Newspaper of Evening Star, 1 Mart 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 1 Mart 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 AM 1'IPLIAfAHT N*l<JHBO*HOOD.?T he Naahvtle Pree*, to giving ?n account of tbe 1 destruction of a large taw-mill at Jobneon- t ville, Teaa , by aa incendiary Ira, aaya that It talented to Judga Palmar, who baa a contract to taw plank for *1(1)1 national cemeteries, and wfcoM work la necessarily auapewled. ' J ad*e Palmer was formerly a eitizen of Ohio, and waa in the federal aervlce during the war, I bnt for aom? tima paat baa been an active citi- { ?*1 of Cheatham county, haa beaaeagaged in developing tbe resource* of the couatrv in a I praiaewortby manner. Hla great energy and ' ladnatry have made him a ralnable aeceeaiou to tbe neighborhood. Since be took tbe contract to faralah plana to tbe cemeteries. he baa been frequently notified that hia bnaineaa waa 1 ex eedingly oflba*lve to the frieada of tbe lioafederacy," aad baa had warning* that bia Kill woald be burned nnleaabe deviated. Orw? ?Tbe Springfield (Maa? ) Republican aaya that ablpmenU of old and decrepit gnna ' coatina* to be received from the varioua arsenala throagboat the conniy. The ahlpraenu Include many rebel gnna and otber aeceah tropbiee. Among aorne which have receatty come in are two Willlama breech-loading can. j ncn of rebal manufacture, eeveral canon* rebel pike* (not John Brown's), and aoist cartridge bags made by southern ladle* oat of old plt-ce* of ealico. There are among tbe old gnna. rebel aad federal, tome whoae barrels are twisted ao a* to make a respectable letter S and otbera with their barrela completely perforated by a ball in the coarse directly nx right anrlea with the course a ball would take in passing through tbe barrel. Piaci or Mtsd sm raao itv a Tikbtabm 1'ikt.?Ata radical peace convention at Frovl denre. a Miss Mercy Dritg was one of the | speakers. S&e went iu for a vegetable diet, and aid -we should be liable to kill men as long as we murdered aalmali and lired upon their fl?-t>b. Talk ot being saved from s.n br expenensing religion and joining the church; she had been through that lone ago. But nothing oronght 'he peace of mind which came j from the revelation which she bad received that animal food should not be eaten.'* TaornLB AMOHG DRT <TfH.U8 MERCHANT*. W m A Putney, a member of a prominent dry foods flrm In Chicago, has commenced three snits against ClafTIin A Uo. aad Seth Otis, of New York, and his twe partner*, laying the aggregate damngts at SttXMiOii, the charges be. ing trespass and slander. He allege* that the defendants in these suits have coti-pirr1 to- j gerher to get him out of his firm, and hsve made scandalous charges ags.iu.-t him in order to destroy his credit Sbrvzd Him Kioht.?At a dramatic per- | formance in Portland on Washington's liirtiday a patriotic 'ableau of the Father of his Country was h>--ed by a fellow In the audience. who suddenly found b m^elf outride the theatre w.tbafuce resembling a piece of liver and his rear aching from repeated applications of heavy boots. A meeting ot the employing house painters wi< held on Monday evening at Pti delphia. and a resolution was adopted tU it they would resist the demand of the journeymen painters to quit work at four o'clock on Saturday afternoons, and at trie same time claim pay tor a full day's work 7"They make alcohol from coal smoke In llngland. Mrs. I,ocy Stone Black well will soon address the New Je?e*y and Ohio Legislature* in behalf of womaa suffrage. m*~ a Frenchman, named Aaiust Margaret, ot New Yorlc. quietly ended hi* earthly trouble* on Sunday, by placing tbe muzzi* of a double barreled Kan in his month and discharging its contents into his brain. Tbe man ?? temporarily insane. BTA vid vu lut wk sent to jail for ten days in Kbode Island for sleeping in cbnr:b. Nothing was done to tbe clergyman. &TSpring baa set in at M?con, Oa , the bads begi nning to open, and tbe tfcermometer raugmg between fio and 70 degrees. ft^In the English army out of 177,43" m?n recently examined. 21,7u> can neither read nor write, can read only, and 11H,uum can do bo to. V Tbe boy m Chicago who sbot bis uncle baa been a reader of novel' from infancy. His ancle was scolding btm, wbeu ibe boy strutk an attitude similar to that ot tbe bero of a hundred cuts, drew a pistol, and tiring n.eivdrnmamaily exclaimed as be lodged a ball in Itiuncle's Mice: "Mold your )aw, old fallo w !" ifThe I.owell i Mass ? mannfaeturinz coipora'ions have generally given nutwe >{ a reduction of ten or fifteen per cent, in tne wagt* at tbe close ot tbe present month. ^"Tbe enfranchisement of 'he negroes gives Tennessee three more Keprestutau ,es in Cobgress. VA man in Jackson, Mississippi, gave his tntendea money to bny ber bridal ontfl', and tK? 4U11 i? ? - - - ... >ur iuiiuwiui uiuriunt tar murr ?a oil oroiber Tounr IsHiN of New Orlmm ?r? wearing ornaments in the sdnpe of cre? enls. Mi ben a quadroon belle ?port* on- it is refri red to as kb illustration of the Crescent and the Cross. SPECIAL NOTICES. WThose who have been subject to Hervoo* Htulkt be* for years are restored to perfect he?'th Ly one dose ("forty drain") of MITOlLri'd | ?KIaT HHBUMAT1C KKSIDT. It never fails fe 18 eo Jw 8.0 FOEi). Agent. ITS BFFBCT 18 MIBACULODS. HALL 8 VBOBTABLB SICILIAN HAIB KBMBWIB. It is a perfect end wonderful article. Cure* Waltinese. Mskee hair grow. Abetter dresiiag than a< y oil' - or ' pomatum " Softens brash, dry, %od wiry balr into Heaulifal Silken Tresses. Bat. ?t>-v# ail, the treat wander is the raplrity with * hi' h It rsetorea <.eat ha:k io it? o?;o:2?al colom. The whitest and worst looking hair re*aa?a it* Tontb'nl beauty by its nee. It iloen not dye tee hair, l ot strike* at the root and fills It with new life aad coloring Bitter. The first application will do goeg ; you will ass the xaictal colob returning eve-y (fay, anl BKFOBK lop KNOW IT. the old gray, discolored appearancc of the hair will be foae. string place to lustrous, shining, and bean Ufa i leek*. Aik lor ball* aid Man Hair Benewer ; no other article is at all like it ia effect See that ?*.<ch battle baeour pn>aU Government Stamp ever the top of the bottle, ill otntrj are imitation*. B P H ALL A CO . Mesbu a. H H , Proprietors. For sale by ail dragtfists. fe 13 dAweolni.r BBMBP1AL UMTITOTB FOB 8PB0IAL 0A8B8. Is. 14 Botsd street. Hew Fork. 7* Fa 11 information, with the kuiui iMltnisi..j, also, a Book on fio<n>u, in a ital*<i ++ '!op*, seat free. Bi ?*t? and seni far tk"n, n4 let 11 mot r?*r* it; for, mi advertising pby sirlaDe are generally tmpoi'ory, without r*rcrtn' tJ a* stranger sbsald be trusted Bncloee a <tamp ior aoetasre a?'1 <llr#ot to DB. LAWBI!"'B Mo 14 Bond street. Mew Fork no 11 DAWly MABBIAOB ABOUBL1BAOT, AMD THB Happibeee of True Maakootl.?An Bsear lor Yoniic Men on tke Criaie of fiolltude, aud ibe Physiological Errors. Abuses aad Diseases wbicb tfaatA imaailin^Hia b- ? ?. r.w.u^u?. mf m?i nmo, wita iaro mean of B?llaf Boot in aaaled letter an ?-lop?a. fro* of eharga. A'ldroM i>r J ffclLLIN nuUOHTOH, Howard cliUos. Philadaipnia, Pa. jall-3ia 8BCBBT DIMBAHBS. iMABltaa'a O.vtia the nut cartola. aafe aad aflectual remedy ? Indeed, the only ram*dy i??r diacvrered. Onmii two to roar daya. and recent ohm la twenty four hoiri. lo alMrtl, to baleam. bo mereary Ouly tea pill* to Ue tuti It la the ioMIk'i trope, and a friiad to thaaa who de ??t want to b* expooad. Mai* packacaa, #l;fomaU, fS Baa aaitaii'sBooT 4NdHiii J viem? A poeitlTe and pennaaent ?ara for bpyhllto. Borofata.Uloora, Boraa, Baota. Totter*. kt. Pr^w |l tt|*rkottl?. Sold ft yt fl. Ford Sao adTertUamoat w? ^JOLGKBIA HWSPITA^ FOB WO HUT LYlBOlV ASTLCM, Vomrtooatta *traot .(alrclajccraar of M afreet, Waahlaftoa, D. 0. TMa ImMIiMio baa Woo aittbHiM for tha roaaptlon of aatteata who stay bo a* (Taring from dieaaaaa peculiar to thatr tax. and for the ad mi tat on of taoh famaiaa aa may ra^air a Um eomforta of tka lytag la ckaakat. Tha buildla# to MmM la Iko moat healthy per Moa of tbo DUtrlet, aorroauded by *U wo grouada. Oara p*aa tha door every tve ml oatae T?*rmo of adalaalon : Fro* ? to #) per weak. msymilSstaGas: tiiMHR^steSSXi. W. BOVUft, H. p.. Iatral. js^saesrsftszft: saws *7Jb..k IHIdi at a diataaoa wha deal re to liai a tola laatltatloa for treataoat eaa aooara private room by afplylai by loMar to tha matron of tha Boapltai. A. B. Oll^BTTBJ) D , POLUUD TOT BOOMS, from Leadoo. Fraaah v J a real 10 Booha, dlraot from Paris, Laboalayaa* law Fairy Talea; Baop larf aly illustrated, aad R?"*,"",",Se*?ca umi. AUCTION 8ALBS. B1 ^.tlSSS^STR.. 'MRPB Ob MONDAY, tl? ?tb laataat. at a tWk p. m., wiiMlitll.Nik* premises,ktlrK.tatiinrt I*. M. h?iii| Si feet, ruaolti back rtoit Sg fMt l> Mkll( It t HudtOM ItiMiuf ^Tinsi : Om half cub, Mi* baluoi la ( aad is 1 asontba. far aotaa bear lag lataraat, and secured by a deed of traat on tbe pramieae. AH coavoyaa dag and ntim* rtaan at Mm aoat of tba parcbaaar. |N dowa oa tha day of aaie. fa ?7 d GBEEN k WILLIAMS. Aacta. Ill D. L. WILLS A OO , Aaetioaeora D I. W. coraar 1Mb aad P streets. mOSlWOOD PI A HO rOBTH. PREHCH PLATS I MIBHOHS. LACK AHD BH004THLLB '.'USTAIHS. BBCSBBLS CABPBTS, W*LICT ?2? pablob ahd chamBEB^PlBHITUBB. Ac.. AT PUBLIC AOOOa MOHDAY.tbadth day af Marob aex?Tat 10 o'clock a. m , we shall Mil tl boow Ha. S*? 18tk treat weet bat wee a I aad K north. aaat stle, all tba Varaitara and Effects eoataiaed la Mid booM, via: Boeowood Oaoa Pfaao Porta. octave, vary sweat tooa. aad la excellent ordar Prancb Plata Mirror. Gilt Frame, with Brackets aa<i Marble blab Lace and Brocatelle Wiadow On r tains Braeeels, Iagrata awl Vsaitlaa Carpets, Bogs, Walnut Safas, Side aad Baay Obairs, la Hair Cloth Walaat and Oak Cbaabar Sots Marble-top Bureaus, Wasbsraads, aad Tables Wardrobes. Tollot Bats, Bed Linaaa, BlMnkets.Ceai'nrtallies, and Ooaataraaaaa Peatbar B<-ds, Pillows, aad Baletara Hair. Phntk, and Cetton-Top Mattreesaa Black Walnnt Extension Dialog Table MarVIe tup Sideboard. (Walaat) Windsor and Oak Diulai Cbam Cooking. Parlor, and Chaa>bar Stores, with Oteneile Silver |[ate<l Caetor, Spoons, aad Catlsry China Q aae, and Cro? fcery Ware Also, large lot Kitchen Be<|uisltos, too nameroas to aieation. fa 2# |lDt*l) P. L WELLS A CO.. Anats. |^I THOS. DOWLIHG. Auct ; Georgetown. EXCELLENT HODSKtlOLD r i! riitt h k KOBawuoD piano office fubnitouk, HEBBINQ IBON S aFE. Ac., Ac.. AT ALU TIOM On MONDAY MOBNINQ, March 4th, at 18 o' io< k. 1 will sell, at the residence of the late W > B<dln. Ho. 7# Qay ?tr<-et, b< tween Congress end Washington strsets, (ieergetowu, the House hold Furniture. Ac , c u?i*ilii* in part of? Ixctll?nt B. '?wo?d Piano, {?) ( new,) Stool nd Corer Mehosany llalrr'oth Chairs and Sofas Dama?k eud Lsce 'nrtains Cornices end Shadta Freoeh Plate (Jilt 1'rame Mirror* Mahogany Marble top Center. Pier and Side Te tire Mahogany Bureaus. Bedsteads, Wirdrolei,Ac Three ply an I Ir uraia Carpets Oilcloth and Matting Feather Bed-. B- dding, ?ud Mat?rer.s?s Walnut Extension aad o?h-r T*Mo? Sideboard. Ac Mahogany Secretary end Hook Ca?>? | tmnll Iron Safe Oas Fixtures, French (.'lock, Ac Crockery anJ Glassware , Large Co.,kit* aod Other Stoves, , And a crest variety of Go ds, to" lumtrous to mention. Terms cash. THOMAS D?'WL.INO, fe 12 [Intel | _ AuctioL-er._ J^Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. AnMIHISTRATOB> i?A LE-HOi;?K9. V4 OONb AM' F A KJ1 ifiiO LTENaiLS AT PUB LI< AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the ?th day of March, at 10 o'clock a m . weshall sell, on tha pi mi-es. the place called C B Calbert's Piter> , opp >slt" I Ci?rke Mills ' place, on tlie H la.t*n*tar< raad. ny order of the lion. Orphans' Court of the District ot Columbia, the personal effects of the late Isaac Snowden, deceased. Tlz? Two lee Werk Horse* and Harness Two Spring Market Wagons and ?ugzr One H rse Cart, Pionghe, Harrows. Cradles, Sad dies, Ac. 1 Oce Log Hones and Frame Shanty About fifty n?e Buihels of Whett, eart In Straw And many other articles which we de< m uaneces s*ry to enumerate. Terms cash By order of the Administrator (iBEEN A WILLIAMS. fe2S4 iB-p.,S.MaT ] Anction'-ers T B OT T E E ' 9 SALE. In pursuance of a poaer of sale Tested In me by a deed of t-u?t. *x ecu ted to me by George W . >1 it( h< I and Cornelia D. Mitcbel, his wife, of Washington city. District of Colombia, dated on tte Mth da* of August, 1846 and recorded In Li i?rE B. P . No 3. folio 131, Ac. one of tne land r?:ords of Montgomery county. 1 wlfl offer at pnblir ?aie and sell to the highest bidder, at Baker's H tel. In the Tillage ?' Clarksburg. |n Mont.' merj county. Md , en WEDNESDAY, tha I ? tn day of March, In the year elgh.een hnndred and klxty seven at 11 o clock a m .ail th~ follow tag described real estate.situated la Montgomery county. State of Maryland. These lands lie near Clarksburg. Montgomery county, end adjoin ta* : property of BufusKini.'. Peiry Rro wiling, Basil B'all and others One of the tracta is eartof a , tract of land called "Trouble Enough Indeed." j containing six hundred and sixty acres of land, It being the save land heretofore conveyed by , Charles Hendry and Kleanor Hendry, his wife, to t said tteorve W . Mltchel. in dae4 d?i?il ?? - w - m ? ? vh n.o mj% u ; day of Aa*ust. lse.v Tbe other beina part of a trartof lai.d call?-d "Be,arvey on Map le Breach,'' heretofore coavertdio eat'' tt<*or?? W. Mite Ik-I 1 by Ann S- per. and containing thirty fivea re?of i land. TbU land la under..* rood atate af calti vation, "ImatfJ in a h?altby neighborhood. wall 1 watered, and under very ^ood (S?a< in*. The lm j prov-meuis c asist of two eomlortaole log dwel lia?a.(?od atabla. earn houses. and etber necessary out-t midiaxs also, f?ir <f?od tobe . o house* The above described tract la suacepWble of beta* divided lato twaar tk?ee convcaiant I larma I'eraona wishing to look at the. property can <to ao|by r*i||nf on Mr Kla?. resldioc ?B the land. I wba will take pleasure in showing it. Teia<e of sal*- One third of the purchase money ; to be paid on the day of sale; the reellne oftbe | purchase money to he paid In one aad two years > from the day of aale, th- purchaser or pureha I aero ?1*1bk h?s. her or their notes, with approved 1 aexirlty. bearlnc iBtereet from thedayofaale I On ?a\ment of the whole purchase money a deed > will be eseenf-d ay the trustee, the purchaser ; t a) In* expenses of preparlnc the deed and stamps JOUH T. WILLIAM*. Trastee fe 23 dta LEVI V AN fOSBEN, Auct. |JT h'AOLE A CO.. Aactioaeera. O Salesroom Mo. 9D& Penn. avenue, Betwtwa yth and 10th ata. BAOLI A 00- will fiu their aeraoaal attention to the aale of Keel EeEete and Houeehold Furniture. Aleo, to the sulae of atocke of Oroaeriea, Wiaee, Liquors. ar.d Merchaadiae of every description. lirses, Carriage* Haraaea, Ac. Liberal caak ad vancae made on conatgBments. Begular Salee at o?r aalearoom every TOESDAT. THCBSDAT; and SATOBDAY, at 10 O'clock NAGLI A OO , jail tf Auctioneers. (^BOUEBIB s~ J HALL A PLANT, PLABT'3 BUILDING, Corner Sew fork avenue and lMn street, (Entrance en Hew York avenue,) Dealers la fia? FAMILY OBOCEBIES, TEAS, WISES, 1MPOSTED LUXUBI AS, Ac., Ac., would respeetfally aotify their Meads and tbe public that they kave justonenarf ?k?i? ? o? try Store, where can be obtained any article on ally kept Id a Brat claee Grocery. Without attempting to enatnerale onr large, freeh aod wellselected stock, we eordially invite ttie public to examine oar Mere and stock believing we shall not fail to fire entire satisfactlun to all who may favor ne with their patronage. We call eepeelal attention to onr assortment of TF.iBaidOOFFUS, which bare beaa selected with great care for pnriiy. Dealers will And a fine assortment to elect from, a ad oar prices to | suit. 1 Good s delivered promptly ia any part of the city, j jau 9 3m n i a o v a_ji . tbi batiowal nnirTir ibbubahcb gobPAMT O* WASHIMOTOM Have isssaved tolh*lr Mew OSce. Ho. 71 LOOI81AMA AVBMUB, Virst door east of 7th st. DIB B~T OBI: Ohaa. lasti Pree't, Geo. W. Biggs, Tloe Pres*t, Tboe. Berry, Marshall Browa, B>chVl Wallacb, 0 B.GldeoD, Daniel Dodd, Wm. Dixon. Heart D. Oeoke, 1 deS tf NOBLBD LAB9BB. Secretary, W T- "WW wo. *?? Bbosr Caee Hannfaetarer ftcheol Furniture \M. and Bonsefaralsbing Warerooois Mew aa4 )SB OM FaraMnre. ef ail desert attoas, beusht ffl ..4 >..!< rr_w-i.i? ? 1m doao at tho abort**! aotiro. BoaUiaaat oorwr cr8U> ind K atraota aorth, Ho. 13 do tf-fca* STI1H1AI1 MAIOC Wa haro jaat rorolrad a now aaaortmeat of il PUlOrOkTU from the factory, cob ftyaVt r-4t^nJ' 8,1 uar*' 4ad ??rl?htWW Vor the Uat taa raara Stalaway'a Pfanoa h%re. on all <vcaat?t?", woivad tbo Brat ?r*rnt<im oror alt navlork, Itoaton, Pbllarfalphia.aad Balti mora akara. ?k*Mtw and whororar they Ufa coin* i?co?MtiUoB AtthoWortd'a Fair la London. Btaiavay * Bom rocoivad ttm indoraomoot lot ~-rta*r of V'/SKSKllffSt ? " Joa?f lo. S19 Paoa ?( *?, tola 4? Jaffaraon at QaorfVtowa.D. 0. tablftbad laltSt: premlnm awar<lad br tha Metropalltaa iMtltato. IM7; roballt IN*. and la bow k> for tha larjroat and moat o?a?lato llthtr>*?t of tb? klad la tbl? aoetioa af country Dyal t>t aM Bcoaring ot all kladadoaa la tho b?at aaaar Traly thaokfal lor faat favor*, tho oaaadbor olid to tha o< oitaaod cootoai of tha eoaamamtr Oooda roeaivad aad rotaraad by oikw vita tha ataioat aroaa?ta*aa aad doaaatcb Foot Omro addraao. Look Box Wo M. OBtco cloooo daily at aaaaot oicopt Batnrday, vImb it la clooodati>i 9. m. felt-Cm PROPOSALS. pBVPOBALB TO* BABDWABB. TVmjvtt Dmrtaol. I QfUt %t ftxrimi Atcktuct, rek.S,lW ( ProMMli will b? reoeired atthie oUo* uitllll 'clock m.. Mar ah J. 1817, for furaiibia* aaadry llatd war* r*<i?lr?4 for ll? OifftlUr Oabl network tf tk? Treasury A schedule of articlee ud qnai.tttl*e wwHi together with mbiIm. My be miU tbe OBce ttn*Tnuarr Ixtruioi, Mn?r MlUkitrMl ud rtnufltMU ?? *?. fr?B Ii.d to(| mAll tho article* called for la tn* isMiltawt W of Ik* but uaeltiy oftb*lr Nnrt) kinda, ud form to mbi?In. ud U aakjMl to to* Im*m* ttoo of the Be**ir*r of Material*. Proposal* for nek lt*m will bo considered M MP* rat* Mil. ud the Dep*rtm*at r*s?r ve* tho rltkl to ooosMar tk? accordingly, awarding the tirltai Item* to *n* or differcat ??rtl **. or to r*joct too whol*. a* be droned for the latoreet of tho 0?TOriMtt. Blda to ho enclosed ! a s*ale<i oareloyo aad eaderaed "Propoeala for Hardware^' _ A. I. MVILITT, feg td [Chron] B*perrt*lag Architect. p BOP OB A LB FOB OABTAOB. ProsoMto will bo recotrod natfl4 p. a>. on too 9th ofMarch, 18(7, at tho OBee cf the Vtehiiftoa Ou Light Oomiwf, Bo, 47? Tooth atreot, for Oaitojt*, from April 1.1117, to April 1,164. The right to r?u*ct Mf ?id oil blda that u; bo offered la rownol. A ?cb? dale of what is required may be aooa ea appllootloD to OBAB. B. BA1LBT, f*? dtmar? Boerotary. pBOPOBALB FOB^ABMY TBABBPOBTA* QCAITIMUTtl BlillttL'l Om?l, I Wabhimotwr. D. 0., Jaaaary It, 1W7.I Sealed Proposal* will bo roooi rod attble efflco aatll lio'clock m.. on tho nth of Pebraary, 1867, for the transportation of Military Bnpplle* daring tho year oommencln* April I, IW, and ending March 31, M68. on the following route*: BODTB Ba. 1. Prom Tort McPherson Bebraaka Territory, or aach porta u mar bo determlxed upon durlag the year on the Omaha brooch of the Union Pacific railroad, weet of Port McPhoraoa or from Port Laramie, Dakota Territory, to auch po*t? or depota aa are now or may bo established in the Terrlty o' Hebiaaka. weat of loncitnde l"l de< , in the Teriitorj of Moatana, south of latitude *8 d*g. la tbe Territory ?>f Dakota, weat of l.mrttude I lot deg , la the Territory of Idaho, * .otti of latitude 4i deg. and eaat of longitude iu do* . and in tbe Territories of Utah and Colorado north of latiI tude to deg , Including If neoeeaary, D*t'*r Oily. BOUTB Bo. 3 From Tort Blley, state of Kaaaaa, or aoch joints aa aaay be determined np"*druing the >aar on tbe Culon Pacific railroad. B D.. t. any poita or depute that are now or may be >-st*biiebe<l ia the Pta'eot K ansae or io the Territory of Colorado. a- 'ith of latitnde *0degrees north, and to Port ( nion. hew Mexico, or other depot that may be deelgaatrd in that Territory, and to any other noint tr Dolitfl fin thA rr.nU BOUTS Ho. 3. Fro? Fort Unln or atx-h other depot n any be ( 'nMWlorttH !h? Territory ot Hew Mexico, to an> poai* or stations that erf, or may i.e estahllfiied in that Tcn itor> . and to sacb po?ta or?ta tiois ii may be designated in the Territory of Ariz* na, and in the btaia ot Texas went of Ijagltude 10?deg. BOUT! Ho, 4. From Bt Paul. Mianea?ta, to ancb p?ats a are now or may t c astab t?hed in the state of Mlanesota. anil in that portion ef Dakota Territory lying e*at of tb?* Miaaourl river Tbe weight to ba transported daring the year will not exceed i n Bonte ho I. 3u,?J0u uwu poun la ; on B<ute Ho U. 2o.t?'(l Uo pounda , on Route No 3,8.MO 00n pounda, and on Bunta Ho. 4, 3,au0.utfi pounda. t'rupoaals will be made far each route separately. Bidders will *tat? the rate par ion pounJa per 10t> miiea, at which they will tranaport theator^a in each month of the jear, beginning April 1, 1967, and ending March 31. MM. Bidder* should give their namea ta full. a? well a* tbelrl pi acea of reaideaoa, and carh proposal abonld be acoouipanlad by a bon 1 in the an03 *f ten tbouaaud $ki,09>) dollara. signed or two or on re re?ponaih|a pemona. guaranteeing that in ca*? a contra t ia awardad for the route men tioned la the propeaal to the party propping the contract will be accepted a?J entered into, and K"od and anlbclent s?cnrlty furnished hr aald party in aocerdance with the termaof this advertisement. Tba contractor will be repaired to give bonda in the following amounts : On Route Ho. 1, $?ft.onO. On Route Ho. 3, ??. *?. On B.ate Ho 3, 100 ("1. On Bouts Ho. 4. mh uO Satisfactory evidence of the loyalty an? aol ency of each bidder and paraon offered aa sacurlty will be required. Propoaala muat be andoratd " Prop"'*ls for Army Transportation on Bonte Ko l.t'ior i." a* the caae may ba. and none will be entertained nnleaa ibay inlty comply with the re<ialremeut<< of thl* advertia* roent. The party to whom aa award ta oaitde moat b< prepared to ex eta* e tha contract at once, and to give the rejuir-xl bonda for the faithful performance of tbe contract The right to reject any or all bids that may ba offered Is reserved. The contractors on each route mast ba in readiness for service by tba lat day of Aarlt, 1W7, aad will be required to bare a place of bqslneaa or agency at which he may l>e communicated with pi am pi I y and readily for Route Ho 1. at Omaha, H . T , for Hante Ho 2. at Fort B'ley. Rama*. for Ronte No 3 at Kortl-nioti Hew Mexico,for Koti'e Ho 4. at Saint Paal. Mlunea?ta. or at aneh other point for ea. h of the several Boare* aa may be Indicated aa the starting p-lat of tha route. Blank forma showing the conditions 'vf tbe contract ta be entered into for each route can be had on application at thla office, or at the office ot the Qnartermaater at Hew York. Saint Lonis, F??rt Leavenworth.Omaha. Stuta Fe,anl Fort finalling. and muat aocompany and be a part of tbe propoeal. Bl order of Ik. Brevet Celonel and Aaaistaat Ja 19 Mt Quartermaster. 0. 8. A. qrirtik *a?tek Ok jn r al'? Or fx*, / Wahhim-I'iR, U 0., febroar* 1J. M>7 S 1 P08TPONBMRN? Or OPIMMG Of BIDS rOK ABM* TR AN8POBT ATIOlf. The time ter the opening of the nropotaie for Arm; Tr?nt??rt?il< a. invited by a<i vertUein?-ut i frrm thie <>fh?*e of .l e?o?r \ is, l?o7 it hereby ox1 tended to Mm., of THURSDAY, the 7th d*y of i March. 1867. _ , Bi order of the QotrUrmwl*r General. ALBXANDBK BLISS. Brevet Colonel and AenUtant Qnartermaeter. U. B Army. fe 21td ~ -I. - I" L ? ^ Ubpabtmbht or thi intbbiob, _ TO all Tm'iirm'Muikr* | Application baring been made nnder the Ml of Jane 21. i(M*. for the rei*?neof the following described Lead Warrant*. which ere alleged to have teen loet or destroyed.?Hotlce is hereby jr1*en that at the date following the description of each warrant a sew oertifloate or warrant of Uka tauor will be rsiasned, If no valid objection should then job.b. babuarr.tummlmi**** -Bo. 104.794, for Me acre*, leaded under the act of March 3d, 18<l, in the name of Hubert W Pierce, Ud ?u Ituud 12, IM. March 9,1487. Mo. 9yo40, for MO acre*, lugod under the act of March S 196*. in the name of Bll.ah D. Bail. and wae granted June 8, Ml. March*. 1987. Vo 1,915, lor 80 acree, inntd- aiiier the act <>f March 3<l la the same of Oeorce Plum, and ?ae granted Aufuat 15th, IHM. March SO, lw. No 07 912 for lesacrae. leeaad under the act of MarahSd.Mftt, In the name of Jamee Bear;, ?d waa granted April 23d. 1801. March 90.14>7. Mo. M 7M. for 160 arrae, laaued under the act of March 3d, 18M. In the iaae of John Wood, aud waa granted February 24. 11157. April 6,1M7. Mo. 68 160 for 1ft acree. leaned uader the act of March 3d 1859. Ln the nana of tfarah Wood, widow of Bob?rt Weod. and wae grautad February 1857. April 6,1867. Mo. 4l,?96( for 160 acree, feeued under the act of February 11,1147, (a the name of Samuel Hodeon, and wa? granted December 4. IMS. April X), 1467 No i7,3*>. for SO acre*, ieeued unler the act of September, 1860 In the name of Laagdoa O. John on aad waa granted March 6, iSM. April 20, 1967. No 77,831, for M) acree*-leaned under the act of March S. 18M. lathe aaaaa of Langdon C. Jnhneoa and wae granted April l.l*>. April 20.1*7. Ho. 7t 231. for 120 arret, leaned under the act of March 3. 14M. la tha name of Mary, widow of Yhomaa Bowling, aad waa greueted Mar 9, 1*6. April 50,1867 Bo.M 133. for 190 acres, laaued under tha act of March 3, 1885, la tha naaae of Felly Peaee, widow of Thewter Peaee aad waa crantad Jolr 19, 1840. May a 18?7. Mo. 93 9M. for 190 acree, leaned under tha aot of March 3d. 1SU inthe nameaofthe minor children ?>t Jacoh Laeher. deceaaed, aad waa graatad July 23. lfru ?May 4, M87. Mo. 17 6M. 'or 190 aeree. laaaed under the act af Febraary 11th, l$a7, la the name of Martin ftoae, aad waa graatad May 12th. 1849. May 11.1967. Mo. 62.16d. for 169 acree, leaned aadertheacto March 3d. 18M. In the name of ai?i- win. ..a *m greeted Ayrll 1ft, 1857. M~e'r"n.'i5?r"*w' "**" J^OXUBIBB FOB TH? HOLIDAYS. "ffiiiOSnugSPWfc ABBOBTBD CABDIBB. Jntt received it K1HO PLAtfB. 2 M. P. IHQ ft ?o?. WWT IHDIA OBANOBB AND

(V|HOB MBAT (DOMMTIO.) ' A. "'tflVWfSk. g2OliDBM BCUPPBBBOB0 W1BB, Vf OWK KINBmT natiti win. Gold coler, full, yet delieate >;fl*Tor tad fr?^Mu,ud lea* than oee half m^yd WHITB OPOBTO POBT, _ ("Tun of the Baoro,") Direct iByortetlea. - *' * * ""S.* *>?. de *-t liM Plaoe, \'|W 10BK B60KWHBAT, 1\ HOBBY BVBDP, POTOMAC HEBBIBG. (with Boot.) WBLsH' BBbT FAMILY FLOCK. MABVLABD CUBBO HA MB. ?. 0nm"js'jrdsi&. WtoafrzEEsEr GOVERN VENT SALES. |jciu>iaM *T cotTiLiaciiT n? at SSS I lie mcMm n tVlilDAI, lank I. aad?r tba an* ; MtTi?loi ?f Brtvat Unl, (JolJtaM It. Monoo. i I VI M. Bala ta caatmoBca at 19 o'alook tlM baOdtacacopprtaa ? Barracfca, 4 Mm* EoMM I Boapitafwai 4a. 1Store Hoini. 1 Lmidrr.l WmI BoaN.10>o?t.) B toblm. 1IM. u4 , 4 Milka, which tvt la rfaa froa 7xJ4 M to MU74 | ' Bnlldlnga will bo l?M ria|\r. larva: Caab. la Oovaraaiaat faada. Ftftaan 4ay iraai 4ato of aato vtll ha graatad M-flt ^fgCilafQM. Pafct\Stoalrai?. I Q4V1M1II1 1ALB At tlBAILMTvM. ; Tha foltowla* Ordaaaco Pro tarty will ha aald at paMtoaaaUoa at tha Ualtod Matoa Araoaal, Charlaatoa. I O , an MOID&f, Match 4. 1*71 Maaaacinf at 10 o'clock a. : A boat 7to aat toaa (Uanaoa) Oaat Iroa. About 7*Bat toaa Sao I. Shall. Ac., (aboatoaohalf bava valaabla aeft natal attachad ) Abont 104 una Laa4a4 Bball Ah- at 15 toaa Scrap Wroaaht Iroa. Abaat 4)4 toaa Borap Mraaa. |}OH?r,Ae. kS7 Woodaa Art!liar7 Oarrlacaa, irooad. U* Woadoa Obaaala, Ironed About 7s0 Oar airy todalea. 790 Brldlaa, IJW Cartridge Boxea, and a qaantity of othar Laathar 1 largo Band Fire Ba?iaa, (ballt by Apwv, Philadelphia.) A boat lrW barralo Uaaarrleoabla Powdor. AUo. a larira aaaatlt* af othar Property, coba ailui; principally of Maakat Appoada^ea, fttpa, hope, Bplvmanta. Mlacallaaaoaa Tool* Ac , Ac. Tirai: Ua?h oa th? day of aala, la Onltad lUM ?U I I ? ?./ . Ampic time allowed for the removal or Property, at the expiration ? which Hit lot nw??4 will nvirl t? the 0<v?rnnetl By authority ?f Chief ofOrdaaaco. F. H PABKMft. t'apt Orfatntt and Hvt M*jer. USA. fe 9 sAutd Commanding Charleeta ArHnnl. QOVBBHMBBT IBALM The property known~M the "GOVBBSMINT TABNBKY AND hTBAM SAW MILL, ' with e-vraty five acre* of laad. near .Sao Antouio. Texas pp.led Proposala, In duplicate, will be received a t?^ the let day of Morcb, It?, for the purchase of seventy It* icrra of l?M.aor* or leea. together with the bniuilaga rrwM thereon. and the appurtenance* appertaining, that la to aay : OMB TANNBBY. Containing T*?LVI ?T<1SB LIMB TATS, FIFTY TWO WOODBN VtTS, 8EVBN 8TONB POOLS, aad capable of tanning Sfteea thousand Udee per annntn uHB BTBAM SAW MILL, e?i?(<le of aawing three thousand feet o lumber daily. ONI SMALL 8 TON B UCILBIBO Ths aho\e property la sltmt'ed aUout two mile* ah -ve ban At.t<>nio, on the San Ant >nio river, aod tbe water is contacted to the establishment by a race of hewt. atone, laid la cement Ibe land **? purchased and Improvements made by tbe late ?o-c tiled Confederate Givern tnent, and are eetlmated to bare coat fiw ?JU la gold. The property ha* been aader leaxe for the year l?'> at a monthly rent of 9*J0. payable In ad rnnce A secnr?d title in fee aimple will bo given I y the United States Government I'ropoeale will bo marked "Proa-wala for Govtriiount Tannery and Saw-Mlll,' ana oddraeeed to J B KIDDOO. Bvt Major Gen , Aaet Com. Bnreaa B . F. and A L , Galveston. Texaa jall STt LEO All NOTICES. 1'BIS IS TO OIVB MOT1UB, That tbo eabeort 1 bera hove obtained from the Orphans' Court cf Washington county, la the District of Columbia, lettera tea attentat? oa tbo peraonoi eaute of J?ho McBim. late of Washlngtoa, I>. C., deceased. All neraona having ?kima agalnat the sail] deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit tbe same, with the vouchers thereof, to tho aubecribera, er to l?r. S A H Mckim, Washington. 0. O . on or before the loth day of February next, they amy atherwlae, by law, bo sxoladed from aT benefit of the said eetato Given aaderuur hands this l*th day of February, 1?7. A LB \ H.BIOB, I rnwmt.ntgtrm fe M-lawSw* JOHN W McKlM.( " cnh>r" ' 'H18 18 TO OIV* NOTICE, That the anbecrl ber hu obtained from the Orphans'Court of Waxblnston County, In the TMetriet of Columbia letters tea'umt nt<-ry on the personal estate ol Eltanor I'asien, late of Waahtagton. D. C.. de oea-eii All persons having claims >ig tlriat the aaid kwod, are hereby warned to exhibit the eame. with the v.mchera thereof to the aubacriber, on or before th? fth nay of February next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit ?f the a * estate Qlren an'er my btid.thli?h day of February, 1887. THOMAS I. BAUI9, le II lawSw* Aumlnlatrator C T A. IKPAKTMSNT OJTTHB~ INTEKIOft, U UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, Washi.v,r?x. f ehraary S, 1*57. On the petition ofLAUHKN W A BO, ad intaie trator of the eetate of Kicbarl Ward,d^eaa<?1, ot ftangatn'k. Conaectlcut. praying for the ex tetisieu of a patent granted to the said Lauren Uaid a* i-ald administrator, on the JHth day ef J it be. 1M3, for an Improvement ia Ma hi see for T Bruins Irre?nlar Korrua for seven year a from the expiration ol a?ld patent, which takee place on the lath day of J nee. IW : it is ordered ttiat the aaid petition be heard at the Patent Office oa MOHOAT, the 10th day of June next, at 12 o'clock m ; and all pormta are eotified to appear aud rto* caaae, if any the* have, why a*ld petition oncht not to be granted. Pere<>ne oopoafnc the exl?naion are required to ale In the Patent Office the!* objectlone. apecially et forth la writing, at leant twenty date before the day of hearing; all testimony tied by either party, to be need at the eaitl hearing, moat be taken and transmitted In accordance wltn the ralee of the oSce, which will befnrnlahed oa application. Depoaltlone and other papers, relied apoa aa t?etia>ouy iboat be Gled In the '>ffl?e twenty daya jefore the day of hearing; the arguments, If any, within ten daya after filing the tettimony Ordered alee. that thta notice oe published in the ItutlliM'ne'r and the K'tublirttn , Washington. D. 0 , and In 'he Knitter. New II a tea. Cain.. on e e week fbr three ancoeeaiTe weeke; the firatof eald publication* te be at laaet alxty daya prerlooa to the day of hearlag. Q Cemmtsatoaer of Patents. P. 8 ? Bdltora of the above papere will pleaae copy, and aebd their bilia to the Patent Office with a Darter containing thia notice. f?ii i?i> |\BPAKTVBNT or THE IHTBBIOB. li VXITKD STATES PATSyT OrFICB, W Ar 111 RaTDH February 1*>, 1*7 Ob the petJUun of OEOBQB ?. BE ID and PBBCU L. TITTL1, tdmlnlitritori of th?MUtM or Joseph H Tattle. deceaeed. or Geneva, N. Y , pra> 1 ug for the extension or a patent granted to tbesuld Joseph H.Tuttls the Slat day of June.lSM, for aa improvement In Haws, for ssveo years from the ex pi ratio* ol said pate at, which takes plooe on tbe 3i*t day of Jnoe, US? : It ! ordered tbat the aaM petition be heard at tbe PatMt Office <n Hotter, the 3d day of Jane Nit, at U o'clock m.; aad oil person* are notitled to appear nod Mew caaae. If aor ttef bare, why told petition ooght aot to be granted^ Persons opposing tbe extension ore repaired to die In the Patent ufflce their el^ectione, uorlallt act forth la writing, at leoat lu-tn.y day a be?>re the day of heoring: nil testimony filed by either party to be a ted at the paid hooting matt be Ukea aad transmitted la accordance with the ralee of the office, which will be famished on application. Depositions aad other papers relied npoa aa testimony aaust be Med Id the offioe urenty dars before the day of hearing, the arguments, If aay, withia un days after filing the testimoay. Ordered, also that this aotlce be published la the Intelligencer and tbe Bftoublltan, Washington, 1>. 0 . and in the Uenev* Gazette. Genera, N. t.. oncea week for three socoeesire weeks; tbe first of sold publications to be at least sixty days """i'o. Tiiun, Commissioner of Patents. P B. Bdlters of tha above papers will pleaee copy,and send their Mile to the Patent Office with a paper containing this notice fe 21 lawSw ptOCBI F B B PI A fall aasortaseat of all grades choloa Flour for Baker*; quality Bo 1; price low. Are the only direct receivers for olden HIM, J. hOambriIII not Patapeco) and Llaganor Family ours la the District. As the latter braod has been extensively counterfeited aad said la this city, we would inform those wishing this flour by arrangement with the millers we furnish it lower than it can he obtained from any other aouroe. Quality sec end to none. Price a fraction leas than, other fret-class Family Floor. Buckwheat atlow rates. All gradee of WesUrnPloor n store nod fbr sola low hy W.M. SALT A OO., Indiana avenue and 1st street, no II near Depot. MilLlABD'B if J OHOOOLATB DB FAHT AI81B, * BOS BOMS. iUOi MIILIABD'I OHOOOLAT PAB BX0BLLBBOB, (Triple TitlHt.) Tbla Trial* Tulllt GBOOOliiTI U raptrlcr Id quality aa<l flavor to oar otbor nti* la thla uriir 14th aa4 f Btrooto, J?J aadorBbMtt Hoaoa, PKOTMTD WVoY?\mttmwm VAT. S&? jETIB^LES^diBfoS Ti'may Bo. (bx&vSictmtl r?dy tor Bolaxatloa, 0?onaa6?orrho*B, aad BxkuMI?i> of IfcoBviMto. HtMur Bo. 1 bo* oatiroij o^or* iVy y^r ftf AOBBBBL ABB OOPMBH. s ajgnK-tT^jag""" iracssasr war GnW RAILROADS. 1866 miTLUiu Mm 1867 " fiHHPH fo rag eoiTHWMreocTi. uro soothWmUum f Ml. I B?l|lBor? $ U ft. m. ^afiiS^TisarSf; SwrtM^ahu U%Z?S?or fT?aMoVar ' **. ~1*o hu?<lr*d mim mn4 to - - " ? h'orth Ttowut fro* mmmh to BOOflMTIlui I riniBClOH llkoitckut* PuMinn bf tkli roawnoa Mdatr* ton 8irt?S"a:i,rKaMa *- - ' ni?* m Ttckiti by tUi root* can fc? ?r?nn4 ?? tk? oi M.forMrtth atrMt tad PmirlTtjili imim, ?l?rtki|ilt*Dil Hot?l. ?b?r? reliable lafor ?U?i will b? dm M ?ll Mm. rHMiim r*<?rli| IMMi it tkli eflci hi mot* iwwIittoM la Mm|Iii Cmrt for Slm Til Mary WILK1M8, Ticket Ag*nt, wiukiiitoi, 9. 0. Tialai **? Vinuaiioi m4 ? York in ow tu M follow*. TU: FOB llv Y OBE, wlthoat cbiin o* can. diilr Bnndar) il T+ B.?. ia4 ^jj^l BBW TOBK.ekiuttfMri it PhlladolL**t? daily immH bindir > it 1I:U a. m. 4JO p. m. M m FOB PHILADELPHIA. LMTiditir <exceptinnda* ?it rtfuiuu i. Bad M lid $ J0 9 m OB Sl'NDA Y. L*w f?r Hew York and Pbtlm Jphli M ? ? *!? . . H?*|li|cirilkrB?? Titk on <JB triln telly. Through ticket* to Philadelphia. Bow York or Boston, can be bid it the Stition Ofko? it ill honr* la tbo foj. is wall m it the law office i i the (tinker* and Broker* Telegraph Lin*, 34* Pano. Brenne, **tween 4tb and 7th street*. See Baltimore and OkiO Railroa.1 advertisement for acbedula betwoen W'aahlngtei, Baltlmoro, Aim foil*, ao?< the Weat J, I.. WILSON, Halter ol Transported!. L M COLB Oet eril Ticket Aoent. OBO. 8. BOOHTK. A?*nt. Wiihlngton. oe SO-tf OALTIHOBB AMD OHIO BA1LBOAD, O W ami IMS Ton, Jin 0,1W7. Train* betweon WASHINGTON AMD BALTIHOBB.Md Washington and thb wist ire now ma aa follawa. vli : FOB BALT1M0BB Leave duly. except Sondar, at 7 On. 7 49, lad ll:14i m , aud 2>0v, ind 4 K. and 4 M p m. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. . ?**? ?* landir, it 7 00 I. m., and S ft) aid 6 00 a m tOii .7 A Y STATIOBH SOUTH OP ANNAPOLIS JUNOTloB. Loir* it All ind 7 00 I. a., lad it S.Ou nd ? M FOB ANNAPOLIS. Lure it 1 A*> am, and 4 30 |. m. Bo trilaa td or from Annipolls on Snidir ua SUNDAY FOB BALTIMOBB. Leira it 7 44 i. m.. in 111? anJ 8 00 p. m. FOB WAV STATIONS. Lure it 7:44 i. m.. in4 1 Ou and ? 00 f. (p. . FOB ALL PABTS OP THB WEST. ? Loan dally, except Sander, it 7*4 a.m., lad 100 y m. Ob Sunday it 6 001. a. onlr, connecting it Belay Station with train* from Baltimore to Wheeling. Parkf-rkburc. Ac. THUOUGH 11CEBTS to tbi Wiatcaa b* bad it the * i*hl ngt>>n Station Tlckit Office it ill boor* In tbe a?r. I* well i* it the lew office of tb* Bankam and Broker*' Tilegriih Line, 34* Pens. tt-nuf, between 6tb aad 7th street*. For New York, Philadelphia. and Boston, aaa drortleement of ' Through Line ' J. L WILSON, Meetor of Traasportetlon L. M. COLB. General Ticket Agent, oc H tf OBO. B. EOONTZ, Agent Waahln. toa. Hudson bi>eb and hablbm bailBOADS-On and after MONDAY. N * ?9, D04, trains for Albany nd Tror. coiaicting ?tth Butberaiud Weatarn trains, Bill leave Now Y?ra i* follows: a.m. Bxpress train rli H?dsoa Blvor Ballroad. *th at aid lOtb it., through to BnfT*loanl Sn*reti*l>B Bridge aitbont ctunge of ciriand connecting it Trot ?Ith trilua for Biritoci, Bat laud, Barlli.gton and Montreal. 10a. m Iirrns and Mill trita rla Hndsoa Elver Railroad, connecting at Altaar with Wm aru train*, lid it Tr?y with train* for North. III m Expree* tiiii rii Hirlem BUlroid, Kth ?t ind ?tli iv., conaecting it Chatham with 1 Wikt?ru Bailroid for LebanonBprlng*, PltuAeid, Ac .it Alben? with Western trains, and it Troy with trilna tor Baratogi But!and. Barliagton and Montr aaJ. 3 ?5 p m Bxpreee traia via Hid?oa Blrer Eallroad collect!b^ it llbaay with V?Btern trains, ana hi iroy wim train* tor Bi>nw*a?, witn altty lag car attached. I Up m. IxirMi train via Harlem Railroad, connectingat Chatham with W?l?ru RailDal for Lebanon Bpiln^a. 1'ittelleld. Ac.; at Albany witn VntoiD tralai and at Troy with train* for Eat land. Bnrlineton and Montreal Bleeping car* attacked at A Ibany _ 6 30 | n express t*ala via Hadsoa Elver Btllmad. with sleeping car* attached, and through to Buffalo and Bn*pen?lon Bridge withoat ehan<? of cam. Also. *Leepfng car **?tt day excepting Batnrda> attached from Sew York through to Ogdeasburg_wltboat change, via Bone. W. aad O Ballioad. Connection tor Troy will be mad', at Baat Albany Thl* train will ran on Sunday* II p m Train via Hudson Blver Bail road, with leeplai car attaehed. coanectlag at Albany with early train* fer Baffale aad Baapaoeloa Bridge, and at Trey with train* for Saratoga aad point* A Sunday train will ba ran via Hadeoa Elver Ball road fraai New York to Poaghkeepeie aad in* tar mediate station*, leaving Mew York at 8 Sua m. Eetarnlng, leave Pongl.keepeie at l.ii a. m , arriving la Hew York at< U p m Also, a Sunday train via Harlem Bailroad. leaving 4ld street at 9a. as , and arriving at Mlllertea atSMp m. Eetnrnlng. leave MllUrtoa at 6 a. ... u Jalt Vice f resident. pOB 10VHT BMPH. Potomac Ferry CoWtPnny, ) StveHtH Street Wharf. S Wnk<** ?n, Kabroarf it. leiT. \ Tb* Btf*?nr will Ihii th? Ooujpauy Wharf, foot of 7th ?treat, it 10 o'clock, oa THIB8DAY MOHH1HO, Fab ?ud bATL BDaT MORK l|fl,IUrcb*MaM M. for MOCMT VIEKO*.* boat will arrive it 3 9. m. Fire 91.40, including adailMioa to th? Mm ton. fa*4t WILLIAM D OOLT, PraMMt. ^lCAMBB WILSUB SMALL ? FOR THE EASTERN SHORE. BOTICB.-Tha IU4M WILWM SMALL, OAPT . T. LBtt"AttD, bow in _M J II rapnti on of the itioackMt, moat comfortable And iiifigtMHB teamara ply tog ?Cb*ipMji? Bbt. will mom brr roste ob ha 11 KDAI, March M. ShilMTr* her ?ler oppoelte Ho. .70 Licht rtrnt wharf. Baltimore. arery TUESDAY, THOBSBaY, n<i BATIbDAY. at 9 ? at.,lor EASTOX POIffT. DOUBLEMlLLS.OirdRD rLCiliA,SPOlff1f, WALLACH S WHARF. CA MBRTDG E. HUG H LETTS WHARF. CABIS CREEK. MED FOKD'8 WHAKt^juni LLOYD'S LANDING. Betnralac from THB BASTKBN 8H0BC, the leave* Lloyd " Landing illi.a, Cambridge at 4 b B..M4 iHtoD PdBt it 8 (wrr MoBdir, V?4*rW?r aod Friday.touohing at alt iatermediet* landing!, Bad reaching Baltimore it 1. m. OB th? following BorBIBff. Shaba* * large nombr of fine elate rooBM. fo?-tT P IQHMUBP^yBPBB^yiBAMD P? TO TBAYBLLBBS BOIBO SOUTH. TWI01 BAILT,(Bandar p. SI. mtlM.) WchaioSfl?VrederlelZebarg and Potomac BaHroaS, *tuD*n &mrl lad O TaatocMt km Urtk ?*rr sW&ls's&tvsasii a 1.469. m. andINi b. tbboc9h to BIOHMOVDi uth houb8, "s&.tsxr ? OrUkMd rS?iurtotaby^? VftTnS? ?ihJ ^SSbeeew aad^ n*?n^?r-gi* trr* potomac t*ab?fo?t4t10? ull. r botioi tobuppus. s I RAILROADS. I d UADIVQ BAILBOAB. r ? \ L 2s^c ^ s ^ Vo5rr;^ MTik the no atm NQKTHWMST a \ ll _th% CANADA*. WltSrii ARMaGEMRST op pas&e\oer trains. ofmtrt, i**. mrtt? !> ? * TMI?TM?iM m4 C4LLoWBILL ilmu, rtllaAalpfcia, at th*faU?viu? ORBINQ AO OII HOD ATI Oil lAtfTM *" A**41M Md aU IHwHiiH uSoaawrs'.W'r' ?? M0BBIH9 IXPKMI. At B.ISa Bar BaaBlaj. Maot Hinlibiri, F.IUtiU*. flBaWrar.. Ta^aoaa. (tuabarv. Wlf. fca???ort. Sl^rs,Jtweb^wTiliMM* ralU, ??. falo. AllHtovi, WlliMAtrf, FiMatoa, frark. Car tola. C taabaraiarc.|H*rMuwi Aa., *0 Tbli tralfc toaaaoU mUADIIO with tk* But FmmiItmU AailraaJ UtiM tor AlUtWwi, Ac . IM With tfca ?* Barri.bori, ?c ; it rOIT OLIBTuB with 1 BalTroaA trmtm tor Lack liwlrt. Ac ; at HABBIIIl'la with Borthara Oatral, Cuu.b?rtoo4 Vti|?r. u4 Schuylkill aai SnfrjOfhftBi)* tralac fo* BortAojAartaaA, wTI. llBMport, lark. Ck??b*r?knr| Ptaacrwwa, Ac. AFTBBBOOB EX r BBSS UtTM rtlltdrlrklt M SS# f m. tor Baadtn<, PotUTillt, Btrrttbirt, Ac . eoUMtlii( win Baa*tog ud Uolaaibta Ballroatf UkiM br Ooli j. IIADIIO acoommodatiob. Lhtm B?*4id| ktlSlt.B., M*Mi| ?t ftll way tationa. arrlvaain PBliaAai*kla at I ?it a. Bi-iorolac. taaraa Pht1a4alpb fa at 4 SO p. ? ; liriTN la IM4IU U7 ait m. IritMtM PkUMMyki* Mr< Htrrlikaif atB. W m.. t*d Poiu?tllc mat m., mrn *lwg in Philadelphia at 1 *0 p m. AM- roooa tralBe Ware Hknlitvi at 1 1" ? ai aaa PtitnUl* at lh >. m ; ?rrtTtf d at PkilUtlyhto at ( 41 | Harrirbug aco< maodattoo learae Baa41af at 7? a ni . awd Harnabarg at 4 lu p m Oonawel lag at Beading with hftarao?a Aa?aa.>4*i(? booth at p. m.. arriving ta Philadelphia at a Market Train, with a paae<-nger ear attaehi, l?iu( Philadelphia at It boob, for Bead, a g ei.i 1 all way tatloB*; Beading 11 jn a nt , ant Powaiagtoaa IS ' p. m tor PhilaAelahia aad all ; way tatlotia All the abevr train* ruB dally. 8<nday? ??e?pa1. MnAdBt 1 Wv 1 !? *" '? P/?Maw?lU -? * cm"-# ? ? ?. e A. n , ftiMl Philadelphia ?U1I| m., Waaa PhiUdaipBIa f r Beadiog at S a. m . retr.rnl?? from Baadiof ?(? ,,B OHKCTBB VALLBY R*ILB<>AD. p???rr? T?t U??bli(to?D and Intermedial# point* take ib* * SH ?? lilt m u4 ?J? p m triu.* fn b> Philadrlrbt*. rnurulni froai Vowuiijtov b ti 7 t on. aid il.JO aaoa. M *^*TftSErS?6TITTTJiBDEOIi L*?ve? NrW \vlk at ' fj a. Ill BO 1 S B. m . pan. In* K?-? II g at 1 W, 11 13 a m anl 1 ?j p. m an l C Ul tiLjf at Harrlaburg with Pe .a -?I*ania ?u4 H?rtb?ru Ceatral It*' 1 road liyr ii Tram for pitt?baruk. CBtc*C<>< William*port. Bloiira, flali tiBaoia 4c. _ _ . . _ Uaturtiiup liprNi Train )* B(r<i(k?n a Uiliitl of t>nB?yl*anla Kxprr.i fro m rittabur. i at S and i? 8 a n , >U p. m paadii* IU*di?( at 4 4k audjlu.M a. > at.d II 30 p. m . arrlviac at 1 )ir* T' rk 10 a in , au<i 2 *.' p tn, III ?plD( cara acc?B>pari?li.f tk#?a traiaa tarooirh t*t araau J?r. w> clt) aai Plttabarch. withoit cbanp Hall traia f< r Haw York I???m Harriatirf at j top b Mail tr?ia lor Uarrtai-urg laaraa Saw , I ?rk at 1noon BCnl" Y LKIL.L VaLLIT BklLBUAD Tialn* laave Putlavi la at 7, II ? a in. aad 7 18 p. at . feiarniBf lron? Ibbmubb at 7Afta. B-,aul 1 1.44' aa 1 4 18 P b. BCUWYLB1LU ANI^ SrsaCBHBIHA IBILTrain* Imtc Aabnm atTMa m for PImctot* Bi d Harrtat>arK. aa<l .t ] to p. in., for Piaa^rov* arid j ratu nt. returning Iroai Marnabarg at s JO p ffi , and frata Tisaoat at 7 * b. tu. tad s B *m' YBBIGHT Good* rfa'l daar rn ti'.na forwards to alt th? al-ovf p< fnta fr<-? ttie Company'? Hew fralgbt Dat ?t. Br<ad Bad Willow atreeta KBB1 G HT Ttf MBS Liara Pblladt Iph'a dailjr at 6 m a. ta , 1! ci noon I aad? p. tu.. for Beaming. Iz-liarua., Potta?llla, Port Cliut' ii bd4 ail poiatabayoul. MA lt,8 Cloae at the Philada.pnla Poat Offlca for all placa* oft tbt- road and ita hrat?cto?>a at 6 a. ra , ai d lor Iba prt ucipal ataltoaa oalf at S IS p. ni, m l?-tf IYINH8YLVA?IIA C1STB4L *AH.u?an. X to I BITE U AKKtMOtllNT." The trama of the Penn-y * !? Central Btll* r?*4 ! ?? the Drpo'. ?t lilt *Dl Market itrwti, which la rea< had iirecily l>j ti e cars of the Market street Paae> ager K?li?a> Thj*?v(theOh?tbut and to alnat street Baiiway r?u withla um <l?are #( It. ON bCM DAYS? The Market Street Car a leave Fn'Ut ai.d Market atr? et> &b mlnuteo before ttit departure ef each train. MaMND BAGOaOE EXPRESS will call for lad deliver Baggage at the He pet Order* left at the >Ace, Mo. Mi Cbeetnut atreet, will receive atiaattaa. Traim, Ltmve D*ri% fix; Mall Train. at 8 00 a a?. Paoll Accoa'n N a I A 2. l?.?a in All.Bt*. to. Feet Lin* end Brie Kipreaa. .at uwa Park*t>urg Train at 1 00 P. a. Hanlaberc Accaamodatloo at 1.30 p. m. Laucaater Acconi: .det. n at I IW p ua fltt*Lurgh aad Erie Mall at 0 00 p. ai. Philadelphia Exprrae _ at 11 00 p m. Ptttfbuiii A Bile Mail leevea daily, except Batnrdaj. Philadelphia Ezpre** ieavaa daily. All other train* defy, except ttnndav. I'aeaeBgeri by Mel! Tram go to Willlaiaeeort aitheatthaag* of cara, end arrive at Lack Haven at l? p aa. Pa*eengere I p. Mall Train go to Oar Itala-enl Chan:' eratcg without ? cbaage of oara. Sleeping C*r Tlcketa can be had ?u application at the Ticket Office. *31 Chea tuat atreet. 7Vai*.? Arrive it Dro', fu ; Ciaclanetl Bxareaa .at It an a. ta. Philadelphia Bxpreaa at 7 lu a. la. Paoll Aeeem., Boa. 1 A 2 8 20 I tu . A 7 10 I ta. Kk*t>arg Train at * a. m. ca?tar Trail - At 12 p ia. Feet Line .at l.iOp ta. Day Bxpreae at I.Uy m Accomaodatioa. at *J*> p.m. Philadelphia Expreaa acrive* dally, exoept Meaday. Clactaaatf Bipreea arri vee dally All other train* tally except Bandar. Paeeengere leaving Le< k Ha vee at 7 a a , e>.4 Wtlliamaport at s *0 a. m . reach Philadelphia, without chaage ef can, (.ea Willtenaepori, by Da> Bxpreaa. at J V p a . _ The Peanaylran a Bailroed Coapaoy will aok Iaaaome any nak far Baicgage, except for Wearloc Apparel, and llaitt their reaaonalbility to On* Huudr-d Dollar* la valaa. All Baggace exceeding that amount la valne. will be at the rlak ?f IB? 0WH?r SIINI Ult-D ojr IMa ltl ooatrtct, F?r farther information apply to JOHIT O. ALLEN, Ticket If at, 621 CbMt. But meet SABCEL H. WALLACE. Ticket Agent at the Be pot AM EMIGRANT TEA IK rui dally. except ( Itr. For rail parti ca I ere ae to fare u< >~rf nrt? tioaa apply to FEAEC18 fUMfc. 137 Peck at. i^BHTEAL BAILB9AD OF KBW JBB8EF? V/ P >?eeBCer and freight Depot la Bew York, foot o( Liberty etroet. Oonaecta at Bamptoa Junction with the Delaware. Larkawanua ami Wntrri Railroad, end at Eaton with the Uki(k Vnlley Ballr od * < Ita oMHitlnnt, farming a direct line to PltMtrg aad the Waat withoct change ?f can. ALLEMTOWR LIRE TO THE WEST. Two Expraaa Tralaa dally for the W??et, except Bandaya, when one Train la the ami ug Bixt? mi lee aad tbraa boar* eared by tMi line, to Chicago. Ciaciaaati, bt LotJa, Ac , with tot oae change of cara. WIETEE ABEABOBBBNT*, Oomaei ciug Jaauary 7, la*7?Laave Maw Turk aa f Ho?a: C.S> A. M.?For Eaaton, BrthlrheM. Banch Cbank, Wtlliaaaport, Wilkaabarre, Mali a oy Clt>, Ac. *10 A M. Mail T?xt*?For Flamfngton, Emto a. Water Gap, Bcraatoa, WUkeebarre, Gir4 Bend. Pittabarg, Bin chain ton. Ac. 9 A. M ? Weetern Expreaa for Ea?toa, AHentown, Barrtabarg. Pittabar*. and th- Waat, with bat ona cbanre of car* to Cincinnati or Cblcag > aad but two <-han*r? to St. Loaia O aii"cU %t Barrixbura with Borth*ra Oeatral and PMUleiphia and Brie Boada, for Brio aad the Oil BegiOB*. IS M. Traih?For Eaetea. Alleatown, Maura Cbank. Wilkeabarre, Beading, Pottartlla, Barriabarg. Ac. 4 P. M.?For BMtoa. Bothiebom, aad Maach Wk. ?For BofnerTille aad Fleatagt^a. I F. M ?For Eaetoa.JUadlaa. Barrlabarg. Wllllameport. Irriaatan. Cerry. Erie. Ao. Bleeping car from Bow fork to Wtlliaaaport. f.l? f. M?For Somerrtlle T.JO P. M.?For Soroerrille. t F- BB-?'Waa-rxa* Bxraaea Taaiw ?For Baatnn ail?? " lurlitiin. aodthe W?ot. ' UmHMcaro through froai Jerooy City to Plttoburg every evening. AddmoiiUlteUe aro raa to Borgeo Petit. TtckoW for tUw?t en bo ?but aod tt t*o offiro Ctbo Ooatral JUJIrood of Row Jersey, foot of borty."Jtroot, *? Mo. I Aotor Hoo^e, Moo. * 4. >1*1, ** If rood way, Md ot lo. id Greenwich ot*oo|. joH J OBI AH 0. T?:mM8,Bp>?c<BUadoot N1W TOftK A*I> IIW HAVII BAILEUA D. PiMouor B tot ton la How York, oornor S7iA troot ia< Foorth mou. TKAU8 kSVJf ",W I0** For Iiw Btm?>4BrM|*?ort-l,|, Ii ),li *J O. m; 11.14 (lx.),l!lz ), SM, JO, aad 8(*?.). MIHotd, BtaaUail, Falrflald. |*?tb|trti and Wootyort-^, ll JO o ,S soaad t.a> p _For lorwolk?7, bjd. HAD a m ; u u ( *.?, I (Ix.).l so.4 M. 4 ?s aad s t K*.ia. a. Tor Dorian ui Qr?oawick?1\ IJ4, 11 Jl a. m i (!*.). I 5J?, 4 m aod S (_??J ? I for Port CbMtor aad IatoraodtoM MaMooe?T, IN, lLtta.I N. iM. 4JB. 4J?. aad T ?. a. OOVVIOTII* TRAINS. ,? 1 Vor uLtferd aad B?rlagioU-4, (Is. J il J? a. Oocnec'it'If"r Ball rood-I a.ft..(la..) : ^^siv-rr Hoaoatonic aad laogataek Ballroad?la. "forVlMbvf aad Her walk I. M.?f, 9M a. a] fboytag Oan irtuhX *1 ?. a i *JflPJAMM M. MOTT.Kyorlat?HI.