Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1867 Page 1
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/ / A , V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY, MARCH 4. 1867. N2. 4,864. i ^?i^?,? i i THE EVENING STAR f L MLISHED DAILY.18CNDAY EXCEPTED! at the star buildino, ao*tkwest wrmr and 11 tk glraet, BT w. D. WALL, A CM. The STAR la served by ;ae earrl^ri to Mr sTibacTtbare in the Citj aad District it Tw CJRITS TKM wm. Copt** *4. Ule OOBWT. With or vlthout wrapper*. Two Cnwrs each. P&icx roa Mailijco ?Thr?e mont&s, One Dollar and /V!* tlx months. Thru D*lUn; our rear, Firt Dvilart. No papei* are 4*at from tb# off c* longer tbao paid for. The W EEKLY 5>TAH?published on Friday jjorniBf?One Dollar and a Half a Ytar. -x_s??as ?????**ll,p DENTISTRY. D~~BTLEW fiFs UlNTAL ASSOCIATION, Ho. 3?0 fENK'A AVK , Between 13th sad 13th streots. Twth extract without pain by adintnsterlng Nitre us Oxjds ?r Laughing Cos. LEWIE bat recently purchased the hyeWjfgn# Chemical Apparatus a the country for making pore gas erer) d.?y, also, an lmprotM Var volar lohalsr The As?ociation is n-w prepared to make Teeth on Gold. Silver and Rubber at Nsw lork Ph ladelpbia end B?*ton prices. All perK ni witting dental wctkdooe can tor* i t as cheap a* in tt.e above named cities. All work done in the uotMt na<l beat manner, aed warranted to give .atisfaction. Persons will do wall to call MiJ?? ?ork. deli-tf TV" * i LOOMM." B, .. ^tbe Inventor and Patents* #f lw MIBBRAm plate TEETH, attend* personally his office tn this city. Many persons ear these teeth who caanot wear others, aud no person can wear others who cannot wear Ferannsoalllnf at ay office can be aooommoda ted with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, bnt to these who are particular, and wisb1 the to rent, cleanest, strongest and ?o?tperfe~^ dentors that art can procure.the MINERA L TEETH will be more fully warranted. .. Rooms In this olty-No 38* Penu'a eveaae. he tween 9th and lPth its Aleo. ?OT Arch etreet, Philadelphia. ~ PERSONAL^ v OP CAb HE Y AH MAUI THE TRIP oa Ba1 ctio or Saaiaritan humbugs. see 1>r. UA*BY. 19:4 7th etreet. He Is tbe blgaest authority ?? such c?*a. His prisate rooms are opposite Odd Fellows" 11 aU jaa-Iw?__ 1 JREVKNT ION BETTER THAN OURK ? 1 French preventives against dleesse and Preg nancy ( when srch is onde-iral>le) a?nt to an\ address, at Si.$V *6and 5: rer d?ven, fcording[to quality. I'V l>r WOO l? Bo* ?U3, or -all at*With street, ,up ?:*irs ; \S a-hingtoa, P. C- jag-lm _ Miid CLRTId IRVING, CUHriyyant, a*l T-'j Xidmut, w ill Bl?e life readings, Inc^ladlnit Fast, Pi ?sent and Future at lier oibce, 1 id, n-rtii aide of Pa ?v . bvtweeu *> a?d ?tU streets. O'Sc? boure from ?to - am. and to i> a. ? J* ? A H MAI El< E. BICAL SOIESTIFIO A^TliUUUOlU OF AMEBIC A, From tbe position anoaj pect of the Stars at tne Unieot one'* birth, will r?ro?l astonishing se cr-ts that no liriag mortal ever knew to be ^ncceMtal tn all reatonsMe on<3e7?*'"*"ile tells name and very day ypo marry, describee tbe intended companion, mid t"lls all eventsiof life good luck and lout life to visitor?. cetti to ?1 gentlftn-n in foil -fl. Osll at t 7 0 Bih st near F, all houn until ? In the evening. de Si 2m ' CONF1I/ENTIAL.?Toom nw-n who have Injured thsniselree &y certain secret habits, which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the duties cf married life; also, middle aged and old men. who. Iroui the follies of youtb. or other canses feel a debility in s.lvauce of their years, before placing themselves under tbo tres,t?eut of ary ?t?-. skoul'i first rend "The Secret Friend Married Udi?* will learn ?om*tblng ef i?^ortaoce by pernsioy "The Secret Friend." Senttoauy address, In a sealed eaveloae. on receipt of 28oeuts. Address Or.CHAb. A 8TCAET A OO.. Bo-too. Mas. CLOTHING, Ac. FJ. HEFBEBCE^, . Huccsssur te H. W. Lsndon * Co.,?Ja 91 TIZE&SAXD ^fl merchant TAILOR, rjn M?tropolttati Hotel - laU Brown I, AW 3ca Pennsyl^trta avaooe. beV i-tf Washington- P. 0. " YOQTtf, SHOESTAc. ~ a. boots and buosa. *mm fW! HEW "b~T Oil. Tbe aadenttgued beee Uave to lnf"rm his frien Is ani{ tbe public generally that he has opened ttie HEW CHEAP t?TOEE. No. 7th street,nsrter Odd Fellows' Hall, where be has on nana a gen eral aseortment of Ladies' and Oeatlemen s. Boy a. Mi see* and Children s BOOTB AND SHOBS. Kemember ths uniaher, SO* 7tn street, under Oda Fellows Hall The New Cheap ctore, forBS:\78K ' B. WILBOB. PAWNBROKERS rBTABLlHHIV 19 6 3. J bPEOlAL N O T10 B. < HABLEs"iEBZ0EEO, Successor 10 lease Herzberg A Bon. Who havs conducted tbe Pawnbrokln? Business for fifteen years in this city, fsr twelve XK years the only Pawnbroker ia ths Dti*trir-. I A take this mat hod of thanking their patroasl# W aad U.e put lie for the confidence hsrstofsreshown tbrm, and beg Uave to call their attention to the fact that we still continue to make the highest ad* vaDces in all sums apen all articles of Jewelry, Diamonds. Watchee. Bonds. Bovemment Scrip, Mlver Plats, Ac., for whtoh we have saperior Rlaces of deposit aad security, which wiH always s shown for the ?atlsfacu -a of tnose patroal/.luc ns. We have special facilities for the care ana treeervatioa of Wearlng Apparel of every description. Woolens, As., on which ths hifhsst advances are Bade, fuaraaWin* when reanired against motk, and always against injury Having a large wan house ia connection with oar office, we have special facilltlee for storage of all kinds af Msrcbandlse, furniture, Ac., on which we ake the highest advances for days, weeks or months. We call especial attention t? the fact that owing to tbe large capital employed to our businese, we can make advances at saeh rates of la tor eat as to defy 00m petition. We soil no goeds until the expiration of six months after their tr rfeitore, and tbea only at public auctioo, first siring ample notiee throogh the various city joarnals u> all dspositars. By this aeaiw deposits with as are nsver loet If their redeapttoa Is de ired We call especial attention to oar arrancaBevk for forwarding goods to any part of ths conwtrr, arrangements whleh an sxpsriwe* of fifteen years has breaght to perfectloa. Depositors are enabled try tils neass to redeem their (roods from our office no matter where they may be located. Full Information alwata given. Private apartatentafor confidential business. H b ? W? have no eonnertlon with any similar estahllskmeut in this city. B> fer to any old resident of Washington. Bemsmber HEBXBBKO'd Loan Office. 341 north O street, between tH and 6th, Washington. D. q. fe 15-lni* jyjONBT! MONET' I MONET!!! H. PRINCE'S NEWLY ESTABLISHED LOAN OFFICE, 377 Pa. as*., next to Potentfni sConfectionary. Money loaned on every description of salable Merchandise, eepecially Watchee, Dia- /Ov m^nds and floe Jewelry I oaa assure/VJL thoee who may favor me with tber patron-V w age that they will not regret having done so. N B ?Private door aud office. Persons not wtshlmr to ent.r the public office will ring the oftce bell. fe M ltn' ? O A N OFF I O E . MOBF.T loaaed oa Bold and Sllver/^\ Watehes Diamonds. Jewel ry. Clot king, Sc. O Q D DONUVAB, Pawnbroker, Ho. UTi E st.. fe S lai* between 10th aad 11th st*. THE OLD ESTABLISHED F1BM OF 8, OOLDSTBIH ft OO . L1CBBSBD I'AWMBROEEBS, 34 FODB AND-A HALF STHBET WB8T, near Peunsylvaala avetus, Offer tbe highest cask advaaces oa all kinds of Msrcbandlse, to any amount and for any time dseired, at reasonable raten. x i Interest on lares asms greatly reduced V | Business strictly e nfi i-ntlal. Goods bought for saab aad sold at private sals. fetl-Iy oTl NATION Alt LACNDRT, Oil mt 1 Penn a av., bet. lltb and Ifttb its. ht\ I All work done by hand Qoods called for and delivered,at tbe shortset notice. All kiada of Breach fluting doaeja the aoateat atyle, feifigt* 0 BCEPTIOB LUXURIES. Just received, a large variety of artfclaa selaotad particularly for the ^^l^r^dlsn seaKlni{ Place, deJE Cor. Ft. ave. aad U* at. A UBOWHB. B. J. SMlTUBBS J I" ?jafsefiMPtsiTLlwBUBBAO BEFl'OBBS. FREEDMEH. AND 1 ABANDONED LANDS. ^ . Office Bo. ?7? Seventh street,opposite the Post OSes *a?ly AT EST rABIS FA8HTHBI OF HALELi DBBSSIHB. B. AtXrer, PKBMCH HAIR DRESSER, 3 J4 street. betw?wn lltb aad ltth ate. Mr. All lot, fro* Pari*, Hair Dressar. of the aelebrated Rar bai, with wbomk* fri'wd U this country, baa bow been established for tas iset eight years In Washington aad. Mewnort, enotiag the patronage af the carrt airfmahjiu, and 01 tks klgbsat aociety. Hs has the aouaso that be has this soasoc imported tbe lateet fashions of hair drsssiag, aad^ afco pomades, aad everything that b--laDgs to the drsaslag of bair at vsry reaeoaai le prices. *7 as / 'OLOBBD TOT BOOKS, Bom L?adoa; v Juvenile B >oka, direct from Paris, Lmboulaysa^ Bew Fairy Talse; Bsop. largely ill unrated, gad 'f"*-rtuia[ nn0|. CARRIAGES. ^IDIIV J. JOYCI * CO., CABBIAGB MANUFACTUBBBS, OB. 477 AHD479 J-OVBTBBNTHSTBBBT. Wf are bow irnirtd to rttflrt or- .?mB. dersforOABRl\GKS in *11 tho new?jR3?St ard tashieuableatylea . to t? oompleted ~r ? at an early day. We haveou hand a large assortmeat of LIGHT FAMILY OABBIAGBS. FINB TOP AND HO TOP BUGQIB9, DBABBOBHB WAGONS, BOOK A WAYS. AC. Deairoaeof maintaining the hl?b standard whteh our ?< fk hki held for u,*u j year* we confine our basin* b< exHuei rely to OA BBIAOB8 of our ow n n ann:? ;ture. and of thu tir?t elass ?nly, and adviae oar patron* and the public that we offer no Inferior eel* work. BBPA1BING made a speciality. fe l.Veolm AWPBBW J JOYCE A CO. BANKERS. JAY CWOKE It CO., BAIK1B1, F\ft tenth hr??i, oppositt TVeaJur*. rcyend eel horrent market rates, and keep nnstaatly on band, a full supply of all GOVBBNMBNT BONUS, 8KYBN-TH1BTIB9, AND GOMPOUNB INTBBBST NOTBd Orders for STOCKS. BONDS, Ao , executed, and Collections made oa all accessible points. sel-tf JJARROW klO., babkbbs, Corner Louisiana avenue and S?*onth reet. D1ALBRS IN HOYEBNMENT SECURITIES, OOLD AND SlLVBB jy AND LAND WABBANTS Pint Kalional Bank of Washington. b D.COOEI, (of Jay Cooke AOo.,) President. WM. B. HUHTINGTOH. Cashier. GOVBBHMBHT DBP09IT0BY AID FINANCIAL AOBNT Of TUB CH1TBB BTATBB, 14(4 ttreet, orrouit the Trtatury Department. Government Be emit lee wltk Treasurer United (jtltQt WONB MILLION W e bny and soil all classes of GOYERNMENl bLCL'RITIEShX current market rates. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collect inn* m ALL THE FMINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers on the HOST FAVORABLE TERMS, an* five careful acs prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other business entrusted to as. FULL INVOBMATION In retard to GOYBBHMBNT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished WM. 8. HUNTINGTON. Cashier. Washington, March ?, IMS mJl tf HOTELS.EEriTAU RANTS^ Ao. I^IBKWOOD BOD8I. Corner fgnn*. ? *?? mnd Ttrtifth Wmshineton, D. C. Situated 1b the most central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AHD PBB8IDIHTFAL MANBIOB, 0*ly a short dlstaaee from all the Departmeata, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, H. H. DUDLBY A 00., no II-tf Proprietors. P MB1CH 8 BB8TAUBAHT. ~ A-i Ho. 346 Penna avenue, near 6th strsat. P. BMBICH wlahasto Inform his {Heads and ths pcMic generally that he now keeps con -A . . a stantly on haad OT8T K KS tAvh erery 'a every style. ItflT oSmJ/ES*??* cannot be nTpSSsT. I trial. ocg-tf WOOD AND COAL, pom ooiLii ' ..W.SSJ2U?" *"???< All*,-, " r" if ?(>?' $??*$?> *i? Lob* Oak, #8 per curd. A ton of Coal sold ky me always weighs t-HO lbs . ? , ? JOHB B.loBD, f Oorner tth and G streets ^OAfal 00 ALII ~ AT OBIATLY BBDUOBD PB1CB8. Gross tons of 2M lbs . delivered In any part of the oity. Chestnut Whits Ash. 97. Steve, Bn and furnace Whits Ash, $8J0. Bed Ash. S3 Hi. Lehigh.Bfl. Oak and Pins Wood eonstantly on hand. Orders rscoived at our Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street ^ 8. P BROWN A BOH, ja>5 tf 464 >th atrsst, between B and F. 486 ^h^SSL?08' 486 WALNUT BBACKBT8, BOOK8HBLVBS,At .at MABKBITBB'8, ???- ? ? _ No 4*?S 7th 8trkkt. PalatiDgs ?Catskill Monntalns, rsry fine land?c*r 1..Jr ??mn"""s. Pair Oabinat size Lan<lecap?s, by WIDsob. Original group Chickens, by A. f. Tail Visit Pastel, hy Bonis King. Mother s Joy by Meyer. Interior Cathedral Yisw, yary tine, by Benoox. Beatrice Cencl. Ac ,Ao. 7 KngrariBira ?1Taaso at the Oeurt of Terrare ref "tag passages from his immortal poem ' Jerasa??? Dflirered ' Shakevenre at the Court of Queen Bli/.abeth seoltlng paseages from "Macbotfa " Tbeee are match engravings from Bnders pitiat,Ble*0.J?Ci engravef from a palatine by Girar<let. The Happy Besens a very spirited plotar* from a palHtlng by Carl Hnbner. forbidden Prnit, enirrared fress a painting by Schloeelence. Also, Walaat Brackets. Beokuhelvee, Parlor Cases, Ac. J. MABKBITBB. , ? ,, No. 486 7th street. 8 doors ab?ve Odd Fellow s Uatl. w. H. CLAGBTT, H. B. BWBHHY. B1AL K8TATX BBOKXBS AKB AUCTIOHBIBS. Poftlss contemplating building In the soring or ?ro?*rty for investment will And it to their advanUge to look ovor oar list before purchasing, as we have added rscently to our former list a large amount of that des< ription of Wi can offer Biay ftndQcemeBls l0W *** eaa' terme. y>?'?>'or sals several small tract* of land ?? 1 m?edlata vicinity of this city, vary eUgU>ly located for sabnrkaa residences,- so well as rsail^bargains^ far"* ? Property left with as for sale doss net subject boot"*** *? ,XKM* >aiaM whils oa oar _fe ll'lm OLAGBTT A 8WBBNY. V ?Z3fo?SSWAHD BBOTLATOB^^^ CSTABITSTCD IH ISM. BBk DBMPSBY V^OcWi'T'i'ngravero and Sta488 llth stroot, near Pa. avenno. a^*tMi JVsU|i Km Wm.Xnmbe t Cb., Baltimore. Mr. Beaker nastuned Plaaes for as at oar Warerooms, and we take pleasars tu stating that wa boll sve him to boa compsteat taaar. no Sl-am WM H WHBATLBY S PBBM1VM STB AM ;v? "ffiJtttiSftr OIBco, Mo. 49 Jefferson st.. Georgetown,D. O. Bstabllebad In 1431; premium awarded by the Metropolitan Institute 1M7; rebuilt IMC, aad is "?y b? far the largeet and meat complete establlshment ef the klad la this eectloa of country. Dyeing aad See art ng of all klads dons in ths best maaaer V?}'for. Mt favors, ths suoscribsr solid ts ths oontlnaad custom of ths comojunity Goods rerei ved and returned by ozprsai with the telegrams, ate. A dispatch from Montreal fcays:?Immediately afu-r the union of the British North American provinces under th<* new eonfeder*tlon bill, and at the first reported meeting of the muted representatives the provincial territory will he declared a kingdom, and placed under the role of Prince Arthur of England. Prince Arthur is the seventh child and third sen of Queen Victoria, and it may be said that in nam*, reputation, and character, he will be at acceptable a rnler for the different people subject to her Maieaty on this side of the ocean a* con Id be selected?facts wero not, 1 am nssnred, overlooked in high quartera in naming h'm. The yonng gentleman is named Arthur William Patrick Albert. Prince Arthur lack* only a couple of months to complete the seventeenth vear of his age, having been born in May, li?50." Dates from the Uity of Mexico to the 7th have keen received. Maxtmillian had left there, going northward with 8,000 men. His destination was the scene of war. M?iia is attain at. the bead ot his command. Witbin three weeks they lot; only seventy.four men, and in six bailee were victorious?once the French were Bazaiue destroyed the guns, military stores, and arms at puebla and other cities, rather than turn them over to the Imperialists. The Imperialists bad won some battles, and reclaimed three hundred miles of territory, but the Liberals were rapidly investing the capital aud contracting their liiiev I The French marshal is showing many acta of kindness to Americans leaving the coun*ry. A Mexican letter says:?"I nave received an express from my friend, General Jemo Garnet portuga I, informing me of the occupation or n uai>axuato by <he commands oi General Aiitillon and Colonel Kincon, after a light, commenced at ' a. m , of tlie'2t>?h and finished at :j p m. Ttie victors captured l.?o prisoner*. .'OUmu?kets, twenty-two cannon, ammunition and material of war. Liceaa, with a tew men. retreated iy San Miiriiei. and others, with Juan Chavez, toward La Luz " The First National Bank of Hudson N. Y.t was closed Saturday tor examination ot accounts, it being alleged that tke cashier is a delaulter to a Itir^'e amount. Tho directors ot the bank are now investigating the matler, and will report the mnount of deficiency is i-oon as ascertained. Tbecashier makes a clean breast ot it. and acknowledges that he has lost heavy in speculation in fancy stocks. There it great trouble in financial circle* in Boston. The cashier of the First ISa-i >nal Bank of Newton, Mass.. is short *110,00(1. The president ot the bank gave notice that the cashier came to Boston Friday at eleven o'clock, and has not since been heard of. The Colonial ministers in England hare resigned, from reasons connected with the reform mea-nre-- The reform bill promised by the Government will be presented on the Utn instant. In is reported that dispatches have been receive in London announcing that war has broken out in India. The Cincinnati City Councils, by a vote of 'H to 12. engrossed the ordinance providing for the issuing of bonds to the amount of S30U,I*>0 lor the purchase ot the gas works. Herr Simson has been chosen president of the North German Parliament. The King of Prussia gave a banquet to the members of Pari.amen t. Veto of the Tenure ef Office Bill. The President, m his message stating his objection to the tenure of office bill, quotes the first section of the samo as qualified by the fourth, and says ?ln effect the bill provider that the President shall not remove irom their places any ol the Civil officers whose term ot office has not expired by law, without the advice and consent of the Senate of the United States. The bill in this respect conflicts, in my judgment, with the Constitution of the United States. The question,as Congress is well aware,is by 110 mean* a new one. That the power of removal is constitutionally vested m the President of the Uni?ed State? as a principle which has not been more distinctly declared by judicial authority and judicial commentators than it has been uniformly practiced upon by the legislative and executive departments of the Government." He then proceeds to review at length the argument in Congrees on the subject in 17P9, when the bill for establishing a "Deparment of Foreign Affurs" ?** under consideration, and says:?"The question thus ably aud exhaustively argael, was decided by the House of Representatives by :hirty-tonr to twenty m favor of the principle that the executive power of removal is vested by the Constitution in the Executive, and in the Senate by the castlug vote of the Vice President." He then reviews the action of the Supreme Court beariag on the same subject, and says "The words of the act establishing the Treasury Department are, "and whenever the same shall be removed from office by the Presid -nt of the Uniited States, or in any other case of vacancy in office, the assistant shall act " This amounted to a legislature construction of the Constitntion, and it has ever since been acquiesced in and acted upon as a decisive authority in the case. It applies equally to every officer of the Government appointed by the President, whose term of duration is not specially declared. It is supported by the weighty reason that the subordinate officers in the Executive Department ought to hold at the pleasure of the bead of the Department, because be is invested generally with the executive authority, and the participation in that authority by the Senate was an exception to a general principle, and ought to be taken strictly The President is the great responsible officer for the execution of the law, and the powerof removal was incidental to that duty and might often be reqnsite to fulfil it.' Salt Laki Naw*.?The Salt Lake redetleot tbe 5th say*: "The city was very quiet on yesterday, the excitement of election day, generally so conspicuous in other place*, scarcely beina perceptible. Voters went to the polls quietly, deposited their ballot, and returned to their homes or plaeea of business as became good citizens. Elders Brlgham Young, Jr., nn<J George D. Watt nave left for Europe. Elder Young returns to his labors in the presidency of the chnrch in Great Britain and adjacent countries. Elder Watt goes to visit his friends and take a general tour. Solid Mkit.?The democrats of Connecticut have selected for their prominent candidates this spring men who can afford to pay tolerably heavy electioneering expenses. The wealth of five of these (candidates, stale and Congressional, is estimated as follow*: Jamee K English, 91,000 OUt; Edward B. Mosely, #300,000Julius Hutchkiss, #3o?,0oo; William H. B&rnum, #500.000; Richard D, Hubbard, #9t0.uuo. Total, ?'.2,350,000. Messrs. English, Hotcbkiss and Barnum are large manufacturers, Mr Mosely is a retired merchant, and Mr. Hubbard is a lawyer. Temiksskb Makufactck*8.?It is announced that there are now thirteen cotton lnctories in operation in Tennessee representing nearly a million of dollars, and giving employment to over nine hundred operatives. There are also several flourishing factories for the manufacture of steam engines, cotton presses, and agricultural Implement*. T,H? or W iktbr.?Prof. Loomis, ol Yale College, say* that the average temperature in the month of February was seven degrees higher than the average of the ?arae month for eighty-eight vear*, and that it counterbalanced the unusual coldness of December and January, so that the Winter, on the whole, ha* been an average one, and Spring open* with no back account* to make up. RKSrjIPTlOM o* SPKCI* PAV**HTfl.?The v> i*con*in Legislature ha* made a practical move toward* a resumption of apecie payment*. la tbe lower house a resolution has been passed directing tbe State treasurer to pay tbe salaries of member* and also that of the Governor in cola. Nig*o Srrysaox ih New Jxssit A bill ha* been iairoduced la the New Jersey Legislature to amend the Constitution by striking from it the word "white." The object 1* to enable negroes to vote. STor bugging and kissing two alrl* asain.t their wll* a fellow in Hartford ha* beeu fined 820 and co*te. An henestnan in Maine traveled fifteen mile* one night to return #450 which had been paid him by mistake. S^The Lowell (Mass.) manufacturing corporation* have generally given notice of a re. auction of ten or fifteen per oeat. la the wage* at the close of the present month. f^"Not less than a thoaaaad people m New fortune?telling and other such method* of gaining a livelihood, r \ hnpeachuient of the President. reports of tub jvdk'iary committee . The lollowlng ? the report of the Uommit. tee cd tbe Judiciary, charged by the House -with the examination of certain allegations of high ennea and misdemeanors against the President ot the United Siau* : On tb? Tib day of January. Wi7. tne Hook. on tbe mouon of Hon. J nines M. Ashley, a Representative trom tbe State of Ohio, adopted tbe loliowmg preamoie and resolutions, to wit: 1 do impeach Andrew Johnson, Vlee President and nctmg President of tbe United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors, A.C. [Here follow* tbe specifications and resolutions adopted en that occasion] The duty imposed upon the committee bv this action of tbe House was of tb- highest and gravest character No committee during the entire history of tbeGovernment has ever been charged witb a more important tru?t Tbe responsibility which it imposed was of oppressive weight, and of most unpleasant nature. Gladly wonld the committee nave escaped from tne arduous labor imposed upon

it by tbe resolution el tbe House; but once imposed, prompt, deliberate. and faithful action, with a view to correct results, became its duty, and to this end it has directed Its efforts. Soon alter tbe adoption ot the resolution by tbe liouse, Hon. Jams* M Ashley toinmnni. cated to tbe committee, in support of his cbaiges against tbe President of the United Slate*, sucb facts as were in his possession, and the invesiigntion was proceeded with, and has been continued almost without a day's interruption A large number at witnesses has been examined, many documents collected, and everything done which could be done to reach a conclusion of tbe case. But the in vestlgation covers a broad lield, embraces .nany novel, interesting and important questions, and lnV( Ives a multitude of facts, while most of the witness** are distant from tbe capital, owing to which the committee, in view o? the magnitude of the interests involved in its action, have not been able to conclude its labors, and is not therefore prepared to submit adeiiDite and final report. It the in veetigauon had even approached completeness, tbe committee would not teei authorized to present the result to the House at this late period of tae session, unlets the chirges had been so entirely negatived us to admit'/ no discus turn, which, in the opimumf the committee, is not the case. Certainly no affirmative report could b-? properly considered in the expiring hours of this | Congress. Tba committee not having folly investigated all the clmrgea prepared against the Preident of the United States, it is deemed inexpedient to submit any conclusion beyond the statement thatsufficieut testimony has been brought I to its notice to justily and demand a further | prctecution of the in vestigation. The testimony which the committee has taken will pass into the custody of the Clei* of tbe House, and can ge into -he hands of such 1 committee as may be charged with tbe duty of brisging this 111 vestigatiou to a close, so that the labor expended upon it may not have been in vain. The committee regrets its inability definitely to dispose of the important s abject committed to its charge, and presents (bis report for its own justification, and for the additional purpose of notifying the succeeding Congress of the incompleteness of its labors, and tha- they should be completed. Representative A. J. Rogers, one of the Committee on tbe Judiciary, dissents trom his colleagues, saying tue committee refuses to allow a report to be made giving the evidence to the House at this time upon grounds which are no doubt satisfactory to themselves, therefore he would tot report the evidence upon which his conclusion is based, which he would gladly do did the committee deem it expedient, and says:?'1 have carefully exninined all the evidence in the case, and dc report that there ix not one particle of evidence to sustain any of the charges which tne House charged tbe committee to investigate, and that the case is wholly without a particle of evidence upon which impeachment could be founded, and that with all the effort that has been made, and the mass of evidence that has been taken, the caae is entirely bald of proof.' He Is convinced that a/l the proof that could be produced ha* been before the committee, as no paint hare been tpared to <jice the cate a full investigation. Thi Ijosdoh Lodoijcg Hovsbs.-Tenement houses in every city and town, have been for tbe mi si part great nuisances, damaging alike to health and morals. Hence tbe preventive measures now in operation in London deserve general imitation. The power to inspect the lodging houses ot the metropolis is placed in the possession of the authorities of the various parochial districts by the Sanitary act ot 1-><>w. Kach persor who lets a house, whole or in parr, in which more tban one family lives, or where more than two people occupy one room, must be placed upon a register at the office of the District Hoard of Works, and feur hundred cubic feet of space will be secured to each inmate. The ceilings and walls of all rooms must be cleansed and whitewashed four times a year Tbe cistern of tbe bouse must be capable of supplying fifteen gallons per day to each inmate. The dust bin must be cleaned out every weA, and the drainage made perfect. The medical officers of health have power to Inspect the premises, and penalties can be enforced against violations of these regulations. Ahothfb Swiwdliko Operation?The New York papers contain the details, which have just come to light, of a gold-swindling operation In May, 1P65, by which a broker faudulently obtained 9600,000 in gold trom various New York bankers. The money was obtained by gold certificates, apparently signed t>y tbe officers of tbe Continental Hank. The alleged swindler etcaped with bis booty in a vessel named the Dakota, which was kept in readiness for tbe purpose of carrying him away. He is now presumed to be In Brazil, where he is sate from capture by United States officials, there being no extradition treaty between tbe two countries. Several suits have grown out of tbe case, two firms sueing tbe Continental Bank for sums named on the gold certificates, and claiming that the signatures are genuine. Tkxap Enterprise Texas has built four hundred and twenty-five miles of railroad, forming four grand trnnks diverging north, south, east and west from the city of Houston, and affording ample room for lateral roads when the wants of the country shall require them. The Houston Telegraph says: "These main arteries of trade will, wbsn completed, not only link tbe railway system of Texas with the vast net-work of railroads in the Northwest, and witb those of thestates east of the Mississippi, but, further, will bring through Texas tbe products of the wealthiest Mexican states ic the onward cour&e of civilization toward the Pacific Ocean." yOov Brownlow recently pardoned a murderer who had been sentenced to the penitentiary for ninety-nine years. B?~lt is reported that P. T. Barnum has challenged bis competitor, W. H. Barnucn, to stump the district with him. 7*Tbe Cohoes (N. Y.) Mills that have been working short time in conseqnenceot the dullness ot business, are gradually full work. 7~A marble worker In Vermont, who failed five years ago. has paid every dollar due with interest. He deserves a tablet. W A new phrase has been coined for certain members of country parishes who will not work easy with their brethren In any good cause. They are called "Balky Christians." *7* At Leipsic and other parts of Germ any all the washing in immense public laundries, and It is the custom to have only three family washings during the year. VA new newspaper is mentioned among the enterprises of the coming spring, in the interests of woman' rights. All the work, editorial and typographical, is to be done by women, and its advocacy of the enlarged freedom of tbe sex is to be of the moat ardent and ultra character. WA lady walking along State street, Boston, a few evenings ago, was annoyed by a man who followed her and stared at her impudently. She became so vexed at last lha she slapped him in the face. She was troubled no more. WA law in Germany to prevent drinking on Sunday during divine service, runs thus "Any person drinking in aa alehouse during service on Snnday or other holiday, may legal ly depart withouf paying." 7"la the town oT Patten, Me., a bell given by frisnds la Worcester waa raised to its place February 1. Many ot the children in those parts never before heard a church bell. KTi mot of Prince Napoleon Is beiag re* pea ted in the salons: "The Emperor has twice deceived Prance?first, in 1848. la making her believe that be was a fool; next, la 160$, in making hex believe he was genius." I CONGRESSIONAL. Sekatb ?Saturday alternoon ? The indemnity bill wan passed without amendment in the form in which it passed the House on tbe 23d ultimo. Mr. Sumner called up a joint resolution of thanks to the Parliament of Brazil for its expression of sympathy and condolence on the dea b of President Lincoln: which was pa?se<1 The President's veto of tbe tenure of office bill was then read, and without debate tbe bill was pasted over the veto by?yeas. 35: nays, II. At tbe evening session, the veto of tbe President on tbe reconstruction bill was taken up and read. The readme Having been concluded, Mr Johnson took the floor and expressed bis regret tbat the President bad sent 'he bill back without bis approval, and after further debau? the question was put, "Shall the bill pass, the President's objections notwithstanding ?" It was decided in the affirmative ? yeas, 3-; nays, 10. The doers of the Senate were reopened at 5 3", after an executive session of six hours. While tbe doors were closed the conference report on tbe army appropriation bill wa.- I agreed to. The conference report on the internal revenue bill was agreed to before the executive session was held. The Clerk of the House notified the Senate of the action of the House on the naval appropriation bill. On motion, the Senate insisted on iu amendments, and agreed to the conference committee asked for by the Honse. The senate insisted on its amendments to the bill authorizing the settlement in the Court of Claims of claims arising out of the mid Hi Indiana and Ohio and agreed to the conference committee. The deficiency bill came from the House and was read. Pending the rending, Mr. Edmunds made a report from the Conference Committee on the legislative appropriation bill. The committee WW unable to agree The peiut of i-sue wax tbe section of the bill appropriating money for additional compensation voted by :be House to rrrtatn of its employees. Mr. Edmunds stated tRat tbe HonseCommittee would accept of nothing but tbe section referrtd to "pure and simple. ' They would agree to no modification, lie moved tba1 the Senate do further adhere to its amendment, which were to strike out this section Th? c question being taken the Senate now voted to c adhere to its amendments. Should the ]{>use reciprocate bv lUbi&tingon i .5 disagreement the h bill would fall. t< Mr. Sherman, from tbe Conference Com- d mine on the omnibus appropriation bill, made a report. r Mr Sumner asked what had become of tho tl Senate proposition to pay the rebel assessors. Mr. Sherman said he could satisfy bis friend F from Massachusetts by informing him tbat it had been stricken out. tl The report was adopted. t The deficiency bill was resumed. Mr. Fesseuden offered an amendment, which f was agreed to, giving notice that at tbe close o of two years Congress would abrogate its con- 8 tract with the publishers of the Globe c Mr. Trumbull offered an amendment, ap- t propriating ?bo,00u lor deficiency in Capitol extension fund. Agreed te. 1] Mr Poland offered an amendment, that tern- S porary clerks in the Quartermaster's Department shall receive for .his fiscal year the vOtn- o pen nation of clerks of the first class 1 At * . 10 a. m the bill was passed, and ^ent to ? the House for concurrence in amendment.-. The Clerk of the House announced that the ? House had receded from its amendments to the o legislative appropriation bill. [Laughter 1 n The House bill amendatory of section Ave of the tariff bill of 1M?4 was taken up and passed. At *.30 a. m tbe Senate took a recess, and re- o assembled at 7.3<? p. m p Mr. Morgan presented the credentials of d Hon. Koscoe Couklmg, Senator elect from ti Mew York for six years from March 1, 1-67. Ordered to be filed. ti Mr. Lane presented the credentials of Hou F Garret Davis, Senator elect from Kentucky ? for six years from March 1, 1367. t Mr. Dcoilttle. from the conference commit- 1 tee on the bill in relation to the Indian Bureau, made a report. The House bill proposed to f transfer the bureau to the War Departmen' r The Senate bill provided fer an annual in- t spection ol Indian affairs. The conferei ce committee were unab'e to reconcile the dif- * ferences between the two Houses, and repor;- c ed that they could not agree. So both prop- ' ositions failed. Mr I- essenden a^ked leave to add an amend- t ment to the deficiency bill prssed this morn- (. ing, providing an appropriation of &0,u?o for temporary clerks in the Treasury Department o for the year ending June 3(J, lab-. Mr. Sumner re^ret'ed that any discretion in ( the employment of clerks should be given to 1 the Secretary of the Treasury. He thourht v him unworthy of it. \ Tbe amendment of Mr. Fessenden was ti agreed to. u Mr. Morran, from the conference committee a on the bill making appropriations for tbe repair and preservation of certain fortifications, a made a report; which was agreed to. p The Senate then, at 10 40, again went into executive session. tl Hors* ? Yesterdav afternoon? ? The President's ve'to of the bill t? provide r for the more efficient government of the rebel J States, was debated lor a short time, when the , question, " Will the House, on reconsideration, agree to the passage of this bill f" was f decided in the affirmative. The Sjieaker announced that the Honse hav- r ing, on reconsideration, agreed to pass tbe bill?135 to 4"??the bill had again passed the f( House. b A message from the Senate annonnced the Susage by that body of the indemnity bill. 01 bis is tbe billot which Mr.Bingham was the anther in tbe House. Mr. Stevens, from the conference committee Jf on the army appropriate* bill, made a re- b port; which was agreed to. It compromises , with the Senate in regard to the Rock Island bridge by reducing the amount frem fr?*o,iioo "! to Svo.MXi. and providing for a certain control of it by the Government. Mr. Price, from the conference committee on the bill to furnish ways and means for the fl payment of com|>onnd interest notes, made a u report recommending hat. instead of tbe hun- b dred millions of legal-tender notes, there be X. issued fifty millions of loan certificates bear- > lng three per cent, interest. E Considerable discussion ensued, covering it pretty much the same ground that was gone bi over In the other discussions on the same sub- ei ject a Mr. Lynch moved to lay the conference re- 35 port on the table. Negatived. d Tbe vote on agreeing to the report was taken E by yea* and nay6, and resulted?yeas 61, nays 63. The Speaker voted aye, and the report was ?l concurred in. P Mr. Morrill moved to reconsider the vote. Mr. Price moved to lay tbe motion to recon- T sider on the table. Negatived?yees 73, nays -1. The bonr of 4.30 having arrived, tbe House *1 took a recess, and resumed its session at 7fc d o'clock, the pending question being on recon- b: siderlng the vote by which the House agreed 11 to the report of tbe conference committee on n the bill to provide ways and means for the payment of compound-interest notes. The question was postponed temporarily, . and? Mr. Stevens, frcm tbe Committee on Appro- ? priations, reported back Senate amendment* to^ the civil sundry expenses appropriation t) Among tbe amendments non-concurred in r< were the following: Appropriation of 8100,000 for bnllding for Department of Agrioulture in Washington. Aboil- hing the office of Commissioner of Pub- * he Buildings, and providing for tbe appointment, by the President, of a civil engineer to ' discharge the same duties. The amendment restricting the advertising c patronage of tbe Government In this city to tbe Chronicle and Star was concurred in, with k an amendment requiring any executive print- h ing which cannot be performed at the Government Printing Office to be given to such printing office as the Clerk of the Honse shall ** indicate?tbe rates not to exceed those charged to private Individuals. ei The Speaker laid before the House, at halfpast eight, tbe President's vfeto message on it tbe act regulating the tenure of certain civil a offices; and the Clerk proceeded to read the message. When tbe reading was conclndad, (at nine " o'clock,) the Honse proceeded to vote by y??s and nays, as the Constitntlon requires, on tbe question whether it weuld, on reconsidera- d tion, agree to the bill, notwithstanding tbe " Pr. ildent's objections. The vote resulted? yeas 131, nays 37?a strict party vota, and tbe T Speaker declared tbat more than two-thirds having voted in tbe affirmative, and tbe Senate u having also passed It by a like two-thirds vota, d< it was now a law. The Honse then, at 1W0 went into Commit- {r tee of tbe Whole on the state of the Union, (Mr. Allison in the chair,) and resumed tbe consideration ol the deficiency bill, the paragraph under consideration being that appropriating S60.000 to the Americas Colonisation Society * to aid f?i|rttionto Liberia. the question t?*ing n Mr Davis' amendment to vr thhold pay iE?ni ntnl tb? rii?titif lavr of Librrit whicb 'xcluded ?tui* men from suffrage wan re. d 'cession, the amendment was re. ier'ed; attrt? Oa n ?!'!?? of Mr. Thayer. the paragraph *n- stm. k out. Mr Sloan offered an amendment i'e use of tbe appropriation made for the Washtragtca jail until after plan* bad heen tubariiued to a id approved by a hoard cf engineer*. Kejet led Tbe Commute* roee m order t? bare ike con. reience report on tbe tax bill made. Mr Morrill, at a quarter to II. made report Inm tbe Conference Committee oci tbe lai bi'l, tnd explained :be point* of it Tbe doty on rotten i? fixed at 2^ cents a pennd tinrompantes are allowed to contiuae (charging :te tax to consumer*, crape brandy is u> *>e tan d f 1 a gallon. The report was agreed Uj a it be ut a division Mr I.e Blond [Mr Dawes being in the chair 1* Speaker pro trm. J roM and offered tbe follow ng reaolntion: httolrrd. That tbe tbaak* of 'hi* Hot ?# are due, and are hereby tendered to 11 oa Schuyler Joilax. ita Speaker, for tbe courteous. able. ?nd impartial manner in which be .las di?hargi d 'he duties ef presiding officer during he present session of Cougress. Adopted uuaumoutle Mr. Wood bridge, from tbe Judiciary Com Bittee. made a report on tbe in vestimation in efeteme to alleged neglect on the part <?f tbe x? cnti ve depar'ment in the pursuit and arrest )f John 11 Nurratt, charged with complicity n the assassination of president Lincoln Mr. Woodbridge then moved that the report ind evidence be printed. It wu *o order*-1 Mr Wilscu. (Iowa.) from tbe J udiciary Comnittee. men made a report on tbe proposed mpea< Lment of tbe President. lit will b? found elsewhere ] Mr. Ancona. on tb# part 'of Mr Rogers, landed in a minority report; which a a- read 0 the House. The mrjority and minority report* were laid n the t?ble and ordered to be printed Mr. Conk ling. at 3 o'clock a m . reparted bat the conference commit'ss on tbe l?-gi?. ative. judicial, and executive appropriation >ill had been unable ro agree Mr. Raid win moved that tbe House reoed* rom its disarrrenien* to the amendment of the M-uate striking out tbe appropriation fwr the ncreased compensation of Ilouse employees The motion was rejected, and tbe House efused to recede On motion of Mr l,e Blond, tbe House stilt urther insisted on its disagreement, and a>k--ti ur another committee of conference. Mr. Lawrence ,/>bi?) from the conference emmittee on tbe bill to define and punish ertam offence?, a report, which was greed to. The Hon-e then went mto <>>mmif?ee of 'he bole on the state of the 1 niou M- Conkluig 11 tii?- rtmr' and resumed the con?td*ratlon of be Smie smendmer.ts to the nav^l api ruination bill. 1 be nate amendment prohibiting lahormg nen from txiug required to pay money for poitical purposes. or for being removed or disbarged for political opinions, was non-ccuurred in. The coirmittee then ro*e and reported the 'ill. 1 be report of ibe committee wat kgrieil o, and a committee of conference a-keJ on th? lSHgreeing vot-s of tbe twe Honse* Mr. Mayrard, on leave, introduced a joint esoli.tion to suspend the erection of a ,aii in ke District of Columbia uutii perfected plans re completed and spp; ov*d by a board of com ietent engineers Passed Mr. Koontz reported an act incorporating be joint-stock company of tne VunurM-n n ,'hrit-iiHij Association of Washington. Passed. Senate amendments to House joist rxso.n. ion to allow tbe Court of Claim* jur'sdicn >u f claims for quartermaster's stores and Mibisten,.e supplies taken for -4e army Nononcurred in and conference committee asked or. Mr. Scbenck. at r> 40 am, moved that wnen bs House adi.>urn It be to meet at * o'clock iuhday evening Agreed to Mr. Mercur. from the Conference Committee n tbe bill to incorporate the .National Capital nsurance Company, made a report: wuich mt> agreed to. Senate bill to protect the ngbts of married rotten, and lor other purpoe* e. in the District f Columbia, Referred to tbe District Comaittee. Senate joint resolution for tbe temporary re. tef of destitute colored people of tbe District f Columbia, (appropriating 9&1,000, to be ex 'ended under the direction ?f the Superintenent of tbe i reedmen's Bureau.) L.aid on th? able. Mr. Le Blond, from the Conference Commit, won the legislative appropriation bill, relorted that tbe committee bad been unable to gree?tbe Senate adhering to Its opposition to he appropriation for extra compensation of louse employees. Mr. Morrui moved that tne House recede rem lis disagreement to the Senate ameiidnent striking out the appropriation. Agreed 0. and tbe bill is parsed. Mr. Newell withdrew his motion to recon. ider tbe vote agreeing to tbe conference report in the -ompound-interest note bill. The bill s therelore passed. Seiia^e bill for tbe ee'ablishment and main, ainance of a public park in the District of Columbia. On motion of Mr. Scofield, the bill was laid n the table Mr. Kasson made the report of the Hons* Conference Committee on the naval approbation bill: which was agreed to. It strikes ut tbe appropriation Tor the purchase of the rnarf at Cbarleetown navy yard, and modifies be paragraph about Government employes ot being removed for partisan reasons, and bout appointment of master mechanics. 1 be House tnen. at twenty minutes before tf . m., took a recese and reassembled at t o'clock 1. m A message from<be Senate announced that bat body had agreed 10 the oonference report n the fortification bill. Thereupon Mr. Washburn, of I nd , from the 'onference Committee of the House on that Ul, made a report; which was agreed to. It aves the fortification bill as It was originally aised by the House, with the additional seeon in regard to experiments in testiug ordance and fortifications. Tbe legislative, Ac., appropriation bill en>lled) was presented to tbe Speaker, and signed y him. Senate bill concernfbg the Fire Department 1 Washington city. Passed. A message from the Senate at a quarter past welve announced that that body had agreed Ijjthe conference report on tbe deficiency The conference report was agreed to, and lereupou, at ten minutes before one o'clock a I.. the House took a recess till 9 o'clock this Holiday) morning. Sal* o? Kkal kptatsin Mauvla>p ?The ne estate known as "Mattaponi." sitaated pon Matiapeni Blanch, about two-aad-aalf miles from Nottingham and eight from pper Marlborough, Prince Oeorge county. Id., was sold on the-J&tb ult. bv Daniel Clarke, :sq.. Trustee in Equity. The property is nproved by a magnificent brick mansion, rick stable and numerous outbuildings, rected by the late Robert W. Bowie, and has lso upon it a line mill seat. It contaias about JO acie? and after some very spirited biding, was knocked down .0 William Berry, isq., at 850 per acre. The Clkahhimo ok Bi'ildiki.h.?It is stated lat a new process for cleansing tbe fronts of oblic building' and dwelling-bouses is uner experiment in Paris. A steam engine *uplies pipes of gutta percba with a constant ream of vapor. Tbe*e are applied to the lone or or ck surface of buildings, one man irectiag the steam jet and the other using a rash. Tbe building, after the application of sis system, loeke as clean and new as when rst erected. Thi SALMON Fishbribk ?la (ireat Britain is calculated tbat a salmon represents a seep, without imposing on any one the trouble f bousing and feeding Where proper meant ave beef used to facilitate the propagation of le salmon the increase has been very marked, le results in the case of the Scotch and lri*h tvers having been most striking. fcr?Fr*sh strawberries" in New York. ?"ln Prussia the direct tax Is a year for very man, woman and child. A barrel without staves is oae of the lat. it inventions. 17"What paper has the largest circulation I ounterleit 50 cent currency. VSeveral professional female barbers iti iew York haudle their razors with great dexjrity. fc^Tbe Tennessee legislature has resolved >pay its members by tbe gold standard. fcTIt Is held In many quarters that the pre*. Qt Income tax is unconstitutional. flfifNail* have declined fifty cents per keg 1 Wheeling. West Virginia, within the past ay or two VMexican news tells us tbat Maximilian 10 very where, but Stephens appears to be no* rhere. tar A ghost In Pittsburgh appears only by ay light. He probably thinks, from the noky atmosphere, that it is night. WReligious soirees are fashionable Is Paris be cards announce that "they will pray." 7*Tbe Maine newspapers are discussing le question of capital punishment, the tenancy being toward abolition VJobn I* Ash worth, of New York, died em an overdose of morphine on Thursday. li-/"The health of Alexander H. Stephen* la (am reported to be falliuf rapidly. yBelle Boyd has reached her home in Laruasbutf, Weat Va.