Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAJj NEWS. AM UP KM EN'I 3, Ac., TO NIGHT. NativIai Tkiai sr.?John Brougham :LS W11 k i n s Micawber." Id "DAvidOoppe^1lel<l. , j and "Gerald Fitzmaurice" in "A Gentlemau j lrvm Irrlatd. * Oi?i> t'uiowr Hai l.?The Mlhouian Tableaux now ou (xbibltloB ir? wall worth a visit mm all who to geta realizing sen?e et tbe majestic and terrible scenes described br ; ttie bliud poet, In bis great work of "Paradise Lwt." Met/Bkott Hail.?Readings and recitations be I ore the Yenng Men's Christian Association. tbie evening. by S. K. Murdoch, brother of the poet tragedian. Ke*alr Grammar School, Kofrth I)i?. trkt Mr> Ainidott ranks so high .is a tea. her. that the occas.onal "receptions,'' or rather exhibitions, given at her school, cause great interest,a* w*s He case yesterday, waen the school-room was crowded, despite the unfavorable weather, by people from ail parts of the District, interested in educational matters. It was the generally expressed opinion that the exhlt-Hion was the mo^t satisfactory ywt given, >iwwm* not merely indiTidual bat uniform exc-etlrnc-* or tne part of the pupils. The reriiaiions were delivered with surprtsin* effectiveness |inou ruing that Mrs. Amidon b.isgi\ep careful attention to the culture of her pupils as readers a branch too often reglected in female schools, and very rarely carried to any degree of success. The compositions also elicited much com irendntion. The exercises were as follows Oreetlng file*?Cnorus ; Selection?Fortune Telling, Misses Mctineen, Riley, Gray nd Mitcnell; Minnehaha?Chorus, ; Compoeitton?Oheuieiife, Klli-'i'unn Home?Ooligato Solo. ; Selection?Song of the Shirt, Ida Howe: Coraposit?on? Charity, Mary Ward: Fail Cold?Chorus. ; Selection?From "The >rhool lor Scandal.'' Sallie Johnson: Composition? Try, Ida Pumpbrey: Bridge of Sigh*? ?|uartet:e. , Selection?Prisoner's Evening Service- Misses Preuss and Bowea: Compo-ition?Silent Influence. Bettie Lynch: Last Roeeof Summer?Chorus, ; The Inquiry, ^rbool Dis'ant Ch-m-s?Trio, : Selection? 1 he May t-jueeii. Kate Thompson: Composi ion?Speak Gently, Maggie tifirrett; Sabba.h Eve?Chorus, ; Selection?Cnderthe Dallies. Mary Wood: Composition?Music, Mollie Mowen: Merry Horn? Chorus, : Selection ? I he Queen's English. Misses Dunn. Gregg, Henning. Fornax. Hall. Lynch and Lan?: The Old House?Solo and tluartette, ; Composition ? Falling Leaves, Lizzie Heiminc: Come ?heie mv Love lies Dreaming??4nartetie. ; Selection?The Gambler's Wife, Ida Humphrey; Tbe Mockiug Bird?Solo and Chorum, ; Selection?The "On* Moss SOay," Kate Wise Fraise lb* Lord?Chorus, . All the recitations were cood, bHt that of 'The M*y t^ueen." by Miss Kate Thompson, wa- so spiritedly d'-livered a* to call ior a repetition; and'bat of he Soug of the Shirt." by Miss Ida Rowe, also attracted general admiration. Air*!;*! COMMK\t iMKM ok the MRD1CAL DKrAKIMKKT opcoli'mbian COI.lkue. Despite the weather last evening, the building nsed l>> the Medical Department of theColumbian College was thronged wuh ladies and gentlemen, the occasion being the annual commencement Heald's bra-s band, in full uniform. was present, and during the exerci-es discoursed tweet music. At 8 o'clock the exercises of the evening were commenced, and an eloquent and impressive prayer offered by the Kev. G. W Samson, D. D., president of the college. Alter music, Dr. J. C. Riley, dean of the faculty, in a short address, announced that Dr. Samson would present the diplomas to the grauua ing class: and the following gentlemen were presented with their parchments ?Francis A. Ashford. Virginia: .loseph fcck, Illinois: George C. Samson, District of Columbia; Beverbont Thomjtson, Virginia. Before presenting the diplomas. Dr. Samson delivered a very eloquent and instructive address to the graduating class. Dr. John Ordonanx. professor of physiology, pathology, and m?dical jurisprudence, was introduced, and delivered an address to the graduates. The department own the building which they u-e for their purposes. It was presented to 'hem by W. W Corcoran. Esq.. and is situated on Fl street, between 13th and 14th, opposite the New York Avenne Presbyterian Church. The Prize Risij.?The statements that arrangements for a prize fight had been concluded between Sam Collver and Barney Aaren. two well-known pnzs-ring celebrities, were premature. Collyer arrived In New York on Monday, and up to the time of his arrival had not determined whether to accept the challenge of Aaron or that of Kelly. Advices received in this city yesterday show that Sam has decided to accommodate Aaron first, and has notified Barney to meet him at th-? office of the New York Clipper to-day at twelve o'clock, for the purpose of signing articles and depositing forfeit money. The fight will probably take place about the 1st of Mav, if satisfactory arrangements can be concluded The V asbington and Baltimore "sports" are endeavoring to have i he fight take place at some point in \ irginia. along the banks of the Potomac. Collyer, it is saiw. has concluded arrangements with Tony Pastor to appear for two weeks at his opera bouse in New York, in a clog dunce, in company with hia two boys, Eddy and Dan. and will also go through the li dian club exercise. Arrest or IIorse Thirvrs asd Recovery cf Houses.?On the ftith of February a span of first class mares, belonging to S. A. H Marks. Esq., were stolen from Dis stable at the Navy Yard The lact waa reported at ttie po lice headquarters and the case was assigned I?eiectives Coome* A Miller, who went to work and traced the mares to Philadelphia, where I'euctive Coomes. with the aid of Sergeant Ciouse and officer DeHaven, succeeded in recovering the mares and capturing Win. King and Wm H Anderson. The prisoners were brought to Washington in irons, as the Detectives was fearful that Kin& would attempt to escape He. on a former occasion, was taken from Philadelphia to Baltimore and lodged in prison He escaped from prison and returned to Philadelphia is the same tram with the officers who took him to Baltimore. The horses were delivered u> the rightful owner. The prisoners are held at police headquarters for a final hearing. _ - Thr Railroad Biud^e ? Tirrmgh Travel ?The werkmen ars to-day laying down the rails ou the new portion of the bridge across the Potomac of the Alexandria, Washington. and Georgetown Railroad Company and ike company will have an engine over tonight to take over the regular tram to-morrow morning. It is just four weeks since the des ru?.:iou of the bridge, and there has be*n but six or seven clear days in which to do this w?.rk. The through trams will i?ave daily at n 05 a. tn and 6 yu p. m . as also local trains at < Iti. 9. and 11 a. m., aud 2. 4 2t?. and t,.io p m There is a large amount of through freight at the Baltimore depot which will t?e sent ov?r tomorrow. included m which is quite a number of cars and six ?r eight engines, built at the North, for the southern railroads. The Rains a>d the Streets The heavy rains have bad a very disastrous effect upon some of our etitre e and aveuuvs, making deep ruts in the carriageways aad holes in the sidewalks and crossings. The police have been careful, wbeu the holes appeared to endanger the lives and limbs of pedestrians and the safety of coaches and horses at night, to make *uch temporary arrangements for safety as were possible The boxes and barrels upon the crossings of Pennsylvania avenne rnd O s reel. t,n 6th. and in other localities, indicate* oangerous place*. These have been reported to the city authorities, and will be repaired as speedily as possible. Chakge oe Grasd EarcexY.?Yes'erday William A. Bntler was arrested by ofllcer Parker of the Ft urtb Ward, upou a charge of grand larceny The charge was made by Char; s Howies, and grew out of the fact that a horse (hat Mi Bowles alleges was stolen from him was found iu Butler's possession Butler exhibited a receipt for the purchase of U?e bore*. Mr. Bowles was abont ta*.ng measures for the recovery of his property and soon after learn-1 that Butler had sold the horse. Mr. Bowles then bad him arrested for the larceny. T*e case was investigated nv Justice Barnaclo, who held the accused to bail for court. A Heavy Router v.?Colonel Simon Stone of Norfolk, was robbed in Petersburg, Ya last Friday algbt. of his pocket-book contain'Ing #l?3 in monfy. and a negotiable note for between *e.BOo snd *iMM, and other valuable pa|>*rs Two men. who called themselves Hanesand Davis, wbo were wl?? Col. Sion>-. and pressing against him at tbetim* of his io-s. nave been arrested and pat in jail. They proiessod to hail from G eorgetown, D. C.. but *re paid to be either Baltlmoreaas or New iorkers Hamva* x ?1u an no un cement of tile death ' Mr. Julia D Ha miliar k in the Constitut io??U I .tvi, yesterdav, was in/orre. t, and we are ro l? ri 11'is morning that he is much _ !,?-??? r * r be lei tn dispense the rood :: tgs of tbi- i ar b'? fam*d restanrant. r' t* ep,, >ir r. sort for all 'he inxnrtes of lie -ea?"t! i* b- 11 ? me of the most complete establishment ti hi* section Horn . Kar?-UT- ?The ?rre?t? iq the Dts ys'erdsT rfinbered moHly far light Mu*1 :ftH ?V Corporation '?w amonnterf ?o fAo. I ? r y lieI'Osse, ri, agent, was ae. ,r : yes-er.iay l y Lieutenant Eckloff 1i?r ..j h,: - '-w-fliuut license. Justice Wai-?r nn?d bin. ALMAWM1A. Arruu ?Proa ths AlexanAna Oa-rtu of yesterday we clip Ike following lt?wr The sale of government buildings' at Camp D striouiion, yesterday, wu well h tended hy bidders from this el'y, the ?arronnd<ii( conntry.and the District of OolnrnMs, and rtje prices (btamed thfri* w*re considered excellent. Mr. 8am oel (J. Kifoi, on whose land some o' 'h;* builaings were erected.made large purtfca-K. We Warn that the steamer FUmbeaa whl'h mailed from this pt?rt ?>u the jctli of last montti, for Charleston, South Carolina, with five companies ortbe4tb Regiment oreol .red V. 8. troops on boatd, stranded on the btach near rort Fisher, below Wilmington. North Carolina. day before yesterday. but no live* were loet. IJnite a number of Mayor Latham's friends called at bit bouse last uight t? congratulate him upon the success he had achieved during the day's contest. Mr. Latham treated b?s visitors hospitably and entertained them with a little speech. The U. S troops, sent hereon the nlrht of Monday, the 4th instant, to assist, if necess\rv, in 11ue111tv any disturbance that might occur during yesterday's election, were this moraine. at 6 o'clock, withdrawn. l>r. T. S. Laws, or Fauqnier ooun'v. at preseBt on a visit to this city, while walking up Km* street, last nigh', about half pa^t ff-ven o'clock. w?s garroted between Henry and Fayette streets, and robbed of his wallet certain lug about Fresh Fish, in market, are becoming more abundant. White perch from U5 to jO cts. per bunch; yellow perch from 3') to 35 cts. per bunch; rock llsh 50 cts. per bun^h: single rocks, price* according to size. It is stated that the Military in this place yesterday, were gent heru by way of precaution at the instance of Judge Underwood. A meeting ot the Ci'y Council etccted yesterday will be held to-night. CriminalCocrt, Judge hi her?This morn* Ing. John Angerman, convicted of an assanlt and battery, watt sentenced to pay a tine ol #3n. In the cases of Joseph Lee. Solomon Herman, (two cases,) larceny, a nolle j?ro*. was entered. James Henry, indicted for the larceny of a quarter of a cord ol wood, was convicted and sentenced to live days in jail. Browns lor defense. Michael Tait, indicted tor larcenv, was found not guilty. Kean lor defense. Solomoo Herman was convicted of larceny of clothing from John Kelly, valued at *|:jcThe ca-e ol Melville Kurtz, indicted for the larceny of clothing from J. H. Seville, was commenced, but not concluded. I*niA-l?rnnER SriT Decided?fnjunctitnu Granted.?Yesterday JudgeOlin, in tb?- Equity Court, granted injunctions in tne cases of (ioodyear and others and Haron against Hills and Daily, restraining the defendants from infringing the patents of the plaintiff's. The plaintiffs are the patentee-, of me vulcanite or hard rubber, very extensively used now in deutistry. and the effect of this injunction will prevent the defendants from using thl? sub. stance in their business unless they ob'ain licensee from the patentees Messrs Ooomhs ?nd Pollock for the plaintiffs, and Mr. Muttingly lor the defendants. CiBoriT Cor ht?To-day the Circuit Court is engaged with the case of Jeremiah Co?teilo agt the Corporation of Washington, Mr. Merrick appearing lor the plaintiff and Mr. Ilradley for the delendaut. The plaintiff contracted to exenva'e the Chesapeake and ObioCanal within the city limits, and c aims that after he had done a portion of the work he was pre. vented from completing It. and claims damages therelore to the airount of ?(*,000. kEcitvii. THB Twbsty Per Cewt.?The clerks, messengers, and other employees ot the Patent Office, were this morning paid the 20 per cent, increase on their snlnties. authorized b/ the act of Congress. The clerks and employees of the Interior Department, Pension and Land Offices were paid on Monday and Tuesday. Contract Awarded The contract for performing the sanitary work for the tjaartermister's Department, in and about this citv has been awarded to Charles Page. The work to be performed from the 1st inst for the -um of S5 " ? per month. ? . CITY ITEMS. ^cick sales aud small Froflts!!!_(>ood White Shirts *1 50, ? ? and 5", at Franc's dent's Furnishing Store. 7th stree', be. tween D and E: also shirts made to order, lm I Jkwelri ?Plain Bog Wood Setts, new styles Tip Bog Setts, Buttons, Long Guard Chains, received this morning at Priggs One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. 4% Pennsylvania avenue, near ijj street. V ariett, the very spice of life. That gives it all irs savor, may be lound at Henulng's One Price Cloth ing Stare, on the corner of Seventh street *..* Maryland avenue. "a Gbay's Collar*, 4j cents per box' Goldsmith Collars, 25 cents per box: Imitation Linen Collars. 25 cents per box: and all other goods cheap in proportum at Franc s Gents' f urnishing Store, 4?.?4 7th street. between D and L street*. _ lm Fisb-Stitchbd Boots made to order for #10, Gaiters lor S7.50; ladies Kid Button Gaiters for ?fi: Balmorals tor *5, and all styles of Misses and Children's Shoes very low at Helt. brun Jc Bro'a., 5l<5 Seventh street, one door south ol Odd Fellows' Hall. :j Fine Gloss Kid Button Boots at g H. Wil. sou s, No. 5tft 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall, at prioes rangfug from *l.6u to 36 50. tt Thosb Lather who want an elegant Embroidered Yoke for Night Gown or Chemise, can get onecA?t)< by calling at Prince's, 3?i F s:reet, betore he moves hie stock to his new store, 48* Mmth street. e Db. White, Chiropodist, 4*4 Penn. nr.. between 4j{ and 6th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, SBlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excreseuces, Ac. Office hours from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m , and to 8 p. m. Established lts61. For Chilblaikb and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation Is a specific. Price f 1 per bottle, r or sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4Xaad 6th streets. A Sure Pile Curb?Dr. Gilbert's file instiiiment positively cures the Worst cases vt piles. Sent by mail on receipt of #4. Circular free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere Address J. B Rorname, Mana. *er. No. 675 Broadway, New York. 3> Pbbbieb can be had m any quantities at the Itsr office counter makriid. BOTC 11POKD? A KNOliD, On the 18th Fsbru^Vlrra"ki*Mr0L?D1Ul' ? U MUTCUru?D .''ACEBJf?P4TT1KSOM. 0ntns>tbfnat j.i OIKII. 9PALDINQ, On Wadnetdif. iik liifAit .r*.. aldimo****of" t,r"1 month* mnMPK .?'? relatives and friends are reiseetfnllr in Ited to ktteii'l hi* from ttt Patrick' Chnrch. ob Saturday. at 10 o clock. etrica s HILL. On the 7th Inst , at o'clock * >? o niomptloB C IKNIST HlLL.agJS |( 0iV ? i ,lkU a*'*? * Hill yw*' .I. ;^,""u"iui iSu??s: ^^^^altlmer^apsrs ?!?> ? COST I MAL SOIEBTiriO AITlOLOOKg Of AKIIIOA II WA8B1HOTOS OILY A fMW DAYS U)AGBB. All those who by Astrology Tfceir dostiny wontd kaow. A ad wish to test this Science. Khonld to Prof MAUKICB go Ini Twsirth street he does reside ? 'oor huailred and seventy. The Planets he will read 'o yo*. And tell what Is decreed; wha? to avoid, and what to do, t, V?, .lM 11 succeed. i? e IRK]*ow ty g?in wealth, and tlvsaTifeofea*s, Hw^JL^ck vre*]?res their health, W?r w^atdisease AJ'" '"'led be, Or live and dls a aiald; TV.,, ??ouDt of family; lwtnbe loir ha?haa>i s >?<lt, T wJl!" *" 'Pntnrv tsll he will. Whatever they maf be. sour honored aud seventy. inn l-<5t# y BILLS for saie in saiss to salt pnr uoilf!*"1 iwk*t ?ric* *** AJtlSICA* r., ,fMWIB , CI' * K- AND TOBgP<)o ?IIBOOKB M ID- ! MUSSTOM ?lll be bappr tessrv? hi* friends i and the piilillc elth Uig?rs and ToW?wcn. at Ho 1 ?4 >a Lotilaians avenne, near Bank of Wasklas' i K>? fe 9-lss j AMUsEMENTS. Pnaiiliute imiMw vmirii' laUl. THIS THUESDAYT MABOH 7, 1??Y, *"?? %iSWT98k&. who will i)|Mr Id two d?rKt?rt Tbe performance win comaOsee with A GENTLEMAN FROM IBBLAMD, . After which, the ttlihnM Boh-*-Lint M*?i oi^powd h? Mr .tub* Brougham To coaclade with DAVID C0PPBBF1ELD. Bescmpti* a of the Regular Price# of Atnlssiei. tut atii* imrnl wltaoot extra charge. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. IMKENSTSUOOESB ' or ihk (iBEATOBIGINAL MILToNlAB TABLEAUX, From Li-nd on, England liall packed t<> utu.?Mt capacity, and hundreds unable to gain adm1>4ion ' OPEN AGAIN TO NIGHT MATIN Bs. SATURDAY AFTERNOON ADMlt-BluN ON LI 1WENTV F1VB CBNTS. Roervtd Mat* Jt ceuta AdulMlvn to the Matinee, all iart?t( tha Ball -v ? ?? <> "?* Children to Matinee ?.%oente NO BALK PK10K Al' NIGHT. Pecni e yonr seats at Bllis s Manic Store, 3 to Ptnia) Ivanla avtnue ? ^ m t tf A M POBLAND, EtHjH. L"AHCY DBESSES AND COSTUMES. V For Tableaux and Private Parties. Arp'yto MRS FRANK RE* fe 21 In. 447 10th street. LOST AXVJJ yOUWI). I OST?On Saturday nlcbt lea? altlier on the I i Hlih ltd* of Ftiu'a avenue, bet 3d and 4'* streets. or <>u tha crossieg opposite the Glooe Wtice.or in the vicinity ot iha latter, a ladles MINK FOR OOLLAK A liberal reward will bs raid for ita return to No. 447 Pennsylvania aveiiu*. IOBT?In tha ladies' gallery of the Senate. on a Monda), the 4ih instant, a Ladles* Boyal ErUiiite Fl K OA PK A liberal r-ward * ill OS P>1?1 tor its return to Bon SIMON OABEEOM, *il lar<iV H..tal_ m*>-Jt* IOBT?On Sunday, March 3, a black real lach * VEIL, in passing from 1Mb "treet, corner ol K , to I street, through Penn?vl\anla avenoeover tbe Aqueduct bridge to Montgom?r> street, Georgetown W boever will return it to the porter at tbe Quartermaster General's Otbce, Pei n. ave end 17th *treet, or to No No 10t? eat st., eorgelown, will be rewarded. mh i> 3t I OST-$.'>3, In 910 and notes, wrapped in a J piece of paper The tin'ier will be liberally r-w?rded, if returned to D. F. BABBlCR. Bo. ,"?4* Penn. avc., bet. 1st and 2d sts nib 6 3t* I" Os'l ? Oa tbe morning of the .'td inat. a mouse j colored COW, -potted white, with ahort . mmpltd horn*. A liberal reward will be aeld tor it* leturu to Batney ' stable.6th at., sontn ol tbe Attune, or at tne Washington Douse, corner ot 3d at. and Penn'a arenue tnh S 3f BRAOBLET LCMT-OnThursday evening lest, between the reaidtnee of Senator Bprasu* and Willard's Hotel, a Florentine Mosaic BBACE LKT Tha finder will be liberally re ward eo by returning it to the office at W(Hard's Uotal. I nih S 3f I du jjp ?\ REWABD?t or tbe recovery of the fol lowing articles stolen Irom Boo* 7 I, Bbbitt House, between 3 and 6 p. m , March .r>th, viz One large Diamond CBOSs, of 23diamouds. s?-t In tailed gold and black enamel, with gold chain atta bad wi?h ring and bar. ona pair Diamond k A BRINGS, efbeartseaae pattern; one ?et oi PEAHLM?ear ring" and bieastpm-koth extra large aire and ol medallion shape. A propoi tionate reward will be paid for auy oi tlie above articles. S. G FuSTBB, I m J 3t* Brevet Major Qen . D H. A._ I OST- At the Nat'onal Theater, or between _i there ami Wlllard?s. last eveninjr, a BBACB- 1 LBT marked '*? A K to*. 1 , Birthday Gift, | l-oi " Tbe bnd r will be literally rewarded by leaving tbe seme at Willard's Hctel. fe 22 tf I PERSONAL. PEB.-ON Al.-A gentleman of travel, taste, dls- I cit-tion, aud leisure, gootl foiui and appear- I ance. ueslies to becenie ac'iuainted with a lady I ut tbe name iUa lflc.iiions with a view to pleas ant bourn Address iu perfect confidence. "B. B. B ,'" tnrougln Washington Post Office, mhi .!t* IVOTICE?I he7ebjTorewarn ail pcrionf not to trust my wife, ANNA G K KB' KB.or pay a>iy tnocev due to me as I will pav no debts con I tract* d 1 y lier, she having left un bed and b'ard I inb? .,r WM OBBgf'KB. L^BKNCH WHALEBONE COB^BI^ AT ? 150. r AI*o <>n hand, a full assortment of home made I Corbet", Whalebones, (/'orset bteels and Boards. | latest and all stjles of Hcop Mkircs, Covers and I TilminlDgs Will be sold at the lowest rate, at I GHABLBd 1JAl'M a H.op Bklrt and Oerset Man- I ufattory. 4 9 le nimana av nne, beteeea 6th and | 7tb streets. mh 11m* SOFT FBLT HATS, aid all kinds of nets. Cleaned. Colored and Trimmed now, at M I Cl'NNlNGH 4M'S Cheap Bat Store. No. *463, Beret-lb street, between I and K. le II eoltu* ( ONLY FOR LADIES TO BBAD-Biegantly Embroidered NIGBT GOWN and CHEMISE KOKBS, more >laborate tban any ever ottered here, of tbe n<*west and most beautiful deeigns, received daily, frem our cor?? of 1M superior bands,and for sale at REDUCED PHI (.'KB Being tbe largest manufacturer hera of tbis kind of ladies1 a ear, we can please all, both in <iuellty and prtoe, and are determined, at whatever cost, to produce the beet work, iaaue tbe most elegant 1 patterna. and kTAMP CHBA PBB, than any ooncern in thie or any other city. Onr reputatiea aa tbe oaly Practical Stamper here insured ladlee that no injurious compositions are <ised. and shields th*m from trusting their work In tba band* of thoae who boy n few block* and proclaim themselves stampers. Stamping, ? cents per width, and give you a Oollar and Guffs in. WM. PB1BCB, 4 19 9th street, fe 2 tf eppo?lte Patent Office. IJB1DAL ABD FUBEBAL WBBATHS, BO D QUETS,CBOSHBS. ABCBttBS.STARS, *c., preeerved in natural form: Imported FLOWEBS, | HAIR FLOWERS, and BttAlUlNO. Also.lm ported MOSS, Ha IK DRESSES tor Balls, by Mra. FRIBS. IIaa removed to No. 4'i9 litbat., between G and H. oc i <m" , J~OHN D CLARK. ATTORNEY AND 00BSSBLLOR AT LAW ABB NOTARY PUBLIC, Bo. 3'ift 13tb street weat. de 14 ly i "boardTNG; fpOB RENT^aTBo. t as Carroll Bow. Oapitol Hill opposite Capitol Square, a large wellfar- I nisbod I'AkLOB and BED BOOM, with or without BOARD, suitabis tor gentlemen and lady, or I two gentlaman. m7-3t* L'OR KENT?Two well fnrnished PARLORS, oil r tbe grst floor. With or without BOARD Apply 393 E at., bet. ?th and luth. fell rV'ABLE BOARD at Bo. 464 Itfth #treet,a few 1 doors north of tha avenue. Terms fiB per month. de IS-K | \1 ETROPOLiTAB PATKBT ivl STEAM BAKER r, 347 C street, between 4V, and Mh streets. Furnished with Mc Ken lie's Splendid Bsel Oven and the moet approved machinery, naing none bat I the beat material, carefully eelacted. The Greek ers manufactured at tbis eatabliahmsnt are saserior to aay heretofore offered in tbla market. We Invite attentles eaaec ialiy to following varieties: MILK BISOUIT, A vary choice article, from select family floar. BOSTON OBAOKBKS. From Welch's familr flour, e.jual to any in tbe oeuntrr SODA CBaC'KBBS, Bxtra fine, from high grates extra flour. Aleo. tbe toliuwing standard varieties: WATER CRACKERS. slgab ckackbbs. BUTTBB CBAOKEB8, CRACK Bk DUST. noybltiks, We are else sapplying Grocers and Families with Bavennnr's well known FAMILY BREAD. I felS lm TBO. HAYEBNEB. 347 Cstreet. AF. D. CLEARY, TOTION ABD COMMISSION MERCHANT Southeast earner of K and Eighth atrweto, tOpposite Northern Liberty Market,) Waj>nixGTOH, D. O. REGULAR'S iLES, ' MONDAY, WEDNBSDAT, FBTDAY. AND SATl RDA Y. Consignments solicited. Liberal advenes mads on c nnguu.ents. Particular attention paid to the sa'e of Beal Bstate, and Bonsehold Furniture at private reeldencrs. fe 2o eolm 500,000 u"8PAV?1"ODTt"'a8,OB FROM KKXDALL GREEX VINEYARD. COBCORB. tbe mest valuable drape In the I I country * BOBTON'S VIRGINIA, CATAWBA, 1 BEBECCA, MAN A, UAkTFOBD PBOblFIC. j with meny other choice kinds, at $1 gs ur jyo cuttings, or 91S psr 1 uou; warranted ell good \ wood and 'true to name. Oarefelly packed i shipped to any address on remittance. Early orders are aolicited. < J. PBARSON'S Frnit Store, , fe 6;ln? 491 ?th street. | 486 { " "H""' j 486 7th ats*et.\ arPBOPBiaTS ro? ?7lk street I ALL SEASONS BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL COMBINED FAIBTlBOs ABD EBGBAFIMOS A limited but choice selections of Oil Paintlncs. Bngravlngs. Oferomos, Wreaths, Baskets of Flow- r A rich and varied assortment from the best man 1 afactnrara ta the oouatry. embracing Walant. Ira i i tat I ><n Rose wood, all Gilt. Rustic aud Carved Franios. PassaparUataK Card Frames, Ac^ PICTURE CORD AND TASSBLB, WALBUT _ ?BA?!BETS. Ac. Oerd and Teasels all stses and colon, Bins N .lis, Welnut Brackets. Easels Ac. 1

PA'a.BHAN01BG8 ABD WINDOW SHADBB ( J beaullfhl variety of these goods, embracing the richest dasi^s of Gilt Embroidered ParloTTat terns In the Blstiist, with a well asserted any* of larfcs varioty ?f Wlaflow Shades.different sia?s and colors. Ordars for Window Snades and Paparkinglngs punctually filled. In dtp or ronntty. AJWe?tortiOB *b 4* WP* ***** 1 ip<'c1?fy tb order, believing the best ths Wiespest, < and aiming to keep that claea ef Goods ws respectfully Invite the PubMc to inspect and compare mt / Qeods with any In the market. " Ttrm% invrtnblv cm>k. J. MARKRITBB, No. 4S6rtb street, do 18 ftn* Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Mail. ' # J ,??? WANTS- ~ VV hf r??fT*l hnawwttk with Vbout $ 0-. n?s? a ^IT-V-T ?f'! ??_?'-* w t*? *? ilrerx ?..? " * """ ' Mwr,1"BtwIHM. If " *"o??ii?ri.'. T' ?*1* ?* * ? sircAv?"-work ?r h *"ok or^U' *\rM 0' *" * 1 chit,flee b-*-e?oik. a <) dret? J B . ???r Of m* WOSfAB, ?h> To a g o w/rih?Co n* n?. AnVirowleg. ?... /JjgWrxr.&K' -" "i.u ^ T .000 '^TP^T frT ?R'8NKB IKTIO r?<mlr<n< hi. "rTV"'*?"? m,,,, '* * V"' Ad rt?, (J A^*Off, Btar W4iTSr* TOOM'lHR.iM.^,,^; fc*#n f>* 1,11 Seforo; at th-p , &r?iT (?ta*Jlii*iT A rV:?pVTAJL< Tvoao woata. i.ou entireTlVl'l"*?1' f MTOAttOM, to take the ? ait naor.^^ .i V l**ch r?D| children, or "b 'V?,oi &}\d,y f K*^ In w ?u. tad no ?*e .bMwU.VS**4- ,A??l>r 148 ? ? ?l?Hn 17tn and 13:t sts. u* 11/antid To kbn r ??h pw Ki:H*si-\ ? "dln"-'T' PVr?Lll?0 HftPM? .llVTl, Hid convexilti- 8 J %P 1?f,,'r8 Improv -m-nts unfurnished awl handeomeiy fumUkid or dMcrlVtinti rA Anr rr,on,h*T,M * ?? !? iS^^t^rSsrJtiss mh ; Mfi( ; , BOGENBCABtm, rou eo6t I I tol | 3* Louisiana avenue. W VJ.RP.-ias"^; ct~-2i)L0?*o~~a^Tv, ance bv.te^ RTitowlUi#,^*i WEIGHT'S Temperaoceoyeter Saloon. Be 870 jth ,t . b,t L;ni * _p* th*t can read preferred. rah 6-St* \\ 11vTn r^ltT^R* * T~ A nice HttrBCTTnttaMnht i?u -i w,tt? houtel*htor ten r eat*. wHIettlt li|l w-?^v n*,1tbbj'r hood A bout- tiat m-nthl. ? LWe t*k'n J** 'e*r- ?<> r*ut pai4 Office *d?*we. Add re? Box -?0.1 city I* st ' mhtf-lw*' A SITUATION WANTED?Br an Amnrlon St*'?w ?r **?'uhi houV? wor*. Apply to 49* 17th strert nc?r L nii J;* W^L^r,* BOOEKEEPEB ?hr"nDd?r ences lVoaaHtl i *? Mn,t k,*v? X? >?t refer sTaTo*" ?mployer.. Address Bu lO, \Lr AST ED?A Httle~WHITE~GIBL. 12 to It child cLVilt S??l%\\h,i? t\ ?i.? ?"1? stre^tn itrtet, between K +n \ L . mh r> w,th *c"b riH,. mfriIff,m.'if ' " ?B,J froHt?bi? rlrat ?*&TJj^wv,,<aKr V\ A.Kil',ZA. W? *14*t? Wo* Pa. ?r?ntie * Ci,l,d* 1 rpHE MOST EXCITING AND lNl'IKI^TiNn Av t ??OOK <?|f Tfll ^v.1 Tlllfl GEN. L. C. RAKE KB HIBTOBT Or THK . ^BECBET SEBV1CE . AGISTS wanted i??i 1 fi'y. to*u connty. and State of the ^tiJon to canvM* for tbi. work Th.. hi.tor, attem^n?^ ?/?? ,e'r **"< l<u* o#iu? t? th. attempt* of the G.vernaiei.t to ai]nare?a It itm publication ?a. delayed. I? W.1J DOW bt liinii" o KBm6Vt4^nui^: of th* (Jolon'* DlaCtiin*,ioos uf t?e?r ^SB1? *nf1 thrll'l"?f 'idrea r ' I. j A fami'na rxperfenrea of net e ard \ Idoc . The marvelona narratives of General Baker are all atte.ted l.y to "huK h?i'tA?l"ftb.k ,l-: 11 rUI .""Utn the only offlctal history of the Anation coutplr* y A fail iiV.'I/ ?Lthl* *"?t. tarthng. acd rerrlUe frimi KBO* ITS CONNIPTION IN TBI Bir?% RonVu L^,S? T0 TH " bVbia1? PL%VVOP n#v?>r T?t been pla'-e.i before the poblii . The work altto folly exp >#? ? the nr'arlnci by which Presidential pardons wer.?nd are ?oreadny ehtalnert at Wast,"el?n Ud oulni"antnatLitb?^^h,L%1 C4pittl *re t^orr, ? 1 .? l*d- ftn^ there ate some str*n?e r< relatloos roncsrn)ns heads of departm<TitH membera of r. tr#res.. frtralp pardon broke and dlMlanishcd mlhtarr characters f10*"*' ?? > r or circulars, canvassing nnml>er?. and nil other informat'oo. addresn "L 0 bakir pI-# ?,? ! ?' * No. 390, Philadelphia.' AK*?- r<,?* Gffloo daT bo7ttayk WlU U re*d> ,or dellTerT on the 1st u ^v, S r**0* those thoroughly conversant eh a,'ne*' nnd with good referenre to character and ras?on8lt>tlit>. need apply, rnhi lra \\ 81T C AT ION a? seara.tresr byi * T ?mt who understands aewlng tharouKhly h? Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machlie 0?? %t ,nd three d,"^x No^.Vtar ortx" Addre<f9; gr gafeKssss^s chance offered tc make moaey, fo l> iw* A ?O"TH eWw A B'BBT W B ENTS EH8T I? 21 0AUS*? AED BESend for Circulars and eee our term* fe Is in* i,ATi<S,KAL P-Mb'hTn-G^ toM-m ?07 Minors reet, IMnladelphla. Pa. WANTED?All persons about break!us n. housekeeping will pl-aae call at nnl ' aawe wish to buy tbelr furniture lmvfee^J?' Utit calls for the same Aieo. Houses for *e^ D. L. WBIjLS A CO . - 4,m corner loth and r streets. W GOLU^a.rMLVik^V?ff OLOTBINtt.old value, at the eld established*5s?tbfr MtLc1* of biekor's Store o* B. ELXToNA WzZVjS*? 3 doora north Of Penna. ave^e * ' de a^y*ntf?r BIa?M'SffEWINO MACHINE ssi posite Patent Olllce, they can lind the beat seliefiJi ff'/ttnent of P.tterni evsr ofr.r^'hSre f^ Ap^0,n, Jo*ey?. Waists, Token Wr>pa?rt. Slippers. Plncuabious and i??' Male. Also.deelgtis for Pi 1 low Oaeei n't??- 1 n 1 ' ^Vn^???^er>V?r^V Fre^l s?!,?. ^ */* WehXlal French Machine and a Ptactteal Stamper A5 bare reduced the price to ai#*r, aAd I ,/lv" OEHTS PEB WIDTH. W "i?Jii55^?Po?ifiT8rEK8,rBSR I) 1NG and HODB*rg KN ISH ING QUODB ',f??. fe4i,?ftl0n' B '*h "treet /" " 1-otweeuG and B.eaat side. O. PIANOS. I NE Bacon A Bsven Piano, for Bijo _ I One Andrew Stein, for fdu. ' E2E& I One almost uew 7 o<taTe largo round^nTtTl corner ftoardmaa B Gray Piano I For sale .^a MSftwai, atthe warjsroo?, ?f Q0LDMB1A HBiPITAL FOB WOMB* ~ LYINO IH ABTLDM, fourteenth ptreet,(atrcle,)corner of M atraet I Washington, p. Q. Thli Inatftntlen ha? been eaubllahed for the m. Oeptlon of natlentc who mar bo auffaria* I J^uRar to their aex;?SS for thWMJ!: bluVl7ch?ifeT *? r*,0lr# U# ?*ti <* the ^'W'uV^rr^srtrfi'si grounde. .Oarapaas the_door every BveLlnSt^T" "fAoSjV-aMAr*- j United Btates Army M* ?" b,r??,B ?MmL towKjisvrSssr""W. B0WABD, M. D., P atroaJu^^^ I mSIS/SSS^S^S?!'rtts: GiUette, mB OmsbU. ?SMrtT2fK5^',a:.'Sy-?"aa,ttss M^hiinfl^Hlll?8 ** ** <? wbo deal re t% oewe JV-orsews,, j ?to enler Win dispatch, on Mode- I i I P YUO WAIT BAB0A1N8 ' ,, ... M IN ( 4B1BBT PDBB1TUBB Call at the Bxtesolve Wavoraoaaa of I B. P. E1MMEEMAB A ?0? ^ No A3BBeveath atreet, Ja n-dla batwoen La av, and B axraot. | a"*TBi?ra<JR7~ i e,w8#lS|y|jE^WhKll8?'',ni 11 ^OBHAM GBEEN COBN ! J (Sweet ) J N. W. BDB0HBLL, 1 ... . ?, Corner Mth aud P streets. r#1 * * under Bbbitt Houis. fob sale and best. wpom palb?tbo vision now b* r ? .! <x esr o* lit*trr?t (Ut.vlth 8to b fixtcrbb rpsseesioa giean lmmsdlaUlF 7 st" Holss amu lot fob salboa U *? ', urt>rf*l**( two <jiri? ti?m ??>r H?M*??niall.Uo <UrT fr?ak n?ri; ?? t?ot 3 'r-.nt by ico dee-> For p >riicui*i? aul t?rn? iuaaiteon tk* prsai -os. ? t * Fob ilst-t*# otc* unfurnished ig n-r.nlceting > with or wit t) -a? bo. 2 'nd'an* svsnns, tMrd door fro.u ;d street, a.>rth s *?./ - all <t* i/(ib" kf.kt-rkfcm norm, nine ? <? r front f*rd, h?* n st , ud mb #it >?ruiunin in ?1?w. Inn Ire 490s kmi. ITinot.bstweeustb soil ~tii str. ta __ ?< r>b kant? Firat ward oomfortahia nv room, n<-?ny new buli k h<?0>b on IPtti street bftwrfb m thd m. l*r**let, with ?ll?? ??'! o >4 shed at the tsar Apply to j as HENNlN>,2let trMi.betw?<t&i><(t. nil j?* F ob bent-fka*b hopfb coi tuning tlx rems. 447 n stre-1 between a? d ij-a. Intuits next do. r. Also. se > s r al b ?o;us. with best rooms attached. no ssrt b street bstwr-n 12th and 13tb. Inquire At feint Store. aext deer. nih s-ot* EBrai ktbt fok bale-Tbe kkstacbant i fct <hefle? tmu?-di:??elr opp -eiie the Oepirol. Apply No. 5 south a street two do<rs aUi?? h?v Jrrntiv tmnr. mti >-?>' 'pwo nick ffhnihiep b')oms fob i bent, ??i*b the nse o' rerl r. Alto t' o" Basement Call at 330 Istb street, betwe?n i a .d k eta ? ir F'ok rent?Two fba b e houses feur rooms fiirh one < n f rest corner i?4 th <> b< r-.n ?lt street, near f Rent fit per month. t->b? oa d in ad*ar,ce. KejutNo 104 f ?t. tr.h i 3t* f"0b sale a one horee covered waous and imbna&k Apply van str<et. h and 4,'i s nets. Island __ ibh 't it* john d \lkt. roB ha lb h( Only $ required. the balr hscr ( u b? paid In monthly ailment ml 3"? <a l ? hew five-r*#-ui uol'sb. on tbe ?Mt aide of 6th afreet, i*Ubd bptce* n u and i utreeta. ?ad frit hoa^* 'mw h ?t kiy ntil doo?. &takk a co . 4"***s Ttn at , mhf-6t' b*tw?*h d aal b F'obhalb-tho liv1bv ptahlb ib? fkbo No 12?p atreet, batweeu ?' and d Inquire on tte preif !?<? . ?h * fit* i)n a a< kbs of UKsT i<1ni) n?ar Waah ?>u1f ington to llf for two Teara n)(b >at ?i y rent, tor the consideration of putting the land ?nd?r cultivaii?ii. In lota of on" to fifty acrea. with n.any tiiduct-bb'-nt* . InrlaJia* the pri vil<*s? >( b ying tha land at any tiona For all particulars inquire of l % rq n>h 4 1m Corner 1 'tb and f ?treeta. / ' bbf.n horsb fob bbnt^ a lar?eq?tf.n " > hocsb well ?t rked with ch -Ice plantc, for rent Apply to th08. p. m9b3ab, he?id rtb street. nnh 1 fit ?/ob bbnt One laree HOOJt, ii t y ?0 fert i with raa and wat< r. aaltable 'or work?>i p or afora rocm inquire at fi/bm b1n*> fl National btablw* en 0 at . Wat. ?s and ?th in m> t ot* f. ob bent?In flant'a Bslldlne.cuinerof new r Torh avenne and 1Mb atr>*<?t, ?e*eral tery deairable 0ff1ob boftms. Fur terms apply to obokqb h 1'lant, office id -tory, "i'lant a BmldicK." mhitf Alabob baloon pablob with bed raaa attache !, v ith aeveralot^er pleaaaat room*, fer rent at No. 4*i? Carroll l'lac*. Capitol Hill. ali 1 m i1uoms fob kent-At No fi north a. north ii aide of front Oapitol tqaare. m-aihera ef Con green will find pleas*at treat BoOMS The r<*?nia occn pled t) Chief j??tlce drier will be <civen np u the 4th of March. nih l-??t* ."ob salb ok bbnt?'Jhnao, a lour roomed l frame HDl'ic, near the Gir. le. Aleo a tine carriage dou for aal*. At bo^bbt fc ut?'n 8, Pawnhrckar. 304 nth at., near fa. av. f?2o-2w* btuk the ?lu>t vtllahle an[> ue 81bablb bdtlo(no l'lts in the <-ity for ialt. It la iritoated en the north al?1e of k near 13th tsta een Senator Sherman'a ari l the Mexican Mintater'a fr<?tf nff on Franklin Sjaara. mlit lot invt fe?-t by ifl, rntmme bark to a toot alley and Improved by a tw> atory brirk itaMe. feSB-tf b p. bbuwb, 46* tthatfet weat. F'ob bitle-iOnly .'?260caab re jnireJ, the l al ance cm l>? pai l in monthly icalalmenta of 521 each>-| ueu tao atory m cq fetS Jw 4*?1,7th at.. Let d and b. f-'ob t*alb ? All ki?d of l*nbbdbbbbd pledges, to pay adrancaa. At t4 ?s <tre*t, near Pa. Ave. 6. 00ld8tb1n a 0 fe 21 lm fclren?ed Pawnbrokera F'ok hale oh kent? Fnrni?h?-4 or nnfnr ni*bed?the besidence of the aa?tr?iib Miniater. corner 12th and k. Applf ofttr^en 11 and 2 p. m fe2"lm* Fob salb-Tbree amall qabden FaBM8, ear the city, cae ot fr acre# laprored bv ne* two ptory l>rlck htinae and necewary ?ut bnilatnce, ijrape?. f traaherrlea pearhea. applea, Jte ; 2 i. fifteen acres beet of garden soil; 3<1, thirty 11 a< x' ? acies. dfctirablr located fer Butcher or Milk Farm. ?. d. htocbbbioob k co . Beal k<tate Brokers, fel9-1ia* n k. coiner 7th and f eta. i/ob bbnt??he btukb boom nrxt t> the r Star office nnder m" npellua Hail. Apply to c. b. bab bb. Star office. fe ib tf Gbobobtown bbal bstate anu uoosb aobbcy, !0<t bkidgb stbbbt Honaex for rent at #15 to $1 v per mont&. Detirabla iloa?es and Lota for sale. _feI4-lm* okmb a coopbb. Fob bbnt?Tbe fabm.for the iaattbree years the resldeace of Ma>or Tboephllua Oalues. cobsIstlBK of uo acres, lying near Fort Mahan, 1 lis from Berining's bridge. ImyroTeiuenta, dwell ug honse ef 11 rooms, stone stable, eeryeat s hwusea, barn, Ac Address "b. 8.," 437 b street. Wark Ington, d c.,or eall la person, between 3 and 7 m. a. oc 14 tf ivob best?Two large and one small o>mmnnl r eating boomb.aafarnlahed,second floor Ne. 134 Pean. av., bet 19th and juth sU no w tf is abb chance?For immediate sale, one of l the beat located small corner store qboceibb in tbe city. Stock and Fixtures new ApM immediately. by letter, to a. b. c.,city Post ce. no 36 tf F'ob bbbt?two Fnrntahed booms, at Bo. 467 I3tk street between e and t sts de 14 tf Jamb8 OUIlsO. D?ltr is jfra?s< Second kand Furmtturt. Old Fnrnitare Be pal red, Beepbolstered aad Yarnlahed. 12th and Bsts.. (aear the canal.) bi<he? priee paid for Beeoad haad Fnrnitare. 1 lr* Amebic an colb. stocks and bobds, bought on oommissioa at the Bew York and ether Slock Beards. Qaotadons regularly rec#i'*d* lewis j0hhs0n * co.. Baakers, fe 7 tf 29*2 Penna. aeenae. Depabtment of the ivtbbiob. UMTKD STATES PATENT dFFICE WASHi!l?Toa, February ;l. i>vC. On the petition of albxandby j. walkbb, of New \erk. n t., praping for the eaieoaion ot a patent granted te turn tae jjth day of May, 14s3, for aa improvement in Spirit Leaps, for aevea years from the expiration of said patent, wbicfc takes place on the 2ith day of May, l*>7: It Is ordered that the sal< petition he heard at the Patent Office on mobier, the 6th day of May next at 12 o'clock m ; and all persons are notified to appear and show oeuse. tf any they have, why saM petition ought not to be granted Persons opposing tbe exfenstoo are repaired tc file In tbe Patent Office their objections, specially setfortbin writing, at least tweaty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be need at the said bearing must be taken and transmitted In accordance with the rules ol tbe office, whloh wiB be famished on application Depositions and otber >ap?rt relied npon as tea rlnionr mast be filed in the oflce twenty dare be foreib* day of hearlLg; the arguments, if any, within ten aeys af?er Sling th* testimony Ordered, also, that this notice be published la tbs Bepublicau and the Batlenal Intelligencer, Washington. d. c. and In tbe Times, New York, n y , once a week for three sncoesslrs weeks; the first of said anbllcatlons te be at least shtty days prsTious to the day of *?eemu? rpmmm Commissioner of Patents p.b. Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office with a pap*' coatalnlng this notioe. fe >7?law3w fr'tSBR&m p"r**r'o>f/rb. wuhirstoi. Sehruary 16,1w7 Oa tbe petition of bboboi b. be ed aad pbbc18 l. tlttlb. administrators of the es tates of Joeeph h Tut tie. deceased, ot Qeneya, n. y., praying for the extension of a patent granted to tbe said Joseph h Tlittle the 21st day of Jane. ims, for aa improvement tn Basra, for seven yeare frem tbs eaplratloa of paid patent, whloh takes plaee on tbe list day ot Jnne, 1*7: It is ordered that the said petitloa be heard at the Pateat Office en Monday, tbe Hd day of Jnne next, at iso'elock m ; aad all persons are notified to appear and sbow cense. If aay ta#p have, why said petition ought not to be created. Persona oppoeiag aa sxteoaioa are required te file in the PaientOfflce their objections, specially set forth la writing, at least in*** days bef ire tbs day of hearing, all testimony Bled by either party to ae used at tbs said heartag mast be taken aad transmitted In aecordance with tbe rales of the office, which will be furaishedoa aaplleetloa. Depositions aad other papers relied upoa as testimony must be Sled in tae nffioe iiesary days before the day ot bearing; the arxsweats, If aay, within ten days after Silas the testiassay. Ordered, els? taat this aotlce be published la the Latelligeaoer and tbe Bepabliean, Washing loa. d. 0 , as4 la the Genera Oacette. Geneva, b. t., once a week for three snccspstva weeks; the ttrst of said snblicattoae to be at least sixty dart "^f o. tbbakie, Commissioner of Patents. ? paper ooctalalaa this aodoe fs rt lawsw i/ * faedmms?mi1 ?* b. allibt. tBBITCH HAIR DRESSEK, sb4 street, betsaeea 1Mb aad 14th its. Mr. Alflot, from Paris, Hair-Dresser, or the mlebrated Bachel, with w twaki sxri?eAlu tms unntry baa now been established for tae last dght years la Washiuftoa aad. Bswaort, aabbrr&ei&s gagalsa.ta?b.b h i** 't? pbbpabbd food Tor Mockfng Birds Th.nsbee, Blghtlngales, | ander BbMtt Honse. i i f,, |f corner ltth aad f streets. | I AUCTION SAf,K>. ) ?* ! ??<? #at- ?' raw ' '.] r*/# ArrKMitobrr and r<>- *<>* ? Ul mTbTlBB 18 A CO . Aarf . 1 D 4o. ! ) r*ia*flrtkl? a venae Sale THIS BPSXIBO~^t7a' bBBraMa. J*? Pel Bfylv?MA m^?r JvM * i I ra< in* i'aaebr.. k> rb at? A or aH "ailver * ilrlitx ('tMlilill.Ullltr) io4 r??f> 0"?d? I Bt-?t W. B LB?h i kwta Bf COOPER A LtTIMJEB, AM<|io~-T? t Late cltifta with J V. "cliuirf 4 Cs ,' ."< atbaost #'ur#i r anv lra>U arauue aitl lith < <(tre B<>ll.!iag OOMp HOI aEHOLI* 7" kBITrKC r*RlO| <KAB|. PltMi. 'Mils \T IV-> 11mLf A kl> aND 1-IM.Ne TaBLI AI Alio YIoN. (I FUMY nact . M arch *tb. at P o'c'ov k at i tb? r??W> ? iHiti Kuti decl'nm* bjn*ek?e,i Pa. hp. 3t?u (eta*<n iitb a<?d l"h eabali **11 it a?i>rtii?m of rurnitarw e?m HI- IU?~ f?n Pailor liraud Piano.orta, 7 ? octave. ?ii per lor t u* Oflt F f P Mirror fMa*> aa* RrtckM i I <*rnrUtn?1 W?in?ii HairHoth Par|..r Suite | On' Pfcelau <'<i?>a Htllia'danJ Omtui Table hikI I)ri?, Ac Malig?"> Staid Matble topTahlat. M arB'e t > 0iipboti4 T*? Cottage KnrBi'nr* U arir .).?< L??UM Bed*tea?i* Bnrea':* aud ?'a )i>t O'U H Bi r ti p l/i ?tt Ifcvratn Carpet* ^ IrHi* "Mel 'th? Ct ? km* bb<1 Htatii ? et i?m Ac , ft? TtriM* cB*h m At COOPKB A 1. AT I M I K. AacU BT W B. LEW 18 A O? A n. tinnerra, Kw 4?1 P*bn?iiT*ti* r>iu(i TO 10 dock, at ?ur 9t?r?. <t? -hail .all ? ^LuiiM'^jlk rr?>?N, Sbtali I i uerctothlng. Km-r tdertea Ac Mena' and llo)? < lothinc U?U Bocrte >mI (iimim, iot Pry 0? .dt HNdlD(, Farilture Ac >?Jt ? 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BY COOrEK A L ATI MAR A artianafr* < Late clerk* wltb Ja< 0 McUaira A Oo.,| Soutbaett coi ner ol Pt i s'aaaa and 11 to atrnat Star Olb?.a DaiUlnf. YALCALE fMPKOTEIi A??D ( NIMPKOVED "Vt 'iToV* * *" r"1N 4 ?v,,u? On FblbA V API EH SOON nan t. M art h jm at in., wo tba preuiUa- Wowlil t?|i tba autb 24 f?et 9 incbea ol Lot 2t, ia >a?are ht> _ ??^td b> a ai l al and wall built tkraa' aUry Biltk Pat-lilt? with a two aiory : ?<A linilditii coBtalnliif In tl! toartaan rooaa with KBt-tbrcugh'nt I'unip of w?.ar n y?r-l AUo. ad -Inltie tn? ahjvc, mn4 m-aciataly after we will ?e I tn? north ? feet t Inctea ul L<?t No 27, Pycure ,m. nnlmarored. except br a l.rick balldine on tba rt-ar ul tbf lot B?<h lot* hara a depth ot lu? taat 1"S incbaa t j a thirty foot pared all y iu the raar Tba Bl >>\c d-acriked taal atate be| a*a?l t.. tba lata Col M Noarte. and t?Bi*nate,t on tnawt?t aide ul Jrt' ftreet. etaean B and V afreet* Bonk, ai d i.aar P*t-ua> liai la a?aun>-,end la w--|| woriar tlia attention of peraoua deairini.- Krat-< ia*a property there bain* utile or i?<na for a tie Iu thia iwne^lata Belgiib<-rtioo<i PoeBoaalan i??>a M .y i 1*7 Term*. One half caab; balance In all m >ntha, with iBtaieat. aocaxad by a dead of truat oa tba property All iit^i\a>Bn<Mut( aud ie>e a> ?t .ik pa at co*t of parol a^ar. Adepoaltof Sin.i will ra^nired t-I tbe pi nbat-er *? time of aala I J0? B NoUBSB. Bxaca^ora of M-eha"l ft.?arsa. Bb 7 eoAda CPU IB B A LATIMB E. AikU B* BAGLE a CO., AkCL'fttaerCaJurA.Ba Pan j'a a. aan?.' ATCTI"N BALE Or Hl?tT5BH0LD PrftBITl?. BTOVBd, B BOB IH ?7o? oC B B BT ANU ULAht-M ABB. Ac. - w * a x On BAl CBPAT. March 9?b. at I" o'c|*?k la froBt of ?ar aleero-ni. tba atlacU of a famu* leaamt ibe city c?naiaiit>s of? Bona*hold Knrnltare. Bada and Rad llnr St ra* Crxkeiy And Olaaawara, Ac . Ac. * Pale pacltive. Tartua rar-b BAOLB B CO , Aaeta. B* * A .W^LL A CO . Aactloaaar*. unglnai lioraa and Carriage Baaaar Lvuiaiana avaaaa. 8ALB OP H6B6B8. OA RBI AO ES, HARHISI, .*> 8ATUBDAT aOHMNO. March ?. at 10 J (J ^ *i aill Uia Ha/aar a nam Oar at baddle. Oarrlaiteand Work Uarnaa, i a fall doasrlBUob ai sala.)cooipri'fnc ab'Mit _ . ? 8IXT1 HOUSES Taaaty-fiaa aary baa Faraa or Work florae*, coend and in go.-d condition. Irani 11.e oaoatry. Poor paod Mnlea, Bomaaary large, and flue working annua la. * '*!?? S.<d'*ct,?n of New and Baooad baad BaaIVbi.dla ^ w*7,t CarrlAfaa, Wagona, aad otbar Ona tew Jenny Llad Wa?oaa. knllt fa tblaelty. One aaeotid-liawd Ti uck aud Ura t, nearly naw. a I?ia< I ? Fawand Bacond kand haruaaa, 8addlaa, Carrlacaa. Ac., at private a?la - " baourdaya "*1"" <v'1 Tnaadayp. Tburadaya. ul rarriaeea and Haraaaa always oa prlaata aala lermacaab. 'b ? W. L. WaLL ft oo.. AnotB. |^Y OOOPSB A LATIMBB, Atitlukaarai CStt.MTiP wf?i^5rJ"kD8B 4RD l?T OH flat 8TBEBT, batweea 1Mb aad iltb a?a. By virtne of a dacrea af tha Bnwracna O..ort af the Piat.l t of Coiuiatla ttiadr audai?ij on ii. "*tli day of February. A D 7, Iu cau.e gu TaS Mallinga tb 8mt at al the Badarrltma.1 win Bell, at public ancuoa. to t ua nlrn<at uid ar, oa tba ytb day of Marcti A. D.laaf, at o clock p. ib., on tlie pmniaea, parta of Lota H a 3 aud i im rsnare Mo 975 de* rlbad aa folloa* ? Beciauiaa oa K atreat feet ea?t frooi loth ?tr et Asd nine t) anca eaat M fa-t; thence north 90 fe?t < imbea t be tea we. t U l?-?t, and taeaca aoutk 9U ieet 6 Incbaa to the bacmning, with tfta tWv, atory Fraua Paeliing H on* tkeraoa. Terma of aala One bail caab. tba yaldna la alx month" from the day of *ale. with Iftareat. or aA the option of tba par?kaa?r tbe whola Bay b<? paid In. ah. It tiie tarnia Ara not c-taplied with la flaedava froBtba lay of aala the proa rtj will ba reaold at tka rl*k and coat of tba defaaltlna pnrcbaaer, upon five daja wetW Oonrer%acin7 and atatr pa at tka est>enae <>f tba pnrctiaaer. _ PBBV> W Johif Traatae f' 1; ''oSw COOPBK ft LATIMLB. Aacu.' fpBCSTEE"6 bA LB OP VALUABLE BEAU * BsTATE. p5Lli?1' of of U'B Giro alt Court far L ?P? ??l?E? BaoBntf, sitting aaaco ?rt of a<j al ,y Faated la a caubb tbaraln dapead<Bg. wk-" at a M JS!" K ? * Oo "a ZayUlMaB aaS Marcu. Do Tal la at-faAdaat, tba aubMtrlbar, aa IBM on*JfiLrfJ^*#.i? PQ^'c aAle, OB tk. prBBlaaa OB MONDAY . tbe 1Mb of M*rck, l|d7. at It o clock b..<if fair, it aot, oa tba avat fair dar tbar< aft> r,j the Baal Batata of Marona I>ti Va^ kaowa aa "H* tlarb r,' ?ituaud la Prlaoa Georgabcoaaty. about o^obIIb from Oood La k. ulUIaiuii6t Acrra. mora ar laaa. and adiotata* tbe laad. at tk alter H. H lllaary 7Z* balrL af ?r ii k 'sooTered with a heavy growth Oak and Cheaaat T sUr aad beloc located la and^Ba I tfm d'*t*t'rtVt(a ,-h* B?'u?'?ra aad Ohio and BaltlBko?e and PotoBacrailroad, will bbbbit an nnHiiiind .naatliy of railroad tiai .. YerBaa of aala t aal oa tba da> of aala. ar oa frnn'n taaraof hp tba caart, with la??r-a< from tba da? of Bale, and an pay meat of the whola sx'.r .rv^tt.rr'"" *m " ' ijjsiiir i' 'fssiw.*^ Traatea. _ _ King Piaoa. Coraar VaraAont BTaaaa and lAia atraaC. PBOICB N LTD. BAlBlMB, PI08.00BBAHTB, BPlCEB. ftr.,ftc , to aaH thta aar?*cuiar aaaaoa Z. M P. BlBU ft bOCT, deSl tf Blag Piaoa. pOBTftBLB 8TBAM BHQIBBS, 0oBblnlac tba buIm of oMbm. duiMHlp, had acaaoaty, with tha Biat" aB af watght aad prlao Tbay ara wtdaty Bd fhrorably kaowa Bora tbaa M? Mlftl aaa Alt warvaakad aadtaCactory, or aa Bala Dasaiiptlrs drcnlAia aaat aa iiillnatlaa Addrsa? . .J-auwuitooj, I7BBBCAMT T?", 1P87.-AU aoraoaa hariM r la tarticlaa 1b n.y (hop for rap".Ira, p^arloaa ta tbe I at of J an nary , ara ra^a^M to Mil aad^at yj B1TBD hTATBt POMPS ' LMWUJOHMBOM k OO.Baakova, jy^rfr ^ KKABt ft OOM PIABOt, __ PBIMCB A OO W oVdA5| ftJiD MB L9DBON 8, Tor sale Bud rent oa aaai taraa. a. Ba. 4?a ilth Itrrat, above P? uaaylranl a arenne Pal anAB* V. C. BBlOMUBftCB.