Newspaper of Evening Star, March 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 1, 1867 Page 1
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f HMsl Star. i ' ??? ?^???? ????? i i i i ' ? * V2i. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY, MARCH 1. 1867. N2. 4.862. - THE EVENING STAR PVBL1BHBD DAILY, f IUIBAT BXCKFTSD) AT THE STAB BU1LDINO, Somtkmut mnm ?***' ?iwm mad Utk i#w4 ** ' ' I p. W. P. VALLAOH. The BT AR U wtkI kj im wrrton to thair inktrriMri la ?h* City aad Dwtrlst at T?B Cdti tmm wwam. Copies at the caaamr.with or without wrapper*. Two Cnrra sach. Fairs roa Maiubo?Thiaa months, 0n? 1 PoUtr m4 JV?|f CtnU; BtZ mo a ths, JV? Foij?ri; ?i? year. Am DeUar*. Mo papers am mt from (fee office longer tbaa paid for. The WUKLT fcTAR-pablisbed oa Friday moTTia^^fti^Oella^i^^Seyerwr^^^^ DENTISTBY. |)B. LBWIBTI DBBTAL AaBWCIATlOB, U Be. PIMI'A AfB , Bel wee a IS.k ud 1Mb olreeu. T*ett extracted wlthowt pel aedeineNelae lniuw Oxyde er UM^iag Gas. c2?ihrwrnuii' atllii pare tee erery day.else, u l?K???dT?l alar Inhaler. The Association ie now prepared to mnkpTectk oa Gold. Silver aad Bobber at Hew tart Philadelphia and Boetoa pncee All garsons wishlag dsatel work dose oan tetve It as cheep as in the above named cities. All work doae la tbe Bfnteet and beat manner, aad warranted to It* satisfaction. Persons will do veil to call tad examine ear week. deli-tf nh i * t I^>omib D Jhe Iaveater and Patentee of tks B1WU1? FLAT* TBBTH, attends perteaally at^M k]B office la th>e city. Many peraoaa caawMMH wear Ibeee teeth who eaanot wear othera, ,,?W aad ao peraca eaa wear other* who eanaet wear peraoaa calling at my offloe eaa ke neo??modnted with aar style aad price or Teetk they nay fleet re, bat to tksaa who are particular, aad with the erarfsrs: 5ssr5r4fl rfts?ai ttiawkViMsrw* twee a Mb and Wh sts Also. BBT Arch street, Philadelphia^^ PERSONAJU Y'OU OAM HluVHiKBtm TBlPoaBaelm or Saoiaritan bombugs . See Dr. DllBT, 4!#'i 7th street He L the bit Beet authority on snch C"iei Hie private room* are oppoaite Odd Tel ?> Hall >*?"? PBE\ ANT10N BETTEB TH4N CL'BK ? Prench preventives against clse*ae and pre* nancy < when ie uode-lrable t Brut to an' addrrse. at B?, $5. fiaad $7 ??r dozen, according to quality. by Dr. WOOL* Box MJ3, or call at 4*? th street, iup stairs > Waahlogton. P. C. jaW-ini* WUb CUBTlS) I B V ING, Ciafrrovant, tnU Titt M'dittm. will give lite readings, Including Peat, Present and Pnture at her office, 4 -0, nertn ide of Pn. a?., between 4* and ttb streets. OJic' Kui from V to l a m and I to < n. m. ja 14 Ira A B xaIihi, KEAL SCIBNTIPIO A3A. TBOLoGdk OP AMRBIUA. f rom the position anoaspect of tbe Stare at tne time <>f on<?'? b' V will reveal astonishing se crets tbat no Its mortal ever knew before; how to be successtnl all reasonable undertakings. He tells came and very day yon marry, describee the intended companion, and t III all eveats of II'e tood la k and long life to visitors. Ladies #0 mlM to f 1 ^en.lemea in foil #1. Oall at 470 jjih st near P. all hoars nutil 1 in the evening, de 31 tm CON PIPENT1 Ak-f oung men who have lnjcred tbemseive* oy certain aecret habita, which nnflt thrm for bneineee. aleaenre, or the dntiaa ol married life, also. middW aged and old men. who. from the folliea of yo'ith. or other ansee. feel a debility in advance jf their year*, before placing themselves under tte treatment of any one. thotna flrtt read "The Secret Prieod." Married ladiee will learn sometklng of importance by peruting "The Secret Friend.'! Sent to any ad 4rasa, In a aealed envelope, on receipt of 2i centa. Addreaa Dr.CHAS. A STUABT A CO . Boston. Maw no > ly CLOTHING, Ac. FJ. H BI BEBOBa, ? ._ Sncceaaor te H.W. Uefdon tOo.(^a lITlZSirt AXD MILITARY >?| _ MERCHANT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown a. If 3?a Peaaayl??nia nraane.'-,~ y l-tf Waehlagtoa. D. 0. K. BBOWMB. B. J. SM1TUKB8. BKOWHB A SM1THBBS. WAbHiHOToH. D. 0 , ATT )RNEYSANhCUU A >E LLORSAT LAW, AM) M'L ('ITOB8 FOB THE BC BEAU BKPl'-EI. PBEBDMBH. ASD A H & NDON ID LAUDS. OfT > He. 47ft S'T^nth street,opposite the Poat C?ce. fe 1 ly OTTO 1LKBHS' PIANOS AND UAKUAHT A 9BEDHAM S PA&LOB OBQAHS. All wl.l And It greatly te their Interact kb exam'ie these >aperb lustrameuU be-lBM fore pur- liasiLj any other. 'IV ail Only agenc) at GEOBGB L. WILD M BBO '8 Hew Piano Porta aad Organ Wareroosa, No. 497 Utk street between Peon'a avenue and B street. A sele<t assortment of new ai<d sesoad hand Instrument*, Including a CHUBCH ORGAN, for aale at lowest faciei y prices, and on eaay terms TI NIV O and BBPA1B1HB faithfully executed no U 8m* ^BOBBT PIBEABB8. BiHARITsl'B OIVTI aAMAMiTAjra oirrr THE MOST 0BBTA1H BEMBDT EVBH OSBB "Tea, A F'i?tivi Or a a," far QOHORMU'XA, VLMRT, 8TR10TURR8, 4, Ool.tains no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Mercury. CMi? Ten Pillt to frs IhMtn ie A/W ? CW*. They are aauraly vegatnnie, having ao smell nos aay anpleaaaiit taste, and will not In any way la mra the stomach er bowels of the moat delicate. Cures la from two to four days, end recent caaes la "twenty fonr hours Prepared by n graduate of the t ni varsity of renusylranln. eneof the most amlnent Doctors aad C bruiste of the sreeeat day; we sxrojwrs, no troublt. no >ha*fJBk?fr*. Let thoee who havedeepalrad of gettiag oared, o> cnry.mrsM by in s ?lfcln Price?Male packages, <1. Fsmte,||, BLOODt BLOODll BLOOD! 11 MjHOrULA. ULCBBS. SOBBS. SPOTS, TBTTBB8. SOALBS, BOILS, SYPHILIS T" OB TBNBBBA^j DISEASES, Ac. SAMARITAN S ROOT AND HRRB JUIOM Is offered tbe public as a aoeitlve on re. BTPH1L1S OB VANABHAL DISBaSBS, ths SAM A BIT A NV BOOT ABD HBBP JC1CB lira nioet potent, aertaia and effectual remedy aver are aenbed. It reeohea and erndiaates every particle ol tbe venereal that tbe enreta thoronak and vermanant. Take, then,of tkla parlfyiugrem edy and be healed, and do not traaemlt ft to your poetertty that tor which y3a may aepcat la aftar Vmm" DO BDT D ESP A IB I nwftjnw s^s^ssr?b? Will remove every vestige ef Impurittes from ths tooisrs.billty. and for all complaints tacldeat to the ssa paatky expreas Price ?iM par bottU bamabitan-s wash bsafett????Pull directions. Price IS cents. The efficacy of thoee remedies Is alike acknawl "" SByBftia*" """ mating that i have need Thelamarttaa Bemedias' for V Mrtl ? In Iti Mt oaitoaifr forma a-ticipatlona promtly nod sflkatnaUy. Baewlng their ecapealHonTi have the fullest ooi.adeaoe Ib their aSeacy, aad aa far as my aaesf them axle ads, . J o " Tola. ' SfSMy ' Mlllil I. BLACK- WABDB.LXMOR. S.I.UiCg. LAW UVgAOa. BLACK. LAMON A OO., Ooaaaallors and A tteraeys at Law la the Baareme Oosirt of the United (Malea, the Court of Claims tbe Coarta of the District, the Executive Deeart-' menta and Committees of Ceagreaa. J&TloUlV4* 'tr^' '^y eppoe^WULATBBT FABiS^U^H. OF HA1B B. ALLIDT, PSF.MCH HAIh-DRESSER, Slid B sueet. hetweea 13th aad ltth eta. r. All lot, from Parts, Halr-Dreaaer, of the aelebrated Barbel, with whom he arrived la this country, baa now been aatabllsked fer tae last eight years la Waahlngton and Hewaort, caching the patrenageof toe corps iivtoma.tiVM, and oftheklgbeet society. He has t^s honor to aanonaee that be baa tkla season imported the latest faahiona of hair draselag, aad also pomadee. aad evarythlag that bemmga to the drsaslng of hair at very reasonat. la gffWs. aT ten* 480 CBBTBAL LoaVoFFIOB, 480 Be. 4*0 lot ha treet, one door kelow Pa. are., 1 a oaa to loan ea O^lTaad Silver WATCHES, BfAMOBDS. CLOTHING, aad MJB0HAMSUB ef every deecrlptlea .a t KTBoslaesn strictly coafdeatial \y * UABITM.V FIAJIOi. PBAMCB BOOB oVoABS AaD MB-lfR| , LDDBOMB, _ HTTfl ef eals nad rent ea aasr tsema. a; Ma. BBS lltfc Mas st, above Psaasylvaua a venae I e^m' fTO. BBIOHBMBAOM. JAMBB GUILD, DmUr im Mass sad Stems* Am* f, >ws?<srs. Old Faraitare Bs pal red, Beap Sm fig1 BANKEB8. ? I jai c?oft| to co., AlllBt, Afiutttk ttrm, ?r>nrt? Bmw>, Bayaad mi ilMrmtMrMnla, Ml l?| onetaatiy on hu4,a fmU eap?ly of ?U ?0V IUMIIT lom, itu TIUTlll, aid oovoun IBTBBBBT ioth. tdara tor STOCKS. BOBDS, Ac , aad Collection* ntd? ob all MtMikll loiita, yARROW to CO., lilllMi Conor Loalalaaa aveaae tad liwitt DBALBU IB QOYEMNMBNT SECURITIES, OLD U9 BliTll g 1 tf AMP U1P WA.BKA.Mf FHr*V IfttHial Ink of WtskiBffUa, B D. COOKS, (of Jay Oooko AOo.,) Preeideat, W*. 8. HONTINQTOH, Caohler. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY AND FINANCIAL AGBNT OF THB CB1TBD BTATIS, 1AU nr$*t, orroftn tkt Treasury Dt^artwitnt. Government Sacurltiee with Trtuartr United 8ttt6l mroNB MiLLioy dollars * buy and toll all claeees of QOYERNMEyl LtCL RI7IES*t current mirkft re tee. ^ EXCHAMItK and mnkt Coiifetior m? ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OP THd IfiilTID STATES. Wo pnrchaee Government Vonchera oa tbo MOST PAYOR able TE RMS, and civ* careful km prompt attentloa to ACCOUNTS nf BUSINESS MEN mni FIRMS, and to any cthor bnaineae eatrneted to n*. FULL INFORMATION In regard to OOTIBI M1HT LOANS at all time* cheerfully fnrnlabed WM. B. HUNTINGTON, Oa abler. Waehlngt?a,March ?, 13*. mil tf TBI OLD ESTABLISHED KIBM OF 8, GOLDSTEIN A CO , ??^\TK?,S,CI) I'A^NllROKEBS, 34 FOUR AMD A HALF STKIKT WEST, ?w w?Mr '^nDej Ivajla avenue, <>ner (be fcigueat caah edvancee oa all klnda of Merchandise. to any amount and for any time de*lr<-d, at reaaonnhb- rataa. Intercat on large aneis greatly raducod. Q B.i?lneaaetrlctlyc..afld?-Btlal Good* bought for caeh and aold at frigate aale. ?? tl-ly WOOD AND COAL. ('OAL! C O A L ! 1 ~ Beet WHITE ASri at ?S. by the ton. Allaizaa, to aoit caetomere. "l"' Sawed and Split OAK WOOD, *10 per cord. _ ^ 4 PIH? 11 Mj Loag Oak. )8 pr cord. A ton of Ccal aold by ma a!war* w*ltrh<t I M iba. . M , JOHN B. LORD, ' ? If Oerner ?tb and ? atreet*. QOAIi! OOALII AT OBKATLT BIDUOBD PB1CB8. Groee tona of 2,2?0 iba , deliveied la Bay part of Mm eity. Cboatnnt White Aab. $7. Stove, Bga aad Furnace White Aab, fS.JO, R?d Aab. ?I N. Lehigh. |9. Oak and Pine Wood aonatantly oa hand. Ordera received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of heventh atreot ?. P BROWN A BON. _ja!5-tf 463 9th atreot, between K and F. .HOTELS.KESTAUaAN'reT *o. J/IM1WOOD HOtJtfl, Corner Pmn*. mrtnvf mnd Tttnlftk Washington, d. C. j?9u Bttaated Ib the moat central locatloa the city, midway between the CAPITOL ABD PBE8IDEBTIAL MANSION, Only a abort diataaoe from all the De?artmeats, Poat Office#, Smithsonian Inatltato, #te- H. H. DUDLEY A 00., B?n,tf Proprietor!. PMBICH -8 BBOTAUBABT, " Bo. 3?* Penna aveaae. Bear ?th treat. F BMBICH wiahoa to laform hi a trloada aad the pnbllc generally that he bow keeaa eon-A . , a ataatly oa haad OYSTERS, fresh every fSV4 ,n T*I7 wtwl*. ItflT Pall Udffi him j'S'a?*8 **B1>0> b* PAWNBROKERS ALSH'l CBBTBAL LOAB OFFIOK. Ba. 4*?0 10th at., one door below Peca. are. Thla well known O.Hee makea LIBBRAL ADVABCBS JL^X Ob Diamond a. Gold and Silver Watcbee O Q de?crl,p3on*U^I,*tl,,*'*Ud of every Ojen every day (except Sunday) from 8 a. m. to cam. B. B.?Bntineaa atrlotly confidential. feM-tf blAHLltHIV lBii. " 8 P B C I A L N O T 1 0 B . ? charlbs'Ebrzbbro. Bncceeaor to laaac Herr.b?rg A Boa, who have conducted the Pewnbrokia? Baalneea If "7rn ? thla city, far twelve jix I *D,l '???hroker la the BUtrlcv/^JL ^*.1 ni*,B?d of thaaklog their patroaiO U abd tha pnMIc for theconfldooce h< retofere ahowu ? jr.DiL*? he* |?ave t*. call their attention to the fact that we atlll < ontlaue to make the higbe<t advancee >b all enma apon all article* of Jewelry, J W a tehee. Bonda. ovaruraent Bcrlp, '*#r 'or wb1ch we have aaperlor Plecee ofdopeait aad aecirlty, which will always la abowii for tha atlafacti'va of taoae patroulzlng Ha have eoeelal farllitlea for the care and ?rrr*!7 ,f Apparel of every d?acriptKa. Hoolana, 4?., on which the higheat a l vaaoox are a<ade. gnaraat^ein? when required agelaat mot a, an4 al way* Htra'nat Injnry Having a larpa waieboaee In connectino wltli onr effica we hav? *P*cial farllHfea f0r atarage of all klnda ' " ^b?Ddlao, Faiaitnre, A*., on which we make the higheat advance* f<rr daya. week* or iiiontba We call e?p?cial attentloa to the fact ^ ,1. '.!? . c,?P?tal employed in our bualaeaa we caa make advance* at aneb ratea of L.VuVu ** ,Mob We aetl no goeda fJ!l?r .S5p?f!Uouiof ,u theft forWwr?,:and then only at paMic auction, drat alriag ample notiee through the Tarioaa city joar 1? depoajtora. By thla meana dep'jaita wUhaa are never loat if their redempUon la d? *'r*^ / call eapeclal atteutioB to oar arraagementa for for wanting good* to any part of The country, arraafemeata which aa exporleace of flltren year* baa breaght to reriectloa. Depoa"tore are enabled hy taia aeaaa to redeem taefr good* from oar office ao matter where they may I'e locatad. Full IsformatloD el?a\i given, Pr^ J*te aaart mania for coaddentuU bu^laeee H B 7lth aiaallar eatab 1.5*. ?> mOBBTI *0BBIJj_ MONBT ! I I H. PRIBCB'8 BBWL^BBTABLIBHBD LOAB 477 Pa. a*e..n*xt to Poten'Jtti aOoBfectlonery I Uaaadaa every deecrlptlaa of salable Merrhandiee. caaecially Watchea, Dla- /Ov moBde and line Jewelry. I aaa aaeare/ A. thaaa who may favor me with ther patron-O Q a** that (Key will aot regret having doae ao. * -Pnfili door ??d tde*. Fsrtoii not wlahlng to eat.r the public eMea will rlag tha office i*li. toM-lm* | OA B OFFIOK. | MONET leaned on Sold aad BllTer/^\ Watehea DUmoada. Jewelry, Olothlna, Ac.O Q i DOMOVAJ, Pawatreker, Bo. 47 J Bat., tot la?* between 10th aad 11th aia. Ql| ~ NATIONAL LAUNDRY, 04 1 * * * Ppbb a av , bat. 12th aad 16th at*. At I All work doae by haad. Oooda called for Bad delivered,at the ahorteet notice. All klnda ol Breach I a ting dona in the neateat atylo. la M It" J^BCBPTIOB LDXDB1BB. I J eat received, a large variety af artlclee ae' ieV 0?r, Ft,ave. aa/ilSTU. iMa *iJL ^ I LlfcT or LBTTBBS SUillliia IB TIB WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, Friday, March 1, 186T. iOf r ICIALLY PUBLI8HBB IN THB PAPER HAVING TUB LABGB8T CIRCULATION 1 tJ~1o obtain iif of thew litUri tit epplt?aat atuet call far " Ad vertieed laettera." give the data of Iht list, tad Mr m nil for kdT*r<i?tt( . S^If not called far wltkia one to Ikef will be sent to the l>ead Latter Office. * ? LADIES' LIST. Allan AbbXliaaGrtmee Maggie Baal IaaaPMra lira Mra HewotubM otlla Adaaaa Julia SGraaberry Hee H Mra Mrat _ tar Mra Bye Mary J Askby W11ItaF Greatiem FannieNally Ma ft Aahlnr Win Mra 0<khamliU|tatOfiitt 8 M Mra Arlington Mead Mra Oweae Bile Alexander BIleaGiembrill JnlletO BrlenMBMiaa Mra OtitirnM GettOnlahaa Alice Antbeay Saaaa L Mra Pate Met Mra Mra Qaretjr AaBT Putmaa *J MrAlberts AiaMriUrajar Boaa L Pndexter Settle Bocae Ana a Gerald Belli* Mrsc) Brown Alice Gtbaon MaryMraPolar .laoR Mra Br eat Ann Slisauiuvar Mary Parker Blla Mra ? Oidaoa M?rj M raPhlliippeMia'e Ponoa Sla Mra Gulden Mara'i Dl'riplet M'ryMra BtiuaAuny OaoMiaiila BateParaeil .oalna Brawn Oath >1 re i, Mr, Biu? n JoaMMnflard C A Mra QuelUBwtay AM BrnwaBlixabeibHunt H Mra Mra BlalrPerc leMralluuiMln'eJMiaBeeee Marr Aaa Hot ia Mary HayeaMsra Banb Helen A B'-II Mary Aan Hanson A Mra Hue Jno S Mra Boyle Paiafa L Huuur Fannie Heed Mattie BiownHoseC'Mrs Mra B-^eMe'actMre Brccka Such Haakina Bra Boheraon A<1ele Fr??n Lnry MraHurt>erd Bmma RussellMgtMre Brooks Giacy II uttore Ma*gie B-j n ilda Wia Jr Anntcoli Hannah Annie Mra Parry Jennie Harm G A Mra Botnuaon Mat'a Brantren Belav Herbert Oath a Mrs .Mra ? H u^ert Carol e Botliorey Mra 1 H'trtunHaMeMraiiartner Cat ha tt*del>engaM'yJ BnrdlaeArdMrvtll^et A l>Ue Haniond Mr* Baldein Jn'le2 lionise H"-ertaon Lilly BxolLMra'l Howard 0 Mra Mra BrjantBiw aMrsHarrU Adeline Bend Hnmie Hnynmn ,lii? aHtriia Mo|V MmBln* Linny Kl Ui'Hilk B i W Hi Hi g* M BMrvBpal la 0 0 Mra Herly Elizabeth!! arlvell v el e Abmith leunie C Bkktr Kmna J Hnaay W rlghtWSklnu Mr< Carrier Anna B Mra Suii'h M P Mra /elkrer C I.MraHillin* 8 Mra snook Matt I Mrs Waiter Hoitl* lien*on Malic* 8 p'-MaggleMr* Brl?--J A?'"MraMerron N Miss Mtone Marat Mra Burtli-Ila?r'iMi?Uer?ey Miry J btulley LydiaM Barrett Bli/.aii taliiirharu L'M Mra Mra Bagly Laura L Bettle Sey hold Lls.zle I'arVmiin Alice Jarn<-a Hilen l> Mra Bou^en Lienra Joba fophta Mra'Mdoer M'yBMra Browning Mra J-ee* Bsllle MreStareen H L Mr* Pro* aeli PFMrsJeckeon Ludy BplcerBsn'y Mra Branbam Sarmb Mm Bmailwoid Anae Benton Maty BJ lm?on Loniae ^tokee Brame W Mra Mra BnetderOarellee B> ma BarabMraJordan Kate K haeldlag BA Mra BabanaMita Mra 8immona Oath'n Butler Pe'laMraJamea Mln eMraStnner Mary Mra Bart'ett Mary Jolmaon * mi It Bptcer M A Mra Basaett Mary Jeekeon Marg t Bweeney HarehO U"X De'ema Mra Stetaon Bade W C la.k Lilia A Jennings M MriBatterAeld Bar'h ClarkM-IMMraJJohnaon Mrn Mra Tooke TirglniaAJt hnB'.in Oetk'e Sheehaa Maggie Clark Ida H Mra Bandera Marj f'larkJob'naMr?K'tig Alice Th-rn Phebana (>alg_' Ann Mra Hlotr. BltzabathTeel Anile Conewy Agnea Krauae Mgt MraTaylor Adl'eMra '"ooper B K Mra K? y Mary Mra Tb< mpaon B B Cary Alice fc>?ta*aavoka Tackar Coroelia tJoua 11> BDMr* Madame Tay'or Bva I Cobrainl Jane Ki;ii ui^r i Talb-Jt Jaoe Colbert Po'yM-fKaruev Marr ? Tomhnrga HarC>*i erOefirge Wkir1)* Mary Mr* riet Mra Mra Keller Ml?a Turner A tine Carey Kflley M B Taylor Agnea CaldweilM'v MraKel'ey Mra Taylor TGraw Cliapln Maiy E Lawao:i Calh e Mra ( biabo'ai Mi?? LaPattee Mr* Tarleton Baaaa Carter Marl a M a L' raromb McllieTbooapaon Mary Corbet* ail'Mra C Mra Mra Coleman Mary Ltrdlt N MMra ThorntonBebeeDram BaphroniaLatbani Vl'a Mra ea Mra Mra L-a*y Hoaa A Tbaley Mra DnckClaraGMraLiDzy Margt I'rlek BaraMMra Prelfn? Jennlo Moore BarahW VaodarpoolMa'y Parnall <'<ara B Mr* J wills BinmaMra I>am'ai! B J Mra May B A Mra Wren Jn-> T Mra l>a?id?onJMMr*Marr K'iaay Wills Klactic Iliairnlng Lot V jMooae Aaaea Mra I>arktB? Maria May Annie Walsh Win Mra Douglaaa H M Mearcy 'alia Wake Anabal Mre ^ MellonBm'a Mrawilliam* liar at I>?lly M B Mr* MorrlaOtm MraWater* Harali l>< nglae? Mar'a Mitchell Kata Woodlle Pler'ne Mra Mr* 2 Whitney J MewPanaaoreMaryfe Mar*ball BMra ell Mra Bill* B M Mi* Maraljmood MA Wtlaon Llz/le 8 Krana Matilda Mra VVllaan Carol eB Mra Mnltagan Kata WaatuD Lanra Rdmonda Sarah MadHox " A M Wallace Oar Mra Peg Mary Mra Mccrtbe Kllt'th WaatworthOoa Tord Hannah B Mr* rail Mra Freacb e>n?an Mnrpby Jalia >* InterRliraMra Fitzkngh Bllan MallanMattle C Waller L M Mra Mrs Mubln Barah Woliner B Fclry Amelia Mon<r<aeMlnnleWlllia Aognatns Par well tarah DMa?on Mai the L Mra Mra M*ddoxHPMra Willtama Lacy Pee bt# Sarah McKee Blln B Mra PraclerTk^aMra Mra Wakelay OeaMra Foater Mol'eMraMacLend B Wat eon Jent Mra Oa'ea J'-> e Mra Macball Jalia Warren Belli* OrnseWana McCubbla MaryWllliama<*arMra 01 lea Virginia McCIurgPan'a 2 Wllaon HnaCMra nana K-tle P Baal Hea?la WU^onBehHMra Urant Wal'e MraNeala Mra Wyrema Mary Mracxiig-^Eora ? Mra 8 A. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. 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( kaatt Mitchell H 0 Mai where Ool D **errill DH Mona/ord H'y LMcOeba P Marpty D T Melenden HearyHellncea P Moore D A Mad?en Jao A Marroner Pafk Met artea BdW Bollan Oapt Jar.M' Kee R McDonnell K Merrymoa JaoMMcKee B W Marckale Id* DMitra BvtCptJOMaguIre Bobt F M?ore B IJ Mokan Jao Mowrytiy lve?ter Morctoa B J Muaroe .laa B McOratb Thoa Maedwaid F Marketeller JdoM lllar Tbo* Maybe* Frank JMathewa J M MarahThoaC Mnrpby FK Haaran Jao McCormack W J Moray. Frank McSlierryJno McBewen Win Moore Felix MaWir'JT Murray W H McArihiirMjG'nMcOarthy Jno MulHn Wm M Morgan Oen GW McDonald Jaa Martin Wm P Bichntla ft Allan Baeh James Nealy Lt t> H McolMtl Alfd B*la?n J V S Newton P B Nenianr t) r BorriaBB Bafl R N'illlit Fielding N?rria Jarnae Bewfcm Thoa Newion H< ar> 0 Bntingh?ni.lurn Norrl. Wm P Baylor John Q Nelaoa Maaliaa BnttMajWaaD Oadi rkirk Alfd O ImrJaot O'D >nnell Hon *?weia B O Bryan Jaa ir Jno Owt-ta Elliha O'Connor Jno Oatrander P H Ochna Oeal Gea-O'Gormay Jan) O Brieo Mtchl perSS HwnerM-aWrJi ?Oareu B H otialieoO O'Neill Jen J O Hollidan Satal Palaer A Hen 2 Price Oeo B Paige Hath 1 Pi alt A J Pinney Oeo M Pylea Phillip Pratt Amofl Plaaaanta UeoWFnaey bam T Peter A Piper Henry I'eaovn Lt Page Obrlatop'r Preaton Hon HLPartridge 8 8 Piakkaai Chaa Pickell J B I'larce Steward Perk Ckaa M PbllilpaJt.0 l'arker T T Pd'lay Hob I> Parker Jno A Prtadevllle T Pay i a David L PutneaJnoM PerkinaTP Parker l>ao?l Park James PaiaeTF Pirkiag Bdw'd Power Jaa A PtleOeaWA Pan.Ltl A Pine Jaw H l'earce Walker piaated Oeo Pratt M J Parkee Wta Quails Lawr'e Heed Hon Ansos Biley Gea BoahamandPh'a Bejaolde Bon ABeea Harrleon Bath R W ^ ? Bylano BavJoiBBoandtraeB'ck't Bobarta >t OhaaBuaaMI Jamea FBalph Ber H J BoaagrantCbaaBBaadol Jno Battiaaon HonW Bean Laa I boblnaonjaall F Bull Darid F B ha-iaey J MiakkiBoffowiakl W Bee* t Fritz BneJnoB Bed field Wa M Bloaiond G 8 Baavaa Jao Biley Wm Baam Gan G B SBoaenbary M Hippie Wm Ballly Geo u Bag a a Pater A Baynolda Wm Hofplaa Geo J Bmlth Arthar BBawtell* Bary WSmlth Boa J B fciaith Addlaon Steelyard Hlna'lSchnl/ Dr Loala B-:ien B A Snoder laaao Smith Lew J 8w?n Bt?j A Stoaaerland Be*8t ?art Llajd Vaith B O J M Smith Michael SprlDsaleeaB FBtcwart OolJaaBBnyder M Saner C G Slaapeon OpJatFScnaler Peter Btiolea Boa C ! HpaldiagJuo Ballivan Pat'k kmitb Carney Bammabay JaWteara Bich'dT Bcbaffer Conradr-terem Jno Btelnback B2 hbaw Daniel Singleton J no GSabara Bobt S KhermariPavid AStoagei lead BevShea Sam'l Bulllvan Dan F Jao Saage ft 8mitb Benn l'aa'l Sheffield Jan Slater 8 Mawl ad btanard Kdwd Htraape Jamea Bewail Baa 'I B Bel rack ? M Slack Jaa Q Bixered Thoa t*Kitb Jndfa BBS wan J G Steele Tboa Bniith Oeo Steard Jollna SlaagbtTA baith GraadrMSmith Ha J Brt8helden Thoa F nimpaon Geo Bbaw Jno B Bckoab^rn Wm Subicdib O Scott Jro Bandera CIWmF SuIobob G Bmlth Jamea Stargi* W B btanfeldt O A SioopeJoakB Boutnrate Bev Bterana H Shine Jno VB Street Hon B CJStrappe Jaa Bniith Wa H H Tacecitk Alex Tnraer Joaiah Taylor Saml 'labor Boar Bon* Ten Brck?8aal Tbyraton Cbaa Tylar Jeremiah Tanalll Thoa i'Maa Cbaa Thornp*?n J B STboapaon W 0 Thayer B?y Taylor Boa K B Triptraet Wiilla 1 n?k Frank Tnraer LawrncaTowale* Wm J Holland TimmaMlltF Towne W B Tl ateher Geo A Tay lorO JBobtHTodd W D TappanBevJnbn VaaWyekCH Van Ant warp Taa Darentia Boas Capt T P J Tlilaraul Dar Van TriaiPl UafreTllla Bd- Faaataae Clfatea _ wla T Vaa Vlaok Wa val*btia*Timo- Vondebnrgh Vta Dorlna Johi tby Bdgar M Yenning Joa B Wation A Walker Oov Da Wllklaa Joha Millard A A 2 rid S 2 Waakoa J <}? WIllaidAD WatkiaaDaaaia Waakfagtoa J WiltoaAlaz Weigand Geo WillaJM Wearer B J B Walker Geo >?oodley Knichi Capt Wetalgbt Oeo Wag Bar Loafa Wurdaman ft White Oeo W Ward Ml<.fa'i Boatker Wbeelock Geo Wllliaaa A W Wilioa Beaj Walla Heary Waaklnttoo B WkortoB B Wllkina Heary Wbiteflald B W arren B A 2 Wllliaaa Capt J Walla Bob't Waabbura Bon P Walak Rlch'd C C Ik Waltaa Be* J A Wllliaaa <*aot Wlgglna CoaltarWIlaoa J W Widaay W A Willa? CbBB Wigtall J B Woodward W W WiilaidC J Waatoa Jaa M Wayne W H Waddle DB Weetcott Jaa W Wright Wm Wilaoa ft Fiack Wallace J T Wataoa Bob'tL Wabater Daal Waabknrne J J Toaag Ckrlat'r ToaagBB Toaag Baal Ct /erman Jao A It 8. J. BOWBB. P. M. DANCING. pBOFB. J . W. ft B. P. BBBIB* DABOIBO ACADBMT. JB Pannay Iraala kvaaaa. bot. aad 7Ui aka.. Opposite MetropoUtaa Betot. Claaaaa foralagevery avantag. Tkoaada Mrlag to aator Bar "aiaaaoa ahoald avail thoa 'raa of tb la opBortaaitr. Freparattoaa will be aada la thla qaartar foi our annual Bay Ball. Cireulara aaa bekad at 1. F. Bllla* aad W O Metaarott ft Oo.'a Maala Btoree * * Tko Ball can ba rented for Boiraaa, fta. Duys md Mmmrt tf TVuiew : _ For Ladlaa, Mlaaaa aad Maatora, Taradar aad Saturday afterBoooa, froa i to a'oloek. Oeutleaea a Claaaaa. Taaaday aad FH?ay eva alnga. froa 8 to 10 o'cloak. ror further infornation,apply durlag the hoar af tatHoo, or addreaa a aota to taa AcaXaay. Qaartar ooaaaeaeiBg with the Brat leaeoa. ja I M A " ' "1' iuni absimsiA KooMa, H _ . B, between Kh aad lkth atreeU, JM The laat auartar of ihia eaaaoa, pre par a QHl ory to the May Ball wiU romaeact on Satar day, March 2. Olaaaea far tfceGeriaaa are now open. MAi.QO.EA^B fA|OT DB1U BALL! , Tka BBdaralfBed woald aoat reipeetfally ia fora tko I ad lee aad geatleaen of Waahlngtoi city, aad the Dletriet geaerallv, that he la at al timea prepared to rarniah aartlaa with Baequer aad Faiw Coataaa, either oa loan or made U He hw taken raoaa at the well kaowi fancy eatabliehaeat af Chrlatiaa Baaaert. Bao A ja>th etreet. betweaa D aad B?wkWo ke WtL t. happy to awaitordara. CHABLB8 BBBO, r. n i?* BOOTS, SHOES, Ac. ae boot* in hi iTwiOLji * WU*' H J?oo?B"ABD BHOBS. d^ia bbobob b. wilbob, W. B. CLAOBTT, B. B. BWBBBT BBAL BBTATK BBOKBBB AMB ADCTI0I1IBI. Partlea conteaplatiag balldlag ta tka apriag a llat before porckjtotBg. aa we bava added raaaatl: to oar fotaar Uat a largo aaoaat of that daacrla tiea of property. Wacaa offer aaay ladaoeaeat ; ESagBSaStHgai ! csiawafj the owaar ka aipaaai aalaaa aaM while aa aa ^foVl la . CLAOBTf B BWBBBT. 'I TELKflRANI. k?. Goveraor Hramlett* of Kentucky, C#lonel A. O. Hodges. editor of the Frankfort, k.y , ("ommcmwtaltk, and other Union men. bar# been notified by Judge Lynch, the pseudonym of tbe rebel Regular or*, to desist frrnn their efforts to atop mob proceeding* and to Imtf the State. Toey are threatened with violence If they do not. Governor Hramlette baa receiTed a letter waraibc him against issuing *?y "ore proclamationa a^ainit Judge Lynch a court. It U rumored la military circle#, la Canada, that a large body of volunteers will be called ont in active service early next month. The officera attending military a?hool at Toronto are inalructed to report at their respective headquarter# not later than March 8. Inatruetlon* have also been received by captain* of companies throughout the country t? eee tnat they bavw a full complement of men. and to have arms and accoutrements complete and in good order. F. W. Parsons, postmaster at Niagara Kails, waa arrested on Monday last, charged with opening letters received at bisotfioe. He was examined before United States Commissioner O or bam, and b? Id to bail at to appear for trial at tbe United States court to be held at Utica on March 10, Hoiatio A. Parsons, farmer, father o! tbeaccosed, becoming surety. Under the confederation of the British ProTinces Hon. John A. McOonald is to be Lieutenant (iovernor of Ontario, or Upper Canada Hon John hose. M P. for Montreal, of cine, bee or Lower Canada It ia reported that they will be knighted. Rose was leader of the an. nexation movement in 1*47. TheTennessee Legislature adopted a reaolution calling on the Federal (iovernment, tbrongb Gen. Thomas, for sufficient military force to keep the peace and reatore order and qmei in the State Tbe preamble allies that in several counties violence prevails over civil law, and not and murder go unpunished. Tbe Japanese embassy, consisting of five persona and their suite, proceed to Washington on the return trip of tbe Pacific Mail Steamship Company's ateamer Colorado to inapect the navy-yards, vessels, and implements of war, Ac. William Harton, whilst firing at Captain Pntton, formerly of the C. S. armv, accidentally shot Ilrigadier General Ely Murray. U S army, in the leg. The affair occurred at a law school, at Loniaville, Kyn where all three are indents. The Directors of tbe Atlantic Telegraph Company hold a meeting lr. London on the 12th of March, to determine what reductions shall be made in the tolla on the Atlantic cable. A general leeting of diatruat prevail# in financial circles in Lnglaad, and the stock market ia prostrate. A delegation from the Delaware Legialature arrived in Kichmoud yesterday, ahd were invi'ed by both houses to seata on the floor. The Turkish garrisons are to be withdrawn from the forts in the principality of Servia. The New CoxriRxs* ? When it assembles an the fourth of March. (Monday next,) tbe new Congress will be without members from Connecticut, California. Kentucky, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Tenneab##. The preaent Congress ba? one hundred and eigbry-fonr members; twenty-nine of theae seata in the new llongreea will b? vacant on the fourth of March, by reason of the State* above named not yet having held their elections. Of course the Southern States will, a# n#w, be unrepresented. It is supposed tha? after a session of a week or two. an adjonrnment will take place until the middle of May, by which time elections will have be#n held in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The Legislature or Mabtlaed.?Tbe Senate and House yesterday, in yomt convention. received in dne form the committee from Haiti in ere appointed to preeeat a memorial in opposition to the running of Sunday car#, Kc. Ibe House adopted an order requesting the president of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Company to inform tbe Hons# how mativ of its stockholders are citizens of Washington, and tbe amount of their subscription rue Senate bill to pay the claim of the members of Legislature of 1&61 was passed. A bill was reported to provide for a new assessment of property in Maryland. The bill providing for a registration of veter# was ordered to be engroesed for a third reading. Mors Emiobaht* to Texas?Under this bead the C.vilian (Texas) of the 16th says l "Almost every day we notice the arrival of more emigrants' on oar shores. The steam k ship Matagorda, from Brashear yesterday, brought forty-three passengers, destined for Grimes county, in this State. They were from Myttis, Coweta, and Merriweatber counties Georgia. Let them come: w# still have plenty of room" The Civilian saya that the travel on the atreet cars in that city is increasing, and that the enterprise is a success "From all quarter of Texn#," says the New Orleans ' Picayune, "our accounts ar# most fhvorable as to the industry and energy of th# people in preparing to 'piteh tbe coming crop. , Thb Secret Sepsio* o* the Yiboixia Lioiilatth?1The first busiaess In th# Senate yesterday was the passage of a resolution providing for ths publication of the proceedings of th# "secret sessions." There was nothing in fact, however, to pablleh, because the entire term of tbe three secret sessions, as we are informed, was consumed in the interchange of Seniors ia regard to theoourae which should be pursued by the Senate in rcifreitf to tbs uSb mitA?^h6ilAbir|0r bill " , No action was proposed, and bo course indlfrtk? " a*r##d apon?HxckmcmA Enquirer, itb. Show Pall i* Chicago?The Chicago Tribunt Raya: "The preeeat seasoa is Ukely . ! ?? to be remembered as the eeveraet la point of snow which we have experienced for many W*- The depth of snow which has fallen since the 1st or January, up to the present da'e, embracing a period of sevea weeks, is aad one-eigth inches, aa average of about four and a half inch## per week This I when meited, yielded 3.385 inches of rain water, making a total, including the amouat of rain which tell, of*, 151 inches of rain water. I on an average of .Wu inches per day." No More Govern meet Salbs og Whiiket The recent sale* of whiskey, which were seised ? in this city by the revenue officers, were co unproductive to the Government that no more will take place lor the preeent. An order has been received from the Secretary of the Treaa. ury, providing that all illicit liquor which : may be seised, shall he stored till further orders. In sons# Inatanoes not more than one half thr amount of the duty lmpoeed on i whiskey wan realised from the auctions?A' 1 Y Mrprett. > A New Ohaecb won Womeh?It is not nnI likely that Kansas will be the first State of the . Union to confer the franchise upon women A joint resolution has passed both branches of the Legislature, providing that (fee proposition to stnke the word "male" frem that section of i tbe State Constitution which ?tbs qualifiestlen of electors shall be submitted to the popalar vote. W^The new telegraph cable between Florida and Cuba is soon to be constructed. The cable Is to he a>annua#tured aad delivered la May, | th* l*nd line, which sixty daya will { suffice to build. Is to he commenced this week. r It Is thought that by Jaae aaxt the eatire Itae will be Ib working order, aad Florida will be i, tn oommuBicatloB by telegraph with Caba. arOb Tneeday laet, e bouad boy. aged Ave r yean, llvtag with Mr. Hillary Spanldtag, near Clark's Station, Ind., was mlssiug, and was SBbee^uently found la the bottom of aooal alt with svldsat marks or violenoe on his person IndaciBg the belief that he wan mardered* Mr. Spa aiding ie in jaU charged with the marder. KT Maryland in aaxloas to attract immlgraate. The Legislature of that State ar# endeavorlag to fix open some scheme that will _ bring ImmlgraHoa, aad the Mary I aad n#wsK at the prospect of popnlaAa emigration bnrMi u I* A WOQftQ WAttired hawaal f IB man's apparel on Tuesday, In NewarfcN J . and BBdertook to thiaah a Mrs. Miller e when Mr. Wetee, her has band, name along aad diecovenag a nsaa beaUag a woman. left terfbred aad gave hte wifa a eon ad whipping r before he dleoovered who aha waa. WA little girl mil overboardTrom Usioa bridge, Portsmoath, Saturday, aad was rescaed by a celeesd mm who jamped over after her. r i C?NfiJlKUl*.1AL. afwrnooa,th?^ imu i^propruUoi bill b?in| under coosiaer^b^eesUos was upon iJESTJII? the Finance U>m*iuw u> pro vide foe ia-p*? rtt?f otriaiiutnuui MMMort in use m*mn. *'?'(>?*this Mr F.dmunds offered a aub?tltute. eattlag apoa tbe Secretary of the T?Mury u? if?d to tk? Seaate a list of p?r?w employed u mritnri without ttkitf tlx* oath. what MrTlw they kat* rtn4n?d. how mack is fll" ^Thi amrndmtii of Mr. kdnmii was d???iff a to. _ _ Ttr of tbe Fiaaaoe Committee wm then adopted?yeas, ?. Bays, 1JL Ab amendment of the Finance Oo^ut* was adopted, authorising the Secretary of the Treasury to Mil at pabltc auction certaia property of "the I'm urd Si alee at vnrioae piaoee, including tbe building and grounds known a* the wid Custom-boaee, at Alexsadria, \ a^ Mr. Wade offered aa amendmeat providing that Ooversmeat advertising in the District hall be in the two paper* hsvtag the largest rlrralatioB. ar.d In bob# others Agreed to. Mr. Mo nil j effbred aa *B?nd???i *PPf?priauog iuu.uuo for the compleuoa of * Uitjr Hall of Wasbisgtoa Disagreed u>. The Mil wai passed. aad the Seaate at At* p. m took s recess till T.30. At the evening sessien the tax bill was takea ap ob motion of M r Kessendeu Tba Senate Committee's ameadments were acted npon as they were reached. The Seaate refused to strike the folk)wise article from tbe free list, thereby aon-ceacsrnag in tbe amendments of the riaance Committee : buck-saws, stamp machines, poutioe imn. Tbe Seaate Committee recommended to strike the fellowieg from the free list steam locomotives and marine engines. including boilers aad log atdui( aad shingle atachiaes Agreed to. The Finance Committee's amendment to strike oat the section of the House bill repeal* Ihg the tax oo newspaper ad verueemeets was agreed to. Ob motion of Mr Feeseoden. boots, shoes, shoe-bindings, strings, and shoes mad* of leather and skin were placed oa the trf Met Mr.Connees offered aa amendment imposing a tax of titty cent# per gallon on brandy mad* from grapes, and imposing a penalty upoo any person who shall manufacture or sell & brandy made from grapes any compound aot really such. Agreed to. 'Mr. Hendricks asked that tbe Colorado bill be poMpoucd until to-morrow at half-past, twelve, when a vote could be taken without debate After debate, the bill was taken up and postposed until one o'clock to-morrow, when a vote will be taken. Tbe Senate concurred in tbe House amendment to tbe river and harbor appropriation bill, and tbe bill goes to tbe President. The amendment was an unimportant one. Messrs. lloolittle, Fom-rot. and Cattell were appointed a conference committee on the bill in relation to the Indian Bureau. Messrs Sherman. Sprsgue. and Johnson were appointed a conference commute* on the compound interest note bill. Pending tbe consideration of the tax bill, the Senate, at II ii, adjourned. Horsa.?Yesterday afternoon? Tbe House, at 3 o'clock, proceeded to vote by yeaa and nays on tbe motion to suspend turn les. so as to permit the motion to discharge tbe Committee of the Whole from tbe further consideration of the tanfT bill to be made Tbe vote resulted?yeas IMS, nay*61 So, twothirds aot voting lu tavor thereof, the rule* were not snspended. Several other motions to suspend the rule* met tbe same fete up to the hour for taking a recese. At tbe evening session ? Mr. Julian called up tbe motion to reconsider tbe vote by which Hoase hill amendatorv of the act ot June 21, i-?g. ter the disposal of ftublic lands in actual homestead settlements n Alabama, Mississippi. Louisiana, Arkansas and Florida was referred to the Committee on Public Lands. The vote was reconsidered, and tbe bill zame before tbe House (or its action. It amends tbe law so that hereafter any person applying for tbe benefit of tbe act shall make oath that be has not borne arm* against tbe United States or gives aid or comfort to it* enemies On the suggestion o! Messrs. Hill and Kasson. tbe bill was modified so as only to exclude those wbo bad voluntarily givea aid and comlort to tbe rebellion, and not those wbo bad afterwards enlisted in the Federal army and been honorably discharged therefrom. Tbe bill was then passed?97 to 3 ?. A committee ot conference on the ban krapt bill was appointed. Message from the Senate, announcing its disagreement to the House amendment , of day) to tbe Senate bill providing for tbe allotment ot members of tbe Supreme Court among the circuits, Ac. On motion of Mr Wilton, (Iowa) the Hons* lasibted on Its amendment, and asked tor a committee of conference. Message from tbe Senate, announcing Its disagreement to House amendment transferring j Indian bureau to Lbs War Department, and I as king for a committee of conference. Mr Ross moved that tbe House recede from I its amendment. Rejected?<?< to 'ii. On motion of Mr Schenck, the Honse insisted on its amendment, and agreed to a comI in it tee of conference A committee of conference on the compound I interest bill was agreed to. Tbe last business on the Speaker's table waa tbe Senate amendment* to the Honse joint resI olution for the erection of an equestrian statu* 1 to the memory of L.iea tenant general Winfleld I Scott. Ob motion of Mr. Ringham. the amendment! were ronenrred In; and, at lOu^i, the I House adjourned Owk Caisk or CotLtaav Ezfumioii.-At Chesterfield Sessions, in England, a mau was recenlty arraigned and charged with smoking in a coal mine, known as'he Clay Cross Fit. Two years ago an explosioa took place ib this I miae, by which 12 men were killed and ae. I veral others aeverely injured. Since that time the pit has been condemned as unsafe to be worked nnlees by the use of safety lamps. Some of tbe mea had complained that they were in mach danger because the defendant ] persisted in smoking, snd bs wss takea before I the geaeral manager of the works, who explained to him the serious consequences which I might arise from such a practice Notwithstanding this caution, he west into the pit. 1 commenced his work on the scene of the late I catastrophe, and io a few minutes be was seen 1 to fill bis pipe with tobacco, and for the purI rose of proconng a light be took off the top ot I Bis aafetj lamp Tbe court inflicted a fine I and sentenced him to one moaih's imprisonI ment. In this may be found one reason why I coal mine explosions occur, careleesneea being I often tbe caaee of theee appalling disasters. ffTThe German wbo murdered the yoaag I girl Bear Palmyra. Lebanon tJounty, Pa., aad I for whoee arrest tiw* reward was offered by I the County Commissioners, has been cap tared. I He bad secreted himseli iu a bars, in Berks I County, and was caught while there. He I savs be did not intend to kill her at first, but I that he attempted to "make a little free with I her," aad she iasalted him. He left her, and I afterward came back and asked bar if she was I still cross at him: she replied that she wanI ted nothing1 to do with him, when he I struck her ok the bead with a hammer and I and left her for dead. He subsequently same I back, and fonnd her atlll alive, wben be again I straek her with the hammer, whoa ebe Ml I dead. Tbi IVPIABS Ik Tkkas ?The New Orleans I Fiemmmm says that "the Iadiaas are still worry | ing the fronuer people of Texas, and will eonI tinae to do so until they are "wiped oat.' In Montague couaty they recently flushed a son | of Dr. Gordon, chased him. Wounded htm with I spears aad arrows, aad although they did not I kill him outright, be is not expected to live. | Ini San Saba county they are also dowa every I bright boob after horses aad scalps, while m I McCulloch aad Banders ceaaties they have re] eently been 'proepectiag' far blood aad pleaI der. A writer ia Bandera county, cloee by I Camp Verde, saja that a six-shooter and a I swift horse are all the protection he has." IPTht present high prias of bread la Fi aaco I Is caasiag great distress. ; VA Frsacbmaa ia New York Maw hia I brains oat while tortured with radioes I doubts. I k^Gen. John C. Fremont is about to opea a | baaklag bouse tn Wall street. New York VO>iopays a greater whiskey aad oil tarn I than say Bute la the Ualoa. HP Jeff. Davis* second year of imprisoameat I will sooa expire. I ITA aegro boy la Liberty. Miss . la order la I avoid a threatened whipping killed hie father. WPrlnce Alfred la having a yaafct balMf o I race tbe Henrietta. CPThe Soath accepts the sltaaUoa" only I ia the Soathera accepiatioa of that term. 7" A yoaag lady ia Norfolk walked I a to a I storsaad cow hided a clerk who had ham aayI lag naughty things about hat. gpAt the eorperaiioa election la Fred rick I elty, Md , oa Monday* the ooaaervauvea I elected loar aad the radicals three ooaacilmen. I ^Tbete were foar haadrad aad twentynlae deaths la New York last weak. I BP~Goveraor Orr, af Soath Carolina, has lost I the good will of the chivalry by oomlag oat ia I favor af aegro suffrage. | II Two res tie mea of Chicago came near I flgbtiag a duel, hecaaee oaa of them paid tha I fare of the other's with oa a street oar. V Fifteen dollars to the charge la Hew | Y orfe lor etaMag pet lap doga which hava deI parted this Ills, ft coau mere to staff them I whsa they are alive.