Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING ST AIL LOCAL NEWS. ^ ' AMUSEMENTS. Ac.. TO NIQUT. Wm'? New Ofgr.A Hocse ?Tb? eigb teenth aiiDutl coinmeni:en*eal of tbe Medieaf Department of Georgetown Callage will tak place tQls theater i Uis evening. Natural Tneatkx ? Second aight et the author at d con.wrtian, Mr. John Brougham, v bo will appear again a* '-Dr. Savage," in bin comedy of "Playing with Fire." Odd Fmllows' Hall, Navy Yard.?Fair of East Washington M E. Church. Onr> Fellows* Hall.?Tbe great original Miltrnian TabU-u. exhibited hern last year, will tw oh >xbibiiiuD again for a abort nine , coia&eucin,; ihis evening. ? Diotay ixn ok Eb*t.?To-day (a Shrove Tuesday, and the ffifun of Eeuf, which 1* strictly held as a time of fasting in tbe Catholic and hpiecopal cburche*. begins to-morrow. ai d w ill continue uutil Easter Sunday, the g|*t of April. To-morrow being A+hWedw^ay, divine services will be beld in all tbe ?'n holic and Episcopal churches, nod during Lm.I services will be held daily lu rcany of the above churches. i n tbe Catholic. ?fciu?li?s. an Suudaj last, tlie ruins lor L?-ut. as promuiga eu by Moat Rev. Archbishop .Np.-uilame. wereread. All th.we over 21 years 01 ape ai. to fast. but one meal a day temp, which is to b?> taken about iron Men* , an he eaten once a day on M >nda>. lu. d,i). '1 hurt-day and Saturday, ex pt the l.i,! we-k iu Eent aud tbesecoad Sat. urday. On Sunday* meat cau be eaten thr^j time* a day. At no time can flesb and fish both 1* used at the same meal. No places of Mmi?.*n,eiit must be visi'ed dnriug Lent. ami fie faithful are required to abstain from ail luxuries' A collation, not to exceed one. t. orrb of a, is allowed iu the evening. ' Tin* th~eloeiii* wee* Of I,eti?, known a* Holy Wee*, th? terviees are very solemn anil impreesive. The following persons am ex. mpteil finm the obligations of fasting: Tti'se und? r *J1 years of age, nursing women, ?h.?se who are ooliged to do hard labor. and :bose who through w?-aUne>? cannot last without great prejudice to their health. ExrLOtMIST o? Oilukkd Perwox?Gen. Hownr*1. of tb* ^ Kor^ni, h?u* i?9Ut?il '?circular announcing that the appropriation of <*v5.i*ai made by Congress, for ihe relief of destitute citi/ens of tbe District of Columbia, nas been expended, and no further aid Irom Uiat source < an he expected. An erroneous impression is prevalent among the freed people of this DtsfTict, that a further apprjpriatiou by Congress ha^beeu u?ade far th-ir relief. Officer., and Agent- are directed to inform the trerdincn that no such appropriation has bee* madr 1 he Bureau has established Employment Office, at the following places in this Oisinct, viz? in Washington, at Wise well Barracks, corner or Ttb and O streets; Fast Cipitolsireet Barracks, Capitol Hill: No. 3f?l North Capitol street: corner of 17th and I streets: and at Alexandria and Freedmen's Village, Va Tbe demand for Ubor coming from Branch Office iu tbe North, aud from all parts of the couDtr), is so cre^t that every unemployed person can be provided with a suitable situation. All able-bodied freed.people who apply to the Bureau in this IHstnet for either food, fuel, clothing or other Government aid, will therefore be offered employment, as soon as practicable, where they will receive fair wages and kind irearrueut. Cpcn their acceptance of such situations their Immediate * ece-~u?e. may be supplied. Such p-rson* as retnse ofTVred employment will not therea!u:r be furnished any Government aid whatever. The f oh>euescem?I'uriug the present month the Baltimore Conferences of trie M- .bodist, and the Episcopal (or South, era) Methodist, and the Maryland Conference ?f the Methodist Protestant Churches will all aceemhie in Baltimore. M.nisters belonging to them who have been stationed in Virginia (a portlou of State is inclnded in the b. undsof tKeConlerences) are passing through this env daily. The ministers of the churches in this ? i'y will, by the operation of tbe twoJe?r rule . having with one or two exceptions been at tneir present appointraents but one year) 1* returned here. Nearly all the charges here will report an increase in membership, especially the East Washing;on M. E and M P churches, Gor-uch Chapel, aud Hamiine aud ?i streel church's In the Methodist Protestant Conference body tbe charges will be represented by a layman as well as th? minister, but numbers of prominent laymen oi the other churches will, during the sessions be present looking alter the interests of their charges. East week the East Washington M P. Church elected P. M. Pearson as their deletate, and John S. Slater, alternate, to the Maryland Conference. National Ba*e Ball Ci.rr..?A regular meeting of the National Ball Club was held tost night at Cronin's headquarters. Colonel Frank Jonqp was unanimously elected president of the club Colonel Wn. (1. Moore was elected *ice president. M. A. Tappan. recording secretary, corresponding secretary, J. D. Hyer treasurer. A. K. Banner: scorer, H. S Munsun; direetore. Col. F. Jones, chairman A. P Clurinan, H O. McLean, W. F. Williams! Jcseph ( owan. The first nine of the Nationals will this year be strengrhed by the addition oi Mr. Fletcher, late of tbe Excelsiors, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Mr. A. A . Hobinson, (Miley,) whose exhibitions of skill iu the left field of the Jefferson Club last year were so highly commended by lovers of tbe national game. Jcmticw Ooxnn.?i) aXo KnttTio-John S. Hollinr*bead and Zach B. Brooke, Esqrs., were confirmed by the Senate as justices of the peace in and lor the county of Washin*. ton. .District of Columbia. Among the rejections, we are sorry to state. Is that of W. W Tucker. Esq This gentle, maa i? as well Knowu to our ciiixeusas almost any resident of tbe city, bavin* been for many J,WI "t* principal police reporter for tb-? Evening star. His l*ng experience in potk-n matters rendered him perfectly conversant with tbe duties ol bis office, as the many io*t decisions made by him (during his short term while acting) will testify ? InUlUgeiutr. The Waphimotoji mhastic Ashociaflow.?The aiembers of the Washington l}ymnastie Association, which is to be composed of wo hundred persons, held a meeting ia?t evening, the object of which was to ascertain the number of persons who have already subs. ribed their names. The meeting was we|j attended, and the report of the committee was to the effec; that one hundred and fourteen gentiemen were down ou the list. The association is of an entirely private natnre, and is ccmpo*ed of some of our mo^t respectable citizens. and will be an ornament to the city. 1 hey adjourned to meet again at Brady's mnasium on Wednesday evening, a', halfpast seven o'clock. MASvriKAiiE Ball. -The third grand raisquerade ball of the Washington Sangerbund Association took place last night at Odd FelluwV Hall, aiul was a very largely attended and enjoyable affair The variety of characters represented was Immense, aud as they promenaded tbe room in unique procession, the amusement created was infinite- The Frog I?ance," by six gentlemen dressed in capital imitation of frogs, was a grea? hit; and the May-pole dance was another very sncceenful feiture Tbe assemblage enjoyed themselves hugely, aud without any interruption U> the plwasure of tbe evening. . . ? N?w Police Statio> ? Mayor Wallach, fothe Corporation, has leased or rented the bouse of Mr John McGrau. No. 515 F street, corner of 1st street west, for the seventh preciuc' /Fourth Ward) poline. and It is expected thaEieui. Ecklofi will be enabled to transfer his quarters to the new building in a short time. The rooms at present occupied by tbe officers of tbe seventh precinct, in the basement of the City Hall, have been very unsuitable for the purposes of a poliee station, and the new handing, when properly fitted ap, will be a very convenient one. ? Ttt.*r ar.T Depress.? Henrv B. Tyler, formerly a m*v>r iu the Marine Corpe, who during the war served m the confederate army, has, through Messrs. Brent and Merrick. conroenied a suit against John D Defrees for the possession of tbe we t half of lot In square 44V It will be recollected that the property was libelled by tbe court during tbe war. and under tbe confiscation act tbe life interest of tbe plaintiff was sold to the defendant This, we believe, is tbe first suit of the kind instituted here, and it will be an interesung case. s HammaCk's KestacranT is conceded to be oneut ibe beet in the couatry, and is visited b> all strangers. His larder is stocked with all sorts of gam# in season, fowls, sbeil-flsb, A < . ai.d his cooks cannot be snrpaseed, while 'le "?tei.dan<e Is all that could be desired *ty the itost exacting lover of comfort. Appointed.?Mr Oliver H. Reed, Jr., was *-> erdji) appointed foreman of the Oovarn n>ep? pr>n>|rr Office prese-rooaa, noe Chas. 1' Pai>i>ti?. removed. Mr. Heed la aaexre!. lent appointment, and thoroughly aaderetands the qu i. s ?.( bie office. Hockbtkkihi; Witout Ijcensb ? J. Brown s arttfied ye terday by Officer Stratrb or I i ksisrwt wiltoil Umnl J usiice Thomp' lined Brown Poiice Kbtokts -The police reported 47 >-rei*? m the i >?trie( vesierday. A number 'he were dismissed; and the fines t ier the municipal laws Amounted to #tiy.3h Wl / nsi j i < cj j '?iu1 !. il f r,.L | ' r?. ,', i ? l a . o / i ,. 4 :Kj i 04 , ptcktoob-btii a nor t .-The arrival of a I 'mob of thla w>" iiWukiaiton set the detectives to work to onat them from tla city. ^ e?terday, defective* Mcltavitt and Miller ar*est?>? Morrt" Holland and Tobn Ktefu enspicions character*, and took then to the detect i*ea cells, at btadnnartera. Thev ware uterea upon tbe rpcord aa ttaievea. Officers McHenry and Callahan. acting with the dt? I tpctitee, arrested Joan Davis aad Jamea Mc , (Jnire npen similar charges, ana they also . were tak-u to headquarters Major Hi-hards i gave them a hearing, and dismissed the squad to Wave tb* city The promptness of thia ; movement has induced other* who had just arrived, to keep slear of the detectives and lonvelbe ?lty. ? StpriPTors Oh arartbrfl.?George Johnson, alias I^ewis, was arreated with Chan Lewis, both colored, aa suspicion* characters, and taken betore j natioe Thoinpsoa by otfi -ers sttaub and Breenahan, of the Third Ward. .lohns-on bad a concealed weapon upon him, and for this he was fined wo under the city or. riinflnc*. and each was fined #3 far the tirst otTense. The tlnps not being paid, the prison?rs were sent to the workhonse for thirty days. ? ?. rox^ttatios or .sbntbhcb,?Warrants for the commutation of sentence of the following l-.iTred prisoner? confined ?n the alh my p-uiteufary. having been convicted iu tb* Crimit e! ('" urt of the District, have bet?a issued bv the President, tbev being entitled to tn^ co-nmntarton for rood bphivf >rr Wm w. Bowie, John Jobnsou, wm. Samuels, wm. w>ods. Charles h. i \ ler. Jonas l>ay. "wm White. Mary Cariv, John Henry, James Taylor, Hirrv Wire, Archey Ylckens. Cbarle?- William*. Horace Lrent. h<?nry Hillary. Oeo. w. all?n John ii. Lawler. raver Earose, Elizabeth Brown. The SrccHARnsncTK* ?The seizure of distilleries for frandi!lent returns recently wa< owing to detection by means of a newlv patented ir?trnmen' called a "snccharome'er." which is owned hy parties of this city, find i? now in the hard?of the Treasury Department. It is said that l'ommlf>ioiier Hiillui* endorses this instrument a* the only one by whivh correct returns can be bad of thearaountof liquor manufactured by each distillery. ???> , CITY ITEMS. .Tnwii.Br.?New styles at Trigg's One dollar Jeyelry Store, No. 438 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4)* street. a> F.xcbllkbt abtici.b of French Cotton Hall hc?e for $51) cents per pair, at HeniitNg's < >iie i'rice 4 Motbing Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. Jon* p Hr.orm has a large lot or Holy v k books and Way or the Cross, tor Eent, wbich he sells cheap His store ,s no. dl4 f sUiet, uear St. Patrick s church. qtick sales and small Profits!"?good wb,re Shirts si.50, s*? aud #??.), at Franc's tint's Inrnishing Store, 494 7th street, between i) and l: also shirts made to order. r i>e-Stitchbd Booth made to order r>>r *10, waiters tor #7 50; ladles Kid Button Oatters for #6: Balmorals tor so and all styles oi Mist-e* and Children's Shoes very low at h??librun & Bro's., .v*> Seventh street, one door sonth of Odd Fellows'Hall. 3 -? ? ? Finb Oloes Kid Button Boots at (> b Wil. soa'e, No. 5<ri 7th street, under <?dd Fellow*' Hall, at pricea ranging f rom b.j.50 to 86 50. 0 ^ Thopb ladiks who want an elegaut Etnbruidered ^ ok? for n igrht <Jowu or Caemi?e. can get onecAe<i/> by calling at Prince s, :i?i f street, before he moves his stock to Bis n*>w store, 439 Ninth street. ? Db. Whitb. Chiropodist, 4M Henn. av.. between 4)| and 8th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, buuions, bid nails, enlarged joints, warts, motes, vascular ?xc/esences, icc. Office hours from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., and ? to 8pm Established 1<*h. For Chilblaiks aad Fronted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price #1 per bottle. For sale at 4*.?4 Pennsylvania avenue, between sad 6tb streets. a srrb Pilb cms ?l?r. <Hlbert's Pile in strument positively cures tbe worst ca?es of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of *4 Circulars tree. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted vervwhere. Address j. b. Kotnaiue. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, new York. :ii PBitBiBff can he nad in auy quantities at the Star office connter married. kC?**WAIL-IHD On the 28th Fsbrnary, b> the im Mr. 51son. jam ktj g corn w \LLi, Z!m7D v- to M1" ?*AM0*8 6. EKAO.ol r sir fax connty. Va. * olltt. camt thla mornlB#. Brevet Llsnt. Colonel isaac k. casbt. only child of j o4g? case y, of the Court of Clainia. Pueersl servfces at the retldeno?of bis rents, Ho. c strest on Wtdne?d%> afta'noon at 4js oi.; leave en Thcrsdsr rrornfBg at 7 a. ni . for Barrlabnrg, where he will be interred ? ^BVIBAL 8PLBMD1D PABitOK OBOANS, with PatentOrgMi Swell, and one movable Pedsl RaM.(vsry ceBTentest forjSHB organ sraetice at home > will 'II (II po^itivblt bb bold at cobt, preasratory to rehalldlng Bt- r<? Alao, 1] new and ??-ond nand PI A NOB at reduced ?riees. OBOBOB L WILD * HKO , no 13 6m Ho 49T nth street above Ps. ?ve. ^tbblino bills ror aale in nmi to auit nur kj cbasera. qb^best market price paid tor american . , ' l1wis johnson * co , Bankers, f? t-tf m'j Penna. avsuoe. 500,000 ??KLy,"?0BII",?"0E MOM KENDALL UttEEX VIXEYAHD. concobb, the mest valnable Qrape In the countty norton 'b VIIiGlNIA, catawba, bbbkuca. diana, uabtfobo pboliflc, with many other choice kinds, at #1 V, por i><o cuttings, ?>r sic per l uuu; warranted all good wood aud true to name c'arefally packed and shipped to any addreseoa remittance. Barly orders are solicited. j. pbabboh'8 FrnltStere, _fe r-lm 4i?l 3th street. 1 b d foo p PBRPABBD TOOD For Mocking Bird's. Thiushes, Nightingales, Bolbina, Blsok Birds. BtsrllBgs. Sky n. w ferboiiell. . _ ander Bbbltt Honae. *? 1? corner_l?h and P streets UBPABTMBBT OP TBI IBTBBIOB, t?? ad orrin, July 13th, 18M. amlurfiti whom it mat gobob4n . havlag bees made nader the aet of (Sr the relxsaeof the following deMCibsd Land Warrants, which are alleged tobave tht? *?? "t'W*?.?Wptlee la hereby give a th# deeerlBtlon or saoh wsrr?"t s new certificate or warraat of Mke tenor Tppear '" *? ohjiectloa s ho a Id then job. 1, babbbtt, Oooualasloner. llTrrh^i'7^I?^-1f)i.a<:re*' the act of March id, itttft. In the name of Bobert W. Pierce. 0 MO scree, issued under the act of March! mm, tn the atae of bli^h d. Bail aud was granted june 8,1811. March 9 law f ^r##' Issnsduader the set of ln u* ?an'* of Osorge Plum, and ?? >nfn,t l"h, ism. March SO, 1 msreh^d ijsr i ttfr#*' 1 "" fonder the act of, Intheaameof James Henry *nd Wti ,r^.A^1Kd- 1861 * ">' ?. 1w7/' no. aa 716, for Kiu acres, iasned under the aet of March 3d, Iflifi. in the name of John Wood, aud a'snted Pebrnary M, 1857. April ?. lW. M^IrchM^a(sri1*^kCm' o?*sr the act of of Barah Wood, endow frmud ' bnt-ryw. No. for 16? acree, leaned nader the act or Pel ruary u, l?f, U the Basse of Samuel Hodson. Bo. S7Ml. for 80 acree. Issued an Jer the act of September, MM. In the Basse of Laagdon O John sou and wag granted Mar eh ?,T4J.aWb 30, No ITM, for 80 acree. iaauso nader the act of March 3. 18M. lathe aatae of Langdoa O. T>busea aad wae granted April 1, lm. April 20. l55 Ne. <1231. fur l'JS acree. lsaaed under the act of Marcb1 J,jm. la the name of Mary, widow of g' W*" Braated May 9, lib* Bo M.13A, for 130 ecrea, leaned ander the aet of \ <??,?? *he DBase er Pelly Pease, Widow May 4*1M7 **** WM ?ranted Jaiy IS, im. "h?. 98 96$. for 1 do acree. Issued ander the act of March 3d. 19U In the names of the minor ohlldren of Jacob Lasher, deceaeed, aad wae graated July 21, lav -Ma; t.lM. Bo ?7.6e5, for 180 acree, laeaed aader the act ef Vebraary 11th. 1847, la the name of Martia Beee, aad was graattd May l!th, KM? May II. 1867. Bo. 63 .lector 16* acres, issued aader the acta March 3d. 18M. In the name ?f Alvla Bills, and was sraated April U. Mfl7. Mar 11.1867. * Bo. id^Sl for 88 acres, Issned nnder the act o March y 18M. In the name of Lewis Lambert, and wm graated October 30.18M. May M, 1867. Ho JM8?. for 1M acree, leaned nader theaot of March S.UU. latbaaameof BIcholM Prltchett aad wm graated November IS. 183$. May ?, 18J7* LATBBT PAB1S FABH19MB OP B^ll DBB8MNO. b. all1st, tMMMCH HAIH DRESXJtR, 394 > street. between isth aad lath Mb. 4*?- Hair-Dreeear, of the Mlebrated Barbel, with whom he arrived In this ooaatry. bM now teea established for tne last eight years la WMbinrtoB and Newport, eao*lng the patrei age el tDe<-orp* diplomatique, aud of the hlgliret a< ciet>. He ha* the boaor to aaBounre that be has thl? eeason imported the latest fMhlotis or hair dressing, sad sK" pomades, and sverything that beb>pgs to the dreeslng or hair at very reaeoaa.le yrleM. Mtf Am* amusements. THEATRE. Fenaaylvaila iium^uw WillBrtg' Hotel. bi8b?rTI0?oyrATB,sK?0I.*? I'll3IS STATS SBOCK?l? WITHOUT bxtbi 8^<?dHJ.8hTUfSl^Y^*A H ? 1^7 cona nigbt; of_ tbe Bngagement o- the gr?at MB fnuw w2' JL'omndHa, Wbo wniiaakeMunom a^** j?*a, DE 8AV In FOT^;fA?^^'AL 00* BOY PhAYIMQ <IT.I r.u, ODD FELLOWS' MALL. COM M UiS ft*/in" (ff VHSIMO. OBAftD FAMi LY A.NJ.' SCHOOL MATlSiBC, lDN *THBr Rills'1 a,OOH?*r?Z?* I'tis&u ioTAnr-Ei ux How m it.? ? VUN,,0!'.- KN?tAND. the i nhari Oui?tfr?iu trluBphtMUurt ironh B^onUif7,!b*li* l".?Kew Toik. Philadelphia, "alii , n4'1lT.,r'k/7',b,"r*h OhlrNTo. ' luclauVm Ma\MM*V LnvU' **??Phto. N??urf?n p . . . ' Mopt? niery Atlanta Wilm'n/..tmrtSV:Sb.VBr*DJ el'"wflerH- packed to ih ir turned ^;^,1^^^u^L?^Buc'ead, TU? MOBT ,XTy?K?IJAEJ SXBIBlTtON ?x^tfdV^i?rJbi1Hlir'J cf ,l'" ^^older the wont \vi u V ? of with it* A n~elic Ifo.t*. oJld IdVnCA?-f r,0W and S,ruef? of P'?re InrVrntl R, " A o i*,ld '"'Preasive Idea of the at? 09 Brl?w. ??>? Abode of the L 'ft, qul Lo UB *,d b" borr,d cre? *?F Van* B? ".V* 'V fi"rr ??if auMlme poem of Ju . . . h?'i fr"n keslDniBR to en i *? I con. in*an? Mil' ?"/ tableau scene,. car r? ri*Sl.?, u**?f ^eaTen, Hell.Ckaoe, and In older that all rliv.aps of people may V??? >n Opp Jrt?' itf to wi in*.* tbl* Wonderful Kx hi S| tl> n. the price of arinaiagfen is reduced to ', cent. ; dl",*,, 'n Matinee,' i f!l ! L h ii ?centa : children to MaMnee '"'u n baif price at inula v8< *' ca,,n"red at Mr Mii?lr Store, * , " ' mo. ave . where a ditgratn of th-? i all , 1Vrl*l-e? may be ordered in wattat?e*den e? ' Oentlemanly uabcra will be in J?*rXPut.or<** n,ed ftt onr exhibition is oD? of . n ith m *"el<J>rated American Org.ina. Kin<1|v mVr^lnmm^\!Uru-AXn' *?*{1 f^AHCY l? KEPSBS AID OOSTUMBB For Tableaux and Private Partiea f. ,Ai?'.y t0 MRS *?ANK RK A 10th street. ! lost and found. f ??T-Mar?? tth.onthe floor ?f th^ Uoone of !, .?,r.rr,en r,lvM'?M11,K MUFF. Tbefl .der ^nk m ir,p' r"w*rr?d hy ?-e?amin* the to KocM43. Pennon Qthce. m?-2l I ,n *nd Bote*, wrapped uTtt r ? irflIi0ir>Hptr J"" will |>? li'.erall* w?"? ' " returned to D. W. BABBK'K v., * Fmu. ave.. bet, lat and Jd Bta. nih 6 jt* I 0f,T-between 6th street and the Tr?aanrV~i>T. ? elriPV, I2*nit * ?^LD 8L**VK BUTTON, d,?'? l eads linked . marked on|:he back Frunk " or VftlUQ to th6 OWBtr A rAVBrd will ? giveL If ib^lhoreet aorth it| OST -Ob tbe morninK of the 3d intt. a nionae r??CV'^ OOW- -POIU4 white, with ?h->rt f?^?!P V D Hheral reward will l>? p?H [al *? Ba,ne>? itaMe.6th ?t.. aopth ot . rw at iml p?'.'h* ^aahlngton Ilouee. corner ?.i m it. un<! I'eau'a avenue mhs .n* LOST?On Thuradajr eveaiiii; la^t win t'le1r*?i'l*nce of t>aat it bprague siod LiT*TK.n?'1 ' m /j'OMnttne Mosaic b1<\CK LKj TbeflDder will be* tiLerallv rewardaa bv mV?^ l? lh% ??ce W|,larcl " Motel. I tb<> *0,,,h wii gof the i apTtoTneTr Tom J Dip'om.a,lc Oorpa door, a 8LBEVK BU r in .round, cbaaed ?fth enameled border, and in there^ rale.t.r ' O.'NOerman text,; Tali *t"e Thif?^l ri,?VUwa# remembraoce Th*f)ii<Jer mill I, ?>uilart|y r wurdel by le-trin* LUtKlTTA BUGAI'aDrnjBtore" Corner ot I e?n. mi*, aod 22<1 street. It* '^2;>0 tb^ recovery .,f?hefoli.r,? ? lowing artic lej .tolen from Ho rn 7 I, bbitt Uou?e . b' twetn 3 and .i p m aiVrch '.th Jit B.U"^"d of 2tdiamond.; ^' uD<i b,ac'1 enamel, with gold ameiVl ABRiltn1* -JkDR *nd b*r; OBe P?lr Diot plr a ?rf M0?8, *f benrtaeaae pattern, one ?et iJj?L??earring, nod brea.tpin-?oth extra large ei/e ?nd of medallion .bapn Mlh?r.0??rMOD.?t? rewa''tl will be paid for any ?Ube.^v* *rllc,e^ J O FU8TBB m j-3t Brer.t Major Oen.. V S A. LV?^Tf>ni'a,?liday mornlp?. >d in.t., a Iiw< olore .double nciel poibter DOO 910 r. wwin be paid if left atl7l dV" m ? "t I A8!!? ?*ti,on'1, Theater, on Friday night, * , AH. bla.k and gold, valued a. a jrift a HULIIma^VH ^i'MM? pald 08 "B r"lu'n *?> ^ Hotol, 13th it., D6ar iteiine m4 2t* I J?nJ*TiMrr*b 1 ' r/t? BUFF KBVBLOPB, te Bl? ah 'AHr' *iT certl8< ate. di rested i iJ 4 Brj*"!Ih*lp . The flodfrwM rewarded Of leaving them with Meaari. '/. M. P KINO A BOH. corner Taraont aveune and HX ?t mh?-j? lj0?t^,7??Bn^ld*,.,tfcel"t between Hi*h , etreet. Oeergetovn. and 17th .treat w*?t. nf?** containing #30 60 Tbe whh iT i 'STakVou .ra'tr,tS,r'1 b* in* it ??b H. 8 BB8TOK, at the office of HIkb. A 1 ?? 4-Xt * S I 0 ?Strayed or etolen, on the V jH!?, i*' the l.t of Marchi from tbe real^CWa8o? irt^ ?n M Ml- (:*oitol Hill, V ?.wone ?beenn? eorrel HOBS* il5"Jtlb,fh .w'th lwo whtt? "POU on hi. romr and rubbed with trace., with white face The reward tor "bo^ewlllba glran if delivered to to*ton 1 8,re#t' N*TJr T4rd' w"?>n,h JOHN H. OATB8 TA*???*7.A UAY which the owner * can have efter proving property atid e&v* * Daruuent ?*??" 8o%rPoVoV:>De: partment. f 3?. C)w . . ^ ,10? BEWABD. V.? Saturday nl*ht, Feb 24. l*J, ene of the In Ji* Jje.lun<i.i,lg 10 lh* Sinai ton and Warneton Mjnxdelegation, disappeared frem the Barracks Cvirner of Hew York avenne and I9tbatreet and baeaot.lnce bean heard from ana in'? M?L** ie about 4^ year, old about A feet 6 inthe. .ligh, and weara hi- hair cropped. Had on \hen bo left the Barrack., eatlaet panta. |aced The above reward will bo ?atd to any a?r?on r^tornlni laId Indian to the narracka afore.ald orgiving a.icb information aa will lead to hi. redUn Aflalra*" to0* *? the Couia,lMk Ber 01 ^ . e.?*I,J- THOmP8??:^.Special Agent, .? Ho hi Kirk wood Bonne. it 'uo/isit ""j'*'.1"" LOBT? At the National Theater, or betwa^n there and Willard'a, laat eveuinjr, a BBA<'B i^aT Barked "M. a F. to B. B . ifirthda* fl ft 1*^6 " The find* r will be liberally rewarded br leading the yaine at Willard 'a Hctel. fa tf boabd1nq. " rjJOOD BOABDaad yleaaant BOOMS for 820 i ^li S'J between Uth and if 1* Board at 930 per month Tran Ment Boardera a t reasonable ratea. m 1 St* K a?.?I"~Two rt141 toraiahed PABLOBB, on ? ??*? "0ABD? ?? : 4iis(F \IBTB0P0L1TAH PATKMT 347 O atreet, between 4*"d 6th a?^" r* a.?a.'?D,#h?*.w,t* XcEenzle1* Splendid Beel Oven the be'i* "nfa te r fal^cair^s fu l^ae I act ed *' *^h e?0r at k ' srtsxr1*5^ i cb.lgjww.??r. From Welch a familv fleur, e^ual to any |n the country ' u * a SODA CBACKBBS, Ala?XthH tir i',0" bJtb B"**1*" extra (lour. w Aliicillc? sv?" : BL'OAB OBAOEBB8. BUTTBB CBA0KBE8. 0BA0K1B DUST. PILOT BBBAD, OIHQBB SNAPS, with*!?!? S',# Orocera ^ntT Vamu'lea* *^LTTi!0".A"? ?WM4Bn mcbcb&.T Soutbeaat corner of K aid Kiehtb atraot* lOfMlt Northern Liberty Market I ' WaaHiHGToB, D. O. ' RBODLAR" 8ALB8. ^SSSSiSVSiSlCJIf { "?? ?< ?~i deacfB Houaehold Furaiture at private real ? fe Iti-eolm H,T ??.'f""" t4]^l?TZBBOTT HALL." C.H 1 DIMNBR. TBA AHD TOILBT BBTTB at Kreat'y reduced at J. W. HoTBLBB k BBO., House Fiirnl?here. 3'JO Meuerott flail. WANTS. U'*""' -? WHtTS OIBL to i? th, $? o*>' work of a small tamlty. B*f>reaee tequi. ed. Apply it the StarOfflce % ?* A -?liT?*Xl!>N WANTSD-By ea Americ?n _ ? ' ' ? J'Blil Hi Kmc or tv do light hotis*woik. Apply to 49t> 17th stre?t inrL. m5 li* \\ V-TiP""?' *n exrsrieueed Cook a SlfUA** . * 'UN In ft pit vaie K?teen -? g1*?n. Applv at Mo SO- mm t treat, between Lauis'tue avtnue and C treat. ft* A ??fA?r-OTABcB_<"BlTWiiTS A tUTD ATiON In a small f?m i? to do e?kiai wt hipvait. lr* ?, f.T rh|inh?r work. Apply M atr?t. bet 4U and stt, Mo. 6..-. it* VVr ASTIP? * BOOKKEEPER wh > underw stand* hi* I n*ine<s Moat e -od refe^ku last employ ers. Addreat B >* ?0 Star Off cp ml it ( ' LEKK WANTED?One wbo can bring 1 e*ti, ' monial? of thorough actual stance with all detHtU of the *lft<m hnslnees. A tdrees, witj re'~r enc?s, Ko* 73d Cit> Poet Office II* WASTED?Allttie WHITE GlttL. it to n 7 7. >e?r" old <e ai<iM In taking rare of a little child ( nil itj jl 18th atreet, betwten K and 1< streets. mht.n* %\ ANTED-A ..mpetent WOMAN aa eook. wash?r, andironer Alao. a Oharahermatd and Laundress Amy at the House of the Commandant Navy Y>rd. m l it* \V A?T Al> ? A MTT A1ION ?s ? m, u) a Jj'B' |m?n wh.. baa ha<l several ye?rs expe ri?-n e lk ti edry go.ds and grocery business. A.l dre?s Bix No 44 VQioa. m 4 .'t' W a respectable young girl, a SIT , UATIUN aa o amhermaid tin to do plain sewlig Apply ?t No. *<M? ?d, between ? street aan aesaohanettt ?\enue mhi-u*

VX7 ANTED?A silent liltllft with ft mmik *~ cnpitai of 9 '."w in a s?te aud pro&tab'e first ?? "r*c*t?"na business. Address MANUFACTURER city Po* Office m i it* AREBI'Ert A BLE YOUNG MaN WAftl's A tead> SITUATION as Gardener or 0>ach man Wood rtfereno * tlren li qntre at No Vd!i ivnna. ar., kitw u 12th and 13th ?t? m 4 ?t* t% AMTIH-At cxrelletit tlOMK r to he ha1 ** for a li'ilr white girl I: to It ye?r? ..Id m a pr'Tut* f >ujily n-ar t h" city, iu ?ii?? <->antry,t<> ?-hi?i iu the rare of children Adttres- hot t? Star O(lice, with addrees. in 4 3t* VV' ANTED?To Imy, wltfcont delay. In a seod '? I'-catl. r. a email Brl- k DWELLlNd rontainli g not i?-?e tlian ?i r?o*H, worth from th to %3,0tN). I in it less than I iu feetde^p rnuntng throin h to an alley Term* One third sa>h, I ?l atice In-ix and t? el ve nionthi Ad<lre??,"A L " 8t*r Olbce. Di t u* W ANTED?A W OSI AN to cook, w aih and * ron ' ' for a im<ll fanp'y R?ft"r?ocM rejnlral. Apply ut atfb H etreut, between 17tta a?d ISth Htrtere. m2St* \V ANTED?A WOMAN to wa>h dlahea and d ? "? kitchen work. German preferred Apply at 8. AM AN 8, .'?< 7 9th ?treet m 2 St* 11, ANTED-A re^pt ctatde wbite WOM AN , to " take care of a youn^ child Apply at *7 1 Pa. avenue. nib t WANTS i)?To buy ?e -on?l hand KUKMI'LklC MIKUOK8 OABVET8 8TOVI18, ?r. c4n at the Furniture Store -1*0 "th etreet, betareen L and^>I nU-St* I T N VI KN18H ED llOT8E W ANTED-Ooa talLlng trout >i to 8 rooms. Pos*e-alo;i desired on cr before the 1st of April. A ldre?s B .x U" I Post Office. to ?7-6t* WANTWD-A comfort?hle Dwelllag HODS1, containing sis or eight rooms centrally located. A good tenant tan he had by addressing ? VV I) 8HEPI1EBI), fe^z; fit Corner 7th and D streets. \V ANTED?A8ITPAT10N as aearnatress by a " lady who understands sewing tharoughh t>y W heeler A Wilson's bewiiif Machine Uaa . at and tit ladies' aad children's dre?ses Address, f..r three days, Box No. 7 , 8tar office. t? 27 WAHTED?fereral LADIES. OLKrKS, who have experience in ba*ine<a. and ca-i come well re. omtwridad Also, several roo<i DBK84 and N1 ANT1LLA MAKEB8 and M I1.LINEB8 . _ . M WILLIAN, fe 27-lw 336 Penna ateine \\, ANTED TO BTf ? A second lo?nd Kireaod * ' Baiglar Proof SAFE. Anr one d??tring can find a cash purchaser by applying or ?.1I re-si eg bTABB * CO., lw 4?*S7th st.. bex. D and k. WANTED-All in want of MONET call af 8. <4ULD8T EI f? A OO *8. bicensed Pawn* brokers, 34 4>* street, near PeniaS) lraa'a sr? fe21-iin WANTEB-GBNTLEMEN dastrons or en gating In a pating business to call at EM Pl.OY 11 ENT AGKHC/'Y. No. Pa. a?e A rare chance oftereU tc make money, f? i9-2w* Agents wanted fob ' the histhkt Ok THE %AU BETWEEN THE STATES, THkCINO ITS OB1QIN. CAUSES ABO K(81 LTK " By Hon Alex H Stej.hens, and f ir THE LIFE LETTEBS. AND S P E BL'H E " (' F HON. ALEXAMDEB U. STEPHENS, by Henry Cleveland. Send for Clrcul trs and see otsr terns Address national Publishing ?:o . fe 14-lns* >07 Minor s reet, Puiladelphia, Pa. WANTED?All persons about breaking tip housekeeping will pl-aae call at our office, as we wi?h to buy their furniture, having oon stout calls for the same. Also, H .uses for rent - ? , D L WELLS A CO . fa 4 1m earner 10th and F ntreets. WANTED?Mew and Cast-off CLoTHINoTold GOLD aad SILVER, or any other article of alue, at the eld established Merchant Pawn biaker s Store ol B. FULTuN A OO , iU-J 9th st., 3 doors north ef Penna. aveuae. Bole Agent for BINQEB'S SEWING MACHINE de 22 ly WABTHD?100 L1DIE8 Immediately, to embroider Yokes, Bands, Wrapper Yokes, Flan nel Skirts. Slippers, and Initials To good bands wbo bring sample of work, geod w ages and constant employment given. Call at the new Sta np lng Boom, 4 39 9th street, opposite Patent Offlce. STAMPING reduced to FIVE cents per width, de 1A tf. WANTED?10 OOO LADIES to know that at the New Stamping Booms, 4 39 9th street,opposite Patent Office, they can find the best selected assortment of Patterns ever offered here for Cloaks, Capes, Aprona. Joseys. Waists. Yokes, Bands, Wrappers, Slippers. Pincushions, and Initials. Also, dedens for Pillow Cases. Ottomans Chair Covera, Pianoa, and. In short, ererySarletr of Patterns as they are dally leaned We have a Freack Machine and a Practical Staraper, and have reduced the price to riYE CENTS PEB WIDTH. We makeaod stamp any pattern brought ua. Braids, Silk and Working Cotton very low, de l? tf * WANTED?SECOND HAND FUBNITUBB Alao. M1BBOB8, CABPETS. BBDS, BED DING and Ho C8E FURNISH INQ GOODS of every deecription. B. Bl'OHL'Y 4OA 7th street. )ee8-tf IretweenGand H.eae* side PERSONAL. PEBSONAii ? A gentleman of travel, taste, discretion, and leisure, good form and appearance, oeslres to teceme acquainted with alndy ?t the same qualifications, with a view to pleas ant hours Address, in perfect contldenre, B. B. B ," through Washington Post Office. mh8- it* 1WI8H IT TO BE UNDEB8TOOD-THAT I did not take Mr. W. F. Harrison's horse, and he will publlely deny it, and understanding that 1 have b*?n suspected of stealing Mr. ttaru'l Marks' horses I wish it perfectly understood that 1 am no thief. AUGUSTUS B. CLAEK.. It* Navy Yard, Washington. P.O. fVOTlCB?I hereby forewarn all persons not to II trust my w tie, ANN A G EBB* EE, or pay her any money due to me. as I will pay no debts con tractcd by her, she having left my bed and b>.ard mh? tit* WM GEHECKB. FBENCH WHALEBONE COBSBrs AT 91.50, Also ua haad, a fall aaaortment of home made Corset". Whalebones, Corset Steels and Boards, latest and all stiles of Hoop Skirts. Covers aad Trimmings Will be eold at the lowest rate, at GHaBLES BAUM'a H?op Skirt and Cerset Manufactory, 4V Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. mh 1 lm* IF GEOBGE DEYEB8, SON OF ALEX AN DEE BE VEBS aged about thirteen years, who left Washington with his father In 1881. end wbo Is suppoeed to have gone to Virginia, will communicate with Prof SC A LA-leader of the U S Marine Band. Washington, D. 0 , he will hear of something to his advantage. IFauuuier papers please copy ] fe 19 3awSt* SOFT FELT HATS, and all kinds of HiuT, kr Cleaned, Colored and Trimmed new. at M. 01'NN IN oil A M S Cneap Hat Store, ??? , SeveLth street, between I and K. fe II eolm* VoOOWN a?d"cH1E<Mlsi YOK.ES, more elaborate than any ever offered here, of the .newest and most beaflUful designs, received dally, frem our corps of 1m superior hands.and for aale at BEDUCED PBlCEs Being the largest manufacturer here of tuts kiad of ladlee1 wear, we can please mil. both iu quality and price, and are StMralned, at whatever cost, to produce the beat work, leave the most elegant patterns, and STAMP CB1APEE, than any 00acern in this or nay other city. Oar repatatien as the only Practical Stamper here insured ladiee that no iajarious compositions are used, and shield* them from trusting their work In the hanSs of thoee who buy a few bl >oka and proclaim themselves stampers. Stamping, s cents per width, and five you a Culler aad Outfs in. _ WM. PE1N0E, 4 3? 9th street, f? ?-tf appoelte Patent Office. UB1DAL AMD FUNBBAL WEBATHS. SO D QUET8,CB088BS. AECHWE8, STABS, Ac., freserved in aatnral forni: Imported VLOWEhS, IA1E FLOWERS, and BBAIDIN0. Aleo.lm Ported MOSS, Ha IB DBE8SES for Balls, by ra FB1B8 Has removed to No. 439 11th st., between 0 and H. oc 3 dm* JOHN D. OLABE, ATTOBNBY AND OOBH8ILLOE AT LAW AE? NOTAEY PUBLIC, No. 53A 12th street weat. de 14 ly PI A EOS. UBE Bacon A Baven Piano, far |IS. One Andrew Stela, for #40. BM One almost us* 7 octave Urge round'IT 1TI corner hoard man A Gray Plaao. 9?7ft. For sale up?n easv terms, at the wrarerooms ef W G MBTZBSOTT A CO Sole A gen ta of Steinway A Soa's Piaaxe, and Maeoii A Hamlin's Cabinet Organs fe 14 tf UBITErrSTATES BON DS AND TBEASO BY MOTES, Bought, sold and exchanged on favorable terms. LEWIS JOHNSON A CO. Bankers, fe 7 tf 29vl Penna. avenue. IF YOU WANT BABGAIN8 IE CABINET FUEMITUEM Gall at the Extensive Warerooms of H F. ZIMMERMAN A PO., No. 430 Seventh street, ja 21-dlm between La. av, and V street, FOR SALE ANT> RENT. | RltHT?Tlir.. ,I.M?n' I'S FOiHlsHIP BOONS, eoaifiiisl for hoai?kr?y<i(. Ap1 lr_4*l IKh at . baft. 9 and O aa ? It* RUril'BAIT rOR SALB-The BESIAUHaMT.M I harle* la n?4it*?U ill* tb? 0 (l ot. Apply No. 9 aoaih A lUnt two do-re t ??e Mew JerHf nji A' rrWO NICK FHBNIoHBD BOOMS FOB I BENT, ?i?b ih? nir <i' ra-|o?. Alao afloat Baaeaa-iit Call ? 33 ? .tth street, brt we?a ( a id Kiu asM* FOR BBST?Two FBA *1 k; noCSES fair rooraa noli on* on C 'TrM rorurr R< th ? her <>n n l atraet, near f Bent 9 per Month. t b? ea d in K?> at la 114 F at. mb ft St* I/OB bBNT?A comvrfabl- ~ DUELLING r HOUSE. No !!8t (\ north. he w??-n ll'h mi) Ittb atreels w?et. lD?oir? at Nn ??? Pa artau* mks-2t* l/OB HALE -A one bora* covered W tiiOl u<l r HARNtC* Apply Vu atrtat, bet? era 3*1 a*<l ?* a inU Island BhS>f JOHN D MKT. OB SALE?(Only $:&" caah required, the Hal auw cao b? paid in m nthly 1 at aliments ?f 9 5 ea k - New 0ve-ro.>m HOt'SE. alatM ou t:>e *a?t aide of 6tb atrMt, Island hatae?n He-id 1 atreeis,-al Cr?t hon-a row H >t Kiv unt doo>. 8TARB A CO . 4?Tto at , n.h.'-ft* Ut?r>a D a j1 ( I/OB SALE-Th- LIVRBY KTABLB an-l FICED MHKIi.No :>\f> |st I street, be:?e?u < and I 1? la antra on tfce prerninN. ad i ?t' L'UB liBXT"A KBAUK HOI - E ,itm ? J uu | r tt. atr?. t Ge rgrto-n.r U r n<r>i i iig our ro??r? Appl- J . A HLI M UN, mh4 3t* lhtBrM|a?t<Wt K(>B BENT?In ? vo >d xKiuaoa It)tty ?n K atrcat oyaoait.. ?h<* Northern I l(?-r tvM-rkt For furllir inform* ion injure at No 17 K atreet. Alio, Barber Shop Furmtura I for rata m*> 4 it* POB BIBT 8TOAI BOOM with-two BOOMS r above ou IVunay I v?ni a irena* h*l?-?n -l*t and :2d ate., foruierb kept by Dr. Malcolm aa a I'm* Mora 11.mi re of tJ H I> K >1 B r /., I '2*4 l>nkiy 1 ??nia avenue. B nt $:*) per month, I wt:ola building. mi QAA iUBU OF BKaT taBD a*ir?aM O'MF inston TO HI' for tw., yrara ?im 'u' *r y rent. tor tbe cooatiteratlon of put'i g fie unl'r n;'t. 11 H. IB !<>t? f . !|? - ty acres with mar) other ln<io< m-nt*. inna !iu? the privib- ?e .f buying the lanl at an) time For all particulate lii iHire of D L. WET.L8 % CO . n>h t lm I tb an l F ilraaM, ! l/OR KKNT-Pb aaent furniehed BOON* at I-J2 | a 1-th atr> et. netr New York avenue m i tt* i t 1 BEF.N HOI SB roBBBNT -A lar?? Gti h KN ! "I UOT'UE well >t ked altti rh?ic?-plant-, for rent Apply to THUS 1*. MOB >AM, h<-*1 2 tb atreet. tub l f?t | t, OK KENT?One lariie ROOM 2.% t.y m f~~t I wltli raa and wat- r. ?nitab'? 'or work*ti p->r tore room tb'iairf at FLK M M I N <> s N at i<>nal Mwt le- ?n 0 at . ket. 4S and th a>a urn t <vt* 1 |7CBM?UK1> BOOMS ANU Uo\BD CAN IT* I a bad on re?aonable tetai*. at th>-d<-? K >*rdin< Hohii?*,Nii y i ? K >tre??t. t^taeeu 17th au l Hth atieata, uast dtor to Drugstore. mh 2-*t* L'OB KENT?In flant'* BHlldii,i' c<>rn<-r.>t N-ar r York avenue and 1Mb eev^ral vary deairabla OFFICE K'^OMS. F'i ter'ua apply to I OKokGE H 1'LANT, office 2d itorj, " i'lant I Building." mh t tf L OB SALE OB BENT^t hand ?ome 0 Jfv TAOK.No ai'Hih strctit e??t. h*law aontb Oat n-ar t'bri t Ctirch, wi'h portico ?tid talro-y Ten room* |)eai>-aMe loratton L.t 8:?K? leetplenty ofahtde Price ft.tMO If not aold In live d<??. will be for rant Apply n??t lour N? '>.? I . r> .1 AS H. JONBS.or to JOHN O. ADAMS. .143 8th at ?eat mh: .t* A LARGE RALooN PaBLOK with bed roam i\ attsicbe-l, viith aMverwIo'^er alcaaaat rwn?, far rant at No. 4 Carroll Place. Capitol Hill, mh 1 fct* I IPOOMS FOB KENT-At No * north A. north U aide of front Oapitol ?%t]ar?. m?m( era af Con green will find plea?HBt front BOOMS The raomt occupied by Chief .lattice Crier will be given np en the 4th of Murch. mh l-6t* C'OK SALE OK BKNT? Jbt-ao. a ioar roomei r frame IIOL'SE, near tb" Cir l<* Alao a hae carriage DOU for aala. at BOHIBt FL LT?'N S. | Pawnhrck"r AO^yth at., near t'a. av. fe Jo !w" ^OB BENT-Ooe three atory BRICK HOUSB, ! r coBtaliito: 9 ruoma, witb gaa ari l water newly painted and papere l 'tabling for two horaea. No. A4 7 lSth atreet. hetween IS and C. I'laud, ten nilnnte*'walk to the Tre??arv building Apply at No. 4'2'i 7th ?t , bet. D and K ii >rta feN -t ! d~iKK OF THE MOs?T VALLAULE AND DB I I f 81 BaBLK BUILDING LOTS in the city for 1 e*ie. It la aitnated en the aorth aide of Katia t, near 13th batween Senator 8heitnan ? ami the Mexican Mlniater'a.fronting on FtankliaSioara. I Saul lot i* 26 fe<-t by 137, running back to a n loot allay- and Improved by a tw> atory brick atahle. le tf B 1'. BBOttN, 4b> nh itreet weat I K^OB BALE-iOnly .?250 caab re jnired. the hal r ancecaab* pai<l in monthtr inatalm?-uta of 525each>? 3 new two atory IIOIbES. 8T ABBA CO , feSS tw 4?**S7th at., bat. D and C. L'OB iiLI - All kind of I NBBDBBMED r PLEDUB8, to pay advnucaa. at 3 1 4*t atroct, near Pa. ave. 8.GOLDSTCIN k 0 ?? fe 21 lm Itlcenaed Pawnbroker*. ITOR BALE OR BENT Fomi-b d or unfur r nit bed?the RESIDENCE of the Anitrlan Minister, cornar 12th and B Apply between 12 and 2 p. m fe m im* C*OB HALB?Three amall GARDEN Fa BM8, r near the cttv, one ol " arraa 11&proved b> new two atory brtrk bona* and necemary out bntldtnga, grapaa, atrawberrlaa. pearhea apple*. Ae .1.1. fifteen acieabeat of rardeii a?il; VI, tbirt> 11 alxay acre*. daairab>> lo^atad f?r Butcher or Milk Farm. V. O. BTCM'KBBlDGB A CO . Baal E?tat* Brokera, fel*?-lm* N K coiner 7th and F ata. [ 170K RENT-The bToRE ROOM next t? the r Star office under Me*r ipalltaa Hall. Apply toU. B. BARER. Star office. fe 1* tf / 'BORGETOWN BEAL ESTATE AND HOUSE VE AOBBCY, 100 BRIDGB STREET Honaea ft r rental fl", to f l'O p? r monta. D**trablo Honaea aud Lota for aale. _fe 14-im* ORMK A COOPEB | fOB RENT?The FARM, for tbe laat three yean r the reeidanee of Major Tbeephlltia Galae*, co? latiag of IM acre*, lying near Fort Mahaa, 1 * lie from fienaing a Bridge, lmproveuenta, dwell ug bonae of 11 rooma, alone atable. eervant 'a honaea, barn, Ac Addreaa B 8.," 437 E atreet. Waaa Ington, D C.,or call la peraoa. between 3 and 7 ?. m. ocl? tf I L'OB RKHT?Two large aad one amall comuonl1 F eating ROOMS. anfarnUbed. aecond door No. 134 Pean. av., bet 19ih and >0th eta no V> tf O ARB CHANCE?For Immediate aale. one of I J|\ the beat located amall corner atore GBOUB RIES iD the city. BUy g and Flxtnrea new Apply Immediately, ? .?at*r, to A. B. O., City P.<at Office. na36 tf 70E BBMT?Two Fnratahed BOOMS, at No. A 4 b7 13th atreet )>etwe*n E aad F ata da 14 tf IAMBS GUILD Dtaltr t? aad Second kand J Faratrtrra. OM Fnrnitare Repaired. Reap bolaterad and Tar at abed. 12th and B ata.. (Bear tha canal.) Hlgbeat prto* paid tor Baooad hand Fnrnltnra. tally* /^HOCOLATB DOUBLB,VANILLE, L DB H. MAILLA1RD. Par Gacao et Sucre. Bxemat de twntl melange. Z. M. P. BING A BON, Blng Place, Corner Vermont aveane and 13H atraet. Choice nuts, baIsins. figs.oubrants, bPICES. Ac . Ac , to salt thi* particular *??. aou For aala by 1. M. P. BIBG A SON, de 31-tf Ring OOB1ABLB BTBAM ENGINES, Uomblalag the maximum of efflcleDcy.dnrabllity, andeooaomy, with the minimum of weight *ad arlee They are widely and favorably knowa. more than 600 being la one. AH warraatad aatlalactory, or ae aale. Deeeiiptlva olrcular* aeat oa appllcaOoa. Addrea* Q aOADLBT A OO., fa S eoSm Lawrence, Maaa. aiOBTICDLTL KAL TOOLS ' H HOBT1CULTUBAL TOOLS M PBUN1NG SAWS, PBUNIHG KNIVBS. PBCNIN6 SCISSORS^ KBUNING SAW AND TREE TB1MMBB8. ADVA BANC ATORS. Ac.. Aa. A fnll and complete aaaertment of theee toola.l Alao tbe HORTIOCLTUBAL TOOLCHBST, cuiidx fo?... ^r'ttaraoLow. fe 18-eolw ftiB 7th atraet, l?alow Pa. aye. "a MBBIOAB GOL?, STOCKS and HOHDB. A bought on eommiaaloa at tbe Hew York and ether Stuck Boarda. Qaotatlona regularly re* c*,T#d* LB WIS JOHHSON A 00 . Baakera, fe 7 tf Paaaa avenae. BAP SAGO. PABMBSAH. EDAM, HOBTOH B PlrfB APPLB. TOUMO AMBliOA. H. W. BUBOHELL oornar Fonrteentb and F atreeta jl 14 ander Bbbttt H uae LT<BBBUABY 11, 1B?7.?All peraoaa haviag r leit article* In my ahop far rapelra, nrerioaa to the lat of Jaanary, are re<iaaated to call aad get tham. otharwlaa tbay will be eold at pablia aoc tloa oa tbe lat af Iftarcb to pay tbe charge* therein. JOHN J. PBABOBY. Oub and Lockaalth, janlt-Sm Ho. 414 Datraet. 1 rt\ PBB OBHT. BATED by aaiag O. B.JB# OU BLL'S para anaduiterated Premium Naw Yark City SOAP, Premium FAMILY SOAP, Pi ami am VLAHNBL SOAP, And Ma 1 BBoWN SOAP. For aala cheap for caab Ordera through tbe Poet Office will be promptly attended to , U ? e J . Soar aad Gandla Maaafaetarer, Ho. .^00 and G at. north, bat. 4tb and >tb. J* "'** SPEECHES AHD ADD BESSES OF H.WIN^ TBB DAVIS Colorado, a Summer Trip, by Bayard Taylor. The Olavering. a Bovel, by Trol lope. Tbe Village aa tha Cliff, bp Blaa Tha i aray. Two Marrtagea; b> the aatborofJoba H allf?/eWck P^rs' D,;BABOVTAVLOB. C~^1G ABS AND TOBACCO -B BOOB B M BDj MONSTON will be happy tpaerve hi* frienda and the publlo with Oigara and Tobacco, at Ho. 4?? Lofciataaa avenue, near Bank of Wwh utM. AUCTION HAfiKS. |F?w <*? iMluw 0ml-1 M?'m * r* l.j rfl;i ArrmMtfoox and r<>. mv* , |JT GREEK TWTlLIAMp. Aucu .ur.r, A i M ! HIPTBATOR * HAlt-Iikkid vr \ K'S.'SHoV"'"" ?*'?" On U El'N kSD A Y. th? ?th << > ' ?1 ?rrh. at i# o'clu.k a. ? . * r ail ?li aril. ? ? ti.B |> (I e railed C a Cabert* Pi ?r . , -#f> ? < I* rk* M ! ? IM H iHiiO ,ir|r>i1 at otdrr < f the H. a UrfktM'<'inirt -flu* l*i?ffrt I t'clva.Ma, the [fr n'fr? l> of Ikr l*i<> i>4Aj iWrti' 4 fir ? T?i. tiae U ?>k and Mtrk't w?(*u< lid rto.r.* Oi.rH t?e I art. l'loo*l.? Harrow*, era lies. Had die*. *c OuLi ? Ibnl'l'id Frtmi* itf A! n* fft? tit#* B* S?la of W-iatt iwt In Srr*? A nd man? other ?rf irl?# vbi< h de uhiim iy l?> ?te. IfraiiM B> ordai of th*<>r # ... _ <-k? K.\ A ?? ILL? A M? B IEt ^ M a 1 ) Ai ? ' ^ ? in I" rihUtUNIk A ii ii ?? r*. 1 * il?H 'a. C .1 S? u'b ? . *t cox ui r I'-uii 4ftTauy?auiiitb ; , jitr U1lC? <-Hlltlt.g THE PALE ADVl.UTT-'ED TO TAKE I l*ce il No v7 In imtia areiiue b?i i ?en l .art lift' I > P? It CtMiPklt A L ATI M IK An to J BY GRKKN A UILLIAMC Aqfltfaaaera. opposite the b?liK ' f tit K. p bl a. < 7lh and lali-eta "oo*; or dbc.s memkike^. b t r; a 'OlNTkhv PhELViNQ* mN a I! Ac AT I ? AUCTION 1 ' ^ thf l?tk o?t ant, at <> rl.i k a m w*' at t ht Itt* H?r* , o? Tin at re?>t utliiMi, H and T Hff? ? north. all (tie ' |TU|B*' ?J*diciB?B H ttl~a, Yiala. < on Mara, shelving > ancv ArtlrlM. Ac. To U * ,id ?|ihoatt re*er\e for Cash "' ' "4 GBKKN A WILLIAM* A. eta. ^ ^ I *ALL A At 'i 'i^itra .?.K. A ."K" K H"1 ** AND LOT * i1 A * <ol M?r ?l " clock . WA wi II a?.I. In fi (III af t?.r prem'.ea, oil# am al. Rrl a Inn e a;?1 on < ! at rae . t,-i ?* (J tr II . u tbe rl at of the rttjr kn .a ? a- L .1 li iM .'ii Tif .ni eat?iu? ai> >nt 1 f?^t Term. On? ti?iid r?-H; l.,|,nc? in ?ik and tw.Ue nontua tl,a purcba??r glvtac b<* n .l-? with li.t.rrat,> a 1-t.j wf in?t Oja' \r\ ?Ttf ilk ftnd ?taui: at pqrcliaarr a i-i^i. f"27 <l * L_WALL a Co . Au re. V7UK ABOV| -ALK It POST P ??BP *> ftrcoant of lb# rsiu to TU*81>A V. ,'tli Inai, .. . u"iir aba (ikct. * 4 * L ALL A CO., Aueto. 5faTBK apovk-AL* I> H'KTHH POUTPONRI>. owibC totl^ rai?. t Fkll A> . Hihm tlklit, -?rue bou i aid i la ? t U ALL*001*?ct? B\ cot lib a ui l M k mu mmmtm I La . clerk* ?lth J C M Quir* a Co .) b^utu^eil c? rii?-r iVLbn) Uini? iipbu<< and kith Mr?et,fetar U(llr? HuilUlnf TBKKC STORY BBI? k PW KLI.INO Worth ttn *kll>A\ A 'TE KMmk n?*k t M*icb*.?.at L.i i . J prami*-* will ? ?" S i?*ra U| l.^ii,? tha aort i -I rort^r ot Iv ttraet north ao<] ktrrrt m?t. t.uilt and couvn icit .? I , "*'* *"b I itnry ba?-k baiidiaK c .u fcVtDV" ?l"?t.|# parlor*, toar cha n-?ra and kit chen aad pavai >ard Tk< at.oTr i>rop?rtr la In ati rigttorbood where real eatatr ia iw?roem? rapid I? Teim* due balf ra?h; of * htch $1"0 will h* re ?nlr?? at lime. I aale. ha'aoce ia ?is ?..<! it, ,e 2i,,,".:*"1 fr, ru rnrad by <1e*-t ot truet up >n the pr p-rt? All revenue a.amp* at coat ot par * ? < ? ?OPB? * L ATI MF B. Anrta. IfY OHEE> A WILLIAM.- ^o.ti o^r. M-M Mo. . coroer 7tb aDd 1) atreeto VALP A I' L K B11 LI* I M<> L''T IN TU K S B< '<? * n J* *|RD f^KONIINUuM I41UB1 KEKT? KHT EKNOhlO AVk.NI t AMi DsTUEKr hOl-TM. AT PL BLiO Al CTIOM 81*"Br On MOM'Al the ??h mutant at a cl > kp a, I?',1! f i"1 'be (_r*-uiiaea, Lot No u.m M?ar? ?o^ J.8. liajliig ia feel, rum lt>? hack ah .at to Lot ,B tb> l* ? Uaadaoiua Bulldiu? Terma On half ca?b, the b*laac? ia ? knii i? mon b?. or Botta t eanu* intaraat, au<l ae. ured at adenl of tmat >>b the pramiaea. All coo?ti?n c.n* and reTenae *tan>pa attbec??t of tha anr cbaaar Jio dowa op tha d?j <4 aale le?7 d GBaENa WILLIAMS Aucta. B^TllE ABOTE SU.K 18 PO<*TP(?\CD AN ar< vutit of tb. rain, antll HwRIiaI the ilth t ?at at tt>? aame b< nr a<.d I lace lrj* **??? > ' tihELB A WILLIAM a. Aucta. |>l M K WALM1 A CO.. A act ' Fenna avenue, corner 10th at. ?tr8CT8 OF * 'AMILY T?0? THB CITT AT klJ On Tl Ef D A Y MOBNIHG. Mar k eth at ! rMMu'vi"* * **"' ,U ffOBt of OBr ctiou O?o aat Cottaga Ea rmtara, nearlr n?? Waidrobea. kiruai. Be lateada lJalr top MattreMea. W?.h?tand?, Plllaw*. Ac Cana and *o?o aeat Chain Tuba ai d Bucket* Bruaa^U Tkrao-pl^ and Ingrain Carpeta L*rge lot of Matti&f fc,deTable*. Pa-k aad ^lock k^fcr,M,or^^?nd other Stovaa. SUir Oar pet J*. kpraadt. Bh^ata.Ac OI?i? and Grockfrrvtrt, Wltk other uaalul articlaa lor honaakoapinc. Teraa > aah. " * B ~H?*l?iB ? l?r?e warahoaaa for the atora?? of FnrDltura wa would laap-ctfallf ra ju-at par tia* Bending na Earnitnra. Ac . for aafa. would ?Ta'ii !irm ? ' t tha day pre^Ioaa to the aala. rio cLir|e for itur%|?. ^ M. K. WALSii it GO i A a t#. TH? above bale 10 postponbd om account of tha weather, antil TtlL HfiSA Y. :tta la?i . aaasa time and place 0 M K. WALSH A CO , An to BT VV0.1'*.11 * L\TJ"BIU Au tloneer., ?- <* -?*??*rka ?ltk Jaj.O. M G11 ire A Oo ,) "* B. W c .rner P.di ;ava. ae and Ilth .treat, Btar Oflsca Buliilng. IMPROVED REAL E8TON L C EOL'fcTB WA&W. WAsHIBti?# Z of tha Supreme Court of lanaij. if- i?a,7 ?t"*' *??'?* '?> UUitr, datad ? <! P*'??d In a cauaa lu which -niitlJJl1lad other? ara coap ainauta, Tfjf ?i 1 ^rt' ^ ' daat the an<ler>i?nat !S?tt2; miU *^L A Jt. pnblic aactioa, to Ibe bigkast bidder, an MONDAY, the Wbdarof Mar.a. nartnf rL S* 8,? f;,ock P Hi . ob the ?T3, No.iK. maaldcity. R 'reet Berth. >t feet frotn tk? aoutbaeat corner of -aid lot. and running tkanca f^} ?'rJL- th*BC* Borlh * (Nt. th-nce wetti ? i'-J U<i lbenc? ?o?tli SOfaot; togatker with tha improTeaienta Alao. tba outk part of Lot Ho MJOBra. haglbnlaii on Fourth atreat wcat. at the aouthwest cornar of tald lot Wo 4, in*! running thenca aaat feet thenca north t>i laat. thence east to tba rear llna af aail lot Wo. a, thaB'e north 13 feet, thauae weat 9S feat ? , inchaa t<. the Ijne or ?aid Tourth atrert and thence aoutb 33 feat tetta point of botnaninc, togatbar with the ImproTemento. wtlch cnuai.t of a rnedlumnueti dwelling hoaaa on each of Mid paraali of irr^ano. ^roparty is loc .tad in * growing section or the cl tf. w hare real eatat.- |* rapltlly ImpruTiaf Term* of Bala . Oae tktrd of the pnrchaae Uv%v to ba paid la cash. ?;')of which will ha ra mired at tin,, of aale. the r-ld.e In two i^JjVn.VaL m< nt* In *|* And twelve month*; tta aai 1 aatorred pat mentt to baar Intrraat from tl.r ,lar of ?ale. and to ha eecnred by tha Boteg or boad* af the puri haser or pur. ka-er* wiihaanratr or B?ratiea to be ar pre red by the trnatae If tha terms of sale are not cmpliad with withIn five QAT* aff#r tb? day of %!< , tb? tro?ie# re serrea ti e right to raaelTtha .aid property at tha risk and coat of tha defaulting pnr-baaar or Barchaaes. after giTing fiva days notlca of tha tiota, placa aad tarras of sale All coBvayanclac and stamp# attbaaxpenae of tha pmchaser. C. IBGLE, Traata*. w.a.a ,aa.. COOPBB A L ATI M B R mb i.MI.IOIl Auctlooarrs. BT COOPER A LATIMER. As tloaeera. ( Late clerks with J C. McGuire A Co .) southwest rataer of P*bls) Uanla araane aa I tlth street, btar Odlce Bulluiag QOBD HOUSEHOLD TT BHITFKt. PARLOR ( RAHD PlAhO. AN! CuMBIWaTIOH HILT LIARD AMD blHlHO TaBLB AT A*0 TIOB. Ob FBI DAT next. March ?th. at 1? o'clock at the roaldruaaof a gentleman declinmg bon?ekeap ing. Ho. 314 ?, between 12th and l?h atroeta. we shall aell an aaaortaent of furniture. c?a Ml*iBg? Rose wood Case Parlor Grand Pfaoofarta,7tt octave. superior tone Gilt F. F P. Pier Mirror Blab aad Rracket Lace Curtail*. WalBut Haircloth Parlor Bait* One Phelan Combination Billiard Bad Oialag Table and Ouea. Ac . Mahogany Stand, Marble top Tables, Marble tap Bi>ieboard Tw? -eta Cottage Furniture,Wardrobaa. L?uagea Radstea<ls. Bareaus and Wa*hstaads Hair top Mattraseaa. Iagralu Oar pat* M indow Shades, Ullcletn* Ocokingand Heating Bio?aa, Ac , Ac. Terms caah. . 1 i 41 COOPER A LATIMRR, Aacta OATBCPB, BOT Tba beat of their kinds ** ***' **' H W Bl'BCHBLL. oornar UAh Bad F etreeta. fa 14 nndar EbBltt Boom. At tbb bbw cbbaf stampihb mubs d*? yth street, oaparita Patoat Odlce, tod lea caa get at oar radaoad prioea. aa tba wery beat Wamaautta? Might gown Tokaa. ready ataapad ?il c?a. Cb' mlae Yokes. ' 3? eta Bands M Rm Either for braid or aabrotdary, ear aalta< a* ara of the Tery l*u*t deaigas, aale*tad wltk aara ia Hew York, aad befog in reoalpt at tbaai weakly, we ara able daily tolaaae new p*M*r*a aa vail aa make and ataap ?ty patter a brooch t aa I 0.0. Working Cotton at redaaad priaaa. HOME M4HCFACTUBBI I, GOOD M AN, PRACTICAL CAK/>IlT W>ATER. Corner ?H and C atreata Uland I Makea Oarpau to ?rder with >?-p*vb. an mode rate term*, aad awtia'actloa g\iarbatiad. Carpeta cooetaatly an band, aud far ante. la 21 ?m