Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. \ Wir* Aoihc'T -We hav* lately h?arrt ofa gentleman wno claims to have been la this ! bu-mee, in F.tnqnier. who bouu of his sac- | cms?aai tor he has been successful a? to the number of mmriages he has brought about, and in getting off some hard rases :n the way of old maids. He has sh >T*n a list et one huadred and six'y-flve names of femnlee in FanqsUr, many of which, bs confesses, have not the gbrst of a chance for matrimony; bat , he af? all the names be can get, which, for f->, he reg.sters as candidates for matrimony. | IJe | oinU'd to one nam-' exnltmgljr, which he bad crossed cff, saying she had tried hard before 'he wsr, daring the war?both sides. Fed and Omfed?l?but 1 got her off at list."?CulI"f*r Obterver. Professor Ahassiz on Mohkrys.?Prof *sor Agn*?iz delivered bis closing leeture Tue^dsy evening, in New JYotR, his subject being the monkevs ol Br*ati. The larger portion of the lecture was devoted to a eooaiUerauon of the origin of animal life, and a refutation of the transmutation doctrine which mik*s ammni life originally the spontaneous production of natnre. and in its history makes the monkey the tattler of the man. A very large sndienoe was in attendance, and the cor elusions of Professor As:a.??iz in favjr of special rn*aticn and of an intelligent rnler of tii" universe, appeared to meet with general indorsement. The Sams F.fpkct ?It is a cartons fict in medical history, that during the pre valence of , cholera in Moscow, diffV-rent plans of treat- i meet were tried in the various large hospitals, but in one hospital it was agreed to employ no trea'm?nt whatever The percentage of mor'ili'.y was exactly the same in all she hospi'als, including that in which no medicine was given. SPECIAL NOTICES. ! ?"Tm OB K AT CHAKM OF METCALFE'S C.KEAT KHU'MATIO KOI KD Y lies in the all >ia entity neceis?ry to effect a cure One do-e C'lort) ittif > ?l*e* instant relief, vnl . ?> rice rsics'id ?tldon? fails to restore the sufferer ?o perfect health. -w 8. C FOED, As?erit. 1TBEFFECT IS MIRACULOUS HALL 8 VEGETABLE SICILIAN QMS k I N I W K R. It is a pt rfect and wonderful mi tide Cnreslall- ' *' ?kes hair grow. Abetter dre^aiarf tii >o > "f'l' M" PvtB ?tII ? " 3oft*'ni br.iali, ilrj , \rid w ry hair Into Keaatifnl Silseu Treves. But, a!-\e s l, the great wonder nthjr.*3i itf with *M-h It restores g.jai h.vik to :i- oaiot.vai. i COLOR. tY- whitest and worst lookii. hair ris<in< * it-? ? r-ti>'ul hi aa'y by Its nse. It 4c?a BSt -Fe 1 e . r, t i ?trit?e - at the root ?ud lills it *1 lb to a I:atd c>lorit g ui ttor. The first application will d coed : yon vrill s*e t' >aITK ai. c"j o . re* mi,J:.4 eve y .lay . unl BM'OBK YtiU KNOW IT. t ?f lil -y, .ii? appear tare of the hair 'i l e pi*ce to lueiioutt, shiuiu^. >: il li utllul 1? k - *k tor tie! -irliian Hair Benewer; no other Mti. te is at all like it in eilert ?ee tha*-:<cb l>ottie has oar pri * ate Gova-nnn^.t Pt?n p ??er (he top ot tt?? battle. .4/1 <? 1 r.? *4 ! I Iff It'll iOll ?, li I li ALL A CO . Kasha*. N H . Proprietors, fertile by all drag^tsts. fe HdA weoUm.r LEMEDIAL IN-S't lTL-l E FOB SrKOlAL OA6KS, Be 14 Bond street. New Ynek Full information. with t'ie V?ii>r nml' al'o, a K>>ek ob Sp-'tnl Z/ tin ?e-i ltd S fnfiopf. sent free. %jT &t ,<vr< ant far '** m, j <*n I > >? not rrriet rt; for, a< advertising phys:clans &re coeraliy tmpo'ttrr*. without reftr-nce* n? strai.cer ?t,mM be tru*te?l En lose a st?Bip fcr pott ^?re direct to T*B. LAWBEMCE. No. 14 Bcb<i street. New York noll DAWly *7" !9 J BHIAnn ANDCKLIBACT, AS D THE l!apfii.e?s ?-f True Maabood.- An l^-vav tyr \ut.u|t Em on th?s Criuin .f soiituile, au<) the i Pt.j-io.oih ai Arrcrs, Abn^esaud !> ? ases which create i!npe<'.iL.eats to Marriage, with are me?r,4 of Beiief Sent in scaled letter t:. v-li p? i. free of charge. Address Pr - >K I LLI N HOUOUKiN, Howard Ass < 1at;oa Fhiladelpiiia, Pa. ja li-3;u 8ECBET OlBBAalitj. feiXiHTAi "ti.rris the moat certain, safe ac J et?c:uai rertroj?iuiieed, tbeooly vegetabie remeay ever discovered Cares is two to tour days, an! racaut cs*j In taenty t?nr boors No mineral, 00 ta sam, lo aerccry uui> tea pills to >>e taaea. it is the sotdier's hope, and s frl- nd ta those who <lo set w?tt ta be exposed. Msls yscksges, fJ;farui'U, tf 3. ?A> AS tai'?Boot Jrtcnc?Apoaltlve ai.a {ermanent mre fer CpyhHIs. Pcrofala. C!cers, i>orea. Spots. Tetters. Mr. Pr<ce ^1 2S per Vettta. ^old bv 8 11. Ford. See srtvertiaement my dancing! pB?T8. J. W. A H. P. JLftftH* PANCIHO ACADEMY, Paansylvstils sveuce. bet. 6th aud 7th sts.. |ft Opposite MatropoiiUu Hot. I. C9L Brw Clsssaa forming -very evening. Thosa Jastring to enter oar cKases ibualj svail theaiol this opportunity. Pr> pamtlon* will ba aiade in this quarter for on' annoat Hay Bail. ' Irsnlars ca> be had *1 J. T. Kills' and W. O Metierott A < o > M<i?ic 3tore?. The Hail can be rautrd tor ck>lrees. Ac. Diy tnd Wivtj of TVt/ien for La Ilea. Mis* >s and Master*, Tn?st!sy and hdtnrday afterno'os from 1 to 5 s'eioes weutifn.en s Olfewes. Tuesday and Friday evecir.tfs. from d to le o'clock. ? or farther InfortSntlon,apply dnrlav the hoars ef *uitiv,>;, or address a uo?e to the Academy. Quarter commencine with the flr?t lesson, ja 5 i\ I AMIHl'B FASHlOHABLM DAMCING i'l AOAUAMY, AT MAB1K1 8 ASSEMBLY BOOM8, ?. K, between 9th and kSth streets. /B The 'sst qaartar of itai* ?ea<on, prepare wflk oiy to the Msy Hull will . on.areace on 8atordajr. March t. CiaMies for the Genua 1 are now open. U B ?Private I nstraetlon given to suit toe convenience of the pa pi 1. te St \f ASv^UXBADE AMD FA!?CY DBBaS BALLS i'l AMD P AttTlBS. The nRdersigned wonU most respectfally inform tb? ladies and geDtl^aiea of Washingtoa etty.andthe District generally, that he Is at all timrs prepared to furnish parties with Mas<iatr- I ode and Fanc> C"?tume. either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at the well known fancy establishment of ?'hristiaa Reppert. ?> A'Jif 7th street, between D sad E, where he wUl (> i happy te await orders. CI1ABLIS BEBO, lataOostumer at Tori's and Orover'a _fe^? lm* Theaters, Washington, D. 0. WAILLABD'S CHOOOLATS DE J ANT AI8IM, T BOM BOMS. ALS<>, M AILLABD'R CHOCOLAT PAS BXHSLLEMCB, (Trials YantHn.) This Trlpls Vanilla CHOCOLATE is sn(?rier in anaiity and flavor to any othar made in thl* country, end is prepared especially for table nse M. W BCKCHILL. , _ corner i4th an l F *tr?-eta, is' under Khbitt House, IkEPARTMENT OK THE IMTEBK^K. \9 vy ITF. D STATES PATKXT OFFICE. i?- ??.- ^..^aaM RsToji. ahraary ! >, M?7 pJ^rVi.,?t ?El>B .E M. BKEI) aal L. TLTTLE. iwluiniistratora of tii?ri J-S'ph li T'ittle. deceased, ol G"u?>va, > . 1 , praylag for the extension of a pat* n t grauted to toe said Joseph H Tuttis t>e ^l?t <i*\ of June. Ilia, for an improvement in *?a?* s, for -even years .rtni the expiraUon ol said patent, waico tas?a place on the i^t da> ol Ju ie, ia? ; It is >rdered that the aaid petition be heard at the Patent OSes en Mondav. the >1 j?y of - 2' * tiejit, at 12 o clock ni i asd all p*~raniis are notified *o appear sud dix* cause, if lor ttu-e have, vby sold petition c a?ht n t tw be granted. Persons opposing tlie exteustoo are required to i We in tbs 1 atent Office their objections, specially ! ? t f-rth in Icait Curf.u.y i!a>? l?t, ><r>j tVe dav of hearing; all teetimoey filed by either p*rry 1 t b? ii?ed at tbe wii boar lug rnnst be t\k?n aid transmitted In sccordance aith tl?e rtl.i of the oQce. which a ill be furnished on aj plication. lVp< sitl< OS and otb<?r papers relief up..fcastei- 1 tiniony mrist be filed in theotfioe tu tm'y davs be'ors the day of hear.ngj ti.e ar-nui-uts, if auy. within fc* days after Cling the tettimony Ordered alsc that this aotice be pahiished I a the Intelligencer and trie B-tHibli'an. Waahiuif Un. D.O . and in the i.eurvi Ca<^tte. Csuet ?, j * '-on^ * week for three successive weeks; t?is 1 nrst ofsaid Tuhllcatfog^ to be at least Sixty days Pievlwos to the da) of hearing T 0. THKAKEB, _ ? _... . Commtssiorer of Pstents. P B. Editors of the store ptp<rs will ple??e ecp?. and ?*nd their Wlls to the Pat?nr offlre with 1 S taper coiitalumn th.* uotica le .2 lawjw DEPABTMEMT OF THE INT5BIOB, VN1TED STATUS PATE XT OFFICE, WasllISGToll. February ?, PJ67. ! On the petition ofLACKKN W \BD, adnitnis tratoruf the eatate o, BicUarJ Ward, de eaa^l, ot Maagatn k. ? nasctlcnt. praying for the ex ttcsien of s patent jrranMd to the said Laur.-n ward as said adUiioperator, on the Mth day at J'ine. laSS, for an IdQrovement la Ma hioesfor Tnriilrr Irre?.'alar forma for tor-a years fton the expiration ot said patent, which takes place on 1 the ?th day of Juse. 1*7 : ' it ia ordered mat the said petition be hoard st I the Patent Off.ce on MONDAY, the luth day of Jane nest, st 12 o'clock m ; and all persona , are aot'fl?-d to appear and show cease. If any th-v have, why said petition oiaght not to be granted. I ?re< na opposing toe extension are re^airvd to fl>n. the Patent CHRce their objections, specially , set lortb In writing, at least lire* s days bef.rre ti e day of hearing; all testimony CM by either Girty. to be need at the said hearing, innst b? k?-a end traa?mitted In oecordanc* wlta the raise cf the oflce, which will be famished oa appliesiLO Ba Depositions sod other papers, relied upon sa V?timot y Bust be filed In the oft?e tvm y dsys .e'ove the day of hearing; tbe arguments, If any, witniD letsdajssfur tling the ta*tiai' ny Ordsred alsa that tbis notice oe published In the i isiW."'*"' s""1 the Ktiitbhrm , Wa?biagt'>n, D. C , end Is the Mew II srsn. Conn., on e e week for three sacceaaive weeks; the first of said luMlcsiisb* t> be st least alxty days prsvious to Uie day of heeriaA. ^ T C TlEAEEg, '/ :nmrs#?l(>ner of PutoB^i P. 8 ?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bile to the 1'stent Office .wilii s pspci containing this noUes. leifi-lewtv AUCTION SALES. K* * * * ??-? Aoctloaeers. ?s* ?f?..?orBw Mtk street. YALCABLB IMPBOYBD I BOI BTYOB n HT N< KTH. MlK GoVRBMMBNT i'MlNTINO orn<*?. at auction minting ^ IDfllSDAI,the th Virrh, 1867 at saVikp. b., w will Mil. Loi u |a j^, <j (.aire snb?i vision at b^nare inabtrMl ??V' " J?x?oV^t%*o"r&?5* VJm.' inWrUhau! r?W.i together *lth thr**/ ?M7 " rfjir, (OT*T1 fronting *? Jackson allsy^ <S' bo.M., ?a.e peremptory. J?'"1' made known at Pale. The property U in on* of the mi"*t desirable loca -"*1h ?4t ** K. WAT.SH A CO . A?cts. |#T COO 1'IB A LATlMBB, Auctioned if c'*rl" *,ll> Mctinirs A <io.,) bnuthweei corner cf rum e it?uu? aad Uth st., ?tif Office Baildlng. District rM'?i*<l?Sre# of ,h* ?BCourt of the U In ihlJk *KlbU* U**?4 *? can"* iNo 645 e^uila'neCogan Is complainant, and .51 mre defendnnu, the under!. .i '?Vi It'?' **' ' froBl of the premises, of W,rX'?f}.F ^'oa THU Bi?D A Y. the !lit day ia (idiiir.'iir t' JM Lot numbered live,.6.) < i? ???!.? . *r#d one hundred tad twenty two, ?n*d r?S?in.tI11r,n*o? aoitth side of said Lot five, T? n" in ,,ne w,th ?rd fronting ou ISP,"!LhfJet v? ^ch; thence eastinn^hwtrrfliMr > inches. more or less thence wa rdl vlU feir It* ,?"? Vach* *nd thence wentp!are If lnch^. " le... to the by the dec ree : One{,* ?, f hr h?'?nc* to be paid in 12 months, mI -ro? ! purch*"er wil1 b? rs-iulred loglve his pronifnory note, bearing lnter-st from date to the satisfaction of the trustee. or the ? .B? kr n'**.' he se desires, pay the whole of tpurchase moiey cash, cr on* half cash. and Tii'i?? >ie ratification of the sale by the .1 bf- r?u,n?d until th<? Whole of the Fanrt r a' T . p",d an l ,he ratlOed by tue ttowrchuif* *' *nd ,tMnp" *l theco? of KUGENR OABCSI. Trustee nih 2 rnAds OI*H A f?ATiM?B. Aucti9o^n. I.*\ G KIlKS t *1LLIAM?, Auctioneers, ?? ??^8. corner of 7th and B street*. ^ *B'irKm TZ?iT,f?nB?, UMMPROVBD wkkt ?T? ^LK.NTIRa WI* *rn srKKkt VI BLI? AVVllOV. STH1C,CTd NOKTI1' Af "th lay of March next, *t 5 o clock p ui .om th" preriti?e?. we ?haH e. ll, L t No. A nno B,being anhdtrial. n ?,i Loti No. ?. , nd .. in Jf.mare jlo 521 hnviuif *o"l front an'l ?' iT,,p'!'>ve<1 hy a Sne thr?f etory Frame ^ ,'?n.t*,?,ue eltht ?#od rooms, with htlls ttii t i'-.1 *1 l' w,,h ua.ljoiiiiug lot. H use l!" ?!; , f? ,Ver tfee of ",e ? t? ]' ' # J , ?? J ',n S'inare. luring t*ti. j "ii 'f'H ,?o inches fro-itou New Jer.?,? ^ !::e rnnmnr Lack the depth thereof This property Is m a hne location, and worthy of ti!? ^ Jhe rre*ii se* can be s< . n ?!Te??a2.By S*,e 17 Cai"Bg oc the eWD"r ?" T?-rms. Od</ half cash; balance six and twelve m. nth?. for uot-? bearing ir.terest. and s^curei by a deed of trust 01. the preu #? ?. All co??ey %ni ? mx au.l rev. nu<- tamps at th-i cat ot the purcha*er. j? ii do? 1, uh e-ch when sold p C"a?e..> mi., QkBHN i WILLIAMS, A nets [iY r?OP?* A LATiM KB Anctioneers. - h '^tederk. with J as. O Wttiairo 4 0?..i Sen hwebt corner of Penu?ylyania are. and Jlth strot-1, btar Office Building. TB?K7V^.? ,L*?OHIMPK0VBD PROPfcKIY oa Tin ISLAND AT AUCTION InnVA ll'fii1 !.d ?f lr.u,t d 4,,*'1 th? 5th lay of i'? i?u .L !^ *DUJecor,ler',"Lil,?r-I-A d. N". fo^'ulihi ?' *Ild9, t,"e,0'th? lmt records tor ?\ aehint tou county, l?. 0 , I will sell at pul.n Mns iuv* u p:<,u,i,*9? ?t ? ? O clock p. m, I-M elVht ?. rt' . ?*t. Lot numl.ered a pAP*rt ef Lot No. t7 > ?>p?n. io w m H. Philip sub of part of original Lot No. rl) two . s"')UTi,'eI1,'n,^,r*'1 fi*?h,,,,^red ?n1 eighty one . !* Pr?i?rt> is sitnatrd on the e<i't V.I? b?" CA-h. l six and twetre r . ,ntere#t fr. in day of ?ale, ??car?.| by *r?be UnH..-0" r???'r,y A deposit of ?M) 1 ?II ' ron' ,li? purchaser at time. f of ^n^fcJi'r'' >stJ4;il'? *ud revenue stamps aicj.t fe 19-tod&<Is _\00PkBiILAUMDCR1A?I,,u T KCSTII'I ?1Tb~. . a- ?r * power of sale vested In nie hy adeed,.' trust, executed to m- hy Oe,rVe \\ Mit.bel an ! Cornelia I> Mitchei, his wtfe of the*-^!'". ? Cyi- Vi'trjrt "f O-lomt,,.. fir IIP ? Wn? *uj "I"1 recorded In Li rt-r rH. > a. ? 3 tJt- *c 0D? "'the laud re crds ?.f Montgomery c-unty, I wl'l offer at cublic .aie and oell to tfe highest bid 1 r at B?'s Uotel In the village f"?rksH?rg in *t?ha"av^tfri.C"CKtlf' Md WEDNKSDa V* th. l*ri-h- in tiie year eigh.eeu hundred i? -li ' ZLrta' ? o clock a. rn allthefolTosr Int, described real estate, sitn ited in Montt .:n.-rv ClarkaWatV,f *"r)Und The'? l"U?U lie u?J ?r?ii?tv tfi" *ryJBOnn"r- ?n.| a-ljoin tne Kin^.Perry H'owinnb, Bull tl J f. others One of the tracts is part i H tract ef and c?HM ?Tr. nole Boouiri) In I J ' ^ talB.n.r ?y hnndr-d and sixt, acresln^;, it h*in?the ,aBt laud heretofore ce/veyed hV l}<FnaBea?r'J!"d *i?*n<T Hendry, his 'ife to said Oe<.rg'< H . ^itcbel. by deod aa'ed < n tbe2iith d*'^/".gnst 1*5 The other >^.lr g part ot a har?t?r c%,led 'Bemrvsy on Maple Bran. U " heretofore conveyed io said Ueorge W. Milt fc'el iMd Thl^-.'tV t'?XUB,n? lMr" f'r? a-re'of . Thi- land is under a *ood sUteefenltt. va..on, situated In a healthy ?ei_;h6.,riio<d well watered. ai;d nnaer very K?K>d fen. ir,t The i?? provements consist of two ooinfoi ta'.ie lo - <lw?l ungs. e.,4 .fable, corn boas. . ,i | other D J?, a-y ont-bmldiaga. als>. .".od toht T house*. Th? above d>scribed tract is ancenm.ia r^ divided into two or thr^c!nv?.W Persons wishing to look at the property ean io sn{hy cailltg ol Mr King, resldin* on th? i-nH who will take pleasure in showin.U # Und' Term of ?^Ie: On#-third ofth* purchme mooev to be paid on the day 0f sale tberwridVe ! t'e fr?? i ,n on? ancl two years trom the dav of sale, the purchaser or parch" sers giving n.s. her or their notes, with approved se.nrity, hearing interest irom the day of sale ?? f?'m?Bt ?f the whole pnrch .se money a deed wnl te exeei:t.-d ny the trustee, the purchaa?r P?> in, ex P^s of ^ the deed a|d .tamp.' LWri'A'-frtt.Si.'iryy li' MAOLBB CO., Auctioneers. Baiesroom No. 'Jtfi Penn. avenue. Between Mb and 10th eta. . ??A?LB 4 CO- will give their personal attention tr^ii.' tll,('l!,,,f,',5d Household rurniWi.nes l . nn?. ofL tocks of Oroc?ries, W?r** *,v' *?rchandlee of every de I**V c*rrt???s. Harness, Ac Liberal cash advaaces made on consignments. Di^TanB?r?Vv0,r *,??r?o" ry TUBSoc^TUCHiiDAY *?d SATUBDAt. at To jail tf NAGLB ACO , Auctioneers. (jJ * O O * B I B 8. ~ HALL A PLANT, PLANT'H BUILDING. Corner New York avenue and l&tn street, (Bntrance en New York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GBOCRBIKd TKA1 W1NE3, IMPOBTED LUXUBlkS, Ac, Jtc' wonld respectfally aotify their friend, aud ths public that tley have jn.t opened their New Orocsry "tore, where can bs obtained any article osu ?l!j kept in a first class Grocery. Without attemptin^to enumerate onr large, fre.h and w.llSelected st<*k,we sordl.Ily iuvile the public to sxanilne oar stere and stock, believing we si,all not fail to Bi ve entire satisfaction to all who uay fav^r r.s with tlieir pttronage. We call e?pe? in] attention to our assortment of KAS an . COFPBB8, wfcUh have been select d with great cam for p-irlty. Dealers will fiod a flue a.sor tu>sut to select from, ?nd o?r prio.-, to Gtods delivered promptly In any part of the clt*jan v 3m ' I 'OLLMB1A HG8PITAL FOtt WOHU AND LYING IB ASYLUM, fi>crteenth street.(?irclejcoraer ef M street Washington, D. C. ' *h's losrt .aUeii ha, beeu esubll.bed for the r?. tf satiristsi who nay be su<T?rln<> froiu i'i*. esses secanar to their sex aud tor the adm&. 't of ?ncn fei,jai?. as uay require the OuotfMls ol thl lying in chamber a ?* *Aa The baildiag is sttaated lu the m-^t healthv tlou of the Dtetrlct, snrrnumltni by it. fJL grounds. Cars p^u the door every Uvemlnut^ 1 eras of ada lesion: from Jfi to f io per we?fc ft, aecordan -e with the reora regnlril, payabU in advance TU? includes Board, Mediolai w" ^ leal aad 8argica| sttsndance. *?<* B D I O A~L STAFF If 4 I s/ JJ^*O*P80NHIM 'tl Cnlted btatea ArniT ' D ' ????? ??n^al, >\ml"l-A.V?:X!KS- Waahlaaton (JB^tToS TVUSB i? Drv' W?U?blugtoB. ?bisrass,5.,,i;.7stts jsawi h 7"rt*f7"r SuVTD ' Hal Gar ley. Gillette and Coonba * win'ISlfeteYa ?I" *' *0|<1*W desirl ng ad ml est sn irnly ^ *?rgaon General. Oaitad States . * whe desire to oene to this i aatltutl??i (hr treatueut can seoare art vail rooms by applying by lotter to the matroa ofVa! 'srsu^ *?""-sTT^g.;** ?>? l???J mtci TATliJi! PROPOSALS. pBOFOBALS FOB IHM&n BIKP. BrBdisTKRCK Oin?, V. 8. A., \ Corner Grant and BUderaton "treats, < In Bear of 105 West Lombard street, f Baltimore. Md.. March 1,19o7.1 Scaled proposals, in duplicate. will be received at this once until IS m. ou 8ATUSD \T, March 9, 1%.7. for furnishing and delivering, free ?r coat. to tbe Camps Barrack*. Hospitals and 91i.?ri in, round, and In the vicinity of Baltimore, Md , Vincluding the garrisoned forte sxsept Fort Ma* lenry.) all the fttllU Bill r?|ilr?(t by them for al> m oths, commencing April 1,1K7, or such I leee tine as the Goiamiaaary General of Bubalst nce may direct. The Beef to be of good and marketable quality, { in equal proportion of for- and hind quarter meat, (necks, shanks and kidney taUow to be excluded ) ' The ne< ks of the cattle slaughtered nnder title agreement shall be cut off at tae fourth vertebral I joint, aad the breast trimmed down. Tba ebanks | of fore qnartera shall ba cut off from three to I b ur iache? above the knee joint, and of hind quari ters from sis to eight inchea above the gambrel or i hock joint. Biildera are requested to be present to respond to their bids, and ba prepared to give bonds for the fulfillment of their contract Proposals must be endorsed distinctly Propom)i for Freeh Beef," and addreaaed to tha undersigned, who reserves the right to reject any or all bids not to the Internet of the United States. Condition*, requirements. paytm nta, Ac . Ac., as heretofore. TBOMAB Wll.SOH, Bvt. Lieut. Col. andO 8 H. 8. A., mh 4 Ct Bvt Brig Qan. Vols. jlLOl 08ALS FOB FRE8I1 BREAD. BrBSISTEKCK Offick, D. 8. A , ) IB Corkkh Ok am and Ba_i>Bii*ton Brs , { -t Beak ok Mo. 10S W k-t Lohbakh stkekt, ; Baltimohk, Md . March l,)a?7. { Sealed Proposals. in duplicate, will ae received at this office until 12 m., on 8AT0 BDA Y, M trch 9, Id 7, for farnisbipg CKK>ti BHIAb t> tne t roups in, an<l around. aud lu tba vicinity of Baltimore, Md , including the various furr>uuliug foi ta. (except Fort M< Henry. Maryland > Tbe bread to be delivered at W arehouse corner of Orant and Halderston striate. Baltimore Md., or at such other point in the city of Raitlin >r? at may be designated, in sacb quantities and at such timer as an olbctr of the Subsistence Department may direct The Bread will besnbject to a ilgld inspection, ar.d if uot satisfactory, purchases will We mad? in open mtii k< t <tt the ei ft Qsc oi the contiactor. A11 question* respecting qualitv and condition will be settled by the officer of tbe S-ibsisteuce l'ej art*--ent receiving the Bread. Tbe Bread required to be furnished under this contract must be good, wholesome Breai, made in .-beets of loavts, eacb loaf to weigh not lea* than cigbti en ounces when rect-i ved Bidders will state bow many loaves of Bread of eighteen ounces each the> propose giving tor one barrel llourof iy<> pounds,' packages not included,) ti e marks on tbe barrels at purchased by the United b ate* to nol l,<ahen the barrel* aruun-Utut bed ) This contract wi 1 be nja<ie for six m >nths frmri April I, lit 7, or snob less time as the Oouimis-ary General tnay rirect Blank pi opo* il? i an b? obtaia*datthis office. Bid? mt.iM be iui >rs d l'rop< sals tor Fresh Bread." and adlre*?ed tj the undetsiem'd, who leterve* tbe ri^.tt to rciect any or all bids de?- iu-d unreasonable Bidrtt s must be pr ?"nt to rS'nnnd to their bids and be prepared to give b- n ia o' the faithful performance of their contract. THOMAS ?V1L80N, Brevet Lieut.Col. and C! 8,, D 8 A , nih I St Brevet Brly Qeu. Vols. JYRCP09ALS FOR CARTAGE. Prop'^sala will be received until -4 p. m on tha !>th of Marah, 1867, at the of tbe Washington Os> Light Company. No. 4 7 J Te-tb street, for Oa< t me, from A pril 1. 1367. to April 1,18 *8 Tbe right to r?j?ct any and all bids that may be offered is reserve!. A'cbidnleof what is rf julr^d mar be ?s*n en application to CHAS B. BAILEY, lei* d'mar9 Secretary. PBOPOBALB FOB ARMY TRANSPORTATION . qrartkrmasttr ohmtral^ orr:?^, / ^ ash sgton. D. O., January 15. I8T7.J Sealed Prop sale will be received at this o"W until 12o'rlock ra.. on the t8tli of February, IS6*, for the transportation of >, 8u|>p)i?a durlug tbe year c?>nmienciiig April 1, 18u7, and and lug March Si, 18>>8. on the following routea: HuL'TE No. 1. From Fort McPherr?n H> l?raska Territory, or anch parta as mav be determined upta Ourtne the year ou tne Omaha branch of the Union Pacific railroad, we-t of Fort McPheraou or from C?.it Laramie, Dakota Territory, to ?ncli posts or depot# tis are now or ma) be established in the Terrify O' Nebraska, west of longitude 1- 2 des , in the Teriitory of Montana, south of latitude vi dag.. In the Territory ?i Lakota. west ot lon^ttule lot deg , in the Territory of Idaho, aont h of latitude it deg and east ot iongitnde *| deg , and in tbe 1 erritortee of I'tah and Oolorad north of latitude 40 deg , inclcding it necessary, Denver City. ROUTE Ho. 2 From Fort Riley, btpte of Kensaa, or erch poiute as may b>- determined upouduring the yaar on the Uhion Pacifj railroad. IB- D.,t> any posts ordep't* that are no?~ or niay be esta> nshe-1 in theBtateol h ansae or l u the Terrltorj ?f Colorado. south of latitude ?0degreea north, and to Fort I nion.Kea Mexico. <-r other depot that may be desigaated in tiiat Territory, ai><l to any other point ar poiata on the route. BOUTK No. S. From Fort Uni->a or aurti other depot ae may ba established in the Territory ol Hew Mexico, to anyposts or stations that are, or may be eetnb 1 lined in that Ten itory, and to such poita or atatior.a ea mav be designated in the Territory of \ri/ona, anu in tbe State of Texas west of longitrtls 1US a eg. BOUTE Ho, 4. From 8t Paul. Mianes<>ta, to such poets a- are now or may be eetabiinhed in the state of Mlaae? >ta. and In tba* portion?t Dakota Territory lying e- at of tbe Misaoari river. The weight t > be transported during tbe year will not exi ?*d i n Bo'iie No I, S<i,'?>i oO) potin i-t , on Bt cte No. '? 2t),tsU t*?j pounds , on Route No S. - 1 i<i "un p< ends, a-d on Route No. 4, l,iuo,w pounda. iTtposals will be made for anch route ?api I rately. B.ddera will ?iate the rate per ICo pounla per !?> ? miles, atwhicuthey will transport thestor- s in em U month of tht> \ i-ar, begrnuiug April 1, 1867. und ending March Si, 1958. Bidders should give their names in full, na Well as tbeirl places of restdenca, and each proposal ah nl4 be accouipnnied b> a bond in the ana of ten thousand -5 lu,0l>) dollars, signed by two or m<-re responsible persona, guaranteeing that in ia-e a contract in awar<:ad for tbe routa men tianed In the proposal to tha n%rty proposing the contract will be accepted and entered into, and gocd and sufficient aecurity furnished by aatd party in accordance with tha tarmaof this adver tlaement. Tbe contractor will be required to glva bonda in tba following amcuhte: On Routa Mo. 1, 230.000. On Route Mo. X, aw.uou. On Route No S, lW.IKO. On Rome Ho. 4. to ttjo Batlafaetorv evidence of tbe lovalty and aolvency of each bidder aad peraon offered as security will ba required. Proposals must be endorsed " Propoeala for Army Transportation on Route lo l.'i.iiOM," as tha case mav ha. and none will ba entertained unless thsy fully comply with the raiiQlramenta of this advertiaement. The party to whom an award ia made must be prepared toaxeente tha contract at once, aad to give tbe required bonda for tha faithful performance of tbe contract. The right to reject any or *11 bida that may be Offered ia reserved. . The contractcra on each route matt be in readiness for service by the let day of A?ril, 18<!7. and a ill be required to have n place of business or agency at which ha may be ooatmnnicated with promptly and readily for Routa Ho. 1, at Omaha. H. T : for Route No. J, at Fort Riley, Kansas; for Konte No 3 at Fort I'nlon.Naw Mexico,for Roate No 4. at 8alnt Paul, Minnesota, or at such other point for each of tbe aeveral Route* as may be indicated as the starting p*lat of the route. Blank forma showing the conditiona of the contract ts be entered into for each route cau b? bad on upplfretion at tble office, or at thooffice of the 'Juartermaster at New York. Saint Louis, F?rt 1 Leavenworth, Omaha 8+nta i Fort 8uelling, and muat accompany and be a part of tne p'opogal. _ By order of the Quartermaster General. alexahper bliss. Brevet Colonel and Aasiatant ja 18 85t <iuartermastor, U. 8, A. Ul artekh a?txh OKMKR AL's OfFICR, t 'asHi-voT- if, U. o., February 2J. 1*^.< POSTPONEMENT Of OPENING OF BIDS FOR ARMT TRANSPORTATION. The time fer the opening of the propoaala for Army Transportation, invited by advertisement front this office of Ianuarv l.i, lsff ia hereby extended to It ni., of THDRBDAT, the 7th day of March. 1*7. By order of tba Quartermaster General. ? , ALEXANDER BLTSB. Brevet Colonel and Assistaut yuartarmaster. U. 8 Army. fett-td Jp1 L 0 U RI r E_R D l A full aaeortnent of all grades choice Flour for Baftera. quality No l; pricolow. Are tbe only direct receivers for Golden Hill. J B . Oaubri 11 (not Patepeco) and Linganor Family Flours In the Dlatrlct. Aa the latter brand has beeu extensively counterfeited and aeld In thia city, we would Inform those wishing this flour by arrangement with the mlllera we furutah It lower than It can t? obtained from any other eource. Quality aecend to nona. Price n fraction 1?m than other flrat class Family Flour. Buckwheat si low rates. All grades of Weatera Fionr n atore and for sale ?*w by _ .. W. M. OALT A OO., Indiana nvenne and let atreet, _ noJ* near Depot. PROTBOTBD RTo^^ETTRR. PATent of Brigl*nd, aad aecmred by the aeala of tba Kvoia da Pharmacia de Paria, and the 1maerial College of Medline, Vienna. ' Trleoeaur Bo. I, la tbe effectual remedy for Relaxation. k'permathorrhoea, and Bxhaoatlon of the *Tatem. Trieeemar Ho J haaenUreiy anp?rsoded the nansoutis use of Copavln, Cubeba. Aa Tries' mar No | is the Infallible remedy for all Impurities aad secondary Bymptorua. thus obviating tba nae of merenry aad all ether deleterlona Inaredi eata. Bach preparation ia In the form ef a moat agree able Loaeuge Secured tram the effect! or climate aad chaagea of atmoapbere In tineaee#, at $i each er four Jl cneea in one for |l, and la iff c-??* thus saving Bf DlsrUed la ae pa rate dosea aa adminiatored b? VMpanu, SnUamanda, Boux, Te be bad alio of B. 0 FOBD. Bo. B90 Penu'a venae.corner Uthat. ent-tp ?|t BT. TI MOT BY *8 HALL. 1 111 datira of this Institution will be reaamed en Sept 11,1841 For torme. 4c.. see oataleaue and circnlar at tbe prteetpal boekatorea of tali addrewatbe principal. aa U B. FARBORS, Uateavllle, Hd. STEAMBOAT LINKS.

WTIAHKB WILSON SHALL ?5 tOH THE EASTERN SHOIiE. ?*OTICB.? rkt_|U*Mi WILS03 gMALL, CAPT I. T. LBO**ARD, bow in v* ail mp?t?oil*Of U>? MMuck^i, c^rtiw A moat r mfortabla and f.Ft?ni*^^Uh I kt~?m?re piyiBg ea OhM?(.?.U , wj|l rmam her roate on ? A l U RDA ?>.rch 3d. SheT^ ! tier opposite Ho. <70 Light street ?h*ef Baltimore, everv TUKSDAT, TI1URSDAT s?i PATl bbAl. ai? p in..for KASntXrdllfT DOUBLE MILI.S,OXrt)RD rLQRA'SPOI\Y WALLAC1TS WfiU RF CA MBfillUi R.HUGHJ hTT S WHAM* CABIN CREEK. MEOFfiFD'S WHARF\%iA LLOYD'S HIDING Returaia* from THB 1A8TKRN HBORI.'.h* leaves Lloyd'a Landing Ml p. m , Cambridgeat 4 ? n? . and Baaton Point at 8 a m , erery Monday! a1 *|"ld?J'*?ucalng at all Intermediate landings, and reaching Baltimore at Sam on the following murniini * bM ft Urge number of fine state-rooms. v^yiSBK'" ?? TO TBATKiLlU SOUS SOUTH TWKJM DAILY, (Sunday p. m. excepted.) The quickest and moat dlract route to Richmond, Ta , end tha South via the Potoma? r-w. steamera from Sixth Street wharf Washlngtoa. to Aaaia Creek aDd^BHlb Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad now entirely com plated froai Aqisia Creek to R!chanond,Va. connecting there with train* on the Richn-ond and Petarsbarg and Richmond and I>anTllle Bsllroads, for Petersburg, Weldou, Wilmington Raleigh, Greensboro', Salisbury, Charlotte aad Cheater, 8.0. Bteamers Kexport and O Fandsrbllt leave 7th Street Wharf dally (Sunday evening excepted) at i.25a. ib. and A ? p. m, and arrlvo In Rtehnsond at 1.46 p. tn. nod 3 30 a a. THROUGH TO BIOHMOHD IF BBYKN HOURS, Fifty Ml lee Shorter ana 3H Hoar* Qulckor tiui any Other Route. Be Bare and get Through Tickets via A?ota Oreek and Fredericksburg, to Riobmond, at the i Company ' Office, corner of Penna. avenue and 8th treet, or on board of the boat*. Baggage checked through. Omnibuses and Baggage Wagous will be hi readiness to convey pasaeugeri *ud baggage be tween depots la Richinoud. Paasengers by thia line pass by dayllgfct Mtnm Vernon, and may have an opportunity of visiting several battly-fleWs near Fredericksburg by atop pfng at that point. Breakfaat and snp on board of Stoaneri. GEO. MATTINOLT Supt.. Washington, B O O. K. MATTINOLY, Ticket^^jnt^Vj^h|n*ton. apS-ly ?eneral Passenger Agent. DOTOMAC TRANSPORTATION LINK, N0T10B TO SHIPPRUS. TbaStoamer BXPRKSS, Oapt. B A. tflTHBIt. leaves Washingtonat6 a m. aud Al exandria at 7 a ia RVKKY SAT URDAY for Glymont, Budd ? >'err> Smith's Point, Obctterton Landing, Naaje-aoy Stores, Matblaa Poiu?, Chapel Pl< wde-iV Wharf, Lancaster's Whaif strut s Wharf, Oar ilomen Bay, V swell s Wharf, Hatred's Wli.trf Pit.ej Point, Point Lockcnt, and arrives at 3.\it-. mora at Swt.Jay J. B. BRIAN A BRO , Ageau. ap 7-tf No. 34 4 Penna. avenae PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS FOR cir-;i:lar 4SDOcivGUN MARKING STAMPS AND ClU Cl'LAU KATINO 8TASIP3 fiiST Ulf.CliDlL A KT Y K\T, I W ?SHIX - rn.*, I) 0 , ? '-iirunry U liJ7 i SCALED PttOfOSAL<t will he >"'? r d at this i epartn,? ni until tbeJSth 4ay of March n?xt. oen forfarni.hlng for t!.f nse of l'o?* Oflic"*1n tteFnited ht^te*. t?r forjr y<<a-s froni the ti-gfiny of April next, MARK IN 'i ?nd HaTIN (i b'iAMPSot the following dcatripUou, u^oieiy ; ( LASS I. Circnlar ar.d Canccl **rklnj? Stamps comhln<?d, < f Mtei, about one in h in d'ameter. wit.i tlia ol the ollice hfad St*te, uuh typefor rooutr^ sad dates in blocks ol like material, with suihcieiit thumb Bcrtu f^r thesnme, *ud with lrtudlns of inahoe.tny , walunt or other h-avy wm?d, and of m ni<'uel mosi. conveiurot for use la propcxntls lor thin clx>s < f fjir. nl?r totamps tbe bidder will s'ate the additional charge per litter or il-ure t\>r inserting in the circle, when ?e ,slfd sn'h words atdflgnres as'^free,'" p.ld ie," "ship," ?a>tvertiied.1'Ac. Also, Ocfaijon Markins stamps, without the c?nrel. but *tmilar i.^ all other te?t>?cCs ti The Clrcultr Stamp, with type for the years, months aud days, ol the -an.e n>st?risl. (LA eft i. Olrcnlar Marking St-mps <?f iron, or any other durable material, lonif n- of P *t ORic?s and Home A-_'?-uti oa railroad nn<1 ote^Hihotit linas With the vjtme of the rfll e w. ht .t?, or the name of the railroad or river line. M,th tvae for mciiths H-jd uates, in blocks of dnrabie rua'-er'al with suitable thumb itp? au ! handles of walnut, c? erry, or otb'-r nit .ble wo 4. of a m i l^l btst adapted for nse. tiie ?famp to be el the liable diameter as is described for No. 1. CLASS 3. Circular and 0<-tag. n Harking Stamps, of a suitable and durable matttj ii of the aame sl7e a* cla-s No. 1, with the mine of the 'iillre and Siate. pf for months aud dates IntheOir ChlarMamp. and f*>r yeais. months an 1 dates in th< Octngon Staicp of printers' type mt-tal, ia 1 locka ofsibgle letters aud figures, with thumb screw and handles as described in class No. 2. .. CL \S8 4 Msrking Stamps for foreign maila, sirnilar to those now in u-?* in the Post 0;!iee?! at H<??t<-n, New, Philadelphia. *c.,?r of any oUier suitable at) le for foisigu mails. KATINO STAMPS. Circular and Katiu* Stain;"* t > ?'?rrespon4 with tbe circular l-tauips of ciatsj? 1 2 aud <tin taatorial, baudl*-s, ai?l worktii.tnthip ai fallow* ? Pres." "Misst-st " - Forwarded," ' P O llnsi tjt-as. free." 'Advertis.-d " " j-'teauii^oit' "Shi ' Caacel,"4 C. 8 ,6d." 'Uehllor i'osi .ge toisd.le ten " "Not foimd.'- "Unclaimed." 'l!efB?.ed.T"-Resisten-d," MIs-eHt and f->rwari?-d." ; K'turned to writer." Returns I for better di; recti< n " D!'e4,""line J " -line It Ac.. A* . ; and of figure-only such a< 3 5,13,7V 24 4c. Ac.,aud auy oth-r H ?tim? Stan,r* n<>t herein na ,e<| to b | lurtiished at a pri<e not exceeding th it for ' Re1 tnrntd far bttttr dlracti^n," when the same is of | Utters. I BPropoaala will be racdved for all of tVs above des<'ribed Stamps, or for each ? p*rat?- class Stamps a ill be ordered for toe nilTersut claasas 1 o! t-fticea according to the present or future rules ' at the Department Models of Stampa muat ascompany the propo ea<s Kacb bidder Biistfurnish with his rroo^sgla evidence of his ability to comply wltn hi* bid. Two suiftcient saretiea will be re<intred to contra#^. Tbe stampa muat be delivered to the Post Othce D'pai tmer.t at the expense of the contractor. Piopo?a1s sboald fee endorsed on the ontelde of the envelope thaa: "Proposals for Post Office Marking St^Tipa,'' and addressed to the First a.ssittant Postmaster General. Washl'ift>n, l>. C. alex w Randall. fe 13 w6t Postmaster General I hHPARTMBNT OF THB INTBBIOR, LI UNITED STATES FATRMT OFFICE, WasKtNeTO*. Jauuary 'JS, )S7 Ob the petition of JOHN TrKB, of Lowell, Masaacbucetta, praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the luth day of May. 1863, for an Improvement ia War* Met Fabrics, for seven years from the expiration of said salest, which takes place on the lUth day of May, UN7: It is ordered that the said petition t>e heard at the Patent Office on MONBAY. the Std day ?f April nsxt, at 12 o'clock H ; and all persons are nctitied to asset- and show cause. If any they bare, why said pe*i tiou ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extens-iou are required to file in the t stent Office their objections, specially set lorth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of bearit.g; all t**t1inony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing munt b" taken sud transmitted in acoordancn with the rnles of the office, which will t>e furnished on application Depositions and other paper* relied upon at te?11m my muitbe fifed in tlie office twenty d*ys bafi re the day of bearing, the arguments, if any, within ten days after HMng the te^tim-nr C rue red. also, that fhia notice be published tn the Republican.and O e Imelligenrer, Washington, D. O.. and in the Courier Liwell, Maat., >nce a weftk for three enccasaire weeka; the flrat of aal>l tubiicationa to be at leaat sixty daya prerioaa to It. awl MTU*. T 0. THK1KKE. Commissioner of Pateuts P. 8.?Bditers of tbe above papers will pleius op> and send their bills to tha Patent Office, wltb paper containing this notice. ja 30- w3w DKPARTMKHTOF THB IHTRBIOR, UNITED STATES PATENT OFPICE, Washihotok, February 14, MM. On tha petition of Li oK a POPK, adoiinstratrix of the e?tate of AuguatusB Pope, deceased, ol Burnerville Mascaciiunetu. praying fow tbe extension of a patent granted tu the said Augn-tus b P?pe tbe ziat day of Jane, 1S93, for sn Improvement In Klectro Magnetic Alarm., foraeven years from the expiration of aaid patent, wnlcb takes place on tbe 21?t day of J une, 1347 : It la ordered that the said petition be hoard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 3d day of June next- at 13 o'clock M.: and all parsons are notlhed to appear and Hhow cause. If any tney uare, why aald petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing tha exv>naisu are required to file In the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth In writing, at least twentr days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the aaid hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rule* al the office, which will he furnished on application. Depositions and otnsr papers relied upon as testimony Bost be filed in the office twenty days before the day of hearing: tbe arguments. If any, within toB days altar filing the testimony. Ordered also, that this notice l?e published in tha Bepnbllcan and the National IntaiHaencer. Washington. D C , and in the Journal. Boston. Mas*., once a week for three successive weeks; tha first of said publications to be at toaat sixty daya ptenons to tha day of hearing . _ .. T. O. Tnl-\ Kill. Oommlssloaer of Pa'euts. P B ?Bdltorg of the above papers wHl siesH copy, and send their bills to the PatentOfflce. witk a paper cotilaiotag this notice. fe3l-iaw3w '3 IIIS IS TO G1TB NOTICB, That the anbscrfJ bcr baa obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, btters of administration ou the personal estate of WilDsm fcarkheuaea. late of the U. 8. Army, deceased. All persons having claima against the said deceased, are herebv warned to exhibit tha same, with the mnrhers tnetwof, to tha subscriber, on or bolero tbe 29th day of J an nary next; thoy may otherwloo by law bo oxotadod htm all ka?efit af ssid sotato. Given under my hand this ?*th day of January, U*- , . . LOUIS KUBTZ. ja?lawiar? Adsainistratar^ I nHHTS BAAIS8 FIGS, CURRANTS, ; 40 i KAiLROADS. I PMNhlLUSIA HUUTI 1867 TO TBS KUIIHVMT.tiOOTH, AND SWtTUn ..a . ??*!&** ?^!wCMJ iJSS&o'uZ.** **' M' tr*,M wlM Waa^a*^-...! ??., ? I Baltiaiore..... J U a. a. i day aad Bight Oars. with modern lurottMW 1M aavlcg from four to twalve hoars |D tin* oror n J other loot*. Two hundred Biles saved to WMtOTB uc Central H?* York. Two Dally Tnlu to the WmI. _ " ' " " North. to NOOHNSTIBand PITTSKCBOI without chance. . by this ruare from Baltimore have of ?**' # *'1 changsa ia UNION Di.p^T8 ?"<1 <> KEBB1E3. Tickets by this rou'e cm We prorand at the of nee. coroar 6th street and Pennsylvania arenas, : under the National Hot*l. where reliable infor| will be alven at all time#, Passengers procuring tickets at this office can aenre eorommndatb as ia SlaepiBg Cart for ElBiira or Ptttsbarg. M.J. WILKIN*. Ticket Agent. WuhiuloD. 0.0. Kl>. 8. YOUHG, Gon. Pass. Agent. Baltimore, Md. del ly THlOCttH LINK BETWEEN WA.ShFK.OTOM fl^i|AWJSLi U1A H|| N*W YUHK Tr.,m. ? VT A?HISS T?>?*, J an . 1?T. *rV*J TTT* Wasninfton aad Hew fork are B4H* rnn as follows. Tlr: FOB NIW lORK.withoat chance of car*. # ~?**? (oaoe^t Sunday) at 7*3 a. a. and NEW YOBK,cbaaglag cart at PhiladslLeave daily (except Son lay i at 11:16 a. m. aad t.aup.m. FOB PHILADELPHI A. Leave dally < except Kuuday > at 7.U and 1115 a. m . and 4 30 and l.ifl p m "N SISI'AY Leave for New Turk -u3 Philadelphia at ?:S0 p. m only. Ple<?piD< c^rs 'or New York on HI) p.m. train (Uily. Through tickets to Philadelphia New York or Boston, can bo hati at the station OS'.- at all w nri ia the day. an well as at the new office iT T*e Hanker* an? Bribers Teleg-arh Line, 34*? Pt>nn. avenue, ?-?tween 6ta arid 71 b streets. See Baltimore and Ohio Kallroa ! advertisement for schedule betweeu Wasblngtna, Baltimore, Aneapoli*. anr the Vt out J.I.. WILSON, Mwsttr of Transportation. L M COLE (?t-n?ral Tlrkrt Aeefit OKO 8 &OONTZ, \goat. Washington, cc 30-tf BALTIMORE AND OHIO BAIL HO Ail, Wums?ius, Jan ?,1W. | / J L ? xV * ? Trains berw???i. W ASP I S'JTON OD RM.TlM'lHK mi-! W *! <?! NOTON AND THE WYST ar? now run as * liews, viz for I;A LTiMOKE Leave (la-'Ijr, txcepi Sunday, at 7 0? 7 45 and ija a ni , autj i.iV, and 4 Jo aud s '>J j. m ran all v. ay statjoas L averfaily, except Huiida) , at 7 W a. m , aad 2'Coaad 8 ftf p m. * A k bXATIOHHKOl TH OF AHNAPOLhJ J L N ul! iOii. Leave at #14 and 7 uu a. ei.,ail at ai>'and4 ? p. iu. i rr,li ANNAPOLIS. it 7 V n m , and * p. m No tralua to or frctu Annsnolti on Sna lar tOkHAl FOh ii vLTiM 'KC. lie at* at lit a. to., ?a<i at <* aau <i ou p. ia. FOli ^11 STATIONS. Laave at 7:iE ?. tuaui TO' tud ^ <W p. r*. P'-'R ALL PA UTS OF T'lK WEST. l.eave daily, except fcnnrar. at 7.-45 a. m , aud I S.<U P 111 P ai- only onnevtitj^ at K?-lay ttiiti'a with trung frtiu Baltimore to Whvei!st{, Park.ersbm* Ac. 'KlM'LOil 1 ICh KTS to the Weit can be Pad at ' the i at bf net n Station Tlckct tlffire at a!l b inri i lu Uje any. ea well as at tJle tew r.fti ? of tLe h^aKer? end Brok?r><' Telegraph Line, 3 J " Penn. ?vciiiif, i.? t ween ?itb ?ntl 7tii strete For New York Pnlla !e!r>bia, and Boston, see ' acvertle< meut of Thjo??fi Llue." J. L WILSON , M,?stor of Transp..rtaUoa. L M COLK Oeuernl T. k?t A*ont. oc 30 tf GCu. 8 KOUNTZ. A^eut WMhiu>ti>D HI DSON RIVKh AND B'KLBd BAIL- ! BOAl)S ?On at.d utter MONDAY, Jl->e. 19, l^de, tr?tns for Albany and Trc\ . cuBnectinf with N-Mb-tn and ^ es.era trains, will leate Ne# k'er* a- follows : 8a. iu Kxpress t'aln via Hnlson River Rail- i road.aitt'BT *ud loth av., thr?uili to Hu!T*lo ?nl , tn*rer?l?B Br idee without ciange of ears and coanectinir at Troy * ith n aias lor 5arato?a, RatUnd, Barlinfiton aad Montreal. iu a in tt.vritx a-id Mill train vis Budsoa Ri ver Failr?;ad . connecting at Ali as) with We>t- i ern trains, oiid at lr?> w ith ir?ln* lor Norta. 11a m Express train via Harlem, S>jib ?t and ?tb ?v., consectiiig at Chatham with Wetl'rii Railroad for Lt*banonBrrin??, Pitt?^?'d, i Ac.: at Albany wiib West-rn train*. au>i at Troy I with trame for Baratcga Be tland. Borliacton and Montreal. I 3:?5 p iu Kxpreis triin via HaJ-on Ri vr Rail- i road coBhectia^ at Albany with Western trstus, and at Troy with trains for MontWo... with sleepintr car attaci ed. I i? p tn. Express train via Hariem Railrw?4, roi reot-ng at Gii?tnani wiUi Western Bailroaifjr Lebanon Sr;iiif:s. V!tt?fleld, Ac ; at Aloany witn Western 11ales aad at Troy witU trains t>r Rttlaad Bnrliiieton and MoKtraal. tUatpisc cats attach! d at AltkB). i 30 p m xpresn t?'?ln via nudsoa River &a|lr< ai1. v th "b-epiee care atta< tied, and throUc. to hullaio and ensi-enrlon Bridgf- wlthoat chan-.e f csre. Also. meej'iBg ear e\ery d>*>' excfprt^g j hatordai att<?ch<*l tr >iu Nl-w Y?rk throu^o to ! I Kdensi arc witbi'ut c'.an?ie, . ie Bonie W. and O I RaiIi'.-<. Oonnect1o? for Troy will beaiadtat East AI baa > TU< tra4? will ran on Sand ?ys II p Bi Train Tiahudnaa Ui?er Railr<>? I, wiui leepiaa car atta?h<-d. ccnaectlnc at Albany wi?h earl) iralne f?*r Paffjli aad Bu-^ciisloa Briige . and at Tio> with trains for BariOwfia and ooimx ' Keith. A Haad'tv train will be raa via Uadsoa B>ver Nallioad fioai New \ ork k> Poaghkeepeit* au<41 atermediat. stations, leasuu; New Yurkatg.^a Bi. Returning, leive Poughk* psie ati.ip a arri\ict ta Now York at 6 II p m Aisn, a Sundav trait viaHarl-m Railroad, Isaelag 4td street st 9a. m , and arriving at M.llert >a at 3 M p bi. Retaraing. leave MilUrtoo atas m., arriving ia New York at is Via m WM. U. VABMftBILT. ja 19 ' Yioe President. ^ICIIT D I 8 K A 8 I 8 . AMARITT*'! SIFT! a AM A AIT AW B Bim THK MOST L'NRTAIN BKMEUY EVKB LHK1 "Tes, A PoetTJV* CcEB,"f?r gOtfOHRJUOtA, OLMMT, MTMJOTLMMS, Contains bo Mineral, bo Balsam, ao Mercury On* Ttn Pillt to bt Thke% ?e Kftrt a Curt, They are eattrely ve?etaoie, haviug n > smell not ?ay anplaaaaut taste, aad will But ia any way In I Urs the ston acti er boweu of the must delicate Cares In from two tolonr days, and recent cases ta -twenty tout hoors " Prepar-d by a graduate of the L uiverslty of Pwasyl^anla eaeof the most sminent Doctoia and Obendrts of the areeeatday; Ui tW.'Kirf, no ' rOubU. mo lAdmtt iMllu ir. Let those who havede-paired of getuog onred, oi r.'S'trTSS* "" ??'3 Rrr" "" T" Seat by *?Uln a plain envelope Price?Mala packagep, <1. Faaaie, fa, BLOOD/ BLOODH BLOOD/// 60KOFCLA, ULCER?, SOiiES. SPOT* rmViNK*' Scales, boils, sypuiLiM TB1 OK VENEREA^ DlSliASKS, Ac 1 ' aAUAHlTAtrS HOOT AMD UhUU JCj'CM ' Ia offered the acblipaaa aoafflve care. ^YPBi^le uB V r:MaiiltAL UidNuUE^. ti i 1&UALiTAa S BOOT AND UEBP JU10B 1, , most potent, certain and etfectnai rentedy sver preset ibed, it reaches and eradicates every particle oi ths veusreal poison, so that the cure la th jroaik and purmaueut. Take, then.of this parifyli * raiii d) and be healed. and do not traasailt it to yont ' posterity that for whisk ?Ca may rami In afu> ***** DO MOT DESPAIR I Although I^n ,u>'r ?* FfoBooncea mrrtrabls. SA M A HIT A N 'S BOOT AND HUBB JLKTJS will remove every vestig- ef Impurities froa ths sT<item, as well as all the bad effects of Mer?>in ,7 FkMALbbl ?*MALBSir in mfcio iiiiWJiOM tfcioii uaoiDtni of F? Bales fUrter the NaOT AN D ilABU J U1CE> most SAMARITAN*6 WASH ?1 "? -1 rillllmto. W??M. fhe efficacy of these reotadiee la alike aoknewl"? ? saMitftKL"* ; "Po?t MoePiTAL, aoat Bii?u4U. Bnltiaanra. ! Md., Feb. JU. ?t.-"lS??? areat aaiMaoOoa tn ' atating maA 1 have aaed ' The Bansarllaa Beatadlea' for Van era! dt?eaaes tn Uaaaost oaatsnsi r> focus; that 1 have Baed them with. odgment, dlscrattoa, aad properly, and, kava found than respond to nay Mlt eOaae^.^asfarMaap aaaaC tfceat eataada, INHMM .?Alfk?D O. BOVUI, i "AMtataat Borgsoa, Ith f. l.JSk > ^JTNINWAY'S PIANOS. Ws have jsst received a aaw as sort meat af 11 PjaNOiWhTJES from the factoy, coa iatiag of Graad, friaars, aad cpright|ffBn Csbiaet Pisaoa. 'H*n For ths last iaa years StHawaya Plaaoa hare, on all oi casioa*, recslvedthefirst prsmiam over all aewYerk, Boston. Phlla-irlphta and Baltimore makera. wbeaever ana wherever they have coma fs 23 tf So. 31* Peaa aveaae. Sole Agaata. j^| AOKKMl. amp oopfmh. r* I oSSSSSte?alt tf So. 4?? Mlath pt." M. B*cai*P^* 1 ?l \ * RA1LK0A DS. (j READING RAILROAD ' J BEAT TRl K K LIBS PROM PHIUPBLI'Hll TO THE 1NTEKIOK OF PEN N>?LVAVLKIFE Si w > ' uti.jL. si s,j-, HA.WA. CtMBkHI 00 ifV/l WYOMt*H fAI I l**\ THE XnRTH >0*JHW?ST A \D TliE i'AXApAZ_jr/Jjrff ARMitiMitRtr 0% H ASSh.Mr EM tKil.VS. Oi? rl, U* "ftiftVIW!! Depet. 1 BI RTBEM TM ud UALLUW BILL it Uie t"" MOBN1NG Af'OMMODATTONS At*. B.for K**!iDt Ana all inUrniediat# StAlioM. ttiniUi IW" Beadle* it < SO p. trriTiac id Philadelphia At > 10 p. m. mobbing express. At 8.H a for Baadlnx, Let anon, HarrUbArg, PettBTiilA. PlBeOrAee, Tatte-jae Sunbury. WIT UABcpvrt. AlAiirA, Mac liener. Niagara Felle BaftAlo, Allento?B. Milker terra, Pittnl. a. fork. Carlisle. H?,.rtl ?n Ae , Ac tlii* uaia connect! at bbal'im* ?itb the im( PeLti-ilutiiA IUilr*Ai (iklbi for Alleat ?g m, eno Wltli the Lebanon N allat tram f-t H tfrli' bcr(. it ; ?t POUT OHITUS vitA OttodMi Raised train* ftx V illleuiAAort. Lock Uevea. k 11.1I1 h, Ac ; At BABBIBBrba with Neither. Oatrel, Cninbertenft Valley ab<1 ^ch'iylklil ?|J b'ie<it>?ha*na train* tA? Northn B?b?rland, Wl|. lieiepcrt, York. Chan bertbnrg. Ptnetfroee. Ac AFTBBNoON IXPlllS. Leave* I'At ifeieipoi e M 1.3$ p. > fer Bending. PittovUie, Hairubutg. Ac , cvueecti:vf vtui B> ndli.g AtiJ Columbia ttalliond train* Lr ColuuiHa, Ac _ BBAD1NG ACCOMMODATION. I*en*e* Readiug At A SO e Mopping tt B'l *?f station*, arrlvee in Peliede.phla at v to B m. B**l Ai lliBg , lee*e? P lilled<-lpu IA At 4 JO p. IB.; Aitim iB Reading it; |6p IU Trams ter PhlledelpAie leave HarrUi<nrg At 8.10 A m. an t Pott*vti'? Bt 8 45 A in arm log In Philadelphia b< 1 M p ni. Att- moon traiaa leave UBri ilt'Orp Bt 1 1 p Bt. ?B'l Pntlavtlle Bt 2.?9 p. tu , amvii.f Bt PhllaAelphia Bt ft 40 p m llert. Luig bcc. mmodation intn Beading ?t 7.30 a In., eud iiari ,*(.urg *t 1 lv P IB Ou iuntilt At Btkullif! with Attei u > l> Ac. uoiui .,'lalton Pout!, p m arriving in i'hilad?lpnla Bt P.*' p. Bl, Maiket Trela.arltli a nnnin c*r attached lrBv?i Philadelphia Bt 12 4.' uoob. for heading and aii BA> AlalioAS. irnlrs A-adlux II I1 a iu .ant Downin*to\*n 12 A p. ai. tor PI liadelpha ?*J all way atatlonA. All ttir al t? trifa*mi<3Alir.Butidara. irep !, ^!ln ay 'I rail 0 lnv? Poti?r?i|# at i a. m . aul Phila<l?lpala Bt 5 IS p m.. I*a*a Phtla f r Ktaditig at s b. Bi . returuinv frcm li*?aiLif at 4 JA *'m' UQEl-TBk VALLKV BAILBOAD. Paritup rt lor Vo* 1 ia^; ubu and iB rrin^ liar? pointu tnke 'tf T 90 ?i e fl.i: a ni a:.?i ?,-j p. ui traltiii fr< !? Pbiladr'pMa. refurntug fr^ai i/^wa* itltov b at 7 a. di. bi4 12.."V bbob KtW YuBK IXPIKSS TUB PITTTSBLBOii AND TI'E V ?ST L*arc? B?*w ^ ork ?t 7 " a -m an 1 S p. m., pa?*. lit#; He it c ?t I ?5. II Mt r.i ?n>l 1 41 pm . *1 cobba t g at lartl bare vltk faot*i I tbb(b >?| N'ttt.e u CaotrBi ua 1 m>*'I Baprra* Yr?;na f. r 1 itt-bui .li. Ck:cACo, V? iiilAoupvrt, a. dall tlKolc Ac. Ketn'dvA. Tr*ln I?>bt a Ita li an ?r l*Kl of ii?ylTB?!la Kipr-?a fr^n Pi:t?b ir 1 tt I y 4' A ra , ?li p. ?: p%?aia< K?n-1 e 4.40 BiAiIO.K b. la abd II S) p. m , ?rrlr m; ,t V ik 10 a iti.? Bud ?.t.' p in, oara accoaiAALfiutt tat--? Ut ua ttn..uKli iwirn^u Jersr\ tit j an I Pitwbui j, v itaoBt c^ai>4? y ,1! traic ' r New lTi rfc l?ar<'* llairiabur.' at 2 V<r m Mall trAln for Harriat crit leavw $%,* f ?.r? at It 1 ?>?n. pr-l YI.KTIjL T4LI.KT BAIbEOAD. Tial: ? Juvt I' 11 *?1 la ?: 7, U *t ? iu.mud7lX p. ni . r?turtiii<i( troot TbUib iQA ut lib a lu-.a^A l.'.M Ikd ii p ni # It If > Lk ILL AVi^^St SQUBttAHVA R 1IL1 titi^i lf?T? Anbbiti Bt 7 M a ut. fur l'fr ^rro> ? a:.l tt .r. ml uric. ?'J ?t I Att p. f.,r PtMB?rov? aii^ I rt . ..i,t. iitkibib^' tro u U. rr.iLm^ m 1m p it;., Bftd frvni Tteiu nt at 7 16 a. iu. .uii i JA p.m. r RRTQliT Ot?a< r.f all twrrii tioi.? tor? d-?1 1 til tho p< iiita (' Bj Hi.- 'oiupauy a K-;w >"r?!<.,t Depot, l>road Bijd V. ilk* ctrceta k uk 1 obi 1 aalnt Lfn^e PLCailt 1| U <d?sly ?t .->.*? a. nt , 11 43 b-wq Bud'ip ni. for K*|;. Lw -H.jn,'n* Pcttarin?, Pcrttliiit >i ar.d a.l poi^tabaroBi. MAILS ri< At the PbilauA.p -1? Po*t (KBca for All p'araaon th?> r<>B<l Bti'i tta branch*-) nt S ?. m boiI lor me principal atBtl?B? obJ> *1 3 ;5 p rr:. tm U U 1>ESK6YLVAN'IA Ll.MU.tL MklLM\iAt>. I WlNTIK IKKiNdl VK.Nf Tbetra'biof the r?rn?j!rati* Central lintlr?>aa )?-a*e th?* D?-po', at jj?t Blarfc?<t ttraeti, vhtlhll tea lied <1ir? -Hjr ! > tAA earn .iT t'aa MarkrtMriH 1'aik n*er K : 1* <*y. Tb?v <t t'i-? * dut Bed vv alant mre?t Baliwap ran wiuilu oa? a,a*it -f it. fclhbAl 0? Tt>- Maik**t Sit r- tit Oar a I nar4 Froiit ai.d Maikot ati< at*utiiiutaa br or? ttiB Gt paitur*- ?f e?ih traiu MaNNT* BAOQAGK EXPUESa Will CA'1 fjr and <ieli* c-r H*iga?x %t tn? bep^t. Order* left at * Iw -fRce. No A3i Otieathnt atruat, ?iil receive attantwa. rra4i?i Leave Der*t, Vw: Mall Train at * ifci a ra. F?u.l A um'ii NvB. I A 2. 1?.< v a iu ?l n.M1 p. ir_ Kast 1,1 la i>nd Erie Extrtaa. at i; 31. ParkMt.rgTram at 1 00 p. m. H ?nIMmre Acroaii toitarion .. at 2 30 p m. Lai<citater AccBni'i -rflat'-'n at 4 p *a pittaf'ur^h nad Etia Mali at ppOp m. Fiitia.l-lpbia Bxprea? at ll 00 p. m. Pltmtitti A Bile Mail i?aT*a daii} , except Sat 1 day. Philadelphia Uavaa d^ily. AH other tra?Ti? dal ^. e*c-p Cm. lay Pa*? rirer* br M til Tr?iB k? to Willlam^vort wit. ect ci.*B<eo( carf. and arrive at L?ckil4veu ut 0.10 p, m. P . -? h^era uf Mail Train ?o to CarliilAAcl CliH' ii f-rat ii! g wltti.iiit - cl iutc- t/f car*. Mi* ii: ( Cur Ti kits cant* had <^ti aep!icatloa at th< Xicket Office.631 Cbe? ?u->-e.. 3Vuu< Amrt ai Ll'Pv\ l'?t; Cincinnati ?xj>rtra?...._ 12e?a ai. Pbtl-adc ipbfa Expr?ai at fMla. m Panli Aec?tn., Noe. 1 (t .... 3 TO a i* , i 7 13 a a p?'fc?l u?B Train -it ?0 a. m 1 ant-B*Urr Traie.? ...all: 4?t ?a. *aat Liue... at 1 IA p. at. I Kai.iea? at > a B..ra-i urg Atc niai > iati< a at y..<u p. in **" 1h1?<L1a Lxp.itt airirtt u?t4, eace ?t M "i?^A>" < tncii>aatl Iiprrsi arrlvej datlf. All other train* daily except Bniidatr. PaAaengero ieatlnc L -rk Hat?i a*7 b m . a-id \\ 1 l?Bii;?p. rt at e 40 a. m . reach P uM<le ?Ma, mitboiitcbAB^e of ctra, i. oai Willi iin?*v-t. bf I'a. Expreta. at.' ^ p id Tbe PrnntylraulA B^llr^ad 0"3?i>Any will not B*Atin e any nak for Ba^gagex.ept f(>r Weiring Apparel, and ItBilt their re?po**IM!it? to Oc 1 B'< t red Doll are ia valae. All B?;gtj exceeding tliat AlBOBBt la value, will be at tbe rtak of tbe oa tier, unleea taken by ad?< ial coairact. F< r further Information. Apply to JOUM C. ALLEH, Tlckat Agent. 631 CheatDI t iHreet ^ AftiLEL n. WALLACE, Ticket Agent At tba DANtEMiOBAMT TRAIN ran* ?atly, except Bcoday. F?r full partlralara aa to fare and arc ma->dA t<on? Apply to PBABCIS FtJIK, 137 Da<-fc at. CENTRAL RAILROAD OF NBW JEBBETPa?aeacer ?a4 Erelcbt Depot In New York, fo<-t of Liberty street. Oonuecte at Mamptou JuiKtion with tbe Dt-laware. La. katrautia ant Weatern Railroatl, And At Eiatna with the Lekt?B V-tiler Rallr >ag nitd it* cOLnerti .n?, f-*r* ilnf a direct line to PtttaAar* and tbe Waai wiutont cbat'pe of raro. ALLENTOWN LINE TO THE WEST. Two kx; reea Tratna daiip lor tbe Weal, except BniiOaxa, whi-B oaa Traiuin the etaaiuf hixt\ mile* and three bonra aaved b> thla line, to ChicHgo, Cinrinnatf, St. Louia, Ac., with bat OBt ebBiii.e of cere. WINTER ARRANGEMENTS. CcntPf ciiiff Jaauar? ISjT-Leav. New York ba fullow* : f> :* A M ?For EAat^ n, B~tbl-h-*m, MaicIi Cbnnk. WtiUamepirt, NAilkeebarru, XabAiio/ till.' . AC 0 lo a M Mail Tka'S? For Fierni?(t >n. Batton. W ?t*r Gap, fkreni >b. W ilktiiarre, Great Lend. Pittel'lirff. liic^bar.toe, Ac. <1 A M ?Western Exiir?<??t tor EA'ton, Allentown, Uarrtaharit, Pittehor*. aud th? Weat, wtta but one rbaiig* of can te Cincinnati er OUcai >, BB<1 but two ptltil'" to M. Leuia OoBneeU tt Darruburc with Mortbera th-otral an 1 Phila}r.|pbia and Erie Boada, for Erie and tne Oil Beliaaa, 12 M. T*x:ji ?For Eawteti. Allentewn, Yaurh rbnnk. M llkeebarre, Reading, Pottaville, Harrlabnrg, Ac. 4 p M.?For Baetn. Betlilebem, and Maucti CV uiik t p )d ? For Boniervllle and Flemtngt -a. B P. )l ?For Beaton. Reed lux. ritnui'inj. W Iliamapt rt, lrvineton. Corry. Erie, Ac. Sloe plug car from York to W Ithamepert. 0 16 P M ? For Sewiereille T .10 P. II .?For Bower*?lie. 8PM ?Wutixi lui?? Taa.!* ?for Baaton, Allenlown, Beading, ttarriat org, Pitt-burg, au4 tbr A eat. BleeplBK cAro throu gh froa Jrraey City to P.ttaburg eeery evening. AdiitlonAl tiAlua Are ran to Bergen Point, *Tldk?'5fo "the Weal c aa be obtalaed ?u iBe oAlco of the Central Bailrved of Bew Jeraey. fyoi of L>lt>ertv BtreAt, Borth No. 1 A?tor Vou-e, Noe U3t, 271, 4?<i Broadway, and at Bo. 10 ^t^OMAB O. ITB'. RNB. Bnperintendenl *aTIW YORK AND BEW BAVBN BA1LROAD. ia i'aeeei'gtr Station ia New York, cofa?r Z7ta treet ib4 Fonrth aveaoe. TRAINS LEAVE BBW YORK For Bew Uarsnaod Hcidg?port-7. 8 1 Ex 1.11 ^ A. bb ; 11.1ft ). iJti, A.k), and <4Ex. , '"For Mllfor*. B?mtforfl, Fnlrfleld. B-?nth?ort, and Weetport-7, 1190 a m ,?.M And ?.?' p tb HTor NArwOfc-*, ?J?. 1I.?a ? ; U UiBx.). I .v 4 BE ? \ \ I K/l I ft *0, 6 39 ^ ^ ? >i, 11 ja a. m :* *.* ? ?- 7 ' OONNEOTIBO TWAINS. 'VorHArt^'H a?< BprlngBeld? ? <Bx.,l 11 JA a EAllrea4-8 a. ?Bx.;> I ua n. to ^oafcreel ft to 'uvuT K?8" Ar HArtf-r4, ProfiJeac* a?4 fUhkill B. B.^Tor HoaMAtonie a>? NA^g.tack Bnllr^-I.. ? ? -* ? - * 4~Co??o<ll*?0 BleA?l?g Onra Attached ? ? ?. ? JAMBI B. HOFT, BMAI iBlaai