Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1867 Page 2
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1 u -*m ^ v ^ t . ? ? . AI94 i | i THE EVENING STAR. I - 1 The Largrit Cirtolatioa ii the District j W. B. WALLACH. EdiUr aa4 rr*prUt*r. | WASHlIfOTOW OITY WED.MMMV MARCH ?, !*?7. Sri?AI)I!(a MATTER OR RVRRT PAGR. 8ER OLTSJDK KOR ! N TKHKfTIN(i TKLR GRAPHIC AND 0TH1R MATTER. TO ADVERTISERS. The trllowiii|[ i? Uic official showing of tt>? circiiiMiiuii 01 'Of atiij papers oi i&n city oornpetn i rot <m* ()oT?ramrat advertising iDdM fhe reo?n?a?tof Oonjp-ess directing eacb adveniMn* u> he m?(lf In tbe two daily aewspap?r? of Washington baring tbs largos Mttatttioi evmi?A Mil 7,715 copies per day. Ckrimiclt ............VWS0 ' Intelhyrnrrr 1.554 <* Tbe return* of advertising by the city papers or t6?? quarter ?*Dd ujr [Vofmbfr 31, as ???keo from 1 o?* iwiks of the Internal Revenue Ufhce. are ae follows: k.vK?jna Stab 913,107 Intellig'ricer 9.1'JH Chrnnict* 9,1-fll B'pubfican 4 328 Tii K BANKRri'T LAW. Tbe bankrupt bill vnUicU passed both Houses of the Tbiriy-mnib Congress. (tut is no* a law, i* 01 * ot the most Important measures tli?po?ed of during the session just closed. To? law is pt-i.t-ral throughout the country, and (B|?icr(ln all Stair insolvent laws, stay-law?, and Jaws ot imprisonment for debt. The necessny for sui b a law has been recognized in the l.ryi.-lai ures ot every State ot the I'mon. All the >t?te? have insolvent or bankrupt laws, and occasionally they have stay laws or o'ber m?-a>ures tor the relief of debtors. But this law. while it accomplishes the former object. al?o provides for the security of creditors, ai.d atlords facilities for a settlement between an insolvent and his creditors without ar.v appeal to legal measures. An opportunity fur trouble made by a tew obstinate creditors, on tbe one band, or a hard beaded debtor on the o her, will be removed The debtor cannot dictate termst nor delay beyond reason the distribution of fc as-ety. Hud a single creditor cannot prevent a release by refusing to sign unless b?* receives an imeqaal share of the estate. Tnis will smooth 'he way to a greater frankness ou the (art of tUe tailing debtor, and to more forbearante and leniency, where those are appropriate. from thee to whom be is bound. A.* a permanent and universal measure of relief in this coumry, vthrre shocks in the mercantile world, dosmg financial embarrassments, are of pei iodicnl occurrence, paralyzing enterprise and prostrating industry, and where the laws enacted by the States have been ot the moi' diverse ami sometimes partial character, this law will b?* bailed as a wise and beneficial m<*asme, j artieularly at this time, when the contingencies of the late war have wrecked -0 many energetic business men North tnd South. STATE PIN N KR RY THE I'RK-'TPKN" T Th?- eighrb State Dinner of the^nt this season took place at the Executive Mtu^ioa last evening. There were prebent, b??ides the | President and larnilv, <feneral i? E. Sickles. ' Representative* ?} W. Scbofield and wile, j Sitfreav?s and wi'e, A J llogers, J?. Rosa and wite, H P Spauldmj: and wife, T. L Still w*ll and vie. M-ver S'rouse, Stephen Kaber. L. "S. Tnm?l', II Van Aernain and daughter, Bart ! Vat Heme and wite, H D. Washburn, W B. WasbMirn, M Welker and wife. K.Y WhoiefT, S. P. Wilson. WtB. WiuduBi. Charles H. WinHeld and w<f*. F E Woodbrutge and wife, E. K. V. Wrigh; and wife. Tbere will probably be one more State I inner. at which tbe new members of tbe Fortieth Congress will be luvited. A CROWD AT THE WHITE HOUSE. Tbe Exe ntive Mansion was thronged to-day with members. Senator?, office-seekers, and politicians, the crowd being rery large, and all waiung to see the President- Many were I after offiie. there a large number of vacancies caused by 'he Senate having adjourned without acting on the nominations "" ....... r ui iuc ii-iiuij wfr? idom wdo ww; 1 thus thrown overboard, and were seeking to be renominated The President was receiving. < but a number bad no: gained aa audience late thi- afternoon. THE PROPOSED COMMITTEE OX APPROPRI ATIOXS It is understood that the cause of Mr. Fes* , ^ndru * Urviiuation u> serve longer opon the | Senate Finance Committee is that be finds the work flillsrg upon the chairman of that com 1 mil tee too wearing iu his delicate state of health. Should mat committee be relieved of . a portion of It# labor by the creation of the ' proposed Committee on Appropriations, h? may conclude to retain hi* position upon it. j COMMUNIONER Of INUIaN AF?'4fR4 ?? The nomination of Hon L. V. Bory, as(JJ?r- I mietioner of Indian Affaire, not bavins been | acted ?n by tbe Senate before adjournment, iLitLfficr i* now vacant. Kuaor has It tba? t Mr. Ikxy will be renominated. Stillwell, ??f Indiana, and Hood, of Wi? cousin, are aiso spokeu of as applicants for the position It Is thought the nomination will be made by the President in a lew dare. TTtK SENATE CAUCUS. At tbe caucus this mgrumg vf Republican Sena'ore, notion* was done further than to ptss favorably nioii a propo?ltl?n to create a S*enate Commute-* on Appropriations, to relieve tbe Finance Committee oJ some of ibe labor now d#?ol?ii>i? mi"* th?? ,m" . .. r- ^. tw vuiunintcr. 1UC caucus adiourn^il to m?*et to-morrow morning, probably witb a view to taking action upon wbat is reculTeil upon at tbe House caucus to-night. CONti RES.-. An inetteituai fttort was made in the House to- day to bring ip tbe tariff bill, and get it referred to ibe Waft aid M*-aa* Committee: and the House directly afterwards adjourned uutii to-morrow. It wat evident that the Hon-* was not mclia^d to block out any work for ti?e gftsion until aStrr tfce caucus to-nigbi. T ho alcA a^lr vv hvjvui uru ui>ri a uai i uyui a mrntm. Tb* Alixa.vpbia Lxcctio*.?'Tt?? elation yeaterday progrt&?#?d qii;eiiy. and ther?eultso lar a* ascertained may be briefly at tied as tot- < Iowa 3?The nej;ro votes not received bj the Ccmomeionera oI Election, hot by Kepablican Ccnamrteto ippomted u>r the purpose, oun* ber )J:?,cuimM lor tb* hepnblic&u candidate for Mayor. Oeorge f>. Tnrner. The white | votes received M:d recorded amount to 1.1 J", of wblcb ; were cast for Turner. The r?w?t re divided between liujch LaMam. . (the present Mayor.*and Air Vm H. Marbury, aad ibe t:?mmir?ioi?r* autuune i^atUara'a election by 63 maioraty. ' The notroee will, it la nnderatood, con lea-. Mayor J.atbara'a el?? tlon twlore the Court*. or a|>|>eal to Uougre-s to determine the matter. i l*o*?irn*D --We should ha>e staled yest?r_ day that the SeuMe. 111 LxeeutiveSession, con. itie nominationa wl Otarlea Sutherland, U. ? A, to ba Amsunl M?c?-al am) Mun ia h. Miller. U. S. A., to b* l??l>nty c|uariH'Oiiuurrf*a*nil. Hotb ofthea? (tiikkBiru wr ? vrll known b? re daring ibe war a* f?j.blul and Hbcient pablic ottkct*. lb* bon?lu vUoii* of Jam?a A- Ekin to b# IVpnty <4,car <naaat?*rGaaeral U.S. A-. ?o?t Jam** Otea?*n to he Brevet Colonel U. 8. V-, ha*e alto been confirmed. I Th* 50ATI FntAtrUL cowmittbl-?It I m slated tbV Seua?or k'et+m&tu decitae.-t to t?rv? U bftr ob 'be Vuuuuual Commute* of tba Senate Hia withdrawal place# Senator 9ber. I nan Ubairmau of t?# Oommttta*. ' 1 . . I iuy A mf*UK ?>* MH* WwHiHon <Jotraepcgiifrt*' Club will b* held at the Tribune Ruuoit, lltb nre*U at o'clock to-night. lUTiMAl Kivwii- The receipts from tbla aturc* io-d:?v wirt-$1 172.596 54. i _ THK PUBLIC DEBT Tbe following ! a of tbe pn'Aic debt ol the United States np tm the 1st ins?., iwnfd bj tbe Secretary ot the. Treafnry to- ti day Dtbt Btarina Coin Inter*it I 5 per cent, bonds 09L3.W 00 ' ? per cent bond* ol '967 and 'OS.. I5,?7i,ill -i ' , 6 per cent. bono*. 1SS1 2il.74i.4ua U0 ? per ce??. 5-'?0 bond* 9il.S I?.?kio *? ' Navy pension tund ll./io.MXio 00 J Total ?[.<li4.H.fc,?0l " i j Debt Bearing Currency Tntereit. I r> per cent bond* 8t"2,922, < 1-j ear compound interest note?.. 141 ,i?i *-?. ~ 3-j ear 7 30 notes 632,75* <50 00 3 ? To'al <i,cJ;,lUS,?-inio i , Matured debt not presented for pujroent 814.57ftte9?7 ( Debt btanni no Interest. I U. S. nottf : 37l?,?l.?.(i>6 00 I Fractional currency 3i < ! (iuld lertifUnu?* of deposit I?,17<i,1^0 im I Total *4-H. 141.528 f2 i Total debt *.<iMi,6d7,-4f> 75 ] I Amount in Treaaury?coin.ri | currency, 27 t 1 Total r>0,t W* i? l Amount of debt, less c a - h ii> i , Treasury i,5{t?,7(*l,SH0 80 i It will be seen, by comparing the above wiia the t'atemeut tor February 1st, that during the 1 of February the debt bearing coin in: terest Las in created SHt7j0,&V>; the debt he ircurrency interest ha* decreased f.JMil I,I wi:ii- uln*< M J * m#. inoiiiiru urui III?V jnrpriiiru IUI J?nymeet has decreased fT,'>l4,7U5 <M; and deb1 bearing )<u interest decreaned 8^>.<?3?,'275 40 makuif increase of debt during the i mon <ti. s?4.-:i# The amount of coin in : the Treasury durinr the jnmc period has in' creased, 8T.9IC, 427.43; and the amount of currency increa??d. 87,4ba,iM..G9; leaving total amount of debt less ca*h in the Treasury, & arch 1st, 812,683,85^.4? lees than on Kebruj ary 1st. IM'BLIC LAND FOR INDIANReturns of survey of the Southern part of i ! Omaha Indian Reservation, situated on the Missouri river, in the extreme part of Ne. bra?l?a, have been received by the Uommi? sioner of the General I^aud Office, showing thw Omaha Reservation baa been divided into Northern and Sou'hern portions, under treat; ot March lbC5, the tanner hat* beeu fold to 1 the United States, and is to be occupieu by the 1 AViniiebaKoes, the .atter by the Omaha*. to be 1 possessed in severally aiMgning to each head of a family It* acres, aud to each male person years ot age and upwards a tract not ex. , rot'd inif in or?roa U' Kii j ?... ? 1 I ?? ?? lw ??*?" """" t"r,cl"uff *it? uui allowed to reside on the reservation (except . such as are in tbe employ of the United State?.) ' without the written permission of the Super- , | la eiideat of Indiau Affairs, or tbe Special Ajrertof the reservation. The allotment of lands to tbe Omaha* will b?? made for tbe ex* . elusive use and benefit of themselves and beirs, t-aid tiacts sbali not be alienated id tee, . leased, or otherwise disposed of, except to the , United States or to other members of the tribe. 4 RAILROAD LANDS: , The Commissioner of the Oeneral Land Of* ( i fire has received from the Indian office a list | ot lai ds situated in the Kickapoo Indian R**servaticn in Kansaa by estimation cantninine { acres, which the Atcbisa and Pike s Pea*. now c.illed Central Branch Union Pa- ' i ciflc Kailroad Company, is authorized to pur* chase, at ?1.25 per acre, under the trea'y of ' June 2*. 1S62. NAVAL OKUKHS Cbiet Engineer William H. Rutherford. Has b f ii ordered tu special dnty on tbe Richmond. LI'tt. Comtnandrr C. Grafton has be?a d?i tabbed tn m the command of the Gettysburg 1 and placed on waiting erdera. Lieut Commander John H Rowl in<1, Acting Volunteer I,ient H. W. Grinnell, have been detached I from the Gettysburg and placed on waiting 1 frNn. nn^MAfOSIC.-UlKAIl LUDUl.H*. 10. F ! LkS A M , will aasenble on THUBdbAY ' kv?NlNG,7tn 7)4 o'clock. T> make tr- \ raagemeats for the ianer*l of our late Brother 1 J imu T. BALL. It JOS . MAWLINGS, W. M. j Tlr"A MIITIMii Of THE WASHINGTON lij? GYMNASTIC ASSOCIATION, who are . negotiating tor the purchase oi Brady a Gym&vil uai.wili |.? held In the exercUiog ro'>m of the < Vaaatiina THIS <Wedu?e4*v) K V H [ N i. " wtrk at 7fc o'cloak Gentlemen de?irona of f joiiilLg the amcUuou ?r? laviud to attend j<'bh m. xuumj'SON, Prejldea;. r 8IOWJVAHMK. It* nrS^MOBDOCII ?Ob account of IIId*M, J AS Lk5 B MURDOCH will t>e TinttiU to lecture * before tbe V. M O Association. m ei?ecl*d. but tbt- cemmittve Minudc? wHti pleasure that hi* talente! brother, 8 K. MI'RJOCH, will kIv? KBAIXN OS and BE? ITaTIOHB at Metzerott i Hall THI BSDAY BVEMWQ, March 7. IC, J cotnabonciui; at 7>j o'clock. Tickets AO cent*. <; A SPECIAL BBUMIUM wlU ho bold In tho 4 rooiMof the &ho?i ttion, oror tho Hall, after th ? entertainment, to which all are lnvit?(l matt* | |^?WA>B1IBH)M, P.C..MABOM V.?*tt7. f The Committee cm E&amtnation ?>f Candidate* for position, aa Teacher* la the Puhlio s?ho>U >' will meet at 10 o'clock a nr. on SATUBl)*Y NEXT, the 9th Instant, In tha Oennnl Cha-nMr, 2 City Halt. f 8. WaLSII c ukHt Chairman. K Y^-OITTBALL, WASttfMGTOH. 9.0 . 1 IkJ March 2, J NOTICE TO DELlMyUEHT TAX PATERS. I I Aa tb- list f property to beadwtiae* thl? yar fur uoa-pav meiii ol luti will be much Urger thau niutl, it will l>e ii0ota??r> to decline receiving Tax< * from and after the 7V> iaaUint. uotll ?nrb lin e a< the I1?t may be pattUbed. Peraooa inter . eattd will If nae - ml1 Lefore (bat date. I WM DIXON, <'#n#ctor. M BAHDOI.PH COYL1. _ [Intel 1 Water Registrar. ^ nrs="postponed ~ * VuCSO CATHOLICS' KBIKNBS SOf'THTY AT t.UN/.AU* HALL, K STRUT, BITWIIN a NINTH AND TENTH | Tb- Third hectare will be delivered ?b I VIDNBSDAT IIVININQ. Mircbb. 1-E7, j at eight o'clock L? the KBV lDwARD McOLTNN, D. D., ol St Stephen * Oharcb. Hew York, on "THE OHBI8TIAN bOHOOb." _ . " The ? rid a* taught by Chriat, and tb* effort ] of bla ti at hiu?( u(.oo u, eootra-i?d with th>* world ? a- taHgbt bv paitan or unchristian achoola.' ' Bin?lr Adini*a1oD 50 c?nt* 1< ; Lady ?n< 'Gentleman. .. 7Acenta Th* t ' - .... ur-. nrp, po?tpou? i from uun'iar.on fcoait of tbe lnrl?in*nt wta'htr. will o liv<-r< d atOoarage Hall.ea WSDNIBDAY KVEBI?G,?t ? o'clock. Ik ?-3t |W A PUBLIC TBMPKBANCB MBBT1NU ( {U will be held at lut WukiBKtoR Metoodist n Bplacoaal Church, 4th atreet ml, on FRIDAY VKHIMO,8th in*t , under the aatpicea of Co- ? ( bit IHvUiob. Son* of T?mp'r?pc? DWtin; ?ulahtd adroeatee of the cmh trill address the in^tlng, which will o??m at 7S p. m. ft? to tk? pnbllc. mh ?-f.t 0 ' |?1 FA1B OF BAST WASHINGTON M B. 1 LL5 CHURCH, , AT ODD FILLOWS' BALL. NAVY TABD, 1 I f?21 FBBBPABT 81 TO MABOH ? I nrg^FAWaBBOKlB'B MOT1CB. J MB88BB. B GOLDBTBIH 6 CO., i Mo 34 IS (tract weat, near Fans'* it*. , Beg lea* a toe *11 the atteutloBof ear eld patrsn* and the public ia general thai wa hare bow en- *' lerged our borineee, and are prepared to offer iaducementa to borrowers that hate oerer beea of-. j 1 feied t.efor??*xpr??aljF to partiaa wlahlng large i. aneaBta. Large atore room, with govl aatea for vain dim m prirtie omce connected (or *11 coufiden- ' Money edveaced An 0<>I4 en4 Silver Wetrhee, ! iHeaonde. (UWfrwue, Jeftirf, end en nil klnde , I ot merchendiee _ ' Alan, Bonda, 8tck?, SerlM. Government So- 1 curitiee. ui?deU7 dnjr or week on merchandtee ?abII B ? drrnnfentente have benn m?4e by whloh I imhHidoyoelMng property wtth tjg < ?? receive th? eome et nny nrtneleel e*ty of the Qnton. I , ?4 FOIK-AMP lllbr IfHt foiltf J (V-5?J0B*PB B RBATrTlLD, , IjJj PKBBOH OOHr EUTIOBBBT, 1 LADlir ICS CBCaM a D1M1NQ BALOOB, | *4? Penn. A* 11th nnd lithe*. I . Weddlnca, Mono* ?r Boner Pnrtien rallied nt I t chert newce with noreltfeo In Pyramids. fnner , j fc/'aAee, nd Ooafhotinneriee, Jetll-e; Mfed4lef Cekee, beet quality TtMe Oraemoote Salad*, | Ice Ureorn, Water Ice. Bomna Punch. Boned Tor * ! WWlffiSi t"1" ' . i Attendant?nlM> ertll be eent to attend to nil de- ' teiU ef urufMcnu. Bon**eta, W reel hi, end ' f. WU.?>lg|,D. lilt: ir~?a@ee?w ? Phf?1cUn? Prescriptions acanretely compound- , Ml Th?- Night Ball promptly answered J J WEIT 1MD1A <>BANHtS ARD 1 8WK1T M&LAG4 GBAPKS. i Frath K1HO PlACI. i flOTCRXMINT SECURITIES. Washivotok, mt.cb ?, 1967. J*y C*okr k Go tarnish tbe (oltowimf qaoitlous of Uorwitw securities ' V* Buying. Sitting S. ?'# UoapoB, IN J. S. Five Twent<e?. iww hki ?*w I J. S l'i*e Twenties. 1H64 HCfc J. S>. Fire Twenties. 186S 107* lUtt IT.8. Vi*e Tw?*i?ile?.Ja??4J'jr.'S6.!' ?*< H?T S. Ten Forties 0* <|0< r* S S?v#n Thirties AnKU*t,...l?K?^ IV 8. Se\r? Tbirtle*,. Jdm lu&s,' W)f Hi L'. S iyvei' Tb'r'ifs, .Inly.......105 ? | HW TORE FT RflT BOABD glLJM. Jonpone..., "A'il U?.4?'* ?TTV Is&>... 10?'* T.JO's, August 1 IK V t-?W 1(tfV's. .Tone lUSt I i'At*, 1-?WV l?7k t July 10ft i Jn &Jy. A5.1U6K Oold iii #># ? TH* NATIOKAL BANK FAILURES ? The Comptroller of the Currency bus reel yp<1 razor's trom special apeni? m > har<eof the F?r*t National Hankof Newton. M&??acnusett8. an<i he Fir?t National Banlc of Mnrf^on. Ne w Yorlc. tvoirh baiiks wen* la'elv comr?ell???i tr> iii*ine*>*. and into the affairs af which the Uompiroller ba* ordered luvcFtieanoDs to iw aiad**. The Informal.on is to tbe effect the afi.Hir? of Hie bank*, and especially of the one at Hudson, tire in a much more t*v?rablfl condition tban ? ?' nt first though', and it i? ?nppoK d that ibe Kirst National Hank ?t Had on will, in a abort time, pity oft iia lut,.?e? and leMime business operation* Tlie Mechanics' National Hank of Baltimore, will not suspend business. although the lo*-es ?re very heavy. The director* and stockhol 1eis are wealthy men. and will pay up the amount of the defalcation. The defalcation in iuif bank commenced more tban twenty years njro, but had been t-kilfnMy concealed until brought to light by tfaa oltiaiai examination of mi ajien? of the Comptroller of the Currency, who hat- acted promptly in tbia matter, and will carry out the provisions ot the law to the extent ol hi* ability. THB AMNUAI. Mbthoi>I*I Erim^oPAL CONfbi:Im k.? ?No fewer than three Methodist hpitcopitl Annual (Jon Terence* b*eni ttieir 'heir *e>*ion* in this city to-dav, whilst the ILI..lhnHUI I>? - - ' - ? ? vuv>u?c% a i v*?- ??*?? it auu 1 1)711 (1 IIIHit? UJll terences wilt con\ejie on tbe loth instant. the lormer in this city and the letter in Frederic*. The Haltimore M K Conference will bold its <? *moii . bepiniimir this mornine. at tbe Ku'.iw i-treet Churrb. presided over by Hi?hop Ktuirs. ley. who will al?o preside at tbe one next week iu Frederick. The hplacopal Metb >dist Conleren<e will commence thl-? morning at Trinity Cbnrch. Bipliop Pierce or Bishop l)n;gett presiding. Tlie session* of tbe-.e bodes, it is believed, will continue lor six day*, and will be largely attended by minist'-rs wrhtn the jurisdiction ot the conference*. as well as their families. Tbe Washington Conference, competed of the ministers of tbe African Methodist Episcopal Chiircbin Maryland and tbe I>istrict ot Columbia, also meets tbis morning at Sharp Street H. E. Cbarcb, the It-11 l?e rati on t> being directed by Bishop Siiapson.?Italtimorr Sun. 6th. Maihk Charter Ei K' TIo*.? At the charter 'lections in Maine, on Monday, Anjrosrus E >te\ens was re-elected Mayor ot Portland. iui- turn wn? ioilowt) ? A. ?. Steven*. I,JShurll?^T. I?emocmt, 714: scattering, -j; tKiwinf a majority of I.1S4 against on.*} la?t year Aldermen and Uouncilmen all K-pnbican. Total vote 5UI smaller than last tieurjte W Wilcox, Republican, w*? elected Mayor ol Gardiner bv a unanimous vote. George H. PllUbury was ??|ecu*d Mayor of I^wiston bv a very larije majority over A Wakefield. Democrat. Ttaa Republicans tarry very ward. Tbe municipal election in Ilath reunited in he election ot Hon. 1-rael Putnam. Republic an. by 15 majority. I^BAUMUBll S KIM! PIANOS. 1 have on* of tbaae superb Planoi,**^*^ a bleb I will neli at a aacritice, boiarf campsllel to niove tB few days mb h Jt .<N0. F. ELLIS yy A!>UINOIO?I CITX 8AVIN0S BANK, Cotwrof 7ib *truet and L*al?iaa?*vanae PAYS INTEREST UN DEPOSITS. JIGHE8T MAKKIT BATES PAID KOBOObD A8D BII.VIB. mh 6 It \1 EB1 H ABT'I DIW OLTSIOB STEAMSHIP L?l LINK y OB A I. B \ A N l> BI \. WAdtt INGTON AND UKUKQRTO W M The Strainer JOHN GIBSON will leaf<? tfew i <>rk fur tti# atore porta on SATJRUA Y Marcb9 b, at 4 p from^^^SB^E i*ier 2'J. E?it n*er. M?rcn?uts itben skipping may rely on the vessel leaving en be ?b"\<* uim< J day . m ? 31 I W. THOMPSOM. Pre*ld*nt. SBXAT BABGAIBb IN BBAl>Y MADE iLOTHINO Fine Black Cloth PHOOK COATS, ranging Id trice fr? m 512 t? j'tt Blacn Doeskin PANTALOONS, from ' BUi k Cloth and Silk VESTS, at price* ranging row S4 lu Sa. Cammeri BUSINESS SUITS at leai than manuirtn'ing price* BOIto CLOTHING at greatly re!uced prices. The Oo^da we offer are onr own mtnuftcture, relUut, faithfully made, and good tnuimjair* Kxkinlhti oor $ vapriu* Omr ?ack . NOAH WALK Eft * CO., lib C 3t1f (Iatell.) ;ili- rniiiii'lrauiaaTODTe. | UT OIT PKUPOSALS OP A MI80ELLA L-i DMiui character received at tha otfl. j of the Inert- rmaater General for the *f<k ending March ,1167 Ut>orf? Craaling. Alexandria, Va , ofTern t? par haee JO cord a Ptae Weod at -ft. and ?9 cords Oak Vood at as per cord. Bajanal C. Oobb iloiton, Mui., offer* ?15.noJ or the (learner Impire City. O* an Thoi n, \V?ahiDgtoo, D.O., oflern %y< 000 ar the ataaoer Caemoaolltao. Schuyler, Hartley, Grabam A Co New Tork, ee?ra to yurchaea?10 paira of 8hoa?: 16 # Iniforai Dre?a Ooata; lO.OMpaira Pauta. Mo term a i veil. iL I 4 BKUOMD HANP PIANOS, ONIt eaiy terma JOHN F ILLIb |d|B inh t-M SO# Penna. ave.'TTVif LVlTTftB OUAHO*!* ' [> KITTBK OBANOB8 ' ! For preatrviug. N. W BCBVHBLL. corner 14th t?n? K etreeta, mli 5 nader Kbbitt Home. 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J AmDtnr MIW? QIBOTI HIDt. :: IBIU8 from Temorln Andrieox A Co , Part*, franc*, and Hunt A Bob, London. Kngland, and iave made arrangements with th? largeit and noct reliable aem grower* in the Unitud Htat??? or a>y Amtrlran Heed*, and haro now in atom a arge au??l j, which are warranted freah and gen* line. J. P RAUTHOLOW, fe 19 eoSw ft?? 7th atrent, Mow Pa an. nvanu m f ? r -X a" " A. A. "v ????????????? CONGRESSIONAL. 1 WniUDAT. March ?. SMiTi -Mr. Suranfr introduced a bill r* puaianit-ea republican lorm of (i>f*rnmrit in the rebel Staier, and to provide for the restoration of thei>e States to practical relations in me I men. Mr. Sumner aaid the billot the last Coapre?e for this object did no ro far enoncfr. aud this bill wa# to give the loyal people tbe protection * bu 1> tb^y are entitled. Mr. Snmner introdiir?ii a mil t.> nrM?? k? os'h to maintain a republican form of government in the rebel States, which wa- read 01: ce. Mr HmJrickeobjected to a ?econd readme, and the bill wai?4aid on the table Mr. Suinuer introduced a bill t* amend the act prescribing the fees of attorneys, clTks, ; and uiar?baHol the I nited States Disiriciacd Circuit Courts. Laid on tbe table. On motion ol Mr. Ramsey, th? Secretary of the Interior was requested lo commanicate to I the Senate a copy of the report of General Simpson on the Pacific Railroad and its branches Mr. lleudncks introduced a bill construing : and giving effect to t be joint resolution for the : rtllel of the State of Wisconsin. On motion ol Mr Sherman, the Senate con- I curred in the resolution of the House to appoint a joint committee of six *o revise and

t-qualize the pay of the employees of Oangrecs. Mr Arthnn- ? 1 , ? J W - X ? ? a \ u*?l UllUli J'l U ? tiling that the .'ilita rule of the Senate shall be amended by adding thereto, af'er the words Oomrni'teeon l,1nan<*??,''* ?-n Committer on Approuria'lons, to consist of seven members," which wi' adopted. Vr. Anthony offered a concurrent resolution to revise the Joiut <\>mm?ttee on Retrenchment authorised by the last Congre**, which w:?p adopted. Nr. lioolittle rose to t personal explanation, i and alluding to the charges ??aiust hltn in connection with the New York Custom House, ai;d receiving a bribe of fo.uoo lroui Collector Smytbe, aa utterly laUe. Mr I'&tierson said the -^ame charge !nd been made against him, and wi>h the permission of the Senate, he would characterize 11 a* beiug ae false as hell. Mr llarlan introduced a joint resolution d?- 1 daring the municipal oftioes ot iheci'y of | siK-xanoria vacant. The Seuate, at 12:?) p m., adjournea. Hors*.?Mr. Steven* (Pa.) presented the credentials of Hon. William H. Harder, delegate elect lrom the Territory of Itah, and tie adxanced to the Speaker's desk, and was i sworn in. The oath of office wu then administered to | the chaplain. Rev. 1 >r Hoyuton. The speaker announced the hu?iness in or- , der to be the consideration of the motion submitted yesterday by Mr. Price, of Iowa, to ! suspend the rules to enablo him to introduce .1 1 bill for reference to a select committee to amond the law to provide tor a national curren.y se- 1 cured by a pledg* of United States bonds, and to provide lor the redemption atd circulation thereof. Mr Randall (Pa ) suggested that the motion to refer to a select committee be withdrawn, and the bill be considered at once. Mr. Price accepted the amendment to his motion, but tbe House refused to suspend the j I rules to allow immediate consideration. Mr. Thomas iMd ; presented the petition of J J. Stewart, , who contests toe seat of Hon Chailes ?. Phelps, a> a member from Maryland Referred te (Jommt tee or Elections. I Mr. Hr?oks (N. H.) introduced a resoln'ion requesting the Secretary of th? Treasury to | ni:?Ke y^isonal inquiry in rejrard to the ff z. lire of < hampajrue wines made at th?- New YoiIt custom bgnw ia Ht>4. and to suspend ill prosecution ayaiu?t stiipprrs if tbey shall ha\e been foand not guilty of the charge? preferred afaiimt them, and also to report the facts upon which pro-edition* ugainst ship> j per* and importers were based. D' bite arising, the r> solution went over uuder the rule. On motion of Mr. Hulburd, (N. Y ,) the S*cruary ol the Treasury wa* directed to intorm the House what collectors of customs and other officers have been required, what additional inspectors, Jtc., have been appointed, at what compensation, and the amount of expense incurred iu collecting the revenue for | trie years 1SG5 and 1 ^r>6, together with other information relating to custom I Mr Ward (N. Y.) introduced a resolution setting torth that an ex-member of the Cabinet of a Pre.-ident of the United Stales had derlfkr?H in * nnKli? ?>?*?*' ? J 11 . w ? ... ? ^uunv opcrvu ucu*rrPU III UJSIOI1, tbat the testimony on behalf of tbe iio'v eminent during the trial of the assassin* of Mr. Lincoln, batl been procured by suhorning witnesses. and tbat 'here was no evidence to convict Mrs. Surratt of any part or lot In tbe Conspiracy, and tbat she was executed witnout evidence; and as it is tbeduiy of tbe Qa\ ernment to have its integrity declared in this t matter, resolving that a committee of five be appointed to examine into said charges, and to report all the facts in the case. Mr. Harding (111.) moved to lay the resolution on tbe table , whereupon Mr. Ward with, drew it. Mr. Wood (N. Y.) introduced a resolution nuthorizinr the appointment of a select committee of lire to examine Into the practical operation of exieting laws for tbe collection of duties on Imposts, and to suggest such amendments as will secure the revenue to the I'uited .States, and wiil at the same time preserve and defend the rights of importers Iiebate arising, the resolution went over under the role. Mr Moorbead (Pa ) introduced a resolution directing tbe tariff bill of the Thfrty-'niuth Congress, and amendments thereto, to be referred to the Committee of Ways and Means of tbia House, when appointed: and demanded me previoua question upon the passage of the resolution. Feuding wbiob? On motion of Mr. Spalding, (Ohio.) at 12.30 tlie Hume adjourned. Afloat ani> fo*8AL*-c?r?oofMh?onsr J. T. Willu?ina, iJHW BACK 8 QEOUMD HALT. Purtlck hanling from rea?el will aava 6 cent* n?r *rk I TH08. DA?H A 00.. (*?J and W?t*r atraat. It* Oaorgatowa.D. O. All SIC F0L10H, 1*1 PIAHO (JOVIES, PIANO 8TOOLH. TIOLIH BOXBS. ODITAK bOXIS, ANV M09I0AL MBKOHANDIBK, At coat, lor a few day*. JOHN F. BLLI8, mh C 2t 306 P?dh. a*?., near 14b at. PEOP08AL8 FOB IBvM WQ1K. Tr"i<uri/ Dtimrrrntnt, I OJHf ?f Superrrrtng Architect, Marcb i, Mf7 { l'ropo*ala will be received at thta office until it o'clock M.. March 19.1967, for caat Iron (Jolnmm, Pllaatera, Oaps^an.i Buei, Window and Do ir m . fv iu< auiu nmgoi me Treasury ? I A schedule of the work re-jnirsd and the drawing* of tha ikme may be ea at the office of the Sapervieinp Architect.Treasury Department. All b4d? most lx- aroompasted by tha f?ar?ntee of wn? responsible pernon that tbe bidJ.ier wlH accept aud perform tha contract if nsrardad to hi >n. . Tha Department reserves tbe right to accent separate portions of tha varioa* proposal*, and to rtject any or all of the bids, if eonaulered for the later est of Ike Government ta do so. Bids to be inclosed fa a wealed envelope and indorsed "proposals for Iran Work." A B MULLSTT. mh G-W.F.M6t Supervising Architect. kS GPIXIOI BLACK SILKS. LABOB STOCK JC8T BICIITIO. We have now in stare a fail STOCK or BLACK BILKS f superior qnality and lalsh. which ? bongbt at anctlon last week FOB LESS THAI TBI GOLD OOBT. In the aaaortment will he found 6BOB Dl SHIMS, 6BOB QBAIN TAfFBTA, ASMDBD. DBAP BB FB4NCB, KBPP l'OOBT DB 8011, and other Mark*. The prlcee range from #1.73 W #4.40 Mr yard. 10 ftfecea Black and White Check BILKS, at 1 ?er ftti-rtrr cheap. 1 Oaee BILK POPLJHS, anorted colon, iplendid qaallty, $1. M per yard. J. J. HAT ft CO.. Pennsylvania avenue. It Between Mh and Vth et?. JUBT BB KIVKD~1?> J?I? N?W MAPLE tnaral r*?our?lrj, wit* ntuMrpw auMP ?nd 111a*U.U;M. WLO?, T^&^SHZB^sssssii WMbisftw Manty i 1b the lHitrtct of Oolunblft. of h<W "ft** < 1? J?titt Mceib* Wi W W? / ' i; *bi4*r ? aV? "d i cm d v :'?>*:* fe MHwSw* JOHN W McKlM.< "*cntor*' f^OLOBBD TOT BOOKS, from London; French v J OTenlle Booha, direct from Pirii; bobonlaye*' Hew F?try Talr?, Baop. largely illustrated, ud any other*, joat recelred. 4e M VBAHOK TATLOB. \ WwV ? 1 -_u TELK0RAPH1C NEWS. The Rimi Slftmrr. OaAKUrroB, S. C . March 6.?Tb* ?t*a*n*r WlncbHtinn arrived tb!? naorninr. brincm< C?pl Weil and part of tbe crew and pa<*?n?er* of th* ?f?"!troer Andalutia. from New York lor Oh!\rle?ton. burned off Hatter** on SHiirtiT ewfittf Tb* *re trrt*m?fe-l forward Of the holler I! U ?nppo?ed several person* were lost in the confn?ion. Anion* ine miMinr are e.av?r<i Norm, of Cbarlestcwn. puf?w. .fames Mr Mullen, 9 1 eaiMiiter. Jacob L'tkm tn. New York, pilot, Michael Oriffln. porter; Muck Farmer. ?tok*r; Frank I>ancb*rt\ and Antani# Martin, seamen. and tonr male pa??enrert>. whose ?>vne? are not yet ascertained. Tt?t Andilutla aad carcoare a tfrtal h)*a. The hefe reel, intended to he pre?e?te?t bv the N?wr York Bremen to tkoae of Columbia, S. U., viu aboard. ^ intnd M?th Amrriri-Pr?p*?^ Peace ; I ongrrm in Wa?hin?t*n. New York, March 6.?Tbe Herald pahli?t?e? 1 ..V.....I irun vl Uir OBiiriary ol ."St*'*, pr.>- , posing 10 lb* helliter.'nt H*pa)>llct of Soutb America and Spain to bold a peace t'.?arre.*s at Wfishing'on, on the 1st of April, to roiml-r terms of peace between the o*rth?s. and that an armio'ire be niaiBiua** ull th? termination ol the conlerence. SairMe. Po-?toj?. Marco J S. dement*, recently the lirad of the dry roods firm of Clements, 1 a?kor a i'o . committed suicide tbi? raornmc by talr'rc lanriannm He bad pre\iiuity exhibit ' signs of ineanty. I)m Sia SorwDimji BV a NEW M. Panl liedomn. of Konen. a ir.emfwr of many learned societies-. bits invented an ai?p:i ratue to which b?*4Da? given tbe u\m?of ;*tl?ciro-i!ailiuiiii>l?r." a hirii oj?h ? t . _ _ _ , ?-1 - WW urvriiiiiHr ?? I* u exactness the depths which hare hitherto remained unknown. Some experiment* btTc probably already taken place near Pari*. Indepth of tbe Seine, and that of the R us d? Hnulopne, are not indeed immeasurable bv the old method, bnt M. Hedmin wi-hc? to prove that he caa ascertain accurately with hisappatatus any depih whatever Theshock of the sourdine lead HfatnM the bottom determine? a magnetic current which ladlcavi nt the suriare, with electric promptitude, the precise instant of couiact It this iu ?enti.?n is successful we may easily ?ee how u*efui n m:iv become in laying sub-marine cable-, ic., Jtc. V"A Brooklyn minister and hi* wife cele. brated the fifth anniversary of their marntfe or ' wooden weddinr," on which occaM mevD of tho fnnr h nr?<l roH --1 * ' * .... .v-?. muhuicu ?,?u?unj pi no?'i riuinr^ii *sve tbe couple a bundle of acinriltnc wood ana a box of matches?the brimstone mttch * ?s a delicate wiM?m of their present w<-<id"1 tare. :tnd (be kindling wood reminded them < t hereafter. ^"The Penr.eyl varna S'a'e Temperance Convention passed a resolution calling on the medical profession to Mbcareful in prescribing alcoholic drinks. Also, a resolution ursine the ennettng of a law to prevent the sale ?,f bltteis. 5TA man in Ohio walked on the ice twelve mile*, obtained a marriare license. w?nt ba -if by tbe same conveyance" the same dtv an 1 ?ni> luxn i?-u in mp fT?nin? >?icl> a per?is'ent brid'-Kroora as that chap de?er\es to be "hn?ced up warm." yihf lialtircore Methodist rrott-s-aut. in frpeuking of the contemplated union wnh the Southern M. E Church, thinks it "questi.jnable whether the corporate uuitv of Methodism hi this country can ever be a desirable and beoeficeut consummation." tOTSince 1 ^Ofi the population of the Cnite<i State? ha? increased ?ix fold. aud in the same time the chnrch members have -ncr*n*?d owr fourteen fold lu WW the population w%i ia I'W) the church m-mber* were 5, \1PSI0 Bit A ITT 1 FULLY BOOM D, AT COST ?< i?ei?uuiivti HWUK9 " For feu day* ouly, befare nio in*. nib 6 2t JOHN r ELLIS. I MCSlC.i *? PIECES FOB OBB DULLaR IB1C \ 10 lie* Mil aatifnl MUSIC at half price. s*"4>Bly for af?w dmya. Af B'>OKS AT COS*. Fell!*'-- out at io>tt to mow. JOHN r. ELLIS. Hih 6-3t 3Ob Pa ?tc . O' ?r Wih it. rl>BlS IS TO OITB NOTICE, That the saoecrt I 1 ber bu oktain*d from the Orphan*' Court ot ! Washington County, in tke Diatrict of Columbia. , letter* tNiaarnitrf on th? personal estate of Joht Mc6*n*rlat<-?: Wa<hfi;tni?oj?tr, D 0 , j deceased. All persons having claim* against the aid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the tame. with the tuo< tiers thereof. to tha subscriber, on or before the Mb day of March next; they may otherwise by law be eseladad from all benett f (Aid HtltO. Owen a Oder ay hand tkh jth day ef March, 1867. MICMaBL t. MOKAN, mh Slawlw* Executor. mu TO Ta rrt\ n*untrm* ? ? - -? 1u1d ao iv una ?UHLii, I QftI UM 9Qfc>scriber hu obtained from the Orphans' Court of County. in tha District of Oelambi%.totters of adminlstratioa. on the oeraonal estate of William Chert, late ot Ueorgetowti, D. C., deceased. All persons bavliu? claims against aaid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or befors the 6th day ot March next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all ef the said estate. Given under u hand this Mk day of Mareh, lfr.7. BLIKABBTH (BUT. tub # law?.w* Adniinistr ?trii. I^Hia 18 TO OIV* NOTICl, That the rabacrl1 ber lias obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, inters iwnwDiiri on in* fefiouiMUM of Encol* So/*!. late or Washington county. D. C.. de ceaned All persvn* hnviag claim* against tt?e *aid dccfH??d, are hereby ?un?d to Aihibit the hiqv with the TOBchera thereof. to the rabacriher. on or before the Mb day of March next: the* may otherwise by U?b? t>xc laded froa all benefit ef the a" a*t*te. . Gfren cn4er my band, thia fth day of Mare!*, 1867. MAKOABBT BOZBL. mh < lawSw* Bxecatrtx. 0HBPHAM8 OOMT, Much ?. \M -DisTfclCf Q? COLUMBIA. WaSBUMTON COI MTT, f-\ru ? la the caae of Oatbariu*- Barrett, administratrix of Thomas J Barrett, deceased, the admlnlstra tr>x aforeMid baa, with the approbation of the Orphans' Court of Washington ?*onntr albreeald. appointed Saturday. March 90th. 1W, for the final settlement and dletrfbatton of the per eonal estate of aald deceased, and of the assets In band, aa far as the same hare been collected and turned Into money; when and where all 4W. JJ4.. * *- - ' ' * too ciniiwn >uq ann 01 uia a*c*ufd are notified to attend, with their ciaiine property TonrM, ?r they Bar wtkerwdae by law be excluded from all benefit In aald deceased *a a* tate: prorlded a oejy of tWa order be pnbllahed oace a weak for three weaka lath* Evening gtar B.? BEIENl. my <wtw* Bacieter of Wilia. rj^BUSTEB'S SAM^Of^ALBABLB REAL By vines of a decree of tha Circnlt Ooart far Prince George a eeantv, amine aa aoo irt of owelty. paa?ed iaaceuee therein depending, wherein Jane a 0. Mdinire A Oo ara complainant*, and MarcuvDaTal la defendant, tha aab?eriber, a* ttuatae, will atyo*a to pabllc a*l> , on th< pram laaa. an MONDAY, tba fth of March, 18(7. at 12 o'clock a., < If fair. 1 f aot, on the next fair day thereafter,i the Baal Batata of Marco* Do Tal, kiowa aa ' Rjg Harbor," niton-d la Prince George'a coaaty, about o?e mlla from Good Ln^k. contalaing 16t Acraa, mora ar lets, a ad adioininc tha laada of Walter H- HHteary. tba baira of TbMaaa Hall, aad Ool, Odea Bowie. Tha above land la covered with a Heavy growth of Oak and Cheeaat Timber, aad be lag located in convenient diatane* to tba Baltimore aad Ohio and Baltimore and Potoaacrailroad, will rapply a*- m - a . m vaiiuiiir? *?i rmiiroM tltl. .1/#r%of A*1*; i5i*vf Lh? * ' *f ?r ? the ratfflcaUoa tAWMf by thccowt, with tater.t from tbo day ?( Ml*; an* pay neat of the whole pnrchaso soaey Itoo property will b? int^?I, in fee, t? the purchaser hi an pi u4 ooiMfttM to bo at the eo?t nt tba purchaser. &ICHABD B. B CHKW. mh b otA TrmU-? yilM I TBBBB! TBBBS! Fine rariaty of BBADB TBBBS for by THOd 1\ KOBUAV. li??4 90th atreot. rpBMPBBAICB OBOUBBY BTOBB. A 1. TATLOB A 00., tta\lng removed their Temperance Btore from Oapltol Bill to the eld (tend (ormrlrowiylii by 8 Dot ell. coraar of Wbut I itreett, Firet Ward, ere prepared to niilr their friends a ad the MhUe generally, with ITUI VA.MILT GBOOBBSSB- , free from tha tarn er d?M*ri. mhS St* |^?*AL?-Two-WlUttt. ?oa SPBlVo 4^'toVich^SP^^ REBRT. *5 Watar ?t.. C*or?*t?wo fa a tf pllBKO^iif or itt ktAo? moitmo JEf on reaaohabla taraa. I?*rf hind of Vaaaa Work taught at vary taw priMit hy Mad an HUTOHMDKVht F felMI O. between 8th eat Ith atraeta. fett-lm m.*-* o OINBTi. aat AMKB1QAN WATpQKI. . 141 ?ty*A tni aUee. at ifcs ' ,To;: -T JV,' LOWEST PRI0B8. ?cb?* ?nd Ohro nouturt r*>*lr?d. M. W.OALT4 BM., Jewkr., siss, I Jo*ej?h tb? ttocoad ?nd hla Ooart; br Mubl ?-acb. Dr^itbwait?'a Betrospcct for Jftnaary Gardening for Profit; OiMt to ib? MirkM u I Family 0*rd?n Swiabarn'* L\m V?*n?rir Tw > Marriaga*. a noTal by HlM Haloeb Tbe tarea?f a'Grlffln; lllu*tr?t?d. Tbt 8tat*?naa'? 1JJ, kK.ktor mi. ^.^E|UI<)lt T4IL0(. \. ' ? ' 1 AfNtra la Of*r|M*?a. Paorosku larkovtaur -W? h?*r oar CiDfi't Ol ail r?d?ra<n( ?af rml proputX ou i lb* ur< uuoc i. be 0< :l. rrroiatiun of Mr. for ilie ptTiui of Aqnrrmct *tr*e\ H"ide? * r*m- ta.i Ai?o*<tart ?t<| Mot'tonKr ?r#?i f. th* ial?f*>ociien W* ifc* wtrauoa of tbr tn'lMriiiPt to ik? ?i^.r?ki- * -? to 19 approach to ?b* turn f??*rrsl dt>? **??. and ar* ffad to a rsor^Bont tom?<?df n? il. Ofhrr atr^-t impr?\ ?m>*rxi> ar?* m i t? arf and ib^fi4d tr^ntl* Uh?n Hn it? i* Orotic u>wnt known aa to* "b?? rowt," i? in tiub a bad condition that ibe mirk*: tt 4>pnvt-d of th* v?Mllf d?rtv?4 lr,?m the larro* m 'bat direction, rt t?n,| alimxt i n pai^iblf 1or heavily lo?4f4 wapoo?, to eoiw ^ cnw of li* dfff rutt canaeu 17 it* mfiit ruin* MtsT Ti'THI W(?M?n|li? ? >??<*rdajr. Eli** M tilougftlan. a woman left h-r^ by ia- a in? three tnra ago, and who baa been a creai an noyanre to th? town by bM inter?|?erau bah ? and ii>*<>rderly behavior, but wbo tan* in * -? Itrevtouc arreat eacapnd impnaoomnn. wi? arre?i?-d for drunkennea* In U?* a?r??et Justice Ituckey ?eut tier to the workh^w* f*r ,? l?nc term Mnrraret ?* . *iMTG*rljr conduct, and pl^ad inability <o |>\t tbc flue. Wban told tbatalie onuatfo lot lone term. the replied, ''I bank you, ? r Mary K ? 11 jr. an old atajcrr. wti?> baa *rt?i * numh?r ot tprm*. wi? in tne tan - B?: bat ?ii? bait-9 the workbwac*. and tbink* it an pjir> . aiv* law Lb at consign* tier to tbe workb >u-? ? i ja?t fc r pfttlnr a lntlf ttj??y anl b?mr a lit tl- h | roify in tb* a'r*-?t. and brggrd bard for a di? | miaral; bnt the Kjntrr ??nt krr 10 tb? raaoin wi*b tte ottoere, to labor oo tbMaru topiy u-r board. i Thi KirBASfli.-Tii' rooaii of tba M. j rban?s t*caanr?*. oa Wa?fr *tiw?, are now | bt iiif rapidly fl'ted tip for ?b* holmes* m tend*! ?o b* transacted tb?re. Tbe m'rttu | wil> probably compl^t' their wotk early > ?r>>k. wben the nwebanta will aiono*occupy tb**ir tj narter* Kt.ora a!vt> (I aatb Makkit _Th*r* ar? i? r>cfipt? of Aoirarfraia reported to.dar Ta tit-to a tin lor nour b?* improxfd tor iuj:b low fradt-s Limited tracaaclioa* at thf pr Iwt quoted in tb? Star wr* r<*|>i?n?l (ti< uorDiiif The itock ? duninnbin; r*|<idi\ P( RT (?F <> >RUKTOW* ? Knl?ivd-S -fc' ! T William". N>wb*rrjr m*-w, trrnn Nr? York ?i<h ' It. GHdIMil-SuWN ADViffrs. C~HEAP HPKlkti O M>US AT MIL4.BB8, |0l Brl lg?- ?tro?t . D O. Call* . 1J'? to IS. M?*n Ii?m ?uJ it cto .her in*. Delaioea. ctioic* ?:><*? *?c? ctjr.p ?|?rtk*d Maaliu*. II, 12'*. 1?. 1*>; ? ?r i ? id? I .0 j>w*' M'lla. i (, ts t< . b?i? K K , 4 4. J&; Audro (0|<ib, * ?m n't*. Sew > > r. Mi'li. Kr.?i Mlilit, It) i;\ II, t?-t ?t-?do ! ? JH <eo'? Ala-, a i*nt t4 l>ry Good*. Oall ?i?tl rximlraoorilurk Von will bur <ha?p. __ v ii I r u iv lift" * 1 ' "UK KBAL S01MT1F1C ABttOMX;Sft Of AMKKICA 11 WA0HIK?TUa V OVL.V A FEW DA VS LONGER All 'bf wlio bj A?tf ?gr 1 Ini ?i>?M III'*, Av-d vi?b to t?*t tin* 8cl*nr?. th 'iinl to Prof NAI!Kli ( (to tiiaatcUl b? ?Iiob*%?<1? >i?t? i>~?d trird; One l>oM?r It tiU (*?. lb T*? fib ?tr*#t lie do?l rotMo, Konr tni?>!ro<1 ?r?4 Titj Tb? Pl*u<>ti h? will t??4 ?o y??. AU*l f ll Vint it iln r??l. V b*t to BVOia ?M Wtl?l t<? do. Would yi>? ia !:fo "ltCMd lie t? U t'tio ??<>r li<>? to g?ID woolth. abiI live * lifaot lie to fur sick tettuTM tbeir liOtlUl. Ncll HlIM ? but d ; ???? I! - * " ... lie i?m*?ii)oi ?ill tutrried be, Ol 1 T??bd <Jie?*?id. Tell- ? of faivil?; l'e?crib?-? fuor liutblD I r *da, Thf Pii^t ltd Ft.tur* tell lie will. Whatever tliay mar t>e, Ir, T*rl(tk Hr?H n?? ?h e r* lie lira*. Four b?h<lr?<4 *ti4 Mrntf. _ mh 1- t* A KOfl' K LL PIl;s?'IiS iNi>t.BTSI> to tub <?li? flrpiof Y aTK> A MM 1 ate request*. to lo ward Mi.d a. ttte up their c a* I am leal rod* of cloning Mp the of id tirm, J K*. ? SBLHY. At tbc old d of Ytl-i t Selbr 3'^3 Penn'a ???uu? JC8T mEUi:iVEn-A Urge lof ?f 4-4 VLK&i HUD OOTTOW, uudreexd ?hii ti ?e are .Tier mi to tli- Mhll<~ ?t the KD?n -edented lav prire of rent*. 4la a lot of 4 4 BLBA( HID C< TTOM at SO c*t>:? ??rj cheap. J W. SltLB i" 4 CO . At the old ?tan<1 v >t?.? ? k '' r nib 1 tf 32'i f'enn arena*. b?ir ru >t. HOUSBKBBPEB* WILLMMMT KKMLV to :htir HdT*n'*< , b> for r?rch??m? their L * HonMk<f|iii( &rt1rln "to xam.iia the lar?t? ft Hd well %t*?r te<l atoek at J. W BOTBLBB* BHO*? HOCStFL BS I?- H I NO *TOBB. Wb> reaill ba fusaa ererv ttMB^ r? iui-tie for far LiaLlB*' ft bull* , kid ?( HU IricM that cauim 111 I to plCAM*. Gooda dellvarad Id aup part of the citr or Q*vrRC'to?n fr?* of < tiarc? B' ???. Hot?-l*. ?nl Stiauiboata Inraltktsl at abort uotice. Unl r? from the Coaatri promptly executed, and ico^di packed to go aafalf. J. U . BOTELBB* BBO . ImporUra of Ckina. Giaaa. aw l Cr Krkery W ?r . aid dt-alara to ail alaia of bvu-rt^c Article# fa H m i^| AKTL1M) AGBICCLTIB4L COLLB<JB 1 be dstiaa of tbia Inat. tualoo will be rwaaa! n HUH DAT . 1Mb ot March While It ia ?lml(ii?d to *?k? iaetnietioe 1b t-<? theor) ab 1 practice of Agn altar* the ptrulitr feature ut tie College. ?ro\ i-ion ta made for il I course rf colUciftie itetractioc. tmbra iif ?? Latin Greek. French. G?, Italian aa 1 t>r? ? l'b lin^auvi or any of t ronrwol If sib ( tics Meatal aed Monti tkieAf. B^lurv, and the atndy of the Kt gligh Laafuac* and Lit rata e. Natural Hiatory and MatanU Phil *ophv. a their Mjeeral l>ra .the-, mill haveepecial attent >a. Military Tactics Will be taught Tbere Will b? mo Preparatory Set** I hot e ?e Kct< <1 Io(lifh and Vciwntiftr Coarte mr be t*k?i at tbe ?Uident'H eptlvn Mo one received it er lonr'een v ears of age. For a Circular and further i fcrasetioa address H. B WOBTHIHOTOB. Register Ac , Office ef American Farmer. nthl-eotw BaUimor-. UkfabTkbbt or tub intbbiob, . rofLL #fisg? ina\*ajgtam rpjiMiua mviui bMl Bide i?d? tb?- a?t ( \ Jane tk. lsMf. for the mMV* of thefollewlng *? a crtbed Land Wtrttuti, which are eilece! M> been loet or 4*>tr*i?i],-(lotir* is h?rfb| *i,r* that at the date foll-'vlnc the deecrlnttvHi ?f wmn ant a new cer ibeat* or warrant of MklBp?f will b* retained, ff no vaU4 faction ihonld tbrn JJ|1,r* JOB. B. BABBBTT. Oo??l?io?*r Mo W4.794, for 1?? acre*. Imoh) ander th* a<' -t Marrl, 3d, !(< ?. Id the t anif of Bl-ert * Pleroa, and yraDtwl Htj t>, isi. Mar* h 9.1V>.. Mo. 99 !?' tor 1"0 *cr?e, imum nnler th?* act t Mticli] I-tfa. in the iitrni of Kli.ah D. Ball, and we* granted J uw e. 14!. , March Mo J.SI5, tcr dOacrei, (itued uaa*r th>* act March 3d 18tA. tn the name <>f George Plum, aat a* (ranted AuCult litb. 1M. March B1, K" Mo HT ?1J forlWJ acta*. iwaed under the act of March 3d. HM. In thn name of Jane* Hairy, aut wk? granted A?rtl 22d, 13*1 March 30. 1* J. Mo M 7So. for I'M a. ra? leaned under tb* act J March 3d, 18*.''. inth* name of John M ?>d. a 1 |I>UWB rmututr) n. IS-'" Ap 11 i, 1467 Kv.UlW for 180 *cr?*?. U?oe4 unil?rtk*t>i 'f Xtrcb 3d 18*4. in tL* ntn? of ttrth Wood, wi<< of Botw rt Wood, ana *m (ruud Patrnor) 1 . ldtf April t 18C7. No 41.4V, for I'M KrN, iMH*d under tbe at ' Ft-I.ruar> a, Ifci7, in tl.e n?in? of 8?wi<il HoJ- jo. and ?? rranttrt December ?. 1843 April m. is 7 Wo.t7.ajb. for 9u iii Ur lite a< t of &ept*mt>er, 1*100 In th< iraf of Lanrdon 0. Jotnmd and warn fraii ted Mtrwh 8, itt-5. April 2't, No S,83], for fc> acre#, fnauad nnder tb? act of March 3. ISA. in the nan* of Lau?don C. John on and wa? erar.ted A pri I 1.1-'' April 30. l->?7 Mo 7t.231. for !3?acre?. under the art ?.f March 3. ISM. in tho nam* <>f Man. wfdo* ' Thomaa Bawling, aal um granted May 8. l.-.v?. April kO, 18(7. Bo.Vi.135. for 190 acret, taaord nnJer the aft of March 3, isf.V, In the uame of P-Tly rea?e, wi<j ? of ChMter PeMe. and wu (ranted July 18, 1888. - no. '.<3 it* I r 1?K> arret. imq?s! und>rtb?? MarrU 34. lMi lu the name* ofth? Minor child rea 1 el Jacob Lather. iwwwd, and wm (ranted iuly P 23,1?*' ?. 1?7 Bo 67 bfi4. (or i? acraa. laan?4 and?T the art ?f Ft-btaary 1Mb, 14*7, ia tba name of Martin B-m, and waa g ranted Mar Kth, Ma) 11. la*. No. (I.IM.forM aoraa. i?au*d andtr th. art o March 34. LW. in tb*> p>w of Alvta KIlia. au4 vainratM i?ill U.1W. Mar II. 1MT It 1MI for fw acraa, U?a?4 ander ?ha art o March 3.188S, In the tame <>f Levi* Lambert, au I waacrant*4 Octobor SB. mm. Mat 1tB. Ho 17.884 for ISO aoraa. i??o?l tw4ar ?b? art of March 1,1836. la tba bmm of Mlrhola* Prllchett aad waa traaM No?eait>ar 111*1 May ts. 1??~ 486 I ?*"? " j 486 "" (4/HT*7|V3W ..'T * MtiMMMfiMMjM Of (Ml Pkiltlkfl, Chro?io?. Vr??thi, Ba*k?-taof riows t7tjvi'lrt?rov!jb"??? m Avteh Y?ri?4 Iran tb? kMt BM' MMnn In the cwitrr. *k(*cii| ftliil. lrutakttoB ImcToot. ail Qllt. ituttc ?n<l 0iirv<<4 FruiM PuMitrt?n>. Otfii Vt&sm, Ac. picttbs conn AijOTibiiu, r IUCXIT8. mc. PMtN 0?rd Ud T*aa?lr all lltM ftkd color*. P A?$ BJUl VM>" W <W # A*N |)? I HI HJ>* W% H *1)1* A T?r?rj of tfer*r couria mWr?c4of tM richwt d*^i?n? of O-llt *B>h:?>l<1#r?d f%rJof P?l I t*rbi in tWP'rtrlM. with ? well ur?'t?4 t'ock ?f l ttttkMMr (titdH, with l*r*? *ari#ty of W??do* at^M ?*4 owlera 3 .Or4?*v yttetotil; BiimT'd ^ItT or coontry. A. I?r?. BnrtlnT of t?.,. th. r? <3or>4a WV' n.?1* A ccuilr t<>0T<1*i the t'?et tl?e ehe??eet, und Hitting l? k?-e? th*t rl?M of ?}<>od? we rr?p?rtfnlly in?it* the PcbMc Ui ln?r^ct end coitper' w 0?>d? with my In th? tL?rket. Ttrmt twrwiii. < ? & J. MAKKKITIR. V 4- < Tth ?tre*t.