Newspaper of Evening Star, March 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 1, 1867 Page 3
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n i { i [ 4 L THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. m AMUSEMEXTS, Me., Ttf HTOHT Wall's Nkw Ofrka Hotsr ? Benefit and last wight hut one of the charming Webb sisters, wti'n tbey will be aa*i?t?4 by the favorite comfdum, Xr O. B. Bishop of Baltimore, and Mr S W. Glenn. Thres piece* will be presented The burlesque "Colleen Bawu," Thrica Married," and Glenn M the Dutch Actor." National Tminn-Farewell alfbt of Kdwtn Forrest. wbo will appear as "Jack Cade:" Miss Lillle as "Kate Worthy." Ox>o Killowi' Hall, Navy Yard.?Fair of La?t Wasbingtoa M ? Church. OoasrCH Cbapkl. corner and L struts. The grand exhibition aud musical entertainmeat of the So uday school will be repeated this eveaiag. Rapical Ran bhca? Association ofthr Si^imh WAKD-LAat evening the regular meeting of the Radical Republican Association of tne Seventh Ward was held at Turner Hall, a: which tine there was a very large attendance, especially on the part of tne colored people?Mr. F. A. Boo we 11 in the chair, and I)t William Boyd secretary. Tbr names of about twenty-five colored persons were proposed and elected members. Dr. Boyd said tbat be understood that there Were agents in the city endeavoring to peretiade the colored to go to Texas or some other place Sooth. He bad thought that these agents were in the interest of the Executive, and their object was to influence the next election. If any colored people were inclined to go be would advise tbem to make written contracts: bnt if he were they he would not go to anyplace South unless the States bad military governments, or at least loyal governments. l>r. Boyd spoke in regard to fbe Freedmen's Bureau, saying that he made application tor relief for t wo ladies, and they had been informed that no relief could be given nnless they atceptrd free transportation from the city, Norrb ? r South. Rev. U J Walker (colored), remarked that tie understood that the agents referred to had i?*en going ronnii. aud previoosly tbat a par'y .<!id set out for Te\a?. but cwing to adverse winds ( ' they found th-?ir way to Cuba. The best plan m not to start at ail." l?r. Boyd ? '-That's so.* Mr. J H Crane (wbi'e) a*ked if what had been stated was Known personally. Dr Boyd replied tbat he had obtained his information from colored men. and tbat Ave men bad agreed to go, but failing to make a bargain to soit tbem they hacked out. Mr. Cran<- said he believed that Gen. Howard was doing the right thing towards the colored people, aud a* he understood the astion of tlie Bureau tbey would not give clothing and food to people ami they he allowed to loaf about ibe city. The Bureau proposed to get Mich as are out of work employment iu the Jiortb. and be thought it wis right l?r Boyd referred to two cases where the partie.- were actually sullering and yet when ibey asked relief were asked to go North, and ne wuhed to know if it was right for persons te be starved away from the city, and is it Tight that conditions should be "impo-ed on black men which are not imposed on white. Mr i'rane said that the Bureau in bis opinion wa? doing the best it could, aud it could not be denied that the city was now too crowded *bere are too many people lor the amount of work to be done. It persons will not go where they can get employment tbey mud suffer, be they white or black: but he Would alleviate all present waste Rev. Anthony Bo wen (colored) said he would go anvw here work was to t>e had, but would not go to Texas. But as soon as Confree> get* the military screw in operation it will be safe to go anywhere in the South. He bejie\ed tieneral Howard's heart was in hie werk, but tbat he had some bad men un- I tier him. All the race wanted is work; they <*ld to' want office yet, but would vote white 7t;en in wbo would give them work and a chance to compete with the white men. There weremore colored men walking about now than he had se?.n lor years while all the Irish were in tbe I)epartment?. They wanted to stand ? boulder to shoulder and put you (the white Republicans) in power, and if yon don't work well we will kill you. [Daughter and ap plarse.j He bad studied politics for :mi years, cut it was the first time he could belch it out. He referred to what he bad done?buying himself, wile, and children, and buyiug a bouse?a* to what could be done, and he believed that if tbey prayed for victory they would have a victory such as was obtained in Georgetown. Mr. George H. Newman (colored), said that a Mr. Mitchell had come te bim and Mr. H O. John-on witn a view of using them as *at"s paws to pull the nuts from the fire, knowing that they were acquainted with the people of the Seventh Ward, and had been fwingitjg rouud the Seventh Ward circle. Mr Mitchell said that he wanted fifty or seventylive men to go to Texas to Work, and that he bad a tetter from Gen. Howard. He saw something in Mitchairscountenaace. alihou/h be was a white man, which was not as bright as it ought to be. Mitchell said tbat he had seventy-five men working for him last year, and they all did so well tbat in the tall they "were able to bny fax ins lor themselves: bnt be "couldn't see It." He was opposed to asking Gen. Howard for shoes: all he wanted was work, and if they con Id work for masters they conlu wore for themselves. They could Buffer on a few days and the times would tbange. He did not know bat what Mitchell bad been deputised by our Moses for this work. He declined Mitchell's offer, because it was not bis mission It was the business ox tbe colored men to Infuse the civil rights bill and elective franchise in tbe raoe. Mr. Harrod (colored) urged tbat in many cases the men of tbeir race were obliged to ask aims, iiowever much they disliked It; bnt be did not believe In men goin g to tbe Freedmen's Bureau when they could avoid It. Albert Dyson (colored) followed. 4ie wanted to put a man in the mayoralty wbo was radical all day and dreamed republicanism all night?a man who would allow tbem to work in the dirty canal. and if tbey bad been allowed, there would not now hay# been so much suffering. He used to hack around Tom Lloyd to tbe polls on four wheels, but now he Lad twenty wheels, none of them for Ldoyd. After some further debate. Rev. Anthony Bo wen read tbe resolutions adopted at the meeting oa Wednesday night, which were adopted. Mr. J. H. Crane, white, offered resolutions tbat tbe practice of tbe Baltimore A Ohio RailToad iu compelling respectable and refined colored ladies to ride ia the smoking car,a Magrant violation of the civil rights and anti. democratic, unchristian and inhuman, andde. nymg the right of tbe proprietors of the.tres to exclude a portion of the eommnnity from the orchestra and dress circle ef their places, and advising colored people to absent themselye? from all places of amusement where any dis. tint lion is made. The resolutions after some debate were adopted. Adjourned. Sahitary Folic* Karoar.?The report of the .sanitary police for the month of February has just been completed by Mr. Thos. E. W. J-einour, clt?rk to the Superintendent, who has charge of tbe records ol the Sanitary force. From the report it appears that ihe officers are vigorously executing tbeeaaitary laws of the District. The number of nuisance* reported at tbe central office was 131. Nuisances abated 43N- unabated 13: warrants served '22, amount < f iu posed #71 U2, persons sent to hospital, >. friendless deceased persons honed. deao horses and cows removed, 50. As the spring is now opening, tne duties of the force are increasing, bnt the readiness of citizens to comply witb the laws, relieves them of much trouble. Chargr or Bastardy?Yesterday after, noon. Peter Brasky was before Justiae J.T. C Clark, baring been arree-ed by offleer Leach 00 tbe charge of being the father of an illegal, mate child (six months old) of Miss Kate Mo. ran. The complainant testified that Brasky bad promised to marry her. but failed to do ao. The Juetlce required htm to rlv* security for the maintenance of the child, aad he im. mediately raid over the amount la full, #*t0? and tbe complainant was required fo give bonds that .he child not become a tax oa the county. Thr Hiosway RonukRT Cask.?Yesterday, Justice Handy took ubtbe case of Jas. Shields, W m. Jones, snd Chas. King, who ware arretted lor the highway robbery of Charles Jones George H.Turner and aad Kraak Campbell, three discharged colored soldisrs, near Good H?pe bill last week. James Shialda was sent to jail for coajt in defaalt of tt.Quo bail. Wm Jones gave pi.roo bail for court, aiut Charles King ga7# fMu hail to appear as a witness. Hamxack1*. ? Ham mack's restauraat, on 1'enasylvaiua avenue, above WiHard's, eon* tinnes to be tbe reeort of ail lovers of fin- liv. iKg. its la der is daily repieniehad with tbe choicest came, flsb, bivalves* meat*, &.O.. that tbe waters, fields, and wilds of the canntry 1 Lrnisb: tc say nething of Its funoas stock of wines and lu^uors, which are nasQrpa*aad by Wej.i m a: y o'ber American res tan ran . A Ncisascr?We hear great eompla.nt made ot tne nuisance made by bight carunen >n p.ihs.i g ai??g i|tb street, iu the rtflnitfv of M and N streets The poltra will doubUess loo* alter the offenders. . u F'?i i< R KRi'Ojcts ?Tbe polisa rapentad 44 i.rre?L? m the District yesterday. Ths ease* were ger.erally for violations of moalclfal lavs, and the fines anion a If d to 1.34> JoSrph Hkhmanxh grand concert at Meue> rott Hall to-morrow evening. Bmkb ot PoLn^TkiMniu a?tut ar " sssrotfrar -. The Board unanimously approved the ar. r ran gem eats made by Ha jar Richard, for presrj^*^*r&5Er - """ .wT?? fo',owia? reeolutloaa were adopted by the Board! ' ' i Thai tbe Major anl Superintendent iDMi hiri power to |rui Idwol absence for periods not fiw^dtaj tea daya la any on* yaar, with pay, to aay person coanected wtta this department, who may apply forth* tame, as a reward tor meritorious service*. If in his opinion they shall be thought worthy. RetolfJL, That aay person while on leave hail be required to observe all rales for the government of the force watch are applicable to a member of tbe force while ofTdnty. Henry Cbatain's application tor hotel license was reoonsldered and indefinitely postponed Tbe followiajt applications for liquor licenses were rejected: Charles Peterson, Ellen McCarthy, Charles Herbert, John Trilling, and Richard Maldoon. Sergeant Alonso M. Howard, charged with neglect of duty, wasOaed *85, and transferred to another preciact. Private* S. L. Kearney and Joe O WaUingstord, lor violation of the rule*, were fined f25 each. Privates Edward Gannon and Jas. W. Atwsll, for neglect ef duty and violating rules, were fined f 10 each, and reprimanded. Privates Tbos. Bntt and Wm. H. Shreeves, for neglect ef d?iy and | violating tbe rules, were fined 95 each, and reprimanded. The complaints against officers S. I>. Cadroun, Beni. Boss, Wm. S. Lewis, Peter A. Becker, Robt. Padgett, Geo. W. Cross, Silas H. Sherwood. Geo. C Harris, Jas. B. Arnold, aad Benj. C. Berry, were dismissed. I Tub Cox.orko KaprnLtCAJts o? thi Skvkkth Ward?On Wednesday night, a ma?s meeting of the colored Republicans ot me Seventh Ward met at St. Paul's Cbapel, (8th street, near E) which was largely attended, there being about 400 persons present; Kev. Mr Wall was called to the chair, and Mr. W. A. Wilson was appointed secretary. Mr F. A Bow well (white) was introduced, and addressed the meeting at some length, discussing the political questions of the day, and was ton*wed by Mr. J. T. Coster and I>r. Wm. Boyd (white.) , Rev Anthony Brown offered a series of resolutions, which were unanimously adopted, declaring thai the thanks of every colored citizen are due to Major Hichards and the police force tor fnlly carrying out the franchise h w in Georgetown; thai too mneb praise cannot t?e given the colored citizeus of Georgetown for he noble stand they bad taken, and for the quiet and order y manner of doing their business; that tbe race ha? met the noble members of the 39th Congress, and the true friends of constitutional liberty throughout the codftnry; that they pledge themselves to use all proper means to gam aueqnai triumph here when the period arrives for concentration. A resolution was adopted that an auxiliary association be formed, and the eiectiou of officers being in crder resulted as follows:?Kev. Mr. Hall, President; C. Ward, Vice President; Albert Dyson, Recording Secretary; Beni Lanan, Financial Secretary; Henry Hy on.Treasurer Messrs. W. A. Wilson, H. Ejwen, and G. H. IS'ewman were appointed a committee to diatt a constitution, and tbe meeting adjourned Soiree Ijajisanti.?One of the delightful soirees at Mariut's D.uclng Academy, F street, occurs to-night, the last before Lent, ami therefore to be improved. These soirees at Manni's are very lashionable and popular 1>LK ENsjii?.?James Steel was arrested by officer Clements of th* ?tb precinct, charged with keeping a billiard table without license, and ?as fined flu by Justice Cull. ? ?-? ? ? ii CITY ITEMS. ., 1 iiosa who ha\ K not visi ed the celebrated Clothing House of J. H. Sm-th, 460 7th street, 'his spring, had better do so at once, and examine his splendid stock of Men and Bova' C othtng ot every grade, color and style. We would call the attention o! mothers and fathers in particular to the Boys' Clothing, which cannot be > urpassed for style and durab'lity by any other House, and at prices satisfactory to ail. Jbtvblbv ?Tiped Bog Wood Setts, anw styles Cluster Setts, Jet Setts, Long Guard Chains, Chatelain Chains, and Pins, Huttons, Silver-plated Spoous, Fork-, Cups, Goblets.received this morning, at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. 430 Pennsylvania avenue, near 1# street. ? Tfi* paths ot glory lead but to tbe grave, Not so tbe paths that leads to? Henninr's One Price Clothing Store, corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenne. Fob Gents' Furnishing Goods and Shirts made to order goto Fraic'a,4M 7th street, between D and L streets. Good White Shirts ? -' and S3 50. ? Finb-Stitchkd Booim made to order for 10, Gaiters lor ?7.50; ladies Kid Button Gaiters for Balmorals tor *5 and all style* of Ml?ees and Cbildrva's Sboes ?erjr low at H*librnn A Bro'a., 5<6 Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 3 Fixb Gloss Kid Button Boot* at G. B. Wilsoa's. No. 5?*i 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall, at pricee ranging from &3.5V u> 94 50. 6 _ ? - Tho*b Lapibs who want an elegant Embroidered Yoke for Night Gown or Chemise, can get one theap by calling at Prince's, F street, before be moves bia stock to bis new store, 430 Ninth street. 0 . ? Db. Wbitb, Chiropodist, 4*4 Penn ar.. between 4g and <kh etreeta, coutinnes the successful treataaent of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged Joints. warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac Office bonra from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., aad n to P p. m. Established 1**1. Fob Chilblain* and Frosted Feet, White's Cmbrocatiea is a specific. Price fl per bottle. For sale at 4^4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4* aad Sth streets ASTBBPU.B Cttbb?Dr. Gilbert's Pile in strument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail onreceiptof #1 Circulars free. Sold by druggist*. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Komaine. M.ina. ger, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3; rmiH can be had ib any quantitie* at the Itar office conn tee DIE?. K ABB Oa the Mtb ultimo. LOUISA KABK, belovse daughter of Jacob aad Julia Bnrr. aged I year aad 1 month. * Tbe friends of the famllv are ranestsd to attend her fuaersl from tbe ret Hence of her Barents. 4 *>0 avenue,tblatFriday; evealag, at t o (lock p. tn. R U BCH. la this city, en tbe 1st *r March. Mrs *LI/aB*TM htBOH, relist ot the late' A Barch, Infhsr 7<;th year. bar funeral will take place oa Saturday, tbe 2d lastent. at 3 o'clock, from tbe re idenoe of her f'V VJ. Barcb. 388 H atreet, b.i.M i)ii, and syjaiffisftg' ?? ??????Vi ??&. i " k 5 c!. lie BAST, H t&! SE^hB*S and Woman's Wrenga; Pula Word* to Big Bot?; CoSlCAL JOUBBAL. Oalr SO ?Xt* or fl a >Qt feMm mence It* Third Beast on Feb ?tb; M milesVsZt izzragur. tural Cellsg* MOBTBOHBBr JOUin D IM. b?4t? ElOBTICOLTUBAL TOOLS t acino^. uw tic T??? lEIMMlU. iSrilAIOlTVU. it? fC?WWW SK'Jsi'ilo'iTo^V, c*ntatnlag fall aet Barti^altnra^ IS-eotw SSSTtb streelfhelow0ps?Tre. V t&ksv M B*rABLUHBIl IH 18H. diSUtbs^eet,near Fa, 'avsnas. Mr. Beaker na* tnned Plsnos for u* at our Wareroom*, awl we take pleasure ta "f tins that we be Hers him to b* s oomaetsat taner^' no"*m 1 Tope, pie Milage on the Cliff, by Mi?s Thar* ! erar Two Marriages, byjths author of John Halifax. Pickwick Papers, Dlamead lltlon I fe 1* F BAH OK TATLOB ' 1/1* Q'V 1/ / c ?J / / ? / it l 4 . n? 1 f ti'i \fA I. #i y * I *. i AMU^wentsT ^ ' WAJX>? HlW OPUU HOUIK. Sn?JA2SJfcrrrr3iiJVSBS?a UimT in LAST MtBK* BUT OBI . . tir Tit WBBB BInTBBS, Will ifHir ZuBILBB H a'ooPPALBBB, la ?ha btrlNitw e( lb? , COLtm BiWV _ _ A el?ted hy tlM tofiitr Oaa?dUi. Mr. 0. B. , BISHOP. who wMrapnaar aa 1 M1B8 IILT COONHOB 1 he Baceatrfe Ocmedien, Mr. ti. W.GLBBB, Aoror^ . ^ 1 gar*? of NATIONAL THEATRE. 1 rnavlmto mu WlMarda' Hotel. FABBW BLL~HlfHT OB . BDWIM F0BBB8T, ) * bo will aypear THIS ( Briday) BTBB1B0. March. 1.1MT, > For the Wat time positively, m JACK OADB. , MI8B L1LLIB AS KATB WOBTHT. , FOB Eft FOBBBflT'S BIGHTS ^ I Admission ?tl ? Been red guti.. .. . -~*u euu extra Gallery _ ?M cents Doora op< a at7 o'clock, Oartaia rlsae at7.45. t QltT OOSCSST r0> I THB BBNBFIT OF OABBOLL HALL, Will be POSTPONED oa account of Halt not beIng flatbed. It will taka place indue time, sraa | though the number of tickets may not be sold t Motice will be flvea thrensh the prees mh l-tt* METZEROTT HALL. SATURDAY BVBB1BG, March 1, 13>7. JOSEPH I1RBM ANNS' OBABD .CONUBKT. Tickets f 1 00 tBecured Seats, Mlci-Bt* extra.) Tha title of *eata commences oa Wednesday morning at faK 5t METZBBOTT'S Miulo Store^ L"* ANOY DBBSSBS AND UO*TUM8S I For Tableaax and Private Parties. Apply to MBS FB\NK BB\ 1 fellltu* 44 7 10th street. BALLS,'PARTIES, ko. a a UKHAH1TT ABSOOI&TION ft WILT. GIVE 1 A OBABD BALL ON MONDAT. MAB011 4.1H6T. AT MA HINTS ACADEMY, E etreet, between 9tli and 10th ?trSets. Ticket*, admitting Gent and Ladiea, tl. By order COM MITT EB fe 15 7t LoaT~ij< ITyopN P. LO1- f? February M, between lltli street and the Na'.lonal Tueatre, a lady's F(II* COLLAIi 1 be i? t'er will be liberally rswarieii by leaving it at *04 lltu ?t. m i n t^OCND-A aineil iiii of MONEY, which the I o? n?r can have by in jniringof Letter Oarrier No 11 (A,) between the hours of 7 aud 9 p m. IB l St* LOST?On the evening of ths27th,en route ft -mi 6th aad K to I street north, a pair ot silv?r OtBiHP, with lilu gla??, fwr which a liberal re w aid will be p .Id If lelt at No. 6*44 1 at, bet .rft'> and 7th sa*. in l at* LOST?On Wednesday evening. whilst en ronta to the Hall read Depot, a email POBTBMoN N AlB, containing $lt>, and awnie paper* of no value to any person but the owner, W . JOS KB ?ba fcnder wfll please return the paper* to 314 1 a are . aud keep the tnoi.ey It' I OsT ? A Gentleman * DIAMOND PIN, slligle 1 1 j atone, ofl col?r, enameL-d border aud ahsak A literal reward will I* paid by leaving it at the Jewelry Storeof Mi.B. O. HOOD, 33* Penaayl- I vanla avenue. fe28 .It* I LOST?Oa Wednesday, the 27th, either on Nary 1 Yard or in ear No. 1'J, or on Peun'a avenue, I bet* aen l?tb and iiitn streets, a pair of gold square I glees Bf BCTACLES. in caae valued m a present. I I lie finder will be liberally rewarded b> leaving | th<- aame with B BOBlMbOB. at Wall, Stephen* I A Co 'a, Pennja ave.. bet, tth and 10th at* fe** -t* J ^TltAYBD A WAT. on the uth lnHt.,a yonng I C BBD 11DLL. white face, three yeara old A I liberal reward will l>e given if returned te DAN lib 8ULL1VAM, 1-tth and D at*. fs 17 at* I IOBT-A pink TOPAZ BKAOBLBT, set in t etrn*'an gold; claap aet with brilliants. The I Under will be snit i' <y rewarded by leaving it at I O 8 WHITTLBBBT'S, 4 J*? 7th (treat, near D atteet, fe27-St* I $200 B_f_B " M y* table waa entered la*t Bight, BC'.h Feb .and two dark BAY MABBB.wlth two red Blaaket* I stol'.B thsrefrom. The Maras are supposed to be 7 and 8 years old. Oae has a hole In aaoh side of I nostril, and a nark on each flank, aa though the skin bad been aewad. The other haa a mark on bar left ramp, near the cropper, Ib shape of alett?r A. Both of thein interfere when trawling. I One haa very thick legB. i fiot will be gives for the mares, or the above reward for the mares aad coavlctloaof the tbiaf. I SAI L A. H MABK8 I fe27-3t*^ 39^ aonth G at , netr Bavy Yard. I OST?At the National Theater, or between I I * there and Wlllard's,last evening, a BRACB LET marked A. F. to B. B , Birthday Gift, lv>6 " The finder will be liberally rewarded by I leaving the same at Wlllard'* Hctel. fe 12 tf PERSONAL. ONLY FOB LADIBM TO BBAD -WaganTly Bmbroidered MIGHT SOWM andCilBKI^B YOKBe, more ?labor ate than any ever offered here, of the newest and most beautiful deelgas, received dally, frem oar corpe of 1M saperlor I baoda.end for sale at BBDDOBD PKIOEb Being the iargeat manufacturer burs uf Ibis kind or I ladiea wear, we can pleaaa nil. both lu quality I aad priaa, and ara determined, at whatever a<>at, to i radasa the beat work, iaaae the most alegaat patterns, aud aTAMP CHBAPBB, than any ooaearn In thl* o* aay other alty. Oar repBtatiaa aa tba oaly Practical Stamper here iBeared ladiee that ao tajaiious composition! are wead, aad shiakis than from trastiag their work la the hands of those who bny a few blocks and proclaim themselves ?tainpar*. btamptng, t I cent* par width, and flTe yoo a Collar and Cuffs in. I ?M. PBIBOB, 4.19 slh street, fe 2 tf eppo-lte PataBtOMoa. j PL. 8HCBCBIBG. M. D . R YQ1BB1U ABB BOHtEOPATBIC PHYSlOlAB. Oyrics?349 Pa. Ava., hat. Uth aad itth sts. j a 30 lm* At tmb bbw obbap srampimg moomb 4 JV yth sareat, o#petite Pataat OBte, ladies can get at oar radaoad priosa, oa the Tery baat Wauiaantta? Night gowa Yokes, rsady tumped ?t0 sts. Obaalea Yokas, ' M J* at*. * Baads " " Jiats. I Bitharior t>raidor embroidery, aai patterns ara of tba vary Imtui deaiga*. aa lee ted with care la | sw York, aad katac la receipt at them weekly, we aae able daily to issae new patterns aa wall as make and stamp esy pattara bresght aa. 1. 0.0. Worklai Oottoa at radaasd priaa a. | da IP tf j BJB1DAL AMD FDBBBAL WBBATBB, BOI> UCBTS.OBOBBBB, ABOHWB*. BTAtuf, As , areserved la aataval form: Imported FLOWBBS, I MA LB FLOWBBB.aad ^BAlblBG. Also. Imaortad MOSS. BaIM DBBBBBB lor Balls, by Mra. FBIBB. Haapamavad tola. 429 ll?bst., hatwaea G aad H. oc > 4m* Bo. 48B Bth a tree* west. *a Hly 486 486 WALNUT BBAO^B-re^HOUKSHBLYBS.Bc .at _ Bo 4NTtiIItiut. Paintings.?Oatekill Moaatadaa, varr floe land- J cape, by Bam mere. Pair Oabiaat alee Landaaapea, bp WiUeaa. Origlaal gronp Ohickena, by A. W. I Talt Fialt Pastel, by Bmia Slug. Mothers Joy, I by Meyer, latertor Oathaaral Ytow, vary fiaa. by Baatftca Oaaat. Aa , Ao. ' Bacravlaga.?1Taaao at the Oeart of Terrare racltlaf paaaagea from kla immortal poam " Jeruaalam Delivered." 8bakap*are at the Ooart of Quaes I Blisabetb aealtiag paaaa>aa from "Macbath." Thasa ara matab aaaravlaae from Badara paiat- I Im*. Blalahlac. asfrsvsd from a palating by | filrardet. TkaHappv Baaous> a rary sylritftTplotarw. frem a palating by Carl Babaar. Farblddan L . ?ss m mm*. <S!7SSw f*BB4t OM FeHaw-s Ball. I ' MM.BOPOLITAB PATBM* . BTBAM BAXBB Y, 847 0 straat, batwaan aa4 ?h atnatT. Faralahad with MeBaaaie's T|liallil Baal Oraa 1 From Welch'* family floar, equal to aay la tha SODA?OBA?KBB8, I . M8k.?r^aaa?tra 8?r. M ir'r ir it aadard lartattaa, WATPlt fBACKBBS bti.AH nitACEBBS. fl

. BUTTBR CBA0KBB8. OBAOBBB DPS*. _ PILOT BBBAD, . wa sra alse ?nppl>ing Grocer* and Famlllea arttb BsveBB?r'a weH k?o* ? FAMILY BBBAD. /eUjm THQ. HaVBBBBB. 347 Q.treat pMBBOlDgBT ?>F ALL KfBD8 W0BK.BD Ci ovrSaar'ni^e farms Mvery kind or TWBcy I Work tntigtit at rery law prlcee, by Madam ' KHTt'H B A'JK, at K Bupp'a O between Stb aal Ptb atreets. fali-lm mmmmmmmmLZi&lJmmLlmmmmm?? W rSKMK "HM. napitoi HID ic witir? ? "jj'v.visffiir li*_ 7th atrertandfeaal Balrtga. ?, , m m? W*HTrf|i>^ ooiylut Ihltiiit * DBAUttHTBMAM. t*?adT employi-sat will > |Wru Applr |o A LEXaNDBB B MASON. 1 !Oi?*r7ihta<ri1i *k 1 St* WA*TJU>-^A Colored Femal* COOK far 11 ret claas family. Hon* hat tit* exp-irleaced. horuat, and obliging. n?W B*fer*ncMi rejuirel. Addte** Max 96 Star i *M H* W'AHTEDl-A reaprc'able WVU&M wao la ~~ per1*<-tly compStant to d? the rooking and of a small private iaiafrfbg ?t J29 B atraet, with reliable rift-mcti of her laat ?1*ce?. 1t? v\' ANTED?A?tnel?th of March or April let, ? * farniabe* HIHlHil, on aeeoad floor, aaltable or hoaeek*et iB?, facing aortb ?ud mall keai? i or < rooms, furnl-hed or nafar* ilshed Address MA JOB, this office. a 1 2t* ATonifjrM ai, nm rtment I'lerfc! wtahea to I otitfttn BOABl) ft ad a comfortftbly furnished 'ingle BOOM, in a private family Lecatlnu aor'h >f Bridge. between High and Washingtonstreets. [>fl?re, stating term, please direct to "J L. H..-' fo*? blflw tif(irieto*a. D. C. mh ] it* ^UKNTb WAITID. $ 75. $100, ANB~?1?0 PBB MONTH aow being made by our 4 gent* cat Tas-lng for he new work of historical Talua aad roaiaatic ntereat, entitled "WEARING OP THB OBAT," Oompttsiag Per^tval Por'raits, Slctickei. Adren'urn, stud Tnci dtnlf of the iti't War, vilk Thrilling ,Y?irru livts af the Dartnf Dtids. Dashing Chants, Toil-owe Marche.\, IVillinx SacriArt*. and fatten: Sufer 1ll(.< of th' rOYS /V GRAY. Br JOHN BsTAN cookb. Formerly ol General Htu^rt's Staff anthor of 'Parry of Bagle'aMeat," "Life of Stone*?all Jacksou, Ac , Ac. _ _ HANDSOMELY ILLCSTBATED. n^"To energetic men and women a rara chance la off*red to tn?ke moae? . Addree* _ SOUTH EHN PUBLISHING OOMPABT, Ho. 13 Holliday street, Baltimore, old Poet Office Box 1.424. ?h I eolm VI/ANTED-A SITUATION as wet nurse, by a ' ? tespertahle married woa?n that has nst lost her cl>il<f Inquire at the Star Office. fe 39 3t W ANTE D- A O Bit HA N for ft Gardener. ?ne v? who la willing to work. Apply at #5* G Mreot. f?? 3t VV AHTID?By ft Gardener, who la capable of '? takiDi; charge of a large farm, ft SITl'A TION. A country plaoe prefered Good reference a given. Address Box No. 10 Star Office. fe 18 4t* WAHTED-A 009K WASHBB ?nd 1BON kit. On*- ihftt understand* her work and ran come well recommended can b?*a a good h'me Inquire at 361 K atraet north, between ,'th and loth streets west. fa 28 tt It; ANTED?Without deUy. in a good locfttioa . ?? a DWELLING HOCSK with not leaa than ? r? OHi?, worth liom il.'-tw to Terms: One I bird cadi the l>?lftnce in six aud twelve nionths Ar>>irea<, giving full partlculara, Poat Office Bjx T 19. fe 28 2t* WANTBIi-T wo colored SBB"v ANT GIBLS to >o to T'eaaiylTanla, one ?o cook wa*h and iroa, and one to do chaiaberwork. Muat com** well rec- nimeiided To anch ft perm*naftt and comfortable home will he atvn Apply ?t No. 467 )3ih ?t., b*t Li at and Maai.av* fe ih 3t W ANTED?A good, tidy German GIBL. to do > i |fu?tal Loutewvik. M. WILLlaN, fe 27-3t 336 Penn* avenue. %Vr A NTEI) - A t c-ruer of New~Jeniey aveuue " and 1 ttreet, ft good wkite female COOK No one without tte boat recommendations need ap- I ply. te 27-Jt AN EXTFhIKNOED SALESMAN deiires-* SITUATION either in ft dry g ols or crock ery atore Keferenros glveu if re^jUired. Address A. W. B.,City Poet Office. faJ7 3f IT NFL' BNIAHED HOUSE W ANTED?0?a J tattling from > to 8 rooms. Possa-sion de slrod on or before the 1st of April. Address B >x I UM Post Office. fe 27 <5t* WANTED?A comfortable Dwelliag HOUSE, I containing alx or eight rooms centrftllr lo- I cated A gocd tenant tau bo ha<l by addressing WD. 8HIPHKKD, fe 27 Ct Corner 7th and D streets. WANTED Two or three CANVABiBAb far Firs aad Lite lusnrance. Must be well ac- I qnainted in the city. Apply between 11 and 1 o'clock, at No. A Intelligencer Building, 7th at fe 27 3t; WANTED?A SITUATION aa aeftmstrees by a lady who undaratanda aem-lng tnaroughlv by Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machine Oaa < at and I At ladles' aad children'a drossaa. Address, f?r I three dayt, Box Bo. 7, Btar olhce. fa 27 WASTED?Seaeral LADIES. OLKbKs, w ho have experience In baaiueta, and can coae wall rocouiuendad Also, aaveral good DBK3S and MANTILLA MAKBBS and MILL1NBH8. X, WILLIAM, I fa27-1 w 336 Peana. ftveaqe. WANTBD-To parchaaa a BAICK KES1DBNOE, with back hallding. centalntng 12 or 15 rooma. wltb modern improvamenta. pleas antly situated, anust We batw?< a 6th aad 12th atreats wast, aad B and H streets north. Addreaa Poat Office Box No. 613,atating locatioa.terms, A c^. fe 27-3t WANTED TO BUT-A aeeond hand Firaand Bniglar Praef SAFB. Any oaa desiring can I find a cash purchaser by applying or addreeaiog STABB A 0O? faM lw 4,Dand E^ t'O VBTEBIBABT BUBGBON8-Wanted, a 1 first clasa TBTBBINABY SOBOBON, fts ftaalatant. Salary A1W per aaenth Apply by let- I ter to Dr. JOHH B. BcKaT, Veterinary Hur- I g?OB. 6th it . betweea G aad H ate fa 2S-6t% W" ANTED?All ib want of MONBT call at 8. OOLDBTB1N A CO*, bicensed Pawn- I brokara, 34 4* atraat, aear Paaaa, Waaia areBBO. fa 21-lm IBT ANTED-GBBTLBMBN desirous ot eaTt gftK-lng In a paying baalaeaa to call at BM I PLOYMBnT AGEBCy, Ho. J49 Pa. are. A rare cbaace offered tc maks moaey, fa 19 Iw * AGBMTS WANTED FOB "THB HI8T6BT OF THB WAB BBTWBBN TBI STATES, TBAOIBG ITS OBIOIN CAUSES ABD BEHULTS." By Boa. Alex. H Sterhens, and for I THB LIFB. LBTTBB8, AMD sPBBUHEH OF HOH. ALBXANDBB H. STBPHBHS, by Henry Cleveland. I Bead for Circulars and aee onr tenni Addreaa NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., fa 14-lm* SOT Minor g reet, Philadelphia, Pa. | WANTBD?All persons abont breaking ap I boaaekeeplng will pleaee eall at oar offioe, I aa we wiah to bay their furniture, ttaviag ooa I ataat ealla for tha aaaa Aiao, Hoaaaa for reat D. L. WBLLS A 00. { fs 4 1m araer Mtk aad F streets. | ANTBD -Wa want aeveral flrat claaa FABMS I in the coantry for oar Ouatomera. Alao, I HOUSES and LOTS in the aity, both large aad I a mall. Apply ImmMllataly to D. It. WBbLS A I 00 . corner itth and F sta. ja 30 1m I WAHTBD-Mew aad Oaat-off CLOTHING, old ( OLD aad SUjVEB, or aar other article of I valve, at the aid aatabHshad Marchaat Pawa- I braker'a Store at B.FULTON AOO.,A999th at., I 1 dooia Bortb *f Paana. avenae Bote A g. at for BIBGBB'S SEWING MACHINE deZS-ly ?7ABTBD-ldO LADIES Immedtatelr. taea- I FT hroMar Tokee, Banda, Wrapper Takee, Flan- I nal Bklrta. Slip para, aadlaiUala. To good hands I who brlag sasapla af work, good wagea and con- I auat empioyiaeBt gi vaa. Oall at tha new stamp- I laa Boeai, 439 9th abreet, op?>aita Pateat Oflee. I STAMPIBG vadaaed to FiTB aaata par width. *MTABTBD-10.000 LADIBS to kaow that at I TT the Maw Stamping Booms, 439 pth atraet, op- I paatta Pateat OfBaa, tbay eaa find tha beat aalacted ! aaeortsaeat of PaMeraa aver offered hare for Cloaks, Capes, Aprona. Joaera. Walata, Tokea, Baada. Wra???rs, BUppara. PiBanahloas, and IbI- I tlftls Alao. deeigna tor Pillow Oaaea, Ottomans, I Un p|ft WIDTH. Wa make aad Mama any pattara broagkt m. Braids, StUt Mad WwUag Oettoa vary low. dalt-tf I WYJLBfegKlgD- FUBHITUBB. I PINO aad MoPSBFOBMlBHjLBG GOODS of eTerr I deaoriptloa. B. BUOHE^4?srtb street^ BOARDING. ROABDIMG?LaAlea aal geatlamoa aaa meet I M with anperior acoatamodatloaa at 134 Psau. | ^Ve^, batwaea 17th aad iBthau. Traaaleat aad labia BAard Si lt* ROABB-FBOBT PABLOB to let. with Board 1 D far twa. at 94 par maath; BACK PABLOB I ter two, aa #Mpar asaath, at 180 B atraet, aear I loth. fa 26 lw* I^OB BBMT?Two wall faralehed PABLOBS, aa I T'gi! Ktfs a.?Ais -*srja p OnB Ihm * Mtrlf eiMo.'lbr Sl>Oh ISMT m VJlTriwii WMI^W 1 earner hoard man A Gray Piaao. #X7a. I For aale npaa aa^taga^y^|s way^fwtng ef I '< t low'" i. r?kaios->. fe2f-lt 4tl Bightk atreet. I FOB 8ALK AND RK!fT. T*O nOir rB&Mtiu r?r nmt, *1* ?r ||WJH Ml un-tatk. !> mat. b?aad 19th streets. m 1-M* P?* BBBT-A PABLO* aa8 BtD BOOM.M 8 the second fl or.and a H?d rwa oa the third floor ApHv atcor 1Mb and t sta. air fc'OJt *BKT-*? roata ftOUM ; ram 8M Mr ? . ??? '. * ItoOtfltol. It<?Tr? at ini-tre?t Wit aid B ?tr"?l aortt, la the earaer, ?o. m , n. ti'OB aaiall KB1UB HWIiaE, contain 5 a. on t'th street between K and about three ecres; ku teaapt kotn Apply *ft?r S p. m . at BQ 82 ?d ?t., Qeorgetowa. m I 3t TO LKT?A twa itwflt||?it~|ODril. He ?9 a. hotweea T aad U. eaa eqaere fro? JuiM^icrjv. "** ??& ALABOBSALOOB PA BLOB. with bad -ream atffcch?.!. with several o? >-er pleaeaat roomie. Tar rent at Bo. 438 Garroll Place. Cental Uttl ?n 1 6t* Fob BBMT-A FBAMB HOCSB. ooutalwtng eix room* Htuated on *a-t Oapftel at#e?t, 4th and Alb iti. Inquire of O 4. DilLBI. l>?tt?t, 3M Pm evenee tn 1 Jt* Amabkkt farm of about acbbs with a fine eprlng of d elfgh tfaJ water aear the house, for aale oa easy term* or exohaaraf>rcity l">**rt f. Addrees "A. DC," city Poet Office. *ai hlnctea, D. C. m 1 St* |>OOM8 FOB RBNT-At No. 8 north ATawth AV aide of fr> ot Capitol P geare. ns'tnt.ers ef Con gress will find pleasant freat BOOMS The reotas occupied by Chief Justice Crier will be givea ni ?t tbe ?h ??f March mn i-Ct* fl^c LBT?Taeuty acree of very saafWer ?AB1 DBN LAB l>. aed a eomfortable IfOOdB; ?n abundance of Mot-bed Frames and eaeh.flve mil.. from Washington, near BlaJeaabarg, lyinx on the turnpike. lmuedi ate poeseealoa given. Inquire of JAMBS H. 8BRIVB. DiblSt* corner of 7tb aad t atreeta. l^OB BBNT?To gentlem-n. at 13?* K iirrtt pprtd. three small FURNIfHKD A P A K r MINTS _ feWif IpOB RBNT-Two fernl?bei ROOMS, forgentlemen. Inmire 3*9 H street. between 4<h aad 6th. fe?jf pONCBBT SALOOB BOB agLB-<Unsa for V selling, sickness. Inquire at th<Star OiBee fe M2t* RBBT?Tw > unfurulahed BOOMS salt aMo for honaekeeping . rent $14 per moat*. No. '24 U 9th at., bet. N and O. felt It* Ar.BICK HOI'SB FOB BBNT-Oa s >ath B at., bet. I'.th and 7th au . Capital Hill ltqntre next door. fe28?t" f^OR RANT?Two i.i>od brlrk Uv>i!8B> t?o ktorlee. well-finish d, atr?et e.iv-d end light-d with tv K. W WIliLBT 1', leii t* V at.aonUi, Wo. 173. L'UB SA1.E ? A liRUG fTOkt. doinK * ( I bu?liif??. aitanted on Pennarlrania av^nee, near Capitol. Will sell oet half or th? er?tir? atiainea*. Apply at btore, foar doora from 1st street. fe ti S?* tfOR BBNT-One Urge PKONT KOCM. aeatTy fnrnlahed, with or without BOARD, auitable for a fftitietnau ar.d lady, or two Rentlemen Terms moderate. 30fl Slh atreet. between L anl M atreeta. f* l/l'R RKNT - A nicdinu sire brick Hul SK in I Georgetown. D. C.; g?od location. >a< and water; rent moderate F'>r terma applr to Jos &J.B L1BMKY. Lumber Yard, Mo. 5*7 Wiier street, Georgetown. D. C. feJ-'-Ji* F'OB BENT?A two atory taaement aud^itTi brick HOU9R Ho. 4i 1 I street, contaiuins 10 ro<>t?H. with large yard and atahle In the raar. I'etaesaion civen imiued.atelr. lo^aire at the Ma:htiilfttV BOODI, Patent Office. fe ti St' 'PO LIT-A FRAMB HOD SB, In c<od r !^r. I Mo 5-H 1 atreet betwen ?th and 6th. 8ct?b roctns. Inquire oti tbe premicea . fe27tt* i^OB RBNT?One twi-ati>r> FRAME H'lC^B , cvma n'Dkr f .nr ronni*. ?itnate.l on 0 street, l et w< en ?th a:nl Mil JCreeta Apply three d >ors aboTe. lfeJ7-Jt*J n 1IBITM ILLS U. I^OR RENT-A iwo-storrKKiMB HOI'S E on 1 ?H street, ne?r Vireinl* aveun . with atahle on alle* in the rear. Apply at 2U* D ?t e.juth, near ?>. at. ft? i7- st* li'HH RKRT?Forgentlemen only. pleasant FUR* MKIIB1) ROOMi. at 4>>9 u straet, b<*tw"aji 2d and 3d convenient to the Capitol and Patent Office. Street can yae? the door. Rent m >de r??. felT 1t* ' P'OR BBNT?Three unlnrnixhed RO J MS, on tha first or aecoud ilvor, aaitahle fur tiou-ekeep it g lor afmall lauiily. Location g->od. Apply at *?>1 Maas atei ue, Utween 14th sua i6th ttre'ti. fe 27-3t* L^OB BBNT?Three large Ftirtilslied R(kTmb, 1 9 fMantly situated for st?ri?g an4 kubut near the Capitol Terma moderate fjr Members I and other gentlemen No. 371 corner ef 0 and lat ats. eut. Capital hill. fe!7-3t* POB BBNT-DWBLL1NO HODSB. eor~ni7Tf"N 1 street nortL iitd lith ^tr^l w#?t. coDtilQlor elfl.trooma. with atable attache.! aad a large den. Inquire of W T. FBNDALL, corner ?t, andl^.ave , or ANTOB HBITMULLBB.Vt are ! I bet B and O. fe?7 3t* F^OB 8ALB OR BBNT?'Jheep, a four-roomed frame HOU8B. near the Cir. le Al.^a"ne carriage DOO for aale. at RO RBBT FU LT?N 8, Pawnbrofcar, #0* ?th at., near Fa. a*, fe jo iw* ^DRBIBBBD BOOMS FOB BBBT, witboal -^Befereneeaexchanged. Apply at No 330 lev York avenue, between ?th and loth fe IHt' FOB BBNT?One three atory BRICK H009B coatatiiiac 9 rooms, with gas and water, newly torJw? horeae. No' 64 7 18th street, between R aad C, Islaad.tan ^ to the Traasary bnildlng. Apply at N>. 688 7tb at., bet. D and B norta. fe M-St /YBK OF THB MOST YALCABLB AND DB U BIBABLB BUILDING LOTS in the cit, f?r aale. It la situated an the north elde of K stre-t near 13th between Senator Sherman a and the' Mexican Mlaiater's, frotUag en Franklia Sauare Said lot la 28 feet bx 1ST, running back to a ju loot alley, and Improved by a tweatory brick atahle fey-tf 8 P. BROW, 168 9thstreU wes*! *?bhishbd BOOMS oa the 3d aad 3d floors of hou?e corner lOth F atreeta. DT L. WELLS A CO , fe m et a. W oorner 18th aod F s?e. ^OB 8ALB?(Only QUO cash required, the bal8 anoe caabe paid la menthlj ioaUlfaeata of BXIaaeh)?3 new two atory ROU8B8. STARR A Pf) 4t?8H 7th et.. bet. D and B. IrOB BBNT?Blegaatly FCRN18HBD HOI'SB of IS rooms, aaar the Presidential Mansion, at $300 per month A lew, one of 10 rooma oa Ma rrlaad svenae. aear the Oeeitol. at 9100 per month Also, one of 10 roams, unfurnished, oa Bew Yorw avenue, at f AO per month. All these hoaeea have modern improvements. . ? ? D. L WILLS 1 C?, 8 M l?th an 1 F etre* te. FOB 8ALB ? A11 kind of UNBBDBBMBD PLEDGBd, to pay advances, at 3 4 4W street, near Pa. are. S. OOLD8+8IB A?JO? ' Li ceased Pawnbrokers. ITO? 8ALB OR. BBKT-Faruished or unfurT nisbad-the BB3IDBNCB of the Austrian Minister, cornar llth aod K Apply between 12 and 2 p. m le 30 1m* irOB 8ALB?Three small GARDBN FARMS, 8 near ot SO acree. laproved b* aew two atory brick boaeeaad neoeeeary aut buildings, grepeo, strawberries, peacbee. applee, Ae , 3d. fif teen acree beet of garden aeil; 3d, thirty to aixty cree, deelrablv located fer Bn teber or Milk Farm V. D. STOCKBB1DGB A CO., . w Beal Bstate Broken, fe 19 1m B. a. aoraer 7th aad F ats. FOB BBBT?The STOBB BOOM aezt the ^S?w#?2Bli?r **?*o??Ubsa Hall. Apply *o O. B. BABBB. Star office. felStf PCBBISBBD BOOJ8S POB BBBV?PABLOB . 9B8 i?o BBD BOOMS, same Soar, oommtnicating, for rant with or withoat board. To be lat togatieror eeparat?ly. Apply at 834 H atreet, one aqaare from the pan. fe ts-tmarl* fJBOBGBTOWB BBALBBTATB AHDBOOSB * AGBBCY, 10* BB1DGB 8TBBBT t?s Jo per month. D-trabU Baasaa aad Lata far aale. wR-lm' OB8B A COOPBB. pOBSALBThe STOCK .GOOD WILL, LBA8B JT aad part of F1XTDBB8 af the well e?tabltaaed Grocery Store Mo 44S 7th street, Mary Yard, now doing a good baslaana. Beaaon far aelllng, bad health. Tor farther laformaMoa ia?uireoatha premises. uii 3w FCB BBBT?The 'ABM.brthe laat three yean the reeldanee of MUior Tbeeahlias Gaiaee. coaataUnc of IMnsraa. lying aaar Fort Mahan. 1 xlie fcom Bepaiagt Bridge. ImaraeeaaeaM,dwell)ag ITMBB V t BTFB Far taamsHlnte aaU mm a? |l| lmmadlahaly, Bp lattac. ta A. B. 0., Ottr^pJrt F%f8S?wg FKACTldAL CARP ST WEAVER, gsfss'Jtaffifs ay"" i.jge* FKK29L.,'->^*, r"> ew ihh . 50 "?* fraadaa Baw Tark City MAP, _ Aad Be 1 BBoWB SOAP. _Far aate eh eaa fer eaa*. Ontan tbreagk the Foet Office willba promptly attended to O. B. JBWBLL. Maad Candle Meaafaotarwr, la. 88# and at. north, bat. 4th and acM. ta H-*a pHTS1C1AMV BABD-BOOB 99 PBAOTIOB Jt VSABOK TAT LOB. *1 I f iV | :/ J '7 r ,i AUCflON~SALK8. twm ArnM*09w sort tu-*v*ki7T~ g? WOVI. ?iuu * ou. !m ^" telt wliMit r?Mrt. Tacam Om hail aaaB; Mimi ii i ,t s:c'XTu.^.U'ir'" rsutc? ? ... cr?'"-vaf?AiaJ. b* BALB or BOBBBB.^OABBlAaKB. BiEIIU, J5%l4tclba! nokmwo. RhHi j. ?i m mUl Mll.M Ik* Bttltf. a MOMr Z fcraaBssMMF ""u ?~" ?, ^ . 3!ttv2r&? ?o~. *'"tfy?.*itiJ*n* or W*r* * "* rr^* the coaa Two *?r* tine B?y floreoa. ?* BrrSrSSf a Uf1 Bat.werBa ia to; ktrtMi. . fP7. *ou>l1 ?*aUe, warr?*t*l M raa^NSTCiTV "?U~" A Ba?her of Malee. At,#' Oae aaooaA Iimi family Cartiage, Ml I oar la aae A > A ,*T** ?j!?cMo* '^ '1 Beoond band Bu. Wh??""*' ???? . * *?.? M& T?0 mw Jmdt LI ad Tmom, Mill la this city - A Leo. " ? *??? t*-o*?.. m *?"" "" "TWas rsntL Soatha mi tonn P?ai?lmU a aud'ilth atreet.Htar Ofct B*1ldtng GOOD HOLBBHOLD TUEMTCBB AT 4D0R? naf#A 1/10 oVl^V*Malr*Arin,wV.IlI tSf^T {*"' *' Fnrnttnre comprising- ' Kta essfe ems *"-* assfutif1atvisr * **" ?'m" r^VJ7-itcd" ,^,ul"L*r**u4 num (omforts and ftlaaktta Hi| and other Moree Two T*rj good Children r'arriagea iu?. One Dentist Turning LaC.e in perfect ordor. Oae Wilder Fire ri*-^Wafe'. Term" ciab. fr?Jt CoOPIS t LATIMB1 Aarta 1 H* COLMAB * 00 , A acta l-> hue U-J1 aiad I'.hm,l?.nla av-nto, B.t?.en ixn mi IOth street*. BIBGLB AND DOCBLE^HABBBBS AT AlO o? ^atcboay MOBBIHO. mm J. %t *,_ M ***" tk"-t , fu*? eett tingle and Doable HiriK-s*. p?ri?ctl> new, to which the at trntloa cf la want ate called *l ?*'* ?1tboat reeerv*, for ca?h . to pay advances f M st H. COI.MaN A CO . Aort, ' * * B C. Kiooiir, >al?*iii4b |JTW L WALL ACO .Aactk >neere n5a?f.?/fnA MCKBOOBl AHP LOT ?mi ? i* i ^ . v* ol 1 erch. at 5 o'clock, we i f.?*th'Is ,,,u*t?*i o? 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