Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR, i The Urcr&l emulation in the District W. D. WALLACH, Kitwtal Prorlrtet. j WASHINGTON OITT FRIOAV MARCH ft* IW, VKKADI^U MATTER OS EVERY PAGE. BLK OLTPIDK >'UR INT BRKSTING TfcLK fa RAPHTC AND OTHER MATTER TO ADVERTISERS. lb* following ?? ui?* offloiai 'bowing of tfc* cKvOlA'tot of b* daily pap?ra*of this citjr competing tor tb?? ' ov?rum?*nt advertising uulfi d? rf.'fDtMtof ('onrmi directing <ncti ' ad v?rttMt.c ?o b# rcade in tb* two dally iuwi[apcr? ot Washington Cia*inj tt,? largM elTculancu: tvs>i N? Ma* 7,715 eopie* per day Vkronfit .1MB " 44 ..X1K 44 >4 Tb* r?iuni!. of sdYtrthiiiK by the ci'y papers t cr tfe qnar'w ??ndinc I>?'cerut?er II. a^ I l-Hi?*n frvm 'fit- liunk> ol t!j? Internal ile?.*ntje Cttlre, art* ii? follows: fcriMnn STAR ?13.i?)7 S,l<h ........................, I Kef/ubhrmn 5 :tst* j ? i THE -K.NATE CAUCUS VtU?TERDAY, lo th* Senate cancm yes erday a notion to ' adjourn umil Xov*mf)tr wasuegatived by t wo i majority, (1? ( 10,) ami tbe whole matter of Hdjourumrui *? laid upon the tabl?. It , tacitly a^r^ed upoa that the Senate should re- | maia tn Motion until the executive busine-*is i disposed of, and especially until t!ie appoint- j meal* nnd<*r themilitary government bill shall j have heeti ree?-lved and disposed of, when toe Senate will uotUy tbe House thai it i-? re?4y ' ;o adjouru uatil October or November. 1'nd-r the bill th>- Prrndem is required to make the | appoio'ments withm twentv dtyg. It is stated i that lien Kutler d**uounces tbe project to ad. 1 journ subject to tbe call of 'be President o* 4 lb* t*eiiate and Speaker of tbeHonse a? entirely illegal. PUBLIC SCHilOL FUND Mr. ay il*on introduced in th?-Sennt? to-dav 1 abiiltogrant l.t.m ut? acres of laud lor the beiie.ii ot public ecboola oltbe District of Co- ' lumbia. to be dnldrd betwern tbe cities of i Wa-feiupton and Georgetown and tbe coun'v ! of Washington, according to tbe population | tbeico!. a? ascertained by tbe census of MO. l.oi.d scrip tball be issued for the said lauds, ' ?o be sold by raid cities and county; the e-\- j pensea ol ihe sale to t>>- borue by tlie District, : and tbe entire proceed* to ne applied to scnool ' purposes. Tk?* pro<.eensof sale? shall eonititu'e a perpetual fund, tbe interest of witch j sball ne inviolably appropriated lor s?bool ' purposes, wi'hout distinction of race or color. KeleireU to Coimn.tiee on Public [ Lands MILIT ARY RESERV ATION TO BK SOLD. In view of tbe act of Congress, approved j July 4. 1-66, the Commissioner ct tb? General j i.and Office La.* inmrucled tbe District I.and * officer at M- naika, U' t?coiisin. to pro?veu to | Oreen Hav. on tbe i?t of Mar next, and there o(T?-r at pahhc auction, to tbe highest bidder, 1 for eath, tbe vm-nnt lot?. 7-> in number, in the | late Fort Howard M'l.tsry R>*s-rve. No mm rautn pnf? i- affix-<1 'o tne lots >n tb*y j ar?* ?o he sold subject to the approval ??f the ' >ecretary oi the Interior, and in ord?*r rh u the \ Department mitj ai t nnrters'audingfy in thW n?an?r it e to al officers have been d'reclj1 to report aftrr mqniry trom th?* be?* and in jet re- I liable ecurces of information the vaiue of the ' several to 9. BILL FOR A MARKKT HOU?E Mr. Patters >n, of New Hampshire, in rj. duced in tfce Senate to-day a bill authoriseiiifC the Corporation of Washington to matte a six per cent loaa of not more than *5?U,<W?. j for building a market-bouse on the eim of tbe present Centre Market, tbe bml#- ; iL?r to be completed within two years, an'd ' With restrictions as to the location of *? I hides, Ac . and excluding marketing from Pmnevltama aveuue and Louisiana avenn-s. i ?rrt tbe -idewalks and pa>omenta thereon. Referred to District Committee. NAVAL NKW*. The Na\y Department has received info-*. ' nation of the arrival of the I". 8 steamer Pen-?cola, at Valparaiso on the *>t?t ot January. a:t?r a pas-are of twenty.eight days trom Montevideo- very stormy weather vsi ex- j periei:C?-d on tbe~pa??<t?r?? lH?pa'< bea have also be-?n recn*.?d announcing tbe arrival of tbe LT S. steamer Sacramento at Porto (}rande. Island of St. Vincent, oa tbe 31*t ot I>ecember. having nailed from Madeira on the 18th, arriving at Teueritfe on tha fitK n'l I? - * ? iiir m* tatter piace oa ih^ ; '.Itb.all well. RKC1IPTS FROM 0r.<ToM? Tbe receipts from custom# at tbe porn be. ! lew named Irom February 21d to :??ih w?r*? as | follow? ? Iloston, j?jli..V21 si. Philadelphia, *iW.lC->i4; ISoltimore, #im.4l3ftj: New Orleans (Feb 16tb Jo ;!3d.) 9112,775. u?: Sao Kran- j i itco,. Jan. :i7tb to 31, -25. The returns from New York City nave not yet beeu received POLICE BILL. Mr. Morrill unreduced la me Senate t.?.i!ay a bill to amend and simplify tbe acts relating to tbe Metropolitan Police of the District. Referred to District Committee. The Hoc-e Carets.?'We are informed that the statement ibai Gen?ral Butler was the author of the resolution presented at the Hou-e Caocis by Mr. t'ovotle, for Special | Committee on Impeachment. la incorrect It 1 was prepared by Mr. Cvvode without cos-at- j tation with any one. (teserai Butler learning ) that be had prepared ench a re*ola!i?n weal to Mr. seat and borrowed it that be migist abow it to some of bis triende. Tbe statement referred to, doob'less had its origin in this lact. , A Can. fob a t>?n% bstmsi in YmnU As we stated some days since would bo tbe rase, tbe Senate of Virginia yesterday paesed abilltoiaila convention under the military tecoosiruction bill on the second Monday of < May. Tbe vot* was yeas 25, nays 4. Of the four whe voted in tbe negative, Robert Ould, I formerly a member of tbe Washington bar then kebel Commissioner tor the exchan** o'f ! prisoners, and now State Senator from Kicb- | wianrf ? ?> ? ? * ?* ' " " , >ur lUUdtCIIICIUlU UD) leiUIQg ID ' hi* oppoa.'ioa to the m?-uurr. TBI U*-ABHKXATIOV OV \L?I4?l>KI A.? Tbe following la an abstract of tbe bill which paaaed tbe House Representative* yeater. day, by a rota of on*- buudred and tUvtn to twent)-eight, to repeal tue law retroceding the eouaty ot Alexandria to the A tat* or Virginia, and reinstating tbe jurisdiction of the I*i?irlct 11 Columbia over the original tea mileasq oar# taction 1 repeal* the act ol July 9. I*i?i. retrocading Alexabdrta county to tbe S'lWoI Virginia Section i provide* for tbe protection of private aud public property and rights. Section J provide* tbat all caa*e? in tba courts tot concluded, and hereafter to b* brough', shall be coDvlUt. te<i io accordaac* with tbe law* in force in the Diairict of Culumbia Jjectioo 4 regelates tbe a>Hwim>n aid collection of :??f? wt t<very de*cription. in accordance with the laws IB fore* in (tin District. See:ion 5 declares vacant all civil office* in the city and auki) of Alexandria, and require* u*w ipKmimesis and elections nnder tbe laws in ce in tbe liictnct, {v-ciion o reqaires all caiae* pending in tbe court* of record of A lexardria city and county lobe transferred to the Supreme Court or the District ot OolunlH^, aid all proceediag* betoie jaatlcea of tbe peace to be decided by jusucea hereafter electee or appointed. Section 7 provides that tbe law shall take effect from and after iU passage TnkViikli Srnili now on oar counter for rale, sod la wrapper*, ready for the mails detaining. among much other readme matter, a capital story, entitled "My haadsome travel. I 0? companion." tba Pre* idea ts veto of the hrtl for more rfflcieBtfoveroraealof the S.iutn; veto ot ?he tenure of utiles bill; Impeachment ' ot tlse President: reports of the Judi itry i e: rloee of tho *J9tb. and open!a/of . tl>e 4i.lh Ctmrw; 'be Alexandria elajl>on; tt <s d^ntereo? ee now to se?-ton in Ratumore K?- i ception? oarler he week: Proceedings of tbe krpaM:cae Mee?i?re dorm* the weeVf U-e. j ml iirma ot dc (aesi?<?e?ra ?m*: Congee nional 1 piocvtdiarr: MsBftnvoiis Sketches, wi'h Domestic. Military. Naval. Departmental, aud l^oi ?l Atewa. Agricultural and Hia?et>j|>. 1 icg Mieceltrtay ; and i*e la teat Tslegraf hi? I "* jmpatihe* from all quarter* l>Tiim H*\KKtc?The receipts 1-oai -bis source jo dsy wera ^'jir.4^-jS. I.1HJKNMI >T %( :< L RITI EH. Wa?hi*?toS, M.a.-ct> 8 1-HI7 Jay Cooke A Co furnish l&i following quotations ul Government tecurities Huying. Setting \ . 3 *> C? UP'JU. I4*! li 9% II I i s Ktve Twenue?, lt#W........|u#% 109% " ? Five I wt-nties. |HH4 fif7l( KT\ U S Klve TwnitlN. isti.-, 1?7^ nr \ U.S. Fire Tvrentle?,JanJtJ'jr,'<i^ U*X U. S. Ten t'ortm <>;% in l' s Tbir?ie?, August.... M>5j% '"b^ I*. S. Seven Thirties, June 10ft* 1<>f.S U. S. Steven Thirties. .Iwiy W5* l(k?\ j ?** lfOBK rIRHT HOART> 9ALEC Coupons I(i9\t Ki.40'6 - ?v 1 vat*. \~*K 10<i% TJlO's, August 105 \ *?>, vn\ T*W's, .Tune 105\ 1 ft ?!?, J-ft5 1(1?% 4.30*8. July N?ft . 5.2t) s. Ju.&Jy,*ft5.106s Gold .1331, ???? ?? i. riNANilAL. .lohi-on A Co., yuote Stoeka and Hoi'ds in home and foreign market* ma follow*: New To as. M<ucb v?1st Board?IJ. 8 i H.-J1 Coip.>n < ILO?,\ do.. fi-VO'*, lul)^; II. S. i I -4*i e. C>up^ne. !?7T;; Omuiu Co'nj>?uy, 45'.: Ciin beilsnd Ccsti ('o pret'd?3o^; <4 f-n tht Mimur Co .3034: N^vr York Central K K.; Iii, Lr * ii;u:*\v. ^4. Uud-nn Kiver K. U.. l.>; Rnud>u* H.R , 1 v 13,. Michigan Central K. l:fi. lilui?igan Soniheru and N Indiana li K.71*: do. f uarautfcd, : lliHtois Centra; L'.K , Ci?\?l-iud ? 1.a Pittobsr; K.U . S); C'hivnao and I^artnwestern ii li., :t;?7?; d<>. preferred. f?iCleveland and To<e to K. K . 1)7. Chicago aud Kock Island K. K.. 1*4. I'll-1..1T.T l> urt U .cn. l> ? ill; Obio and Mississippi Cfrutic*?c-, Ji>\. (iolrl. i'p m., iffc! \. V? March ?-Xo'B.?Bond?,*:)^; (JonJtc Ki if, -iu: Illinois, 77 4. THK liBtliiLATt'lU ?>c Ma it vi. an d.?The proposition to bold a new municipal He >i'>n in Hal'imore cit> led io quit-a spirited dl-cusBion in the Senate >e*terday. Leave wis a'ked aurt gianted to Mr. Mules to report a bill t > rep-*il the act enabling a new bill on tbe subject to be Introduced. Soo? after the vote on the leave allowing >lr Mules to report 'tie bill was reconsidered?yea? IK nays II A motion to lay the "leave a*k*d for" on the table was defeated?yens 5, nay* 1*. The Rtltlmnre police bill wan then taken np. After bet ng amended so as to require one comialnlDner io be taken from each legislative district, the bill was parsed. Tbe House adopted a resolution authorizing the Governor to appoint commissioner* to select specimen* of mineral* ship-timber. mtnnficmrers. works of art, Ac., of Maryland, to be sent to the Paris Exposition 7"The legislature of West Virginia allourr.ed tint flit last week The I.egMat are of North Carolina has adjourned to meet again iu Auguet next. t&~A backman drove into the fc* von at Mcmpbie. ou Jttouday night, with three men in bis back, and drowned bis horses and one o the occupants, a negro. The driver and tbe two other men were savad. /Ths church built by the M. K Church Srutb, at Lewistourg. West Virginia, has beeu old u> Father Walters, a priest of the Catholic Church, tor tbe sum ol turK New Orleans member of the Louisiana Senate has bad tbe temerity to introduce a bill providing tor the compulsory closing of places ot amusement on Sunday All ,\f?r OrW ans ?s excit d. ( MURDOCH -On account of illnssa, J IB J-J? I. MOkDOCU will l>? unable t<> Iwture UtTore tbe t. M U Association a? expected but tbe cemmitUe bob unce w'tl, pleasure tbst his taleated brother, 8 K will ?l?e KBAlHNtt* and KR? ITATIOS* at Metzerott Hall Till Kt>D&Y IVIMItO, March 7. IM7, conin encitiK ?t *h o'clock. Tickets AO ctix. ABI-K ML KEI KIOS will h? bold 1(1 til* reons of the A*?oci<<tioo, ever the H all, after tb< entertainment, to wbtcn ?ll are Invited m'S-2t* washPhoton, d c . mTech d7i-#i The Committee on Examination of Candidate* for poettir>n? a# Teachers In th PuVllr He bo It ill meet at 10 o'clock a m . on SATnitlnY (XT tb? }ibiDiUiil,la the (NmHI Ch?i!i??r, City Hall. f 8. WALSH nobiit Chairman. hi1 a ptblic tihpii*hce MKKTINO 1 S wiil b- tat-H it But Washington M>*t ?i.1i?t Kpiscrpal tlburcli. 4tb street <-ast, on FRIDAY BVKMIMO.atb iu-t , under tb a in* lee# of Colanibia l>l\l*io?, doni of Temperance DUtiu galslitil advocate* of the cante will tillreu the meeting, which will open at 7.', a. sa. Fre* to the public ml. ? <t >*% nin or east Washington m k. JJ? GllO RCU, /tr ODD fellows Ball, navyyabd. fe 21 pebbuabt 31 TO MABCflb. _ nrg^-f AWMBfcOKlB B MOT1CE. MBS8B8. 8 GOLDSTEIN ft CO.. Ho 34 i'i street ami, near P?-nn'? ave , Beg leave to call i' e attention of ear old petrous anlthepnblic iiifeuera! thai we have now en lar|rd our bailees*, and are prepared to offer indacementa to borrowers that have never been offettd oefore?sxprt-*sly to parties wishing large amounts. Largs if ore r-n>tm. with goo<l enfes for v?lnablee A private connected for nil contideutlal bwlnrft Money advanced on G"ld a?i4 Silver Watches Diaaoads. (Silverware, Jewelry, and on all kinds Ol merchandise A inn, on Bonds, Blocks. Scrip*. Government He cnritie*. Loans made by day or week on merchandise snb j.-ct to rale N. B ? Arrangements have been made by which Krsons depositing property with as can receive i laiae ?t any principal c*?y of the O nion 34 FOI B AND AHALF 8TBBBT fe ? tf ir^JOBBPH H. HRArriBLD, LL2 FltlNUH OONFCC'TIONBBY. LAD1B8' icb CBKam ft DiNtNO SALOON. S46 Penn. Ave., bet. 12th and 13th sta. Weodlngs Dinner or Sapper Parties supplied at short netice ^itn novelties in Pyramids, faucy I""' ? vonTecneneriee, Jeiil.-* , Weldtnc V*kr"' *> ? unailty. Table Oroameete 8?l?d" Ice U-eam, Water Ice. Botnan Pnnch. Bnn*?l TorHoawi TurkBy,? Attendant* al*o will be sent to attend to all de talis of arrangements. Bonnets. Wreaths, and cnt Flowers to order < ? ?? _____ J08K ?H H. 8HAFKIELD. * BT4BL18HID 1 (T# g . McPHBB?OB * PISOrsON. 71 Fish, avmck, coheir 1st sikikt. Dealer. ?n nmWSmff?Sm &<o?D1tMlCALa' pk ^ . . I^8TBCMlKtB,?c'.,*e. Physicians Prescriptions acenrately compounded. The Night Bell promptly answered. S 12-tf JtHT ABB1VBD AMD FOB 8ALB-25 BEAD WOBB MOBBBB and Ma BBS. from rv Pettnsjlvania. Inquire at I ongreu stre?t tables near canal, Georgetown, D O. iu 8-li* pis & ifi v *~?:_ J?st r?c?lTtd a Bae Assortment ef PBNBB1VIS which are for sale at low priree. n? S PKAtfOK TATLOB. yy A8HINGTOB, Mtitu 8, lea. For sale, a quantity of OLD BOXB8. ln tnlre of the undersigned, at b)i efflce 397. en i?th ireet. C. SUTHBBLAHD, bS-ertt A?tetant Medleal Purveyor, U. 8 A. f^BVBQB I. J OH HON A CO. are ellta* n beantifnl undressed white Cotton, yard wide, for ladiit sk rts at'S cent*. Mew style Bala >rals, Qaaker Ski its law style Pnraeol*. Oaabmere i Pbawls #4 so, #5.Mend t lo White and Checkered i Is am of, with many other cheap aoddeelratle Goods. _ .I0HM80M A 80TT0B 'B ?_W* Old Btnnd, <31 7th street F?B "^8ItWbb?|bmittifo. The gteem*r TBOHil COLLYSB will leave tk* wk ..f-a t n?T.k ... U . * U t PAY MOB.N 1N??, March 9 ?? 10&|Ak n'rlock. for Monit Tornon, rot*rn ,nf ?|,?Vl"s?. iocIudlDK mlmiaatoa t? Mood on. * WM D OObT. It ?re?l<Mt Potomac Ferry Co i M g| COUBTOISIBBS, ALBXABVBB 3. jouvnrs. frlto -Lodieo". c3i OenUcmok'a, ii$. J. J. MAT * CO., SO* Penoftylvoatt kTMD?. 8 2tir #lh and IMfe Ml. A CCTIOB BIL1 Of OOTIIIMC1T BHILD A IIH AT VAMP TOPP, SOOTH Of TBBA8UHY BCILP1BQ j Itmgimrt?r? Dumrtmn* if Wmkmgtm, 1 I Qfm/CkttfQumfrmaiur,) ...... ^ , Bni<wl.w. B. C. lim I, lit \ , M III Wool4 tl Pufcilc AiatUn.oath* an?*?r dtroctlon of Mijnr Imm UIiuob. *,&{ < T?,VK IBSSftaa 'MS x: *"> dial Ulttcoro" Qa?run. ln'ifNt. Oo? olflcero' Oa?rwr?. Hg*i foot, with *???. I B"tM|f.?; win booold M4m?tbo romovod wtthtn foo <!?? from dote of mUo. Torn* cook In Oovornaon* M I. LUD1BOTOW. Bt? Brig. tioa. u4 (JMof g?ortora*oUr, vh * 3t I?o?orf>oot ?f ?'Mkii|lM. 'r?W 1MB- A f?H oooortm??t ot Whlto. Manilla, p/TBWrOB^m^B BACKS f.r i?U yon lo? bf B. TfO HRI loll. 43* !?? ?y|T??U otoboO. IATHTB' LB*T^BB*? roaoiro* fy0? I j K. ? York * lot prim# Hemlock ?OLB LBA'T KB ? hlrh ?lll t>f Ml?l for lot* thon It coo bo to rbtm the DUtrict. j ^ BEJ8gBY bs7 -t* ^9 ?a ! 91 LoaloUnit otoiuo. . TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM Et'RopE TO-PAY. |p<?i>riaat >r?? Thr Kraian Onthrrak in Irtlaad?A Bttile?*>nu?n? hilled ?nd t< OkKiiril ? JuU I t ( uplureil Thff K-lrnit te the llilla-Tlir Itiiia* ?e?rral-Ufntr F.?ri(i>infnt -t.?nernl Olraon llif Croaail-Drath of A r tenia* Ws r Fuianriail and ( omnirrnal. Hy Cable to ihe A*-aociated I're^a ] > Marrh - ? K.renin* _ Jli^vcbes r? cei?> d rtnrmc the ?Jar fn>m liubiin ar d Cork tli* following t?ai tienUr? ot tbe last outj break i* lrH-u.d. . ? ? I A fifbttook place Jtfi Tuesday umbiaiTalakht, aheul eifbt miles- south of 1 ?t?t?lin. be| i?>m the armed police ?t.1 a large body of Fei t!m?. One of the latter *r.ia kiWeri autl ti ve w?-re wounded The police raptured eighty prt?mier* an I ?ix loads of ammuntf on. and np'o dn-k to- d*y over 4?m prisoners b.tti been brought into IMiblin. T1 e mam body of the Kenim* ?nj?nred in 'he flpht re<re*t ?i o t?? hill* north of Dublin, with l.ord strathnolrn, the comma-lr ot ! tQe Firi.tsh fori e> in Ireraud, In vigorous pnrI >t Tt*? police s-atioo-'d at KilmaHaoir, ni?"t ? u ' mile* eoiiiti of l.iinjrlrk, in tbe ( mn>r ot >1 aiwier. w: < ait irk?t hr two bundled Kclit n>. v too wei<* repulsed, leaving thne? of their 1'Mntw r d* ad np<>n tbe field, and lo.-mg lontu*n prisoner*. '1 he ta^k* of the police a>< l*tcmori* had b>?n I'Tid b> aii iiufiidim v. and totnll\ de tioved. "1 be mat aver of tbe I'moa Htnk and a mounted police messenger have been sh >t in lMomore Keports from Dublin -tate that the various bands of l-'eniiin* appenr to be well *up;>lied \M?b rations. and ?!? *v seem to bin* risen suddenly in all puns ot the Island They attav k*d the coast guards stationed at Killfliicb. in the county of Clare. nnd took ;iway their arm* Assintts ha\e be*n made upon the stations at ? itrylori. in Widow coanty. and upon that at Holy Cioss, and supplied ttiemselve- with aims from all ihese places. The excitement in Tippersry is intense. Gen CHee^on Is reporten to be there. Charles K Krewne. bet^r kneVrn a? Artemtin Ward, died at Southampton yesterday l.osnoi. March ?? K>enine ? Lord l>e~rby stated thi* evening that the railway trains are apain runnli g between Dublin ar.d Corn. In uliw, March 7? Evening ?Thirteen prisoners in all ha\e been taken at limerick. All ik quiet in this city to-day, and reports from Cork, Limerick and Waterford represent that there are no apparent signs of disturbance there. lx'M-ow. March *_iNoon.?Coosnls, :*i>, for morel l. 8 j -.l'S T'5^ . Illinois'Central. 77 Krie. :>h. LivBitrooL, March S ? Neon ? Cotton Htoker Circular reports that the cotton market ha* been dull aid inactive and prices tiave shown an increasing downward tendency Sales for whole week foot up 55,000 bales. The market this inornin? opens quiet at the following quotation?. Middling Cplande, H ,d: Middling Orleans. rs\d. It is estimated that the sales to-day will reach 51.000 biles. Corn is 3?s 3d. tor mixed Western per quarter. Provisions steady. Linseed Oil oncbanged from ri*? per cent. iA'Sr-o*. March 1, Kveuing.?Consols clc? ed W\\ 5 :! >, 74. Illinois Central. 77^. tries, :M,V Kramcpokt. March Cnited State? Hoods W Vl.iviKi'irOL, March 7. Evening.?Cotton cIo.-mI dull, w ith a declining tendenc*. S?le? to-day are estimated at 7.UM0 bales. Middling j Cplands are piloted at l.i^d. (1KAbD BALLY OF MEN AMD BOYS. * AT TM? wimai i "omsiit jUin igu ItOL'!*K. Mo. 4'?0 7th stieet. opponte To?t Oftu* nUSINKBS fUITI oTTlld,. rlptione. D^IBS SUITS at reduced price*. BOYS bllTbof klldticrlpUoDi EOTfe' SUITS >t*ll iricei, Ni-u ?t> l? <>l BOTH' CLOTH ING. #I?T8? CLO'l BING at reduced price* New ie yoor time to !ay in HPBIHU CLOTH 1NQ. fti we offer spccial in lac tneuta for the ues thirty iay* at f MITU i, 4b0 7th Mtiiht, oppo*ite Pol Office. mln lia / 1 EKAT BARGAINS IN BKADT MABK *1 _ ? LOTIUNG Fine Bla. k Cloth FBOCK COATS, ranging In pi ice fr< it % 12 tw &33 Black Doeskin ta?<?imere PANTALOONS, from $6 to $1* Blatt Cloth and Silk \ I8TS, at price* ranging from $4 lo Jt I'aNlutt* BDilftSB SUITS at leu then mann> I factoririg price* BOTH CLOTBINQ at greatly reduced pricee. The Go<xls we offer are our n?i manufacture, welli at. faithfully Bade, and * >.<! trimmlaK* Iiainlae oar ?S>eprintf Over Sack NUAU WAL.KF.B A < 0., nhriStif (Intel I. J : &> Pennt-rlvanlaaveave. ? * ABDBN SKIDS. 11 GABDIB SKIDS. HKAS. BRANS. CABBAGl. TDBNIP, BUT. LKTTUCK, Ac , Ac. 1 am jaet in receipt of my imported GAKDCN SCI Lip from Vemoria Annrteax A Co., I'aris. France, and Ilaret A Sob. Lonun. England, and have made arrangement# with the larneit and nu?t reliable *e?-d ?rrower? to the I'nitr-d Stat. * for rny American Seed*, and have now la store a large supply, which are warranted fresh and Idh. j. p IIAHTHOLOW. fe 19-eoJw 33? 7th street, below Pean. trton Abotiub. LL FEKSONS iNUABTED TO TUB OLD firm of YATES A SItHY are request?,1 to co ne forward Hi>d settle up tbelr account*, as I desirous ot closing ?p thp affairs of >*aid firm, ' JAB. W 81LBY7 t the old stand of Yates ft Belhy. 333 Penn'a aveou**, JUST BXUE1YED-A larce lot of 4-4 BLEACHED OOTTOH, uudree*(d which we are offering to th?- public at the nafrecadented law price ?f ? cants. Also, a lot of 4 4 BLBACHBD OOTTOH at SO ceata err cheap. J W.BBLBV ft CO , At the old stand of Y?tes ft Selbjr, uui l tf 323 l'wnn Hveane, aaar 7th ??. ^OBHT8 WANTBD. $74,110(1, ABB 6150 PER MONTH la ?o? being made b> onr Agents canvassing for the new work of historical ralua and romantic Interest, entitled " WEAKINQ OK TUB OKAY,'1 Comprising Per.#*a. Portrait*. Slcelrkn, Atiie*t*r.n, f il'rtlt of tht ifijr. liar, WIM TkrtKmt ,Y/|rr<|. livtsnf tat Daring Dttdt, Dtfkimi n>nrift, Tnitomt Mirrhts, W'tiUnt Sfi' rifirft% in,I I'atifnt Svjftr _ intesoflkt ? BOYS JN GKAY, , Bs JOHN B8TAH GOOK.B, Formerly of General Btaart'e Staff ??thor of "t?rry or Bagla'4 ?e?t," "Lift of Stonauall Jackson, Ac.. ft' HANDBOMBLY illubtbatbd. , To energetic men and women a rara chance Is offered to m?ka money. Address SOUTHEBN PUBLISHING COMPANY, _ _ I?13 Bollldaj street, Baltimore, ?d Poat OfDce Box 1,434. mh 1 eolm BkBPABTMBNT OV THB INTBBIOB, S2it?? assspjaian.taai'iss that at tha date following the deecrlatlon ot%acL vtriiut ? MrtllnU tr nrmt ?f like l*tior will be rataaaad, If no valid objection ahoald than JOB. E. BABBITT. Ooiawiaaiooer. Bo. MMJM, for II* acres, lMn?d under the art of March ad, 18<B, la the nan* of Bobert W Pierce, ud waa uaaM May It, itstf. Mere b 9,1887. Bo. 99.SM. for 100 aorea, iaauM un ler the act of March S IMA, In tha nam* of BlLab D. Ball, and ?ai irraated Jnw?, 1*1. March t.18*57. Bo 3.BI&, tor 80 acraa, leaned under tha act of March 3d 18AA, Intheaameof Qeorge Plum, and waa trautad Angnat 1Kb, 1856. March 90, l-*57 No If 911 for 1*0 acraa. laaaad under tha art of Marekld.ltui, in the name of Jamee Henry, and wtta granted April 22d, 1861. March 30.18>7. Bo. M 7*. for 160 acraa, iaaned no4er tha act of March 3d, 1806. In the name of John Wood, and waa granted February M. I8ft7. April 6. IM7. Mo. M 160 for la?> acraa. laaaad ualer tha act of March 3d ii& . In tha naae of Aaraa Wood, widow or Bob* rt Weod. and waa granted February H. 1847. April 6.1887. , Bo. 41,4?, for 16? acraa, laaaad under tha act of February II, 184*, la tha aamaof 8^mual Hodaoa, and waa granted becember 4.1818. April a#, 1867. No. 67 JM. for 8? acraa. Uanad nnler the act of September, 1888 In the name of Lanadca O. John on aad waa granted Marah 6, 1844. April SO, Mar. Bo 27.Ml, for 80 acraa, leaned undar tha act of March 3, IM6. la tha nane or Langdon 0. Joha* aoa and waa granted April 1,1*1. April 3D. 1867. No. 78 231. for H8 acraa. leaned under tha aat of March 3. 188a. la tha name of Mary, widow of Thomaa Bowling, aad waa graated May p. itM. April i?? 1867. Bo 86.134. for IB) acraa. leaned ??der tha aat of Serch 8,188R, In tba name of Pally Paaaa, widow Cheater Paaaa, aad waa granted J?!y 18,1888. "SVtt HA. for 180 acraa, laaaad nndrr tha apt of March 8d,18M lathe aameeof the minor child ran ol Jacob Laebar. deaeaaad, aad waa graated July a. iscw ?May 4.18d7. fco 17 6M. for 'do acraf. laaaad nnder tha act of February 1Mb, 184T, la tha name of Martin Boaa, aad waa granted May lit hj 1849. May U.uR7. Bo. 68,l?t<. for 188 aaraa, laaaad aaier t?,- net o March sd. 1848. In the ?aa?e or 41*1 a BlUa, add Fo T7JM far MM acraa, laeaarf andar^aact of r..,r"?,lu,. H w BrKnHtLL corner 14th aim P atreata. nib 8 nader Kbbltt Uoaaa. | _ ? 1 CUSiUKEt?lUN al. . ,\ " N 1 " ? $A*. (-RD4T. M*rcb ft ?-E!f ati! - Tli* t n.tirlaid be uiVHIM t*enaW * ctiu*iuuuatiun :rcin Hie Ski rfury ot <Nar. rnrloaii f a trpoitof Major (I'iikiI Mo *ard relative 10'he ex\rem? ?ir* a?i< destitnU >11 in the Sou'b. IU-ferreo to Committee on the J uditiary. Alto. trom the S*-cretarv of War, a copy of l.ieut Gen Sherman'* order for the protection >t traveler* over tbe plnir.s. Referred to Ui iomi'lrc ?a Kilila'y Afkir', Al-c, ct ir.mumention from the lk>rnm saiocer of Public liM<liiniK? M li t reach. call- 1 ill.' xtterto Jt>e neces<*i<j of the Ini.aertiate orcantrn'i 'n of the J?int com no it'ee provided lor by ?b? rteiinenry art to at><m claims ???r n* i< I'WT-, Ac., at the Executive Manelnn. Mr Tmmhtill pre**f??'d tl?e petition oflfyal r j Aryans**, at-fctne ?he erection ->l that' 1 | Mute Idio a Ttnntory, with (lea. Hoaard as ( 1 <;? \ rr.or. 1 Mr Trnmbnll proceeding tq aay >bat 1' Con^rfas had already acted on this subject, 1 ! vctier?

Mr. linnet r Interrupted him to fti?est ltiat I ; l;e did not utidenMitntl <tiatConKrt&?U*d a*'?J. Vtit ibnt this most import Mil tubi'd w.i* now beti'je ftirm. The T-iftnorial w:ii then laid on the taV* yir. 1 ruttbull pneapnied * m-.a^ria.! <>t the , i fo-cail?d Xsf.tlatore?jT ArU.?u~as. aAiOf h.i | appropriation 1< r th?* repair.>f the levee* on ' tfce ftft??-?flpp? rirer. l{ef*?rreH to i\>mio.t. j ire otr I'rirtipg. Kr Aitthonv. trom theOfn mitteo on 1'niat. irf. reported Mirj^ini re*olntion to prlti' e*?ra coptee of tfie ln'?-rtiHl R?*enne law*, vi'h tw^eT and rrnrfinal re! rrrcf*, under (tie niper\ inon of the t'onimii>M<.>uer of Internal R? \?i,tie: which wa* pawed Vr. Patt?r*oa 11 > introduced ab.II antfcoi />df the Cat porn t ion of Wa*htng'i>n to 9 rot 'rji*t a loan n?d i**ne noek to t ne sm >unt of s.jt.n.Mii. for the hnildmr of * market h?u-e; j " hn h vra> reJeirert to the (_kmmittee on the 1 ?Miict ol (Colombia ^Ir. Ki?mtey introduced a bill authorizing iir- rv'ininiv ini?IP|iu l ftOlf *.A)in|'rtllV III New Yolk, U make sounding* on ibe Atlao'lc ems', m ri l.'ty ncable to et-Lablisb u?l?*irri*|ihte <onmunicatitn Lorope. by way of the 1-Urmuria and A/.ores. wbich was referrnd to tb>* timmitUeon Post Offices. Mr. Wilson introduced a hill grantinp une million acres ot the public laud'* to (bit p<<b:tc ( cboclf of the District of C/olumbia wh?ch was referred to the Committee on the public j liUDd!. Mr William* introdnced a joint resolution extending the prorinont oftDc to the several territories, which was referred u> the Committee on the Judiciary. Mr. Morrill introduced a bill to amend and simplity the acts reiatl g ?o the Metropolir.-tn Police of tbe District of Columbia. Kefeired to Committee on District of Columbia. Mr. Morrill introduced * joint resolution appropriating'll-iit 4) lor the relief of d*Mitiite colored people In tbe District of Colombia, which wa*> passed Hot <ir..-Mr. Dawes (Mas* ), from Committee on I.lections. tuniuiued a report m ibe contested election case of Coiumbu* Delano vs. George W. Morgan, representative from tbe 13 h district of Ohio, accompanied by a resolution extending tbe time tor taking testimony seventy.Ave days. Agreed to. Mr. D?wes, from tbe *aane committee, sab. rnitted a resolution in the couu>cied electmn case ol Stewart % e Phelps. in the Id district of Maryland, extending tbe time for taking testimony M*ty days. Agreed to. Mr. Wood iN. \.) askea but failed to obtain have to introduce a resolution expm lu; t-y mpatby with ibe people of Ireland in tbeir tiiuggle for Utterly, anu rte. luring that i! the government* ot hurope are allowed to et-ttblob monarchical governments in Amaru-:, Hit u tLe I iiUeo S'ates thonld footer repubii. can lustiiution* in fcaroj?e. 1 be regular order of busmens hiving b?<-n demanded, the question w.u- taken upon tbe motion of Mr Price (lowa), to suspend the rules to enable biro io offer a joint resolution au:boii'/ing the Secretary of tbe Treasury to iir-e any amount of money in the treasury in fliee* of KTli.UMLOCO fur Ih# r?d?nnl>n>i compound interest notes falling due. The motion to mspend the ru let was not agree,i to On motion of Mr liauks, ( the Senate jc4i>t resolution tB*>iida:oi J of tbe joint resolution to provide for the participation ot tie people of the I'nlted S'stes in the Parts Expo. >i kt), was taken Irom the Speaker's table and passed. |Tbe bill is the ?ame as wm passed on the last day of tb- Thirty-ninth Congress, but vu net presented to thePresident for bis signature in tune. It appropriates fc'.o.noo. and require? the comml?Min*r!i to the Exposition to serve without <1 unpen fa'ion. | Tbe Senate joint revolution extending the time for the completion of tbe improvement ot the Fox and Wisconsin river* was considered and passed. On motion of Mr.Clarke, (Kansas.) a resolution w:is adopted directiug tbe Postmaster of tbe House to deliver to each member and delerate an amount of stationary equal to tbe amount delivered at a short session of Congress. Mr. Butler (Mas*.i introduced a preamble and resolution setting forth thai, whereas the Congress ot tbe Confederate States bad ordered tbe sequestration and confiscation ol all debts due by debtors in tbe Southern States to their creditors in the Northern States, and iu pursuance ot such sequestration there had been paid into tbe Cm reus Bank of New Orleans. prior to May Isu l-W?. over half a million ot dollars. tbe proceeds of debts withheld trom Northern creditors, of which amount tbe sum of W still remained in sucb bank to the credit of the Confederate re. cei\er at tbe time of the ocennsiini nf New Orleans by tbe l'nite?l States forces, which amount wu seized by the tbea ' (' i; ot Kip Hepartment of theOalf, for tbe beuefli of Northern creditors, whose debts bad thus been cou abated. and said mm i was deposited with tbe Secretary of tb? Treasary of tbe tnited States, to be."by bim, held in trust for tbe benefit of snoh Northern creditors: and. whereas, owing to a doubt of tbe j Secretary ot tbe Treasury as to his legal Authority to distribute ibe said amount ot t tttltH*V.I4 to tbe creditor*, tbe money has lain < undisturbed in tbe Treasury Department s:uc? ' July. IMS, 10 tbe treat injustice ot tbe credit- J ore, who have made application for it : Therefore i Hrotvtd, Thai tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury ? be authorized and directed to appoint a commission. to consist ot tbn-e persons, one of j them shall be learned lu tbe law. to he,.r and ' detf-rmmetbevarious claims, and to distribute . such tnnd of *ail?,UlAM.M,*i n amount. not ex- , co-ding tbeamouut of elaim of e *cb credit jr. | wben mii, L money was confiscated, with le ;al interest; but prov ided ibat nny claim not presented witbin three months atte<- tbe appointment of such commission shall not be alluded: and provided further, that the COV of 1 sa>d commission shall b? paid oat of snch f u ud. Tbe resolutions were agreed to after an explanation by Mr. Butler that it met tbe approval of tbe Secretary of the Treasury. Mr. Robinson (N. V.) asked leave to in- { troduce a bill authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to sell all surplus gold in tbe Treasury 1 iepart men t, and to authorize tbe receipt ot legal tender notes at par for duties on imports. Ordered to be printed. Mr. Wood tN. Y.) called up hi* resolution j relative to expression of sympathy for irelaud, and a motion to suspend tbe rules was agreed to by a vote of 1U3 yeas, to 14 nays. Tbe resolution was then, on motion of Mr. Banks, (Mass.) referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, wlieu appointed. Mi. Stevens (Pa j Introduced a resolution to reappoint the Joint Committee of l.> on Heconstruction. Mr. Eldridge objected Mr Stevens then moved to suspend tbe rules : and the yeas and nays having been demanded, the rules were not suspended ? y eas 86 l ays 50: two thirds not having voted m tbe affirmative. J UST BBCBIVBB IBOM Till BBW YORK AUCTIONS Aaotber fine and cheap lot of DIT GOODS. Bilk I'lald and Flgnrad Mohair D1BSS 900 DS for ift cant? a yard, worth l?Keeate. I'bup Mm of Black aad Colored ALPACAS Striped aud Check MUSLIM very cb??. Il*iut lint- of TOWKLS. Qoodatyleaof GflNQHaM J0c*nUa yard. Oood mality Unbleached COTTOM. lw; yard wide. >6 cent* White OOTTOB, worth ju Miti, 1 aa telilkK tor ?oente. ? BMOBT BA3TIB, , ^ 11* Pcmaaylraula m!-M* bat. Ipth fcoltt'hata jy OT A Haw THiiTol " ? ( TE1 TBMPBBANOf GBOCBBT .AS. TAYLOB A CO.. Coraar of Kth and 1 !( ??, baa been aetabtlahed CHoic "orEO?i?kT?Yoa??.i.. I *"* 1 CBYBBTB1BTT TBIaitlBY BOI*d, " *? *A"o,at5.%"?vs T"h,??? for No tea. Ohacka. *-r??ai.?, a ad other laK?i document* for sale at Government rata* ,mh7*ni J 9 BABMBB Onablar. glAblOkl-SflMIIPUHOS.1, * ba?a aaa af tbaae aaperb Plaooa,^^^' r.*i es dir. b*1" nTen .. "" JMO. , UOB1 DIMIbUiiT. ?TT7T-5 =* 1T Tba public la hereb/notl?ed that i am readr new tc .apply the trade .md loren af a coo4Yr title atth pare ^PMr atiil.d kTB WHtSKBT The Hoae aada WhUker te warranted all rye. and will e aold whnlt a*la onl*. anh t Jiu* CHAS. A. KBAl'Bl, Proprietor. L ... 1 ' Gtff|(towi ( urili. or Ali-kumk* ?l b? Hoard tn^t I vpLii?fj til of tfer mrab<'r* |irf nl *r 1 ihuum mi hoi iir4 oertaiu pnpfri ref-rr#-1 ?? biro at ?te I** ktHioti of th* ikMifllr, tt4 Ibej ?>lf -Vta u r?ferr*il to him U?r repvt tto?n;repon*d back th >re?olo'ioii r*?Rt(?| be th,** IH?p??ed on H .1 < for * -ui>pi*r< rioinuon of the liquor hreti*** II Willi .liisttc* Hacke>'? ?tMt> meat of 'h? rvliirnce in the en*?, und th?* r'^oiuium vr t* rejected by ? tie vote. AI?o. ri*por?eil b\ * ib? r ? **?) w4<on n>miiiinf th?* Unr itnp*?>d r*n l> u? 1 f" We11?. for *r MWei violati on or th?* c.n ;><vjat:on irrtmnnif rftjairinr b*r r<xim.- to i?e , cliMd on tin* Sabbath, a r.?| 'h* re?olul on *u I r?j?ftfd. Council Teet?fiilto? a1lA*iur l?r. ' t'ihg.ii to withdraw j apis iu relt recce t*? 'Ue , ratdeinflVtoB ofprop. r*v f .r a public al-* ] in ti*?r?ar tft Kuxall'* Kj?, fran to* n ... ot the <Jfcerk ot %b? Oorporatioo. w%- ref.-ri vi lo the atandias committer Adinun??ci ?r? won ('(imriit?o?rd no^t, an l wv? ' frilled to o. der by 'be itr<?-ivl#Df. !?r (?. H <*r* R?n. * A nifting* fVotn Mayor Welch, r-apprin?hig <*eoi^ge liarriM.ii aa >tr?**t ? r. 1 svihI in* that ifte ord.uaui e r?*la mc ?? 1 it- other b?- ?<i 'mebiiwl i? n el-nriy il'tlb- l'i ' iiutf*. w <? j? rr!?rr?nl The Pr? -idi-ui M>tioliit(i>d il* tollowliv o<>**?; of 'be ' Com eil -Oh Way* a* d M?xn?H?-ar-? f kTt-M, tUt.aif n niid ]lio*u I l*irrj?? ClrtY>&t:gr>, Kadi-liiTV auU K'iai-h<?rc- <> > n> it. rr>?ii.ivultor Urowu iud i' i'?- ' i?-U. Fit- OcmiaiM1* m?rt Kuciu.s ?-Me r*. J Kon:e'v ifadclitl* and Ntao>?'niifc??r. Qihiiy*tiw.ii School*? M^^er*. I?r->jrn, Keiburu ml 1 Kthfbaif ilnfv?nctf-M"??r? l)n|<. (' kbancti an* l>*tuiv?n. li?rt>ui ;u?d (' ?a 1? j M? ?srs. ))av'?i?on.Cl*b?tenh and Ii<t\i? ' k?-t ht<u?. ? lia.0 i IT.'. Iwvu \nd I't k- ( reit **oor mid Workb? n>e? ltci,s>. bf,. K?*Thurn and Sh'?einN*-r P..|t dlt>F?re Heyborn. l>avi?teon and R ?;irer. MreeiK_M?*sVrc {<hoetnhlc?r. P c?r?M and l>avts Wsitr-Mrtprf. I'lrkrell, Jirown and .loint on A om."? >Ie?-r.>-. Hi own, Clabaitttb nnd Kadcliffe. no t'hnnre? M?*e?r*. R?-ybun. und Kot?r<?r. A trom Iir.K'Jbert Keyburn. tendi-ritiK hie re^ianation m?mh,r .h Council, wis rend. and tbe re?izua'i?n was accepted. and tbe tfci?l?rv iK the Koird directed i? notify in* ainvor (l?r. Kevhurn st.VPd that bis duties as an olllier of tbe (Government require bis undivided a'tention. and ibis fact alone induced Lum to r<-si?n ) Mr. Davidson presented lie following cUimi lelt unsettled in tbe bands of the commute* of ciniiufc of ibi* late board Account* of J J. Kane, Aa^ioMl /nfelttpeac?r, and U'tish A l.rncb. w hicb were referred Mr Rannmir* presented tbe account of Mrs liurlie tor rent of r?om for use of judges of election, reierred. Air. Crania ofTeied a resolution giving leave to llr C H Cragin 10 wi bdraw from the flW of tbe clerk of the corporation a petition and piper* presented by bim as guardian r**la iv?- u> ?n alley in tbe rear of Poxball's roar adopted. On motion of Mr Davis. tbe Chair * it- re. (ju^vtc d *o All tbe vacaucy in tbe special comtuittcb to investigate tbe facta in tbe election of Messrs. Itavidsoa. Clabaurb and Kohrer. wbose teat? are contested by Messrs J H Newman. William AppleUy, and Stephen Prentiss, and tbe President appointed Mr. Shoemaker. A communication from Mr. A. llvde, President of tbe (iuardians of George. t??D School*, inviting the Hoard to attend tbe distribution ol cards of merit to tbe scholars at tbe Montgomery street school* wa? received, and tbe invitation accepted.and tbe Hoard adjourned. Fi.oi k AknQuiK Maukbt?The marlce' opened v :L an increased inquiry for high grades 'our, whicb are very scarc*. Li?r grades aproving. and prices for best hrnnds of all (Trade* bare an up ward tendency, trougb quoted tbe same as tbe Star's published list. Tbe labofer* at tbe warehouses are busily engaeed in removing tbe stock of wbeat and corn from 'be storehouse?, it having 6-en taken for iblpment. The order# for corn w? arrive increased yeaterday afternoon to Pj.iWj bushels. Tbe price* for grain to-day are the mme as we quoted yesterday Tut Ca N aL ?Tbe operations of the manufactories mills, coal depot5. Jcc., have not yet been resumed with their accustomed activity. At some of tbe tatils tbe proprietors have set to Work to make repairs and improvements in view of the business of the appro tch1ng season. Tbe eoal derricks will no- be regnlariy in nse much before tbe 1st of April. Tbe coal fleet from Cumberland will then begin to make regular trips. geor(;ktown advehmih CHKA.P SFftlHQ dOODS AT MILL.BKB. lot Bridge ?treet, GfurjcUwi, D O. Calicoes, li't to 18; Merrliuac and Byr tfiiM. JO eta , Spring Deleineo. choice styiee, fery iheap Bleached llBalins.ll, 12'?, 16.16; yard widedi., rO: J ernes' Stin Mills, Hi>ct< . Blti'i B B., 4 4. Jt; Abdro<roj?in, Wannntta. !tew York Mills. Bruwtt Miiim, 10, ii>a. U, yard wlr ? do liud^cMita. Alio, i*oertl Martdent of Dry Goods, 0*11 And tituiuc oar stick. Yon will buy chtu, fetZlm* BENJAMIN MILLEH. A.-HIHQIOK CITY SAT1N0S BANK, Comer of 7th street ?nd Losiilut arenas. PATS 1NTBBE8T OB DB POSITS. HIGHEST MABKET BATHS PAID FOB GOLD AJIP S1LYBB. mh 6 St ,%1 BBC BAST'S KBW Ol'TSIDB STEAMSHIP LM LINE rOB ALBXABDBI A. W.\SM IBGTOM AND GEORGETOWN The Steamer JOHN GIBBON will 1??? Mew York lor t*e al-ore porta on SAT- _ *? ^ URDA Y. March9 h. at 4 p m.,from^^4^M? Pier 29. But rirer. Merchants Dthers -hi r ?'d? nay rely on the vestal leaving en the aboTf-namt t da? .1 W. THOMPffOB. President. Offiw,corner of inh ?.treet nud New ??>rk ?\ep?ne. a a it ABYLAND AGBICCLTIBAL COLLEGE Tb? duties of this Institution will be returned on MONDAY, ?th of March bile It is designed to make instruction la the theory and practice of Agri< nlture. tbe peculiar feature or theCollege. provision is mode for a fail :onrse ?f collrciate instruction, embracing the L?tin. Greek,'French. German, Itoliaa eni Spaa l?h languages or any of them, ronrse of Math matic?. Mental sad Moral Science. Hl-tory, ii>d the smdy of the Bngliah Laigoaxe and Lit iratsto. Natural History and Natural Philosophy, in their ?ev rai l.raoehea, will hare special attention. Military Tactics will he taught Thar* mil be no Preparatory School but a ee Dgltm tDQ Bclentm<- Connf mar ba tak tb? atndwit's ortiH. Mu on* r?calr?d an lar rMrtcw v??r? of *f For tOtraltr and farther I formation adtraaa B.B WOBTBINOTOB, Borlatar Ac , Offlee of iMtfru Tinwr. mh 1 mw Baltimore. rpXIS 1 TBKBS ! TBBBS : Fine variety of 8MA1>B T&BB8 for aala by Til OS. r. MOBtf AN, ?h I4t han4 JVth atreat. (TOB 8ALB-Tvo HOB8XB, one Bay r\ and one Brown. Alan, two t koraa jJaZfk SPRING WAOONB. Apply to BICB AMD BIUT, 14 Water at., i;?ortf*to*a f? ? tf C*MBBOIDBBT or ALL KINDS WOBKBD u on raaioaiblt t?rmi. Bvery kind of Taucy Work taught at vary lo? Fritaa, h> Madam KCTCBBAOK. at F Bapp'a O, between dtb aai Hh atraata. fa trim M' 0810. t ?. PIBCBS FOB OBB DOLLAB." l*8IC < 10 Maw aid b< antiful MDBlo at half yrica. avonlr for a few day ._>? BoOKS AT COBT.^^ ealllBK oat at coat to moTo. JOHN F. BLL1B. mh 6-St SOB Fa aw . p?ar Mth at. I DIOkllB FOB THB HOLIPATB. iass?wwOTotwsasffi"1?DOLBLB VANILLA ?HOOOLATB, (Far tabla nao.t BOBB ABO TAB ILL A RUBBT ALMONDS, MIXBD 8F0AB PLUMS, aa4 A88OBTKD CABDIE8. ' "-"-""Wr'm. * ittA QBAPB8. | Fraah. at KIBQ PLACE. AlIHOl HliT iDikHMVIfl I Ill ~ J*at_*^*7of~?*i*<rt tactalt, I KINO P Li A OK fi OLDKK ?CO PPBBNOMO WIB B. O OBK riNlnT NATIVE Will Gold rolor, full, y*t dtllcut flavor oad fr? Cr?nc?, and laaa than on* halt tha ooat of Imoortod Wlaa. B1NO PLAOB. WHIT? OPOltO MET,^ tha bnoro,") DlMCl z. M. F. K1KQ * 80S, d??i Kiainto* r?OAL, IBOB, ABD OIL, or tho Practical Aa?rV/ leaa Miner; boinc a fuid* to oiralie* and Blnaral roaonrot*. with auaaroua map* and fllua Tlioe rJ9> naoi TATLoa. |^lB?t>LlTIOB Of OOPABtBBBSHII' Th* copartnership horetofor* oxiatinc botvoon CH ABLBB PilMll and JlMM T, WALKB&, Merchant Tailor*. dots* knliiai M Bo 4*4 Bo* b,viiL?o? Jambs t. walk eh. Theboatnoaa h*ra?ft*r will ho oorrlod ?a ly JAMBS T WALK1K who will bo pleaaod t* hU frimJi.and th* onMIc In ( rr?|, at hia place of buainMa, Mo. 4M H**?ntA street. JAMBS T. WALBBB. _J. _ Mereheut tailor. .?> Bo.dfi ao*oothotr?>*t. 84S MS Pmoll Bncor oarod Hanu, '''teafettj'wisnsau-. 'i rr'itvn. 1*0..; 34ft P*nn?T^aaia at?ma, mh 4-niwf3tif Opposite Metropolitan RMl. WKB'T IBDIATOBABOBTABO 8WBBT MALI<>A QBAPBB. t rmh. 1118 PLACB. A, L" . ' : ~ i I 4 I P T 9 O t lllf MPKBIOI PLATE SILKS AT L >V ; mess *?dMir? t r?|| too > SKY LAMS AMP CH1M1 |?t of BLACK SILKS. (*Mt? mS ?tf( Joot n?hti frem mcU ? . 1 is TO ?? ?0 PIR TSSO T1i?t *r? Ch*k?*r tti%n oar S M ? . h*V? a?4 for 1*# J?M* Wo htT* 0 0# <"! of cbecb silk rorLiss, la PUek?r.d *blt* oi.d IttC) Color* Verr WO* r*blo WO?1?, midili ft? PiR tabs T?b fltt'i Block Hi* Wktt* Ml AIL CBBGJi S1LBS AT $! PIB VAI D-TBBT OH AT JitS J HAT A OO . a<?? F<ia?rUtnit o??bh? nk-KtM M*r?a ?>S ?n# Mk ' A T C U _B^ to | lKOl>fcUAV. ^ JLBUEKBKN. <S4 GENEVA ?? ~ AMKBICAX WATCULS, AU ?ty 'e? >B'! ?l7?o. *t th? LOW Bsr PBICBr* [ V> otchi# oad CbrOnoinM^r# rrpalrod mm w.waul Dkt . nk 1 #t M* Pannaylv%n?a trmur i ? ? - 'I I l>BOPO(IALII FOB ('lR.TLtR AND <KTt I UOfc H * Kk IN I t?T * M I'* AND i ll UULAR K ATI SO MTAflPM rM?T Oi vick Oc 4ii?ur. i U I' . >>l>rQM) U.IK' ( PtALKi) mo ia< Will ba r?K?i? <1 ? tbl< I UBtil tUe ?<at of March n ? kMti (orfnrbuLini for tl.r im? of Po?tOI?i . a j II ?rotU<l m??m, f?r four f<?*l fro u it> ?< <Uj of April bfit. MARKING ?r.d RATI N J * BIAMPJ- ot iba folloming daa?.ri?Uon. namr > < LI>8 I. Circular nod ( tncti ll.rM ag StaBia* of i?tral, abont one in k in diMtui. wit. to umrf of th? i>!kc? 1*4 Bt?t?. ?liti iipt (or ui. ,ti,? and riatea tr tl< ck? of Ilka material. wi.fc ?u \ ct-hltbuab icn* for itoxa*. u4 vttk htu?M j of m*bo**n? . * alnat or fiber hf??> V?*d ? j of ai Hiel matt e*?ovaulcBt tor um la ?r?., for th>? cl??? ?' *Jir< alar at amp* tb? bMlar vil a at* tba adottfooal ckarfra a*r |*-ti?r or fl?nr? r r inaartina in the nrcia, ! aa >*.i?i .-4 aa<-b >r ? aio fifurat aa "Ir*#,"' pat'l ! ,* " hl?, ' "at rar tl?*d." Ac A'?o. 0< tagt a Harkiac * tarn pa, wltAoot tha e*nral. but atmiiar i? all < !h??r ra?aa<~u t -a* Circular Stamp. with t?pe f.>r tb* >-ar? >ath*. atid oay* of tha aan a ?a' iial CLA(? J. Clrctilar Varklac <T Iron or any otha' darat.le Matt-rial, tor vl?? u?< of Po-t Ofticoa a> 4 Km Ah-hI" on railroad ann Matahoai II ?, with ikr mu.ii of tha ?fl a and Mat'-, <>r tha ?? of tha railroad or n>ar llna *l|k t)r* #r L months at.d aalaa, fa Mock a of darabla ruat?r<? AA with ?tiitakl? tbuml. raw aa<1 hat-dlo? of w? but. ckairy. or otkar nitxMa wo d. of a a i-t > b*?t a<laptrd for naa tha ftam* to ba af tha ta-na I diana ?ru ii IracrIM for lo 1. CLAM 3. nrctiinr Mid Octagon Marking Stamp*. of * Suitable nod durable matt rial or the uiu> *i/a a* cln?s li ?Ith tbe name of the offl. .m Bints. aodtvpe for nud date* Id tbr Circular Stamp. ?n<l for year* tenth* ud 4* . m he Octoccn Stan p of ?ilfitrn trv me' el, ia blocks of *lrgle letter* end i<tur?? wltl. tb in' Kiev nnd handle* aa deerrit>ed is ciui flu. clab8 ?. Marking Btarn pa lor foreiga mails, similar t* thoif- so* In u e is the Pott OHhih at Kmi ii, he* York. f'biladelpbie Ac.,or of au> outer aaitabl* style for folates mai!s. KATIBO STAMPS Ctrrnlar end Hating ki?ap? tj oereapand ?itb tlie < Ir.-n'ar Mampe of cleaoe* it nnd ate teat* rial. handle*. ai>-i *orkai.i*<M| ? t*4Uw< *' free.*' Hi**' ?t " P?>r?r_ril?>d**P U Km n> *? free 'Advertise i Strntn?>e?t' *Milp. CaM*!,"' IT ?d r "Heldfor ros<ac*'' *t?dl rectaa " "Bet t?trad." ' (Jot I aimed *' b f*?ed 4* Registered. ** Misaant aad forward. ' K-?ort>eti to writer," "Betnrnel Tor hett r d> racttoa.*" Bna 4," Dne ? " Due Ac.. *< . and ?< tfuf*< Ml; neb t< I S,|t n 34 Ac..A:..and any otb.r Bating biamp* >. herein neri*<] t . >>* loruiabed at a t>ri. e nnt e*(*e<-dlnr th <t for ' A' tnrne l far better direction." ?bti th?Minr ?<>f let ten. BI'r**oMlt will be r?f !nd for ell ef the abo * described Stampa. or for ?-erh eeparet*- rleea Stamp* will le ord-red for tbe <ii Tereot c la?-e? of kfficMfeccordlu to the preeent or f stars riilr* of tbe Depnrta?nt Model* of Btnmps t?o*t neompeny the pr p) Ml*. Bach bidder anat famish with Ma nreeeaaU *? idetre of hi* ability to rtopl; ?ritb hi* Md Too sufficleat asretie* will ho repair?d to eor: k tr?'t. I The stemps most be delivered to toe Post Office 1 Dtpnrtmeit at the expense of the contractor. l| Ptopo*ai? *bonld be endorsed n the outstd* of T the envelope the*: * Pro?o-al? for Pest uffic* Markiag Ht*npi," and n'dreoaed to the Plr?t a* siatent Postmaster Oeeeral Washing tea, 0 alb* w rtndall felSwet P?*ta>ast*r goooral pHOPOBALB BOB 1BOH WORK. r^nnr* fltwrfwml. I OjHr* Of &*T*Trt\i w* irrkifrt, Mnrch I, 1MT \ Propoeel* will be received at this office not:. It o clock M.. Mar. b It. 1SS7, flt cost iroe Ooluun*. Pilasters, Oof*, oed Baaa*. Window nod I ?r Breaies, for the Bortb Win* of tAe Treatary Bi IfSMM A sell edit lo of tbe werh reunited nnd the r?? Ings of the same may be aaen at tbe office o' tb? Sopervising Aicnit.-ct. Treo?nry Department All bid* moot b< nrooBpenled by the enar?n'ee of MM responsible p*t?0? that tbo t>1dd4er Will ncc^pt nod perform the contract If a ear: *4 to him. The Department reserves tbe right to nc< ?t pr i ??V ?.? VI me ? ? ivaa ?>' ?f"" , > ' IW t eay or All of the l>id?. if etn*lder?4 fot tb? ibtereat of tb<> Qotarnmeat to do so. Bid# to be incloeed in * -eeied envelope and la d*m< "fropgitl* for lroc Work." A B MCLLBTT mh 6-W.F.MM Bnpcrelalng Artld'?ci I hSFABTMBUT OF THE IBTTBBIOft, I* UNITED STATES PATENT OFriCE. W**K!*?T<'!? March 1 ! *" Oa the petition of WILLUM UVDK of To?mm4. Uhiv. prajiag for lb*nt?Mf?i <?fa patent granted to him the 21*t day of Jan , ltM. for aa improvement la Calll ??tor Ploucli-. f"T ntbd year* mom tbe axpt rattoa of Mid aat>-ai( wbicb take* place on tbe tl-t day of Juie |g*7 ill* ordered thattk* tall>41*4 be board at the Potent OMre oa MUfi 9k T. the U dat -f Jaae next. at 1] o'clock M ; aad all peraoo* art v actitied to aaaoa* and a boo caaae if any they bate, ?b> aaid petition ought not to bo graated h-nuuo oyyutlif the ette?i?n aro reqwln-d *?" file in tbe rates t OBr* tlwir ob,Mtii*i, *pectaUy et forth in writing, at leaat twenty dava before tbe da> of bearing; all tevHmoay tied by elth< r party ts be need at tbe aaid bearing and be t?k?*n and traaavHtted in aooor4anc?- with tbe role* <>( the off op. whi<h will be fnrnigtied oa appliceri<>a liepoeitlue aad other paper* relied upva a* tr?llaaony mmt be SIM la the (Boa tweoti d?\# heft>ra the gar of bearing, the argamenta. If any, within ten da>* after Cling tbe teetiaMay. Oraeted. alaa. tbat fbte notice be pu?ll*h?d to the&eputli .a aad tl e la'eingoaoec Waahingtoa. D. C aad in tbe Herald Ci??el*ad. Oala, jnrr a we?k for tbr?e ncceeeiTe w*-?%a; tbe tkrat tf i?H t nMiration* to be at laaat sixty day* prerloo* lo . T,,...... m Ooaanne-iooer of PMenU F.8.?Bditora of tbe atwri papara will pieaae copy and aeod their bit la to tha KUal UAc wit a a papercontaining thlanotice. mhT-wSw 1*1118 IB TO OITB BOTltB. Tbat tha gabecrl 1 ber baa obtained froaa the Orphaaa' Conn of Waahingtor the Bistrtot of Oolami-ia. buwi teatameatary on tha awawaal aatate of Joha MoOarrey.lateof Wa-hlag toa ?oaaty DO . decaaaad. All pe recti* barlug claim* again?t ina aaid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the Mae. with the voucher* thereof, to the eabaeriber, oa er before the Mh day of Bueb next; they nay otherwise hp law be excladed froai all benefit of aaid eat ate Givea anger ay hand thla Mb day af March, im. - michail r. mukan, b? Uwtw* xecator TH BIB IB TO OTTB HOTK'B, That tbe mbacrfber baa obtained from tbe Orp iaaa' Court 1 nf WuKlrXnx (V...H i. ?K. IX..J . .. ^ I bia.letter* of adminUtrauoa. oa tbe wrwtnl I Ntttt of William Kt*rt. late ot Dorset own, I D. C., deceased. All person* fta?tut clain.* | afalast Mid decs?d. are hereby ?tro<^ to I ssliibit tbe same. aitb the foirhmt thereof. ? the I nbecriber. oner bef-re tbe Mb day <4 M?t\u H*?i they may otherwise by law be exoladed 'r,.m 11 beiiefit ef the itM mum ?Iten oDder My thli Mb (u of M?rc', I 1*7. BLIfthBBTH EBIKT. ml < lbwSw^ Amilntetr?ti t? T^HIS IB TO OITB BOTKB, That the.nbecrt1 ber hu obtained froa the Orphan*'Conrt of WMklnrtoD Oonat*, la the fVfstrict of Olaiutia, letter* tMU?eit*ry en the yertmikl e?tate ?l I uDole Bote!, late ot Waahtactoa oounty l?. C . ceased. All persvae bariaf claim* agalnet the ??id deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the ? ?e, with tbe TPichcn tlJer?w?f to tbe *abecriber oa <* before the Mb aay of Match next: they a??? otherwise by law be excladed from ad benefit ?f tb* Ivee aaier met band. tht* Mb day ef ??rc>, usr. linotin mi/n. lb lawtw* Bioentru. OWm kPKAI8' OOCJtT, MeecN ?T uP -Dierairv oiCoirint, TtftiaentiOocim. te-teti ? lA the caae of Catharine Ba rrtt, ada*iai?tratri* ot Theme* J Barrett, imiirt. the adauBttir* trix aforesaid hat. with thr apprabeiioo at tbe urybMi Court of Waatotactaa Hoaat? alere*eid. i appulnud Katarday. March ?Kk lW, fer to* j Cnal wtUetaenb and dietribaOea ef the per ! aona! Mtate of laid icoeaaed ?ad ef the ? * ?* '? hand, w far u the *aiae hare b-ea en Mooted 1 and turned into money; wbea *a<l wnsrs ? 1 tte creditor* aad helra of *a?4 Wceaaed ere i aotlflad to attend, wttb th*lr cla.** properly roache*. er rtiey may athsrwtae by U? te e>eluded tr> > all benefit la swld deceasedi* e?- I ja&anAfttsIsvsr/wiSSK V CritrBtti avd or n *i>' m D TBB DAVIf Colorado, a Sumuer Trip, by W Bayard Tay lot. The Claveriair iN fl;byTri>lope Tba Village oa the Cliff, by <la eray. Two Marrlaire*: b? tbe anther ?fJ<?hbH*lI fa* Pickwick Paper*, i>i Ma?n<t B>1 tf >" U U f*410* TAILOB.