Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Description of aad Bad Mfalt. \ K\ery housekeeper or buyer should be familiar with l>r Lrtbrbv't description or good and bad mears, w fallows:?4rood meat is neither of a pale plBicish nor a deep purple tint It bas a mar toed appearance, from tbe ramification of little vein* ut intercellular (at. and ibe tat of -be internal organs especially 1? firm. bard, and euety.and i* never wet, whereas that ot diseased meat is soft and watery. Tbe feel of healthy meat is somewhat elastic, and hardly moisten* the finger. Vis-eased meat is soft and wet Qood meat bas but lit'le odor, and this is not disagreeable; wberets diseased meat smalls taint and cadaverous. flood meat bears cooking without much shrinking or losing much ot its weight; but bad meat shrivels up and boils to pieees; this is due to the larger proportion of watery and gelatinous material, and tbe absence ot fat and true mascnlar substance in tbe meat. Under tbe imcrosctpe tbe fibre should be clear and well defined, and free from infusorial animalcute; whilst that of diseased meat s sodden and tumid, as if it had been soaked in wa'er, the transverse streak* are indistinct and wide apart, and snimaicula- abound in it. Ilr. Letheby's official station requires hira to prevent the sale and consumption of unwholesome meat in tbe city or London. Were it not thai facility is offered by tbe salesmetrfor the detection ot rrand. bis snbordinates would b? very much crippled in their operations, and it is gratifying to be able to acknowledge this fact. To supply more than three millions of people, about mx hundred tons of meat are brought to market daily, and nearly six nnn- i dr*d tons of meat unfit for consumption have been ondemned and destroyed during the past six years. Aluch of this would have certainly produced serious disease iu the community. Allowing six ounces a day to eat h person, it represents nearly ?UiU,i.()0 nieaU, and a' a re- ' dui? d calculation, "we mav fairly say," in the i words of the London Lancet, "that nearly halt j a million persons would be prevented eating j diseased meat once by the labors of I?r I,e?h?'. by and his inspectors in one year."?I'kiUuI'l. j>hia Ltdgcr. yvvhen she left New York the wife of a German stole il.lwof bis money and passed herself off as a single woman. A few days ago a gentleman from (vothain in Chicago, b?ing thirsty, filtered a saloon and saw theexwif? of his bosom waitingon customers behind the bar. av I tie New York correspondent of the Philadelphia ledger say? Trade of all kin Is remains ruinously dull f*o where yon will the complain is uniform. Many dry-goods and grocery firms are behind with their notes, ana no: a tew suspensions are reported am >ug tbe smaller bouses. 6y A Texan planter, who has been visiting \ irgiuiaand th?* atJ|oiuinc States to procure laborers, a.'tt-r an nnavailitig search writ 's that negroes are fast ae<?rea.-iLg in the old va'es. and tlie people are wondering where they uave gone. ? SPECIAL NOTICES. ITS EFi BCT IS MIBACUL0C3. IIALL 8 YKGETABLE SICILIAN H A 1 B It K N E W K B. It is i* ft r>< i an 1 woautrful a. tide Cures '-al 1nsss 3J ikes hair grow A l>?ttt-r dro-tiu* t ;a a>> cti or ' poni*tni" Soft? ns brash, ary, and wiry hair Into Heautifnl Mlker* Tie-^es. Kuf. ad, tbe k-reat w.nder is the rapi * ity with which it restores ?.rat h*ir to rs ogioixaL IOLOH. The whitest and worst look in ' hair res'ttn-s it< vouth'ul tt au'y by its use. It does uot dy? tt.e hair, rait strike< at tbe root and tills it with new lit" coloring luutt-r. The first appliiation will ii cood ; you wi 11 S*e tbe 5A1TKAL c to. returning eve T 'lay. aul HIKOUr ^ t'U KNOW IT. 1111 *r?T. discolored sppearioci' of the hair willle f n-. giTin^' pl?ce to lustrous, shining, and beautltu* Wk . Ask for tislt's *ir|!jftn H?ir Ben*-wer ; no other article is at all like it iQ erect Se? that e ich lottle has our pri *at" Qo^ernm?nt Stamp ever the IO|> of the bottle. Ail e. orj <i>t tKllMIOM, B P Ii ALL % CO Nashua. N H . Proprlet rs. For s*l? by al drsiruists. fe ]S diweo2m,r UEMLDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASBS. Hs. 14 Bond street. Hew Tork ^"Fnll information. with ti e nn-.i u?tim?also, a Hook on Sp-'ial Dmatts, ?i a ,?fcil"t ''if, sent free. bt fUrt inJ ?'* t for ld>m, ?' i ?cn v ..' not iti'U ii. for, as alvei tt-ine p'ly si- iatis are g> nernlly tmpo or%, wttti>>nt r- f?r- a'' < no stranger sbvnid be trusted. Eu lose a st?aip lo't 'ta^e sad direct to I?B. LAWBBN''K No. 14 Bond st-s?t. New Yerk nol2l>JkWly ttT MABK1AOB ANUCBL1BACY, AND THB likfpiLess cf Irus tissti.i. d. - An It??j tor Ycnng Men n the Crime of Solitude und ine fbysloiogii al Krrors, Abusesaud Diseases ?lii. u c?eate tu.pedii: euts to M?rriai<e. witti sure moans ef Be .sf Sstit'n sealed letter env> l' p.-s fre? of t hs. ge. Address Dr .1 ?KII.LIN IIOUONTON, Howard Ass elation Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Jui SBCMBT U1SBABBS. OAMAkitas's Uirin the tawst certain, safs snd e .stto u remedy? indeed, the >nly vegetable remedy sver disb">ered Cures in two to tour days, and recent caaes in twenty four hours. No mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be takes. It Is tLe soldier's trope, and a friend ta those who tlo net want t# bs exposed Mais yackacss, fl.fsSaiaK'Tah's Boot a?iTi Hbsb Jrtc*r?A ?osltivs ana permanent sure far Spykilis Berofola, Clcsrs, fores. Spots. Tetters. Ac Pr??e 51 ?s par bottle. ^ T ? C. Ford. Bee advertisement mil DANCING. pBOFS J. W. * H. P. BBBlb1 DANCING ACADEMY, ^ Psnnsylvsnis avsnne. bet. 6th and 7th ste.. jtt Opposits Metropolitan Hotel. New Clssass forming every evening Tbose deSiring to enter oar classes should avsil themselves of this opportunity. Preparations will be mads In this quarter for! May Ball or Clrsnlars can be had at J, F. Bills' and W U Metserott BCo.'sMasie Stores. The Ball can be rented for Soirees, Bo. Z>?y? aarl Hamrt of TVmes ; For Ladies, Jlisses and Masters, Taesday and eatnrday afternoons, from S to 5 o'clock bet.tiemen's Classes, Tuesdsy snd Friday evsnlnvs. fr<m 8 to lv o'clock. For further information,apply dnrlag the boars f tcltion. or sddress a nots to tbs AcsJemy. Wsarter commencing with tbe frr?t lesson. vs 8 WABINI'S FASHlONAHLB DANCING AOADBMT. AT ?MABIBI S ASSEMBLY BOOMS, jjA E, between Mh and lSth streets. T' e last aHarter uf ihis -eason. piepara tory to tbe Ma> B ill will rOUMM >1. Satnr- , day, Xaii.b 2 Classes Jer the Germa 1 are l.jaopen. M B ?Private 1 instruction given to soit tas convenience of the pa?il % \f ASyl kBALE ANlTr AN0Y DBBB3 BALLS 1*1 AND PABTIES. The uadersignsti wonls mjst rsspectfully inform tie ls-ll-vs ??d ice itleii sii of WAStiingtoa Hry, and the Dlstrfct generally, that he is at ail times prepared to furnish parties with Masjairsfle and lancx Costume, either on loan or tnad?* to order. He bas taken rooms at the well kno?n far?cy establisiiment of f'hristian Bsppert, B-i i 7th street, between D and B, where he will bo heppy te await or lets. CHABbBS BEBG. late Oostuiner at Ford's aud Orover's fe 11 1m* Theaters. Washington, D O. DEPABTMKNT OF TDE INTEBlOB. VSITED STATES I'A TEST 'IFKICK .. ? , Wasuis^tos. January .1.1K57 On the petition of W ILL IA M ff. JOH N>0N. o. SrrlnKfield, Massa< husetts. pra)in? ?J Mteiit grsnsed to hi n o:T the . th day et Marco L-vt. and patented in Englanl the 21st day of April J*J, tor an irnprov-*,ei,t in ? :? for seTt-n years from the ?iptr?tien of which Lakes place oa the 21st da> of ft'aer-lered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 1Mb day of April at 12 o'clock M. and all p.-rsobs ar?? norm<h1 t? app^nr mi<\ show c?-hs, if any ya p ntMii cugut not to ffJintM. mf'J'' '!'* h*' extension are repaired to fileja the Patent Office their ebjectlons. sp*< w jT* Jl 1 writing, at !?-a?t days before the da* cf hearing all testimony filed by either party to be nsafl at the said h?arinc must 1>* tak<-u a-d transmitted in accvrdanre with th.* rules ot th - of fi'^e. which wdl be furni-he l on apnlicstion OepasitH ns and other papers relied upon as testimony must be filed 1 n the ? IB. e da^ s he .*1., arguments, i/ any, Jn *' after filing the t?* Iruony Ordered also, that this notice bo published In the Bepublicsn and tbs Intelligencer, Washington, I) ., aud in the Br publican. Sprin?tleld Ma*- tcbosttts, OLce a week for three successive week*. tl~e first of said publications t- be at least sixty days prsvloa* to the day of hearing ? T V TUIAKBB. _ _ _, .. Cemmlssloner of Patents. P P-Editors or the above pnpers will pUase copy, asd sst.d their bills tc the Patsnt Office with s paper containing this notice. fe 4 lswlw ' HIS IS TO"GiriTMOTICB, Thatths snbacrt. 1 her has obtained from the Orphsns' ?%>urt of Washington County. In the District of Columbia, letters of administration on tbe sersoaal estate of William Barkhausen. late of the U. 8. Armv deceased All perso ns having clitms against ttie said deceased, are hereby warned to sxhiblt ths same, with the vouchers thereof, to the sabecrit-er, on er before the JVth day of Jaanary next; they may otherwise by law be ezoladed from all benefit Of said estate Given ander ay hand this J?th day ef January. *** ^ . LOUIS BI BTZ. " ja30 1aw'w* Adiainistratar. ' 'HIS I!? TO GIVE NOTICB, That tbesnkscrtM t-er has obtained frem the Otphaus' Court ot M ashinytvn County. In the District of Columbia, letters ol sdministration on the personal estate of Cornelins D?a aan.late of the United States army, deceased All persons having claims against ths ssld deceased are hereby warned to exhibit ths Same, with tbe vouchers the reef, to the sutsicriher on or before the td day of FsNrnsry ne?; they Sohe^^Uto' l?w ^"eluded from all benefit Given aader ?? hand this 2d day of Febmarr Wf MBS MABTHA E JOBOON^7* f# t lawJw Adainistrsuix. 1 W ' AUCTION SALES. 1 GBEEN * WILLIAM., AocU "Men. ^ BA TOR '8 HA LK?HORS1R w A the placecalled U. U Calbirt's Pi*a^T' ""''if1 Two flit*'M erk Horses Hod Harness Tw, Spring Market Wagons and Uotfr duT?crt' F,0ugh-' u*??w?. (fradias, 8*4Vte w. ln 8tr.w Tirmicuh. By order of the Administrator feMd in.? ? ~ a lBap.,B,MATl Aartioneers. RT ' JiALpH * Anctloneera. Pent*. ave., oorner 10th atrsst. IMPBOVED I'BOl'BTY OV n ST Si'P^AV^,)ft"""'"f??Ao t*irnt ! ?J?? il ?J s'u*rp numbered ?Ji. eonf wi^h^m two hun<l?-^ *nd nix feet AtwnL^,B,Pr?T" menu thereon m follow* : iff*T 1 1Hon"f' *< f*?t front by ?| feet litw . feet tlx room* and large hall KM. KM SJSfUK!*?? Bale peremptory. Ternia made known at sale. Tie property le In one f the most desirable locasr.rUMsss :!?: '? ?*??* hJL4i M. K. W^SH * CO.. AacH. OY COOPKB A LATIMEB Au<ttonee7i.; 5 .L1.? '1"' wi??' James o. Moinlre AOo .1 TKLSTEI ,.l, ^FSOYSD FB?,EE. Fe^ruirV'V'l? -?5*0f tI",lt ,Ut"d th? 21,t d?7 of H xll iV V ,V ' V.' **d tecoided iu Lii.*r a M I ?' . iis4'01'* ?f the land records for' ??>hiD?iou County, l> C , I will sell ?t p?h ,, nfon0l'risl)?V th'1" .?r,lnt,e ftSo cloikp. Tv7 ?ll ,1 ' ? -n,h ''** of **rch, A l> . rw, all that c> rtain piece or parcel t ground ?it B'1 ??."?? Wa'h ngtoa'ltv. D V snd ku. w ii and ditiin(uiiht>il upon the ground' pUti or plat f said city an the ionih dart i!f f !t 5r?5'^ ' "<4uar? numbered two hnn' mifm ft i*f t',i-'ht,12.8,>frontiDK 26teet on theeatt sitfe ot 1.1', street wMt.M.TtPU U and D streets nc rtl>, w ith a <i* pth of one hundred and Ave 'e?t tea ai d -ne .. eke- , iir teet 10* iaehes.* ts an a'b y, with the inipro\eriieBtii thereon : r,'"e L"1 f c*'f< balanca In ? and 1" . Ontha. with int?re-tfr h: da, ?f ?ale, *?. urel >.v ' ??<?H?'itfrhU.,1! "p0n *?' Preniiie-. Terrni to h? com?w ? Avf 4*1* otb? rtne ibe th to resell ,tth? ri.k aa J of ? lL,VtVumuTVr,C ""'i *?y ?rivin? Id 'lays notice in tt.e Evtbiug tar A I cost of c aTeyaoeing au<l r ?eni;e etam^s at the expense ol the pur ha- r 51 0 r< <jQir?ii at time of sale. P T .'OR W. AHQT8 Trustee. COOPBB i LATIMRU. mh l 3taw4ds AueUommn. 0(??P?B A LATIMICU. An tioneer?. ' CbOLTlJ K*STHV KT'KH008* ANl) LOT "* fist 8TBt*T, between 19th and iith sta .l^,r^?V? ^CrV; 0f th? Supreme (Jonrt ?r i H'lT tli ir V-kJ -J,B?y? ma.le auj pa.?o i ou ibe f ii .hj of February, A. D is <. hi rAH4H wrt - j , Stalling* v? 8mt at al. the nnder<itgne.i wH?' , ^|! v"Cf*March* A 'A* ^ "u tie .1 "arch A I). lv?7. at On r> i o, the pr. mis.-,, purl* of Lots No. 3 j,i . 9J5-. ?? t"llo? s ? BoginnitiS on K i-treet 6J feet - ait from 10th .tr et ?H?i r ,n ' ??"? yv;ce - fe ,i t,ienr^ " ?rth" w f#A i'i Jt.b' V ther.ce we^t 2^!<-et. am taence n nith ... ftet ' iuches to the he :nnihg with ih? t*'M,t? Frawe 1), ellinK Uou.a thereon "t ,f) leraia of^ale Od^ h%ir cash. th?* Ktsfdne In ?iT mouths from the <lay of ?ale. wltb IMnreet or at the optlou . f the parchaner tb^ w hole may b- paid in ra^b. If the tertus are iiot compile.] with in da ^ from the iey of >*!e the prop, rty ulU , be resold at the rl-k and cost of tfce def*n!tiu^ . {nrcha#? r. up< n hve <la>H notl 0 Oonreyaa. i.,5 ) and stamps at the expense of the pnrcl.sser fe 12 eojw COOPBB A LATIMW. %IZ fJ^ KCBTICB'8 8 ALK . . I,D 5nr.1*BC? of * P???fr of sale vested In m? hy Vitrh-| and Cornell* D Mitchel, his wife of t^e'^rf"00;*/- W^rtrtof O'lumbia. dated- n . I B ,p0,Nn0t;n;tl ,S<5. 14,1,1 '?-orHed ln L. ! iL f m'm 1. foltorrt, AC. one of the I ind f h^ c UDty, 1 wii] o*Ver *t I'uWic saie arid sell to the highest hidl-r at Hi ker*. H tel. In ,te ?illaKa a' ( larkspur, in atonu-oBierv county. Md . au WKDN K?UAtl ? li- a.I Mid otiierfl Un** ol th? trmctn i * r,?rt t tra. t ef land called "Tr. uble ?non?:li In ! e'd * huDdr l and sixty acr-s ?f uIh ' [VarJ: izy*y*r laU ThuYan^. ?n,HMUII,< "ra.of i*du iciMUDil iM und^r a romi lUtt-Afrntti i*te?^" l^Ht iU a k"?Ub' ?elghb;iriiood. wed watered and ai der sery g.,od IVn. the I n | proven.em*consist ol two comlorta-,l?' l? I J?1 nuas. g-o.i s-able. corn honsea, and etl ee J ?<uy ont-hn.luinifs: also, f-ur g.oj ,'.h2, Tl ? ah. ve de-crlbed tract is .n-Ven^ .'. | tarnis * d,M"d 'Q'" ?"rw wJ ^ifr*?K?n5 ?*ra sW uT? 'ob*'lia^iand who Will take pleasure ,n showingV " tJ be aal'i',?ih.*j5'"'^th'/d 0.f tb~ ''""chase money to be'paid <?n trie 6 my of ?ai*. the rfniiNe ot ti,i ,0.h? P?'d ??1 tWoy?Lrt from the da* of sale, tb- purchaser or pnrcha ! '?.*!*. i . r."r ,h"ir wi"> 'PP >**d se.ntity, tearing interest from tliedai ot sale Or pa. ment of tlie whoie purchase m. ney a ileed wilfteeaecut. d ay the trustee, th- ?T,rch?2r ray ing e x pa n^.o f p r ep a r. r , ,h e d eM a?d .u.^m m . , JUUri I WILLIAMS. fe ^ 11 * I.?ti YAakuSam "? H' NAOLK A CO., Aactloneerv. MJ Salesroom h0. jf?a P.-nn. ?T?nue. Between vth and 10th at*. to"he?.a* of^.l '*.*!!' th?>r P*?*>bb> attention tnra Vii. # .J * ?* <k2d Household rnml?tock? of Groceries W^?ee. Li.juora. ar.d Merchandise of eTars ,i?' C*rrlMes Harness. Ac Liberal cash adTaacea made oa conslffDmeata. jail tf a? ?f ' Auctioneers. (jJ * O 0 B 1 8. BALL A PLANT, PLAUT 8 BUILDING, Corner New York avenue and l?n atreat, (KnUaace en New York avenue,) Dealers In tin* FAMILY OBOCBBIBS TICA<? ?!?.?, IMrOBTID MHIII, wo?14 r?c?U.ll, ?tll, ,b.|r trl.r,a, M pntllc that they have jeatopeaed their NeW Gr0. ^ry Store, where can bo obtained any article uau * ln * fir,t cIm? Grocery. Without at tempting to enumerate onr l.rg,, freeh and well elected at.^k.we aordially |nrJ,e tl.e putHc to ezanlne our atare and atocfc. balieriag we eh*:I not fail to give entire aatlsfactlon to all who may favor ua with their patronage. W-e callespe.iaj attention to oura^tm^nt of TI!A8aBd00rrEE?, which have been aelact.d ?1W care for ?urliy. Dealera will And a fine asaortn-aut to select from, and oar price, to prom>tl' ?" ??/ P?rt of the city. {JOLLMBIA UOBPITAL YOB WOMEN LYING Chi AB7LUM, Ffurteentb street,(circle,)?oruer af M atraet Washington, D. G. ' cases pecunar to their sea aji t f? d"1' i r;.-,d"asa? r.': I grounds. Oars aaaa the 4oor ??,? ?. r .""n Termo of ad a Lu,n-t?om V?7o #10^^ fn accordance with the raoai raanired ??.? advance This 1 nclnd.* Bowpd? Med ^ai is'J.11 leal and Snrglcai aitendanaa. ?<"oiasa, Mod D 1 O A"T 8 T A W V ' 'H*TggSta,S?V"6 ' ?sa?kT4Jj5i Dni tad States Army D * General, TtfoSBMILL?H ?m 9t*orJ?Vwa. T P.JitSiTT- S s"sowiaj.?,DE^SiS,"'?M?*? HUU.^f''ShLfrtr10* *? th# tr? ,n Ui* ho* sa,?"' "^^Jaw.'sssifisa JSBn?JS28L'L*??~~ wh# dealr* to ootue rooms h*M?|Vtn*^v u?Jmfnt^*n ^re eM" tZ&!" IUOK, LAMON A OO Kgsa&sM6S3bfc^a? sSa! i UrdsNdt tel *j l4th (^1*kMf OPoslts WII. I ? U-tf PROPOSALS. jpauposals fob hew jail. b*PAlfn?*<lT of th* f*t*nion, j WAMiysToK Jinnvj 21,1987.J iraled Proposals will be receive! at tnls depimmeiit until 12 o'clock m , u? honday.the 41 b of if arch .uk7, for the erection of the Jail in and for tbe District ?<f Columbia, authorized i?l pr. Tided far by theact of Congress, approved July 26. 1846. The designs. detail drawings. and ipeculations can b? *een at the architect * office, ! the eastern S rounds of th* Oapitol, Washiagtoa city, every ay except Mondays, between the hours at 9 a. m. and p m . on and after the Xth Instant. separate bids will la received for the masonry work .brick work. Iron work.and carpeatry work. Tbe contractor whose Md may be accepted will be required to enter Into a sufficient bond, to be approved by the Secretary of the Interior, for tbe faithful completion of his contract Payments will be widen- the work progresses, on estimates certified to by the architect, bnt twenty per centt.n. of the estimates will be retained until the contract is completed. The contract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, bnt the Department reserves tut right to reject any or all ef the bMs should it be deemed for tbe Interests of the Qovernment to do so. The bids will ba opened at noon on the 4th of March next. In presence of ssm h of the bidders as may choose ta att*ad. Proposals shonld be endorsed on the envelope, " Proposals for New Jail." and be directed to tha 44 Secretary of tha Interior. Washington. p 0." o. h. bkownino, ja25 w(5w Secretary of the Interior. j J BO POBALS FOB CABTAQE. Proposals will be recel ved nntll 4 p. m. on the 9th of March, 1867, at the Offlse of th? Washington Gas Light Company, No. 4 7-j Teuth street, for 0a> tage, from April 1. 1887. to April 1,18 4. The right to reject any and all bids that may be offered i? reserve}. a ?ch< dnle of what is retired may be seen en application to chas. b. bailey, fe26dtmar9 Sacretaev. Proposals fob abmt tbanbpustation. til artkrmasteh gknkbal's offipb, ) w ashisgtoh. d. 0.. January 1ft, 18^7. s Pealed Prop* sals will be received at thli ethce nntli i;o'clock m . on the 28th of February, 1867, for tbe transportation of Military Supplies during the year commencing April i, 1s67, and eudiug ; March 31, 1868. on tl<e following routes : route nrt. 1. From Fort Mcpherson nebraska Territory, or snch parts as mar be determined upon during the >earouthe oui.tha branch of the Union Pacific railroad, west of Fort m^Pherson or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to such posts or depots htaie now or may be established in the Terrify o' Nebiaeka. west of longitude 12 !-? , in the Ter:itory of Montana, south of latitude 46 deg. in the Territory . t i'akola, west ot longitude lot deg , in tt-e Territory of Idaho, s nth of i ill tude 11 deg .and east of long! t ude iii de>,' , aiul i n the Territories of Utah and Colorad north of latitude 40 dig , including 1f necessary, Denver Oity. ROUTE No. a. Fr<<m Fort Riity. Mate of Kansas, or such points as may b< determined np'<u during the year i on the i nlr.n Pacific railroad. k d.,t-an> p??tj ,rdep tsib*far< now or may be established in i ti eBta'eot h ansts or in the Tertltory ef 1'olora! do sonth of lafitnde 4i?dec-ertg north, and to Fort j i nion. New Mexico, or other depot that nmy bo i designated in that Territory, and to any other point er pcints on the route. ROUTK No. 3. from Fort Union or sui h other depot as may lie ?stabiMit?4 lu the Territory ot New Mexico, to any pot-is or stations that ara, or may 1 t e??at> lished in that Teriltory, and to snch posts erst* tiors a^ maj be designated in the Territory of a ri/ona, and in the State of Texas west odjugitud* li)a<ieg. _ ROUTE If -, 4. from St per.l. MiBlies"ta, to such posts a <?re now or ina> i e establish* ii in the bu?te <>t Mlnne? ta. and in that portion ot Dakota Territory lying e st of tl.e Missouri river The weight to be transported during the year wlil not exceed < n Bo 1 le No 1. .n',i*> tx>> ponnls ; on b< ute No. 2. 2o.ti.u oun pounds . ou Koote No s. s.i 00 ouo pounds, atid oa Boute No, 4, 3,5.j>j sm pounds. Proposals will be made for each route seps rately. Bidders will ?tate the rate per 100 pounds per looniilee, at a hich thay will transport thestores in each uoiith ot the tear, beginning April 1, 1867, and ending m tr< h si. livtf. Bidders should gite their names in full, as well as their] pliic-s of r> - lence, and <arli prop .<al should be acC 'inpaniod b> a bond iu tbe sum ef ten thousand .?10,00>> d -Mars, signed by tw . or n? re responsible persons guaranteeing that In ia-e a contra t is awar'el f<jt the route m?n tioeed in tio- proposal to the Dirty proposing the contract will be accepted a^?t entered into, and g 'od and sntlicieut security furnished hy said party iti accordance with the term* of this advertisement Tbe contractor will be required to give bonds in tbe followiii? amounts: On Bonte No. 1, (wo. On Route no 2, 200,000. on b ut. No 3, 100 cm). Ob Boute Ho 4. roioo Satisfactotv vlrtem ? of the loyalty and solvhicj ot ea' h bidder and person ofleied as security will bere<|iiire1. Prop-sals must be endorsed " Proposals for 1 Army Transportation <n Koute No 1,1,3, or 4," a-, the ciis? wn\ l? aril none will be entertained unless th?) fully coruily with the requirements | Of this advertlW m'llt th" p?rty to wlr>m an award is made must no ' prepary! t' exe'n'e the contort at 01 ce, and to i give the re'.uirfxi l>onds for the faithful performance of the contract 1 Tbe right to reo-ct any or all bids that may ba offered Is reserved. . ,, The contractors on each route must be In readi1 neas for service l-y the 1st day of April, 18'^. and 1 will be re4nired to have a pltce of business or agency at whtcta be may be communicated with prompt!) and readily tor Boute No 1. si om?l#a, n. t for Bente No 2, at r .rt Riley, ransa- for ' KocteNo 3 ,t f>?rt Union New Mexico;for Route n? 1 it Saint Pail, Minnesota, or at such other point for e?rh of tbe several Koures as may be mdicared as tbe starting peint of the route. Blark for mi showing tbe conditions of the contract t? i e entered Into for each route cau be ba4 on i.pplicatl n at thlneflice. or at th* office or the tjnartermasiBr at new York. Salut l_|uls, f?rt i.? aveiiW'.rth. Omaha Ssnta Fe, abd Fort nne.. ling, and must accompany an-1 tea part of the proposal. ? . >? Brevet ( elouel and Assistant ja la Vt Quartermaster. d. b. a. oraktkrma'tek of.mlr At 'i offtck, ( wasii t? o.. February 2j. i*7,( p0btpon1m ent ok opkmn0 of bios fok abm* transportation Tbe time ter tbe opening of tbe nropoeaia for Arniy Trsnsportatl< n Invited by advertisement frfm this ollice of .1 annary is, 1887 iiheiebyextenced to 12 m., of thursday, the 7th da> of March 1867. By order of tbe Quartermaster General. alkxanpbr bliss. Brevet Oolonel and Assistant Quartermaster. u. s. Array. fe 22-t4 ^ 10 II t diseas18. I A W All I T a W ' I fllFTl aAMABiTAtra oim 111 most osbta1h remedy ever dshd 'Yea, a PoeiTiva Gcna," fer VOt/OhHUOfA, OLKMT\ 8TH1QTURKS, Contains no Mineral, ?o Balsam, no Mercury. Oniv Ten Pills to bt Thktn to hffect a Cure. they are enUrely ve?etaole, haTlug no itnell not mi aupteasaul taete, aad will not In any way la o-e tne (toinach wr bowels of tha most delicate. 4'ures lu Irom two to four aay?, and recent oaaa* ia "twenty lonr bourt." Prepared by a graduate ; the i niver-ity of Pennsyl ranla, aneof the most , n.inei.t Doctorn and Cbeuu^u of the present day nu ?tp?>at?, no iromtlt, no taan** wk*t*vtr. Let those who have deapaireU of getting cured, or ss* "" " Sent by mall lu a plain envelope. Price?Mala packages, <i2. fwude, tl. BLOOD/ BLOOD! I BLOOD It/ hckofl'la, ulcers. sobes, spots, titters, scales, boils, syphilid 13,1 or venerea^ diseases, Ac. aAMARITAS"S BOOT AND HBR-B JUIOM Is offered the public as a positive cure. birii.lis Ok vanlrttal dlseabbs, th* nf- UAlwTAN s boot and herb juice us or -si potent, certain and effectual remedy ever pre cribsxl, It reaches and eradicates everr particle o! ilia venereal poisuu, so that tbe cure Is thorougk and pernusuent. Take, tu?n,of this purifring rem 1 ?sij and be healed, and do not transmit It to you :,orttertly that for whlah > *n may sepent 1b aftes rearl' do eot despair i Atthongh yon ma? ne proaouncex incurable. tam^bltan's boot and hebb juices will remove every vestige ef Imparities from tht ' -Skiiit'ui*""" ^ "Wa!%nrhappily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, tn Lencorihu-a, In bearing do*u. filing of the Womb, da blllty, and for all complaints hioldent to tha nax Beat by exprass. Price jl.m pw botUa 1 bam abit an *8 wash "**" -a ? Full directions. Price ib oenta. The elllcacy of theee remedies u alike acknewi wbm tbi bfgs?s? ? ?? vb1iuu utiu ?>? i iThe 6*m?r1u, tor V.noi.l II.MM In It, Bo?t miluuri form,* th.,i mmu ??h,.d,?;:ir5!Jor?n?: ind fTOferly, fend, hit? found tn^m rdspood to mi anticipations promstty nod affeotuaUy . Bnowini their sompoeinon, 1 have the fbUest confldenoe In their e?sacy, aad an far as rimofum extends 1 rhsumm than strongly, eiseaoa, . , "iv**?*? o. bowebs, "As^stant Snrgaoa.lth h. y. vols. ^teinway 'e p1amoe. We have jast received a naw assortment of 11 pianofortes from the factory, con lsting of Grand, Square, and uprtihtislb Cabinet Pianos hiltl For the last ten years Stelaway's Pianos have on all occasion*, received the first premium over all new York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore makers, whenever and wherever they have coaia in competition At the World's Fair In Londln, Steinway a Sons received the Indorsement fe 23 tf Wo. 31* Pens a venae, sole Agents. varus fob 1k6t.?a Urge aeenrtmaato li diabies, lor 1*7, for ?le ^ow arl^1 ? eo m TMAMQK taylob. GOVERNMENT SALES. i 1ld1n98 at convalklk kmt camp at auction. (%i</tykartfrmasttr's (Met. Dtp* of Wa<ktntton,t ? . WasAsugfo.., D C . February 9. lo?7. 1 vp.l.on,er of~,h* General, tie buildings at Convalescent Camp, between the Long Bridge and Alexandria, will be a, id at p?oMc auction on tcbsday March #. uljer theaupervision of Brevet blent, Col jtm*? m Mtxre, a_u- m. neie to commence at 10 o'clock tnmf buildings comprise .'t Uarra-ks, 1 mom Honaea 2 Hospital word.. 6Btor< Housee. l Linndry.l Wash Houaa.2 Officee. 2 fttablM, 1 8 he j . an 1 j Sinks, which vary in sit* from 7i)0 feet to 36x175 fm. Bnilding* will be told singly. Teima: faah, In Ooverament fond* Fifteen day* from date of aale will l>o granted purchasers to restore their buildings u . ? . ,?hahh ToMPKIHP, Brevot Brig Gen. Dept. o. h General. w'ffl Act'g Calif q. m . Depot Washington. ^0\ lknm1n1. b^lk7tr~tirsnn7iitun, Will be sold ph.rliiin^ ?i ht t^l,wluj 8ui?s Araenal, Charleston. i o , on mosdm, March ?. im7. commencing ai lo o'clock mm a boat 100 net tona (Cannon) Cast Iron. 1 Shot 8h?ll. Ac., (aboutoueball

have valuHble soft metal attached > About 100 tena leaded Shell abi ut 1ft tona Scrap wrought Iron ^-1?* tona farup Brass. Copper. Ac. 63< **<>0<l*n Artillery Carriages. Ironed. 1w w oeden Chiuili, iron- d About 7.'0 Cavalry 8ad?les. 76<i Bridles. Sjno woi k Boxes, and a quantity of other Leather 1 Hand Fire Engiae. (built by Agnew, Philadelphia.) Abont lrw barrsls Unserviceable Powdor. Also. a large uuantity of other Property. consiating prlnclpall> of Mnaket Appeuda/ea. b**a. Bope. mplenietita. Miscellaneous Tools ac .Ac. Terma Ca?h on th- day of aale, in United Butea cnrrtiicy. Ample time allowed for the removal of Property, at th<-expiration et which that not removed will revert to tbe Oev-i uinent. By authority of Chief of Ordnance. f h pa kh kb. Capt. Ordnance and Bvt Major, u 8. a , feOsAmtd c< mniar line; Chariest n Araetnl. | /^ovkubment baLb. The property known as the "govebnmevt tannekv and bTKAM saw mill,' with a?v<nt) nva aciea of laad, near San Antonio. Texaa. beuled Proposals, in duplicate, will be receive 1 up to the lat <ia> of Klarcb, 187. for the parch no of seventy five acr.-s of Una. more .>r leas, together wiih the hiillolngs erected th reon. and the ap rurtenancea appertaining, that ia to say on k tannkby. Contain! rg twlur miink lime vats, fifty two wooi'kn v\t*. >kvkn stone pools, and capable of tanning tilteen tiuusaad hides tier ( nk steam baw mill, capaMo of sawing tinee thousand t?* t o Inrrber 1ail\ 'ink small 8tone muilhih'j. The itbove prorarty is ni t u &' e 1 aUont t wo ml lea ab e ^nn ai.toiiio, <>n the San antonio rtv?-r. iu4 the ?nti-r i' cominrte'l to the esta'>liahm>*nt t>> a r?re of hewi. atone, laid in enei t 'i he land w a? porch ,se.j and i ni|>rov?metita msdo ! ) the liitf ?o c?lle>i <'otjfed?*rate tf.iverninnjf, and are eatitnaied to have coat 000 in gcl.l 1 he prorerfy ha.< l>?en nnder l?a-e for th'? year is^i. at a monthly reBt of | ?> tble it ad vance a second tille iu ft>? tfmpla will be ^iv -n by the Tnited t?iat?-? Gov?-rnih> ut i'r p. a its will be noirk-d '"Proposals f r Gov?-rnm-nt Tannery and baw Mill.' and ad ireta. j to j . b k i i'ooo. Bvt. Maj?r Gen , Asst Com. ilnreau b , t and a l , UalvA>>t?u, Texaa. ,*21S7t LEGA.l. VOTJCES. 'i'his is to g1v fc notice, That the aabacri i be re hav?* obtained fioiu th? ''rphaus'Court c> Washington county, i-i the Oistrict of Columbia !?ttera i?-s anx-ntary on the personal eetite of j-hn McKini, i at- oi Waainngtoa, ii. c , deceased. All peravna having alarms agalnai the sail deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the iania, with the vouchers thereof, to the *ub-<cri bers, er to i?r. 8. a li. McKim, washington It. c , on or before the 1 th day of February next; they may etherwlae, by law, be axcluded from all benefli af the said eat-vfe Given under our hands this 14th day of February, 96r. alex ii b1cc, i tojt law3w* john w. MchlM.s *ec,ltors. 'i'lils 18 to give notice, That the anhvii i ber baa obtained from the < ?rphans' <;<iurt of Wafchiugtou County, iu the Iiistrict of Columbia, lettTB tea'atnentKry on the personal estate ol Kleanor 1'mieri, late o! WashVngton. h. c.. de ce-*eed. All per*otis having claims against the -.aid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the name, wilh th? vohclieri lh?rwf to the subscriber, on >r before the yth day of Februarv next: they uiay otherwise by law be i xc'.n.lod from all benefit of tim at" estate Given unaer my hand, this ^th day of Febrnar . 18*7. tuomas e huik.n le ii lawSw* a'iiui:iistrator 0 t a. Defabtmbnt of the 1ntkb.10k, Lit'IT EL) STATES PATE.VT OFFICE, Wasiiin .tun. f'hrnary a, ls7. on the petition ofLACBf.n W \bu, admin-s trat<r ol iLe eat ate ot Kicharl Ward, deceaa-l, oi n siusatu. k. connect leu t. praying ior tha ex tei aiwii of a patent granted to the aHi,l Latir n W ai 1 an -aid act i iltiiBtrafor? on th^ '28th d \y %( Jnne isft.t, for au t"npr<.iveuient in Machines for 'i ui ii i ii? I ri??- ul?r I or ma lor seven years from the expiration ol s*!d patent, which takea plareoa tbe 2sth day of June 1^67 : It ia ordered that tbe said petition be heard at th'j Patent offlt r on monday, the 10th dav of June r ext. at 12 o'clock m ; and ail porsoita ai e notified to appear aud aho? cause, if au> th. y have why aald peritton oiivht n it to be grante-i. kerai na ot-poatng tne exteusion ?re rtg air <1 to tile in the l'at-nt tittice their objections, ap^cially <et forth in writing, at leaat cwrn'y days bef re tbe day of beari g. all testimony Cled by either pxrty, to be uatd at the aanl hearing, mast be t*k? n and transmitted in ar-..rdance ultn the rnloa f the office, which will be fnrniahed ou application. lo positions and other pai^ra. relied npm as te-nu. . j must be filed in the o(fl?e tt/rnty d tyi fori the day of hearing: the argumenta, ii auy, wi'hin '* daya alter hiiug the tettiai ny Oid? red . wlh*. that thia notice t>e published In the ln"luit'nr'T and the , wa'.hiuat >u. d. c , and in l he He tt'rr. new 11 a nen . c'Oin . once a week for three auroeaivc- week*, the first of aald pobllc*ti?ua to beat lea^t alxty daya previoua to " 'wo" 1"- t o thbakkb. Cennnrs-b.ner of Patenta. p. 8 ?Bdltore of tbe above paper* will please copy, and aend their bilia to the Patent Oiflce with a paper containing thia nottee. feif -lawlw Dbpaktmbntof tub intbbiofc. UaMTKV statbs pate.vt office, w t>h,n0ti?. February i?, 1*07 On the petition of qeub >e n bked an l pkb< ib b. tlttl8, admintatratora of the ea tatea of Joaeph ii. Tuttle. deceaaed. of Geneva, n. y , praylog for the extenaion of a patent grafted to the aald Joaeph h. Tuttle tte 2lat day of June. 1*43, for an improvement in s?w?, for seven yeara from tbe esplratton of aald patent, which takea place on tbe 2i*t day ot June, 1467 : It ia ordered that tbe aald petition be beard at the Patent Office en Monday, the 3d dap ol Jnne next, at it o'clock ra ; and all pervona are notified to appear and aouw canae. If any ttuw nave why aald petitlen oaght not to be granted. 1 Persona oppoatng the extension are required to file In tbe Patent uffice their ebjectioue, apecMly aet forth in wilting, at leaat twenty daya betjre the dai of hearing, all teartimnny Died by either party to be uaed at the aald hoarlng naat te taken and tranamitted in accordance with the rnlaa of the office, which will be fern!abed on application. Depoaitiosa and other papera relied upon aa tee tiwouy muat be ftled in the oilioe rireatydaya before tbe day o( hearing; the argument*, if adr, within t,n day* after filing tbe teatimony. Ordered, alao that thia notice bo pnbliahed In the Intelligencer and tbe Bopublican. Washington. d. c . and in the Geneva Gar.ette. Geneva, n. y., onoea week for three eucceealve weeka; the brat of aald publlcatlona to be at leaat sixty daya previous to the day of bearing. t o. tbba.kkb, Commissioner of Batent*. p. b. Editors of the above papera will pleaa* copy,and send their bllla to tha Patent Office with a paper containing thia notice. fe 21-iawSw plodbi t bb D i a fnll assortment of all grades cbolo* Flour for Bakers; gnallty No 1; price low. Are the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, j. P. Gambrlll mot Patapecol and Lingauor Fai illy lours In the District. As th* latter brand has been extensively oonnterfelted and eeld In thia city, we would Inform those wlebing thlart.ur by arrangement with the miliars we furnish it lower than It can be obtained from any other Sonrce Onality secend to none. Price a fraction lass than other arat-claes Family Flour. Buckwheat at low rates. All grades of Wsetern Flour ustore and for sal? low by w. m. galt a oo., .. Indiana avenue aud lat street, no 11 near Depot. Ma 1 l l a b d 's ~~ cuooolatb de fantai8ib, bt bobboh8. a Lao i maillabd'b chooolat pab bxobllbbob, Thia Tripl* Vanilla chocolwb*te*su'[ir'lor In quality and flavor to any other made in thli country,and la prepared especially for tabl* use n. w. blhoubll. , . earner 1Mb and f streets, under Bbbltt Houae, p1"jt*0**d s?iloltalb'lbttbba patw?^u da elv.1: "f* b' "? a*^? of tha . tri.f^mtr mo- *a u **? effectual remedy for baBxhauatlon of i*"** Trieaemar Bo. 1 haa entirely anperMdaa wo nanaeoas nae of Copavia, Cobeba, ae tt1*1??*' No | la the Infallible remedy for alj Secondary Bymptonta. thus obviiwjiuent? nnd all otAar delete rlom ftacb preparation Is In the form of a moat agreeable Lozenge secured freaa tbe effeeta of climate and changes of stmoepbera. In tin cases, at ts ?*<"h- *r four #s oaaea In one for #9, and la caaea. tbua aavlng $9 Divided la ** par ate doaea ? ^minUteradby t*lpean, Ballamanda, Bonx! Vboleaale aud retail by dr. babbow, Mo. 1?? Bleecker atraet. Mow York. * To ba had alao of b. 0. fobd. Mo. 890 paun<h rauua.oorner 11th *c. aet-lr jyj4ckebbl abd oodfibh. ~ 10 000 pounds large shobb oodfibh. *0 barrels Bo. 1 aaOBBBBL. Just received and for sale at our wharf, at tha foot of SoTontt st. b. p. bbowb a bom. . .. ^ _ ... jjowulsslon Merchants, dell-tf Bo. *61 Ninth *t . t,at. b and b. flolv pbbb-ABne aaaortmant of Gold Pens, ar101?^ "'jasctarffir'' .RAILROADS. 1866 PMHBrLT^U BOUT1 1H6" *? TH* BOBTHWBST. SOUTH, AMD 80CTH o? a?* SCHSDCLEj l^"df.Tlowr. H?T#nib#r ? trB,n' *' Washington... .7 Ma.m | Baltimore f IS a. 15 I " IS 10 a. THE OBfAT W)CBL? TBACB Rnnrfc " Ctfa IIMAST BCiU KET ^lL- BuV- rV, rHdBtiktOui. with mo 'em Improvement .1* fo*i 10 twelve hours in time ovs aiy other root*. Two hundred UiM V WwtmuoCMtrtl Mew Yirk. " Two Dally Tralna to the W??t. 41 M North prP3fi?52u B.?LMmor? to *oca esteem ft n i |]. I BOH with lit change thl# rout# rr >n Rtltlmorr htr Mwrissi'f'siifia " oiho' Ticket* hj thia route can he procured at the ot J~"L- er7?*r/tb street and Pennaylvania arenas "nder the National Hot.l, where reliable infor matios will he siren at all times. raeeengen prMroring tlck.te at thliofllreoi a?*nre mk oromodations in Sleeping Cars lor SI i airi or Pittsburg. J WILBINS. Ticket Agent, *n rm ?n n- . D.O. r.i'mL Su?*0 p*? A|?t, I Baltimore, Md^ dolly filKHVV Train. w Wash;*^,!*, Jan. ?, 1807. _A5.'V D*iw*en Wa?hiugtou and Mew York ar OW run aa follows, yfe n?w miiir r eal eKAT? * ? B K w'1 horn t eh an ?e of can. I #? ? ,C*,t 8atl<j*'> ?l ' 46 a.m. as< ?hl^B NBW YoliK.cb*?8?a* can at Phtladel tifp^m*1*"7 fesc**t 8*>n tsy) at 11:15 a. m an i ..rOR PHILADELPHIA. ? y T^P,llnDj*y7 a and 11:15 a m , and 4:30 and C .?> a m <?B SL'NI'AY. Leave for fiew York and Philad.tphla at < *1 p pi only. Sic eping care for New York on ? W p m tral daily. | Through tlcketa to Philadelphia New York.o Boston, can l>e bad at the station Offlcu at all h-nr I? wall as at the new oillce th naukcri hi-d Ur ktri T^i^Krtph LiU", 3 4h Peni] . avenne, *Mwet n 6th au<l 7t U streets j See Baltimore an J Ohio ttillr a) adT??rMs*me'j I for rhHnle between WwhlniNi, Baltloserc Adda pulls, sn^ th* Wwi J , L. W ! L80N, Master of Transportation. L? M. COLE G**tier?l Tlck-t A*eut ocX ^r?0. 8. BOOBTZ. Ag?nt. Washington. 1>ALTIMOBK AMD OHIO BAILBOAD *-* Wa?hi*?t<>n. Jan ?,1?7 are Dow ran ai follows, vf' _ _ .. FOB HALT1MOBE II liVr,, 7? ?o,,uy- "< TA.. 7*5. an 1. 15 a ni., and 2 4*, and ? .10. an 4 h u4 p ;D , *OB ALL WAY BTATIOMH Botl<,ay' 7M * ? vou. ..A1 8iATioBssu^rH or annapulb p Lm*Te 4t 8 18 *Uli J ^ *' m" *u,i at J? I ? . P"K ANNAPOLIS *JP ? ni , and * m f m. No trala ?>r from Annapolie on Sunday uB M.SUaI miBALTlMoBI. Leare at 7 45 a. in., and i ani 3 00 p in . Fou WAY STATinNS. fnl .tf. t ,u *'"1 2 *?d i <W ? t . . *OB ALL cursor T1IK WEST S'*pm **cept Situdar, at 7.aia.ia., an< fi 9 00 * m on,'.connectlc? at Kela; P^rk^borg ic?* OIU lo THUl'LGfl IIORIT8 to the Wert can be bad a the Aa.hluRt n Station Ttckct OHIre at a ! honr Is. the w.-ll a? a? the Bewefl.a of the Honk and Broker*. Tel-grar>k Line, ."*4 *? Peun a\enue, between <5tli and 7th etr^et* Po; New York. PUilaJaiptiia, aud Boat?n. Bo adTertl?eclient of Thivaub Line. J L W'lLSUN, Master ol Tranap. rtatioc L M. COLI. General Ticket Agent. W OBO. 8 KOONTZ. As^nt Wa'hlnstoii I llK,\SA?n? *.[***, ASD HAB1.BH KAIL , ' ?WAUS.-Ou a.J ?iter MONDAV. N ? IV 1 w>, traiua for All any and Trc? . coanectint! ?itl as'tolio'v's* bst?r^ tralna, will leave New y ?ri 8a. ni Kxpreas train rla linden Kiver Hall rcad.^i'tli at and 10th av., thr?ncli to ButJo a'n frn?pei,?Un lliidKe wuh.nt ci an?e or cars to Icon uectlnK at Trvr lthtiaiLa lor Saratoga, BalUi. l Burlington an4 ^ntreal. ??* ff Bapreaa and Mall train Tia Hadaoi Btver Kat!road. connecting at All any with W est ern irau *. au ! at Tr?y with trains i^r N..rth 11 a tn kxprefes ttalM via Harlem Btilral Ifith ?t and ?th a?.. coiiHecting at CUatliam wit w aeurn Kailroad for Lebanon Sprt :m-, f'ltt- d Ac. at AIbanj wlib Western trnint.a,. i a; Trj 5l/.ntreain' t0T ?ar*to,f,i Butland. Bcrlingt^i. au. 3 45 p in Eipress train via Hod*on Klvcr Ha'l r ^d connecting at Albany with Wtmt, ra train aud at '1 roy with trains tor lluulfiaL, with s^eer iBg car attaclieu. 4.ic p m. Kxpr^ss train rii Ror'tm Ra1lroa<i connecting at Clintha'<> with We*teri Ba lr>?.f0 Lebanon Springs I'm-fletd, *c ; at Albany witi West, rn tralB* and at Troy wttU train* for H-t land. burliDKton and Moatiaal S.e. t ilh an -r tacbed at Albany s o .o p m express t^ln yla Budaoa Blver Bill r' ad. w: th >Kepins cars aitaiLo l, a d throacti u bn!!alo ai d Snsp? n-ion Bridg" withoat chan'< . i r*r* A!co, steepirg car everv day exc^pUi!/ b t'nroa) a attache.] I rom N- w V?<rk tbeoufi t'* with..nt change, via Home. W. and fj haiii" a. Conn.cti"ii ioi Troy will he Tial? a , Baa; Aiban> Thia train will ran on Snudaya lip Qi Train via Hu.taon Buer Bailroal, ait Bleeping car attached connecting at Albany wit i ?a-ly trains far Bu*alo ard 8a>p?naloit Brid t and at Trey with tralna for Saratoga and point risrth. A Snaday train will be r^n via Hadaoa Blv* Ball road f Om New York to Pongbkeepsi- and i , termed)ate stations, leaving New Y< rkat8Sj? m. Beturning, leave Pougl.ka. paie at 1.45 p m arriving In New York at 6 14 r ni. AI"o. a Pnnda) train via Harl-in Bail road. U,v ing 4Sd atreat at Pa. m., and arriving at Millett., at 5 aw p m. Ketnrning, lea\e Millerton at' i ia., ariiviug la New Vork at 12.3 < a. w. WM. H. VABMBBILT. j* 1? Vice Preaideot pit M U B N T V* B N O N . Poromi' Ftrry Com"iny, ) Sti cmf/i Ssrtwi tVnarf. Wisktnrton, Pabroary W, i??7. \ The Steamer will leaTe the Company t W tj ,r1 tn .'? oJl ^rtf|? at 10 o'clock, 01 jran THLB8DAY MO Km ing, Peb. ?- r s SW 4 and t-ATl KPaY MOKNING March'SEwliB ' 2d for MOUBT VBBNOH. Botornlnf. the boat will arrive at 3 p. m. rare 91-AO, incladinc admuaion to the Has aion. ??* i> WILLIAM D COLT, Preaident. W TEAM Ki; WILSON SMALL ^3 yon thk eastern shore. ? ?OJI(?B-Th? Steamer WILSON 8MAL1 OAPT. T. LIOHAIlli, now in jraw all reapactaoneof the p f | most comfortabla and elecant^KfiHBfl steamers plying en Cheaapeake Hay. will resnm her roote on SA 1 OBDA f, M ,rch Jd She7"? f ' Oppoafte No ilO Light atreet uh?r 8ATrRnAVeIJaTUB8I)fY' THL'BSBAT, an BATt BUA Y. at a. m.,for i J.s'Ti) v f'tiix i DO VBLK MILL S.OX rbKD rLQUA'S /V v HI i. / ACifs Wfh hr. C4MBKTij(i y uih-l ' LLTTS WHAM* CAB IS CREFK VFfl FO ft P S WHA K F\ aad L l O YV'SLAS ui Yf, BetnraiDg fr. ni THE BAHTABN SHOBl.'.h i leaves Llojd s Landing at I p. ni., Cambridge at 1 LfJ- *-2d PV,nt M a 9 ?" eyer? MondV, wedneadev aud Priday,totichin* at all ti?t?nn mi11?!' 4|14^ reaching Baftimora at 5 a a o the following nornlivs. ?hi h.V* Urg* number of fine alate-rooma Is y)-tl Rw ?"%B5afKj^i?? ?v" TO TBAVBLLBKS GOING 80UTH TWICE DAILY, <Sunday p. a. excepted.; The aatckeat and most direct route to Biohmou Va ,and the SoatB. via the Potoma,. jm, teamen from Sixth Strvet Wharf.^^^AK^-i Waahingtoa, to Aenia Creek and*^BfiiHB i Blchmond, Frederlcxeborg and Potomac Bailr at now entirely completed from A |\is Creek to Btck mond,> a, connecting there with tralnaoa the Blot mond and Petenbarg and Bicfimond and Daaailli Ballroada, for Petersburg, Weldon. Wilmington Balelgh, Greenahoro', Sallahnry, 6harlotte a? Chester, 8. C. Steamers Keyport and O Yaaderbllt leave 71 Street Wharf dally (Sunday ev-alnc ex<-eptedi i 8 - a. m and * 'fl p. m. and arrive in Btohaoad i 1.45 p. m. and 3 50 a na. THBOUGR TO BIOHMOHD IN BETH HOUBi 1 Fifty Mliet Shorter ana m Houra quicker Us any Other Koute. Ba tare and get Through Tlcketa via A?ni Creak and VrederickaLarg, to Biohmond, at th Cum pan) 'a Office, corner of Peuna. avenue and 6t atreet, or on board of thehoau. Baggage ohecke through. Omnlbnaaaa and Baigaga Wage** Will be i readlneea to convey paeeengen and .baggage 1m twees depote In Biohmond. Paeaeogen by thia line paaa by dayBght Monx f Vernon, and may have an opaortnnity of vlaidn several battle-flelda near Freaerlckshurg by etoi ping at that point. i Breakfaet and sup oa board of Btaemara. GEO. MATTllrGLY.8u?t.. Waahingtoa, D c i ?. E- MATTINGLY, a??-ly General Paaeeager Agant. DOTOBLAC TBAMBPOBTATION UXB. ( NOTICE TO 8HIPPKBB. The Steamer BXPBBSS. Cap . a. BTTtll leavee Washington aid w as, and A]- vaaaa. exandria at 7 a. EYEBT KAT'Ji4^ CBDAY forGtyiaont. Bndd 'aPerry.^^HH^Bi Smith's Point, Chatter ton Landing, Nanietno S2SV.%L-fti?S.\Jh2l SKSSSSE man9*l ' * BEVJE \BBO., Ageata. ? Bo. 3d* Penna. avenas. PIGS, ODBBANTfl 1 | RAILROADS. r f ? = _READI>0 K*lL*oAD ~~" PH IA TO THE'IET***?' oW??fs^tLV.4* I fJfcJflf/ 'Wlkt'ktotMi V l- Tff. Z"!TH i*a T, i ? ai* l" "0ENI,N0 ACCOMMODATI BS U I Btatlong* * "* ? *u BShIMI n EetBrBing, leavo* Beodlng at ? *)p m arr'? ~ i, ia Philadelphia ?> i? p. m ' ,,irr"s? r MOBHINO BIPBBflB ) At S.J# A for (HiIIbi u an r- Htrrl.l >. j Petteviiia. Pine Crov*. 1 Bani-ur* W?f* UMli(urt. IllDirA. Kocktit^ViMtrt 1 nn'lAlo. AUeatowa. VMlkeatarre. P.cut a tSrV d farttalo.Chon.ler*bB-g *r. A*',A^ Thi* train co?h?ct* mi BEAUIKUaHb tb- B*.t I Petm-jivania Ra Iron. titin. f?r a,:.-d|owu * I UD With tb* Le'.a? D \t;l?r irmiB f.r h Ju' l-utg.A. ; At PORT OLISTuN wlU> 0?^T2T? Railroad train* fcw U lillawaaort, Lo*k u,tT? Kinilm, 4c . at BARBIBBllu with VofSL?<"? otral, Caml erland Valley ai d KcUuyiklil hua-iiM b?*r,a tram* for Mi rtbi nberland u ? ltau.ifort, V?rl,Ohtnti*r*t':ri, Pmegrov#' aAITIBNiUN EXPRESS Leav** Philadelphia at J.M p m for B*adln* Pcttaville, Hairi?l>ut#, Ac , connecting aif.' RfadlLg and Columbia Railroad tra.iu fur Co.u II a, Ac 444 t BBAP1KG ACCOMMODATIOH Leave* k- *dir?g at *1 *i a m , *topp c at a 1 ?, | ataliooa. arrive* iu Philadelphia at ? ?t a m B? mining, leavoa Pull tdelpbia at 4.JU r n I at rive* iu Rending at 7 15 a m Train* tar Philadelphia leave llarrlal-arg at * w !.v? i Pu'V'I'i" at 8 *3 a .* irr viag ! T f * * tn- A'l fnoon train* a liarrlal-nrg at t 1 >p aa 1 Potuville at I ti c tn ^ arriving at Pblladetp' 1% at 4$ p m Uarri-bui* arc - m.-nation Reading at 7 to a iu and liarr i*t>urg ?t UO p m OnuniN't iag at K*?..l g *Hh Alt*! no u A until ati< n , Booth at?*> p m arriving |u Philadelphia at I v.i p. m, " Market Train, with a t?wipr oar attarhM I'am Philadelphia it 1! * u on for Kctdlm f ' Alt *?) tati'-na. le-tve* t<-*Olr>( II I tll ! . 12 S> p. m. for i'l.i.adelpb a an'l ? I ?a) i-tallou*. All tin- ab< tv train* run (tail/ , Bandar* egc<-?-art M-n-ay Trail * leav- I ' -tillvat H a ? B Phli t.lel pbta at 3 15 p ru l< ar? P la 1 * - ?U "f r fctadiDff at 6 a n. . r? turu<a? from al ? u *'1" CUKbTEB \ALLLV K.MLK 'A!> Pa???iif r* for Don ma?rown ?i i in <tiu?- ? ? ' p Inta t?L tbr 7 3U a a 8.14 a n ai.4 ? vi . train* fron, Pbi!a4? Ijfcta. tcfnrtin.g 'rom l> '? 1 Uftaat itT n> acd r. .W**ua. '* *I.V\ lOI.k EXPUKSS KOK rITTT-Bw"U AND THE **PT Lmt?? K?w Voi * at 7 Wi a 1. an 1 p m . ra-,. Il>s Uca li K Ht I MS. II M a ru ar?J 1 ?'? ! . CI nna tun Harrl-bur? ?lrh IV a>i ? ' " N-rila i iitrA. Ka I'oad B\pr .. , Piit-iiur-b, (.ti'iagu, Wiiilautapurt, Bliuira ti 1. . tiato.a Ac. 1 Be:utnltig. Kxprro* Train :fbt flar't*' _ arrival uf l'? -u-j Iva: la Kxprt-** trom i'ltt.i r tsand^c a OB . < I P ki p?Balu? B'alr # 4?ai!dti' ? ai.d u -o p. q, . ? riviM/ > h?v l'lk IU B< . at. i l , a tn M p i pau>11?# ta'-a timu thr-Mi^b kt,.,., i' ' K-t t. It> an 1 riit?liiirt h, aitbout cban?r . Malltrniaf- r New V< rk Irati-i li?rri?l><ir %t I"'P J? Mail train foi Uanin ui^ la?T?aBe<r lerk at 12 noon. fl SCnlTLKlLL VALLBT BAILBOAO Tia'.l.? leavf P?>:Wvi |? 7. 11 w a at and 7 <: u P u r tort iBK troai I au^a.oa t ?x ? . 1.W aa<t 4 15 p. bi. ' * 3 Behlc VLB1LL ANl|^ ' L B 11A N N A BA1LTr^o* leave Auburn ; M a for Pii?groxm , and ti?rrlM>urK. and 11 su i . r.?? r r r aiid 1 remc nt etaratng troni b rr a ,t , ,, i p ir. , aud from TiaaiuBt at . at a. m mj t i I fa*. ' " " A fbr:OHT ^ Qco<Sa r f all <!? <-rii>tion? for?rard?l to al! th? i al ?jt* p li,ta .r aj ii.?- 4?vu,pa44? ? t r?li, D?V?>t, liroad arid \\t!!ow .tT?,u 1 FREIGHT TliA IBs Leare PtiUlt lpn , J* l> ?t. ^ % m . 12 ?s n . .. r atd p ni. f r k.aiti L'nr, D. H?r . c . l'ott*Tille. Pert tin t r aLd all poiut. beyotM ' . ! MAI LB * C'lo*e at the Phtlada.p t? Po*t OfBra for a I ? P'Hcai!* uti (I ^ r ad and ito ?trancbe* at b ? m au.llor the principal atati(.n> onl> at S 15 o ui ' l? ia la tf '' ' J>ENNSTLVAM v ('EMTEAL RAILU-?A'? * VWailtUARUANOhMKN! ' The tra.D* or the Penn^f Ivaiai* Central Ktl|. r*^ :l,T?!?r. At JUtaad Market a:re.t, waKb I* rea< h*d dir?*< tiy | > titacara I tb>- r I ??* b tn**>. I.f f -V'K. ... b K2?J?rmtl" ran w.tbln un* k OM bl NHAY8?The Market Street far* I?bt* ! rroiii and Market *tre?t^ uiiuotea b^'or>- t 1 d?-i arti f af e>?oh train 1 1 MA?t.'B BAUUAUK EXPRESS will call f r : an.! deliver ha*,.'age at tba hepot OrUara l?tr ? ^ at the dice. Mo oSl Cbeethut*:roet, will re.riia I attention. ? u .. ? . *'"* N btl-M, I*,;; | Bf *11 T i at :< -it 8 im) % i | JmU Acu<?,*liui.i4i.l#.'-(|* a' a " . JaK Lint and E:l?s Expr?a* at 1 ? . u ' i Train Ii iTb i. | Harr!at>?r* Accamt .o.iarioa at ai d Lat r?MiT Aeeomiifdati n H? i - ? t!Vr,'"r,c5! tic 5 Plilianeiphia Bspree* et 11 <ki n U U'^I?l>S,',*r* ^ *,le Mmi1 lemT## daily, ckcept ?*t?" Pbtla'ielpbl* Eipres-laavaa dailr A.l ot ? I train-dalty.exe. p. eon In- 1 ?tL* r lT V*'1 Tr*w C* ?? W llUmaBort r witbenten .airaof can,aad arrive at Uka >? l ten at b l>< p. m , P?-a. nger* Ljr Mall Tram K , to Cariiaiaaol 4 - ; C iiatul erai org wltn itt a etiange of cara f 1^-pit g Car Ti. keta r.n b? had -n appli.?tl o ; | M the Ticket Offle. Ml ft, ? I ] ? . TV'.'ta.t Arrive it D'fut. T?i i Cincinnati K\jre?. at u an a n. % 1'hil .d* Irbia Kxpr aa at "K!2" ? Paoli Afwaw Mo* lit .tUB B.riii 5* X ! Parkahui u trtU _^t ? ^ ^ *?9 ? 5 i>?i tes: : ti iZl S ' AtcoagBodadoa at a ,M p i ' M^'laV E*pr*?a arrive* Caiiy, ea.rpt r Ciacii-natl Exareaa arrive* dalle All t. traiun dally ex.ept buo<la> T' ' V *t' * e?.. ? . L a Uav^B at * ?. tn , t ' -,Vi14nrru rt " 40 " re*?fc P!'<.a?e.t . withoti t rhanie of car*, f. am Williaui*>ort r l)a> Expre-*. at S s p m *"* " n The Peanayivania K^ilr >ail C npanr will r ? aaauii.e an) iigk fur except r Hv, Apparel, and liniit their r?ep(,n*ibility to <*11^ Hnndred Dollar* in valne. All Bavgat;* ex< v?i. ing that aaionnt In valna.will be at tbe r?R* J,f ttoe owner naleaa tak^n by ial oontract Fer further IntoriUBtiui Apply to JtSIL? ALL*M' t>21 Cheat. Df^y^EL ?' WALLACE, Ttckat Agent at tba r, 1 *I0RABT TRAIN raa? daily, escep; | Prr tell particular* a* to fare and a^mai 1a B tlona ap?ly to TRAMCIfl PS MR. 13 7 Dack ?t Central railboap op vbw .iebhkv Pa^aenaer and Freight I>ePo? In M*? f ork ) loot of Liberty eireet. Connect* at Ba na*.,r Junction with the Delaware. Larkawanua au't F ;!l*rnI,Bjk1,lrojH'*a4,*??to4i with th. u-hith valley Bailr ad ?ad it* conaectl n?. loruM .g % direct line to PltUbnrg and U>* We*t aituout 1 change of car*. ? ALLENTOWK LIBB TO TBE WEST ' Two Exprea* Train* dilly for th* W -t. .v Bnixia)*, whtn on' Tram in tba olng Bixtr mile* and thrae boor* "aveil by thi* me to Chicago. Cinciunati, St. Loula, Ac . wttn Juj ona change of car*. WIKTEB ABBAMOEUINTn Contaea.cing Jaauary 7, li.7?Le^?, tiew V rk a* I' llow*: 6r? A M ? For Baston, Mhl iiea, Ma ct Chank. Williainapcrt, Milkaabarr , Ma^a y Cit>, Ac ? K> A M Mail T?ai*? For Pletnin^ton lwu*p' bcraat.-a, V\llka?t,mrr# Grt *i R?*nd, Plttaburg, IMi cUaintok.&i. ' V A M -Western E\pre?? ti r Ea<ton, Alleo1# town. Hsrriaharg, Pittshnre, and tho We?t ?"a bnt one ci.anpe of car* to Cincinnati or Ciil< *? , awi but two cRaugve to >t. Laoi* C ntirrt* ^t Uarrubure with M<>rth?rn Central aud Pbilale. ~ pb:a and Eric Road*, for Srla and tba U ti ' ffi<tj*. ..j2 M ^Fm.i'\~For ??etoB. Allen town. Mia^fi rbnnk. Htikeabarre, Reading. PotUvUle. Harria* bnrg, *c. 4 r M ?For Eaot a- BetLlcbom, and M?acb Cbnnk. t P M.?For Bo;r,arvlMe and Fleniinct ?. ? 6P M ? For Eaaton Heading. Uairia: < *rria liam?p rt. lrviaetoti, I r> ry. Erie. Ac. ?let|,:u? E car fr ta Hew York to >Vllliaai*pwrt , 6.16 P. M -ForSuB?r?ill? ' 7.*) P. M. ? For8utn?rville. I P M -W*?tkkn Bxi aew Tb?!1 -Fn Km?* ton, Alk-ntowa, KeB'llng, Marnaourg, Pt111 and th- Wot. j Bleoptng car* through frogi J- r*ey City to Pitt*. 9 | bnrg t-very evening. Additional tialu* are run to Bergen P Int. 1 EHral>eth. Ac. TIckeKfortli* We*t can bo obtained at th* oU Of the Central BaJlr-aA of Hew J.i?ey. ',,0; ( ' Llbotty atreot, Murtti Mo. 1 A?tor Hn-r, i Ho*. :!*!, nil. *26 UroaUaay. and at Ho Itl _ Greenwich atreet. ja 19 J0&IA1I 0 8TK' EH3, Bnp< rintenJeat 1 |\TIW YORK AHP MEW HAVEH EAILBMMI 4 u 1 l'anaencor Btation ia How York, oorner 27t? J street and Foartb avenae TBA1HS LEAVE HEW TOBK a For Hew Havonand H<i?gep?rt?t. a kx u *) ?- a. m.,I2a? (Ex.>,ltEx ), IM, *.?. and d Ex . it *For Mllford, Stratford, Fairfeld. ??ntl.por'. g and Westport?7.11a tn ,S ?andS.S'c in h For Sorwalk-7, J ?>, ll ?a rn . Ij 15 Ex.', 1 (li.Mv 4B ? S-.aod-ikx.'? *a. ForUaHon and tireeuwicb?7, 30, 11 W a m : >. S M. 4 s1, ft *> an.I 6 * p m. t. For Kmolord-7, 6 ill .? *' 11 ? a m li .5 ! (Ex.). St Kx ?1-W. i..?,M.i ? ??d ?< ?.' I For Port Cbe*ter aad Intermollate StaUona-7. ?.ae. a. m . 3 eo. 4?. e SO. t.m. aad 7 p. m. OOHNECTIHG TBAIHB. i For Bo* to a via Horinatield?<ii o. m., < lx.;i 1. (Ex..)8 p. m. For Ru*ton vU BUor* Llno-ll lft. I" (*Ft)r llTrtSwl and Bpringlleld-d. (Ex..Jll 5' a "for Oounei'ticnt liner Ball road -8 am Ex _ u Su a m. to Montreal Sp m. t.i Hortha*ipt..n. \ For Uartf.rd, Providence and FUhktll B R ? f" HXnJItSZZ N'w Loadea and Btonlngtoa |I Bail road-da tn : It I*. ?and 8 p m F..r Canal Eallroad-U.u p a. to HorthamplODa ' For ffoaaatontc aad Haagatack Railroad? Sa. - j 'Vor'panbarT and Horwalk R R ?7,? to a a.; ^'o-tumodleo" Bleopiag Car* attached to S p. tn | TJTtt JA*W H. BOIT.buporlataodeat. . r j;*%' I