Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. The Urged Cirenlatioa in the District ^ WALI.ACH. Kdiur tad Proprietor. WASH1NOTUN CITY MONDAY' MARCH 4, 1"?7. ' **"RRAI>IN? MATTER OJT RYKRY PAGK. St* Ol'TSI I?K FOR INTERESTING TELEGRAPHIC AND OTHIR MATTtK. TO ADVERTISERS. The following is th* official showing of the Circulation ot fbe dally paper* of this eity competing for tbe Government advertising bnder IH* reoeutactof Congress directing -neb ' advertising to be made in the two daily newspaper* ot Washington having tbs large* treat at ion Evkmwo Stab 7,715 copies per day. CKrvntcle ? .. Intrlhgtncer US1 ?? . The rat urn* ot advertising by the eity papers or the quarter ending December II, I*?fi6. a* takpC fft>ra ,h?. boo*, 0f the Internal Revenue Office, are a? follows: STAB mm 9 Q iw>> Xeyut4~?n 53* r.OYERMME.IT AECl'RITIES. W ashhuto*, Ma.cli*, 1-67. Jay Cooke A Co furnish the following quotations of Government securities: 11 c <1 Buying. Selling. V*5 !.'* Oojpo* l**1 11 ' !. t V** Twenties. i?fj Hiiv- ,,,* Jr ?' I"* J*"1"*9- U'\ it^W J ? *? ? TweB?,e?. IMS 1(.H* it-? \ . S. hiive Twentl-s.janAJ y. M.lfHix 107 I . S. Ten forties. f,7\ r. V Seven Tb.rtiej, August....inr.* 1 <, * V. S Seven Th.rties, June lu5 \ H,\ ' V. b. Seven Thirties. July ?r,?t I<5? MW VOKK FIRST BoABD 8ALB8. ,1('? l"i0'6 s illl !"-V ' "0 s' AUKU81....IU-,Tj \ v* ,V"? '-j*>J une ius 5 -0 8. ] ........ liiS , /,.]o S. J ul v ifi-.v s.??.jd Ajy. &5.106j Gold THE SITUATION. A? some of the neighboring papers in Virginia discredit tbe information irom Richmond we published on Friday, ,u reference to the purpose of the Virginia Legislature to call a State Convention with tbe view of Immediate orgamzation nnder the bill for the government of the Sontb. (which has been passed over the President's veto.) we call the'r attention to an article on ?The Situation," in the Richmond nhigof ! rid ay, advising the people of Virginia to take prompt ac tion under the provisions of the reconstruction bil?. It -Jiys ml'?Jr.<1ht,r JOJem'>nt tber* sbon,1 not be a momen s hesitation as to th line of conduc t What i# fo ^ don* (*? Theri .^C " a law)shou!d be done at orwe There is no use or sense in delay. The sooner # t 1 ^ throw out this snerestion inn't Tr'k ^of Pon)e fastidious frieud? w>)0 ??\\ *??e diet, and talk sentimentally abont being pounded in a mortar. We would f.a:r":,^t,on 01 ? -">?*? toa r0nvent,J? at an early day. and as soon thereafter as .-on ?' tb' oonvenMon A regl f -.'U * suppose, will necessary, bo'h for .ertainm; voters and for facilitating he this spring, to be superseded by the action of the convent,0,,, and therefore isel^s, mieht and should be dispensed with altogether " It thinks, that even under the Sherman bill 'some of the evils of universal suffrage may l>e mitigated by diminishing the number of popular elections, and by a?(.imUating tne new system to our old '76 Constitution, by which the people were only annoyed with ths election of law-makers." The Petersburg Jndex, too, which on Wash, melon's birthday said. "Better for the South bad be never beea born, and that for three generations this people. noW hopeie^ly en. fclavtd, had been lea'ning to bear t?i0 mild despotism of-the British crown," now hazards the prediction that in less than sixty days a majority of the Soatbern States will take proper action looking to an organization under the provisions of the bill. It ha* alreadv been stated that Governor Well-, of Louisiana, will at once issue a jfioclamauon ordering an election of delegates to a con vemioa lor the purpose of remodeling the constitution of the State ?o that it shail conform with the retirements Of the military bill Even the Lynchburg (V^iaum, one of the most a lira of southern papers, says:? > The horrid spectra of confiscation flit- about before en s startled visions, and ronser in them the liveliest apprehensions Some knees are geu ing shaky and vertebrsrs becoming weak The acceptance ef tbe bat^nl terms proposed by C-oi gress has its open advoeates. as a lesser evil man what may follow. Others are in doubt aud perplexity, and kaow not what would be best." The Virginian recommends that in order to secure a concert of action ia all the Southern State? in tbe present emer> i 'here shomd be immsd ately a meeting ?f tbe Governors of tbe tea excluded States, together witb any number of representative men who might eboose to attend, at some convenient central poiat, say Montgomery. Alabama.1' J RECEPTION 0* PE< KKTARY McCULLOCII. 1 he second and last reception this season of Secretary and Mrs. McOntloch took place on Saturday evening, and like the preceding one, i was a most fashionable and brilliant affair! The parlors were crowded during theevening, ' although Both Houses of Uongreae were itt ( session aad preventi-d the attendance of many. Among thoee present were Secretary Welles and lady. Secretary Browning and his nieces, I tne Misses O'Baanon ; Senor Romero, Gens Townsend, Simpson, Babcoek, Humphreys, ' Howard, and a large number of ether aroiy officers : Master Grant, eon of Gen. Graut, T?cat*2*nei&1 Holt, E B. French, ^rond Auditor, R S Chew, Lsq, chief clerk, J^iate Department, Edgar S. Welles, chief clerk, Wavy Department, Assistant Sec retary Chandler, of tbe Treasury, Dr. Brodhead, Prolessoi Henry, Jehn Hi^a, Oapt. Farroti. of Parrott ! gun notoriety, and many other distinguished t Sersons. Among the ladies were Mrs. Secreiry Wtlle., Mrs. Gen. B. f. Butler, Miss 151anche Hotter, Mrs Otn. (vaimea, aud tlie ladies of maoy h gtx officers and ciriliant. Mrs. McCullocb was attired in a lilac color sUk, trimmed with vrlvet of the same shade, and white lace; back hair carlad, and dressed 1 gold and pearl comb. Mrs. Gen. Butler wore a black velvet bodice, trimmed witB ' black lace and jet, black satin skirt snrf lace flounce, coiffure of wbiu flowers. Miss ' Blanche Bailer was dressed ia white satin, low bodice, trimmed with lace roc be, ni*c ' color, ruititei dowi the front and about tbe 1 neck of the dress, hair pat np in curls aad trimmed witn violeu. Mrs. O'Sulltvan, a Greek ledy, was dressed in white watered moire antique, tnmmed with tolds of pink satin, black lace llonnee: neck ehain of diamoeds and pearls; hair plain. Miss Baker, I daughter of Mr. Baker of tbe State Depart. saUn dress, trimmed with thread lace; hair powdered with sHvef aud dressed with artificial flowers. Miss Pratt wore a mauve silk, trimmed with folds of Tfi.'J* ft,n and crystal, hair curled and dressed with sliver cord. Mrs Secretary Welles was dressed in black silk and Mack laeeshawl hair dressed with gold comb. Mrs. Oea. Games w >r? a brocade silk, trimmed with Mack lace white lace cap. trimmed witb blue ribbon and large diamond pin. THB AMS*DXBHT TO THBCoBSTITl TtOM _ Tbe majority of tbe Committee of the Maasac husetts House of Representatives have rePorted agaiast the ratification of the Ooasu. tutional Amendment. A minority submits a resolution of ran fl cation under protest, declaring that Massachusetts does not recognize the right of any State to abridge tfee franchise by reason of race or color and wants no reorgan. ization except on ihe basis of naiversa! suffrage. CovgbT Niobt.?Grand complimeaLary benefit at Wall's Cipera House lo-night, lo .he proprietors, Measrs. Berry A Wall, whea the Webb sisters and Mr. V. O. Beags will appear in a capital programme The public should remember these ea'erprlsing gentlemen, and reward them with a crowded bonse on thia era*ion. K^Tbe Maryland Senate has adopted, tbe majority report of the Committee on Internal Improvements opposiig any modification Of charter of tbe Baltimore and Potomac Company, by a vote of fifteen in its favor to six against it. THE HOUSE TO DAY The Hon?c galleries were thronged tt>-d^v at an wirly hour, overflowing into the paswa;b? in such sort tLm it was with difficulty that a pasi-age could be effected by the busy news- i paper men pacing to and from the report, ers' gallery. Following upon the passage of the resolution admitting indies to the floor there ?? such a rush of the brilliantly dressed f.iir sex to the members' seat* that the hall floor speedily assumed a decided. It flower garden-ish appearance. T^ere ' was a itseral buu of inierest in regard to the whf reabouts of Hon. John Mornsey who enjoyed the honor of being the most in- , quired-about member <?u the floor. Heoccu- i pieu a seat near the front, on the Democratic tide . wa< very pente-ly dressed, perspirej a |ocd and wa kept pretty busy mop ping his face with a larg( ish white pocket, handkerchief. Uen Ben. Butler, Fernando Wood W K Bobinson. (formerly > Richelieu'of the reporters' gal 1. ry,) were subjects of inquiry. The nomination of Mr. Colfax for re-election to the Speakership was received wi'h loud applause, and the same greeted the announcement of bis election. CAUCUS TO NIGHT. The Bepubliran members of the House hold a caucus at half.past teven to-night, to nomina'e candidates for Clerk, Sergeant-at. Arms, Doorkeeper, and Postmaster. Mr. McPher-' son, the popular Clerk, will undoubtedly be renominated. Mr Ordwny, Sergeant-at-Anns * e Relieve, ha- no opponent. It is understood thaitien. Hamilton, of Texas, is a candidate for ihe Pustmastership of the House, and that Col. Given is a candidate for re-electionThere will probibly be quite a scramble for the Doorkeepership. Mr. Goedenow, the present in cum ben u is in the field, an.l (feu. l.ippincott is pushed actively by Western men. TREATIES WITH THE INDIANS. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs on Friday last concluded a treaty witu the Caerokee ludiahs of Kansas modifying the treaty of July lvtb. IVOO. so as to allow the tribe to sell what Is known as neutral lauds (comprUm about S< o,(k*) acivs) to the Atlantic and pa wis ) railroad company. This morning a treaty was entered into with the Shawnees of Kansas which provision is made to remove them ui o ! Indian country. Treaties have now beeU made with all tne Kansas Indians provldiug for their removal. THE PRESIDENT AT THE CAPITOL.' 1 he President, accompanied by his private i Secretaries, Col. Moore,Col. Johnson, and ColMorrow left the Fxecutive Mansion this morning about ten o'clock and proceeded to the Capitol where he was engaged iu signing | bills until ihe ad jou-nment of Congre:s, and returned to the White House about half past twelve. RECEPTION AT THE WHITE HOUSE The regular reception of the ladies of the Executive Mansion, Mrs. Patterson and Mrs Stover, took place this afternoon, and was attended by a large number of ladles ani gen tlemeit, amoag whom weremany distinguished pers-ons. The parlors and East room were open during the afternoon. NO MKSSAGK. It Is not expected that the President will send any formal message to Consre^j to-morrow, on the occasion of the organ of the ttit* Congresses he does not deem it nec*s?a-r to do so in advance of his regular annual me?sage. SIGNED. It is understood that the President has signed a'I the bills of importance. The army appropriation bill was retnr.ied with he signature, but accompanied by a protest against the second and sixth sections. FORT DODGE NOT CAPTTRED RlroRTSOF INDIAN OtfTliKEA KB 1,18c K EDI TED. 1 he Commissioner of Indian Affairs has received a letter *rom Hon. John L,. Watts, of Kansas, dated S.mta Fe, February 20, stating there is no trouble expected from the Indians In that section, nor has mere been any outbreak The statement that Fort Dodge had been captured was without any foundation. Twoef. fleers started from Fort learned,and not return. I mg tne commander at Fort Dodge expressed the I nrfthA un\ tb*y were k,lleaby the Indians? IP danK" of being attacked! 1_a * L g m&de, the two missing officers I ?ne d,;uDk an<1 Other trading lnd,fn* were lound to be very peaceable Ihe whole story of the capture of the Fort officersUt ?X th" dl,aIJP,?arance of the two trJmV?S ^SlTr h" 11,50 "celvea a letter # Wynkoop, United States Indian -gent for the Arapahoe, Cheyenues. and ffbrn^rv F?rt Lx lt"d' Kansas, February 21, 1*?>,, stanng that the various newspaper accounts of the depredations com! faiw^TL,Indians in that section are ?m<rely wi. lufl,an? ,ar? perfectly satisfied, and have but one complaint, which is that thf captive Indian children taken at the Sand^Cn'tr I massacre are net returned to them in ac- I cordance with promises made by tbe Government. Mr. Wynkoop states that a source I 1 of much difficulty with tbe, ar?e! from the fact of tne Government not being prompt in fulfilling its promise" particularly heretofore, delaying the delivery I m .1am,tF *oods l<> * period far beyond the time that they should be received. The in- I 1 diuns become much scattered after grass comes and are better satisfied to receive their g?od* wbeu they are congregated together. The* have lately exhibited a slight feeling of appreT J hT ? * m c?nseqnence of the order stopping , TMVjr.V0' arma 4,1,4 am?""ltion to thenT The small quantity of ammunition traded to them would be of no account to them in case of future host,1,Pes. They also claim St 1 0 trade for those articles in accordance with ! the provisions of their treaty, tney being re- I cognized as being at peace. * i CONFIRAMATIOXS AND REJECTIONS I 1 he senate on Saturday aud Sunday, in executive session, confirmed the nominations of United States Minister, A. S. Williams, Salva. 1 dor . Governor of Dakota, Andrew J. Fa-Ik, ' of Pennsylvania; Commissioner of Universal j ! Fx position at Paris, Wolcott Gibbs, of Ma^sachuseas: Ministers Kesident, Hugh Ewing I ^,a*B#,a"? John A Dix, at Paris ; J ?hu i *^S' W tshiugton, agent for the Fiat I Head and other Confederated tribes of Mon. tana; and a large number of army officers, in. i f v s- A antl H,*ury ' ? K^nerals by brevet: I Sia^' .I1 ' S" c*va'ry, to be lieu- < tenan. colonel u. 9. cavalry; Edward L Hartz, assistant quartermaster V. S. armv, to i cjiptam In the-27th U. S. infantry, July 2% 1 . Browulow, 1st Tennessee cav- 1 airy, to be captain In the 8th U. S. cavalrv Tuly t?8, p-tffj; Bobert E. Jehnson, 9th veteran reserve corps, to be captain in the 43d 17. S. 1 Infsntry, July i^, : BobeTt E. Chandler, t I ? ^ap,.a,K 'Is^n.13tb L'-S. intantry, July ju^n,H .p,att: to * captain In the ,nfanfry, July ism;; John H. Hoff, to be captain la the 20th u. S. Infantrv, | July 1~'*}; George B. Bussed, 7th veteran i I reserve corpv to be captain la th* forty-fourta 1 mted Sta'ea inlantry, July 2S, l-<i6. I isVk'??? 10 I* flrsl Itaat*nant in the ' ^18<58; Wllham W. Kodgers, to be first Ufoteoant in tbe 45th U s infantry. July JP, 1^; Carroll H Potter, fo be first lieutenant lu the l?th U. 8. infanu-v. lc6ti' U"?tav H Kade'zki. to be second lieutenant in the -*th U. S. infantrv. Jnlv 28. iscc; Walter 5- Long, to be second att in thfl 40th U. S. Infantry, Jnly 2S, ! .??} Aimon F. Rockwell, to be assistant quarter-' *lth rank of captain; Captain Jno. G. ChAndler, to tM assistant qntLrtertnaster?Apialn Bichard N. Batcheldar. to be assistant quartermaster; Captain William A. Wain, wright, to be assistant quartermaster; to be commissary of subsistence, with rank of cap. taha, Andrew K-Long, f, S infcntry. nominations of Governor of Idaho, John M. Murphy, Assessor ?r F?,?,^?!lve,ul<wfor Dl,u"lct ?t Colombia, Fred Koonss; and Major Alexander Montgomery. to be depaty quartermaster general. ?-In the Virginia House of Delegates, on Fndsy, Mr. Garaeu offered joint resolutions requesting the Governor to convene the Leg. I islature m extra session on Monday nexu i which wit passed by a vote of ayes 58, aees Pbrposal -Secretary Sunton was on the i House floor for a short time while the election for Speaker was geing on, and was warmly ' greeted by tbe members. * - I' ' '*! ArroisTKD ?Gen. Howard has appointed Bev. C. Jacobi as ageut for the Freedmea's Bureau for Arlington Village, Va. Ixtkbkal B?% ihui ?The receipts from | this source to-day were $1,070,142 32. ? ??*as??^m CQNGRKSS10NAL. M 02 pat, M arch ?. 'knati?The floor** were leopen^d at 1.30 a. in., when the Senutt tjok a rcefti until 9 o'clock. I hn Senate reassembled at 9 o'clock. Mr. Morrill, from the Committee on ib? IMstrict of Columbia, reported the House joint resolution rela'ive to ti new jail fo: th? District of Columbia; which wa* pa ted Mr Morrill, Irom the tame commit'#*, reported favorably <>n the resolution authorizing the set re'arv of fbe Interior to order a survey to be made lor a bridge across tbe Potomac 1 river: which was passed. | At 9.lo a m , on motion of Mr. ?ntnej, tbe Seaate took a recess fur twenty minutes. Mr Morrill called up ihe House bill to authorize the iormatien of a joint stock companv ' by the Noting Men's Christian Association of ' the District of Columbia. Mr. Creswell doubted the nroprietv of the provisions of the bill. It authorizes the Association to put np buildings, which shall be forever exempt from taxation. Mr. Grimes said it would five them the power to put up stores, which would be free from taxation, and from which they might derive a large revenue I Tbe bill was then passed. Mr. Howe asked to correct a statement in the reports of last night's proceedings, in which an amendment to the joint resolution to tlx the time tor the commencement ot the compensa. tion of the Tennessee Senators, which hid been offered by Mr. Wilson, was ascribed o At I0:*25 a m., the President pro tempore, Mr roster, rose and said that as bis official Win was closing, and the Lime lor the expiration of the Wb Congress vras near at hand he should vacate the chr ., in order that a snr. cessor might be tleciec Mr Poster brietiy ont feelingly Alluded to his cotin*crion with the Senate, and his endeavor at all timvs to di?charge his duties faithlolly and impartially and that he took his leave ot the Senate with naught but the kindest feelings. IJ.Vlr. Poster then vacated the chair, and the rinties were assumed by the Secretary, Col J W l-ornev . J*1.1", AD.,hony oflered a resolution declaring tbe Hon B. P. W ade, of Ohio, the President irrotriHyor, of the Senate, whi fi was aereed t > Mr. Poster then conducted Mr. Wade to the chair Mr Wade returned his thanks to the Sena'e for the honor conferred upon him, and begged the indulgence o .Senators lor his mexperience 111 parliamentary law. Air Anthony offered resolution*, which were adopted, directing the Secretary of th? Senate to inform the President and Home of Kepre sen-ativesof the election ot Mr. Wade as President pro tern. Mr. Antbonv, after testifyinr to the faithful and conscientious discharge of his duties bv the late presiding officer, offered a re*oiut,*n tendering the thanks ot the Senate to J J on I t.S. Poster lor th* dignified and impartial manner in which he Had discharged the duties of the Chair The Senate at |<) a. m. went into Kr-cn. tive Session. The doors were not reopened before 12 15 a m , and the 3!ith Congress came to ar. end. 40th Congress? First Session. T he session was opened with prayer by the Chaplein J J 1 be new Senators then came forward and were qnali fled by taking the oath ot jfflce* w^called^ ?f Tr'orna* SwaDU' of Maryl/nd, M^.Trnmbuii Prei'enf?''1 'he credentials of the >eb-rska Ser ator?, Me^r? Thayer and 1 ipton* vho were thereupon sworn in The Nebraska Senators then dtew from the box for terms, when Mr. Thayer drew fie t-rm expiring March t. 1-71, and Mr. Tipton the n rm expiring Mt rch 3, The nsnal resolution notifying the President and the jlouse of the fac; of a quorum being present were then adopted, aud me Senate at one o clock adjourned. 1J. t -e?The House resumed th* legislation of Saturday at y o clock, there being but menilets present. f?n motion ot Mr Darling, rN. Y.) the Senate bill releasing to W. H. Webb, of New \ork, the iron-clad Dundeberg. upon his re. landing the amount already paid him, was passed. Senate bill for tbe relief of James Pulton, Paymaster U. S. Navy. Passed. A lull to extend a patent baring been called up. the point was made that no quorum was present, and a call ol the House was ordered 7-vHi? members answered to their names! and the business was proceeded with. Senate bill relative to courts martial in ths army, was indefinitely postponed. Senate bill amendatory of the act for the removal of causes In certain cases from State courts to the f ederal courts, was next taken up, and Mr. Houtwell moved to put the bill I upon its passage, which motion was agreed to and tbe bill passed. agreeu to, Mr. Dawson, (Pa.) from the conference c >m- I mittee on the disagreeing veus of the two I Houses on tbe bill in relation to settlement of I accounts of disbursing officers, submitted a I report recommending the House to recede from its amendment, and the repor* was agreed to. I Senate bill amending certain laws in regard to the Navy, was taken up. Mr. Spalding (O ) moved to amend by strik- I ing out ihe section which provides that the I Commandant of the Marine Corps shall have I the rank ol a Brigadier General in the army. I Not agreed to. I Mr. Rice (Mass.) moved to amend by insert- I ing a provision that officers on the retired list shall be entitled to promotion as officers of their respective grades on the active list ar* I promoted, but such promotion shall not give any increased pay. The amendment was I Z<ITJto' *nd lh? bU1 was P&asedas amended. ??, 2 Senate joint resolution presenting the I thanks of Congress to Cyras W. Pield tor his successful effort In establishing telegraphic I communication with Europe aud directing a I ltold medal to be struck for him, wwpasJLd unanimously. v On motion of Mr. Schenck, <0.) the Senate hill authorizing brevet rank to be conferred upon officers of the army, for meritorious service in the volunteer force prior to appoint- I nient in the regular army, was passed. Senate joint resolution authorizing Hon i\ I \. fox and the officers of the U. S. irou-clad' I Miantonoman to accept presents from the ?m- I ror of Kussia, was passed. Mr. Hanks (Mass.) moved to suspend the rules in older to enable him to call up the ioiai resolution of the Senate, supplementary to the olll providing for representation of the Cuitea States at the Paris exposition, and the House tgreed to suspend the rule , and the bill was uefore the House. Mr. Banks moved to amend so as to make I :he commissioners act without compeusatiju, 1 "If1110* tbe amount appropriated to *50,f*o, which wan agreed to, and the bill passed as amended. On motion of Mi.Marstou. (N H.,) it was arderea that thero shall be added to the list ot :ommittees a joint committee, of three members )l each House, to be called the Committee on Lfrdnance. The bills to incorporate the Oreat Palls Com,n r*?>reuc? to the rate of interest in He District of Columbia, were laid upon the I L&nie ?(^"est Va.) introduced a joint resolution authorizing Mr. .Lawrence, of Ohio, I :o report bis lesolutU-n repealing the law 5iTi K iD(?rea#e ?' an<* pending the rollcan? j The Speaker rose and addressed the House is follows: I Oentlemen of the Jleutc 0/ Repretenlaliret;?To I be called to this responsible position by the I DJa.ry. 5bo'ce of my fellow members, more than fills the measure of ar honorable ambiLh .T? cordlallj supported by thos# 0f I all political creeds amid the exciting scenes so frequent 111 a body of American legislators, is an evidence ot confidence and regard I shall I prixe to the latest moment of life Bot to be endorsed by you all in the resolution you have ?. Tour journal, and which yon adopted with such unusual significance and earnmstnes?, beggars me in words of tbanks. To be able to retire from this chair when lay inc down its emblem of authority with uene^ d repr^h me on the one hand for infidelity to the pnn0Q th? Other to tmpngo ordeny therigid Impartiality with which I have striven to administer your rales, has and oai,y ?1eavor .a* the year* that now Are garnered with the past. The greatest of my official predecessors, wboee memory is still enshiined in so many I"1 ^ *m,r ?nt'y honored this chair, declared as tbe essentials of a presldlnc officer promptness and Impartiality in deciding the complex questiona of order often sprung in tantaneously upon him, firmness and thoroughness in his decisions, patience and good fin number, and, above all, to remain cool and unshaken amid tbe storms of debate, and during those moments of agitation from which no deliberative ass^nuy is exempt, carefully guarding the rules of tbe House from being saorifioed to temporary passions, prejudices or Interests. Never hoping to reach this high standard, it has been ever before my mind, as the sculptor studies the model of the great master of his art, ho^ to leave behind him a copy not entirely unworthy of tbe original. "Uiireiy uu Though death has not spared our clrrte, and New York, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania have been ealled to mourn the loss of faithful Representatives, we come to this closing hour with our ranks thinned less than usual be paralysing sickaees or wasting diseaee We separate, after months ef the conflict* and excitementeof an eventful era, with - smnnrsl rood will as gra irjring aait is eredilahle.. We can never all meet again, but as inadisfetnt landscape tbe eye rests with delight on its beauties, while its defects are thrown into uunoticed shade, may memory, as in after veirs we review ?ur associations here, bring ail tbe pleasures of this companionship in the national service, forgetful of the asperities which iioiid pcrisb witb ih? occasion- tb it e\oit-d tuelT Bin as I be-* par'ii g wirrti are n d. mrVr CorprfM v.?l' lornnr ??' , *i ,1 wi ti , toilet grA'elpiness tor \otir nn v <ry ng ki .<1pees. I dfi l.tfe thn Hoimf of K->pr*> "n tt.v-s < f the Thirty-ninth Congress of tut- Cnited Sta'e* art jonri ed wl hout day A* 'con si* Mi i 'olfnx had con cl tiri-d th<? O'eiko 'he Thirty n n?h Uougr-s?. Mr Mcpbere? n. ch!|?hi the Fort?e n (Vmir -Mi.. order, ?n(t af'er the c?l)mg of "he roll *tm hi ? t that n qnorom of mtmivri b d an-wred to ihNri'Hmi'i Mi Wilson (lowi) moved that th? H>u?e proceed to the election of a Sp*, leer. Mr Itrork* (N Y.) referred to ! e f*-f thnt ' " V'tiiten Sta'eg were unrepresented upon the flonr. nrd of these se ren <*f the ?*"\te- V-t-oi j ih>- original thirteen. He then pre?iMC'??d a pr >test ol tbe Democratic m<mbere agiinst aiv further proceedings in tl ? organization of 'he House, aud aaked that it be spread upon ihe jcnrnal The Cl? rk refused to receive it, and said h? , could iQifrtAtn no motion ex ept oue b**trtn? ' upon ihe organization <>f the House The House then, on motion of Mr. Wilson, proceeded to vote for Speaker. Mr Wilson nominated Hou Sohnyl-r I'ol- j fax [Applause,] Tnis nomination vra-a*r>*t?- ' able to every member of the organization wi'h which he acted, aud the nomination <wv? in i<le without any previous understanding in CAUCUS.

Mr. Nicholson (Del.) nomina'ed Hon. s. s. M <r-ball for Speaker Messrs Hanks. Eldrtdge, Paine and Hitt having been appointed tellers, they announced 'hat I ft? votes had been ca?t. of "which number Mr. Coliax had received 127 and Mr. Marsh ill .'Ml. Mr Col'ax was then escorted to the <-eat by Mr. Mar^bnll and Mr. 1 omerov, and "he otth of offlcfwm urimimetered to hnu by Mr. Dans of Massachusetts Mr Coliax then addressed the Hou?e, thanking the members lor this re-election, and r- err nc to the acts of the !lnh Congr-**. wlii h bp s^iri bad marie it immortal. t,?r it? keynote ba'1 teen pro'rction to the down trodden. The member? wre tb?n called to tbe Speaker's desk niiri ?everallv sworn in |Vs=?ClTY HALL, WASHINGTON D U. io Mtnh i, mj. NOTICE T0 DFLINy I' KNT T\X PAYERS. As the list f property to b? a1 vertt?ed 'hi* vear for non-pav went ol tax * wi I he niiicti Ure?r than usual, it will be nee s*<trv t> decline re< oiriutt Tsxes frr m i?nd aft-r the Tti io-mnt ailil-uch tin e a. the list may be pttbliiSed P. rs u? in eresttd w ill ]>l?ase call before tint ><a*? * * 1>I \i>N. r?|i?.et .r BANDObPII CuVLC, m t [Intel 1 Water Ke.'t?tr<tr [r^*l'OSTPONBD LECTL'BE. YoCNG CATHOLICS' FKIRVPg g H'lETV at <>on/ag* hall v MrkitBr. between NINTH AND TENTH Lecture will he delivered WEDNESDAY K \ E N i Ai <j Mtrcb ?. 1*67, t,?., * eight n'eli>ch by the h*> II'WAKP MeiiLYNN. 1). D et *'* Si'jhen'e Ohnroh N?w ><,rk.on ..?u IflI: <'UBI?T1AN MOHOOL." , w"r'd as taught bv ChriKt, and the ?T-ct <>t nia ti-ac bing mon it c<>utra-t?d with th- wari i tl "feu <>r iiu* hristian '-h ->l? ' Slniilr Admisaion in cent* I l-edy aud Gei.t'ei"*n ?A>-eri'? Tbe above Lertaj-p poetpoued r<>iii HdqUsoii ant of the Inrlem nt wea'her ?lil h* >l?. wkdnbspat kvk NINO, at 8 o elock^ nh i-st TT" ?tn KBk ^ Tl*Pf * * ?T IN?? 1 ^ill be hel^! at last Wnhln,'t >n H^tiodist SSfSfS1'4,b tre,-t ?*. on rKIUAV . BVh NlNG, 8th inst , under th am?i< e> o* <\> lun<bia I IiIsiod, t*ou? ol im p-r?a> DiitiuBnisb.d advocates of the rauie wi;ia !dto41 th? meeting, which will o?en at 7^ p. ni. Kfetotb- ' u^''c: inh J-6t TS-* '!OABl> OP TH\I>B ?There will i.? an | Js3 _ a-ljourned meeilng 0f tbe H iAltO OK ifeADft of the Bl-trlrt of ''^I ;mt>ta at ihe'r ' toems.oti HOBDAY BTBNINO, the tth.n.tant, at 7, o i lock The Board of i>l rectors a ill uieet at the seme h<>ur. B? order *1 ainnn B. J.H. BlMMIi), rrviidrnt N BABPO. Pec.retarjr. in It nrg=?A Nt-W BLMLDINO AsHOOIATIOH JJ, All those who art-willing i0 .ojt, m n. w Huiiding Asscriatien. which will be cond acted in accordane with the principle- now bo .-n' ees?fiil,? oerrl.-.tout in Ihe UechtnirR' imiidirig A^seciaUll; 'Ct " ' K^tfnll) invited t ai-en.hle MON^ .5 ^*rch 4th at 7s o clock p m , at BMBHJli'B Bestanrant. 3.13 P? ar , neariithst GEO. WILNBB J JnOVKNAL n.2 2t' P.BMBIOM, J OiBMSTBlM. rf^=- MEDIO A L DB PA BTM BUT MP DISBOETOWB OOLiLBMB?Tbeannoal cinimeiicenieut of this InstitotioB will take aiace at Wall e Opera Hease oa TUESDAY, March 6, at ei^i.t if.i *? The degree of Doctor in Medi.:i>ltf ntll be cenk-rred on the candidates hj the ?ev H. A. Magnire. President or Georgetown College Tba addraestothe Gradnatinx Clan will bed-IJNemi by Profaa?or J Bllot, HI D., and thn valedictory win be delivered by W. 0 TlMeri. one of tt.e gradnates Tbe prn.'etaion and public are resectfmly Invited to attend ? r?.uiVr ot %B5jy;'a"'OT<'s " " Jtodd riLt,o?? a?i.i. savt tied. feu PEBBPABT 81 TO MAEOH ft. jy PAWNBBOKEBU WOTIOB. MBPBBB. B GOLD8TBIN A 00., Ho 34 4>t street west, near Penn'a are., Beg lea veto call tbe attention of earold patrens and the public In general that we bare now enlargeil our business, and are prepared to offer iaducements to borrowers that have never be?.B offered before?ex preset g to parties wishing large amennta. 8 Large store rooas, with goo<l safes for vtlu b'es A private office connected for all confidential business. Money advanced on ?old and Silver Watches, Diaaoads. Silverware. Jewelry, and an all kinds of merchandise Also, on Bonds, Stocks, Bert pa. Government Securities Loans made by day or week on merchandise sabjecttornle M. B ?Arrangements have been made by which Krsons depositing property with na <-?B receive ? same et nuyarincipei city of the Union 34 POUB ANP A-BALP STBBBT. fe il tf fVflr?JOSEPH B. SHAFPIBLP, lioC PBBN0H OONP KOTIONBBY, LADIES' ICE OBBAM * DINING SALOON, U4ft Pann. Ave. bet. IStb and nth ?ta. Waddtngg, Dinner or Supper Parties supplied at short aatice with novelties ia PyraaiiUs. fancy ?akee, and OonfecHaaerins, Jeltl--,; W?.|..ih> takes, best quality. Table Ornametrte Sal^l" lee Cream, Water lce.Boaan Pni.cb. Boae.1 Tnr key, plain : Esooloped Oysters, doned Turk-y in jelly, Charlotte An*se. etc., elc Attendant* also will be eent to attend to all de tailsi of arrar.gew nU. Boaiaets. Wrsaths, and cut Flowers bo order fell im JOSEPH H. BHAPPIELD. frs=?HOTIOE TO TAX PAYEES OP WA91ILL5 1HGT0N CITY. Tbe Board af Assessors having oompleted the annual aaseaament for 1867, will ait as a l? >ard of appeal, and ferthe purpose of making correction ?, from the 1Mb instant to April 1st in'.asi ve,. ?audays excepted,! at School Commissioner's Boom, second etery City Hall, west wing, from 9 a. a to S p. m. each dsy. By order *f the President [ I nt | fe 1 eot A pi T^-*E BTABLI8HBD T? a . McPBBBSON A PEBOUHON, Yl PMR. ATKNL'g, COS.NBA 1ST SfRBXT, I OariTOL Mill, lAjiliiHite'.to Physicians FrescrtpMons aosnrately compounded. The Night Ball proaptly answered. WMtf Attention is galled th my yeby large stock ol new and baaatlfnl ? AMEBIOAM PABLOB OBGAMt) ANUlMl , , MBLOUBONS. "lin frsm the celebrated n<akers _ , B D A H W. SMITH, Boston. Being compelled to mevs my entire stock in a few days, I will sell at . LABOB DIKOOCMTS. ' h?vs also several good second hand Organs and Melodeona. JOHH ?. ELLIS, mh 4 7t 306 Pens. ave.,near 1 th st. 345 HAMB, JOLES. EC. ;n ~ SmallBnpar sured Hams, Breakfast Bacon, Joles, ^honldera, and Prime Leaf Lard, Just received and for sale by J. B. BEYAM * BBO., 14i Pennsylvania nvenne, mh 4-niw f3tlf Op poet te Metro poll tm Hotel pBOPOBALS FOB TOSH BEEF. ScnalsTSitck Oyrtsg, F. S. A., > Corner Grant and Balderston streets, ' In Beat of I0A Went Lombard street, > ... Belli more. MS., March 1,1M7.) ?ra??eaie. in dnplleste, will he reoeUei fL5hii OB BATDED AY . March a, Jw^oTtgrnlshlni and^dellverjng free ef coet. to theOampe. Barracks, Hospitals and ffl er* in, vennd. and in the vicinity er Baltlmere M>1 , (inclading tbe Olrf'oted fhrts exsept Fort HsHenry.) ell the FBESH BEEP remlred by them fer six months, commencing Aniil I.1M7. ar snch lege time as the Oeaimtasary General of Sab4ttence may direct The Beef to be of good and marketable <i n ?lltv . In euaal nronortion of fore aaaaind quarter mesA,^ tnecks. ebatks and kidney tallow ta r>s ex^la led i The necks of the cattle gfanghterad under lata agreement shall he cut eff at the fenrth vsrtehral ' i<>int. aad the breast trimmed dowa The thanks of fore gnartera shall be cut off fro u tnre-i to fbnr inrrie* above the knee joint, aad of hind g<iarters from ?i* io eight inches above rtie g ?mhr?l or herk toind. Bidders are reunested to be at eeeat to respt n l srepared to give bonds tor the fulfillment o' their ontiact Proposal* must he endarsed distinctly ** Franasain fdr Freeh B*af,"nnd addreeaed to the nnier figaed, who reserves tke right to ret set anv oil all bids not to tkelniaraet of the United States, i Cord1tl< ns. riMjuirements, havmends, Ae . tcL ae heretofore. THOMAS Wll.^OH, w Brt. Lieut Col. andC 8 W H. A., mh 4 6t Bet Brig Ban. Vela. J U S T^ K EC E1V E D?ISO jnK^ NEW MAl'LK NoBTHEBN PBODUCB' OMPANY. fe W 3t* 3S0 D at., bet. 10th and 11th sis, X \ V t. A . j TKbTOKATHlC NEWS. FROU EI ROPE. C?ptnr?of the Fmihn Leader ia Ireland. Slrikfi in Francf, Ac. LdMX'N, Mir h 4 ?C-on?ola s>l; Kne .Tfiu: 1 ilmois 4 rntr&l ?6j|. Bond* T3\', Ilondi penevl before . ffl. iai bom- at 3 ^ t .r is-up >>r Marrh 4.? ,sl?j ot cot'on to.diT pM bat I* len, h ij?.(* h lea P< i<-?? have 4erlii e<1 \<i. m-ee ia>t report Middling Cpl-nbe I3l, Mndlmr Orleans 14<J. Kr?-*tl. | a nflh market qu'et California wtieit tlrm 1 J?. ."d. p?r cental. Corn declined 30s. .id. i>-r quarter for mixe<4 Western Pr.vlsiooa mar- ' ket nnchmge 1 Lard 50s 8d. per 10u. Pork and R'uon unchanged Mtrcb 4?Noon ?The?feim. ship AmtnH*!, t*apt. 4^ook, from N-w Y >ric. J '-ternary '"'j >. arrived h?re, en rou e to Liverpool, enrl* this morniD;. I.ovitoN, March 4 ?N.ion ?DUpvches hava b^rii received here from liuhlm, wHictiiunonnce fhe captnre of tbe famous Col O'C.hit <>r. lender of the late F-niati revolt tu ire. 1 lacd. j He wae overhauled hy the aathoriitea at A'h- \ lone, West M>rtb o< untv neailr two ban. i or?d miles irom the ecene of the msurre, [ tion. I'AKfS JUarob 4?Noon ? Strike for higher I wagf* among ibe operative* of Krauce are very fre^tifuu aud tbe cause is irac?at>le to ibe increased prior of food. Ki orkm r March 4? Wood ? >)?n fiar.haldi bnving .en bis tons to Cr*'promisea now to gu bim e|j aud tike up arms. " ' Ve??fl Abandoned. I- TOK. M ir> b 4.?Hartjua I>~nnia Horton t^amift. tor Ii<>*t<>n. with ra lroad iron, was nb.iiidoneti with si* feet of water in hold. All Lstids taken off attd lathed at CHoucest?*r Hank Maiem> m. New ^ onK. March 4 ?l?o.;n* increased ft1 sp? ci?* <lecr?-a?e<l *. oir. ulai on inert-a ed <le|io?it? d-crea?ed 84 >1 i > Ifjtal ii'iidfri> ilfort-aM-u Mt:<9,t*Ni. Kecanat rut-lion Ru HSIUM?, March * ?1 lie (governor ?ent bis met-sage to th* legislature to-d ly, urgu>< :t t ail of a convent on uud-t the snerm-tn h||i DlirWIM rou ibksh hbead. StBst-TFwcK OFr-r*. V a A , \ (oRNEROhA>, AS1> B*_uB*?ro% 8r? KtakorNo to * tsr UiiatKii aranr Baltimoki-. Mn . March ], is't Sealed Propo.aU. lb duplicate, will a. at t in office u till i ij tu t n sa TlKhA\ vi r k % If* 7. lo, la.nub.-, U?-H bJmb" n! tio< fe in Kb ?'' uul jtuil in Iti? vicinity of k<i timora. Md .liicla iluf m? v?ri?u* ?urr>un h?,? i fo.i. . , ,.pt >or? MoU.atr. M iryiaa.i ? ' Xi? brtmu to de-if v?rt?<i At MinhouMCAriihr of oract aii.1 0aM?-r?iO!i ttr-sti, Baltlmur* m or at such ot bar pein. in tb? city .,f M?cim ,r? a??y I'* ?i?-?lK.,att... In aach ?i??ntiti^? audai.n n ??r,!7*c? " S-^.t-ac. i b?MbJert toai|(|j iQSps il.n *!.d tf n?t ?att factory, pnrckM?N will b? aid u |,I o?ej, ma.k. t at the a.ptn.e , th. contT.T r mill teaetil^fl f?> th#. ? rtic??r of the lub^u.?nr* 1??k at tu cui receiTicc thfc Ur- aJ ?ence Ti e Bread r?4atred to im furnlahej unler this c< i,liact miirt be good. Wbolasmn* Hrea I mm In in lueia ot !?- *? , aacb ! at to waigh^ |i {!]! igi t ea. n.c?- wh-a recused ,niD l<-<!dera will ?t?te low man.' lrat" of Bread of eiKh.aeii oanc^s eatb *be, ?r?Po?? gi?|n, t?r ona barrel lltMir o'IM ponads ptckat:*-not incln<)-i i the marks ?.n the (-arrets a* p irch<sn.| ht th*. tar bed ^ *U* t? bcl'i, < ?b*D the barrels arenndNThU contrart wi I be lui^e for atr month* fran April i, )d 7, i>r suaU lens time as tae Couiai s-ar* ti' Dtra u>axireit ' (Hank p. op<>sal? a;i bf obtala.d at this office Bbl? be iad >rs d ' I'rop-aala for Fresh B end an<l ailre---d tj tba undami^aad. who :r:rn,:t:;rM,?rc,#ct *nr *r 54,1 ?<* *?*<? Bl.ldaia niuat ba yr sent to raspond to th?<lr bids and I prepaid to a|?a b ade or the faithful Bar. 101 m incest their c-.otract THOMAS *ILS0* Biaset Llent. 1 ol and O ?.. U 8 A n.h 4 fit Biasat Brig Qen. Vols. 'I'tlill THKBS ! TBREbI Fine variety of SHAPB TRVCS for aalebv "*T""a LWAJL. Ts.r..A>cs A B TATLOB A CO, Having removed their Temperance Store frooi ' apltol mil to the aid atand formarly occaplad by 8 Dnvail, comer of ?i?h aad I streets First Ward, are prepared lo supply thairfriaada and the pablic generally, with riNB FAMILY GBOOBmiBB free from the or smtll of liquors. nih J?>T BBCBIYID BY LAHCK.T0H A 8IBSABOH. *33 tth atraet, oppoaita Centra Market, 124 barrels Prtnie APTM.B8 u da DBIBD APPLB8 2S d > Prime BOM. MCTTBB 1 ' do FBK8U EOQ8. SkA 1 "?J??SL,?.?,.,h.cll, For sale cheap. m l at* pOB BiLK-Two HOB8KB, one Bay c\ I end one Brown. Also, two 1 h?r^ n ta BKBk^ ?iAW0t-B'fApPly ?ICHAKp2s^5 BfiBI, WiUr gt.a <r#ortft<lawD . ft ^ |f yyr a T c U K sT FBOD8BAM, J0B0BB8BN, OXSBVa. and AMIBICAN WATCHES, All atylca aad aia?>a, at tba LOWEST PBI0B8. Watcbca and Chronometer* repaired. M W OALT A BBy , Jewelers, a*b l tt 884 Pannaylvanla avenue ABOTICB. LL PERSONS INUEBTBP TO TUB OLD firm of VATI.o A SELBT are re4ueste i to come forward ?ad aeitle up tbalr ace< ants, ae I am desiroaa tf closing ap tb> affairs of ^aid firm. J AS. tV SELBY. At the old atai.d of fmt-? Jt Belbv 323 Peui. a avaaua. JUST BKOKIVEH ?A large lot of 4-4 BLEACHED COTTON, u yd reared, which we are oferlng to th. public at the anpreredanted le^r price of i'. canta Also a ot of 4-4 BLBAt-HJlD COTTON at ? cenU veryebeap. J W.BBLHi tUO. ' n.h l tf ^ 3'p ?nn? aveVn* ^ I'liB BBAL 801EBT1PIC A8TB0LOGEB OF AMBB1CA IB WASH::;3Tun ONLY A FEW DAYS LONUBB All iboae who by Aatrolasr Xlair destiay wonlU kauw, Aad *lsh to taat Ibis Balance, bhanld la Prof MAtBli.J ro H la akill by tbooaaada hava bean triadOne Dollar la bis fee. niriea. In Twelfth street be does redd* J our bu?Ired and seventy The PI a beta lie will re^d o yon. And t?ll what ia dec,ead. W hat to avoid, and what to do, would ion in life succeed lie taila toe noor Uow to g^in waxlth. And llva a life o.' ea?e; Be hi the aick reatorea their health, Ne matter what disease He tells If yon snll married ba, tlr live aud die a aiaid: Tells wnat amoant of family; raecrihea poar hit*bao<i a trade; The Past and Fotare tell he will, * hatevar tbay may be. 1 tr Twelfth atreet new where be Uvea. Four hundred and seventy. uihl ">t* YTOC8BKBEPEB3 WILL FIBB IT GREATLY JY to their advantage, before parohaaiag their * Uouaekeeptag Artfclea "to examine the large ftLd well aanarted stock at J. W. BOTELBB^^RO^HODBBrUBNlSHWhTe will Be foaad avanrthias re>ial?tte for furnUbia?r a honae. and at aach pnoea that cannot tail to plaaaa. U<?da d' Hvsred in any part of the atty ur Oa^rgt towu free of charge Hoasea, Hotels, and Mt< eiiibeata fnralahed at ahort uoUee. Orders from the country promptly ezecated, aad gootfa packed te go aafaly. J. W. BOTELBH A 8B0_, lmpoeterp ef China, Glaea. and Cr.?ckarr Ware, ard dealer* la all Alada of Hen?akeeping Articles fatllt I^DXQBIBB FOB THE NOLIDAIB. MAILLABDW C A BP IBS AMD OBOOOLATBB, CARAMBL'B OBBAH CHOOOLATB. ' DOI'BLB YABILLA BHOOOL %TB, ? ( Far table nae,i 8981 AND YABILLA BUBBT ALMONDS, BlIXmD 8DOAB PLUMM.and ABB4IBTBD CaBDlB* Just receive* at BIRO PLARB. a J M.t. HMO * 801. WBST IBDiAOBABGBR and BWEET MALAGA GRAPBS, EJBO PLACE, AIIBC* REAT (DORRflTiS. f" f^OLDBN BCCPPBBBONO WIBB Iranee, and laaa than one half the eoet of Imported Wltte. BIRR PLACB. WHITE OPOBTO PORT, . . . . M '"Teara of ikm Bwta,") v jeirect importaRa*. .d*Mt Klag Plaoe^_ / 1OAL. IRON. ARD OIL. or the Praetieal AnaerX ic*a Miner; belna a guide to oarmln?s and ailcertl rvaoaroea. with numerona maps and illusWationa Price f7.M. ja U FBABOK TATLOB. Affair# la 6?*r|fUwa, Tn? MavOii aid > * < ?l.-To n.ght Ui*. I> Wfl cb, K?q? M J or, and u?e C >m B<M 1-onuell elect. ?iil 'Hkf the ost'b or (>1l > 4U | enter ?jw>n tbe din-barg* **1 ifemr dauM TBB I AVAL.?1 h<* *?.? not l>a*n let In upon thiA diTiMoo ot n?(uw.iit tb? WOT* oi repe.r And 4 j.?an?,A? has n^t h-*n completed Tbe enperln e taut the work hull he well done. and thtia pr.%-,.i tbe ieflMKiy for* *u*|M>n?i.>n of f ,r trifling caneee alur tb- water hv ae~n In in apon the entire line. It te npi-rod tha- tba water will be let in upon ttm level ?e?t We*, needay. Tbr Ritbr Kbo>t ?The hn*mee? of th?bipp r* boueee h%* l?ut jnot l^r?n. ind a*ru?l? and cl-arane** are coi>r ju-n'lv Mr tew. Tbe arrancements now m progr--* lor* 'he river lront Indira" tbe %nttnpAtion of 11%eiy trade during the coving *ea* ^ fne work of retHnrf the wharv* i* procreating cendilT to completion. and the rnuw front from tb?' a<|Uf<i.ict toKo.-k (Yeek will eooa b? in complete order for n?*. KLor a a*t> Obaib Markbt?'The m?Tk?* oprced tbi.? morning wl'buu' anjr im prov-ni-i.t emce tbe clo?e la?t week. N?* receive of n <ur or grain were reported, and the traniurti % were limited to rmaiI lo e of h igb gra?1e? ?l ,|to ettpplv the wanta of cttv <1?t|erM The p'j . Ilata qaoted in the stir ot Saturday remain uncharred UEORU ETOWN AI i V ER'MTS. C'HEAl* BPRlN ti O .oUi ' AT MILLBBB, I?l Brtd?? ?tr -?-i ii??r(H**i. D O. Oa ic > , I* . tj 14* M^rrli .ac atij ? ^r!DJi Choice (trie*. ??r? cheap HI eched M?*lin? li. ,, If.. |?; y?rd wide d . M Janif* strum Mill* *?.2ft,t- . It at. a li It, iali. Aodro cog<l., w Sew \ rk Mllla. rtk?A?. Hrowa Mailin, 10 IA >a't wi-edo |> *i> ; _ii. fo>( Ala., a veaeral a?- rt tent of I'ry t?o>l* Oftli %nd ex ami ae our ew-ck Yon a III buy , heap fcC l?w* KVf IVII MlbUI 'I'uk ikisr k\:iri??. a n u iniere-tiv. I b'.t.a or th? . m . GEM. L C. K.\hlKH HlHf <KV OF T-I K H' HIT ClkVK K A <> E N T B ?ANTID n every city town ennty. and M?'? nf t t t tiion to ranvaea f-?r tbi? work. fill* til w?e announced one >ear a*" hnt owing ta in* A'tenipi* ot tlie G???rnn ? .t uncirMi It n4 fUI'll, all'>n ?aa d? 1a> <1. 1: w;|l now b? uiitlti-rtd ?m1 uttAl'i l<1 a1, nii'lrr tb * <iip?ri|< of <?en h A K I R It cuiitalu* a tall nt<l ,i expose of the Intricate iiiACtnnation* of tne #? r t ei.*u.i ? ot the I i (< u F'<r tHftlii t r?-|opni<-nt? an 1 thrill*?ie ?.I?eu lim-l.tkiih ok eclipe*-> th?* fam mci^r i>| F? a l>e At d \ Mot* Ti luarreliHHi itrratlfm { G^nerAl Maker Are All Ati?-?t-d t>j tk- hi/ ?-t ofli. lAl Aathofltv It will contain tkr -nly off hletory ..f th>' 4?-? i*"lt,Ati..t, roti-pw* y A 'u!| ht torr ef thl* greAt. AtartliAg au<1 terrl* ct) I ROM ITS Cu H EP1ION.IN THF II A< XT> OF MLLAINT TO Tfll HFRIAL PLACK <?F HOOTU. Iia< never yet l>een place<l M <re t .? ml lie. Tli?- w.>rk aleo fnll> ei( ? a the n*fArtuiia k> whli b Praei tentlal part ^ ne were as! are ?o readily el.Uiuai At Wa?ti|rigt>.u The morale of tbe National OApltel are th'<roiiftkly ?entiUted. Ant th*r* are ion^ etranire reeclatlone roucerniug h mI? of dopArtaittite u eml ereof C, ner. <e.ferml perrton I roker- an 1 di*tlA?ni?li?><| nillitrry clierActera. ForclrcniAre, cenvAeelng noml ?r?. a .1 all oth*r In'oritiAt o . a<1 "U.O RAKER Pwt Offl e i No f ?I0, I'htlalelia.*' Thie work will t? ready for delivery oa tbe let ?*e> o? 1!Ay N B?N??e bat tho>e thoroughly conyertent " th i e I ? r.?and with ga < refrraacw . to character and reepoaell'ilitT Apply, m 'n t ' ARDBH SKEDST ' I OA.RDEH iEEl?S I'EAB, BEANS. GAkBACI TPRNIT. PERT. bBTTrO*. Ac . he. I aia jnet In receipt ot my Imported GARMN FEII'8 from Tern rtn Andrieni k ("o , Part" France and Herat A Son. London EnclAtid. . 4 hA*?- tnAde ArrAnremerta with the larceet a: 1 most reimMe ee?n rrowera in tbe I'ntt- 1 Hr?t % for mj AmrticAii And hay* now n ?t r?- 1 Urge eopply, ahlch ere warranted fre?h an I nine. J. P HARTH0L0W felt-eoSw 44* 7th etreet, below Penn. DBPABTMKKr OF TBI INTERIOR. ,, , Pe??io* Opiici, Jal? i*h, ISM A Im A.VL F?0* 1* *At COBCEBN 1 A*Mc*?od harlni bMo mftde ondfr tbf tet of wlwof U?follewlM ^ aortbea Land Warret t?, which ape allege 1 to Date b*en loet or de-treyed,?Notice la hereby ?i>*-a tbat at tbe data followinf the tfeecrlptlon of eecii " * certificate or werrAnt of like tenor will be relaaoad. If ao valid <>b)ecUon aboal4then JOB. H. BARRETT, Ooaaiieeiober Bo. W4.7M, for !?' aeres. taaued ander the a t f March hi, l#$. la the name of Bofcert ? Pl~rce. aad waa granted Maj |j, March9.l?C *0. W.246 ler W? Acr^e, leaned ander th?- act ..f Match S nee. m the nana of Elijah D Ball and waa graated June 8,1*1. March 9, l*T. o 2,916, tor Wecraa. leiaed nader the a> t f MArch 3d ISM. In tlieaanieof O'or^e Plain, and 1Mb, 1KB March ?J,l^ 80 F #ll for leu acre*, leeaed auder the act of March 9d . MM. In tb# name of Jnmea deary an 1 waa granted April ?d. 1*1 March 30. 1- J. No M 7*. for lAa are?. leaned an4<*r th* act of arch 9d. Iw In the nam* of John Wood, and wan (ranted Fal raar> M l?67. April ?. |*7 No. M1W for l?u aevaa. leaned unJ#-r the art f ^ I?** ia tbe na?e of darati Wood, wi1 w "M Februar> i'v{. April I. im7. No 41,4%, for i?)9 ?cro?. iMntd um4mr tbe art of February It, IM', Ir tlie Dam* of Daaitiel Hod?on. ui V??i,"h1 toeceiaUrr ?. Ma* April ?. ia^: No t/JK. forOtacree. teeoed an ler the act of September, law In the nam* of Laatdoa O Johneofc a ad waa Fran ted Mar?h 6, ikw. April tx), > S7JH, for Suacrea. ia*aad nnCer tbe act of ar? b 3, lalfi iu\b* babic of Luidon C. J hn c? "M gtiufd April 1,1* . 4rr1! ?). j^7 No <t Si. tor ltt acrea. iaaued aader the act of March 3 IWa. ia the name ef Mary, wido? ef wm * *?. Bo ^lSS. for tin acrea.1e.aet aader tbe aet of March 3, ! ??., in taa aae ?t Pally Peaae. wi l w a! Bj w<k* Jaly is, isen. Mtf ? 1W7. No. <4 M. for l?u acrea. laeae 1 ander the act of March id, lite U tbe nauiea of tlie minor children a *,<',ni1 wu Kraated Jnly Bo riUMei uw acres, taaaed aader the a t ef F?-braary lifh, l??7,i? tbe nam* of Martin B a?d waa graaud May 12th, Im?. May U. 1*7 Bo. ?a,l?? for l?# ecree. laeued aader the a to March ?d. 14M. in the Lame of A let a Bllia. and waa graated April J.%. la!V7. May 11. 1AC7. Be I0.trf?l lor acraa, le*ued ander the act ? March S. 1655. ia the nana of Lewie Lambert, an I waa craa*ed O teber *. ISM. May K, W7 No C.Mk for IM acrea. leaned ander tbeartof March 3, Ibfc''. In the aaiae of Nicboiaa Prttc ett aad waa granted NuT??i'er II. laf May ?. |?a 486 j ?"*??? s 4HG 7th btreet.\ AfPtornaTk roa (7 lb atr-et ALL 8 B A 0 B 8.1 * BhAUTlFl'l A#D USEFUL COM BIX E D PAIBTIBOB AN b EH GRA V IK OS ) A limited bat choioa aeleeiiona of Oil Paint)- c*. Bugravlngi. Chremoa, Wreathe, BaaReUof Flowera,Ac., appropriately framed. OVAL 1P1CTLBB FRAMES A rich and varied aeeortment tram the beat meanfactnrara in tbe coaatry embraciac walaat. Imitation Boeewood. all Ollt. Raatk aad Carved Frame* Paseeparteak*. Oard Framee. Ac PICTt BB COBD AND TA88BL8, WALB I T BBAt KBTS. Br. P let ore Oard aad Taaeela all ataee aad oelera, r.liiA Balia. Walnut Bracketa, Bw?ia Be. PAPEBBANOINOB ABD WINDOW tfUAPEe A brautlfal variety of theee gooda. emkraclnd tbe rlcbeat deeiaae afKilt Embroidered Parlor ret tern* la tbe matrtet. with well aaearted atoek ef the cheaper gradee, with a large verietj of Wintow Bhadee. different ata?e aad colore. Ordere far Wladaw >nadea aad Paperhang n?? pnnctnally ctty oreauntry. A large portion of tbe above Qood* ware made PpffcieHf ta order, behaving tbe beat the ch?epee-., and alaun? ta heap that eKaea ef Oooda we raap? ifnlly Invito tbe Pablic to la*pact aad aoatpare oar Gaode with any ia tbe aiarketT^ r?rm> taearwitip aa k. J. MARRBITBB, No 4*6 7tb .treat da 18 1m* Elfht deora above Odd Fellowa' Ball. Department or thb ibtbbioe, ~ , UNITED STATES PA TEST dFFlCE. WaaaiMOTog, Febraary il. !*> _ Onthe petlttoaof aLBXaNDBV J ValKIB. ef hew lurk. N. prating for tbe extenei >n of a pateat graanad ta aw tae tttb day af May. 1*>'. tor aa iiprnaamaat la Bplrlt Lamaa. for ee> ea yeare from the aspiration af aald pateat, whloh kakM plane aa kb? Utii day at May. 6ff : It la ordered that tbe aala petition be baard at the Patent Office on Monday, the Ctb day of May aext. at 12 o clock M . aad all pvreoaa are aotlfijcd to appear and ahow aauae. If aay they have, whgaald petition onrtot not to be Erantwl Peraoaa nppo?lnc the eatenetoo are lajaire l te Ola lathe Pab at OMoe their objections, apeolailT pet forth In writing, at leaat twenty daya be'ore k tbe dev of hewrina. all taatlmon) filed by either I party to be need at tbe aald hearing naaC be Uk?t 1 AndtrAoamitird in accordance with tbe rate* of " the oftce wblob will be fhrnlahed oa applicatron Pepoalflaaa aad afher papera relied npoa a? te* Jttony tuoat be (Med ta the oMce twenty day* hefore tbe day af hearitg, the argnmeau, If any. within ten dkya af*ar llinc the teetimeav (jrdared,also, that thlt Botlcabn pobllfhed la 1 the Kepnblican aad the Batienal T?hlll|eik-er, We*tun?tea. B. C and la thd Tkaie*. New T<?rk, N iToaae a weak to* three aaaoanatve weeka. tae I Ir?t of mM pnblloatleaa ta bead laaat etwtj day* pre vlon* to ma day af hnaM-J. rp|UU^ rn?li-f ot Pataata. a aaner eeatalaiac thle aotiee. fv 27-lawJw /kBPHANS' OOUBT Feb 12, 1?7 -DuWRict phana-Coart af WaahlnjtonCoanti al jeaaJd. ar aeiated Batorday, the Mh d?r a4 Marcb, l?>7 I or Kernel petjement and dlatrlbntloaof the Fn^""^ eat ate of *Ald decaaaed. aad of theaaeea tn bu4 ae tor aa tbe aacne have been collected and turned leto aiekey; when and where all the creditor* end t?tr? of aald dtreaped are tx-Pfted te ett- ud. wltb their fclalma aropeny voncbei or tb'J ? ' ?rw1ae ht law W*xcln4a<llfp? all h^eeflt In deceaeed Acetate Provided acopy of thl* '-r dar he pnMished oace a week fof .three week* In the Bvaaiac BUr. ^EIRVE to lBUw?r T ******l"a- i rhilUTT PUHMt: BaeelptoOollaated hy Lad' II WarrleHBt Olalr. ThA OhrUti aa BF?nai. -edited by Rev. Frank Bewail. nrtwiA>apera iMawond Bditlon Beallaud on th? Aeti?a * Mediciae; New Bin n Murray'; Binoti.nal A Die -rder* of tl e N*r*e* The tory dff a * BraithwalteV Review lor Febrnery I?e B-w Review lot Palmary. ru||K TATLOB.