Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR, | ThiQirmas Elictioxs.?\ foreign correspondent writes mat the <leroi\n elec ions ] pwwd off mist quietly, ami m striking con- I trast with electior* 1a tbte country. The voter*. Bnn??il to 'he great privilege of voting. j sauntered to the polls with rreat *ooln??s, chatted with the election officers, and dado them good-by after depositing their ballots. as if they had been paying a social visit rather than exercising the right of suffrage Wno ever heard of snch politeness at elections in this country; or of a voter. unless "challenged," I talking to the men "insider" After voting, the account continues, the German elector* repaired to beer-shops. In which they did much like Americans, excepting that Americans do it before as well as atter voting, and support 1 the right of their duty at elections with My. eral other liquids be?ides beer Then the Oer- 1 man voters went home, and neither the candi- ; dates nor people knew who was elected until ! next day. A aoet remarkable state ot apathy compared with America, where everybody , stays up on election night until be fluds out I that bin party is beaten or victorious, and, if of ! the former, says there wm "cheating," and if of the Utter, promenades the street with im- i proraptu bands, shaming till be is hoarse. j Tb???e Hermans evidently need an American lesson in the art of conducting elections. Philadelphia Ledger. A Word for thi Heard.?It might be a fitting subject for the consideration of our learned societies to Dame the cause which has made the most manly race on earth submit for the last two centuries to the aboard practice of shaving the hair off certain patches of the human face, instead of allowing it to grow as j Nature intended. If common sense would ' but convince men that Nature has furnished ! each with a scanty or thick beard, precisely as it suits bis features, they would cease their ' endeavors to resemble the beardless ape, inas- ! much a> they resemble him, according to ' modern philosophy, too much already. Judg. < in*, however, from the signs ot the times, it is ! net nttering a very bold prediction, if we express our bel ef that our children will won1?r | how their rtspected parent*, in whatever hurry they may bare been, conld si' before a, morning after morning:. raz>nn band, making all sorts of grimaces at the risK ot cutting tneir throats, the only known result being to render the chin, shortly after the smoothing procees, not nnltxe that useful article of the kitchen, called a nutmeggrater. Once a Week. The Right Ijistkittio* k.>? Pka?asts. In June last M Chaucbard reported to ttie French legislature upon ttie aub|ect of primary instruction in the depunm^nti of France. He direc'ed attention to th" fact that the la-ar of l?-.<0 bad placed agriculture upon the iu>t of primary studies, explaining that by this w is intertfed simply instruction in th*? m.;-t eie- I irevtary, undoub'ed and prac'icil fic's of th it science. Hut some donbts have b-en enter- ! as to the pr pnr-y of this action. There i can be none. think? Mr. riianchard. if for ' agriculture we substitute /ardeninj. Almovt ! every peasant's cottage has a tew acre* of grcuud around it, which he ctlls bis garden; ! bnt it is commonly a tangle of poor herbs, and poorer trees. I^et the peasant's children be targht at the primary school how to prepare the ground, h*w to sow, how to raise good vegetables, how to plant and mm. and graft trees, and it is contended that the cottage* will become comfortable and pleasant homes, where ihe peasants will be content to stay, ins'ead of crowding, as they now do, to the great towns. *jta proposition has gained favor in Virginia to make produce a tender. "Toledo. Ohio, boasts of fewer deaths ta proportion to population than any oiVer city. In lHHi there were or.e to every sixty. WA bill has passed both houses of the Legislature,if West Virginia, revoking the charter of the town ef Harper's Ferry. K/"The Jersey City carpeuters now demand an increase ol wages and a reduction of hours, fifty cents in the former, and an ei^ht-hour ' iaw in the latter case. mr a youth ?f fifty-six ha? recovered dimages in Paris for breach of promise from a maiden of forty-five. Mrs. Partington says getting out and getting into bed during the late cold wea'her was "Paradise Lost" and --Paradise liegamed."' SPECIAL NOTICES. IT IS HOT A HCMBrO -Be convinced. lining be*n In use onlv for ashnrt time" MKT0AL1- R S U K B AT BHEt M ATI' BKMK* ! I'> has gained a world-wide reputation and is recommended Vy the oest doctors in .lew York as : il-eonly sure cure for hh- nin&tism ht-*o3w S. C. FOBO, Agent. BKMEDIAL INSTITUTI FOB SPECIAL 0asb9. ___ Ho H Bond street. Hew Tor*. ^ information, with tiie hmlat Ultimo?i i??. iJ-o, a Book oo Sptrml Di-n.irJ, ta a seated em*.ape, ton t free. tkeT ?>$ *urt and icndfor ik*m, , *r-'i *ov trtil nol rn ti it. far, a-> advertising phy- , a; Ian- are generally impostor <, without rtfer-we* r. straiiger sh?n!d be trusted. Enilose a stamp lor p -?tage asd direct to bU. L&WUINOg No. j 14 Bond street. New York noLiDAWly ! */" MABB1AOE AhD'JRItlBAOY, AND THI ll?c;ine?e of Tree ttaal>o< d. - An JCi-tai for Young Men n the Crime of solitude, and the Ph>aloiogi< ai Krrurs. Aunsei and Uis.?sea ? hi oh create impediments to Marriage with aure uie?ns of Belief Bent in seal-d letter euv-lope*. free of c ha-ge. Addres? pr J SKiLLIN IIOCOMTON, : Howard AseoclatiOU, PhilaUeipaia. fa. jall 3tn BKCKIT OISBASBS. J?a*A*;TAS's Oms the most certain, safe and eCtc'nal remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem*dj ever discovered Cure* in two to four days, and recent cast-it In twenty four hoars Ho mineral, ao > balsam, no mercury. Only tea pills to be taaea. it I Is the soldier's hop*, and a friend te those who do net want te be exfoaed. Mala packagaa, #3;feBale, $3. ! B*? axita!?'?Bo?>t a>'D Hxrb Jcicss?a positive an* permanent ?ure far Spy hi lis. Scrofula, Ulcera, 1 Bpota. Tetters. Ao. Price #1 36 per bottle, j bold by 8 C. Ford. Sea advertisement my I " OLOTHJLNQ, Ao. j ^JKBCHANT lAlLUKlMG. The nndersigned having entered Inteeopartnarahlp and laid la at extei aive au * carefully la ' CLOTHS, CABSlMIBBD.^Ii yiSTlNCB, and Oeatlemens KL BN18H- Rm IHO OOOOS. are prepared to aa^e cp for win their coitotntri neat hum* nn4fashionable suits of clotl.iag, at their new establishment. No. 3-gO E street, twe doors west of the National Theater. Persons desiring neat fitting and fashionable Clothing. ea moderate terms, should not fall to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. _ GBO T. KKKH. B.W . GILBICBT, Formerly of ?0?* ?th st , Merchant Tallers. h i im* Ho 3-iO R St. bet. 13th and 13th. Ft. hb>bhbeb*, Sacceaeor te H. W. C*?don ft Oo.,_^ minZEys AND MU.ITAMY ___ MBMCHAST TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown's, WW ? 3M Psansylvanla avenue. Washington. P. O. BOOTS. snoEs7&cr MfaJ BOOTS AND BHOBS. wMg H W ^_T OBI. The nndersigned bees leave to inform his frisn4? Maar^PB.1^ generally that he has opened the 9"ea P wTOBB, Ho. ao? 7th street.under Odd Fellowa Hall, where he has on hand a gen J aasortn.entof La<lies' and Oentlemen's. Boy's Misses and Chiller boots and shohs. Be member the number, Jui 7tn street, under , Hew Cheap Store, for aT .'j14 * **<e i atore. WBOBOH B. W1LSOH. pOBTABLB BTKAM BNOIHM, ComMnlng the maximum of efficiency, durability, and ecoaomy. with the ssialwum of weight >ad price. They are widely and favorably known, more than 600 beitg la use. All warranted satisfactory, or ne sale. Descriptive circular* sent on application. Address J. ?. hoadlht * oo? fs 5 eo3m Lawrence, Macs. IhKPABTMBNT OF THE IHTKBlOk. 1/ UNITED STATES PA TEXT (jrPICB, I .. _ WI>Mn?T(?!i. ^brQ?ry lt>. \$&7 P?S(fn*L,*T|lTTi<? * HKBD ?ad PKKCIS L. TITTCB, admmlatratore of the ea- i tatea of H Tuttle. leceaa^l. ot OeaeTa. ' H . ? praying for the extension of a paunt grant- , edto tbe Sald J-seph H Tuttle th. 3lii f I June. Itti3, for aa laiprovement In Saws, for mtm years frem the expiration of s?id patent, which tehee place on the liet day ot J une, 1*7 : It is ordered thai th* said petition be heard at the Patent Office ea Monday, the ;id day of ! Jm.e next, at 13 o'clock m ; aad all ??r*ons ars no- > tifted to appear and anow canae If any tn.-y have, why said petltlen ought not to be granted. Peraoas oppodag ni* extension are required to 1 file in tbs Patent Uffic* their objection*, specialty writing, at least fircwy days KefTe th* 1 da? of hearing, all t**Umony filed by either party to be used at tb? said hearing mast be taken ?ud transmitied in accordance with th* ml?s of th* , b?? furnl*hed oa application. Depoeltioa*i and <>th?r aap*rs relied npon a* tee- j Mmony ssnst be filei in the offioe ttcnt.-y days befor* ! he day of hearing; the argument*. If aay, within . tra day* after flllns the teetimoav. 1 Ordered alao tiat this aotice be publlahed la j th* Intelligencer and the B*enblt*aa. Waebiug- ' ten. D C . and in the Ueaey? Uar.ette. Oeneva, H J OBf* wf?,k tor three eaceeeeive week*; th* first of said publications to be at least sixty day* prevtoa* la the 4mr of hearing T O. THBAKBB. _ _ . Commueioner of PaianM. P I. Bdltors of the above papars will pieaae aopf ,aad eead their Mil* to the Pateat UfHce with a paper MiitelslM thi a aotic* fa it lawtw r'BOIOf HBTB HASINBTPMIToCBB AHTS. Vy SPICB9, Ac., Ac.,to salt this particular sea on. For pais by 2 M. P. Klfa * SOJf, felt JUag Place. AUCTION HALES. ill ? ? WILLIAM, '?rf1iBtnn. *-* dlfMlt* the Hut of tbe Bepublc corner 7 th And D ?tree to. lti?DlVtSI5,,*,10#'clock 1 &xuss>? ?ft-gws ^5-4 QBBMMA WILLIAMS. A acts. UT BUUI WILLIAMS. " Ho. 5X0. corner 7th u4 D streets IlipSis ps?sislil?s ??5stS5sS{ chDJL?n<,/?1!fB"# ** ?>* of t^%onr: ~d * *"fiiVftiLSi?a( aJT ^^^^VV/^IAMa. Aaots. BT OOOPa,i * ItATIMBB, Aact.o^r.: C?(nNTlf KTSTuV ? ?F.H0VSm AND LOT OH BOL Til K STBEBr, between 10th and 11th sta. at public auction, to toe nigi.rstiJJtlr -VthJ ytbdsy of March A. D l!?7 aIY??i li OB tk# o.i the pr. mieej, part, of Lo'te N* J??ndP' "V. rqu-jre Wo <j7& described as folio*. ! ?r K Mtreet 69 feet east from lAth j*r Beginning fj""'*"* ?t a fVt-XLce nTrTh 5,rte inches, thence West 22 feet' ani tna.i. . ? teet 6 inches to the bediming with t2? *2? . <J0 Frame Dwelling House thereon h tW0 8t"ry J " !;. ".v.V:U'-tiSiKV1''? < > luca-b. If the terms are not compiled with .? sum sr s* 0vhtHf?v" purchaser. upon flte day, notice ConetwA ?' and stamp* at the iipenMof the purchnaer * J. ?-? ? __ooo?K |JY OBKEN * WILLJIAMS, Auctioned *fVucOKs8|N*A'Ji. ?* 'ubnitube and ;-Ki LivVUVoV* t^VnLAi'iV, 1"; f 88 CoBNkli OK UTH ST WBif1'A,rru"S A\? , i N su;-AU jno' litf5rTH^U. HA OoLiI Mh1! ^'S lN THE liVnuoT1 ol toLlMKlA, AT i*I. B L10 AUt'TlOH IN IkE 8DFBHSIB COUiiT Or THE DlS T. v ,. TBIliT Ok COLUMBIA An"'1'13 Spline iViT.uuf-i?"',?- V ? ol?!. " l^r.'ncVe "iWmVl" '"t '^ourt liVVft 2S" l.hP 2-^day ofr"h"u a? ?'a U' ald'c nr Ytj^he'aboi'a "H-?"1"* ' by action. at 11 e *KlrU?, i?m public H-^in/on 0 f' 'c.r?WE1>?NKVD^T111?01 " day ol il.r. h , A 1> 1^7 T * A * tf'e - th am.: ^ l!to7? Cuui?"??ci?.g at 10 o'clock k ifo'wn ~alhthi'- K^l'' of?,hL "^ hU.hmf-nt w.|| oV'focaM nH?U^'" * R e?jnal If not superior^ Ar'?n*eiaent, p,l?rdfs/i -??* " " ?i. Vtir'1"" 0..'. piV."; MJ ?"V^:r,?lV"'s"ib " oi? slab Tal le ?*wood Framea and Mart,la 81* Mar!>le-tnp Center Tahl?? uui m? n . "7."d *-0 ? stanila hl? and Wood Walnut WwhThirty Faint?-d and other Hnr<.? f ifty Painted Wa-h.ta "di? Wnreain One hundred Catt^K* and otber One hundred and ae**u Biueaeia Tktl^ . gram and other < arpeu ' Tl?r*? Ply. In Two bnndr?-d good Uairan.l Honk Maftr?.. !;?" '^^ed feather Pillow. ?!;* B V?ter? rJ!" U"?'pr.^.i;5 Corn ^etenty tr.e?>ak Wnit?? Chiuw " 8,MM,U Twelve lar^e Dinloc Tattle* TW?A?:mMk #*bU d<>U" "?? 8< Tonfy.five Sixteen Wonted Table covers Tfn Heavy plated f'a-tnr* Five rfczen Plated Forts Vivedezen Plattd 8p*od? Fonr dozen lr. n baudi>-d Ktuv.-i Twiltf Plated buxar HowU ?wo dozen PlaUd Orvam and Sirup Pitchers wenty twa piec?s of Copper I ooklr.* Ut?m?iu to To " tnnmnhout the entire J>2* *cellept Iren 8a e. In perfect order u^.rAr.?5i,,ri'"'*? " s"?"One fine Office Begnlator. _ , . _... Also, Foot Pbtlau s Billiard tabiea with H .iu ur.A Cuee all in perfect order? ' " and o.v.i.tsr,: r.'i'i"* ' ?' "u*"" Weeali the attention of dealers, hotel keemra and the MMiHs i?^r.?ral to th?. .aie. ?, it 1, the Ttriucaoh. HATH A NT EL WIL80N./ ? JOHN F. INN 18, f Becelvers. jnb <^oAdi OB BE N_* WILLIAMS, Aurts. |>T COOPEB A LATtMEB. Auctioneer o (Lata cleik* with Jauie* Mc(iuire A (Jo ) Southwart corner Pennsylvania avenua and iith treet,- Star Offica buildiag.'' llth TBl'STEE S SALE OF IHFB0VHD PBOPEB R? - T> AT ADOTION. Fa! rJarl A? D iti tTu#t th* ,ut of ii ho iV uua 22?ua"d ,;cerd?"1 ,o B M ?. no. 16, laiio of the land Wa.hin*ton Count*, u c . I will aali p.!k?? A ucuon, in front of tba prim lie SVf "t'c StT^aPV'1?!^ 'lMT ?' M*rcb, A U MD^kL7im' "2 rD?? '?fWaf"nrtoiS cStv no 'c no rtb, with a depth of anV haZ2,1a .A. ** 11 d balf iichae 1)05 feet )gv incha? alley, with tba Iniprovementsthareon ** " JWB W. ANQUB. Troatee. co"p" J tea*. Y B C 8 T B B>S IAL1, ? . 'nrrxl,nc* ' power of sale Tatted fn me hw 7^ trnet, ex ac a ted to me by Oeont? \\ >Iltcbel and Cornelia D Mltchelf his wtfe , r th^MuZV0" cilI-lM,,rict of Columbia, datld on \+r EB% ?V''a},l ,sW. an? ' corded in L,? records of Mont^on^ry c^u.fy f' win *rn crarLttta* ?sa.^ Montgomery county.Vn*W EDN^y'^Y*;,1" f.Mrl .u* '* and ?i*ty a?-ee"fil.,l r^if" Lh# ?*? Jaud heretofore con*?>.'j ;,V .iVc ?p4 Cleanor Hendry. Lis ?i>e t aid George W. Mitchel. by deed dated t? t? day of A?,net. 1*5. The other belult ?ar? 2?'^ tractof latd called "Ba.urvey on Mapl.Br.-fa * l eretofore coarev?d io said ?eor?e W Mitchel prorememsconsist ol two oomfortaoU 1,^, ,?JlT Mot*. C-cd siaMe. corn bona". ?ud all 1/ni!*1" aary out Lniloinxs, alao. f,nr ??V? . n?c<-t^The ah< ve described tract is OHceDtiTV ofrnh.ln. divided lato two or tbrii I'er*on< wishing to look at the irn*?rt> _ whoJw,V.lVll?n ,rfr lo^wC'ooYhSVJd0 who will Pleasure in showiac it t ,h,rd ol the purchase monev to be paid on the day of sale: the residue ofthl purchase money to he paid iu one mad two irom toe dai of sale, the purchaser or hit. bar or th?-ir not?t with ^inr u ah 5K!1"I- from the da^Qf ^e Oa aa\ n.eut of U.e wkad. purchase money a TJZt jsaT' NAGLB A CO., Aaetloaaara D ? ho *5$TCTlVa*B^weaa Mkaat 10th a*. to*h.0.yi a^r^*! ^ntion tore. Ahao, totoJ7??i? FnrniWma.. LHaw. aV" M.rH,!iY5! ?l ?rooeriM, AasUflSM.. WBVBRAL SPLENDID FABLOB~OM^rwI c* W Ih Pau-rti>i|.n fcwell, and 7mJlirL*04"*' movabl* K.- (very "' TnTfl ir<an rrm-l^eat b??M < will positively re sold at ooat preaaratory lo refcnlMtng More **' e lao. It new ami'erond hand PI tBWatredaexi pneea. OBORdl L WILD ? BBO uo u <> Ma 49T nib ttr^XVl^aVa. PAWNBROKERS JtCKHHTllll LOAN orriOE 4?i Ulk itr?tl, 9d low Matk of Pm. m? Loan* MoMY oa time u* solt customers. o? Ot ld aid HilT?r VMthti, Diamond* Jew- /CK Iry, Ladies' aud Gentlemen a W?uli|iwA A pi art 1 O U old Gold ud Silver bought nib A 5m* B. BUBNBTISB. yy ALSH'S CENTRAL LOAN OFFICE, I#. 490 l#th Hrttt, one door below Pens. iti. Thia well knows Office mkN ^ ? LIBERAL ADVANCB8 P*\ On Dissaonde, Gold ud Stiver Watchee Q U Clothing. Furniture, and Merchandiae of every Open every day! except Bandar) from 8 a. a. to 8 P Bl. N. B.?Bustneaa strictly confidential. faMtf 8 TABLlbHIl* 18 5 4. " BPlOIiiTlOTlOI. CHABLE3~HBBZBSBe. Duoceaaor to laaac Herzberg A Bon, , " have conducted the Pawnbrokiag Bualneee lor fiftaen years in thia city, far twelve /Ov year* the enly Pawnbroker is the Plstrtc*. I**\ take tbla mar bod of thanking their patrouaO O and the public for the confidence heretofore ahowa then, and beg Have to call their attention to the fact that we still rontinue to make the highest ad* SK!T*'??n ?" articles of Jewelry, aA^nDf'#W*2ch*% Bond*, ovemment Scrip, f1 *r i*c 'or whJ?h *? hava superior ? laces of deposit aad aecirity, which will alwaya a shows for the satisfaction of taose patronizing I ua We have aM*lal facllitiea for the care and preservetba of Wearing Apparel of every da- I ecriptloa. Woolens, Ae., on which the highest advance are made, guaranteeing when required against mota, and always againstinjury Having a lai>e warehouse in connection with our etflce. we have special facilities for aterage of all kinds f Merchandise, Faraitnre, Ac., oo which we make the higheet advances for daya. weeks or rnontha We call especial attention to the fact tbat owing to the large capital employed In our business, we can make advances at snch rates of interest aa to defy competition We eeil no gj*ds until the expiration of aix months after their forfeiture, and then only at public anction. Ilrst giving ample notice through the various city journal* io all depoaitor*. By tbla means deposits with us are never lost if their redemption Is desired w e call especial attention to our arrange mevt* for forwarding g?'>da to any part of the country, arrangement which an experience of ktteeu j ears haa brought to rarfectlou Depoaitor* are enabled by this mean* to redeem their fo'd" from our office no matter where they may be located. Full information alwa* given. Private apartmentefor roufidentlal bnainean. N. B.Wehave no eonnectlon with auysinilar establishment In this city B^fer tnanr old resident of Waihingtoa Remember HFBXREKG'8 Lotn i?ihce.351 north 0 street, between 4)< and 6th, Washington. P ?. fe 2.r> 1 ra " ON BY I MON E Y ! 1 MONEY U I u. reisers newly~establi8Hed loan OFFICE, '217 Pa. ave . next to Poteu lui's Ooafectionery. Money ]?aord on ev^ry description of aalable ftiercbai di*e especially Watches, Pia- /Ov mond* and fire Jewelry. I can e?*urejf^\ th?^ *hn nm) favor him with tlier patron-? V aeethat th<>> will not regret having done *o. N. B.? Private d >or arid orti5?. Persons not wishing to eut.r the public office will ring the office ball. fe 24 lm' JOAN OFFICE. MONEY Inaned on 0dI4 an i BIIverJ^^^\ batches Diamonds. Jewelry,Clothiug, Ac.0 ti D DONOVAN, Pawnbroker No. .<7*2 K st., fe I lm* between 10th and Utk sta. rf"*llB OLD BbTABLlSHED kTbm OF 1 S, GOI..DSTB1N A CO . LICENSED l'AW Ni'.ROKEBS, 34 FOUR AND A HALF iSTaBET WEST, near IVnns) Ivania aveane, Ofler the hig jfBt cash advancea oa all kinds of Merchaiirtite, to any amonnt and for any /Ov time desired, at reasonable ratea. Interest on large anna greatly reduced. Q f| Busineaa Mrictly confidential. Good* bought for caah aad aold at private aale. fe al-iy ^JABDEN SEEDS, FBU1T TBEE8, Ac. JOHN SAUL Hag now In Store bia extensive stock of GABDEN SBBD8, which are this aeaaon of tineat quality. From hir practical knowledge of the trade, and the Seeds having been grown specially for Ma sales, they are warranted Ircah, pure, genuine FLOWBB 8EBD8,embracing All tha noveltiea from England and the <ontinent, with many article* saved Irom hia rieh coHi-stion of Florist Flowers. FRUIT TBEES of flneat quality, con?iatlng of Pears, Applea, Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines, Cberrlee. Ac CBAPB VINES?Delaware, Concord, Diana, Bcgers Hybrids, Iona, Adirondac, Ac Srrawbarriee. Blackberries, <Jooseberri?s. Currants. Evergreens, Shade Treee, Hoses, Green Houae Plant* Ac, Bouquets, Wreaths. Out Flowers. Ac. JOHN SAUL, Seed Store, Bemoved to 446 7th street, fe 18 eolm opposite U.S. Patent Ofhee. Department of thb interior, UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, WisHiwn.M, t etiraary 14. 116/. On the petition ofLCUf & POPE, adminitratrix of the estate of Augustas B Pope, deceased, , of 9<>merville Massachunetts. praying for the extension of a patent granted to the ?aid Augustus K Pope the 2lat day of Juue, lsS3, for an improvement in Electro Magnetic Alarm*, for seveu years from the expiration of aaid pateut. which takes place on the .let dav of J uue, 1967 : It I* ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent OAce on Monday, the 3d day ot June next, at 12 o'clock M.: and all persona are notified to appear and show cause. If an> ttiey have, ah) *<iid petition ought uot to be graufexi. P-rsona opposing the extension are requfrod to file In the Patent Oftice their objections. sp"ciully r. t :?ith in writing, at laaat twenty daya before tb>'da)of hearing; all testimony filed by either parry to be used nt the aaid hearing mu*t be taken ard transmitted in accordance with the ruie* of the oftice. which will he famished on applioati?a. Depoaittona and otner paper* retieo upon as teatini? ny must be filed in the office twenty daya befote the dav of hearing: the argnmenta, if any. * iibin ten days after tiling the testimony Ordered alto, that tbia notice be published in the Republican and the National intelligencer, Waahintfton.D C . and ib the Journal. Boaton. Mass., once B week for three aaoceasiva weeka" the ? rat of aaid publication* to be atleMtaixty day* previous to the day of hBBtlng ? T70. THBAKBB, ? ? . . Commissioner of Parenta. P 8.?Editors of the above papers wHl elease cop). and aend their billato th* Patent Office, wits a paper containing thUnotiee. fe?l-lawlw IkEPABTMBNT OF THE INTBB10B, MJ UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ? _ Wasmikgtob, Febraaryg. 1867. On the petition of LAUREN W ABD, admlBlatratorof the aatate of Btchari Ward, deceased, ot Naugatuck, Connecticut, praying for the ex tecaieu of a patent granted to the aaid Lauren Ward aa said administrator, on the 28th day ef June. IMS, for an Is^roTemeat ia Maohiaea for T umlng Irregular F*orma for aevea years from the of said pa teat, which takea place on the Atb day of Juae. 1867: It la ordered that the aaid petitioa be heard at the Patent Office aa MON-DAT, the 10th day of June next, at 12 o'clock as ; aad all poreona are notified to appear and show cause, if aay they have- why said petition oaght not to be granted. Persons opposing tne extension are reaaired to file in the Patent Office their objections, apecially **>t (orth la writing, at lea at ttceniy daya before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party, to be used at the said hearing, mnat be tak?n and transmitted ia accordance wita the rules tfon 'vilic* wiU ^ faralahed oa applicaDepositions and other papers, relied upon aa tettimony must be filed In the offiae twenty days . efore the day of hearing; the arguments, if any within tm daya after filing the testimony. Ordered, alse. that thia aotlce be oubliahed la the ImUttKtnrfr and the tUwblunn , Washiagton, D. C , and In the K fitter. New H aven, Uoan.. once e week for three enccesaire weeks; the first of said Su Mi cat Ions tobe at least sixty days previous to is day of heariag. __ T. 0. THBAKBB, d a - Oemmiseloner of Pa teats. P. S ? Editors of the above papers will please copr, and send their bills to the Patpat Office with a paper containing this aoWoe. feig-liwHw riiHB GREAT REBELLION, by Joha Minor .f- B1otw1i . p^e'ecfer aad Oharaetorfstic **nl > Whipale; #1.7?. The 8cb?ce of Wealth, by AmaM Walker; fg. Ufa and TImea of J**d Jacket, by Va. Ii. stone: fi. The Sano?ti1*rJ' A 8^IT I?. 15* 01 War. bT Nickoia, *?ll A Novel, by frajSEWSSr1?I***-knno 17 FBANOK TATLOB. MAILLABD'B " OHOOOLAT8 DB FANTAIHIB. T BONBONS. LAO a MAILLABD'B CHOOOLAT pab bxgellbnob, . Thia Triple Yanilla CflOOOLAlli*M snperilr in quality and flavor to aay other mede 1a this cuntry,aad Is prepared eepeclally for table ase. N. W. BUBOHBLL, earner 14th and F strata, J?l ? aader Bbbitt House, RQOBDOM A CO.'8 a pREBEBYBB, JBLLlis. OATS CPS. %T The best of their blade. *?N. W.BUBOHBLL, . corner ltth and F etreeta, J* M ander Bbbitt House. AT THB BBW OHBAP STAMFIHO BOO MB 4 vth eweet, oepesite Patent Oflee, ladiea w?n get at oar reduced prioee, bb the Tory beet Waiuaeatta? Night gowB Yokee. ready stamped ..^0cts, Obemise Yokee, Jtcts. ' Bands * * .Wets, E11 her for braid or embroidery, oar pattei ae are of the very deaigaa. seleeted with care la Mew York aad being fa receipt ot them weekly, we are able daily tolesae new patterns aa well Ta?fflgasrnssal,ii:i. mm j | BANKERS. J AT MM?MJt * CO.* IAIII18, Afutnih ttrut, amsiU lVsatvnr* Ml tnrtMt urk?( ntai, ul l?l unmu ob hull?foil m?ir of *0 MT11IM1RI0IM, SBYBBTBIBTIB8, AID OOMPOUBB IBTBBB8T BOTES Ordain tm BTOOBB. BOIM, * .. ? ? ?, end Collections made o? ftU Hlwribh points. I M i -tf | UAKIOW MCO., ! IAIIIN,

Corner UUdtu imw aad '** DKA.LIM IK 90TEMNMBNT SECURITIES, GOLD ABD ?ILYBB i jy f-lf AND LAUD WAEBABTt^ Firit Matioul Btik of Wtihiigtoi. J B D COOBB. (of JijOookt AOo.,) Fw^nl, W M. 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DBPOBITOBY AWD FINANCIAL lOBHT OF THB UBITED BTATBS, Ittk ttr?t, orrosut Us TV?wiry Dt^artmmt. Government Securities with Tmnrtr United I fltBtefl mrONB MILLION DOLLARS We buy u4 Mtl oil classes of 90 VERNMENl bECURITIESit current market re tee. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collection* on ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THB UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Youchers ob the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and fire oareful an* prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, end to an? other buslneee entmated to na. FULL INFOBMATION in regard to GOVERB MBfcT LOANS at all tlmee cheerfully furnlstied WM. B HUNTINGTON, Ceahler. WaahlBIton, March Jo. 1M?. mil tf ?dbntistkyT" fkR. LBWIK'S uieTTAL^AsSUVIATlON, \J Mo. ftuMM'A AVE , I Between 12th and 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pa!n by adailnaterln? Nitrous Oxyde er Li?u^IiIl.k 'Jan. llr j LEWIE has recently purchased the best^mEEaw I he mi ml Apparatus in the coantry for^1'1' u hating pore gas ever) d iy: also, an iui proved V?l vuiar Inhaler lb* Association is now prepared to make Teeth on Oold. Stiver and K'ibber at New York Philadelphia and Boston prices. All persons wit.hint; dental work done can have it aa< hap as in tbe above named cities. All work duue ia the ueateet and beet manner, aad warranted to give aatiefactioB. Pereona will do well to call and examine oar work. de >4 tf TII T M.LOOMW M D.. Jhe inventor and Patentee of Hie MINERAL PLAT* TEETH, attenda penoaaliy at^tf^ ate office In thie city. Many pereona c wear these teeth who oannot wear othtra, " aad no per bob oaa wear others who aanaot wear Pereona calling at my ofloo oaa be aooommnda ted with any atyTe and price of Teeth they may detire, bnt to theee who are particular, aad wisfc the purest, cleaneet, otroageatand most perfect denture that art con procure, the MIBBBAL TBBTH will bo More tally warranted. Boo ma In thlc eity-No 3.1* Paan'a aveaae. between ?th and 10th sts Also. BOT Arch street, Philadelphia^ PERSONAL. MB8. CUBTI8 IRVING, Clairvoyant, and Tift Medtum, will give life readings, Including Past, Preaeataad Future at ber office, 4'iO, n?rth side of Pa. av., between aad 6th streets. Office hours from 9 to 2 a. m. and C to 8 a. na. ja 14 2 m B7MACBICBTREAL8OIBllTIfI0 A8 TBOLOGBR Of AMKRIOA, Prom the poaition ana aspect of the Stars at the time of ono'i birth, will reveal aatoaiabing secrete that no liviag mortal ever knew before, how to be aucceeatul In *11 reasoneble undertakings, lie tella name and vary day you marry; deacn ea tbe intended companion, and t-lls all erenta of life; good lack ana long lif*> to visitors. Ladies 6"' cents to #1: gentlemen in full |l. Call at * ? 0 I2i ii at . ne?r F, all hours until s ia the evening. de 312m' CONFIDENTIAL -Toung havo lnKs jtired themselves Dy certain secret habits, which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the > duties of married life; also, middle aged and old men. who. from tbe follies of youth, or other senses, feel a debility In advance of their years, before placing themselves under the treatment of any oae, should first read "The Secret Prieud. Married ladies will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend." Sont to any ad ireas, in a sealed envelop*, on rr-cfift of 23ce'its. address Dr. CHA8 A STUART A CO.. Boston Ba?a BQD-ly HOTELS, R&STAll RANTS, &o. IKK WOOD BOUSK, Corner Pinna. ar$nw and Tieelftk Krest.yC^fkT j Wwnfon. P. C. Pltuated la the moat central location tbe city, midway between the UAP1T0L AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION. Only a ahort distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post OOcea, Smithsonian Institute, ate. H. H DUDLBY A CO., notl-tf Proprietors. EMBICHV BBSTAORANT, Bo. 3ii Penno aveaae, aear 6th at re St. P. BMBIOH wishes to laferm his frieads sad the public geaeraily that he aow keeps con- A. . m staatly ob haad OYSTERS, fresh every VrfAwl day, prepared la every strle. iUHl His WINES and LlgTOBS cannot be surpassed. Oall aad gtve hisa a trial. ocB tf O/fl 1 NATIONAL LAUNDRY, Oil Poaa'a av., bet. mh aad 14th ata. ^4 I All work done by hand. Oooda called for aad delivered,at tho shortest aotlce. Ail kinds of Preach fluting done in the neatest style, fe 18 at* I^BOBPTION LUX DRIBS. Jaat received, a large variety of articles ae U??l M,tlc.Uri, tor King Plaoe, da M Oor, Yt. ave. and 16^ at. V~E. BBOWNB. B JrSMitHBRS BBOWNB * SMITH BBS. WAbUIMOTOB. D O , ATTORNEYS AMD COUNSELLORS AT LAW, and solicitors fob tub BUBBAU BBFC0BB8. PBEEDMEN. AND W ABANDONED LANDS. Office No. 4Y6 Seventh street,oppoaite the Poat Office. ? 2 ly WM. B. WBEATLEY 8 PREHIHM STB AM DYEINO AND OLBAHSINO ESTABLISHMENT, Office, No. 49 Jefieraon at.. Georgetown,D. O. Established In 1831; premlnm awar.led by the Metropolitan Institute. rebnilt !> ?. and ia now b> far the largest and moat complete >-*tabllabment of the klad In this ae<-tioa of country Dyeing aad Scouring of all hinds deae in the beat manner. Truly thankful for past favors, the sanscriher solicita tbe continued matom of the comumnity Goods received and returned by axpreaa with the atmoat aromptneee and despatch Poat Office address. Lock Box No. **0. Office closes dully at sunset except Saturday, i when It Is closed at 8H p m fe itt ?m IVBW TO^K BUCKWHEAT, HpoTOM"<?HE'BBIBG.l wlth> Boeo.) 'tfiWLiSVc'AVJ-S/W.'"'ill of Ift -"V'A'Voaca.fcL. Corner 11th and F streets, fell Uader Bbbitt Bouse. CLODBI V BJt D 1 A fall aeeortmeat of all gradee choice Flour for Bakers; quality No 1; price low. Are tbe only direct receivers for Qoldea Hill, J. U Gambrilltnot Patapsco) and Liaganor Family flours la the Dletrlot. As the latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and eeld la this oity, we would Inform thoee wiehlng this flour by arrangement with the millers we furntah it lower Sian it caa he obtained from any other souroe. aality seoend to nose. Price a fractloa leas thaa other lrst-class Family Floar. Indiana a venae and 1st street, | ao II aear Depot | Protected SMSyal^bttbbb pateat of Bngland, aad secured by the eeala of the Ecole de~Pharmacie do Pans, aad tho Imperial ? TrtwHmarBo^LjGi tbe'effectual remedy fer Be laxatloa, Ppermathorrhoea, aad Bxhaastioa of the System. Trlwsaiaa r No. S has eatirety superI seded the aaaaeoas a so of 0 opavi a, Cabobs, Ae. Trteeemar No I la tho lafalliDle remedy for all ssssrzJawss-iSaffii Ingredient*. Each proparatfoa la la tho form of amoot acroeeble Loaenge Secured from tho effocts of cttpiato and chaagee of atmoephera. la Mb eaaea, at ?S each, or four |! oaeea 1b one for ft. aad la $0 Wsj$&S?TZZZ mu rf.ViJMTtl. OntoBTiOe,M?.< BAiLBOADS. j 1866 f ihmbis i0ut1 1867 J5naKE3PQE3PB to thm northwest. so<jth, amd south* o. ?j .fw's * sh?dijlhj u??? mvlo^ti j,0t#b,bw u' uu' tr-m ? Washington t 06a. ni i Battisaeig ,j 111. a " f 30 11 i m _ if 19 a. a. tm !*it<^>'dbLi track &orli\** i rittllliilTNIIIlt, Palace * ? and eight Cars. with modern '?r-Tfinti. mm m lint Treat four to twelve bows In tin^ 0t#f' any other rout*. Two huedred ailti mred to i i Wartvti eae Central New York. 1 Two dtilf Tralas to u* West. ! " '* " " North. .k i*"?"! bf thli route from Baltimore here dJ ""."^S " N"0" Tickets by this rosta cm ba ironrad at tba of- i Boo, conar <tb street ud Pennsylvania a to ana, **^?r Hattaaal Hotel, where raliabla iaformation will ba aieen at all times. Paaeengers procuring tlckata at this olflce can **ur* eecoemodetione la Bleeping Oara for klFlttjtir?, H. J. WILK1NS. Ticket Agent, __ _ Washington, D. 0. "jlmJSSZW^ p- *?' ? w waaainaroa^jaa.j, 1*7. aow^nlt^twr^0'4?* * * " iotx tm 1obe, without cheaceoCcare. int'm 'aic?h Sunday > at 7:4? e. m eed j n1w yobk.ohaagiag car a at Pbiladal* | (except Bnnday > at 11:19 e. to-aad j _ ' ' wr philadelphia. Leave dally (exceptBnnday )at 7 *? end 11:11 a. m., end 4:90 and 0.30 a m <>n scnday Leaye for Naw York and Philadjphf e at 0:91 p. m oaly. Bleeping car* for Haw Tark on 6 so p.m. train daily. Through ticket* to Philadelphia, Maw York, or Boston, can be had at the Station Office et all hours in the day. a* well es at the new office 1-i the , Banker* and Brokers Telegraph Lin*, 349 rtu. avenue, Ntweei 6th and 7t b streets. Soe Baltimore and Ohio Beilroed utertlmnent for achedula between YVaahingtea, Beitiiuere, Annapolis, anf the Weet j , l. wilson. Master of Transportatloa. l m. coli General Ticket Atent _ geo. 8. &oont2, Agent, Washington, ee 90-tf daltimorr and ohio railroad. 1' WaaaiitoToa, Jaa. i -Tr-Jtps between washington am) baltimore. and washington and tub wrst are now rua aa follews, viz: for baltimobr Leave daily, except Sunday. at 7:0i>, 7 43. and il.l- a. in., and 2-0*, end 4 90. and a 00 p. as. for all wav stations exce?t Sunday, at 7 oO a. m., end " 1" *n<! 8 00 p m. fo* .jay btatiohssofth of annapolis i jl'notion. p tu*t# *' ':uadd7:w a. and at 9:0nead4:9l i ^ _ fob annapolis. Leave at 7 45 a. in., ?ud <? p. m. No trains to or from Annapolis on Sunday on mjndly fob balt1mobe. Leave at 7:4* a. m, and 1:?M an . 8 00 p. m. . fob way btationb. Leeva at'7:45 a. v., and i:0u end 4 im p. v. foe all pabt8 of the wecst. . d*hy. except Banday, at 7*6 a. to., and 'v f m. on Bnnday at 8 00 p.m. only, connecting at Belay Station with train, from Baltimore to Wheellag, Parkersburg. Ac. through tiokbts to the Weet cm be had at the a eshlogtoa Station Ticket OOce at all honra in the day, as well as at the new office of the Bankers and Brokers' Telegraph Line, 34 5 Pena. avenue, between 6th and 7th streets For New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, aee advertisement of "Through Line." j. l. wilson, ltMter of Trensportation. l. it. colb. General Ticket Agent. oc90tf geo. 8. koontz, Agent Wasnlnttoa. Hudson biveb and hablhh rail* boadb ? On and alter monday, Nov. it, i 1^66, trains for Albeny and Trey, connecting with Nerthera and Weetern trains, will leave New fort as follows : 8 a. m. Express trala vie Hudson Biver Bailroad, 9Hth st and 10th ev., threugh to BuTalo end bn?pensl*a Bridge without change of cers and connecting et Troy with traits lor Saratoga, Rutland. Bnrlington and Montreal. 10a.m. Express and mall train via Hndaoa Biver Bailroad, connecting at Albany with Western trains, and at Tray with trains for North? 11 a m Express trala via Harlem Railroad, *6th ?t and 4tb av., coneecting at Chatham with Weetern Railroad for Lebanon Springx, Pltt-rieid, Ac., at Albeny wiih Western trains, and at Troy with trains tor Saratoga. Rntlaad,Bnrlington and Montreal. 3 45 p m Express train Tie Hudson River Ratlroad conaecting at Albany with Western trains, and at Troy with trains for monctm*. with sleep- j ing car attached. 4 lft p m. Rxareea train via Harlem Railroad, ron>e< ling at Chatham with Western Uailroad for Lebanon Springs. i'ittsfleld, Ac.: at Albany witb 1 Weotein trains, and at Troy with trains for Rutland. Burlington and Montreal. Sleeping cars at- 1 ta< h< d st Albany ti :*? p m expreas train via Hudson Biver b kil- , road, ? itb 'leaping cars Mtached, and thron ;.i u> Bntlalo and sustention bridge without ehau<^ f cars. Also, sleeping car every day excepting Saturday s attached from new York through to ' (?gdens? urg withont chance, v!a Borne. w. and o Railroad. Connection for Troy will he ruei'. at East Albany This train will ran on Sunday* i 11 p m Train via Hudaoa River Railroad, aith aleepinx car attasbed. connecting at Albany with , early traln? f?r Buffalo and Suspension Bridge, and at Trey with tralna for Saratoga and points Hertk. a Sunday train will be rua ria Hadsoa river i Bailroad fiom New York to Ponghkeepsie and intermediate stations. leaving New YorketS.9ja i m. Returning, leave Ponghkeepsie at 9.45 p. ' arriving in New York at 6 is p m j Also, e Snnday train via Harl-m Railroad, leaving 4ld street at 9a. m., and arriving at Millertea ' at swp m. Beturnlnc. leave Mllltrtoa at5n m.. arriving la New York at 12.s0 a.m. wm. h. vajmrbilt. _jalt Ytoe President. g e cut pis MA 111. aharitaii'i sivvi mamam.itaw a Qirrt the most chbta1h rrmrdy ever csrd "Yea, a Pomtits ortt," far eoNoamuatA, qlmmt, mtmjotlmbs, m#. Contaiaa no Mineral, ao Balaam, bo Mercury. Only Ttn P*U$ to 6? Tkk*m <e Aftot m owe. They are eaOreiy vagetaole. haviug ao hmu mm amy nnpleaeant taate, aad wil, aot in any way larare the stomach or bowels ol the meet delicate Cures In from two to tear aaya, and recent cases la "twenty fonrhoare.' Prepared by awrednata of the Cniversity ?f p?^?jr?nia. nooflhe mod irt toy t?? samabitah 8 gift. cury. ? Sent by mall in a plain envelope. Ytloe?Male peck ages, t9. f swale, #9. BLOODt MLOODH BLOOD!tt borofdla. ULCBRtt, sobb8, spots, d^ 8 k a 8k 8 ,8aycph 1 ^18 gAliARlTAirS ROOT AND UKtW JUICE la offered the publlpaa a soattlve oara. MSa-j most potent, eertain and edectnal remedy ever pre- > scribed, It reaches and eradicatee every particle ot the venereal poison, ao that the cur*la thorouwb 1 and permanent. Take, then.of this purifying remedy and be bee Jed. anddo not transmit tt to yowr posterity that for whlok y3a may repent ta after m*n do hot despair i " fkmalbbi females ii In m?ny iflMUotl Wit a Wlicn qq ai^era of V*. ^^?umroiit and herr ikohb j& happily adapts?, la 0leerated Uterus, in Lencorrbcea. In bsmriBg down. Falliag pf the Womb, debility, and tor all oomplaiato incident to the eex wmi sy axpreaa. Priee #lm per bottle. samaritan "b wash Full directions. Price 9b oeata. The efficacy of tbeee remedies la Mike acknewi"*"n8?P{SMI',,?u 'Ton MoertTAX, Foat luiiilul, Baltimore, m4.,Teb."i hare greet eeusfeotiew in , stating that 1 have aaed' The Bamaritea Bemedles' for Vsneral dtseaaea ia Its aaoet onatomery forma; ; that i have heed them with jwdameat, diacretiea, and properly, and, have found them raapoad to af anOotpenona promptly aad effectually. Knowing torn eompoelfioarihaTa the fkllaet confidence li their eaeacr.^aad aelar ae toy meeftkea exUada. illllmlli "l'jjlijd c# bowrrb, " tollttb tiara sen, >th h. y. yolg. ' gteinway's plahos. We have just received e new assortment of h pianofortes from the factory, cowslating of Graad, Square, aad OprightlialHK Cahlaet Plaaoa. '"hi For the last t? roan Stela way's Plaaoa heve, on all ecceeton;, received the Bret preatinm ever ell aewYork,Boeton,Phlledelphla.aad Baltimore makers, wheaever and wherever they have come ia cowipetition Aithe World'a Fatr ta Upadoa. i Bteiaway a Soas received the ladorsemant >ef " VsUBMSKlIffiS? ! ts9? tf Ha. si** Pea a a vane. Role Ageato. h|ackerbl ahd oodf1sh. \ ?.? ?..?^?i!ssra"s,si^. STEAMBOAT LINKS. WTEAMBB WILftOk pMALL * 0 FOR TMK K 4STKRIf KHOKK. OArP IC?BVV. WlbM SMALL, -11 rj_* T LBO*Akl>. tofli rwi * SL? od? of i|? itoiickNt,^/^W A M*iwn Nhkf U Ohm wtk? IIM, Will r*<mn? b^ rJZ??jl2H?VA ^Marchli Bo 'TO Light itriwt wharf, WjT&ra .V"D"' fyj'/ffyy.!, fi KvfiBWiw^S^tasi^fo/SP fi?2L&!W.?rc/M& t'm** r Mi1 ! "*?rt4e* a 4 and Friday. toucti^J,'?^|7 * tonic' dtate I?*4Imi. reachtog Baltimore alia or. the follow! ag Bonnkm ",n ? B. ?, ??>byktf" * Ur,# ,MllKr#f ro?*a. immmm^sar^S^ *** * TO TBAYBLLBBSBOIMO BOOTH TWIC1 DAILY, (Baaday P- B. nwiN.l ?TW (ikkMt ud mm 4lrMl roato to iMmoM. a .and the Soath. via Mm PotoMi ti*m fro? Btxth Strwt ? barf Waablngtoa. to Aaala CtnI Blcomond, fraMoubirt and PoUnim Railr .?l. aaw entirely computed from Aqa1a Oreek to R1cpBond,V a. ooDBorti rig there wltkmlMMtb* Rlr h5f?P* aad Petersbnr* aad KloMoid and HaaviUe Railroadstot Petersbor*. w?Mm.Wilmington, JWelgh Onaaaaboro1. *altebary. 6barIe toe ami Cbeetor, 8. O Btoaajera Hey port Ud C Taaderhtlt Imt* Tta Btreet Wharf daily 1 Hobday #v?alnff bbt??|?1) U and * Up m. ?nd arrive la Richmond at 1 ?? and S Ma a. THROCOB TO BIQHMOHP IB SITU HOURS, Fifty ill lee Shorter ani Dt Hoar* giMkw iu tHber Row to. Ba pare aad get TUrongh Tlckata via Aania Crack Bad Fredericks) uri, to Mtabmond. at tha Ooaapaay ' OSice. corner at Penaa awaat and 1th tract, or on board of tbe boata. Bacgaga oheoked throogh. OmuibaMM aad Bum* rwt??i ?ill b? t? raadtneeeto convey r?twnpr? and bag far a betww* d*foti 11. Richmond. PaiMMm by thia line mm by daylight Kernel Vernon. aad u? hitr* aa opportunity of fliltlni aevarai battle fkeUa aaat F.edoricAaborg by eto?ping at that point Breakfast aad ana oa board of ?toa?erg. OBO. M4TT1KOLT . Was hi u*toa. B c. 0. B. MATT1N0LY, Ticket 4?ent, WHablngtci.. ' C M. II AN BT, apS-ly Beaaral Piwiar Agent POTOMAi! TBAN8PPBTATIOB LIBB NOTICE TO sHIPFBKB. The Btaarn-i EXFREBd^Oap*. A. BTTBBB, laavee Washington at * a n* exandrla at 7 am EYEBT PAT IT a t UKUAT forOI)B?ont Bold ferry hmithto Point, Ubettert. n Landing. N in. - uay Hioraa, Mathtaa Point, Cnaiel Point Plowd* . Vharf. Laocattcr'a Wh?rf. St mi Wtxarf. <) r rloaien Bay, PoKWell'a Wla?rf, Har.ei.'* W :*r', riney Point, Point Lockout, and arrlrat at BaX. mora at Ilb.ob Baoda> . _ J. B. BKT AM A BBO , Af*ali, _ ay 7-tf wo. 3d* Pftiia. a?nata PKurOiSALS. pBOPO?ALS>Oll fK)?Tp~ Q*ci Derot Cbmmi -aryf > o._.o . It. CMarch 4,1*7.{ B?al?d Propoaaia, in dup.icato. of tb? turai tnrn,l,b*^?HJr "?* liuUersigiicd, ill U> oik.iI hA'll RPAY, llif lotL ia*t.*iit, at lz iu., for ana I Irli g thr Bubf i?t?nc D-r>*rtni?-nt aritn SlGhTklll THOOAN D i I?,?imi POl BUS OF ?OOB B4RB BOAP, to bj nad? by hotline trum only goad notorial*. frca from nay. aolabU giaaa, or othar adulteratiouitto u4v? lin urif. ie??aut dnlor. to citilaiQ Dot n.ore tu*n treaty five per oeut. of wator, tad to br welt drfad Uafore packing. ToUdcfitarrd aafulbiwi: On* third (S) on or before tba 1st of April, one third ? S i on or I*fartr the 1Mb of April, and tha remain i?r oa or t*foic tfc<-.?nh?l April, 1m67 Biniflea moat be farniabad with tha propoaala, to vLicD a (opy of thia idrarti^nrut ixaai be at tacbed. Boxea to l>e well strapped wltb hickory atrapa: th* aatne of the oontracior. date ! trao-f?r. m well aa the raatenta ?lth groa*. tare, an I a*-t wriebt. Bant be plainly naark^d on erery pa k age. I he coup will be ?re(ally Inep^ot-d halora It la received aad cBBparad aritii tha retained Hinplta. >erific?tlon ?f weight of package will be rf?-tetB?ln*d aa dealrel by th? andaraiguad, wha a til ?lao aetti, all gneatiuna with regard to quality aad oonrftlofi Payment to b<< made a* *<->on a* the article ia recol aad aa aatia'actorv but trratt Ive perc?ut. will be ree>raed lr<.in each payment antil tbe compleilon of tba ooultact. Bo allowance for packag<-a. It will be ia<<eiTed at the Bubaiatance Storehonaee la the Mouaaient Lot. aad ?t'i atrm>t Wharf; or at the Baltimora and Obto Rii ro.l Depot Q. BELL. ?h4 fit Major audll.e.. I'.B 1. pBOPOBALB FOB MBATT (free Depot Ctrnimttfim ?f 9*btiMMu?, I _ Wai,ktn*n.n. D C. March 4 ir t Staled Propoxate, of tiie form farniah*<i hy tha ni>d?-raigi!ed , will be receire-t, ia daplicate. arittl THLKSl> A X, the 19th of March, at 12 m . Jor tif he FRESH BKBK and Ml TT'?B reoafrVi f ' the nae of the troop* and all tbe CORN BD BIKP Jot aide or i?ane at tbe f< pia^r? (|j Waehltigton. U. C Alegan>1riB. V* , Port M aah 'va^11' , Kait Fcoie, A1 , and Fort V> hippie, Propnaata will alao be received for all the F ^\ j;** f repaired for aale* t^ >flrer? fcprhed fr .-n the Watfcinarton Depot Thia H??f ?t | t>? >ttii? i)ne? t anality ef aelcct f?rta t?.i?b frf?ni the hjnf quarteia and the i tba of tn^ fore inartora. All the Meat ail> i>e *ai>j*ci to n?nd ineae.'tb o: to be of excellent UArkatable ?aality %?<i in uexr. condition, Tbe- Fn ? a , r.?ju?r. d for tbe trot,pa of e ua! pr^purtl na o' f <? 1.nd hind goal tore, teckt. aLanka. ant hidacr tall, w not recaiTei lp ail c*ata, if tbe Mett ia nt aatl a factory, pn'chaaeain ihe open market will be made at lua expeuse of tue coptractor The contractor will ba re -.alred to deliver tha Meal a* tte Btore bouae at the pfac^a Bin, where La will dlatribme It in 'Bob .uantitie-' and at oach times, a-, otiioar of tbe 8 Jb-l?ten.e r> partmant may diiact. Baparat. propoaale will be receivad t >r 'applying either of the al-ov< nnmtd place* Plddera n.nat be preaent at the opening of t .e bida ParoKnt to ba made at thia office monthly. f >r al 1 Meat purchaa.-d, or wLen In fnnda for the p rpoae All jceati ca respecting jaallty an4 con litioa will beaettioa by the officer of the Subsiatouce Department recaiving the Meat. The contract will ba made for six aaoatU* from tha lat day of April, IS67. or -nch period a-th? Commissary General ma> determine. Bida maat ba ead<>r?ad " Pr .poeala Car ? , at??," aad addreaaad to the undaraigned O. BELL. mht-tt Majar aad O. B..C B A. pBOPOBALS FOB f*fl BBBF. BrBsiaTUK-a OTPMB, V. 8. A., \ Corner Grant and Baidaratoa straata, ' In Bear of 10A Waat Lombard * tract, ; Balilaore. Md.. March 1,1M7. Sealed prcpoaala. ia duplicate, will We recci e * at thia offio* antil U na. on BATOBDaT. March 8. I !Ha7. for faraiahiBR and delivering free of coat, t? the Campa, Barracka. U?pitoi? aad tflhcer* in, arauad. aad in tbe vicinity of Baltimore. M l , (tDc'oditg tba garrisoned forM ex*ept T irt MaHenry fall the FBB8H BBBF ra>4Birad br them for aix moBtha. commeaciBC April I. 1*7, or men leas time aa tke OoB>a>iaaary G neral of 8nbelat enoe may direct. Tha Beef to be of good and marketable quality, la eaoal aroportioa of fore aad bind quarter meat, iBerka. sbacka aad kidney tallow to est-laded Tlie nocka of the cattle alangbtored unier thia agreement akall be cut *tT at tva fourth varte'.ral >olnt. aad the Wraast trimmed down. The abank* of fore ijnartera aball ta tot off from thra> t > four iache< above tb? knea loint. aad of hind quar tara from siR to eight inchec above the gambrel or hock joint. Bidden are reqnaated to baarcaent to re^p .n < to their blda.aad t e prepared to Rive bond* or tbe fiilfllltneBt of tbair wwitract Propoeala meat be enderead distinctly " Propoaaia for Vreah Beef," and widreaaed to the under signed, who reearvee the right to reject aay or all bida not to iheiutarast of tba Unitod State. Condition*, reuairemente. payments, Ac , Ac., aa heretofore THOMAS WIlSOM. Brt. Liaat. Ool. aadG 6 V S. A.. a?b 4At Bvt^Brig Pan Vaia. ' pBOi'OBALB FOR FRESH^l!BEAD^ BrBaisTgarx Orrtca. USA, ) CoRNE* OkaM AMD Bt.l?l>T('!t St* . Kkar or Bo. 104 p est Lombaki. arakkt, , Baltimobk. Md., March 1, Utuf. ^ea'ed Propoeala.ln duplicate, will Be racetved at this office until It m., fa SATURDAY, March v, 1ST, for f?rD >hiDg FRBSfl BBBAD to tbe troopa la, aad around, and in tha vldalty of Baltimore, Md., lociBdlag the various aurroBBdmc torts, < egrapt Fort McHearp, Marylaad I Tbe bread to be deli veroJ at M arahoaaa coraer of Grant and Dalderaton str. eta. Ba! lira are M 1 , or a< such other paint in tha city of B*lUuurc at may lie designated, In a?ch gaantitiea aadaiancn timei. aa an ofliear of tha SabBiatoaca Departaisut may direct. The Bread will beanbje< t to a rigid inspection, aad If aot eatiefactory, porchaaaa will ha aiade iu open narket at tbe egaeaae * tbe contractnr All qaeattoas raaaecting .laalitv aad aoidition will he aettlad bp the ottiaer af tha fabsiMei.ce Department receiving the Bread. Tba Bread repaired to be faraJahed anJer thia contract B>nat be good, wholaaoiue Breal made In sheet! of loaveB, aach loaf to weigh not laa* thau igM. eB oaaoae wb*n rac?4ved B'adera will state Bow many leaves of Bread of aightaaa ouncee each tto<y pr paaa giving tor ?ne barrel ftoar of 1M paaade.?paokacee not taoladed.) tlie ttiarka oa tha barrels ae purehaaad by 'be Cnitofl 8 atoa to bold,<whaa the barrels areandistarbed ? Thia ocbtract will be inadeforalx month* freu April t, 18 T, or each leca time aa the C>*aamiseary O' Bera may aire. t Biauk piopoaais aa he ahtalaed at thia afl" . Bida tnaaf be ia<l..ra<d i'rop.?als for Ereea Bread/' and adlreasej t, the nndeisUacd. vbe reset res the right to meet any er all bids deemed aareaaoBBbie Blddataatnat b" pr. aeat to eaepood to their bida aad be prepared to art ve b a ia oe ths faiiBfai pcrforaaacc ?.f their oatract THOMAS 4TIL8<?f. B>ev?t Llaat.ol. and O 8.. C 8 A, mh 4 M Brevet Brig Oca Tola pBOPOBALS FOB CABTAQB. Prspssah will ha r?<oe4ved aattl 4 p- m aa Ma Mh of March, 1<?7, at tha OStoe <4 tha WaahiM \ toa Oaa Light Company .Mo. 4 T ? Tenth eti*at, I far Oattoaa, from A erll 1. Ii*7, to Api il 1. I'M The right to reject aay aad alt bida that may be ! affered la rassrvd. A ?ch Bala af what la retired ma* hai eaea aa CHA. B. B^L?Tr. ^