Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR Tit Uigtrt Circulating is lit Sitlrtcl W. B. WALLACH, Ult?rka4 Pnyri^Ur. WASHINGTON CITY THI RSDAY MARCH 7. WT^ *-RKAD13G MATTKR OM RVRRY PAOK. ' ?tK orTSlPB roR INTERESTING T1L1URaFUIC anb OTtlAR matter. TO ADVKRTUEftl. The lollowiu* <* to* iiMt'iu nbowiniot the ctfcolatioc ? '*>* daily papera of thie city (onpctinr for ro? (Jot?rnmMt advertising sorter t&e recent a?r of Oontreea directing each advert>?tn? u> be made id tb? (wo daily ae wtpaper* ot Washington having the large* circulation . tvimiwo >tab 7,715 copiea per day CkronicU > " lnf?lUg*ncrr .3.554 ?? The mure* ol advertising by the city papers i or tte quarter eBd?ng IVcetnber H, a* ? t^ket fti tn 'br hoolfv of he Internal Kerens* Office, are at follows: hVIMlU STAR SI3,||>7 /n/efft^cncer....................... L'\roruclt 9.Is* Bef/vliican 5 W8 TDK ALEXANDRIA KLBCTION. OfurKf Tucli?-r. 11??- K<-publican candidal* for Mayor of Alexandria. nn.i fourt-en oth?r loyalists in that city, including Judge Ualerwood,ba\e prepared a memorial 10 submit to ConRtees. slating that ih* military recon-<traotion bill, pa?-ed by Congresa oa the *24 of Mar> b. bs? been op?nly dertfd by the authorities of that city ia the election just held tor municipal ottic**rs; said autbaritiei having based tbeir refusal to receive or record thvotes ot coli?red citizens on the ground that the Saws of Virginia are paramount to those of ibe I tilted Mates. Tbe memorial'sts say: AI tnougb 1,319 votes were cast for tne Union candidates?a large number of them by di<cnarged I'niou soldier.-?and onlr 1 1<)1 v ?tes ior both tbe disloyal ticket*?many ot these heirg cast bj re'arned reb~l soldiers?yet tbe 1 existing provisional government insists up >n j ignoring tbe Union voteaud declaring the can- j didate of tbe opposite party elected Mi vor, although be received o^ly o-2 votes, and is. ' moreover, disqualified by the law above re- j ferred to from holding the ofli.e. Taey reter i to threats made by disloyal employers to dis. charge employees for voting the Repnblicaa ticket, and to shed blood if tbe negroes were allowed to vote, and allege tbat noihiug but tbe presence ot tbe military prevented a riot. Tbey say tbe ? military reconstruction bill" 1a defective, because it ? mik->i no provision for organizing a loyal railttia force." tbat tbe disloyalists, wnos- apparent interest it ia to nullifv rhe i*?. fin rry office, from the highest to the lowest, ana lojjii reeon-trucuon is possible only , through the a*?i*tance of loyal etec. ion oi:i- ; cers. "thai peaceful elections cannot be secured ualeae thearroganr, domineering, blood-thirsty oifloyal element is kep: from the polls entirely, until snch time as it shall have become at lea-t . partially pun&ed. or the loyal (element orja- i nized and thoroughly entrencbel in power." and that it is absolutely necessary that ther# -bculd be a registration of voters, so that all | disfranchised individuals may bar* doe no'ice I not only th&r they are disqualified, but that t that fact" is known The memorialists favor the Louisiana bill, but would have it ?o amended that no person having an honorable i discharge from ibe army or navy ot the United ' States shall be disqualified from voting or | holding office on account of previous complicity in the rebellion; and that it should be made the duty of the (iovernment and Ooun< i cil, from Uim to time, to prepare lists of all, { except certain clasres of the disfranchised ^ persons, who are now truly loyal, and send them to Congress to have their disability* : removed. The authorities of Alexandria may thank tbemselvea if further action should be taken i by Congress to enforce the frovulsntof the ! recocstraction bill. If the Commissioners of { Election doubted the right ef the colored men to vote, they should, instead of rejecting such votes, have received them ia separate baJtnt boxes, to be cuuntfd and retained until such time as tbe question ot the right of colored men to tbe elective franchise on this oeca- ' sion sbonld hare been determined by competent authority. Tbis plan was adopted la Baltimore recently in reference to contested vote* of white men, and if tbe Alexandria , Commissioners bad pursued a similar course no one could have taken exception to their ! conduct. They would tbns have shown a dis position to conform to tbe law in any event, and, instead of putting their own interpretation upon it, to have performed a simple daty end have left tbe decision of the mooted pom1 to the Conrts or Congress. As it is, tne Alexandria stty aatboritiee have damaged their own cauee, and to some extent that of other ftcuthern coram unities, by their foolish attempt to retain tbe government in their own hands. The first result ofsoch action lst>bown i by tbe tact that in tbe Senate yesterday Mr. Wilson, of SLassacbuseitf, Introdaced a joint repotatlnn declaring tbe municipal ofti m of Alexandria vacant, and imposing severe penalties npon any parties attempting to hold -each offices. WASHINGTON roRR8?iPOM?EVT 3 CLUB. A ? penal mrennr ot this association was beld last evening at tbe 1 ribuin rooms for tbe purpose of perfecting tbe organlxation. Aeonstuuuoeano by-law* were adopted. Mr. J. 3taclarlaad. ot tbe Ckrrmicl?, and Mr. Brooks, of tbe Mew lork Time*, were added to tbe ex ecative committee, and a number of new members elected Tbe ciat> is aow fully organized, and starM upoa its cereer under mnn ftmn ble aaepir-e* Tbe ofBcers are L- A Gobrigbt, i oi the New York Aa?octat*d Preas, president; j G W. Adams, of (l? New York World. first ' vie* president; J. B McCulloagb. of tb? Cin- i cinnatl Commercial, wond tic* president- ! Crwbj S Nojtm. of Um star, secretary: and L L. Croaa**, of tte* flaw York Timet, treasurer Tbe execaiiv* committee is composed as tollows ? W B Shaw, Boston Transcript, James E. Young, New York Tnhm*; R. K. Elliot. New York Exprett: W W. Wordea. Baltimore .v?m; J. W. *itch. Motion P?tf J. Macfarlaad. Washington CkrumcU, and P. U Brooks, New York 7Y?. - ' ' tiOLD VBOM MONTANA A gen tleman direct from Sterling Mountain, bas joat nkiMwo at tk? General Land Offlc* two cold brick*-. one stamped as in value*447. tbe otber worth |7i. Tbs gold was obtained by tbe Clark and I'ptos Miaing Company. Tni Ma at usu Sbmato&4H ip._Tbe Maryland Legislature will, U is said, commaace balloting tor a Uaited States Senator, to sacceed Hon Mr. Creswell, on Taewtiy next, Oorernor Swaia baring deettaed, It will ba remembered. Among other gentlemen mentioned as candidate* are lion Philip Fraaats Tbomas, lor a short time Secretary of the Treasury aader PreskJaat Bocbaaan : Hon Edward Hammond, formerly member or Oongreee: Hon Is.iae 1J. Jones, of Samerset; Hoa. Alexaader Lvaus, of Cacil; Hon. (ieorge Viekers, of Kent; had Hoa. Montgomery Blair. EorrriaB Pottos situ ?The Department of Agnealture has recently received from Alexeadri i, Egypt, a small quality of the | celebrated long ?tapta Egyptian cotton M*d wbicb will be tent oat in amall par a* la, fat | X|>erlQ>eat, upon application to the Com mislocer Tf*1 Ois'rihutioa of this seed will ha ot fined *xcla?ively to-he flntf Stataa. ; *r Kroin Sbiihngtoa, od*-oa Building, we ' eav? a mfrfbf tbe pop alar Naw Londoa pabjcaMoa, ? rU re?pu? profaaaly I and handsomely illustrated. ' ' fc/"Freer. I'r*u*JU A lUchurdaaa, 331 Peaa?yl\aai? agawt* for I-eonard Kco# k. Co '? r^printe. we have t1?.?*ltable fannary liUtub*r of b?- JLmMo* (Juartertg Ktritw. 1 mtbrdal lUvEsrt T l?e receipu from this source Uf-OajF weie S4fNi.Mt.13. ???? .?a TDK REPUBLICAN CAUCUS lnclnr.^Lt a* wm ihe wfilMr last night, thrrv va* a Urge attendance of Republican Kepresen'ativrs at toe otuoas Held in the Halt ot the House. Krom Mr Stevenadown to the youngest member all appeared deeply later. ?eUd iu tbe questions to b? de;ided.v lira. Hank', who w is chairman at the firs cnucue tor the session, presided. Bnainess j was at once commenced by Mr Ashley, wbo introduced a resolution recttt*g tbe charges ; w hich be made in tbe House la tbe las tea- > sion agniust tbe President, recounting tbe ctMifveor tbe Jndtci.nry Committee tuereon, aud directing tbat tbe ?*tn? c >iamtUee> prosecute tbe investigation* with ample power ?o*?erd for persons and paper*, artd wub leave to tit dariuf the teutons of tbe Iljuse and to ait during auy recess of the House. Mr. C0T0de moved to amend Aabley s reso. lut on by substituting a eeiect committee of thirteen in plac* of tbe Judiciary Committee, but to include tbe seven members of tbe Jodietary Committee holding over. Tina resolution of Corade'a w** drawn by General Hu'ler, aud was agreed upon in a caucus of a few wbo arereaoiutely determined ou impe.ichtnent, at all hazards. Jong* Spalding. of Ohio, mored to in jnire at the outset, whether the Judiciary Commit, tee wtre in possession of auy information touching tbe q of nnpetchmeni not already communica'ed to the public. If not, the whole thing, in bis opinion, bid b-tter he dropped, for two montbs ot investigation bad brought orth nothing. Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, replied that it would be improper for him to answer thai question. Mr. I'lke, of Maine, thought thai tbe question ot adjournment wa<t the one which vitally affected tne question of impeachment^and w.ta more deserving of discussion tnan tbe relative m< rit* of commit ees For one. he was willing to vot?* to adjourm until December. allowing tb?* committee ample time to Investigate the charges. (Jen. tarn* worth, of Illinois, spoke in favor ot having the investigation continued by the Judiciary Committee instead of by a select committee. Judge Keliey, ef Philadelphia, also adro. caied ibe prosecution ot the investigation by j the Judiciary Committee. General Butler made an earnest appeal in favor of au investigation by a select commit, tee. It was, be said, the habit of the British parliament, in cases of impeachment, always to have a select committee, aud the present ca>e eminently deserved one. Mo disrespect wan intended w the Judiciary Committee, at i was evident from the f:trt that those gentle, men w bo were members of that committee in the Thirty-ninth Conferees, and who were also ' members of the Fortieth Congaess, were to be specially included ic the select committee. Mr. Hlame, ot Maine, replied to Gen'l Hut. lrr, couten iug the t. ho waver it might bemarie I to appear in thi? meeting, the public would ; undrrMand tne substitution of a Select Com* in it tee ns in some sort a rebuke to the late Ju> dietary Committee In his opiniou that Com. nittef did not need to be braced up or pieced out, or In any way sustained by ontside help Its members were amoug the ablest of tbe body. To prove ibis he need only recount tne nam's ot Wilson, of Iowa; HoutwHI. of Mas saebnsetts; Thomas, of Maryland: Williams, of Pennsylvania; Wood bridge, of Vermont: Cook, of Illinoia, and Lawrence, ot Ohio. If these mm are not competent to conclnde the Inves. t gation tbey bare begun, we ralgat welj d^pair of finding competent men elsewhere. Mr. Wilson. of Iowa, suggested tbat if a selec* committee were determined on, the Sp*afc->f should be lell frt* to select all the members, ....? ?v. aoir mr juuivinry t/ummntM forwd ou to bim as a part of it. lie objected to any sued coarse. Gen. Logan, of Illinois, spoke earnestly in favor of a select committee, maintaining that the Judiciary Committee had no pre-emp'.ive right in the premises. Mr. Brum well, from tbe same State, opposed General Logan, and advocated intrusting tbe Jndiciary Committee with the investigation. Mr. Bingham, of Ohio, spoke earnestly in favor of tbe Judiciary Committee, in eight cases of impeachment in ibis Government, all but one had been referred to the Judiciary Committee, and that one bad been badly man. aged in tbe bands of a select committee. Gen. Buffer enquired if Mr. Bingham was in any e> ent in favor of impeachment Y Mr. Bingham replied that he wai not Ilk* certain gentlemen, la favor of preferring articles of impeachment and bearing the testimony afterwards. Tbe question was thea taken on Mr. Co. vode's resolution as an amendment,and it was voted down by a large majority. Ashley's resolution, referring the whole matter to the Judiciary Committee, was then adopted with, out a dissenting voice. Tbe question of impeachment having been disposed of, that of adjournment to some Urn* hence came before the caucus. Mr. Thad Stevens designating the 8thday of May, while Mr. Wlleen, ot Iowa, preferred the 40th of October. Gen. Butler and Mr. Boutwell urged tb? shortest rec**a, and the General Very plainly told Mr. Wilson that the question of impeach mfni sooBia not dp referred" to a committee of which he (Wilson) was chairman. A postponement until October wu virtually au abandonment. Mr. Bingham replied sharply to General Butler, intianaung that it wu arrogant and presumptive to thus attempt to dictate to bis peer*. Mr. Wilson's amendment, fixing October 2otb, was defeated by a vote of 37 yeas to ->> nays; and Mr. Stereos' motion, iixing May *. was tben adopted. Mr. Foweroy, of New York, moved that Congress adjonrn from Monday next until May Mb wbteb was adopted by a vote of?yeas 57, nays M : and tbe caucus tben adjourned. CONVICTED Ok KRAVD UPON THE P1NSI0X OVflCB. On Tuesday last .Frederick Onscetti alias Jacque Roelhnrer, and Charles J. Drennaa alias William Mulligau, were convicted in tbe rmted States district court at New York of trail* upon tbe Pension Office. Onscetti bad likewise obtained eome S9ou in tbe name of Koellinger from tbe pay department bars, for which, if acquitted in New York, be would have been tried ia this District. Tbeae par. ties being prominent amongst tbe foreign population m New York, their convicuon is the moi>t important* wbilst tbe energy of tbe Oonmitsioner of Pensions and bis chief clerk in briagiag him to aepeedy trial la much to be commended- > 7 . DISPOSAL Of PUBLIC LANDS. Tbe Commissioner of the Oenaral Land Office is in receipt ?f returns showing an aggregate disposal Of 12vA63 acres of tbe public lands during tbe month ef February last, at tbe following local oflUes Fall* of St. Croix, Wisconsin. ?.M3 acres; Katren'a* Pol at. Wis. consln, 1314 acres; Taylor's Falls. Minnesota 3.K7 acre*. Iron to a, Bfteeoarl, 4 6M man*. The greater portion of tkt laad wu to. ken an<w u>f bonnirul taw tor tctiti eettlealeat and cultivation, and the remainder located with agricultural colUgo ecrip, military warrant*, aad far caah. The oath aalea a moan ted to td-tHS. ' ' 1 GUARANTEES Tt) BE EXACTED. Mr. Snnnerintroduced, in the Senate to-day, a eeriea af reeolntlon* setting forth that the dieting govarnment* la the rebel State* which have been delared to he illegal must be vacated, provisional goveraaaeata aoit bo oonaUtatad aa temporary aobetttateo for the illegal go remmenta; public eobooia maal be eatooUahed tor all; homeaieade moat be aeenrod to iht freedaen, eo that at leaat every head of a family may havaapiece of land; and that all theae reqalremeata ahoald be exacted by Oongreaa in the nature of gnaraaioea. IT I* DOUBTFUL if the Senate will Bgroe to tho Houee reeolution taking a recesa until May only. It la believed that a majority of tho Senate favor an adjoatamoat oatil October. a^Tbo wheat crop a a covered by tho malt, ing of tho enow ib Ob to, was foaad every where to be tooklaa well. The blade* are broad aad thick, with that dark greea oolot which aitbte eeaaoa. ie n?tad aa asot-e la. (Jicaiioo/of. vigoroae growth in thefatare. ^Kive person* are nnder arreat In Lowell, , Miu>? , oa an .allegation ot having jointly b??n guiltv ot infanticide. They are Jamea, Sarah, aad frlllinm Nulling, aad Ohm lea aud Sarah A Skinner. PFNATI COMMITTRRM The foiiowlair standing conaittan ww? 0 . ctM' in Um SMiftl* to-day : Koreura tlftatlMl Mum. Snaair. (chairmna.) Kr8-ei??leo, lUmrrun. Harlan, Jlortoa, Johatou, ??<< Fatler<-on of N. II. Finance?Mwara Sherman,(chairman,?Mot I<<ut Williams, Oatt?li, Van Winkle. tl<*nd-i<. rnn, mm Morrill of Vt. Commerce? Messrs Ofcan4l*r, (chairman.) H ?mll of Me., Morgai., Spragae, Cjro?:t, Fatt r?on of Trim., aod l>oolittle. Appropriation*?Ma** Morrill of U?.,,) Grimes, Howe, Wilton, <'.>ok?n?. Oole, mid ?_r?thrK?. 'Manutatmre?Me*?ri. Sprajjoe. (ohairman.) Pcmeroy. Ynten. (?ole. and Dixon. ArrlcoHnre? Mam. ()tm?ron. (chairman,) Catteil. Morton. Tipton, andOnthne. Miliary AfT;?fV?? Messrs \f1U0n, rchairman ) Howard. Spracue, Cameron. Morton, lt*a>er, and ItooJi'ti* Naval Afla<ra?M**?tf?. Grimes, (chairman.) Anthony, (>ai?en. Jjlye, Freiin(huy?eo, Drake, and Hendricks. Judiciary?Messrs. Trumbull, (chairman.) Scwatt, Frelmrhuysen. Kduionds, (Jonkliug, Jobnton and Hendricks. rent-ions?Me#?rs Van Wiuki*. (chairman.) C'tmund*, Trumbull, Fowler, Tipton, .SauI*bury and Da via. Revolutionary Claims ?Messrs. Nye, ^hairman.) Chindler, Ho we, Sauisbury aud i'aiLe.' on 01 Tenn. Terri'orW?Meptk. Yates, (chair man.)Nye, Cia'ffii, Fowler, K*m?ey, Ferry, an-i Dtvia. Faritii'Kaiiroad?Messrs Howard, (chairm m.) Sherman, Morgan, Oonnew, Ramsey, Stewart. Wilson. Harlan, and Drak*. rosi i imce nuri Po?t Koatls? Messrs. Kim sey. (fb&irnaan.)UonnM?, Pomeroy, Morrill ot Vt . Harlin, V'nn Winkle. nnd Dixon. Public lAuils-Mrstrf. PoitnTuy^i-hiirmtn.) S'ewart, Edmunds, Cat tell, Williams, Tipton, and Henriric-ksPrivate L<(ind Claim*?M?ssr?. William*, i< hairman.) Howard. Kerry. Kiddle, aud HortuB. Indian Atfiirs ? Messrs. Henderson, (chairmini.) Morrill ot Maine. Ross. Thayer. Coroett, hockilrw, and Doolittle. Claim??Messrs. How*, chairman.) Willey, Frellngbuysen. Howara, Mjrrill of Vt.. Cole, and l>avi?. District of Columbia?Messrs. Harlan,(chairman. ) Sumner, Henderson, Wilier. Pattersen of N. H , <5orbe?u and Patterson of I>nn. Paten's ai.d the Pa?ent Office? M"s?rs. Willey. (chairman.) Sherman. Thayer. Ferry, aad Norton. Public Buildings and drouuds?Mes?rs. Kesteudeu,(chairman.) Trumbull,tinmen. Ferry, and Johnson. To Audit and Control Contingent Expenses of ibe Senate?Messrs. Cratgen, (chairman.) I?rake, and Burkalew. Engrossed Hills?Messrs. Fowler, (chairman.) Sumner, and Norton. Mines and Mining? Messrs. C'onness,(< hairman.7 Stewart. Chandler, Anthonr, Yates, Conk ling and Sanl?bury. JOI NT CAMMtTTB*S. Joint Committee on Retrenchment? Me?srs. Edmunds, (chairman.) Williams, and Buclcalew. On Printing?Messrs. Antheny (chairman,) K> ?* and Kiildlv, On Enrolled Bills?Me?si*. Ross. (chairman, Pa'.terton of N. H., and Dixon. On the Library?Messrs. Morgan, (chairman.) Howe and Fessenden. Joint Committee to Revise and Fix the pay of the officers of the two Houses?Messrs. Fessenden, (chairman,) Sherman and Buclca lew. rr"5=*MURDOCH -On sceoont of illness, J18. J J? . MCKDOCH will be unable to lectnre l>t-Tors the Y . M O -- ???1 tb? committee announce with pleasure that hi* talented brother, 8 K. MURDOCH, will gi>e BKAPINUS and BE< ITaTIONK at Metzerott Ball THURSDAY EVENING, March 7. 1387, commencing at 7J? o'clock. Tickets AO cant*. A SPECIAL BE IN ION will be held In the rooms of the Association, over the Hall, after th ' entertainment, to which all are invited m6-2t* J^WA8Hi??TON, B. C.. MARCH . The Committee on Examination of Candidate* for position* as Teachers lo the Public Hehooli will me<-t at 10 o'clock a m , oa SATURDAY NEXT the 9th in?taut, in the Council Cbatil>er, City Hall T. 8. WALSH, mhtlt Chairman. >n A PUBLIC TEMPERANCE MEETING will be hel4 at Eaat Washington Met'iodlst fpiscBal Church, itb street eaet, on FRIDAY EVENING, Sth in?t , under thi autpicas of Columbia I'lvtsioe, Son* of Temperance. Dlttin Kniehtil advocate! of the came will address the meeting, which will open at 1% p. m. Pre* to the public rali I fit PAIR OF EA>T WASHINGTON A E. JJ? CHURCH, at ODD PBLLOWd qaLL. NAVTTARD. fe 21 EEBBUAET *1 TO MARCH S. PA WE BROKER'S EOT ICE. MESSRS. E OOLD8TEIB * CO., Ho. 34 43* atreet wmI, near Peno'a art., Bee leave to call the atU-Dtlonof ear old patrons and the pnblic In general thai we have no* en larged oar basisese, and are prepared to offer inducements to borrowers that have never been offered osfora?expressly to partiee wishing large amounts. Large etore rroma, with good aafee for valuables. A private oitice conaected for all oonfldaotlal bnslnepe. Money advanced on Gold and 8itvsr Watchss. Diamonds Silverware, Jewelry, and on all kinds of mercnaadtee Also, ua Bonds, Stocks, Scrip*. Government Be enrities. Loans made by day or week on merchandise sabject te >als. . N B ? Arrangements have bean made by which persons depositing property with ns ran receive the same at any principal ctty of the Union. 44 FOIR AHD A-HALP STREET, fell tf 0CF*J?8EPHPBilloH^K)NPE6TIOHEET. LADIES' ICE CREAM A DINiNG SALOOE, 846 Pann. At*., bet. 13tb and 13tA sts. Wedding*. Dinner or S'taper Parties supplied at short aetios with novelties In Pyramids, fancy t'akee, aad Ooefectioueriee, Jellies; Wedding Cakes, best quality. Table Ornaments- Salad*, Ice Cream, Water ice, Roman Punch. Boned Tor W-- -1.1- m - ?, ?w?i??rauiiwr?, BOOM Tirke; In jelly, Oharlotte (uw, etc., etc Attendant* aI?o will be tent to attend to *11 detail* of ayraagemente. Boajaeta, Wreathe, and cot Flower* to order tell In JOfilPH H. BHAFrilLD. (JJ-WiBii Tgj\fPi"" 0,Wt.HThe Board ef A**eeeor* having completed tbe annuel ee*e**ment for 1867, will eit a* a beard of appeal, nad f?r the purpose of making correction*, frea tbe IMh instant to April let Incmelve, (Haadejre excepted.) a* 8cho.?l ('ominiteliner1* Boon, aeoong etery City Hall, weet wiag. from 9 a. m. to 3 p. a. eaeh dey. By order of the President Hall feleot A pi fyy ITABlillBIP 18 11, ^ McPHBBSOifT FBBOCbON, ATI risn. avxmi, cokma lav i|Uif, _ , . CL.pi*ol Hill, Dealer* In FCBB DBtTGS, MBDIOIBB8 and OHBMICALB. FBBFUMBBI, FAHOY OQOM, . _ IffsTBUMBBTB, Ac , Ac. Physicians Prescriptions aeoorately compounded. The Bight Sell promptly anawamd. oa n tf I'WIBI-A fall aaaortmest of White. Manilla, 1 and 8traw Wrapping FAPBB. .. sw8" - " ""IvsaK?rto mh T-lm* dBS Fenaaylvaata avenue. T BATHjtBI LBATHBB Jaat received from Li Hew York a large lot prima Hemlock SOLI LBATHBB, whieh will he aeid for leee than It can ha bought m the Dietrtct. J. B. BBIBBBT, < 7 tt* 81 and 91 Lealaiaaa wane. QBA1H BACBB?OBAIB BAOKB. 1 have In iton and far aala 3,000 OBAIH BAOKB, In auaatittea toanlt purchaaar*. ? ^2?St. riBBAT BABGAIHt) IB BBABT MABB U _ CLOTHIMO. Fine Black Cloth FMOOK OOAT8, ranging In pi Ice from ? la to |M Black Doaakln Casaimare FABTALOOBB. from WLl '6ieth and Silk VBITS, At prlcea ranging I from f 4 to #?. Oaaaimera BP BIB BSB SUfTB at leaa thaa mana^BClTB1VJoTHIBO at greatly reduced pyicea. o.r * CO., mht-3tif (latell.) SOfr FeanaylvMlaaveave. B'"*E euiiM': . w B0MBILL, coram 14th su? ? Wmd, juh I ?d?r Ibfciti Bw. QHBDM UIOB. U|>HI BBBUB l^Tw?r!i<>i5' frtH*, aad Ha rat * Boa. LoaOon, BnglaiM, and have made arrangemanta with the larfoat aad moat reliabla eotO-crowora la the Uaitad BUKa for my Aaaritu Booda, Mi hn? Mv la atoro a ***" felfaodw ??B 7th atroot, haiow faaa, araa* ALL PBBBOBB sskss , *0 TBI OLD ! Ira af liTM A **Qoaatod toaoai forward a?d aatUa a? tbolr occouaU, m I aa do.lroa. ofeloain. ?, -? . At the old itand * Belby, lot TTB LB AO H KB 0 OTTOS at ?timm, Ttrr rlicty. J . W. BBLBYAOO., At the old atand of Tatea ft Selbr. mhl-tf 323 p?na avenue, aaar 7th at. WBBT 1XDIA OBABBBB ABD BWBBT MALAGA OBAPBB, Jreeh. K.IBQ FLACk. s TH* WORK AT TH?>ATK^J^FriCK DOBINQ '. Hob Tbovia* C. Theafcdr, Oetamiaamaer of Patea??, baajuat made bit report to Secretary lirowaiag, showing the baaineMof the Pate at Office daring the fear i?;9. 1 S.J69 applications tor patent* wtr% Bled. 9,45# patants war* la. sned. (including Te issues and design*;^ *,723 caveats were bird; 6? applications for extea. stonaol patent*. 5" patents were extender! and 1,04.j patent* aspired. ?if tae pa>?ai? grant* j. ??.-21? were to citizens of tho Vniwd States: 177 to subjects ol Great Britain, 4? to sobjects of ibe French Empire, aad t>3 to subjects oi otoer foreign government*. On appltt-atton fur pa. 1

trute. r?issuea, Ac , ware received, for cop as and recording assignment*. A?., *:t4,8?C Ifr: mnktog a total of SlU>.065 .19. The expenditure* tor salaries (including f-tUO: 4additional pay. as p-r act of June 18, law.,) were g14<MW3 17; for contingent expense;*, f05.c.(>6 0; lor temporary elrrk*, *115,3*1.76. for withdrawals, refunding money paid by mistake,tees to judges in appeal ca>es, **248 75?total, Ml,?***. Balance to the credit ol 'be Patent Office fund on January |, l-tii, i *130.1^4 ??: amount o( receipt* during the year. 1 (4K>,8A5.&>?total. Iff. Expenditures during the year !>*?, f leaving to the credit ot tbe fund oa January 1. i-*t?7, 9.fl.< Surplus of receipts over expense* during the year. $l?i,941.10. The number of ap- ' plications for patents during the year 1-6) exceeded that of 1B'?5 nearly .?? per cent, aud that ol l'Htt more than 100 per cent. Thenumt>er of patent* issued exceeded that of1?8S nearly 50 per cent., while that of 1965 ex leaded any previous year nearly ;to per cent. Tha Commissioner saya:??'If tbe business of 'he office continues to increase as now. an <4 as it has tor several months past, it ia not unr< asonable to suppose that the number of applications during the pre>ent year will amount to nearly if not quite twenty thousand. Ttits ' very gr*at increase of the buaine.s of the off!en , r? niters it absolutely necessary tbat the cler- 1 leal and examining force tie correspondingly augmented, and this rannni k? Hnn? ~ providing more room than we now have, as every riom we have is filled far beyond its | unnobt reasonable capacity. The examiners 1)h\suffered great inconvenience, and the 1 put lie interests creat detriment. from the ne- j cessity that has existed for several years p\st of conducing the exam i nation of several of subjects in the same room?for instance, steam engines and all t oguate subjects under one principal examiner, with his several assistants, and byraulics, pneuma ics and wearing apparel under another, with bis reveral assistants,are all crowded intooue room. The inconvenience named arises to a great extent from tbe limitation as to space, but in a tar greater degree from tbe diverse character of the inventions under examination, the exposure to the many applicants of Inventions that sbould be kept private, the discussions in the hearing of both tbe principal examiners, their several assistants, and of the various attorneys and applicants, of matters which should be known only to the parties in inierst, often, doubtless, to the prejudice of justice, and always to the embarrassment of the business of th-ise net engaged in tbe particular case in controversy.' The Commissioner also speaks of tbe want of i room for tbe draughtsmen. library, and all other branches of the office, caused by the great increase of the business ot the office. N*w York Cbaktkh Klsctioh*.?At the charier elections held in New York on Tuesday.? In ftrwego, the be publicans elected their candidate for Mayor and three out of the four aldermen. The city government now stands Republican. In Albany, Charles S. Wilson. Democrat, was elected Mayor by 16; majority. Ihe Democrat? elected all their city ticket, with the exception of the overseer of the poor. In Poughkeepsie,Oeo. Innls, Republican, was i unanimously re-elected Mayor, ha vine been supported by both parties. "Frost, Republican. beat SSmitb, Democrat, by majority for collector: a Republican gaiir. The vote wa? light. At Yonkere, the entire Republican ticket was elected. At Auburn, John S. Fowler, Repnbltcan, was elected Mayor by a majority of 6*b The entire Republican city ticket is successful, with an average majority of (Km. Four Republican supervisors and tour Republican aldermen are elected. At Rochester, Fish. Democrat, is elected Mayor by :js? majority : a gain to the Demo* rats of 1,390. Langworthy. Republican, is elected treasurer by fftft majority. Collins, Republican, justice of the peace. 367 majority. The Democrats elect ... .m< u.nm uriuiru, UlilHIDg IUH nOiirO of Aldrrmen. with tboce who bold o-ver. Democratic by one majority. Tbe Democrats elect nine of the fourteen supervisors in the city: a (tain of five. Tbe returns en supervisor*: from the towns show Democratic caias, and the probability is that the board is Democratic. Difkicci.ty Brrwit.v THirRiiDin'vRrkka( akdtheCivil AcTHoama*.?A conflict ha* arisen in Hrowusville, Texas, between tbe Freedmen's Bureau, supported oy tbe military commander and tbs civil authority, arising from tbe following facts In February, Itxi6. died Abram Milated, of Cameron connty. He had for many years lived with a negro woman, by whom be bad neveral children. After bis death his son, A. <t Milsted, was appointed administrator, and as sneh took possession or his effects, giving bonds. Tbe negro woman made no complaint for over a year, and then, influenced by the agent, charged Milsted with defrauding her. Milstead was arrested byQeneral Reynolds, at the instance of tbe agent. The district judge issued a writ of Katfa* cnrput. with wbicb tbe general refused to comply. The judge has delivered a long opinion on the subject, wbich. with the entire case, has been forwarded to this city. Max iceAcapulco was abandoned on February 19 by tbe Imperialists, who were taken to San Bias by the French frigate Victoria. Three French war veeeels remain in the harbor of Acapulco, bnt hold ajieutral position Order and confidence prevail among the people. The town will not be formally occnpied by tbe Republicans until the departure or the French vessels. Oeneral Alvarez, with 4 W?o , aoxucu 1117ui vurrmifaci UB Uie III! of Febraary for tbe City of Mexico, Intending to join Oeo. Porttno Diaz, who is already in the Valley of Mexico. Talcua. the capital ot the State of Mexico, having been occupied by the Liberals, t iei. Tavera, an Imperialist, was tent to recapture it, and when witbin about seven 'eagues of tbe City of Mexico, be was met by a force nnder ilen. Francisco Velez, wbo completely defeated tbe Imperialists. What is Nbkobd in Maeylaxd?The Marlborough Gazette ea?s: Land ia Caroline County, in tbis State, on tbe line of tbe railroad, wbicb woald not have brought ft-JO pet acre before tbe road was built, bas recently b#en "old a* blgb as SW) per acre, an ad vane ot tuo |.er cent. Tbe recent assessment ahowe that even tbe liberal construction of county roada en tbe Kastern Shore has greatly augmented tbe asserted value of real estate iu that section. Good Koads ? good Public Schools, free alike to the rich and poor?ar?? what is needed for Maryland: and these we shall have it our Legislators act with reference to tbe wants and wishes ol the majority of our people. Thi National Mnchanic'* Bank.?Michael Warner, tbe president of tbis institution, yesterday tendered tbe board of directors bis resignation, wbioh was accepted, and fteorg* S. Brown, Ksq., of the firm of Alex. Brown A Sons, was unanimously elected to till the vacancy. It appears to be questionable bow far tbe late defalcation extends back, as tbe books of tbe foreign account of tbe bank, in Which ibe deficiencies are said to appear, have not, ii is*alleged, been ia the hands ot tbe party licensed of the present defalcation torso long a time as to carry it back to the period of the former loesea by abstraction which the bank suffered. Those pvruealar losses are said to have been only some 958,000. -Baltimort Sun IV OT A BBW TMXTTO! " TBI TBBPBBANB OBOOBBT A. 8. TATLOB A CO., Corner of *th and 1 streets, has been established for more than ens year. CHOICK QBOUBB1BS OHBAP. m T-Mr a BVBB.TBIBTV TBBhMBT BOTB0, ? .iWiVWifWinvsD.. *. tb> Vp^^v{.?akn?a Internal Bsvsnns Staarna lor Motes, Chaoks, Drafts Bends,Deeds, Mortgages. and other Iexal decuwsntn for sals st Go sera nisnt rates a?h7Un J. Q B4MMBB.0ashler, |?BADBUB1 8 fill PIABOB. 1 have one ef thai~raeerb FIa?es.*VfJI which I will sell at a sacrifice, bslag oomjsllsd to njovsJa a fewdajs. . _ JBO. T. BLLIW. yy VUl SAV1B6B BASK, OorMr of 7th itrNt and LotliUu ? ?*#. PATS IBTBBBBT OB DBPOBITB. U1QBB8T MABKBT BATBS PAID FOB QOfaD uAin)8lttBB nk 6 6t i ? ?> ... ?V?*f *** .? t*?- J?r PUr BaatrUor. IMtfM*?aI oflieri nblppfng any rely on the thmI lenrint an waiw*. Office, corner of 17th atte eland HnrTtrk iw jV?ww wnw," " ,,<M | Wu "" VIOLIN BOXBS. QUITAB BOXBB, AND MCBI04L MBBC'H A NB1BB, At r??|, for * few dnjre _ _____ JOBB V. BLLI8, ah 6 It 300 Fob*. ?to.. r Itth it. CUNGK KHSIOXALT^ TuDKtnAr, March T. SniTi-Mr. AnUiuO) morrd that ?>? K*na?e proceed to tbe election of the ?.aodinjt committees. Mr Antbony then oflered a list of the comrillttw. which wu adopted Tbe Chair pr^cnu'd a communication from be Secretary of tbe interior,noktitc aa appropriation of #.Ki,i4*> tor the apyuts meoi of a commUslon to treat wiia tb? Id4im u??* -. with a mcw to their removal farther we*tMli. Mr. Connes* introduced a bill to ail tu th* construction of cer'am taiiroads in California. 1< el erred to Committee on PaMie Undi. Mr Willey introduced a blllto authorize as d directing ibe seleof U?? prop*jty of the I'mted 2?uaek at Harper a ftrrr, Va. Keterred to Committee on jKtlitar? Aflmr*. Mr Koes lutxoducad a bill donating a portion of the Pott f>nreiJworth military re?ervatton lor public road*. Referred to Committee on Military Affairs. Mr Wilson introduced abill supplementary to the act to prorufe for tbe more efficient government of the re tie I States'. Kefrrred to Commit tee on J udicmry. Mr Wilson Introduced a joint resolution to prevent tbe sale cr uce ot tiquers in tbe Capitol building I^aid on the table. Mr Henderson tutroduced a joint resolution i>roi>OMii* an >k. i - ul iDf United Statw, tbat do S'ate thill d?ny or ahndjre to it* citir-n* tb?> right to hoid off on acroont of race or color. Referred to Com- i mi'tee on tbr Judiciary. Mr. lleudertoB introduced a bill to pay fcoant> to c?rtain Missouri trwops wbo s?rv?*d durlnp ' ?ve y?-ars. Referred to Committee on M'. -try Affair*. Al.-o/a bill to bnild a military and po?tal railway from Galve&ton. Texa?, to Forttiibson, &.c. Mr Hendersou rare notice tbat b- woolii inuodu.-e to-morrow a bill to reorgaaii<* civil government Ih tbe seceded State#. Mr. Howe introduced a bill to grant laid* to the State* of Michigan aurt Wnoon^ji to aid in tbe construction of tbe Wiscousin aud Lti^ Superior Railroad. Mr. Cragin introduced a bill to regulate the selection ef grand and petit juries in tbe Territory of I'tah, and tor otber purposes. ltelerred to Committee 011 Territories Mr. Cragin introduced a joint resolution propoemg an ameudmeut to the Constitution. He. lei red 10 Committee on tbe J udiciary. Mr. Van Winkle introduced a resolution for tbe printing of 3,0W' copies of the la *? relating to (lie internal revenue, whicn wa? referred to tbe Committee on Printing. On motion of Mr Sbermaa. the bill extending for ten days tbe time tor the wool act to go into effect wa> taken up, aud indefinitely postponed. Mr. Sumner presented resolution* declaratory of tbe act* of Congress relative to a republican form of gov?rnment In the reoel Mates, which were read once. Mr. Sumner asked to proceed to the consideration of th? resolution*, but Mr Johnson obieeted. Mr Morrill introduced a resolution requesting tbe Committee on Printing to inquire wneiaer any further action is neeeesary in regard to the publication of the deMM of tbr Senate, and whether it will bead%isaole to bring tbe reporters directly under the control of the Senate. and responsible oaij t? that body. Alter some debate the resolution was passed. Mr. banner called op bis joint resolution relative 10 the Farts Exposition, which wa? passed. Tbe Senate then went Into executive session, and alterwards adjourned Hoi-it ?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Clerk of ilia House of Representative*- enclosing a communication trom tbr Secretary of State announcing his receipt of the bill for the more efficient government of tbe Southern States, and that he would promulgate it. Laid on tbe table and ordered to be printed. The Speaker also laid before tbe Hoase a communication from Hon. John Hogan announcing his determination to contest tbe election of Hon. W. A. File, the sitting member from the Urst district of Missouri. Referred to Committee on Elections. Also, a communication from Hon. B. B French, Commissioner of Fublic Buildings, calling attention to the fact that in the deficiency appropriation bill passed at last session the amount appropriated for tbe Executive Mansion was directed to be expended under tbe direction of a joint committee of tbe two Honsesot Congress, and suggesting tbe appointment of snch joint committee Immediately. Also, a communication from tbe Secretary of tbe Interior recommending an appropriation to meet t?eexpenses ot a special Commisslener to the Indian tribes. In pursuance of tbe request Mr. Stevens introduced a bill appropriating tor the prrpose suggested, and it was immediate!* passed. Mr. Pomeroy (N V ) Introducer! the following: Resch'd, The Senate concurrmr. that when ib? Uuum adjourn on Monday next, it bo to meet on Wednesday, May Sib, at 1'2 o'clock, noon. Tbe prrvloua question baring been seconded Mr. Holmaa (lnd.) mored to lay tbe resoluuou on tbe table. Rejected?yeas 34. nays 101. Tbe Senate joint resolution authorizing rbe continuance of tbe Joint Committee on Ketreacbment was taken up and passed. Mr. Kelley (Pa.; introduced a resolution directing tbe Committee on tbe Jndiciary, when appointed, to report a bill declaring who snail call a call a convention lor tbe reorganization of tbe Southern States: to provide for a registra ion of voters: for voting by ballot, fce. Mr. Kelley moved a suspension of tbe rules, objection having been made to tbe reception of tbe resolution; and tbe rnlea were suspended?yeas 111, nays 31. Tbe resolution was then agreed to?yeas 114, nays 33. Mr. Sbellabarger (Ohio) presented tbe memorial of loyal citizens of Virginia, asking tbe passage of sucb laws as will secure tbe enforcement ol tbe law recently passed by Congreet. On motion of Mr. Sebenck (Ohio) tbe pay. master (general wan directed to couimnuicate to tbe House a tabular statement of tb?* compensation paid by tbe (loree nment to each eacb and every ortioer of any grade in tbe I'. S. Army. Mr. Stevens (Pa.) introduced a bill repealing tbe act to reirocede tbe coubty of Alexandria to tbe State of Virginia. Objection was made, and tbe bill was withdrawn temporarily. On motion of Mr. Robinson. (N. Y..) tbe President of the United States was requested to communicate to tbe House tbe circumstances and facts connected with tbe arrest of American citizens in Oreat Britain. Mr. Ashley (U.) introduced a resolution, after reritmc the action of the 39tb Congress upon tbesubjectof impeachment, and directing tbe J adiciary Committee, when appointed, to pursue their investigation, with power to sit dnrlnga recess, and autborizinc tbe Speaker to appoint a J udiciary Commit ee at once. MCI?<T*OOTIO,? ?0?K| 0C"?.??? <! * o?ly, b*f?r? movta^. ,0- i%? '/.jels. w aid H, tJfol HU8IO at h?J/ -- if MH?g oit UcMttoaoTi. ih <-St sac f - BLLIS, BBtiaa." -"? Tb? boot* Si?. wW.'V"-4 ** W HfsKBT M>*"D 4. KKiCll. Pro?ri?t.r. G Om W *? PI^"08 i" o?/#?* * ?*Tto' four nn* t?6? KufcD * (B*ltl?or?,)UTl^ offer thea for ttlt q>oq m* montfcf y 2? A?7Bt?of St.i*wS'?Kli!EMdHmm * BnHDVOiUait OrranV ' "" "TS1. itok *MMolida*?;~?? ss3pb&sb "" "iwMlij I'WI of ,to. r *?*? r w ; ? ?.,r-J - fkajiok tatlok. ^1ip>i?3? "" VIU0IT4TMI. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FRO* BI ROPR Lomk>*, Maivb (~Koon.-go?ial?, ?l f?r n?t^;U.8 S-Vt.n, JIIIqoi* On?rai, F.n?, r.t? I.imfWt, Mnrrh (-Ncm ?Tl? market i? Middliac ' plaada ar? qBo'? | at !:<?,*. l b* of ibr daj ?r? M llB%l?d at T,0> U Adrtcta Oom Mac. b<?*>r ara unfarorahW. H-eadrtufT* art r?n?rai1r firm C?ra 37? Id. i for mitrd W#aWi> per q?*rw Ulltoriw ?k?tt Ui M. p?T cMUl Iriil Tflrtr*pl> Liar* still Dawa New \(irk. March T.-Tfc# follawiag d<ipatch wMrfcrtiMI b?f? tbia mora m I OrriCB ATLAtttC UiMirUT, tJofcTE**, N. March I trouMe* oa lb# lri?to Mtrcraph ha** ?ull c.?ntma#. No rHtabl* aeooanu of tt># c%a?>* bat b#ru recrlvH. Ta# irouM# ta Mtwf-a \ ?Jr?. tia and KillarwT. T?l?rr?i?ni* d??f>%tca?* frota tho 1'niM S'at#a arc **ai ea?t by tt? iarttcii?i tb# \?c**k Ffari tia Frman Raid in Caaada. TokoKio, March <?It t" uod#r?food thai ord?r? b?cD r??c#iv#d from b??ad4iia?i#n? 10 pot twrthuiinr.d Yolon'c#n? la rfafi#*^ lor immi'diiite ttrvuf oa lU** Iroou?r?. (t u t?P|) ord mat thr au bonntt ha\<- rrw**d it'iormatioa of na latradt'd fr'#oian atov*a#ai. CUV tRKMLNT ftb.1 I HITI fc*. ? ASHibwtou. Ma. cb 7, |h?7. Jay Cooke A Co furuttb tbe following ^?otat ions of Government securities: Buying Selling I'.b.l'i Ooupja, 1*91............l " i??* ? U. t?. Fit* TwntiM, l*i lu<% mm* II. S KIT* Twenties. IW4 ItC lv'^ U. 8 Kit* Twenties. 1W?5 lii?a' i?7\ I'.S. Fire Twecties.JanAJ y, ?> , li?7 U. S. Tea Forties ..... n: ? w I' S. S??m Tfcirtw, As(wt..??u'.\ U. 8. N-tfi Thinie*, Ja?c 106 U. 8. bevoa Tbirtiea. .laly 105% 1U6\ tiiw Toaa ria?T roakd (alm. UODpODS Iwf I0.4UI *7^ i.-jst'f. IHM US', August. ...last* 5.*rs, imi HC ?.? , Jvnf lus v S.*?s, IN* 107\ #.?! ?. July lui-. 5 *)>,*. ^ Gold m % Affair* la et?ririt*a. Flock mu (Jkaih Harcit -From to dir we mi) dale tbe resumption ot tbe spring trade, and bu?iiie?s opened Terr livHy when compared with the pa?t month. We noucs vessel^ at tbe wnarf waiting to receive all tbe corn now in store, purchased far N?Ktbern market* at price* rauring from in to ?t cent*, and we bear of sales of about h.?ri bu?hHt to arrive, at about Mi cent#, and ready buvers for all lb at may be offered Tbe only saleaof wheat reported are rone 4 <.?*' bushels red at 93. aad a small lot of white at S3 #a. Flour? Tbe stack is exhausting. and besi traoet are iu active demand. Cboiee eitras verr scarce No improvement in price of low trades, but tor kifft grades tbe taudency is op ward. Thb CahaL ?'The water was let in upon tbe Georgetown level la?t night, wbicti ifordt tbe millers and manutacturers generally, wbo were depeadent npon the caual tor meir water power and wer* so lour without it, opportunity to resume operations. Box's mar also arrive from laBdin?? upon this diviaisu: but tbe navigation thriwgfc tofCumbri lund will probably not b* resumed before tbe 1st* >n.i. Delivbkbi. ?1 tua morninr. J as A. Ma!30 and Wm. A. Watton. wbo were indicted tar tbe larceny ot carriage wheels, the property .if Henry Kengla, and failed to appear at tbe Criminal Court fc r trial, wer* arrested apo?i bench warrants issued by Judge Fisberaad served by officer My too. Tbev were immediately sent ! Washington and delivered o the custody of tb* U. J*. Marshal PoaT or O?otoft"ws ? tuiered?Steamer Norfolk, Vance, from New York witb merchandise Tbe arrival* and departures of vessels will now be regular. Tbe fug, which hvb?-en very dense on tbe river f*r several dart, and tlie northeast gales of the past forty-et*at hours, has? interfered witb the vessels in lbs river bound out GKOKGKTOWN ADVERMTS. CBKAP BPEIV9 GvHIDS AT IL.LBBS. 101 Briars street Oeorgetswu, D 0. Oallcoos, Its to 19; Merrtmsc and Sprsguos. ? cts , S?riD? Uslsinrs. choice stylos, vsrycheat. Rlsacbod aslius. II. 12s, IB, 1*; jar<1 widsd..., 20. James' Stesm Mil's, I i, B ct? , tele's B. H., ? ?. 3; Aadio o"<m, Wauiutt*. New York Mllla. cheap; Brown kbsIib, It. t2'.. If. ?ard wire do UsaaMcsnts A'so. * netit of Pr> Good*. Otil triuiar oar itoek. Von will bay cbaap. fa tJ lu * BENJAMIN MILLER. DlPiBTMIHT Or TBI IMTERIUb, UNITED STATES PATEST OFT1CE, >?#?K W?Tv*. Iftth t WB On UMiMltlM Of WtUlif I MIDI. Of T**dmm, Oklo. prajiag for tbt iitooitm of a HUnl iruM to him tba Slat day of Jaaa, 1863, for aa latprwemant la CalUv*l*r flo?tbi, fcf aaren rear* from the axplratl a of aald hi at, which takaa place oa thetUt day of Jane U? : It is ordered that tba aaldaenttoa be beara at tbf Patent OAca oa MOMMAT. tba 3d da) af J una Beat, at U o'clock M.; aad all aeraoaa ara artlriad to appea* and ahow caaaa If any tbay baee, why aald paction ought not to be gran tad. Peraon* opp >ilag tba exteaelon ara repair*! to flla ia tba rataat Oflca their ot.actioaa. apaclally aet forth In writing, at laaat twenty da?a bafara tbe day of baarfag, all taadmony fi lad by attar party ta ba aaad at the aald hearing ma at fx- takaa aud traaaaatttad la acaordaao<> wttb tba rata* af tba o>m, which will be farnlabed an applicatloa. Dapoaitloag aad other pa para rallad npoa m ?aatlaonr aait ba tted ia the oBca tvaaty dart betora tba day af beartag; tba argaaeoti, If aay. wit hi a tea aaya after lilac tba teetimaay. Ordered, alee. that Mi la aatiea ba publlebad la tba Republican. and tka lnt elllgencer. W aaaiagtoa, D. 0., aad la tba Haraid701e?alaa4. Obia, a waak (or tbraa ncciwln wraka; tba t rat of eaM rabiicatloae to ba at laaat dity dan yrafwaa to T 0 THBAKBS. copy and aand their hill* to tba Patent Offloe. vita a paper coatalalng tbla aatlca. mh 7 wSw H^BOCSKKBEPIRJ WILL riMB 1TOKEATLT ta tbeir advantage, bfor< parabeaiag tbalr Houaakeaplag Artlclaa."ta aaaiaa tba larga aad wall aanarted atack at j. m. mvxmMtmm m ow/ r nvi'liri KB1BH 1MB >TOBB. Where will k? fonad TarTthtni' re-iaUtta for farnlablat a hoae< , andataach ?nc*? that t an not tfrji to |Imm, G??ode dHlvarad la any part of the rtty or 0*nf|?t?vn frt? of rhargc. Unwot. HoteU, tni litrMibotti laralihM) at ahort aotio*. Ordtn from thacoaatry promptly execatcd. and -ooda ***^ fJ. w. BOTILII A RBO , Import art of China. Qlaaa an I Or?cfcer? Ware, ib4 <1?alara In all tlaUa of UvmriM pim: Arrtclaa fh? It ^|&1TUID AGBICULTCBAL COLLBQB. 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