Newspaper of Evening Star, March 1, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 1, 1867 Page 2
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% tmrmm* ? ?? m WHfc- ML C" THE EVENING STAR The Urged Circnlatioi ii the District W. >. WALLACH, Mltortai Prcprtotor. WASUIMOTON OITY: FRIDAY MARCH 1, ftT. BriXiDlNO MATTER O* HUT PAGE. 0KS Ul'TIIRI FOR INTRKiniHO TILM GRAPHIC ANl) OTHBR MATTER. TO AOTERTIIKRl. Tk? following m* oMciai tbowlag of tk? elrcBlauM of ib? daily p?p?r* of this city oonpectug for tto ff ovrameot adrertistag iMer Uw receatastof Congress directing snob dTmi?wi to to mad* la t?? two daily a#wsptptri of WuMaften bavlag tb* targes trenlauon : Evas is<? Stab 7,71S ooptw psr day. CkrmneU 5.(106 " Int'lhfftncer XiSt " Tbe morn* of advertising by tbs otty papers or ice quarter roam* l>eeember3l, WHA, as t*ken fro* the book* of tfe* Internal Revenue Office, are as follow*: Etmibs Stab s13.1u7 Intelligencer 9.IM CkronttU ?,1W Mtfublicau THE RECEPTIONS. The White Heme. The ladieeof toe Executive Mansion, Mrs. Stover and Mrs Patterson. are at home every Monday. The Cabiaet. The ladies of the taniiljr of Hon. O H. Brewning, Secretary of the Interior, will receive their friends on Wednesdays, at the resl dence of the Secretary, on tlie east side of Montgomery street, Georgetown Heights. Secretary and Mrs McCulloch have issued cards tor two receptions, the first to be held on the evening of the 'Zld inst., and the second on the td of March. Mrs. Formatter General Handali will receive at h*r residence, No. 407 New York avenue, on Wednesday afternoon. ftOYER.VWEST SECURITIES. WasHisoTo*, Ma.-ch l, iw. Jay Cooke 4 Co famish the following quotations of Government eecnrtues. Haying. Selling. C. S. '* Coupon. 1*1 |o9?.' II - V. s. five Twmum, 1B? no^ lit u. s Fiv* TwetUM. Irt4 1?7* ? U.S. t'ii* Tw*b'j??. l?i 1?&* lo? U.S. Five Twenties,JanJtJ'y,'65.lo6 ,)$ 1"? V. S Ten Forties #7fc 8>K V S. Seven Thirties, August.... u*>', V. S. St'ven Thirties, J une Iu5i, lo.".% U. S. Seven Thirties. Jmy u?5^ Hi5? >KW TOBK ri P. ST BOAUL) SiLW. UonpOD? 110;, I0.4o's ' * 8I-**? Ill 7.30's, August.... 1U5', s.y'i, 1-64 H"7, TJB's, Jim 5 SO'*, 1-H5 10* s <-3li'S. J ulv IOn?4 #*>s, Jn A.Ty.*65.l?;\ Oold Ht>>, Til Ik RATIONAL cauldron Tbe great si^ht ot A merica at su.h a time a? the present, >0 th* crowd at Willards' Hotei in this city. There are perhaps a thju-aad guests there, com in? irora all quarters of the country, upon business b*? ore Congress or with tbe executive departments. They represent not only tbe wealth of the nation, bu\ emphatically, it* business enterprise: and more nearly typify tfte c:a*s or etaisas to whom tbe canse ot national advancement is indebted for tbe remarkable industrial prog ress of our land, iban can be toand anywhere els? congregated nnder one roof. One see* there <iaily now. hosts of tbe celebrities of tbe United States in the arts, science?, literature. politic* and indnstria*. pursuits: for everybody called to Washington jast now Hock to tbe balls or that great botel if they desire to see anybody Tbe sight, we repeat, is one well worth sewing, and be or sbe who visits Washington and fails to see it, sees bnt half of tbe memorable sights of tbe National Metropolis. It is dne to the proprietors of that now so noted honsa 10 say that, appreciating its carrent importance as a national institution, they make it. as a sojoara leg place lor its thousand gnests, an hotel unsurpassed npon either continent ? ?* cuisine and its general arrangement* for tbe comfort of its vast array of patrons. THE SENATE'S PRESIDENCY. Tbia forenoon, in caucus, the Repa^licans of tbo Senate unanimously nominated the Hon- ( Senator Ben. F. Wade, ot Ohio, ta succeed the I Hon. Lafhyette C. Foster, of Connecticut, (Whose lerm of office expire* on Monday next,) in the presidency o! that body. His selection J was universally expected, because all admit that he bas been tbe representative man, among all tbe Senators, of tbe dominant sentiment of tbe Republicaa party, It orth, South, but and "West Of great senatorial experience and iron will, no public man stands btgber as a statesmaa of unyielding integrity, ot purpose in all his thought* and actions. Independence of ' character is another of bis traits that have made him a man of so great note. While often differing with him, we have never failed 10 realize ibe eingle-miaded patriotism of his convictions on all subjects involviug the public interest. j RESIGNED. I We hesr through a private dispatch from Annapolis, that Governor Swann would eer- i taialy tender bis resignation to the Maryland Legislate re ot the United States Senatorship to which be was recently sleeted. This resig. nauon doubtless occurred to-day. Wall * Oraaa Hurnc ?Macgie Mitchell. The Washington favorite, has at length found a formidable rival in the graceful and bewitching Ada Webb, whose admirable impersonation of Fancboa" last night surprised ?^ del itch ted the large audience present. The Webb slater* have a benefit to-olgnt, when they will be assisted by U. B. Bishop, tbe Baltimore U*atdlM, and S. W. Glean, celebrated for hi* comic delineations of Dutch characters. Knco**T*UCTIOJ? IX Ho?TH Canon* A ? Mr. Seaggm Introduced into the House ofCjm odi of North Carolina yesterday a resolution declaring the willingness of North Carolina to accept in good taith the proposed racon. atrucuon plan of Congress. It creatad nucb excitement, and aa animated discussion en aed. it waa finally re tarred to the Uonaittdt on Federal Relations. Kthti ckt.-The Kentucky legislature has adopted a resolution to adjourn on March it. A resolution calling a national convention in May in Loultvilit waa rejected, the Legislature not deeming it la conformity with the pre rlnea of a legislative body. A bill la before the Assembly to appoint a committee la inquire lnle the doubtful condition of Kentucky banka. i Kbcbitbo tii Twutt rnn c?xT.?Tha clerks and employees ia the Poet Office Department were yeeterday paid off, and each one received the Increase of twenty per cent. ?n hii salary authorized by the lata act of Cangress. The regular monthly Scran ton coal sal,, took place In New Tork on Wednaeday, when 60,(HO tons were disponed et at pricee showing a decline of from 5u to 7f cents par ton, us compared with the January sale. Ibtbajial Ki>'UC?Ahsimoi 'The Presi. eat baaaent ta the Senate the name of M. E W. Horn, to be Assessor of Internal Kerenue for the 3d District of Maryland. TviVuxlt Utin la now on our counter for sale, and In wrappers, ready for the mail*, containing, among mnah other reading matter, - charming little story entitled 14 Kissed by Mistake,'* the Improvement of the Mirer Channel; Arraignment of John H. Snrratt; 'he Georgetown 1.lection. Board of Trade Meeting : Cheeapeake and OhioC&aal: Baltimore and Potomac Railroad : Receptions during the week. Proceedings of the kepublicw Meetings during the week; t'seful items of domestic eccuomy; Congressional proceeding; Humorous Sketch*-*, with Domestic. Milttery, Naval. Departmental, and Local News. Agricultural and Housekeeping Ml*celiany ; and the latest Telegraphic Dispatches from all quarters. TBI WORLD MOT 18 We Imtd from Uicbnoat) tbn tbe recent secret meeting* of tli* YlrfWt 9nut,]r?t?r. day culminated in the deteriMaaUoa of Ml overwhelming majority of bo*' branefees of the Legislature, now a?nemble4 Bt Kiclnoad. lo accept ?ihe situation," tullf, frank jt, aa4 with alacrity. To that Bad, It fcBabeB* detBTmined by tfcat large majority, on bearing of tbe j flna', piusage by Congreas mt tbe bill to reorganize tbe Southern States, wblcb is expected ' ob? vetoed to-day, to call a State convention 'or th-* purpore of immediate S'ateorganization : LBdettt. Tbe eleenon for member* of tbia cob| * en Mute will doubtless be beid ia May. Tba con* { T<-ai oa wUi MMBkU to J aoe, and it ia expaeu ' ed the State will be thoroughly reconstructed . by October! "We hear farther that there la great clamor In Kichmond on the partoftbos? Virginia leaders whom tbe plan of Congress leaves oat in the cold, who complain bitterly on account of their deliberate eacriflce by tbo?e whom tbey so terribly victimised. Bat tbe flat h&s gone fnrtb. Jtbas been sensibly determined to save tbe great mass of ibe peo pie of Virginia by frank acquiescence in the reconstruction pirns of Cjngres*, whatever may be tbe result for tbe time being upon the political fortunes and statu* of tbe disfraa cburd class. THE VETO. tip 10 tnree o'clock this afternoon th* PresU dent tad not sent to Congress bis veto message on the Military Government bill, bat Itvi then understood tbat it would be transmitted to the House this evening At tbe beginning of tV.e evening session. '1 he Cabinet assera bled at 12 o'clock, and after tbe principal point? ! ot tho veto had been read, they adjourned af er a session of half an hour. The President then returned work on tbe message, and was still engaged on it at 3 o'clock. It is very certain that it will be completed and sent to the House this evening THK 8KNATE CAUCUS. The Republican members of the Senate held a caucus this morning to nominate a candidate for President of the Senate, 'o succeed Mr. Poster, whose term expires on Monday. The vote oo the first ballot stood, we learn. *22 lor Mr. Wade* 7 for Mr Fessenden, and 2 scattering. Mr Wade was then unanimously declared the nominee. There was no organized effort, we tw lieve, to pat Mr. Fessenden up for the candidacy, and bis colleague, Mr. Morrill, was not i resent at the caucus. NEBRASKA. The Nebraska delegation in Congress were A1 , tne ^ bite House to-day to ask the President | to issue bis proclamation recognizing Nebraska us a State, which action Is reqnUite pre' limmary to their admission to their seats. The proclamation, we understand, has been prei pared, ami only needs tbe signature of the ! President. RBOI9TKK Oi>' DKKDS. I Tbe President ba* sent into the Senate tbe i nomination of E. C. Eddy, to be Register of j Deeds ior this District in place of K. M. Hall. ! Mr Eddy, we believe, no W occupies a posiuon ' in tbe Navy Dep&iiraeut. Iktibial IUctbhc*.?Tbe receipts irom ttiU source to-dajr wen 8l.04U,iQ3.31. *?~J thn Eitfs C<*>ke, Ksq , to* Virginian author, has a new wurk in pr?*? entitled "VVranng of the Gray," .-aid to b? a very nril1 ant itory. fy^2=>A LKOTLKK WILL UK DELIVERED ILj at WlitLKV CUAPKL, TlilS KV(N ItfQ. ( FrUay) March let bjr Pr TL*N(K, af New Ytrk, for tna bouetit of Fletcher Chapel, ' commencing atrta'cNck. | anbject: Boldieia of tbe Oroa?." I Aun?t?ai<>n, tfd Cants. Ubildrei, DOdtf. It* I y^=?fVTHMt BAPTIST CHCBCH - MIS. I? HlOMAHV ANNIVERSARY -Oa 8CNi Dai EVJCNIMU, March 3. the Yoneg Peoples' Hlailoitry Association will buM fia annual ne-ticg. Hon. Senator U A BUI 8 will prcalJe 1 Tbe n.fttlag will be ?d(lrei?a<l by H>n Hen\tor S WILBOV, of Mae,., and by Maj. Gen HOWARD. Ai.tbeu* will be peil rmed by the Choir. a?l ' ala?ti>c by tbe chlidrea of the Sua lay Scbo Jt, Barvieaa to owmains' at 7H o'clock. The pubj lie ava Invited. Bl]!* I (Ts^BoTtOV -THE JUDGES OF ELECTION i U3 lor the City o Washington, appointed la pareaancaof aa act of Oougreee, approved Februi ary ft. iv;7, entitled " Aa act to pnniah Illegal Toting In tbe Dietrlct of Columbia, and for other ' purp*eea."aia repeated to n??t in the Po?hiMter'e fcaom la tbe Fost Office Department Balidtag. oa MOHDAY, tbe atbtnat , atSo clack p m., for tbf pcrpoee of organising and conanltatiaa. b. J. BOWIE. Starch 1,1M7. tab I It ! rTcf^HIB KKM 1AM BENETeLEIft avCIBTV. 13 Tba heat regular meeting of tnla Society ' 5TTi he helden la Carrjll Mail, G atreat. oa KBIDa Mareh. at 7^ o elock p m A fall attendance oi tba memliTB la dosfred, aa tiaaJ arreocement* for a proper celebration of St. PatI rick e Day will be u "Te I lala-tt* ANDREW J. JOYCE, Prealdent. nrE=?CLXBlGAL MUTUAL BClLDIBtt AS LL9 SOCIATIOH.?The se?on<l meeting of this Association will be bald at Qoaea A Abal'a Hall, | K Mreet. a?ar 7th, on MONDAY EVENIEG. arch 4th, at 7 o'clock. 1 TW- w uu>mi vi narve it iimilM to 1 MO, aad tdO 1 w*re ?ubicrU*d f?r at the firM monthly m*?tlt|. I Babccrlbera or other* wlahlag to Ukt et>?ck. are I Invited to attead. Gerttfieataa and ooastitaUona | ready for loans. | t frWSt 0 W. MOBBIS, Becretnry. r|r?"TBB OBABD BXHIBITIOII AND MU- ' ILj? BIC&L ISTUTAIHKIIT given by GuKBUf H CUAFBLBL'HDAl SCHOOL .corner I ?S and L etreeta ?a Friday evening hwt, will. by I ' re-intat, bo repeated on FBIDAY BVBNIFlii, I 1 March Ut, raarniaaclag at 7fc o'clock Adaia ion?Adults, Zi tie , Children. IS eta Th*? Piano for tbe occaalen la kindly loaned by J. W. Bill* , f# 27 3t* I | 1 or ba>t Washington m. b. ! IJJr _ ghubch, ; ODD FBLLOWJ- HALL. NAVY TABD. fell FBBBUABT 21 TO MABGH ?. Q^-fAWBBBOKBB 3 MOTIGB. ^ ^ MB38B8.B GOTDSTBIH * CO., j , No 34 4H etreet went, near Penn'e are., Beg leave to rail tbe attention of oar old pntrene an4 Wis pablic lu general thai #e have now en. , larg?d oar basfaess, and ars prapared ta offer la. t dncemente to borrawera that have nev?r bee a of- , ' feted osfore?expressly to partlea wishing large amennta. j Large etare roem, with good snfea for valn> I ablee A private offioo connected for nil oonflden* 1 tial bnaiaeae. Money advanced on Oold and Bilvar Watches, | Diaaaoada, Silverware, Jewelry, and oa all klada j ] of mercfcaadtae Ala*, oa Boada, BtvcM. BarI pa, Government Becnrltiee. j Loana made by day or week on merchandise sab- I j?-c I fct I | M. B ? Arrangements have beaa made by which j peraoae depositing property with aa can receive QGT J ?**PBr BBNCF^ rjo *rjtdf lOBBBT. I LAOIBS' 1gb GBBAM * DINING ftALOOM, Uib Pana. Ave., bat. 1MB and uth eta. | , Wadding*. Dlnaec or Baa per Partlea aapplied at , abort notice with aoveltiee la Pyramids, fancy | fakee, and Ooafectiaaeeiee, Jellies, Wad4|ag I I Gakee, beet unnlitr. Table Ora^meata: Balade, lee Cream, Water ico. Bo man Pnaeb, Baaad Tar- I ks>, plala : Esooloped Ovatora. boaed Tar key la I jetfy, Oharlotte fta?ee, sis.,eta a (tend eat* alee will bo saat to attaad to all do* I i tnlle of arraagotaeata. BoanaeU, Wreaths, and ant Bio ware to order fe 11 Im JOBBPH H. BHAFflBLP. . YV>II T A B L 18 H IP 18f|, MfPBBkSOH * vaenvmna 1 ' mi. AT?mr?,"coVl?* 1?t vt&BiT, 0*nm HrLLt tSSSST!| w H-lf FBKHCB WHALBBONI O0BSBT8 AT fl.50. AlMMkkai, ? fill iHerMmf ?f 0?rHli, Vh*l?k?Mi, Oomi MmIi m4 Board*. , lataat and all af Bco| fkirta. Oorara and JilflT. ??oiViSl", a,in?*<??fe? Vtorr. 49 Iioililui mm, M?tn Itkiai 7tfc ItTMU. Bh lla* jwar iMiim ST LABCKTOB * 8IB8ABGH, S3 tth Mnit.tnoiltoCMtT* Market, 8 V. Wwr#?;"TT" 1 Suft.." ""-"s."""" ' For tala oh?a?. a* MvKSF^Zs?3S^s=2g2' 1 ! WAeuisoTOB,*?aioBeer0WN?Hfc i Ttaa (J. KIIMT ; Kaw T-rk TO MOBB-OW, ?t 4 i from Pier 3d. BaatBirav. BlupMta our relr on J th? rasael aalUng aa ***> Oooda for tka Vast Bndof tha cltf wlllba U? "ad in Oaor*?toun; otbar partlaa wlibinf thalr foods landa<1 it O?or_'?towu will l?a?a a notica at Baal Ba?oa B O.'a h*fora T?aaday Hit mh I-Jt J. W THOMHOB, Praaldaot 17 OB 8 A LB?Two HOBSK8, one bar Cv r anion* Brown. Alao, two I hon?1jZn SPBIVO WAQOK8. Apaly to BICBABD^C2X | BBBBT, 94 Watar at., Oaorr*t?wa . fa M tf ? ? TELEGKAI?H1C NKWS. Fft?M KT&WPE TO-DAY. Ceafrderatlea^-Artemas Ward Very IIIHelp tor tlf lrtUM-riaaacUi Ail puamir B H 1 tMy Caote to Aoncnuvi Frees. Lrniiio*, March 1?The bill for tbe o?M> ereticn ef the Kritiib Provinces in Norih America baa been r lit wlee la P irli\raeaL Charles *. Urowne, toe America humorist. b?t?rr knowu to tbe pobhc a* ' Artetnas VTard * ia lying ill at Southamn'on. wbither be w.n' in paMwit ?( h*>aiih. Hia dieeaee toot a m lm?nary character. His We ia de?paired of. vihicb, March ?.?Tbe hm? of (hwaldi ' tour rone to Candia u> help the Crpuiua in flrbt aralnat tbe Torkn. Livirpooi., March t ?The Brokers Circalar reports tale* qf cotlou tor the week ?cdia* laat evening. nalea. u.clndiaK some 1P,<*0fcaW to speculators aed fur export. Tbe market baa been reaerallv dull aad ina tir* and price* b*ve fallen off to a considerable ex'ent. but part, of the decline was recovered The market to-d-iv opened firm and wit* an estimated day's sal*s of 10.**) bile'. The follower are Hie au'boriaeri quotations: Upland*. Orle<iae, 1i\; Tallow, 43? fld. I?om??*, March i?N-?on?tVn?i l? 01: Erie, 26)|; lllluola Central, 16 V; t'. S !5.?r?, :3#. i Murder la Philadelphia. i A, Mareb 1.?Thomaa V. Scott w a? found dead in 7'h atreet thia morning. Hia de.ub ia supposed to have b*ea cauied hv a KlASir t*^>n m elnn- . K-? ?? - VIW T, uuiu n CI u lift B uu?. nr* W IS 21 TO U?iC I AH aod bad b^n playing at h par'T. Hi* violin wa* Jylnr broken bwlda him. No clna to ih? perpetrator. , Dead M kw York. March t.?Amo? J. Williamson, editor of the Sundae LHepatch. and chilrm in of the Republican Union Committee, died yesterday at New Orleans. Aid far the Sonth. Bostow, March ljt ?Up to yesterday nearly ?!6,U)0 had bf?-n Biibecribed hv our citiaena In aid ol the dewtitnie ot tne South Execstlaa. Nkw \ork. March 1.?(George Waen^r wm executed at the Tooirit>e, at miii* o'clock to-day, for the tnnrri?T of of hie wife. yy A T 0 U K 8 . >BODBBa M, JDB0BM8BN. GENEVA ani AMEB1CAN WATCHES, All atjlea and iti'i. at the LOWSST PBI0B8. Watabta and Chronometers repaired. M W. GALT k BiO., Jewslera, nili 1-61 3&4 Pennsylvania avenge ABOTIOB. LL MESONS INDEBTED TO TIE OLD firm of VATEf t SELItY are requested to wae forward sad s< ttle tip tbefr afcontii, aa i am deal roaa of closing up the Affair# of -aid Arm. J AS. W 8 EL, BY. At the old atand of Tatea A BeW. 323 i'euo'a avenue. JUST IIUKIVF.P-A Urg? lot of 4-4 liLEAI'HKD OOTTOW, nsdrta'td ?hi< n *> are "tiering to th* ptMic at tli* !* " ?I? " 0 " * ?... ??> .vw?ii * ?? ? jmtf oi ceoil, A l#<> ft lot of 4 4 bUUi'Bfcb COTTON it ? rtnti. T?r; chtt|, J W.SKLbi ? UO., At the old atand of Vatea k 8*1 by. mh 1 tf 323 r>ni ?Teeni> x?tritli*t, l^| ABYLAMD AGBKILTI B&L CULL*Gl. Tk? dntiea of thia Tnatitualon will be returned on MOrfl<AY. tfttb <>f March While It la to m?k<* instruction In the theory and practice of Agriculture the peculiar feature of tliO College r rovl-|nn la made for a fn I eourae *f cnll??rin??? {retraction eui bra fag t?e Lttin Greek, French. German, Italian ?u 1 Spaa l?h laneaaaea or any of then, a conraeof Mi-h <-iaatire Mental and Moral ftcleace. HI?torr, and theamdy of the Kugllah Langiaje and Lit ratai*. Natural Hiatory and Netaral Phil ?ophv. in that? .n rnilri ehe?, will beveapecial ettanti a. Military Tactic* will be tanglit Ther? wilt be no Preparatory School bnt a a* lrctnl Bngllah and Scientific f'ourae mav betaken at the atudent * eptiea. Rc one received aaler fourteen yeara of age For a Oircn'ar and fnrther i formation aidraaa M B WOBTHTNUTOM, Bectatrr *e , Office of American Farmer. . n>h l-ootw Baltimore. ( BY COOPBB A LATIMBB, Anotloneere. (Lateeleik> with James O. Mcttotre AO) .1 South we ft coraer Paaueylvaaia avenae and 11th aueet,' Star OBoe building." , TRnflTtK fl HA I K OV TMPltftWYt PRHPT D J r\ AT AUUTION. i By Tirtui of a deed ef troat dated tha 31at day of Fabrnarg, A. D., W4. aad lecorded In Liber B. M. H.Ma. 14, felio 304, on* of the land rttorda for Waahington Countj , 1>. 0. 1 will aall, at P?b ic A action, la front of the premlee , at6oelockp. m ,oa 1 rBHDAT, the V6tl? day of March, A l> , it*/, all that certain alec? or nt ???? < nata. iyibg ltd tting la Wa*h Birtoa city, D 0., ] indki??uMd diaUBgniabad apen U? ground. i |Ub or yitl of ul< citr titbt tooth part-of bot < nufctaraa alght <8,jla Sonar* BinUr*<t two hao- , dl*d ud Mtj olfllt^tt^MllBg 2>faet OB tht ?Mt (<! o! 13jk *tr**t w**t. botwrau 0 *ad I) utriftl no itb. will > irpthof ?u kandrad and In f??t 1 t?l?l< !? kalf It rkM (lO)IMt 10* lacbaa*) ( U I alUy, with tbainiprovagneata tbaraoa. I Tarmavfaal* : balf euk, balanra Ib 6*a<t 11 , month* with IntfrtitrruB day of *al?, Mcutod hr , dr*o of traaft upon tba preaipa*. Total to b* cam- . Mod with f? ffreAwt- Otberwiaa Iba trml" rO 1 ervc* the right to retail it tk? riak and coat of the 1 dell" It Ids yarehi??r by giving 10 day*notU*ln ' Ik* B**ai8g Stir. AU coat af c< nweyandn? and ] r?-T?DO?> ttamp* at tba exp*aa* of the purchaser i fl?Ore?air?dattla>aof aala. , JOB w. KHQVi, Troataa. OOGPBB * t ATI MB. t 1-ltawkd* Auctioneer*. 1 FOB SALB?Jaat raeatwad and for aalaa lat of , lmporiad OA^ABY BIROS, iiMriurw^ j Boaaatar*. Alao.a warlaty of other BIBD9 ' ktaoax which are Me apleadid Horkins. All ' Birda guaranteed a* repreeeated. Bo '241 7tti at., I t atweeu M ac! N atraata. fa 2*-gt 1 I)lABOS Ar COST?Sewaral that h*v> h**a | ?ei-t*d oat daring tba wintar. bat ' tl? n994, Bad matt b? aold ,aa we hawa to|BBH < J OHM r. ELLIS. \ fa TA-tt 306 Peon an.. a*?r i*)th at SJ An/I ? ABTHAGBBA COCUA BIT* |),UUU MIMMOHAKOWaadLIHOXB, ] 1U0barrala APPLB6. 1 Jast rccolTatf *ad for aat* by , 4*9 W. L.C MBDON 4 fX> , < fa 38 St 7* Walor atraat, Qeorgatown. [)PBtilHG 07 SPB1BG f A8HION8 t Had DEMOBBBT'B EMPORIUM op VABB10B Bo 339 Pa ar*., bat ?th aad Mth *ta ' Ail th* lateat and maat raliahla stwlaa of Pari* md Few Tori trituui?d PATTEBNSfar ladiaeand :Lildren. Alao. Ooraata and urea* Trtoa.alag* In waatwarlaty. [l?UMh*] Hri.B M.BIBCKLBY. yyASHlMOTOB 01TT SAYIBOS BANK, Ooraeraf 7th atraataad Loniatana aw*., PATS 1BTB&B8T OB DEPOSITS. BOT ABB MLL wnaaa **n - ? A a* A# OlWABt OOLD AID BILYBB. LAMP WaBBABTB WA1T1P. fa ?3t |?YBBLIB? BILLS for MkltMniiM to salt r?r la ckiura. Btrkit vrlM H(i for AMBBK3AB * LBWI8 JOBMBOB ft OO , Bnkin. fe7 tf 999 reana mm. riiiog. 1 W0CI10K jl!I? 0BAIIDCflfe vblcb w? b?r? ttkn Hi exchange; one >f th?m almost new. I*r sale upon wr terms, it Um wam-roosss of W. ?. MBTZBBOTT ft OB., Bel* m*mt of Btalawaj's PImoi. to Mif . -MBT>BBOTT BALL." ? DBCOBATBP OH IB A PIBSBBTBA ABP H?r?/a'?t'o?.e>n. U?irn. watm rajn Mlht, ioM uStxr Es.vs??o?u.^.. ' 5?o,oeo wnsp*w*???"*? ; FROM KENDALL GJtBEW ffltMTA*D. OOBOOBB.tka BMt **lms?h> tr?H t? tbs unnby lOBlOl'S V1BG1BIA. OATAWBA. BBBBOOA. BIANA, BABTTOBB PBOLiriO. . HI May other cboloe kladr at flB Mr 101 tatting*, n |M par Alt good wood and trie to um. wtlwif peeked and bi?Hd to any ad drees on renlttanoa. rrirt, M?ra, _fe?-lm ??l 8th street ( Ci"B" "*M ?,?? ,UH , " i I a? jntt In receipt of my Imported QABOX N t (BBDS ftom Tenufij Anjlrleax A Co., Perlt. i Fraa?e. aad Bare* A Boa, Louden. BagUnd. and have taa?le arrangement! with the largest and 1 moU reliable sard srowara In tbsLuit.J itai<?s ? For my American Beads, and hate now in *t,.re % 1 gg-rawfese i bS> B. W BnBOn*LIi. ndar BbMtt House. fait corner lith and rstreets. ~ 11 ' T"** --1" 'U!?~ CUNGHESSIONAL. J F*?iT, March 1. S?*at*.?Mr Paland piwwM tfco <*#de*tiaiaot uti aucceoaor, Hoa Jootin s?. Morrill, of Vtraoai. which waro read and placed ?a B?ei Mr. Sbmnaa. tram tbo CVmmittae ? ri- < nnWf. noted rn be (1l?r|*r^4 from the furt MV consideration of (b? Hon** bill to provide lucreaaed revrnu* from the do tie* on importOil wore, and reported aa a aubotilato tho paragraph* roUUtf to imported war*, aa MwriKl

b? he donate In tbe tariff bill of laot session. Mr Sherman moved to proceed to tbe conoi'O-ratioa of tbe oubatitnte. Agreed to. Hr. Sbermsr, trora tM ComantM oa Flat ice, reported tbe naval appropriation bill, With amendment*. Ibo bill indicated by Mr. Sherman -was tb?n read. Mr. Crwwtll wirbed to know If by ttai* bin helnr preated tbH morning the reeidne of tne tariff bill ?u conaidered aa abandoned By ibe Finance Committee. Mr. fcbermni said that ho oonld not aaawor lor the committer Some further dtocnaaion enaaed, and Mr. ?attenden eaid be maat insist on taking op tbe tax hill, tip less tbe majority of the senate abould decide otherwise. Mr. Trnmbnil *aid the wool grower* were aansfled with tbo hill as it pasaed tbe House, and he i-bould prefer it. Hleconati wenta would he >a'iofled wnh It. If tbla substitute was aent t.m k to tbe Home. th?y mifbt engraft tbe w bole tariff bill on it: and It was better to p\aa b>- bill aa it came from the Hoaoo, and not run ?i'> rivka. ilr. Grime* nnderatood that It waa proposed t efler nmeiidmnu to increase Lhe dutiwa oil rvth'Df itiipvned, by ? cent.: angar, tea,>*, and aalt, it) per cent. Mr. Cattail raid he had an amendment of thie nature, wbicb be tent to tbe OiTk'a de?k 11 have read, providing for an Incroaae of *<> rer centnm on al. articles imported into tbe in t?d States ten day* alter the p*a*ag? of tbta . ..v?| rum, irn, cuurr, laoiaiHs, lumber, coal, and railroad iron. pending discussion on the bill, tbe morning hour expired. Mr. Wade moved tbat the unfinished hnsu nfw. being tbf tax bill, be laid aside informally, and tbe Colorado bill, returned by tbe Pre si. dent with bis objections, be taken tip. on the understanding tbat a vote should be ta*- -n without debate Mr. Kesemden said he had no objection if tbit> ?a? don*. The question then being taken, reunited as follow s Ayti? Messrs. Anthony, C-ittell. Chandler, Corniest. Cragin, Creswell, Fowler, FreUnghuvFen, Menders,in, Howard, Howe, Kirk* wood, 1,fine, Morrill, JNve. Poland, Pomeroy. K-imsey, Kofs, Stermaa, Sprague. Stewart, I t urnbulI. Van Winkle, Wade, Willey, Williams. Wilson, and Yates?29. Xnyf?8!?*sra. Ruckalew, Cowan, Davis Dixon, DoolHtle, Edmunds, Fessenden, Foster, Grimes. Harris. Hendricks, Johns jo, McDougall, Morgan, Neamitb, Norton, Palter sou, and Sa ultbm y?19. Tbe Chair announced tbat tbe bill not haviug received the two-thuds rote required by tbe ConMitu'ion, it bad not passed. Tbe consideration of tbe tax bill was then proceeded witb. t.,e question being on the amendment of Mr WiUon. reducing the tax on cotton to iwo rents per lb. after September I, 1H57 Mr. Fossenden railed for tbe yeas and nays on tbe amendment. Mr. Hmde^ou offered an amendment thai no tax shall be levied on any cotton grown i after the passage of this act. Mr Johnson thought it was very bad policy I f 41 I ;i V f+4\% * i\Y\ at thio *i*?a -<r ? .. Iiuic. uir.l rnorU WITl* making to protect the woolen interest aud tt?e cotton interest wan of vaeily mure importance. The amendment of Mr Henderson was lost by ? t>?* vote as follow# ?yeas ltf, nays 19. Mr. Sprague said the cultivation of cotton oupht to be encouraged. and u wa# mpassible to i ultlvate it toany profit with a tax on it. I'M* course that wax now being puroued would dnve it from tbe producing States. wlncU would be ruinous to tbe ceuutry. Without this connwodi'y tbe nation could not getalong. it would be bankrupt in a short time. Mr. Fowler advocated a reduction of tbe tax Uot'SK.?On motion ot Mr. Stevens, (Pa.,) Hie House re-olved uselt into Committee of tbe Whol?- on tbe deficiency appropriation bill, Mr. Allison in tbe chair. Tbe bill makes the following appropriation*, umong others, to m^et deficiencies. viz:?Pen?iuu# for ar?iy widows and other#, ?in,?t,;UO tor navy widow#and orphans, *70,ihk?; models lor bronze doors, Capitol extension, material for casting and fitting tbe same, -60; for eight additional monolithic column*, EU,'2U>; for ventilating Capitolexu ntion, ?!m U ; library ofConcrecs.Mk.tJO. For public baildings *nd ground#, including tbe following item I ? Completing repair# and famishing tbe Ex pcutive Mansion, *35,000; to replace bruised and worn copper water-pipes or roof gutter of ibe Capitol building with Iron pipe#, S3,iiU0: fuel far President's House, 9J,UuU; poudrette t>it at President"* a'able, S5IS lt?; to place new hydrants along Pennsylvania avenue, |IO,IUO; for repairing streets passing along [Jo-vernment reservations, when they were washed away by the freshet of O^tot>er last, SI.5U0; lor sewer on tbe rear of H street, between 16th and 17'b street# west, 112,50*; for repair of roof of Executive Manuoo, 9U,5W: 1 or eewer on 3d street and Mis>onri avenue, f?Wi; tor cutting down and repairing Pennsylvania avenue, between ?Ui iDd Stb streets east, #'2,000; foe additional laHirers at reservation No. 2, and Lafayette and franklin Squares, S2,ltu; to Keep in repair tbe bridge at Little Falls on the Potomac, ?3,350; inmyinjc expenses or trie Honee of Correction for Boys in the District of Colombia, lur aid to American Colonization Society by turnishuig conveyance and support to mob parlies aa may deetre to emigrate to I-l eria, *.?o.uui Total amount appropriated, ll.tuo ? 18. Section 0 provides tbat the commutation of tbe crier and bailiffs of tbe lYlftrict Court of tbe United States for tbe Inatnct of Maryland shall be Oper day, and be temporary clerks in tbe liuartersaaater ieoeral's office sbuil receive tbe same pay aa be clerks of class one. Tbe other amendments ire of ?o general interest Tbe bill baTing been read? On motion of Mr. Scofleld, (Pa.) tbe approiriatlon for tbe bronze doors was stricken out. t hese doors be toid. would do very well foi a nu?eum, but ibey were in the way in tbe Cap. tol Bunaies. If tbe Senate wanted tbe door*, n tfeem make appropriation owt of tbeir conindenttnnd yHl MIAL tsOlEHTiriU AST BO LOOKS OF AMBBIGA IB WASH1B0T0B OHLY A FIW DATS l*ONQBB All iboee who by Aetrolegy Iheir deetiay woaldkaow, A ad wish to test this Science, fcbould to Prof MAI'B1 B go. Bis skill by thousands b?re keen tried; One Dollar is his fee, ]n Twelfth street he deeJ reside. Four huB'tred and seventy. Tbe Planets be will re .d ?o yon, And tell what U dec1 eed; f bat to avoid, a ad vkit to do, Wonld yoam life succeed. Be tells the poor bow to gala wealth, A ad live a life of *a*e; Be to tbe sick restores tbeir health. He matter what disease: He fells If yoa will married be. Or live and die a staid; Tells what amount of family; . l>eecribee your hatband-s trade; Tbe Past et><i Fotare tell be will, Whatever they may be, Iii Twelfth street new where he Hrtt. Four hundred and seventy. mh Ml* C0BOBBB8MBB fiA TBATBLBBB [ WABT Or TBUBKB THAT WILL BTAVS BAILBOAD VflAOB, IkMli HNbtM TBUBKB, YAL1BBB. LADIBB' AID IU? BATOHBAS , TBAVBLIIQ BA8B1 As., Be., kt tki ynctiMl ?M utoulTt KuriMtorr of JAMBS 8. TOFBAM * 00., sr*B<rw BBTBBTK BTBBBT, IABT BIDB, OBI BOOB ABOTB ODD ?BL LOWI' BAAL. Truki, tan|r?i?Ur i*4 Ooros?fety nnlrtd. ua 4t Q.ABDBB BBBBB, VBVIT TBBBB, Be, SrSsKurstris?. trtielM mfti from Ui ri?k mUmboi of Ttorlat uivUtihi. Bl?ekb?rri?i, #oo>rt>rrt?.Oarnut*, KierpMu, Bud* Tnm. Emm, Sim Jo (Mm Pluttr Sc. _ . Bifxqtif.U, Wreath* fljt *ldW?ri, Ac. i JOHB 8A0L, Bood 8Ur?, B*aof*d to 44# 7th itrtct, f* 18 oofcB ovBoatto U.S. Pitrat OftN, Affair* I* Cr?r{'t?w6. I ru? | aw Muni Aiutr -MarMqa1!! , Tmr lisla unchanged. 'Wrtlktr Mhvortblc for tot inr kwiii'M. Mm priacipailr it t^ali uu to cttf de*i?r?. Mo receipts of soar omiB r^pcrtoa. r??Tro?in.j|t waa reported tkat a demoartMtioa by Mm friaada of the Welcb ticket, 1a Ut Iti* ajectioa. wan Id corn# off last mcbl OTTi <*r? m #r? uetai !? j from ik? Ttrloai polio* precinct* for tar piwrrtuon of order. bat it ?aa ascertaiaed, about 8 o'clock last aigbl, that ibe proposed demonstration bad bMl . ^orrw (JEomnrrowa?Cleared?at-\m?r ' Valle* City. Tomliu master, mercbaadise tor N?w York Tha Wha ETaa -<-Yb* wort of repairing tba arbarvea dam&atd bjr Ibe breaking up of lb* , tea in The Potomac la prorreaaint rap'dlv.ann they will soob be ia aa rood coadtUoa as baf ire ?her arfa 4*nat'4. GEORGETOWN 4j>VER'tft& S^HftAP PElMa Oouua i t AT MILLBB-8. lOl Bridge Mr?at. 0*>ri?U?t, 1) O. ObIIoom, il^ ?b4 6?rt|?a?.V cts . 8k'u l"laliN. choice aolas. T?rr Hisscbsd MasliM. II, If Hi 16. W; jrsri widedi., Jsaaa' ?* M lis, ? 4, Met* ; Bate's B. B., ??, 14; kadro cogtfln. WinmHi, New York Milla. cheat; Brews inili, lo. |J ,. J?. ysr4 wtaa do . is sad w casta kiao, a caeer a1 as?ort ?nt of Pry woods. Oat! Bad examine oar stock Ton wtll bay ebaay. fas lm* BIIJ4NIR MILLER / lAltUlAUkw , ? ? ?i mm ~ B VtHkWIII V CARRIAQK8 r-jtlWtM/ On hu4, the b*?t sto.k of <;?rrli|?iY?^SL irtr Im tbU atiktt. Pmmui l? '*' ~ ?i, miiotild examine ay ^arritMp m re?ard* material. style. *i>4 pcicea ParticiTar attenti >a mH to rwdriDf. ROB T U 0K1HAH, Et|o?lton73TI Ditrtfl.bft lihtni ??, fei7 at* Shep, All *th atreet, no?r D yO OCR CU9TOMIM. BBBT OALIGOR8. iMarriiaac, Bpracne. aal PirUc.l r?4urt^l to Wc ntt; IMtCOlOil lii and IX COOtt All kinds ofDBT GOOD ) at the I wmIr rices BOGAN A WYLIB. hff -SI' 33* 7t? at . bat K sad L P" 1ABOB. P1ABOB. PIANOS. P1ABOS. PIANOS. JOHN F BI/LtS. Jflfi pMliylvtul( av~nne, 300 PcBurlfuia avenue. Near l?th street. My assortment of new aad second hanl rlANO* to day ta the _ wn .. LARGBBT BVEB OFPBRBD IN THISfc^pR OITY. ?n,n Embracing an eeeortni*-nt fr< m BIX af the acknowledged BB?T factories of ourcoantry Call aid aaa mem. JOHN P BLLIB. W it 366 Peon'a annnt. HOC8BKBBPEB* WILL flllB ITGRBATLT to their advantage, b-for.- parchaaiac ih*tr ' Houpakoepinff Article*." to ^xami na the large aad well a ace'ted stock at J. W BOTBLBR A RRO's HOCSBf URN1SB 1MB STOBB. Where will be f?nd everything re jaMte for f.irnistila^ a koaa<-. and at sack prices that caauot fall to please. G ods delivered In any part of the eity or G*ni|d??n frte of chaige Hones. Hotels, and Steamboats tnralahed at abort uotice. Or1*r? from tbe ooaatrj promptly executed. and zo.>4s packed to go safely. J W. BOTILBB k BRO , Importers of China, Glaas. an i Crockerr Ware, and dealers in all alada of U?a-Meepini( Articles _ fa??t American-golbTstocks wid bowdb. bouiht on oonsmisaioa at the Be* York aud other Block Boards, (jnotatluns regularly receiled, LBWIB JOHBSON A CO . Baakera. fe 7 tf Mi Penna aveuae. A LBX. B. 8HBPHBBD. TH~ H. BtftBPBBRD, A W.B. BBBPHBRO. ALEX R SHBTTIBBD * BB08 . kWMouas XV J. " 1BUK m CO.. Ho. S69 Ptnn ihiio?i Wuklniton, D.O., dealer* i* METALS. MISCELLANEOUS HARDWIRE, FLUMBJNG. ii AS and ST HAM FITTING. PLUMBING VOBK in allita branchesaxarntai by experiencad workman, at the lewe?t price*, aad perfect ?ati*fectlwu aiveu. We are ttie oaiy ag<-utii in tkia city for tk?a PATENT LEAh ENCASED BLOCK TIN PIPE aad FUI. T. Ex* PATENT CUMPRESSlON COCKS, wbicb era acknowledged to be the iD'.et dora'le cock anw in hm Alio rUBMACKS end K&MGIj put a? ia the beet manner, at reaeonable rate*. We eapeofally invite tibttc attention and Ion paction to the KXICKKUBfJCKEti kANGE. for whiota w- ere the afenta In this city; ?ix hundred of wbich hare b?*?d put in by ua. and girat entire entiefe^tion. Oar Meaortment of OA8 (JUAN DKLIEBS. BRACKHT8, end every variety of flXTTUIS li tke larceat thlaaide of Philadelphia, aad aold at manufacturer's price*. Sit PITTING of every deacrlp?lao Introduced into private d welling* In tbe but manner. an 1 at reaeonable prlae*. Je 21 at I_)B0P08AL8 FOB C1BCCLAB AH D OCT A 1 GUN MARKING STAMPS AID CIBGCLAB BATING STAMPS. ftMTOrriciDfamiiT, { ViiHim*!, D C , Pebraary 11.1987. < BBAliRO PBOPOSAL8 will ba raceiv-d at tbla feepartinent natt I tbe 28tb day of March ant. Mas far faraiahiaa for the aaa of Poet Oftcee in tba United Mate*. Tar fonr yeara from tbe ft rat day of April next, MABKING and BATINtf STAMPS of tba following description, niaaaly : CLASS I. Circular and Oaaeel Marking Stamp* combined, of feUal. a boat aaa inch in diameter. vita tba name of tbe office end State, witb type for month* ui l> k>..k. -? r .n ...?<ui/irMi wi in* mwriti. witb (afllcient thumb screw for tbcita*, and with handles af mahogany, walnut or other h*ary wood, a:id of a B?d*l Mt lontMleBt for uae. Id irnpoiiili for this cIms ef Oirralar lunipi tb? bid<l*r wtll i tat* the additional charge per letter or figure for inserting la the circle, wbaa repaired tack words | aiid fig ure a as " free," paid 1#,'* "ship." "adverAlso, Octagon Marklaa |tu>H< without the c*nrel, bat similar in all other reiHcu to the Circalar Stamp. with type for the yean, mo at ha,' tad days. of tha same material. CLAM d Circular M arklag Stempa of iroa. or any other darable material, lor the ur of Poet Offleee and 1 Bout* Ageata oa railroad aad steamboat lluea, with tha aatae of the <>Mca aad &t*t-, r the < aame of the railroad or river line, with type for menthe and dates, In blocks of durable material, < with snltable thumb acrew, and handle* of walnut, cbeiry. or other aaiuble wo-d, of a model < beet adapted for use. the stamp to be ef the aame diameter aa la deecrlbed for Ha. i. I CLASS 3. Circular and Octagon Marklaa Statute, of a | nltable aad durable material oT tha same sixe aa alasa Mo. 1, with the aame of the offlt-e aad 1 State, aad type for moaths aad dates la the Circular Stamp, aadforyeara. montha aad datee la the Octaaoa Stamp, af prlatera' type metal, la Mocha of alugle letters and figurea. with thumb- I acrew and handlee aa deacribed la claaa Ho- 2. CLASS ?. < Marking Stamps for foreig* main, similar to tboae aow la uae la tha Poet Otlicee at Boetoa, 1 Hew York, Philadelphia. Ac., or of any other suitable style for foreign maila. BATIHO STAMPS. Circular and Eatlag Stamp* to < erreepead with the Circular btamaa of claaana 1.1 aad a ta material, haad lea, and workmaaahlp. aa fallows ? Pree/^Mlseeat."' Forwarded." "P. O. Baai ness. free." 'Adrartiaed " "Steamboat" 'Ship." Caacal.", D.S ,*d."-Haldfar Coetaga."* Mis- 1 dlractaa" "Hot fotrnd," "Unclaimed." be faaad.""Baglatered," "MlaaaAt aad forwarded," Bit-turned to writer." "Betacpod for better direction," "Due 4.""Dae "DaalJ." Ac.. Ac., aad of figure*oaly soch aal i,lt,S U Ac..Ac.,aad aar other Bating Stamps aot hereia named, to be faruiahad at a price net exaaedlas Una for '* Be taraad far batter direction," whea tha aame ia of UUiil. BfrtiMilfl will to r?e#!T+<l for all tk# afcor* eiCrlDtd BUbm. or Cor aatK ssMrsb) Jbui|ivlliWord?rt4 for tko dfmilelWM ?? ?i?j? *cwrtl>i to tU ittMitwIttu* nlM of th# Dtxrtuit JR04*1" ?f mVLMt ?ro?o aeb bidder BDitfuiUk vlU hU immli ori<Unce of kla ablHt? to eanal y wit* kU bid. aafBctoat nnttn will ba roq alr?l to cooTho ituiN BiHbt dtUrmd ?o tha poet (Mm V?MrtMit M the tiHMf *f IW eoatTMtor. rrtMali afraald ba *?dM??d oa the oataldo of thi odtoIom thai: "Praaaaab far Pwt Uffloa Marklaa ?Uwp?." ud i/ffiiii< to ?bo first AtftlJ wK Poitaukr Oaaaral. F?8.^ uuui?, jtu """'USSfciSSA'SS" poitiiu I *' __ will mini, tolMMMf, with thTalBlBaaof wSfht'tSd artoa. Thar arc widely aad fcrmMr kam. Alwarraatodaafttalactory, ar a* aala. B wclfUta otrcalan toat oa r;rmvsL * ??" ?"^Ss ^rr;s^g*iTTtfMT?.* > lit a 9 f 9 \ P , WAR CLAIMS. T | - I WAS DSPAMTMMMT. o mi or vat Ov*JuaO<?M?tuir>a. I> C . fotroary * M." Tte foil wis* clttM ktrt b*H >iW ?IU t k? CmmMm <?ih| tfe? fraaaat Mtl Ma T?t W?l? of K L Um< u>4 A H 7m. 0'lalat of Aaafor4 Mmm. '?? aerviooa In ? !?ri* fayartauat Mo. ft* VMb of M?o?haii Era*, for ?ro?.r\r t?k?B M r?lt d ?UU?li???? Ho 7A Otalra o' Mtmaal Harcroft. for lawbor I4n fcr W*'? Mo. Xi. UMlS Of *4 4l*ltt4ru Tittlik* CMHI: K* N Pl???'4 0?<?r?** 'twklw. for ?1m of itotM loot with etewor Tlerw. o. TlA. CUJjb Of Alfk?o? ioyol etnlt,, for Mcraot M< nialoc taraod o?? lo UaotUrMiiw Mo. 7.%? data *4 J?MOO* OtAf. for eorrl *e ia Pr?r*M Mor*fco4 D?perJ??al Mo N?. OloNl of WllUaat ?ray for r?*tofpr?.r #r?? ! Maaoko?lor. Tlral?fa Mo ; !. UMl *f A.? * Loa. for 4o of pf 'HrtT b? Caltod 8Ut?o Mtbor? {{#* 7t$ 0la?? ofOMorto* ?yr f*?a ort! Vr^cV^. 9t K*Swt? Mocho?1e%! >4 iiriNlnni amwOM^. * *? Ik^r ?> oea?a???-B of t;?leo4 MtataaJroop. Mo. 7*. Oioiw of Ma?i4 Mill. Jorry Mmm, ton foN IwmI ?oor*o J?fk?oi M?ii4 Alf?r4. l>or1d Praater J oka Jmmm, Hoary Of or, Ooleu. * *??rka aa4 Lltrhor for eerrlcoa at Gom? 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