Newspaper of Evening Star, March 9, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 9, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. I official. LAWS OK TIIKTNITKD ST\TKS, Pt??(d at the Sfioad Session the Thirty-ninth [Public?No. d2.J a* Ait appropriations for sundry civ U ?xp?u??8 of the government for the year ending Jnue thirtieth, eighteen hundred and iixty-?i(D!, and lor other pur- j yoni tie 11 'aacled by tkt Senate a*?i House of R'prr- i Mk(a iii?3 of Vie Lulled Stale* <*f America '? ( '?? frees a-nnUleti. That the loilowing suns be. and the same are hereby, appropriated. forth* objects hereafter expressed, for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth Jnue, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight. viz SI'KVEY OF THE COAST. For the survey ol the Atlantic acd Ciulf coasts of the United Suite*, including compensation of civilians engaged in the work, and excluding pay aud emoluments of officers of the army and navy, and petty officers and men ?f the navy employed in the work, two Hundred and fitly tnousand dollars. Fer continuing the survey of the western roast of the United Mates, including compensation of civilian* engaged in the work, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Kor con iuumg the survey ol the South Florida reefs, shoals, keys, and coast, ini lud- j ing Ci mpensatien of civilians engaged in the j work, and excluding pav and emoluments of the officer* ol the army and navy, and petty I officers and men ol the navy employed iu the work, twenty-five thousand dollars. t or pubU.-mug :be observations made m the i progre.-a of the coast survey of the L'uited ' States, including compensation of civilians emplo>ed iu the work, five thousand dollars. vr repairs and maintenance of the comply- j m-nt cl vessels used in the cost survey, thirty .bousaud dollars tor pay and rations of engineers for four steamers used in the hydrography of the Coast Survey, no longer supplied by the Navy Department, t* n thous iud doiloars. liuht-horsf. establishment Kor the AtlauUc, Oulf, Lake, aud Pacific | coasts, viz: For supply ing the light-houses and beacon- i lights with oil, wicks, glass chimneys, cha- i muu skins, vi fitting. spirits of wme, pulisbin* ' powder, c!e tning towels, brushes, and other j uecssary expenses of the same and repairing and keeping in repair the lighting apparatus, ' t*o liuudrrd auu forty-six thousaud seven hundred and seventeen dollars. t or repair# and incidental expenses, improving and refittn g light-houses and Buildingconnected therewith, two hundred and five the csand dollars for salaries ol live ban dred and eighty-nine j keepers of lght-bouses and lighted beacons, ai u'beir r.s-istauts, t wo hundred and fiftylour thC'ti-ni'd dollars. For iiuaiiet ul forty-'hree keepera of ligtitve-fels, twent>-three thousand mue hundred dollar. K^r s<itir.eii'f vritges, repairs, snpplies, nnd incidental ex j'en^e^ of forty-three ligtit vessels, two htinori d ami seventy-one thousand teten bunuied and thirty-nine dollars and fifty cents. t or expenses of raisins, cleaning, painting, repairing, reinuoriug, and supplying losses ol beacons and buoys, anil for chains and sinkers. for the tame. two hundred and t'vrentytwo thousand three hundred aud lltty dolla . I For repairs and incidental expenses of refitting and iirproviug log-signals aud build- | ings connected therewith, twenty thousaui dollars For expen*e? of visuingand inspecting lights and ether aids to navigation, two thousand dollars tor commissions at two and one.halt per centum to such superintendents as are entitled to the same under the provisions of the acts of March third, eighteen hundred and flftyfour. on the amount that may be disbursed by them, twelve thousand dollar?. * or repairs to the whart and buildings at -be buoy depot. Wood's Hole, Massachusetts, twelve thonsand dollars. For enabling the Light-house Hoard to malce such alterations in the day beacon at Commitment Point. Providence ri ver, as to fit it for the exhibition ol a light, fifteen thousand dollars. For repairs and renovations at the following stations, viz: Point Aux Heches, Black Hock. Plum Island, Burlington Beacons, Priucewi | Bay. and Point Judith, twenty-four thousand J two hundred dollars. For rebuilding Cumberland Head ltjrht-house open a more eligible site, eighteen thousand dollars. Kor rebuilding the light-house at Saugerties, j New York, and suitably piotecting it,twenty- { five thousand dollars. Kor rebuilding S: ay vesant light-house, New i Y rk. and suitably protecting it, twenty-five i thousand dcdlars. Kr lepairs and renovations at Sauds's Point . light-station, New Vork, nine thousand four j bundr?d dollars. Kor repairs a?.d renovations at Kxecution Rocks light-s'a'ion. including a fog signal, nineteen thousand dollars. 11 r rej airs ard renovations at Great Ciptams Island iight-*.a'iou. twelve thousand dollars. t> r rep-nrs and renova'ions at Norwalk lsland lighr-stanor. :wet' r thousand dollars. Ki r repairs ai.d retiova.ions a- Old Ki-ld Point light-atativn, twelve thousand d?llars j l-or repairs and renovations at Eaton's Neck l.?:ht-siatiou, eleven thousand e.gLit hi.ndied doliais. torrej.ars and renovations at Little Oni! Island iight-s aiion, including a fog signal, . fonrtten thousand five hundred dollars. tor>: Cedar Island light- sta'ion, and sintably protecting it, tweuty-flve thousand dollars. Kor additional appropria'ion for a new light, ; bouse on North Brother Island or vicinity, j Fast river. New York, seven thousand ti\e , hundred dollars. t or construction of a vault for the storage of ! oil at the light-house depot, S'aten Island, | New York, twenty-thousand eight hundred and sixty-one dollars For repairs and renovations at the breakwater which protects the light-house establishment property at Staten Isiai d, New York, twenty seven thousand dollars. For repairs aud renovations to the sea-wall at light-bouse depot, Staten Island, New Vork, eighteen thousand dollars. For landing wharf, roadway.and coil-shed, at the Staten Lland depot, fifteen thousand dollars. tor workshops for lampists, blacksmiths, coopers, at Staten lalaad depot, fifteen thousand dollars. For repairs and renovation* at Morgan s point ligbt-statiou, twelve thousand dollurs. For tramways, grading, and tences and dredging at the Staten Island depot, eight tbonsand dollars. t or protection ol the light-house site at Abeecom. New Jersey, five thousand dollars. Kor rebuilding the light-honse at Egg island, New Jersey, fifteen tnousand dollars. For constructing a buoy-shed at the lightbouse depot, Staten Island, New York, three j thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight j dollars Fer a beacon-light at Somera's cove, Mary- j land, ten thousand dollars For rebuilding the first-class light-bouse at Cape Matter as. >orth Carolina, seventy-live ' thousand dollars. For repairs aud renovations at Tybee Island light-station, in addition to former appropi iations. thirty-four thousand four hnudred and forty-three dollars. t or rebuilding :he light-house at Cape Can- I averal, Florida, and fining it up with a first order catadieptric illuminating apparatus, in , addition to former appropriations, twenty-one thousand four hundred and seventy dollars. j tor repairs and renovations at Pensacola light-sta ion, twenty thousaud dollars. tor rebu.idmg saud Island light-station, f eighty 'nou-and dulla*?. tor rebuilding Mobile Point light.hons*, wnicn tn?? Liicht - bouse Board are hereby auihorlzed to do upon a more eligible site, if j such can be found, twenty thousand dollars. t or repair* and renovations of tne following light stauous, viz East Pasaagoula, Tcliefuncti. Pass Mancha Bayou Saint Jobn. and Choctaw Point, fifty-three thousaud live hundred collars. Kor b?a< on-light on Sister island. Saint Ixwrence river, ten thousand dollars. Kor repairs and renovations at the light station on West Sister island. Lake Erie. tweUe tbensand dollars For additional appropriation for range.lights at Maumew bay. Ohio, five thousand dollars. For repairs and reno\ations at Bay ley s Har- 1 bor Iighl-sLaiion. Michigan, fifteen thousand .dollars For repairs and renovations at Bois Blanc island ligbt-station, Michigan, fourteen thou- j saed dollars tor new light-house on the South Fox Island, i^ake Michigan, eighteen thousand dollar*. For a new light-honse and fog-?ign*l on . 41raaite Island, l.ake Superior, twenty tttoa- ' and dollars For rebuilding and improvinr the light- ' house a: Skillayalee, ( Isle aux ifaleta,) La?e Michigan, forty tnousand dollars. For day beacon to mara Sianard'a rock, Lake Superior, ten thousand dollars. For new light-house at S'urgeon Point, Lake liaron. fitteen thousand dollars. For new lanterns at the light stations at Oraad riser and Milwaukee, (North Polot.f three thousand dollars For rebuilding the keeper's dwelling at Press;oe Isle light-s'anon. Lake Huron, seven thousand five hundred dollars Fur rebuilding ihe keeper's dwelling at Thunder Hay Island. Itrht-atatlon, Like Har*?, eight thousand dollars. fur rebuilding ihe keeper's dwelling at Maekegon light-station, Lake Michigan, eight ihouMDd dollar*. for additional appropriation for a beacon light on Sand Point, west side of Llttl- Bty de Noquet, Michigan, nine thoasand dottars. For au efficient tog-signal at Point Conception, California. six thousand dollars. To enable the Light-house Board to re-establi-b ligbu and other aids to navigation on tne southern coa*', one hundred thousand dollar-1. t-ur compensation of two sapTiateadent* for the life-saving stations on the coasts of L-ng Island and .New Jersey, three thousand dollars. For compensation of fifty-four keepers of stations, at two hundred dollars each, ten thousand eignt hundred dollars. For contingencies of life-saving stattonc on the coa?t of the United States, ten ihsusand dollars For the establishment of a light-house at Santa Cruz, California, ten thousand dollars ; Point Keyee, Utteen thousand dollars. For a light-bouse at Trowbridge Point, in Thunder bay. Michigan, ten thousand dollars. For a light-house at Mendota, on Lake Superior, Michigan, fourteen thousand dollars. For a light-bouse at or near Braddoek's Point, Georgia, in place of Calihoqae ligtitTesaeL, fifteen thousand dollars. For a light-house to mark Tyhee Islard Knoll, Georgia, in placeof light, vessel, fifteen thousand dollars. For range-lights on Morris Island, as guides in criMiDK Charleston bar. Sooth Carolina, fliteen thousand dollars. For rebuilding light house on Deep Vavc Shoals, in James river, V irginia, sixteen thousand dollars For rebuilding light-house tower and keeper's dwelling at Saint Simon's, <*eorgia. fortyfive thousand dollars. For a reappropnation of the amount herstotore appropriated for an iron light-house at Southwest Pass, but which ha* been carried to the surplus funo, one hundred and eight thousand six hundred dollars. For a new light-house atPunta Arenas,California, sixty-five thousand dollars. For a new light-house at Cape Blanco. Oregon, seventy-five thousand dollars. MISCELLANEOUS. To enable the Secieiary of the Treasury to pay to the estate of Charles H. Pea*lee, deceased, late collector of customs at Boston, a balance remaining iiue him upon settlement of bis accounts, seven thousand live huudred aad nineteen dollars and twenty-four cents. For erecting a barge office at New York, fifty thousand dollars. h or the pii.rhaseof the stone building and lot at Suspension Bridge. New York, now used for government purposes, six thousand dollars. For rebuilding the custom-house at Wiscasset. Mame, with authority to the Secretary of the Treasury to sell the pfe-fnt site and purchase a new one, if deemed for the public iaie*-e*t. twenty-five tliou-aad dollars. For living t:p certain rooms in tfce unfinished portii n i f the custom-bouse building in New Orleans, Louisiana, ten thousand dollars. To reconduct chimneys and flues 111 the Patent t iffic* V>uildin?, eight thuusaud dollars. For continuing the work ou the north portico of the Pateht utlice building, seventy-five thousand dollars. For continuing the work on the Capitol extension, two huudred and fifty thousand dollars. For tfce dome ol the Capitol, fitteen thousand dollars. For the purpose of paying the total liabll iti s of the Census Office, exclusive of the amount claimed to be due to United States marshals and tfceir assistants, eight hundred and ninety dollars and sixty-four cents. For repairs to marine hospital at Louisville, Kentucky, ten thousand dollars. Foi a custom house in Newport, Vermont, ten thousand dollars. For purchase < t a site and the erection of a building for a custom-house and poet olhce at Maine, twenty thousand dollars. For custom-house and post office at Astoria, Oregon, twenty-five taousand dollars: J'roriJtti, 1 hat vessels may load and unload at the city el Portland, in said State, under such regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. For constructing fire-proof appraisers' stores, on the property known as the Pennsylvania Bank Building, and belonging to the government, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, fifty thousand dollars. For repairs and preservation of customhouses and other pnblic buildings, twenty five thousand dollars. For repairs of the building used as the cu.. torn-bouse and post othce at Middietown, Connecticut, six thousand dollars, and lor the erection, under the direction of the Lighthouse Board, of an iron spiudle on Success rock. Long Island Sound, five hundred dollar-, or so much thereof as snail be necessary. For the payment of fixtuies and furniture furnished to s'ud office, six hundred dollars. For turnitnre and repairs of furniture of custom-houses and other public buildings, twenty-five thousand dollars. For burelar and llre-proi f vaults and safes foi depositories, twenty ihousaud dollar?. 1-or replacing galvanized iron roofs with copper or slate roofs, twenty-five thousand dollars. For furniture, carpets, and miscellaneous expenses of Treasury buildings, thirty-five thousand dollars 1 o defray the expenses of a survey af a tract of land for a park and sue for a Presidential Mansion, n.ade under the resolution of the -erate reinvesting :he same, two thousand five hundred dollars. i-or heanukt apparatus for public buildings, tv. enty-fi ve thousand dollars. For t inted states court-hon??? and post office at 1 leg Moines, Iowa, eighty-five thousand doliais. 1-or the compieton of the approaches and fenclcg to tteTieasnry bn.lding, fifty thousand dollars. For continuation of the Treasury extension, fifty thousand dollars. For repairs and alterations in the New York custom-house, thirty thousand dollar*. For furniture and repairs of the same, seven thousand dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to purchase thirty copies of the first nine volumes of the United States Statutes at large, h.v.e hundred and forty-five dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to adjust and settle the accounts of Jam4e Tnfts for enumerating the inhabitants of the Territory of Mon ana. under the direction of the governor ot said Territory, as authorized by the act of May twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, entitled "An act to provide a tempoiary government for the Territory of Mortana," the sum of iix thousand nine hundred and ninety-sin dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For heating with steam the Supreme Court room. Law Library, aud tne passages and stairways adjacent the, and for otber improvements and repairs of aaia courtroom, fifteen thousand dollars. Foi the compensation ofeigbtextra clerks of class two In the office of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, eleven thousaud two huudred dcllais To enable the Secretory of the Treasury to pf-y to I.e*is Heyl |tor compiling statutes prescribing the rates of duties ou imports, aud making index to the tariff biil now pending, one thousand dollars. PUBLIC BUILDINGS ANI> GROUNDS. For care, support, and medical treatment of sixty trausieut paupers, medical and surgical patients, in some proper medical institution in the city ol Washington, under a contract to be formed with snch institution by the Commissioner ol Public Buildings, twelve thousand dollars, or so much therejf as may be necessary. For hire of carts on the public grounds, two thousand dollars For purchase aud repair of tools used in the public grounds, lour hundred dollars. For the purchase of trees and tree-boxes, to replace, when necessary, such as have b-en planted by the United States, to whitewash tree-boxes and fences, and to repair pavements in front of the public grounds, three thousand dollars. 1 or annual repairs of the Capitol waterClo?ets, public stables, water-p pes, pavers nts. and o'her walks within the Capitol senate, broken glass, and locks, and for the pio'ectiou of the building, and keeping the main approaches to it unincumbered, twelve thousand dollars, in addition to the sale of old material. For lighting the Capitol and President's House and public grounds around them, around the executive offices, and Pennsylvania avenue, fifty-five thousand dollars. For lighting Four-and-a-half street, across the Mall, and Marylaud avenue west, aud Sixiti street south, fifteen thousand dollars: J'rortdtd, That the cor|>oration of Washington city shall lignt their lamps, with seven-feet burners, twenty-one nights in each montn, from dark until daylight, and that no part of this appropriation shall be disbursed until it m proved to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Public Buildings that said corporation have so lighted tbeir street lamps. For pay of lamp-lichters, gas-fitters, plumbing, lamp posts, lanterns, glass, p&ints, matches. material* and repairs of all sorts, twentyfive thousand dollars.1-or casual refairs of the navy yard and upper bridges, six thousand dollars. For fn e| tor the President's House, five thousand dollars. 1 For repairs of Pennsylvania avenue, and spi Inkling tne same, and keeping it clean and ire*- from dirt, two thousand dollars. For imorovemeat and tukinr care of public reeervatlon number two and Lafayette square. In addition to theaale of bay which maybe raised on the lormer, three thousand dollars For taking car* of the grounds south of the President's House, eo iimning the improvement ol the same, and repairing fences, three thousand dollars. For repairs or water-pipes, fivehandred dollars. For cleaning and repairing sewer traps oa ; Pennsyl vama amnr. eight hundred dollar9. For c ?nal repairs of all the furnaces under the Capitol, ftv# hnndred dollars. Fer hauling manure for top-dreesing the public grounds, Ave hundred dollars. Yi>r purchase of fuel tor ihe centre building o' ' ifCapltol, fifteen hundred dollars. For taking care of the Circle, on Pennayl< vaaia avenue, one thousand dollars. For continuing the grading and repairing of Virg inia svsue, tan thousand dollars For the necessary expanses to be Incurred ia consequence ot opening Sixth street west across the Mall, and in making fences, two thousand dollars. For renewing the heating apparatus at the i President's House, eight thousand dollars. i For laying a new pipe from the K street mam to the Capitol, ia order to supply the building at all times with a full flow of water, five thousand dollars. I To -enable the Commissioner of Public Buildings to put in thorough repair the conser vaiory recently injured by tire at the Presides t'a Mansion, ten thousand dollars. For the construction of a new green-house, with oeivral dome, and a wine u> correspond in size with the present green-bouse ia the Botanic Garden. io be built of iron and glass according to apian prepared by the architect of the Capitol extension, and approved by the JolnfrCommlttee on the Library, thirty-flve thee sand dollars; the same to be expended under the direction of the Joint Committee on the "Library of Congress. For enabling the Commissioner to cause the old and useless lightning-rods on the President's House to be removed, and Hawley's improved patented conductors substituted tor them, two hundred and fifty dollars. For enabling the Commissioner to emplov a suitableelectrician to take care of and operate the lighting apparatus of the dome of the Capitol, twN*e hundred dollars. F'or repairing in front of the War Department ou Fenceylvinia avenue and on ISeventeen h s'reet, with stone flagging, sixteeu thousand dollars. For annual repairs of the President's House, six thousand dollars. For tqp dressing tor public grounds and cartage for same, one thousand five hundred dollars. For purchase of tools for public grounds, five hundred dollars. For purchase of flower pots, mats, glasses, putty, wire, twine, and so forth, for use on the pre> iihouses, one hundred dollars. For the removal of the foot-bridge on Maine avenue, now ot no further use at that point, to Tbir-u street west, which the Commissioner of Public Buildings is hereby directed to have done, three hundred dollars. To complete thecnlvert through the Botanic Garden, fitteen thousand dollars For removing snow and ice trcm pavements and public walks, three hntidred dollars. For mannre and cartage of the same for Smithsonian grounds and public feservations. one thousand dcllars. For completing the improvement *r Franklin Square, gravelling walks au>l deepening the s.'ime, and purchasing and planting trees and shrubbery, ti ve thousand dollars. For improvement of reservations on New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maryland avenues, the same-being now enclosed.manure, trenching, the purcha.-e of trees .ind shrubbery, tour thousand dollars. For lnrther improvement of the Circle, on Penney 1 vnniaavenae. six hundred dollars For purchase and planting of trees and boxes ior the same, replacing those that have been destroyed on the streets "heretofore plau'edby tile government, two thousand dollars. For painting the iron fences around Lafayette square, m iront of the War and Navy Departments, in front of the Executive Mmsion, and the govermeut portion of the fence around Judiciary square, Ave thousand dollars. For new crossings on Pennsylvania avenue, five thousand dollars. For annual repairs ot fences around the publie reservations, one thousand dollars. For lighting the rotunda of the Capitol with gas, by a branch from the electric battery which lights the dome, three thousand dollars. To enable the Joint Committeeon the Library of Congress to purchase the historical library ot Peter Force for the library, one hundred thousand dollars. To enable the Joint Committee on the Library ot Congress to purchase the bust of Pulaski, now in the old hall of the House ot Representatives. executed by the late Henry D.Saunders, one thousand dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay for books of record heretofore furnished in the office of the register of deeds of the District of Columbia, and fitting necessary shelving in said office, six hundred dollars. For salary of warden or the jail in the District of Columbia, two thousand dollars. To enable the Commissioner of Agriculture to erect a Department ot Agriculture on re?er\ation number two, in the city of Washington, according to the plan proposed bv him. to tie constructed under to- general provisions ol laws rela'iug t< the construction of public buildings, one bu ndred thousand dollars. SMATHSONI AN INSTITI TION. For the pre ervatton ot the collections ofthe exploring and surveying expeditious of the go\eminent, ten thousand dollars. GOV El:N M KM HOSPITAL FOR THE INSANE. Fer the tupport, clo'hin^, and medical treatment of the insane of the army and navy and ot the revenue eutti r rervice, and ot the indigent insaue of ihe District of Coluxibia, at the government hospital for the insane in sud District, including five hundred dollars for books, sta'iouery. and incidental expenses, mneiy thousand !l\e hundred dollars; and the salary ot the superintendent of the ?aid hospital is beieby fixed at tjur thousand dollars per annum. For finishing, furnishing, lighting, and heating additional accommodations in Ihe east wing of the hospital edifice, occupied as a general army hospital during the war, and still in part unfinished, seven thousand dollars. For continuing the wait enclosing the grounds ofthe hospital, ten thousand dollars. For building a coal-house near the wharf, two thousand dollars. WASHINGTON A<?UEDUCT. For the payment ot the employees in the management, engineering, and repairs of the Washington aqueduct, twenty thousand dollars. PATENT OFFICE. For expenses of receiving, arranging, and taking care of copyright books, chart*, and other copyright matter, one thousand eight hundred dollars, to b? paid out of the Patent Office fund. For preparing illustrations and descilptions for the report of the Commissioner of Patents, ten thousand dollars, to be paid ont of the Patent Oflice fund. COLUMBIAN INSTITUTION FOR THE DEAF AND DUMB. For the support of the institution, Including one thousand dollars lor books and illustratrative apparatus, twenty-five thousand dollars: J'ron4?d. That deat mutes, not exceeding ten in number, residing in the several States and Territories ef the United States, applying tor admission to the collegiate department of the institution, shall be received on the same terms and couditious as those prescribed by law for tesldents of the District of (Columbia, at the discretion of the president of the institution. For the erection, furnishing, and fitting up of additions to the buildiags of the institution, to provide enlarged accommodations for the male and female pnpils and the resident olfl cers of the institutiwu, fifty-four thousand six hundred and seventy-five dollars. For the enlargement and further improvement of (be grounds ol the institution, including uiider-dratnage, seveu thousand five bundled dollars. 1 o furnish an increased supply of Potomac water and for the reeiton ot t-auks to regulate the distribution thereof, fi ve thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction otthe president ot the institution. COLUMBIA HOSPITAL. To aid in the support ot the Columbia Uo%pital for Women and Lying-in Asylum, in the District of Columbia, ten thousand dollars. EXPENSES OF COLLECTION OF REVENUE FROM SALES OF PUBLIC LANDS. For salaries and coniniissious ol registers ol lands ofltces and receivers ot public monev. two hundred and six thousand one hundred dollars. For incidental expenses of the several land offices, nineteen thousand four hundred dollars. SURVEYING THE PUBLIC LANDS For surveying the public lands in Minnesota, nt rat|?s not exceeding ten dollars per liueal mil* lor standard lines, seven dollars for township, and six dollars for section lines, fitteeu thousand dollars. For surveying the public lands in Dakota Territory, Including the lands along the Red River ol ihe North, at rates not exceeding ten dollars per lineal mile for standard lines, seven dollars tor township, and six dollars tor section lines, fifteen thousand dollars. For surveying the public lands in Nebraska, at rates not exceeding ten dollars per lineal mile for standard lines, six dollars for township. and Ave dollars lor section lines, fifteen thousand dollars. For surveying the public lands la Kansas at ratea not exceeding ten dollars p?r lineal nine lor standard lines, aix dollars ror township and Ave dollars lor section lines, fifteen thousand dollars For surveying the public lands in Idaho at rates not exceeding fifteen dollars per mile lor standard l.nes, twelve dollars for township, and ten for section lines, fffteen thousand dollars. For surveying the public lands ?n Colorado ' t rates not exceeding fifteen dollars im?t lineai mile lor standard lines, eigut dollar, for rowu_ i ship, and sevaa dollars for section lines, fifteen tbeusand dollars. For sarveytag the pub'ic und* in Vof&di, At ratee Dot eaeeeCing fitteen dollars per Im-tl rt ii? lor standard lines, tw-ive dollars tor township, and ten dollars far section line, twenty thousand dollars For survey ids tbe public lands in Arizon i, at rate* rot exceeding fitteen ?4olUr? per lineal mile lor standard line*, twelve dollars (or township, and'ten dollars for ?ejtion lines, tea

fbousatd dollars. For surveying the public lands in Oaliforrt s?t r ites not sxceeding fifteen dollars per lineal mile fur standard lin*-s. twelve doll trs for township. aad ten dollars for section lines, thirty thousand dollars. For surveying the public lands in Oregon, at raws not exceeding fl tte-11 dollars per lineal mile for standard lines, twelve dollars for township, and ten dollars for section lines, twenty thousand dollars. For surveying ibe public lands in Washington Territory, lit rates not exceeding fifteen dollars per lineal mile for standard ltne-?, twelve dollars for township, and ten dollar* for section lines, ten thousand dollar*. For tbe survey or the forty-second parallel of north latitude*, so far a* it constitates the commcn boundary between the States of California and Oregon, estimated two hundred and twenty miles, ac not exceeding sixty dollars per mile, thirteen thousand eight hundred and forty-seven dollars For survey of boundary line between rhe State of Oregon aad the Territory of Idaho, commencing at tbe northern boundary of the State of Nevada, aad running north to its intersection with Sake river, estimsved on* hundred and sixty miles, at not exceeding: sixty rtoiI*rs per mile, nine thousand six hundred dollars. For the survey of The thirty-seventh parallel ot north latitude, so far as it constitutes the northern boundary of the Territory of New Mexico, estimated three hundred aud twenty miles, at not exceediac sixty dollars per mile, nineteen thousand dollars. S?.c. 2. And /x it further enacted. That the efflce of Commissioner of Public Buildings is hereby abolished; and the Chief Engineer ot th<- army shall perform all the duties now requited by law of said Commissioner, and shall alto have the superintendence of the Washington Aqmdnct ai.d ali the public worlcs and improvements ot the government of the United States in 'he District of Columbia. unless otherwise provided by law; and the S^rgeantat-Arir.s of the Senate aud the Sergeaut-atArmsof the House of .Representative* shall herealter appoint the members of the Capitol police. Sk<\ 1. And be it further enacted. That the Light-honse Hoard be authorized to apply any unexpended balance which may rein 1111 atter the completion of a hpht-hon^e work on the Pacific coast to the construction of any other similnr work upon the same ooast. whi 'h may have been authorized by Congress, but tor which the amount appropriated may prove insufficient. Sk< 4. jirid l>e it further enacted. Tnat the I Light-bouse Hoard is authorized, whenever an appropriation hits been or may be made iiy Congress for a new li|rht-hr?n.fe, the proper site tor which does not belong <o the I'uited States, to purchase the necessary land, pr>vided the purchase-money he paid from the amount appropriated for such light-house: 1'r'ividert, That no superintendent of lignts, whose compensation as collector of cus'oms exceeds three thousand dollars per annum, shall receive any compensation as disbursing agent for the light-bouse establishment, whether tbe sums disbursed by him be tor arUcles to be used or ser\toes rendered within or without the limits of his superintendence or collection district. Sx< 5 AntT he it further rnartrd, That the salary of tbejreneial appraiser in the e?ty of New York shall b? thr-e thousand dollars. And the salaries of the assistant appraisers at Boston, Philadelphia. Baltimore, New Orleans. Portland and San Francisco shall be twenty-live hundred dollars per annum. Sec 6. ?tnd be it further enacted. That the clerk of paidons in the Department of S ate be placed upon the samefootiug in regard to cotnpensauou for extraordinary services under the amnesty proclamation of the twenty-omth May, eighteen hundred and sixty-fiv*, as the principal clerk ot pardons in the Attorney General's office; and any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated is hereby appropriated for this purpose. Sat. 7 And be itfurther'nacted. That it shall be the duty ol the Clerk of the House of Kep. resen;atives to select in Virginia. South UatoILna, North Carolina, Grorgia, Florida. Alabama. Mississippi, Louisiana. Texas, and Arkantas. one or aiore newspapers, not exceeding the number now allowed by law, in which sucli treaties aijd laws of the United State* as may be ordered for publi at:on in newspapers according to law shall be published, and in some one or more of which so selected all sucb advertisements as may be ordered tor publication in said districts, by any T'nited States court or judge thereof, or by any of- ; fleer of such courti-. or bv anv exev-nti ve officer of the Cnlted States,"shall be published, the compensation for which, and o*her terms of pub icaTions. shall be fixed by said Clerk at n rate not exceeding two dollars p< r page for the publication of treaties and laws, and not exceeding one dollar per square of ej;nt lines of space, for tbe publication of ? h<rtisemeiiu, the accounts for which shall be adjusted by the pioper accounting officers and j aid in she manner now authorized by law 1 m tbe like cases: and said Clerk shall, as soon as practicable after 'he pas-age of 'hio net. notify each head of the several executive departments, and en"h Judge of'be United States Courts 'herein, of the papers selected by bitn in accordance with the foregoing provisions and thereupon and thereafter it 'hal! be the duty ot the several executive offi-eis charged tberewi-h to furnish to such sele ted I'tipm only mi authentic copy of the publications to ba made as aforesaid; and no inouey h? leby or o'l.ei wise appropriated shall be paid for any publications or advertisements here, after to be made in said districts, nor shall any such publication or advertisement beordered by any department or public officer otherwise than as herein provided: Provided, That the rates fixed in this section to be paid tor Lie publication of the treaties and lawa ot the T'nited States in the States therein designated shall also be paid fer tbe same publications in all the States not designated in this section. StC- S And be it further en*ieted, That the Secretary of the Tieasory is berebT authorized ?sell, at public auction, the following proHy belonging to the United States, namely: > buildings and grounds known as the old custom-house, at Alexandria, Virginia; tbe building and grounds Known, known as the old castom-bous*. at New Haven, Connecticut; the building and grounds, known as the old custom-house at Portsmouth, New Hampshire; tbe parcel of gronnd, known as the eld custom-bouse lot, at Norfolk, Virginia; the parcel or lot of gronnd purchased, in the city of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, for tbe erection of a custom-bouse; and the custom-house and grounds at Sackett's Harbor, New York: and he is hereby authorized to make, execute, and deliver all needfnl conveyances to the purchaser or purchasers thereof. S*c. 0. And be if further enacted. That the Secretary of the Interior be directed to procure an examination to be made of tbe coudition ot tbe public buildings iu the Territory of New Mexico, and report u> the uext Congress an estimate of what amount is necessary to complete tbe sam*. Sec. 10. And be it further enacted. That all advertisements, notices and proposals for contracts tor-all tbe Executive I>epanmeuts of the Government, aud the laws passed by Congress and Executive proclamations and treaties shall hereafter be advertised by publication in the two daily i?apers published in tbe District of Columbia now selected und r tbe act of the first session of the Thirty.Ninth Congress making appropriations for the >erv ice of the Pust Office !>epartmenf, during the fiscal year ending ibe thirtieth of .Tune, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, nud (or other purposes, until otherwise ordered bv Cougr. s<, and in no other District ot Columbia papers I'rcndrd, That tbe charges for such publi atli n shall not be higher than sucb as are paid by individuals tor advertising iu said papers: Arnt provided aim. That ttie same publications shall be made in each of said papers equally as to frequency: /Vended further. That all printing or any kind ordered by the Executive llepartinents shall be execated by the Government Printer when practicable,'and if not at such office as may be designated by tue Clerk of the House of Representatives at rau*s not exceeding the current rates for such printing. Sat-. II. And be it further enacted, That all laws and parts of laws conflicting with the above provisions with respect to the official advertising in tue District of Columbia be and are herebv repealed. Sac. 12 And l.e it further enacted. That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized, at his discretion, to increa e the pay ot tbe clerira of tbe United States armory at Springfield, Mas. sacbusetts, to twelve hundred dollars per annum, instead of eight hundred dollars as now fixed by law. Sic. 13. Ami be it further enacted. That the laws relating to the army, navy, and mi Itia and the marine corps of the United States be published officially in the United States Artnr and Navy Journal, at such rate* as are fixed by tbe Secretary of State tor tbe publication of the laws o( the United States. Approvt d, March ?. I?f7. Crinoline and Keno were the rocks upon which a St. Louis merchant was wrecked. %ir Beverly Tucker has been appointed man. ager vt ibe Escandou estates in Mexico, about tlft) miles from Sau Luis Potosi. A large part of the honey sold at present Is made by bee? ot the featherless biped species, speaking tbe Euglisb langu-tgn. /"The mad-dog panic has extended to Ohl? cage, and the mayor of thai, city bas ordered tbe destruction of unmuixled canines. WrThe bishop of Richmond dio:*se allow* potatoes to be tried in lard but not is butter during Leak * \ Aponwr sales. J 1(1 ?Blm * w I LLliU, iMOMNft, MJ opposite lb* bank of the Bepukiio. corner 7th and D streets MBBIOIWES. BOTTLE, 1 O'TiSKS?; V*c.LAT AUGTIOM. Oa 11 BsDAl, the i'th .a.tant, at io e'clock a. *^V . Jfr*K Own, on 7tk itrNl 7***' * ?? ? 8 ??xl T Mm? north. all the Viala. Counter*, : (S^orES Artic,-'*c- Tobeaold-lthont , 5 a QBaW A WILLIAMS, Aocta. UT OlIU I WILLIAMS. A.cUmmi* mJ Ho. d*J?, corner 7th Bad D street*. ALBABL* B01LDISO LOT IN THB SBOOND WABD FKONTINU off i ?TM BTEBBTVmt BBTU BEN OHIO AYBNOB AND D SIBiir KOkTH. AT PCBIjIO AUtlTlOB 8T",T On MONI>B Y. the ?th mateat .at A e'clo k p m we *t ali tell, ob the priuiaea, Lot No 14. in >*iiare po 2j. uavIui 2*? fm, roodloc bick tbont 4j m depth, mm k lag (t a HaSdeome Baiting Term* : Om half ca?h, the balance in ? and IT months. for Betee bearing imereet, and secured *? Z lrMt lb* * ? . All convey an cing and revenue taait atthacoat of the anr chaaar fw down ob I be day of sale. 'or | la i7 d QEEEH A WILLIAMS. Aacta. *?<> * BAL? 18 POSTPONED ON accenntof tteram. until MuIIDAY, tha 11th la tast at tha aaana honr and tlace * _"?b 5 d OBEKM A WILLIAMS. Auets OBBBH A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. ADMINI8TBATOB 8 PA LB?HOHPE8 WA8w WAiok ?tbnsil*atpcb I On W EDNE8DAY. the ithdayof March, at M) 0 clock a m . we shall sell. on iha irxm^n at 1 the place called C U Oalbert's PUefy .Opposite CUrkf Hilli placf, on tha H 'a len*t>urff r?*ad. Ir ?I 'ri? ? 2? Or?haB?'(!oirt?fth? District of Columbia, the persoael effects of the late Isaac Sno*den, deceased. vi/? Two One \A ei k florse* and Harness Two tipnut? Market Wages* ind Huts; One H, rs? C*rt. Ploughs, Harrow*. Oradlss, SaddlfPf Ac. Cm Leu House and Fram" Sh*nt7 About fifty five Bunhel* of W.'ieat, part In Straw Afttd many other articles which wade- ui uaneios sary to enumerate. Terms cash. By ?rijer of the Administrator GBEKN A WILLIAMS. AacU. BSP"THE ABOVE 8ALB 18 POSTPONED <>N acc?u?.t of lie weeiher. until W EDNEtbA) . tae JOth instant,at tl e >?mp pl*cr aid honr By order of the Administrator _ t"h7 "KEEN A WILLI A Ms, A art* |JY tOOPKE A LATIMBU. Auctioneer. ** < Late clerks with Ju C McOaire A (' > .1 bouUia est coi ner ol I*. m'a ave and ntu -tr Mar Office Building, Vwt?tLAIMEI?OV*u ANI> cnimprovbd "\Vti*VB NfcAB PIN> A AN^^K OufKlDA* AF1KBNOON neat. March !Jd at 5 o ulo? k p.m.. on the piemi>?< we ?iil ..u tho south V* feet 9 inchte o! L >t 2u, in .\u*i* _.,i lnipruv-d bv % miUiitutial aiid well L>uilt three "t-'V Brick bwellliiK. with a tw? *twry ! ?. k 1 iiildit* contatnlriR In al! lonrteen rooan with ga? tiirou?t.i.nt. I'ump of water iny?<M Also. Bdj-inlne the ahove, an<4 la* neiiatelv after, we will *eil the north >4 feet 6 lucbe* ol l,0t I P? ,- 8?in ?*a JM. unimproved. e\c*pt Or a bn * balldin. ol the rear of the lot Both lot* bare ? depth of lOMnet |'?i, inches to a thirty f?ot yav.-,i j alley In the rear. J Tho al?ve d^arribed raal e*tate belonged to the late (,ol M. &'>nr?e. and iaai'uated ou thaw< ?t aide ?,f 11 th between B Bud F atreet* nurlli a? d near Pannp\i\ai la aveune, Knd ii w.-ll worthy i tha attention of peraon* dealriui; tii*t-< u** property. there tain* little or none for *?le in thia i o mediate neighhorhooa. Posaeaaian ^Itob ftlay l. Tern* : One half caah; balance in aiz m .u'ha with lutereat. secured by o deed of trnaton the property^ Ail ronveyaurins and revei at .mp* atco?t of?urclB-er. A-deroaltof 9l<?,> will be required of the purchaser at time of eale WM A JOS I NOUB9B. . _ a ecu ton of Michftol Nonri^ Mfc7 eoAdt COPI ER A LAT1MBE. Aacta BY COOPMB * LATIMBU, Anrti?.neera < Late clerk* with J?*. <3 M Guire A Co ,) m. * corner Panni av.iii. ?nd lith atreat, Star Offica Bnlldtag. TBl'BTKFl 8ALB OK 1MPKOVKD REAI tl TeSV"cTB"fwl'*""***?w"biK tl"1,.!!""* ?I of tf Snpre*- Oonrt of the Llatiict of Columbia, rlttug in ? ?jaUj Juttl lB c.aae In which I i i il * ?o ond other* ara complainant*. t *tlir^lf^.Vt,.U tb^u"der-"ne [ trnstee. will *ell. at pnbli< aaction, to tLe hlchytb'dder.e,.MONDAY, the l-thd'ay of mT^A, fi."rt'of iSi K, *? *,WCk 9 - on t??? pr-mtae*. fritnrii*- , w3 NO.M6, inaatdcity: .? ? n K ?'reet nortli, R feet from tha ealrt 5 rB*t0r,h--or **V?L thenca fjlt i-5 .V theBc* ?or?'' ? th-noe meat| ? feet. Bad thence aonth *:eat, together with the I ?!0 .TnU A,eo' tl* ou,h Art of Lot Mo weaf beglBAlB# on Ponrth ?treet r.!T Vni-? corner of laid lot Nj 4, and running thence east >* feet theace north 2>? leet. th- n< e east to the rear line of aaiilotNo ? ,r*rir.or,hr".ri^ iL*"c'wp,t MSoFisr "chi ? feet fhl .r?Vir.tb ktreet ,tid Iheuoa a.J.i'h Mfeat tottepcint or t>egianine; together with I^e. ? .iiedlQ!ng"nnd. oneaco of Mid p*rcala of j T'il? property la locxted in a growia? aection of the city, where re?l eetBte la rapidly improtriaA I Teitnanfaale Oue third of the pure i?*.- money ' ' tobepaidiucash. .f',of which will ;,ere%ired at time of sale; thera^Hue in tw.. iH-tlimt.iB"'1 u Jtl ?<! twelve month.; tt,e xai l ?ie e r d pa* iiients to bear Interact from the <lay of ?'\ ? anu lobe aecortd b- the B' tea or I.oims ,f i ? pnr.haaerot pur^B-era. whhaanret .,r arieW i" PPrered hy the trustee If theteruiaof eale are not complied with within fire da> * after the day of *?le. 'lietru-ie- re servea i| e right to ie.e|| the .aid property at the '''' and cost of the defaultinc pnr:hs*>-r or p irchaaes, after g \i<n five 0a> g notice ef the time. pia< e ai d loruiK cf sale. . All conve) atciug aud etarup* at the e* peu?e of the ru.chaser. ? . IhGLE, Trn.te*. ?K^o,,,-a,a COOPBB 4 LA^IMBR mh 5,9.12,16^18 Auctlooeera. , BY OBEEM A WILLIAMS, Anctloneer*. No. ?36. corner of 7th and B atreatg. VAt??i?i'JF=1,lPB0V*u AHD CMIMPBOVED ItSi?o su"i' " i i Ob MONDAT,the 11 th day of March next, at 5 ! O'clock p m., ob the premieea, we aliaU *-ll, Lot Ho. A and B,being pabdiviaioa of Lot* No. 4, 5. Aiide. in Square No 5?S kaviag goad front and depth, impraved by a fine throe Story Krame Honae. containing eight good rooms, with halla and a fine dry collar, with aa adjoining lot, Hv>aaa being Bo. 160. Aleo a'tor the aale of the above, wa shall aell, part of Lot No 9. In same 8 jaare having twenty oae feet two Inche* fronton Haw Jersey a?enua. rvaninK back the depth thereof This property lain a fiaa location, aad worthy of tha atteotloo of b?>ftr?. The preim?*t cm be t^n before the day of aale by calling on the ownor on ! tbo premise* J Terma One half caah; balance aix and twelve Month*, for notea bearing lutereat. aad eeenred by a deed of traat on the premieea. All conreyaacine aad revenue *uupaat the < ?*t of the purrha- 1 ear. f'O down on each when *old. 1 fe 18-ooAda 0KBHH A WILLIAMS. Aucta. 1 ^RCSTII'l B A LB. In pnrRaanoe of a power of aale veeted In me by ' a deed of traat. executed to me by Ooorre W < Mitch) I aad Cornelia D Mitchel, hia wife, of < Waahinyton city. District of 0< luiubia. dated <> tbe28th dav ot Angaat. IMi and recorded in Li < lor E B. P.No :i. folio 7.51, Ac. oueoftneland record* of Montgomery c-unty. I will offer at tublic aaie and soil to the highest bidder, at Ba- < or'a Hotel. In the village e* Ciarkatnr^'. in Mont?.-omerv connty. Md . on WBDN B8DA V. the Jotb oay of March, in the year eich.een hundred i aad sixty seven at II o clock a in . all the fallow < lot described real estate.sltnated In Montgomery county State of Mary land. Thaee landa lie near , Clarkebnrg. Montgomery oonoty. and adjoin the i , Rronerty of Bnfu* King, Perry Browning B**il I , all and other* One of tha tracta I* part of a tract nf land called "Trounle Btiouich lBd< ?d." containing aix hundred and elxty acree of land, | 1tb*lngthe same land heretofore conveyed by Cbarle* Hendry and tleanor Hendry. liawife to said George W Mitchel, by deed dated en thet^th day of Aagaat. laa,'. The other Well.? P%rt of a tract of Ibl d called *' Beturvay oa Maple Brash " heretofore oooveyedto aaid O*or<* W. Mitcliel by Ann Boper, and containing thirty fixe acre- of land Tbi? laad la under a good state of cultivation, allnated 1b a healthy eei^hboriiood. well > watered, and ut>aer very g<>od ffen ing Th? im- 1 provemeniaconaiat of two oomlorta >ln lo^dwelnnga. g?od aiable. corn houa?a. a^-l e'her necee- I aary out-l.uildiB** al*o, f?nr od tobacco, liooao*. The above described tract 1* ?u*cept< hie of being divided Into two or three conveaietit i farm* S l'erson* wishing to look at the property can do Olby calling on Mr Klag, realding ontheiaud. who will taka pleasure in ahowiae it. I Teima of aale: 9ue third ot tbe purrha** mot.ey to be paid onthe day of aala, the residue of the pnrchMemoney toko paid In one and two yeare trou tbe dav of rale, the pnrchasnr or purcha sets giving hia. her or their notea, with approved *e?nrity, bearing Interest from the day of aale On pa> ment of the whole purchaia money a deed will he executed by the trustee the parcbaaer paying expense* of preparing tbe deed and *tanipg. JOHN T WILLIAM8. Trustee i fo? dt? LEVI VAN PU88BB. Auet. rpBC8TEB'8 SALB^F ^VALUABLE BEAL By vlrtaeof a decree of tho Circuit Oonrt for Prlace George * eoaatr, alttlug aaaoo irt of equity , pa*>edln a cauae tharelt depend lug, wherein James O.McGalre A Oe. are oomplalnaate. and Marena DuVal la 4?fe?danr, the anb**riber. aa troatoe, will axao*o to public eab .on tk< pram1MB, on MOHD4F, the mth of March, us;, at IS o'clock a., (tf fair. If aot. aa the aextfalr day there alter,) the Heal Betafe of Maroue l?n Val. k do ana* -Mog Harbor," .it nated la Prlnoe George% coaaty, about o..emile fretn Ooed Lb k. ccBUlaing lil Acre*, more or laa*. aad adielaiaa tbo laoda or Walter U. HBleary. tho keira tf Thomas Ball, awl Oel. Odea Bowie, #I Tke above laad la oorered with a heavy growth of Oak and Cheaaat Timber, aad being located ia convenient distano* to tho Baltimore and Ohio aad Baltimore aai Potomac railroad, will raeeir nailtuli?d laaaMty of railroad tie*. Terma nf pale . t'aak aa tbe it, of aale. or oa tke raittcation thereof by th e court. wlthlMereit from tbe day of aala; and *a payment of tke whole parcbase Meaey the property will bo oaaveyed, ia fee, to tke por^kaser ?iamp? aad coavevaaoe to he at tke aoat ?f tko *afg?i a. a , ! RAILROADS. 1866 PBBSPTLVAMA Bul'TB I S6T 8iav.4?4? TO THasuBTHWItfTSOCTH. ABDSOCTI* _ ... *I?TBB BBEDCLU AVtSSS*-' *** " ** w1J Waablagtoo ...7 Ota m I Baltimore t U a m. " IS." -UHra. THE g*i*T DOUsLb TB4CK moL'tfc " wltB 1L1GANT BCBBlET. Pale.* Stateroom 4?y eaS light Oar* wit+1 modern i iMM'tal from four to t?? ?t boars Tb time .vV^ at>y other root*. Tvo hunired bum Mni to WMtffl ?0 Central New Tork. Tvo Dolly Treioa to the ?Mt ^ " "* ... " * North. Tkrongh from Baltimore to BOCUBSTBB end PITTBTirBOB with at chance PM*fD(?irabf thl* route fx m Baltimore hove th? ?df*nU??f aftkilf ftll rh?u(M ta CI1UI D E POTsTeod M> r EBB1 BB Ticket* by t bio root* c.n b* procared ot the ot Sc*. coraer Mb atreet and Fran<rluii?ifrig( oader the National H?M ?k?r? reliable latormotina will bo |4m ot oil time* PoaaeoKer* pracurlag ticket* ot tkf* ofSo* ??i oocnro *KonoodtUoM la Bleeptag Cor* lor Elmire or "otmr^. W|LK,H8i riokrt i|Mt. WaehiBgtoa, D 0, BD. B. TOTHQ, Gob Pou i?Mt. Baltimore, Md. __L * ? 1* r|1HE0rGH LINBBETWBBN W Af?H I KG TO B g?j^^UELi,UlA MEW ?0 ? . . . WuHIRtTOII^Jtt.l, >M7. TrolB* between Wo*hi ogle* ond Hew Tork ere ?? ron oa fol Iowa tit Fob BBW VOBE . withoat rhiBfc of car* Leo*? dolly (except Buodey i ot 7 ? O. m. eod sr * n BOB NEW TOBE, cbootrtoc ror* ot Pbltololphi a Leave dolly < except Buodey) ot 11:16 a. m ead UK) p. m, FOB PHILADELPHIA Leave dally ( except Bnudoy ' ot T tfonl 11:11 o. m. ood 4: JO ood ( V p m < ?K BUHl'AT Leave for How Tork ond Philadelphia ot * ? p. m ocl>. Bleeplog cara for Hew Tork oo < IB V ? trola doily. Tbronxb ticket* to Philadelphia, New York cr Rwtoo. coa be bod ot tb? station Office ot oil Bonr* In th* day. a* well a* at tlio new gdcf Ij th* Banker* and Broker* T? les eph Line, 3 4P Pent. OTtDBf, *Mweoo tth and 71 b atreet*. Bee Baltimore ood t?hio Batlr?ed odvortlaome t for *chw1n le be t we?c Woahlngtoo, BoUt**ere, Anna poll*, an' tbe We*t J, L. *ILkiN. Ma*t?-r ot Troo*o.>tt*ti< a L M COLE (> ' rral Ticket \<tlit OEO. B fcOOHT/.. A?ent. Woahlngton ocW-tf _ EPALTIMOBB ABD OH IO BAlLBOAD. P W **HiaoToB. Jan. *, HC7 Tra'n* between W^gHIK'iT'lN AND BALT MORR etid WASHINGTON AND THE Wft ore now mi a* follow*. ?ir BOB BALTIMORE Leave dolly. rxrept Ban-lay. ot T ?n. 7*6. on] 11 iio m.. auj 2t**, oad ? 9U. oud H i)0 p m. POB ALL V%AV BTATIO.mB Leove dully,. xeept Bnudoy, ot 7 M a an , and S < o as J 6 00 p m rot.a v btati()Ks^oith or ahnapolis J UNCTIOB Leave ot 6 16 Olid 7 U0 o. a* . atid ot 1 0^ and 4 M 9 m. FOB ANNAPOLIS. I Loore ot 7 As o m . and 4 ? p m Ho troto* to or from Aouopolla oa e>aa<!ay uh MNUAf BOB BALT1M JBE. Leoro at T'4I o m.. ou t 2 w ou t I 00 p. at. POM WAY STATII'Hs. LooV* at 7:46 a m., on* ? a? and * Ot* p v FOB ALL PABTB Of TUB WBBT. Loovo daily, excopt Bacdoy, ot 7 44 a. m., ool 1.00 p m Oo Bnuday ot 8.0q a m ouly .connecting at Belay Btotloo wltn train* Irom Bolllioorato Wboollaa, Parkeroboro.Ac. THBOL'OH TICK BTB to tbe Wort cob be hod ot tbe ? oehlngtoO Btanou Tlckot Offlr* ot all be'i ra 10 tbe aay. oa well m at the oew oAco of tb* Bankor ood Broker*' Telegroob Line, 34? Fcna. avenue, betweea 6tb aud 7th *tr?-eu. For Hew Tork. Fbllodolpbla. and Bo*t? n, ooo odT*rtt*eoiect of '*Tbro?(b Lloo " J. L WILSON. Maeter of Traaaportotloa. L. . COLB General Ticket Aiwit. oc M tf OBO. B. EOOBTZ. Ageut WoAitn*toa _ HrrSON BIYBB AND HABLBH BAilrBOALS.-On and alter MONDAY. N ? i?, 1*46, tralua for Albany and Tro>. coanocttog with Horthero ond Woo torn trolua, will looto Nov Twta oa follow a : Eipre** train via Ho<1*on Elver BoMrood, 3utti ot ood lotto ov . tbrtatb to Buffalo and Ba*peuf>l-a BridK* without cnooc* of coraoudcooBectlng ot Troy witbtralna lor Barotogo, Batlond, BorllLKtou OBd Montreal. Expreoa and Mall trata via Hadaoa Blver Roil road, conoectlnc at Altanv with We*torti train', ot>d ot Tr?y with trulne fi>r Bortb. 11 o in Expre** trola via Harlem Batlrool, S>>tb *t ood ?tli tv? c<'naoc'iug at <'bottiam wt'h Wo*t*rn Bailrood for L<*t anoD Bpr1n??, Pitt*lie d. Ac at Albany with We*t*-rn tralo* ond ot Troy with trains tor Soratoga Botlabd. Bofliafton ood Montreal. Slip o Expreo* train via Had?oa Blv?r Ballroad cooBectloc at Alt.tuy wltn Woot. rn troiu*. and *t Troy vi'h train* for MoutrBbo, with looping cor attached. , 4 1.'. p tn Eierei* train ^1* H*r!*m Kail rood, 1 ronnectSBB at (Jfatnoni with Wo*teru Boilr<>a<i fur Lebaoon bpitiiK*. I'itts-fleid, Ac ; ot Albany witn W?-*tern troion . oid ot Trov with troio* for Bet laod. Burlitirton oad Mootrool cor* attached at AI DOB) ..... <> m p iu t-xpir** tr-ain via Hndaoa Kiver Bill r. ad. v ith >1< p:i ^ car* ? t%. he 1, a d thr n to HuTalo and tu?r* -iou Br:dt- witbodt change f .or* A'? 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D C., Morch 4, IB7.{ Beoled Prcpooolo. in dupllcoto. ot tbe form turnUhed by tb* oudor*lgiied. will be received bikiI JA1CBDAY, the letb ia*tant. at n m , for topplying the BuboloteBce Deport moot wita BIGbTEEN THOlAAbD d?,Oi.Oi POU HUB OF GOOD HARD BOAP, , to be made by boiling trotu oaly good materlola, treo from cloy, aolohlo gloao, or ?too. adulter* Hone, to hove Bo unpleoaout odor, to contain not more than tweaty live per ooat. of woUr, ood t? be woll dried before pockiag. To! *delivered aafollow* : Ooo third i S>oo or before the l*t of Arril. ooe tblrd S ' oo or be [ore the l?th of April, and tho romolaoor oa or beroiotbe lutbof April. 1?.7 Sample* mn?t t-e forniehod with tho propooala, le wlilca a opy of thia ?d verti?eni>-nt niagt be oi toe bed b* e* to ! # well Ktroptod with hlcWory trope, tb*- aoae of the ooatra^ tor, dote of tra lar oa well o* tb* roatewM. with grooa. tare, oni net weiaht. maet be plainly marked oo every pa k ..ite The eoap will bo corelally io?t>?et< d before It la received ood compared with the retained laiDflee. Verification wf weltht or ao?kafewill c> terBiltied oa deal re 1 by tb< uadoraiffued. who will aUo *e<tl>- all <jae*ti< n? with rogaro to noalily OBd COBdltl<? . ... Payment lo be made a" mon a* Ibe article la re:eiv?d os *atl? ociory hut t?eot> live per c-nt. alll be re*' rved from each pay meat until tbe completion of the contia t No a lowaace for pockatea. It will be received at the Subeirten-e Store- 1 kt UH4 In tbe Mounment Lot oad 6th ?tre. t Wharf; or At the Baltimore aj;d ?>bio Boll road Depot b*lla ? u.1,5 ,.t Major oad 0. B . C. S. A ?)BOPOBALB FOB MEAT. Qf> f Otf: of Swb>tM*?e* I Fa>ti*?M. U- C., March 4 lg(7.i Sealed Prepo?oi*,et the form farnla^e.1 by tho nnd- raicned. will be received, la doplbato, anil T H lTBBD * ?. the Itth o' It m . fur .11 tbe FKBBI1 kcBK and * IJTOB quired T;r ihe uee of the troop* and all tho OOBNBD BECF for axle or laeue at the folUwIag ploe-? >1i Wo*bingtoa. D. C . Aleaaodria. V o Fort Boali iugtvk, Md., Fort Fi>ote, M4 .oad Fort Whipple, ^Tropoaa'o will aleo bo received for all tbe F't' v fPeMOlred for oolo* t? offieara eappliod fr n the WaehiiiKtoa Depot. Thia Beef will be of trie tiooat tc.ality of eoloct aorta both from tAehinl uuorteia ana the lib* of the fore guarter*. i All Ute Meat willBe eobjoct to rigid iBoeecti a; to be exceUeot marketable quality on l In uaPinfti loaable coBdltion. The Frf'k <inlred tor tbe troepe of o>i?al pr^portio?a of f,r* Hod bitid-aaoitera, Beck*, ahaaka, and kidney tallvw not received In oil coaea, if tbe Moot la aot ootlafactory. porcho*o* 1b tbe open market will be aaede ot tbe exp?n?e of the coa tract or The contractor will bo re<mlr*d to delleertke Meat at tbe Store booae at the plooe* aaoieil. where ha will dlatrtbate It In ?t?b guortitte*. a ad at aacb tlmea, oa an officer of the Sub*l*teac? Deport meat may direct A . Baparote propewl* will be received for ?aot 7 l?? either of the ol?oTe aoBied ploce?. , hi "iddera moat be preeeot ot the opeaiog of tb* b,p*orm. at to bo made * ?hlo "f'"tal'ia* el 1 Meat purchased, or when la fa ode forth* Pjr **AU goeetloB* reapectlag qaaMto aad J will be**ttloa by tbe "?cer of the 8af?irt? arrstsaffstifistaisus, usxij?izzii.rm~? Bide ma?l >>e eodoraed" Propoaal* tor at??," aad addrevaad to tbe .>.4,