Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1867 Page 3
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i r t * u i j THE EVENlNG STAlir^ LOCAL NEWS! AMFJEME5TS. *r., TO KTOHT. Wall s Mkvr op*ha Hots*.? Uraud complimentary benefit to Messrs. Berry A W*ll 'his *T~i,itic.on which occasion the Webb Sis- . ur* will appear in tbrw pieces. and Mr. F. O. ! Bangs will recite "The Old arenadier ? Stor* " The pr<-gramme embrace* 'Catching *11 ll'irc?:" -The Youcg Astreas,' and "A .Loan of a Ijover.** .national TniATir..?First nigh* et the author at d comedian, Mr. John Brougham, w bo win appear as '-Iit SHTHsf,'' 10 hit own comedy of Playing with Fire." Odd Kuto?i' Hall, is'ayy Yard.?Fair of ia-t VfMkiaftua M E. Church.> A?ai>bmy?To-night tta* ball of tbe wt*il-known Urbanity Association promises to he. from the activity of the managers, a very agreeable affair. and those of our readers j who w-li to enjoy themselves, shoulduot fail to attend. Mission amy Mretihos.?The Missionary Anmver arv of the A-sembly's Church S.ib- , bath School took place last evening, a large i audience beitijc present. The exercise", were commenced Willi prayer by the pas.or, Kev. T. It. McFalla. lion. W. ?. Dodge, of New rk. .tinl Rev. Mr. Kelly, of New Jersey, delivered addresses. after which the diflfcreut classes came forward with their offerings, which amounted to Sl?_> .5. A liberal collection lor the cause was taken up aud several I et.-iius were made life members of the society. \ e-terdny af'ernoon the anniversary of the "S en-h'- Missionary Society <>f the Foundry M. I. Chur^ ii w a.- held, autl thekou?i? was crowded In tfce pulpit were Bishop Kingsley. Rev 3.r. Jobusoii. tne pa-tor. and other*, wti>le in tLe altar were a number ot Indians of the Santee, Muux una Ojibeway tr.bej, in citizens ::e-s Alter -mging and prayer and a -hort r dr-? Kr the President of the Association the nnuu >; re} or* was re?d by the Secretary, . L w i j that ?7:>t'?-tl had l>eeu contribute* f??r 3.. ury CHMtaliM the yi ar. Ilev. ll'tnn t lr -fly addressed the anoien -e, after vvl.ith tlie lamanssting a hyiuu m tbe.r own language and the collection was taken nj>. The j>r:y.e banner of blue satin. h? avilv fringe.l, lor the cla?s m iking the largest collection di ring l.e yea*- wa award d .o the Infant ? la>?, (Mr. D A. Oardn-T in charge.) One ot 'he Indians briefly addressed the audience, alter w l.icb tney sung several hymns tu the Indian lai jjuage MYSTEi:if>r? Mrni>*B?The body of the man w l.o w murdered S.rurday morning >11 the corner o! '2l:h aud K. streets west, is re. tamed at the 1. ur-fi 1'recinct station, in order that it may be identified but up to noou to- lay it hail not been identified, although hundreds II peison- had visited it for that purpose l.ieut Hurley ha- been untiring in hi* effort to unravel the mystery, and after several searche- the clothing, discovered under the collar ot the coat a card with the manufacturers' name, A D. Titswortb A Co., Chicago, 111., and upon taking that off a strip of muslin wa- discovered. marked "4o(i, lienry Bitt.-,"' which may be the name of ti?e deceased A Uundre.1 rumors as to the manner of the murder Lave been j.nt in circulation, most ot them ) -i-ed upon the facta elicited by the inquest < ne ot them i* that about lo 'o'clock on the ir. rningof tbe murder an employee of the kiln.- -aw a female, with a shawl thrown over rer head, standing at that corner quarreling with a man. l.i-u llurley found theemp! jve referred to. who he ;rd it from some one else, and at er tracir,r tne rumor as far tt* p.>?sinle. discovered nothing reliable The body will be interred -hi- afternoon at the expenoe of the < orporatic-n. Skriois uiiarois.? Yesterday, Officer l'arlver. ot 'he lot rth Ward, arrested C.iaSsteinbragge upon a ctiaige of grand larceny and for nil a* ion, aud Annie Cverricke upon a t h^'^e ,.t adultery 1 he complaint was m t.le by 1 >avia W eis-ell. and the case wa* la 1 before Justice Morsell Annie lierncke i- . t oil looking j uui g woman, the wife of a r-tan rant keeper, who ha- been an invalid for months past. r*teu.brugge is about :>n nan i f age. ami was a bar-tender in the restaur an' Mr* iierrirWe asked for no coun-el. aud appeared r Steinbriifge as well a? in her ow n ca.-?. >Ueabs0Ued Steiubrugge of all biamIcr larceny, n-?ertmg that she took the monev. several hundred dollars. She a!-o tried t<> relieve him from the charge of fornication The bn-biml l- -till an invalid, suffering, w- ;ire iuformeij. w ub par iIvms. and she declare- the will not live with him. Justice MorsHi considered all the facts presented, and decided to dismiss tbe c harge of grand larceny, aud held Mis lierrujte tc> bail forionrtto answer the charge of adultery, and also beld JSteinbriiirre to bail l*r court i n the charge of fornication CltAJIi.EP AT Till GO\ KRNMENT I'BI^TINfJ t'FKICK -On the 1st last. J 1>. Heflee.. K- 1 elected Congieesional Printer by theseni ie, Viie Coruelins Wendell, tsq..Superintendent, removed, entered upon the duties of hi< office. \ sterday, Mr. John Tretier, foreman of the bindery, was removed, and Mr. ?reo. P <toff, wl.o occupied il.e position during Mr. liefrees former term of office, resumed the *ame. Mr. Andrew I-1 isimiRons, assistant foreman! ba? >ent in his re*-.gnation. and the place will b?- fl!led by Mr J Harvey Koberts, its former ocenpant. Miss Kate Shorten, in charget.f rhe foldn g r. i?r., haa been removed also, and Mr. Thos C. Fen I* appointed in her stead It is behoved that other changes will be made in tfce course of a Jew days. ? Pic krr>< kits ?Last night the detective police no'iced the appearance it Washington of a number ot professional thieves. The expiration of one Congress, *nd tne immediate organization of the succeeding one. was cal nla'ed 'o a"ract lar-.'e numbers of stranger* to the Capitol and other public buildings, where tfie professional pickpockets w ould have opportunity to i |>erate with -uctess. The detective# Lave been watching them to-dav. ari l ?ome have already been notified to leave rhe W<> los-es of importance have been reported to the uetectives. * C<>nkir*atio>- ok 1?i?ikict (jkkicers _ The loilowiiig nomination- ot officers in this IHstnet have Kf .'ii confirmed by the Sena'e William Martin as Justice of the Pie^e j. r tfe county of Wa?hinjrtr n. Col. James K *' of V\ ills tor the county or V ashington. [Col. O B-lme is well known to our ci'izens a- torrnerly provost mar-nal and lute a deputy marshal of thi? DistricM Kdw: rd C. Fddie. as Kegl-ter of Heels for this lu-.rict, vice B M. Hall, fcsq., removed. Lar< kbt Cases ?Satnrdav. Geo Wilson colored, waa arrested by officer M urkwood, of the I hud Ward, for the i&rcenv of cast iron bars, the property ot Kill* A Bro. Also, for the larceny e' a ?as: iron pillar bio k, the property of the Vnited S'ates government. I he cases were Investigated by .IneticeThomp. aor, at the Central (inardhoase. and tbe accu.Mfd was sent to jail for court in each case < i kan Sitkets ?The police m one baif the District r. fi.rned fhe;r reports for yest-rday biana, liuvu g made no arrests In theomer naif the t fficers repotted 17 arrests, of thes*, II were ia the -th j.recinct. including the Sixth Ward and part of th? Fiftb, and the connty 1 in the First Ward, J in the Seventh w ard, and 3 in tbe Fourth. Tne total amount Ot fines imposed was 9M. Tt I.HKIt (iVtR TO M aryland ArTIIOK.'T.BS Saturday nigLt, officer Lusbey, of the seeomi pret met police, arrested Henry Clav. colored, fo-tbe larceny of chickens and clothing m Montgomery county. Md. The prisoner consenting to be turned over to tbe Maryland authorities. was delivered to the District Attorney m Montgomery connty. sr. Patiuck'h Day.?Tbe-Wasbington Hibernian Benevolent Association will celebrate St. Patrick day by a slipper in the Wallacb Building on Mondav evening, j-th ins'anr and as Mr Patrick Murphy, tbe well-known caterer, formerly of Willards, will have Charge of the culinary department,'we ha va no doubt it will be a very successful affair. Aw?thkr Pk.imhti. "Mill."?The negotiation* bet* wn tbe friends ol Sam. Collyer and Barney Aaron, both well-known as Hrst. class exponents of tbe "muscular Christianity '* for another prize fight, to take place in April or May next, for stages ol ?u,uw, have II .ally conelud ?d. Four* rei*o*tf roR satrnpat?tcj lieutenants of tbe various police precincts reported forty-five arresta in the District Saturday The ca-ee. with few exceptions, were under tbe municipal laws, and in tbese the fines amounted to ?t?3 65. . Carrying Cobtkalbd W bapoms.?Thoa. O dding was arrested Saturday by officer Schafler. of the seventh precinct, for carrying < ii ti-ii weapons, and was fined S3J by Justice Walter. Ot-iv avtfr Hnrp.i ?Wm HnllsaaB wasarre?t*d by officer S'trle. of tb^f. ircond Ward, lor keep.-,.' h?- restauiant openirer tbe hours P'es, rined by law. Juatice Morsel! fined him tiu.ts. , m i . lav \ ( otrt.?There wa? no n nor it m pres. * ' at the meeting of the I.eyy (:j?r? to-day, and an adiournment was bad to Mouday next. ? Feus.jwai ?Hen ?1 W Morgan, Ohio. Hon. * Butler, Ma>? ; Hot F. H Feirpont, Va, are at the Kirk wood House. ' Mi / 3 psormul* for tf1 klw j all.?>at 00911 to-day tbe Secretary of tbe Interior opened at bis office bid# for tbe erection of a new jail for ttve District of Columbia, According to tbe ?n<* specifications of the architect, Mr Y. }- axon, o: J'altimore. Th**fe wer?? aK^out 30 bide received. aud mo?t of the bidders, master mechanic!'of this and ether cmae, were present. The bids for furnishing tbe material and dome the work ranee troin sr*.OC? 10 ttiVO". Some ot tbe bids are informal, specifying only portion, cf the work It <a stated that none of these bids will be accepted, but that another advertisement lor proposals will be publiahed shortly. * <?imrr!*AT OrRI? Opening c/tkr March Term1 hi* morning tbe March term of the Criminal Court was convened. Judge FUUer presiding Tbe grand jury was called, and all answered to their nairea. JameaColeman,a guard attne jail, *as exempted, and I, D. Cartwnght w.u excused. All tbe p??tit juror*answered to the<r i ames except Messrs. Henry :somb<jrn and Alired Auright. Andrew Jackson, Jotin P. llilten, W. C. Beetor, Jae. T. Ferry, H. H. Hallid.iy, B. T Swrart, and John Webster, uere excused. Je^se B Wilson wa< sworn a? foreman of the grand jury, and tbe others jualified by taking the oath of allegiance and the usual oath of office at the hands of the clerk. Mr K J MMdleton. and were briefly charged by Jndge Fi?her as to their dutms, c .llirg their attention to the recent act of C jhgretfr in releieuce to elections, (which la to be given iu charge to the grand jury at each term of the ci ur .) The pet>i ji>rors were sworn, and the following were drawn from the b >x by tlie rjeik to till ihe pla es of tho; e excused Wm II I>igg?,'?d ward : W H. R irn??, 71b ward : Tho-. Carden, 7ih ward;W.H RUdwm.4:h w:trd ; H. T- Cir3en. Cd ward; C C. Ford. 'M ward . Christopher Boyle, 5 ti w 1. a In became of lianiel Stewart, indicted for an nyjnnlt pnd b.a'terv with intent to kill, a KtiIej>ros- wss entered. - ? A Mix anpria Items? From t lie Alexandri a papers of Saturday evening we clip the following: Two jifterrip',. one about nin<* o'clock last night, Ihe other about half past five this mornlug. were made to set lire to the trame shauty on tbe northeast corner of Princess and I'ulumbns streets. Fortui ately borhetrorts w re uiiMicces-fn 1. the tire being discovered and extirg?ii?htil by Mr. Joyce, the last by Justice Mooie. and a lo-gro man. w bo-e name we have not learned. '1 he incendiaries are suspected, and the police are on their track It is ihe purpose, so we are informed, of the I.ess-ee? of ;h? Alexandria ('anal to'urn water into that noted excavation about the 15th of the pre-ent monrh F;eh Town i? beginning 'o put on its Spring I penrance, though the arrivals there, up to thi? 'Hue. have been few, coii*i3tiu j only ot bunch fish. At a Kepubiicnn meeting. held at Lvcnm 11II last night. March I, i-tlT, George Tucker wa nominated tor Mavor. also full conn il ticket. 1 he stockholders of the (irmge and Alexandra. .ind Manassn* (lap Railroad-", are t<> meet. in thit- pjace, on the :id day ol April next. * Coktrai t Awarpkd.?Tbe contract f,>r furtii-hmg Iif-li heej and vegetables . lb*, id .a< 1., at the Washington Navy Yard, the bids lur which were opened on Wednesday last, has h?en awarded t.? Mr. .1 T. V'arnell. of thi? ci y. at ?> <.->.101 per cwt for beef, and - cea's per pound for vegetables. ? Sat>: <-r Wonkv?At the meeting of "he I-1 r1 Naiioi ai Bmliiug Association,!;?rh payr.ight, March l, nineteen shares so'.d?average X,\. * " CITY ITEMS. .TE'VKTR-i and Silver Plate 1 Ware, new and t :*u;iln| gtvles received this motuiu^, at tTijrg's tine |i<>!|ir .levelry St >re, ?fo. i iI'-'nnsy Ivama a venue, near I V street. ttKEAT KkI'I i Tioji iu the prices of white die-, linen ht'.-om -nirts. Prices j?| to SI. ?re Price (inly at lien lung's, corner of Seventh 6tree! and Maryland avenue. ^ ! r E-STtTcnKn Booth made to order r>r "Mutineers l(>rs;;,i: ladie> Kid Button (i.aiterslorSC: Balmorals lor and allstvle- ,,f Mi*--e and Ch: idren'- Shoe> very |i >i? at Hell brun k Bros. "> ?; Se\enth stra.-l. one door south of Odd Fellows- Ball. ;j ? ? ?-? Fp* dloss Kid Button Boots at <i B. Wilsob's. >0 .j n Tih street, under udd Fellows* 11*11, at prices ranging trom ? io S6 5<>. i; T h'"* I at>tkh who want an elegant Hmbroidered Voice for 2S ighi (Jown or Ctieiu>e. ? an ize' one theap by calling at Prince's, :;-d F street, he:,.re he moves his stock to bis uegp store, 4:w Ninth street. ? L?r. Whitb, (Jkiropodist, 424 Penu. av . betwepr. 4% and flth strata, continueg th? successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, ehlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, A c. Crtice hours front y a. m. to 5 p. m., and 6 to b p m Established 1 aoI. I" or CnrLBLAixs and Frosted Feet, While's trr.hrocanen is a specific. I'nce #1 per battle, tor sale at 4-^4 Pennsylvania avenue, hetwe^a 4* an d tith atreete. ASCRBPtLB CORK?llr. Qllbert'S Pile iu etrnment positively enres the worst cases 0f piles. Sent bv mail onreceiptof *1 Circalars free. ;>old by dragicisrs. AgenU wanted everywhere Address J. B. Komame. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. Pbbhibs oac be bad in any quantities at the Star office counter MARRIED. LA FUBT*?WALKKB On tha 24th of Fobrnary, by the he* Mr. Hrown, k li I.a POHTK t o > 1 i b a 4 VI .> IA W A L h K B, a 11 o r 11,1, c 7t > W1E??K-AIL*U AI the brides reiida. ee. No AlJB_atreet, en th.3.1 matitnt, by the liov John 0. Smith, of the Fourth Preshrtariari 0 urrh LKWls WII8IE t? Mm BoTh'aaVLKK. willow of <>eori{* Aller. ACCIIMLTY ?SCHEBMBBnOBV. I? N?w Tork city, on Wfdnfsday. Fehranry J7. l,yth? l?r Parker, Af Ainbertt. HI C'il A HD T V Ll-KN arCBMCTY t. ?LLK?, d.ujhter of at# Augu*tnii ?< hermerhoro. W*V*BAL 81'L.KNDJD PABLOB OatOAlii, C? w lh Pau-fctorgan t-well, and .<ne with.-^?u. movable Peaal Ctta. ( yery cuhTauieut forfc-Rfel organ pra. ti? e a: h'.uie 1 will 111*11 POsITIV ELY HE BOLD AT COST, preparatory to rebailding Bfc.f*. Aiao, Unew aadse oud liatiil PI A NOB at re In red prI**'', - ? U?OBG* L WILD A I1BO , no 14 6ot No 497 ljth ttreet above Pa. ave. k|TEEL^U B1LLB foraale inaaiHi toauit pur chaaera. Biniheet market prlca paid for AMBBICAN \l v li &) 1 r , wL?WlS JOHNBUN A CO , Bankera, 7 tf *9-^ Penna avenqa. " ^J 1T/.EB0TT HALL." " CH,*A~ DINNBB, TEA AND TUILBT sE I TS at irraat'y rednoed pria?i. at J. W. BOTBLEB ? BBO , House FurrUhers, 320 Metxerott Hall, W * ?! INDIA OBANaES AND V k bwbbt Malaga obapes, Fr?'h K1NQ PLACM. I B D FOOD. ~ _ M W1 PBBPABBD FOOD I0!."0"!11' Tbfusfces, NlRhtlneaf^B Bobbins, Black Birds, StarltaKN. Sky Larki *c' N. W Bi;BOH ELL. ' f(. ,n under Ibbitt House. ? comer uth and F atreets. Auction and oomm'bbIo^ mbbchant K aBj Eighth atraeu (Opp. ltf Northera Liberty Market,) Washisgtor, D. 0. BEODLAK~ BkLE8, MONDAY, WBDSI8UAY, FB1DAY AND BATLBDAY. Particular attentfnn pA|j to tbe sa<? or ??. ?? ???' **d Hwn,eho,,J *ur?ltnre at private r<t?| fe?eolm 1 B1TED BTATEB bonds * t AND TBBABUBY NOTES, Bo*?ht. aold and 011 favorable terma. LIW1S JOHNBON A 00. Bankara, J'7 * ggSPaBB*. avanne. IF YOD WANT BABOAINS ? . IN OABIHBT FCBNITI Ru Call at tbe Bxtanilva Wararooms of Hf. Z1MMBBMAH * AO., i. to.1;s/gsaafssi,. 500,000 ""HlV" omn" k MOM KBSDAI.L GKEEy VIXE YA&D. CONCOB?. tbe me it valuable Grape In the country NORTON'S VIBGIMIA, CATAWBA, BEBEOCA. DIANA. llABTFoBD PROLIFIC, with many other choice kinde. at #1.15 per mo cnttinga, or ?lj per 1 Buy- warrant- d all good wo<^?nd true to name Oarefnlly packed aad hipped to any address on remittance. Early orders are solicited. fa ? i? J PIABBON'B Fruit fltere, * 61 441 dth street. *NAB1 * OO.?B PIANOS, PBIWCB * OO * OBOA1S AAD MB MH ^ ^ LODBONS. III in ??LVr*?** ?ul 00 ttras. ai Ne. 49** Utb sttaat, above Pennsylvania avenue eel e/wim- F 0# BBICHBIIBAOH. (JOB11AM i.HEBM COBR " ~ -F (Sweet ? K W BUBOH ELL, Corner 14th and K streets, fel4 tf under Ebbitt House. , /./ ']/: ' (.'> AMUSKMENTS. NATIQKAL THIHRK. PtutrlTiali ?T<n?iMu Wl)ltt4i' Hotel BBSOMPTIOB "P TBB BBOULA H PBI JUS Of ADMLMIOH. 8FATS BB08&VDAWITHOUT BX'BA CHABGE. THIS MdNUt). M A EH A, l?H? . Hnt night ?f the Id(u?h?d! of iho gr at Author. fo?t and ? ouiedi >u, . MB JOBN BROUGHAM ... ^ ho will mtkr hi* tirst aiH<krtsc? t< PB BA?ACB. in hi* own POPGLAB ABB ORIGINAL COMBDT In i ft* Avta. of PLATIWO WITH PIBB. WALLS KIIW OflKA MOOSK. BBBBY A WALL.... -PBOPBIBTOB8 B. B PHILLIPS BTAgB MANAGEH. LAST BIGHT or TUB WISTEB SBAS>N, GBANDCOMPLIMB^TABT BENEFIT TO BK KllY A WALL. MOM)AY SVEBING. MaB B 4. 1B6T. On wt.lcli occasion lie a..d talented WEBB SI*TEB3. Will appear in a varb-tj of chsrac'er*, eongs. and dances MB P.O. BANGS Baa aUo kindly v lanteerert, and will give ft r?eltatiou of "The Old Hrenadier'a rtlory " 7 he jarfernmn ? wt.1 commence with the pre lean comedietta of CATi III N?. AN HEIRESS To conclude with the musical Farce of a Loan of a lover. ODI) ALLLOVW HALL. FOR A SHOUT SEAB 'N ONLY. COMMENCING Tt'tslH Y >1 ABC 11 1**67, TH K ORR ORiniSAL MIl.TOMlX TAP LEA UX, KHOM LONDON, KNGI>ANU. The mmi- that created such an iu'ense a*n*ati ->n iu 'liia rtt) ab"ot on" war ago when, during a ttiiii ot thirt> exhibition*, not leas than THIKTY FlU THOUSAND I'BK.xONs wlti e-sed ibis Wi.rid ri-ri"* nod exhibition. T'esal.of fCMvcrt nnu will c<"nninice MON DAY MOIiN I NO at 10 o ch>ck at Cilia' Mu?lc Pt<re.No. 306 I'mmvitgnm ntcnno for pur tirnlnrx see bills aii'i lont' advertisement in Tn^?<2a* ' pupers A M DOBLAND, Manager. P. C OABDNBB. Agent aaB I tf 1,'ANCY DRESSES AN1? COSTUMES ' Por Tableaux ;?nd Private Parlies. Apply to MBS FB\NK RK\ fe 21 1m* 4 1? 10th street. LUST AND FOUND. IO>T -On S.i'ii 1 . :iiur:11 ri.z. Id in?t .a liver J < old I f !, douMel,.?e<1 pointer DOG ."J I '* ward will be paid it left at 3 7 1 Dit. in l it IOhT In National Theater, on Friday nigtt 'a FAN bla<k and go'd. valued ana gift A suitable leward will i>e pail on lis r tn< n to BUI LMA.N'S Motel 1.1th st . near a enu~ rot :t * OST-Mareh I a large 111 IF EN\ELO?<, I < contai i i ig p i f a-s an tax C< rtifb ate direct d t?- Klijali Br i t.i'goan The finder wi 1 be r?**ri?il I > le i\ ing th**iM with Measis /MP KIN'i A fcON foi L?r Vermont aveune and 16', st I OST-On Friday. tV' l"t instant, between H ah I i -treet Georgetown, aud i7th sireet Wash ii.;t ii, i I OKTMON.M1C runtmnl:i( . ?) J) Tlie Pi ler v> ill re eiv- . liberal rewar i oy ie-ivinu ir with N 8 UB^TOB. at the oilice of BI^k-? A Co. m i if ^ I 14 HEW A BO Strayed or stol*M, nu the , I ""night of the l?t of War h. frost the resi dene* ?d Co' Gi?rt, ou :<d str'-et ea*t i'a.itol Hill, one WaOON ana one chesnnt sorrel HOBSK 14 hah hiifh with two white ?po's on his rami', aid rnlled wlih trace*, with white fare. The rewi.rd for O e nb'.ve wi I he given if delivered to me at No dti# llth #tte?t, N?v> Yard. Wa-hineton. Dih4-It* JOHN >. GATES. T r11AK EN I P A I, A Y HOUSE which tlie owner I an have after brovini< property itnd c><a> in ^ cb.ig i Apply at U oon. no 24) Pwt Odice lie paiitiient. mil I It* IOJ'l-Oa Friday evening a bl?ck :im4 ta i JterrierSl LT. an-w- rs to the ramie of Lnla. ' Ivtil uii h erhall brass collar, withl >ck i librml *r ward ?ill be paid to an\ ^ leaving her at So Pa. are .opp' site Will^rd*' H tel in 2 2t* ( I ,)I)MI UK<VAUD. 1 *N Saturday night i>eb 24. l->>7, fine ol the In <liaiiB belougmg io the 8ia?ltoo an ' VV * prion si inx delegation. dl?ap; en red frani the Barrack-, c rifrol New Y-rk avenneaud l^th street uiid has not -ince l>e?n heard ironi Said IroitB i* ahout 4 1 ><*rso!d about''feet 6 in- hes 1,1k: h, and ? ear a iii- Lai i cr<> ppe>l ilfl on w h? n he left the Barrarm. satiHet pants la red i ?lne? -?riped tianne! shirt, ana ware a Jreeu Ioint planket The ?>?s? reward will be paid to an> pfr-< n retumifg sat<i Indian to the isarrarke atoresai 1. i r gi\lii*i ai-ch information a? will lea>i to lii'H recovery. b> applying to the Commiasb*ner el Indian A:ialra. er to BENJ. THOMPSON. Special Ag. nt. n h 2 St No tt4 Birkwood Ronse. I 0^ i ? ? hruary 2H, between llti. sti eet atid the I j Nati nal Theatre, a lady's FliB i'OLIAU I he finder will be liberally rew.ird-d by leaving it stain nth st nii-tt* A,**1 UN I - A ? in -ill asm of mT)NEY. * hio'i the r o? dt c.m have by id ioiringof Letter C ?rriar No 11 ( A.) between the huara ot 1 and a p in. ni 1 3t* I< 'ST?On the bveuing of the 27th, ea route f r J 6th ano K to 1 aireet north, a pair ot silvt St Bi Ki*, with hlii' gia^t, far which a liberal re w ard v it! be paid if lett at No. 6*i4 1 st , bet t>th and th a?s. oa 1 .St" 108T? At the National Theater, or b>'twe<n J there and W i I. ard . I ait e * :ilug, a IIR\'E LET marked " M a F to B. It B'. rih>!a> <iiU, lnii '' The hnd< r will be lit'er^lly rewarded by leaving the same at \VtllartTs Hotel. fe 22 tf PERSONAL. ^OTICB?I hereby forewarn all persons not to II trust uiy wife, ANNA liKKI K(,o< pay t er ar y m <ne> lue to uie aa 1 will pay no debts t.jti txarii C by her, she having left ru> bea and b ard mh4^r NN M GBRECKB. BUNCH WHALEBONE i'? Hi BIS aT ?1 'ill. 1 Also n hand, a loll asaortment of h ?me m?le Corjet-. W halebones, Oorset bteela and Boa'da. latest and all ?tj Us of Htop (?hir s C >vera aad TriBuiiinas Will be sol 1 at the lowest rata, at CHARLES IiAUM a llaop Skirt an ! Corset Mauuiattory. 4y Lonisiana avenue, betaeeu <th aud 7th atreeta. mh l iu' ONLY FOR LADIES TO BE>D -Bleg mtly Embroidered NIOHT GOWN and OIJ EMI-K iOKK>, more slaborate than any ever er.-d here, of the newest and most beautitul deaigu% received daily, frem our c<.rps of 15d super) r hau ls, and for sale at BKPUCEU PBtCKS ttemg the largest maoufactarer here of this kind ot j ladies waar, we can please all. both iu quality ! and price, an l are detei miued, at whatevei c st to produce the beat work, issue the most elsgaut patterns, a. d fcTAM P ('IlBAl'EB, than any c u cei n in this of aa> other city. Our reputati -n aa the only Practical Stamper here itanred ladies that no ln urions compositi ;? are used, and ahlelda tbam from trusting their work in the handa of t!.<ja... who buy a few hi >cka and proclaim th< ji,S'-L j -tamrars. btatupiug, % centd per width, and giv. you a Co.lar and Ou:ls in. WM PB1MCB. 4 .'th street. fe 2 tf app .slte Patent Olfice. PL. SHUE''KING. M I) , HYGIBNIO AND HOM EOPATHIC PHTSIOIAN Offh-e?249 Pa Ave , bet 12tti aud i3th ats _ja ju lnr AT THE H?W OHBAP^TAMFING UUOMB 4.19 ytti street, ofpinile Patent Otfice, ladies tan get at our reduced prices, on the very best Wainaautta? Might gown Yokea, ready atamped ..*! c.t? Ch' mise Yokea, " " eta. * Ban>ia " " ....?...S0 eta. Bither for braid or anibriddery, oar pattoi n- are of tt>e very latent deaigas, selected with care id New York, and being in receipt ot them weekly, we are able daily tolsaae new patterna aa well as make and atamp ?&> pattern brought ua. I. O. O Work lag Cotton at reduovd prioes. de IK tf BB1DAL AND PCBEBAL WREATHS, SO VUBTS.CBOStiBb AHCHWB8. STARS. Ac , areaerved in natural form , laipor'ed FLOWERS, HAIB FLOW BBS. and BKAlOING. Also, lm Sorted MOA8. HaIR DBBSHBS for Balls, by ra. FBIB8 Has removed to Bo. 429 lithst , Between G and H . oc 5 flm* JOHN D CLAB&, ATTORNEY AND COBN8KLLOB AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC. Bo. iUi 13th street west. da 14 ly \| BTBOPOL1TAB PATENT ill . STEAM KAKEKi, 34 7 O street, between 4^ and ?th staaeU. Furnished with McRenzle'a 8plaadld K?el Oven and the uiost approved machinery, naing nona hnt the best material, carefully aelacted The Crack era manufactured at this establishment are superior to any heretofore offered iu this mark, t We invite attention ?peclally to following varieties . mice ttieourr. A vary choir* arti. la, from select family flour. BOSTON CBAOBBRS Prom Welch'a tamllv flour. e<iual to any In tha country _ SODA OBa( KBBS, Bxtra fine, from high gradee extra flour, Al??. the toll owing standard varietlea:

WATEB CBACKBBS. BLGAR 0BACBBB8. BCTTBB CBACK BBS, OBAUB BB BUST. PILOT BBBAD, GIBOKB SNAPS, Bl^BLTIKS. We are alae supplying Grocers and Pamlli-a With Bavenaer'a well kaow a FAMILY BBBAD. fe 12_lm _THO. HAVBBMEB. 3*7 Oatreet. UOMBTH1NO BBW ! O ENCOUBABB BOMB M&BUFACTUBBI B, GOODMAN, PRACTICAL CARPET WEAVER. Coiner and C atreata. (Island.) Makea Carpets to order with dispatch, OB aaode rata teraaa, aad satisfaction guarantied, ''arpers constantly an hand, aud for sale. ja il 2m 0~ ~^"P I A B 0 8~ > B Bacon A Baven Piaao, for B19>. ' One Andrew Stela, for #60. . R?9E< One almost new 7 octave l-rge r<Blod"'*'* corner boardmaa A Gray Plaav. For sale np?n eaav terms, at the war?room? af W G MBTZBttOTT A CO Sole Ageata of 8teir>way A Soa's piau^s. and Maaoa A Hamlin a Cabinet Orgaoa fe It tf E>1 B BO ID B BT" O r^ALir BINDS WO KKBD vn terms Bvery hind ot Fnucy Work taught at Tery lew aricea, b> Ma?lam RUT' BBACB.atK R'jpp'a O between 8th aul 9*h atreeta falMnt ("^DiABS AND TOBACCO ? BBOOKK N ?l> J MONSToN will i.e happv toserve hl? frisnda end the public with Cigars and Tobacco, at No t b4 S Louiaiana avenue, near Bauk of Washing too. feS-ltn A ^?fc???I??? WANTS. _ W wJlihi'.'*'""1 fWtl n ?>. art *ro?er Also a Chambermaid t^adant ?.!V T ArS:'y ?' tk? ^TIATION u *.|Ma?a, bra riv??? *b.> ku b?>1 MTcr?l years expe dre-s t^x Ho 7/t, ZX? *rwc#rT hasinees Ad ' n<Xflo 44 Star Office. m 4 Jt* W IJ AT?m^,y f*P?ct*bl?*onB#fir], a 8ITdii M^a-^-??, r.^0 '?? "<i? between ( street an ?a*-aci u(t?tu ?*enue nhj-3t* W tilSfftrV1!!*? ^BTSII with * cash f'a i m '.W'lo?i?t? acd profitable ftrat BACTRMii ?? i bo*J,^M- Address MAN't' HUTUKIR C|ty p0? Offic# m i f A s^fau' InTr * ->?"> WA.?io A " ?i 5??f>.l J. f . ** t,*rJ*??'r or C.?ech Penna a* xlf "n. ' ? 11' ?' No va* a*.. between jjtto and ijih -u. m4 5f \\ *_<!! " a ?MC c?a be hal riTaU frj! L1, *h,#*?<r| - ?? HrnnoHini !,??i' in iJl ""ar ih. elrv ln , Star Ofh, ?ilk' JtJ r 'dren Ad-lrea *>o* ? otar om, , ?tth address. m 4 3f A|1oSDTB,r a. ?"P*U:7U girl. 8IT0Airaniotf ,,r ? ? p eo'klng washing and App|> at f,u8j",r,t# ? *? !?ral houaewo-k. 7th Me. Uug 'ley, H street bet 6th aad H Mu. in a .e<*l rontsi..^ LV ,? ,BiaU Rr,lk "*ELLlNli H ?OSK. 'O 53(*jo 1 t n r Own. wo'th tr..m t r.alk is "U fa"ld* * f"'D< ance ln ?\ ? a i'*\ Trrn>< *?**? 11>> rJ ? ? h, . . Star Offiee wnth* Add r*,-,' A l " -- -- - in 4 .V* ?? Valfn.TliBDV1'??? ' .? ?o so'BU Bu,dL,-< - "PP'> at Kirkoo d u., *? . 2t \\ a'lin.^ii^y **A ^ ,?c'>ok? w ??h ?"d ?r >n Aptly Ht *ln'ly-, "'' ' "CM re-4alre1. B'ree a street, Ut? u J(-th _H(1 Ht(j W *jUu.f?rt?rk?Mii* X ! w *"h H'b*? *nd da ..?. ii?V? 8 *"?*<?> W ^*TK!>-A rp.p. C'asle wMt* WOMAN, to Pa * ' ",nK rM|-1 *< ? in a l W V.WV..V few ,rK-r"? <? "n V '8I'"" m 2.n* \\ VI<.TK,)~ ifi.p. <1 <{ I BLS.tunaka nA ^ hklitu at N<?. So3 fill .;re?t, betwean p ?nd in I St* ?' PttAl'iiHTSM f%N \?"lT ' *' M ' h?uic?I \\ A Colored Feai*l>- r >(j\ f,,r ti *? . I ? - family K n? . ..t t|. . , J . . ' V h- ?#t. hi ?1 oMifln?, tif.J ap ,^iy K?.f.f.n-J'' _ 1 Ai1di#a? I'.ii* tf? M*r ..ilic? nib I .tt* ^ C K N T S ftASTIIi. ;V'' ^l0?. ANP *150 PER MONTH !T M7V' In". 1,1 '" r "* ca V ,? iu? f ,r "TS BAftINO OF TUE QHAT, ' C 'mprituiK Per enm! Sittdte* A ' fn-, r, M?4(f(ft?tere Wmr.with T-ir,7 V,., / '' l>t fy /),. .4, - . Chart ti % Tot* o*nt Mi>r,c^ Wtt ' ;i S/|' r ti > rv ?,/ rmh'Ht S"jf' r twe.% o/* KOYs t s UK AY B JOHN RsT\N COOKIE. ' vn/.l" V? ol. ,."*^er?l.,,*ta-rf? 8??n nithor of o ? a<- / * Bt ' Ltf? Stoneuali JackHANI>80MKI,T ILH 8TBATKD i? , o.T.V.u<,I?'?lc n,"n " ru' " r?r? ch?n.-e IS o mmI to tli?*kp Tf f ne*. sSOtTUKKN Pl'HLISHIMO COMPANY. . , ? .' ' Haltinior-. M l I'oatOftce Box 1.4*J4. n.hljeol.n \\ L"?D J v % Who la CtMblo of tiih ih|! fharije of a lt?rlie farm, h SITCA A toniitry place prefey>4 Ooo.l referi-nc'." L!iT".". Addrcsn H i NuTTo Star Offi e. Te 4t I NFI RMPHKU HOTSE WANTBU-C >ii * jaiLinu 'r ru to* r-*oma Pop?e-?ion >1 r* .!' ??" r ^'ore the 1st o! April. A Idre-a R * V~1 roat Onire. te 37-6t* \\ AKTBD A comfortable DwHiiiig HOU8B, *? contaiuiDk: six or eistit rooms centrall? lo"at?'a A goo?l tuuaiit ia-- be ha i ?>v Hldrfstins ? w '? 8H BPilBKD, ' ' < orti'-r 7th and D str^.-t?. \\ A N I BU A 81 I I ATiON n, waailim \,J a UT"1,"?te?<da sewing ttierooghlv ky ? . i'Jt ^ 'JS''!' *" Seeriiijt Machlue O hi hi and ' lad ie- and . hi Idre? 'a dre-sen Ad ireis. f?r thi-4-<ia>a, l*ox No. 7 , Star otlice. f? .>7 %*.'ANTKP-!-. T. ral LA1?IB-lULUKS, vTITo * ' have experience in tm<?iii0ia. and ra'i c<hdb well re< orttint^nded ^|?o Heveral d DliKSS and MANTILLA M Ah BBS and >11 lL1 N KliS M WILLIAN. fe/7-lw 3.TH Penna avean* \\ 4,*^ J" Bl/l - A a-1.0nd Land I-ire a id ?? Buiplar Pro.t SAFr. A n? on- lr<)riiig can End a mill t>urch?eer by applying or afl !re??iii? . STabk ? CO , * 2" 1 w 4?5 ,:th b?l D and B W'AM KU Ail in wut of MONKF call at S . . GOLP8TB1.N A OO *4. bicensed I'awtiI r hera. .14 4.2 street, near Pun 1.8 baa a avw ua*' fail ira \\r * ** T?-? '^TLEM KN ilealroat of en . /v.f*^ " P*flDi< tfU"ibt<8M to rail i?t P "d P! U> >1 ENT Aomoy No UiZ vl ?l A chab e ottered tc make moaey, ;e A CENTS WANTEP FOB "TB I H (KTeill v A OKTHE WAK UBTWBBN TU| STAllei 'JS UB10W CAUSES AN.V^: T H LI F B Ut f TE *1." fll/SR1gf-iV? of S?Ldfor< Ircnlir-and ?e? or.r ternn A ldr^ns f8U ^'"NAL P, BMSUKNO CO fe 14 Ina AD7 Minor a re t, Philadelphia. Pa. Ur ANTBD -All peraona ab..tit hritakliitf n> hotiaekreplrjg will p| ana call at onr o-Bce f-Vf ^Ui'iH V to..t,u> tti,?,r furniture, lh?Yi?g aon' Btant calls for th? same Alao. Qoaaei far r?ut t. . , ? L- WBLL8 ? CO . J?4Jm carn.-r 10th and F *treet^ W ^ oTu'iBd,vT,TiuMt ?n CLOTr H I NoTold Ann ML > IH. or aiy other Hrtir (,f aiii*,*ttb* j?M eritahUfihed Morcbant Pei^n I .okar a Store of K f ( LToN A CO , 4?"Vh ? . r ' enuit 4v?*rii8 boU AgeLlfor ttl^U*h'6?KWINQ MACHINE u B j y W ANTK'P? k?i>IE8 liamedlatt Ir. ta em ''r ider Yokes, Mauri*, Wrapper Yoke* K! 111 nel BkirtH, t?lipp-r?. and Initi-la To good'Lai. is ?| at ,r,ri"a'"p / work- g"od WHgfs and cm at .nt enipiovmentjffTen. Call at tb7 D. w stamp ^ ra MPT in 9:i' *trT,,t- 2?f M,t? Patent Ofl. a dJ r ,f reduced to Fl V B cents per widtb. \\/ANTED?IO HOH LAD IBS to kn .w that ,t J It? P J*"?' VI11. *tr..i t., ,, posite Pateut Olh; e. >!,?> cmb 1;ad b, Jt rtn.tut of Patterns ever offered her? f,,r i.Aprons. Joaeya. Walsta, Yoke/ Ennd. Wrappers. Slippers Piaenabiona and In|' ^ . desiBna for Pillow Osats. Ottoma ? dF ?ov,'r'? Plan .a. and tn short, ever>^a^ieri of Patterns a* thej are daily i^n^d WVb\ve I French Machine and a Practiaai Stamper have redu -ed the price to ' 11 FIVE CENTS PBB WIDTH. we make and stamp tny pattern broaeht ns Brai is, 8llk and Working Cotton *ery low ' de is tf UJ ANTEI?-8E' ONI) HAND fT^KN ITr Hir Alao MII;K<lliH.CABPET8 II 1*4 kkm D1N O and lio18BKD BNI>H IN <1 QUOI?s of" rf description. K BCOH L*Y 4 OA 7th street hatweao (i> and fl . eaat side BALLs7~PARTIes~ <fec. fl TlFk UBBANITY ASSOCIATION will givs ? A GBAND BALL ON MONDAY, M A BO 11 4, l-?#7, AT Jf A K I\IS .1 CA D E.It Y, E street, between 9th and 10th streets. Tickets, admitting Cent and Ladies, $ 1. By order COMMITTEE. fe 25 ;t BOARDING. BOA BD and pleasant BOOMS for 3*5 l\tV.""u"TaU.3R* ^'tree., between 11th sient ho?r/l?7. . 1{olkr<1 P?-r moutb Trau nt hoarders at reasonable ratea m S St* K?_7Ladiea and gentlemen can meet Zf? ,0per1or accemmoaatlons at IA4 Pean. Md 18lh ,w- traD.^eiir^ani af.^I~Two F"B f?raisb?d PABLOB8. on ol* -m v , T; with or without BOABD Apply .<9^ t ?t.t ^t. ath and loth. fe u T\?" i*D. ftt No Wth e?reet. a few moatb Bortb of tb# "? T#m,af * Pr J J * M O V A_L^ h* National tn ion insobancb oompany op wabhibqtoh Have removed to their New Office, No. Ti LOUISIANA ATBNni, * lrst dour east ot 7 th st. ..... _ DIB iTTT 0 B 8 : Ckaa Knap, Pre.'t, Geo IT Bl?ga. Yl<v Prea't fho*; Ber,?i Mar-hall BrowH/TtichM Waliacb, 2 . UMia! Ded4, Wm. Dixon nt-iir) l) iTookt*. <e_S-U NOHLK D LABNBB. Secretary. ItblLll THE SaCuND, l?f Cuarlea Ua.arre. Josepi. t,r Second aud bis Court, b> Mntal bath brailbwa t?'s Bvtroapect for Jauaary. Uardeniair fi r Prout. a Guide to the Market aud >aiall> harden bwinimrn's Laus Veneris Two Marrlaat^i. a no*el l.y >li*s Muloch Tba Adreattiresof a 4 J rl fTv j,; illustrated. The Statesman's tear Bo. k for la*7. Len loa. fe i VBANCK TAYLOB. H.T MW?,m * rB'?? tOTfOH FACTokS Naw OhliaM. B?mt aiWntioa glTen to the parahaM and tale of Merchac.'! se, uil?rai adTaaoee made on Contgumeuu, ay xh-tf % [ FOR SALE AND RENtT.~ f?*h,vbevbtablbbbi feed d 36 l2tfc '> 1. betweea c and ml'r*81tBe . ah 4 it* a. Borsi. rttuaed oa ?"sa,- "mw " i sl 11 * Bridge atieet. jsvj'3 k'i? beet?In a to >d hrn'oii i w alltr m.rk?? w*l0,.?0,'.t\,h* njrth.ruuw l? !?*?.?? f?nk?r liftrat'ioi (amir* at friful* AUo, Barb*r mop Fnr?iiur? an 4 jt' p"," bent?stoae room wl'h two booms 30o .ai?*l!?ra*wt 1-aiin j-st5tsi f r*nt t ?1 i f?r tWo *ll& ?l? %'treat. for th# codtio^ritloq of Doiti 14? th* i*'"1 8 *.r cuititaiioa. ( fou 'r p??. io a'.? acrea.aith inducement-. m. :b iinI in'rvaVn nf*'>fl bn,r,,,? "* < tint t or *11 r*r.ituUr? iiit^uiro of ? d l wells * co . mh 4 ,m 1 tb an 1 f ?tr?et*. ?i'lra^ait fnrnle m room s at 4 u2 Irth ?tr^?t near hi** York aito ie m ? vti * ?e? "locked wit' rh.icaplanr- for Itreet rpl> l? t,,0s '' m9e5an, h.-al 2-th ,,re? _ n,hj.l |/<lii,k*nt v'" k,m>? m ? u fe.t with rat a ltd w.t r. < -or workOi .a .v htakii0*!" .1 " emmin.. s n?t fn*i *' *n i >t . m <s ml th in mil j ?) ubni?hk;i ho<im> and iii>%rd r.\7TlTlt hoh^n" ,'rrn*- ** " ii ardin< 1" next ?l"or to Drugstore. nni-'f k?v*? t '? PlantHaiidlt,?. coraer ..( n ? b.w d.^k ? laiit' ""> .. ;t;? i/1tai\-h? \'f *?Nr r < ?r 0 ?r *ar"it?rl* i\h "ur""t.r%"t -.d li.iv. lr "fc'^rch. w r li w,t,,a ro -t, ' ho 'hi' o } t?mj to iflh *' '*< leu atliin j*#l Pi*?tf of ,?!? pri. e )t tm) | * ?ot.?mi|o e^.|-?r.wl|l lm.for reit applin-xt g a da mh' ' J- " jun ?.or>?j<mi V u. avano, 1*1 Itth It v c?t tiih ' ( ^fNT f:" * " X r l, or rent a i *r|,uk .,d ho u tb. -?. ?nd fl ?r,ai'.l ? |u,1 ra,.-tl o.. the third "?wr _a?pl v jo ror jjth and e -U 111 i st* ! i. or hkn 1 i _ ardbh w i (1 >r. mi r bi-twerii hlgli in | Ka)ftt .? ,n ?,??. ?9m at ii,hca.v-!,r;tur,ln' h api'? *f' r . p iii . mi ? .. j _,i bt , o . rstetown. m l t t^io^r*.'r1',k"'k hoi m v,.... j ?!?.-. m*?n t ?t,d r ,n,'?fr ? urk 'b!!:;^ ,! i,! " n'x,d#or a 'a?abr?e m-""n parlob ?i ht,. , "" cl t- niih uncrnloi'fr r r . , iltrvt* 4?*rr?ll Plata Capitol h.ll l'cr rfnt-a fkamk h<)l'se c nttinm 1 hx rooms ifithted en ki t f*rfto| *tr?- r i i tv^vt' 4vi' ?i??i 6th *u. ihjqire ol a 1? \ f' lbt. d?t?tlwt. 3aa p? >vw ... *1 3t a ?'.!\hkkt * akm "k ah' t m iii vsir.uWr a < -i -vp*?. i). omf m?k kent a' n fistti n rth "re>' ril?p'*""''n? f-''v r'?iom" ' t" * rih? 'i'de\tf* k i ut? *<rrt"" ?!? 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