Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR i Mysterious 5Iu*du iji Hevrico.? We have beretoiore noticed tbe fact of the dis- 1 ccvery of the dead body of a young woman in f Drinker s wood*, in Henrico county, on tbe Newmarket road, about four miles from Richmond. An inquest was held on Saturday afterncon. at 3 o'clock, at tbe house of < ?-eorg? { I) Pleasants, Esq.. near tbe spot where the j boJy was found, by a competent jury, with Mr Roper as foreman. No witnesses were examined, for, m fact, no one present knew ! any thing about tbe murder. It was proved ' that tbe body of tbe woman was fonnd in tbe wood? by Mr Drinker and a negro man, but no further facts were elicited sufficient to afford tbe jory an opportunity to make up their m tide Tbe inquest adjourned to meet at the same place on Wednesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock Tbe body was interred on Saturday morn me, near the spot where it was fonnd. Thoie were , evidences of violent outrage upon the person of the deceased. On the head there was the mark of a pistol shot, but the ball glanced around, and it is ev ld?*nt that death was prodouced by some other naears?probatly strangulation When found she had in her hands tbe dead leaves from tbe ground, which were I con vulsively clutched in the agon tea of death. Tbe young woman was very neatly attired. Several persons from tbe city and county have looked at the corpse, bnttbus tar uo one has \ been able to identify it. It is conjectured that i the outrage and murder were committed by a negro, at some distance from the spot where tbe body was found, as there were no marks ot a struggle upon the spot. It is stated 'bat lhe ladies of the county cootemplate offering a reward tor the apprehension of the murderer, as crimes like this require spe*dy retribution?Rich mm d Kiat^inrr. A Rase Win?The following incident Is related in tbe "black country" in connection with the recent snow storm. At Mount Pleasant. a little village between Shi Snail and Wellington. there lived an ac-d couple, nainwl j Shepherd, the husband being 71 year* of age j ani tbe wife one year younger. Shepherd is ergagedasa furnace tender at tbe (lid Park company's works, and on Saturday night week he went on duty as usual, bis *.ime being up at *sx on the following morning It will be re- i membered that during the night of Saturday i week miow tell heavily, accompanied by violent gusts of wind, tbe snow tormlng deep drifts in exposed places. The old woman, on waiting early on Sunday m?rntng. percei ved thts state ot things, and beeame anxious for the <afety of her husband, who would have to cross two or three fields on his way home, sue got np. lit tbe Are. and prepared everything for her husband's breakfast; and when ali this was done, tound out tbat there wa? yet an hour V>efore be wonld he home. She thereupon lit a lantern, and. taking wttb her a ?hoye|, set to work, and cleared a path thronirh the sci w to tbe foundry, where her husband was at work, a distance of a quarter of a mile, completing her task in time to enable the eld man "to walk home comfortably." as she said ?Canada An I'iiimiuMas ttoi-is with Another Man's Wife.? Much gossip was occasioned in th? city jesterday by the rumor that au unmarried man had eloped wirb a married woman An inquiry revealed the trnth of the rnmor that tbe guilty parties had left rnesdav night by tbe Ceutral train, taking with them a child of the woman, only eight years ol I. Tne seducer is named Robert J. Fleming, and the guilty woman is the wife of Edward M. Hopkins. For some months past Fleming and Hopkins have conducted the carpenter and joiner business in partnership, bnt dissolved the partnership a day or two since. Dartag this partnership Fleming bo irded with Hopkins. For some time Hopkins had suspect.d tbat bis wite and Fleming were on too intimate terms but had seen no act which would criminate them. On Tuesday morning ibe mother of Hopkins discovered Fleming and Mrs. Hopkins under such circumstances ts left no doubt of their guilt. When Hopkins came iu she informed him ot what she bad seen. Tbe guilty parties in the meantime, suspecting that their intim icy had b#en discovered, fl?d the hou-e. taking with them the little child, and in tbe even ng left for parts unknown. Hopkins got out a warrant for their arrest and entered a petition fur divorce in the Circuit Court of R>cbmond. Hoth of the men are natives. The wife is from ene ol the counties.?Kichmorui Timet. wlsi cl LTl'RI IX the IstTED state*? The progress already made in wine growing in tbe United States shows that it is d-stined to become one of our most important interests. The earliest attempts at grape culture were with imported varieties, and failed. Nicholas Longworth. of Cincinnati, and John J. Dulaur, of Vevay, Indiana, were the first Americans who had any great success in cultivating n'ltive vines,and to their industry the business owes its start. Yineyard culture is now fully established, California taking the lead, and both the Ohio Yalley and tieorgia producing excellent wines. California alone has 5,HUi.t?ti!) acres ef land adapted to vineynrds. whilst the aggregate surface covered by vinevards in Europe is s-aid not to exceed !'<>,(X4MAJ0 acres. In the West the annual yield per acre is 2ik> gallons, in the South 5M>, and in California ??u: whilst in France the annnal product is said not to exceed an average of 200 gallons per acre. Sc:ts ?It seems from what we hear that everybody in this section, who has a debt due him is instituting proceedings to obtain judgment upon it. The fever for bringing suits j appears to be universal, and it can only end in tbe utter impoverishment of a large maiority of tbe people, for a very large majority of j them are debtors. As soon as tbe stay-law expires, the shrill cry of the sheriffs voice I will be heard in every direction, and many, very many of our people, we fear, will be de- ' pnved of tbe shelter which covers them, and | be thrown helpless and hopeless upon tbe : world. It is a fearful picture in contemplation, but tbe reality will be even more terrible.?Lynchburg A?iri. ^"Tbe Vevay. lnd . Reveille reports that while C. B Lansorm, of tbe vicinity of Vevay, was crossing a creek, during the late fr?e?e, tbe ice broke and ne fell into the water He dived under the ice about eighteen leet toward shore, where tbe water was about two feet deep, when by placing himself on bis bands and feet, he pushed bis back against tbe ice, breaking incoming out sale and sound. Pretty heavy one that. But we are glad Lansorm broke the ice. 9T I>aat November, a boy fifteen year- of ?ge, son of Dr. T P. Abel, dentist, ot Chicago, was bitten in the cbeea by a pet dog belonging to the family The dog was sick, but was not supposed to be mad. Tbe wound healed and no more was thought of it. Last Tuesday the bey manifested symptoms of hydrophobia, which, despite the best medical skill, grew more and more severe, until the paroxysms became of the most excruciating kind, the poor boy died. K7"Italy is having trouble upon tbe question of food. Feirs are entertained of disturbances at Naples, where the misery is gre^t. acd where for the last six months prices have augmented in a considerable degiee. Something also is dreaded at Y'enice, where toity thousand persons are receiving public relief, and where is great discontent. fcf~Tbe fiery (iaribaldi not only sends his sons u> Crete to help thrasb out tbe Turks, but he is getting ready to go there himself. The ' red shirt general is always ready to take a band in anybody's or everybody's quarrel, i provided it promise to help ou lhe caus* of | freedom." Dressed turkeys stufl'ed wfh cotton were sold in Petersburg Isst week.?Ezrhange. Cotton stuffing in (his country is not restricted U) "dressed turkeys." It develops the fair I as well as the fowl. ay A man witb hit valuable* ebon' h m is actually safer in tbe region where the Mexican guerillas are masters of the situation, than in ! the cars of the New York and Brooklyn city railroads. Applications for passage to Liberia have beer, received, by the American Colonisation Society, from ^42 colored people in South Carolina. and other companies are known to be forming, who will swell the list to upwards of l,tltti. ^ m o o m i . MALL A PLAHT, PLAHT'8 BUILDIMG, Corner Maw York aveans and lMn street, (Bo trance ea lev York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY OBOOBBIKS, TIAS, WIlllS, IMPOETBD LUXCMIBS, Ac., Ac , weald respectfully notify their friends and the public that they have just opened their Hew ?roes ry Store, where eaa be obtained any article usu ally kept la a Aral clean Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate our large, freeh and well elected stock, we cordially Invite the pnbUo to amine our stere and stock, believing wo shall not foil to five entire setiefecttoa to all who may fever us with thsir patroaage. We call sspesial attention to our Maortmeot of TBA8 and OOFFIJM, which have been ,eloct*d with gieat care fer purity. Dealers will tad a flood* doitvevad promptly la any yart of fee city. jaa?fei AUCTION SALES. y T W. L. WALL A CO , Anctioneara. _ OFA BBICK~~HOU8B AMD LOT Oa IATUBDaT.M of March, at ft - -. ? _ ^"1 n_i t*.fropt.?V ib? irtulMi, one small Brl"* Hct^t tod Lot. lituitM oq 3d itrtit hat ?< n 11, tb? city knovi m Lot 23 in b<jnare V2&. T^ie lot cental n a aboa t l.JOu fMt ' , Terma Onethird cms; balancein If, nnootbi, th# purchaser tlvino ki. ?*,% I with. fottreet, p^!ir?d by a deed at trmlf n 9 "*v 1 1,1 4 d w. L. WALL a CO., Anota. "TfKW HS*???. **? hoar ai d alar* *K11>AY, ?h?n_?A? W. L WALL a 00.. A?et? BY LOOPBB * LAT1MBB. Anattoneera ifhwi'.V^ c,*rk* with J 0 McOuIre A Oo.,) owathwaat corner Penney lynnla avenue and 11th atiaet, Star Office Building. TH"t*orRJe??fT*tB^i.C? dw*LLIHO, Borth IrtifWS .Hi1- K streeta, at Auction loclick.m fj r *l,OOB neat. March 8th, at aell Lot Mo i -Dlof th* ?r*ra<?e?- we will ta.t r?t?-"17^ in being the north impr o red iy i ft,**!i ? r *Dd * ftreet w<*t, *rt;2 u y ? well built and conren ant 3 story I?im\Jh?MeA?W,Kt.h 1 t?ry bKk building, con* q^raTlt HDm?h,.rlf.r,Mh?.; ?,f wh,fh |0? w,1? b? re J., f? time of sale, ba adc6 in six and t?Ai?? month*, with Internet froi VarVf aAe.aJd ae* r?ntl "je^d ?r trnat upon the property All c'haaer * *f " " ne atampa at coat of ptu *>? < CflOPBB A LATIMBB. Ancta. OI COOPER A LATIMEB, Anrtloneera *> (Late clerkawlth J O. HcUuire A (3o l Scntbweat otter of Peanaylyanla aranue anJ 11th atreet, fetar Offlce Building GOWD HOUSEHOLD Cl BRlTfJBI PAUTOU L"?rd "tiSMKS t ion dinino Table at alo K0?/,EID*Y#D#lt' #th. at 10 O'clock At in? lSl a * ruti"mia ?* ?? > ?* hou.ekeep ? ih.i. i? b#tWMn Uth ?nd U?h stra. t* *n M#or,??n* <>' Furniture, com* U,r..PA'r'?r"i0/Or"' 7* ? Pi" r? * v P,SJ Mirror Slab and Bracket Liw CurUin., Walnut Haircloth Parlor Suite hfebandDoVie?^Dation M'?'?ard and Diulug Ta yUa?i*"ZJit4Dii'yi'ktbU t0>T?b,??. Marble tap Tw. .eta Cottage Furniture, Wardrobe* Loan . Bedsteads. Bureaus and Wa,hsUnda tjWdn*e" Hair top Mattre-cei. Ingram Carpets M indow Shadre. Oilcloth* OrckingaBd Ueatiug btovea, Ac , Ac. Terms cash. *_*' COOPER & LATIMEB, A net*. BY QliEEN A WILLIAMS, AacttaaaanT opposite the Hank ?.f the Uepubl c. coruer 7th and i) atrceta, 8TO KS OF I>BOnS. MEDICINES. BOTTI K* VIALS. ? OL'NTAKS, SUELVINOH a-a iiiV ABTHXES, Ac ATieBLIO A LOT ION iP't. X* at io o'clock a m . we aball veil, at the Drue Store, on 7th str???' *? b.i.idWis:! mh6 <l OBEBB A WILLIAMS, Auofa. UKBLB 4 WILLIAM!). Auctlconeara Mo.Jiit), corner 7th and D atreefe. YA LP ABLE BDILDIBGLOT1NTUR sicnvn w? i premlaaa,Lot No It, in Sau^re ? * J-8. having &> feet, runnlcg back about oj feet in depth, making it a Haudaoma BulWiDg Tertna : < o? half ca?h, the balance in a and n r?.r Do,'', b^ri"K interear, and ae, ured Li adeed of t nit on the premiaea. Ail convev*r> cjne and riTenoe stamps at the coat of the mr cb***r. Git down op the day of aal?. P r OBEEN A W1LL1AM8, Ancta ""Till ABOVE 8.\LE IS POSTPOVED n*t acr?unt of it> rain, nntll MONl?AY the ,ith?n sta^t at tie aauie hour a d tlace lDt,1,tblnmb^d_ OEEKB A WILLIAMS. Ancta B^ V'ate' lefh * V^'V M KEi Anctlot tP ( Late < leiku with James O. Mc?ialre A Oo ) Southwest corner Penne/ivania arena* and nth a'reet, ' Star OBica tlnilding." TBCSTEB SBALE OF PROVED PBOPEB FrTn!irf|raVfD 'lT*0' t^n"t the 2Ut dit' ?r H No iV ' a*d ';cOr"l?<i iu K M . y^8Uir5,?:& o?OCo'^'iV'l:MI'av0 tlb* "r*nil#e MSo'dotk p'. W7 III \V'lu? *'J,h ri?y of Manh, A I) iaL^lSSrt'f * Ce?r P?rcel of ground altI u ^ ? ^ ^ being m W*?d Dcrton cltv n i* tM^ti L k.M? ^OM hundred and five feet tea aid half ucbea i lot teet 10s inches i t. .n 't. *. i lb* iniproTeiiieats tkereon. ' montha -th^ni *"t fr!? d^ are iVv' aTr#d?with''n V?n-the Terma to b? , arnfertl. th- -?.K?V '"ii? h^rw,,e lhe trnstne r? dt'Inliin. i"^uto r',?H at th" rink ?nd coat of tha tb> I.H :,*?7 KiriDg JO dars notice in Jb' EreuFrig Star. All coat of c< averatidrig and re?*',ue at imp. at tha expense of the pur- h j^r Suoreqalrvd at time of aale. ' n^aer. JOB W. ANOUg. Traatee. mh 1 OOOPBR A LATIMBB. 1-farAds Auctioneers. |JY 000PEE A LATIMEB. Aaction*ereT~ C2o?THK,8*H?tT0rJ.0C81 AND LOT OB ?*at oTEEBT, between loth aad lltb au. the n^t'r ?,r *f ,h* Supreme Oonrt ?f me ui0tii? t oi Columbia made and j /,n 8th da, of February. A. D 1W7,U oTlJS Bo 7^ "? !lf Buitatal. the andereigaed will eell' 2thPt*t I*M bidder, on t'<a Pth daj of March A. D. 1067, at o'clock p m . on the prttniaei, parta of LoU Boa 3 and ' in Kjuare B ? 97a descHbed a. follow.' -Be.ianinS oa E atre. t t? feet eaat from 10th atreet a'd rou ?7^D!3i^BJ2i*?S!fe,w,,? Terma < f aala . One halt caah, the lecldue In (? moatka fiom the da, of lIKSTt. or'.t L r.'k if .i .nrcl>1,er th* "?7 be paid L V if tlie terms are Dot complied with in fi?eda\s frooi tlie ley of eele. the proe* rtv wiu barejold at the ri.k'and coat of the XaVlUn^ pnrchaaa*. upon fire daya notke Oonreraacin? and atampa at the expeneeof th* porehaair * f. it-a^oo &F:g AwLi^;8EETrA^r J'BDBTBi'i ij. L U~. a dL.rt',i,,,^De? *f * ??wt,r of *te4 In me by **cnted to me by Q*or*e \V Mitrhel and Corn*lia D. Mitcbel hie wffe of Sri K^l2? c;1/' District of Columbia, dated U?R V^i.V'S"^18*6. an<l '*coH*d In Li rl'Dfj. iV ? ' '?"? Ac-, on* of the laud ?i?2 Montgomery county. 1 wjji 0ffer TJ? ? ^ o clock a. in . all th- follow Beall and othera One of th* traeta i. ??? ? ''Tronbie B^foojfh fn%4.? hundred and eixty acres of Im^/h fh^? Lh# }*?* heretofore ^Sfnreyed aid Gw^w'M^h.'r"^"5 H*1"'1'!. hia wife, to j B *?eorge w. Mitcbel, bj deed dated on th* ??!. "/Miiat I?a. Th* Other balV/pnrt of S {fim f called " Ra?urray on Maple Braack * beratofor* conveyed to aaid Oeorge W Bitrhel la'ad -tarr^".. OBia,n,n? tLlr"y fiT? * r*. of iaea TLl? land le under a rood *tat? ?f mi#i vation, eltnated in a healthy neUrhbortiood win watered, and ander %ery ^oid l^n" ing ThV i?n provementaconaiat of t*o ooaforta-.le loV\J.! "??. K~?? "tab|*. corn honae*, and tb*rVal. .ftU"' r*ar "??l tobJC?,: The above deacrlbed tract iarnscfDiiiiU far ma d'T"1M lBto **???>' ^3^?^ aojbVcamniohn,D|f,t0?,?0k ** tbl*roW Can do . fon . r ' tding onthei.nd. who will taae pleaaure in allowing it. to ? th? ifr th,#rd ?.f thr P"rchaae moaey to a* paid on the day of aale. th* reaidu* oftlia fr"r^hI?TOD:? to,** 9:,d on* wid two tear* JLrZ*1*' ?** Urokaaer or pufcba U their notes, with approved **?*irity, bearing interaat from the day of aale 2fiKi"Mt J1* wh<i!# firch.iae m uey a daej will W* *x*ented by tha trust**, the aurcbaaer P*ylng ai penaea of P re pari,,* the d eed and at.,%. # , JOHK T WILLIAM8. Trustee adta LEVI VAWFugS?Af H' BAOLBE CO., Aactton*era~ Bal*aro<>m Bo. **i Pean. araoua. Between 9th and 10th aU. JiP&VS: Vlt th5,',,P??*>??l attantlon Yfc. IU..!**'ft*^2d "ouaehold FnrniWtIM r^' ? tb* T'lS* of "tocka of Qroeerlea, ^'lA"or*? *5<1 Marckaadia* of *r*rf d*i Al!0,i "ore**. Carriages Harneaa. Ac. Liberal cask advance* mad* on conaignmanta. n?V* ?nS^2WjI>*r wlMrooa *T*ry TOES "* "Vrfoo" '? jai' tf Auctioneer*. UdOEDOB A OO.t PBEBEBVBB, JELLIES, OATS DPS, 97* Tbe beat of their kind*. *a0IT8. *?. f0j4 oorLa* 14th afd?F Shl^ta, ? nndar BbBItt House. AT? ffL'IZP MA r, at AM PIE ? EUOMB can get ^*^^5rt^a VZ"k*!*.04' WanTaantta? an tke vary b**t Blgkt gown Tokaa, randy etamnad mm, Ob'-mlae Yokea, - 7 ..**a *T Sanaa * ?, J*ctg, Bit key lor a raid or ambrolderr omr"mmT,^.S}*' lu'^vT,IV lifatfk^nn^! we ar* abl^dally tolaanelew^patti^" pjfT.ioUS-r UiMoorBir~fSaotiob fBABOE TAYL0E. PROPOSALS. pBOPOBALJ FOB fllfifl BIBF. St-BaisTSnrx OrriCB, 0. 8. A., > Corner Grant and Batderstou itrNU, i In B?tt of 105 Wbat Lombard ?treet, , - . Bili|??re. Md.. March 1,1867.I Seeled prepoeale, is duplicate. will?-e received ??* nntJI 11 ?n 8ATUBDAT. M*rch9. 1*<. for farBi?hing and delivering. fro# efcoet. to the Camp?. Barracks. Hospitals and era ln, *.r#u.D4; * '' ' *!? vicinity of Baltimore. ltd . (lacindlng the garrisoned forts sx?ept Fort Ma Hsnryj all the FBE8H BBBF reqaired by them for six months, commencing April l, 1867, or such lees tine aa the Commissary General of Subsist ence may direct. Tbe Beef to ba of good and marketable quality, In equal proportion of fore and hind quarter me\t, <D?ika' h4mks and kidney taUow to r>e excladed ) The necks of tho cattle alauiihtered nnder this agreement (hall be cat off at the fourth vertebral joint. and the breaat trimmed down. The abanka of fore quartera ahall be cat off from three to four inche? above the knee joint, and of hind quarters from wis to eight inches above the gambrel or herk joint. Bidders are reqnested to beaieeent to respond ub? to give bonds for the fulfillment of their oontract Proposals tnnst be endorsed distinctly " Proposals for Fresh Beef," and addressed to the under signed, who reserves the rlfbt to reject any or all bids not to the interest of the United States. Conditions, requirement, payments, Ac .Ac., as heretofore. THOMAS Wilson, w Bvt. Llent. Ool. andC. 8. B. 8. k., ?h4K Bvt Brig Pen. Veis. J>B?1'08AL? JOB FBE8H BBBAD. subslsttwck 0?f!ck. u. 8. a , 1 corhkr Okaxt aj?d ba-nnasto* 8ts , Beak or No. lOl W r.-r Lombard stbbxt, ; _ ? Baltimobb. Md . March 1, it?7. ! .. k! ?r0f?*a,V in ?JupllcjtH, will be received "this office until lim., on SATURDAY, March 9, 1*7, for fnrniihlpg FBBSB BREAD to t?* troops in, ami around, and In the vicinity of Baltimore, Md ,Including the variwus surroundiog <**cept Fort McHenry. Maryland > The bread to be delivered at Warehouse corner of Grant and Balderston str.eta, Baltimore H I , or slouch other point in the city of Kaltiiu .re a< may be designated, in sncb quantities and at socti time? as an oilictr of the Subsistence Department may direct H The Bread will besnbjert to a rigid inspection, and if not satisfactory, purchases will We mid- In open market at the eipenso of the contractor AllI questions respecting quality and condition will be settled by the oihct r or the Subsistence l>ef artn.ent receiving the Bread The Bread required to be furnished nnler this contract must be good, wholesome Ureal, made la sheets of loaves, each loaf to weigh not lesi than ighti en ounces when received Bidders will state bow many loaves of Bread of eighteen ounces each the) pr?poee giving for one barrel flour of 196 pounds.' packaue* not incindi 4,) the marks on the barrels aa purchased by the tart'ed ? (when the barrels areauuisThis contract will he made for six months fra-n April 1, )8 T,of sueh loss time a* the CjfiiBiii^ary U- dth' may < irect Blank pioposala . an be obtained at this office Bide in-hi be iudors d "Propsals for Fresh Bif ad.' and addreexed t? the underpinned, who receives the ri^'ntto reject any ur all bids deemed unreasonable Bidders must ?>? present to respond to their Lid* and be prepared to give b?uds .or the faithful performance of their contract. THOMAS wilson, Brevet Lieut. Col. and 0 8., U OA, _mh 4 5t Brevet Brig Oen. Vols. pBOPOHALB FOB CARTAGE^ Proposals will be received until 4 p. m. on the 9th of March, 1-67, at the Office of the Washing ton Gas Light Oompany, No. 473 Tenth street for Oa, tage, from April 1. 1867. to April 1,18,8 The right to reject any and all bids that may be offered is reserve}. A'chiduieof what la required may be seen en application to CI1A8. B. BAILEY, fe2Cdtmar9^ Secretary. PBOPOHALB FOB ABMI TBAN8P0BTATION. Qcartxkmastbr Gknehal's Orries, ( w ash imuto.n , D. 0., January 16, I8<?7. t sealed Proposals will be received at tnii office nntll i2o'rlock m.. on the Zhth of February, 1.867 for the transportation of Military Supplies during the year commencing April 1, 1867, and ending March 31, 1S-/8. on the following routes: ROUTE Mo. 1, From Fort McPhert-on Nebraska Territory, or nch parte as max be determined up?m during the year on the Omaha branch of the Union Pacific railroad, west of Fort McPhereon or from Kort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to sik-ii post* or depots ** are uow or may W? estahllsh-d in the Ter5ity fhraska, wt-st of longitude l ij deg , in the Teriitory ol Montana, south of latitude 45 deg.. In the Territory ?t iiaketa. w?st ol longitude 1W deg , in the Territory of Idaho, ?..nth of Uti tude ti deg . and east of longitude 111 deg , and in the Territories of Ctab and Colored" north of UtiOity ^ ***' " lnc'nc*'n* " neceesary, Denver _' _ BOUTB No. 8. From Fort Biley, Ma'e of Kansas, or ench points as may be determined nponduriug the year on the Cnlon Pacific railroad.B. f).. t an. potts or d^pf Is that are now or may be stablishe i in the State of h ansae or in the Territory ofColorado. s<>utn of latitnde 40degrees nnrtu, and to Fort I nion.Bew Mexico, or other depot that may be designated in that Territory, and to any other point er poiats on the ronte. BOUTE Bo. 3. rrom Fort Unioa or such other depot aa m iy be established In the Territory of Hew Mexico, to en> posts or stations that nre, or may he estah ltsned in that Territory, and to snch posts orstatione as mnv be designated in the Territory of Ar n(1 the State of Texae west of longitude 106 ?fcg. - ? BOUTB Ho, 4. From St. Paul. Minnesota, to such posts a- are now or may be setalnishid in the state of Minnesota. and In that portion of Dakota Territory lyin* e-st of the Missouri river. The weight to be transported during the year wl.l not txcetd on Boi.te ?o i. 50.UW us> pound' : on Bcute No. 2. 2o t* o i* pounds , on Route No 3,*) pounds, nnd on Boute No. 4, l.vm uim po'uUdt, rarely*0-**" 1,6 m*de for each route sepaB ddera will state the rate per 100 povnJs per 100 miles, at which they will transport the stor^e mo5,,h nf tLe >ear, beginning April 1, 18t>7. ?ad ending March 31.1^. Bidders should *ive their names In fnll.M well as tbelrl places of residence, and each proposal b< uld be accompanied by m bond In the sum ?f ten thousand $lo,0(*>> dollars, signed bj two or more responsible person#, guaranteeing that In ca-e a contract Is awarded for the route mentioned In tne proposal to tbe party proposing the contract will be accepted ana entered Into, and good and SBlticient security furnished by said fiiement HCC*rdaBC# w,tb the teraaof thla adver..The ovntractor will be required to give bonda in the following amounts: On Boute No. 1, $,000 On Boute No. J, aw,?oo. On Boute No 3, loo.wo. _ . On Boute Ho. 4. 60100 Satisfactory evidence of the loyalty and eolladder and peraon offered aa aecarity will be required. Frop?eals most be endorsed " Proposals f?r Army Transportation on Boute Ho l,J.S,or?,'? as the c.'jae may be. and none will be entertained nnleee they folly comply with the requirements of this advertisement. The party to whom an award la made mnat tie prepared to exeente the contract at once, and to give the required bonda for tbe faithful performance of the contract. Tbe right to reject any or nil blda that mar be offered Is reserved. The contractors on each ronte mnat be in readlne?a for service by the lat day of Anrll, 1867, and will be required to hnve n place of baainess or agency at which he may be communicated with promptly and readily for Boute Ho. 1, at Omaha, H. T.; for Bente No. 2, at Vort Biley, Bansaa; for B<>uteNo 3 at Fortt7nion,NewMexico;for Route No 4, at 8aint Paul, Minnesota, or at such other Joint for each of the aeveral Boute* as may be inIcated as the starting pelat of the route. Blank forma showing the conditions of the con trsct to be entered into for each ronte can be had on application at this office, or at the office of the Quartermaster at New York, Saint Louis, Fort Leavenworth. Omaha. Santa Fe, and Fort 8nel IitiK. and must accompany and boa part of the proposal. By order ol the Qnartermaater General. ALEXANDER BL1S8, , ? Brevet Colonel and Asslatant ja 18 S6t Quartermaster. U. 8. A. QlABTEKMASTKROiCXKKAL's OVFICB, I wi.Nbf<i|i, L* CJ., Fetiruary 22. l.S'i7 v PO8TPONBMkNT Ojr OPENING OF BIDS f.?* rABM* TRANSPOBTATION. aJ U,ne Ofenlng of tlie proposals for Army Transportation, invited by advertisement from thla office of January 16, 18*7 is hereby exMarcl?, 1867? **'* THU&BDAY: the 7th diy or By order of tbe Quartermaster General. Brevet Golonel and Asttatant4QnnrMraae?w. O. B Army. fe2l-td pLODBI f?B PI been extensively oOu nterfelted and eel die Oils city,wewonld Inform thoee wishing tklaflourbi Buckwheat ntlow ratee. . All gradea of Weetern Flonr nstore and for ak ' why W M. GALTAOO., coU BPUSiftartsaa fatS&lf 4.1ft1dnSSa^Ud'ttJtirtSa College of Medicine, Vienna. Imperial

Trleaemar He. 1, Is tbe eBeetnal remedr tor BeISftA5S5SS?K; ,*SL * gEJiffS} isss2Ss5?3affl!; J^^r.%ai^Aassriasgsrs. B?sruisrii5?feDr *??*. *? ) < Tn a^l|l!!S22|tkMaM - 1 STEAMBOAT LINES. WTmiB WILSOB SMALL " S5 FOR THE EASTERN SHORE. SUamar W1L8GN 8MVLL, OAPT B. T. L BO" ASP, bow In ^ II respects one of the^^^ most mfortable ui ?iKU(flaHBh J steamere plying ea ChM?i?.k. Bay. will retain* her reaUenBAj OEDAY, March id Sheleave. k*Ui*T.?*po-t#JR??.^7.0wLifJJt ** ? wharf. *G*8DAT, THURSDAY, and BaTI BSAK itl p m.,for EASTOV l'(\lNT POPBLEMILLS)OXrdRD r*QRA?S POINT Wallaces wrtjnr. caMBRlDOR.HUQHJ.hTT S WHARF, CABIN CHEEK. MFDFOL D'S WHARf^ LLOYD'S LANDING. Returtii ng from THBBA8TKBN 8HOBS, she leaves Lloyd'. LandIpgr M 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4 fc"'A5d " a Point at 8 t m , erery Monday, WeAaesdav aad Friday, tooohing at all In terms 4l.UUi.A1nM, .nd reaching Baltimore at .. m. on the following ?u?nbe, of fine stats roo^. ! Rra,MO"D*?a8'KHSSaP8 """ ~ TO TKAYBLLBBS fiVllfl SOUTH TWKJB DAILY,(Sunday p. m. neepUd.) Tbo quickest ui moat direct rouU to Richmond, T. . .nd tb. South. via the Potomas an? . steamers from Sixth Street WMbligte., to Aeaia Umk aDd^BHHV gjchmond, Froderioksburg and PotomM Railroad. now entirely or mpleted from Aqxla Creek to Richmond V..connecting there with tnlun the Rich* mond an J Petersburg ..d Richmond and Danville Railroads, for PeUraburg. Weldon. Wilmington. Bftletgh, Greensboro', Salisbury. ObarlotU aad Cheater. 8. O Key port nd O Vender Ml t btn 7 th Street Wharf dally (Snt-day evealng eK?ptedl at I -'.. m .nd 6 t> p. m and arrive In Richmond .t 1.46 p. m. and 3 90 a m. THROUGH TO RICHMOND IN SBYBN HOURS. Fifty Mile. Shorter .nd IX Hoar. U.loker tUaa any Otker Ho ate. Be mre ud |*t Through TiokeU Tla Asnle Creek and Fred.rkkihnrg, to Riohmond, .t the Company ' Office, corner of Ptuna avenue .nd 5th street, or on board or the boate. Baccate checked through. Oranibnsses .nd Wagoas will be to readiness to convey passengers and baggage be twee, depote I. Riobmoud. Passengers l>y thle line by d.yilght Mount , Vernon, .nd may hare an opportunity or visiting several battlsf el-'s n?H Fredericksburg bp stop ping .t that pemt Breakfast and snp on bo.rd or Steansora, GBO. MATTINQLY.Snpt , Wasblngtoa, D o 0. B MATTINGLY, TIcket^Ajentj apS-ly Beneral PeaeengerAgeot. DOTOMAC TBAH8P0BTAT10N LINB. NOTICE TO SHIPPERS. Tb. 8U?m?r EXPBESfcMJapt. B. A. BYTHBB, leaves Washington at 6 a m. anJ A1 JT*. ex and rla at 7 a ia EVSttY SAT Ca4hBk ORDA Y tor Ulymont, Bndd'a Ferry SDniha Point, Oh<*tUrton Landing, Naujemoi Store*, Mathias Point, Chapel Point Plowdeti's Wharf, Laucaater'e Wharf. Stone' Wharf, Car rfomen R.y, F< xwell's Wharf, Hazel!'s Wharf, Plney Point, Point Lookout, and arrives at Baltimore at 8 a. m . on Sunday i. B BUTAN * HBO , Ama, ap7-tr Mo. 34* Penne. avenue. PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS For SOAP. Q#e? Depot Commi?ary of Subtmttnce, t W.tsMnxion. I). P., Mar< h t, 1987.1 Sealed Proposal*, in duplicaU, ot the form tarni?h*<l .y the un.ler?ign?d, will be received nutil HAIl'RDAT, the in?tHiit. at 12 m., roraapplfitig ' ht 8ubRi<tt< n< e Department witn KIGHTEBN THOI'SAND il?,n?oi POUNDS OF GOOD HARD SOAP, to be made by boiling trow only good materials, fit-e from .lay, nolu)>le gUns.or oth.r a<lulterationa, to no uupleasaut odor, to contain not more than twenty-live per cent, of water, .nd to be well drle i tetore parking. To ) ? delivered ae follows: One third i1,ion or belore the let of Aptil, one-third < von or be the 16th of April, .nd the remain ler on or before tbe iuthof April, 1*7. Samples mmt be furnished with the proposals, te w Men a copy of this advertisement nmt be .ttacl ed Boxes t<> l?e well strapped witn hickory straps: the iamn of the contractor, d.te ot transfer as well as the contents, with gron tare, and net weight, mast ?>e plainly marked on every pak age. 1 be soap will be <-are(ally inspected before It is received and with the r- tntn-d asmplea. Verification ef weUht of package will he determined as desire 1 l>y the audarsigutid. who will * No set tie all j.eatiun* with regard to <io.lit> aad conr!|tt< n Payment to be made ?s soon as the article ia received ft* satis acfory, bat twent\ five percent, will be reserved from each p.y me.t autil the completion of th. contract. No .'lowaare for pa^kag***. It mill b? received at the Snbsistence Storehouses : In the M'Hiament Lot. and 6th street Wharf; or nt the Baltimore and Ohio Batiroad Depot. G. BBLL. iuh6 ?',t Major and C. 8.. 0. 8. A. pROPOSALS FOR MEAT. Qfi't Depot Commissary of Xubiistenci. I ? , . _ l?..?Atiis/o* D. C., March 4.1867.f Sealed Preporais,of the form furnished by the wMI ke received, i. daplicate.utitti TH I B81> A T ^the l#th of Marsh, .it 12 m , for .-ill th* FRESH BKIK and MUTT'iN repaired for 'he nse of the troops and all the CORN BO RE K F for sale or issue at the rolUwIng piacea > lz Wa?hiugton, D, C., Alexandria, V. . Fort Washington, *d., tort Foote, Md .and Fort Whipple, Proposals will .Iso be received for all the Frt<h I,. < r required for aales to otlicers sappiled from the V. .s hi rig to o Depot This Heef wtil be of tiie finett quality ef select .arts both Ironi the hind inarter. and the i lbs of the fore 'luarUrs. All the Meat will be snhject to rigid inspection; to be of excellent marketable quality and in nunc. ptiooable condition. The Fret/, j;.rf re<i illI red ror th. trooM of *.mai proportions of fore end hiiid (1.altera, necks, shanka, am kidney tallow cot receive! ' In all casta, if the Meat ia not satisfactory, parchsses In the open market will bo mada at the expense of th. contractor The contractor will b. re iulred to d.liver the Meat at th. Mors hostx. at the pl*oee named where h. will distribute It in -n h ,usnfltles' snd at sacb times, m an ollicer of th. Sab'isteac^ Depaitment may diiect B.parate proposal* will be recelT?l tor supply1d? either or the above nam?4 places Bidders mait b. present nt th. opening of tho bids Peym< .t to bo mall at thla office monthly. tor .11 Meat purchMed, or wh.n In fnnda tor the purpose AHquMtlona rwpecting <tuallty and condition will beaettlau by tb* officer of the Sabsiatence Department receiving the Meat. The contract will b. made for six montha from tha lat d.y of April. 1967. ?r snch period v the Commiaaary G.a.r.1 may doUrmiu.. Blda must bo endorsed " Proposals tor ? , at ," .nd addr.iMd to tb. undoralanod .. G. BBLL. mb 5-tt M.ior .nd O. 8., D. 8. A. UROPOSALB FOB CIB0DLAB ABD OCTA Mr GON MARKING STAMPS AND CIBCCLAR RATING STAMPS. twst Office D?-art*xnt, |, b 0., February ll.inr.t SB ALE D PROPOSALS will b. receivd at this bepartmant until the Meh d.y or March n-xt. noon for rnrnishing for the nae of Poet Officea In tboUnlUd Mates, for four ye.ra from tho ft rat day or April next, MASKING and RATING STAMPSol th. following deKrlption, namely : CLAS8 1. Circular and Cancel Marking Stamps combined, ol tsteal, about one Inch iu diameter, with tha name of the office aad State, with ivpefor months and dates in blocks of Ilk. m.Urial, with sufficient thumb acrtw for the same, and with handles of mahogany, walnot or other heavy wood, and of a model moat convenient for nae. In proposals for this class af Circular Mtamps the bidder will a'ate tha additional charge per letter or figure for inserting in the circle, wbeu repaired such words atid figures M 'free,"* paid 1?," "ship," " advertise A,1' Ar. Also, Octagon Marklnc Stamps, without th. r?ncel, but similar i>. all other re*oects to the Circular Stamp, with type for the > ears, month., and eaya. of th. ast?r<?l. CLASS 9. Circular Marking Stamps of Iron, or any oth.r durable materi.l, tor the use of Post OfficM and Route Agents on railroad and steamboat lines with the nine of the office and State, or the name of the railroad or river lino, with typo for months and daUa, in blocks of durable material, with snltaMe thumb Screw, and handles of walnut, cherry, or other suitable wo< d, of a model best adapUd tor nee. the sUiup to be .f tho same di.meter m ladeacrfbeA tor No. 1. Circular and Octagon Marking Stamps, of a soluble mid durable mats rial or th. same aiz. as clftsa Mo. I, with the nam. of the office and State, and tjpo tor months and dates In the Circular Stnmp, and tor yaars. montha and da tea la the Octagon Stamp ef printer.' type metal. In blocka of aingle lettera and ftgurM. with thumb set ew and handles .a described In class No. t ? CLASS 4. Marking StamHtor foreign mails, similar to those now in me in tb. Poet Offices at Boston, fi??w Tl!f i of Any oihtrioit* able ?ty le for fortigii mailt. ^ , RATING STAMPS Olrcular and Bating Stampe to crrMpond with Mun* of clMoea l. S and s in nslsrial, handle., .nd workmanship, m fellows:? 'Freo.""ttlsseat ?'-Forwarded,""P. O Business. rr..," VAdvertiaed " Steamboat""Ship," >*4.""Heldtor Po.tage ',, Mlstownd," ''Unclaimed.'' * BefbeodBolstered" M lse.a t aad tor warded." Retarn^d to writer." "Beturpel for bettor 41rectton.""Dua4. '"" Due |j " kc.. Ac , o'"C'^P.Jrjuchae? 5,U,2? 24 Ac..?c.,and any other Bating Stamps n<u herein naaied. to be iurnlshodata price not MOMdlng that tor " Beturasd tor better direction." wh.n th. same is of Uttifl. P Proposals wfflb* received tor all of the abovo dekcrll-o4 Stampe or tor each separate class Stamps will ba ordered for tho aigorMtclaMM ?J according to tha present or fatur. rale, of the Deportment Models of Stamp, must Mcompany ths proposals. Bach bidder must furnish with hie or.peMls .vldonee of bl. ability to comply with hi* bid. Two sufficient snretiM will bo roqatrod toacontrMg. Tb. st.mao must bo dollvorod to tho Pool Office Department at tho espouse of tho contractor. Fioposais sbonld M eudoraod on the outside of tho oneelopa time: "Proposals for PMt Uffioe Marking SU-eps." aad w dreoaed to tho Fir* As* sLUnt PootmMUr General. Waiblngt ?u, D. 0. r ae as ALBX WbCnDaLL. fou wS PoetaaMI- r Gonaral ** Ooto Pons, Sar" "is"ffiuiww5 RAILROADS. | 1866 eoutb 1867 1 fiHM 41IV* -Mil TO TH* *OBTHW18^SODTH, AID SOUTH_ . ?WI*TBB SCHBDULBJ _ , Ob m* / r Hur?iib?r 1?. W*. trilii will |MT? U follow! W^U?_. t ?a.? . Balti-ora^I 18.. THB JgiAT ^ "BLBTBACK BOUT^ " Cth BLBGaNT SOBBEBT. Palate State-room 1 u4 aiikt Otn. with ntodira inirotmmMi, IM saving fro? four to twtln boors In tlnae over osy other root*. Two hundred miles saved to VNtm aaa Caatral Mew York. Two tttilf Trala* to tbo *?t. 44 North. Throwh from Baltimore to BOOHBBTBB and rlTTBBUBOH without chuit. Passengers by this ront? from Baltimore have th? tdTtnUft of mekiag all changes ia UBIOM DBPOTB. and ao FEBB1ES Tickets by this root* can be proearad at tba ofBco. eoraer 8th atraot and PtaaarlTtila ivtiu, tinder the national Hot*I. wbora rcltabla informatioa will bo given at oil Umoi Paaeeagera procuriag tlcketa at thla office can eenre aerommodatioBS la Sleepiag Cars for BlaOra or Pitta bare. B. J. W1LB1BS, Ticket Agent. Waehiagton, D. 0. , BD 8. Torso. Goa. Paaa.A?aat. Baltimore, Md. del1*, nrHBOLOH LIMB BBTWBBM WASHIKGTOM 1 YORB. . WiiHiMTo*, Jan. , 1*7. Tralaa bet wee a Waahingtoa and Bow York aro bow ran ao follow*, vix. FOB BEW TOBK., wlthoat change of cam. A? *m except Sunday) at 7.46 a. a. and F^i HIW YOBB, chaaglag cara at Philadelfhift. Leave daily < except Sun lay) at 11:1# a. B and 4JO p. m. BOB PHILADELPHIA. Leave dally (except gunday ) at Ml and 11:15 a. m., and f 30 and 4 *i a m OH SUMDAY Lt a?e for Hew Tork and Philadelphia at I SO p. B oalf. , . 81-eping cars for Haw Tork on 6 JO y. m. train dally. Through tickets to Philadelphia, Maw Tork or Boston, can be bad at tbe Station Office at all h>urs In tha day. aa well as at the new office in tha Bankers and Brokers Telegrar h Line, 349 Penn. avenue, **tween 4tb and 7th atreete. See Baltimore aad Ohio Hallroa-I advertisement for achedule between Waahlngt?a, Baltimore, Anna poll*, am1 the West J , L. W ILSON . Maater of Transportation. L M OOLB General Ticket Agent OBO. B. BOOMTZ, Agent. Waehiagton. OC SO -tf ^ j OALTIMOBB AMD OHIO BAILBOAD, D WuUI!l?Ti)!l,JaB.I,1957. Train* between WASHI NiiTON ANT) BALTI- i MOBE.aa.l WASHINGTON AMD TUB WBST are now rtin aa follawn, vIe FOB HALTTMOBB Leave daily. except Sunday. at Tt", T 45, and 11:16 a. m., and I>0n, and 4 SO. and i He p ia. fOB ALL WAT STATIONS. Leave daily, except Bnnda>, at 7 00 a. m , and 2 (X> an<l 8 00 p oi. kO* .?AY bl AT10MS SOl'TH Of ANNAPOLIS JUNOTIOB. Leave at 1 11 and 7.UU a. at., and at and 4 Si y. ta. BOB ANNAPOLIS Leave at 7 ? a m , and 4 *? p m Mo train* to or from Annapolis on Sunday Uh MADtl. FOB BALTlMuKB. LeaTS at 7:48 a. in.. an<l i.* > ana e U0 p. m. FOB WAY STATIONS. Leave at 7:43 a. m , arci 2 a>i m.d <*)? * FOB ALL PABT9 OP TUB WEST .leave daily, azcapt Banday, at 7*6 a. m., and O .'iiU P B3. On Sunday at 4 00 p m. only.connactlng at Belay Station with trains from Baltimore to Wh?ellag, Parkersbnrc. Ac. THBOLGH X1CKBTS to the Woat can be had at tbe vanhlngtoa Station Ticket Office at all h->ara In the day. as well as at the aew office of tha B.inker and Broken' Telegraph Line, 34* Penn. avenue, between (th ana 7tn streeta. For New Tork. Philodalphla, and Boston, sea advertisement of "Through Line." J. L WILSON, Master of Transportation. { L. M. COLB. General Ticket Agant. oc SO tf OBO. B. KOONTZ. Agent Wa?hin?toB. HLL80N HIVBB AND HABLBM BAIL- i BOADS.-On and utter MOM DAY. N<>v. 19, l-"d6, trains for Albany and Trey, coanecting *-1tn Merthera and Weatern trains, will leave Naw Yerk as follows : ta. m Bzpress train via Hnd*on Blver Bailroad. SUth at and 10th av., threagb to HnTalo and bnnpenaUa Bridge without change of cars and connecting at Tror w ith trains tor Saratoga, Butland, Burlington and Montreal. lUa.m. Bxpreas aud Mall trala via Hodson Biver Railroad, connecting at Albaay with Western train*, and at Tr?y with trains for North. 11 a m Express trala via Harlem B?ilr<-a1, Kth ?t and 4th av., conaecting at Chatham with i Wastern Bail road for L*baaon SpringH, Pittatield, ' Ac.. at Albany wiih Western trains, aud at Troy i with trains tor Saratoga BuUaad, Burlington and Montreal. 3 46 p m Bxpreas train via Had*on Btv-r Bailroad coaaectinr at Albany with Waatern trains, and at' Troy with trains for MostMaa, with sleeping car attached. 4 16 p m. Bxpreas train via Harlem Ball road, collecting at Oliatnam with Western Bailroad f .r Lebanon Spcinga. 1'ittefleld, Ac ; at Albany witn Weate n tralaa. and at Troy with traina for Bctland. Burlington and MoatraaU. Bleeping cars attached at Alaaay 6.30 p m expreaa taaln tIb Hudaoa Biver Bailroad, v itt ?Leping cara attached, and tbroneU to | bufalo and BnapenxJon Bridg>- without change >f car*. Alao, sleeping car every day excepting . Saturdaj a attached from Mew York th-mgh to Ogdenaburg witbont change, via Borne. W. and O Bailroa<4. OonnectH'U for Troy will l>? mal<s at Bast Albany This train will ran on Snudaya 11 p m Train via Hudaon Biv?r Bail road, with , leaping car attaabed. connecting at Albany with early traina f?r Buffalo and Suspension Btilge. and at Trey with tratna for Saratoga and points Berth. A Sunday trim will be rua via Hudson Biver Ballrosd from New York to Poughkeepsie and intermediate stations, leaving Mew Tork at 8.30 a oa. Beturnlng, leave Poughke^paie atl.i&p m , arriving in Mew York at6 It p n?. Alao. a Sunday trala vlaHarl~m Ballr>ad. leavlag 4Id streat at ? a. m., aud arriving at Millertoa at 3 60 a m. Betarnlng. leave Millertoa at 6 p. ia., arriving la Hew York ati2.S>a.Bi WM. H. VAKDBRBILT. j* 19 Vice President ^ 10 B B T D X 8 B A BBS. SAM ARITalf'l fllFTI aAMAMiTAtra vim THB MOST OBBTAIM BBMBDT BTBB CBBD "Tea, A Pomtivb Oca*,''for gOKOMBUOLAy GLEMT, MTKuCTURKS, Contains no Mineral, bo Balaam, bo MeroBrp. Only Ten PMi to 6a Alts io Eftd a Cm*. Thei are OBtlrely vegetaWe, bavlug no BMell no? a? analeMaut taste, aad will not ia any war larare the stomach or bowels of tha meat delicate. Owrea Bafrc^a two to four Bays, and recent caees la "twenty tonrhoaw " Freparsd bp a graduate of the Cniveraity of ^*U901 Snlnent Doctor? and Cheml ita of the areeoat day; r? <T?ojwra. no trout It, no (kmngtwknlirir, Le^thoae who haveiaapairadofgattlngo?re4,or havebeea gorged with Balaam Coaavtaor Mar ??thT B SAMABITAH SOlFT. curr. bt Beat by aaail in a plala eavalaya Prloe?Male packagea, #?. Feaude, ??. BLOOD r BLOOD! t BLOOD III UUOfULA, ULOBBS, SOBBS, BPOTs. rcri'BUS, BOaLBB, BOILS. BTPHlLlS tI11 OH VENKKEAL D1SBASRS, Ac. giBABlTAX8 BOOT AttD HEHB JUICB la offered the aublln aa a aoaltl ve cara. SYPHILIS OB VkNEBEAL OtSEASBS, tha dAMAKITAN'S BOOT AMD HBBK JUICE la a moat potent, certain and eSectaai remedy ever prescribed, it reachea aad eradleatea every particle of the venereal that the cure la thorough and permanent. Take, then, of thla purify lug remedy and ha heated, and do not traaanlt it to yous posterity that for whteh y5a may aepaat ta after DO B0T DESPA1B I H'MftRW* ?o??ssnsawfto? win remeve every veatlge ef lm pur it lea from the KJjh adapted, ta Cloerated Oterua. la LenoorBAMABlTABt WASH fcjfSSuJf'SSilt' ? *"? " t": Jle^T0l.u~. ;?^?~u <JI?. M?n. tnu* T?? ??K VS?&???4iT" ?Pon BoeriTax, Iobt BiUiiU, Baltimore, gTBIM WAT'S PI A BOB. P Jam oVo BTBS^iT-the RSY.iVi.tSr1, ""'"fffW For the laat teayears Stela way ^ Piaaoe have, ?a JS tf We. SI* Paaa avoaae. tola Agaats. (^ffAOBBBBL ABD OODFIEH. aSSKSa'J:-4 %">tpy?rfc8.r Mitt l?. <W ItaBiii MilSr { I __ RAILH0AD8. ^ (isai* BBAfUbO RA1LMOAD to/itf&TiSioaWVHiWEfr H1A . I HE S( H L >7 A /1 I (/ c i ..?"* AWPfoV a? 'ALL A LOWISiCl : T ' ITIM #H"U?04Lf L<)WHILL atntu, FMX-4.l|??Vth.f5USti BtatloaS Baadtaf and aU litorMitt, ? ?* ? - ??.* MOIHIMQ IXF11M Pattar?** aaCrara. ?/m2??05eBbSrriebjirf' irk* l*ii trafa coaaacta at BEAMHG vi'iCVtb Paun.jl.ania Bailraa.) train, tor Allento^? *Mt th ti? Ubu g \ allay Iran f#r u J, 5 borf, Ac.; *1 PORT OLlBTUb wfth ti??L " BaHrond train. Jor W llilam.aort, lUV Kimlra, Ac . at B A B BI BBt* 0 VrllT*n?.V-'" ? atral. Camber land Valla*, and 8?hu?Xui^EL2 uaqaebaana train, fo, i?OT*a mtar&Ml ttTf liaaupcrt, fork, Chamberi-bur*. Ploaffrava' A<. APTBUOOI BXPBBB9 I hliadelphla at !Jt p. m far - (iltiTiiii, Harrtabura, Ac , owaaactin* m 'f' -Ja* Be* *Ld ??1b?w*Uata. Ux,"? IIAPIKO ACCOMMODATION ?5p ^sziSASiCSBni ?? Tram. tar Philadelphia feare Harrlal.Br* at ? , liJk"? 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WINTER ABBABOBXENTS, Con?e.cln? Jaauary 7, lS*7-Laare Maw Tork a* * * A M ?Fbt Baat?n, n<tK|.hf?. Mancn Stt" Ac UUaeayvrt, Wilkaabarre, kabauoy HP A M M*il Traix?For riaminrton Baatoo. Water Gap, f^ractoB, WllkasbirrB Or?S Bend. Ptttahnrg, Bl'iRbainton, Be. ' . ? a. M.?W aatarn Itiprws tor Ban ton. Allantowb. ilariiabarf. Pittabara, and th- Woat, ?ith I ut ci.e . Lan^e <.f can U> CiBcim.atl ar ChtcAC?. ITaJtALrI?JokV^^4 St-,L*?JI Ooaneeu at Thi^r a?5 *JT^ * M.'rthern Oeatral and Fhllajei gt '* Bc*d?, for Brla and tba Oil BeliBra Ac Baadin*. Barn. ChBr k* ~T?r B?t*>lebBtn, and Mauck P. * ?P??r SomarTflla aad Flemtnrt <a ..LT J!L~f0r Bwton teadina. Harriaburjr. WilII am.pert, lrvinaton. Corrr. Erie. Ac. Bfaapiu? car from ?.* Tork to "- "Mannaart 6 16 P M ?Fur Svaerrille ^ ' * Pi M^ForSoinerTille. ^ 8 P. M:?WB?rrB> Ijprk.* Tbatk ? For BaaBBd'tbc TTaat!*' *"*h<l Harri.owt-ir, Pitt.bnrg, Bleaplac cara throach fro* Jorwr City to Pittabarf every ereninj. Addition^ taBina ara nta to Bar?a? 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Bar Boa ton ria Bpr la^tiald?d a m..<Bx.,)l, (Ex.,)* p.m. For Boatoa via Bbora Uaa-U 1A. (Vor Alrtfo'rd aad BpringBold-B, (Bs.,1 U.? a. "f^or Oanaac'tlcaf L"r Ball road I a. m.. (Ex.) U ? a^T. to Moatraal I p. m. to Mart ham ?Ua Tor Bartfard, ProTldaaoa aad Flakkill B. B.? S4S?iliw 'Baw"'MM Loadaa aad 84ca!a?toa R?i 1 ? V."aa I,,! ,, Hoaaataalc aad Maacataok Mallraad-8a. B>For'banbarT aad Mar walk M- B.-*, IB a. B4 I U jajcbb B. i