Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1867 Page 2
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TIIE EVENING STAR, i Thf Lirgf*i Circulation in the Diitrict ^ B- W'ALLACH, Rdiur aid Pr?prirt?r. WiSHlNOTON CITY TUESDAY MARCH 5, 1*67. S^RBADINU MATTER 031 ETgP.Y PAGE. SLK OCTtilbB KOH IN T fcK KKTlNii TELE GRAPHIC AND OTilKK MATTER TO ADVKKTIftERS. Tbe following is '-he ofti.-iai showing of the cHculatloi: ot ?he daily fapera of this city coupling for the Gevernraent advernatng under th?? recent aet of Congress directing ?ncb Mtrrticmj to h* mM? in the two daily newspapers of Washington baring tb? largea Circulation . tv?Ni!?? Stai 7,711 cop<M per day. CkrrmrU ............S.nftn > / /'Uijniwr UK ? ? Tbe r?nrrs of advertising by tbe ci'y papers cr tt* qnar-er ending December 31. isfift. a> t^kec, frvm ?he hooks of tbe Internal Kxv?oa? Otficf. are a* follows: Lviiimi St ah tl.T,n?7 I-i'rthp'ncer 9.IW /r'* ' * 9. I^^J K'pvHicnn ... 5 JJS RKCON STRICT ION. 1 he action oi the Lfri'UiBtv of Virginia, cnmcnrt Kj Dor. Pierpout in ht? session ye?terdiiy. will h?> hok-'l for with much inteiest. and ?i i? to h?- Loped thai prompt m<>ai. be tvkeu to reoi ganiz* tbe State uui-r tbe provisions of tbereconstruction hill which ha* jnst become a law. Virginia will thus be the fru of it* tra excluded Slates to regain ber piece in the ( moil. If tbi? result could be brought about by a radical change In those tentirm n?> and opinion* of ihe people which w?re founded on slavery, anrt were exctdingly niH'hicvoue becaase tbey prompted refc'llion. and now enconrage disaffection, it would be very desirable. But if bumanity and patriot-sin vaiulj appeal to the wliiU'i in the South, tbr indication-* now are tLat npfdienry will wt* to give events the proper direction: and in the meantime the malcontents will gradually accustom themselves to ibe new orcbr ot things.and sacrifice their prejudices one by one, in order to prevent their utur rum tbrongb obstinate adherence to political principles which bare passed away. If the coercive principle of the new bill ia sufficient to force the Sontb Into acceptance of if* provisions, so much the better for tbe South. Even the New York World yields to tbe pres. sure, and bluntly states tbe case as follows : ' Tbe proh-bilities, as we eet.mate them, incline strongly to ultimate submission on the part of the South If ibis estimate be not mis. taken, good policy requires that the submission ft: oil l<1 be prompt enough to prevent the Judical* getting control of the new State organi2atioas. The planters can control tbe ne. gro vote if tbev begin in season; and bv a cepting at once what they will he constrained to submit to at last, they can help their friends in tbe North elei-t tbe next President and rescue theGovernment from Kadical domineering anrt insolence." * We yesterday quoted tbe Richmond Hl.ig and other Virginia papers, which take thsame view of ?-ibe situation," but are a little more cautious in their statements of tie case 1 he position of the other papers in Richmond maj he briefly statea thus: The AV/Mirrr conneels an appeal to the Supreme Conrt against tbe law: tbe Times don't want the people to accept men lie s nn l inhuman terms" at the j point of the bayonet, to secure "their lives and property: tbaX>i/paf<.A, M.cawber like. Is watt- j in? for -something to turn up." aud hopea for the dawning of a better day: and the Examiner \? opposed to action by the Legislature, further than to prepare to submit at as early a day as po-vible to the people of Virginia the question, whether not they will hold aeon, mention, and let them authorize the Governor, in the event of an affirmative answer to that inquiry, to make the necessary proclama- ! tioa." j THE ALEXANDRIA ELECTION. Great interest is naturally felt m the result ot the municipal election in Alexandria today, it being the first in the South since the past age of the bill for the more efficient government of that section. It ia claimed by the Republicans that under tbe provisions of that . bill negroes have a right to vote, and they have been urged to exercise the privilege to-day. Governor Pierpont, in a letter to an Alexandrian. states bis opinion that, nnder the military bill, all male citizens over the age of twenty-one years, except those disqualified ere entitled to vete, and thit therefore :%e col- i red people are undoubtedly entitled to the lective iranchise to-day This position of the Republicans is contested by their opponents, who contend that ne^roee cannot vote nntll a convention is called to recoaatroct the State, and tbe commissioners of election And them elves in a qnandary. They held a meeting yesterday noruing, at which a committee, consisting of .Mayor Latham and Jadge Mojre,' was appointed to proceed immediately to W ashington and consult the Attorney General of the I'nited States upon tbe question of the Jegalny of each negro votes aa may be attempted to be polled to-day. The Repub licans, in anticipation or unfavorable action on the part of the commissioners, held a meetin* and appointed a committee ef four each ?wo white and two black, to take lists of snch votes as the commissioners may reject. Siswibi TO SBNATOR CAMBROK.?Last evening a number of the citizens or Pennsyl- j vania temporarily residing In tbis city assembled at the ofHce of the State ageat, on Lleventh street, between E and and, accompanied by Heald s brass band in full uniform, proceeded to Wlllard's hotel and tendered to tbe Hon. Simon Cameron a complimentary serenade. Tbe Senator responded to the compliment by a brief and felicitous addreaa, thanking his constituents for the honor conferred, afte which be invited those present to partake of his hospitality. Kerr bIita* Catcie.?The Republican members of the Honse last evening held a caaens in the Honse of Representative* for tbe purpose ot nominating officers for Sergeant-at. Arms, Doorkeeper, and Postmaster of tha' Sody. JJr.N. G. Ordway, the present Sergeant-at-Arms, was nominated by acclamauoa lot that poaiuon, there being no competitor for the place. General Lippiacott, of Illinois, was nominated for Doorkeeper over Mr. Gjodenow.tbe present incumt>enr, by about 7 miThe New York delegation manifested considerable feeling at the defeat of their candidate. Jtr. Goodeaew ^ '"'am S King, of Minnesota, was nomina'ed for Postmaster by 1 majority over Colonel Given, me present incumbent. Mr King was Poe'master dnrlrg the bossious of the Thirty.seventh and Tkirty-eigbth Congresses, and was succeeded by Colonel Given. Tbe officers of the House will, therefore, be as follows : Speaker, Hon Schuyler Colfax, of IndianaClerk. Hoa. fed ward McPa?rson, of Pennsvil vania: Sergeaut-at- Arms, N. G. Ordway. of New Hampshire. l*>orkeeper, General "Liprmcoft, of Illinois. Postmaster, W. s. King, of >7 mnesota. Thus giving three oftheofflces to tbe West, cue to the Middle States, and one to tbe Last | Wall'# Orkka llota*.?The entfcrpriaing propristora ofthie theater had arousing benent last night. xbowmg that their untiring ef. ivru to cater to tbe public dnrmg tbe winter ?easoa just closed were properly appreciated. The bouse will be re.opened for ibe spring season to mm row night under the management of that careful actor. Mr. H. U PhUiips, whose experience will enable him to keep u p its rep. Ti'aticn a* a first class place ft amusement*. He has engaged ?he popular comedian Mr S. W Glenn for the lint week. A F&inri> or St. Maaia Mraoaaao a . Rome ?Since St Mane wi Rom* a friend of . his. Charles Caxe, m the Papal Zouaves, who bad known Surratt, hi- been murdered. It ia enpposed he waa killed because It was ?a?perted that be knew of and aided in the ar. ' lest of Surratt W bile St. Marte waa in Rom*, after Surtsitt's arrest, he received letters threatening his death it be came to the United States. 1.1TIRVAL linvi.N'. i -The reieipta from this , aource to-day were $4^0 VIS J DRAW!NO FOR SB\T8. 1 " air;u?iiig pfrivnniuiK ot drawing for fea'e has t'ffn guu? 'brou^h with at tbe Hon?e to-day. Tbe members wer- V*nt to iu rear of be bull. at d ? hoy. b iodtold*<1. drew fr.>m A box rmm' b. name. *n'l th? partie? t>odrawn advanced in inrii to select leiu. By r^soiu lion, tbe teat ol Mr. E. 11. Wasbbirue <a*>s-nt) w:i? reserved for dim, and M-ssrv Th-td. S evens and y ran k Thomsi wcrn alo wed 'o sele< t ' >e its prior t<> the drawing, and tie y cfeo -e tti^ir | old sea's ((uiicKuumltrnii pronnui'nt K?jiub> < It-in proxlmi'y to "thetlreat ! ( oamuwr"?Butler, Scben.k, SOe'Nrbarger Keily of Penn , Wilbon of ljwa, Ac. John tJovcde got a front -eat, mid (Jen. Gtrrieid n rear seat ia the same section. Blame's nam-' | *w drawn late, aud be v.mi back to a rear teat near Garfield. liigersoll. of Illinois was ! unlucky in a late drawing, and bis usually jovia. face l?*n|/thened considerably as one by j or? all the choice seats were taken. Amid considerable laughter he s>arted over on an expiring expedition amongst the eligible i eea'a on the I??m >cratic side of lb* | Chamber, but app::ren'ly not likiug th* taug of th a part ot the school-house be ebot off to the untaken seate on the Re publican side, and dropping into on<\ '-preempted" ir, until his turn came. Mr Impeaiber Ashley got a oack seat uear -Mr. tl irtieid. l-ernando Wood w.ts drawn late, hut stood impertnrable, with arms folded, smiling at tare. Mr. PiDghmn wa# one or the unlucky ones, and when drawn came down the ai#le lot k:pg dectd'dly wolilth over being obliged : to colonize on the Democratic side. Mr. Fer. nnndo Wood pot placed three seats in the ol Mr Hn.f Lam. Mr. Eldridge, while looking about amongst the Democratic seats, wis n vited laughingly by the- Repnblicans to cotre over-'to their side. Mr. Krook*. ofN. Y,gota feat two back from Mr EldridgeMr. Morriesey chose a place in the rear of the Hon to the right o! tne Speaker. Mr. Oldwsltidtr U Wn?hl>uniH took a seat next bat Hie to tLa| ol his oro'ber, E. B. Washburne. THE PROPOSED RECESS The Republican m?-mhers ot the House will hold a caucus or Wednesday nigh*, at whl (! it w ill !> - determined whether or not t* take a recess until October, and il so. whether the Hume commit lees shall be designa'ed before the recess In any event, it will be requisite for the Senate to remain in session for a couple of \*e?k>>. at least, to contirm new appointment* to till vacancies caused by rejections Postmaster General Kaudall s'ates, we under, stand, that i.ot less than two mi lions of dollars are now in huBria of clerks ot post offices destitute ol postmasters. 2MPKA MIMKNT. It I* anticipated that there will be a warm struggle m the House caucus of Wednesday night, upon the im\ s c ment question, in wh?cb the < xtreme radicals will endetvor to 1 ave that question referred to a select comni.tiee, with Butler as its chairman, and the other Republican members will es.-ay to reier it to toe Judiciary Committee. 1' seems to be believed that it will go again to the Judiciary Committee. ?TATE DINNER AT THE PRESIDENT'8. The lite: State dinner tbis season of the i President will take place this evening at six o'clock, in the state dining-room at tbe Executive Mansion. Cards of invitation have been issued to those members of Congress and their ladies not heretofore invited. The list ot in vi'ations for this evenirg begins at the letter K and embraces the balance of the list. CHAPLVIN OK THE HOUSE. In tbe House, this afternoon, Kev. Dr. C B. Boynton wan elected Chaplain of the Fortieth Congrees. the vote being?Dr. Boynton, *7; H?v V II. Hep worth, 17; Dr. Hall, of the Epiphany Church, 10; KeT. Peter Cartwrlgbt, of 111., 5. COMMITTEES TO HE APPOINTED. The Speaker announced this afternoon in , the House that be would appoint but three c< mmittees ?One on Elections, one on Mile, age, and one on Rales, unless the House should order otherwise. A LONG J?BS5?I0N. visiters were admitted at the Executive Mansion. AI1 tbe members of the Cabinet were present, and the se-siou continued until half past two o'clock. FROM THE ASIATIC SQUADRON Dispatches have been received at the Navy Department from Rear Admiral H. H. Bell, comma nding tbe Asiatic Sqnadron, dated Hong Kerif, China. December3l, 1*66, announi Ing o tbe Department the movements of vesa* la in U*e Squaoron. Patkbts to b> Ibrckd.?T wo hundred and one patents will be issued fr im tbe Patent Office for the week ending on Tuesday, tbe l-?th instant. Daring the past week 4b? applic&tiona and 74 caveats have been filed. El.'tiim.?The Senate, in Executive *easion reacted the nominations or Surgeon Chas. Sutherland, U. 8. A., to be Aeeie'annt Medical Purveyor, and Morria S. Miller, U. S. A , to be Deputy Quartermaster General. AppoimisTor U.S. DUTRI T AttosBy a private telegram from Washington yes erdav, u t? learned that A Sterrett Ktdgely. M(|., of this city, has been nominated to tbe Senate by President Jobn?on, as I' S district attorney, In the place of Hon. William ?*r' ' the son-in-law ot Hon . Keverdy Johnson, and a legal practitioner of seTerel years' standing.?Baltimvr* Sun. J^WABHIMQTOM.B. 0.. MARCH 1,1^67 Tbs Cotnmittss cn Examination of Candidates for position* as Teachers In the Puklio Hcho >ls mill meet at 10 o'clock a m , on SATURDAY thefth instant, in the O-unril Che nher, City H?l? r. 8. WAL8I1, Obairman. ry^F*NOTlCE?There will be a meeting ef th' Jv^^ weicb lTi or tbe A BRAOaDA RR \ A88oOIaTIOW al Masonli. Hail, on TUMfDAT EVENING, Kerch&, 1M7, at 7 o'clock. Every member Is rn'taested to he present. 11^ B. A DOLE. Secretary. nr5=?CBICEETEB8, ATTENTION -TheTii iLj? iilar saonthly seeeilig of the WASHING, foi (JB1?KET U held on W EDNR8 DAY EVENING, March tth, at Mr, Woodier's Star and Garter Hotel. Pa are.. between 17th and lHflk streets, at 7)t o deck,for election or offlcera i and o'her Important baslnsss. All members will phase attend. | U? THOMAS STAflEY, Preeldent. rng=?oiTY Hall, wasaington. d. o , U3 March 2,18S7. NOTION T0 DELINQUENT TAX PATIR8. As tbe list f property to be ad vertise4 this rear fer non-pey Bent ofux.swlil be much larger than usual, it will be nee?a?ary to decline receiving Texea from and arter the 7t?i Instant, until such tlnieaa tbe Hat may be published. Persons Intereeted will l lease call before that date. *? DIXON.Collector. .. t RANDOLPH OOYLN, ^ ^ [Intel] Water Registrar. iry=-postponed lecture. VuUNG CATHOLICS' PBIENR8 80ri*TT AT OO^ZAWAHALL^rRE.T. B.TWE.N W E DE ES D A W,"M?r g h'?,'l 7, ?t eight oVock br the .^^NDfTARD McGLYEN. D. 0., uhtfoh. New Vork, on Tk?OHWNTIAN BUHOOb." or hi.t w ?f,M M u??ht br Christ, and the effect a! Bg ?'OB u' eo""*"'ed vrtth the world Vf P**t?0"ed from Bunder, on Inclement weather, will be de WEDNESDAY EVE*t ?o cjeclt. a|, |.Jt kSI'i?'????.'J'icV Sjmum. mm wiiT.m urn *. fJsr.'.t: ,BDi!C Mb l-?t irr mmmaBssas^H. A. Megnlre. President ef Georgetown Oelleee* The addreea to the Gradnattng Olasnwillbird?: livered By Profae-er J. Bll?t, ?. D ,and the vale. dlctory *111 be delivered br W. 0 Tilden one of the gradnatee The prefe*sfon end pnblic ar^esertrnlly Invited to attend NOBI S YOUNG, M D , ? 1-Jt* President of Pacnlty rrrAfB or v^E^9Hn,aToN - ? AT ODD rEbLOWtt- Habt NAVY YARD fe 31 FEBRUARY SI TO MASON 9 ' GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Washington, Ma.cb 5, isfT. Jay Cooke A Co furnish the following quotations of Government tecaritlM: * ' Buying. Silling. I.5. ?' Uonpja, J|.9j^ n v U S Five T<*eutie?, Tffti Ht.^ HOW U. S Five Iwenties. 1HH H17 u p* II. S. F?ve i*#Wi I'Hv H?k U.S. Fire Tweraiee,JanA.ry,?5 1<?K 107 K* ^ Tfu 5,7 V 98 ^ l' v fltw Thirties Angust.,..l( :% K<i?* lT. S. "*+\m Thir*?e*, .fune.*....,t?s^ irsy U. to. fce\en Thirties, July IU3J, ( ??* YORK FIR8T BOARD BALM. Oonpone llli Bl-44?a M 5.2t>'?, HW II''> 7.30" s, August....1USV 52ti>, i-?>4 H7% T.oO's, June IUS>| 5 O s, 1 -?? tt ? vj i.Uh't. J nly 105 5.??s, .ID ftJy.' Oold vj; . financial. Lewis Johnson &. t)o., quote Stocks and Bonds in home an?i foreign markets as follow5: Nl* Yokk. March S.-l?t Bond ? I'. S lasl j Coupon ?i'?. I Mi; do.. llo%; It s. 5 a : Coupons, !b : Oiitoi) Company, 44 ? 1 'urn t>ei Ixnd < oat Co pref'd, <7: ymi't piiT^r M mine Oo..r^j. N^w York Or traj K II; 1VV *ir-r Railway. C3%; lind-on Kiver H R.. 13*, ftetidintr H. K . ; 'Vlirhif^n (]<?nrr:il U. K., H'7: Mutiran Southern arrt N lud'tna U.K. 71V ? >. 11. m t m> tee<t,?nimoia <Vntr? h.U , 115)4: Cleveland ann Pittebnr* K.K , ! T'k- Chicago and r?ortE western K K , :?4?f; do preferred. 6..'^; Uieveisnn and Toledo l{! H . 116*; O'-icngo and Hock island R. R.. 92" ; Pit'Mjiirtr, For' Wfivnf mid Chicago H. K. Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, ; Gold, i:iti p.m., 13* DISPOSAL OK PFBLIC L\ND Returns received at the General l??nd olD"i> show nn ajrgregite disposal of 1- 791 acres of 'be public lands during the month ?t Fenrnarj last, at the two following local officesMe 11 atha, Wiscun-in, I0.1t?7 acre*, 'he twitT portion ot which was located wi'h Airncnlnira' Coilegescrip. Tallahassee, Florid*,*. 582 at-ifc taken i?r actoil hfttlein^-nt and cultivation under the homestead law of June 21-t, 1F66, which limi's the entries to 80 acre? each Since the establishment ot the local office at Tallah?f>ee twelve hundred and for*r-foar r.rms have been art,lea to theproductive force of the Siaie ot Florida. 1UT.UNGT0N AND MISSOURI RITKR RAIL road In accordance wi'h tlie d*ci*ion of the SeCretitty of the Interior, 'he cr>mtni?siener ha* insiructed 1 tie J oca 1 int>d ofti'-es id Nehrnka to restore aJter thirty day? public notice th<? odd sections of land here'ore withdrawn on account of the Bnrlirifrton and Missouri Kiver railri ad which are outside of s?o miles fro n the line ol route of f sid rond, and that fro;n and att?-r receipt of instructions the even sections with the 2n mile limits of said roai couid he held at#*.',!) per acre, and at that price subject to *ettlemeut and entry under the preemptiou and homestead laws. PUBLIC LAND FOR MICHIGAN. ( onimissioner Wilson, ol the Cieneral Latid Office, haw received from the State L tnd Olll -e of Michigan ^ list ot lands selected by 'hat state under 16" rant for Aericuitur tl Collet es by act of .Inly 2d 1^)2. forming with pre. ions selections an aggregate of 2^5.2 :j acres. Q^=?PAWilBB0KlH S MOTIC*. 8 OOLDSTEIN k CO., No .i4 4yt street we?t, near Peia'a are., *Ttr?C. tb<" Itentionof ?nr old patrens ffV-Vl tahlic In g?neral tb*i w? hsve now enbusiness, and nre prepared to offer inducements to borrower* that have nerer been ofamenntsr?r?~t'1I)r,"j,,y lo partiea wishing large .Alr,*/,0r# f00 ?. with goo-i safes for ralnUaibn?in?ss ? * connecttd for all coniideuon ?.n,d "n1 B,,T?r ^atrhes, A|3,iWB ,5ond<< Stocks, Script, OoTsrntnent ber 1111 T1 . Loans made by day or week on merchandise subject to rale N U ?ArranKetnenU have been made by which persons dapoeiting property with as <an receive the same at any principal c?ty of the Onion *4 FOUR-AND A HALF grEEET fe 21 tf (Tr?=?J08*PH a. tSHAFFlBLoT . FRENCH OONFEOTIOHEBT, LADIES' ICE C'BfcAM k DINiNO SALOON, ?, JZ16 P*fB- AW*" Ut' 1,th 13th sts. Weddings. Dinner or Supper Parties supplied at short aetice with novelties la Pyramid* fancr ?*n1 0ouf?ct1*g,?f<ss, Jellies, WeUiuf ?* ft' kest duality Tat>le Oroaments Salads Ise Cream, water Ice, Bonian Punch, Boned Tur ?7" p^n i **oolo?#d oysters. Honed Turkey la jelly, Charlotte Busse, etc., etc Attend an ta.alM) will be sent to attend to all de tails er arrangem*nte. Bouquets, Wreaths, aad cut Flowers So order * fll-li JOSEPH H. SHAFFIELD. Jj|-E ITABLIKJED 1 iTT McPHEBSOM A KKBQCHON. * Finn. AV1HCI, CO K MI 1ST ITKKKT, Dealers in ?4"m H,LL' PCBE DBF OS JDICIEES and CHEMICALS. PEEPL'MkEI, FANOY GOODS, p. .. m irfSTBCMESfg, Ac., Bo. ^ K S1 Jjtfcjiptloui acccrately ooaipound * The Night Bell promptly answered. es if-tf USEOOMD BAND PlAHOS. ON7~? . easy terms JOHN F EI.LlS. HB D>b5 It 306 Penaa. aveHIETl tJITTEE OEAEOES ' ? , BlTTEE OEAEOES ! 1 Far preecrving. N. W BCBBHELL, . . corner 14th and F streets, uader Ebbitt House. J|0ME DlSTILLEEfT The pnbllc Is hereby notified that I amr -adr r.ew to anppir the trn-le and lovers ef a good srtiole^ith pure rnppnr stlilrd BTE WHISRBT Tbe home u.ade Whi.key is warranted all rye, an4 wlil t>e sold wholt-sa)* only. hllm* I HAS. A. EBAUSE. Proprietor. UBA8B AE D <t B EM AN biLVEB INSfBlT O MEETS AT COST. Lot ot eood old ?econ* band VIolUs. Guitars, Flutes, Accerdaons. Ac., AT COST. JOHN r. ELLIS, mh 3-2t 3?b Pa are., near lOtn street. B BUEHSTINEE LOAN OPFIOE. 4 7 A 14th street, .id door sontb of Penn ave , -Leans MOB BY on time to suit customers, on 0<>ld and Silver Watches, Diamonds. Jew- XX elry, Ladlts' and Gentlemen's WsarlagJLWJL Aerarel Q Q Old Gold and Bilvsr bought. l?? ? ?' E, BPENSTIWE. ICST TAEEN IN EXCHANOB FOB A VBBY *f snperlor Piano, en" of CHICKEB-s-^^^. INfi'S eict-llent eeeond hand Intruments,|H^Hl lor sale vary low, and oa easy terms. Ill Ifl Also, One or VOSE'S 81 PaBB PIANOS, been used only short time, at a bargain. JOHN F. ELLIS, _n>h 6 It 306 Penn. avenue, near 10th St. f^BlAT BABGAINS IN PIANOS ~ ^s One Hallet A Davis, four roaad cer-_?3^^ ners $7tS nn one Kuhn A Eldwreway, (Baltimore,)f II EI V 9223. One Eoeenkranz. #100 Aadrew Stein fw. The above Planoe we have taken in exchange within the past few days lor new ones.aad we uow offer them rot sale upon sasr monthly eavmenU. to make room. W. G. MBTZEBOTT * 00. Sole Acentsof Stelaway'e Pianos, nnd Mason A Hamlin's Cabluet Organs. m P-St* |) 1SSOLLT10E OfCOPAETNEESHIF. Tbe copartnership heretofore existing between CHABLIB HABMBEaad JAMES T. wALEIB, Merchant Tailors, doing baslneea at Ne 494 Seventh street, b this day dissolved by mutual consent. OUABLBS P ARM KB. ? t l JAMBS fT WALK EE. The business hereafter will be carried en by JAMES T WALKER who will be nleeeed te see hie frlende. and the pablle la geaerel, at his place of bnslaess, No. 4&4 Seventh street. JAMES T. WALEEB, _ Merebaut Tailor. No. 4B4 Seveath street. JYJBBCHANT TAILOB1NG, The undersigned having enterel inte copartneri ' l l"1,?, *te' slve ant oarefnlly as CLOTHS, CAB 81MI BBS,Hi VK8TING8. and Gsntlemens' FURNISH Ink 1NO GOODS, are prepared to ma>enpfor W thalr castomers neat ItUng and/<uk,Ziabte'JI*m " oSo'v.'ftaF Mr?sn,A,Li?.*fe?| PXDB1E8 FOE THE HOLIDAYS. "imwjKsr-" BOSE AND VANILLA BCj?&? ALMONDS MIXED BDGAE PLUMS, aid A880BTBD CANDIM. Jnst received at EIEO PL ABB. ? M. T. EIEO B BOM. [VflflOB MBAT <DOMESTIC.) 1FJ. Jnst made, ot select: materials, Et E1NO PLAOk. I^OLDBB BC0PPBBMON0 WINE. ML . oue FiNBhT Native wieb Oold eoler, foil, yet delleate 'flavor and fra? craaca.and lees than one half the coat af Imported Wine. E1MO PLACE. BITE OPOBTO POET, v, . ("Tears of the Bnorp,") Direct Importation. ' 1 Z. M. P. EINO A SON, ?*?' King Plaoe d^OAL, I1BON. AND OIL. or the Practical Amer? Miner; being m guide to onr mines nnd "nH^'TriSfrS* nQ"erOU* aad n,?j*14 7BAN0K TATL0B. * / s f 00 * roXGKKSSIO^ A L. FORTIETH i OKGREK?Fir?t SmiM. Tc?J?I>aY, March f Sekate?Mr. SuniBcr Introduced & joint re?olutn n presenting 'he ibanks of Congress To Oeorge peahody. of M as-a-b us-?tts. for hi*

donation H 0?.<*?-.?**> for ?h* benefit of edtio-t on in 'be more desti'u e of the Sou b?rn and Somhwesterr States, to he di?tr>bul-d impir. t ally, and aatborixirg the I' Ifui t?cm * a g*Hrt medal to he struck fhr pf-sentatiott to Mr. Ptabody in tbe uame of the people of the 1Jlilted State*, a 1.(1 also to present tbe re.?olutiun i? Mr. peabody. Mr. Manner a*ked for the p-eaeat consider at ion cf the resolution. The Chair said that the Sena'e h\d a* vei received no no'tce of the nrgsmzvn>n of 'he Ht u?-e, and con In not do any basinets until tie notification wan received. The joint resolution was then laid on the , table. Mr. Samner rave notice of hi* intention to in'rodnce the following Mil*: Bill declaratory of a republican form of government in the rebt-l State*. and to provide for ihe restoration of tho?e States to their practtctl relations in the Onion Kill to prescribe a form of oa'h to 'nrtain a republican government In tbe rebel States. On niotion of Mr. Morgan. TWO extra copies i o! tbe bankrupt hill were ordered to be printed U>r 'he use of 'he Senate. T he Clerk of the House appeared at 11 2> p. m.. nuc aiiDuuaci-d the organization ot t'l it j body. Mi Trtimbull. from 'he commi'tee appointed to v alt on tbe President, reported that they had perJormed that duty, in conjunction witb the tonimittee appointed h\ the Huns'*, aud the I 1'tesiden'hart intormed them tnat he had no communication to make at the present time to Con press. Mr. Sumner introduced a joint resolution r>lnt:\e to American repreeeuation at the I Pans F.xpositiou. Mr. Sumner explained tbat the resolution was similar to tbe one passed in the closing honrs of the Wh Congress, and which the Piesident had been unable to sigu from waut ot time. Mr Sumner a?kfd to take up the joint resolution relative to Mr Peab?<ty. Mr. (Jrimes thought the Senate should not consider any business which had no' been reported from a committee, and the committees had not yet been organized. On motion of Mr. Trumbull, tbe Senate then, | at rj ;;u p. in., adjourned. liorsic?On motion of Mr. Price, (lowa.) a resolution was adopted providing for toe , drawing of seats by members, hot tue seats of ! Mr. M>'asbburne(lll.)aud Mr.Stevens were reserved to them. Mr. Dawes (Mass ) reported ;hat the com- i mittee appointed to wait npon the President I had attended to 'bat duty, and .Mr. John- ' son hud no communication to make at this . time. On motion of Mr Dawes, the following of- ! licers were declared elected, (no objection hav- i ing been made,) viz ? ft' <}. Ord way. Sergeantat Arms- Charles ? Lippincott. Doorkeeper. I anu Wm. S. King, Postmaster, and they were j sworn In. Mr Farnsworth (111 ) introduced a resolution authorizing tbe Clerk to place tbe names of delegates wbo present prima facie evidence of election upon the roll. Mr. WiWon (Iowa) objected, as he desired separate action to be tak *n in the case ofColorado as there were two claimants from that Territory. The resolution was laid upon the table, and a resolution was afterwards adopted referring the Colorado ca^e to Committee on Flections, and the names of the delegates wer<*directed to be placec on the roll Mr Otis wold (N. Y) introduced a resolution to reconsider tbe vote authorizing the drawing of seats to-day, but It was laid on tne table. The delegate* for the Territory of Idaho, Arizona, and Dakota, wen- then sworn In, atter which the members retired behind the seats, and one of the pages having been bltnd olded, he drew from a box the names of members. who, us announced, selected their seats. '1 he name of F.C. Beaman, of Michigan, was called, who took the seat formerly occupied by Mr. Laurence, (O ) immediately in front of that of Mr. Stevens. It happened tbat the names were called in snch order as to bring Mr. Schenck. Mr. Shellabarger, Mr Wilson, (Iowa.) Mr Butler. Mr. Kelley, Mr. (Tarfleld, Mr Ashley, In the immediate vicinity of Mr. Stevens The procesa of selecting seats had not been completed until ten minutes of i o'clock. On motion of Mr. Baldwin, (Mass.) the House proceeded to theelection of a Chaplain, and Rev. Dr. Boynton, Kev. Dr. Hall. Rev. John Chambers, Kev. J. O. Berry man, Rev. Peter Cartwrigbt, Rev. Dr. Pravrie, Kev. Kalf Hoyt. Rev. W <F Brownlow, and Rev. Q. H. llep worth were placed In nomination Messrs. Baldwin, Pruyn, Randall,aid Pike were appointed tellers to conduct the election. ScPlBIOl BLACK BILKS. LABOB STOCK JDST BBCE1TED We have bow la stare a foil STOCK OB BLACK BILKS of superior Quality a>4 fialsfc. which we bonght at aactlon last week BOB LESS tban thb gold cost. In the assortment will he found? OBOS DE BBIHB, OBOS OB A IB TAfFBTA. abmubd, DBAP BB VBAMCB. t BBPP PODBT DB 80IS, and other marks. The prices range from $1.72 to #4.?0 par yard. 10 pieces Black aad WhtU Check BILKS, at 91 per yard?very cheap. 1 Case BILK POPLIMS, assorted colors,splendid quality, ll.St per yard. J. J. MAT A GO., 309 Pennsylvania aveuae, m 5-jt Between ?U and 10th ate. pBOPOBALB BOB SOAP. QJtr* D*?ot Omsniitrti af Snd*i*t*nec, I Wat km* ten. D. C.% March 4.1S87. ( Sealed Proposal*. In dnalicate, of the form furnished by the undersigned, will b? received until BA'tOBDAY, the leth laitsut, at It for sqbplylbg the Buheistence Department witn EIGHTEEN THOUSAND (1B.OOO) POVBDS OP GOOD BABB SOAP, to be made by boiling front only good material*, tree from clay, soluble glass, or other adnlterations, to have no unpleasant odor, to contain not more than twenty-five per cent, of water, aad to be well dried before Backing. lobe delivered as follows: One third i^a) on or before tbe 1st of April, one third (S')on or before the Ifith of April, and the remainder on or before tAie 3utb of April, 1*>7. Samplee must be rarnlehed with the propasals, te which a copy of this advertisement mast be attached. Boxee to l>e well strapped wlUi hickory straps: the name of the oontractor, date of transfer as well as the coateots. with gross, tare, and net weiaht. most be plainly marked on every pack age. Tne soap will he carefully Inspected before It Is received aad compared with the retatasd samples. Verification ef weight of package will be determined as deeired by the undersigned, who will also settle all qaeetlons with regard to qaality aad conditio? Payment to be made as soon as the article is received a* aatlatactory; but twenty-five percent, will be reserved from each pay in eat uutU tbe completion ef the contract. No allowance for packageo. a . It will be received at tbe Subsistence Store-fl honiee. la the Monameat Lot. aad dth streets Wharf, or at the Baltimore aad Ohio Ball road Depot. O. BBLL, mhfl bt Major aodC. B..C.B. A. pBOPOBALB FOB MBAT. Qftcs Jhsef Commt?*0ry of S*bsvH*nt$. ( Fu^Miies, D. C., March i.llff.f Sealed Proposals, ef the form famished by the naaerslgned, will he received, la dapllcate.until THUBBuAXattae ltth of Marah, at U in . for ail the VBBSB BEBr aad MUTTOB reonlred for thenseofthe troope and all the OOBBBD BBBV for sale or issne at tbe following places, via: Washington,P. C . Alexandria. Va , Fort If ashiogtea, Md , fort Foots, Md , aad Fort Whipple, Proposals will also ha received for all the Frttk Kf'l required for sales te officers sapalled from the vV ashing ton Depot. This Beef will be orthe finest gualltr of select parts hoth from the hi ad quarters and the i Ihs of the fors qaarters. All the Meat will he enbject to rigid laeaectloa: te be of exeelleat eiarkeUble gaalfty aad launexceptloaahle condition. The Frt*k Re*/ required for the troops of equal proportions or fore and hlnd-qnarters, necks, shanks, aad kidney tallow not received la all oasea, if tho Meat la not satisfactory, Mrchaeee la the open marhet will he aaade at the ex sense of the contractor The oontractor will be required to deliver the Meat at the Store bouee, at the places aaatsd, where ha will dlstribate It In ?n?h luentltlea, end at such times, as an officer of the Snbsiateaoe Department may dlieet. Be pars U propoeai* will he reoelvad for supplyIns either of th? above named places Bidders most be present at the epeaing af the Psym< at to ha made at thla ofllrn monthly, for al 1 Moat purchaeed, or when in funds forth* pnrpO |6 A'l qnesticns respectlna quality aad condition will ho settled hr the offlrer of the Subsistence Bepiartmeat receiving the Meat. Tne contract will be made for six moathafrom the let day of April. 1SS7. ?* each period asths Comauasary General mav determine. Plas fenit be endorsedMPropoea1s for ? , at ," and addressed to the nnderalsned O. BELL, mh f it Major and C. 8 ,0. S A. JCHT BECEIVBD-10U jogs NBW MAPLE STKUP BOBTBBBB PBODCCB OOMPANT, fe 1.1 at" 390 D St., bet. 10th and 11th s?s. ^ I A f | telegraphic news. THEJAL* XAMDR1A MUNICIPAL ELEl FlON T^?r,,e f#p ! ? -Tl>' r.i.eed Men Wlii,-tli?|fV.|? Rejected- They hare Separate P?lts Opened (*r Theru-1 Troo| t#n I lie (.round to Preserve Order. [j*pecui ir?p*Tca to th* Ai. fx a it Dm a, March 5. ! ?.',-i P. M Vfar The municipal election u taking p,ac* b<re to-day. and np^o ibis hour all is quiet, except a stieei hi awl uiis Yeeierday nttertocn there was a large convention of the white citizen# held at Liberty Hall, the pur. po?e of which was to uominat* a ticket on which the citizens would concentrate, se*iu that toe Republicans were determined to Tot* the colored meg. Mayor Latham heme at the t.ue absent m Washington, and it being atii.ouiK ed that be would not abide tje dec sion of that body, Mr. Win. H. Alarburv was nomi nated for Mayor, and other nominations w-r* made for the o'her offices. Mayor I.athan r?mains in the field as a candidate, and-h* d^TuTed 10 ^ publican ticket is tnerefore 1 he Republican* held a mass Tn?etnr at Ltcenm Hall, w hi.h wn, largely attended bv tti? colored men. and after atfdr-sses by the' Re publican candidate for the Mayoralty, lie . 1'Ulcer, and others, thev were mstru -te<i to off-r tbeir %oies to the Commissioners of I . llc b,,t If refused that commttees would take tbem 1 hie morning tnis cuur^ was pur frued by the colored men. and the Cum musioners n e,i that they could not receive their \o'' in consequence places *? < onene i f?r the reception of tneir rotes, at whu h thev a.e required to have their names on ?he ticket*, and also ?o prove or swear to their righ- to vote ite colcrt-d men m the oud and fourth \vnrds. especially, are polling a iarrTote, and in the others the numt>ers will ove< balance the the w bites, there being over i /,?, colored is estimated, qualified to vote tlon bill e,,Til,e<1 under the the election be decided either war it is tindeistood that the matter will go into' the courts or be decided by Congress. The colored people are behaving very orderly, an 1 the restaurants being closed, ihWe is bu% lr idmnkenuesson the streets. Mayor Latham. with some of tae citizens waited on the President yesterday to in^u r- I to the right or the colored m-? to vote and i was by him referred to the Attorney tieneral I It is said that the latter officer declined to ei ve I his opinion on the questiou in to slitrr a time but said he was inclined to the opinion thai they would not be thu? entitled until ttieiiov. ernment bad formally taken possession of the i (ren. Canny, commanding this department, in response to a request irom cioveruor Pier, pout last evening, made the necessary arrangement* for a suffi-lent militarv force to or on tti* ground to pr?MM?rv<* ord^r. it n??r<*s ?nry. Two companies of the l:_'tb lufautrv" under command of Col Stanhope, in per?on arriTed in the propel^ Rocker! from Wash nrton, about ll o'clock lust night. and are i quartered in the "brown shed.' on the wb irt and about oayligbt this morumg three com' panies of the 5th cavalry, under Capt Taylor Whole heme under command Of ?? ; 0 1118 his Quarters at ttie office of the Ireedmcu's Commissioner The only disturbance to-day was a personal collision between R. I. T. Wilson, an old resi. dent, and V m A Duncan, a deputy marshal. In the 4tb ward, before noon, trie votes of colored D,en ??*? received, and in the 2d ward ihey expected toputm 600 votes iu the course of the day. FROM ElKOPE TO-OAY. The Eastern <lue*tieu-to,. O ? enner not Arrested?The> Get the Wr?u-- man?Financial, Ac. (By Atlantic Cable.] London, March 5? Noon.?Consols 91- Erie' 1?lg: Illinois, 76!? : Bonds, 7:J\. Livbupool. March 5?Noon.?Cotton quiet The day's sales will probably reach g,uuo sales Prices ba\ e declined \ since the clo*e last eTening: Middling uplands, 13%d. The provision markets is generally arm. Lard is q,DOHe(1 *i '{? 'id* BreadstuITs are qn," and steady. Tallow. 4js. t>d. Petroleum ,s od ner gallon for refined, and lid. for spirits. Li\kkfool. March 4? Neon Intelligence has been received here that the shin Bosnh > Capt H,an chard, from Calfi?boMPd ribralter has arrived ata port in Spain in dis^ tress. She had experienced heavy gales Hnd s-rt.'^r cr'" "" \ IKNBA, March 5?Noon.?The Eastern question has become more complicated and d"KP KCf"! bave from theHioutS which Indicate that a general rising of the christians throughout Turkey is feared. Lonvox, March 5?Noon.?A despatch from Ilublin says that the rumored capture of ?b^ Jhenian.Ool. ^'Conner, at Athlone is untrne Itber%ar"y m? Pr?VeS to ^ *,toCber an' 'J'BKAB! TBEBb: TUB 18T Fine variety of ADlf TBIBS for sals bv niMj, TliOd. P. BOBDifi, mh-?*t b^4 ^pBMPKBABCB GBOCKBY 8T0BB. A. B. TATLOS k CO., R*vlng removed their Temperance Store from Capitol Hill to the eU staftd formerly occupied by 8 DutsU, corner of ?oth aad I streets. First W.rd, are prepared to supply their friends and the public generally, with FINK FAMILY GROOBBlBB free from the tmsti or snull n?h I ? F0.?H8AL1t"Two HOmSBB. one bar rN ,w* ' hoi?eT^a| j,?KT J? a^ *? BICHAID^CS Bttar, M WsUr st.,<^>r,etMTn fe 2s tf yy A T o a s. VBODBHAH, JCBOXBIM. AMBB10AN WATOHB *,NKVA' **4 All atylea aad sites, at tfce LOWKBT PBICBB. ^ ?teh?s and Ohronometers repaired. M. W. OAJLT ft BE0., Jeweler* -*L_ 364 PeausylTaala aveaue A i? Botiub. ~ nT? ll iNiJEBTBO TO THB OLD ? . ^ SBIjBY irt r#giiMUd to Mma forward and settle ub their a counu/M I^Tdi sirons ef closing *p the affairs of -eld flr?. At the old stand of*Tat?s*duBelby 323 Penn a Tenas. J ID8T BXCRITKD-A large lot ef nadres.ed 4 llBJ'*ACHB^OOTTOH, undreesed. which we are offering to th>- enbllc ?t the unprecedented lew price of - wants a . *^PltES WILL riNB ITUBBATLT aed well asserted stock at ? l?rge J. W. BOTBLBB A RBO'S HOCBBFUBMIBH 1KB STOBB, r * IB" ' irt-j .t oWSSl 1~narvi?k"'?' w'.r. """ """ " j^|ABTLABP AOBICDLTDBAL COLLBQB~ tf&W'wsar-"* ** r-u-#d ?? *A^ic?Utare he jJeeuUar USPS tTfOoUMe. provision is made forVfo^l ofthe. ,V eeuSlVf ?r?h ' Laafftiage and Lit?rBWrs? Batumi Hlitery and Bataral PhlDsephy. In Jt'.rsS IJK5 i?r. at the student's evtlm. Bo oqe^eelved mSS "''vf&i&iMSi1 snw " A ra'SSgJL^-K-a:. hidi^c!%n3i 2imow * ? j?jaasrss or,... B* 4 n 30t, p JLOB,r * near l-th at ? ? Sviiborn1! Ltm Ventn^Twaf |5?&;L."5?"' r*i >BkWCE TATLOB VVKNT 1BD1A OE&NOBK AKD V. BWBBT MALAGA 0B4PB8, FrMk BIBO PLACk. I Atiairs fa Ceargetew a. beil f tb- day (|?r| bj the r.r m n ?' ? 'T 1{<*rd ?? Aklt-rtr.# I a:.d (J JtliMator a .V. "<1 ,b* '? of the i ijltl ?>r ?' , \ oVkvk p tn Recorder Mi Jifv? id the cbair. Mr i.?inj i ' Utl ?' o?ca was tb?-a adauai~ier*<i 112"? ? of "?Tuc snr ' -Tbo/liroV:; B V L rM,B I'""vl nua, J B. Ifertrttoa.. K*au Pickreii. A J Kadrliffe. i B*n?*hnrg, lir. K Km bum W H j Bobier. L. S. Sb^nuk.-r. The Recorder then formally unnonn^i th. 12'.'."^ ?' ' ?"" ? ' ? '- "" m, tte icarn *Mir* Brown. Hrae, and |>,video n weri" appointed to wait up,,a the M tw .r elect and conduct him to fbo Clamiwr n/L , l it appmrance tbe Mayor w?? r*? irr,i ?tlk M j""* by lb* ??** com j ioj a?--rubt*?j Hi the Ch <ai?r The oa?? b.rmc b~i adm.i j la erea to him. the Recorder ?i b lb# Aider men and Mayor, withdrew to the Aldermen a UMmtx-r. 1 be iVmmoi <7oaacil urns organized br Ml>*ri? moving ibat Mr. Brown uke th* cLa wMeh wm Hgr?(\ to. Tha cbilrman an-' noflnr?d ibe flr*t bti*ine?* to * The elae'lon >f I t,r^- UleMpr""4a'*Jit Mr >?*v ' * Oiabaugh nominated jr. an I ukreli M?>ri l>tvtd*oa and llam?hnrr w<T? appoint* d whoconntrd rnpVrkV^n' f yfur,'--K(* I*. ?;ra*ia. 4, M Pickrell. 4. Mr l?r Urara was d?. mtirir ^ ",,d *' 'h*> of the chair?i 7? c0n<juclw1 to be ciiair br Mr Pickfr? 1? 1 hr,oC> *ddre-Vd tha b.?ar<t ibaiikiLg ibero , r -be b.?or conf rred mW d^fJl?r"r?.*UVfl?rl wl"r?7?o 1-rior.T, bdl1 M of 'h**? n'ce. n?J a?ked tn# e\rn*e oo. operation ol ili? m*-mt>*ra of tti# It > ir^ *^<1-d to ;b# e!?- , on of a cierit Wr Sho^makrr r. m ua;?d J I. r?rk burat. Jlr Pu'kr<*M uoOikaird V. m A Kinr An arpi' ?,u.m ir*?ai J. S Kla.kl. rd, ,r . ^ T? 1 ^rT^app inir?r^?(i T MrJ,"rl"l?rit, ( totf#; t ?r Mr voirt Mr Pirkt?nr?r w?? rt^-iarrd ^ ari> wa? tnvjwd to tbf rl?-rk ? tahi^. 1 1.'"r1' moTrd ib?* xiop ion o' th* ruI >? or '?t?* lioard. wait h ?* acre^d t<? * < motion of Mr Hi.kml,, raWl|, ^nt t.< ? . ^rm?u * of ih* ..r?ai..?of thi iJ", w* iaDd ,b" Rl?Pi' ?? of in- rui.-s ? 'k;aad ?*?.,? tipon Thar?dar 1* * "** wi?kly m*-#tiiiC?. Mr |htm rlft-r?-d a r^olution r^noestinr tb^ MiTor -. Ln#.??rb k B?*rd n"'a,iT' ?o t?f coat of a binrwk ,,n A^ufduct a:r~r fr .T. Ur ini?ra#?Uon of lirii*# .. r~i to Aou-du i i' P'/ J.'ar to ,hjtt on K unvi, Wvhtuf..u artopu-d Mr Davta ptmatnl tb- prunoo,. John H Nr? man, Wm. Appleby, and Stapu^a W? ^KPrT'i,,r *r?iu-t Win H. Hobr^r. m < laban?b, and Jobn B Uavidaou :r?l'.a tb.Ifc ard, a^rt.n, an er?r ?a \ul ction by 'ti?^ c^ntlfmen ?>rf r* tnrnrd. and aokmc tor tb# appointment ot a ctimmiriw to ,n vai.^at# ta# Mr Ko'.Ur ri-otiitnM.B t of a comtaiti?.of tdiv^. comro^d of diMntt-re?t?*d member*, to in\ea!'f* ,b9 vb.cb was uC,ad tha i>? Ket^S?!ri#Aa ?W%DaTU' Pick tall, and ur^ K?*yburn. Adjourned. FLorB A*D Orai* Market Market dull 1 t*u""h ??nchanr#U >al-? flour principally in ?n.all Jou : baiter. lor immediate n a*. No aale- of wbeat. pri. ea **.ln?t *4??'*d t'orn in active d-maod S.o-k aryJiffct, the receipra hemir tD verr .man lots by wa^on. Tta- price* are ^oot^ VT - ! I *"ii cent* for yellow and while. ft ewe from Wrttern depot* ?* not T?rv ?a?opro?|?actaai tbeaappu of float and wheat. T". amount atored at -be dep "' ill probAbl> be brought to mailct br rhfirn and t^oond mn. o! the pr<>da<* boa-, alter which the rccmpu win be of .mail lota until the eocceedms harvest has en d-d Pout or Gaoaiiaxowa.?Tfca buaiaem a the lrU*'?m-bt?UM- 'BdH?tea the mumpUM of tr,P* ot the steamers between thu MMm? vPo v The entrie. to-day are .tearnera K y Knt?ht, paaty aiaeter. irom New \ork: Columbia. Harper m ?ut. tr .m l.alnmore, and L U Iiiddle, M^Cue muu>? from Philadelphia, wi'h a?a,.rted rar^ >> -j ?>*trlctmerchant. Cleare.|-Bnt Hla,k?-h uei^ -tr V"r' for N>w York ; *tea?ar K^-u^ GHOliUKTUV>'\ AIIVEK'MTA FORREST MALL. (ir.rfeUwa Sail ?TD?!??AfrS:?SfVntX !? - < mtsslon?a Mats!' pBBAP HPIIIO OUOO? ^ IA. . AT MILLB* 8, 101 Brldf* street. G?ur|?t*n. D O. , 1??^*' M '.t* BwrliiiM aa4 dpraauM ID iiY ' ** **'n**> Choic# sty la. vary cuaaa 'Si"i FjrjiS.4?: I " ?Bteam Hills, ? 4, Met. . Bate's B R la?ii ' . Audrojroffia. Waaa.utta Na? Tork i Br*w? 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