Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1867 Page 1
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/ - - I * V^. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. MARCH 5. 1867. N?. 4,365. % TOE EVENING STAR PIUL1811ED DAILY.(BCSDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR Bl'lL.l>lNi>, A-uJkwtii cw?r re*?'*.*ctniu and 11U itreet, 1 W. r>. WALL AO II. rue STAK Is served by la* eatnere to tbeir vufcacrbers in the Citjr md District at T?5 yMTi a -jWv- Copies at the counter, with jt without wrapp*ra, Two ("but* ?kt>. fRici r*>* Mailihu.?Three months, One Dollar and Fifty Cvmtt; el* months, T\r*e Ddiars, ov<f tear. Fit* Dollars. Ho papers are sent fr^in U.e oC.ce longer than paid for. The W UKLY bT A Republished oa Friday KorxiBf?On* Dollar and a Hnlf a Year DENTISTRY. * \B. LEW U s DENTAL A58?^TTATI0N, L* Mo. UbO fhNfc'A AVK , ftttwrea m& 15th streets. ?Teeth extracted without pain ? y a laillisteria* trona Oxj ce er Laughng (Jas. I'f #"gCa LEWIE hn rKi ntly purchased the b*-rt^fcsa# t hei .h^J Apparatus :n the country for < *? Jay, also, an improved Val tiler Iuhitler lb> A?-or ati. n ii now pr?perM At iLakr Testh on Wold Silrer arid U*bber at Mew lork Pi ilvie!pula and Boston prices All persons -ftUhicK dental work done can Wave It as- heap s in the *b<vt>-naa.e-1 cities. AU ?urk done iu tk*ii?iiwt nml best owner, and warranted to ire satisfaction Persona will do well to call wiul exaniiiie our work. defttf ^ _ 1 M LOOMIfl.M O.. Jh? larebtur aid Poititei of tne M1MEHAL TLA IX rtSTd, alter is perr-?nali? at^ M la< Cct-lo this city. Uauy persons can ^ ?ar th?-ve teeth who cannot wear others, '1 and no person can wear others who saaaot wear these. Per?onsc-.ttlng at bit > fee ;\n be aceemmod* J wl'b any style and price of Teeth they may de' re, bat to tk^-e who am particular,ahd wish the .rest, cleantst, strongest and most perfect denote that -rt can procure, tb. MIMkUAL THTd wlU be m^re fully warranted. Boom* 'p ffit* city?No SH" Fean'a aveaue. be twesn?thand 10th its Alpo, ?07 Arch street, t iiUadalphla. oc y ly Personal. * C t'Y7\> M K - E K MAK C TUB TBIP on Bs1 chs or **.?iiiaritau humbugs See Dr. OiUl,i. -4 .7th street. He ! ? the blffaeat authority w cii*t-s 14 la private rouais are opposite Vdd 4'rilows Hail ja^4-lai" KM OS BETTER THAN Ot UK 1 ki i l h pre rentlves ae mut ufsdas* ml pr*?*osfct> t wlen such is oudeirsbii a-nt to ?a> a' a: c .. *5. t > a:i?i # 7 ?t r'lo/en :or>liui<to ?ull'i,l. I'r WOOD lt*?i lOi, v* call at .t.i ?tr< at, uj- sibirs.: Washimton, P.'* ja'^-lm* i US 11 litLS 1RV110, (lafmijsst, mtU r?*t -T1 i. sill <ivo I <j rt-^Un.iit, luulu'tia< -?t. I'le.-iUlsiiJ 1 Ut'.re ?t tul o 1-". i^u, U?'iU . ut Pa ;*v , 1 < txeou aa.l Un ^tteets. L>iTlc*? ' ' jrs frou' * to - a. sinl < to Di. m. ja ii Jm* \ i?rilAl.XlCE." UK A Li SU13C> IIK10 AS. TM LUOlCU Ok' ASi^UIOk, rro^ither ii*: <n aua a-pect or t^e Bt irs nt t)ie t. 'ie < t ne'? l>ir'h. will re*-a! astTifsliine seer rs tba. no nvitirf ai< 't?l ever knew b- tore. U.)-* '. j be - ;cc- ? tul l j *11 re^-tonAJils Dndrrtaaiugs. j; tells cui c niid very <jit> you marry. des^ri.-es ;I iul< i.t-j cv...rauiou. * .4 t- lis nil eseula of if. ,-> -1 Ic t ana ioiv li?? to >isit jrs. La lies SO r? nts 10 jfi; t!?ai"o la fall $1. Oall at I 7 O 1?ib st aft V.all hours n.jti! : in the ^TrniuR. 0. .1 2TI COMTlD*>Tl AU ? Young a wu<> baxe lnjut^ tl.t-n eiv?? ey certain secret bablts, which irf t tb?n. for btuin^s. p'e\sure. or the uttieeii mar*1 e i life; also, middle sired and old uec wdo. Irom ttie foilirS of youth, or otber c^u-'?,Uil n oetiiify la advauce of their years, vcf t..- tlaci' b rLetu-elres unJ<-r tbe trf ?t? ut of . nT i'n sh??i!i trst Pecft Krieud.'' *i ixrie l wl | ie*m ?omething of importance >/ pi '" Secret yrland.'' b^nt toaay ?rtss. in u sea ed envelope, on receipt of S5 cents. Audre?? Or.CilAti A STUAUT A OO.. Uo-tton. 4I ? ? bo *-ly OLOTHi^a, &a PJ. HIIBEBOIU, Sncceenor t<* H T. Ij??don A Oo.,_fc? G1THEW& AXl> MfLITA * Y ^WA MFHCHAyT TAILOR, ^ Hetrcpolita!! Hotel, late Vrown'a, fr .i6si Peansyl'^ni* avenue, me !-tf Washington. D- 0. ~ BOOTS, SHOJ8S, Ac. m BOOTH AND ?UO*9~ A M K W ITT O U B . Tbe nnde-?-f <ti'jHl beiw leave to inform his frieu Ss an^ the pr.biK ?eutta!l) tb?t he ha-? opened the MtW CHEAT |>T0ER.Mo. 303 7th street, ua ler O'K Fellows' Hal!, where he has oa bat 1 * general as<or*T? ..f Ls'Mes and Oentlenjen's, Boy's. Misses and Ohi?(*r?>?i 'a BCoTS AMD SE0Z3. Beraeajher tb? anmber, ;??< "tn street, under Ou<l bellows' H ill The New Cheap btore, for:*?-rl) K. I. Pa. )'! stoie. cth tlKOBGB B. W1L8QM. PAWNBROKERS yy ALSll'i CZXI&Al LQ.'.S OFFICE, M<? 4^0 ll'th aj.reot, one door below i't?nn. a?e. This wl) kn ?n < ma*e? /fK LIBLB\L A DVAM BS J. U \ On Diaw r'i^.'i'-'.d and Saver w?tahes fe) J thing, turn (Br?raaii M?ic andise ot ere.y d>^cr?pvvi>n. t ;euevery da/fexcept S today ?froiu i a. m to S p as.' N it.? IqhI'M strlctip eoa^dentiat. fe23 tf |;KlAbklsllIU 19^2. S P ? C I A L N0TI0I. < HABLES QERXUERQ. Snrceaeor to lsasc Hentber* Jf Son, wko ius\econdu<*e?d the Pswiibrofcim^ Bqatnesa fcr nfte?a year< in tliia city, f?r twelre XK j *ar* the ^alr Pawnbroker in the DI?tric'.J[ WJL t? this ine ho4 of thanking their patrons@ 9 a'.-i Uie p . k,Mc for the cobftdeni e heretofore shown Uit-m. and b*-? ! ?se to cafl tbefr atientiou to tha tsct that we Mil) < ontinue to make the highest adyanos in all smns upon all articles of Jewelry, 1 lauiunds, Hatrhee. Bonds. Ooeeninjent Scrip, "jlver 1 ,aie, gc.. for which we hare superior tlsres of deposit an< 1 aecnrlty, which will always le shown for the atlsfacti'Hi of tnose patronising ns. w * have special farftitles for the care ana preservati- a of Wearing Apparel of every rleecriptioa. V* "olens, A?., on which the highest advancen j?r? Marie, guaraat>-eine when reauired agaiast motk, a td always againstlnjury Having a artie ?ar?-h(>t ? in ceonection with onr affice, w? b?ve spocial facilities for storage of all kinds T Merchandise, Karnltare, *0.. on which we nnke the highest advaacss for days, weeks or Tiuisitha W? c all e-peclal artsntlon to the fact tb*: uwltg to tbe Ur^e ei^lttl employed la our tusineee. we can make advances at such rates <rf laterest as to d ?fy aompatition We sell no goads until the expirution of six meatbs a*ter their forfeiture anf! th?.n only at pahlic auction first sirnotm throofh th? TArfom city joor* M to all 4?pi>pit^rp. Bj this metns d^postU with as are nejer lost If their redemption Is decall eej - i?| attention to our arrangements for forvarding go<-ds to any part of the country, arreagswenrs which an exp-rlence of *tt?-D J't*r? h m brought to rertectioa Depositors *re enabled b. this mparts to redeem their *(n?sfrf>m <51 oftice n? matter where they uiav 'e!<cat?4 Pi II information aiwais glven. Prlvau ap?rim-M?sforron^de! tlal buiness N B ? >?e n^ve no ?? nnertlon with any similar estat>ltshi sent in tills city B-fer toanr old reetdent of H?-member BKP./RgHO'J L<l?| omre.sai no tb C street, between 4>< and 6th, W**hlr.KtMi.y. P. lefc-lm* MW"T ! klOM BY :! MONEY]!! ii. PKIMCK 8 KBWLY^K8TABLIB1IED LOAM tt7 7 Pa. ave . neat to i'otan iai sConfectionery. Money loaned on every deerriptien of salable M er< iiai.dise. eaceciallv Walcb-s, Dla- /Ov : ds ? .d line Jwwelrv. 1 oaa assureJl** \ tbaee who uia) favor me with thor patron ? J age tiiat !h?j eill uot regret having done so ? ' B ?Private djer and ?*c?. Persons not wishl ua to eni -r the public office will ring the < a#c* bell. fea lm* j OAM O I f 1 O B . MOWKV letn^d on ^old an1 Sflver.^^^. Vaubes Plarionds Jewel^p.ri.ithfng, Ar Q Q I) 1'OMuVaN , Pawubr ker tu. J. 2 K +t fe 1 lw?* batw^ea 10th and litk sts. 'I' BE OLD EsEaBLIpU lU KiBJ o* ~ 1 S, GOLDS r B1 h A 00 . L1C )itt>KD PAWM l-BOK KK8 4 ? >'OUB AND A MALr STHIK r WEST, BSsr Peaasy Ivaala aveatie, Ofler tbe higiiest caeb advaacea oa an kinds of H??t ai "Has. to at v araonat and for any iflk tia.edesired, at reas*BKble rataa. /WW I'.tsre^ <>a farae snuii greatly reduced A Meat tieaa strictly c nfldentlaf w w Ooo4< bought for cash and sold at private tale fe 21-jl y Ol t . MATlONAI. LACiToBY^ r>~T| as-* J Penn a av , bet Htk and 1Mb sts. &-? | All work d>aeby hand. Goods oMIed for aad dellvrred,at tbe shortest notice. All kinds of French flntfug doaa iu thr naateat style, fa U ?* ||BCIPflOI LIX0B1W. Just rer-irsd, a large variety of articles aeleeted partxatarl) far the c??lag re??pti?n ^ 6<>B. t. M. F ***? A ?0?. King Place, de M Cor. VI. ave. a ad ?t. ^ K BH0W3l?. I. J. A *il TLiW' BrttEAl KErrOEB^. rSEEDllSX. AS D ABANDONED lamps. OCre So. 4 76 &eTenth street,oppoeik) the Vott Ofhce. *-?f IV * T. OOLLIKB, OABISIT EBB ABO > DMBEBTAEBB, A> Pbr w Viua Hanaiactarer. Hcieol Fiml tare 04. aa>l ilousa/urnlehlag Warerooaae Saw and M| Cut } f rpuars. af alt deacrl pU^o*. bouehi If I and .old. Eapairiag, rpholsterlag. arid Varnishit* <1 ne at the sborteet aetlaa i?atheast coraer tcaorU, Jto. iJ. da 14 la* BANKERS. JAT COOfcC k. CO., BABEIII, 1/iihk* nt?t, tnxsiii lVMrnni, Pajend Ml icnrrent market rates, and k?| onatantly on hand, a full snpply of all GOVERNMENT BONDS, 8EVEN-TBIBT1B8, AND GOMPOUSB IBTBRB8T NOTBS. Or?1er? far STOCKS. BONDS, ko , eiecatad, and (J?iUctlous made oa all accessible yolata. e 1 tf }{ARROVT kCO., BABKBR8. Corner Louisiana avenue and SeTeuth reel,* in government securities, UOI D AND SILVER jj rtf AND LAND WAKRA1TB Hrst Naiional Bank of Wasliicston. II.D. COOKB, (of Jay Cooke A Oo.,) Pr??M?nt * *. 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY A!*T> IiNANClAL agent or TUB UNITED STATES, itih s>t*et, optostt* f\? vrtasufj utfarimm. Government Securities with Traasnrer United *rexe million dollars *>*! ail tUm of oo fmlnmrtfl f^h'v hitiks current market rates till^lsh exchange tin i v.ike c*itl'ctien' c* all the pximcifal cities of the i ft itad states. W t> purchase GoWrnmeDt Vouchers oa tbe iWONT favorable tr h ms, and gi v e caroful ena prompt attention to accounts of business men and firms sud to ?uj other business entrusted to as Fl'LL IN FORMATION In regard tn GOV EKM ii JfcbT LOANS at all times cbeerinlly FiiDliliet! WM. b. BUNllNdl'ON, Cashier. Vaahlwgtoa, March a>. m 21 tf HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, <fea J^IRKWOOD HOUSE, corner p$n*?. a> tnut an t TW.'A tiret: ImI wa'k'nr'on, b c. Situated in the most central location the city, midway between tlie CAPITOL AND PBESIDENTI-AL MANSION Oiily a ?hort distance from all the Departments, return and Poe* Offices, Smithsonian Institute H H DUDLBT A CO., _BoSMf Proprietors, K MiilN? 1 A*??TA U KA^ Bo. 3*3 Ptnpa avenue, near 6th street. ^M^oer!,!?^ he1 ee,MfrcSSdVnd stantly ob hand OY STERS? fre4i eve?r iflAA ln7r.,7 Tfinr atrial? ^ ?? WOOD AND COALT I {J o A L I c o A Lit ~ ' " b'"?, *"" ** W'piJi"?.0?' ?i? Mrc.rt. Lc ?<r Oak. fg p<r eor i. * A tin of Ccal sold by .in alw*y? w?i?h* ? ?tn iha fa "8 It r JuU*U>ORb. 'r. Corner 4th and G street ? O A li ! COAL!! ~ ? ?rn.AT 01i?*TLY REDUCED PRICBS the eny ,24?Ib8 'dellTere,1,naB> P^ of Cbestuut White Ash. $7. 1 Rc?? Ask?6* ? * Wh,t# A?b- 9*'* ' Lehigh. <^?k at d Pi tie Wood scnstantly on hand OM?rs receired ?t ow Office; or at tVe'Wharf foot of tjf Tenth street '' . 8. P BROWN * gnjf, ja^-tf 463 9tb street Urtweeo K ant P. QABDEN 8EEDS, 1'RCiT TREES, Jt:. jobN 8 A D L DK\S 5i\ ?n-Slorue. w" stork of SAB I r.Ut"rL "tfoil kaow|';"4ef of "tZ for^his*silM? ,1*TlDg bffen ?ru'n specially kennlae ^ Iresli, pnrj, all the ooreltias ^oni LDgland, aad the tooth t-nt, with ma or ?icweni!*T 81 hl* rleh of Florist Pel^f1^ J^1E,p0' ?n?*'JO?my. oonststln* 0f SKr^H Pe-hM' A?rtcot?. Bectarinee, _ G B A PI VINES?Delaware, Concord, Diana Sogers Hybrids, loaa, Adiroodae, Ac Strawberries. Blackberries, Oooseberrle* nnr. t ?".1. ,h*4* B<faqaets, Wreaths. Cnt Flowers. Ae. JOHB SAUL, E^ad Store, falS aola "lioslie C. 8. pitant^Oitlaa. 486 l'hl?fi/A5Zis7-?;?486 WALli?IlJBAeAT,4?oSaB,lT,S,??!? .er-i??;z-8&l!!f laxss'^r. ,?j. "iy Wihso^m?rf,? PTir ?*b!oat size Landsca^J, T^t ir!2!i C*?P OI?ekens. by A F -1 ~Ta?o attfce da art of Terrare roi.trl i^ T^P hi? Immortal poem 'Mernsa ????kape?re attheCoart of qoeen g",y"{g'L* ri!?; r. Bracket#, Beok^elTes, Parlor Cases. Ac. j. MARJtBITBB. ?* f? m Kt 6 7111 treet. 8 doora abera -?*l rt Odd Fellew ? Ualt. CLAGBTT, H. B. SWEBB F. REAL E8TATK BROKERS ANB ADOTIM1IB8. ! p^rthirTii^Slr.-^"? ba,,d,,? ,? th? erring or "ssffi^assssr , tCe'hiVe I"frrc ,^VV?s^K,s, ,^e.^bV *' " ,or "f? eereral small tract of I^na I LSh ^oS^rVV* toii c^?y, rery eu! 1 Hifiiir^nt li snburian rrildni*?i,'?t well aa fein/ba^i^ UrBW ln th-o'wIIV I^n w,,h n*Ut "*j*does net subject Jh^oaner to expe..^ naleas sold while on oar _fall-l?l OLAGETT A 8VE(nt VICTOR BBCKBiir" ' ~ ? PIANO TtJIER AND BBGULATOR_?^ BaTABLIfHKt) IR18U. JEjRfc DBMPSET A^r^^lSUe'r. ^ Btaj F. C^REl*Ce'EVbi,ua*s P^o^o'a,1<nh ,U" ? lltbjtrew, near Pa. 'ateaaa. fruutl notim from wm. knot* i fb . Mr Becker nas tunad Pianos foraa at onr W^ nOOB,t\aud T* uk* ?? etaCtna that we b?* Hera bim tobaa sompeteat tanesT^ no aLIm Office, Bo. 4# JefTtorsoa St.. Georgetowa.D fl Bttsbllsbad Id,1431; premiam awarded by the Metrop?llt?a lastltata 1SC7: rebailt lut ' ' the largest and most complete* estab I liabn.ent ?f the klad la this section of eouatry njumor* S0*"'111* or ail kladadaaaln tbe best *"" "" K&y ,<* Lock Box Bo. ho. "0,?' N"?48W8K**??. . ah ?*ssto?ss?x!:i&" ? B. W, BUECHEbL, 1m 14 Corner 14th aad F stress, ' u Uaiar Bbbitt flonsa. aia . fc 4 I i TELEGRAMS, fcc. The Philadelphia cnstom-house was the scene of s< me confusion yesterday. T. Snyder Leldy, w ho has been deputy collector, claimed to succeed as collector under (he rule governing in eases upon the expiration of the term of office of the collector. Collector Johnson had, hi wever. a few days a go appointed F. Heed Meyer as deputy. which was approved by the Secretary ol the Treasury; but Johnson went to Washington leaving the commission ot the uew deputy locked up. Second l>epaiy Ilaibeson recognized the removal of Leidy, but h&d no official notice ot ibe appointment of Meyers, so that there were tbree deputies sach cla mine to sncceed as deputy, until the receiptol atelegtam from Washington in f.tvor of A)?yer, who was deputy under Colonel Thi mas, the Radical collector, removed some monihb ago by President Johnson. senor Romero, Mexican Minister, writes in answer to an inquiry: that General Santa Anna hasb*en asnpporter of French intervention in Mexico: that subsequently to that he offered hi- services to th** ua ioual Government of tDe Republic, President Juarez de. clinn g to accept tbem; that be is understood to work now with jome parties in movements hostile to the Republic <>i Mexico,and its Government; that tn these plans h? has not the sanction of the Mexican Government and that il'be succeeds in deluding any citizen of this country and taking them to Mexico, it would be to make them enemies of tee republican Government existing there. Meetings are beii.? called in Geo-gia to con| sider the recommendations of ex-Governor : Frown. Public opinion Is divided 'herein. 1 1 be press i? agitating the i-ntijeof Tbree or f ur papers arepn favor of" fh?- accep anc< of I th>* military bill, while the iTv?j>>Tify are I strongly opposed to it. The anxiety is "very j great. In the 1st in'ernal ri'vnnp cr.IJei fion d'.s:r>ct of P< r n?ylvan>a. A It. Sloanaker, wh >-e i m < > pirerl yesvrd.iy. Sr-nate havlnz r-?j-rted hi- nomination. re.-tgivl iii tavi.r o; deo Kellv. whom be appointed a nl? dep:r.v. I having previously discharged all tn.? former deputies and employed them a-s cl-rk; 111 the cltice. Th" following changes are being made In 'he Fnglish Parliament: IItike of Ki bmond t.> be Colonial Se.-refarv, Sir John P.? .'kenh'an ve retary of War. Sir Stafford Ni-r'hoote, First Lord of the Admiralty, Helton n .1 O >rry Cnder Secretary for the C?loue?. an<i Mr. Stephen Cove president the Hoard Jl Trade. Ine Flench Government l.a- cotrmenceri lepal proceeding!- in the Correctional Court against Knnle lie Gtrardin. for a leading editorial in his journal, criticixiug the policy of the Kmperor. IHsmarck yesterday laid before tbe North German Parliament the diaft oi a new constitution tor he Confederation ofthe North German States. Lord Hrougbam has trade a speech strongly urging the adoption of the principles of household suffrage in Great Hritam. Heavy'i ion ai thi National IV1 echan ich' Hank i f Ha li i uokk.? 'i'lie bUrlutss community was sciuewnat sttrtied on Saturday morning by rumors of a heavy de. falcation in the National Mechanics' Hank of this city, situated ou the corner ot t'mvert and F..Jette s'r? ets. The amount was variously stated at suuis ranging between SoJ.tXin and ? -' O.CWi. Later in the day the following facts w ere develop, d: On Tuesday la.-t Air. Oalleu. der. a Government inspector of natiocal banks, arrived in this city and proceeded to make hu examination of the condition of th* different hanks. While in the discharge of this duty a*, the Mechanics' Hunk bis attention was arrested by some entries in the books of Mr. Samuel H. Went*, the general bookkeeper, t'pon pursuing his investigauons. it was discovered that fur a period ol about t well ty-seven years Wen Us had beeu abstract! a g large amounts, w hich in the aggregate foot up about It is supposed that he was enabled to cover up his frauds aad conceal them from the knowledge of the officers of th? bank tn their feguiar examination of its condition through collusion with John 11. Rogers, the paying teller. Roth Went/ Jand Rjgers were arrested on Saturday on warrants issued by Justice Hay ward aud released on $10,uu0bail fa<_b, the h.ghest penalty the Justice could exact. Weniz has been in the employ of the b: i k upwards of thirty year?. and Rogers nearly that period, being the two oldest officers in It, and each has a larpe family. Mr. Callender, the inspector, who is quite an e\. p*rt in bia business. says that it wa< the m > x systematic and ingenious fraud he has ev*r developed. The batik will be able to retain i'self and meet its liabilities.?baltiuiore Ga? zelle. The lxi.i^latfrk of makvland.?Lieutenant Governor Cox tnade a statement to the Senate, yesterday. In telation to certain rumors involving his political integrity. At the r< <jue6tof the Lieutenant Governor, a committer was appointed to investigate the charges. The bill providing for a new municipal election In Haltimore was mar e the special order tor to-day. The bill extending the time for building the Philadelphia and Haitimore Central railroad until lfc73. was passed. It iequixet the road to he commemend at Stammer's run within a year, aud six miles to b* built each year thereafter. A communication was read in the House from the Rev. Samuel liarues, of Haltimore, denyiug the allegation that he had charged that "the rebel Legislature of Maryland could be bonght for any purpose." Several bills of mere or less interest recei ved a second reading. A Free Pir.HT ii* a Lict;isi.atttrk.?The Omaha (Neb.) Herald ot the 19th instant gives the pat titulars of a free fight yruica occurred m the Nebraska House of Representatives on the preceding day. Some one appealed from : the decision of the Chair, and moved for the appointment of a new presiding officer pro tem. The motion prevailed. The new presiding oil leer pro tem. attempted to take the chair, but was prevented by the spelter. The sergeant-at-arms interfered, when the speaker drew a revolver and threatened to blow out the t rains of ihe unfortunate officer. The sergeant struck at the speaker wit a his mack, and knocked down an innocent member. The I innocent member knocked somebody el?<e i down, and the entire body finally went into I an earnest and spirited contest. i (Vmeoi.mation of V I kg 1Xi a Railkoads. '1 Ue Vugiuia Legislature Anally passed, before the elope of its late session, at leattt on* of us railroad consolidation bills?that is, the bill to complete the "Covington and Ohio railroad." by consolidating the Central Vir. gima, the Norfolk and Petersburg, and the Soutfside railroads, under the name of the Cbe.-ape&xe and Ohio Railroad Compauy. I Should the scheme succeed, it will be ?he menus ot absorbing some ?7,cmo,uoo of Stat.? debt, and of diminishing the taxation of the State to the arnonnt of **<?u>oo per year There i is a contract with Pell & Co., ho we vet, for the ! completion of the Covington and Ohio road j and It they carry it out the consolidation fails, . but it is uot bell*ved fb?y will succeed In then negotiations Cheap Riding.?it bas been demonstrated in London, that men cau be carried far more cheaply than they caa carry themselves. The laboring man Is conveyed to and from his borne, distance varying from one to six miles, for one shilling per week, or Jess than two cents a trip It is easy for him to see that his time and strength saved are worth more than this to him in wages at his work, and that many times this can aleo be saved to bitn in rent, by fixing his residence out on the railway. According two of the most costly railways in Rngland command by this policy the laboring men's traffic which is eearly if not quite the most profitable they enjoy. Cheer I'p!?The Fredericksburg News saye: On ih? Rappahannock river between this place and iui month, we hear th?re is four times as much produce waiting shipment to market, as there was last year. On this side a one there is now at least two hundred thons-and dollars worth against fifty thousand drtHflrs last Th?n the li^b crop is wing io oe harvested. That grows without p acting and is always better after a hard w.nter, aud its profits are always large." A blscksroith in Pltubnrg trl*d to beal out his brains with a sledgehammer. ?-A Poston jury bas decided that Mary l-ord cannot recover damages against John Tupner, for shooting her nose off with a rocket last 4th of July. Mr-A concert saloon girl, named Nellie Pike, attempted to commit snicide on Tuesday night at Albany, by swallowing laudanum. She failed in the attempt. Disappointed love. A dispatch from Montreal to tlae Toronto Globe says a Wesleyaa minister named \ aadeabnrg, at Lacbate, eloped with the sis. ter of Jir. Sieinforth, with whom He boarded. LOCAL NEWS. Corporation Affairs. Boari? or Aldkkmen, MarcQ 4, li*>7.?The Boi.rd met pursuant to la w. Present, Messrs. Barr, Cross. Lfwi?, G u lick, U. !S. Noyes. O wen, 'I ail. liiven, Turtoii, A. Lloy J. McCatnrau, President T. E. Lloyd, aiid Secretary s. V". Noyes. i Mr. Owen presented the petition of H A. Hall. praying No have certain mon^v paid to the Corporation refunded to hitn, relerred to the committee on claim*. Mr. ?-iair presented the petition of (1 W S. Hall. pray ing tw have certain money paid f >r a license tor an insurance company refunded to him: referred to committee on claim*. AImi, piesented the petition of certain residents nn l< th street. asking tor improvement of tiie ssm-, aoccmpanned by a bill to giade and gravel ibe same and to lay toot walks on said street iroin K street to Boundary street; re.erred to committee on improvements. Mr. Given preseut-d a communication from John Van Riswick, proposing to purchase the inierest of the city ol Washington in tb? Washington Canal; referred to tbr committee uu the tail al Mr .Gulick presented the peti ion of Williams ard Jolly, iu reference to the Corporation vl'Tl: reterred to the committee on improve, menis. Mr. Noyes presented the petition of Edward Hui ke. praying ne remission of a line; relerred to committee on claims.

The Chair presented the petition of C H. Chnrcli, Dr. Morgan, and others, for Improvement of 1-th street west, with bill to grade and gravel a h street west, from Maryland avenue u> 'he Fu'omac river. Tbe bill Was passed. Mr. Guiick. from 'fte committer on finnnc#. reported back the Council sub.ti'u'e for the ' ill li.-.Mie 'lie compensation oT tti Register, and providing for the appointment ot an assistant, wi h an nm^ndnvnt, s'nkttig out ' :uid inserting t'-tlilM," a-- Ikf talarf ot tiie assistant. i be amendment was r?M-?cie.i. fiid the bill was passed :is amen,ted m tbe Hoard of Common Council. Also, repir ed t ack bill making provision lor publication ot , iLe proceedingj of tlie Hoar? -. and printing :be Corporation 1h\as, aud a? iced to bedi-. charged from lurther consideration of the same; agreed to. Mr. Cross, trim the same committee, re. poited iivotahly uu tne bill appropriating 0 for providing certain plat books for the assessors: passed. AI?o, a-ked io he discharged fr? m limner consideration of the petition ol < . IV fc-engstack: ;tgreed to. Mr. Harr, lioin the committee on police, re. i ported bai k substitute lor the bill legui.iting the role of flesh, Hour, and provisions tu the Cnyol Washington. Passed. Mr. A. Lloyd, irom tbe committee on claims, reported favorably on the bill lot ;he relief or Edward 31. Speddln, refunding him money ' eironeou^ly paid to the Col pcrttuou. passed. Also, asked to i>e discharged from furih r con- 1 sidetation ot the petitiou of Henjamm Harris; agreed to, and it was referred to the Kif'h \\ ard (If legation. Also, reported bill for re. lief of Wm. Hooth, pay ing him tor loss of bis borte, caused by the breaking of the animal's leg in a detective gutter in New Jersey avenue; passed. Mr. Crow?, from the same committee, asked to be discharged from further consideration of tbe petition oi James McCreatner; agreed to. Also, reported bat k bill remitting fine imposed on S. S Kiley wrbout recommendation: and the btli w as recommitted to the committee. Mr McCathrun, lrom tb?committee on Markets, reported back the bill to define the lion s ol Centre Market, with an ameadmeui giving the clerk of the market control ot the hay tnar. ket; postponed for one wee* and ordered to 1> pi luted. Also, reported favorably on Council bill making an appropriation of ?i.0..ii for contingent expenses of Centre Market; aud the bill was pasted. Also, reported unfavorably on tbe nomination of R. J. Wood as clerk of the Eastern Market, in place ot James C. Cross, resigned: and the nomination was rejectedayes 3, noes U. Mr. uwen, from the committee on wharves, asked to oe discharged from further consideration of tbe petition of Washington Rawling*: agreed to, and it was relerred to the committee on claims Several bills lrom the lower board were re. ferred. Mr. A. Lloyd presented the petition of Hon. Wm Sprague, asking for tbe improvement <>! square referred to committee on improvements. The bill in faver of U. II. KiJenour was retnme.J from tbe Board of Common Council, w hich board insisted on ttsamendments. The bill was laid on the table. Bill to build waier closets In the fonrth pre. circt station-house wa& received Iroua the lower board, with an amendment; which was concurred in. Adjourned. COMMON Council.?1'resident Moore in the chair, and all tlia member.- present except Messrs. Calvert, Cariwll, Morsel I, and Stew art. A message was received from the Mayor, announcing bis approval ot acis to compensate Robert Waters for printing the Digest; 1 j to pay the laborers for cleansing the utli street sewer: and resolution in respect to the memory of John P. Pepper. Also, one enclosing a ! petition or J. M. Grasslr, asking the refunding ol a portion or money paid fur a life insurance license. Tbe following were introduced: By Mr Baker?resolution that the committee of ways and means inquire into the expediency of re. pealing tbe law directing the Register to ad- , vt-ruse the property which has been purchased at tax sales; adopted. By Mr. Peugh petition of W. F. Downey for damages sns- J rained to horse and carriage; referred Also, petition ot John Nan Riswick in relation to ! the Washington (Janal; ordered to be priuted. Also, communication from the president of the , Gas Light Company, in relatieu togas used by the Corporation ; relerred. By Mr. Moore? ' tbe following resolution, which was adopted ; ; , Rrfolrrd. That the Mayor be respectfully re- i quested to communicate to this Board the circumstances and authority under which, as be ! has intoimed us. an additional tax of some tifty thousand dollars has been imposed upon this Corporation and the people for the light- j ing of tbe city lamps; and at the same time ccmmunicate such correspondence as mar have ikken place on the subject, and a copy of , tbe executive order under w hich the increased J charge is claimed. Ry Mr. Wright?Resointion requesting the Board of Aidermen to return a bill to reim- ! burse tbe Bank ot Washington for an over- , droit; agreed to, and the bill beiug I qnently returned, tho vote on its passage was reconsidered, and the bill laid on the table. By Mr. Peugh?Bill to pave <} street north, \ Irom 7th to ljth street west, and H street north, lrom (ith to 11th street west; referred. Also, a ' resolution directing the committee on ways ! and means to inquire into the expediency ol , prot armg a painted likeness of a life size ot ' our respected citizen, Mr. W. W. Corcoran, (provided his consent to a sitting can he obtained.) to be placed in the Citv Hall; agreed ' to. Alse, a resolution requesting tbe Mayor \ to inform the Board what measures are being taken in relerence to the construction of a 1 bridge over Rock creek M the termination of ! H street; if any plans, and what kind, nave been submitted. Ac.; which wa?agreed to. ByMr. Snnms?Bill granting permission to Jas. ) Goods to erect a frame wood-bonse: patsed. By Mr. Nnlley?Bill to grade and gravol 1 \ street north, tromlatto 7th street east: referred. By Mr. Moore?Bill to cause the alleys In square No. 5?8 to be graded and paved. Re. 1 ferred By Mr. Mead?Bill to dredge the basin of the canal at tbe eastern section of the Eastern Branch; referred. By Mr. Wright? 1 Resolution requesting the Collector to Inform j the Hoard wuat amount of taxes, If any are due to thiB Corporation by the Bank of Washington: which was agreed to. By Mr. Drnry? \ Petition of Geo. A. Lane and others, that tbe cnrbstones be set and tbe footways paved on 1 the east front of square No. 85; referred. Tbe following were reported from commit. ' tee* ?Mr. Joyce, (polie?>?Bill (B. A.) to j license dealers or traders in horses; passed. Also, bill (B. A.) amendatory of the act requiring vegetables, Ac., to be sold by weight, ; which provides that 48 pounds of eora meal shall constitute a bushel; passed. Mr. Baker, 1 (claims)?Bill (B. A.) for tbe relief of A. Gaddis 4 Co; passed. Also, reported adversely on bills (B. A.) ?nr tbe relief of J.G. McLaugh- 1 lin and Michael Downey, and on tbe petition 1 of S. L Davis: rejected. Tbe bill iB. A.) directing tbe Mayor to designate a depository for tho property of the ('orporstlon, and dettning the duties of ward commissioners rotative thereto, was referred to tbe committee on Improvements. Mr. Joyce moved to take up tbe bill (B. A.) 1 regulating (fee sale, measurement, and Inspection of oysters; which was not agreed to. Kiifiko Oru on Sowday.?Job* Buebler was arrested yesterday by OBeer Bar nee, of the 3d ward, tor keeping open his plaoe of bnsiness on Sunday, coatrarT to law. Justice Thompson fined him $i0. , ' " J. I ?iX i ! i. ' s K -. First Ward Rfpabliraa Asserlatien Lust evening a mating *?< held In the colored Baptist Chur b, corttr of IVtta and I streets. The church was crowded. John F Cook. president l! S. A. No. Itf, called the meeting to order; Samue! Feirre secretary Kev. Mr. Jones ottered a prayer, expressing thanks lor what had been done for the race after years of suffering and degraduion. aud tbi-.t iLost- efforts in the future might tell for good. The chair stated that Council No 14 U. S. of A had called this open meeting, aud read from tile constitution ibeot'jectsol the league. Tbey hud culled this meeting because Congress had given them the right to vote, (tti* colored rn and in twelve we?ks they w-?r* for the tlrst time to exercise the right of Iraucbise. They had heretofore, up to INil, oeen gi'vrued hy the Mailt codes of Maryland and \ irgluia . th*-ir sctiool? to that date" w ere allowed by sntleranee only. Air. Cook was elected chairman, *\nd Solo- | m?.u Johnson ( who has just been appointed to a clerk.-btp in the Treasury Department) secretary. The Cbalr stated that at the last meting of : the league a commit'ee hail been appointed to draft an address, and proceeded to :ead it. I The r.ddrets speaks of :h*ir uew relations, j declare* it their duty to form ward clubs. that t their suffrage runv be concentrated I v given to men who have been loyal to the Government ! and true to a common humanity, wUo c.iu | discern between justice ami right sub- , s?anc?*s and not a- -hadows: that tb??ir o.incil organisations should be tilled up to se.-ure concert ol action ; that the lau els attained bv their fellow-citi/.-i.? in Georgetown should i excite all to sl?ep!e-? vigilance . that a^ it Ua? Wen announced That this righ' was Riven as an experiment, and if successful wa= to be n::?de a plank in tlie reconstruction of the I States whose governments were overthrown, | it w.'is a solemn and need responsibility to , -ee to it tha' tin- rights of 'line million o; tue;r race are not compromised ; that while adopting the seuumeiit at rr. lowvrd none, tl;?-y i abiore ibe?r leilow-cm/.eus to vote only for j men wl? Lav breti or are evidencing in I -pt-ecb aud action that tbey ne in accord 1 v.'ith the principle* of the party from or through which they have received their en- < iranchisemeat. and are willing to co-operate j iu the niucb-neeutu task ot reiormiuc th<> i sdministraiiou ul the local affair* of onr common city. The report close? wi'h resolutions tendering thanks to thf :>?rh Congress 1 lor setting aside loe ex j'dftt and s'iIim 'rpr?*- 1 .n.n on the question ot manhood suffrage .-ub- | mitted to a portion ot the people in lie, e rtber, lrCu. thanking Congress lor the protection afforded their people by the military reconstruction bill; thateavh lor himself pledges iu re- i turn for these efforts tba' they deserve them, | by their actions; that they ptoseut the result j ul the Georgetown election to the nation as a i practical justilicatiou of the wisdom of Con- i jrre?s in trie es'ablishuient of impartial suf- . irage. and as a complete refu'auon of the foul | charge so assiduously made by iheir enemies i that they would use the ballot as they had | fali-elv predicted they would use Uieir bay- i onets" that tuey would encourage sound mj- 1 rality, sobriety, industry, economy, aud the ; acquisition ol property, and los:er and en- : courage education amoug their people; and to t the trustees ot coloreu schools the employment ol competent colored teachers, that they recommend to the 30,000 colored consumers to encourage only those who encourage the rac*; that the council have the ward canvas-ed so j that iheir political strength may be known and the colored voters be registered before the .lune election: that a committee be appjiuied 1 to report a form o? political organization. Kev 11. W. Anderson and otuers sp^ke brief- > ly on the resolutions, and tbey were adopted. | 'Mr. W. 11. VVortn>y offered a resolution tendering the than** ot the to Major I Richards for the protection afforded the colend voters of Georgetown at the late election; I which was ameuded so as to read for the honest discharge ot his duties." and also so as to include the police generally, aud adopted. Mr. J. Say lea Brown, (white,; chairman of ' the c'enual Assu?. iatiou s executive comm1 ttee, . v, ;is in trounced, and sp.jkeof the imporau. e ( of forming an association, and closed by of- . fering a resolution that the meeting at oiii'e proceed to organize a political club, explaining ' bow clnbs bad been lormed iu the Second, j Fourth aBd Se\enth Wards. Mr. O. S. B: ker < white) was opposed to tli? manner of forming these clubs, and argued that the colored people were capable of forming an association themselves aud of chojsiug their own officers W. 11 Worm ley moved a? th? meeting hid been called for a particular purpose, aud to give those who tad been invited to spea* an opportunity tu do so, that the subject be p et- j poued until 10 o'clock, which was adopted BfV. J?lr. Singleton Jones, (colored) was iu- j troduced. and spoke of the importance of the work betore them. For the tlrst time the colored people were about to cast a vote, which was an important era, and second in importance was the manner in which they ?*ert It. 'l hey were now on trial, and the eyes of thentire nation are upon them. Their friends bad, up to Tuesday morning, their doubts as wliether they would vote right, and their enemies, with the President, had predicted that the day the colored men attempted to vote something would fly. Well, they had voted, as to how well Mr Addison could tell, [laughter and applause ] As the news on Tuesdav morning was carried through the land their enemies looked downciut. Their neighbors in CJeoigetown had made themselves a name. They should not fritter away their power, but act for themselves and examine everything. Act with care, and work for friends not enemies. He went to the Capitol now, (forcolared men can go there.) and saw colored men in the galleries sitting sleeping; and he would ask them to tell the blaek men, [Mr. Brown? ' White men too,"] white men can take care of themselves? to have respect for themselves Fix up yourselves, go with your best clothes, wash yonr lace, comb your bead, and go in t?oldly. take yonr seat beside Andrew Johnson if he is in the gallery. The manner in wuich the colored people lost their votes In Pennsylvania was because their enemies invited the Legislature to Philadelphia, and took thctn to !he lower portion of the city, where the lowest ol the colored people resided Tbey saw. lud went back and took the vote away. Wowhe would say don't let this happen here. Fix yourselves up, and put the best loot forward. Kev. 1). W. Anderson, colored, next adiresfed the meeting saying that the physical tight was over, but much remained to be done lhey should notice the white man: when he loves vou he loves you to d?atb. They were like the anaconda they would slime you all >ver and swallow you. To every colored voter he would say vote for the Republican party and vote the offices as much to your j w li color as to the w hite. He Intended to leave its pulpit and take the stump on which he nrould do his speaking uutil a colored mau was voted in office. He would oppose Andrew Johnson, although be had done much for the colored man?his swinging round th<' circle lid it?more than any man save Jefferson Davie. He believed that mere were as good scholars in the Lustrict among the black men is nmeng the whites, although not as?uan\. tie would pin bis destiny to Jobn F. Cook, lie proceeded to speak of the old political paries and of the origin of the Radical party. Tbey should tee radical, end in order to do so should take a black man with one hand and a white man in the other, and when they were ogether then it could be seen whether one was superior to the other. Kev. Mr. Foy followed, briefly speaking on be duties of the raoe, saying that he hoped never to hear of a black man voting for a copperhead. He could not describe what would t>e his tee lings when he cast his vote in Kiohmond-a city in w btch he had seen some oi his relatives sold on the auction block?against rtiat coiremptible old mayor. [Applause, and ;ries of -Hang him," "Hang him "J The hour of 10# having arrived, the motion yf Mr. Brown, thut the meeting organize itself into a Republican ward club, was taken up, and after soras debate adopted. John F. tk>ok was elected president, and H. A. Wormley secretary and after a number bad banded in their names as members the meeting adjourned. ? JrWICES OF TU1 l'KACB, Washisgtow, D C?The Senate, in Executive session, confirmed the nomination of the following Justices of the Peace for Washington. JL>. C ? Zach B. Brooks, John S. Holiiugshead. and T. J- Gardner, and rejected the following William R. Bradford. David R. Smltb, W. W. Tucker, Donald McCathraa, O. E P. Hazrard, H. C. McCoy, George Forrest, M. P Uallan. Junes Lynch, Thomas D. Hodgkiu. E. B. Barrett. Csdab POIJTT.?The Eight-House Board has g<ven notice that the upper and lower Cedar Poiat light houses will resume their stations on the Potomac river on the 10th instant, from which tbey were removed at the beginning of the winter seMOh, . i'm xt f>T * * t ' * H^ari* ok Taapb.? An tiii'tiirufcl m^'inc Ot the Hoard ot trade ?t< held last rrrmnc at i?rir rxv?tr" No * Mtrkrt Space-It* \ ir* HiMiifsi, S?mwl Kncoa, in tbe chair. an t N, Santo secretary. The Chair ttawd he itrat ' ii ti?-?s in order wm *he r?|??r* of 'he .?n m** having nrder ronatderamn th* (Mil ; r tie erection c( ik new maud b<>u*e, was !*port?rt by Mr Wall at the i.u( a?~tl??c. and WiiUlri be prrifntri) ip (! mp**' 'f approved or the Board. The hill sr.i- then r?-xd *i.d the report adopted. (T!ie first *ecua of tbe till give* to the Corporation of Washington all that around between ;ui ntj ?Hh ?r now occupied by tbe Center Market. condition tbat said Corpora iob within two >?ar? *rfcl thereon a market b<<u?e, to be couatrii-ted at to admit foot piwfptu through oniy on# trtmBfi* on the north *Hp market wa^ >n? ; n>1 otter vehicles on the south aide, with utBB? ol fut lor tbe vainr vn 7th and s?ih streets, and to exclude mark*tiug from Pennsylvania and Louisiana nvrnnfi nud fnr the purpoco of crrctmt said markm bona* ik? Corporation ia authorized to create a deht not exceeding KMM'.imn. to b?* liquidated bv tta?> revenue .irtcmc irom the boil iir*. i The Chair stated the comnutti* would now press the matter before Congress, the bill having heet. approved by the R.iard Mr K M Hall, of the committee before Congr? ??. a*a?ed the chairman of the <s *nmi u (Mr. V\all) w : > now~ ntwent in t\i>w Vora on bu?!Be>j. but it ww proper lor bitn t>? inform 'he lizard that the bill for a limited partnership in this District bad t?*?-n passed by both House* of Congress. and waa now a law An act of general incorporation waa readv. and wor ld be reported a an early day, and no doubt It would pan. Tl* thai, its ot the K,mr l were due to Mr. John K Flvsns for his untiring efT rfs in securing the parage of cue limited partnership hill |t w.i? nrst br..?i*ht hetore CVngre??. by, aud constantly lo. k.-d ii!?-r ontil if? pA^nff. Mr. Mitchell, :rom the commi'te* to wh >?n was referred the preamble and reeoln'iona ' iTed h\ Mr Hall at the Ian meeting, request, inc Congress to at* ii?h the corporations <->i this 1'istrict and enact seme ( n^ral f. rm of gov ri in? nt for tbe entire Hiafrict, puMi >i.- | th^ Stitt of Tne?dav la^. > t^p. r-^d n . k ?. preamble ofl?*red by Mr Hall, w tn tb toilew. lit* recolntiou a? a pub>titu:e lor tb^' by Mr Rerotrnt. That in the optntoa of -t-.e R ,-ir i of Trad* forthia I'iatrtct the*-* renrlictinc -'o\?*tnmei,t? hb' uld letorhwi'b at?, liabed. the ..jfl. ceir- h:?vitp au'boruy iu tbv Jii*'.^- t. ..p. p> mtf*d i? Coii|rer? ina\ j>ro? .?e. ?ud i-.; . c-* tnllv pr-.v tfc-tt Corerea- will ap - M> . ?a? t ?ome (Tfneral totf ?<I ffov?romen- t?r 'to ? ntir1'iFtrif ai-o. to d?*il'ire \\ a-hinttoti tn J Ufi'iKf'otin one city, and ei a r b otb^r le^ialntion a? will make fh" t ip til of the Ameri.-in H.-pnb!ic a mode! y >f the ti ? tm Mr Orm* aaid be wa? not willltii? tha C.>nprer# should takeaway the charter a- tbe prenent time it w*\- a very eei iou- m 't'er. |r * u Bot knova who Cooft?,i' * m? s? commissioner- They nj p,?intV*-anCeT4-. Who W' III'"! teT y 11 cI) | i|j hi ^n> n f le- ruinous to the property bolder* Many rf :b* projcr.y h^'hirr.- weie di^riti?fte4 with ' it ' i'tCori, .1- Mr. o kai l be t,a I n Hip ro *ay a-ain?t them prybabU *h. v were doinr 'he l^at tbev CoiAd. Mr Mitchell ?a;d |t wa? a a abject To which he h:nl de\oted time th .u aa\ oiu. r He had talked with a lar-,- nim'er ot proneriv hold, ra for the purpose of hTamin*: an e*. pre--ion ot opinion in rerard t?? ?h - mat'er lie but a li nt aud serion? oinr'tjuiioii mtu M:. George W litfct, wfco wai .?e. id^ou iw Jord ill qneation in fav r oi giviitir tin tbcharter, and place the whole Ih.-riot In thhanda of t/Otgrr** Had al- > talked n"i Mr Mr. George i'lant. another lar*e ptoperry bolder, who waa iu favorol it. Also, wrb Mr. Henry D. Cooke, wu?> :>a d, 1 am wi*h you in tbi.? matter to the fullest exteat." Ai?o, had a cocveisation wi'b Mr. Corcoran, i large property h.-lder, ?lio?aid. "Wb-uthis tbii-g *at firtt pie-en'"d *o my mind 1 waa opposed to it. but tb? more i think oi it tb* mere I ;,m m faaorol it." Mr. Mitchell t-aid the law ^ena. ted by our corp.>ra> *u'bonnewere to the mtin: fen in;ury ot tbe bu>ine*e lommiiii.'y, and it eeenied" that everv tbiui; they tried to remedy they made worse." It we expe t^d o sncced a< a comtuuuity we ehouid keep up wiih the pio?,r? -> of "he age \ urge portion of the busii < ?? men here were young and pr. creative men. and he ha1 not found one single property holder oppowd to I'. The vote was then taken, und the aabetitateoffered by Jlr Mitchell, with tbe preamble oilered by Mr. Hall.adopted. !^lr. Brown, chairman of the committee to whom was referred tb>- resolutions recju<*atin?r :be Che-apenk>' and Ohio Caaal to . lea,, out tLat {Htruon ot the tanal be; wen Kock Creek and l. th street, stated the Canal Con. pan v did r.ot mtet nrtll *1 huci'day week, und tbe committee would repor' tn 'wo weeir? Mr. Guiuand sa?d he had made efr.?ru to L;ive ;be Georgeiewu Hjard of Lacbanee ap. point a commitu-e to act w rb the coanutiw* of this Board on the caual boMtjets. Me-ara Hall & IMant. N W. Hur hoi!. Gideon I.. U'aiker, J. J Sullivan, anil ftia? iva\l> r ere ele. ted tnerr !*rs. anc tbe Board adjoin ntd lor two Wrek*. .*-?l ';T' I' -r^'Ll ?Saturday tbe will of hrnoils K i/al. be^ncvbinit bi" e-U?te to bio wite and children ?aF filed and fully preven. The w ill of EII|ah Ldmoait >tt b/ queftbing bi? eatn.?e to his wife during Ler liie. aud at b> r death to his fire children wa* file t and parimlly proven The w ill of J bu Mol>e^uea biu? bi? e.tau. to hia wife an.: children was filed, lully and letters t???umicatary issued to John F M ran; bond $ . letters ol a<lmin?atrntion were issued to Jamea t^ezzler on tbe e?tat? of Cvpnan A Morten, hood ?1.?(a>: to A?bury Llovd on tb estate of 1 bee. McMantii and John > e.ttlieratoiie. bond M<*> iu each case to Benjruaiu \\ ood on the estate ol Arthur Woodland, bond The account of the personal estate ol Louisa a^oiiins, nrst account of th? guardian ol W. V Ma*on; ffrst and final account of the adminiarator. with the will annexed, ot Mary Anu Clarke; first general account of the guardian to the orphanb ot Geo. W. TaU.nrt, und se :and second account of the guardian to Uie orphan of Kidont Addison. The will of Chas. S?rokely was fully proven a* also the will of Johnsen Hellen. The will ol tbe late John P. 1'epper making among other beyuesta one oftl^io to Mirv Quirky, the nurse of his step son. John George I>ee, and one of *4,o<N> te Win f Hicks was nied for probate. n in Al*ia?iikia akd VicmiTT.?Frem the Hemt 0t ye6lcr(lay we C,'P following In the Senate ot Virginia, en Friday, bills were reported to incorporate tbe Alexandria Hanking and Insurance Company, and to amend the p.tta section of an act amendatory of tbe Hub section ol tbe act lucorporaunr the Southern Frotectien insurance Company- of Alexandria, Virginia I^arge quantities of fresh fish-rock, white perch, yellow perch, Ac., were brought ap in the steambeata yesterday. Irom tbe various landings on the Fotomac. The most of them were carried to Washington. T he Wan en ton Index aaya:?**feAjh dozen eggs were brought to this mantel on I bur-day last. The hens at least are not reconstructed but cnn'cackle and lav to their heart's * 1 he Murcb term of tbe Cenutv Court for this county, commenced its sea-ion this mornin*. The Magistratea to hold this Court, are Mckenzie, I hler, Taylor, White tud CorbetThe mnrlcipal election take* place in this city to-morrow. Considerable feelinr exist*, it being raid that the colored people intend to offer their yotes on the occasion. The last meeting of tbe present City Council was held ou Saturday night, when all the business before the two Boards was fluished. f A pomolcgut says the peach crop will be large. ?7"<>n the first of March, 1^16, the price of geld ranged from \:a\ to 1M\. *^"The Republicans have tnree-fourths of the members of the Fortieth Congress. _ii-T"There were in Philadelphia in l*C617,4:r births, 7,(*7 marriages, and 16 *03 deaths */"Fc ur hundred persous in New York make a profession of car thieving. WThe health of Alex. H Stephens is again reported *o oedailing rapidly. Brazilian Government has offered to they enii?t in the army. ftTMrs. Jennie Nash, of Maryland, flogged her deiam.-r. Habcock, one da>.and married her lover, Bachelor, the next. WA bill is before the Legislatureof L?aiei. na. which proposes to license gambling houses at ?iu,wu>|>er annum ^"t'harlesiown. Mass , is to have a new school house. A pretended 'fortune teller," in Richmond the other day, defrauded a lady out of #15,UUU. W"rtitunl or Spritual f This is said to be the great question In the Episcopal Church el this country ttts season. KTJoe. Fleming, a lad of sixteen bung himself with a strap nearOswego. N. Y? on ruesday. Supi osed to have been insane. *#-In a prominent church at Indiananot? the execution of a hoe pMc* of m H riuKM wiuici&ppiag " u^r. ?-The protest of the London clergy MliM ritnaliatic pracaces is completed baviw 52, reprinting I,l<5SSp^h.X?. \ oonyentlon of thoee favoiable to an s?S.Mto?^b- H?"U,>Uo- S L^niiS ?,m^L k |1V> the existence olGod 01 ii^ci 4 !j?