? All paraona aboat feraaklng aa I bouaekeeping will pWaaa call at aar office f? u ii?aLijr their fmriltnrc harlig com* I t?nt calla for tha uaa. A Leo, lit uaea for raat f... D 1. WlkLd 1 00., ' i fe l-lm QTaar Uth and P rtraata. [ W Y * t)W*w0?? ae Teral flrat claaa fi jw HOUNBM i?K 'or O""" Onatoaaara. Alaa, niuji *.!!. LOTn iatha aitT, botb large aa<j I (^ L?t^ia?wJ!?i*i I?17 *0 ? WBL1L8 * Ov., earner lith and P ?ta. ja >> lm \\ AHTBD?Mew and (Jaat-off OLOTHIMtt old I ?? OOLl) and 81LYBB, or aay other artiola of I alaa at tbe aid aetahJiahad^ Merchlai Pal. t: okar a hlore of?. TnLTOiTA OO., dtf i 9th at I 3 doora noilh af Panna. aveaaa I ^^Ageat for BINOBB'S SB WINS M AOMIBB WAHTHD-100 LlDIBBIamediatlr. te jkV.aiT0' ?anda. Wrapper Yokea, Flannei dkIrU, jlipyara^aad IaiUala. To good haadt who hH* aaoaplaor work, good wagea and con *t*lll yioyjheat given. 6all at the new 8tamp !!!??*'SfC*1** *?**at Office I d?U tf redaced to PIYB canta par width. I AHT*D-1? ?00 LADIBS to know that It the New Btaatplug Bo m?, 4 3<i pth street ?> paaita Patent Offlca, thar caa find ttte beat aalecaZi aaa. rtoitat of Panama avar offered he7e f?r Oloalu, Oapaa, Aproaa. Joaer., WaUtarTofc^' B??da, W rapaera, 8 lip per a. pfnanahioaa, and In?.' ?ala. Alao.deetaaa ter Pillow Oaaea. O Worn an. I Ohni r Oavera, Pianoa, and. in ahart, arary>arl?t.' i / ""ir V* d""y laened. wThalVl Preach Machine aad a Practical - I hata reduced tha price to w*?par, aad I _ P1T1 UMMTH PBB WIDTH. WV"Ju?'o?5?0IIItT1'?!^ fglgDIBO ami HOl'bky PHNiiSH 1HO OOOD? d uCi?f,0B- nh 'treat balweenG and , ??t .id# j boarding. ?*ory, KOOM for PLB Bd7inana .1*"' A few TA???i? a? ,/v ? al'o. Naar tha airaat care. I la a If **' k*tw**n ' K- Ho 31 7*. | K^f-t?JlTrIwo Fr*HI8H*D~BOOJi87wi?h I ?h and^stu Bo*rd' ?l I treetLMwra pOAhD-rMONT PAHLOB |c let. with Baard ^rs.-is!s5,5r^.?8^^ asssosi^st"A 1? WITH PI8BT OL.AII8 TABLB BOARD, ZiiSfAT"* ply 393 B at , bat. Wh aad loth. UU I zi'i 1 I 50 SlfSS JSHS^F"*'-"" 0.*a:sTr?!??s,i#,#"Promina PLANHBL BOAP, _ Aad Ho 1 BBOWH BOAP, Bo,r ,Bd Qkndl, HI I Q it. ?rtt, b*t. ,U !!<?>, i> IMa SK?Sgg?SStS?8SS$gag;S: I SSttJiS off S|S *Tuok To SSTS: svfsssass any otberp, jaal raaaiyad. I ?aM iTHAJIOK TATbOE. 1 fOKSAXB AND MWI. BB JAM'S o Wir MEBTB. fhSM* ?ut-t.. t+r+i**4 fco S*- fr W ' *'? iHilri Ml I Itrttt. ktlvNi Mk ^H/MoBB* *A4.0$B Wfc SiLMau. far \L 2'HH' Ia|?tr*ittlM Ur Offci. n n-ii uutmrnlsk ? BOOMS suit "I'M ; r? |1? per Math. ??m nk o? M.init. fa it ?t*_ A**WK BO j?? #0? III f-uiMlii B and 7th eta , On.u l Bill KtnlN MSt doM. fatt ?* rM HfcT-Two u Mii B vault Me fer ktwkMHu, m It ?9 L at. north. T lvtft street wwi. UnMm iMiMit T*rw mods*rta U ? P'l III*-T?* coed brick lODiilS i?? ateriM, well-Bniah d, itr?tt i*4 lighted Jc. WILliTf, fe 1? .f fat.Math. Bo. 173. EHW I4LI-A MOO tiTOM, delii |M4 "V*"*"*. '* * 4 Fennay 1 table |r ?M, Mr Cartel. Will Mil eut half or tke entire hueineoe. inlj at rtort, four door* from i?t fa ? >r? |<H>B IKIT-Om large FBOBTBOOM i.eetlr I furnished, with or ffitkjit BOA*D. aeit.oia for n irntteman acd lady, or two ?entlera??n Tr na modrraU. 3098th etre*t. betwreu L aal M streets L'Ol IIIT-A at^lau iite brlrt it tttdn * ?wr|?ow4 0. O., |*ad losatiM g%? and water; rapt aadwaia. Tor to !< # Ai.B L1BIIT, Laabar Tard.No *47 ?tt*r rtnat, Oeorgetewn D. C. ft tn-n' |T? ?K* *?o to'f baeuMnot and ?ttl: ? Wck BODII, Bo. 441 I atraat c-*utaioia< 810 rooms. with large yard aad stable in the rear steesslon Klren immediately. Inquire at it.a [achlnlstv Boom, Patent Office. fa t-s Jt* F'OB BBNT-A pleasant dwelling UUHil )n Oaor|nU*ii Ttraa eioeedta?ly a?d*r it? ininlre at tha Star Qifloo. fa i; jt* L'OB KBNTUrtrk BOUSB. Bo :<3 MaTee a^i.. * twoaqunree from Prnn. an., or * part If rt. Ired. Inquire on th? pretuUes. fa 1' It* TO LBT-A PBAMB HOURS, In ?<nd erler Bo 9P? I atrial betwrea 4tu aod Mk. S?? a rooms. Inquire on the premiaea le 27 n* To LBT-A lilTTLB 9TOBB. ouitab e lor w' *ny kind of bnhlneee. Bant ?<>w. Apply at this offica f? XT 2t* fc'OB B1NT-Bn tha lat of Match DW SLLINU a HOUSE Bo. :ibO K street north, iatvr?n 11th and uth streais w?et Inquire at 9<*4 Pa, avenue. la <7 It* I^OB BBBT?Ona tw >-sU>rr FRIBiC H'JXMB oastaiiticfoar ro?tu< eitut'ei oa O street, b?t*tei4th ftnd fib streets. Apply ibrn d x>r? bore. lfa27??'l B HEITBlLbEK. I/OK HINT A iwa-storr fHMB HulMB on *H strtot.neer > irioni* areon*. with stable on allev In tha rear. Apply at U'AH D -t a >nth. near 4S at. fe tf.jt* BEBT-F"rg..|itlein?nonly.plraeaBt PCB. flSWBD BOOM j, at 4?>9 u ?traet, bataraau WI and 3d conrantaut to tl>a OapHol and Patent Ollica. Street cara paw tha 4oor. Bent ra da r?u' fat; if I^OB BBNT?Three anfnrnlahad BOOM d, on the flrat ar aacond rlaor, anitnMa fi>r liaaaekeep ii?| tor A>m?ll lamllf. Locution ?r?<?d Aprlyat between ]4tb sua 15th ftreet^. fe 17-St* FOB BBBT?Tbre* large Pnrn*abad BOOMS, p'eaaautly eltuatad for apriair and snmn r. near the Oapitol Terma mederaia r r.Me uhera and other gentlemen No 37 1 corner O aad 1st ats. eaat. Capital Hill. fe*7-1t* FOB BBNT-PWBLLIKG HOOHB coraor *r9 ."reet nortb and litb itrwl we??t. coBtiloloi eici.t rooms with stable attached and a ler?? maiden In.mlreofW T BBBDALL. r-.mer at. and La a?e . or ANTOH UBITM LLLBtt Vt *ra . bet | hi O. ft 27 st* BrNTr-TkrM BOOMS on third tl<?r. ?a? fnrnlshed. at 493 H at reel, between ?th aad fe fi ?f Twonnfarnlahed nod twofnrniabel I BOOMS, at Bo. 337 list St., between 11 an<l I streets fe 26 3t* WTOCK ANB HXTWBB8 of Store 4 7?? 7th st. k for sale, or Fixtures for sale and Store Tor rent. I# N St * l/OB SALB ok BENT?<Jheaa, a lour roomel I frame HOI SB. near the Circle Also, a Hoe carriMe DOO for aale. nt KO "BBT ro LT?B S. Pawnbrcktr. 502 9th St.. near fa. nr. fe 2rt iW ^UHBISBBn BOOKS POR BBNT, without Beferenaf*e ezrhanged Applr at Bo. 320 Bew York avenue, between 9th and 10th fe M tf IT OB HALB-The GOOD WILL. LBAbB LI* T CBBHB. and FIXTURES, with "TOOK I' a^re>d oa,of the atore altuated on the aoutkeaat corner ef 13H and D atr?eU. Inquire on the arew fe M >t* FOBBBBT-FourBaseatent BOOMS aultaoll for atorea or shops, on Ue most ?romineB? toslseeacorner of 7th atrMt. Por terms iB-jalr, ^O1*-*',J*rt1"1 V" M 19*^*L''8 Shoe store. N* 379 ith atrMt, comer of I. fe?> St* FOB BBBT?One three story BB1CJC HOUflB contain! nc 9 rooms, with gas and water, newly painted and paMred; ?tabling for two horses Bo #4 7 Uth street, between if and C, NuSd, ten mlnntes'wnlk to the Trenanry hnlldlng. Apsir at Ne. 939 7th at . bet. D and ft nortn. fe M dt OBE OP THB MOST TALC AMI* B ABD DB BIBABLE BC1LDJN6 LOTS lathe city for sale. It Is situated en the north side of K atre-t near llthi between Senator Shermaa's and the* ^"IcaB Minister's, fronting Pranklia Sjuare baid lot is 24 feet by 1ST, running kack to a %) foot alley, and ImproTed by a two story brick stable Jt X tf P. BBOWB, 49* tth street west! F'OB BBBT?Suites of PVBBISHBD BOOMS on the 2d and 3d floors of hou?e Corner Uth nod ? streets. D. L. WKLLS ft 00 . fe 28 II B. W. corner l?th nnd P ???. L'OB BALE?(Onlf #240 eash requlrM, the b*l1?* tw 4BS^ 7th p and k. FOB BBBT?Blegnntly PUBBI8HBD BODSB HMema.nenrthe Presidential Manalon. at 9Kf per month Alae.oneof l? rooms on Merrlael nvenue. nenr the On el to 1, at 9100 per moath AIM, one ofW rooms, unforni?Le4. en Bew Tor* ayenue, at f Mi per month. All these konsM haye modern lmyrovementa. . D. L. WELLS ft O? , I* M M Igth and f atreeta. FOB BBBT-By the 1st Mareh, a HOC SB wttk ten rooms, with gaa and water, on ltth st.. mcobS doer from K. street. Inquire next doer, nt tke stere. fa m m* POB SALB-All kind of PBBBDBBMBD A PLBDOBS, to pay advances, nt 34 414 street, near Pa. nve. 8. OOLDSTBIB ft 00? fe 21 lm Xtlcenaed Pawnbrokers ITOB SALB OB BBNT?Pnrni'hed or infer r niahed? the BBS10BB0B of the Austrian lf!?*Ur' *?rMr 1,lh A Apply between u and Ip.m tew im* C*OB BALM?Three small OABDBN FABMR, ' nMr the city, one ol h> acree. improved by new twoatory brick house nnd naceaaary out buildings, grapea.strawberrlea. peackM. npplee, fte ; Jd^f teen acrae beat of gnr?en eel I: 9d, thirty f? aixty acres, dealrably located fer Butcher or Milk Farm V. D. BTOOBBBlBttB ft CO.. - I( _ BenI Batate Brokers, felMm" B. E. corner 7tk nnd r att. FBB BBBT?The BTOBB BOOM next ?) tke ^8?r2?w*?2B2?r M*l'"MUlan Ball. Apply ?o C. B. BABBB. Star ogee. fe 18 tf PCBBIBHBD BOOMS POB BBNT-PAKLOB r nnd two BBB BOOMS, aame tloer, cemmunieating, lor rent wltk or without board To be let together or separately. Apply nt 934 H street, oMHtsre from tke enrn. fel8-tmarl* d^BOBOETOWB BBALBSTATE ABB ttOOSB AOBHOT, 199 BBIDGB BTBBBT Hoqsm for reai nt ? 8o fl<? per month. Desirable Bousm nnd Lota for ante. fe 14-la* OBMB ft OOOPBB. C?Om BALB-A two at?ry BBIOK HOUSE, with A* four large rooms nnd Mntre hall. ji.ouo faet of ground enclosed ' near the northenat boundary ef the aity. Prloe fi.OO Applr nt 147 3d atreet weat. I? I^OBSALB-Tbe BTO0K, GOOD WILL. LBASB V** l*rt ?f IlXTDIli tf *s wall e'tnbliaaed OrMery Store Bo. 940 7tk street, Bnvy Turd, now says# Kyisi5sr:iUr.!3 p^ESgLrVJ^ifTS^i^S:: ington, D 0.,er anil tn paaaen. between 3 and 134 Peanay., betl??h and >Hh eta. no MM 1>ABB ?MABOB-Fer imtnedlnu anle. one ef Irw-*.* ^ lecnted Bsaal1 eornsr stera OBOOBB1BB in Ike city. Btoek nnd FlxtnrM new An* ^taaaaedlntnly. hy ketMr, M A. B. 0.,Oity Foal FWSKC? -aissiffesSK25:^?1 if oil iMaiteaai bbJ iftiBAtek ^ ^ wkenltl*c>Mndaiia4 p.m. leM^mi BTioaa uanaoroaai I pStMOlAII BABB-BOOB MT FBAOTtOB 4a I VliBOI TATbtB, I AUCTION WALKS. _ Par eUar .en ??aa Mat** ** Dm-v r >.| WP* AWTBMMOOM AMD TO-MO**7-. Bf S. L. WBLLB * UO. 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