Newspaper of Evening Star, March 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 2, 1867 Page 1
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f H V^ I lo H H . fl H I M B H \ H H ^H H ( - :^H H ^V w^^M - . . ,H H. H H - H H H H A ? ^B.i j ^1 ,H ^1 J^l H Ww H i ! 11 i ? u m i ' ? " ? . ? . V^. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH 2. 1867. N*. 4,863. _ ^^_^l___J___^_l _.. * r - -J > ___^_^__^_li. :; THE EVENING STAR PLBL19HKD DAILY,)SUNOAT BXCRPTRD) AT THE STAR BU1L.D1NO, to%tkw*ii cinwr /* '* hwm dGi 111* itrM, ?t W. L>. WALL. A OH. The STAR 1s served by tat carriers to their rohembars in ?b? City and District it Til Cssrt pi* www. Copies at the counter, witA jt without wrappers. Two Cuts anch. Prick fob Mailiho ? Three months, On* Mar a#*<l Fiffy Cstv'a; atx mouths, Tkrtt Beltars; one year, ftw I>?Uara. Ho papera ara rat tri m the office tonfer than paid for. The WEEKLY ST A R?p atollshed oa Friday Btoruiag?Oaa Duiiar and a Hoi/ a Tsar. DENTISTRY^ ~~ D?. LBWIEVDKNTAL ASSOCIATION, o. #60 f LMM'A ATK , Bttween nth snd ISth atresia. Tooth attracted without aalii by adndustorlng ?? ,y*?d* ' Laughing Gaa. Pr /T*> LtWlJthas recently purchased tbe b' st^JSn# Chew.ical A||m?Idi in tha coantry fjf making pore gaa every day; alee, an Improved Val alar Innaler Tbe Association la bow prepared la make Teeth on ?*>ld Silver and Rubber at Haw lark Philadelphia aad Hon ton prices AH persons wishing cental work done oaii hare Una cheap aa la the above named cities. All work dona la tbe ne?vest aad beat manner. aad warrant*! to give ?at isfatti oa Persons will do wail to wall and examine oar work. de 14 tf SB B T M . ba Inventor*aud?Patente*iPtWa MINBBhLi ATI TIITH, attends personally at/W^ hla office In th?a city. Many persons r>aMM w?ar th<?e teeth wbo eaaaot wear others, aaMl n? peraoa oaa waar others wbo aaaaat w?ar Persons caillnc at ay offlca oaa ba aceoamoditod with any style and price or Teeth they aiay deal re, bat to theaa who ara par tic alar, aad wish the rarest, cleanest, stroageet and moat perfect denture tbat art can procure, the MIBBRAL TIITH will be more fnlly warraated. Rooms In this alty?Bo. 339 Pean'a areaae. he ween ?th and 1Mb ata Alao, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. ec?lr PERSONAL. V OD CA? N*\ *h MAK.E TUB TBIP oa Bachn or beaiaritan humbugs. See l>r. 1)*H?*. 4 ;th Street. He la the blgncet authority en such t???i Ilia private rooms are oppoeite OddFellowa Hail >aa>-lai? DUTlltlOl BkTTBR IRAN cUrX.A French tr- ven'.lves against disease and pregaaacy > when srch ia undesirable1 Sent to any addres? at f\. $5. **and .17*erdo/en,according ta anallry.l'i V>t. MT001> Box ull, or call at WJ .'th atreet, i tip a:airs. > W aahiugton. DM3. thlKB OIBTIHIRVIBQ, Ciafrvyant, a*i Te.'I I'l M Jtwvi, a 111 give life readings, Including Fast, Preaetitend Fntnre at her office, 4 J0, n ,rtti side of Pa av.. betaeon sS and 4th streets. Office hours front Dto;a. m. and ( to tf a. ib, ja It lm* B HUH]! c. KBAL SCIENTIFIC ASTttOLUIiKK Ur AMhKIUA, > rem the position ana aspect of the Stars at tha time of i ir's btrth. will reveal astonishing secret* that no living mortal aver knew before, how to be *nfC"Mful i t all reasonable nndertakiigs. H? tells name and *ery day yon marrv; the inter. iaJ coo.rauion. and tella all events of life, good ln> k and long life to visitors. Laiios 40 reLfc* to ^1-gentlemen In fall }1. 0*11 at 4 7 0 )2th *t . near V. all houra nnbl * lathe evening. de 31 2m Ct'b riP*NTIAL ? Toung awn who have lujnred themselves oy certain secret haoits, which unfit thrm for basiDe<<s, pleasara, or the Catiaa of married life: also, aiiddla %?ed and old men, who. from the follies of youth, or other C?r?>? teel a datluty in advance of their years, betere placlna tbemrelvaa under tbe tr?atiaeut of awy one. should flrat read "The Secret Prlend.'' Harried lalies will learn something of importance ty perusing "Tha Becrst Friend.1' Bent to any addrees, in a asal?<i envelope, rn receipt ot 2f cents. Address Dr. CHAN A STUART A OO . Boston, tlvaa ao P ly CLOTHING^ Jko. Xf J. HBfBIRGRA, " Baccaaaor to H. V. LtMoa AOo.., 4a VJTI2I yrs AXD MIL IT A * Y >H w MFMCHAyr TAILOR, Ifatrepolltan Hotel, late Prown'a. im . _ 36S Paaiwyivania aveoaa. rvrj^tf Waahlaytoa. P. Q. BOOTS, SnOES, Ac. ||fca BOOTS AMP BUOBS. f^j H B W J_T ORB. The nndertlgned begs It ave to Inforn his frten.>a the pebhe get-ti a'ly that he has jd the BBW CHIA P t*TOBB. No. 7th street,na ler Ode Fellows' Hall, wl.ere h* has ou baud a gen eral aeecrtment of La.Ilea aad Gentleman a. Bey's, Miaa?s and Children 'a BOOTS AND PHOB3. Beaoember the naiaber, 30< T:h street, nnler Odd Beliuwa' Hail The daw Oheap Store, for merlj A. F. Pa**-, atore. deli WI08GB B. W1LSOM. PAWNBROKER^ J. BTABLlbH k It 1811. EP10IAL N O T101. < HABliB3~HBEZBKBO, Snecaaaor to Isaac Harxberg A 8on. Who aavecnadnrted tha Pawnbrokim^ Uaalnaaa for fifteen years in this alty, Ur twelve XX y*?r? tbe ?nly Pawnbroker ia tha Diatrlc'tjC^JL take this n et hod of thanking thair fttroo'O O aad tha pnbllc for the confidence heretofore ahown theni. and *?eg have to call their attention to tha fact that we atlll continue to make tha higheat adjauaea in all anaoa apon all articlaa of Jewelry, Dianjonds, Hatches. Bonds. Government Scrip, Plate, dc.. for whloh we have anperlor rlaces of depeeit aad eeenrlry, which will always e ahowa for the <atlafacUr? of teese patronising aa. We have anaclal facllltlea (ar tha aara and pre?ervatiua of Hearla? Apparel ef every deacriptloa Woolens, da., on which the hlgheet advancee are aiade. guaraat.eia? whea reanlred agalnet moth, and always against la,, ury Haviaa a large warehouse in cannectteo with oar office, v Mrve spacLal facilities for storage of all kiada * Marchandlae, F ami tare, de.. ea whlsh we Make the highest advaaces for days, weeks or months We call especial attention to the fact that owing to the large capital employed ia ear bnataeea, we caa Bake advaaces at snch ratea ef mtereatae to defy competition We aall no goeda aatll the expiration of alx maaths after their forfeitnre, aad than oaly at pabllc auction, trst glv ill ?B||p notlM throofh the ftrlou city jomraria to all depeeitors. By thla means deposits ^'^ "' rloatif their redemption Is daaire<i. W a call esnarlal at tea boa to our arraaceforiifdin foods to ABT Birt of III# ocnatry, arraagemeata whlsh aa experience of Sltoen years baai breaght to parfaettoa. DepoaI tor a are enabled aT thla meaas to redeem their aocda from oar office ne aaatter where they aaay be located Full information alwa< a given. Private anarimenta for eoaftdendal bu-lnees B B ? a kave no eoanaction with aoyaimilar eatahllaameitt In thla city. Befar to any old raeident of WaehlDvtoa Bememher HBBXBBBO'B Lena Office Sftl aorth 0 aWeet, between 4>< aad 6th, Waahloftoa. P. 6. fa ?-lm* OBBYI MOBBTJ^ HOBBY!!! H. PBTNCB'9 HBWLT^KBTABLISHBD LOAB 27 7 Pa. ave.. next to Potential aOoafectlonery. Money loaned on every description of ealable errhat.di?e eeseeiaily Watches, Die- /Ov en<U and fr.e Jewelry. 1 oau a*snre/"*\ these who may favor lie with thar ratroa O U V **5?* wl" "ot r*?"t h? ving done ?o. Private door aad ofree. Persona not Wiahlne to eat*r the public oloa will ring the offre^elL HM im* 0 AM OFIIOB. MONET leaned oa Gold nnd SllTer/?\ Watehoa IMamonda Jewelry, Clochinc, Ac O fl D D0B0VAB.Pawabr.,fc;r Mo. iYt BfT 1 im'_ hetwa? lutk aad llth rta. Thb old bstablishbd fibm or ., ?. goldstbim a CO , - PAWNBmOKBRS, Sd FOOB-AMD-A HALF ?7ailT WBST, ^ near Penasjlvania aveana, Offer the hlaaeet cash ad ranees oa ail kinds of Merchandise, to any amount and (or aay A time desired, at reasonahb rata*. 1 Interest en large aasns greatly reduaed. A Bastneaa striatly e nfi isntial Ooeds bought for aash aad sold at private gals. 911 . Rational LAUBDar. od i Peanaav .bet luh aad lat,i ata. Zi I AU work .ions by ha^. Goada called for aad delivered, at the a hart eat notice. All kinds of Breach tuttag dene la the naatoatatyla. fe M dt* I^BCBPTIOB JUCXUBUM. Jaat received, a large variety of articles ee uated parltoalarly for the as?iu reeendaasaa?. m. fraro jmr _ Klic f|aoi_ i*mW Oar. Vt. ave. aad MHat.1 ?. BROWBB. R j. |M,eHa? bbowbb a smithbbs. A TTO KM1 Lo'MS AT LAW, BTR*A^*BIF>tMJBBSU*rBVB* SlJ. ABD ?? - V>>DOMD ??ABB8 Office Bo. 476 Seveath street,opposite the rott GMea. fa ?.|g AH will Sad ft greatly ta thatr Iwnil M Orfy agaacr at GBORGB L. WILD * BBO.W New Piano Forte aad Orgaa Warereom, No. 49T llth atreet haaweaa Paaa a aveaae aad B atreet. A aelect ass. rtmeat of asw andseaond hand laatrunieata. Including a OUVBCB OBOAN, for aale at to wee* factory price* and of easy terms. T IM h 0 aad BBPAIRIBG fMtkfally ax era tad no M gaa" ^M. IVABB A OB.* PIABOG, ~~~ f.i.os * oo^nttin a-o n|# for sale aad rent on easy tanas, a: Ba. 4S8 llth treat, above Paaaeylveale aveaae Ml-aadm' ' ""TTO. RBKJBBBBAOB. amusements. NATIONAL theatre. Feaaaylvaala arenas, 1MT Wi llards' Hotel. BPBOlALllIGBT I Free List Scspendeil oa ibis occasion. THI9 SATUBBAY. March 2, 1867, For on* nigbt only, positively, MRS W W LANDBB, Formerly Mil? JBAB DaVENPOBT, A* QCBEN ELIZABETH ! WANTED IMMEDIATELY - Fifty Toon* for a ??w spectacle now in preparation. Entire wardrobe furnished. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. BERRF * WALL ? PROPRI1TOR8. H. b. PHILLIPS - STAGE MANAGER. SATURDAY KTIMIO, Maroh 1, 1SJ7, Lm( Bight of the Engagement of tho WEBB SISTERS. Oa v- li'eh occAflon they will appear in THREE ATTRACTIVE P1BCB9, Commencing witn John Brougham's Great Bnrof PO CA HON-TAS, To be followed by the Pro'ean Bnrletta of tho FOUB SI8TBRS. Concluding with the Protean Pare* of THRICB MABRIBD. ADA in foir Characters. Songs, and Pances. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOR A SHORT SEASON ONLY. COMMENCING TCESDAY, MARCH 5, 1?67, THE GREAT OKIG TXA L MIL TOM 1 V T\BT. F.i UX, FROM LONDON. ENGLAND. The same that created inch an intense sensation in this ctty abeut on? year ago. when, daring a seil-s of thirty exhibitions. n-t ieaa than THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND PERSONS wlt*e>*ed this world r^n *Miod exhibition. of reserved neat* will commence MONDAY XOBNINO. ht 10 o clock. at Ellis' Music St..r?. B?. 30B I'?nn? Ivanfa avenne Cor particular* see billn ami Iohk verti?e?ent in TnesUa? "* papers A M. DORLAND, Manager F O GARDNER. Agent. mh t tf C^IFT OOBCERT * FOE THE BENEFIT OF OARROLL HALL, Will be POSTPONED on account of Hall not being fln>hed. It will ta\e place in due time, even thongh the number of ticket* may not be sold. Notice will be given thrsugh the press. Mh I-2t* METZEROTT HALL. 6ATIBPAY EVENING, March 3, 1337. JOSEPH HERMANNS' OK AND CONOBBT. Tickets ? ?.fl 00 (Secured Se.?tA, 60 c< m? extra.) Tie s?le of seats commences on Wednesday morning at few 6t METZBBOTT'S Mavlo Store. L'ANCY DRESSB8 AND GOSTOMB8 a For Tableaux and Private Parties. Apply to MBS FRANK BE A fe 21 1 m * 4 4 7 lOtb street. ? ?g??? BALLS, PARTIES, <fec. A * A /ft URBANITY ASSOCIATION will givb A GBAND BALL ON MONDAY. MABOH 4,1987. AT MARISI'S ACADEMY, E street, between 9th and 10th streets. Tickets, admitting Cent and Ladies, $ 1. By order COMMITTEE. fe 25 7t carriages! ^SDIIW J. JOYCB A 00., CABBIAGE MANCFAOTBBBBS, NOB. 477 AND 479 FOBBTBBNTB 8TBEBT. We are now prepared to receive or- .MEB. dors for OABRIAG US in all tho new C?P.^K ard fashionable sty lea, to be coat dieted \Tir-~W at an early day. Wo hare on hand a largo assortment of LIGHT FAMILY CABBIAGES, FINE TOP AND No T0P BUOQIE9, DEABBOBNE WAGONS, BOOKAWATf, Ac. Deoiroae of asalataialat tho high standard whteh our work has bald for aiaay years, we confine our business exclusively to OABBIAGBS of our own manufacture, and of the first eiass only, and ad iao oar patrons and tho public that wo offer no Inferior sale work. BBPAIB1MO mads a speciality. fe U-eolss ANDBBW J. JOYCE A OO bankers. JAY COOE.I fc CO., IABK1BI, Fifutmhttrttt,gprssat* Usury, Bayand ssl a tearrent market rales, mA ! ? oaitaally oa band, a fall supply off all GOVBBNMBNT BONDS, BBVBN-THIBTIB8, AMD OOMPODNB INTBBBST N0TB8. Orders tor STOCKS. BONDS, Ae., saeeated, and OoMectlons mads oa all aoooaalbla potats. so 1-tf yARROW A CO., babbbbs. Corner Loalslaaa areaae and Bereatb root, DXALXES1M oovemnment securities, GOLD AND BI1<TBB g f-tf AND LAMP WABEAETB Fint liatieul Ink of Wuhiigtoi. B.D.OOOEB, (of Jay Ooako AOs.,) Pniisil WK. 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. OOVBBMMBBT DBP06IT0BY ah F1BANCLAL AGENT OF THB UBITBD BTATBB, lfttA surest, a*NW 1*4 I?s?ai I CoTsmiaent Seonrftiea with Treasurer United WTONE MILLION DOLLARS.^? We boy aad soil all claeaes of GOTKRNMEXl LECURITIESat earraat market ratea. FURNISH MICH A NO E mmdntak* CUUaumt am ALL TBM PMIMCIPAL CITIES Of THE UNITED STATES. Wo parehaao Oovernasent Yoaebors oa Be MOST FA TOR ABLE TERMS, aad give etfekl ana prompt attoatloa to ACCOUNTS / B USIN ESS MEN mmd FIRMS, aad to a ay other baalaeaa aatrasted to aa. FULL INFOBM ATIOB la regard la OOVBBMMBBT LOAMS at all times chearfally faralsbod WM. a. HUMTINOTOMi Cashier. Washiafffa, Marsh m, ISM. atltf 486 ""{."Ji/vtSlit0"' 486 WAUIDT _ . .. No 4*B 7th Sxjiixr. Paintings?Oat kill ant aloe, verr tneland ??>! . by Bemmers. Pair Oabfnat also Laadesaaea, by WllUos. Original aron p Oluskeas, by AT #. Talt Fiatt PaMel, ay BttTs KIm. Mother's Joy, by Meyer. Interior Cat bad r a) Ylaw, rary Use, by Beaanx. Baetrtra Oeacris . Ac. * 1 .BaBraviatfs ?Taaso at the Oeart of Terr are raf1MM * * *rom his immortal poem JeroaaDaflaered." 9ttak*p> are at the Court of Qneea Elisabeth ?ecl?lng passagea from "Maebetti." Tbeee are match engravlnas from Bnders paint 'M*- SWiblij. engraved fro* a painting by Girardat. Tho Happy Bsacna a very spirited pte? r#; "on> M'ntiog ay Carl Huboer. F?rbiddan fpiH, enrraved ?r?a a paintlaaby Schloeelence. , _ ? Bo. 401 7th stmt, doors abava f? P Odd ffellaw'a Ball. B*w Fairy Tales; Baap. largely illaetrated, aM TAYLOB. I I OFFICIAL. By the President of t\e United Slates of America. A PROCLAMATION. WhfTM? the Congress of the United State* did, by an act appro ted on the nineteenth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-lour, authorize the people of the Terril tcry of Nebraska to form a constitution and State government, and for the admission o such State into the Union on an equal footing with the orgiual State?, upon certain conditions in said act specified: and whereas said people did adopt a constitution conforming to the provisions and conditions of said act, and sk admission into the Union; and whereas the Congress of the United States did, on the eighth and ninth days of February, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-u^ven, ia made prescribed by the Constitution, pass a further ac for the admission of the State of Nebraska into tbe Union, ta which last-named act i was provided that it should not take effec except upon the fundamental condition ibat wituiu the State of Nebraska there should be no denlM of the elective franchise or of any other right to aay person by reason of race or color, excepting Indians not taxed, and upon the further fun. daniental condition that the legislature of said State, by a solemn public act, should declare the assent of said State to the said tun. damenial condition, aRd should transmit to the President ol the United Statt-s an authenticated copy of said act of the Legislature of said State, upou receipt whereof, the President, by proclamation, should forthwith an* nounce tbe tact, whereupon snid fundaments condit on should be held as a part of the or. ganic law of the SUM, and thereupon, and without any further proceeding on the part of Congress, tLe admission of said State into the T'nien shall be considered as complete; and wheieas within the time prescribed by said act of Congress of the eighth and ninth Of February, one thousand eight bandred and sixty-beven, the Legislature of tbe State o' Nebraska did pass an act ratifying the said act of Congress of the eighth and ninth of I February, one thousand eight hundred and j I sixty-seven, and declaring tbat the aforeI named provisions of tbe third section ot said I last-named act of Congress should be a part of I the organic law of the State of Nebraska; and wbersas a duly authenticated copy ot said act I of the legislature of the State of Nebraska has been received by me : I Now, therefore, I, Andiiv Johnson, PresI ident of the United State* of America, do, in I accordance with the provisions of the act of I Congress last herein named, declare and proI claim the lact that the fundamental conditions I imposed by Congress on the State of Nebraska I to ent tie that State to admission to the Union I have been ratified and accepted, and tbat tbe I admission of the said State iuto tbe Union is I now complete. j In testimony whereef I have hereto set my I baud, and have caused the Seal of the United I States to be affixed. I Done at the city of Washington, this first day of March, in the year of our Lord, ' one thousand eight hundred and sixty. I fL. 8 ] feven, and of the independence of the I United States of America the ninetyfirst. ANDREW JOHNSON. I Hy the President: i Vx. H. Seward, Secretary of State. , ? I Virginia News. I In the Express car which ran off" the track J on tbe Orange road on Wednesday, were I several hundred dozens ot eggs, which, ot course, wers smashed up generally. It Is said I there was net a whole one left la the lot. Ia tbe rase of Butler and Johnson, tbe ne| rroes charged wltb tbe murder of (May Lee, iu I Warrentoa. tbe Magistrate's Court decided to I I commit both of the accused lor trial In the I I Kanquier Circuit Court. Mr. Robert M. Walls, aged about twenty- I I two years, a resident of Petersburg and a I printer, was accidently killed while ont hunt- I Inc ia Chesterfield county, on Wednesday I I afternoen. j Eating.?Tae New Yorkers attribute the I I fact that but one great restaurant flourishes in I tbat city, to the cireumstanee that the private I I dinner tables in New York are "vastly better I than in other cities" and they also think that I Boston aapporu her restnaranta because the I people wish a change from the diurnal diet of I beans aad buckwheat cakes which rules in the I best Boston families. Whether Boston lives I on beans and buckwheat cakes, and whether I that fare is eminently fitted to produce the I superabundant brains which Boston always I makes sach lavish display, we will leave the I I newspapers of tbat city to decide. Ia Phila- I delpbia, however, we do aot think tbe New I York boast ot having tbe best dinner tables is I at all well timed. Om|people seem te flourish I quite as well on tbe eatins they get a* the New I Yorkers do on tbeire. Oar merchants and I tradespeople have ao cause to complain, for I while they are nnder tbe impressioa that they I I live quite as well, if aot better than the people I I ot New York, they kaow right well that It is | I done at one half the cost. Then, with regard I I to the people who have no dinners at all, the I I proportion in New York ia surprisingly large, whilst in Philadelphia, compared with the I | population it is very small. Eating, however, I is aot tbe whole object of existence; neither is I I money-retting, notwithstanding tbe avidity I I witb which New York claims a monopoly of I gormandizing and avarice.?Phil. Ledger. ?Tnn Sncnnx 8bksiow 'The occasion for I tbe holding of the recent secret eesslon of the I State Senate was tbe receipt of several tel?- I graph measages from members ef Con tress tn I reply to one sent ta tbem by Oov. Peirpoint propounding the question, whether, if Vir- I I ginia now adopted tbe "constitutional amend- | ment," she would be relieved of The Sherman bill. They were Messrs. Reverdy Johnson I and Eesaeaden, of the Senate, and Messrs Spalding aad Biagham of the Honse. All save Mr. Bingbam replied br telegraph, and I he wrote a latter. All save Mr. Johnson re. I sponded in tbe negative. Mr. Spalding aald I "it was too late." Mr. Johnaon was in doubt, I battbongbt the adoption of tbe amendment "would do a great deal of good.** Mr. Bing- I bam wrote a very earneat letter, nrgiag the earl eat action upon the Sberman bill, the I adoption of all tb? constitutional amendments I required by It, and giving the most earnest aa- I ?nranees that whea 'hat was done, Virginia would be welcomed back to the Uaion by the I Congress and the Northern people who were I anxious to aee her restored to her place among I the States.?Richmond Dinpatch. At one ol tbe colored charcheain Mobile, I the minister having finished hie sermon, an- I nonnced tbat a collection would be taken np I for missionary parpeses. The "aasser" was I accordingly sent aronnd. When it cum back | to tbe palpit, tbe praacher proceeded to count I tbe amount received* and among the fractional I currency he discovered a ton dollar Oonfader- I ate bill. He looked at It for aoma time with I evident diegaat, and then took a calm look at I bis congregation ever the top ef hia spectacles. I Then clapping lb* unenrrent bill upon the | open bible witb ladignnnt empbasta. be ex- I claimed: "Brederia, I pnt dla bill right dar I on de bibl* and tot the Lord taka ear* of dat man!" WA prairie wolf walked into Dnbnqne I one day last week. He toft ia a greater hurry I than he entered. KTln Paris, a new paper, to be printed aad I edited entirely by women, ia talked af as one I of tbe noveluw of the Exhibition. It will be I long aad fall of goeaip. VTha Governor of Idaho Territory, has veteod a bill for tbe benefit ot Catholic schools I tn the Territory. The Council overruled the I veto, hot the Lower Hone* sustained it, thus effectually defeating the menanra. i KTA. northern woman who went to Holly I Springs. Miss., to teacb school, was compelled to accept a poeitipn as cook tn a colored fhtal- I 9&~K little son of Mr Ben*, ten year* old, | living near Hatches, Miss., Sred en and wounded one of two robber* who were trylag to get into the house on tbe 16th. Brave boy! VTen thonaand laborers are kept employed I In constructing the Pacific Railroad ia Uali- I torn la, eight thousand of whom ar* Cblaese, I who work tor thirty dollar* per month and I I beard themselves. J I 1 **fjJ L , v* i *' ?? n ?* - TELEGRAMS, kc. A audtti for the delivery of Captain Ooo. 1 Olney upon the requisition of the Governor of Virginia, w*? issued by Governor Fenton on I the litth Inst. New facts having been presented, I the Attorney General bas concurred wltb tho CTovernor in the following disposition of the I ?*'A mandate having been Issned on the I l*tb day of February to the authorities of the J elty of New York to arrest and deliver Geor*e Only to the agent of the State of Virginia, in compliance with a requisition from theGover- I nor of said State, and said Olney being now in j Cl\!it0wy' Bn<1 Jt "PP^aring from new facts I which have come to the knowledge of ?aid I Executive since issuing said mandate, in such I form as to compel attention thereto, clearly I showing that the acts chatged atrainst the said Onley are not sufficient to warrant such sur- I render to the agenr aforesaid 1 therefore hereby revoke said mandate, and direct that said I Olney be released from custody."*

A meeting was held at Toronto, C. W. Thursday night, to consider the Huron and Ontario ship Canal scheme. The following resolution was adopted: Rttolned, This meet- I mgis of the opinion that tne proposed canal is I the moat important project ever submitted to I the people of Canada; thnt it is the duty and I intereet of every one to aid and assist in the I enterprise." Tne President stated taat it was I the intention to ask of the legislature a free grant of ten million of acres or the public I land*, and municipal aid would oeaxked from I Toronto to the extent of *.VKi,<><K?. The resola- I tion in favor of the canal was carried by a lares majority. The first water was let into the Lake Tunnel. in Chicago, Thursday?enough only to I fw*epout the smaller debris. Theexperimen- I lal flooding will be protracted throughseve- I ml ('.aye, if not weeks, with a view to a thor- I ongh testing of every portion of the structureTfce city will be supplied through the newchannel, if ail goes well, in about tour weeks. At a general meeting in Quebec, Thursday, I of the shareholders of the company to establish I steam communication between the maritime I provinces, it was announced that the re iUisiie amount of capital had been sub?crnjed, I rind the provisional directors were instructed I to purchase the steamers, in ord*r that the line I can start immediately upon the opening of I avigation. Speaker Glass announced Thursday even- I ing, in the Pennsylvania House, that specia1 I trains would leave Harrisbnrg for Washington, at 9 a. m. Saturday, to convey members, otti- I cers, ard reporters of the Legislature, and heads of departments, to witness the inauguration of the Fortieth Congress, and the swearing in of Simon Cameron as t'. g. Senator. Commissioner Foster delivered a lengthy opinion at Norfolk. Va, yesterday morning, sustaining the civil rights bill, and decided that the civil magistrates acted illegally in excluding testimony of colored witnesses He bound tbemovr in SI,**) and two solvent sureties to appear before the District Court which meets on the 13th of Mar. The lamrns Russian sheet iron was success- I fully made, this week, at the Mahoming werks of Brown. Bonnell & Co., at Youngstown, Ohio, by the process ol George C. Keen- I gancheff, under the superintendence of Caleb I Broraal. This is the first time this substance I has been manufactured in this conntry. The negro Horace Greeley was executed at Charleston, South Carolina. yesterday morning for the murder of Mr R Bam- I well Bhett. Before death he made a confession of his guilt, which he had heretofore stubbornly denied. There were but few per. I sons present at the execution. Governor Fletcbsr has brought a suit against the St. Louis Ertning Dispatch lor delam ition I of character. The damages are laid at one hundred thousand dollars. A bill virtually abolishing capital punishment has parsed both Houses of the Illinois Legislature. A detachment of the 41st colored infantry I arrived in Cairo, III., yestarday, from Nashville, en route to Baton Rouge. The Illinois Legislature, aft?r a session of I Jfven weeks and four days, adjourned at noon i Thursday tine di?. Hon. Robert Toombs has arrived in Georgia lrom Europe. " J Mohock* in a mate ah Citibs.?Morgues, or dead-honses. where the bodies of persons who meet with sudden or violent deaths away I from home may be taken and preserved long I enough for identifleation, are established in most ot the large towns of Europe, and have become necessary In many of our cities. New I York last year erected one, which was opened I on the lVth ol June, and which is modelled I very much after tne celebrated Morgue of | Paris, and is said to surpass anything of the I kind in London, as far as commodiousnessaad I eutdts are concerued. Upon the uled floorinc I are placed four slabs of marble, six feet in length, and at the height of abont Ave feet, I having a slight inclination towards the foot I Lachslab is provided witn an india-rubber I hose, connected with the hydrants, by means of which a steady stream of water can be kept I running upon the bodies. In this way they can be preserved in a recognizable condition for from twenty four hours to three weeks, ac- I cording to the state of decomposition in which I the bodies are when found. Such clothing of I the unknown decerned, as aids to their idenU- I cation, is hung up around the room, on pert provided for this purpose. Proper ventilation I has not been forgotten, and every other acces- I sory that will tend towards rendering the es- I tablisbment In all respects adapted to the end I In view. Philadelphia is now taking steps to establish a Morgue, and the Beard of Health is considering plans of the proposed structure which is to costS60*(X)G. To this establishment will be taken the bodies of all persons who I meet with sudden or violent deaths, and especially those whoee names and residences are unknown at the time. These last will be pro- I perly washed, and then plaoed on elevated slabs, in such a posltiou that they can be easilv I seen through a glass partition. I Thb Lboiblatcbb of Mabtlabd ? The Senate, yesterday, passed a bill providing for the measurement of oysters in Maryland Bv the present law the ealy measure la the half bushel, hut by this bill from half a bushel to twenty-live bushels can be nsed. j la the House, a report was made by the minority of the Committee on Federal Relations The bill In aid of the Maryland Agricnltural College was passed.. The minority repert of the legislative committee on the Baltimore and Potomac railroad subject was made by the Hon. LI ins Davis, of Washington connty, and not by Mr. Curtis Davis as reported. nbgbo repnbrbbtatiob iw viboilfia _ Tne Charlottesville, Va., Chroniele in discussing the Military Government hill says-??in mere than one half of the counties in Virginia the blacks outnumber the white. They can command the Legislature The majorty of the Legislature, under the Sherman Mil, may be I negroes. Allowing for the Influence of pro- I J*rt3r intelligence, anumber of the m?m ' bere of the Legislature may be negroee." It I n ??" ,on 10 anmerate a number of the counties of the State in which the black population exceeds the white, according to the last I oeosus. I ExroeiTioB?The bandings to b? occnpiod by the Farts Exposition this year will cover an area of 140488 square yards, and will eost about S4,ono,ooo. The London Exhibition of 1861 covered an area oi 71,000 square bBlld?ags cost Sl,5O0,?00. The ** ? Exhibition of 1845 covered aa area of I ii'SS ,1a***? *nd lh? buildings cost S*.*J0,U00: and the Exhibition of 1MJ in Loam*ai> la buildings oovering mm square yards, aad costing *3,000,000. SP" A riffle in Mobile for a baby yielded S85. I A ST" Wages are coming down 1b the manulactaring districts of the conntry. B^The Princess Helena is next oa the rjyal list for an attack of CaMo rheumatism. BVWisconsin 1btends to cover her prairies "With forest traes. ! STLand In Georgia recently sold at fifty cents an acre. I **"The members of the Maiae Legislature refused to increase their own salaries. 117* Madame Parepa and Carl Rosa were aiarrisd oa Tueeaay, in New York. J 99"Five hundred Americans are reported In tbo British Parliament to allow Catholics to bold oMces from which they are bow excluded. , IS^Zb some of the villages of Prussia oasthird of the population will leave tor America I 1b the Spriag. VMrs. RebeccaGoldmaa dropped dead in tfce s tracts of Chicago mi the 21st nit. I I rOXOREMIONAL. $niiTB.-TMi?r?ay afternoon. the internal revenue bill being unrttr oea sideratien.? The qoMtion recurred on adopting Mr. Wil wb'( anndmtat a* amended, no aa to rea?l that I be tax on cotton shall be one cat per pound after the 1st ol September next. It vw adopted?yea* Si. nay? If. Mr. Davis moved to change the wbitky tax so (bat tt shall be *4 nnul October next. 91.5(1 until April 1, and SI U.^reafter Disagreed to. Mr Howard offered an amendment that the act stiall sot affect salts commenced under former act*. Ac Adopted. Mr Fessenden offered an amendment thnt no suit inequity or otherwise for the purpoee of restraining the aiieumeat of any tax shall be maintained in any court Agreed to. The bill was then reported from the Committee of the Whole to the Senate, when tt was in order to ask for another vote on any amendment already adopted in Committee of the Whole. Mr. Howard asked a vote on striking oat faorse-rskes, horse-power*, tedders, bam-*, scythe-snaths, hay forks, boee and portable grinding mills from the tree list. The Seuate refused to strike them out. Potato-hooks, pitchforks, msnure and epading-toras, were restored to the tree list as in the House bill. Leather of all descriptions, and goat. deer calf, kid, sheep horse, hog and dog skins, tanned or partially tanned, covered, finished or in the rough, were stricken from the free list. Mr. reskenden asked for another vote on the proposition to reduce the cotton tax to one cent. Mr. Wilson moved to amend the amendment I by mttking it two cent*, and as thus amended it was finally adopted. Mr. Nye moved to amend the existing law in relation to 'he tax on gas companies, so that they shall be authorized to add ttie tax to th? price of existing contracta. Agreed to. On motion of Mr. Conaess, the vote by which legs of piano fortes were placed in the free lis: was reconsidered, Had the&e articles were stricken trom the iree list. Mr. Trumbull made a report from the con ferrnee committee for the allotment of judges of the Supreme Coutt which was agreed to. The Senate bill is adopted by the committee of conference, the li#use having receded from lis amendment*. Pending further consideration of the tax bill, the Senate went into executive session At the evening session. Mr. Morrill made a report lrom the conference committee on the bill to incorporate the Narional Capl'al Insurance Company, of Washington; which wv> agreed to. The internal revenne bill was taken up. Mr. Davis renewed his amendment reducing the tax on whiskey prospectively, fixing it at ?2 to the 1st of October next, ?1.50 to the 1st Of April, lH6b. and #1 thereafter Disagreed to. The bill was then read a third time and passed, and now goes to the House for concurrence in amendment*. Mr. Fessenden called up the bill making appropriations lor the construction, preservation find repairs of certain fortification*, and it was passed. 1 be naval appropriation bill was taken up, amended and pasted. Mr. Henderson made a report from the committee of conterence on the Indian appropriation bill: which wa* agreed to. The Senate insisted on its amendment* to the lDternal revenne bill, and agreed to the conference asiced for by the Hoase. The Senate also insisted on its amendments to the army appropriation bill, and agreed to a conterence. Mr. Sherman, from the conference committee on the legislative, judicial, and executive appropriation bill made a report that the committee bad been able to agree oa all the amendments except those relating to the salaries of district judges, extra compen?at|on for certain House employees, and increased salary to eertain employees of the Senate. On motion of Mr. Sherman, the Senate fur- | ther insisted and called tor another conference committee. The Tariff bill was resumed The question I was on adopting to the bill composed of the wool sections of the measure now pending an amendment increasmg the duties on all these | articles except tea. coffee, sugar, mjlasses.tira- I ber, coal and railroad Iron twenty per cent., to | go into effect ten days after date Without action the Senate at lg.SPXdjonrned to meet at II to-morrow. HotTPB.?Yesterday afternoon, the deficiency appropriation bill being under consideration? I Both paragraphs for oronze doors were struck out. j Mr. Conkling asked for Information about I the item of S11.20U for eight mono.ithic col- I umns. Mr. Stevens and Mr. Maynard gave the required Information. These were colamns for the sonth wing of the Capitol, and it was deemed better to have each composed oX a am- I gle stcne than of pieces. Mr. Kataon moved an amendment to the same clause, providing ih&t no mouey and?r it should be paid to, er on account of, any 1 claimant who participated in the late rebelliou ] or gave to it aid or comfort. Adopted. Mr. Garfield moved an appropriation of I S2S.0U0 for the purchase of Carpenter's paint- I ing of the first reading of President Lincoln's proclamation of emancipatioa. Mr. Scofield made a point ot order against I the amendment, and the objection was sns- I talned. I Mr. Price moved to strike oat the appropriation of &J5,0(JG for completing tne repairs of and furnishing the Executive Mansion . re- 1 marking that *30,000 bad keen appropriated I last session for the same purpose Mr. Scbenck moved to add a proviso that no I further payments should be made oa any account for repairing and tarnishing the Execu- I tive Mansion nntil such account was submit- I ted to a joint committee of Congress and approved. Agreed to. The qnestiou recurred on Mr. Pi ice's motion to strike ont the clause as amended. Rejected? I 44 to 53. I Mr. Thayer moved to strike out the para- I graph appropriating S50.0U) to aid the Amen- I can Colonization Society ia furnishing convey- | ance and support to such paruos as desired to emigrate to Liberia. ! Tbe farther cenaideration of the bill was. at I the suggestion of Mr. Stevens, postponed till I evening, la order to let tne business of the morning hour be proceeded with. i Senate bill In reference to persons imprisoaed under sentence for offenses agaiast tbe taws of ] tbe United States, (allowiug deduction of one I month In each year's imprisonment for good conduct.) Passed. Mr. Campbell presented credentials of Mr. | Christie, member elect from 6th district of I Georgia, and Mr. Trimble presented like ere- I dentlals from Mr. Chilton, member elect from I Texas. i The House at 4.30 took a recess ull 7.30. > At the evening sessiou, Mr. Wilson, (Iowa,) I from the committee of conference on the Senate I bill to provide for the allotment of members of I tbe Supreme Coart, made a report; which was agreed to. (The House recedes from its amendment for I the appointment of a United States marshal by I the Supremo Court of the Di?trict.) Mr. Stevens, from tbe Committee on Appro- I pnations, reported back the Senate's amendments to the army appropriation bill; which were disposed of, and the one appropriating ?2,500 for sarvey of a national park in Washington. Non-concurred in. Making it the duty of officers of the army, I navy, and Freedmen's Bureau, to prohibit whipping or maiming of the person as a panishment for crime by the sonienoe of civil I authorities or conrU in the late rebel States. I Concurred In, with aa amendment making it I apply also to sentences of military courts. I Pending its consideration, Mr. Le Blmd submitted a resolution reciting I the recent vote la the Ohio Legislature, re- I fusing to strike out of the State coasUation the I word ' white," thereby repudiating the action ] or the Republican majority la Congress, aad instructing the Committee oa Koco*s<ractton to report a bill establishing a military govern- I menf over the people of the so-called state of I Ohio until such time as tbs people thereof shall I adopt a republican torn of governmsni[Laughter ] j Tbe amendments being all disposed of. a com - I miitee of conference was asked on the disagreeing votes. Mr. Jenckes, from the Committee of Confer- I once on the bankrupt bill, made a report, re- | commending that the House reoede from all [ disagreemeat to the Senate ameadmeata oxoept I ' oae, ftom which the Senate is to rsoodo. I The conferenoe report was then agreed to by I a yea and nay vote?yeaa 73, nays 71. The House thee teok ap the ben ate amendments to the Internal revenue bill. The Honae then refused to coo cur in the 1 Senato amendments, aad asked a Committee . of Conference. Adjourned at 11:90 p. m. K7~At a recent wedding in New York tbe bride's presents (silver, js we try, isssa, shawia, I i Ac.,) were vale* at 91W.W0. | I local news. * hif^riridi Ball or vheobbhah 1 imp ClATlo*?Ik* JLu^Mn4*li?Jl?| kit iter ma II Association at odd Fellows' ll tjl, on tl...r?. duy nifbt, ?w wry isutm'tniud fonpiri* Effai x. t l? cum pas y a*?fmkm ?m*iir*m?. ij principally tbe :an#i.? of m? ml*r? of the association. wbirb id luie? nalj ol the most promiitatit attd of our ikrrrtBiitr corem o n' ty, aad aiar^r l u nti ber of distinguished mvi.ed guests,mm i c whom wet* noticed several m lnarr officer* of renown, ard Senators a&d members ol Cougresa. The dacorauons of tbe r*v?m were unique asd exceedingly tasteful, and the arr?d(ti*mfnU generally were kdnj^mcud well carried out by the manarers The floor committee. Mean a Hart. wm buretard. l ri aidrup, a. n Soloanoas aad k Drsop were is ile costume of Louis i?ih. and the re< ep ion co.nmi'tee, f l a pel. j r kllis, fc l Sctmuit, o. ttttn aad k. Npr,urib Id continental costume. It woBld be almost impossible to describe all the varied costumes portraced try the mvk?r< 1 te arduous part of Polar Hear wm capitally perlormed, and created uttaiu amnsemi at. did that of tha Sable Barber, >> Judv OTrott," Paddy<?'RaflVr:y," "Miss caches. * wlti: umbrella and extensive waterfall. "Lord Dandrearv.'' ?w bitewa?ber." "The House tbat Jack Built." Tbe Mdhkev,'' ?PaMk'' "Continental Gentlemau," pedier Dance. ????c Man from tbe Country. Traveling fancy Store, Ac. Very axcelleni waa the representation of tbe part of ? KalatalT by a genial member of the association Among tbe character* that attracted special attention wrro those of i>e Mnuprat." ..tbe Ueaius of "*!''*rf-""ronunu Teller," "Meptiis. tophlles." "Gentleman." with a charming yonng lady.) "OldLadv" and "Old Gentle, map,' "Highlander." "queen of Night." "America," tbe pretty Thandtem. la nan ffirift. Ac A nooitoo, witti llow miui %cconipitBied by abewttchii.f yoanc lady ib pearl colorf-cl mIIt,uei*object ?< o; muc h curioauv. and on unmasking at 12 o'clock, it wan ascertained that tbe lady (from Bjston) ?a, umte as charming in face as In figure. Much mlstiAcation wns <au*ed by mwk*r? cbanginr coctutne several time* lathe oourse of tb? eve. birr: and the interest of tb? occasion wm cob siderably heightened by tbe amount ol ou*zle. ment thus caused, as to wbr who l,uriri_ tbe early part of the erenmc a masked persenate was seen to be lurkm* oa tbe rear of the mailt gallery as if he were some ,eaiou ? husband ot lover on the watch with uischtev ous purpose Presently a scuttle wan ae-n ln^oa there, with cries of ?pnt bim oat'* throw b:re ow1 aad to tbe horror of tha ass*mbla?e u0 was luted over the rail aad thrown headlon* to the floor, but no boa~n were broken, a* be proved to be stuffed witu 14 ?'0,oclt masks were remove,i. and a fine sapper enjoyed, after which danctnr was returned and kept up witb-pirlt for b. nr? it was a well-maii;4ged and enjoyable a;!air throuKkont. Tha officers of the German Assor auon are M Serekea. President A Harr. Vl>? Presi. u SteirUn, (Jorraapoadiac Ssoistarv .\ ^ Stiremetz, Uecordinx Se,reiarv; C *1 Sibiuidt. Treastsrer. and aboard ot six managers. kkpcbltcak m tit TIM, IS,- the kofatu . 1 evening, a meatiBg of the Ke. publican Association of the f ourth Ward w:i* held at Kev. a Boldin's church, which w.ts v*rt larvaly attended, theauditiics immr composed with the exception of about twenty whites, of the colored voters. Oeo. w sh^aij Iin (colored) la the chair, and Goo. w. Hatton (colored) secretary. Tbe committee appointed at the previous meeting to nominate officers. reported tha names of the followinc, to serve one month ? 'l ^ ro*,',nab (white), president, l{ei,:nra;n McCoy and Stokely (colored), vice presi. denta: f red Hates (white) and g w Hatton (colored), secretaries, t. k. i^ewis (colored), u-easurer: tred^ Hates (white), w h Edia! boro, .loeej.k Mackintosh, Warren Lincoln. ? A. Lewis, Campball. and &d * ltd*" executive committee, whicn waa i he names of *5 new members were received, making the total strength of the club l?6 1 h? new members were all colored exoeptiaa tb? v* l?wab? ~? **' w. h Hariiett. harder *war' u t*omm< William b. a committee of five was appointed to draft by-laws, and the Chair was authorised to appoint a committee of five to select permaueat officer* of the club. Kev. Mr Green (col.) addressed the meeting on the new relations of tha colored man with the white, saying that the tormer naedad assistance, and advocated the establishment of a dally and weekly paper, on which the work she old be done exclusively by colored men. and h* sucreated that if eighty persons snbacribe sin each he would commence such euterprise: be had already procured sixteen iobecribers. He also spoke of trades union bemc In tbe way of the colored man. and said that they should do all they could to learn their children use ul trades, that tbey might get wealth, which, if oace obtained, wo uld give tbem a standing?wealth is at ways respected, whether in white or black Adjo?rne<t * c"f millrr ?Beef, beat cuts Beef, J6aJbc. \ aal, *?c. Mutton, chops, *>c Lamb, Lard, ibc.; Pork, fresh. h ?t? corned. 15?.: Bacon, hams, uncut, *w:joc..aUced ??? shoulders, 15c. Butter, ?oa ?c.; Chichens. pr tlafl.75;Tnrkies,"aol *lb (*eese. (,c.a|1.5.i; Ducks.,t5c af i t>cs. do* a isl i"" ^orn- *0c., Apples dned. 75c. Leeks, bbic npibnadi 40c Kale. *.sc, r>c pk ?eachet dried, per qn, 15 eta. Beans, bnt'or white, 12a 15c.; dried cherries, qt. 50c. kadiahes, per bunch., 2a4c. Bee La, per pk . 4?c Peas, quart, 10c Carrota, bunch. 5 cents ih ^ 850 Hal,hut. p t'6,l^l"ach: lobs^ra, aor pound, 15 cenu: Sea ba^a, par punnd l-i cenu; Spanish Mackerel f lafj 5" e^h ,rrs.kbn,h^ **?m0 Corn jsb!p?fttr' ?*"?? Brown naff. 50c Shorn, 4oc. Corn, shelled, ffia^ m ??r bbl., #4as5. Oats, bh., floa?5c. Hay, cwt., tl vi 1 .5. Straw, SlalAo. Ueiery. pr bunch, loc h^v^n^ffhrf0" p*r head. Saloc! rotaton, 35c. par pack; Lgg Plants. 5aibc Chest a nu. *>c. qt. Sweet Potatoes 7u eta* ^?a2l. **t doe? i a#; Small darks' .5ca4t: Canvass Backs, hjed Neck*' ob^ ??* *'*" Chinquapins, per quart, soc.; Oranberries, ??o. Pumpkins. 10 to 50c. each. Prairie hens, ?1 pair. ALaxxtfDEtA iTsaa.?From the Oatetu of y?t?iday we clip the following We are inf?rmed that Josiaab Millard, tbe lately deposed Assessor of the Internal Revsnua for this District, being ander the lmpree?_ l??i f ttk* shermaa Sbellabarger Foraa bill.become, a law, tbe negroes of tbia cl?r will be enuUsdI to volant theToesdav s reunihaa, at two secret* meettugs of -.v- ^0y.p#pu,atl0b' bobaoed h,?. aelf a candidate for tha Mayoralty of tbe citr Our informant alao saya that at the laet one of h,n.f' 1" c?nqn ce of a statement that Mr. Millard bad. some months since, ou"ffrage. it waa determined by not ultable candidate ^ ^^ule is tberentleman. who, at tha iBWHaatpsrll ot nia lite, rushed through tha smoke which Ailed tbe lower floor of Mr. Speiden a atore, on the night of tbe late fire there, and brought from tha burning building the two kegs of powder . ThbCharitv Ball?At tbepramium btrtr l? ii5it pe* *' '.h/ poor of the District, held t Odd >ellowa Mall Monday evening, tha fili^t!rw",rh drawn as follows Mr aad Mrs. flr?, wot, opposite the Post Oflos. the first prize of a velvet cloak: Hon. Joha h k oa, of Maine, the gold-beaded cane Mr o m. Wight, Ijoaisiana aveaae. the meerscbanm pj>a, which waa put up at aucuonbv "?t for the benefit of the charity fund and was bought by mr Uwan Thorn wso j^ ssii;v^Lf"ii a '*? >? w??2 ? Wailacb. who can sad it to be again out a^nm wen't?tnfli? p??r; w,oth*r prize ^ ??r- cornelina Wendeilland l j*maa l. Barbour The ball DOta OD OB tCCOQIt Of thf WMtb^r ml f "'"S"1 10 " Laatavaaiag Grand ,^ riar.c5.1 c t> ^'eal, of tbe Umad Division. Sons of Temperance, with other offi. ?i *he officers of a new v" Oermaa Church oa 6th. uenr 1, tfcf, n'w dlviaion la known as Crya. if! ^1?- oaioars are w f. Given. w.f.; Dr s.8. Turner, w. a w j Cook, r. s. j. m. Mitun, a k.8 ; j q Cull varwall, p. b.: j. r Urorgoa, Vims ; r m ^???y- Chaplain: p. Eichelbergw, Cteadn"tor: g. f. Hammond, Assistant Conductor j w. warn. i. a.: a a Barry. o. s? t*iv% fourth now dtviaaoa instltmad tha uriam quarter. Bboth ee hch.p o? theu jrtoe.?Cam to i n. rei. of the Brotherhood of tha uatothata sto??*? the following officers to serve ter the eat>.? year -D. McCathran, Chief WhahmJSS Franklin; "_trr_(" ,%,r ?f thefcast Wash. mgton m. e. Charcb, Thursday evaamg. fhlrieaa votes for gotk^t>cky Democratic Con van