Newspaper of Evening Star, March 9, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 9, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. AVr?EMKXT3. kc., TO NI0HT. Nauo&ai. Imkatkb -"The hast M??.' ' Fo-ca h?u NKA PetlwtioB." IS aw Ot*ra HorM.-" William I'll aud 1 In- 5Utr A.l'Ut ? A OPi> Fellows' Hail.- The gr? at Mi tmir n Tahlrbax oi PandlM> I<ost. HUE. I>e?lrn? lion ul ihr* rntml Hit'l tailing J 01 a \\ all-? rarml l.uc Kfi*?ffj ! Ihr I), ad B?Jif<-Alirni^>tr?f? aid imirfmu- L?Mf?-P?rlif? irrfilrJ n su?pi< ia>N oi Ar??ii. l?asr ntaht. ahou* 7 .?> o'clock. tire was discovered in rat- au. tioo *u> ol th L illy T?n?* . cn the first floor of ihe Central Hotel buiiamz, corner of ^th street and IVnil ?> I van ia arruur. 1 pou forcing open the door ID* Ukitik iNUfd v itb the force "I a blast furnace ami pr-v ?ni >d lietaniik au> cuUMUtrabie quantity of tU-' . onttnt?of the stcre Au offic-r tried to jiti* an alarm tiom h x :?t ar the corner of !>, s ve. t -an 1*? rn? vlvtuna a vei ue, aud at>uu' inet ime r e^. meiw trn- ? b >s Jl. Tht?i?iial*(ui?ii( gntn-r i wi.iu??. at tn" Central o'M.e. nun he re ull \A as III** the alarm was i.ot , v ii nil - i v !#. u. i. ti the ii^iiul from box iv ??.?! nr In m?a.ittnte "ie fire gained :.i|uii;y -i 1 ibe ii; wji u j:i tv : f Mr ,lo? \ mi Xar.l n. il??? ofh e . t Hi* 'id rv uttwi. Jl .ii Jj:i?^ on ib?* first B.or, !idtuiaii:|t ilir ?'cre ul he Lull? Bro^ , *ud :t |<? .on ot 'Ii- second il oor. occupied byMr. Fiulr)'. ( Wvi-oni't. with the room* tou?(1 VMi the re i*aura?i?. witi1 iu ihiD*-. Tbe tirriwen w?re soou ??n tV frouad and a: ?or'? bill all >hi>T ((>jld do wa? to save ilie adjoining property froni destruction In les? rb.'tn twenty minutes th?' interior ot til*' buildid jr. from the basement to ?h" fourth story, was dt - troyed. Before the fir-- hal cot above thesccond -ior\. Mijor Kicbaid-. Superintend' ut of I'oliff, wns remiuii-d that th.- wall* v^ere a mere sbell, anil would probably full ,i< poon as tliffirdru were burned, and he promntiy directed fbe police o pres? the crowd oack and stietch tbe lines iu the middle of tbe i \ e l u e and across the sou'h side of titb street. Jt was done, ami fortunately iu lime to save the lives ol person-* on tbe sidewalk, for at -. &) o'clock the avenue Iron* and a part of the ?;th elieet w^ll fell, and a tew minute? alter another portion ot the a street wall fell, leaving iti^ rear wall and a part of the side wall standing So lar no injury wa> done to petsons. but a few minutes alter ibe balance of ibe wall fell, and ibe rear wall ttllinr Hpon a portion of the baclt huiMUig ot tb? prop?rir ao;oiniiiir, occupied by Mr P Kmncb, it vtw reported ibat a man who t j< on the porch ot tois banding was bnried benea'h the rums. A te vi minutes more and It was r?*ported 'bat in The diniiiK-rooiii, or parlor of Mr. tmrich s bouse, Mr. Luincb. bis daugdter, a >oung lady, aged about IT years, John kyricb. ibe baikreper. Mr. herdiuand Mullinifhau-. Ar?-nt of the lierinama Insurance Company. It. i ?stermayer. baker, on F street, betvreeu litb and |:?tb. a colored man employed in the house. C apt. HrowruiiK, Mr. J. Tarpin. and hers not recollected, were trying to save from ii.iury a valuable piano, and that the tallm? wail ot tte burnt bu'liiingcru-hedthis s-ntiler buildu < , and caught -everal. Capt. hroarninf and Mr. Tnrpiri escaped injoied, but tn>* aead boiiies ot Messrs Mailinghaus aud Lynch were taken on: of theiuins. Mr Muliingbaus is widely known here as an en-rretic b?i-tne?s man. and will be remembered, for his patriotic activity and usetulnes* a\ ice Pifsident of tbe li^rm iu Ilelief Aisociatioa the war. Mr. O^brmaver was *lieu out terribly bruised acd a leg crushed: bis injuries may prove fatal, and it wa? as. -erted by surgeon* tha* ?hc cru-h d limb w onld have *o be ampntated Tlie engines were K> p- a' work during a tauter portion of th^ night cooling off o?? brkks. and every effort was made u> recover tfce bcdier. of Mr Lmncb, and tk?* servant. Had it not be^n tbat the doors were bursted open wh?n th- fire was discovered tu* building conld undi '.ib'edlv ha\<' be^u saved. The hre must ha\e heeu in the auc'ion s'or>? lei some time belore it was dis^rejed, and before any alarm was sonnded s^itueoue kicked down the door thn? giving a draught to th* tlame*- Hy ibe time tbe engines r-acbe'l 'ae scene the tire bad communicated to the front room on the Jd floor, 'he stairway, aud iu a very short time, thereafter, the building wa- enveloped in llames. I he building was o *u-*d bv Mr. Hngb ?}elsuw.of Baltimore, and wt* occupied by Mr. Jo>?-pb Van Narden, who kept a restaurant in be basement, and had l\teiy tltted up the upper portion for hotel purposes. A portion of he first floor wa.? occupied b* the Lully Hrotb?>r? as an aocuou store. a?d by the Richmond, h rederioksburg A Potoaj t" Railroad Company aj. an office. Mr K. H. Finlev had aooni worth of cigars stored in tne bnildmg. It has been ascertained this morning tbat Lmrich was unhurt, and the col jr^d man escaped bv jumping ou: a window. Dtp:. Rrownmg is a merchant uext door west of Kmricb't, and through las- night he felt no luconvenjence from 'he effects of tbe debris tallu.g upon him. He is 'his morning couhued to his bed, bfin.' somewhat injured. I.Hh< n rs have been engaged to-day in r". moving th? brickv from the place where th# oodies wt-r* suppo.-ed to l?e, and at - 15 o'clock -ecoved the body of Charles Lully from uud.*r 'he debris in the west of Linrich's dining j-aloou. His right cheek appe.a-ed to have neen bruised or broK -u, and bis face was suffuse?? with blood He had apparently died freni --uffccBtion. Tb?- body was removed to the fourth Ward station, and placed in the ledger s room. Ills brothers, Authouy and John were confined in au adjoiuing cell, having been arrested last night by officers Ci-ni ut? aud Thompson, on order of Major Richards, on suspicion of setting fire to their stcr*. ard 'bus can-ing this di astran* confla. gratlcu. Tbey w-re takeu to beadqu irters and released upon their own retogui/. iu je for a heaiiug bv justice Walter. Th<? fact tint they were so discharged -ho .vs that there ar ts no ?v.denceto implicate th-m. I pou beiug informed ibat tlieir brother was lying dea I in ' he station bou-e. thfV wen* ther^ to see hi n, and w ere met by tbeir father and a younger brother. The scene was a distressing one, aud the ot the father was particularly ?o. At.o> t- si o'clock ihe body ot Mr Em rich wa-s recovered from the ea,t side of the room, wher* ?be Moor bad give-i war, and It w is found that tbe unfortunate man had been precipitated into a pit. aud tbat bri ks vv^re li-aped arouud and over him. He d.d nj* appear iu have b^eu killed instantly, ** ttie bands were clutched io*etlier. as if to draw himself up from the burning mass. The body was badly crushed, but tne fa, e ws: nut di?. figured, and wa? easily id?nt fl-d it v. u also taken to the Fourh W ?rd S'atlon. S ?rar .'our bodies have recoversd. and it mar be 'bat rbey are ail mat were k-lied. Tfiis m'jruiiig Major Richards telegraphed to Coroner " *odw ard to hold an imjue-t. The Central Hotel hn'tding was the property of Hugh <lelston. of Baltimore. Md!, and it is ?aid IS insured for 81-Z,00tMU full value. The loss by tbe restaurant and lodging rooms was about or SOU): no insurance. Mr. Kinley l. ses about *,,(?). Tbe loss to the Old Southern Line Agency is comparatively nothing, there being nothing there except railroal tickets. which were destroyed. The Lully Brothers \?rre insured fo' |:i,w*i, we are lnfotm?d which they say will not cover their lo-s. ami tbe policy was destroyed in the tire. Two young men. Jacob J. Larner and <?eo M^ Itaniel were arrested on suspicion of ar?ou by Infectives Kelly and Biglev, and are held at headquarters for a bearing. Mr Kyrich was touud to o? considerably rnashed. and is supposed to have been suflocated Mr O termayer was taken to Captain McCarthy's restaura- ., opposite the Metropolitan, Where J?i> May, 1?. iter, and otb.-r* did all in their power tor him, and he was subsequently ta*en to bi* bum* He is b-tier this afternoon, bnt Wr. May. tbe attending physician, expresses the opinion ?at be is Ve' in great danger Should ae incprovTdunng ibe an'* i?K Wl11 ^ '"putated to-morrow Sir. Chauncey. forein ui of Hook and Lad.tec uas overcome with tte -moke while endeav. onr* to get some of the persons ont, and w is bronght oat seni le., he was taken to the American House, wh?ie he subsequently recovered. Insurance agents estimate the eatire loss, from a view of the premises at about *jiuwo.* THK t>|jflsT. This afternoon Justice Walter, acting coroner. beld an luqu'ston the remains of M*s*rs Kmricb. Ibrig and Lully, at tbe Fourth Ward station. The following were sworn as juror? Wm Fettibcne. Ctas. K. ?ireen, Tbos. Creaser, Jos. A. Uill, J as. M?:Keana. Johu K. flumes, Irish I? Hilton, John J. Slater, Omer 4 Moore, Cbaa. Lemon, Jas. Croggou. Anbnr Shepherd .? Mr. Thos t'reaaer being chosen tort-Bto. * 1 Lr first witness sworu was Captain Hora?io Browning, who testified that about eight o'cl?< k beard that th? place was on fire; went down ; saw smoke coming out tbe cracks of the o<-cr: broke ? open with others : found fierce lire go^g ui* in the bend of Ibe store, about 3o feet in ni 'he 11out, springing up from the i'< or There was uothing to indicate tbat ma'n I had neru plied la tlus portion ot the s'rre. a *r. A Lloyd f-sked }>ermiasiou to aslc in r> rard ic ibe >t-uetnr? ef the building, wmch *?tan-?d; and In reply to him, .Mr I r wner sud "hi' fie fre^ ueLUy heari tbe rt k.. spoken o* t an unsafe structure. >< .'!. .if aretii' fourteen.. ~w "* '?s ?aw two men tea ve the store - he |> >- rt -low n the avenue, aud ni ti -?e- run ut^s le-iore he heard t be alarm. > !?fi he deer hall o|>eii, and there was a light burpiug iu the store. Witness did rot o*-erte th> m particularly, aid ceald net itntifr 'tun McArdle (worn.- Witney was standing at ihe corner of ftib street, and heard glasses breainD,;, i,int a comrade ran over Tue door \v??- bnr?e<1 rvp. n, h, d wltne?s sh w Are ?#? * ba<J* part ot in*- -,wre, vs bich ran along T1* shelving. There ?tid r.ct appear to be a laige stock cl good* in th- store. Jtin A ran morn ? W|tnri?a cr?wrt ga.iberng aiid wcii* p;i r, and finally the door wapr Ereten open wltnes* breaking it. The fire appeared to be iu tj^e bsnd, and thought thsr h jew bucke t cf water tonpl hue pu! it t W. There ?sc soicetblug Which we?t up I We a Hash. and which he thought w.v* po vder nt.d left. Alter tins flash theflimes spread rapidly. t II'm. '. (swetn.? Witness wat in Etniith & uhrii n innu tkioo in and said i>ic we* n hre next Oum . v. eut out, et w amok * and thousht fronr, the rlames that the tire came * from next do-^r Witness, with Mr Turpin, ven?Mini*d helped to :rer some of the e-n> Is Cut. 1; burned as if ther? bad beeu oil or so nother ioJIamable Injnni on the floor, when i >rot into the store. but it appeared to b coming through tfcd partition. V nu-^ i- almost . erratn 'bat the lite did i.ot origji ate in ih > store. I . fworn.?Wifne-s ir^ro* r.ved the star- mm of h* las? witness ir reference to the fii-t Harm of tire, I be Unmet were then II tl>e sti, | \ ing, and ?rur? fce?p'-d lu iret ?>t|t ?i?.a e. and i n r*tit; ning there ws? so mu ti ti'e tt-f rh j di^ r.<t po into the -tore to ut to* ibingi*. HI'i in'urrt? w>tioss. with Cmw Bro a img. I,'. i,nll\ Mr Emr ill. and Jehu Jbug w?nt jij in get a pi;?* o. when the wail :eli A Hi.e:- nud C.ipt. nar escaped. After itie wall tell the voices of some were beard lor some lime. The tirr eenf i to born Trry rapidli Wltn^s, under the impies?iou that the fire origutitwd outsidt* Hit stoie The in\e^tigatir>n ie still in progress a* we go to press. # ? 'lur FKirt: Kt>o ? i be New York IP raid eavs:?Snmuel (,!uii\ir. lbe light weight i tampion of Am* rich, ami Harney Aaton had a meeitng yesterday u> arrantre j>rt lnninaries fur makmr a matrh for i. tut were ruiable u> agiee upon a place of tl^Utine. Collyer would tight in \ iigiuia. v. here there wis no law against priae fighting, aud r.o oth. r place. Itarney wanted to hgbt nearer bxne vst would go to U inaria on a pinch, iint i?!>t to \ irginia. And so the master ri5t>j f^r 'ne piesent. fia* Fxpio*io\ ? When Mr. UeuryB>gi|s this morning opened his tot>acco store, rn Ji street, between !?tb ai il Inrb. be noticed a sutforating odor as ot gas escaping, but hefpr-1 he could in veetigate tbe cau?e a i ustomtr cau in to purchase a cigar. He received bis wred. bnt v. ben he eiriu k a match to light ji an explosion took place, v. uich shattered the window and. otherwise, bla?> d the premises, aud burnt tbe hair of Mr. Bogus and his cnstomei, besides badly lrighteniug them. Tmi-*rai?( k MKirrt>f? ?Ttiurdav evening, a public temperance meeting was held in (&?hast Washington M. t. Church, uudet tiic auspices of Columbia I>i\isiou. No. 1:1, Sons of Temperance, which was very largely attended. Addresses were delivered bv F. S. Walsh. W. P.: W. P. 1 ?rew, K-q . Wtybiug'.ou. D Hon. Mr. Koss. of Illinois: fteneral Jttley. of Western New York: and John B. Wheeler, of this city ExAMIKATtOK r>w TEA* HER-. ? To - day. Messrs. \\ iUoii, Waljb. aud Woodward, ine examiring committee or the lizard of Public S< hocl Trustee-, are examining Candida e? tor ttie P'.sition teachers ot the schools, tit ttie school bouse, corner of ?th and ! ' s'ree-s. 1 here are present-jt* ctndldates, all of whom I helon^ to this city, and must ot theui are gradI uater ot onr schools. I>ONATlD.N8 TO TIIBpRBK IitHRARV?Ke\ Kimball, superintendent of colored sch'M>l . has received a contribut <?n of forty volumes of valnahle and useful books from (Jeorge W CuttiH. Ksq . ar.d fi!ty volumes from M^-'-r-' Hatpcr A I>ro . of New York, which will b<* placed in the Free Library, at ;he ( uruer of .'>th and 11 street ? HWPI.OWIHT A'-ents.? R s L1W3. an emplot merit Agent of 1b?- Freedtnpn's Bureau at Freedmen's Village. Va . has been rehe\ed an l honorably discharged. Margaret i? Wright has been appointed an employment airent of the h reromen's Bureau in and tor the District ot Columbia. ? liAt rtl The *swi?s Clock, uow on exhibition at Krencb ,V Kit hardson'sStore,:cu Peansylvaniaavenue, will be drawn or rattled for to-night, at Masonic ween the hour* of 7 and - o'clock Oalj those holding Uu?ti will be admitted. # STRASC.ER8 AM. rjCSIl?E>T8 Who take their meals at restaurant-, are nuammous in their praise ot Hammack s cuisine and the admirable manner in wbii-b he caters for his customer His eatable- and drinkables are alike, of the be?t to be had. poi k K ?The police reported yesterday 35 arresi-in the District. Tbe amount of tines was -s-'Cl irti CITY ITEMS. I.sht - I he Stations o: the Cro>?are for -ale at Bronby's Bookstore. :iU F street, near M I atrick s t"hur?'h. Price, ten cents. JrwEr.Rv._-Tip Hoir Wood Setts, plain Bog Wo?d Setts, Jet Tip Cross pins. Jet Tip Cross Irrops, Amerhlst Sleeve Buttons, received this inoriiiiig, at Prigg s i meItoUar Jewelry Store, i>o. 4jz Pennsylvania avenue, near 4^ street. Wk *rk Klijmriit by the Congrecsiooal printer to say that it is at.solutely impossible to give employmeux to any more uersunsat the aovernment Printing Office, and that it is use. less to apply. UCKK sales and smill Profits!!!_liood White shirts *1.10, and ** sn. at Franc's lien's Furnishing Store. 491 Tth stree?, between 1? aud E: also shirts made to order, lm ? ? <?rai s Collars. 'A3 cent* per box: Gildsmith Collars, cents j?er box: Imitation l.inen tdollars, 25 cents per box: and all oiber goods cheap in proportion at Franc e Gents' r uiliisbiup Store. 4fHTthstreet, betweeu and t stieeta. _ lm Jir. Whit?, Chiropodist, 424 Penn. ay., between and 8th streets, continues the succes.-ful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, 4c. Office honrs from J1 a. m. to 5 p. m., and 6 to 6 p. m. Established lS-Sl. For Cbilblaish and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocatien is a specific. Frice *1 per bottle. ror sale at 4^4 Pennsylvania aveune, between 4jn an d t?th streets. ASrsiPin CPaa -l>r. Gilbert's Pile instrument positively cures the worst cases ef plies. Sent hy nail on receipt of tM. Circulars free. ?old by druggUts. Agents wanted everywhere Address J. B Romaine. Manager, ^o. 5.5 Broadway, New York. 3: P*??i*w can be bad m any quantities at the Star office counter nAHKiexi. DkTTtlR?NASH In 0>-orgetnwa, on Thnrsda>. March 7. at ths resiileors tf the omr|?t|D4 Ton ?.*-"1 V 8. Alsxaaler IblAH DBIS 7m" *? .formerly of Mnntgornsry ronntr, M1 , J?. ,r,? Atol \ J*AeH. widow or tbe lata Thomas Ma*b. K?<j , of Alexandria. Va. Mo cards. WILLIUII -ODTTIIiaoM In ths city of Ral' tu^h'xiK25*fh?.VN*!?mb*,r ,s^- ths k. r SluVniS ? i w5b 10,1 l?utheraa Ohnrch, K??SlisS?Tt,A!,T- J0?IPfll::? BCCRAOABP lIBOUHWiT. At Triaitr Ohnrch. Qei igttowD March rth. i?*57. b* *?,/ Fa* hsr Jan.iv n , LEWIS HEtBAOABD. of Cal teVuy.,"" hm"A ^?0"bwaM? OIEU. THOMAS. On ths nth Instant, after a short ill eeeP. BL'BAMMA T TUOM *?, wi'e C. Thomas, tged to years, b mat hi and 1 day. PULI/ZI After a hrief ii||?>?. on ths sta nii'g of the sth lastant, V. OOUONUW. eld?st aon *f V* Dirau* j and lrans X. fuliz/ thsMh > ear of his sgs. The friends and aeuaslntance* are lasted to attsc-l the funeral on Muodaf. ths Kith tent., at 1 e tUck p. in., from tte resf-leace of his parents Bo 1 si Congress street. Georgetown. I New York paper* please copy.) * J)I?-QLIT10H OF COPABTAKBSHIP _The copartnership heretofore existing between CHARLES I'ABMRR and J a MSd T WALK UK, Merchant T>iter?. dotug business at Me 4^4 Her nth street, U this day dl*a<>lyed br mutual c^n nt 0HARLR8 PaRMCB. . , JAMES T WALKEK i7s?WHnT earned ?a by ai f.? J WaLKBH who will he pleased te see bKfriy**'the paUlc la gaaeralVat his place of business, fio seventh street. J AMIS T. WALXIB. _ Msrshaot Pallor. Ho 4*4 Seventh street. - 4i',B '-bted tf. the 1st* firm of PABM *B * w*Lh*u .VM'*' ' aotlned that ths undersirred will collect all 4#Mi due tlti iate drill, who Is al?ne .ntheiiaed te rsi^pl for #4eai -'aMRU T. WALRIB. |^IKD FOOD. TREPARED food F? r MocHnp Birds Hm.lici, Ni<htinir?]ea Rol LiuS bleck Lirds. Nterlla-ys Hky Larks. a< K W BI'RilIIELL. a rider BbMtt B'.use. fe 19 corner lah and F streets. am us km knts. | NATIONAL THCATRK. Pennsylvania avenue, nnr Wlllards' Hotel. THIS Mttirdtrl BTENIBG, MARCUS. Blith aigbt of the en?%?emeiit ?l MB JOHN BBoUO'lAM Who will appear In two ch?rerters. _____ The Mimtar* will commence!* t*i TION, To be f,lte?--?t inl r\1T M\N. I After ? hTch V K"UOH A M '8 8<H>TI\ PUuKA. looneli de with TO OA nON T\S. Wanted immediately fifl? voting 'a*'e? for * I dc? u 1? now in fftp?r?ti >b. Entire ward | icbe fuitil>hed. A del *lrn r. '? 75 rent! anl $ Xo *xfra clsrgf for secnred seats _ _ U'UL'S KEW OPERA iiousk. B. B. PHILLIP*. . Lft>SKE AND MANAGES TD IS Satnrdn EV? NING. March ?, ! Hillli' pr?>enU<l Kmwl'i'i ol?F ?r | VlLLMH TILL,?r|tl.Mr i 0 H \ NO-* ?? * *? I Hfn1 p1 0?1l7fr'?'d l utifln-lliig wl.h ihe Fmm I ot t-TM.K ?l Ul CK T M L"B Monday - TM E D K A I' H ? \ RT TOI^if- I Pene'it of Mr B*NU> W~di.ea-1er-? i r" *s I i ttitm "i the wubkill sist k k8 u* UUM rUfci-OMS* HALL. immense sucjass geeatobiginal miltusian ia tLCAOX. 1 t r olti London. k**l *u<t Halt rocked t<> uin o.-t cai>acuy. ?ni It 111 t'le I O I HI It Ik' 111 t B'OSI OI'EN AOAlN TO NM.flT M *TIN K a MTt'KliAV A K t ? kroo*? Al'Mlt-SH'N (>M? TWENTY FIX a. OBNTS K ct**ii htais .;it< I Ar nii*Mi ti to the Matinee, nil par is of the tl?ll X cents I u.cejitu Nt> HAH PRIUE A I NlUHT. Secure jonrseat- at Silts s Music Store, 3??*? I Penf s> ivanla ?\enne r.i T tf A. M POBLANP. M*t)?ger. I^ANCY l BKtt-Eti AtiU COSTUMES Pot Tableau* iUiJ Private parties. A t ply to 21 Rs FR\NK RE \ fo :i 1u, 417 10th street. HALLS. I'ART1ES, <fcc. ' j II IBP GBAND AND I MAY BALL r* OF itu n I LONE STAR TIM I'EBAM'B Z1! I'LL B, LA AT opp t EL LOWS' HAIL. ON THURSDAY, MAY tii-, ?*fi7. 8?-e f u?ut e eo vertl*eroent. mti B 2t* I L* lbBT MASQUE BADE EIGHTH GBANDBALL M oK TM * Jr FIRfT W? Hi b t"l M, CLUli, #T? I AT ODD riLMIWH li ALL. LA i ON TUESDAY, APttlL ?3, a-67 Be* fu'tite advertisement. nH 21* lust aisd found. IC8T-On the "tli Inst , a Lady BKBASY- I i PIN Th* finder will lie libsrally rewtrded l>y IraviDg It at tbe sture of 9 J heibbrgek.I No HbU tm. mf. or No 4 7 U north 1> ?t. > 31 'SHAKEN UP?On tbe 'th Instent. a brown aad ? w bite spotted COW. The owa?r will please coins tor ward, prove proper.y. pay charges, And I t? .s h>-r aw?y K. FBKL'EHlOh. tub > U* arroas Rant, ro Braoch fcrid -e^_ I4?MT On fatnrdar olcht last either oo the I .a i-o?lli aids ul Ptnn'a avenue lift 3d and ?'> I tiOels.or t*u tbe croaalaK opp'Mlte lbs Ulooe Of 1 l.te.or in tbe vicinity ot tlis latter a la'iieK' J MINK CUB COLLAR A liberal nwar 1 ?111 t.s | paid for i? retarti to No. 44 7 Peunaj Ivanla ave uup. mi 7 Ht* I OST? Atthf National Theater, or h. -wp. n I I i then aii I Wliiard'*, l%?t er<-nla?, a BR A' I LET marked "M a F to R. E , Itirthday Gift, I l->?i " The lind'-r will he III er ?ll? rewarded by leatiuff the >ame at WtilaM'* Uctel. fe 22 tf i'KUi-UNAL." j\1 PATTON. OP COLUMBIA, TENNC^EE, ? " is w .iiU i at Willard's In thl# city I ni-It * A.J WOR4HIM. J* BM o. BuI.LVWaY, OP Meai>MMUtf? I Rental ky k w hied 't Wlllarl'ii Hteii.'tn tbla^t y. m Sit A. J. W0R8HAM. MOT 101?1 ktrtby forewarn all prrnasoutl( I i ' tm<t nif *lfe. ANNA (iEHI' KV.Or In t 1 any uiooev ittie to me hi 1 will nodebttioa traded I y her, she bavins left my l-ed and bn*rd. I uih 4 fef WM GEREUKE. i^EkNCH WHALKKONE i'OR"CIS AT.J1 it>. I Ali*o' n bund, ? lull a^forttueut of h im? mate tonil-. Wbaleboues, Oorset 8t<"?l? and Soardn. I latest aiid all >til?n of Hiop ck r.? C >\ r? a id I T i mm i DVP Will be sold at the iOM VHi rate, :tt I OH A RLE? BAl' SI a Hoop Skirt aod Oertet Man- I ufa. tor>. 4'J L. nlsiana it, nae, bctseen 6th and I 7th streets. nih 1 1m IF >KUUOE DIVER8, BOH OP ALETAN 1 DEB I EN EK8 afied about thirteen >e?'?, ?lio I l'ft W ashinston with his father in 18il.n'd uii . in supposed to bave gone to Virginia will roisnni- I I ul. ate with Prof BOALA l<aVr <?f th" U ti Ma- I riu* Ttaad, WaehiHKton, D. O, lis will hear of | ?oa>etbiDK to hi* advatitaee. IFauquisr papers pi. a^e copy | fe!9taw8t* SOKT KELT-HATB, and all kiada ot Haw, I Cleaned, Colond and Trimmed ui-w,at ^1. I | CUNNINGHAM 8 ChenP Hat store. N i. 34?. , Sev. i th str. et. between 1 aad K. ft II Oulm* ONLY rob L A DI E* TO~RBAD ?B4?gantIt Embroidered NIGHT GOWN and CHEMISE , \OEES, luoi* elaborate than any ever ..tler.4 here, of the n>-w>-st nnd most beautiful designs., receirod dsily, fr-?m onr ^orp? of 1W superior I hands.and for sale at BKDUCKD PRICKS Being I | the largest raannfactarer here of this kind of | lad es vsar, we can ple%-e nil. both la quality I an<i price, aad are ietermtned, at whatever cost, to produce the best w .rk issue the most elsgaat I patterns, axid STAMP CHEAPER, than any o-jncern In this or any ther city. Onr repnt*ti?n as the only Practical Stamper | here insured ladies that no lainrious compositions are used, and shields them from trusting their uork in the bauds of those who buy a few bl >ck? and proclaim tb<mselr<? stampers, stamping, b I cents per width. ai;d give ye t a Collar and CufTs in. WM. PMINCE, 4.19 -jth street, fe S-tf eppo-ite Patent Office. Bridalabu r un e ralt?baths, bo* QUET8,crosses. ABICH'4S3. stabs. Ac., preserved in natural form ; Imported VLOKit.S, hair PLOWERN. and bkail! SG. AfKlinaorted MOSS. Ha IB DRESSES tor Baft*, by Mra. KB1BS. Has removed to No. 4*i9 llUisr , | between G and U. oc i <m* I JOHN D CLAIIK, ATTORNEY AND OOCIfSELLOB AT LAW AMD NOTARY PUBLIO, No. iUi 11th street west. de 14 ly boarding7~ A FEW POABDEBS can bs accommodated ? ith BOABD and LOl>QiN(J, at ?i 50 per week. Tatle Hoatd -J Ml per week. App.y .t* i 1> street, bet. ltth aad Llth eta. m h 9 n * lj'OB BENT?1 wn well famished PABL'IRS, on > the Brst lloor. With or without BOABD Appl> 3'<;< K Ht . I et til :in 1 -tb. fe li I r|'ABLE BOABD at No. 4^4 lUth street.a few 1 doers oorth of the araana. Terms 0U per I onth. 4? lf tf \ I ETB0P0L1TAN PATENT lYl STEAM BAKES K, 347 C street, between IS and Otb stree ts. Furnished with McEsniie's Splendid Beel Oren and tbe most approved machinery, using noae hut tbe best material, carefully selected. The Grarkers manufactured at ibis e>tabli*hment are superior to an> heretofore offered In ttiis market We Invite attentlas especially to following varieties: I MILK MlSOU IT. A very choice article, Irotn select faanlly floar. BOSTON CRACKERS. Prom Welch's familv floor, e-mal to any lu the I 80DACCBa?K1BS, xtra fine, from high gradee estra flour. Also, the lollowing standard varletlee. WATEB CBACKEB8. bCuAR CBaCEBBS. BCTTBK CBACKEB8, CBAUK er DUST. PILOT BBEAD. SINGER SNAPS, NoVELTI K8, We are alae supplying Grocers end FemillAs with Havmaer's well kuowa FAMILY BREAD, fe 121m THO. HAVBMNER. 347 C street. A P. P, CLBABF. TCTION AHD COMMISSION MEBCHAHT Southeast corner or K and Eighth streets, (Oppeeite Northern Liberty Market,; washisgtow, d. 0. REGULAR"8 kLES, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY. FBIDAY, AND SATURDAY. Conaignmects solicited. Liberal advaare nude on c alignments. Particular attention paid to tbe sa'e of Beal Estate, and Household Furniture at private resi- I drac-e. fe 2J oolm 500.00(1 ?'*?*Ly??O0Ti,Nwroi>, FKOM LEXDALL IJHEEN VIXMYAMD. CONCORD, tbe meat valnable" Qrape In the countiy NORTON'S V 1RG ' N I A, CATAWBA, REliECCA, MANA, HaRTFOBD PBOL1FIC, with many other choice kinde. at 9i J., uer i?4 | cuttings, or $10 per 1 WM, warranted all good i wood and true to name Oarefally paoketl aad ehippad to any address on remittance. Bail) orders are solicited. J. PEARSON'S Krult Store, feC-lm 491 bth street. | atest pab1s FASHIONS OP HAIB i La DBEssINd. e. alliot, tUEJTCH HA1H IMESSER, ^4 E street, bete con ISth and Uth ata. Mr. Alllot, from Paris, Hair-Dresser, of the I celebrated Barbel, with whom he arrived In this ! eonntry. baa now been established for tne last ?*?ht years la Washington ami Newport, en- , tag the patronage ef the r?ry.< , aud i of tbe highest aociet) . He ha4 tbe hoaor to aa"V ,h',t aeaeon imported the latest faebione of hair dreeelag, and sh< pomades, and everything that belongs to thedreesfag ef balr al very reae<.aei le prlcea. ia7 ?m* yy?. ENABB ft OOI PIANOS, PR1HCI ft CO <0 t)ROftH8 AjU ME-||flR|

lodbohb, '"in for aale and rent oa east terms a: He. 4?? 11th street, abort Pennsylranla arena# ael eoCm* P. 0. BB10HBBBACH. WANTS. ' ? W'NTir .gmrij LAD1BS. ixirlcni-H ia *?y *f? ?.. *. .,k in i r r 1 Ladle.' and Ge t's Balrlr - r, . u?> i?ndg* atrftit, -tor** o ?r, D 0. m > W AMI KB. A M.M M^V.Nt Mu?t b* a _ IhoreUAU.y r ?Jtrr, a* '' ' M D( Call after . ' r* ?k .? Ho 40 4tli street, u>t.r !>?' it, null set-1* * ?<"-i rook w? SHB t~ar* ' . ' ?0N| R Ki % t1 a' ni.r'r- t tide h?r * ik '/Jl *! r* H F'o t h??m. u a* o'her n*ed ae*'? at 'feet north het ?tt, >ro |ii h n? t \V - N IHi. l..m ihniu-'K ? ? > ? 4 vv Iron o th ?t < 'u-n<s i !???">- " * ?i\ *? f?ki '*'j? tB-'ovment b- calling at '-'^b ??.. tb It (treat, Capitol Hill <* . Jk* To HMT^i frBK?f'*HB'? HOCSB, Willi twelve f ' ?r tiuri, b t ** a < ? kiiu .... i streets. not fnr'h-?r .?v?r tti4'i i Ken* d<r.?t> Fes uf r?f?r-i>r? i wu, Andres* F. s. p., at tbe Star ota. u.h y a? ? * t*t \r *,?H a ? .in'KfkW . . u J?' SI, wlH f?a| t<iAUd lUbl* ?>n '??<(ci Hilt i <>r t mor- t>, a t* s-iiitr* ? i tapitol. ?.a ji, R.,'' o4 ?r ?' a}Htiu? i mi,, location, Ac. It* %yANT?i> to k n am roftOiiAB \ * a h M ol fr..|i, |u 1(1 ItHi . crM D >r> ' I a ><1 !)(? tlic I it| . n j||| huiiii|ji( lit,it . h?r I'll troi tnints A i,\ per*oii li*?t< * such p pertaVa.U a '*-* t nant, |.y prlvir. e a* ST A l.n x CO > 4"*,? rih-t e t hetw en l?a . 1 K Bih f st* VV A1lNT' , A fil-t t !*?-Oil ?K ^TTdtlt-.7<m id i i' in ? (nnllf >* )?! .t7 11 ]. . r f, M w*h < r \\ ''MH-lu h tn a r?at|(>. i \S i c V\ 11 ^ ^ | , r'ooli 4u l 'V i-li M u?* h" r? Ttjii'ndi-d Apply at 4i>i o?t?e?i ;l *110 4'-. .11 H-Tt \\ ANTKT?-Ac m pete .t W M *jl u O ok a- <i Lam dre a Also t*'?OM\N ?? h<tn'^rvh'^h <1 I ?nn.1r< >? Applj *t the he nof the O'liiniiaiKiaBt. >?\) U 1 m \\' ANTKIi- By a ( titlatneM ?n ' wife aaiu?ll " ll'.'T' B.?>r p?r- o? a HOH.4B in a i<ii?t fimilv iu a i? ?<-d nt-i tilibortiDo i; couveni^nt to the r Ottire. ArWlre?> H. UCKHV . P Ortic? mt.'f VV ?>onn<ni?n, (roiore t ? *! f . ' U ATIO* h? waiter with ? rrfv ?t? fantly <>r id a In^rdintr hr>n?e. Ho * ?./<! retereu AJ ox do. "J I Star otn?? toll is 2f \1 A NTID tTThkNT- ^ ?n.xll n<iU4IC con *? tainiBS thont I r-? UK li-nt |.,?r ^Vithm n" "r ?i\ " Hutu of YVil'urtla llntfl. A <;<J r*?? or apt It to Ii KH K1 SLUM AN. L'phoUtere', Wil lard.' H. tei mi 8 if \V ANTKO-H. a respert*t,le Kir| a SU GA" 1 ION h? cook or Ii n'r'-aa or t<? do chtnhemorkor bvunetroik. A>1draas J. Sur Of he*. cu* WANTED to KKNTOK ni'e ** -iluia i?ire<l 1>\Y KLLINO llDtaK, ali^i lr lccattd <(n tatxinii all the uoItr improv n?nt? aiiit tuMei lucw, and handa nneiy fti riiih' 1 or nnfnmf^htd. Any P' raon harin* a h? n<w..t thl< de*crlptirn for rer.t or vat- . M I M please ad<trca4 the -nh?rribor by l<-tier ?f?'ii,ir term t, au4 tliue when roft*eaaiat> can hedeliverrd V - *. .. . . , BCOBMB CABU4I, mh i e?j6t | late] | 3>? Lioni?(ana aren?rv \\ ANHD TU KINT-Aato ....?1, l ly ftirnt?? <-4> with ahuiit eiathior ten r o u<. n't I e in n^.'id n^ighb -r hojd. a bonir t at will aiitt viII Ue taken hv the year, and retit p ii 1 ni^tithly In advance Addreta B >x ?0:< city r ?t L>tor?. mh ii |w* \U AhTBD-A atUnl PaUTNBk with c^h r?y tal of 9 1 -"Wi tn a au<! profitah'e fira* ?Vn<r!Tum,'C,?.',']g la"2 ' "- M AN C FaCTCJKBK city Po^ Offir? m | 4;t? \4 ANTBh-A r??pecta'i!.< white * take care of a youD, child. Aaplrat 17 1 Pa aTenne ' mh t 'PUE MOST KX''I11NG AMD lAlBKK^TlNU l BOOK t?r TH? LA*. <,KN L C. HAKIBH HISTORY Or T UK Kli KILT SKUVICK AOENT8 v%AMTCD In eTery city town connty. and state of the i uloa, to r.nt??n for tft.ii* work, rum hittorv w-?b antuMiu. #-d one >ear **o. Lilt oaum ti the a'teniptg ef the O.rcrnafieut ti aippre?d It tt? publication w.ndi laved. I. w<|| now h? f--ned l,r4V.t* u^Al?rti1c^'l, no4er ttiA "Qrvnhi ?n of lien HAKKK It rontalnM a'fall nni U! expoee of the intricate machination* of tuc ?->cri t ei ot the Ut>lon IT^r atartlt'iE <>Tttorment* ati l thrillius :ulven tiirei,tMah ok eclip?' ? tb- fani an experien * uf hone tie ai d \ Idoc . The marvel >u? n irratir** ?,t Bakpr ?re *'l atierted by th biirhent ofjlrial anthoitty It will cvumli tie only oil. i <l history of tho A^Sna-inaMon c>tri<plr?<y A ta'i l nV'Si ?fJthl* <re?t.aUrtlli? ar,a terr, critn?, 5\ . VS f "N> KPI I'?N, IN TUB II A< NT>: V.f?V.i^AINV T? TH * ?L'ltI4L PL A 0 K ()? BOOTH. ha< u?\er jet been ?l b f .-? th? public. The w tk aNo follv exp ^ g the nera io** ejntttr; by whl.h Preaiden'ial pardons were mid Are ?o readily ehtaine<l at Wr^ihingt^n The of the National Capital are thor' 1^1 I) \?utiliile1. an?l th^r** are boui* itrtu^e rcwlittoui Ci/Lc?ruiLa h ads of riepartoi'trit* uikTulttB ot Ci ijux. s?, (emal i ar-ion brofc^r^ an ! OUtlBrniBlsed rullitar? cliaracteriv. For cirrnlars, caDT^aiinf nonil and ?!| other jn'orniat oa. ad ire.^ ?L.O BAKER PoatOffl.e U"* No. 2^0, Phi la lei phi a.' . Th,f **>fk will be ready for delivery oa the 1st da> of Kay. N B ?None bnt iho.e thoroughly conversant with tbe huBinesa. and w Oh good referenr" as to ch?racter and teapotialhilitv d??m) aa?ly. mhtOa i \Vr ANTBD-A 8ITCATtON m letm.trM. t>y a ! ? lady whonnderataiida sewing tharoaghlv hy i ^ heeler A \& ilaon'a Sewing Machine Oan rut aDd tit ladiea aad rbildrea'a dre?aes. Addrest. Nr three da>(, Box No. 7 , Star o.^ce. f? -17 j WANTED?All in want of MUNEV call atli. , GOLDSTEIN & CO blcenaed Pawn* ; brokera, a4 4;2 itraet, near Ponuailvaa'a ave- j nn#> fe 21-im Agents wanted fob * thb histoky OK THE WAB KETWEEN THE STATES ORlQIN CACSES ABl? BC-' j ^TS. By Bon. Alex. H Stephens, and f??r THE LIFE LETTERS. ABD SPBBOHE-4 OF HON.ALEXANDER U. sTEPU KNS, by Henry Send for Clrcnl .r? and iw onr Iwrnn Addnaa , tJ1 . MATIONAI, PUBLISH I NO co:f fell-lm ?07 Minora re t^Pmladelphia, Pa. W f,?-?"T,\n.iCaat off CLOTH 1NO,old GOLD ani HIL\ ER, or aay other articia <>f Ta!Tif . at the eld Mtablisbed Merchaat Pawn l ioker s Store of R Fl LT??N A 00 ftU'J 8th at 3doors north ef Penna avenne. " Bole Agent for 8INGBR& SB WING MACHINE de 22-1 y WANTFD-1W LADIKS Immediately. t9 . m. Lroider Token, Bands. U rapper Yokoa, Flan- | nel Skirts. Slippera, and Inltiaia. To Kood ban la ' who brinv sauiplaof work, g-od wage? and conataBt employment given. Call at th-? new Sta n p. Ing Bo'.nt. 4 9th street, opn ,.|te Patent Office ST A M PINO rednced to 1*1 VB centa per widtb de IS tf. WANTED- IO.OOO LAD IBS to ktww that at the New Stamping U 439 jth street,oa?<?!?lte Pateut Ofli. e. they cau tind the beat -eh- ted ass -rtnient ol Patterns erer offered here Tor Cloaks, Capes, Aprons. Joseys. Walsta, Y^kos Bands, Wrappera. Slippers Pincushions. a,.d Icl' tials Also.destaiia for Pillow Cases Ottomans Ohair ('overs. Pi?noa. and In abort, every>ai lety of Patterns as they are daily issued. We Utive a Frebek Machine and a Practical Stanuier. ar.d have ledueed the price to F1VB CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stamp 'ny pattern brought na Braids, Silk and Working Cotton vsry Ijw. _4e l'-tf WA NTBD?8ECOB D HAND FfTBB ITD R B Also MIRKORS. CARPETS. BEDS. UEu DING and HOUBKKOKNIsH ING GOODSofe"er? description. B. BUHHLY 40^ /tb street. Jeeg-tf between G and B, east side OP 1 A N 0 S. NB Bacon A Raven PUao, for Bl*. m Cue Andrew Stein, for kdSj One almost new 7 octave l*rge round'" 111 cortjer Hoard man A Gray Piano $276. For sale up?n easr terms, at the warerontn. of , W O MBTZBBOTT A CO Bole Affnta of Stetnway A Son's Pian^a, and Mason A Hamlin s Cabinet Organs. fe It-tf COLUMBIA HOSPITAL BOB WOMBB AND LTIBO IB ASTLDM, Fourteenth atrest.(?lrcl*,)coraar of M ?tr*et Washlagtou, D.O. Tbls lnatltutlon has been establlsbad for tb* re caption of aatlents who may be suffering frotn die eaaes aecallar to tbeir sex. and for the admission of snob tenia lea as may require tks Oomfarta of Ike tying in chamber Tbe building la situated In tbe most healthy mr Hon of tbe District, snrroanded by its own grounds. Oars pasa the door every Ire mlnntes Termc of ado isaion : From $6 to BIO per week Idi accordance with tb* r*om required, payable In advance Thi? Includes Board. Medlcla*s, Med leal and Surgical attendance K D I 0 A L STAFF. ?? .,?E?S8Sa.S?tfV. WBSOLTI^1 PuyeYolTKd*A?l>"stSwj!oNa " ? * ?-' *"?"> JOS. blLKV , M D.s Odorcttpvi THOS. MIl.LBR. M D , Fstreet] Washington JA \ PwH,AkMBTT * D.jBaw York avenn*JOHNSTON. M. t> , Waabington. BAFTON TYLBR. M D., Georgetown r. HOWARD, M. D., F str**t Orders for admission to th* tree beds la tbls Boa *1 tal, (of which there are sft.l can k* obtained of tbe Bargeea tn chief at this office. 1 *4 I street. or of any of the Medical ataff. nad of tbe Bars. Drs Hall Gurley. Gillette, and Coombe. Wives and widows ef soldiers desirtng ad mi sal ?n will apply to the Snrgeon Ovneral, DniUd Statea * Psii*nts llvlog at a dtstaac* wh* desire to oaat to this iaatitutloa fbr treatment eaa saoare privat* roomaby applying by letter to the matron of tbe hospital. A. B. GILLETTE D D, aa n oolya Presld*nt. V0METH1BG BBW I EBCOUBAOB HOME M4B0FACTCRBI E . GOODMAN. PRACTICAL CARPET WKAVKR, Cr.mer?H and Cstre*ta (I?laud.) Makes Carpets to or>ler with dispatch, on Mod* rat* terms, and satisfaction guarantied. Carpets constantly eu hand, and fer sale. ja tl 2>a WM. T. COLLINS, CABINET MAh.BR AND Cn DERTAKBB, Show Caae Manuiactarer. School Furniture\vl and H*uaefnrnI?blD0 Warsroonts Sew iti4 M| Old Fnraltnr* af all d'-ecrtatloaa. boa?h? I B | and sold. Repatring, Ophndsiertng, and Varnish l*H*a 14 the shortest aelie*. Soatheaat corner of 8th and K atreets north. Bo. 13. dtu tn* L^BBBCABY IS, 1M7.-AI1 p*rsona h?ving I le't articles In my shop for rep -Irs, previous to tbe 1st of January, are requested to call and get them, otherwise thsy will be a<.ld at publio auc lion on the 1st *f March to pay the charges thereen. JOHN J. PBAROHY. Qun and Locksailth, lan H Sm Bo. 414 D aireet. FOR SALE AND RENT. PIBBIBT-Two rCBBISHBD BO iSS.Btt. ' n-or M.ta'le t .1 h. ir I ( ft ?i.d 0 t.? r p tnniden, at 3lQlJm itri'i cittt <f -M ' ? ICbuBe'te it* Frbpaupft* stock am heii i. otoc r? Btirt, ODnp Posse-s >?? ( ?t? 1 <<(,?. T *.*.?, I .. ... ' bai e It l lu Quire at Bo 4 04 7th stt?et. be.weeaQ a 4 11 ?t? 4. J? Jl ' |/?*r I INT?i thra? ry BBICK -n ? .?, >??r frhkkiib n . bitw-en l> m**! eve . It ro m<, *lih dirm? ui il*u ,.() tdltn, A|pl> to M 0 r.lJituJL. ?!?? .** |. ?'i. fclNT-A lwo sto>y HBIOK BO< HE ait ' ?ll N?W J?M- > >T?|. I,? tetWeeaK ?l>d L r?-t? ontiininc (our m->m> a?d at >re I h ? ?i1 b* rn(m dnlr?<r turfjitkr ifc.<iu.*u. u I sui t of a hi U vBDS No 76* COIne fre<* Jer?ey BTcDLt end M -t. mh9 3t* ^ V A L li <i*KDk*i FARM FOR BILK 1 t k*?.JC Tl< ( S K, of 5 ro. ml. ?tr.tii > kou hoes* b ih m* 4c.,tiW rawl> v 11 tntl, in b ?rfrf ? ??! t> ?- i? .1 ?%?<? H, Virjji !.t?, 1 iro miles from the rt Bridge. Prii?, li.h'j Lall ca-h Dalai ce iu t?? j-ars Dili j, at li L WILL' A CO I,*OR KPWT? Two n?c unfnrnish-<l <c m i. unlcat'ne i wiih "r ?lti? mt ?%?. No. ? J 'n'tiiHB khcii*. thli4 iliior from m airtri. n rih I lull 4 41* 1,'OR KENT \ ?l?*iwt 11 liw llll^l il M (i?nr ii T-?tn? ?>' ("diiiKi) oi M'rii't A.i ) I I B Hn>?|?;t?tim E> K K r I t ur ro m II - * mm -1 itn * fr H til*- Oa?ifn1 If ,'iTf h' >o Si* . e rorn^ r ?-f h street i or'h and hi e 'rei t ? i?t. K<"i' 6U per oiociit. ratzt* i, OK h I \ I' ? T I'A;- i ii' i, -I I first i oor *111" i? , i'an havre u?e of kttcii ? 0?ie Miliar- front itli *t r t c?ra. No. 1 M ?i <* , i e I . I t. Idi til t. , I? . , |? | ! o ) ]|* F'OB SALI-I'K IVIOTON hTottl. Bn 41 % -t soBth, <-ot tier o* lat -treel rwi with STO K and MXIUI.Eb I'^ssesxion g v< n iii 'n diei ly m 7 at' 1/t B kkst At H i I - in'trro I 4o*.Otpliol 1 bll; <n P< i-l > > Cafi '' I f , il nrp it lArg- well fort ikl.ed I A ULOR and RKl) ROOM , with .r ? ittiout HIMliU suitable t?r gentlemen ae I I? Iv or t?n?*iill*iBi<n m 7-34* OB UENT-FkAIC H?l'~B r ut,in n > x r oii? 44 7 N ?tra t (> 'wwu I tfi * <| (J'h. In-iniie uf*t d<i r Alao. *?-v?r?l K >oiiia. ?ritli turd rooms hi in h<-l No 3Aii K atr?*t batw-n 12th and Ulh, lniaire at faint St t* u?xt dfor. mil j.,4* RBSItai btpT rOB HALE?Tbe BEHrAUB\NT tt Chorion tm i.k1i.ii<-Ij opu ml- ttie i;<t(i:ol. ANo. i aoiiib A ?tf-?t two do r? abov? New Jcr??) avenue. ui-iS 4t* L'OB BALK-fOflv % 5 cnati r^qnlred, the h?lI a nee can he p*>d In m mtnlr at < iluieut* ?f f} 5 in Ii -Ne* Btc ro-iBi HOI'SK. si:a Oe t on the ia?t aid?- of 6th street, lalttid ?et?rv u Hand i Mteeia, ibl tif.t hon->e r(.? ii at Kevaext Ji'O'. 8TAKB A fO .4*?*S7that , Dib ;- t* betw??a d a id c. I^OB PALE-Th. Ll\ EBT I*T*KLB >tB * KICKP a b"ll-?KE, No 4 4h liti. utrect. betweeu C ani l>. lB'iHire on the pri-nUa*. Bib 4'it* a okbkst i.\\o uear u t?h ingtou To t.>.r for two Tear* wltu-at * j rent, tor the consider* ion of pntrinff the iHDd uud*-r CUltlTAtl b. ib lot* of ob>- tO fl 1 tf ?rr?? *itlt bihuj oi; er indarement*. iorlu iia? the frl*il<-,e nf bay in*: the Ian i nr any time f or all particular* iu>tuire of PL. WELL* * CO , mh I 1m Corner I th and T rtroeta. h'Oft RES T?In riant'* Bulldlns. corner of N"w Toils aveaue and l. th afreet, eeveial \er? d< Irable 01 PI' E RmoMS. For terms upily to OE'^UE H J'LANT, ofBce id story, " i'lant Bmlditg." rah t if LM?B BAI.B OR BBBT- ;h?a?. a tonr r^o^al frame HOI i?E near the Circle klto a tio<? riirriase l?Oti for ??!? UO^KHT PC LT??S S, I'awiilw k-r ft'i-i iiih at., near fa av. fal>2w I Is..K M""T \ A Ll \TL,E A N [> 1>E BIBaBLK BClLOINO LOti in tlm iif f,,r aale. It i? situated ?u f be Dot th aide of K aire t. near IStli l,?!?em Senaior Bhenm-i * ani the lleilcnb Mluister'a fr Ltiogon Prai klia Sjoare. raid lot is -.4 feet by I >7, rmiainc; b?c k to a >n i j .t a:lev and Inip>ove<] bt a u atoi r brick ?tn' le te 2j tf B P. BRO > N, tt>> 9th street west. L'OR BALK?(Oniy ca*h reiinfi*!, the l etI ance,ai l.v pai<i in Hio itl.lF ioataimenU of ?21 e??cb i?3 new taostor> IIOl'HB^, mtartt a c<? , fe 2w 4"*''J 7th at., bet Hand ti. F'?B J-ALE - All kill Ol Tnhkue* jkd PLEUUBj, to p adviiacts at <t t*4 <tre*t near Pa. ave. a. UOLD3 TBIN A 0 V'2] lm Ll'-ensed Paw nl>roker? ti'oh PALE OR^REVT phrui h ?l or nnfiir * ni?hed?the rk-11) kn '' e ..f the Au*trlan miniate!. curner n*th and k Applf between i| nod 2 p. m ferflm* if OR SALB?^Three small GAKDEM PaBHS, 4 nenr the cttv. i ne of 5 ' a.rea i ^ proved b" ie? ttorv brii k h? n?t tii'i oat b-iil ii, /?, grapes, straaber ilea pel'hea apples. Ac :Jl iif >en actei beat of carniri a il; ad. tnirtt ti a>xty ^cr*?, .leelrabH lo. atet!f?r B itctieror Milk Farm y. D. arr.CKBBlOliB A 0u . K-tate Mrnkera, _K corner 7th and P at*. C"OB BEST-Th" fcT ?RE UOOH^T.Vr t^ihe ? r-or Ii.'Le-.'!oJer r HilUi Hail. Ap.-ly H A K E R. Mar office fe Is tf N. B*AL' C^TATB A NO KOLSE " AOENi \ , lOII ItlilU iE sTBEET Honses f?r rent at *t t > %1 o per n. jntu.' Dealrnble Houses and Lota for sale. J''.? "I? ORMB A COOPEB. j^ob rent The ( a km . for the last three yara 4 the resldeni eof Major The .phllu* O.tlaes, ?:<<nslstine of lMlncres. lying near Fort M than. I lie from Banning s Bridge. Improvements, dwell ua bouse of It rooms, stone stable, servant s houses barn. Ac Address ' E b 4 i7 E street. W.?? lngton, D. O.,or call la person, betweeu 3 an1 7 a uj_ oe 14 tf L'OK BEMT-Tco large aud one small com mi: nlii ? BtJOMB. unfuriitihed. second floor So 134 Penn. at., bet I9'b aud a4tli sts. no as rt W ABK CHANCE?For Immediate sale, oae i?f 5r?L , t>*st lor*twl mall corner store QROUE BIE8 In the city Stock and Fixture new \aply immediAteiy. by leiter, to A. B. 0..CU? Po^t " ce- no 26 tf f^obbebt-Two Furnfsh?dKOOMM. at no 4b7 131 b street heiween e and f its de 14 tf BOUTS, SH0&3, Ac. mMjf BOOTS AND BllOBS. new Tt o b . fw - ben leave to Inform hts fries li MB?j eKalf. EopeiaUFthal he has opened the CHEA P 8T0BE, No. 7tb street,uader Odil Fellowi' H?ll. *here he has on baud a general as-ort inert of LaHee' and Oentlemeu'i, Boy's Mlises aii4 Chit *rer,'? " BOOTS AND BHOBS. . **?ember the n?mb?r, ^o*4 7tn street, nnler "all The Hew Oueap btoro, formHr 7o^w * 4toro. d?18 WKOBGB B. WILSON. JAMBS GUILD, Mir in Ntwmd Set on d xand Furniture. Old Farujtare Repaired. Reap aolstered and Yarnlahod. lna and B iu.. (near 'iL* c^si ) Hlgheit prlci paid lor Boooaid hand fu rni tor#. Ml If9 MErTcaN GOLDTsTOCKS and"bonds, bought oo comuiisloB at ths New York and ether Stock Beards. Quotations regularly received. LBW1S JOHNSON A OO Bankers. fo7-tf ilf 2 Penna avenns. Q^ro 0 B I B . hall a plant, plant's bcildino, Corner New York avenoe and lttn street t BnUnnce en New Tork avenue,I Dealer! In fine FAMILY GROCERIES, TEAS WINKS, IMPOBTBD LDXUBIBS, Ac., Ac., would respectfully notify their friends tad the pobllc that they have jnit opened their New Or? stry Store, w here can be obtained any article nan ally kept In firat claea Grocery. Without at tempting to enumerate onr larpe.freah and wellselected stock, we cordially invite the pubHc to zanlneour stere and stock believing we ehall not fail to give entire aatiatketton to all who may faver ua with their patronage. We call espeatal attention to our aeeortm?nt of TEAS and COFFEBS, which have been selected with great care for purity. Dealers will find a One assortment to select from, and onr prloee to suit. Goods delivered promptly In any part of the city, jan 9 3m 486 { T 4H,j Tth street.\ arptopaiaTB ro? /7th ALL SBASUNS '"' t. BhAVTlhUL A#U USEFUL COMBiyrrt PAlNTlNUS AN H EN GBA VlBGS A limited but choice selections of Oil P*intl-.?? Engravings. Chronica, Wreaths, BaakeU of Flow ra, Ao , appropriately framed OVAL PlCTLBB FBABES A rich and varied assortment from the beat man ofattnrera in the country ?mbrnclng Walsat lm itatlon Boaewood. all 6llt. Buattf "nd Jkrvtl Frames Passepart^nt*, Oard Frames. Ac PICTCBB ^WALBCT Picture Oerd and TnseoU all?sties aad eolers. Bins Balls. Walnut Brackets. Baaels Ac Pihhadbh -1 r Aooda. embra>*lag the rlcheet designs of Gilt Embroidered Parlor Tat terns In the>lstrl<l, with a well averted srook of the e^eepov grades, with a large variety of Winflow Shades, different slaes and cslori Oidiwe fer Window Miadss and Paperhanglngs punetnally tiled, la city or eon stry. A large portion of the above Goods ware in ids apectally to order, l>ellevlng the basl the chsape,<. and aiming te keep that class of Goods we res pact fti'ly tnvlte the PobMc to inspect and eompare oar Goods w ith any te ths narkst. ftrsn isrsrtally ra-k. 4. M ABE RITEB, No 4*6 7tk street delB tni* Eight doors ahovs Odd Feilowa'BalL fikPBB CBBT. SAVBD by using a B. JEW. du ell's pare unadulterated Premium New York City tiOAP, Pr< niioni F A M ILY 801P, P-emtom FLANNEL M>AP, i And No 1 BBoWN SOAP, For sale cheap for rash Orders thronsh the Poa< Office will be promptly attended to I c. b. JEWELL, finn and Gandle Manafactarer, No. ioo a. d ti2 g il. north, bet. 4th ud tth. ja 11 4u AUCTION SALKS. * ? !?> !?< . . , . j ii#i? ArrmmmM** a AP Y.?- '.? "7 BT 0<*"? * LATIMJIE. A. Kf??t wl yrJlOUR- ***> LOTVI b bTEkEr. k*t?rti ivtb ??d ,||( aM B> >lrt?*or a rta. re? *r the S-iprerr,. fl.w?rt .# tb* Dist lc i ??f I'o iiniU MM <. -. < ,1, Ktl.?t.?of l?krtnr> A O in J.TTVaa .Taia * M*lili.?av. Buitalai IK* Dixlfuliun ?||| wti' at pi.kite anctioa, IvlM ! KM ?t i4ii?r. mim ytfcoaf ?| Mwcli A. it. l<if. aiA?clo<k r m oi tli jr niia.i, p?it? of Lota ? ?r>d 5 f.,u?ir Ho *'4 d**, rih?d aa fwlto?a -B-<1., Jt... oa K trmi ?th*t t tw li >lr-? ( ?.? r-ll kit. a lWi.(? rwt 3 fa t; ibaarw |r,ri|, f?., ? ackaa; ???uc? wr-i aM. an4 l?r? ? ?,nik m SM 14" ?ita t*?t?i? ii4t. 1.111. D ?* .III B|| UoQlK- lb**riHI|| lerina <>f a.le ?iD,. h? . M|ti the rrat4ue I. i. r?^.n r"?? .'J?"1 *y ?r ** ** '<aifl?-*?*t ?r V !'*mr" r?i?b <a ? |J ' It*' l>m? rt? , til '** *iid .'wi t.r t.r Sef.uia*.* rttcfca??r. up..* n?t> data n*i| . Um-ioiia/ "I ^ Mnti At t l?t? ? Ji p? lift* of |ft# I VI rK iininf # * ?Ml W J t\T| rrntf^. f* I-'WW COOrhRA H I1 M I K ,Vl.' B,u l u* *;v u .JO^J eat.a?U Wl|, t an... x*:* !*****"0 ,.N, tu lr? i?? l?- h',rf ' 'a-' 11 Mi?l?<|.i am *ili?r ? tW|M i oiiti, (,i ui>t> d r?. ? t: .4. ***** " K ? K*|* a u A acta > I (. |i (N.E4M k , |. r# bu;b?.| itfiitt K Mh ftr##u """""iiittLSS* ?>???-? *;s? 11 ak?.r v'1"1, lt""'rt?,r.iaB-.i 11,.in ? o Yl*\ k1' ,h* *?*? ' -?; tor aaJ?^ ? ? *i' '* 1 i-r , mr ho -t .?!' *" ' ? -??'* n th ?h , >t < laMr M ? ? ti I, amoont duwu In < .ah H,?' ' It'lcinj,,,,,,., coat J( J';!1, I.TS ' fO I ! >?|. IN lot Cl'fep||*<t ?||h Itkin ? U^lfe?wh rtaltB 'M h" i,'fi I it If m KHUlSlf.Tm.tH. ?n? V.IT.If,IS r b ULK1K An t JJT OEEEM A WILLIAIIS. Aactl^ara Tirt?? of art*** of rruaitt th> anhirnhrr det?i t'b?ti?-i K> ror'i lor tbe ?onu?7 ic wlThlJJtoB 1 Utilct Colu-i t ia . ? tT" ?!^ 11iT>.'tV.T.' fto?ArMa?dl*Mka,CUM Uli. a.JCr-^ry Raka In a? Ctaaatla IraCraati Monl<U. I'aua K,,chen LiauaiU. loo l>i'tr vl la Tw0 0<>iiiit*r?, KbclTimr. ?Wo g|1#w , M In- ?M M.lti Jii.iKf, 4c With *ao> ?th?r aiticiaa wklrh we wa ?m nfrr aari t? eatlt.i rata 1 ?m? cub. CHARLrg D.CHOBoa Trsat*a ab 9 * ?? >? A WIL.,14 HS AoeTt U? ^ ALL. A CO., Anciiauevra. ?? v ??> or FRAME RP] ldiko Oh KOSuji AriKKNOUM.ll h . ? March at J>?.1 ira'niiTT ' 1 .\U ,r?nC ut tb* 9 "ta-a. rUrk fv * "'"""J " ??' ?'ta?t??<l ? '??t . r!k ! *^''t ''WraB ?th a n<i I Ib atrt-au ' ti. ualiir br" <J* ' ** tviU??<1 b<-tora tha .. tiiiii atant lerru- a*n ? L W ALL ^ t ?? . Aaota ti* cuoma urmu.A r. w .k 1 L?te clei ki wltl> J C *tc(>uiro A Oo I ..ntLwftt oaf of P> ari?>Irai.ia ?*?uuf au 1 ilih ?(rcet,Mar ?d?c? BatM>av T?O STOE? ?&AMpBClbt*lXa AT AUOOpTI ESDaV ArTk.'uMOtlM s*Kt. March |#. c." ^fc ? ? in traut af U.. pr | M' rorih, brVH^-T) i4fh Mi l."??h v??|. ?. A . , *i? .iT?"0 ObatantiAl two ator* traaiI VJ: ,r fct' > 4t t. et <le*-p. alia I a?k i"?. fVila l**?'10 t# nmoV,! 1 U l*ra r<rm? <??b At tlni.- if.ale m 8J| COO PIC K A LATTMCR. An-t|J? OKIIN A WILLIAMS, Aactloa^r. coia-r Tea au? i>aire?(-. EM? Ve?r' SK AND LOT OM srtf *???'? "* ^ tb** 1Jth rant, at S a"c| ? ?; ** *wi Kill Ot Ik* irfalra, part Let Mil < IB jQAre bo Itr. harlBA eot4 VwTatorr sth p ,';""; U,utle tOT 117 ' ?' t vtJnM'ltVki^/.?M,LrC.i.Bve ?,n* ^ raraane :,/! 41 ,h# C?** ?fJha furcwrr. -TnS<1 CIHK A WILLI AW. Aart, |Jf OEESM * WILLIAMS, AacOoaaara. 1 *Vf? 8TOEY FRAME BOCSK a sin ?* i? OK H >TkEKT NoBiH fa* *TH ^ ? 'TH ST EE* 1 i V Aa! AT PUBL1< Ali< TIOBt D1"*sl?' ?-Aaf, On I El DAT, th* 1Mb tD?taat, at t oVlo. k ij" aell. ub tha pr?uiiai*a. Lot Mo ? In luWiliiin ol Lota So 1 aw ; .. liT V,m?r. : V tnh1 tk!i T1 ,r"nt- by * daop. to ?. iiaf' SiljL inB>r Teaieat^, coaaUtiai; of a Li ?. * Houea. cou'albhi* four ro~m? aad kitrue^ ?e^^u*3T2S?i. *.W; ~w wweisr* ** "" ' JM' " .Va'i"'"" * .lfcu' >u Manr.- V a,*an? *? cooipl.,aanl, *n<1 'i r 11 coi r. ?"*< rtr"> ftcBUr^a^d tw^otf two. -.j". 0 Inc ob ao-h ?id? of a*l<l Lot t noufl.i jr ,iif ?.^ U.1UI? he* or 1?M. theoc t^wii iwfUVil.-W \,nch- ^ "-? larelf'blS^J.19 ,n b i ?uor' o,l^. to lb. r?bad by thedf ra* Ob^. Tor whl, h tkm L t?l*ac* *? ???,d " ai^tha. tor which ita purchaser will t,? r*urlra4 to-i.* .:? ??"* . l-a^ri n? VomV.t* rncciheil to tha aatiafa? tlon of tb? tro.Uf or Vh. fa.", V rUmi ULe'- 'ie?'raa p.V tbVw^ii oT tka iu*t baaa utox tj cash or ua? bait c*?h itu.i tbe halatir* ob the ratiflraHoa of the aale i>\ court. T ule to b<- rataiuoJ uatll Uil- wooia ?.f the fa.chaae U ^ ,n<1 tba raltS^V/ tb?VuxchA^;"mlB? "J ' tha ait of KCGEKE CAECSI, Trnatae ?H??m rt>Tl..l. Aootl.aarra. UT CWOPBE A LA TIM EE A.ctlii^. I* (LiOaclerk? wtth J a* 0 Mcijairo a Co. ) b^n twaet c* rner of Penuay l>aoia ata an4 lilh atrect. Star Office Balidiai T,*57f ? PEOPR7T?y OM TllMlSLAMD \T AUOflOX , ?* ] il'J'L,1' ^ traat da'.^ tha Mk dar of i.S # l^.iDd TAoordtd lb Libur J h La 199, folio* 96, 7, L and 9, one of th? 1 u *i 'or R Mhin. Vi count) .UC l wii " i rSnr*? lie aa. tl..., ?a tha aA.Bi aa. at -** ?ut' oa MOM LA * . Marrhl l.iw' n.itV,.i^i \ (>>>ei*ht. and a.rt af VlJ. i- ?BB?t>ere4 .!Si if li,K^.?srsS\i,!JBS,.5??' ~-i la athrtTlnt locatlOB ?"*? >? araaua. aad ?SS5ia:ffl?ss??,a3 r. 1. .yt. w Traa:ee. OOOPiE A LAftMlB, AorU. ArHO?Vt hf wd MINT BUILD I?08 AT CAMP TODD, ROUTH or TBEA81ET BClLDlbG. fi uxdyuar: ft * D^htf/vncju 4/ Wm?A J m ii,k ij wiw"w't ? C. March S lac ( will he aold al P?h L* e oatlna OB th* or* Oil mm* aadar dlractlanof B.avat Ma. r A y M Vol. ,.n r?l KMiAf March lTTTTl tin Th * tollo. lB. 4r*criu*4 r r ,lu? PalldlBM I oca'Hi at C.IBP Todd,. Math of TriST iy BulHii.s,) in tlila ity. vIe : *? One (two,i..rl^a '?ix3f?at, with M?k Om Onanth' UM Kfrot. ??rck. Ooa tittii-ora Qaartera. 1 l I fret Oof o?i era' (Ju*rt?r?, Bn.s fMt W|th _ BuHdia.. ?lfi be Mid ..mIvTU! r. o?ed within laa da fro?daia ofaaj, Twaia caah in tiowwameut feada ??. s u D-part.o,,, or Wa.^riTfa A T. T"" tL" wfcSSV.555tiitSL ey'-'-y wS.'?*a^v"Sa -y*?rg; *!'.iy)r^y^*rT. f N-? T,.,k. .od imZmffmEStZi tVe. ^ai'.* a ara a?4. oal?, t n-^rw^rkterir Tfa I^O *(f*? *' ? aat?ara broa?kt m da R' tf "kiM tyuU4>a * r*JaoWTrU^. <V?f rTC~ri'T EI^T i W~ r A RITTR ~0~Ei ;. y. k ?ti Pa itol(,t, >w. II aad . i,e ?ith ' h-otbI I >f'al ? ..-? < ??rr c ateiit?dt forSfc^Bb ufAa'i |"a'-M?-e at h ire will PoMTP ELY RE BOLD AT COST pre*?rat, r? to < i lldlr,, M "4 W,T' Alao li or* j. >< ?.i d I *r . |'|\R<lH.tre?lnr?4 Pr?" dRi'^UE 1 U ILD A I R?. u> |j via K,.!!), ?,h ,\^ t'\LTc a Pa?.ra.