Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR, j LOCAL NfeWrfl kwfnts. ?c>. tomont >1 AT ton A! Tukatk* ? J?bb Bron?haian a. ' ro^baitn in bis t> wp burlesque of Port' i lUnrai. and as- Sky rocket Ned (a the ,ta . Tl? pwiuiattw toe -n.mence witfi Perfection Onr? Fellow*'llAi u-The irreat 31ilu>m.w I TaMrsui suit ou tihibiuou. ? ? * i>lKKTi!t?. or mi suxmsTti Warp Kjri>iru A? i'tvs ? I,nst evening the regu| u meetn>f yj ibis a-sociation was held at fat* ?er Hail* Mr F A. Bo?we ll u> tb. chair. and IT M m. Hoyd eecietary. A number of per. *jh?, am n< them joiiu iktulaou, Jonathan Jones, ai d A. D. Moore, banded their name* , in isniemiMN und after being reported by the i-xecniive < oP'mil'ee. we*e elected Robert H Wilkinson (colored) olfere.1 a re*, olution fur the appointment of a commit ee <> inve.tigaic the case of a blind man who w.t* arresud for celling matches, fined S3, and ioinini"ed to ibe work-bouse, from wuu i tie was reiea??ed by Major Waltac*. wboee p. rmi?-iou be bad to sell matches :a tbe time The r^eoin ion was adopted, and the fallow, i irg were appointed the committee M----r^ r ^h'4. SW'r,^anV, 4 ** ?? > /J- 11. Crane," | ,? bi f., ;ik.i b Biker, iwbiv.) U*r. Vr.J. ?v alter jcoi red.)f:l?re l tt r ??*>. ' "!'-?.n. ba 'L'* A.sooa uon'd Du>h,fc* oe transacted by tt* I'Wn members. which, after .-uae drfcair, an up' d. Mr ,'.^ph Williams of t rederick-bnrg. irgioia, on*-r?*d a r^iuuon pravia^ rbt( 4 onitxe-o. should so modify the charter of tbe city k? a? to piovia* far Uie election of M ?vor at ibe next .Inne election. and rbat a commit. ol ?>' fppomird to. coule: with the otbf VfdB tL? purpose of bringing tbe matter before * ongress; which was adopted. ' Mr. J. H. t'raee remarked that be could ?*e ?"'of ,h* ' 'olation?*ha: it ba.l no weight? {Tbe (hair?? ! so understood at tbe Mine,') and it looked a* if tue association were doing wba: tbrj tave been accused of doing?siring up strife, and be protested against sharing any portion of tb- odium which the pa-saire of tbe resolution would entail on ibe a?sooia! iOO The following wore appointed the cdmmittw* ?J?*. w lUiama (white), John I{. Pierce ^wbirc Ji. H Wilkinson (colored), Arthur Pannel! (colored), Geo. S. Hepburn .white). J?r. B->vd offered a series of resolution.-, de. claring that >be Kajicai Keuublicans ha^e renerally twn ignored hT t'be Senate and Mosne of l^pre^ntattyes or by offli-ers ol those bodte?*; toat K. F French never emplO>ed loyai m n when unrepentant rebels tuuld be found: that Mr. Brown. Sergeant atArms ox tbe >enate, and Capt. Goodenow. J?oorke^per of tbe House, bave men under them who continually make invidious dis. tincticn in regard to color: and that thev wbo have periled their lives for the jtoverument during the rebellion ought to be cared for iu | di-tribution of the offices in the rift of a loyal 4'on|tiesa. Mr J fi. Crane (white) thought tba: the alleratu?i.? atain-t Mr Brown were net correct. mr. Keut>eu Bicon (white) said that Mr Brown badan iudividnal name?l l?udleV under ? ?''T ('0UI1C,?*- Toted'to rai-e ?6-.5? < for the vo.unteers.and after *a-d? voted kJ,^k?W T"",ary bi" Pr<?Tldlng tntt none but tboee Wbo paid tbe school tax should re. Portion of this money, thus excln2? colored people from iu benefits h?itT* Xy,Uon' l?hite.>?He has got a AUf^dcnn oiber rebeis under him which I ni^er mTbJOWU ?f ^ K??* Wb? !*,d he French to be a sveoh.H hu ocritc, and more than onde he French0/^- % biinwlf a i,ar. He had known w reiuii fi.r >?*ars, and wti?n ii? vra^ elected be^t'iJe111 ?f tb'* ftr* R"Puhlican association, he (the speaker) told tbem tftat he was a hvporene'to'.hL baT^ 5lnceil nnd 11 out'aud bna face TO ^navinK Mr Crane sDgre?ied that French had b~en legislated ou' of effie. J???'d"?,',ed ?"Well, we want men ? Wl" Bot ?? b*ek on ns and do as bad b?-en done, appoint every copperhead to office A \oice?Like Job Anjus. Another Voice?Henry fjailtday. A third \ oice.?Billv Wise. u ?d"~^,w' h** s a latter day saint. I?r *t!>d ^^7dtd to < "?< ?* that to nJar|y pT, r_ th i. . h' Capitol, held by residents of vi i?r,Cf' wae h''ed by copperhead* ?J?I fwh,u*> urged that these resoln*?"8 ^ere an indictment of Cangre** and 22?i" ,!J* d!w ??omPii.i;?d i Q Dr. Boyd offered a series of retention* ile. nrrimlu ,baf 7- poller, and coinfrz mV01 ^ kl,OWQ '* fhe radical tot&oulary, ?d, to make a compromise Is to take P"ce for liberty a.d justice. 3d. that pohS wh ^ I1,* noll,,fr.natn* 'or compromise: 4th. tba^ When Ibey make nominations that thev will nominate none bnt tne colored m*u> friend " C'W fr0ln the ^innitg: .'.tb! ! that in making nominations no qualiliea-ions teJVH^,OU'bt.bnt t,oaM'7> ability, and integrity to principle, without regard to color ?' ? j' ' Wl" support no man who will not pledge himself to make a clean sweep of -X7tS,mpmU""r with rebels or -my poh?yon. o radicnl "haU ^ a commftee of k eT"ry P*>"oD offering induce. Th voters contrary to law. The reeoluiions were considered seriatim The fourth was laid on tbe table. Bacon moved to strike oat the words Without rejrard to color," io the fiftb resolus.Si1^ *Ud lb*1 ^ was iB lavor if be *ski d a colored man to ? ou? for hini, to vote for^a colored man, and he wanted tb^m to + fin fqutl rbflnc^. *ai^ lhat if a b,apk ma? of equal mtl ?l wblt4* man was a randiraan 'to Would vole for tbe black man to break down prejudice Tu* isolation without tijwords. Wished Ili? words to rem im _. , ^alker (colored) satt* ?bat lie wanted it ni.devmaod tbat tbe colored p-ct-le wanted a sbare of the office-*. VirAniL??aairi (of Krederick"burg, u? k? ^ J bac be wan-ed the black men ln ,be a?i loVoSS! . . on^ foorth or iUe police force Hu djd not wi.b the word colo?^ JSSSR the terns wh^te ? "'"fP^sentation to use WTbe V of^be'as-oaauonIleCtU>a I be words were .trie.ken out. ?i!5,?Sira ot co,n*to i>*^ or ot J" operate on tbe election.wp,u,ou att*mpt to tm1? ,!^ a S,,rlM ?f "^o'ot'ons .etii;z ^st'ne wealth and sentiment.of tbe ne'nle ItL , ?ho are l^ded tog!tb^?ir ' rtely anv'bing but their own aggrandize Uie?r nVri td'?UrmC lWI 11 ta mn M"?mption on il i r pan to represent tbat tbe people are in fa vor ot asiarrender of - tie charter '* ? madi and T|hVT r ot '?fu or a ? y eet of money b uu ters ife.W */ ,bw of Trade won?d t.ike an interest in a new centre market if I on*i? D? Ch*OC#* '? ma*? a speculation lb10 l*f ** r?o?ot.on. on tbe table, wbicb wae agreed to. I Williams moved tbeapp(>,a?. mem of a committee to >u.juire into tbe aiieM i4on? contained in the reiolutmn^ | I?r. Bovd. against certain officer- at the (Wr., i?gJr(A XKTJ? After some general remarks bv G H liv liuuTcVwniWbiTs"p7,^ V,fbUomt d:4y th' ^ater. direct from the upjer piomn?'.. .TPld, ?all^ insteail of that onw nnD|i,d tVft- u der Mm branch Tin* win t^dSSJ^ bTmea? of a connecting conduit direct frnrn .J. m'au* to the distributing reserv^r t Oeorgetown. This pieted. 1 be mo^t important section . nel, - already fim.ged and ?or "e" Tbe tunnel is H?) feet in length. L t. through so/id r^ck. The contrscu.r. 'om I menced the work In August, Twa. ana gang of me., at work, day and uight, untd April. Iff*, wheii the appropriation gate out 1 Another appropriation having been madr ' work was again res.roed in August of tne i sme year, and cootmoed as before nnui la?t Monday, the 4-h Inst., when tbe beading^ met ? ***' " or Bntnrsii.. at CoNVALg-cr^T j t awp On Tii-.vdajr It t, fifty frame build u/s at con v a lee, ent cam t abon' half way between tb*. ct'y .|>.1 /Alexandria, were .old at pn>i|i? j '?c?k ii ne.ter it e /tuecion of t^oloael .lame. M. r*. ts, ,t..i /luar>rma*ter. The ? < K it,. V .1 le. in ,1,0 trom 7 bv .Jf, to v l.ft >e-. nt>.i ros-at vera rood prices :t*a ' ?"i ? ' - lunr I r*^and ft.Hi. an.f tties-aal,. e* >esriy f ne brrdred bnlldlnr# yet ^ y r.?y "1'' t arr,P- ?ud will be sold at aa The Ka:? ol th? TTs#\ Wa^mgioa X k V T 1'< ?< ? inS?W (X.f? * d la-* ev iif The beautiful Mj. , l 7 V 1W ,r '"d lo 'Vlv?l Lf^d^e. No. I , 1 .*!a? ri- The vote si?,k|. aval *0',; ' " hLa,<Bt? I'hytUian. tor I aCUCMLliAa . *t*XA*Da,A A>D VlCIHITV.?Krofc tbe Al?uei?wiB papers of ytstrrtiay afternoon we -cliptfce following: ? , ,Hr J",- G. Sft'H'nr was ribbed Js*t algbv o. oDe hnadred* ?n gol?. upd a .miller l . i corr?*i>. r Th- th e; eBt?red tnM' . u *i>du* d wt-!li:or oji Koyal s" * ' WfDt thrsnnh 'he ih)u$i> to the cbsminr ,? *fcij.h Mr. S and b*? wile -!eui. crawled to Xi?? bi-il m'iJmat d look Mr S ? pocket Ho >!c colrmmtrg Hie mini#) fro*i ?be pWt-l <rf feu p;iU. *JP? n*? Rud vv'.?hoQt d?*?ecriou. A nu-eungof tbe t.ewlr eject*d Council took PfacfTnst f>T*Dir -g. The B-srd of AW*rro.m w <s retrain by rtwelection of (lit- old offl l'H">?e>s was transacted. Lp the U.m?Bw.B?V,iiTH il. I he u*w ly elected member*.!.. n?T**.*uru ^ o d "Ulcers re ?1 Vie i. Ib'Jlajor fleet (Latham) then appeared. and *B,h efflf* was administered ia the presence ?>t 'In wo t?ojid.?. All tbe vote* of the color-d people record d n* He diflvrefit plftre* where tbey went to vcte?fc?r? Toeyitij lan- ar the Municipal Elec1106 lb this pl?c?\_ were, with one *aeep'?.?n, r*''0 Tucker, for Mayor, ami for the Kadical ticket for Council and City olfio^rs. Tbe rerrr.l of the number of colored I etM ns *h?> tbiu vott d, fountj ui>. m* * re. POtted 1.21k,. F A."? i*8A>? V* A3 IirkSK.~Last mgbt about fc,-; u tin k ollitei \ t-aiiuau, ol i!ie 7'h Warl, toned a yonnr woman wandering in th* re -?cftrjr :n * ir.arfw r ib*'r? x -Tied uspicioo tut the i? insane >be was i.-uni io mo sution bon.t vIptp fl.e ga\e lier inttne as M^gi* r r.ime, mm s .- he conn a from He c.>?n?r3 . ?nd m<-r lon- |?r. Hall and l?r. Peek a* acquaint, allies. Slu a >?. ; pe.-> k.- ot straignt jackets Had nnrdcnnV, indicating that she has teen in an asylum She i? about la years old :?ud unit^ handscnie Shf i? h. |d at ih<- s ati vu bouae to await tbe oruera of ber guardians ? Mimsteuxai. l>i8cii"Lf>ie.?The f'.pucopal luitir-mi. Sji-odof Mary laud, alter delib-rat* ai.d patient inyntiiration, ba-> wuhdravvu it3 ItCfDte to pinath tbe (iospel from Win. A ; ' ? pre.-mt eerviny; St. John's I^u'h^ran f burcb. (Herman.) on 4,^ Mrwt, (I^lautl. in tl;is city. The committee Invpsti^atinjr lhi? cai-e bare bfen impelled to tbi* cour^f by reason wt Mr. Fry's ' unmiixsierial conduct, and bis contemptuous deli tnceof tb* auth..ntv and discipline ot ibis Synod,'' of w blcb be has been a licentiate. SXr LlMi Li<jl ok to SoLt-iKR..?Keepers of reMnnrnrifs< bonld remember that Con*re?- haj* not repealed) ihe law making il a pvnal offence to sell liquor to soldiers. Yesterday IVIicb iel Kelley was arre?ted hv Officer Parker or the ? ourtb Ward ler violatinR the law. and wafined f.'li by Jnstjce Walter. fiRAKT> IjArcbbi . ? Yesterday, MaiKaret I.ewis and Mary Lewis were arrented by officers Hurley and Crump of the HI Ward, upon tbe complaint of Theodore Mo/.er. cbarsmir them with grand larcenr Tbev were held to bail for conn bv Justice Drnry'. i. * * Kk< kiyk!> the Twkmty Pkr Ckitt The clfrk. and employeet of tbe Treasury Impart, nient received tbe 2" per cent Increase,?n rh?ir salaries yesterday. The employees ofth^Indny a' 1J<*'enu'' Bureau wer?- also paulyesier..Mi?n*v.?A11be i iHetinr ( !"ih month > of the fio^'i Vold af45d,nK Ae"0l>*t;oa last night Jt*ttry'DW*- at th<* nrof the <'?pit,.| Hill euildiiijr Association about Sj,I(*> in monty was sold at an average of (?0 cents A* k*t Arrkhtkd - Tnis morninc. O. W Thompi-on arretted a man named J Nichols for Belling sboss by sample without license and be was fined ?.'Wiby Justice Waller. Sklltxi. m TftK S.mall.?Patrick Murray was arrested yesterday by oinrer fcilev of the 1st \\ ard for selling liquor bv 'ne Mmall without license. Jastue Drury lined L.m I. M?'i >t \ KiHoN ?The steamer Thumt, Collyer will take passengers to Mount \ ernon to-morrow. See advertisement. ? r. Uaror.TS-Th^ police reported ? arrests m the Picirift jesterday. The j?ueamounP-d to M?'j 5U. ??? . ? ?.. 11 CITY ITEMS. HoJLPv^i^' ?,th* gTI>!it Clothing rim Seventh street, opposite p0!,t t""! aUenuou attracted by the large ^ wd trjing to gain admittance, and as we I ^f ni.OD,Lh" ,00k',a' ?-r we stopped ^o O^in.t '^c*use &a(1 lo?n<l that the ru-ti wi? fn M.1 bargains they are ottering in^ Men and Hoys Clotiung. see ad^ertise Who pays the money' We. say the nation. Stars and salvation! We're taxed like creation rh.-TV/iV f' ,h?' Clothing we pur,h? lipnning s One Price Clothing Store ayenue. ?rner St'ven,h strwt and Maryland "m!lU Frofite?!!?(Jood rhX L ,r" V :AK *V "dMa". at Man -, (rent s > urrnshing Store. i<u :th ?treet t.f?tw? en 1) and E: alao shirts made to order |rn ? **?Ay " Collars, 25 cents per box fiold. iTnen t^ll^*' JP C*DU 1>*T boX; Jm?'??on Linen Collars. 35 cents per bo\: and all ..ttier I'roP"r,,?" at Krincv (lei.ts liVtWB St?r?- ,th Street, between J? and 1m ain>,ril*?T,TVBED BooT,, order for wi fL foT**- Balmorals lor *."( and allsiyiec of b?un*AaM ^hlldren'a Shoes very low at He|J. brun A; Hro *><6 Seventh htreft cm#? Hnrtr south of (?dd IvMU^ Hall. ' Fi^xOloss Kid Hatton Boots at t* K Wii. uLl'7,h Btr**x- ??der Odd Pel.owe' Hall, at prices ranging from 9 iJX) to ,j 1>B. Whitb, Chiropodist, 424 Penn. ay . bm. ** aBd Mrwet , contianes the sucof COT""' bunions, bad naile, eaiarged joints, warts, moles, vascular exl creeences, 4c Office bonrs from b a m. to 5 pm, and 6 to 8 p m. Esublished im?i. *"?R Ohilblaikb and Frosted Feet, White's FOT^Iea^M*!? " fM'Cl1ftC Fnce ?1 P^f *>ot' le. J """*"'* "?" ?^-rKfPrLB Cu,t*-l>r. (HlbeiTs Pile m caw ,hB worst ca-es of piles Sent by mail onreceiptof *4. Utrr u. I*rs ftee. Sold by druggists. Ageuts wanted I l%rl,Wb??u Adfw" J ? Komain.. Ma. a fer, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3 Wt^mcTcTum?r *d"n a^?"tit.8. at th. mabried. ~ *:fiBtTSf *"&ZZ'Xk'? -'? ??? ou?. aotber rs?Menoe. northeast coiner of '" "VBB' Bndathstreet west. p#nMjl JHTB.AL BOHMTiriO ABrHOLOGKB O* AM1BICA IV WA8HIM0T0H OHLY A HW DAYS LOHQKR Al' 'hose who by Astro!?gj lt>air dMtiay wontd kacw. ABd wish to test this bclencfchuuld to frof MA U KIcb' mn B is Skill br thoasaads have bean trl?i Obb ilotlar is bis fee tried. It. Tae.fth .trMt he doas reside, ?'01'' liUBilred and seventy The Hlai.ets b? will read ,0 ,?n> And nil wlist is decrsed: i*1 to avoid, aad wbai to do, u .??.W l0" ,B 11' wewsd. iSi?5;KWsr,v lis tells if jon win mtrrisd b?, Biaid, .1 w> ' aaionnt of family; tJ^*dCT'. ^tlnr bnsbBnt s trade; aod t utnrs tall be will. Whatever they ma/be. 1 * eJr **** ' new ? here he llres ___rour hai.dred and seventy. ?nh 1-fit* S* baLeJs110 BILL8 kraals la aama to salt ?nr GoS)**'1 mMket ?ric* tor AHIttlCAN r#7.trL>W18 J0HN?0? A CO , Baakers. ??? Penaa. arsp?e. ?^liQiiiiut>Mgu asar Baak of I ffu. u?m*2^U PRIBCI * CO <0 t'KQAIVS AdD MB L?D?U!I8, Ifnfl 5r 'f wn,i [e,', OD ***7 tersM.a; He 499 nth treat, above psnnsylysola ayenas Ml eoto' J, g, &1I0H19BAUH. m *41 LV1 /- V-l T^Ml'SEMENTS. I NAT10XU TUC&TRI. Pennsylvania arena*. near W1 Hards' Motel ? THIS (Friday IBVBBIBQ. M ABuH ?. Benefit of JOHN BBOCGHAM. THE fA'T M AS BB^tGHAM'B SOOTIA TOIKA ' 5 P0 OA fiON TA8. FEBFBOTIOB. Adal? ioa ? '. fo. 75 * eat1 ani Ho ex?ra charge fcr eecnred Mat*. J ?1)U FKUVWk' HAI.L. IMMFRMTSLC JI89 or tiik I.BEATOB1GINAL MlLl'oN I AN TABLEAUX. Fioui London. England. Hall packed to utmost capacity. atxl hundreds finable to gaiu n>ioil Ion ! OI'EN Minis TO BIGHT MATIN* a h AT OK I) A T AF' BHOON ADMlhSloN ONLY 1 WDNTI FIVA CENTS. Kirrntii tsats... -..7sceut* A^n ii-bii n to tho, a!! parts of the Hsfl ^5 cents | Childien to Ma'tue. cent* NO HAM I RIOK ir manr. Fecnre > onr sen is at illii t Music Store, I I ti.i a> IvaLU avtj.u* it r if A M POBLAWP. Manager ^ j l/ANCY I BKWKif AND COSTUMES F For Tableaux and i'nvaie Parties. ArP'lto MUS. fKvNK B?A fe :t 1m- 447 lOthntreet. I BALLS. FORTIES, fee* '1'HIBD QBAkiD AND 1 Mi\ BALL :,i OF THk 22? I LONE BTAK l*M I'KBAMT I LI b, UA AT ODD HALLON 1HI U8U^?, ^A?U). 1-65 Bee future aC vertl-ement. mb 8 2? I I.M * 8 T M A 8 Q 0 E B A D E 1 s*n EIGHTH OHAtiD BALL m% FIB^T W * kD B'J'I \L CLUB, /?? AT OIH> FBLL??W8 11 ALL. U* ON TI'KSPAY, A PHI L ?3, l-t?7 Bee fn'ute advenisenient. mS -t* LUST AND FOUND. V 08T- Oti Satnriay night las' either on th>? I I a scatli siia ft Pcnu't avenue bet 3d and 4 , I Htiaeis, or ou the creating opposite the Ulooe Of I net*.or in the vicinity ol the latter, a lu i^j I MI>K KUK COLLAK A liberal reward will *>a I l>?id lor ita return to Bo. 447 Pennsylvanla ave I nut. ma7.1t*^ 1 OBT-fn the ladies' cillery of the Senate, on I j Mi'L^o, the 4ih Instant, a Ladle*' Boyal Er- | mine FI K GAPE A liberal ruward \? til he p*ld I for its return to Hon B1MON CAMEB< ?N, * tl- I lard V Hotel m 6-3t*_ L OBT?On Butiday, March 3. a bla'jk real lac* I j VEIL, in passing from isth street, cornei ot I K. to 1 street. through PennsvOanln avenneover I tha A<in*dmt bridge to Montfomer> street, I Georgetown. will return It to the por I ternt the liuarteriijaater Uanaral'a Office, Penn. ve ami 17th street, or to No No 1Mb ftiat ?t., Ci-orgf iown, will he rewarded mh IOBT? At the Nation-.* Theater, or between j there and Wilinrtl''. latt e?enln", a BBACB LET n?arke<l "M a. F to B. B . birthday Gift, lvit " The find r will be lih*r*lly rewarded by lea^inf the'atne at W?ilar<'? Hotel. fe Ti tf I'EKSONAL. T>li t THOMAS QIDDINOS r?f,rr#-l lo In th? ot Moniiay laat a? heinK tland tor carry m* court alert u ?rat not THGMA8 D. GIT- I T1NG5. at II Mortp * ^h^a^itora 347 7th ?t. it* I (V't'TlCE?1 hereto forewarn all pera?n? not to I II truat m> wile. A Bit A UKKl' Kl.or pay lier any motav due to R'e aa I will pav no dabt4 con tract'd I * her, ahe hating left m> ted and board nib ? if WM GEBECKE. J L1 BP M'H WBALEBONE < OB'BIS AT i9l ??. a Alio' a hab<l, a fall assortment of home made Oorret*. Wbalebones, t'orsel 8teela and Boarda. I latest and ail ?t>l*H of Hop Bkina, Carera and I Trtaituiacts Will be eoM at the lowest rata, at L C'HaBLBS I5AUM a lieop Skirt and 0?rset Man- | ufattory. 49 Loalsiana av< nne, betaeen ?th and | 7th atreeta. mh 1-lm* SOFT FBLT HATB, at.d ail kiada of HaU, I Cleat.e.i, tlo'ored and Trmnre l new, at M. I Cl'NMBGHAM ? Cheap Hat St.jre. No. 346 , I 8etth street, between I aqt1 K. fell aolni* ! 0"NLY_F0B~liADlEM TO BEAD-Elegantly Em) roidared NIGHT GOWN and CHEMISE YOBE8, more tlaborate than any erer offered I l.ere.ot the n<-wist and mjit beantifnl designs, I received dally, fr?m onr rorpa of lfiM superior I hand*.and for aale at BEDOCED PBIOK.B Being the largest mannfactarer here of tnla kind ot I ladies' wear, we can please all. both iu <jtiality I and price, anu are determined, at wbaterer cost, I to protlnce the beat work, lasae the most elegant I patterns, and fcTA M P t.'HBA l'EB, than any Coa- I cern in this or aay other city. ! Onr reparation aa tha only Practical Stamper here icaured ladiea that nojajarioua com post tloo ate u*ed, and ahlelda them from trusting their I work in thehandaof those who buy a few blocks I and proclaim thcmaelres statnpara. Btaniplng, a | centa per width, ai.d give you a Collar and OnfTs in. I WM. PBINCB, 4.19-ith street, fe 2 tf app<?tte Patent Offlca. | B" B1DAL ABD FUBEBAL WBBATH8, BO~ QUETS,CB088E8. ABCHWBS. 8TABS. Be., i preaerved in natural form: Imported FLOWBB8, | HA1B FLOWEB8. and BKAIBINO. Alw.Iru Sorted M088, Ha IB DBE8BE8 for Balls, by ^ra. FBIB8 Haa removed to Mo 449 llthst., I between O and H. oc S 4m* JOHN D_CLABK. ATTOBNBY AND OOBB8ELLOB AT LAW ABB NOTABY PUBLIO, Bo. 12th street west. del41y | BOARDING. C'OB BENT?Two well faraTshed P~ABLOK87on m the Irst floor, with or without BOAKD Apply 393 E at., bet. '.<th uB'l l?th. fe 11 ' I ' A li 1.1 BOABD at Bo. 464 l(Kb street, a fat 1 doors north of tha avenue. Tarma Btt per m nth dalt-n METB0P0L1TAB PATKBT STEAM BAKE BY, 34? C atrtet, between IX and 6th atraets. Furnished with McKenzie'a Splendid Beel Oven 1 and the most approved machinery, naing none hat the be?t material, carefully eelacted. IheOrark- I e?s manufactured at this establishment are aupe- I rtor to any heretofore offered In tbla market. Wa Invite attention especially to following varieties: I MILK B1BOOIT. A vary choir? article, from aalect family Soar. BOSTON OBAOKBBS. From Welch'a familv flour. a<iaal to any la th* country SOI>A OBACKBBS, xtra fine, from high grade* estra flour. Also, the following standard \arletiea WATEB < BACKER*. BLOAB CBAOKEBS. BUTTBB CBAOKEBB, UBACKEB DrST. PILOT BBEAD, GIBGKB 8NAP8, NOVEL I I ICS, We are ala? supplying Grocer* and Families With Havenner a well ksowi FAMILY BBBAD. I fe 12 lm TBO. HAVBBNEB. 347 0 street. AW. V. OLEABY, UCTION ABO COMMISSION MEBCHANT Southeast earner of K aad Eighth streets, 1 Opposite Northern Liberty Markets Washington, D. <J. bbgolaFsales, MONDAY. WEDNESDAY. FB1DAY, ABD BAT I BOAT. Ootisignmenta aoliclted. Liberal advance m;tda | on c nsignmeuta. Particular attention paid to the aa'e of Beal Bat ate, and Household Faralture at private test- I descfi. feZSeolai 500,000 ^?lV?odttibgsfob FROM KEXDALL GUEEN VIKEYARD. CONGOBD. the most valuable Grape in tha fountty* BOBTOB'B VIBGINIA, CATAWBA, BEBECCA. DIANA, HABTFOBD PBOL1FIC, with many otber choice kiuda. at 91.S!) par 1h0 I cuttlnga. or %10 par 1 000; warranted all good wood and true to name Carelally packed and hipped to any addreaaon remittance. Barly order* are solicited. J. PB ABBOB *8 Fruit Star*, faf>-lm 491 nthatreet. (AT EST PA BIS FASHIOBB OF HAIB Li DBE8BINO. B. ALLIOT, ME ITCH HAIR. DRESSER, 344 street, between 13th aad 14th pB. Mr. Alliot, from Pari*, Hair-Dreaaar, of th* celebrated Bachel, with whom h* arrived in thl* eonntry. baa now bean established far tae last eight years la Washington and Newport, enoying tha patronage of the corps dipHmaliqw, and of the hlghaat society. He has toe honor to announce that he baa thia season imported the latest faahiou* of hair dressing, and ah< pomades, and avarythlng that beluig* to tha dr*a*ing of hair at very reaeoaat la prfcea. nf lot* UI1D IOOP. PBBPABED FOOD For Mocking Birda Thmshe*, Nightingale*, Bobbin*, Black Blri*.ltarllBgs.Rky Larks, Be. H. W BnBOHELL, _ andar Ebyitt B >usa. fe 19 corner 14th ana F atraets. Wa. t. OOLLIS^WBI.p Show ?aae Mnnniaaturcr, School FnrnltnreUL and Bonsefnrnishlng Wnrerooma. Maw and W| Old all de*ertatlons, beuclit I ? I and sold. Be pair lag, Dpholatoring, and Varnishte';; fait? Silt?"Premium VLABBBL HOAP, _ And Ho 1 BloWM BOAP. -F' r aal* cheap tor awn. Order* through the r?. Offlc. .Ill {, frompllr F<*pnnd Oandl* Manafactarer, Bo. and AuS G at. north, hat. tth and ath. .? ??^'BITBD BTATE8 BOBDB TBBABDBT NOTES, Bought,sold and e*' hansed oa fav >rable teim*. LKW1S JOHNSON k GO. Rauksrs (?7-U *dttUP*uia. arenu*. - S *--> V - a /.H want& WVT*P-A LADT to do plalasewlag f*r? fice *n,D,u,'? St*re. AMnti ??x ? Mtr m\V AIITKD \ swart KOMiH to 4 *? bwia ??rk?t >o. 3#9 Pmusylv*al* ? ?M. H* VV Irit I lassGOOK. W g?tt? K 111 -V, '""HlB ib a private family ?rci ?* lt'h >t . lifU^n L n4M. mk - f Wifttilt?\ (t oil O'OifK. <iu? vliJCiu nut *?li I <iulre it 1*4 ?th Ir?.-t, h f H wtwt t It*

W AMTKb?A fco * tttU iitt i? hvifoa Hat v urday aud SurJnf Tajnlre at No. -?79 ifrani Capites Hill. It* \\ 'tltili-ln |iit?i>i iiallv. * WrilTI t i<;?t)|i and W*?h Iillt h* r<r 'Iiiii'-nj.a Apply at 401 Cst'tet. DiKMa td and ?S. m s-tt \\" * STH?-4 c W? >M vS ? ("' ->o* end ** Lauidre.e Ali? > W'UN\N m 'lum'^rw aid Mi.d l;*Qi4?|r?i? Apply at the hoo?f of tb* 0'inmannaot, fc**y T?i< m8-2t* VV* * r?pectJil? yvunn girl, a SIT? n I ' *? **,,h. and iron la * ?ra til TSIBiIy . or lo do chaiu'?-r *?>? k B er?n giv-n. Aftl> at the corn, r of C an 1 3d *t?., I* la ad It* VV '.f't?'1-?' * gmtleme" ?n I w'if*, a small **, H?C*B,?.r ??r' of a HOU<l In a i?ii?t a ' 1,1 * gr'' ^ neighborhood: r nave tl "lit to the P Address B^ MTBR1. P Ofce m-it* VV n>onng uiau, icolore' ? si C , T CATION as ? ai'*r with a private family r lc a hoarding lion-#, n*sgj,ii retereue-< Ad ??1?* t0* t"o. * I Star inti 8 2r VV AKTED to RENT-A MUll jBtiVSlT ro?* iiin)s|?lioni ( r^'bik. R-nt Id* ?" ' f ?1j -">Uare* rif Wi Ha t d's H"te|. Addr????. oi api l? to H ICttBV SLOHAS, Upholsterer, Wi|. lards Hotel tnijjt HI ANTED?By a respectable middle k?<1 woman, a >ITUATION aa chamhernial4 or mime a>d to aaviat iu washing Ironing, an I to few Good references given. Adtlrass Km No 37, Star Office. It VV >NTFD?A (VlRL for general h^mtaotk. Inijnlre at 11*> Dela war'1 aTtuue, bet Band C ?t* north. Capitol M'll m7 2t" W AJNTKD?by a reaper-able girl, a KITOA"" TlONascookor la<n*re*? or to do rhtniberworkor housework. A'ldress J B., Star Office. m 7- it* IWAHTID-A ???rt. active riOLOBlD BOY. " Ap ply Immedlatel y at W BIU li T S Te p-rance liyater balooo Vo ?7? 7th ?* . l?^t L and M eta. (in* that can read preferred. mhti-3t* VI ANTED TO BCNT-Aiil e HOrgrTaultH" Uj futilaM witb a'>i.ut eiighi or ten r ?:n< Mn?t l ein a g<x d nt-ighb'rbood A ht>n*< t at ill anit will Ve taken t>< the year, ?nd rent p<tij nn iithly in ad>atco. AddreisBox SO.'l city l* -at Oft'-*. rah '11 w" \\T A NTKD ? A UOO KKIKPIK ?ln nnder" taurts i.i- t.winf-a Must have g... d reference from bis laat employer*. Addres* B >* 10. Star Ofltce m5 it W ANTBD?A *ilent PAHYnBB with a ra*b ** capital of 9 in ? *afe and profitable tirat r'a?* riiaimfMctarinu' buHineao. Addreaa MANiJFaCTL'UKK,city Po? Office m i >>t* U AKTlli-A respectaule ?bit* WOMAN,to *? take care <>f a yoitn^r child. Apply at ^71 Pa arenue mi, , 'I'HI MOST IXCIT1KO AMD IMTCBSSTINS 1 BOOB or Tflc l> A Y. GIN L C. KAKIBH MIBt'iKV Or THK fBi'UBT 8BBVI0K AGENTS WANTED In every city, toiru conoty. and Stat* of the tiion. to runt-ass for tbi? work. fui? history w?e announced one year ago. f-nt owing to th? a tempia of tbe O-vernmeut t> *i]ppre4a it. it* pul>lt<atl<>n w:isd'-lavtd. It will now b? i?-q?d. iihalit rul and unabridged, under the snpertUi >a of Gen HAKKK It contaiiiK a fall .?nd oitirial pee* of tbe Intricate machination* of tne secret ei enii- a of Die Union Ki r startling developments and thrilling adven tor**,ihi* t. <ok eclip*** the fam^jn* experlen'-e* of ' u>-be acd \|doc'. The marvpTnu* narrative* of General Baker are all attented l>y th" bi.'?ie-t oftn ial antboilt> . It will contain tbe only official history of the Ata.ifrsination con*plia>y. A full hi-tory ?f till* great, atariliig ana terrible crime. UtOM its CONUKPTION. IN THK IlAI'NT^ OP VILLAIN* TO THI Bl BIAL PL^0IC or BOOTU. has never yet been placed before the I utile. The work also fall> etp'?? the neiailoH* ?> *t*ra by wbr ti Preaidential pardoti* were and are so rcadllj obtaiue<i at W aalilngtnn The aior.ila of tbe Natioual U*pit?l are thoronRDly >entilated. and tta?r*? are loar atrtnse revelations concerning h>ads of departvn!* member* oT Congress. femal< pardon broker- aud dlBtlngsialied militarr characters. Kor circulars, canvassing nomber*. and all other inrorinat o*. ad.lres? "L. 0 bAh EB P??st OlHoe Vox No. 400, Philaielphia.'' Thla work will be ready for dellrery on the 1st d*y of Kay. N B ?None bat Ihosa thoroughly conversant i with C e busine*a. and with g&o-.l reference a* to cburacttr and re>pon*lbilit), aaa4 apply. lahMw W'ANTED?A SITUATION a* aeaiustr??? by a lady who nnderstands sewing th?rougblr by Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machine Oaa cat and tit ladies and chlldrea's dresse*. Address, f*r three daya. Box Mo. 1, Star office. fa 27 WANTED-ATi7a vast of MONBr call aT5. OOL.DSTB1N A CO.*, bicensed Pawnbroker*, 34 4.? etrset, near Penna. lvaa<a arenna. fe 211m VVAMTEP-GBNTLEMEH de*lrons or en*,Lt5'n.? *?o?ine? to call at EM PI.OTtliST AGEBCT,Ho. 459 Pa. ave A rare chance offered tc make moaey, fe I9 iw* Agents wanted roe "the histokt OK THE WAB KIT WEEN THE STATES, TBACIBO ITS OBIGIN. CAUSES AllD BEKLWiL By Hon. Alex H. Stephens, and for THE LIEE. LETTERS, AHD SPEIOHEH or HON. ALEXAMDEB H. STEPHENS, by Henry Clevelaad. Bend for Circular* and see onr terms. Addreaa NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., fe 14-lm* ft07 Minor a re-1, Philadelphia, Pa. WANTED-New aud Ca*t off CLOTHING, old O0LD and SILV IB, or aay other article uf alue, at tbe aid aatabllshed Marchaat Pawnbroker s Store of B. FULToN A CO., ?0i?th *t 3 door* north ef Peuna. av-uae Bole Agent for BIN GIB'S SEWING MACHINE de 22-ly WAHTKD-100 LADIES Iramediat^Vrto embroider Yokes, Bands, Wrapper Yokes, rianDel Skirts. Slippers, and Initial*. To good hand* who bring sample of work, g?od wag^a and cod taat employment glvea. Call at the new Stamp Ing Boom, 4 39 8th street, opp ,site Patent Office. bTAMPING rednoed to rlVE cent* per width, de 16 tf. WANTED?I<1.000 LADIES to kn^w that at tbe New Stamping Bcn ms, 43? 9th street,opposite Patent Office, they can find the beat selected assortment o4 Pattern* ever offered here for Cloaks, Cape*. Apron*. Joseya. Wants, Yoke*, Banda. Wrapaer*, Slipper*. Mucushious, and Ial tiala Also, dealgua for Pillow Caae*. Ottomans, Chair Covers, Pianoa, aud. In abort, averySariety of Pattern* a* they ara daily Issued. We have a Fieach Machine and a Ptactieal Stamper, and have toduced tbe price to FIVE CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and at amp any pattern brought na Braids, Silk aud Working 6otton very low. de I? tf WANTED?SECOND HAND FnBNITUBE Also. MIRRORS. CARPETS. BIDS, BED DING and HOUSE EURNISH IN U GOODS of every description. B. Bl'OHL"T 4ft* 7th street. iPtwean 0 and B.eaat side OP I A N OS. NE Bacon A Raven Piano, for #120. One Aadrew Stela, for ?W. UBJ One almost new 7-octave large round'** Ef 1 corner boarduian A Gray Piano. ?:7.'>. For *ale np*n easv terms, at tbe warerooms of , oW. Q MBTZIBOTT A CO Sole Agents of Steiawny A Son's Piaa**. and Maaon A Hamlin a Oabine; Organs. fe 14 tf /COLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOMII LYINOlV ASYLUM, Fourteenth street (airelc,)corner afM street, Waahimgton, D. 0. This Inatttutlen ha* bean established for the r?oeptlon of patlaata who may be suffering from diseases aecuHgr to their sex. and for the admission of snen femalee as may require th* Oomfarts of the lying in ohamber. The building la sltaatad in the moat healthy portion of the District, surrounded by its on grounds. Oars paaa the door every five minute* Termo of admission: From #6 to flu par we*k fu accordance with the room required, payable In advance. Thl* lnoludea Board, Madiotaaa, M*dical and Bnrglcnl attendance. f PIG AL STAFF. .B?BSI0N1? OHIBF. _ J H THOMPSON, M D., ?J OS U kT 1 Fa ^ U*BO EONS. JOS. BILEf, M D . Georgetpwa. THOS MILLEB. M. Bh, F street, Washington, i \ p G A ? M BT T. M D.. New York avanaa. Si * ? .^Mhlngton. GBAFTON TY1.EB, M. D , Georgetown. F. HOWABD. M. P., F streat. Orders ft>r ad ml ** ion to tb* 'i*a beds fa this hospital, (of whlc-h there are 90,) can ha obtained of the Sargeea la ehlef at thlsoffloe, 194 1 street, or of any of the Medical staff, and of tbe Kara. Dra. Hall. Gnrley, Gillette, and Coombs. Wives and widows ef soldiers desiring admission will apply to the Burgson General, United States rmy. Patients living at a distance who desire to oaoaa to this Institution for treatment can aaoare private rooms by applying by letter to tbe matron of the S0M * H U0lOB A GJu OMEMABUFACTCBEI 1, GOODMAN, PRACTICAL CARPET WEAVER, __ 0?>rner4>4 and C streets. (Island ) Makes Carpet* to oNer with dispatch, oa mode rate terms, aad satisfaction gnaraatied. Carpets coMtaatly an hand, and far sale. ja tl tm I' 100 "" ?,V.",isT FO.N.T0E. " " eo.. No t30 Seventh street, Ja Si-dim a between La av. and ? *treet. ""t&qgRggSPs^i"ra' tcunanla. wtf d^OBHAM GBEBB CORN. Vl (Sweet i H. W. BUBGHELL, Corner 14th and r streets, ( 14 tf ?ad?r XbbiU Boost, FOB SALE AND RENT. F?u'U.,T-4 Dweillag BOUSE la *W"1 xcaedingly aode'at*. ^_p,t> ?? 1 >t Pro.aaot street. .?8 ?i* h 'f* *** raerlWW^if^L-J*!'?** *' "? S**? ? t* ' ** ** ? ? ,tp-t ?-,. ?: ? One"^nrt7r'aL*?k\'* C%"h%T n??ofjmch-n. giiy.'aan^g^s'- - * IT*J1..^4L*~?'B'? vi?i?a bTURI t?.. 41 * ?t. "4^7 A+TTb**' ?i> '** *To K milt* lo.?ee?IOB g.venlmmedlaMy HO'8* AND LOT FMR~PALEOn M?iree'. < ? Orii*li)? n, two doun !>, _ , _ * ^"fr^nt hVV/a1!!0 'torLfral*?- ' early an* * bit Inq.lre . Jth^r.nV#. " ??*?*??*7**?? K"4 r rr?" r?w, Okpitoi alitor So ^^ swtlwee u M^lTt-.r IVOR BINT?Two ntc? unfiirniaLed f..Jc " t?'e*tlna i wlth??r wlUi >a? *? h, o JJ"i???? avenue, third doorfruaAjd .treet. a rth Bi l < I* l/CIE EIXT-Firit Ward .onniforUhl* At r om r n.ui/y t?w liKlCK lloloB Tiui;,!' *1"1 N wltHalle. till .0 4 ,?5V"""".Vv!" I. OR HKNT-FkA II H..I ?I -t.?, t4???nc ?i? i- i 44 N tr**1 ?*<weeu Ittt. a ,i H ... I n ?u 11 e n *r <J? r Ala?. iM*nl Rkmh*. with room*sit*fa, * nA? , |>#tWi l*tb and lJth. In,aire at faint bt>r#. ?,**t * Mb KSlamV JI?*7 HIST A IT4i i ? Charla^ 1 ni ii -11jnt -Jy oro #'i?* t *i* it<!eN,.Arl>?Noa ,0,Uh A "flit P?wt SJL ?to?e Jprs?f ?r?BU<-. njiifi 6t* I, OE SALK-iOnly ? at rM(| required. the hal5 '"..V*** >?* 1,1 I at llweot. at ?a li ? New five-room MOt'sK ,.n ti.?i*a.t aide of 6I>I .treat. Mud t rtt. r 1 h a it I .tree,,. lB4 ,ir.t K?? u*j| ^L-. ff? BTAK* ? CO . 4?* 7?h ut" B,h- " b?.tw^?D?jlk F?i?i M1 NIhi h!\Y.hT*BL %t,J v *?Wr? on tb?- preii>ii><>a. Bl{, 4 6t. fS0 () V*' 1H*i 0r U>0T L&XD ?? \r~Wh ? m 1 1 ?! 1<*T for two rrara wim .at T ^ j ron?i?lerail<?n of uattinc th^ land ?tid-r caltf tMIom. fB I at* ?f o"a2otf,r #iE i*ii niany other Indar- m-nf<, (tirlu.M, d 1 ne bnyin* th* lantf at any t To? all particnUi. iu^uir* of a) 'or , I> L. WK 1.1,11 * r? . n'" 4 ,ni I 'm Mr 1 >th m i r ?trwtt. (1 ?r*.!t F?B R,NT % IwOKtKN \ , ?I 8* w?ll ?< ck?.l with ch ?lr* riauf- tar lueet " *? THU8 p M9B JAN. h^?d inn *_ tnh t lit I' *NT~ V"*" 25 hT <u f7Pt with c-Matid wat r.acitabl- for workth '.or htalT--"""li b Nati<fo*d btab!e^ ?p Uit . (.>!.? , and th m K H,K KENT-In rlanf. Hatldlus.coroirlTNTW ..rable oVVfr**H00.>lV,r'r ' ?v'ral ,#r? d<" Hinkntn .iiut i r1r *P?<? ?<> B'ldic*"0 ,LANT' oa" ^ ^'r' foir r oiboI irifnfi HOI H|. uetr th** Otrrlf a iaA m <: rt? carrUge UOO for ial?,tt KU^CBT ri'LTMv's Fawnhr>k..r J y.h at.. n",r" fa ?"*Offfc# OK TH K M O^T V ALL \ >(Ll A N' i i O t 81RABLI HC tLDINO tVi ^ i?.v ,'f?aU<1 " <he north ?id? ?f K atra t n> ar ISth l-atwoaa banator 8h* nun'* ?ri 1 th?> Hjj'f". JL LtiQt on Fratiklia Sonata ^1 fret bf Ii7, rtiDQi n?{ b&c k to a ii io t Hl*y ?Od inprorad 1>, a t? . .to., tri, ?..a, la f?? tf 8 I'. B BO W N, 4 b i Oi h .trJU w^ F^OR BALK?1 Only >Uffeaah r*"inirad, thi> t>al ?M.aclH?. Paid .. .anthla In.UlmeBt. of o26?ach>-Sneu two atory HOUSES m,ut*ul* ot , SlABti A CO., re 15 Jw < *'?'. . th at., het l> and C. F?PLBBIwiLA~.Al' kl5J ?fT?aiD?nnD ??r ?. *S' 40 ?t i4 4^, ?tre?t fe Ji r?*Ve' 1 1 I? *0'. fe2. lm H.eL??d Paw ohrolnri K?R ?Al? OR R NT"?FnTni^heit or~vufur tii?hed?I he REM UK NOB of th? An*trlan *nd 2"p'rmC<'rL*r 12,h *nd K AP"1' ^ti< L"OR KALE-Three dinall OAKDEN r\BM? tV ?f*rtV*, cV\<0"*0?*"?rr?? I aproTed b na?r ' ,or> brirk L"n?e and nec^^nrj a at baildin^ft jtrapen, htrawbet rlea ?ei'hea appla*. Ac ;2I I* teeij KfiI beat ol >rar?l*n - >11. 3d. tmrti t? *;Xr-> era#, <le?trabl? loratad fwr Butcher o? Milk Kami V. D. 8rr?CKBftiD<is # 00 I fa 19 lm* w ??ml ,c'sUt", "rokera, l ,? 001 n*' "th and F *t?i. ll'OR REhT-Th.. bToRB ROOM Br*t t. the ftc^l?.E'_&rSyir?>- ,V.V Clu?#Mov"^"Bk D"^U?^rrl'003, S^Trahvrii*nt ftt 4il i? '51,0 "??nth. #1. . a Hons^i aud Lots for tale. OEM A UOOPER I fP9,? EE NT?The f ARM .for tha laat thraa rear* UtiM MT22: ?f .,,*>0r ^^Jl??ta. Qalae* . c. n fr? f VM)^cr?!,-,L'in? n#?r *ort Mthan. 1 tta ?om Betininc Bri4(e. IaiaroT'-mentx dwell am ?rp, #C AtdrMI "I. S ' 43 7 I itPMl U'*.n jogton. D. 0.,or Mil la paraon. betwean 3 and 7 m 7^. oolitf r Inf ReoM*0!^" V1!''?* ,m?" ?otns?o?|. 114 Pef? .- ?? "(nrn'^fced. iecoud (luor No. 134 Penn. a^, bat. l?h and autti *ta. no ? tf {?4^?. tHANOB?For Inmedlata tala. one of IBB iViSr.iff*?*! ,n;m" cornar atore 0R0CB .? n^,#cit' 8toc?t ?"?> Flxtnrea now aZ. Sice '' ' UK*r- 10 A. B 0., Olty P. rt F0.C?**J-T_T*? FvnMiad BOOMS, at B<T. l itLitra^l b?tme?Q ? and F ?ta. da 14 tf J Af .??1 *,* SttB mnd Uai ?,>.lzz"Si AMBKIOAN GOLB. STOCKS and BONDSboa*hiI on eautniatloa at tha New York ?n? oefrVd gaotatlont regularly re" , , LEWIS JOHNSON A CO . Baakera. f?7 tf *9* Ponaa arer.oe. B O 0 B R 1 B 8 . ~ HALL & PLAST, PLABT'S BCILDINO, Corner New York aranne and uto (treat I an New 1 ork avenne,) Dealer* In fine FAMILY GROOBBIES TEA4 WIBBs, IMPOBTBD I<UXCBI?8. Ac., Ac' onld re.pactf.liy .otlfy tbeir friend, and th. pnbllc tbal tbey have jn.t opened thair New Oro wry Store, where can obtained any article a.a ally kept in a firat claaa Grocery. Without at tempUngtoennaerate onr large, fraah and wellselected at<<ck, we cordially inrita the pnbltc to ezaiBlne o?r atore and atock. ballsing we .hall not fail to St ve entire eatislhctlon to all who may up with their patronage. We call **pe*ial attention to onr aaaortm. nt of TKAS and OOFFBBS, which ha.e b^a wlaet-d with gieat care for purity. Dealer, will find a fine aaaortmant to .elect from, and o?r prlcaa to ait. Gooda delivered promptly In any part of the city jan 9 3m DEPARTMENT OF THB INTERIOR UMTED ST A TES PA TEST OFFICE On tha petition of^L12 X^N DB Ja ^kSk of New York. N. T.. praying for tha^a>?^f a patent granted to htm cnel?th day of Mm l?f for an improvement in Spirft Lam.., fur ^rtm year, from the expiration of aai j whirl? take* place oa the day of IUy, ^7: * W,,,C,, 't I. ordered that the aai? petition be oeard at Jt the 6th day of J- T y* clock Bf f and all lurioDi are notified to tfpftr atid ft how oauta, tfauv thaw Ionfbt to be granted IvtMne *PP?*lng the estenaion are lauolred to *lp tbe Pat*Pt OMca their objection*, specially aet forth in writing, at leaot twenty dayabetore thejday of hearing .all taatlnony died by either party to be need at the aaid hearing mu*t be taken ,n. *c15?rdance wfth the rule, of the offlce wbloh wilt be farnUhed on application Depoaitlona and other papers relied npon a* tea tlmony maat be filed la tlr ,?oe twenty daT. hi T j tha ariraiBanta */ *n, W'Mihngthe t4tlnen/ r* Ordered, wae, that this notice be enbli.hed in n *B<i *ba Vatienal Inteltlgencer Washington. D. C.. and in tha Time., New York, m. T , once a week for three .ncce.'lre weak. first of aaid anbllcatloa* to be at least sixty da.a prarioos to the day of hearing. *** ^ t!o. thbakbb. f*-?-r,da2 486 I v 4ggBEAUTIFUL AMD IskFUr COM a FN rn . .. PAINTINGS AMD EMObaVI?/>< .^ sstftisrs.-sssar, ass FI0TUBB ^?bAc?D TA^Ki; WALMUT *h5?Si.?W.l^t B^Tke'u'B^ir ??* e0l*n' v'IKDOW SHADES _A beantifhl variety of these goods, amhrarlag the richest de*1 ^n. of El It Bmbroldertid Parlor PatOt"h<rt?l, with a wail aeeerted *?ook of ^ehaaaas-giade*. with a large vartaty of WladowBliadea, d iff. rant ata.s a ad colors. Orders far Wljsdow Shadea aad Paporhangl oga Mnetually filled, la city or conatry. E largepo rtltja of tha aha re OoW* ware made Ttrmt mr^tafcZy ra>k. J. M AEKEITBE. No. 4?S 7th .treat daM-lm* Eight door, above Odd Fellow.'Hall. ihlAElBS FOE 1*67.?A large ana^rtiaWt^ I If 01AEIE8, for 1SS7, for sale aMow arte * i ? a 'BAjioa IAH.QE. AUCTION 8AI.KS. , /? eSBer <?Mw <Wn n. rn-\ TTj rgj# ArTMMJfOOM AMD n^mutiH^m. BY COOPEB * LATtBEB t Laie clerks with J C Mt Quire 4 Co I | beatbweet corner rf?Mi leant* arwaoe ui'ntk l"*l ?Ur Ullke Bulldiag 'HAVE MobT Bill K DVlLLIItt Mor h 5?<r?*r ^ ^ Mr*<He, m tulon *>>1 BIL'A t 4FTEK*0?B si March swi at L'llZtJ .< fr-??-r the premE^Twrw.u w ??iiw thfu.n , c?m eerier ol K street worth and y| iit>H m ., 'tlT'?*?1 *' ?- ?*?* coai^nx..! 4 ., ,-.L. "Uh '? ? ? ?> . ' Baudia?,c?a d?aMe *rl "** Ul| ?? ,?'1 M?o?i lard Th" a>~?e t>r..>. rt, ,# J * > ?*celleBi i?i|l>?rbvu4 *kn? rea. miau i. liver?>?.t>f rnjidlr ** " On* b*lfrB*ti . of which fill* W'll h. r. " l*-'1' '* balance ! >|| a.d I - ee V?!i!i ? * * li.taeai Iron d ?y e'aal., ?u . *J it. 9 0*"* ?* tr,?* ?F ?r*9>r<* t i cta^er fa?*?ne aiwaip? Mrtti vt pmi ?B?'(| CmiPSB A L AT11 KB. Aarta " ^ A LA 4 CO , Aledvi>fri I.? vRM' K H'^?B ABO LOT ili a. II il. ^ 1 "l ' u'Cl?Ct, ? H I . i" IftJl Hr. * . ? uu tt] |trM' !> *(? . H r" * ** ?? ?.* ?^c"r, k.?r!r..LTls " Kji,?f? at* | <,* tot ?. n? I ?? t?-t lern.? 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A acta iJK MAULK A Q9n ANctioDeer* W W'?r>. ? KM PfaVtrrtgr, ArCTI"N SALK Ol HOC'IUll D I'I k v i TUBE MOVES, B ? D l? 1 k O t'lZx * ? 2 ? AND 6L<?m & BE A! UBUtBABT OueAirBPAY M . r< h ?'h. at K ?VI?fk in Irobt vt .or >?lP?r?.oii). tk? ff?b of ? f??,l? >M?iac ib? cltv* of- '?wilr HuUMh. Id I nr Diiu'f H?wi. and HaJdias. tt T#. I and OBM??r?, 4c Ac. Bal*M?ttM?. Terma^-h *>tl< WAOLE *CO , Awti. I ?- LEWIS A CO., Aurtti>? >ra, | ^ Bu jQ7 Ffnn>> i vacta >t>?h-hl?l *?-BWW'at 10 ?c,och- ?? ?u' Btora, ?a 25 LadiM M!k r'r?--(.M, ^l,?wli I i u?-rrloib1im, Knihr- i.i?-tf? kc M?-n? *t>.1 Ho)?i lotbina Boot, and Bhoe?. iet Dry 0* -4. KaodlLf, flirkUiirr, 4c. j ? P LEWIS ACQ . Ancta BY COwPEB 4 LATIII1R74^,0I1# r Late . i?-tke with Jaa t> UcQuira 4 do I Bcntb?tit corner l>an a?*ou aAd iitb ?t .Star OR.ce Pulldlng. COOP HOI BEHOLD *I BSITUBE AT AUO STibbAm^B^V n**t. In tro?t i.f oar AactUi March . mm .ball .?>i ? ^KlVt'n ?J* m'IX Uh"" ' yJ'T B,d* Bolaiera and Pillow. Cumforta iid Blankets *ve^y food Child r*?.' Carrlagea Cooking and HeatlDL- Storet. i 1 WIMor Plr? rroef Bar# ' 1 Lianti.t Turnln Laibe, ta ycrfect rder. At IS o'clock? A' *?' 10o4t.??*a Cart an ^ Uarne.a TenuaC4ik. COOPEB 4 LATIMEB. Auctioneer.. I lt^ " K. WAL?H A CO., AactioDe?ra a-a Penna av?Die coraar Hiib at. , POSTPOHED BALE r*. rnr*ltnr? and llona. k?a?li.c Bt!k P\V*?U*?.?? fcocoHBt of tba iacl??-?r"or *h' ber. win be told TO MuBBOW MuB9 til'iSw?1' of ?"r Aoct,?* *o^?. " - *JL WALiH A 00 . Am. NAGLB A OO., Aactioneert P*4Myly4nln ar.nue, Ob 8ATUBDAY March 9. at 1" o'clock ?a?ni ell at our Baikaloom Tirtttf o'- ' <M iocerla?. Wooden Ware Ba.kata. botl lar>. nd -.all Broooia. Bat.<, a. SoIf.Bicb Pe IV Crtntn Tartar, (Jln^er, Ac . Ac. ?P*r. AI it I' cas?a Bhine Wina . <-b?niM?n?, "ImyorUU and " J}j. s&irjrsKS" li * ?? IS groa. bntoklnc Tobacoo. Ae. Baie>oaiU*a. lermacaah. J! BAOLB A CO . Aarf. JJl * ^ Wall A CV-i Aacuaaaera. On UOt - E BUIIiDIKO to? inM0&DAJ ArTEBROOB.ll.hoi Marc m ml" J it-li. la from of the pr*nji?e*t fr^#rtTr.M",'V tMlad a tew feel ke,w**?> ?"> and l tti .tre?ta SAth i'. !?? ' ba re iuvad be.ore t:.e zitii ltt'ant. TtrjiKiiti. _mh 'J W.L.WALLA CO . Anrta BI COOPEB B LATIN KM, A a. tlo?. l Late clerk. ?ttt> J C. McGuire 4 Co l Scnthae.t win ofPeaii*\lva >ia arer>l. an 111 B traat, btar utBce BalldinK TWO BTOBY FBAMB^BUILDIBO AT ADO(hiTriBOAY AFTEBSOOHBait. March l*. at S a clock p at. intrant of the ?retbta*m. I at norih, betu*. n uth an 1 l.MB atrea,^ wa.t, ? <ri |< ^?',i?,*ood ?Bt?*t? two .tor j > r?me "* W 4! feat --p. witt I aek. butidlnSAxiS taat, to k? remove i wiiIiIb u Ui. after k?la. ' l erma ca?h?tttru< of aale m8d COOPEB k LATIMEB, Aact. ||Y OB EBB A WILLIAMS. AaeUoaaara. KM Ala. ia?, corn-r 7ta and 1> street'. f T?i?RBI??2m! W-Cf0U,B AND LOT "n 8TBBMT * 1ST, between B auj T streets nortb. at Public Auettea ?B WBl'BEBDAT. the nth instant, at t o'clock J .*a shall eelt.eBthe treniMS. .art bet Bo. 1 *B '1,M* Bo 417. haTtas a good two-story Frame Hoose. for aar small family sale positive. Terms w?h. All eoBTeyancIng and raraaue statu st Bt the coat of the purchaser. _ 8 * OBEBW A WILL1AMB. Aact. B1 OBISI A WILLIAMS, Aaodeaeers. 1 H O BTOBY FBAMT HOUSE ABD LOT KBONTIBO OB BTMIET VoMlH BB* TVkBEN HTM ABU ITU STBEBTf KAsT AT fDBLK AU< TlOB " '< tBstaat, at oVIock a. > ahwil sell, i>B the premises. Lot Mo .In subdlvi.ieB of Lota Bo I and i. In aqsare iHfriJ* *C?tnnt- ** fbatd^ ?b alley, with the impr.i?ameNt?, coaautias or a k- ^ frame Heu?e. conialulng four roMsasand Litcooa Terms cash All raBfe)aaciag aad rate... "f*'1 a'tha soat of the nor. haser ?M dowa whao sold. OBBBM A WILLIAMS, n?h 8 d Ancttoaeers. 11T 6 BE EH A WILLIAMS. AaattOBMr^ BJ Bo. (it, corner 7th and D streets V4LC A HLB IMPSOTKD FBOPBBTT IB ? SIXTH WABO 4T PUBLIC ACCTloB On MOB I'AY, tbe iSib loaUnt, at I o'clock a m .we shall sell, oa tbe preiulaaa. Lota 4 n C* sad 1>. la Tweed) s snbdlTt-loa. and the eoatb toity flrs feet front by ths death cf Let Bo Tg tP ,tiara Bo 8<7, sitoatad at the corner wf Virgi'aia avenne sb.1 ath street asit eoatatatac His,"a.>iiTri feet. ?ith the tmproTemaata. coa. aiiw Zl 11T two story Brick and two two stary Far rue Bona*. Turns Owe half caaB: balaaoe in oae aal tw * ears, for Botes bearing la erest. aad .ecnrJ k. d.ert .f irnat an tba premise. A Mcoa aeea u.l a w a d revnas atamr*at the cost of tk."."v.l* ^Sedoaa whaathe property Is 10M ?.au Sff" * "ILL'i" ?? "'"""n jpwiwwar"_ _ B<og Piaoe, ooraer Verm, at btsbbs aad Mia street c^"K^^a^2SEi*a -t aT ,?*#rt. c,**U *" ?h<??for rep-ir.,?erri?Ks ti [ *! Jaapary, are re^neated t' oall at . get tbem, otherwise they will l>e aold at i.ubl- ^jc tloa oa the 1st af March tc aay the rhargea are* n. JORB J PBABOB> Oub %b<1 Lockam ?. jBnUSat Mo. *14 iisuaot.i