Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ' ~ Tritkimit-A Kfw DUrtTrry nefr>> ing a Carioas Diirut. A ccmmitu-e ip pointed by the Medical Society of VViah, and composed of professors klib. Muller and Wedl, has just published a long report on trichinosis, ia which the startling lact is asserted that tbe real souroe of inleciioo Ilea entirely in tbe rat, in which tbe malady u> spontaneously developed, and wbich communicates it to the pig. In Moravia, 1? out of 49 rata e jammed were tiichnized. a pro* portion of near ly 37 per cent. Iu Lower Austria tne proportion waa' nut more tbaa 4 per cent., and in tbe environs of Viennaaboat 10 per cent. Tbe report onflrms tbe fact that trichinosis may be traa?n>itted by food, from tbe rat to j tbe rabbit, from tbe rabbit to tbe fox and hedgehog, frcat tbe rai to tbe pig and from tbe pig to tbe rat. Even the calf may be infected ( by being fed vntb tbe fleab of trichinix?d rabbit. Wbat la worse still, tbe larva* of flies feeding on infected meat will transmit tri~hi- j nosia to rabbits, provided the larva- come fresh from the iniected substance, for if a certain time be allowed to pass, tne tnchines soon die | in the digestive tube of tbe larvie. It is important to not:ce that the report distinctly confirms the inocuousnees of tricbini^ed meat when thoroughly salted, smoked or boiled, tbe latter process being by far the most efficacious. Meat roasted for three-quarters of an hour is i safe food, boiling requires a whole hoar. And yet tbe report mentions cases of infection re- | cently observed in Austria, ao that meand I should be taken there to protect the public J irom tbia disaatroas malady. Tbe first measure proposed is tbe extermination of all rata and mice, but not without pre- > viously examining them. in order to ascertain ( tbe existence of trichinosis among them. If tnis examination should lead to affirmative results, i ben particular fare should bo taken j in the locality to keep pigs away from all sewers, heaps of manure, and other such places ; irequented by rata. Tte flesh of the pig should j be examined, either at er death, oreven daring lite, by means of incisions. The infected pig sbould be separated from tbe others. marked, and ita sale prevented. Special slaughter- > bouse* sbonld he organized tor pigs. aud tbe j flesh examined by veterinary practitioners: . and tbe public themselves are warned never ; to eat raw pork under any form, hut strictly ! to consume ltonly well salted or smoked, boiled or roasted. lluw Newspaper* ark Confiscated is ' f kam k.?Under the rule of Napoleon, newspapers ba>e always teen regarded a* bomb- j bells that may blow up th? Empire. Accordingly, wbeae\er a puolic journal printed any- 1 thing unpleasant to tbe Emperor, it wa.- seix-rt, j and the person to whom it waa sent and the [ agent v t.o meant to sell it never saw a copy i ot tbe offensive number The Jonrnal des li?- ' bats recently ventured to print an exposure of the frys'eniaiic confiscation of English, Belgian aud {ierman papers, wbich ha> Been carried i on uninterruptedly in France tor the last tlireen years T he'Augsburg (lazette and tne j I,, ikh u Saturday Review have been the chief i sufferers. Tbe independence Beige has b#en excluded for whole months at a time. Tne Journal de (reneve. wbich is daily distributed i at Lvotis, is not suffered to reacb ita Paris sub- ! srribera on an average more than once a week Puncn is repeatedly deemed too atrong for France, and nine of every ten numbers are j confiscated, and even tbe illu*trateo London News was kept back for twenty-four hour- in | January on aceount of an engraving of the , night fete of tbe Skating Club. A Spanish pa- > per, written in trench?La Bid as son? having been seized for several months' running, ou | account of its political summaiy lately re. placed the offending article by a wood cnt representing tbe good ship Bidassoa -'in quarantine before Bayorne." Tbe American papers, when they are not seized, are generally detained for twenty-four Lours.?.V. Y. J'ost. J-'rom France, comes tbe ominans announcement'bat tbe workingmen'e strikes" | are on tbe increase, owing to the advancing privt-s of provisions. Tbe Emperor must do something to m et those strikes, and to pacify tbe workmen.?or there will be aerious political trouble, by aud by?if precedents axe worth anytbing. y Labor brokers in Memphis hire men in :h?- ci'y ?? go to work on farms in tbe country, with the understanding they sball run away at tbe earliest opportuni'y "and comeback to be hired over again. Brokers and laborers divide tbe commission paid by the f-irmers who want tbe bands. ETA New York widowed Ducklow"' put J two thousand dollars in "coupon bonds" under her carpet for safety and had them stolen. KF*The Petersburg Index makes the pre.iic- j tion tbat -in sixty days a majority of tbe Southern States will voluntarily conform to the new order of things, under the Sherman bill " It adds?"We do not believe it necessary, or wise, but it will be done." yjoubert says, "The punishment of those who have loved women too mucu is to love them too long." 99"A woman in Chicago who wa? divorced from her bu?bm.d a year and a half ago. has found time to tall in love with another m m. and to sue bim for a breach of promise. WA girl named Cecilia Kenney was burned to death by Tbe explosion of a xcroseue lamp in New York on Monday. WTbe Louisville (Ky) Banner says the health of Senator (>uihrie is rapidly declining. VTbf l?nke of Rutland's estate extends to j one-sixteenth of the whole county of Leicestershire, England yCapt. J. G Chambers killed his brother in Pertb, Canada, the o'ber day. lie shot him for calling bim a liar. KTTbe Paris physicians claim to hay# discovered a perfect cure for croup, in Uoui-oi- j sulphur in water. KTA little girl just past her filth year, while cba ting about the beaux that visited two of the sex m the same house, of more mature age. being asked, "What do you mean bv beaux, Annie?" r?ha replied, "Why, men'hat have not got mnch sense." ?y Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe is going to Florida, where she will reside until May, aad the family mansion at Harttord, Ot , is for sale. t/*A Methodist exhorter recently bewailing the coldness cf bis flock in religious matters, said very curtly that tbe cbnrch members ot late attended too much to the conversion of seven-thirties.?-V. Y. Leader. 7*A yonng man at Hartford was fined the other day for Iciaslng a conple of ladies after they had told him "they were no such girls.*' SPECIAL NOTICES. y THI OBI AT CHAK* OK METCALFE 8 GREAT RHKGMAT10 BkMEDY lies in the mall inantity necessary to effect a cure. One 4o?e T'fort) droH 'l gives instant relief, and thrice reieated. ?rldon? fails to restore tbe Batterer to perfect Ltetth. mh 3 ec2w 8. 0. FOBD, Agent. ITS BFFBOT IB M1BACULOUS. IIALL VBOBTABLB SICILIAN H A I B BBMBWBB. It Is a perfect and wonderful article. Cures WaUasae. Hakee hair grow. Abetter greasing thin aoy *'eH' or " pomatum " 8< ftensl-raah, dry, ang wiry bair late Beautiful BllEes Tresses. Bat, ab-ve all, tbe gre?t wunder Is the rapidity with which It restores gray hue to its oa:e;x*i, COLOR Tbe whitest aad worst looking hair reeam< s Its tuntb'nl beauty by its ase. It does not dye tte air, but striken at the root aad fills it with osw life tad coloring matter. Tbe brat application will <!' gond : you will see the a atc eal cm.?h retn i n I hi e ve-y day, anl b It KOBE Y??U KNOW IT tbe old. gray, diaco'ored appearance of the hair will be ton*, giving place to luatrona, sbislng, and teauttfnl leek-. Aak f->r MallV xidliaa Hair Beaewer ; ao other article a at all like It ia affect bee that weh bwttle baa our prl * at- Oovernmeut Stamp ever the top of tbe bottle. AU other* ate naaMMa>, B r flAlU. A CO . Baabns. H H , Fmprlet-rs. For sale by al> drsggista. fe W <lgweoIm,r A TBUB BALSAM I>B WI8TAB S h A Lb a II or WII POHFRBT is traly a t>a**am It contains the bais* ale principle of the Wild Cherry, tbe b?Ua<nlc properties ' tar an t of piae Ita Inaredlenu are all balsamic. toughs. Cold.. Sere Throat, Bronchitis, and Ooisompu?a speedily disappear nnder Ms baiemmic laflneace It 4 MirDIAL LB8TITDTB FOB SPECIAL mmmm OASBS. 14 Boat street, Sew York. S^Fall Infermatioa. with the (Mttase tait. also, a Book oa Swtrial Dn<ai(i,i? a ltd tarcJopr, seat free. IF Bt ism and ttmd/or (Asm, an i yon let 11 a*i ttt'i it; adverrtalng pbySiclans are geaeralbr tmfiart. vrltboat rtfermrtt a* stranger s ben 14 pe true led. Bncloee a itM| lor ?osM?e aad direct to BB. LAWBBBOB. Mo. 14 tooedsSreet.lew Terk noU-DAWly SF HABB1AGB ABD CBLIBAUT, ABB TAB fappluese of True SaW-At Seeav lot on rig Men oa tbe Ortsse of tfolltnde, and the Fbyslolegii al Errors, A bases aad Pls?sees wbich ci ente Ihipedlmeata to ISarrfage. with sare means ef Belief. Beat iaeealed letter eavelosee. frew of charge. Address Dr. J SBlLlsIB HOCttBTOII, Bo ward Aesnctatiea, Fhlladelpbla, Ph. jall-Ba SSIISSI OI8BASBS. BamaBIVaji's itTls the meet eertala. ?Ms aad affecSaal ramedr-Indeed, the oaly vegetable remedy over disc rerod. Cares la two to toar days, and roceat cases la twaaty foar bonre ha'eam. ae aerenry Oali tea pills to be taAea. It Is the soldier'e hope, aad afrtoad to those who do net waat to be expeaed. Hale packages. #?;?e V?# AUCTION 8ALB8. J^T W, L WALL A CO , AacUotNn. ?MLI or A B*ICK~HOCS? AID LOT ft?s Njnwe UJ. /h? it i ctattlii k^oit J Jt? f*t ' j ??r??: One-third CMh; bulw* in ?; ?j wlah'Ibu?m? eJSZrai Er^TtLf1 hu *?*. KaSS?-* WL_WAlL*OO..Aneto. TH1 ABOVK 8 A LB IS FT7KTRKB boat ttStfJP&SSSsSi*FBIDAY- ?h"?: J?** W L WALL A OO , Aacta BT VV?."? ? LAT1MBB. Anttion^r,; ' . ^ clerke with J. O McOuire a Oo ) Sou tbweat corner J^*>*vWhIi avenue acd'ilth treat, Star Offlc* Bnlldi?|, TB"t"or8J.??f\iBB1^F DWBLLIBQ. Borth?n*1?treaU, At Auction * 'clock ? m ^ DMt- M?rch 8th, at K ?? -' Vd yard The above property ia i.p?o"??f;?korh?o4 where reel eetate I. Terms: One halfcaah;of which #100 will be r*. nwinfk balance ia eix end twelve Month*, wilh Internet from day efiale.and ?eenred by deed of truat npon the property Ail chaeer anC *nd JfcKt o'f pM J"b 5 d COOPEB A LATIMBB. And* RT OBEEB A WILLIAMM, A actionem re ~ D oppoel te the Bank of thiaJ^fflo, comer 7th A&d i> streets. 8T0CKI or DBUGS, MEBIOIBE3 BOTTI B4 ABTIOL** SB*??V|?Vl8. ' ASOV OnTlSv tk.AilhPPB.U,) AOOTIOH. ro w* .h.n .en* ?,t K n,n,ttnt mt '0 ? clock a. weitT betwein a blof?.on7th atreei mh v< QBEBB A WILLIAMS. Auctp. OBBBB A WILLIAMS- Anctfoaeera. 4 Jb> corner 7th aad D atreeta. VALFABLI BCILDIHG LOT IV trv B mnn^ WiBD.r KONTiNo"| 7Vth HTKmWSJJP We ^I'.L 'nataat at* o'clock p m f ,.t"l,l",'r"'lll'Mil?,N? 11, in Sijnare &i?--sa?ar-?TrsaasiaSS *?"?; ?n?.half ca?h, the balance in ffanrii-j Ji ??.r B2}** Soaring interest, and aecured J? a dtt-d of trait on the premises All ? y <>Cg ?d wtenoe .tan p. S ttS'co*'?mSTI'n ch*?er. jxidownnnth-d'y f i.' f lhe pur le *7 d UKEEN a WlLLlAMB, Ancta. ABOTB SALR IS POSTPONED nw -ccfiint of th.-rain, nntil Bolt DAY ih? iiti.? thee.^WaoduJce ' OBEEB A WILLIAMS. Aucta 6T ^rflfrk4 Aictlone^rV. .. <* < cUrka with Jaa C. McHuireAOo .) ...... ^ ^tSj!?Wjft!W?5rR,,|&K t*T1?|rf BT?B?T8. IBT WiBV"""1' * Dmtrtet of t&lEn Mr** of Court of the U liI which Tk rawed lacaaae Mo ?M e<|.uJ'ani aUM^nlet 5T Oo** - *#" c2??lm,"ot' ka l of March LH.D ??1>A*. thellTVd^' la lomri'lV.! '!,rl0' Lot numbered Ova,,6.) (?r? coifrn J^i re one ?ad t W.utr two, * 'l01 onth aide of aald Lot (!?? Twentleth'ftp1** '? line with aud fronting oa WJS&TaTML-** inch, thence ewt aoatbw.rHi! ao^?.10 more or le?a; theuc < [ wardIr Ui fiif V,ch* n(1 ?>??ca w?i I p 1 acaaf bltHtnaTTg orleaa.tothe ' h^fcuVin'a t'h Pf^crlbpd bj the derrw? . One. "enrt TftV?otKer,Jifll *t1oBof th# b'r the i cenrr. Title to b** retained until the whole ?if ?k* | %Li^, ?'"?" MM ?d fho ,H.MVy tL"ynrcba?Jr g "d ,Uujp* at ^co" of CABCIH, Trnatee ?" ^o,"E 4 b* jiBtSA'ai'K.vvssssrr Boothweat corner of Pennaylaania are. and ilth trett, Star Office Building. ! iv.? or Waahln,'toa V??i.^Mll Mcorda i on MOBIJA YniMh* o'clock p' ni. ("> eight, and'par'C?f lIot^No'V.'L"1 QUIa'',,r,"d ? VB? h*''canh. balanoelti ?lx and twelve moiith;. with interest from day of .a|? "ecoVLVbc dted of trust on the property Adi^tnra?! r*mlred from ibe r.nrchaaar at tiL??r ttvJSLir " """ ? ? JM ft A? iraat i U11BBN A H fLLlAMS, Anctioonera, ??-?3#, corner of 7th and tiatreete ^ ^hOH?kTV,,lB?^.\S?#^Ii,P l NI MPBOVBD '??" fovfio* ST8"TS SU?T". " o'c'io*-il?1!.?'A^'i5e 1,th d,', ?' **>rcb next, at A ? ,Wtf anbdivialon of Lou So. i, 5 S2li- *? 523 food front and ii,f i?pra*#d by a fine thre? atory Frame S?*u"^?ro5l f5 rt*ht good roam a, with halia oj* 1M cellar, with an adjoining lot Bouao oaii 1aen, part or Lot No 9, inaaweg-inare havlnv t?*nt; aae feet two Inches front an Haw' Jersey avenoa. ranain* back the depth thereof VmI ?i*ti ''J? alna locatioa, aad warthy of the atteatloa of bnyara. T b* cramiaaa can ha a<>nn thTr*S?^7 ? by ?" U? *?? on ' Oaa half raab; balance ifi and twsin rrmd^Mlef JaM aaAda OKBHM a WILLIAMS. i?rt. ffci iib'I _ia L a. ~ a d2Jdnf7^n^ ?/ <*d In me by ? !? #x#cu^ed to me bj Qeor^e \\ Mltchel aad Cornell. D. Mltchel hia wff* r>f C^J- Blttrlct of Columbia, dated'on UeMth dw ?f An??t, 1W6 ai?4 racord^l In L." mJbm.aV ?/ . 5' 0'10 *C- 00* of tne land re. ord* of Montgomery c< unty. I will oner at i*n? *? highest blddt-r, at B?t?r. Hf?tal. In the Tillage of Ciarkabnrc in C*??tT,' "M *B WBBNKdUA V tb, *J**oay of March, la the year elgb.een lum lr. d tod llxtf MUA. At 11 0*cl0ck a. Ui .aJl tlie follow tuu deacrlbad real eaute, altaated In MouUou.bTt 0?kJih,?^Vf *%nUnd Th*^ 'onda ile near Clarkabura. Montcomery county, and adjoin tn? \,n*-T'l" B'own.nj? Ba.H b? ill tod others Ol* of the tracts ie Dart of * tract ef land called "Trouole Bnoush ft '* toundred and eixty acreaufiaad }*??!? , *?** .**** land heretofore conveyed by ^ Slaaaor Hendry. hla wife, to aid Qeorge W. Mltchel, by deed dated eft the 28th day of Aaaait. lau. The other bei^ part of i tract of laud called ' Barurvey on Maple Branch " baretofora convevrdio aald 0eor?e W Mitchel *>y Ann Hnpar. and containing thirty five acres land. This land la uLder a ?oo!d .tatl Jr Zliu WlV??.V,IB!ltedin * h*olthy -elghborliood. wall watered, ard order very good IVii in ' Thsi ir? pro vt-ujcnia conaiat af two comlortaele' log dwSi "nm. l>?d amble, eom honaea, au>! other nectm ary out-building., al.o, ?..od tobi^," kpwoe. Tl?* above de?cr!6ad tract la neceotii.u "arm* * dlv,ded lnt0 twu"' thr^S?aT??W rtrsonawlahia, to look at tha Property aai do JJh^'wni .Dt?" L?r foatdfaa oatlje^nd. who will tale pieaaare in ahowing it. To'aM of sale. Boa-third ot the purrhana money to bap aid on the day of aala; tha reehliia of tha purcbaaeiBoaey to ba paid In ona and two yaara troui Iki d*> M uU, the purchaeer or parcha I'" *?. nf ? Lo*or *bolr no tea, with approved ae-uiity, baarlng latareat froin the day of aala ft a dla LB VI TAN ru*8EH'loot II' "AOLB A CO., Anctloaeera. u Balaaroom do. ??? Penn. avatrae. Between Mh and 10th ata. to?A?L? *.99l tbolr aaraoaal attention I0 \*f* ?r."*oLB*'fto aai Houaehold ruralT*l2" ?V*to?*? ot Orooerlea, y_P_fS- **l>oa?. and Marebandfae of every dai.ikL.' ??poa. Carriage* H araeaa. Ac. "horal caeh adTanoaa made on conafgnmenti. j*ST?SMDSir^,^?a.Ts,s R?obdob a oo. a PBBBIBVBB, JBLLI^g. OATBOPB, The beat or their klada **01*8, Ac. B W BUB0HBLL, A dTlf 5h .iSl.0?*A* Bf AMPIBO BOO MB s$5^-r-?,<=8a Bitharfor araid or embroidery, a?r155rJr? ?V ftba Tery Islft deaigaa. aaleoted Wlth r?1^2 PJTBJOTAl'B HABB BOOB 99 PBAOTIOB VSAMOt TATbOB. BANKERS. jay cooks * co., IAIKIIIi A/usmA iirNt, mmutu Bwwft buy?A Ml e ieurreut market ratee, and knap onetaatty onbaad.nfaUeBppty of all SOT1UM1R IOIMi BITII-THIBTIBB, 1ID OOHFOUBB ibtbbbbt notbs. Orden tea BTOCRi. BOHDS, Ac., exeoated, aad teUwttouaiteM all MM* Ntato. M 1-tf uakiow * co.i bukhi, Oomr UaWiM WW and DBA.LBM IK GOVERNMENT 8ICVBITI2B, OLD AID BttTlI tf 1-tf amp LAW WABIAHTI^ pint Httioul Ink if WaikiigUi. B D OOOBB, let JwOook# AOo.,) PrHW??t ?K,I. BPNTINQTOB. Caahler. ooybbbhbbt dbfobitobt ajto niAlOUL AOBNT OB THB UBITBB TATBB, 1 ftU urdii oprojits U? Trtarury Derartmmt. GoTwiant Securitiee with Treasurer United Btstes WTONB MILLION DOLLARS We buy and Mil all claeeee of GOVERNMENl LECIRJTIESH ourreat markot ratee. FURNISH EXCHANGE mmdmakt Collection* on ALL THi PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. Wt purchase Government Vouchers on tbo MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and giveoareful una yiomyt attention to ACCOUNTS oj BUSINESS MEN md FIRMS, and to any othor business antrnatad to ua. FULL INFORMATION In reiird to OOYBBH MBMT LOANS at all tlmaa cheerfully furnished WH 8. HUNTINGTON, Oa shier. Washington, Haroh ?. im. mil tf "dentistry. DB. LEWIE'S 1? It NT A LAS8WJ1 AT ION, No. a Ml fKNN'A AVE , B< tW' eu 12th asu 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by adminsterlng Nltroua Oiyde er LutigliiDg Can. LEWIE has recently purchased the Ohemical Apparatus fn the country for^ '' ' ** making pure gas every day; alao, an lu.prov<*d Valvular Inhaler The Askociatiou U now prepared to make Teeth on liold, Stiver and Bubber a' New iork Philadelphia and Itnston price*. All persons wishing dental work done can have It aa li-?p &a in the above named rltiea. All work done in tbo neatest and beat manner, and warranted to give satisfaction. Peraona will do wall to call s?d examine our work. de 14 tf Tm T M LOOMM. MX).. yke Inventor and Patentee of tVa H1NBBAL FLATS TBBTH, attends personally st^B^ tola office In this city. Many persons cann^MH wear these teeth who oaanot wear others, and no >erson can wear othera who eannet waar 111 OX Peraona calling at my offloa can bo aoooiamoda tad with anr style and vice of Tooth they n?f dartre, but to thoao who are particular,aad wish tbo purest, claaneat, strongest and moat ?arfe.-t denture that art can procure, the MIHBBAL TBBTH win bo more fully warranted. . Booms la this aty-Ho 319 Ponn'a aveane, be tween 9th and 10th ate. Alao, 907 Arch atreet( Philadelphia. oclOlr PERSONAL. MSB. CCETIfj 11VI Q,Clairvoyant, m*J Tut Medium, will give Ufa readings. Including Poet, Presentand Future at her office, 4a0, nsrtb aide of Pa. av., between and (th atreeta. Office houra from 9 to 2 a. m and < to 9 a. m. ja itlm AB. MAOBICB, BBAli SCIENTIFIC AS. TBOLUUER OF AMUBIOA, From the poaition ano aspect of the Start at tbo time of one's birth, will reveal astonishing ae crets that no living mortal aver knew before; bow to be successful in all reasonable undertakings. He tells oame and very day yon marry; descrlnes the Intended companion, and tells all events of life; good luck and long life to vlaltora. Ladies M cents to 91: gentlemen in full 91. Oall at * 7 0 nth at near F, all houra until tf lathe craning. da SI tm' I CONFIDENTIAL!.?loung men who havo Injured t tie nisei vea ny certain secret hablta, wblch nnflt th<m for business, pleasure, or the dutloa of married life; alao. middle aged and old men, who. from the folliee of youth, or other onuses, feel a debility In advance of their yssri. before placing themselves under the treatment of any one, should drat read "The Secret Friend." Married ladies will learn something of Importance by perusing "The Secret Friend." Sent to any adtrera, In a sealed envelop*, en receipt of 'tS centa. Add rasa Dr. CHAM A STUART A CO Boetoa. M ass noa-ly H0THL8,~r1^TAURANTS, Ac. TIK&WOOD HOOBB, Corner Ptnna. avtnv mnd Tteelftk ?fr??f.YF^AT Fu4is(ios, I). C. iUU Situated la the moat central location tbo city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PBESIDBBTkAL MANSION, Only a ahort dlstanoe from all tha Department*, Patent and Poat Offices, Smithsonian Inatltnto, ate. H. H. DUDLEY A 00., noll-tf Proprietora. PMBICH-S BB8TAUBABT, Mid Bo. 344 Panne avenue, near 4th a treat. F. BMB1CH wfahea to laform bla (Hands and the public generally that he sow keeaa oon- B . . as stantly on hand OYSTEB8. freak evoryfrSkf day. prepared In every atele. JLfiSU i HlaWINBSaad LIljlTOBS cannot he aarnaaeoT. Oall and |ho him n trial. ocg-tf QJ I NATIONAL LACNDBT, Oi 1 1 Poan'a av , bet. 12th and 16th ata. ?t\ 1 AH work dona by band, floods called foraad d?iverod,at tbo ahortaat notice. All klada of Freach fluting doae Ln the noaceat atylo. fa Mdt* I^BOBPTIOB LOXOBrlBS. Just received, a large Tarloty of artfoleg ae ijc? 'v. s"rK5forns?-? King Place, do U Oor, Ft. ave. and ISM at. i K BBOWBB. B. J. SMXTHBBS BBOWNB A 8MITHBBS. WAhUlNOTOB. D.O , ATTORNEYS AN D COUNSELLORS AT LAW, AND POLlCITOJiS BOB TUB BUREAU BEFrOEES. FBEEDMEM. AND ABABDONED LANDS. * ? Office No. 476 Beventh street,oppoeite the Post Office. io 1 ly WH. H. WHEATLEY 8 PRBM1DM 8TBAH DYfcINO AND CLBANSINO BSTABL1SHHBNT. Office, Bo 49 Jefferson St.. Oeorgetowa.D. O. Establlabed In 1631; premium awarded by the Metropolitan Institute. 1807; rebuilt 1*4, and is low b> far the largest and moat complete establishment of th* kind In this section of country Dyeing and Bceuring of all klada deae in the beat maaaor. Trnly thnakfhl for past tavon, the anoecrlbor eolidta the continued cuatom of the community. Ooo la received and returned by expreea with the almost promptness and despatch. Poat Office addreaa, Lock Box Bo. BO. Office cloeee dally at auaeat except Saturday, whea it laj-ioeedatp.m. feld-?m WELSH BEST FAH1LY FLOOB, HABYLAND CUBED HAHS. All >n. uu *~wfcisfeais.. ^liudbi w b b pi A fall aeeortmeat of nil gradea choice Flour for Bafcera; duality No 1; price low. Are the only direct recelvere for Cfolden Hill, J. P. flam brill (not Patapeco) and Liagaaor Family lours in the Dlatrlot. Aa the latter brand has bee a extenaively ooanterfeltod aad eeld In this oity.wawoald Inform those wlehing this flour by arraagement with the ndllera we fumlah It lower than Tt can be obtained tram any othor aonroe. Quality aeaead to none. Price a toaoMoa leee than other nnd-ekaoa Family Flaar. Buckwheat nUow ratee. . Allgradeoof Weatora Flour natovoandif*sale law by _ .. W. H. OALT A 00.? Indiana aveaae aad let a treat, noli nenr Depot. PBOTBOTBD 5f 1?JritB,LBTTBBS FA*. Trieeemar Bo.), la ttw effeotnal remedy far Belaxatlon, Sponnathorrhoea, aad Bxhauatlon of the By atom. Tilissaaar >o. I hae entirely aaporaadad the aaaeeoue nao of Ooaavta, Cube be, Ae. Trteesmar Be l U the lafhUlble reatedy fer all ^Ich proparatloa te lathe tense* apart agreeable Loeange Secured from the efTeete of ctlmate and cnanoea n atsnnspbara in ti? eaaea. at fS each, or fonr tsaaeeela one for ft, aad la ftf mZxldlulinft! vaiw, sji'amandt^i&st" rsaa XIB dta!?of^^g|^j^li'he teaaned m STEAMBOAT LINES. STIllir#IUOI SMALL FOR THE KASTKKJt SUQRM. , I FOTICB.-Tbe <?? ? WILMN SMALL, OAPT . T. LKVAHU, bow ia a ^ til rMHcti?M?( It* auuekMt.J^^iK noil comfortable ut eiegant^^^^^^^" steams re plying aa ChNti?*k( Bay. will resume hrr rtite ? BA T0 WlI, March M She leaves hfr tlw apposite Mo. .T? Lifht atrwat wharf. Baltiao re. every TUBBDAYrTBCRSBAT. and BaTIRDAY at! p. m.. for EAfiTpX POINT, DOUBLE JflLLSjOXrdRD CLQRA'SPQINrt WALL ACM ? WHARP. CAMBRIDGE. HUGH LF.Trs WHARP. CABIN CREEK. HfKHFOKD'8 WHARP. ud LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning from THEBA8TEBN SBORE.ahe ki*N Lloyd ' Ludlai tily, m, Cambridge at 4 v n., inl ImIoi Point at 8 i. a., iwrr Monday, aad Friday, touching at all taterae dlatelandlnae. and reaching Baltimoreat la. a. j on the following aorninga. Bb* ka? a larga numtxr of fine stats rooaaa. ^" "o'v/foDRsssaf* "d TO TBAVBLLEE8 MO OTP SOUTH TWIOM DAILY, (Bandar p. a. Tbe qaickeet aad aoit direct route to Bttfeaaal, Va .and the Boatli. vie tbp Potoaaae jpa* ateemera from Bfitb etrv?t Wbarf.&^^aA Washington, to Aaale Creek and^^^^^^^W Richmond. Fredericksburg and Potosnac Matt road, bow entirely ooapleted from Aquie Creek to Bich- i mond.Va,connecting there withtrelna ontba Web* mend ana Petorsbnrg aad Richmond and Danville Bailroads, for Petersburg, WeMoa, Wilmington. Raleigh, Greeaaboro', Sauabary. Charlotte aad ObMtor.S. O.

Steamera Eeyport aad O. Venderbllt leave 7th Btreat Wharf dally (Bat-day evening excepted) at .25 a. m aad 6 to a. m. and arrive 1b Rfehaaood at l.tfp. a. aad 3 Ma a. TBBOUGB TO BIOHMOBD 1M BMTMB HODBB. Fifty Ml lea Shorter and IS Honra Qalcker ttrna Bar Other Route. Hi aare aad aat Through Ticket* via Aeule Creek and Frederlckaburg, to Btohmond, at the Company 'a Office, corner ef P*nna. avenue and ?tb (UaetTor oa board of tha boaU. Baggage checked tkroQ()t< Omnibuaaee aad Baggage Wagoaa wfll be to raadtneee to oonvey pneeengeia end.baggage be tweea depots in Richmond. Paaaengera by tbia line peaa by daylight Mount Vernon, and may have en opportunity of visiting several tattle fields near Fredericksburg by atopping at that point. Breakfast and ana on toerd of Steeaera GEO. MATTINGLY. Bupt.. WaablnBtoB, DO O. E. MATTINGLY, Tlcket^A^eut^W\ah|ng??B. Bp f-ly Qaaeral Passenger Agent POTOMAC TBAHSPORTATIOB IsIBB. HOT ICE TO BBIPPMRS. The Btaamer EXFKESsTcap*. B. A. BYTBBB, leavee Washington at 0 ? m. and Al _ ^ eiaodrla at 7 a. oa KVFKY SAT t'BDAY for ulyaoat. Bndd 'a rerry Smith'a Point, Chettert. n Landing,; Store*, Mathiaa Point, Chapel Polut. Plowdeu a W barf, Lancaster s Wk?rt- f?J*rw?0n# rieaen Bay, Foxwell% Wharf, a Wturf. Plney Point, Point Lookont, aad arrives at Haitimora at * VbJSbWh A|r#Bta, PKUFOSALS! pBOP0BAL8 FOB BOAP~ OArs Depot of S*tofUnce, I W**ktngum. D. C.. March i, l?7.{ Bealed Propoania. in duplicate, ot the form rur nlKh-?i ay the anderfign^d, will be receivad nntil DA'lUBDAT. the lath in?tnnt. at 12 m., for aapDlyit g the Buboikttnce Department witn hlG&TBBN THOl SAW D (1?,Oih>> POUNOB OP ttOOl) HABD SOAP, to be made by boiling from only good material*, free from clay, soluble giaaa, or other adnlterationa, to have no nnpleaaant o<lor. to contain not n ore than twenty h?e per cent, of water, and to be well dried before Baching. Tobe delivered aaiollowa: One third (K)on or before the lat of Apiil. one third <H>on or beiote the 16th of April, and tha remainder oa or before the 3utb of April, i-i.7 Bamplea mnat be faroiahed with the propoaala, t<> whicn a copy of tbia advertisement in net be at tar Led Boxee to I* well atrappe-1 with hickory atrapa: the name of the contractor date oi tram fer aa well an the content* with g*o*a. tare, an 1 net weicht. mn*t ba plainly marked on every pack nae. The aoap will ba carefully I na pec ted before It la received aad compared with tha retained ainipli a. Vvrificntlon mt weight of package will be determined aa de?ire<l by the undersigned, who will ?lso aettlo all qaeatioaa with regard to ijnalitf and condltlcB. Payment to be made aa *?on as the article ia re calved aa satia actory; but twenty five percnt. alll be reaerved irom each paymeat nntil the completion of tba contract. No B'lowaace for packagea. It wfll be received at the Bnbilstanca Store honaea in the Monnaent Lot. and 6th street Wharf; or at the Baltimora and Ohio Ballroiid I>epot. O. BELL. iuh5 Ct Major and C. 8.. 0. 8. A. pBOPOSALB YOB MEAT. Q#lr< Depot Commafitry ?f Suhtt'tenrt. I I tfa?tis?io*. D. C.. March 4.1987.( Sealed Prepofais.of the form farniahe<l by the cii?1> raipned, will be received, ia duplicate, uutii THUBBl)* Y.the 19th o' Ma'?h,?t H ui . for nil tbe VKE8H BKEK and Ml'TTON rejnlred for the use of the troops and all tbe OOBN ED BER P for aulc or i*aae at the following placea, viz . Washington. D. C Alexandria. Va . Port W.nh ii'Ktvu. Md., Kort P<>ote, Mi , and Port Whipple, Va. I'roposa'a will also !>e received for all the F<erh jir.j re<mlred for aa'es to officera aupplied from lh<- Waahiiitloa Depot. Tbia Beef will be of the linect gnalily of select parts both from tbehial ouartera and tbe > ibs of the fore iitiartera. All the Meat will be anbject to rield inenecti >n; to be of excellent marketable malltv and in on >ic< ptioaable condition. The #>??A Hrtf re jnired for tbe troupe of <?insl proportiona of fore md bind unaitera, necks, shanka, and kidaey tallow not received In all casea, if the Meat ia not aatiafactcry. parchaeee in tbe open market will be Bade at tba ?xpen*e of the contractor Tha contractor will ba required to deliver the Meat at tbe Store houae at the placea named, where he will distribute it In vnrb inantltlaa, ?nd at such tlmea, aa an officer of tha Subalateaca Department may diiect. Batarate propaeal* will be received f >r jupplyiB? either of the ?l ove aanitd placet I'iddera mnat be preaent at tha apeaingof tha paym< nt to be made at this office monthly, for al 1 Meat purchaaed, or whan In fnitda for the pur^kflqnaatlona raapectfng qnalftv and coadittoa will beaett ad by tbe ofllrer of tha Subsistence Department recelvfng tba , The contract will l>a made for alx moatha from tha 1st day of April, 1?7. at tocb pariod as the Cotnmiaaary Oaueral may date r mi lie. Bida mast ba cadoread ' Propoaala for ? , at ."and addraaaad to the undarataaed. U. BKblii mb Mt Majar aad 0. 8., D. 8. A._ pBOPOBAWlrOB>BB8B BEEF. SuaaUTsnca oypiaa, ?. 8. A., ^ Corner Grant and Baldaratoa atraata, J In Bear of 105 Waat l^mbard street, f BalUaore. Md.. March 1,1867. Sealed prepneala, in duplicate, will -e reoaive<i at thla office until 12 m. on SATUBOA Y. March t, 1>*7. for furni-hing and delivering free et coat, to tbe Damps Bar tacks. Uoapltala and tffficare la, arenad. aad in tbe vicinity of Baltimora, Md , (Including tha garrieoaed forte e*?ept Fort Malienry I all the FBEBH BEEF rajalred by them for aix months, commeaciag April I. 1S0, or each leee time as the Commieaery Ueneral of Bnbaiatence may direct. . , , u. Tha Beef to ba of good and markataMa quality, in e<itial proportion of lore and bind quarter matt, ine<ka. s batik a and kidney tallow to ne excluded ) The necks of tha cattla aiauglitered nnder tUi* agreement shall ba cut atf at t?ie fourth vartebral y int. and the breast trimmed down. The abanks of fore quartera shall ba cut off from thrao to four Inclie* above the knee joint, nnd of hind quarters from Hi* to eight inch.-e above tbe s?u?brelor ho< k joint. . . . . Pldderaara requested to baataaent to rs-ponl to their bida, and t.e prepared to give bonds for the fulfillment of tbair oontract ? Proposals mnat be endorsed disti Bctly Proposala forFreah Beaf,' and addreaaed to the under as" "" """iaoBirwWoaf " BvtiLiaat.Ool.aadO.S W 8.1.. mb 4-M Svt Brig Oaa. vala. x p BO FOB A L8 FOB FBBBU BBEAD. fuasisTEKCK OrricK. U. 8. A , \ KA.NT AKD BA-1>BH*XON ?T*.. O. 104 Wx*T LOMBAKD STRIKTt. BaLTIMOBK. Mn . March 1, 1SK7. J Sealad Prepoaaia. in duplioate, will ae received at thla office until 12 m.,on SATOHL)A Y, March a, i8o7, for faraiahtaf FBBBB BBSAB to tnt> troopa in, ami aronad, and In tha vicinity of Baltimore, Md , InclBdlag tbe varleus surrounding forU, (except Fort McHenry. Maryland ) The bread to be deli vered at Warehouae corner of Orantand Balderaton atreata, Baltimore. Md., or al ancb other paint In the city of Balttm ire at may be dealgnated, In auch qnantities and at ancn time* as aa offictr of tha Babaiatenca Department may direct. The Bread will beanbjert to a tlgld inspection, and if not aattetaciery, purebaaea will ba aad a lu opeu market at tbe expenae or the contiactor. All qneatioas respecting qualitv ,in4 condition will be aettled by the officer of the Subsistence Department receiving tha Braad. The Bread required to be famished ander tbia contract mnat be ijood. wholesome Braad, made In sbeetaof loavaa, each loaf to weiga not lea* than igbttea ounces when received B'ddera will state t<ow many loavea of Bread of eighteen ounces each they prwaoaa giving for one barrel flour of 1M ponnda.'packages not included,) the marka oa the barrela as purchaaed by the United B a tea to bold, (whoa tha barrels are and iat"Thia contract will be made for aix a out ha from April l, 18 T, oraaeh leaattae aa tha Coinmiaaary Beaerai may cirect Blank piaposaia < an be ohaiaed at thla office. Bids aasi be iad<<rwt-d ' Propoaala lor Fresh Bread." aad addreaaed to tha nadeiaianed, wao receives tba right to reiect any or all Bids deemed unreasonable Bbldara aaat be preaaat to raspond to their bida aad be prepared to alveb?adg o* tha toithful parI*""*" ,b,lr '""TKOMM ?iuoa. ] Si a vet Ltoat.Col. aad 0 B? 0 8. A , mb 4 6t Brevet Brig Gen Vols. pBOPOSALB FOB OABTABB. propoaala will be received aatll f P. a oa -the ?th ef March, ls97, at the OMee t>f the Waahlagloa Gas Light Oompanv. Bo. 4T-J Tenth street, for Outage froa April 1- M7. ta April 1,13 The riabt to r*>eet any aad all bida that aaj ba "^t'Th'datroTwhat la i^Tal'-d mav be seej1 aa applleatloa to OBAB . ShllsBT, i fe? dtaarf Staratary. RAILROADS. 1866 rHMIIJUU boots 1867 *0 B0BTHWBBT. SOUTH, AMD 80CTH* (w uj 8CHBDCLB J JS.VtSEZ,*' **' ? ?* **? wtu Wanhlagtoo T | J ma < 7 u< klgkt 0*n with modern 'ifrTranti aad aavlagTroaa fear to twelve hoar* UamoW 5JF othor roit*. Two hundred mi lee aavod to WMm u? OMtnl Rt? Tork aaToa Two bally Tralna to tho Wort. " " " North, Teronsh from Baltlnaore to BOOHBBTBBaad PllTlfeUBOH without ch?? ? F**"*agara by Uli roato from Baltimore have o,to" Ticket* by thla root* can ho procarad at tho oface, eoraor tth ttrnt aod Peaneylvanla avenue, df tho Natienal Houl. whoro rollahlo informatioa will baglvan at all timca. Paaoaagara procuring tlck?U at thla o ffice can aoenre aoccsnmodatioaa la Bleeping Car a for El Ira or Flttabarg. B. J. WILE INS. Ticket Agent, __ _ ?? Waahiagton. D. O. _">B*MI2yS<.0~ ^*?1 d., ? ?jihbb s(KB _ WuHlMTOR.Jat.l, 18(7, alaa batwae n Was hiqvton aad Bow Tork ara now ran aa follows, via: lOBB.withoat chaMoof cart. *17 (oxcopt Sunday) at T:?S a. aa. and HBW TOBK, ohaagla? car a at Phlladal* 4 Jj^T|^dally (exoept Sunday > at ll:lfa. m. and a ..rOB PHILADELPHIA. Leava dally (except Sunday) at 7 4* an* 11:11 a. m., and *90 and 8 so a. m ON SUNDAY. Leave for New Tork aad Philao Jphla at 6 90 Pm only. Bleeping cara for Haw York oa 6 90 p.m. trala daily. Through tickets to Phlladelpbla.Haw Tork. or Boaton, can be bad at the Station Office at all houra in the day. aa wail aa at tbe new office t'j tba Bankera and Brokera Telegraph Live, 348 Proa, avenue, *?iwe?n 6th aod 7Tb atreeta. bee Baltimore and OhioRailroad advertisement for acbedulo between Washington, Baltimore, Anna toll*, an*' the Ww J, L. WILSON, Muater ot Transportation. L M COLE General Ticket A?tnt _ GBO. 8. BOOHTZ, Ageat. Waohingtoa. oc ?-tf IPALTIMOBB AHD OHIO BAILBOAD, WasHiNOTO!!, Jan ?,1W7. -ZZ5B Trains between WASHINGTON AXD BALTIMOBS, and WA8HINOTON AND TUB WI^T arenowrunaafollews, via_ FOB H4LTIMOKB Leave daily, except Sunday, at 7-<jr>. 7 45. and ll:i4 a. ni., mud 9.4%, and 4:90. aad a 00 p a. . _ FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. Bnaday, at 7 JO a. m., aod 1 Ooaad 8 00 p. m. ' FOB u AT oTATlOHS SOUTH OF ANNAPOLIS J t'NCTlOH. p m T* ? M U(1 T '?? *' M" *?d , and ' k t ' ^ _ FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 7:45 a.m., and 490 p. m No train* to or from Aanapolla on Sunday ON SUNDAY. FOB BALTIMOBB. Leara at 7:4* a.m.. and S.w and t> 00 p a fob Way stations. I'Oaveat 7 : tf a.m., ana 2#u aiwl |:ki. op, FOB ALL PABTS OF THB WkuT m-jwTr* d*117> oaoopt Sanday, at 7.-45 a.m., aad w p n. Oa Sunday at 8 op 9 m only.connecting at Belay Station with traiaa from BalUmoroto wheeling, Parkerabarg. Ac. THROUGH TIOKBTB to the Woatcaa ho bad at tbe * aahingtoa Station Tickat Office at all houra In the day, aa well aa at the aew offlio of the Banker* and Brokera' Telegraph Lino, 34 9 Pena avenue, between 6th and 7th atreeta ForHaw Yoik, Pjbiladaiphia, and Boatoa, too adTartlaemantof ' Through Line." J. L. WILSON, Maator of Traaaportation. _ L M. COLB. Qeneral Ticket Agent. oc SO tf QBO. 8. KOOHTZ. Agent Waenin?toa Hudson biveb and hablbm bailBOA OB-On aod alter MONDAY., l?C6, tralna for Albany and Tror, connecting with Hei thera and * eatern tralna, will leave Now Y.ra a* followa: 8 a.m. Bxpreaa train via Hud* >n Blver Bailroad, *tb at. and lgth av., threo?b to Duffalo aud ba?pen?l?a Bridge aftbont change of cara and connecting at Trov with tralna for Saratoga, Botlaud. Barllngton aad Montreal. 10a.m. Bxpreaa and Mall trala via Hadaoa Blver Railroad, connecting at Air.any with Woatam train*, and at Troy with train* fur Hortfc. lla m Kxpreea trala via Harlem B^llmad, STth *t and ?tb av., connecting at Chatham with Waatern Bailroad for Lebanon Spring*, Pitt*rield, i Ac . at Albany with Weatern tralna. aud at Troy with tralna tor Saratoga ButUnd, Barling ton aud Montreal. 3:45 p m. Bxpreaa train via Hadaoa Biv >r Ballroad coaaec tine at Albany with Woatrrn traiua, and at Troy with traina for MouMb, with aloopinv car attaclied. 4 1ft p m Bxpreaa train via Harlem Railroad, connecting at Chatham with Weatoru Bailroad for | Lebanon Spiiuga, l'itt?field, Ac ; at Albany wlta Weatern train*, and at Tro> with trala* for Rutland. Bcrllcgton aod Moatraal. Slaoning cara attached at Albany t> .to p m expreae tnaln via Hudaoa Blver Ball- I r< ad, with h.-eping cara attached, a d throueb to ItuRalo and Buapen>ioa Bridg- without ebane>i f car*. Also, aleeping car every d?y excepting Batarda> a attached from Hi * York through to Ogdenaburg without chaage, via Borne. W. and O. Bailroad. Connection f?ir Troy will be made at Baat Albany. Thla train will ran on Snndapa 11 p m Train via Hudaoa Blver Bailroad. with aleeping car attaehed. connecting at Albany with early tralna far Buffalo aud Ba?poualoa Bridge, and at Troy with tralna for Saratoga and poiuta Horth. A Suaday train will be ran via Hadaoa Blver Bailroad from New York to Poaghkeepaie and in* termediate atationa. leaving New York at 8.90 a m. Returning, leave Pougnkoepaie at 9.45 p. m 1 arriving in New York at 4 it p. m. Also, a Sunday train viaHarlem Bailroad. leaving 4ld atrcat at 9a. n .and arriving at Mlllertoa at 3 Be p m. Returning, leave MiTlcrtoa at 5 a m., arriving la How York at il.?i a. aa WM. H. YAVMBBILT. ja lt Floa Preoideot. g*.a*. ? ! UMARKall'l OifTl aAMAMITAJTB ft ITT 1 THB HOST OBBTA1B BBMBBT BTBB CBBD "Tea, A Puetriv* Or*a," far UOtrOUMHOtA, GLMMT, 8 TMJO Tto'MMM, 4a Oontalna no Mlaoral, aa Balaam, ao Mercury Only Ten Pills f 6a ftAea ? Eft a a Omrt. They are eaiirely vegetable, having mo email nor mm* analeaeant taate, aad wiH not la aay way laa/e the atomach or howela of the moot delicate. Cares la from two to four day a, aad recent caooa la "tweaty fonr fcajlg- Piwpwed by a gradaata . of tba Cnlveraity ?f >f?*asy lyaula ena of Ihe moat Smlnent Doctota aad Chainlita of tho areaeatday. ao ?xro**trt, no trmtkU, no cAaaig* wAatacsr. mT*' ' Beat by mall In a plain eavelopa prloo?Mala pack a gag, #9. Foooaie. fa, BLOODI MLOODll BLOOD Ht SCROFULA, DLCHBS. SOBBS, BPOTB. THTTBRS, 80 a LBS, BOILS, SYPHILIS OB VBNBRBAi. D1BBASB8, Ac. mAMABITJ.ya BOOT AND HMM JUIOB la offered the public aa a aodtlve oure. SYPHILIS OB YCNhRBAL DiSBAaMfl, th* SAMARITAN 8 BOOT AND HERB JD10B Isi a,oat potent, certain and effectual remedy aver prescribed; H reaohoa aad eradicatea every particle ot the veuereal that tho oure la thorough apd permanent. Take, then,of thia purifying retu ady aud bo healed, and do not transmit It to your posterity that for wblah y5a aay repeat la aflar r** ' DO HOT DEBPAIBI 'KSKwan wt if remove every vestige ef Impurijiaa from the In miuY sQmUobi wlin WbIcq u uxu^en of fa fb?a" n beirlng dowa. Falling of the WoSb?^ BAMABITAN'S WASH W.ta mm ??laoonnaoOoa with tha Full dlractteoa. Price 91 oeata. Tho efficacy of ttoeao remadlea la allka acknowi Sff.^ WHBTTHBSMWHBgkFO&THB,U,^B | "Port MoartTai, Fopt MamaBaxL. lalllaata, ' pi , Feb. 90. il?4.-"l have araat aatiafactl.n la jtatlng tbM 1 have aaod 'TBalaaaarltaa Boaadlaa' ^jJTBINWATTB P LAB OS. Wo have jwvt received a aaw aooorteaoat of II PIANO#OhTBB fro* tha factory aiatiag of Oraad, B?juars, aad V?dcht||l|a| Cal.inet Piaaoo. "In For the laat tea yoon'Stela way ? Plaaoa have, on all occaotoa^ recaivod the Brat premlom over all aew York, Boaton. Philadelphia.aad BalUmora makera. whenevar and ?>>*f?ror tlMyhava noma fa 29 tf Ho. SI* Pea a avaaao. Bole Agoats. MaOBBBBL ABD OBPFM1. *RSS?,JT?aW.2,D "ai??sK\J "m&\VSU6.~ MBIT l4.?UlMBlkoiBteTr> { railroads. _BEADI"SG BAILBOAD ? 7- }/L SPf,S( HlYlklLL. S U9jLtBii\,A fiSSf.VOU TRUSS,A(?m4fl\KUk* Tr I0*" Saar** ,tr**u. PWladelpaia.attbefeilwwi,^ ... "?*w*N? A<*'O?HODATIOB0 Bit Mm ?' ^'M ^ ?u ?ater?wdi*t# ! iJNBSdnp ,??. ^iS&l\SSSi\ Harrlat arc PettaviUa. Mae Orer*. TMm, (*uBhVr? Wtf' Bi?ira. wZTlhUUT rliL B?r Uio AlUBUM. w.* a* t>ar r tL\ V.5*** ChM.Unhiii HM.nlI* * Thin inii roctKii at k?7t?IS0 with i6^Lm PenB*|lvania Railroad tr?iii? tor AlleBtowa ^ aad with A. UtMMi Y allay ??*Uf.r VjfiL* burg, Ac ; M POM OLiRToN IVLiy1* EalTroad trala* for VHIIiaineaort L?ck h.?? Eiwlra A. . at BABRIRRLBG .iT'.'LV'' t Btral, Cm. her land Valley. and Schuylkill .II. Bnaaoeheaaa train* for H-jrthuinb?rl* d' W?i lln*.*port, fork, Chaa>ber*burg. Plnegreve' Ac AFTBBBOON EXPBBB9. Philadelphia Bt J 30 p m far BeadiL, Pottavilie, Herri* burg, Ac , roiB?ctln( w,.* Ua^Ao* *Bd WttMblalilli nl train* Ior0oluu? ' UADIIO ACCOMMODATION ?gss * ? -??? - = 1 raiae far I'hi ladrt pn i a I ear a Harrlal-arg at 8 N ? "d Pott* rl lie at ? 44 a m a "ri riwe i. u ? ? t 1 " V B. Alt* ruoon tralna iee> t llariUbor* Bt ll'1 p Hi aad Pnttaville tl > tl B ; ?"?*?'* Bt PhiledelpMa ate a p ? *' 7 5Vr,l"bnr^ g?'m?'iBtlon leave* JUeding at 7.30n m inn Harriaburg at t lu p tu Conn*, t if* V Rcadlug ?lth Aflerno d A.' oani,..iKti ! pS'i.XS * *hlfJ33pbTaa" Market Train, with a paa*. u*er ear att*/>a~a leaTH Philadelphia at 11 4 nooa. for Readnx^fi all W*y*tatleB*, leave* Reading II JnV^l?*l2j Dewaiagtowa 11 ?pm for Philadelphia aad way *tatloia. u All the above train* run daily, Bunder* *ie?-* 8ua<iar Train* l?a\e Pott-vm* at "an. ^?a Philadelphia at 3.13 p m., leave Philadeiraii r r Reading at 8 a. m.. return; n* from Hrading at? 88 P" OHK8TBB VALLEY RAILROAD Paiiei^in for Downinxtown and intermediate point* t?ke the T SB aid 8 18 e m and ? ? B ? train* from Philadelphia, retnrnlng fn? Dn?, iaxtowa at 7 a m. at.d u.*> noon. MBW YORK BXPltKSa FOR PITTT^BCRn,? ANDTUEHB8T ?U Leatea fi.w \ ork at 7 w a. iu and 3 a m .. Idk Beaiit, at 1 W, 11 :3 a tu and lJa? tTi c-.nn?( ting *t Hairl^bur* ?lth Pena., 1,'eaia? a Bertbam Central lUtHoad Btar-aa TriSi ? U-o.aUrAC Ch,C* ?' *li?n? BatnrBlDA. Kxpreea Train leavea Harrl?hBr? . arrival of l eun->iVBina Kxpre.afrom pia,! * a at 3 and y 0 a tu . 9 IS p m pa*.a* t^L\,?L ! 4.??andi;?.Ma. m and 11 .10 1 a, arrt?^^ Mew York 10 a m . Bad I.u p tn, t>l?p.n/?." acc??pan?itig there trama tliroiirt Ut?el? jll per City aatl Ptttahurvh. w.tboBt hau,! Mall tram 1, r Mew York leave* Harriiibari; a? VM.S~~4.V 80 tt I'VLK ILL VALLEY RAILROAD Tialoa lai.*e Pt itavi ie at 7. li 3* a ta ^Lod 7 m fj'aif 4.W."m!TOm ^ BCtlb YLRILL AMD^ BTSyCEHAMMA BAIL. Train. le?Te Aob-.rn at 7 M a m for P:na?ra?. and llarrlabarir, and at 1 ? p. m.. for Pineal! and 1 reruont. reterBin* tr?Bj Harriabur* ,f a m p ni., and (i?,a> Tiam. ni at 7 M a. tu aai 1 ? P. IB. ' ? _ freight. Goods cfall daetrlptlona forwar4*4 to all th* aboveaofnta fro? tbf Womyaar't New Depot, Broad and Wllttw atraeta **?lfhl Laava PfciladrlphKdatlrat.vsoa m ,11 ts noon and o p. m..lor Reaala*. l^hanoa. rfarriT!^ Pctiavilla, Port Clinton, and all point* be,oaf * Cloae at the PLiUdaipUU Poat Offlea for all place* on the r^ and it* braucite* at 6 a *'Ja lsnf *r,nc'*^ atatioaa tutlj Bt 3.13 p. tu, '* PEMMSYLVANIA CENTRAL BAILROAD 1 WINTER ABRAMUAMRNT * T5*.tra,a* of *h* Pean-yl?aala Ceatral Rail. r#."^ 'r"Tt th? ??epot, at 3lat and Market atraeta vii hlV ,'p* diret tljr b> the car* <?f the a.r. ket btreet Paa* agar Railway. Thoeeof the Oheat. ^"aaVe ent r?B ^iiaia obo ON SrNPAVB?The Market Street Car* leave Eroiit ai.d Market atrret. 35 mlnotaa before t?! depai tnre ?f each tram " MANk'R BAIMAUI BXPRBM will call for and deliver Macgace at the hepet. Order* left attention10* ? *** Cb**tl,ul*tr^1' r^ei.? Hftll Train T""' , * . _ Paoli Accoh'b N^a. 1 A i, la.iKi a ui Anna tr* Ja-t Line and Brie Expr^M. .. ati2ftJ? ParkwMir* Train , ?T""_ llarilaturg Accotamodatloa 1 at ? S m' Lancaster Acoomn;..<iati?.n " *t 4 iw a ?' I Itaf nrghBBd Erie Mail " Philadelphia Bx preea ; it iT m T" Ifl" ntAaV*btrf * * ***' < ?'/. except SatPhiladelphia Expre** leavaa daily. AH othar train* dai r. except band?> - ,?UI T * Williameaort vanat d ll'JTVofo^r,,mnd MrJ" at LacklaPa?*enger* l y Mall Traia xo to Car llala aad < haml erei nrg without a change of car*. Ple?-pliig Oar Ticket* can be had on aaalicatlno at the Ticket Oflka. 031 Cbeatnat atreet ^ Arrive at D*pou Viz Oiaclanati Bxartaa . ?. teao. _ Philadelphia Expr< a* Vt 7 iS! 5' Pa?.ll Aotbib boa I A 2 8 50 a u. . .1 " Ob b* Parkabuig Traia. at Train bJ ji 2,1'2' Part Line JJ1? Pay Bxpr< aa V." mt iJaS 2* EccomaoilatloB...!. "...... '.at SJO p. tn! Mon?lar Expraaa arrtvea daily, except CiBcinnatl Bxpreaa arrival dally. All other train* dally except Bntxlar vr?.'u*>nf#ri,***'1n* *?*k Havea at 7 a. a , and Mllliam*port at S a a. m . reach PhilatfelBhia. without change of care, f. oru Willlaaaport hp Day Bxpreaa, at 8 8f>p at uy The PeaaaylvaBia Railroad Oonpeny will not MWinie aay ri*k for BaKgag?, except fur WeariBa Apparel, and Itaalt their re?Bon*1bility to On? Hundred Dollar* la valne. AllBaggaite axoeed ing that asonnt la valne, will be at tae ri*k of ? #WiKi.0,!?f taken by Baeclal 00atract. P"r further Information, apply to nt ?? ?' ALLB*? Tlck*t Agent, 631 Cheat^SAMUEL H. WALLACE, Tiek*t Ageat at th* AN BMIGBABT TRAIN raa* daily, except Bond*v For tall partlcalar* a* to fare aad *r r *111 mla Mom apply to FBANCI8 FUWK. 137 Deck at. CENTRAL BAILB0AD OF NBW J BUSYFreight Depot In Hew lark. toot of Liberty etreet. Connect* at Maaiaton Junction with the Delaware. Lackawanna aad eaters Railroad, and at Eaaton with the Dehiab Valley Ballro* and it. oona^tloB*. fer?T^'. direct line to Plttaaarg and th* W**t without change of car*. _ ALLENT0WN LINE TO THE WBST Twa Exrree* Train* daily forth* Weet, except Bnndaya, when one Train io the eveaing 8ixt> milea aad three boar* aaved by this lln?> to Chicugo. OiaciunaU, Bt. Loan, Ac , with ba{ eae change of oara. WINTER ABRABOBMBNTH, Com?Be> dug January 7,18(7?Leave Hew York a* follow* 8:30 A M ?For Eutoa, Bethlebea, Manofc Cbank. Williaaiaport, Wilk**harre, Mahauoy oit) , slc 8 10A M. Mail Txa:*?For Flemlngton, Baaton, Water Gap, Bcraatoa, Wilkeabarre. Great Rend. Pituburx, Binghanitoa. Ac. ? A M? \Ne?teru Expr?w for Ra*toa, Alleatown, Uarrlabarg. Pittabarg, aud the Wait, with but 01.e change of car* te Cincinnati *r Chicago, aad but two chang* * to ?t. Leaia. Coanecta at Barrlrburt with Northern Oentral and Philadelphia and Brl* Road*, for Brl* aad th* Oil Beglon*. _ 12 M. J.Rxia -For Baatan, Alleatawn, Maurh 'hunk. Vi llkeabarr*, Reading, Pottavtlte, Harria* bart, Re. _ 4 P M ? For HMtoa. Bethlehem, aad Maach Chaak. 8 P M.?For Boroarvltle and FleaHngt^n. 8 P. M ?For Eae ton. Heading. Harrtatoarg. Wllliaaap>rt, Irvine ton. Corry, Erie, Ac. Bleeping car from New York to Williamapart. 8.19 P. M ? For 8o*aervUle 7 30 P. M.?For Bonierville. 5 P M ?Wbstexi Ixpikm Taara ?Far Beaton, A lkn tow a. Beading, Marrianarg, Pittaknrg, and the Weet. Bleeplnc car* thraugh fro* J area y City to Pittaburg every evening. Additional tialu* are run t* B*rgea Polat. Blirabeth. Ac. Ticket"'for th* Wa*t ran h* obtalaad at the aflre of the Oeutral Ball rood o? Hew Jeraay. foot of Liberty (treat, North Ho. 1 Actor Hon**, No*. 1>I, 'JT1, lili Broadway, aad at Ho. 1* *jal?*JOb\e5 0 BTE' BW8, Bnperinteadent NBW YORK ABP HEW HAVBH BAILBOAD. r**aeng*r Btatioa la Baw York, oornar 27ik treet aad Fearth a venae TBAIHB LBAVB NBW YOBE Far Hew Havaa aad B<te*epeet?L. i Ex ?J1N a. at.;UJB (Bx.),?(Hx ), 3.8B, 8JP, aad <Ex.), * Pot Mllford, Btratford, Fairfield, Beothport, and Weetport?7,11.10 a 8.80 and 8.3V p in. F*r Nor walk?7, ?J0. U JO a a ; U a?Bx.>, aW-HfeWviff (Ex.I,?I * > SAB, 4.30,8 JU,? ?. and 8 For Port Cheeter ^ 9J8,11JB a. m.; 3 80, 4J0. 8.M. ?JO. aad 7 P- m. OOHHBCT1HG TEAINB. For Ro*ton 8Tla"Bhot *"id ia?11.1A? ( For Hartford aad Bprlagteld-B, (E*.?> U 30 mf?r ijroBec'tlcBt8 ti^* Ball road-8 *L?L-(^") saartt:Cat^ Now Uad*. aad 8toalagtoa J -% Horthamp*?Tor Hoaaatoalc aad Baagatack Hal I road la. "For^haabarF aad HarwalA B. ? a. 4~??iiaiMiii)l*a8 Elaaplag Oar* attached Ml ? m. HOTT, BBP?Ha?ad*a? I