Newspaper of Evening Star, February 28, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 28, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. CHAWS M?V t uuiof IV Pup*-rke Pari* -e?rr?#| o? d?-nt of tto?* LoudOiMMfciou joapu*l, , ralird tb# noeen, write* that CM fashions in Parts ir>* a*s umioc macn of the character Mnnulies art grot* rally war a. and tbe laieet ib trod actios ib tx>n iw? w called Sev4lane U la a moat becoming nape ?qq*re, like a <%taiane?and it worn forward on tile forehead. It U formed of ioaaoicaa of jrt. bof* dertri with lac* thickly worked wfch j-t i?*d<, | and fringed likewise wi'h jet. Tb:s lace fills ob tbe lorebead, partially coaceafcag it: an | oib? pMt? of la(t pu*N under the coin '* < ftenAile*. Either velvet Itavri, aamall whit* | rose, or cense carnation are fastened at tbe aid*. Among tbe newest is tbe archduchess. composed of twa row* of ribbon tarred with raw at tt? top of the forehead. and tbe oiber a? *be NlMncem?t?t of tbe cbigncn. and to tbe latter row a donnie scarf of tulle illusion is attached. Tbis style of haad-dre?s is made with dltmnnd and lace for a conrt roilet The small wreath, called Hllios. consisting of liffbt foliage, with a large , draauu fly on eaamel placed at tb? ?ld?, aad witb a spray of leaves falling ovw the left boulder. is like-wife novel and becoming.'* A G*V*RATIOB <?K Peostkbitt L'ipbctio Tbe Sbb Antonio (Texas) Expre<t, spaafciagof dry ?*afor? and crops. Das the following: There is a tradition among the old settlers of this 'rentier ibai the eea??ns of prosperity la agri< uUure are periodical. According to 1 tbe tradvion, there is ten years' droagbt out or e^ery forty year*. The section has jnst 1 pasted tbrongb more than tea yean of unusual severe draught. We are aboat t? ftitsr thirty years of prosperity. C)ur firmer* should be 'setting their house in order,' fitting np their fences, preparatory to tbe flue crops , X> COIUtf " V In view of the recent repeated ow ra^cs on returned soldiers and Uuion men is Ken- ' tuckj. Governor Kramiette on Thursday 1 transmitted a message to the Legtelatare on j tbe subject. Alter detailing the fact* in *ev- i cat***, he says that be can, ntid?T the Constitution, otTer no reward for the arrest of ?be ! perpetrators except upon petitioas of the ! J uiljces of the comity in which tbe u committed and that tbe Judge? are deterred by tear iroin making tbe petition. The raes age was referred to the Judiciary Commit'ee. TiiiCoTTO>' Imaji -The English holders ! ot the rebel cotton loan are still endeavoring i io gi\ c meniseives tn?- nope r hat the United State* iray pay it. Their la'est movement wa> to present, on February Gih. a memorial to-the lirUish (*overnment, asking it* auierp^tiutu in behalf ut their claim. The fact tbat their loan hart t. special hypothecation ot cotton, which was afterward* eap'nred bv (*?- North, they consider, placed theirstock in a ditlerent position irom an ordiuary reoel loan. WlilRIll* M*lHKSS This question i? bow atk-d on both rtde<.o(tbe AMaoUe. Tbe cable save be is not m Ireland; the York Fenians say be has left that plac* una sailed for Fnrope. letter writers have it that be wt? -recently in Harm," bur hot* rt?*ently they neglect to state. Stephens i? sometaiug like >ia*.mniati though witb a difference. Alexu in news t*lls us thai Llaximiliau i.? wvwtnTf. hut St-pbens appears U> be novt here.? J'kil. Ledger. W Sfrvicfi at the L'ulebruok iC*-) Coagref?:u iml Chcrcb were auspeadoi tour Wfk? in ccnaeqnence of the snow block ide of the rca ? One nun dug a tunnel trom his hou-e twenty.two :*et long, through a drift ten or iw'i\? feet de??p. and has held communication w ith 'be outride world for over a loiUiight by means of this passage. S/*ln London, .tn orufi*, ubcin* tpcii"!. was found to contain a smaller and perfect orange in its centre. VTbe Virginia Senate bat pa?sed a bill incorporating the Sheuandoab Valley Kulroad Company. /"A lady being asked to waltz, gave the following sensible and appropriate auswer: -Xo [ 1 thank yon, sir, I have bulging enough at home." MTThe Princess of Wales has her third baSr. a daughter, born ot< Wednesday, the iKb. SSbe baa been married not four yeara, aud ha^ three children. tor I n Chicago the policem ?u bave a way of lettingoif persona wno have hson nrr?i.ta,i _ ... K > ? Ull their payiug a ?mtlI deposit as security taat they will appear next morning. The depmit fo** Into the policemen' pj ke:-s ih?* prisoners fu away uever to return and justice goes i. beggiug. 4j ay* in Parie thf w#ran are de'ermiaed to ! Had on' what the attracion is that uuie? their hufcb&ods u> clnb-hon^ev, and bare formed j wtimtfii ? cloof to try and le%rn the mv-t?>ry. i i From these mm are rifucoualy excluded. 16?~A murderer in ihs Troy tail wa* recently ; married toayounx lu ty of toat dry. ' < Not lonr ajo, when the Kmperor was ill, j aom* one a?lretf rb? P-iaeo S tpoleou wUai vuuld taiir pli.i it the Linp-ror ?hauUtf:f. ! ' The Prlfee replied ?"Ia? Kinpr-ss und the Imperial Prioie will be kicked out of France. and the republic established!" , iS~Tuv mititia bill paired tl??? Tena*1*** ] House ol Rej re?entat?v?n? by a vote of i.J to J v> 'icven.ur Lrowulow- ta\? Iwyal leu- 1 ne?s*' can new protect herself W.Vr l,evat. I/txon, standing in hta own ' door, m Kuseellcoui.ty. V:t, was fired on la^t Friday by iwo scoundrels. and instantly | killed, he leaves a wife and el*hr children aTTbe J,oudun Ijisret Is in dou'? w.'iat to , call several y uu i. e Indie* who recently passed an examination for arimieeion to t&e Society of Apothecaries. It etrggeata "apo'tae-cnressoa' J &i ar aj.piwpria e Uiit. 1 ^"The military aethorities of San Francis- ! co report that a u liKe < hiJd named KriwMa- { lane, which had been lor two years lffmopos- ( ^esMoa of tbe Ajucbe Indians in ArLjqf, haa I tren rwcned. w I KTA member of the Kansas S-na'e, who , had been pretty strongly advocating female i sutTrape, got & letter from bis wife the other day. Said bis tender spouse. Sam. mm ? malt* a lool of yourself'."' d VTb?? mi.sic of & wealthy chtrrck in Kev j Tork ?oet? mot* than tire m:nU*er*? ?alary. 0 WA qnAntlty of "Cold poitou" was rxtracted from a broken-hearted maiden in St. Lonl*, by rarans of a etcmacb pump. 1 KTTb? fcew York Tribnn^ snnoonci'i tbit a KOTPrompiu will,under a lare joint molotion ot Coner^?, leav?* tba' port in .t |?;w tt?yi to carry ti-*e wbaterer mny neairixi* {* routrihMed t>r tbf cit??Q> to feed Hid f.ttaiah* II mr poor at lb* Soa'h. * ^ * b o 'i e Ti iT HALL A PLANT, ? PL ART'S BULCDIS9. C^r??r !U? ? ark a?enoe and liiu tr.>et, I Knttaace ?d Mew York twoM,) Daa'antafinr FAMILY GBOriKTCS, TEAS. " K1IKS, IMPUATIil LL'XUttiad. Ac, Ac., tj won'd re*pactf?lly actlfy frtcud* aud tu? put He tb?t tlfj have ja?t opened tu*lr 5i?-w Or a- 1 ctri Store, ?t.?r?c?oVi obtained any arlicU a?n ally k?yt in a Brat rl?n Snewjr. Without at trn pnii to eaaaxratu jut larf-.fre-h and ??JI- T elected tuck,** coidialTy Inti'e f1>?> puM'c to tmlM ?r ate re a aU attx.k. believing w# ?tia'l * aotfaU to aire a I. til? uuihctua to adwhoua> V I tl btoi ni wiiktlalr iMiotov*. e?Mt*' \ omniUen to per ?of Uneut of I TK&8u4WPrilB, whirh b?i?bw* ? ilk |iut can for furity. l)**ier? *111 Std a I aa M??(TtTr?ut tasefect from, ?ad oar pricM to a ait. ti ?oo4? ?an?<-red promptly ia any part of the city, c aiL?te i ^ CiCEima rOE Tfll^aoLXDAIS." t: iJOLBL* YAMLI.4 ttiVOOLiTI, ti \ * *. P. KING A BOM. f W?t .?VVa^Shis? 0\?P,9. ; Frwfc. it JUMQ FJLACM. " |\f IBOA MMA.T lrfo*ltiTiC.*)~ ? ' "-" ""te.vrxfo s G?LD" ^rtftfSLVWV'rT, ; Oold (ol?r. fill, ??t '^flavor and ctaoc*. ?a<l 1m? than one ball u? cu?t of lm?urud t. IM K1M*> PIjAOM. a \ 'HIT* UPOKTO Pfclif, ' **""' ?i Vfevct 1 * ^ j 1 v . _ , Z. If. F. KIJO * 80S, " O _* ?? Kin<ptM?. r w ?"*** . " VKW *!<.* <fH* * >??.? . ' * *T I 1 f.f s.: ? R ? m ?-? * oT? ??- 7} , ? ? ^rvS9tsx. -) ?<" ' *' * ?3rrjiAi^t i * j AUCTION 8ALB8. DT CBOWlTwALKlB AOO . AaetloneeN. roraato,a??nMUe*Gto?i ota*itlii^tfarct> 1, ?r.ftUtrM *i?ry >n io4 brick VNi * !? . oea??lB*njt*lA rootoe. cea throne*<-s *?"?r8SWA,,VS5tM0Vi?.., ???<* .k AwtoiiMn |JT W. L. VALLA CO. lieUois.ri K,r$K?FS'!!?l... t*4 I, ? lb?ilu ?C M* city know* ae Lot tf.ln initiate ?<}. The let contain* abont 1 fit fbet. Term#: OM-Utii cmIi. balance :n da u4 , t*Mw mtitli ib0 |ur?k*Mr jUiDt bl* note*, with. tnUreet, ?acu*?d by k dean ?f iruet. Oont*.?*tcibk iDdlUnM ?t |Hr?h?Mr'i i?>mi. fet7-4 W.L WALLA CO., Aacta. BI W. L. WALL * CO.AuttoMtn, Oriftakl Hone and Carriage Bumt, 98 LOatolana avenue. ALB or IOIIBi oabbiaoes, babhbm. en SATUBOAY UOBNIBO. Mareb t. at 10 a'cl'k. we will eolL, it lb* Buiu, a aumtwr ot Paddle CtrHifttnd Work B*rM,iiralld?Mrlia""mu-'"vs.xr&sin Mur goo* Work. BtMit (Ml Harneee Horee*. Ten gofd Vara or Wore Herat* fram the conntry.Md Two wrj fine Bay Bortea _ Use tiiorouKk brc<l Bai.worke in ?nr harn?*e, ??rteotiy ivvdiI a og gentle. warranto-! a* reprwnrwjtM proprrtr of a gaDtleaian having no further u*?- for tbem. A nnmiH-r of Male*. Uae second h-iod fatality Carriage, net long In naa. A Leo. A largo collection of Hew and Second band Bog glee. K< ckaway a,Carrlacea, Wagona, and other * ebiclee Two new Jenny Li uU Wagona, bnilt In thlaelty, Alm> , New and 8ecou?t hand bar nee*, Saddle*, Carriage*, if., at yriTtte sale. tubular aalee days, Tneegaya, Thnrvdaya. and gaUri^i. Carriagee and Harflii alway* on prirata aala. io a W. L. WAL4* * (JO.. A note. BY GBBBN * waiilAKh \octic?Mcr* Ho. corner7tb ud D itrMM. TALffAPLttlCTtDIVOLnr ryTaiascoRD WAKD > kONTltttfwN I <TU STRICT sVudf. biTwKKHonio atkmum a^o DsrBBir NotsTi). at public Arorios. On MOhi'AT. the Oh inataat at .?'cl?kp ra , we (i All tell. <>n th* pr<-niiee?, Lot No 14, in S<|Mi?re bo 2 9. tiHTlng 7'.i ruuuiof back atx-ut in tc?t in depth, making It a Haadeouie Buildta# Lot. Terma : One half ca<h, th? balance In K and 12 mon'ba. 'or antea bearing iui*r*?t, and wared by adeed uf trait on the preaaivea. All oonvcyva riDg and r?T*g*? itampt ?l Uj? of tba par ohaewr Mw dowa ?>a th? d ?y ?>l aale. fe *7ji OBKF.N A \V 11,l.1 A M?. Aucta. BY V. Li. VkKLLS * CO.. Anct(on*Or? N. W. corner lOtk aiK K alreeta. ROSf WOOD PIANO F~OBT?. PKKN<3B PLATF. H1UKUUS. LAI E AKUiiKUCATCLLC ?*0B TAIN?. B Bl'8 d K lit! ('A BI'KT.V WALNUT A >? U MAHOOtKT PABLOB AND 4)M AVI PUB ?l BNITL'BB, Ac., AT Pu'BLJO AUCTION On MONDAY, the Oh day of March Beat. at !0 o'clock a m., w shall aeli at buu*e No. 32^ ls:? tr??" a ni, batwwn 4 aad K north, e-tel ?i4?. all the I"u?aitore and KfTectacoatain?-4 laaald house, ?iz. Bo*e?oo4 Caae PtAno Forte octave, vary tone atd Id excellent c.r<ler If r*n? It Pn?ta Mirror, Gilt Frame, witk Bracket# ?b<I Marti* Slab Aaee and hrocatelle Window Ourtalna BrtMj-la, Ingrain aul VeaitUn Carptta, Baca, Walnut Sofaa, Btfe and Caay Chalra, la Hair Moth Walnut Hi.d Oak Cbaaiber Beta Bark t lop Bur^iuii Wa?iie?ittida, aad Tables Mfar-lrobt-n Toiler peta Bed L*n? ov klmiki'U.r^rortahita. no I Oiaaterpaaea Featber H>-d?. Plliowa and Bolttt-ra tfhnck. aad <*a?ton-Tep Ma.treaaea Bla-k Walunr Extendi ju I'lDiog Table Mar Via Up biuet>o?rd,< Walnut? At Irdaor ami Oak Plulac Cka re Cooking. Parlor, and Chamber Stovaa, with liteBMla Silver p'ated ('Mlor, Bioom. nnd Cntlery China. O-aap.apd rr??'fc?r? ur?? Alto, large I t Ritchen Be mlaitea, too natfiftrona j to nit ati?n f(M (liitelj P. L. VILLSIOO.iAiiti. jjl THUtf. Putt L1MO. A act ; Georgetown. ; BXCBLLENT HOD^fclOLD PTBHITUBR. 1 H<>MtVM?oD riAhu. orriuB plum rettk, HKbblNG 1HOM s>aPR, *c . Ac., AT AUG 1 TION ! On MORPAT MOUSING, M?rh 4th. at io 1 o'rlcx k 1 will sell, at the rtebienee of the late Vn B'dm, hu. ? b Uay hirwi, between 0 >ogre?? ' bd W?elil?|tiia fttraeta, ( r?et->wu, the Hun** bold Furairure Ac , c ntmtio< In part of? Raitlleut B ^weo4 Piano, (alm*?t new,) Stool ?ud Cover 1 Malinioy Haircloth Clialra and 8of%q Datn??k iiid Lare r.rtaiii* <;ori,lc?-? Mi Bhadea ' Preeeh Plate ?.1H frame Mirrors ' Mahogany Marble top Center, Pier and Side Ta- ' Me* I Mahogany Bnrrana, Bedate?rfa. Wardrobe#, Ac < Tbrer ply end It?raln Carpet* IMicletB at d MatiiLg V>.t)>er Bed*. B*-ddiar. ?*d Mat(r**a?a ' Walnut Intension aa'l oth -r Tablee gtdeboard.Ae I ; Mahogany hocrttary aBU xiuok Oaae J ?n> ill Iron HaCe 3u FUtuna, french Clock, Ac , 1 Crockery and ttla?awar? Large Cookiax and other 6t<.?ea. Atid a k'reat variety of Gooda, too aunierone to 1 neatlob. Term caah. THOMAS DOWL1RO. fe 15 [Intel] Aoctloneer. ^ BY COOPBB A LATIMER Anctlon^wi," , ( LaU cl?rk< with Jaa. O. Metiaire A Oo.,) 1 }oa>hweat corner ?f Pennsylvania eve. an* 1Mb treet, Star OIBee BntlUng f r&USTBB'B SALBlOr"CBIMPBOVBD PROP- { KMTY ON TUB ISLAND AT AL'OriOM. J By virtue of a deed of troat dat> 4 th??Lh day of 1 lnn> A. IMtW. and recorded in Liber J. A A. H#. ?, folios 9?,7, a, and 9. oue of tAe land rocorda , or Waahimtoa county, b. C.. I will soil at pub- 1 ic anctio?, on the precuiaaa, at Ave o'clock a. m. n MONDAY, Marchll, Um,next. Lot auabeted *] eight, and part of Lot No. i7) aevea, in Wb. a i PaiUpe'aob uf parhof ?rig1nal Lot No. (2) two i u auu&re another*} five hundred an<i eighty one Ml.) TI.e above property la eitnauA on the Mat id*of atre? t w?at, near Vlrgfaia avenue, tad n a thriving location. a Teraia: Oaohalteaah.balaaoaIn alx and twelve t| iioatha. with inttroat from oar of aale, eeareri br ei leed of tinat on th? ?ro??ri? a j till be rf'jilted from the pnrckeaar at t(n? of |i ale At! ccuvt-jancioB M lr??- nu? (tarn pa at cot! f iurchaa?r. W1 B. DBIN&ABD. TrailM. fe 19-*odAde COOPBB * LA riMEB, tm, J |^Y OGOPSB A LATIMBB, Aactioneera. UANCBEI >ALE OrlTuLxE AND LOT OH BOfc T ii K 8TBAE r, 1Mb u4 11th ?t?. ? eaat, " Br >irt*?o# a ?i#rr*? *f tha ?u#r*m4? Ooart af be l?Ut. let of Colnaebla ? atk) no Iht tb<i*y<f ITearner} . A. t> |4;7, In can?e Ho. 781, laUtrge r? Bnltatal. tho na<1er?l>rne't wMI *>!!. f n.Mii- tiu-tioa, Utfe* bi|iK?t fii'J.ler, on tit* "< March A. D. \jj7, at 4o'clock p.-u , i, th? pfrmmn, a*it? or Lor* Mas and A. In ? >,c<?re Ho <>7A deacrlb?d aa folio* a Bogiauing * K *?reet <Wf*et-a*t from KMi ?tri-et. and ruaif* ti iwm f?at 71 fe*-t; thence uorth oo f*?? 6 I i< lv-? ii.ciM ?v:t tS frit, an* taence aoatb 90 " im i. iitnli** tu the beyinnlnc* with tha two etory l?* eiling thereon. E Ten a of ?ala <>?< tta?i <-aah: the aeeMue in *ix t>i<ih treat th?<lar of ?*!?, with iit?r?at. or at g ha option < f tftf p?cvh*?er tha wUoie war ha paid n?i?-h. If th? ittnn are i.o; ceia plied wltb fa ^ ?eri*v? fr??i ih*<t?y of mi the proyrtr wfU cl e r?? t<i at ik* rflt ond coat of tin defaulting nn ha**r. neon 6*<* d?>a tiotlre CiUferaacibtf " t.u atauS" at tbe ex r*n?e of thtf varchaaer. Q tKfcP W. JON* 8. Truatae. 01 fa 12 ec3w COOPBB A LATIMBB. Aacta pKCITll'l B A L B . la In yuratjanc* of a rawer of ratted tn me by ->f ti u?t. executed to me by Qaoiw* w. ~ nuhtl ami Cornelia D. Mitchel, hu wife, of 1 V aah>&?ton cit> , butrict of Colombia. dated <>a L t e?8th U?* ol Anyu>t. IMS' aad recorded ia L? ar B. B. P , Bo 3, folic> Ml, Ac., sua of taelaad M e^ordaof MonUou.ery c< uaty. 1 will otfer at nblic *ai' and teil to the hitfbeet Bv ar'a Hotel. In the village af Olarkatars. In lontKoaerr etiitf, Md , ea WEDNESDAY. tha uttoaar of March, In tli0y*ar eighteen hundred " a<i *1 vty eev*a at II o'cW>?k a m .all the follow k eeacrtbad teal eat ate ftaated ta Montgomery ounty. Btaw- of Marylaad These land* lie nur >iuur|. nomaoMcrr oounty, and adjoin t&e J ioa*rty of Rnfna Kinir, Perry Browmnft. Basil f tekll and ottier* Cue or the tracts U nnrtof a I ract ef land called "Trouble Bvourh Indeed," a ontntain* six hundred and alnty acrea Uiaii, of : b?in? the uai laad heretofore conveyed by B, b arlea Hendry and Cleanor Hendry. hta wife. to aid Oaora* W. Mltobal, by deed dated en thetftk p, ai ofAayoet. ISM. The other belun (art of a ej mctofhu.d called oetirrey on MnyleBraack," et eretofore eoareecdto eatd Oeorao w. Mite hoi a< y Ann oyer, and containing thirty fi?e acme of M i^ssM i a tared and Trader very good Am Inc. The la- * toreneMe ?MMrtet < yre, eoiafor%aote ,0 gad fi * y out-b?lldi*ye: Man, fear rood t'.ba^" 5| "?ae?. alovedemlM trwt |i iwc?PtlUe . r being divided Imto two or throe convenient ft iiata > Pecacaa wlnhior to look alft* proyarty stn do S ? ? rMHatoaHr. Iia?. rentals y on Ike land. Tj o ?>ii aeko ilamre in shearing it. ? le>ms of mU: na-tkird of the parckoeo Money ** > be yaid on the day of sole. the reeMuO of tko ^ arekaeaaM aakoyatd In one and two yoara J oattadafM tak, tke yarskassr or y?i*eko " ** giving Ma. bee or thelr-nenee, wtSb aewrovad ft Mnrity. bearing intoreet froen tkoday ofeale nno>mentof too wkota Mraknao naaot a dead 22 ttffeo oseentod ?v tho tramoo. tko n a re baser 5 Mil* AncttOMom ^ ' """ <?'i " AT XO<r *** >. *k . I PROPOSALS. pftorotAfcS roft nv jail. A ' / BiPMMiMplr'tHi Tmtvimr, \ 1 MM 1. mtll 12 o'clock m , oi MOVMT.tb* Tbedeelaae. detail dratriage, aad meUtiUtu en ktN?t M tiir arcMtaot'a ?Art, ia iUn<Urg (Tiiuade or Ihe Oepitol. Waabinetoa cur.every <a> except houra?t a. m. The contractor wkoee Ud ma# be aacepted will WitoiirM to rtlrHtto i uflsieot boad<t?ke MPfowd k; ike M?eretin of (ft* Interior, for-tbe faKhfal eocnftletloa ef lie contract. Per Bents will be ei.irfe a- the work pitpUMi. OA eetlmetee cer tided tq by the architect. tMt twenty per ceoturn ef the estimate* will be retained until tbe Tf>* cenfrkctwJ be ivuM to the toweat reeponalble Mtid*r, bet the Department reeervee the right to reject any or nil ef the bide ehonld it be dee seed for UM iatereete of the Cover nmeat to 4?W. The Mda will he oy*e*4 at aooa on the 4th of Marita nasi, la pteeaeoa ef each of tbe bidden aa ay ebaoae to attend. PmfoaaJ* tbouM be^adoreed oa the aaeeloya, * Pfopo?*ll for Mew. Jail," and be directed to-the k .-, jatt-wdw 1 l?ft*a?J of the Interior. PBOPOttALB FOB ARMT TftAMFOS**TIOH. qrumiiiim 0nnu% Ornei, / VmhimWI, V. 0. Jabnary l?. Sealed Pro*?ala wtH be reatfeed at this office aatfk lioVlock a., on the ttth of Fotnirr, 1857, for the traaayortatlea ef Military Snpyllee daring Ifef tgV aemmencing Anrtl 1, M67, and ending arch iQ, Ml. oa the following run tee: KOUTI Mo. I. From Fart MePhereaa Hebraeka Territory, or ach tnrte ae mar be determined upon durtag the year oa the Omaha branch of tbe Unioa 1'acLttc railroad, weet of Port McPhereoa. or front f?rt Laramie, Dakota Territory, to auch peat* or demote aa are now or may be eetabitehed ia the Territy o Nebraska. wnet of longitude 1>*S deg . in the Teriitor* of Monraaa, aonta of laMtade t6 dog. In the Territory ?! Dakota, weet ot longitude IIH deg.ia the Territory of lilabo, a nrh of Utitade 44 deg . and e*et of longitnde 111 deg , and in tbe Territories of Otab and Colored > north of latitude 46 deg . tnelndinr if nMtuin. _ _ _ ? ? m ? ?I?T' BOUTS Mo. 2 Trom Fort Biley, btate of Kkiut, or snch pvints as may be determined apoaduriuc tiitraw on the Union Pacific railroad. L>., t? any pu?t? or dopets that art-bow or mar be *?t*bhske<l in the Stale of Bsnsas or 10 the Territory af Colorado soutfc of latitude tOdegrees north, and to Port Irion. Mew Mexico. ?r other depot that may be designated in that Territory, and to any other point er folate oa tb? route. BOCTK Mo. 3. Proa Port mi< n or su^b other depot m m*y ba established In the Territory or Mew Mexico, to aay posts or statloos that are. or mar he aatab limed ia that Teri ftory, and tosnrh posts orsta tioes aa ma\ b?* designated In th? Territory of Arizona, and (a the Stale of Texas west of loagitnie ltttdeg. BOCTB M", 4. Trom St Pant. )I>anee>t?, to aach pests a- ara now or nay tat*l>;l?ht<l in the fct*te of Minnesota. anil la that portion of Dakota Territory lying e-st of tb? li(?>ari rtv?r The **i?bt t < be transported dnring the year a til not fxcrttf in Ho ne Mo 1. 30,<JU? pounda ; on B('<H? Mo i. 20.tuv t*?> pouuda ; on Boute Mo. S, 8,><? 0?? pounds, and on Boat* Bo. 4, J.JoO.JUO pviiade. Proposals will ba made far each route separately. Bidters will state the rate per 100 ponnJs per 10t> miles, at which they will transport the stores la each month of the \rar, l ex inning April 1, IjJoT. a ad eliding March II, Bidders ahoald tire their name* la full, as well as thxirl plaaes ot residence, and each proposal should be a*.oompanted bv a bond in the snta of tea thousand 910,091) dollars, signed by two or acre respoualble peisona. guaranteeing tint in ca-e a contract 1? awarded for the route mentioned la tne proposal to the party proposing the contract will be accepted an>l entered luto, and f.?d and sufficient security furnished by said party ia accordance with the terauof this adrerUMmrat. Tke o?otractor will be required to gl re bonds In tba following amount* : On Boute Mo. 1, ?250,000. On Boute Mo. 2, 200.00U. On Moate No 3, luuitw. Oa Bo ate Mo. 4. to <00 Satisfactory evfdenoe of the loyalty and solvency of each bidder and person offered aa seeorIti will be required. . , Proposals mn*t be endorsed " proposals for Ara>> Transportation on Konte Mo l,*.d,oT4," - a. a mm cito cuf B?y Da. and none will b? entertained Dnltn ibey fully comply witU the raqniremeata of thl? idYertlaement. The pnrtj to whom an awarl in mad* moat or prepared to execute the contract at onco. and to (It? the retired bonds Tor the faithful perform?nre of tfce cm tract. The rtf tit to reject any or *11 bids that mar be ?ff*re?l ! reee rtad. The contracture oa each route niaat be in read! ne*? for serrlca by the l*t day of A aril, lrttf, and will be r?4)o4red to hate a pleca of boelnee* or mency at which be way l a coeimunioated with ?>omp(ly and readily for Route Mo 1. at Omaha. B. T.; for Baaie No 5. at Bort Riley. Khium, for KontaXo 3 at Frrt I'nlou New Mexico,for Route Ne 4. at 8*int Paul. Mti?ne?eia. or at such other Riot for each of the eeveral Routes aa may be located as the atartinc p?iut of the route. Blank foraaebowing the conditions of the con 'ract t? l* entered *uto for each ronte can be had >n application at thla off re. or at the office of the juartrrxnaeter at Baw York. Balnt L"UM, Fert Ueavanworth. Omaha B?rite Fe, and F >rt 9nallug. and muat accompany and ba a part of the >ropoeal. By order of tba Quartermaster General. ALBXAHbKB B0189, Brevet < alou?l and Assistant ja IS 36t Quartermaster. D.?. A. QrtKTIBMUlEB Q?*K*AJ.~i OfriCK. / WisHiMijii*, V. C.. rel ruai t 2J. la ~.S OBTPONBMfcNT OF OPKN1NO Of B1DB gOK A KM Y TRANsroBTATION. The time ler the openlb< of ttie propoanla for Irmy Tr?n?p rta'i. a. inrited by a Ivertieefeent rem thla ortha of Janaarv 1*, it hereby ax- I cooed to 12 m , of THURSDAY, the 7th day of I larch. 1467. By ardar of tbe Quartermaster fl*neral. ALKXAKDBR BLISS. Irevet Colonel and Aaniitant Quartermaster. T7. B. Army. fe2l-td *TBOPOLITAM TATBBT ~ *" fl 8TBAM BAKBBf, 347 C rtraat, between 4* aad ?th itrwU. FirtMel with MeKenzle'a BplendH Baal Oven ud tba moat approve* machinery, nunc noaa bat ie btrt material, carefully flfclactad. Taa Orack ra manufacture at thia establishment are aupelor to aa> heretofore o(tared la taia market We .aita aHantia* Aapai?l?U? *? '* * - grcOSiooi*""'"*: A"",o,rrom Vilcb^ (mH* flour, eqnal to uj in the BODlftjiBA&MtS. Bxtra flo?. from hi|t irntn aatra flour. BCtiAB CBACKBB9i BOTTBB CBBOKBM. OBAUEBB Dl St Wo are als* ???!) lag Grocers sad Families lib Bavtaaer's well iuowa FAMILY BUB AD fell 1m THO. BAVHWtR. 3IT Oitrett, ? L O O il W 1MB D I A fail aaaortmr at of all grade* cbotco Floor for kera; quality Bo 1; ?ric?low. 1 Are tlie tul; direct i?crlf?ti for Qoldea Hill, J. I. Gambrlll (aot Patapeoo) and Liaganor family , lours ta the Olatriat. A* tit* Latter brand baa | Mtu nteuiiTeti ooanterft :io<t and e*M la tbia i tj.Wevoald lafora* those wietnnc tbteflourby ( rranceaaent with tb* millers we faruish It lower j ian Tt can be obtained from any other so a roe. < oalltv aeoead to noaa. Price afractloa less than t ther Brst-olass Family Flour. i Buckwheat at low rat**. All grade* of VTeatera Flour n store and for sal* . w by . W M. OaLT A CO., Indiana arena* and l?t street, noil a ear P*>*ot. J A1L IA ID ' 8 rl OHOOOLATB DB FANTAlsiB, 4 II MOM BOMB. 1 also. 1 AIL LARD'S CHOUOLAT PAB XGBLLBNGB, Tbf* Trlpl* VanillaCHOOOIiaVb is gup*rl*r i quality and ftayor to aoy other asade la this ?"??irBWWWSBf "* earner 14th and F streets, |a* nnd*r Bbbltt House, ail road, adjoialnc the imIih ?? ? stgat'' fef$s t tip Trr ?sr 5 ^iaasaaJgBSRgtaa. ? HssK,,,a,.,A%?n&r.,?s??^ : itttadchMiM ?ti???Mr?. In tjaMiM, *t ms&r.m&rng. \ B*"ow- *? m 4 roSTUd also of rTfbio, W. H# F?aa % j HM,wntrUtt?, ? >->r * | AO&KASL AID WDritH. 1 i * f K O'hwtl?t. .*4. ^^^Vl^SjLrch ' to tott-tf. - Upw0# !?imtk at . vt.Ian?*r. ' :tWWfe : utll rMODIOH. With WMTOU Bt|l ud illui- rf thmlflM. A. " "? mujwk imom. p .MiMMiA I - < I"JYAT ^.5'iAJl't *<* ^ GOVERNMENT SALES. JgUlLfclHOfl A* A^r*?rvA*VJitor?k?"?.

rJ'S* v.r.T:T^-cuS',ir?^r*'>^hUK: mstfirrzsy aJsMSAfri! dry.l Wut HoumJ Oflkee. tal l <e. | 8he-i,a?l 4 Sinks, vhkk mo Aitu fioa ii? flnl |? ?tl7i ; fNl. , .. Buildings wlfrbe aefd slagVy Tama: Cash.In Ooyersmant fnn4?. nf tee- dsn frnm data of eat* win be |ruU4 uMff^u^sihkj\l9asiL. QOViSUlLUll HiL* AT 'tlfcAlbUtua. < haUaetua. *?.. o. lko*DAr, Mare* l&T, coniim>ii|r?t ID?'d??> A. >j About :ow net tone(TJannonTOaai Xros. About 7W*** (om 6aot, Atmti. Ae,, (aboti tomehalf ba*e valuable aofr metal itkftcM ) Aboot lot t?w UidMiiMI Ab< tit 16 tons Scrap Wroaght Irom Ait?* 4?* ")?* berap urut, uopp?r. 6c. 837 Wooden Artillery Carriages. Ironed. U{> Wo*4*a Chassis, lrou< d About TTO OsTslry ?*dnl?.?, 750 Bridles, Sjno * Cartridge Bpiea, ?ad a jaantity ef other Leather Woik. 1 large Uaod Fire Englae, (ballt by Agnew, - Philadelphia.) About lrHW barrels Unserviceable Powder Also, a larr* qnantity of other Property, cobaieilug principally ?f Moaket Appenila??a, Haw, Mope. tapRmenta. Mlscellanenn* T"*>l? Ac , Ar. Terms : Oaskon tb - day Of sale, in Onited Stntea cnrreacy. Ample time allowed for the reasoval of Prop*r4y. at lb* eipiratiou el wliiih that not removed will retert |o the O-vernineBt By authority at Chief of Ordnance. " P. H PAB&EB. Capt Ordnance and Hvt Major. U 8. A , fe9-sAnitd Conmandlag Chariest.>a Areemu. IMPOBTABT BALE OP GOVEENMENT VE3bEL. blot Uvartfrma!tfr,t I BnlntifTf. M'l . Jannary 3v. \9tS V Will beer Id at Dllulir Anrtion at fKo D-' _ wawwe? at ?irv ?wi * VI UW tlmore (Henrterf^n r wharf. I*Jt Baltimore,) on 1 TIIC&9DA Y 1* II . F?l ruarv 28. 18 7. the Bl I'lKU MDE WHICIL MI4IIH OOSMO FuLlTAM, Of779 ton-. length, 22? feet, ur.adth of beam, II leet; <Veptb ot bold, IS feet, ?> limier, (U inchee, and 11 feet ?(roke. A rare opportunity I* ttW Jed i>i tb? salt of this Bteauier tu pen ua deaulitg to purchase a really fi r?t cla.-a v-ciul . hbei*ol MkhtOTaft the engine and hollers are In mott excellent condition, ami tho hull ferfectly xonod ?n<i etron*. It I* believed that ier M?e a lid build tie Oo*mn liian >urpa?eee hc> ve-nel hitherto offered by U<<y?rniiieht tor ''ale at tltia port Terms caeh, In Government fnndt, on day of a !e. " urther ?art1cnTar* may be learned npon appllraMo? t?. tl<e tin i -rsiki or to the Auction-em, UMiri APKti'N, THOMAS * CO., Mo. 19, 8 nib Thnrlee "treot. By orde* of tbe Quarter niaa'er General. A 8. K1MHALL, Captain aud A Q. M.. U. S. A.. fe 1 -211 Depot Qaartermaafer. ^JOYKhNMENT BALI. Tbe property known a? the "OOVEBM MENT TABNKKV AXli fTEAtt SAW MILL.with seventy-ft v* acres of lead, near ?*u Autoulo. Texas. be?Ied Proposals, in duplicate, will be recelvel ql t< the lat day ot March, 1S 7. for the purchase of seventy five acre* of l?nd. more or lees. together wi.h tbe ballsing* erected th-reou. and tbe appurtenaaces appet tain: n?, that in to say : ON E TANNKUY. Containing TH'ILVB t>T'iNB LIMB VAT8, lllll TWU WOOI'EN VaTa, &BVBN BTOMB POOLS, and capable of taanlng fifteen thousand hides per annuBi * ONE PTEAM BAW-MILL, capable of sewing Ihioe thonsaod teet o lumber d.ilfy. OKI SHALL BTOMB BCfLI?lH<?. Tbe atone property i* *ltua'ed about two mllee ab ve ban Antonio, <>n the Ban Antonio river. iol ti e water is c"L?lucie<l to tbe establishment by a race of Lewu atone, laid in i-atuenl 1 be lend was pwcliase.i aad improvement* made by tbe li te to c*ll?i Confederate Govern neat, aad are estimated to have ceet 91Ml(M> in gold. Tbe property ha-been vader lee-te for the year I860. at a monthly rent of payable in ad Tiucf a ?ecn r? a lit!" in fee nirnpl* will !> tflreu If tlte Cn4?ed States Ooveruatpi-t 1'ropofal* will be marked "Proptnal* tor 0?t ernmtnt Tannery and 8aw Mill.' and addrtnaed to J. H KIT?DOO. BtI. Major Oen , A??t Cnm. Bureau * . V and A. L.. Galvaaton. Tmm. jall-S7t leoab notices. IB ? tiik sTpKisiit cociiror the ui6TKioT UK <;ot.C*blA, Tbis j.1 day or J ?nu*ry, lotff. Patrick Whlw *ud s.ndiaw J. I Joyce, coil| lain >Lt*, i t?. ? I Joseph J?l>ti(?u. M r; John > K-julty So. 4V. on, John M Hanaou. John | Pirn nTisi John M*lone, de-1 fend ante 1 be . l.j? et of the bill fllf-d in this cuBht- It to procure a decree for the ?*! of cot Lain p.ecea or I'Mtcc* oj ktouii I lyiug .tirt bet>>K in f?a.?hi:igt'->n C't; . DNti it t of O'ltnmbtii, being Lot & itnd part of Lot 4,In rqnare i,vm, to?att?f> ku*!)' dwkr de f.n'aEt. J'<*?pb J">m* ?b. te die cDipUiotiiU The Mil set* form Id ?at>9tftn> e ta*i the ??id Joo**Lili Ji-hn-un Mat iud<-lit*d to Mid complain dutalu tli* turn of d?<" *u for guole *old ai>d oaHverrd by C?Hi?*Ui?anta to tlte Said J(a*ph Jvln?Ttmt a'tn. ttai?- <>f contract) eg satd debt the aid i b ioiin?oM * ? eei/ed iuitl p >i?aa<cil of the a?id fltcet or pa?c-U < t grvand, whtcb. white he waa Indebted , he . ranoMl^nily oonveiei to aid eefrd?B? John M. H*n?on. in traat ?.>r the ola naa and I* nefit nf Mary .lohnson. eife of said .la*ap11 Johoaon. That complainants "btal tied jndguieit of ooudeunmivti of the *aid piaceior ptrc-1* 1 of gr'>nnd lu ai.4 by ?irtua vf _d aitachutact Ja*?ed out of tho c .tumou i?w kiJa of thl* c art la favor ! ot conip)*ln~nte ?mir?t ?*id Joaepli Jvhi?*-ii and prays that tba said <Je*dof tra-t from aaid J*a-ah Jotn.ccu to gala John H. I!?n on he aforesaid be : prcdacad l>efwre ;b? Coutt, au4 tU tam> be 0*n ?riled. That the aaid caapialnanta. after the It a!uk af aaid attachment aad the lannvof the 1 intiit oathaaald pieoas or p?ro?U of ground, aa- , cerlaint-d that tba *%:d defeudaat, John i'lyn, claimed to bare a liaaaa the *atd pleeae or par- J eel*of ground; that n arching tha iaaa reoords 1 f tVair lngti a county, Diatrict of Columbia. no lien or deed ot imat sr*? rec*rdelin aatd laad records, but that afur finding of the jurr and jndgmtnt of condamatloa o? tba aaid attachment*, tha aald record* ?era again *earched ana a deed of ' traat from said Jeaepb Jolioaoatx Joha Malane, to aecar* John FL n for the aom of ai auri kud recorded, tbttlle uitfiUti of (nit*u recorded newly alevdn atoathe afler the dit* . thereof, and ovt-r two aiantha after the leaning and J )?TiBs of?ai<l attachm*Kt. "* bat the a aid attach- " sieutla a prior Han em the e?*ld pi**** aad parade ' of jrronnd. before the ?ald dead of treat. Fraya a 1 diecovcrr of the amount ill 11 daeatM no e*id on aald de- d of truet. aad praye a eale of tha eaid aieree or parcel* af groaed to eatiefy tha demaade 1 of the camp'.ainaata aad other oradlkart, and for aa injunction Mai net eeld defendaata. Joeeph < Jebneoa. Maty J^haeoD, John M. lianaon, Jona ? Fhnand John Halona, aad thWr ??t>fe<leratea, when dteaorered. to re*train and prohibit theoi and IMr a|tBti ea?l eervaate from relit ng or ?) ( poelng of. or in nay meaner farther iacambcring, i Ibeoatd pleoea or parrota of araaad : , It la thereupon. thlasd day af Jaanary, ( lodged ana ordered that notlaeof thiaanlt bagWen j to the raid a?*i reeident defradaata, Joieph Jokn- ? on. Mary Jahneon.and Jebo pabllahlag j a copy of thta order In tba *ve>Jng Star, a neve- | paper published la the etty of Washington, 1n tha j utctriet rf OolnmMt, ttiree ti mee a week for etz i :on?ect>ti va we^ke. warning aald non reetdent de } teudauta to La and appear, in hereon or by eollci- j U>r, at ralea to be held in tba oftce of the Oit-rk of tble Court, en the firet Taeadar af Jane, A. D. | lat7. to aaiv?r the aald Mil of oemplaiat; other ?isetfee teme will be tak?n pro ruHfe?t? agaiaet \ hem Prorldad the liret paMlcation of thin order ( hail appear at !ea*t fonr months before (aid flret , rue*day of Jnne, ana atatiug tha object and luhatenca of aald WU of eomajaiut. A. B. OLIM, Amo< lata Joatica, Ac. A true copy: * J. ME1QM, Clerk. 1 WM, J. MILLfiS, Solicitor for oomplaiaaaU. J jm Staw?w rkBPHAMS'OOUTrTirMltrAtT f,MS??DlSTllCT Lf op Columbia, Wakhisgtur Ooljitt, to-wti;? a tbeeaaa of Morria Adler, administrator W, A., >f Mary Aaa Clark, deceased, tha admialatrator #. A aforeaaid haa, with the approbation of tha \ )rpbana' Court ofWaefci nften Boanty aforeeald. , tppolnted Satarday, tha ad day of March, 1867, for 1 be final eettieiaent aod dittrlbntt-n of the per- , ional eatate of aald daoeaaed. and of tfcaaaajtatn , land, M far aa tha aama hare bean collactad J a $ iotified to attend, with their claim* proa* irly Touched, ar they may atberwiae by law be ixeladed from all benefit In aald deceased *a aaata: provided a oepy of thia order be puhUaheC , ace a week for three weak* la tha Kveninc 0tar, ' irerioaa to tkeaaM dar 1 fraEv?^?c. 1 ??feEtea i I ?<rnerTtlle Maeaae^naetta, inrlu far the u- , eiialon of a patent granted to the aaJd iarutu i I PoM 1M SIK day of Jane, 1843, for an IntroTaaentfa ftlfctro Magnetic Altrm*. for eeven year* W?"""ok ^ 1 "55. S?2?* IT: HTMH Kf . et forth f?i writing, at letat twenty daya before be day of heartintrtil testimony filed by either Arty to be u?ed at the ?*M motoi atit he ttte < ad trnn*mitt?>d In accordance VttklM (mlaaJP he oWoe. which will h? faralehe* (ia an?l*aat1ea. J as-is? 5? arr c^ssrat *f?* the day pf hwsHgjrjthe argmeett. If my, | H?.ra^32if.?S4Aa; rtcto*.P 0 .andi?-t*a Jframal. ftoeWi law , re a week for three ' Maeetei re weefca; tba rn of tald xhHoa??.hete>e atleaetaixty da*e 7ZL Z fJSsSSVti?J' P. I. <h> ahw? aaaera wMI aHaaa ffsay ; of fton T^T. ' wC I i*m*C il I I RAILROADS. <0 * MITI*IR.Mini.U>Hnl' wiim toiipDiiij ? - ?? ? 1 ri"ASSIi i SAures* *j?S? 4mj aUkt Can- wii ?o4?r? iurorantt. **<1 MTincTrMB fo?r to t**lv? konril* ttm am l^Kefia ACS'si^00" -* r*w?|iri kr th!? ruv fr?? BUUbow tow fofflffggfflt'lMa *? ~ va,a* ^TlctoUbT tMi wtt#o?u k? jtofiM ?1 llwrf??*ff'ilCTttwiriltf?K 5Sf? r?5f?h*?Vmtor' ??tfo? will b*?l v*a ?f all UM. . . fui?a?*rifi*ctrlB| Mck?to at thlio#cf ? Mcnr* iroiinMNlitlou la ll?*?ii|CviR)r II tra or PtlMnri. V WILE IMS, Tick* 4ml, __ _ _ Waahiaflon, P.O. 'Maigyfc8* ^ .L T|^nMn" T'm roi Oft AW lOEft. wltkoat eb*B(*?f Mi*. B daily <axoept Sunday > at #: a. . *ai * TOftK, ckaairlax car* U PkllaAalLeave dallr (exe??t Bandar) *t ll;Ui >n< 4 JO p. . . rOE PHILADELPHIA. __ L**t? dally ' xr?pt0nndar >at r:?tu4n:M?. m.andOOand CM a. m OS 8CNDAT. l**T9 far Tork and PMia? J?kla at IS ?. *1 nal? BlMti'lifMn for H?w T?rk on (H ? trala Tlfronah ticketa to PbllM>?l|lit?, H*w York or Boaton. can be bad ?t the t?t?tiou Office at a" b.?nr* in tli* day. ma well aa at the new ottca i?i tbe Bukm iikI Brukeri T?l*f rtpk Line, 148 Peaa. *?t?Ma ttk and ft b itrreti. B?e Uiltiuor* Md Okio Ballr<>?t titnttimint for arhedole between Waahluft*a, BtlUnvrt, AbsikI'*' in'* th? Wwt J, L. WILSON, Mut?r of Transportation. L M. OQLB General Ttck-t Airent 6 BO. t.lOOIT?,A?eat. Waekington. oe ?-tf T DALTIMOBB AJID OHIO BA1LB0AD, U WA?ai5>iTua, Jan. a,WJ7. ggg?:;aBi.iai : Train* between WASHINGTON AMU BALT1BOBI.Md WASHINGTON AMU TUB WB?T are DOW ro? m follewa, vie: FOB BALTIMOBB Leave da^l;, except Bnnday, at T:*\ 7 45, and 11 IS ? m.. mid 2-fc., and 4 SO. and 8 00 p. at. IOU ALL WAY STATIONS. Learedaily, except Bandar. ?t 7 00 a. m., nod 1 tvand 8 ou p m WOL. .1 AY BTATIOHBSOCTHOP AHHAFOLlt JONOTION Leave at l:liind 7 . 00 a. .,acd at St?and4M 9 ?m FOB AHHAPOLI8. Leave at 7 45 ft. in., nod ?.? ?. m. Ho tratM to or from Annaaolta on Bandar. OH fithl)*T. FOB BALTIMuBB. Leave at 7 48 a. av. and tiM and 6 00 a. m. FOB WAV STATIONS. Leave at 7 4* ? m.. and S tu and gu? a. ?. YOB ALL PAB1B Of TUB WBST . (1t|lr, eioapt Bauday, at 7*4 a. aa., aad 00 9 Hi. Ob Bandar at 4 09 p. n. only, connactt neat Relay Btauon with train* from Baltimore to vvboellnc, Parkerabnrf Ac. 1HHOUGH riOKBTB to tbe WnI an be had at tbe * a*blu?toa btwUoa Ticket oSce at all boo ra In tbe day, a* well aa at tbe lev office of tbe Banker* and Brokem' Telegraph Line, 345 Peaa. aveuoe, between 8th and 7th atreeta. For New York. Philadelphia. aud Boston, aae advartleement of "Throogh Line " J. L. WILSON, Haatar of Traaa^orUtton. L M. COL.B. General Ticket Antit. oc SB U QBO.B. KOOHTZ. Agent WaeMmtoa. Hl'DSOM BITER and HiKLIM RAILBOA DS ? On and after NO.NUAY.N ir.i9, li"66, train* for AlUif sad Troy. connecting with Il*i tiiera and Western train*, will leave New T?rt ?? follorta : 8am IiprfN train via Hudson Hirer Railroad, S.'tU at. awl 10th nv.,tbr?a|h to battdo and Kn?peiiel?n Bridge withoat change oT cars and connecting at Tror with train* for Saratoga, ButUud, Darlington ana Montreal. 10 a.m. Bxprea* and Mail trata via Hudson Hire r Kail road, connecting at Aibaay with W?ataib traiu-,and at Irvjr wiih train* f< r North. 11am Ixynu txaia via Harlem Railroad, f-'h >t and ath ar., connecting at Chatham with Waat?m Railroad for LebanonSprlng^, Pitt*field, ic .at Albany with W?*t?rti train* and at Troy with trains tor Saratoga ButUad, Barliagton and Montreal. 3.4i p m Cxpress train via Hnd?on Birrr Bailr^ad roabectlnc at Albany with Was tor a trat us, i and ?t Tmy with train* for Monttlto, with ilaepidc car att tol ed \ 4.15 p m Hi are* atrain via Harlem Railroad, coiih.ectinaat Chatham with Western Rai I road for Lebanon SYxinga. Pitt*fi*ld. Ac.; at Albany wttn W>-?tnii train*. and at Tro> with train* for BetUnd. Burlington and Montreal. Sleeping car* at- < tucbed at Albany _ . _ 6 3" p m ?-xprea? t>\!n rla HndaoB Hirer Bill- , roa?l. with ?l>-epmr car* attartied, ai d through to itnilalo and 0asr+a?ioa Bridg* wlthoat change of ram. Aiso. ateepiag car every day eacepung Paiurtla) * attached fraa Hew York throajra ta < t'gdeiis* nr* without change, via Home W.andO i Haiiro;)^. Uounect'on for Troy will ba mada at ! Bait Albany TM* train will ran oti Sand ay* 11 p. m Train via Hndaon Hirer Railroad, with i lee pi ii* car atta?bed. connet ting at Albany with i early t rains f*r bnft?le and 8n? pension Bridge. ' and at Trey with train* for Saratoga and point* , fcieith ' A Bnnday train will ba ran rla tladeoa Hirer Railroad ftoiu Mew York tn Foughkeeptie and ih. < termed late aiatiaoa. leanng Haw York at 90 a h. Returning, leara Foaghke?p*ie atl ts p. m , *rrUlug in Hew fork atd U p m. ] Also, a Fnuflay train rla Harl-m Railroad, lair- ' Ing ita street at < a.m , atid arrirln* at Iflllertea it3 n a a*. Ke?nrnlng. leare Millerton at S a. 1 ... arrlrlngla Maw TarR at | II Vke Preaidaat. J pOB MOUNT V IH H QH. Poiomac Ftrru Company. ) 1 SrrrmM S>*?t iWKatf. ? i Wm*kingfn. fabnaryM, JW.i The Steamer will leara the Oompany ? Wharf. oot of Tib treet. at lo o'clock, on tHCBBDAT MORHINO. Feb. *?- I'l i I - K*t?rn1nf. the boat will arrive at ? p m ( Fare f 1.40, including admI?aion to tbe llu- : 'fett-U WILLIAM 9 OOLT, Preatdoot. i StlAlIB frILftOM BMALL 5 FOR THE EASTERN 811 QUE. BOTICB.?The Bt?*a?r WILSON SMALL, )APT . T. LBOAAltD, xwin til re?p*ct? oca of tA* WMtclMt,ft?4ta^ cost comfortable and teemer* plying ea Ch*eai-eake bo?. will recame i?r root*oa BA1UKDAT, Mnrcntd ShtlrtTtt >*r tier oppoafto Bo. .70 Ujrbt atroot wharf, laltlmora. evry TUESDAY, THURSDAY, aod IaTIED A ?. at 9 p m.tor RdFTON PAINT, DO, I. LS.OX rbRD rlnnA'SPOIXT, WALLACtTS WHAUr. CAUBHIpiiE. H U<iH if.TT'S WHARF, CAB ft CREEK. M K ftmp&8 WhARHjpA LIQYB'S L A \'T)ISG. R*tnrwln* from THE BAST ISBN BBOftK, tb? eeiea Lloyd1* Laadtnc at 1 p.a., Oainbrldga at 4 ? m..aud Baaton Potstat 8 a. m., ?wy Moodar, V*d*radov and Friday .touching at all Interme llat* landluca. aod reaching Baltiaior* at t a. m. >n tb* following morn'*** Hb?^b?i o largo number of fine atata-room. Riohmom VitfoDiiiasis* **d TO TEAYELLBRB BOIBO BOOTH. TW1CB B AIL f, (Bandar p. aa. axoepted.) Ucbmoud, rroderlckabarg and Fotaaae BaHrood, low eBHralyccmyot** faoia Oraak to ,EL\, Eetisssfesss Hsssfossf xz Jnssr.ssara !? ?.a. U4T| a. ul tritw It MtwtU M MdlMi m. j rHBOCGH TO BIOHMOVO? NTKI HO DBS, ] Fifty Vilas Shorter imflH Homra Qulctor Iku < iSikSS jSSJt?*tto ] hamrl oific*, oorn?r ?r Pmi. ifraattalM j itrMt, or oa fiWl of ttoboat*. Iiian rtiiiii ^Umnlbtt?M Md BlMM* Wiiru will to ta pikaw la with |mmb|?h tnl.Wmii to- i ^^^"sasse'sysss ! wtl ^ttl? l?Mi aar VNMtoiNil If M?> .. ? ; pOToii* Tuifomnwi m. 1 iMioifiiuprm ( ^BOlQl IBTI. lAUMi noi nn?<t%fa. . ? "I RAILROADS | #5 KXADIBO BAlLBOAB. "" THE XOKnL *OhTH*KftT A \ /? fBl wrWTBH AHi<HKMK \t of PAStESOEM r?4/0?. OrM*?r|L|M.MTt?| LuWBtU rtmu, PAltad?l|feia,oiiha7?iU?vta* | AOl-OHMODATIOIS. Atr.?ft. .(or ftaaAiag M4 aU IrtifHHH ! Station. i.*KSWr~^r M ?*?. ^ffEK/EKK; h^.. PwttariUo, PlBO <?f0*0v Tamouaa Autturi WB IlMHIod, ?4?? br o'?Tr. 567All?Btow?, *llfcoat>arro. riiMioa, Tort. "l?te2jsS?isU*^,^fc, NdmiItuii llailrond traiBO *?r Alloa towQ, be . jffifejgs i ?? .2 StfttKS.te HS , C-atrai, Camborlaod V alloy. and Aobnylktu mS uaqix-haana tr*ti?? for <",rtbnmb?-r lai>4, Will'l~ l| nr. Ierk.CkH.tonb r| fiDMrm,*, irTflHUOR *Xl?BESs UtTN PhtiaBoipBIa at IM t m for BilHu PvUarOio, Uorrtobwr*. Be, oau*cttt? with )hIIii| and OtlaaM* HnlLroad UMM far OoluUi.ta BAPIBQ ACOOBUfv/DATIUW. btwi Kr*41t>f of 6 * m . ou> mi u$ at I vif ototiona. arrfooalq P*tiB4?"?blB at 9 ?0a a. otaratat. H-aoa# PhlMdytli it ? V ?. B.: urtfN to banBIni at : m ? m Tmum lor PttUMotphioloavo IUrrliHr| it 8 H? . a a., and TotUtlUo at I tt b m. arriria* In rkilonolnhia Bt 1 ?0 p m. Aft rikk>b tratn* Una Hnirlaturg att l ? m bb4 PoturllU at i.u a, . bi ; arriving at Pbliarttlr'-la at U p m Uarrl-betc ??a n?in*tik?? !? *? Km41ii| aft | 7 jr b o ,and Ham?r>arg at 4 10 a *i 0?i noct el nt Maotitiig wlih Aito??v a Inona 'dattoa uth ati.Mi |.B..BirlTti| IB P Blind oiphia at I tJ" ?. n>, Mark*! Tratn. arlth a ?an?uor c*r attached, Iobt*0 Philadelphia at It 4 bucd .1i Roodlag >u l : all *a;iUll?a?, loaron B*i4lntllAla m . ?nl , Do*BMitu?a Ittlt.a. for PhliaBoloba and a.I Wfcy rtltli'nf I All Um> abor* train* run dailf , bund at* ir?-Bta4, ?ua>:af Tralta U?*? Po?u?.iu ? - - Philadelphia ?? s-**V ! *?? "? i*.T ,'"ieVr R?*Uiag at S . . rrtnm'uc fruBi Readiag iU V *"' OBE8TBR VALLEY RAILR"Al>. Fuw??<r? i?i i'ewi tsgtowB au? tBt*r?i?4fot* ?<>ibU ukt the ' Mi a. <* * i?a m tut (.4 | a fi alt# from rhilUrl|blt. loiimtiii lioni VowmItiftOwD ?t 7 b. Di. *Ld 1.^*' Boull. KIW IOBK S&PRhS* KoR PITTT>BCBG ? akDthe*bbt Hew Toik at: v< a ik ami I a. a., p? lug ReaUrg at J ??. U M a re ?iij l iS p. tm ?Ulj ccDn?i tiiig at HBrrt'bnrK with P<*ub-> 1\au.a ?ud K-nborn C'fBtrBJ Ka'toal B\pr??? Tn!ui f t I'Uirbiirt b. Chicago, WilltaaMpert, Blmtra, Saltiw* Ac. Roturtilbf. tiywi Train !*** Harrl*h?r( n artltal of Penh-rlrabia Expreea (roiu J'ii'?t>ur , t? Bt S an<1 Stri BI . f IS P Bl paa#iag ^,[4 at 4.4* andja.ltt b. bi aod U 30 p. in . arrlno* Bt New Y< rk 10 a ?. , ao<11 p m. M.-rpli,* car* Btc.impan) lug tbe?? tratae ttiron^h bet? ran J*tBrT City aB't PuutiBrth. without ehat.ce MU1 traia r r Be* > <?k lfa?? Harriaburr a% 1 If p m. Mail train for Marrleturg iravoa B?w fork at i: noon BCnTTLklLl. VALLEY RAILROAD Tialn# lea*e P< ttiTflle at 7. II Wa m and 7 IS r. m-i r**taruiBK troui 1 ai^ tt <1/b in., au?l .V BBd 4 18 P 111. BCHV VLB ILL ASP !T8 vL'I U AM N A BAILB* IAD Train* l?a?e A abuts it 7 Ml m for Ptnogro** st><l Harrtaburc. sn<1 .tt I M r. m.. fnr rmecrot# ii.d Tkoh til, rttarBliif tri?ni U->rriat>gr( %( 8 W I tn , and fram Tiaai. bt Bt 7Kl,n. ?uj |.g p, m. _ _ _ FBEIQQT Good* ffall de*rriptlob* forwarded to all the al>ov? ?nlnta frc? tt * panr's ><.? freight Itafot.Brual ami Wilkurrtwn I RBI OUT TRAINS L*?r? Pt lladrl pbia dai I; at * .V> a h ,11 d nooa Obd o 0- ? '?r R*?bo1u*, L-t>arion. Harm ir|, Pottavllla. Port Clibt- b abd all point* ktjoM, MAILS Cloeeattbe PbtUde ptila Poet Office for oil place* on th* roBQ u i it* branch*# at ft b. m , ai?-1 for the principal station* oalj Bt 3 IS p. m, ;B IJ tf PB UiKSTLVAMA CBBTBAL BAILRUAD. VISITER ARB Ah (iA REM T. Tbe traiB* of tb* Peuniyivaafe Central Ball* road leer# tt# It?|>ot, at nil aai Market *tr??>t*( which 1* tea hed dim tl ? t > tko car* tt the Markit ttreet Pa*#- b|?i R?ii? ?> . Tboa< 4\hm < *?# But and alnnt Mreet Baiitray ran wilAIn od? a<iaare ?f It. 0? BUM BATB?The Market Street Cmlnn Froi.t and Market U n.luutae U-for U>e toMrtur' ! each train BaNN'A BAUOJtUK BXPBBF9 will call for Mi>l dtliru at um left at the office, lu. alt Cti<r?|hut?UMt, will receive attention. _ ^ , JVnim Ltavt Dfpoi, n? Wall Train ? at Ma m. Paoli iccus'ii No# I A t, ltM< ami li.*? p. ic. fax LILt end Ine Ci?r*M at i: <r a Park?t ur? Tram | at ?. b. iiarrlaburK Aclooui vuatioa.. at 2 * p in. Ltrcuter Accon*^-daa:. m at t o? p. na )-it?et>argh and Brie Mall 9 9V 9. m. Philadelphia Bxpmt atli.mjp m. Putet.tre A Brie Mail leavet daily, except Sataitair. I biladelphla Iiprwi leavaa dally. 41 otbar tralua dai ?. *i< p? Bandar Pa*e? riiers l>> Mall Traia go to Witliaiaenort arithont rtrinte of car*, and *rrifa at Wk Uaren at 8 t? p. Pa-?<?v?r* t y Mall Train go to Car lia'.a abA I'lien'< ?r?t>aig wn 1 ?*tt ? ch%nv "f <*ar?. bierplng Oar Tacket* can be had *1 appl: ration at Uif Ticket 'ttb e, bi I * heat cat etr^et TVmin* Arrive tt D't *, Fit : Cincinnati K>nie? at Tl*"* n. PbiUdtlpb.a urrxi at " 1 % P? It Atceoi.. Sue. Itl. 5?a 1 . ,t " M1 a n. parfc?imrg Train JO a. ia. Lan< a*tar Train at it a ? t a*t Lin*..... .at I I" ? m. Pay Mxpreea .... . mt s.uip m. Bar list nrg A<rotanaclat'on at Pbllatiafrkln Bxpra*e arrtvt-e daily, txrtpt MonoarClBcjpnat! Bxprrne arrives dally. Alt ether train* dully except Sot la* Paaartigera iaa\i?ii X<?Hk Haven at" a m . a: 4 Rtlltamepert at f ad a. m. reach P . .vJeip...a, atttaoot ehinra of care, f.otn Wi'.iannp^rt. Ly Da> Bxpre**, at6 My m llie Penn??lrania B*ilrnn.i Company vrlll n* wauoit any riak for Ba^gaf-, ncapt 'or Wearing kpparrl, and llnttt tbair re?pua?it?ilitr to ?#ae Bundr- d Pol I art in tolne. 41. Ba*.<ac? axeeed!n( that amonnt in ralne.wlll l e at tae riak at .be oarnar naleaa tak-n by aa?xlal contract. For farther information . apply to JOHB 0. ALLKfl, Ticket A*nut, 631 Cbeet'sVltCKL H. WALL ACS. Ticket Agent at tba Naot ATB TMIQB4NT TBA.IB r??. daily. ?MH Mir. Per full ?*rtletl*m ?? to fare and aroaajda lona ap?lr to PB4BCI3 PUNK. 137 D*e> at. CBBTBAL BAILB94D OF HBW JBB8BY? Pn?*?M*t and rrrtfht D*p?t la We* fork, oot of UUrtr iitMt Oonaacta at Imim I unction with the IMawar*. Larkawaana ud Keaters Railroad, and at B^aron with the betnti. t*allay Railroad *td It* roi neeu, o?. t?r?i<u? a Urect 'J'* to Pitta?>*rg ?^d the Tw *.tn><ut hug?'l eara. ALLHiTOWN LTM TO TUT M'BST. Two Kxpraaa Tr-Un? daily for t>?* W -i, except iunday*. ?b?* one Train in the er#?| n* Aixty mi lee aad lUree litwri a?veu br tt.'? llna, o Chicago, Cincinnati, et. L- aia.ic., witb tat im eka&i* of car*. WIBTBB 4BB4H?BM*RT*. )orofae>cing ?laauar> 7, iotJ?Laare B-w Yorka* ollova: ? *) A M ?Tor Baaton, D thl.n.a, Uatok "hai.k. H iHUxMport, Wi!ka?barrr, r ;tt>, Ac a:b)4 M. Mail Tu x-For Vlamfrifto?,, Baao>. Water ttiraiitos, Hilkaauarre, Oread tieud. PtUabur*, RiitikauWii.A* 9 A ? Waatern Kxaree* tor Baetoa, Alleaown, Batrlftbttrg. Pittsba;?, and Ut^ West, a itk >at ore change of can to CinctE iati ar Cblrag j. ka<1 but two rhtrc-n to wt Lanii <" a?i- eti tt Uarrii-hnr* with M xth'ra Central and PMlaJrt>kia and Brie Bo ad*. for Bria aad the Oil Beiiona. _ _ 12 M. Ttiil ?Tor Baatoft. 4lleatawu, ttanrk rbnnk. W llkMbarra, Beading, Fottavilla, HarriaTfc M.?Tor Ba#t t> Bethlehem, and Ma acta "5?P kM.?For Pomarrille and Pieartnfft ?. | P. M ?Tor Beaton. Beading. Earrhbitf. Wtliamaaort, Irrineteu. (orrjr. Bri?. 4c. blaepin* ar from Faw York to Williamapart lb P. M ? PorfcetnerrMIe T ? P. ForSctrwrtile. g p M.?WaaritK* Bxr?.*?? Taat* ?Tor Baaon. AlUntown. Beadlug. Marciaonrir. Pitwharc, <1 tilt* ^'6St k Slra'alngcart through from Jeraey Citi u> Pitta5"S/i?r?^'^"ina are raa ta Barfen Pol at, BTtdkIufWeat cm ka nbtalaad a* the o?<-*? >f the OaSral Bailrea of Hew J tear loat of LI hart v at real. Berth Bo. 1 Aster Uma. Ro?. ??6 Uro?4?j, wd m Mo. it Jre?nw1cnfT***t- _ jal? J08I4H o BTK'BW8.goetjBtPnat.Pt. turn* voam awp iiw hatbw bailboTd. [/l^PaaMaper^Ckatlua la M?w t*rk, corner S7tfc *141*8 LB4VB IIW TOUK For ?^IU?aaaa<l B*l?t*rort-*, < B? > 11 ? i. m.; IS.IB (B*.\S<?x>, Ml, ?jo, *od ?< Bi t. Btetfraga geaussr? F?rD?ri? Ml Ow*?iefc-T. ? ?, ]| JO* ! I * < 4.?, 6 ?. ad ? For Maarford-. . 8 ? >(.?.?. llMm m UU Fx. t, S(B*. >3. an, 4 *.?.?.? #. aadisiBa.l ? m. t For Port ChMter ul liiWM4i?t* BUti n?-7. IB, lLSOa. >. Uk. ? UTTO#. ? JO. M4 7 ? OOVIBmN TUIXI. Far Baatmm jm ta*acft?M-4 m. a., < Bx..) S. Bx For Imn via fckor* baMI i?. ^t&kfuS ",* > f B?ayy^ fota'TnTilBiVi" j rkeUUiTl^B" RSJiOaM BViBHaOf HHl>H us ?.? Br #A?i ?' B0IT> tlirtBHI?>? 1 t> ** -*M\ L/jLM ru?.k! W i