Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1867 Page 1
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mmxm pre ? V^. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY, MARCH 7. 1867. N*. 4,367. TI1E EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY, I SUNDAY BXCRFTED) AT THE STAB BU1LD1WO, SouJiwitt oomtr Ftim'm. mvtnm amd 11 (k itrtH, BT w. D. WALL.AC II. Th# 8TAR Va served by tae carriers to their subscribers In City and District at Tn? cbbts rum webk. Ooplea at U? tonnter, with or without wrappers. Two Curri Mch. Fairs fob Mailiii??Three months, On* XfeUar and Fyfty Ctnti; all months. Thru IMiurt one T*ar, Fit* DoUmrt. No papers are wit from the office longer than paid for. T he W EKK.LY fcTAK?p?01i?h*d OB Friday Bonini?One Poller and a Half pawnbrokers BCBBSTINB 8 LOAN O**'0*-... ... 47 4 13th street, -id aoor south of Penn. nve., L< SDH MONEY OS ? ?? tn lift CM'OB^rijOl ?eld aad (Mlver We?ehe., Diamonds. Jew- AK Uf, Ladlta' and faeBtli'BM i Wenrisg^ ^ ^ s,l..r >,->? B 1L A L S H '9 CENTRAL LOAN OFFICE, 5? 4?0 loth street, one J our below Peaa. av?. This f?U k nowa Office nikM <fK L1BEBA1* ADVANCES On Dia?> nds. Gold sad Htlrtr Wttck*) 9 W Clothing. Kara!tare, and Merchandise of every description. Open titty day (except Sunday) from 8 a. m to mN B.?Bneiwess strictly confidential. fel8-tf J/" 8 "t ABLlnHEtf 1 |,t !i. B P101 AL N 0 TI0 I. i BARLE*~HBBZ8EBS. Sacceesor to Isaac Her/, berg A Bon, Who t.ave condnct,-d the PawnhrokiB* Business for fifteen ;eari in this city, for twelve /0\ year- the snly Pawnbroker in the District X Jl take this n o-hod ?f thanking their patron*!# %0 and U?a public tor the confidence heretofore ihovn them. and hrg ! nve to call their attention to the fact that we still continue to make the highest idTancn ia all sums npon all articles of Jewelry, 1'isiiutid?. Matches, Bonds. Government Scrip, Silver Plata, Ac for which we have superior f lace* of deposit aad eeenrity, which will always a sbowa for the *?tlsfartir>u of tnoee patronizing as We hate special facilities for the cars ana pre??-rvetii n of Wearing Apparel of every description. W oolens, Ac., on which the highest a 1 \?Ece? are M?ade. gnaraaVeint: when reoulred tfsmr moth, and a, a ays against injnry Having a lartie waicbonre in connection with onr aitice, we ba-ve special facilities for storage of all kinds of Merchandise, Faraltitre. Ac., on which we Biikf the highest advaacee for days, week* or months W.> rail especial a'tsntion to the fact that ewlr.g to the large capital employed in oar I bnslnes*. we can make advances at such rates of j lutei est as to a-Ty competition We sell no gjeds until the expiration of six months after their forfeiture, and then only at pahlic anction first ;riv iag ample notiee through the various city jour n sl? to all depositor*. By this means deposits with as are never lost if their redemption is de sire l W e call especial attention to our arrange ments for forwarding goods to any part of the country, arrangements which sn experience of fifteen years baa branght to rerfectlon. Depositors sre enabled by this mean* to redeem their gord* from (ir office no matter where they may t-e located Full information alweia given. Private apartmenta for confidential bu'ineas N B ? W e h*ve do eonneotion with anysiailar establishment In this city B*-fer to an v old resident of Washington Bemember HKBXBBKG'S Lain Office. 351 north 0 street, between 4H and 6th, W astlngtsn. 1>. 0, fe 1ft-!n?* J^JUNEY: MONETJJ^ MONEY:n H. PRINCE'S NEWLY KSTA BLI81IED LOAN OFFICE, 277 Pa. are., next to Poten-lni'aConfectionery Money loaned on every description of aalable Merchandise, especially Watches, Dla- /Ov ends and fine Jewelry I can assureJtwJL these who ma) favor aie with ther patron-v w age that they will not regret having done so. S. B ? Private door and office. Persona not within* to ent.r the public office will ring the office bell. fsN la* ?^OAN orrioi. MONEY leaned on Uold and 8ilver/?\ Watchea Diamonds. Jewelry, Cloth in*, kcQ U D DONOVAN, Pawnbroker No. 47 2 E at., fa 1 1m* between 10th and Uth sta. Ul OLD ESTABLISHED F1BM OF B, OOLDBTBIN A CO . LICENCED I'AWNHBOKEBS, 34 foub and a half 8tbbet west, near Penns) Ivania aveaue, Offer the highest cash ad>anc?a on all kinds of Merchandlte. to any amount and for any /tta time desired, at reasonable rates. 11 Intereat on large snm* greatly reduced- 9 V Business strictly confidential. Qocd* bought for eash and sold at private aale. fell ly {jjABDEN SEEDS, FECIT TBEE8, Ac, JOHN 8ACL Han now la Store bia extensive stock of GAB- i DEN SEEDS, which are this season of flneat (jtiality. From hit practical kaowledge of the tra?e. and the Seeds having been grown for hia rales, they are warrauted iresh. pare, genuine. % FLUWBB SEEDS,eaibraeina nil the noveltie* frorn England aad the contineut, with many nrticlee saved from bla rich coQeetion of Florist Flowers. FEU IT TBEE8 of flneat inality, coa*iatla? of Peere, Appl*e, Peaehes, Apricota, Nectarinee. Cherriea. Ac. _ _ GBAPI VINES?Delaware, Concord, Diana, Sogers Hybrida, Iona, Adirondac, Ac Btrnwber'ies. Blackberries Gooseberries. Currants. 9 ver^reena. Shade Treea, Roses, Qreen House Plants Be. Bdkaueta, Wreaths Cnt Flowere. Ac. ^ JOHN 8ACL, S-ed Store, Eemoved te 44S 7th street, fe 19 eolaa opposite D. 8. Patent Office. Department or tmb interior, UNITED STATES PATENT 0FFJCB% WasitiMTon, February 14,1S47. Oa the petition etLUUY A FOPB, admlnatratrix ef the eatate nf Aagnatua E Pope, deceased, of S< mervtlle. Massaehasetta. prarlnjr for the extension of a patent granted to th*- said Augustus E. Pone tne 2let day of Jnne, 1SA3, for an Improvement in Electro Magnetic Alarms, for aeTen years from the expiration of said paten*, which takes niece on the 21st day of J une. 1M7 : It la ordered that the aaid petition he heard at the Patent 0#ce en Monday, the 9d day of Jane next- at 13 o'clock M.: and all persons are notified to appear and ahow cause. If any tney have, why aaid petition oncht not to be granted. Persona qepostn* the extension are required to fl> in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at 1e?et twenty days before the day of bearing, all teetlmony tied by either party to be used at the saia hearing must be taken aad transmitted in accordance with the rnlea of tba office, which will he farnlehed on application. Depositions and otner papers renee upon aa teettaKny must be filed la the offioo twenty days bef^r* the dav of hearing: the arguments. If any, within ten days after fllinr the testtneny. Ordered also, that tbie aotice be anbliahed la the Republican and the National Intelligencer. Washtag ton. D C. end in the Journal. Boeton. Mass, puce a week for three successive weeka; the ? ret of aaid publlcationa to be at least aixty daya ?b-n.,o n . Oommieaioaer of Pmefita. P. B.?Editors of the ahova papers wHl plea*e & py. and send their billato the PateatOflke, witfe a paper oootaining thle notiee. fell-iawsw I VEFABTMENT OF THE lNTEBJUB, LP UNITED STATES PATENT OFPICB, WasHiMsreir. February i, 117. On the petition ot LAl'KRN W ARD, ad minis tratoro/ the eatate of Bicherd Ward, deceaeed, ot heugatack. Conaectlcat. preying for the ex tansiea of a patent granted to the said Lauren W aid ae -aid adtuintntrator, on tba nth day ef June. ldM, for aa iH^rovement la Ma-hine* for Tnrainc Irreaular Korma for eeven years from the expiiattca of said pateat, whleh takea place en the 3stb dey of Jnae. IW It to ordered the* tba said petition be heard at the Patent Offioe ea MONDAY, the 10th day of Jane next, at 11 o'clock m ; aad all persons are eotailed to appear aad show anaea. If any tbov have, why aaid petitloa owgbt not te he granted Pars- ns oppomac tne extanstev arerMirtred to ftle in the PatentOffice their ehjeetlons. specially set forth la writing, at least tseran days before the dey of hearing, all testtmoay Uad hy either party, to be need at the said hearing, most be Uhe? and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be famished on npplicn114MB. Depositions and other papers, relied npon ns testimony mast he filed In the offlae tvt y days etore the day of h-arinc: the argumente, if an/, wi4b1n tea days after filing the teetlmony Ordered, also, that thle notice do published In the IfUii and tba ttrvuklicnm , Washington, D. CT, aad la the Httuitr. New 11 area. Ooan., once a week for three succaasive weeks; the first of said publications te he at least sixty days prsvious to the day ef bearing. C. TMMA1M, P.B? Editors of the ab^^pap^i^wlU^aleaae copy, and send their bllU to the Patent Offiee, wltn a paper eontainlng this notlos. fsil lawSw I^BB BEEAT BEEILLION. iy Jobn Minor Botts, f:.aO Character and ''hsrifitnrlsllo Men, by i. r. WhipaU, #174. The Science of Wealth, by Amasa Wslksr, ?Q Ufa and Times of Bad Jacket, hy Wn?- L- fetone. The Saoataary; A Story of the (Evil War. by Nichols, * lATUm. m *11 jjvofto,, - ?. _AEeo? MA1LLABDB ls?OOOLATFABBWW.tBC&) This Triple Vanilla CHOCOLATE ts snperlor : gaality aad flavor to any ether made In this w" ? ""*a" kbew Vsee Manafastarsr. Bctieoi FnmltarelJ^. aad Heaaefurnishlng Wnrerooass. lea and M| Old r sraUare ef all deeeriaMoM, ksssM If I sad sold. Be pairing, CpholeUrlaE, nod YarnUh>ag done at the shoKest aetiee. So a th east osmst sfMhaad E straete nerth. Be. IS Oil ?* I ilAEIBS VOR 1BBT.?A Inrne wartwalo * .1 DANCING. pMVI. J. W. AM. P. UUI1 DANCING AOADSMT, JM Pennsylvania imim, bet. 6th and 7tt> eta.. dK ! Oifodt* Metropolitan H?M. w Claaeee forming every tmlif. Those de*g? *o Mt*r oar iIimm ahould avail then ' a of this opportunity. rr?itrtilou will be udi In this quarter for ouraaepal May Ball. CI real a re can bo had* J. V. Ellis' and W O ?s*?*roM * Co.* Hade 8tor**. W' *' Tho Mail can bo ranted tor Bolreee. Ao. _ _ Day and Homrt af Titiiion : a *or>?dloo, Misses and Mssters, Taesday and g**nr6ay *'(*ru?u, from to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen's Olaaees, Tueeday and Friday ?nnlngs from 8 to lo o'clock. /or further Information, apply duriag the hoara ec tuition, or addrees a note to tho Academy. Quarter commencing with the first leiwn. ia 8 MA BIN I 'S FA BH ION ABLE DAM 01 NO HABIWrs ASSEMBLY BOOMS, Jft _v E. between tth and 10th streets. The l*4t quarter of ihi? neaeon, prepara- RHk lory io tho May Ball will commence on Saturday, March 2. Classes fer the German are now open. N, B -Private i natraotlon (Iron to ault tho convenience of tbe papil. sett MASQUERADE ADD FANCY DRESS BALLS AMD PARTIES. Ike undersigned would most respectfully inform the ladle* and gentlemen of Washington city, and the Uiatiict generally, that h? i? at all times prepared to furnish parties with Masquerade aud FaDcy Co'tuH.e, either on loan or made to order. He ha? taken rooms at the well known fancy establishment of Christian Kxppert, E? i 7th ntreet. between D tni K. where he will be happy to awaitordert. CHARbES BKRQ, lata Ooatnmer at Ford'* and Grover's 11m* Theatera. Washington, P.O. WOOD AND COAL, (jirrri o o a l m Beatt WHITE ASri at $8, by the ton. All sizes, to fDit < natomers. Sawed and 8pht OAK WOOD, 5'Opercwrd 1'INE " $j ? Long Oak. ?8 p*r cord. A ton of t'cal aold by ma always w*lgh* l.JtOlbs , 0 JOHN B. liOBD. fa 38 ly fArner ?'.h and U itrMl^, ^ o atti ooalii " at gbbatlt REDUCED PRICES. Gross tons of lb<* , delivered in any part of the city. Chestnut White Ash. 97. Stove. Igg and Farnaco White Ash, 93.01. B?d A ah. $8 26. Lehigh. 99. Oak and Pino Wood constantly an hand. Orders recsivsd at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh atreat 8. P BROWN A 805, jalft tf 4 6 A 9th atreat, bet wean K and F. CLOTHING, Ac. ^jebchant tailoring. The naderaigned having entered into copartner ahlp. and laid In an eite> aive an * oarefiilly y asiacted h toe kef 0L0TH8, CABSIMBBBB.^m VKBTlNGf, and Gentlemana' F LI RN1811 ING GOODS, are prepared to aaa^e np for If in their caatomers ntat hitmt and fashtonahlt^^ "nita of clothing, at their new establishment. No. 3^0 E street, two doom wast of tbe National Theater. Persona desiring neat fitting and fashionable Clothing, an moderate terms, should not fail to ?tva as a call before purchasing elsewhere. _ GEO t. KEEN, B.W . GILBERT. Formerly of 609 ?th at . Merchant Tailors. h i lm* No. 330 F. at., bat. Uth and 13th. FJ. BUBIMlk, _ , Mocoesor to H. V. London AOo.,.w WJTITEjts AND MILITARY ___ merchant tailor, (n Metropolitan Hotel lata Brown's, Wlf . ? 369 Pennsylvania avenue,*-" Washington P. O. "boots, shoesta* ttl BOOTS AND SHOES wuf a w tt obi. The undersigned beaa leavo to Inform his frle^ SmwMIv'.'i genornlly that be has opened the CBSA P STORE. No. 40* 7th street.nnder Odd Fellows Hill, where he hafl on b?Di afeneral aaHortiiient of itadiea' and Qentismeu'a, Boy *w Miaeea and Children >a BOOTS AND SHOES. ?E^n*?'ber tho nnmber, ?oi 7th atreot, nnler tW<1,F!ilo2r,l Store, forni!:r,7J,i * F??e-a atoro. <??? GEOBQE B. WILSON. H CLAO?T" fl B. SWEENY, BBAL ESTATE BBOKEBB an auctioneers. Far ties contemplatlag bnildi ag In the aprlng or '???? nalmprovad property for Inveatment will Bad ft to their advantage to look oror our Hat before purchasing, aa we have added recently to oar former llat a large aaaoantof that description of property. Ws ran offer many indacemeau k<* regards altnatlon, low pricea and eaay torna. .W* klso far aafo several amall tractx af land IS. Jh* Immediate vicinity of this city, very all Ef?''. located for snbnrban residences,-as well aa tiighlylm proved far ma in Maryland, which are really bargains. Property left with na far aale dosa net aubject the owner to axpenae unless said wklla on oar OOOB1. fe 11 lm OLAG1TT A swiini. ^BOOBRIES. MALL A PLANT, PLAMT'B BUILDING, Comer Now York avonne and lMn street, (Entrance an Hew York avenue,) Daalsrs In line FAMILY GB0CEEIE8, TEAS, WINES, 1MPOBTED LUXOBIES, Ac.. *cM won Id respactfklly notify their frtaads and tha public that tbey bavs just opened tbslr Nov Grocery I tors, whers can ba obtained any article nan ally kept in a first class Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate our large, frssh and wellselected atock.wo oordially In vile tbe public to examine our stare and stock believing wa shall not fail to give entire aatlsfkctloo to all who may favor us with thalr patronage. Wa call eapeetal attention to cur assortment of TEAS and 00FFBB8, which have baaa aelected with great care for furity. Dealera Will find a fine assortment to select from, nnd our prices to ault. Goods delivered promptly in any part of tha city, jan 9-3m Victor bbc*br. PI ABOTUNEBAND EsraiLUHko m 18M. BBB dufut yiwbhvlsbus. sttdtB 11th street, uear Pa. avenue. ^stfas from Wm Knmb* t Cb., Baltimort. Mr. Beaker aae tuned Planee tor as at our Warerooms, and w* taks plsaaars in stating that ?s believe him to be a competent tuner/_ no 31 ? J. . ..K.AO, _ ?tA0*. LAMOH . OO., 50 ?!? *"%: jizosju"" l'remlum New Tort City BOAP, i For sale aheap lor cash. Orders through the Post Office will as promptly attended to C. B. jewell. Soap and Oandla Maaafacturer, No. 606 and 6??a Gat, north,bet. 4th and ttb. ja 11 8m . ,. aornar Fourteenth and F atreete aader Bowse. gPBEOHEE AMP APPEBBBBB OF H. frwg. ..' rut- ' kit, . I 5.?I . .*B<J i 7 -r" t/j ifjiifji \ l a. 1 J 'MJ ' - 1 ; > ?' * . * p 1, V # ' , ? . "UN' . n#.i i i i % ? i I A W ?> J great SAL* of EN GRAVING8, 1* AID 0? TH* DESTITUTE AND OKPH&NS SOBS or opr B0LD1KBB AITD 8AIL0BS, A.KD A. PBIB1ITAT10I WILL BO OIVKS at Washington, d. c., ON THUBSDAT, APRIL 4, 1*67. The Institution for whoa* benefit this enterprise I. condnrti d waafennde*! forth# pnrposs of gratnltonsly n'ncatlne theaonii of deceased BoMiera end 8- ?m.n of tbe United Htatea New pnplfa will be recHr.rf after April 4, opr,n complying with requirements. The purchaser of each Kngravlng for one dollar will be glren a certificate entitling tbe holder to a hare in the award of presents. LIST Or PBB8BNTB. 1 Troye'e great equestrian portrait ef General Scott is the ladies' stairway of the Oapl1 910,000 Id iwd"l""T"""""""'"" *5 a? 1 Greenback, U. 8. .'J 1 Greenback. B 8 ,?2 5 $1 000 U. B. ltonda * TZ 10 ? : oo " " I aqh 10# " Greenbacka JJJ 100 %to 100 fM ' 5'2? 1,OW#10 2#o9* " * JL'm JJfJ ?? '?#! ' - r 3 Building Lota on Blsventh Arena*. New fork city. free of encumbrance .... 1 Bet DiamoDd Barrio pa 1 Diamond Pi# 1 Bteinway Piano * Chlckerinir Planr a. each J Mason A Hamlin "a Parlor Organs^ 10 Sewing Mar hi nee. 5100 each " 1^ 100 Family 8ewln< Machines, #76 each 7 'Z SO Gent.' Gold W tehee. .ach TH^Z V?> e? " <91Meaeh 2 no 90 Si ?0'f. ?nard 0h*'9V? -C hi V.OOO gflBllTer plated Tea Bete. #74 e^h?? *'**' I L^a8*44!' >nd *? * ? ? . I0#- - 1"' 1 Brewster'a Bngiry I Beta of Harnese. $*0eech.^? t<jt Snbaorlptieas Weekly Trlbnne. 92 each 1,000 inn .. ? " Herald. *2 1.00.J t?0 Harper's Monthly, %i '' Atlantic Monthly, #3 1^0. National Freemason, ? ago 1 Painting. David Playing the Harp before Ban I 1 Paintirg, Undine an.I Ariadne.7."7 .'~ j 1,000 Handaome Bngraylnga, ?5 each 5,0 1WM Kngrarlags to tbe lamt of W0.00J will b s d, and all toads received are to ba dspuite with JAY COOKB A CO., First National Bank of Waahlagtoa. 0.0 . to be held by them far tbe banaflt of the Institution. HOW TO OBTAIH BBGBAYINGB. Ordara may be aent to ng enclosing the aooey, from one dollar to twaaty-Bva dollar*, la a registered latter or by post office order, at oar risk. Theee wiahlng Bag ravings aent moat eacleee ten centaiaatampe tocorarexpanses. Larre amounts honld be sent is drafts or by express. FB10B LIST : Far $1 00 ahaadsoaae Bagrariag. For , #0 " " of larger el ass. For 3.10 m ,, For 4.M .. M For B.tO ; < > ?, For 6.00 ,, For le.00 a splendid Amarican Chrorno. lor Bl.M German or Kren h Obromo. I By buying works of art ia large qualities we are enabled to ?lve parties purchasing from na the aame kind of engraTinrs that ara sold in aay etore, for the sama price; aad, in addition, we will giro a certificate which entitle, the holder to ? interest In tha award ?T preai,*. for,Mh dollar Inreeted ia the pnrohaae. Addraea all arders and commnaicatiens to . ?i I I .. ' 1 f. ' c K?M*?Ta<JO., - . .< ? 1 'ir 38B Paana. avaaaa, Washington,?. o.f Lack Baz ll.i .rr/i c izi ft i l ' -.oil . :<- iuuaxv>!i ?f An BPBCIAL IOTIOB. To the military orgaalaatlea inflnancing tha largest sale of eagraYfags win be praaaatad a Parties parchaelag Bagraiiago win pleaeo ad lee the ageata ta which raglsasai. ?o.,ttarda. sire U erodlt their parchaee. Thsaa deelrtag to aat m agents wMI ap*ij tot / , rt \ f f -1 ,t'.~' ' J i/ ? .Ar, '4^(1 j Alt r.'A JJi 'i 'ffioc. - . -I*)* ?. .? TELKGRAJHA* kc. The deatitnts condition of & |mt part of the negro population of Yorirtownaad italmmedi. dtate vicinity, tccuMrd It Is said by a large surpin* number whonre without employment uf any kind, and barely maintain an existence by tbe most precarious means, bas excited the attention ot the Freedmen's Bureau, and instructions have recently been seat to tbe superintendent of freedmen in tbat District to remote as so?n as practleable this surplaa population of Yorktown, and to scatter the negro-s to more distant points, where ther will be compelled to obtain employment on farming lands, or In any other spheres where their labor may be demanded. Collector Smytbe, of New York bas addressed a letter to tbe President, affirming tha tbe New York cn?tom-House was never mare economically and efficiently administered than by him. He turtber states tbat reforms and economies will be accomplished as fast as practicable. He bas weeded ont incompetency, ignorance, intemperance and vice from it, and tilled vacancies with competent and honest men from both political parties, and men of no polities. Mr. Smytbe repeats that be never received one dollar improperly in any form, directly or indirectly, and' of course, never distributed what be never received. A storm has been prevailing in Tennessee and tbe bridges have been washed down in alj directions. The bridge on the Na?hvtlle and Chattanooga road at Whiteside's Station, one hundred and ten feetbigb. bas t>een carried off. There is no communication north or east, as tbe bridge over the Tennessee at Cbattanooga has been washed away. It was 9<jo yards long. Tbe country is flooded. Considerable exoitement was created in Norfolk, Vs., on Saturday la?r.arising ont of an attempt made by a captain ot a schooner to kidnap a young colored boy. The mother of tne boy made a complaint to the Mayor ot the city who arrested ibe captain and hold him over in the sum of three hundred dollars bail to answer before the court. Governor Brownlow, In tbeKnoxvill- Whig* remindstbe people of Tennessee tbat the enfranchisement of the colored racawill give tbe State three more representatives in tbe United States Congress, and suggests to the L?giel.i. tnre the propriety of restricting tbe State a8 soon as the franchise bill shall become a law. A dispatch was received in Baltimore yesterday, and read In the Southern Methodist Conference, announcing the deatb ef Bishop Scale, of Nashville, at tbe age of St years He wasthesenior bishopof the MetbodistChnrcB in tbe United States. Colonel Ed K. Weir, Sr , bas been nominated

for Conrrees by the 2d district Union convention of Kentucky. John Yonng Brows is tbe Democratic nominee. Tbe district was repre. sented in the Thirty-ninth Congress by Boutwell C. Ritter, Democrat. The new metropolitan police bill, which passed a second reading at Nashville. Tenuessee. is creating a panic among tbe tax-payers, and tbe citiaena boldly protest against it as infamous. John Schwab and John Higby, manufacturers cf whiskey, were arrested by tbe assessor of the 3d district of Ohio, for defrauding tne Government of tbe tax on manufactured spirits to tbe amonnt of $3**1,0(10. Tbe Cincinnati City Council, in special session, passed the ordinance providing for the purchase of the gas works, by a vote of -23 yeas to 8 nays. Tbe Hon. Jabob Benton opened his canvass in the 3d congressional uistrict of New Hampshire on tbe stb Instant. A bill was reported in tbe Senate of Virginia yesterday, calling a convention. The House committee will also report a bill of a similar ebaracterv The Memphis Arabtnche defies Brownlow and the rump Legislature. Thi Lbuibi.atcrb ok Maryland.?Leave was obtained In tbe Senate yesterday to report a bill providing for a municipal election in Baltimore. Alter some debate tbesnbject was reterred to a special committee. The bill making an appropriation in aid of the Maryland Institution for the Blind was taken up aud passed. A majority o! the committee on judi cial proceedings reported against the passage of the House bill to allow city railway cars to run on Sundays in Baltimore. A minority report on the same subject was made. Both reBorrs were lai? ovei. The bill relative to tbe altimore and Potomac railroad was then taken up, and after ibe adoption of several amendments, it was parsed. It provides tha*. the Siate shall takesummary possession of tbe lateral branch to Washington, in case the main stem is not completed as required by the charter. An interesting debate toon place in the House on night on the bill to Incorporate the Frederick and Pennsylvania Line Railroad Company, after which tbe subject was laid ever. In tbe House yesterday, the special committee appointed to aelect a site in Baltimore city for State offices made a report in favor of taking a part of tha Gilmore House, in Monument Square. The report was laid over A bill was passed authorizing the comptroller to pay certain bounties, Ac. Among tbe bills passed was one to authorise the commissioners of Baltimore connty to levy an additioual school tax, aad another to give to the Dorchester and Delaware Railroad Company tbe sum of 913,000, heretofore appropriated to theCboptank and Mieplllion Railroad Cornpony. Tha bill to incorporate tbe Chea&peake and Lake Erie Railroad Company was than taken up and diacuased until tbe hour of recess. E*d or a Notorious Blshwbackxr.?Tbe St. Louis Democrat has tbe following special from Warrensbnrg:?The grand high prieat of desperadoes. Bill Stevens, has met bis just dues, and, it is reported, was killed this morning at daylight by some horsemen, who had surrounded hie bouse and called on him to explain certain threats made while in town the day after tbe banging of Sanders. This man, Stevena, bas been the terror of the connty and State, be being at the head or all villainy and crime, and woe waa it to any person who thwarted him in his views. One of his sons was killed at the Blair meeting last fall, and was a chip of tbe same block. Another of his sons, a well-known horne and cattle thief, who bas by bis acts made himself liable to arrest, and by bis daring bad always escaped, has several times been shot at by the sheriff, bat, Turpiu like, eecaped. This son ia blamed for being connected with the gang that murdered Mr. Switzar, and was waited npon, but nucceedad In escaping, along witb his pal, ttoaee Andrews, across tha river. Polk Adams and John Starkev, both members of tbe same gang, were waited npon by tha committee at the home of Adams' father, on Friday night, but they succeeded in esoaplng by running the gauntlet through two hundred norsemen, who were armed to the teeth, and bad surrounded tbe bouse. Adams is reported wounded in tbe arm, and both he and Starfcey are how in Kan. sas or Nebraaka, bid away by their friends. All these men are known to every person who bas owned a good horse er ox lor tbe past two years. TbbFbbncb Armt.?La I'atrie says that the particulars of the law lor the reorganization of tbe military service in Franoe have been definitely settled in tbe Council of State. The president of the section on war and marine was charged with the duty of reporting tne project to tbe legislature. The time ot active service is fixed at Are years, after which the soldier must serve for four years in tha national guard (mobile). Yeung men not In tbe active az?y will serve four years In the reserve and lve years la the guard. In tbe guard will also be enrolled all young men who have obtained exemption from service | under the law of tbe 26th August, IBS*. Y iaoixiA Lboiblatcbb.?In the House of I Delegratee on Taeeday, Mr. Booker offered a resolution Inquiring into tbe expediency ef appropriBUag *100,000 to primary schools. Referred to tbe proper committee. Tbe Committee for Cqarte of Justice requested that they be Discharged from the further oenaide^atif a of a resolution providing lor calling a conven tion. bad tbat it beferred to tbe Committee on ResolatioBs. Hobxatt,?A Newark paper ia forma as tha n few daya age a farmer near tbat city waa waited open by a gentleman, who said he bad cam* to pay for a baaket of apptea which be bad taken from tbe orchard when a boy, sigteen rears previously. He tasisted upon pay. lag not only tor tbe original mine, bat the Hatereat. How tow orchard robbing yaatba are ever bo eobsclaacs striekea! WFour large bank defalcationa lb different parts of tkie country asms to light on Satarday, VA negro aMOteb tor Qomgnm from Ten Besses Is talked of. . srilassaobaeette negroes ia Gbvlastoa pracUca tbe tftumato-rig. # a* i. i ' BALTIMORE M. E. CONFERENCE. The Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church be?sn its annua] iMiion of ibis year on Wednesday morning, at Eutaw street Mfthodltt Episcopal Jharch, Bishop Kmrsiey presiding. The devotional exercises bore their customary solemnity, Scripture readme by Biahop Simpeon. and prayer by Rev Isaac Collin* '1 he roll o! the (Conference was called by Dr. Edwards, 49 members answerinc. 45 being absent. Upon the nominations for secretary, Dr Edwards was named, but be declining Rev. B. N Brown was elected secretary The following transfers were made to thin Conference ?S. L M Confer, of East Baiti. more; William M. Osborn, William C. Mullen, of Weet Wisconsin; A. Longacre, G. (1. Mor. (an. of Philadelphia Conference. D W Arnold, who has been South since 1861. was readmitted a member o 1 this Conference. J. N Hank withdrew from the Conference and from membership with the Methodist Episcopal Church, indicating bis Intention by letter of attaching himself to the Epispocal Methodiat Church. The rules of tbe previous Conferencefwer* adopted for tbe government of the present session, and the usual committees directed to r te appointed. W. H. Chapman. S. L. M. Conser, J. K. Wheeler, and T Myers, were constituted a crmmittee on nominations. I T Myers was made chairman of the Board of Stewards, in place of O. P. Wergman, absent. The bonrs for the assembling of thia bjdy were fixed at 0 a. m. to li* p. m. Tbe following named w*re continued as iupertinmeraries ?Andrew J. Myers, A S. Hank. W H. Hyland. M Gobeea. M. A. Turner, T. S. \Vysong. W. O. Lumsden, S. 11. Cnmm>ngs. Tbe announcement of the death of S. M Ditufon was ir.ace by N. J. B Mor*au. accompanied by appropriate remarks. J. L. Brim well. B Barry. A. Griffith, T S Harding. Isaac Collins, C. B Young, Jam** li Bunting. H Leber, P. D Lipscomb, .1. K-ar and C. Parkisou were continued m the list of snmraunuated ministers. W. H. Chapman fittingly made known the drtth of James Sewell. and W. l'rettyniau the deatb of K. Barnes The case of David Trout was laid over. J R. Efflnger withdraw s from this body and from membership with the Methodist Episcopal Church. William Champion was allowed a superannuated relation, accompanied with an appointment. The report of Isaac P. Cook, treasurer of the Educational Fund of this Conference, was read and accepted. The resignation ol Mr. Cook, as treasurer, was temporarily laid npon table that time might be allowed to induce dim to withdraw it. The total amount invested is S5ti.33S.5K The receipts and payments were 19 078.74. Tbe gentlemen who were transferred from other Conferences to this body were formally presented to thetr brethren by the president. Tbe following-named persons were passed upon as Elders P. Lanahan, I. J.Morgan, J. A. McCauley, A. E. Gibson. W S Edwards, C. A. Kted, K. M. Lipfecomb,C McElireoh, T. A.Morgan. M. L. Hawley, .1. H. Swope, .1. W. Start, E. E. Shipley, G. W. Hobbs, J W. Cornelius, and T. Myers, of the Baltimore District. W. Prettyman was retired to the superannuated list. W. H. Chapman, W. Hollfday, K K. Murphy, J.J. Sargent, W. M. D. Ryan. W. F. Speake, S. V. Leech. H. McNemar. E. S. Cassady, W. T. L. Welch, E. D. Owen, C. C. Cronin, J. W. Hoover, and W. H. Laney, of the South Baltimore District. N.J. B. Morgan, B. Peyton Brown. B. N. Brown, F. S. DeHass, George V. Leech, Wm. Krebe, J. H. M Lemon. Wm. Hamilton. .Tas. M Bayliss, Job W. Lamden, Wm. B. Edwards. George M Berry. J. R. Wheeler, A J. Porter. Alfred H. Ames, and G. G. Markham. of the Washington District. Mr Blake moved that a committee of five members, together with tne stewards, be ap. pointed, who should prepare and submit apian of life insurance of preachers. The committee was appointed, as follows: Dr. W. B Edwards, B. Peyton Brown. S V. Leech, T. A. Morgan, A. C. Gibson, and all the lay stewards. t'pon this motion Mr. B. Gaut spoke at some length, detailing the advantages of the,proI used measure, and wm followed by Messrs Collins, Blake, and Morgan. The following lavatewards were appointed B H. Stlnemet*, B. G. Gant, and J. H. Cadden. At 12# p. m. the Conference adjourned ? Bait. Jmencap, 7(A. Baltimore Annual < onference el the Episcopal Methodist Church. This body convened yesterday at 9 a. m.. In Trinity Church, corner of Madison avenueaud Preston streets, Baltimore, and was opened with devotional exercises, conducted by Bishop Pierce, the presiding officer. Upon proceeding to business, John S. Martin was re-elected secretary, and James E. Armstrong assistant secretary. Tbe rules of <he last Conference were adopted tor the government of the present one. Bishops Early and Doggett, of the Episcopal Methodist Churcb, were present, and were introduced to the Conference. Tbe President announced the following oommlttees: On Public Worship?The pastor* of the city churcbee. Necessitous Cases Samuel S. Koezel, F. R Ritchie, Nonral Wilson, Joseph J. Eagle, George G. Brooke, Lswia K. Jones, John W Tongue. Seminaries- W. J. Perry, W. V. Tndor, R. R. S. Hough, J. G. Armstrong,*P. H. Wbisner, Addison Weller, James Beatty. Temperance?Samnel Kepler, A. W. Wilson, W. Hammond. Sunday Schools?George H. Zimmerman Samuel Rogers, Da rid Shoal, Thomas A. Gaitber. J. Brandon. Bible Cause?David Thomas, Datmey Ball, W. R. McNelr. nerval Wilson moved the appointment of a committee to consider and report npon the organization of a Preachers' Fund Society, which was concurred in, and the Conference dealsnaten the following as the committee: Oe the part ef tbe ministers?A. W. Wilson. 8. S Roszel, John Landstreet; on tbe part of tbe lay. men?T. J. Magrnder, Leonard Passano. and J. M. Buck. Tbe examination of oflletal character was tfcen proceeded with, and tne followiag passed: Baltimore District?S. Regester. S. S. Kosxel, W. J. JSerry, John PoisaJ. J. N. Spaagler, J. P. Etchison, S. Kepler, David Thorns.? George H. Zimmerman, W. H. Wilson, J. L Gilbert, W. R. Boyle, J. W. Ball, J. P. Hall, F A Mercer. A. B. Dolly, Dabney Bali Washington District?J. 8 Martin, W. V. Tudor, S. H. Griffith, P. D. Smitb, L. D. Nixon, F. R. Ricbey, John Landstreet, Sam'I Roger*, F. O. Tebtoe. Winchester District?W.O. Eggleston. R R S. Hough. E. F. Hettrick, James H. March, J. W. Wolf, John P. Hyde, W. G Coe, David Sboaf, Row. Smith. E. L Kreglo, David Harris, W. Hodges. Rockingham District?Ezra F. Bnsey. J. E. Armstrong, W. J. Richardson, Thomas Uildebraad, George R. Jefferson, J. J. Engle W. R. Stringer, Hamilton A. Garer, George Stevenson, H. Hoffman, A. P. Howd, W 8. Bear. Roanoke District-Jae. 8. Gardner, Geo G. Brooke. J. S. Liggett, Leopold Lena. E. Jamison, J. p. Bay ley, J. F. Bean, J. M. Graadier, P. H. Wbisner, J. N. Gray. Lewisbarg District?J. Hoffman Wangh, L. R. Jones, S. B Dolly. Jas. H. Wolf. J. W Caster, Q. A. Joyce, J. W. Ewan, J. P. Obitl?m, A. U. Flaharty. South Branch District?J. C. Dice, L. W. Haslnm, J. Beatty. O. L. Torrison, s Smith, S. F. Butt, T. Bryley, J. W Tongue, L. BuU. S. Regester, Presiding Elder of Baltimore District, gave aa account of tbe work in his district. Similar statements wore made by J. S. Martin, Presiding Eldsr of Washington district, E F. Bnsey, Presiding Elder of Rockiagbam district, J. S. Gardner, Preeidtng Elder of Roanoke district; J. Hofftaan Wangh, Presiding Elder efL*wisbnrg district- J. O Dies, Presidmg Elder of Sontb Branch district; and by I* bebalf of tbe Wlacbeemr district. The death ol ley. E. R Vet ten, Preetding Elder of Winchester district. was approprlntely announced by Nerval Wilson. 8. Regeeler and 8. 8. Roezel preeented preamble and reeolntiane looking to tbe endorosment of tbe action of tbe late Gsneral Conference of tbe Methodist Church Sentb la cbanring tbe same to tbe Metbodlst Episcopa Church, and in regard to admMn lay reprs sentatlen at tbe ouafbroaeee. Tbe saaokrttaas weans made tbe order of the day (er Friday, the atb last., at it a m. Mr. OavtdTbonls pr ansa led aso, wbioh bad been doaated by a gaaiWa not a mamber ef tbeebareb ior dbgdtos by tbeQsatsrenoe. giaro bad just bMD received from Ni kv |)# <? ir mumrating i he *ad iiMllciir* of rt? death of Hlfb> p Soule. Miior bisbop of tho ehorcb. which occurred it )i n yes*??d*y, aid then propnaM lb at (Jonf# ren?*?* Mlparn With prayer, which was offered up by Hi-n..p Early. K??. Peyv? Harris, of Ik* PrMb?t?ri?? Church. vu IntrodarH to lb* Ooafrr??rt, and ir? with a cordial r?f?ptwn r??(?>no?Uuadj?ura*d Hal'imar* American, TtA. Waihiiftoa Aaana I < Mf?r?acf V. E. Church. (Colored.) Tb? foartb M??ion of this Oonfrrfar* set at Sharp street Church. Baltimore, yesterday moraine The president. Bisbop Stcnpoon, opfird the CoBftreccf bv reading the ,'d cbapt*r of 2?1 T moth v. alter which the 7Utt> hyinu wa* innc. Tlf K#n. J N Mar* and Jam** Fwk otfered pruyer K?r A. Wallace, of Philadelphia, editor of Me'hodist Advocate, w?> introduced to tit# Conference. The sacra, meat ot tho lord's Sapper was then administered. Tho Bisbop made tome rery impre*sive remarks concerning the pa*?ion anddeab of Christ, after which benjamin Hrown waa elected secretary and K W S. Peck and R H Robinson. assistants. The following commit, tees were appointed : Mewarda-J M. Brice. P. Walker, J Henry Sunday Schools?Epbraim I.awaon, T. Jackron, J. Thomas Tract Cause_N. Carroll. R. H. Mattbewa. Bible Cuuae? C. O. Fiaber. W'llson. Temperance ? W. Cook, M Spridle, and W E Echols Centenary -J Kennedy. J. Grow, and Win Echols Educat'on?J. Dansbury. R. Lane. and (?. Missionary Money_W. Hicka and W Echols. Statistics- U. O Fisher and C. 1>. Keys The hours of meeting and adjournment of Conference wert fixed from V to 12. The second question of the general minutes was taken up, via:?Who remain on trial I and John l.ofg n?, Wm Wilson. J Danebury, Wm. Echols. W Lsrward. A Ldmund?on. J Hughes. W Casten, J. Randall, and J Henry, thna remain. Revs. H. O- Westwood, of New Jersey Conference; D France,Corns, lioeh, and Gardner, of East Baltimore Conference, and Buhop Wayman. Revs. Mall and Slnby, of the \ M E Cburcb. were introduced to the Conference' The Conference adjourned with doxology and benediction by Bishop W&vman, ol tae A. M. E- Churcb.?Bal'\*>ort Sun, TiA. A fortnne Telling Dodge Relieves a Confiding Woman 01 n Largo hum of Meuey and ?ome \ nlunble Jewelry. frrotn the Richmond (Va ) Times. Feb. ;B ny a too confident trast in the stories of two vngnbond fortune telling women, Mrs Jane E. Edwards, who keep- a baron Broad, be. twern Sixth and Sevenib street-. was swindled out ot a large sum of money and some valuable jewelry. As we learn, last week two whit* women called at Mrs. Edwards' har-room, and offered to tell herfortnne. Shecousente 1. and ttey told a long rigamarole* about a Confederate soldier, leaving her a large fortune. Alter this tbey asked her to show them what fortune she already tiad. The credalons woman went up stairs and brought down a t>ag, in which wa* her all, and showed it to them. The bag contained in greenback?, two *50 Treasury notes, seveu Siiu and six 110 gold piece", two coupon bonds, three gold watches and one chain. The bag was examiued, the weight t?It by the two sharkers, and returned to their unsuspecting victim. 1 bey then left, stating that they would return the nsxt day Tb* next day came, and to did the two w.imen, who went through pretty much the same relet as of the day before. The bag was again produced, nnd examined while near the trunk The sharpers again left, cannoning the woman not to loon in the trunk for threw dare by that time tbey would be back, and with them would appear the fortune which ha i been left her by the Confederate soldier. Th? woman fully believed their tale, but her curiosity, (the only weakness of women.) got tho better of her, and on Saturday night she went to see If the expected fortune had arrived She dtd not discover the fortune, and concluded to look in the bag and see if thit was all right. To her horror and diamnv no bag of treasure* was found, bnt in its place a bag of the umn dimensions and weight tilled with lead The fortnne tellers, at their last visit, bad adroitly substituted this bag of lead for the bag of treasure and carried itofT. Bloody Kim omke ? On Friday-night our city v as the scene ot one of those unfortunate* occurrences which at all times are to be regretted. Towards dark Mr M Bridweli. our Assistant Chief of Police, met a man at the* saloon ol a man name Henry Smith, near tho post-office by the name of Joseph Williams, from Rogrrsville. We learn that Mr Bridwell bad teen Williams a short time previous and Williams took exceptions to the manner that Bridweli looked at him, and made the re. mark in a barber-shop that if Bridweli ever looked at him in that way again be wonld kill him. Bridweli waa informed of the threat, and soon after met Williams at the saloon, where words passed, and at the request of the proprietor stepped into the backyard to talk the matter over. They soon returned, when words were again angrily passed, at t W illams drew a revolver aud shot Bridweli in the left eye with two successive sbotx. when Bridweli drew his revolver and sbo: Williams through the abdomen. Etch Urea tonr shots, but only two took effect on Bridweli and two on Williams. Williams is mortally wounded and cannot recover. Bndweit had one eye shot out. the ball enuring the ere and came out behind the ear. He is at th?* time in a critical situation.?KmtztilU tTcnn ) Commercial. Feb. *?. BiTrALKM.?The clergy of the Episcopal Church in England have taken a decided stan<l against ritualism There are now uineting in Convocation in the Prov nee of Canterbury, and the House ot Bishops, en February inn nnanimoubly adopted a resolution that -our judgment is that no alterations from loncsanctioBed and usual ntnal ought to be made in our churches until the sanction of the Bishop of the Diocese has been obtained there, to. It was remarked by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time of the unanimous pas age of this resolution, that but seven bishopn ol the province were absent, and six ot them XL fclckB# *- ?armity or domeetic affliction. Then solution was moved bv the Bishop of Oxford, and nee onded bv the Bishop of London. The Lower House of the Convocation having received the resolution concurred in it, no that an authoritative deration of the clergy of the Province of Canterbury Is thus obtained against Ritualism. Manmao* ajtd Dtvonct in Ou* Dar.?In Chicago n few dues ago. one Rosa M. Carr, filed a bill In the Recorder s Court praying for a divorce from her husband, A J Schweitaer. on the grounds of cruelty and neglect On the same day the bill was taken to open court and the defendant, who waa absent on business, waa ordered to plead intlmmtrr. On the wih of JM*fy the Master in Chancery filed his report and recommended n divorce. The wit. ness ot the cruelty was one Levi M. San ford, and on the 14th of January the said Santord and Mrs. Schweitzer, who had taken her maiden name of Carr, were married The husband on returning had the case opened and they are now having a lively ume to determine whose wife the fair Rosa really u. WiniTivn* ron Dnr Goods Ct-nnits?The ?** York papers announce that several of the large dry goods establishments in that city hare established a detective force, which is employed to look after the clerks. Ths detectives visit nil sorts of places, and If a clerk is seen where he should not be. n quiet dismissal. and "no reason given," follows at once. WThe Louisiana Legislature thanks Geo Peabedy lor his munificent gift to the Sooth Pari8Tker#are newspapers published in ^*Over a million rats were drowned hv the treshet at Cincinnati. WParis alone sends tMoo children to nurse in the country. VIn Pan a sixty babies oat ot everv one hundred die under the tender mercies of their hired nurses. ^Some of the severest snew storms en rec>ad in Mew England occurred In Mnrch. *?Punch says it is dreadful to hear ol a child, only one month old, taking to the bottle! VLtp service is considered discreditable to i Christians, bat is a delightful thing between two lovers. An exchange says that Ex-President L>ay, of \ ale College, aged aiaety-ioux, is tho original live-long Day." Ihf el I mate of western Texas must bo *ery mild, as there were bnt three days last month in which Ires were nsoessary. ITT be members of a society mi Parts take t pledge to buried without ths prayers ut the church. 7"There are about one hundred and Iftr thousand men employed on the railways of Qreat Britain. ITMaU Dyer, a colored eitinea, has anil cm need that he will rnn for Governor at r?. neesee ngainst Brownlow 1 **" ^ AChto^au having drank loo much lliner, eatd: "Ran net proper, make Chinaman lilm of fool." m-At n fashionable charuh m New York the contribution plates ate carried r,?.dbr the vonng ladlesT to the grWH^Tor th? irsasury. ? < BTPIne IX _u the two hundred and flfi#leventh Pontir who has sat in St. Peter's ess ? Recalled out tor niivim on the If ingara fToa'Jmt at an early day.