Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1867 Page 1
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_ 4V * / V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 6. 1867. N?. 1,366. T11E EVENING STAR PLBLISH ED DAILY,(SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BUILDING, comer Fen**. ?te?M m<| HU *:rte4, t W. P. WALLACH. The ST A R Is served by tas earners to thsir subscribers la the City and District at r?" CtsTi rit vim. Copies at the , onnter, with or without wrapper*. Two Cbsts ?ach. fuel rom Mailibo?Three month*, On* DoUmt aad Fifty Cents; six months, Tkrte Pillar*; one year, Five Dollar*. No papers axe est frcm the office longer than paid for. Th?* W LKKLY STAR?published on Friday Bpniiit-OiM Dollar and Half * rear. a???????????? a DENTISTRY. OB. LAW IE? MNTAL A:?SOOlATIOM, Mo. ihO fKNM'A AVE , B?tw*sn Uth and 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by admlnstsrlng Nitrons Oxide *r Laughing ilsa. Ur.^a^ LEWlBhas recently purchaeed the bfstfrfTrJ Chemical App>ratu? in the country for * " ir eking tor* gu every dty . also, an iui proved Valvular inhaler lb* Association is now prepared to make Teeth on Gold. Silver nod Rubber at Mew York Philadelphia and 11 or ton priees. All persona wit bint; dental work done can Save It as< h?ap ss in the at ve nan>e<l cities. Ali work done m tbe neatest and be-t manner. and warranted to give satisfaction Persons will do well to rail awd examine oar work. de 14 tf rr |~| t h . " 1. . ||- LOOMW.M D.. ~Jhs Inventor and Patentee of tae MINERAL FLA IE TEETH, attouds personally it/Ma alt office in this city. Man) person* ckalMM wesr these teeth who csanot wear others, 'lrTT and no person can wear others who sanaet wear these Per* cs calling at my office can be accommodated with any style and price or Teeth they may de ?lre,bnt to those who are perticslar.asi wish tbe tarest, c>eaueet, strongest and mo it perfect den true that art can procure, the MINERAL TEETH wi'l be more fully warranted. Rooms in this ofty ? Mo SS" Fenu'e aveaue. be tween 9th and IWh sts Also. SOT Arch street, Philadelphia. ocO-lf _____ V~OU C AN > *\ K K M A K E TUK TSi P on Ba1 cfiu or Samaritan bmnbagt. See l)r. DiKBY, 4t?U Tth Ftrset. H- ietbehiguest authority id sack cases tils private rooms are opposite Odd Fellows llall jaivlm* 1>RtV KM ION BETTER TH AM OlJUi: krencn preventive* against ttiseas* and preg nancy < wtt-n n cb n ud-'.s to any at dree*. at $4 - >?> an 1 $7 sir ?lo/, en. according te gaallty.b) l>r WOOl? Itox ^J, ?r t ail at 4).* .'tb Street,1 op stairs > Washington, D. jsfl-lia' ;Y|RS < I ItTl? IBV1MQ, O uri^. .. . ; *?I .Vrdisrt. will five life rtajints, Including Past, Present an 1 F utnre at her otbee. 42?, n -rta side of Ps. bv., between ?S as 1 6th streets. O.ficw kours from 9 to - a tu and t to * a. m. jail Jo* Alt llal RH E. kBAtrsoFsNTiKitr ASThitLuUhH ui' AMi-.UlOA, i'roiii the p.jiitjun anati-pect ol tue Burs at the time . t unt' b rtb, will reveal astonisiiiug crets that t > li\ 1 eg 11.011U ever knew be' jre( bow to b* micce^.'nl In all re?-<034bln undertakings. He fells liioie and very day yon marry, describes the intended c?-n f ?tit jn t d t- lis &I1 events of Hie. good In, k aua lonjr life to visitors Le-iit * 60 cents to&l centleaittii ia full .jl. 0?ll at 4 7 O 12th st . te*r IT. all hours until y In the evening. de 31 2n ' CONFIDENT!Ali.? Youug men who have Injured theniseivea py certain secret habits, wbich ncflt them for besiuens. pleasure, or the duties if married life. also, middle aged and old men. who. from the follies of yontb. or other 3an?es. tvfl a debility in advance of tneir years, beior* (lacluc themeelves under tbe tre^tmeut of any one. should first read "The beoret Friend." Married ladies will learn sonrething ef importance by pernsing "The Secr*t Friend." Sent to any address, in a sealed envelop*-, en receipt of 23 rents. Addreaa Dr. UHAS. A STUAUT A CO Bo-ton, Ma?s ?o ?-ly PAWNBROKERS Bbl'KNM INK S LOAN OFP10R 4 7.'? i3th street, id door south ot P?nn ave , Loan- M">LY ob time t-> enlt cas*om-r?, on 0< ld .?td Silver Wa'c'aii, iMamondt /Q\ elry, Ladits* and U'-ntl-men s Wtariug/ \ Appar*-I 0 y Old Gold and Silver bonght. _nifcr3 Sm* B BUBNSTINM. %1' A L^H ? CEXTRAL lo.l.v OFFICE, Me 4"O 10thstrr?-t, i?o? .oor bevlow Penn ave, This weU known Officr mak*s x>v _ L1BKBAL ADVaM' BS JLWA Oo Piam< nds. <iold and !*ilv?>r w ?'chM Q y Clotbicg. furniture, and Merchandise of er?i> description. Op*n every day (except Sunday-from 8 a n to C m. N B.? BneiTiess strictly confidential. f? Mtf J s T 4 b L I 6 a ? U 1 ? J . ~ SPECIAL NOTICE ' HA HLKS MER/ttEKS, Successor 10 Isaac Her/.berg A Son, r conducted the Pawnbrokia>; HuslneHS fcr tmeen years in this city, f?r twelve /<>\ 11^* *nl? Pawnbroker IB tbe Dl!.tric?,/,* \ take this n.etbod of thanking their p?tron?0 wf at ! t;.# put lie for the confidence h-r?<t<>tare*no* a tnem, and beg Uave to call their attention to the lact that weatill ontinne to make the hignest advances ip all sums npon all articles of Jewelry, Diamonds, Watchee. Bonds. Government Scrip, Silver Mate. Ac . for which we have snperior plsres of dep <*tt an 1 eecirity, which will always be sbown for tbe ?atl?faciioQ of tnote patronizing ?s w e have sDecial lab ilities for the care and Fteeervsttus or Wearing Apparel of every d*ecriptlm. Woolene, Ac., on which the highest advance* are Biade, gneraateeinc when requirsi against moth , a d al waj s againstfnjnry Having a larfie warehonse in louuection with our ertiee. we haw special facilities for storage of all kinds f Merchandise, Fsrnlture, Ac., on which we bigheet advances for days, weeks or months W- call espectal sttontion to the fact that owing t? tbe large capital employed In our business we can make advanrea at sneh rates of * defy competition We sell no go*de until the expiration of six months a'ter their forfeiture, and tii*n only at pshlie asction. first giving ample notiee through the varioes city journals to sll depositor*. By this means deposits with as are never lost if their redemption Is de"S call especial attontion to oar arrangements for forwarding goods to any part of the country, arrsagemeBta witch sa experience of gtteen years has bresght to rsrtectlos Depoeitors are enabled by tats mesas to redeem their C^d" ne matter where they may e located Full isf'>rmati?n alwa- a given. Private.apartmentgforr .ntidential bnsineee M B.? We have ao eoan*'tlon with anytiiailar estabjUbmeat in chin city. Befer toanv 'Id reeident of 7^SmkiV!?a Bemomber HEBXBBKO'S Leaa (Mhee. 3S1 north 0 street, between 4S and 6th, Washington. P G. fel5-lm* f^| OBEY? MOMEY!! MOMEV!!! H. PRINCE S MB WLV^ KSTABLLSIIBD LOAN 977 ave.. next to Poten'rlni sConfectionery. Money loaned on every description of salable Merchandise, especially Watches, Dia sOv ends and flr>e Jewelry 1 can assure/^A taeee who ma> favor lu* with ther ratroti-O bj age that they will aot regret having done so 4 w. -Private door and office. Per.ons not wishing to em .r the public office will ring the ?<e bell. fe 2A lm* JOAN OFFICE. MOM FY leaned on Gold an I Silver Watches I'lamotHis. Jewelry .Clothing, Ac Ci Q D DOMoVaw, Pawabroker MoVdTa Bet "1 between lcth and Uth its. l'H? Ol^D II^T4BLIhhU MUM OF 1 B, GOLDSTEIM A CO . s w. I'A W M P. KOK KB j. 34 FOCB 4N O A HALF KT*BEr W18T, >.. wD#ltr F'nas> Ivaala aveaue, e**H ?n all kinds of i*' ? aas<Miat and for any rg?^ time desired, at reaaoaahlf rates /w\ I- ter st . n large qbiii greatly reduced Q Bnslnees strictly Confidential. w ^ Oo? ds bought for cash aad sold at private sale, fe n-ly 91 I _ NATIONAL LAUNDKT! c7i"i e> " Peon a av , bet. 12th and 16th ats. ?t\ I All work done by band Goods called for and delivered,at tbe shortest notice. All kinds of French doling done in the neeteet style, fe II (t* IfSCBPTIOM LUXURIES. Jest received, a large variety of artlclee asuc-i ' <?. rfikrrgji ** a 0o?. Tt.?,?. Vfcif ^ M BkOWBi, B. J. IMithmrh B&OWMB A 8MITRBBS. WAHHIMOTOB. D O, ATTORN ? 15JA D CO I'M HELLO KS AT I AW fMU COLICllOas FOB THE UEFlOfcBS. FREE DM EM. AMD ABAMDOKBD LAMD* Office Mo. 411> Beveato street,opposite the Post 1 y WMJ WfiEATLBY b PRBMICM BTBAM 9Y?I?0 AMD CLEaNSINQ OT"AB STABL1MBMBNT. Oflics, Jfo. 4? Jeffsraoa st 0?orKetowa.D O Establlshwd in IMI premlsm awarded bv the Meiiopelitan last koto UU; rsbnilt U4. sn<l is bow b> far tae largest and Host otmpKeto eitahlisbineat ?f the klad la this section of conn try Dj eli g aad Seearluf of all kiads dene lu the best meaner Italy thankful for past favors, the subacell>sr solid ra the c. ntlased custom sf the commanit/ Couds received aad returned by sxpress with tbs atmost promptness aad dssaatch P>>st Offirs address. Lock Box V? M Office cl<?esdaily at saasst except Saturday, ahea It Is clossdatl^i p. aa. f* i# sm N " SS?""1- _ POTOMAC HEBSIMO.(with Boeg,) w?'iiBTLH'DVclSS}-i/i?u"' n"JrjB53W. f... ow%ia;,,asi,?is.. ! 1 CARRIAGES. ^IiDIIV J . JOICl * 00., CABBIAGE M ANUFACTBbibs, MOB. 477 ABD 479 rOUBTEENTH 8TBBBT. We tn now nrpirfd to riwlw or- AflflBS/ dersforOABRItOES in all the new ard I a*h>onaMestjles. to be completed at an early day. Ws have on haad a 1 arse assortment of LIGHT FAMILY OABRTAOBS, FINE TOP AND NO top BCOQIKS, DEARUOBNK wagons. BOOKAWATB. Ac. Desirous of maintaining the hitfh standard which onr *< rk has held for ?auy years. we conline our bu?iu? ?< exclusively to UA KM AGES of onr o*n nmnii!?*-tur<?. and of th? ttr?t eta5* enly, and advise our patrons end the public that we offer no Inferior tale work. REPA1B1NG made a speciality. fa 15 eolm ANDREW J JOTOB A CO BANKERS^ jay cook.k tc co., BAI1BBB. Aft'twh *tv??i, orresxt* TV?<**wry, a.c jond eel a 'current market rates, and he?p onstantly on hand, a fnll supply of all GOVERNMENT BONDS, SEVEN-THIRTIES, AND COMPOUND 1NTBBBST KOTBS Orders fjr btocbb. BONDS, Ao . ex^cutM. and C^llect'one made oa all acoeeslble points. el-tf 1URHOW k. C O., banbbrb, U rner Louisiana avenue and Boventh reet, DBALBM >!* government securities. GOLD AND sllveb jj. , tf land WARRANTS First Rational Bank of Washington. U.D.COOKE. (of JayCooke ACo.,> President. V* 11. 6. HUNTINGTON. Cashier. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY AND tiNANCIAL AGENT OF THE UNITED STATBB, 14.'A nrH(i or?o*ut tk* Trtasnrv Dtranmern, G( Ternment Securities with Treasurer United cratesffroyE MILLJOy DOLLARS Vre btw and sell all cWksaea of GOVERNMEN1 bi.CLRlTlES*t current market rates. tURNISH EXCHANGE and mike 0>lleetu>n> vn ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE SUITED STATES. Me purchase Government Vouchers on tha MOST TA V OR ABLE TERMS, and fire careful ui prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN end FIRMS. and to any other business entrusted to ns. FILL INFORMATION In regard to GOVERB Sj EfcT LOANS at all times cheerfully fnrulshed WM. 8 HUNTINGTON, Cashier. Washington, March ao. im. m21 tf HOTiiLSrKEaTA IT RAN TS, Ao. IRK.WOOD HOUSE, | Corner P$ntui. ar$nve and T>e*lf'k ifrer?, Wa*h*ngion, D. C. Situated in the most central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a short distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, tc. H. H. DUDLEY A CO., nofl-tf Proprietors. EMRICH 8 RESTAURANT. No. 36ft Penna avenue, near 6th itrest. P EMRICH wishes to Inform hts friends and tha pnMIc generally that be now keeps con-A.. m stantly on hand OTBTERS. fresh every day. prepared In erery style IfiAX His WINES and LIQTORS cannot be surpassed. Call and give him a trial. oc M tf (^ABDEN SEEDS, FBUIT TREES, Ac, J O n N 8 A D L Han now In Store his extensive stock of OABDEN SEEDS, which ar? this season of finest inality. From hit nr?. tical knowledge of the trade, and the Seeds having been grown specially for hia sales, they are warranted fresh, pore, genuine. FLOWER SEEDS, em!>racinc all tha noTelties from England aud the continent, with many articles saved front his rleh eotleetion of Florist FRUIT TBBES of finest quality, consisting of Pears. Apples, Peaches, Apricots, Nactariues, Cherries. Ac. _ . ? GBAPB VIHB8?Delaware, Concord, Diana, Bofere Hybrids, lona, Adiroudac, Ac Btmwbarriaa. Blaoklx-rriea. Gooseberries. Currants. Evergreens, Shade Tress, Roses, Green Hons*- Plants Ac Bdfcqueta. Wreaths. Cut Flowars. Ac. JOUN SAUL, 8eatl Store, Removed te 4 46 7th street, fa 18 sola opposite P. 8. Patent Oihce. JO/? " FINB OIL FANT1NGS, a q/* engravings, 4rm) walnut BBACKBTS, bookshelves,Ac ,at MABKBITBR'8, No 4*,6 7th Struct. Paintings.?Oatsklll Mountains, very fine landscape. by Semiuors. Pair Oabinat sire Land?cap*e, ly Willson. Original >rou i> t)hick<*ns, t>y A K. Tait Fiult Pastel, by Buns Riug. Mother's Joy. by Meyer. Interior Cathedral View, very tine, by R. noni. Beatrice Cenci Ac .Ao. Engravings ? Tasso at tbs Court of Terrare reciting passages from hia immortal poem " Jerusalem Delivered." Stiakfp-are at the Oourt of *jueen Elizabeth reciting passages from "Macbeth " Tli*! are match engravings from Enders painting*. Sleighing, engraved from a painting by Girar<1et. Thallapp> Rescue n very spirited picture. from a palming by Carl Hnbner. F-rbidden Fruit, engraved from a painting by Schloeslanc*. Also. Walnut Brackets. B?ok?lielves, Pnrlor Gases. Ac J. MARRRITKR. No. 496 7th street,8 doors aheve ff ? W Odd Fsllew a Hall. V ICTOR BBCKKK. PIANO TUNER AND BBGtTLATeB..-^^ Bstabluhid IN 1864. EflB OKDIBS low KVrn;rKT> *T DBMPBEY A OTOoLB B. Engravers and Btn ttonsra, Ac . 346 Pn. av., bet. s?th and linh sts. F. 0. BhitUENRAOH n Piano Aooms, 49811th streat, near Fn. avenue. Sr-'ial Notitt from Wm. Knab* t Co., Baltimore. Mr Becker naa tuned Pianos for us at our Warerooms. and we take pleaaare In stating that we belleve him to baa competent tuner. no 21 3m aSMlAas.Bl.ACI WAXDH.LAMOa. C. V. BLACK law office. BLACB, LAMON A OO., Oouneellors and Auarneys nt- Law in the Supreme Oourt of the United Staiea, the Oourt of Claims, ths Courts of the District, the Bxecutlve Depart* Bents, nnd Committees of Congress. Office, 468 14th treat, (directly apposite W1Ilards Hotel ) 4* 18-tf 3 1MB 6BEAT BBBBLLION, by John Minor Botts, Character and Charaoterlstio m, by B. r. Whlpale; #1 7a. The Sclaoce of ? ealth, by Amasa Walksr; #8. Life and Times of Bed Jacket, bf Wm. L. btone, fa. The 8anotaary; A wory cf7the Olvll War. by Hichols, illustrated, |J. Bisssn* the .Rod; A Novel, by Bdmaad Yatee; TSeentsTBaoe for Wealth, by Mrs, ' J.-*.r??Q? T4TLOK. M A ' L {mOUOLATS D? ALSO, MAILLARD'B Oa<KX,L*? PAR .MKLSJOJ, ( This Triple Ynntlla CSOOOL ATM la superior In quality and flavor to any other made la this " TF' irMSr*" Menor 14th an4 F streets, Jal under Bbbltt Honae, W" ' "HMlRf """IP Bbow Gaee Mualsttirtr. School Furniture\>1 and Boasefarnisblna Wararoosaa. Bow an4 W Did Fnrnltare. af all deeerletions, beushi If I aSSsf?l1 OFFICIAL. Pkpartmmt or State, ) . Washikoton, March I. 1887. \ Information has beeu received at this Depart- 1 ment trom Mr. Charles Mueller, the Consul of the 1'nited States at Amsterdam, of the dea'h, by drowning, on the gib day of February, ult., ' at sea. of Second Mate Dongtas Hums, James 1 Moore, David Adman. Jacob Feoffs, Win. ' Brenkman. Wm iVlcCrenriy. Antoiue Petro, < Charles Brink. Charles Fisher and August ' NchabH. all seamen belonging to the American sdip "Add'ssi n," of Kennehutik, Me , which , vessel wan wrecked on the date ahove named. <>n the fo-called North Haakes." located six , miles trom the port of Nieuwediep, distant slxty-focr mile? from Amsterdam . ? ??? ? I SPECIAL NOTICES. 1 IT 13 NOT A I1UM4UQ -B* convinced . Though having h?*n iu ns" onlv f"?r ashort t'tne MK TO A IKE S GREAT BlI Kk MAT1C REM R J L>\ ha* tnlnKi a woiid-wide reputation and is i i recomwended by the t>?st di-ctor* in N n* York a I I tbeonly sure cure tor Kheomttlsm . mh 6 eu2w H. 0. FORD, Agent. . A TBll K BALSAM 1 DR.WISTARS B A Lt> A Mot* *"II,PCHKKBY is truly a ba'satn It contains the balsamic prtn- < cipieuf the Wild t'herry tue btlsamic proprrti.s | et tar anil of pine Its liu redimt* are all bal- | I samir. Coughs. fold-. He'e Throat, Bronchitis, i j ami Ooi snmption speedily disappear under its | I balsamic iniinence It _ BEMKD1AL INSTITUTE FUU SPECIAL ' CASES. No. 14 Bond street, New York. j *^"Full information. with the hignest testimoj Htuls, also, a Book on Special Diseases, ?'? a seii'.d ' 'n elopr, sent free. tie ><rr* nn'1 ftnd for the n, I tnii yvu will not rttiti it; advet tiling phy ? sician* are K' m-railv two*ton. without refer-a^ti i I no jtranger shonld be trc<t'>d. Enclose a <tsii| t j for postage a-d direct to UK. LAWRENCE No 1 i 14 B ind street. New York ni 12 DiWly MARRIAGE a : ? n.L . ii .('V . AND THE ' Happiness of True Manhood.? An E*nav 1 V out,# Men on th? Crime <>f aoutude, ami the ( Ph) nlologit al Krrors, Abusesnud Diseases which 1 cr at<> impediments to Marriage. with sure rueaiM t of Belief Pent in settled letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Pr .I SK I LLI N 1IOOGHTON. Howard Association Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Soi SECRET . ! - B A > .s t Hamakitak's Qivt is tbe most certain, safe and i eflectnal remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rerne- ( Jy ever discovered. Cures in two to tour days, and recent cases In twenty four hours No mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Onl> ten pills to be taken. It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do ' net want to be exposed. Male packages. f2;fe- 1 male, fc j. j Ha* as tan's Boot and Hubi J new?A positive , and permanent -nre fer Spykllls. Scrofula. Ulcers, s?ot?-Tetters, 4c Price ?1 25 per bottle. f*1''' s f. Ford. 8?*e advertlsement rnrl 1 DANCING^ ! pBOFB J. W. * H. P ABKlb 1 DANCING ACADEMY, JA ] Pennsylvania avenue, bet. ?th and 7th sts.. JA Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. New Classes forming every evening. Those dasiring to enter our classes should avail them- ' ' es of this opportnnity. Preparations will be made in this quarter for r oar an mm I May Ball OT ' <'lr?olar? can be had at J. T. Ellis' and W o W?*?erott t t'o.'s Music Stores. * r The Hall can be rented for Soirees, Ac. c Day* and Ho*rt of Tuition : t For Ladles, Missas and Masters, Tuesday and baturday afternoons, from S to 5 o clock . Gentlemen's Olassee. Tueeday and Krlday evenings. from 8 to lo o'clock. *" Yor further Information,apply dnrlag the hoars 1 of tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson. ja8 ^ MAKlVrg KAHUIUNAULI DANCING ^ ? _ ACADEMY, AT K* MABIX18 ASSEMBLY BOOM8, |(ft t E, between 9th and 10th streets. 0 The last 'inarterof this reason, prepara pory to the May Hall will continence on Batnr" )'? March 2. Classes fer tbeGermai are now vjen. h N B ?Private I nstrnctlon given to solt tae con- * Tenience of the papil. tel* a MASQLEEADE AND FANCY DRESS BALLS a AND PAKTIE8. ? The uaderslgned wonl4 most respectfully in- ^ form tbe ladles and geatlemen of Waahlngtaa c city, and the Dlstiict generally, that be is at all 1 times prepared to furnish parties with Masquer- ( ade and Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to i order. He has taken rooms at the well known x fancy establUhmeut of Christian Rappert, E?u Uii 7th street, l>etween D and E, where he willbsi happy te awaitordevs. CHARLES BEBG, ^ late Oostumer at Ford's and Grover's K fe ll-lm? Theaters. Washington, D. 0. II WOOD AND COAL. ,b ^ ' o A L : v 0 A L ! I Best W H1TE AStf at *8, by the ton. All sizes, r to suit customers. ' C. Sawed aad Split OAK WOOD, ?10 per cord. K *' r- l'INE * ?'j ? a Loag Oak. p< r cord. v A ton of Coal sold by nie alway- weighs 1.240 lbs ti ? JOHN B.loBD, * US-IT _ Corner 4th and tf street*. u ^ O Al<! C O A L ! I ~ ? AT OBEATLY REDUOED PRICES. 'j Oroee tans of 2,240 lbs., delivered in any part of . the city I Chest on t White Ash. 87. 1< Stove, Kfg and Furnace White Ash, $8.0*. b Bed Ash. $8 V v Labigb. if Oak and Pine Wood constantly on hand. Orders received atourOtlice; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street a 8. P BROWN k SON, a JaM tf 463 9th street berwt^n H and F, h OJUJTHINQ, As. EBCJUSr TAILUH1I.G. ^ The nnderaigned having entered Into?sopartnar- a ship ard iairt in ?n exte. sive an 1 ear?-full? selected ,to..k ef CLOTHS,OASSIMERES.^II o N kSTINCS, and Gentlemens' KUBNlSil- Km n ING GOODS, are prepared to ma^e np for \fm their cnstomei% and fa*hionable^^^m a suits of clothing, at their new eetablishment,No. S-^0 E street, t*e doorx west ef the Matlonal The- * ater. Persons desiring neat fitting and fashion- b able'Clothing. on moderate terms, should not fail V to give ns a call hefore purchasing elsewhere. a ? GEO T. KEEN. 8.W. GILBERT, n Formerly of 604 9th st . Merchant Tailors. _Bh?-lm* No. 340 E st? bat. 12th and 13th. ' IT * HiHIMIh, E __ Bncceeeor te H. F. Lend on ICo.uja v CITIZEN'S AND MILITARY **? J MERCHANT TAILOR* 11 J Malrc?ol1 tan Hotel lata Brown's, WW a SC9 Pennsylvania aventie,"" ti 77~KOOTS, SHOES, <fec. n gftl BOOTS AND SliOES. n fyj * * w Tt obi. fM J^hA.nn<,e.r?',?nwl to inform his friers o etni'A generally that he has opened the a WTOBB, Mo. dOg 7th street,under n Odd Fellows Hall, where he bus on hand a gen- ? BOOTS AND SHOBS. 11 nlfv'ff'"1',aumber, Ttti street, under wfl w"! iUu tTh* Store, far- . F. Page's store. ' WHO RGB B. WILSON. cl W # H. CLAOBTT, H B. SWEENY, ^ BEAL ESTATE BBOKERS lt ARB " ADUTI 0_B B B B 8 . Parties contamplatiBf building In the spring or 5? purt haslns animprovaa property for investment " wtft fljd ft to their advantage to look over our *n list before pnrchaelag, aa we have addad recently oi to oar loimer list a large amount of that deacrip- si tlen of property. We can offer many lndncem-ats m M regards sltnatloa. lew pricM aad easy terms. . 5*r iaf* several small tracts of lead l!u.klJ2B,5,e TLci5i.ty of W* city, vsry eli Hl lo?ated for s?bur%a? residences,-a# well as lil Fughly Improved farms la Maryland, whloh are ro rsally bargains. *r" Property left with us tor sale does net subject J to expense unless sold while on oar fcU-ta 0LA8BTT ft IWB1WY. fo so 0 d; Ks3:sP;?]??aw4*- * P/smiam FLANNEL SOAP, I _ And Bo I BBC WN SOAP. co _F?r aale ?|waa tor ?ak. Orders through the ti Post OOca will aa proapUy attandad to an j ^ ^ s TELEGRAMS, he. It la stated on (far authority of Mr. Hamom, I :he national bank examiner, that, frotn his ?*x- I imiDation of the cashier ot the First Nation vl , tif.nk of Boston, the transactions by which the | , ?ank was ruined occurred within twenty-four I titurs ol their discovery. The only excep- ( Ion was one operation which occurred Thurs- I , 'ay of last week.,and which like the others, was I ;cncealed from 'all the directors except Mr. t barter. I , The St. Louis Pemorrat'f St. Joseph's spe- 1 cial says the Sioux City R*gi*trr of a recent I < late publishes a letter from Fort UKion,sta*icg that the fort was attacked by a large hand ot I Indians a few days ago, but they were repulsed with loss after a protracted b*tttle I ! The Indians were generally hostile, but the J jccupants of the fort were confident of their I ibtli'y to repel any atttack. A cable dispatch says ?The Duke of Richmond has declined the Colonial Secretaryship I , ind the Dnke ot Buckingham. to whom it wis I 1

subsequently tendered, has accepted the pofi- I < lion. The Government promises that the pro- I J visions of the reform h ll wnich it is preparing 1 or submission to parliament will be liberal I I n its character. I < The Bo?tou Journal savs there is a general J ' I'eelhigof distrust on tlu^streets so faf as re- I j the transaction of brokers and bankers, I | he recent bank failures having brought to I , ight such cross irregularities that even well I ] established and high toned houses sntFer from , .he suspicion which is naturally created. , The First National Hank of Newton, Mass.- J 1 ippears to nave b< en completely cleaned out, I < ind many cases of individual suffering are re- I ^ at?d. It appears probable that one or tw ? I >ther banks besides those enumerated have I ieen subjected to loss, and ?20,UUO was taken I >ut of one individual whose mendship I . aim an easj dupe. On the 22d ult the United States coast = nr- I \ lev steamer Corwin staited from Havana a xrith a party of e nests to sound the three liflerent approaches proposed for tne submaine telegiajib soon lo unit-Cuba telegraph!- "\ :ally to the United States. I f Eighteen Feni'in convicts, whose sentence* ( w^ie rei ontly commnted to twenty year<" im- e mcorment, arrived at Kingston, C. W., by I ( ipecial train from Toronto Monday, and were a mmediately conveyed to the penitentiary in I a )pen sleighs. I c Governor Browlow, of Tennessee, has ssued a general order to organize the volun- ' eer force to serve for mree years, subject to 1 lis order a? commander-in-chief, to act as 11 mlitary police to preserve order and protect 1 c he people. ^ The report from Fort Laramie that Fort (J. I ? fi. Mnitb, on Big Horn river, bad been cap- I ? ured bv Indians prove to be utrue. An ex- I ?ress messenger has arrived from that post I J, who states that the garrison has not been mo- | lesietl. ^ The trial of Judge Moody, of St. Louis, be- r 'ore the joint session of the Legislature of \ Missouri yesterday resulted in tlnding re- c ipondent guilty on both charges and speciti- I r rations. I b The proposition in the Tennesege House to I it epeal the section in the franchise law pro- I H nbtting negroes from holding office or serving e is jurors was lost by a vote of three majority ii The charter election in Troy.N. Y ..yesterday esulted in the election of the eutue Demo- I ratic city ticket. Hon. John L. Flagg is re- I ^ lected Mayor by'245 majority. I o It is expected that the Hon. Thomas Russell, he new collector of the port of Boston, will ,, liter upon the duties of his office in a few K lays. ? K F. Friable. Republican,wa< elected Mayor ^ if Klmira N. Y., yesterday over W K Jud- i< on, Democrat, by seventy-six majority. n George B. Jones, colored, was elected one ol ? be constables of Bla? kstune, Massachusetts, A >n Monday. a gi Mkxico.?Tne following is an extract from 1< , letter dated Vera Cruz, Feb. 22, l?m7: "Gen- K ral Prrflri< Diaz has thrown a part of his tl rmy between Mexico and Puebla, and the H oHimunication is very irregular. For ten I It lays past we have received bo mails from any S chere west of Orizaba. The telegraph line is o atoff. Ihe French left Puebla ou the Kith tl nst, and a rumor has circulated here th vt si ieneral Di&s has captured that city. The im- g< erialists report that tney have obtained two b; rictories over the Liberals, one against Go- si onaat Atei guique, and tbeother againstCar- ol ajal at Guanajuato. Very little credit is tl iven here to these rumors, and they are bought to be circulated by the Imperialists I o keep up the spirits of their men, who are ^ ecoming more demoralised every day. It 111 eems that on the 12th mst. Marque* and Mix- ^ nnlian left the CHy ot Mexico lor the interior ' eith 4.C00 men. The general impression seems I tr ? be that their object is to reach the coast. w Ithers, however, believe that Maximilian is b oing to capitulate to Juarez, or to see it an ? rmisticecan be had for ths purpose of con- 1 J* nl'lng the people. Nobody expects, of coarse, [ " tiat he will succeed In this, as the people have poken and are speaking against him. It Has ^ een reported, too, and with some shade of ,e eliability, that Miramon, Marquez, Maxiral- I rl an, Mejia, Castillo and the supporters of the P' Empire, with ail their troops, started from " luereturo, and were met and completely de- I eI rated at Apaceo on the 15th, by Gen. Lsco- I ,a edo. The French transports are daily am- I 'J ing. The French troops are stationed be- I Rl ween Orizaba and Paso del Macho, and are | '' mbarking with activity every day. There is ! Sl regular stampede of Imperialists. Almost I II men who acted as Maximilian s ministers I it ave either left the country or are on their ^ fay abroad." I jt THK LBOISLATrK* ok Makyland?The ienate, yesterday, was principally occupied . a the consideration of the bill providing for _ n i lection of Mayer und Oity tkiuncil in Balmore Alter some discussion, the President I f the Senate (Lieut. Got. Cox) decided that I J bill ot a similar character having been passed nd subsequently repealed, during this e?sion the present bill could not be entertained. I ^ 'his decision, of course, killed the pending ill. The House, yesterday, however, having o1 lassed an enabling act, trom the Senate, to ^ nthorize an election to take place la Baltiriore in Api >1. a new bill, under the ruling of n he President, can be introduced. A motion M vas made to suspend the rules to allow the ^ Dtroduction ol said bill, but it was defeated? < eas 13, cays P, not two-thirds. It will, there- y ore, have to come up in regular order here- I rt fter. The bill to call a State convention was atken up, but laid over, with the understand- I Dg that It would be taken up in three or four s ays. Y Among a large number of bills passed by jy be House was one from the Seuateappropria- u ing five thousand dollars to erect a monu- q aeut at Frederick in honor of the late Chief j,, ustice Taney, and the bill to amend the act m ncorporatlng the Union Kallroad Company t( f Haitimore. I^eave was obtained to report bill providing for the erectioiyif a monu- f, lent to Francis S. Key, the or of the Star Spangled Banner." Leave was also ranted to allow colored persons to testify in 'b |1 cases, the same as whites. w I to virginia Leumlatcrb ?The regu ar ses- th ion of the General Assembly of Virginia at loeed on Saturday last. In the Senate, on that bi By. the SouthsideConsolidation Railroad bill m ras lost for want of a constitotioanl majority, I at the vote was afterwards reconsidereid aud I le bill laid on the table. Hoase bill incorpo- I D( itisg the Potomac and Alexandria Railroad ' ompany was passed. m In the House of Delegates the engrossed bill re i authorize the constrnctloii of a railroad j'1 om Alexandria to some point on the Poto- I ac river opposite Georgetown came up in I Tl der. It was opposed by Mr. Robertson aud I istained by Messrs. Baldwin (Mr. Watlclas t the chair; and Z. Turner, and passed. I /"The convicts in the Alabama peniten- ^ lry are being hired oat to work on the rail- I ads of that State. WA drunken man, Edward Metcali on i hursdav night, got his face In tike aaud of a ] Cr icant lotia Boston, and unable tOfet up or I ( 11 oyer smothered to death. I KTA man named Pope was seised with hy- m ophobta at indianapolia, a few da/a ago, fu om the bite of a doc I 7" A sable swain la Memphis attempted to T, mmlt suicide because the msmasa of his dt- tal ally waa opposed to the matrimonial alll- fo ice. I VA coteasporary beads an article oa "til- gc rs." "Shocking Disoioeures.- Be probably f0 pant "Slocking Disclosers." w\ VThere hay* beea sevsral deaths in Paris ha ?lj from having floweis la bedchambers; i s patients die ol braih feyer or paralyeie. ha 9"Th? Kief and Q,aeen of Densaark cat*, la ata their ittvir weddiac next 1U#. th i CONGRESSIONAL. Hora*?Ye?terdav afternoon? On motion of Mr I)awn, the assistant stenorrarher to committees of the House of last Dot'press was continued in office until other. wist- ordered. Mr. Ashley (Ohio) presented tne credentials )f Mr Tafle. of Nebraska, who was accordngly sworn in Mr Woodbridge introduced concnrrent res. >lutions for the appointment of a joint committee of three Senators and three members in r-vise and equalize the pay of the employees )f both Houses Adopted. The House then (at half past?) adjonrueu Lai^c liCKsTiONS ?A despatch from Madson. Wisconsin, announces that the lowxr i House of the Legislature of that State on Saturday, by a vote of 5? to 3Z, ordered the third reading of a bill making eight hours a legal day's worlc The plasterer* of Philadelphia, ve und?rstand, are on a strike, and I :*rds both from the operative plasterers aud the employ in* plasterers are published. The 1 *mplo>ers retu?e to pay more wages than frl i % day. and are not wiliinr to pay their men a tull day 's wages on Saturday, aud at the same time allow them to stop woikat four o olo.-k 1 3ii that day The operative plasterers nOate ihat they van work but nine months in the >ear; that they now receive less wipes m Philadelphia than are paid in an v other city in he Unit. u. and that they are prepared to execute work for tbe public at the rate? charged 1 ast year by the employing plasterers. Very unch the stnr.e ptate of things exists with the mploying and journeymen house-painters. i I here is trouble in other trades, b >th on the i juestion ol wages and about the eight-hour yst?tr. and in several cities prospective irikes are announced, which are brought ' ihout by these can sea In Ilrooklyn the \ ?. ? ious trades are establishing for eelf-protec- l ion a Workingmen's I ni.>u.Mandtbecarpen- I ?rs ot New York, Brooklyn and the p>'<put? -r- I 1 ng have deiermu.ed te ask ?4 a day j , n apes after the first Monday ia April next. 1 ltd to notify employers accordingly. I ! Attbmptkk siiciur ia a Corn* K >om ? The second trial ol Wm. C. Orue. lor setting ire to a brick building on Wmtbrop street, ( 'harlestown, in July last, which has been t oinp on during the pust levr days at Kist * Cambridge, terminated yesterday afternoon iu i i verdict of pmlty. After the result hid been t rnounced. the prisoner briefly addressed the ? ourt, strongly asserting his Innocence of the r rime for which he had been convicted, t Indge Hnssell then wrote the sentence of im- i irisonment for life on the back ?f the indict- I nent and handed It to the clerk. Just a* th? e lerk wag about to read it, Orne drew a knife, I vhich he bad in some way concealed in bis 1 leeve, and stabbed himself three times in the s eft breast. He remained standing for nearly i minute, and then he sank down into the dock ) artia ly unconscious. He was immediately c arried to the Counsellor's room and laid upon s he 'able, wh^re an examination of the wonuds > eas made by I)r Taylor. Orne was then car- c led on a stretcher to the sick room at the jail, c i here he lay at a late hour last evemnp in a j ritual condition, with but little chances of e ecovery. While luring conveyed to the jail, c e said that he didn't care so much about go- \ up to the State Prison, for he knew all about 3 t, bnt he would never go there innocent. He f xpressed no regret whatever for his act. Orne t i about thirty years old, and a natiie of Mai- c en. and has a wife and child living in t Jfcarlestown. He has served fonr years in the i iate Prison for arson and a year in the House c I Correction for robbery.?Borton Voice. 1 t I'ndkr tbb ItAK.-It is a curious fac', that \ l the recent elections In Prussia, Count Bis- || lank and the Ave geiierals who have received i ational rewards tor their coudnct of the recent t rar. have all been defeated by candidates be. ? jnping to the liberal party Thus Count His- ] tarck has had to yield to Herr Waideck, th? emocratic member of the Supreme Conn of j ppeal. Gen. von Roon to Herr L taker. an i ssistant judge; (Jen. von Moltke to Herr^Tig- i ers, a lawyer, who spent three years in prison i >r his presnmed share in the escape of Dr. t lintel; Gen. von Falckenstein to Herr Duncker. c le publisher of the i oiks' /.ei'unff, Gen. von t lerwath to Herr Schulze, the founder of the i ibonnp men's saving bank, and Hen von ( temmetx to Herr Kinage. a municipal officer r advanced opinions. The inference from c lis decision of the people is?that, nothwith. r anding the milrary glory achieved by the t pnersls in question,*their well-knowu mcli- r ation towards arbitrary domestic measure--. r nee the war was over, has inspired distrust r [ them, and distrust has placed them under t le ban ?A>w V>,rk Rzj/rtss. ASWIXDJ.IOX THR COLOKICD POrfLATIOR. 9 few days since & well dressed colored mau mde his appearance In this city, representing imself as being an agent of the'New York aud l rie railroad, and empowered to make conacts with two hundred colored laborers to ? reric on the road at high wages Of course be r ad but little trouble in getting the requisite r umber, one of the conditiensbeingthat, as the 0 ire to Buffalo was 916, each one was to par I: in ?3, which they did and he wonld pay the " Glance, deducting it ont of their first pay uesday evening was the time appointed to ? aye for Buffalo, by the Northern Central " lilway. and the two hundred met at the de- ' ot, accompanied In mo?t cases by their fainisa and frienda to see them off The smart op- ^ ator was on band, but previous to the party king seats in the cars he managed te sadden* c r disappear, and has not since been beard ef. ad most probably never will. By the operaon the swindler pocketed some 91,600 ? Salt. ui. ' tl A KiTt'ALiBTic Incidrjtt.?Yesterday morn* o ig as the congregation emerged from St. Al- p in's Church, Lexington avenue, so noted for d s adherence to high chnrch forms, a youug o an who stood outside handed to each indi- P idnal a neatly folded copy ot the pretest of u irenty-eight Protestant Episcopal bishops v cainst ritualism. hfforLs were made by one a r two prominent members of the church to c ipoea the character of the document: but c any copiee were distributed.?.V. Y. 1 'otf. a g AMrPKMKXTg iw N nw Yoek.-A letter from ew Yerk, dated the 1st instant says: "Though rery one here is complaining of the dullness l1 t business, yet amusements of all kinds are in p le most flourishing condition To-night is r le one hundred and seventy.third perfor- tl ance of the Black Crook at Niblo's Garden. 4 lr. JarTett, a Baltimorean, informed me to- l; ny that it bad already netted a gross profit of T divided between Jarrett, Palmer and L fhentley. Rather & handsome sum. that, to > alize on one place in six months. c Mw York ScHoot.e ?By the report of the npertntendent of Public Instruction in New n oik, It appears that during the year ending fi ?ptember 30th, 1956, the number ol pupils at- & 'naiug schools in the State was tl OI9,(xi(i * f these 1541 attended college*. 36,4<i5 acade- s< lies, 61.760 private schools, and yit/icft com- I* on schools. Huringthe year the expenses of * ie school system were ?ti,C3J,9Uj 94, as com tred with ~S5,735.460 v!4 during the previous P ?ar. A Text for Stcki. Kails.?It Is announced s; at in the steel rail mills, at the Cyclops steel d orks, Sheffield, a mass of Iron weighing one H n is dropped from a height of feet upon ? ie middle of the rail, placed upon supports, ol i a test of iu strength. The rails rarely ic eak. bat occasionally bend, under this tre- r< endoua trial. Tax Ooi.LRCTi>e ?Mississippi papers an- L >unce that by a new law in that State the > npon persons not having visible bj eans of support, or not iu the employ ol a sponsible person, is to be collected at the tne ot assessment, and if it cannot be col- u cted, the detauiter is to be reported as a Lgrsnt. bi RxnrCTio* ?r Waow.?Notices were posted * all the leading woolen manufactories or r, bode Island on Saturday, that the wngee of e operatives woald be reduoed ten per ceat. i the 14th Instant. Hardly hair of the woolen tt! acblnery in the State Is now mania*. w KTColored persons are sull whipped tor ime in Virginia, partlenlarly la Richmond. p, KTIn Portland, Friday, a man undertook a ager to drink fifteen glawee of ale In fifteen ^ mates, bnt caved in on the thirteenth?so 11 that be rat over. M~A Ban, arretted In Hep kins county >xas. recently for some mlsdea?eaaor, waa . ken oat ?f jail by a sqoad of men and shot ? r a murder committed a year ago. V Water*, a tamoua banter and hermit of . atbwestern Virginia, was lately murdered ;* r the anke ol K?0 bounty tbr wolt'a eoalps w blch he had ioet received. Waters waa a it breed Catawba Indian. KTA school-house in Connecticut woald " ive baraed down, eo oae of oar exchanges tornts ae, bad It oot been for the eoolaees of in e female teachera. lu * Female Miser Starves Hrrtrlf U Death. [from lbs l^ondon Star. January *9 ) During the part week great excitemeat ha* E retailed In toe ueifubcrhuod of New Out, .anibeth. m consequence ot a well-know a eccentric female having been disco*ereu lying dead in a state of nudity. In a most wretched apartment in Harriet street, Lower M ?r*b. Lambeth Krom tier siugu lar and peaur<ous habits, notwithstanding ibe apparent destitution, * be was supposed to have been passes ?~d of property; and. accordingly. Mr. Sb-pp.\rd. tbe cotco* r'? iflii tr, with a police setg.-*ut, proceeded to search The body w is laid out on a beard, bat quite naked, merely having a piece ot a a old tnghtgown tbrowa over her. Three black cats belonging to deceased were at the time lying on tbe body. There was no wearing apparel or furniture in tbe roots, wbicb was in a most filthy and wretched condition - bat if appears that tbe borfy had been stripped (robbed ) and tbe things sold at a ragshop. iron ibe produce of which, ami money believed to have been abstracted from her stays, tbe whole ot the inmates of tbe bouse, including tbe landlady, were supposed to Lave become id tbe frightful state of latexication in which they were found With some difficulty poaee-siou was obtained of a book, showing that she wai a depositor in tbeSouthwark Savings' bank for upwards of ?100. Tbe deceased was well known in the southern districts of the metropolis and from her singular attire, consisting of an immensely large beaver bonnet, ample autiquated cloak, Ac.. termed during btr rounds with a basket containing ?-mall tin articles, tapes. Ac., and obi -ct ot * port for gangs of rough hoys from whom ?be bad gamed the soubriquet of "Jenny, tbe Catskintier." and by these laventles she vm frequently motbi'd and assailed, which she has sometimes resented with stones with ?uch ?e. verity as to bring her before a (tolice magistrate. >be was, however, about eigut or nuie years since seat to goal tor 'bree months for felony, ha\ irg been detected n stealing clothing from children. <?n that occasion a considerable sum was tonnd in her stays, a portion i>f a bich ? as applied to her support in prison itnd tbe balance handed to her upon b*r discharge. To sorb extremes di1 su? , arry her penurions habits (althorgh a depositor in the savings' briuk for years.) that she ha? frequently uot only be^yed for and accepted scrap* of food from venous parties, but nas been known to eat cat * meat and even scraps she picked up from the streets. tin Satnrdav last Mr. W. Carter, the Coroner for bast Lurrey, held an inquest al the I'ufc' of Sussex, Glb*ou street, I.aiiitv b. on the body of tbe above deceased, who bore me r.ameof Hnntiah Henson. stated to be ag> 1 seventy- Ave. Mr. V'aiter Monday, of Henninguiu, road mrgoon, saw deceased on tbe Wednesaay afct her deatb. Had some previous knowledge vflier. having received an order from the parish to attend heron Saturday, I>ec. 1. Her .or sou was in a very dirty condlttsn. and so a-as bet room. Had make a post mortem exitr.ii.ation Her liair and body were swarming R'itb vermin. He sbeuld say the immediate aute of her deatb was exhaustion arising from nant of proper nourishment. Kiii LcYEts asd" ?The bonse Winters Lave ai.nouneed tbeir determination o \*erk no longer for le?s than ft per day. ind layers of lielgiau pavement demand an lnmediai* increase to >5 per day; and the irKklayers. plasterers, tailors, and other asoctatiobs are considering tbe propriety of nbklng further demands This movement of he workingmen has resulted from a counter novement on tbe part of tbe employers. The a'ter Lave been extremely anxious, tor sevral weeks, to effect a reduction in wages, and n some departments of business combinations iave been effected with the object of enforcing neb reduction The purpose of the workingnan is, tbeiefcre. to neutralize or forestall the uoposed action ef the employers, and we lonbt not that they will be satisfied if tbev ucceed in maintaining the present rate of sages without tbe propoeed increase. W* an account for tbeir present actiou upon no ther hypothesis They cannot reasonably ex>ect, in such times as we are now expenncir.g. to coerce employers into tbe payment if bigber wages than were given during the *ar. when gold was in the neighborhood of i' 0, and general prices of imports and manuac til res from 25 to 1?> per cent. higher than hey are at the present time. Nor, on the ither band, can employers reasonably expect o secure a peneral reduction in wages. While t is true that manufactured commodries are ompatatively low. the actual expenses ot a abonng man are uow nearly it not quite as ugh as they were dunug tbe war. Rents, rhich are a heavy item of expense to workngroen. have gone up fully 100 per cent, wubti the last two years meats were neyer higher ban they now are, and country produce genially is about as high as it has ever been.?.V. r. Sun. They Wakt to Te-t its CowsTtTrnow LLiiv.?In the Virginia House ot DOega'es n Monday. Mr. White offered a resolution nstructing the committee for courts of justice o report a bill providing for tbe appointment >f a commission to test before tbe Supreme 'ourt of the L nited States, the legality of the let of Congress - to provide tor the more efficient government of the rebel States ' Mr. White claimed that we were not yet lead, and had still the rights of a State and the igbt to appeal to the Supreme Court to proect us from such an outrage; to appeal in the iame of a State around whicn clustered so nany glorious memories ; in tbe same of bunanity ; in the name ot right and justice and rutb and honor. Tbe resolution was withdrawn br the mever .nd referred to the ccmmiuee on resolutions. ThEConOTITCTIOJ, AL AmENT'VENT ?It will * remembered that the Commutes of Federal ielatims of tbe lower House of the Massahusstts Legislature, to whom the question of atifying tbe constitutional amendment was eferred. made a report last week, in which tbe najority oppose the amendment and the raliority favor it. This committee consists of even members, one of whom is a colored man. 'ne curious fact is now de\eloped that three f the white mon on the committee were oposed to the amendment and three in favor of U and the colored man. by bis casting vote gainst tbe ratification, gave thai side the raajritv and made tbe committee's report oppose tie amendment. The majority opposed it beause it did not secure universal suffrage. A Sixgclar Case.?A Herman named John auers, living in l>evitt's court, Seventeenth rard. bung out a flag yesterday. He fought hronghout tbe war, was wounded, and reel ves a pension Yesterday was tbe day for ?> met t of pensions, and in honor of it be isplayed the national banting. About five 'clock in the afternoon a party of five men asking his bouse saw the flag. and. with some rouble, tore it down. Sauers tired upon them rith a pistol from tbe second story window, nd George Hunsper, one ot the quintette, reel ved the ball in his leg. where, at last acounts, It still remained. Sauers was arretted, nd beld in to answer by Alderman hoe maker?I'kil. Q+zette. New York Commence.?During January =7 vessels arrived at New York from foreign 'orts. and during February, 333. the total arivals lor the two months being 5at? fluring be same period 47s* vessels arrived coastwise fthe foreign arrivals lit were American, W British, 11 Bremen, and 10 Norvcogian. 'be remainder belonged to other countries. luriRg February 6374 passengers arrived at iew lork from foreign ports, of whom 3>'i . ame from Liverpool. Marine Di.?iiT(us.?liuriug Febrnary ihf umber of American vessels lost by wreck, re, collision and other disasters at sea, was u, Uielr value boiog S3 25V *10 Of these three rere steamers, IS ships, 2 barks, 11 brigs. i9 chooners and 1 steam tug. Tbus far during ><!7. the marine losses have been 13o vessels, clued at &tf,023.50<>. as compared with 151 essels valued at 08.911.300 during the same eriod in IrtiG. Philadelphia Si ?day Caeh ?The Pennrlvania Legislature is considering the Suaay car question The bill which passed tbe Lou?e favoring tbe running of Snaday cars ras sent to tbe Senate, where the presiding IBcer referred it to tbe "committee on vice and omortality," instead of the committee on >ada. as is usual in such cases. 0""There *re ten thousand Hebrews in St. ouis. *^~Lord Shaftesbury has apprenticed one of is sons to a celebrated London engineer. 0?"The work of "Gentile expulsion ' by le Mormons i? still progressing. OVUsaerui Neal Dow, ot Maine law celerity, is said to be in very delicate health. IT'Only one-fourth of tbe vast number of wo. en in New York seeking employment objn work. revival ot religion is going on among te convict* in the Kansas penitentiary. WMen are like wagons; they rattle most hen there's nothing in them. KTMrs. Jefferson Davis Is said to be ex?cting an auack of cable rheumatism Vlt may take nine tailor* to main a man t one is eaengh to ruin him. KTGen. Butler made an Impeachment am eat at Albany. (Saturday even tag. **~lt? young man Ukes a girl, let him glee tr a present, if he lores her, lot m-g offer hor future. yA bill to prereat the sale of liquor oa ection day la before tbe How Jersey Legisfure. VPoultice* made of stewed pumpkins are id to bo a? excellent remedy tor in Summary rbenmausm WThe colored people of Kentueky are sign * a petiuoa to the Legislature of that State r a share ol the aohooi fand.