Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. ' LOCAL NEWS. . AMI ?1MEST8, Ac , TO NIGHT Wir.f* oura Horss ? First night of 1 he sprii.g ?Mfun. and ot the celebrated delineator of Dutch characters. Mr. S. W Glenu, who wit: appear to Tom Taylor s play of 'b? 'Blind \ lolinist," and as the ?Dntefc Actyr." J natiobat Thrat*r?John Brougham as -Wilkins Micawber." In "Da*ldCopperfleld," | and "Gerald Fitzmaunce' m "A Gentleman . irom lreiatd." Odd Kbllows' Hai.i, ?Tbe great Miltonian Tableaux row on exhibition are well worth a visit Irom all who desire to get a realizing sense I t tbe maji-uc and terrible icnesdescribed by , tbe blind poet, in bis great work of "Paradise Lost " Odd Fm.towa' Hail. Nary Yint.-Lunight of fairof Kast Washington M E. Cbnrch. | Oojr/A'tA If a 11.. F street, between Oth and < lfth ? Lecture this evening before the Young < 4'atholic Friends' Society, bv Rev. Edward ( McGregor, I? I)., of New York. Subject:? i Tbe Christian School.** i 1 OKtAMUATIoji Of TBI FIFTH WARD Rk rum-H'A* fi.tB ?in response to a published ? ail, a Urge iiumber of tbe voting residents of the Fifth Ward, without distinction of color, assembled last night in the Israel Churcn \ Metbodist>. south of the Capitol. A goodly number of members of o'her w.ird clubs (who did rot participate) and several women were present. Mr S .1. Brown called the meeting to order, acd Ma-or E G Townsend was elected chairman. and Wm. Brown secretary. -Mr. s. J. Hrown staled the object of the meeting 'o be to afford the citizens an opportunity to consider a proposition to organi/.e a Republican clnb in the ward. It was called at ihe id? anee of the Republican Association ot tbe District, It having been determined to organize ward association* auxiliary io the i central association, tor the purpose of eflVctiuk an organization to cover the whole city. Mr. liruwn explained the necessity for such organization In order to secure the harmonious a?t on of the Republicans without distinction of color, in all matters concerning the general welfare, in w hich all were alike interested. He proceeded to read tbe constitution of the cent's! a??ociation, adapted to ward association*, ard presented it for the endorsement of the meeting, and. by a rising vote, it was almost unanimously endorsed. It was then suggested that those who proposed to emee npon the organization at one# thonld give in their nnmes to the secretary: which beiiig done. Mr. Brown offered a resolution to organize the Filth Ward Republican Club by adopting the constitution submitted, w Inch was agreed to. Rev. Mr. Hunter, pastor of tbecburcb, moved tbe appointment et a committee of live to nominate the officers and executive committee of the club: which pas-ed, and Messrs Wayne, Parry, Clarke, Hayne, and Hicks, were appointed. and Rev. Mr Hunter and Mr. Taylor were subsequently added. The committee rei tired to consult, and the time was passed in ringing the cDorns. --Tbe stars et tbemorning After which Major E. (J. Townsend briefly addressed the congregation upon tbe beginning of the club and its prospects for the future, predicting a successful result. The Major s address w as heartily applauded, and the company joined in singing the familiar hymn, -The \ear oi Jubilee " Mr Hawley, of Chicato. next addressed the meeting. 'Ihe commitiee then returned and made a report of nominations, which were adopted, as follows ?President. J. H A colored "V ice Presidents. Major E. <1. Townsend. white, acd Rev. Wm. Hunter colored: Corresponding .setretarv. A. P Clark: Secretary, Jos Vi eems. colored. Treasurer. L H. Wayne: Executive Committee. A H. Parry. J. K Tayier, jr , Charles Jones, I'has. E. Brown, Benitram W right. L. Scott. W. C Marshall Joseph w imms, (?. w'. Hutton. Edw. Atkinson. M. Harrison, J. H. lirook Turner Torrey, white. J J. Arrinson. Hiram Pitts. The president elect was conducted to the cbair. and the officers assembled before him were Introduced as a body lo the meeting. Tbe president tb? 11 adoressed the club, promising a faithful attention te duty, and inviting the earnest co-operation of the members. t>n motion of Rev Mr Hunter, the executive committee was instrncted to draft the by-laws necessary tor the club Tbe meeting then adjourned, and after singing a doxolcgy were Dismissed with a benediction by Rev. Mr Hunter. ? MXKTinr. of Clxrk* _A meeting of clerks . in ihe \ arious l/epariroents was held last eveningat I'niou league Hall, Mr. J. H Brown in the chair, aud j. c. s Burger secretary. Mr. J. W. Browning, from the committee to t ta?e into consideration the propriety of forming a peimanent society of clerks, stated the con mit tee had not been able to meet, and were therefore unable to make a report. Mr. J. H Brown, from the committee to ascertain wtat boarding-house keepers had raised their prices, stated that several members of the committee were not present, and no report couid be made. Mr. H submitted a constitution and by-laws for an organization of clerks, tne consideration of which was postponed until tbe next meeting. The object of the association is to promote the best interests of all and for mutual benefit of the members. Tbe title ot the association is to be -TheD*par:ir.ent Clerks t'nlon." Mr Browning said his object in calling tbe first meeting was to acknowledge to Congress the thanks of the clerks tor their action on the increase of compensation. He thought such resol u Hons were proper, and hoped tber woo id recalled up and passed at a future meeting Adjourned. orphan*' Court, Jwlye I'urcell.?Yesterday, the will of John McGnrvey. deceased, was admitted to probate and record, and letters testamentary is*ued To Michael F. Moran bO111 frtt.Oi u. 1 he will of Ennols Rozel. deceased, was admit ed ro probate and record, and letters testamentary issued to Margaret Bo?l; bjud *51 The will and codicils of John P. Pepper, deceased. were partially proven. Letter? of administration on tbe personal estate ot Wm. Ebert, deceased, were granted tj Elizabeth Ebert: bond she was also appointed guardian ot the children of William Ebert, bond 0 The second account of Jalia 11. Addison guardian to Chas M. Addiscn, was approved and passed. Col. James R O Beirne having been conArmed by the Senate, was duly qualified as Register of Wills for this District, taking the oath at the hands of Judge Purceli. ? c rminal Court, Ju-.'?< At*&*r.? Yesterday In the case of the Alexandria and Washington railroad, a number of Witnesses were examined, among whom were John R. El vans. Ilr Joseph E Morgan. Hr. R C. Croggon aud Dr C T. Alieii Af er arguments by the District Attorney and tje counsel for the road, Messrs Hradley and Merrick, the case was given to the jury. There was a demurrer by the counsel lor the road to tt evidence, on tne ground t hat there wa? no pre A to go before the jnrv showing the existence of any sncb corporation as tbe Alexandria and Washington Railroad Ctmpany. or that any such company were enra?ed In operating the road In which the nuisance was alleged to nave arisen during the period of time covered in the indictment The Conrt so instructed the jury, who returned a \erdict of not guilty. I*ro?ta?t Arrest i* St locis ?a. w Lee,? barged with stealing about tio.OOu 7.3,) aud 5-^' bonds Irom the loan branch of the Treasury Offlee, In this city, on the ?o-h of Januarj, was arrested at the Planters' House j in St Louis, yesterdav morning, under the as- ' .-umed Mine of C- Miller He was arrested by Major Cozzens, United Stales detective He baa in his trunk ttt.M*) of the bonds and Si urn in greenbacks. Lee at first denied tbe theft, but subsequently acknowledged it He will 1 be brought here at once by Major Cozzens. ' i 1 be and money found on tbe prisoner , have lee,, lorwarded by express. Lee was a , clerk in tbe office from wbich.u will be re- t menibvred. the bonds were stolen. ??- , ra*d Lak .?Last night, officer Csv- < anab, if the >r nd Ward, passing a pawn * ? fflce, saw James Grady, a young man, offering a lot of floe cloth to pawn for Su.*- 1 pect p- 'bat tbe cloth was improperly obtained * he arrested Grady and took htm with the cloth to the Central Guardhouse. I'pon lnvestigaiien tbe cloib was identified as the prop-rty < of Mr. G. R Halt, and was valued at ?iin * Justice Mortell committed the prisoner to mil for court. ? . The ar.arm or Firs ?The alarm of fire rounded from box No. W, abont 9o'clock last night, was caused by tbe discovery of a thick -i:<> ke issaing irom ihe boas* No.474 Ttkst, | ? ppoei e ibe post office. I.poa entering the 1 * o"?e the offlcer? ascertained that a lot of aiad- 1 I ng wood pHre.t on a s?ore to dry, bad taken ' hrv ai'.o uuia?a the smoke. Vn <0. it ? 1II consequence of Ibe illness o ] Istj e? t,. Murdoch, the tragedian, he will b^ r-t jibfe to lep'ttre befbre the Yonng Men's Association at Meuerott flail to- | "< ? e \ e->iiig, hii t his brother. S K. Mur0 ?Ht take bu pla.-e, ar.d ?rve mcitaflons ( ai d reading* before the association. Hetssnd ^ be verr talented / i. s. ? ?? I ^ Hayvv, - Hist ai rant his long been one I V ^titatieu ot Wtishmgtou, and bis ? lrapr*T? avery year. His 1 filled w:fh Ssb. flesh, and fowl, in- I ' ' ' 'r c > it. e of M-ry kind knowu in this j ' ?>ty in season, nil prepared and served in s:> ie im mi., an epicure's moutn waier. f\j 4. . J \ . *' ** ' t ? v I a ?????MM??l Alkxandria Itkms.?From tbe Alexandria ' a.-rt.Y ofyesterday afutrsooo we clip lb* following: # Aj the First Ward poll* tht* evening. J hn Warner wm shot In the lef bv the a ciientai discharge < r a pisol in tbe band* of filbert Simpson, jr. The wound wa? only a ilesb ibonrb painful In not wrious The Bar Hoomt in the city bare b?en clo?ed >11 day jn couseqnenee of tbe election in progress, and their proprietors have been regueeted lo Weep t lie in closed until to-morrow* irorninr. Tln? roads leadm? to 'bis city are getting no better, but rutber weree, and are paid to be almcat impassible. foTeiber man or beast. To rvt a heavily loaded wagon over them ta next 10 >mroesibie. Tbirteea marriage licensee were issued from the clerk'* office 0t the County Ooart of this coun'y during the month of February. _?. ? C?'MXkm kmest or thi Mbimral Mitpart". mbst OF(}W'tt(.KTOWN(;?LL?.K.-Ilie annual conn men cement of tbe medical department of Ueoreetown College took place at Wall's Op. ern House I net evening. A very large audience of ladies and gentlemen were present Tne exercises were opened wi?h music by tbe orcheetra; after wblcb, the act of Congress antfcorizing Georgetown College to confer tbe degieeof Doctor of Medicim* was read. The diploma* were presented to tbe graduates hy He* p. A. Miipnire, president of the college. Dr. Johnson Klhot(then addressed ibe graduates at some length, giving them some g.?oo advice, and was followed by Mr. W. (J. Ttlden, who delivered the valedictory. ? Criminal Cocbt ?Judg* Fisher,?Yesterday W. H. lljges and W. H Haidwin, who had been drawn to ser\e as petit jurors, were excused. In the cases of Margaret Waters, Henry Woolford, liavid K. Smith, Robert Wardwell. Win Moody, and Charles Stewart, indicted for light offences, a nolle pro*, was entered This morning, in the ca*eof Augustus Nixon and Augustus Hassler indicted for .in assault aini battery. a nolle proa, was entered. The Marshal returned the following to serve as jurors A. M. Campbell, .la?. W. Gibson, Jas J. Barrett. Columbus C. Thomas, M.K. Coombs. Thk Skow Law.?Tbe heavy fall of snow lart i.ight and 'his morning has again covered tbe streets with snow Many will nodoubt anticipate its disappearance as suddenly as it came, and will Jail to remove it in time to avoid tbe penalty of the law, which will be njridly enforced. Rometiuho CDKiors.?From MeConneii Jc Herbert. 45e ;th street, we have specimens of a pocket edition of the National Hank Note currencv and Treatury notes, photographed from proof shee'e, by permission of Secretary Mc< lol. loch. They are worth having a? souvenirs. o Ash Wet>**sdav?To-day is Ash Wednesday, and marks the commencement of the j 'eason of Lent Appropriate services are being held in tbe Catholic and Episcopal churches throughout the Jiistrict. Sale or Monet.?At the lath monthly meetin* last nicht of the First Ward Building Association. fSj'-im was solc^at an average of 5<i per cent. Police Bei-or rs. ? Yesterdav tbe police made thirty-six arrests, and the Maes amount. ed to sstMrr. ?? CITY ITEMS. There is no place in Washington where our oraders will find a more desirable collection ot ready-made clothing lor men and boys or at I wer prices than at the store ot J li Smith. iiHi Seventh street, opposite the Post office. His stock includes spoils for men and boys, ami all kinds of furnishing goods ot the best quality. Many persons prefer buying their clotbinsr ready made when they have a good Mock to select from, and this is especially the case with the assortment to be found at this establishment. In addition to all the new spring styles, Mr Smith has a considerable quantity ot winter clothing on hand which will be sold at titty cents ou the rlollar rather than carry them over to next season. Those who have been benefitted by the twenty per cent bill and w ho desire to make the be,t of this extra compensation will tlnd It to their ad vantage to call at ouee and make their selections. - City of Washibotob. / County of Washington, ^ s*' The Jurors of the city of Washington, for rhe County aforesaid, do hereby say that the Metropolitan Hall is tlie best place forfnnand enjoyment in the city. The dancing bv the old favorites, Miss Kate Harrison and Miss Nellie Ld wards, can not be surpassed; and the corkographers, Harris and Quinn. are sld-i splitting: and last though not least, our old Irish friend Johnny Keese is as welcome as ever to a Washington audience. In accordance with this presentment all are hereby warned to be at the Metropolitan Hall to-cigln. Sam Slam, Foreman. 'jRav's Collars. 25 cents per box; Goldsmith Collars, 2i cents per box; Imitation Linen Collars, cents per box; and all othe r goods cheap in proportion at Franc's Gents" * urmshing Store, 494 7th street, between L> and b streets. Wnii.E voir Monby Lasts, go to Henning s One Price Clothing Store, on tbe corner of Seventh street and Maryland aven ue and buy yourself a supply of his f > 50 white dress shirts. 11n'e-Stitched Boots made to order for SH>. Gaiters lor *7.311; ladies Kid Button Gaiters for ?<>: Balmorals tor ?."> and all styles of Misses and Children's Shoes very low at HeU. brun &. Bro s., 6< tt Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 3 * Fixb Gloss Kid Button Boots at G. B Wii. son's, No. Sf>2 ?th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall, at prices ranging from ?'i.50 to S6 50. i? Tho.g* Ladies who want an elegant Embroidered Yoke for Night Gown or Chemise. l5u one cheap by calling at Prince's, 3-1 K street, before he moves his stock to htsnew store, 439 Ninth street. ? Dn. Whitb, Chiropodist, at Penn av . betweeni^ and 6th streets, continues the suecessful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged jomte. warts, moles, vascular excresences, ftc. Office honrs from 1 a. m. to 5 p. m., and 6 to 6 p. m. Established 1861. J1 or OHfLBLAi>"s and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price *1 per bottle. tcr sale at 4-J4 Pennsylvania avenue, between aad t?th streets. ASckbPilk Cure _l?r. Gilbert's Pile in strnment positively cures the worst cases gf piles. Sent by rqail on receipt of g4. Circulars tree. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Addrers J. B. Komaiue, Manager, No. 5<5 Broadway, New York. 3: Pbbbibs oan be had in any quantities at ths Stmt office counter nARKIKO ~ P0M**0T-0DD?m, On tbs Mh Init Kv t rtd*?TinotV?l * th* residence of'tue " " ' ? I Cliaraon and Oh-TeUnl p%per? pleats copy.] On th6 fth icit hv r*? ^kLl's'iVoM tir?i B " thuflly. * *l" MOOS1, bofh M1DDLIT09. Ob tohdiy* tb6 5th inattut ?rjiTTaiBsns* """ " " *? < .js?,vms,sassw/i. !? u7.v.? v, AVSr?'S?5Sb J5? S-a S.V asw^o/Krap" ??? " < The fnuersl will take nine* en Friday ^een, 8th !n*i?nt. at 1 o clock. tr?m his Ute restlence, which the friends of the family are invited LAIei?a<lrta Gazette ?lease co?y.| ;^5 HAMB, JOLBB, *c. rtVHmall Bo.-sr sored Bsos, ' Breakfast Bacon, Jolts. Mioalders. aud Priiue Lest Lard, J ust lecelvctf and for sale by J. B. BBVAN A BBO., _ 349 PenBsylvsui* avenae, mh 4 in wfitif Opposite Metro pi htm Hotel. L*BTBBAL Bl'LBN DID PABLOB OR >A Mil, with PatertOrgan Swell, and one ~"1 uovabl* pedal Ba?s.(very ceaTenleut fi i ItTnca jrgan prae?i. e at home ) will "lllll POSITIVBLT BB BOLD AT OOBT, ?r?Mrfctosp to rebuilding Store. Also. Uueirand'M-oBd h?nd PIANOS ail reduced >rHes OBOBOB L WILD * BBO , b? 13 tm He 4 97 11th street.above Pa.ere. ^TIKUHU BUULB for sale in saws to suit pur k7 tD.??ers. Illjy market ?rke paid fd^ A51BBICAN , . LBWlS JOHNSON * r1f; Bankers. j ilfj Penna. avenua. DAINTY DIBHKB; BereiptsOolleeted by Ledy Harriett St. Oiair. The Ohri*tis? Hymnal; edited by Bpv. Frank B?Wall. Pickwick Papers: Diairoiid B<f,tion. Ilesllsail on th? Action of Medicine; r?ew Bdition Murray's Kniotitnal Disorders of the N*r?ee Tbe St>->ry of s Stemsch. ^reithwelteV Review for February De Bow's levtew for FeUruary. ? _ ?? ? fet FBAJIBK TATLOB. J 'AVhl TACCI'/,A IT'. i 1 1 AMUKO^NTS. !?ATro*iL TFltJkTRE. r*DMflTHto HrtM, wr VllUtdt' Hotel Til 18 Vr*ltHai>A~r, Ma .H 6, 1*67, lhird bight ot the Engagement of mb JOHN IIR(?1<.B AM. The performance will c<,nm?t>ce with A GENTLEMAN FBOM IRELAND. afler which I* e Or< h?>t i, nuler the direotioa of Mr *. Younker. will p-rlwrm lhec*lebrnted B b o Lmk Pi Iks. cotnpo?*d l>r Mr .luhn Hr.nighnii. To r< n?l udc with .lobti Brcmh?m' dnmitlratlon in tbre* act*, of iMpkeu".' novel of DAVID COliEBFIELP. ITANCY DRESSES AND U0.4T0MRS For Tableau* tftd Private Parties. Apply to MU. IIANK BU fe 21 lm* 447 10 th street. LOST AND FOUN D. IOBT?On the itli luitkit, I dtrk HAIBj BRAID, |U(te4 . in gvlig from M down to the i?oirtnni?Dt Printing Office. A |lb?r?t rewatd v 11! bi' paid if returned to the ?wutr< at t>io M street, between 4th and Mh. It 108T?In the ladies' gallery of the Senate, on j M?u4it, th? 4ilt InkUit. ?l<*dle? Royal Ermine IV K CAPE A liberal re werdjMll be r?l i tor ita return to Bon SIMON CAMEBoN. wrtlard'a Hotel m t?-3t IOBT-On Sntday, Mal*h 3. a black real lace -A V K11., in passing from Uth street, corner ot K . to I street, through Peiioevivanta avenaoover the Agufdnct biidge to Moul<)Hi?ry itroet, 0? org. town Wboevtrwijl return it to the por ter hi the yuartermaater General'a Office, Peun. eve end 17tb street, or to N<? Mo 10* ?t , Georgetown, nill be rewarded. nih "it 1 ObT?Mar-n 4ih, on the fleor of th'' Hotiae of I i Bi preaentati ves. a M IN K MOFF Thefluder wnl be liberally rewarded by returning tU>- same * to Bocm 4 3, Pension Office. m 8 2C I OST- 'h5.V7in sTo and note*, wrapped in a I j piece of paper The finder will l>e liberally rewarded, if returned to 1). f. BABBllJl, So. 849 Petin ave., bet. 1st and >d st*. mh ?-:it* j ub't?Ua tbe niorniue of the 'Jd inst. a fflome li colored OOW, epotted while, with sh >rt < rumplid horn-.. A liberal reward will l>e pail foi it* tetorn to Rainey'? staMe.6th ft., sooth oi the Avenue, or at tke Washington Houae, comer <>t '<d et. and Peon 'a avenue nih 5 ;t" BRACELET LO^T?On Thursday evening la?t. I etween the reeidtnee of Sen?t ?r 8pra<u* and Willardx Hotel, a Klorontine Mosaic BRACK LhT The finder will be liberally rewardea by returning it to the office at W|llard> Hotel. | nib 6 3t' gfeO"V'k KIWARl)-Kor the recovery of the tol V?lowing articles stolen from Bo-m 7 I. Ebbitt Home, between 3 and 6 p. m , March, th, MV. One large Diamond CROSS, of Mdiamouds. ifl hi raited gold and black enamel, with ( dd cbala attached-with ring and bar, one pair Diamond Y. ABRINGS, ef beartaeaae ?er ot PK A BLH?? ariings and breaxtpin ? loth extra large ni/e and of medal! Ion shape A proportionate reward will be paid.for any oi the above articles. J u i r,? Brevet Major G'-n 8. A. IOST?On Saturday morning, 2d in?t.,a liveri rolotei, double noaed pollster DOG. ?10 reward will be paid If left at 3? 1 D St. m 4 3t I OST?MarelTl a large BUTFSNViLOr'B, I / containing p-*pot8 an I tax certiil^ ate. direut^d te Elijah Britlugtiam The flnd?*r wi 1 be rewar led I > leaMDg then vrtth MfMr. 7.. m. P KINO A fe(?N comer Vermont avenue and U'i *t oiht-3t I OBT-At the Natl mal Theater, or between I t tt.ere and Willard'*. last evening, a BltA< R let marked " m. A. F to b. r , Birthday Gift, 1?? " The lind'T will be liber illy rewarded by [ leaving the *-aane at WlllaT4's Hctel. fe 22 tf " PERSONAL. JJiBfON Ati- A seutloDiao of trava!, taate. dlsE ci.-tion, and leisure, Kood form and appearance. Uesiree to tieceir.a ac<iuaint>'d with a lady ol the same <inailflcailona with a view to pleasant hours Addresa. in pt rfe< t confidence, **B. I B. B tLrough Waahingten Poat Office, mh.5 it* I fV'OTIOE?I hereby forewarn all peraon* not to 1^ trust my wife, ANNA GERE* K.E,or pay tier any money due to me as I will pay no debts con tractt d !<y hat, abe having left my tied and board mh 4 tif VV M GEH EOC E. F^BKNCH WH ALEBONE rOBHtrs AT9150. A No n hand, a full assortment of home made Cor'et-, V> halebones. Corset Steels ?nd Boards, lateai and all ?tj l*a of Htop Bkir.s. 0jvera anil Trimmings Will be sold at the lowest rata, at OH A BL R3 I' Al M a U?op Skirt and Oeraet Manutadory. 4U Lunlsiana avenae, between 6th and 7th atretta. mh 1 lm* ONLY FOB LAD1EH TO KB A D -Riegantly Embroideied MGHT G<iW N and OH E M 16 E YOKES, more *laborate than any ever ottered here, of the newest aud moat beautiful deelgna, received dally, frem onr corp* of JSi sanerlor handa.and for sale at BKDUGED PB1CKS Being the largest mannfactnrer here of this kind of ladies near, we can plea?e all. both in .juality and price, and are determined, at whatever oost, to produce the k>eat work, issae the most elegant pattern*, and bTAMP CHIAPEK, than any concern in this or any other city. Onr repntati-n aa the only Practical Stamper here itaured ladle* that oo in. ntioua compositions are uaod, and ahialda thaia from trusting their work in the handa of those who bny a few bl >ck? and proclaim thtn.ielves stauipars. BUmping, ft centa per width and five you a Collar and Onifn in. per WJ# PBIMCB, 4 39 9th street, fe 2 tf eppo^ite Patent Office. Bbidal amd FUSEEAL WBEATH8. 80 QCETS,CR08SE8. ahuhtfrs.stahs. Ac , pr-aerved in natural form; Imported FLOWERS, hair FLOWEKS. and bkaiding. AI*o, lm ported moss. Ha IU dresses for Balls, hy Mra FB1R8 Has removed to No 449 llthat., between g and h . oc i 4m* J^OHN D VLARR, ATTOBNBY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC, Mo. aaa 12th street west. de 14 ly boarding: For"RENT-^Two wm! furBish"d PARLORS, on the irst floor, with or without BOARD Apply S93 R st., bet. 9th and 1 th. U. 12 'I'A I'.i.t. BOARD at Mo. 464 10th street, a raw I docra north of tba avenue. Terma 0M per Bontb de II tf Metropolitan patent 8TKAM BAKEB V, 347 C street, between 4j? and 8th atreeU. Fnriiished with McBanzie'a 8plandld Reel Oven and tben.ost approv?d machinery, naingnana tint the best material, carefully selacted. The Orack. era mannfacturtMl at ikis establishment are superior to any heretofore offered in tbla iuark>-t. We Invite aueutiaa e"peoiall* to tallowing varieties : MILK RI80U1T. A very choir* artinlo, from aeleot family flonr. BOSTON CRACKERS From Welch'a famllv flour, eunal to any In the country. SODA CRACKERS, Bxtra fine, from high gra-iee extra flour. Also, the following standard varletiea: WATER CRACKERS. BUGAB CRACK EES. bctteb cra0kbr8, CRACK KB Dl st. _ PILOT BRBAD, OIBOEB SNAPS, N WELTI KB, We ara alse snpplying Grocera and Families with Havenaer'a well known FAMILY BRBAD. fe 12 lm THO. HAVBBWEB, 347 O atreet. Af D. CLEABT, DCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANT Southeast earner of K and Eighth streets, (Oppw-ite Northern Liberty Market,) Wa?hin6 ion, D. O. REGULAB~S KLES, MONDAY. WEDNESDAY. FRIDAY, AkiD SATURDAY. ConaignaenU solicited. Liberal advaaca made OB C' maignmenta. Particular attention paid to the aa'a of Beal Bstate, and Household Furniture at private restdeac^a. fa f-aolm ""JttOTf/ifBMiaK"" EW OEUUM. 0f#KrehV^?mf*l3K^l^s?04?mSao,^c^' tgnmenta, my It-tf .500,000 OHAJB^INB CUTTINGS FOB k FROM KESDALL GBEEX VINEYAHD. CONCORD, the meat valuable Grape In tha country NORTON'S VIRGINIA, CATAWBA. REBECCA. DIANA, HARTfOBD PROLIFIC, with many other choice kinda, at $l.u par luO cuttings, or 01* par 1 UU0; warranted all good wood and tree to name. Carefully paoked and ahipped to any addreaao* remittance. Early order* are eolicited. J. PEARSON'S Fruit Stare, fa 4-lm^ 491 3th atreet. jjl'B D FOO D . PRIPABBD FOOD For Mocking Bfrda. Thiuahea, Nightingales, Bobbin*, Black Birda. Starlings. Sky Larks, Ac. N W BPBOHELL, aodar Bbbltt House, fe 19 come/ ltthanl^F atreets. f a. test pabis fashions of ha ib Li dbbs8in0. E. ALLIOT, tKRMCH HAIR DRESSER, 324 B atreet. between Uth and 14th at*. Mr. Alilot. from Parle, Halr-Dreeeer, of th* celebrated Rachel, with whom he arrived !* tbie ernntry. haa now been eetabliahed far tne laeft eight years la Waahinctoa and Newport, aaoyiag the patreaace of the rorps diMtommhiw, and af the highest aociaty. Ha hax tha hoaor to aa< rouDce that he has this aoaaon imported the lateet fashions of hair dreaslng, a ad akao pomade*, and evarythlng that belaiiAs to the dreeslng ofnalr a* yery reaaonat le prices. ft? 6m* YY'M EN ABE * CO. >8 PIANOS, ni*c' "UviBir "fffP for aalo and rent on eaay terms, ai Na. 499 Uth atreet, above Pennaylyanla ayenne _ Bel e^un* F. O. RB1CHBBBACH. C1 ORI1AM GREEN CORN /3 I (Sweet > . w. BT BOH ELL, Corner 14th and F ?tr*ete, fal 4 tf under Ebbitt House. 0 wants! ?hmb<km md-wblt?> m?> r strataM ABOB, owmc 7th and \\ A5T*D- A OOLORBD OIBL to Co h?a?e *T Work, plain t*?ia. au* n hiulr iu In bvh* * ,n,l0ir *46 1x1,1 fc, ? c*|.u W AN1RD?A S<aart7activV~n4M.???n HOT. * *? '? at U BIO H T H T?ni>? Hdnu,, Bo BIO 7?t? *.. b?t. L> au I ? ?ts. one that can read pr ferret. mh Jc* VV Ft*? Tu KXNT-A nice HOUSE. euita. ' Wjfiiillii rf withatKiatwiwh;or iti r an-. nil i a id a c<' d nemhh. i bo.>d. A hois t iat S ifW ^ taken hi the year, and rent ?*i J monthly }n advaLca Addre?e B^x *03 city l' st Uihce. mh tilw* \\' A fcTl P? a WuiTB 0 I HI. t? Ul) tki km' * srai h(?u *w.?rl or ? small family. B ?-rence

t m?i I red. Apply at the Mar ' 'incs ?? at* ABIT0ATU>4i WANTED~Ur ai Aawic?n Ani.ael H1LB or todo light hoesrwoik. Anlr to 499 I7lk ilrttl u?ti L m5 St* VlT*HnD-A bookkeeper wh> undar?v standi) hi* bueinw?e nat t*?va g'>?d refer?T?e,'/I2,n, ,,,, '*?<employers. Address Bn 10, Star Office mS 4t WANTKD-A littla WHITB GIEL.I2 to 11 7 old Matatin taking care of a little rhi Id. ?i 181 ISth it rat t, between K and L streets.* VV ViX.^Z"8' voting girl, a SIT" UATION as eii-iuD-miad aim to do plain ewng Apply at Wo. *00 Jd. bdaMn ?; -treat anrt Massachusetts avantie VVANTED-Asilent PARTNER wiu Vc?<h ? (m(iu# of $ ..oo - in it sal* aud pro&twb'e first *?f?c 1 'V to-j.e.B, Address MANU Fa( tukik city ro? Office m i >t* AREBrBiiTABLB VOL MO MaN WASH'S A " jW) BITOATION as Gardener or Cjach wan (food rift-renc* iflven liq ilruatNo tfa? aT" betweik Utb ;ind 13th -ts. m 4 St* VV ANTED?ab excellent tJOMK can ba had . I"r a lijilr whlta girlie to 14 year* old In a private fouily n-ar the city, in ihn country,to assist in the are of children Address ho* 6. Star Office, with address. m 4 3t* VV ANTED? To hny, \?l'hont delay, in a t*?d I< catb n asmall flrl. k I' WELL! N<; HOI7SK, r< ntaiuii (r not eaa tliat>6 roomi, worth from S > two S3,000. I t n )t Im? than ito fact de^p running triroOth to an alle> Term* One third ?Mh, l>4latice in-is and twelve months Addras?."A L " Bt^r Ol'ice. m 4 tt* \\: A KTK11? A respectable wfcite WOM A N , to *? take care of a younir child. Apply at 17 1 Pa. avenue Bt, i rrHE M08T RXCIT1NO ABD 1MTBRB8T1HG I BOWh or TIIB l>\V. GEN L. C. BAKERS iilBTuRY OF THE fB? KET BEBVICK AOKMTB PARTED I In every city, town, county, and State of the t nion to canvass for tbis work. This history whs announced on? year ago, bat oxntig to th? attempts ot the G-Ternmeut to suppress It, its puMitatlou w is dt lavfd. It will now be i<?n->d. unaltered and nnabridgpi, under the ^uperv|*i in cf Gen HAKKR It contains a fall ?ud official expose of the intricate machination* of tne tecret's of the L'tiou Fcr startling developments and thrilling advenijitfi.this b ok eclipses the fHnious experiences of Fern he and Vldoc i. The marvelous narratives of General Kaker are all attested by the higheet offi. ial anthoilty. It will contain the only official history of the Assignation con>pira y A fall tLtM" startling, and farrll.Ie crime, VBOM ITS CUBCBPTIOM, IN THE HATNTs' T0THB nT B,AL PLACE or BOOTH, lias never let been pla-ad before the t ntdic. The woik also fallv exp< srs the nefaiiovs system by whit h Prtsideniial pardons were and are *o readily ehtaine<t at Washington The Uior.ils c>f tbe National Oapitsl are thorongMy ventilated, and ther? are som? strsune revelatious concerning beads of departments irembert of Ooncress,female pardon broker:*, and Ciattagaikhed military characters. For circalats.canvassing nnml-ers.and at] other in format on. address "L.O BAKER Post Oftlce Box No. 4?0, Philadelphia.? Thia work will ba ready for delivery on the 1st day or Kay. N B ?None but those thoroughly conversant w itb ti e business, and with ge-xi reference as to character and responsibility. need apply, mh' fn ^GIHt B WA H T Bl)T ?7A, %100, ANP~5i?o PER MONTH is row being male by our Agents ca? vas-ing for the new work of historical value and romantic interest, entitled "WEARING OF THE GRAY," Comprising Ptronal Pofn'ts. SkttcMit% A'lrtntur**, nn4 In'i iltnl* oj the la'f War,ititn T*rtiimt Wura fire* of tw Dn-tut lif ts. DasKim ChiT*tt, Tfiil-ome Marcht Wtt'inx Sifr'JirK, ,lM(( I'ah'nt S"Jf'r tngs oftki _ FOYS /.V GKA Y. By john EsTAN COOKE, Formerly ol General Stuart's Staff author of fcarry of Baglei Nest,"-Life of Stonewall Jackson, Ac . Ac handsomely illustbated. To energetic men and women a rare chance is onerod to make money. Add"** SOUTHERN PITBLISH1NG COMPANY, i. . Holliday street, Baltimore, Md Post Office Bex l,4ii4. nita 1 eolm VV ANTED?A SITUATION as seam?tress by a ?... *h? nnderstands sewing tbaroaghlv hy Wheeler A Wilton's Sewing Machine Caa < nt and fit ladies aad childrea's dresses Address, far thre? days, Box Bo. 7, Star office. fa ?7 W^^JP-AHi^wantof MOBBT call at 8. OOLDSTB1N A CO.?, bicenaed Pawnbrokers, 34 iyt strtat, near Pennsylvania avet>n? fa 21-lm WANTEB-6BNTLEMBN deslrooe or en?.^SL~LDjJ.n bo*t*o?e to call at EM PI.0YMBBT AGKBCY, No. *Jd9 Pa. ave. A rare chance offered tc make money, fe 19 2w* Agents wanteiTVob^the~hist0by or THE WAR UBTWBBN THE STATES. TRACING ITS ORIGIN. CAUSES ABD BBBULTB." Ky Boa. Alex. H Stephens, and for THE LIFE. LETTERS, ABD SI^BBUHEs or HON. ALEXANDBB U. STEPHENS, by Henry Cleveland. Send for Circulars and see onr terms. Address , t s national pl a wishing flo fa 14 1m* ?0T Minors re-t, Philadelphia. Pa. WANTED? All parsons abont breaking up honsekteplng will pl^asa call at our office, as we wish to buy their furniture, having con sunt calls for the same Also, Honsas for rest , . , D L. WSbLB * CO., fe 4 1m earner 10th and F streets. vv clothing^ " gold and silver, or aay other articla of aiue, at the aid astabiished Merchant Pawn biaker s fctore ol r. fulton aoo., diti?th St., 3 doors north ! Penrm avecie. Bole Agent for BlNGER's SEWING MACHINE de 22-ly V17AMTED?100 LADIES immadiately, te emvT brolder Yokes, Bands, Wrapper Yokes, Flannal Skirts, Slippers, and Initials. To good hands who brim; sample of work, gwo-i wages and con1 sUat employment given. Caii at tbe new Stamp lug Room. 439 9th street, opposite Patent Office STAMPING reduced to FIVE cents per width, WANTED?10.000 LADIES to kn^w thaT at the New Stamping Rooms, 439 9thstreet,opposite Patent Office. Ibey can find the b?st selected assortment of Patterns aver altered here for Cloaks, Gtpes, Aprons. Joseys. Walets, Yokes, Bands, Wrappers, Slippers. Pincushions, and Inl tials. Also,designs for Pillow Caaes. Ottomans Chair Covers, Pianos, and. In short, everySarletv of Patterns as they are daily Issued. We have a French Machine and a Piactieal Stamper and have xeduced the price to F1VB CENTS PBB WIDTH. Wo make aad stamp ;?? pattern brought ns Braids, Silk and Working Cotton very low. ' dalftr WANTBD-SECOND HAND FUBBITUBB Alec . MIBKOHS. CARPETS. BEDS, BBD DIBO and HOUBEFORNIaiUNG GOODS of e'ery description. B. Bt i.'H L*Y. 4ft? 7th street Je^-tf between G and B. east side OP I A B O S. KB Bacon A Raven Piano, for BlX Ona Andrew Stela, for 9M. ' One almost new 7 octave large round'H 1T1 corner Boardman A Gray Piano. ?T75. For sale upon aasv terms, at tbe wararooms af . . a . r ??W ? MBTZBaoTT A co Sole Agents of 8 tern way A Son's Piaa?s. and Mason A Hamlin's Cabinet Organs. fe h tf /COLUMBIA HOSPITAL fob WOMII L AND LYING IB ASYLUM, Fourteenth atreat,(aircie,)oon?er af M street Washington, D. 0. This iMtltuMan has been eetabilshad for the raKM?*0?* who he suffwring from dis*? tk**r for *** Emission fyinriu ohambef th* o? the The building is situated la themoat haaltky aertloa of tba District, surroundad by Its own groands. Oars pass the door evary five minutes Twmsof admission : Brans |( w fit par weak ru accordance with the raom raqulrad, payable in advance. This includes Board, MeAiefnes, Med loal aad lunfcal attendance r MEDIO A L ITAfr, iUBGEON IB CHIBF. . ..J H THOMPSON. M D., v.-wsaisar'? OiBaas fsr admisetoa to the tree bads In this bos Altai, (of which there are WJ.oaa ba obtalaad of tba Burgeon In eblaf at this offlca. 1?4 I street, or army. -TPattests Using at a distance whe desire t? aaaae to tbis inaMtutton fbr treatment ean secure private ^LTsl9M ^?mb^lfra?jfmomb mab b?a ctu be i * tnAcrrdAL CAHPKT wkirtR, Orrrner aad C etreata, (Island .) . ' MakeaOUrpatataasAarsrUh di'pttch.aa moiarate terms, aad eatisfaction guarantied. Carpets cooetantly an hand, and far sale. Ja Si 2m I> YOD WAHT BARGAINS in oabinbt furniturb Gall at the Extenxive Warerooas of H Y. ZIMMERMAN A f*0.. No 430 Seventh street, Ja 21-dlm between La. av. and D street. KUtt 8 ALE AJSO RB.NT. POK It 1)>T-Tvo ale ?Df?r?labM ?'*?*! I ?c m hualcaiius i wuh ?r !l? ?? Be. ? 'n >ia*? nvecae. third door fro*. M itrnt, ?r k ue.j ?ti 6 * TWtt w UIM aufWnlitifl ROOMIm^ifor bouul(>< tinj No )? L at.. bat it- ??4 ?th f 11- f U r.lMXHU MtK. I:M'B RENT-FRAME H ?tu ro?~u. tf outy trt; iitod ittliU ><t?' M, 4 h ?' . b">'? ?fu 4 h ?niTMb- B % r?r ni nn in alvanc*. In* fitlTII1! <it.b?l*<rnlth aa t th Ur t? _____ 0 !"" L/oB BENT?Firat Wsrd.gnni?oMeMe five room, r n-?ny Dtw BKH K II'D-B on llrfth Street between M ind M. L<ri*l?t, ?itk*H?t 'I ? -4 ?!? <? at lb- >eat ApplyioJAb H ANN I N'J.-iet street l? u^d R and h. ( ?' I OB RBNT-FfcAMB BOU8B co. ttinlnj all r r- 4jd 4 47 M atrw t b*-iw?eu I th a**d tJ h. laquiie it?ii da r Alao, M<*nl B<oma, wuh M r?omi tuarhrH bo Jftu street batt-i-a ltth and )Jib. Inquire at Faint Store. nest d-or tab i-A'm LMk KENT-Thre- pl7L,.?t L IT K 0 UN I SHE D 1 BOOMS coaveaient for hoaeekeeptaa. A?ply 4M ltth at , l-et. F ar.4 G mfttt* RBSTArBABT rOB BALE Tbe BESTAUB A NT . ft tanMiiHf <(i* tapi'ol. Apply No. A aooih A atreet two do *re abote New Jr-reey avenue. jntiS (W* TWO NICE K UHNIM1BD BOOMS FOR I RENT, ?itb tbeaaeof rail t. Alao alr -oRuiaebt Call at 330 18th street. Mwt'B I a iJ Kate ? j Jt* For bent-twofbame houses foirro .? each oav ti F ?'r?M <oru?-r c.'a th ?? her ; 7J1 street, near F Rent a"- oath t be ea d in advai ce. Kf) ?t So 104 Fat mh t St* |?OB kllT-i caafartakl* DWEUl.lN<; F HOUSE ho K street aorth. bewe.-n llili and 12th atresia weat In-juite ai No .*4 l Pa avenue n?h s-lt* L^OB PILE A one horaa towrad W4UOS an 1 r M*BNKS> Appty Vi?n sirt-et. brua- n 31 and 4?, e ieet*. lslaud mh S t* JOHN DtLEF. t/OK HA Lit ?< OoIt 9 ft" caa?i required, the ?>alI ance can be paid in taoothly |i-?t illmrnti ?. $ 5 m li ?New fl?e-ro?*ni HOI Ski si u<t??l <>li the eaat aide of i!tb street, lalai.d between H a id I atreeia -it fret hoo-e ro? H at Key n?it dooi, 8TAKB A CO . 4*-* 7th at , mh r-tt* batwean Dai t B f^OBSAI B-Tb. LIVKBV fTABLB au-l FCICP MVKK, No 44?? l.'tti atreet, betwreu < <tnd D lnniireontbf premi?ea. iab4?t* I^OK KBNT A K KA M K. HOI'SB. eitaa'ad on t ?tre?-t Qe r??to?D. U 0 ont?iu uk our ro?n a Applv J A HLCB 'ON, nib4 3t* 1 I U Bridge ?tract. WT<il K K?>B BEST- In * eo->d t>aaiuaaa facall^ ty K am ei ..ppoait* tb>' Kurtheru Li^cr ty H?rk t for forth* r iaforroittloD m i?ir? ?t N<> I? K atr?at, Aiao. Barbar Shop K iro tura fcr *ala ibm 4 Jt nna A< BB<* OK UK ST LivNO n-ar W?ah OW W luiitcu TO Lk I for tw>> reara wilt at *< y rent. f<>r tt>e ior.aidera'lon of pnttiue the Ihb<I uiid?r cu'ti?ati a. ia lit* of oae tofify Mcraa with tpeny or?*er IndncrmfDU inrln iii< tt.e priTllf.e of "bnyinc tlie land at aoy timii r or all particulars iu^ufre of PL. WELLS A CO . nib 4 1m Coi ner 1th and K r t r 1* i * BEEN HOr81 FOB BENT -A lam* OBK KM " I liOCSE well ?t<>> ke<t ?Itti choice plant-, 'or rent Apply to THOt). 1> MOB JAN. bead 2 tb atreet. inhj t li'OB BENT?Otie large KuOM 26 ?*y <0 f?*>*t a wl!b traa and vat* r. anitable tor workahop or atora room Ingairrat V I. % M M I N<? A Nat >nal Btabia* en 0 at . ker.aS ttad th a*a mk i ?t* L OB KENT?In fiant'" corner of N-w r fork ay^une and 1-Mh atr* ??t, e*eral very !< airabla OFEK'E For ter'ua *pply t*> OEOUOE 11 l'LANT, office 2d atory, "I'laut a Building." 3?hJ tf A I. A BOB BAL??ON PABL.OB with bei r >om Httnchod. wiih fpvcrnl(itkar pleaaaat r >oti?. tor r?>nt at No. 4 2* Carroll Placa Capitol Hill, th 1 6t* ROOMS FOB RINT-At No r> north A n rth aide of front Omjdtol ?4iar>;. m -m era ?f i'ob great mill find pleasant fr >u; BWM.? The rtoina ocenpled by Chief Jn>tice Grier will be uiwer tiy en the 4th of March inh t "f TvjyB BALE OK BENT?Jtj**ao, a fo tr r *o-ne 1 t frame HOl'SE. near th*- Oir Alto a tin* carriage DOG for sale, at ROBERT F U LT'IS S. Pawnbroker AOi ?tb at., near t'a. at. fe i? 2*' L'OB BICNT?One three at/Tf BRI''K HOC^E, t c> atiilii'n? 9 rooais, ?itb gai* ?n-i w?t*?r. oe wlf painted ntid pap?-ra<l.'tabling for two lu.rae* No. S47 ISth atreet between 1' aud l!. I laud, ten mlnate*" walk to the T^eatury Lnildlng. Apely at No. 7th at . bat. D aad E norta. fet*i >t ON OF THE MD-T V a L I" A it L. E AND 1)1 BIBaBLK BUILDING LOTS iu the ritf f ,r sale, it it aitaatcd au the noith tide of kit*? t, near lJth tataeen Senator Sheiuiana ant tb*> Meitraii Minister's fr ttiog on Fraukliu Stnara. 8ald lot is ?8 feet by l "ff, ruum ng bac k to a *0 io jt alley, and ImproTed by a twn atory brirk itahia. fe ? tr g T. BB0WN^4ti? 9th afreet weat.^ L-OB BALK- Only ?2M) caah req?ir?4, tha l>al- i r ance can be paid in nonthly lnaialia>-ata of i aacb)?S new two atory HOCBES. Si I ARK A OO , fe tt 2w 7th at., bet. D and B. t~~'0B BBLB ? All kiBd of L'NRBDEBBCD PLBDGE3, to p?y adr.tncaa at :<4 4V atreet, I near Pa. are. 8. GOLDSTEIN 4 0 J? fed lm Li en?ed Pawnbroker* l^OR BALE (TR BBNT-rnrni-h^d or ntifnr a niabed? the BBSIDRNCB of the Austrian Minister, corter 12th and K Apply between II aad 2p. m fe 20 lm* F'OB BALE-Three .aiall GAKDBN FABMS, near the etiy, one of * a^rea iiaproved b> new two story brick bouse and neoeaaary ant baildinea, grapes, straaberries. peaches, apples. Ac . Jd . fifteen acres beat of garden soil; 3d, thirty ti si*t-y eras, desirably located f?r Butcher or Milk F arm. V. D. BTtfCKBBlDGB A OO . Real E?tate Brokers, fel9-lnt* M E. corner 7th and F sts. L'OB BENT?The BTOBE BOOM next ?> the r Star office aadar Me rapatltaa Hall. Apply to C. B. BABBB.Btar office. fel8tf KOBQETOWN BBAL EST AT R AND HOUsE v? AOEBOY, lOO BBIDGB 8TBBET Houses fbr rant at to $1 0 per monta. Dealrable Houses and Lota for sale. fe 14- lm * OBM E A GOOPEB. FOB BENT?The FABM.fortba last three years the reaidaaeeof Major Theaphilut Oalaea. coasistlag of 1MJ acres, lying near Fort Mahaa. 1 iie from BeiiHiog s Bridge. Iinprov?ru<*nts. d?N?llng house af II rooms, stotia stable, servant a bousea, barn, Ac Address " E 8 437 E street. Washington, D. C.,or sail la parson, between S and 7 a BQ. OO 16 tf l^OR BEST? I wo large aad one email com:onnt* a eating BOOMS, anfnruiahed. aecond floor No. 134 Pean av., bet 19ih aud JUth ats. no 28 tf JkABE CHANCE-For immediate aale. one of k. the beat locatvd aiuall corner atore GBOOE 1EB in the city. Stock aud Elxt'ires new Apply immediately, by letter, to A. B. 0., Citr P< at Office. bo 96 tf i7bB~BEHT-Two Furnished BOOMS, at No". A 4t>7 ISlh Street between E aad Fats de 14 tf JAMB8GU1LD. Dtaltr tn .Vaieaa<i Second kand J*Vr*tiara. Old Fnrnitare Repaired, Reap Bolstered and Varnished, ltth and B sts.. (near the canal.) Highest prio* paid (or Baoond hand Faraltara. Ml If* HOBTICULTUBAL TOOLS! HOBTICULTDBAL TOOLS ! PBUNIBG 8AWS, PBUN1NG KNIVES, PBUN1N8 BClSBOKSj ^'KL'NING BAW AND TBBE TB1MMBRS.' AD VARANC ATOBS. Ac.. Ac. A full tod roitif Tete of thwe tools 1 Alio tb? 0OET1OI LTtkAL T00LCU1&T, e..t.WM?ollM.Bortlc.?.,^Togj)iow fe 18 eotw 3?** 7th >treet,_below Pa. ave. XMBBIOAB GOLD STOCKS and BoNDB. t\ bouahton oommisaion at tha New York arid ather Block Boartla gnotationa regularly reC#iT*d" LEWIS JOHBSON A CO. Beakers. f?7 t( Penaa arenas. p??*?a ? 8g.A bapbago. pabmesau, EDAM, ioaroa VJJ&Viaioa. H. w BUBCllELL, cornet Fourteenth and F streets ja 14 endar Bbbitt 11 u*e FBBBUABY 13, 1*67.?All persoas having le't articles la my shop far repairs, previous ta the lat of January, are requeated fo call and get then, otherwiee they will beeold at public auction OB the 1st ?f March to pay tbe chargea tbaraJOHN J. PBABODY. Gun aad Locksmith, jan M ass Bo. 414 D atreet. /VBPHANB' OOUBT Feb. 12. 1W7.?Distbict VF ?p Ooldmbia, WasHi.?aTON Oocjtrr, Te ?att: In the case of John K?.?n, <dmin ctrator of Patrick McNeil, deceased, tbe admiaistrat jt aforeeaid baa. with the approbation of tbe Orlhass'Ooart of Waahii.Ktoo County al .reaaid, appointed Batarday , the 9th da? of March, 1S7. tot the final settlement and diatribntioa of the pereonal eatate of aaid deceased, aad of the aeeets la band, as Bar as tbe same have been collected and turned iato Bieaey; when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified ta attend, with their elaiais properly vouched, or tbey may otherwise br law be excluded from all benefit In said deceased's eatate Provided a copy of tbia order be published oace a week for three weeks in tbe BfrtM**r,M^-tothjsaid ^EIRN| ft 11-lawtw* RexlaterofWilla. rf ^HIB IB TO OlYB NOTICE, That tbe sabecri1 bar has obtained from the Orpttaiia' Court of Washington Coonty. in tbe THatrlct of Oolnstbla. lattera of administration on the personal estate of Cornelin* Doaovau.late of the United Btatea army, deceaaed AH persona having clalma agalnat tbe said deceased, are her?b> warned to exhibit tbe same, with tbe Touchers tbereef. to tbe anl^criber. on or before the :d day of February next; they may otberwiae by law be excluded from all benefit of tli? ydii Mt4|i Given under m* hand IbiaU day f/^?rwagy. 1887. MB8 MABTHA E JOBDON, ta 4 lawSw* Administratrix. f'NITBD bTAT1EB ?OBb8 I i , and , .*, *4 TBVkBUBT NOTES, * Bought, sold and e*rhaused oa *e*'\table tertng. LEWIS JOHNSON * ?*>. Baukers J tf 'Jd'i P^HOt. Choice nuts, basins fi??.operants, BP1CBB. Ac., Ac.toauit iltia ?*rt'1 "Sin" " tin!.. (I i ^i ?wrT/'J'FT '.nrr* >*./ r? /. rla ? k i t'l' \ I AUCTION HAIJ&S, .' wt** i??M 0ml" ? / ?'?? ? ?.j r?M Amkirooir and ru-Homum. B*" * W No ?? Cmiw Mt .iorMr iptk mmK VALTABLE IMPBOX kO t'BUi BTY ON H BT N.BTB Mtk Q'Y It Ell MB ??MI i;. *T iClflOU ?1 *? 1l?* E"*l'Alf the (k Vtn k, Iff at :>o'.lk a. m.. we Mil aeli miii-m k. I* u- 0 *< Chile's *nb?tiv talon of Kiuarr ocaSared Ctt m<, UiiHtt k-ai tto ?' > (! wo batdred .ad atx it.VOa ? It b the imp'O'. Leie, h mt (allow* A I we ii(?| I reu.e U ??*, St (hi Irtti b? ?t r-et ! ilM.dt r* m? m] la>?? kali. With e liTfr ?T. re atta?bed.Ca* 1hr<.B?b til* aim mmr mH?eD ?dott.t a fcak ry ia r*?r, op-? lew.i toeetber ?l'ti tnrew , j< boates ffotW'c ?> iwk iua tlMf. #? ? i ?wMori Tnn oiMd known at %!?. The i>ro^-it) n m one f tb? DiMldMlrtkU lecatf in in inn ?*ct . n ike city far * Bakery or tiro ' rjr end 'rorw1'>ti -'ore *1- t 4t M. B^ WALSH A CO . Ants B) M K. * 41 Jb A CO.. A?cti?>ii?fi 2*?5 Pn.ce ?<esa*,(i r?i>r Mih at TBKI1I BB 4B!< BPFB''T? OK \ FAMILY LB^VJUti TUB CITY AT POBLIC " ru On ilBsDAT MOBS IB (J. Har k tth at it ec!o<i ?e a ill aell, in (imi of oar aaoti >a r< ia viz: Oneeet (ottage Furaitare. nearly naw waidr?l?es bhOttn Uxutrtda Hair top M?*tr.-??. ? vt a>r stand*, Pillow*. Ac Oeti* nJ W ixhi ar?t chair* Tl'JUid til.drU Hiuwrli.lbite p > and Ingrain Car acta L?ig' lot ot Mtli g I ?nier and MdeTahlee, I>e?k and Ho< k Co. k. I arior and "ther St.. v?s. 4ulr Oar pet BUakete Oailts. kpreale Sbeets. Ac CUn. 0 and Crockery ware. I"" Other Vi-elui aitlclM lor kousekeepiaw, T?? a?|. N B ? Hexing a lart? warahonae f?r the itorat* of F nrnltiiie we won Id raapecttullf reiu.-atp?r t?e? aendibK ? ' urtntarw, Ac lor *,le w told ? 1* tli?w at least thedav t, tk>-?ala >< chai f lor at. < age It M.K * ALCH A OO , Aut* B> THlt A BOTH SALE IS POSTPOVBP OH ? <Ti;?r of thetra'ber a it til Tu I R^D A t.Ttk in*! , tin f ID 1 I IhCf _B^6 d M K WALIfl|C4.?rta BV B B lb w is a O .an. tiin ?ara U 307J?eau?j Italia Ave .aa ha!e THIS IVBHIBOatTo lock, at Store No I'n b>>Iva>i>a areaoa under ftatloaal Uotol tiul ra<iii? I'kotkroktr a ai.?afc of Fn?(>oi<] aod Silver Wnteiiea l iotliiLK, Lntiar) aad F .u< ? (>?otfa n?f <? * U LEWIS A J^O_. A acta B? W. B. LIW IS A CX) , A ortl ihi-fri, Mo *U7 Frana>lvaiiiaaTKin? jo MOUEOW. at 10 o clock, at oar btora, *a -kail fell? Zi La^sa* ^ilk Pre-f-ea, Shaala L? o^rrlotbln*. Kinnr>iderlea. Ac Mena'and Bo?e'< lotbiDK M>?t? Boot* and Bbooa.lot Dry Oa d. Baodioc, Furfcttur*. tr ? ? ? W B LKWIBAOO . Aaou ' BV hAOLB A OO , Anrtiouaara Saltart* m !Wi Paiintylvania a venae ca5??.d-BEATb ahFVEOKTABLBB OEOii * r?1 iP".11*" < . AT kUvrioM. Op TblKfDAt, Mt'cb tli, at iWo'ilnck wa rb .11 aell, witbaur reaerTe. at oar aa|e?rooui ?. do/en ran ed Mcati and Vagetablea 2U. a*!* Hoaey 6" pi" lam Hfilor . 0 i ?ae* iio< k ?b<1 other Wii.aa *.*> deii<ijot.i.a W inoa aad Li^uora i<l pro?? bitiokin< ai.d Cb. wia^ Tobacco "0 tioztn Brooa.* 2V boxta l?:arcb lUrase*. Grontid 0one?, kc. Al>o. fi r >cconnt of wb' tu it may conccrn a lot of <Jro. eiie? ?m i*aadria?. Ternji caah, HAGLB A CO , It Ai.tuiMRra BI MAGL.B A CO.. Aactionaer. Saltaro rii U9U Paca'aareana. AICTI??> 8ALB OI Hor^BdOLD FTBNITfchk. MOVES, BEUBlbG, C tt>Ck KEY anllgll.^hakb Ac. OuCAILEDaY 91 trek 9>b. at 1" o'cluak. ia frort of < or . tbe ?tr?,cta uf a faaii* Itat nt th? cltt rui/t:i in? of? Uoti?abold Kurnifti'e, Beda and l>1:ins. Stovaa. <;?f*ko.y ar>? G'a'swara. Ac.. Ac. Pale paeitive T*tuiara?h tn I H A G L I A CO . Aid ni W. L WALL A CO Auctt >ae?ra. Original Horae and Carriage Baaaar, y*? Loaiaiaua avenue. SALE or UOESBS, OAHEIAOE8, HAHNE9B. On 8ATCBDAT MOEMSO. Mire). 9. at in ?ell.|it tbe Ba7aar. a miuiMr ot fij! 0?rrtaee and Work Ha;?ea, lafull deecrtpH9I4 At ?!*,; comprl-tnr abont Hl\Tt HVE?*8. Twenty live rer? tine Farm or W rk Hort ?ound and in (Ood condition, Irani tbe c^^Ltr* _ Almi. renr gaod Mulet, aon.e Tary large, and fine worklag animal*. A 'JWf A larva collection of Hew and Second hand Bn?^?*icl?a ^ ' Carrtagea, Wagona. aad otber Ooa new Jaaay Llnd Wagona km it la thiacltr. "Lt ???o??d-iiaad f iuck ?nd Ora>. nearly new. New and Second kand Harnaaa. Saddle*. Carriagaa Ac., at private a?la. ' 8*tnrday* d*rs? TneMaya, Thnr*day*. and Carriage* and Uarnaa* al war* on p-lwata ?ala Termacaab. mt>* W. I. WALL k OO. A not*. JJ' OEEEH A WILLIAMS. AncUviw*. AtkOEl \ BUS SAIB OF FUBNITCKB AND LlueoEs IE. Adit LlAMIlULb uf Till "MKKUooL HOLSB SI1LATED kTTUk COBKEK OF lBTtt 8 T H Es " A N D I'A SQLAEE M? 323, IN TBI OlTf Ol WaSBISOToI IS THE BlBTklC* or COLCMB1A. AT FIBLIO ALCTIOJI * ?r IN THK SCPBBMB OOUBT OF THE Dig. TEICT OF COLOMBIA. Tbe National Hank of ttte Hatropolt* * C C Sprxgacetal In E<tait> ?No. * 7 i ,JLUTfUanca of aa order ot tke 8upretaa Ooart of tbe Diatnct at Columbia, ilttiug luaiulty, l^aiicg date the 26tta day of February. A O. i?'.i, tbe nn r-igt.ed, at re airer* aapointtd br aaid c?nr< In the above aait. wtll aetl at pablic aacti? tte "Eirkwaod Hcn.e ' |o tbe city of ^MkJbgton.D, ?;..oa W Bl>H BSDA T . the 2Ub day ol Alarch. A. \) 19,7. coainiencihg at Ida clxk a.m.; Firat?The lea-ebeld of tb^ establiihaiant well known aa the Klrkw.od Houtf,' a H te'.ia Itf advantage* of location and avran^eaeot, e-jual ifnot auperior. to any ?tner Hju. In the City of Waahingtoa. The leaae ba? about aix yea:a to rtm. v . ALSO, I tunned lately aft?rthe*?le of tne above, we ahall proce*d t<> sell tbe Furniture and Liquor* ia tbo ertntlnhment. and coutinn?f Iron day to day until i all I - diFtok'd of cbmprifiug In aai t, *1/ . One t xc?lifcBt E aeWood Case Piano C^yer, and ^ oo! 9d6 handiome large French plat* Gilt fraat# *ab 7a'l.le *o?*?ood Frame* bl J Mar MaIhiva Ore^n Bep Par|.?r Snikea. c?%,|ttin? ..f Tote a ttte*. Bofa*. t aator and Bida Cbalra i ic*T} ?r,:#D Hep an 1 Laca Curtain* and CorBi\ MarMe-t< p Center Table* and OH Paintinn* Tag'ta?;.** " 00d W?,0Bt OraM* Seventy tire tine aolid Walnut Bedataad* alt c mpleia. witi. Spring Matt raaeae Seventy five Marble and Wood Walnut Wa^bIt AD1 if Thirty P*int. d Bteaaingand otber Bnreau* Fifty Paiute.l Wa?h*tandi. Oae hundred Cattagaand otber Bedatead* One hundred aad itvm Brcteeu, Three atv Ingram and otbar Carpet* Two hundred good Hair and Ha?k Mattreaaa* one bendred reathrr l'lllow* aad Bolaiar* Two hundred and aeventy Bed*pr*ad* and Comfort* One buudred and aeventy pair* of rood Blaaketa La't-e quaatity of B uble and Siagla Sbeau Seventy livaOak Pining Chair* Twelve lar^re D'niD? Table* Twenty Pamatk Table cloth* and Sevanty fiva Napk in* Sixteen Wonted Table covert Tn Heavy.platad Ca-Ur* Five (ioitu IVatad Forks FtTe da/en Plated Sp*on* Pevrdoeen In* banti d Knivea Twelve Plated Su*ar HawU Two iloitL Plaud Cr*ani and Sirup Pitchera Twenty tw a piece* uf Ooppei Coo king C UaaiU Gla&? and OrcXkerfWarc throughout the entire bowae One excellent Iras Ba'a, la perfect oerfer Office Farnitore. roaaiatiag of De?ka, HetU-J, Steve* and Paittoona Oaa Et?a Oflica Eagttlaior. Also, Foar Phelan'i Bit Hard table*, with Bali* and Cue* all in perfect order. With n auy otber article*, which wo deem naLH-e*ti ry to enuuier ate .. Tbe above Fnhiltiir* i* of food quality throughout tke entire ko?*e . Wecalltbe atteation of dealer*, hotel keeper* and tka pai.lte la general %* tble ale. a* 11 Is the largeet collactioo of bousol utd good* that ha* bean in tbe market for * ' time mh ft-eoAd- SKBBM A WILLIAMS. Attata VASBILtB. nr ?" ?? fTH^STkVfC ntar Vermont a vaaue ebdliTeSwt CBOICB HOTB. EA lElEB. F 1 (AE.OOBEAETB, fFKE8. Ac ,Ec.. to *alt tbl* par tUular aaabob Foraala by Z. M P. EIBO A BOH, de Il tf Eiag Piaae pOBTAELE BTtlM EHOnfEB, CobMbIh the niaxlmntn of efflrfea?J A*w>bBlty^, prlae They aro widely and fkrorably kkowa, otore tbaa BUE b*lag la aaa. All warra^ad aaUatactory, or ae aale DeeeripHvo olrcnlar* aaat o? a?H1aatlna. ****** Q H0aDLBT m qq % f* I ??Bl Lawreaoe Maaa C1GAB8 AND TOB\'"00 ?BBOOEB H. BDMOHSToH will be happy toaorve his frieada and tbe public with Uigar* and Tobacco, at Bo. ???* LoaiBiaaa a venae ae*r Bank of Wa.hia^toa fe ?la Ke