Newspaper of Evening Star, March 11, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 11, 1867 Page 1
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* CV A. (jfirmtug ^tar. i^u/ ' ' : va. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. ., MONDAY, MARCH 11. 1867. N0-. 4,370. __ THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY,(SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR RriI,Dl!*f?, yuMvttt corner /*'? * 'tfnw tU It A ?fre<L T \v. u>. wallac h. Tt.e kTAR Is served by lne earners ro their TiMir trt; in the City nod District fit Tkm ( i5T? riR w**?. Copie# Uth- con o'er,with cr without wrappers. Two C*irr* ?h. h. Trick rcB Mailiso?Three months, On* I iar anJ F\iffy Cen'i; el* month*. T\r". D fet>** Tf?r. #"'?:< U>'U*rt. No paper* at? ,fi!i from the pfllc* longer than paid for. PL* W KLKI.Y i>TAH?pnl)l>hed cm Friday meriting??*<i a /Jauf a J"?ar. PAWNBROKERS U bt&NMlNB $ L0ANT?FK1CE I * 4 7 > 3itiii et .. 1.1 Mii.'ft oi P< nn. ave , L *n- MI > r Y < n t?m#? f ?!* -ustoro-rs, oa Oil bd "?li - er Wa'C e-, I': am u ' ? J? - /Q\ ? >, Ladies' and 0*Bt!-o?en e WeartagJ. A Apc ?r> 1 V V ^nwwm ' A L fe H ? < >. % r* a i. lo W nFF:CF% he -|-o ii ib ?tre?t. ou?* >loor below Penn eve. 1 hie well known OIT.ce tnekee /Q\ LlBkKAL ADV.\N BS fy\ On D *R' i<j?. Oo'd ?n 1 Silver w atcbes ? vj < it Men eniise of *r$mt drnrtfiwi ? (.nevery day<*xcept Bnrntay from 4ft to to * p m. K B Busineee ftrlctly confidential. fe 28 tf rgTABLIiHICK 1 ? J J . b P B C I A L N H T II I < UALLEH Ii K h/H( kG. fc3Cct??.,r i > Iseic kl+i * Ih-i* A Son, ?s t' *- e conduct- .1 the Pawnbroli o : liualnese Ililt :*r twelve /Ov ar-t e?!v Ha?nV< * " in th? D'-tric',/"^ ll ' lethte , ?: b? -J of thi.nki ng their pstron?lfc) ? . u.e p . i lie for the h-r-ni ir? show a t li?ve tn c?ii their at ention to the !- ! IL?' v> n still . outibue tl> lunHo the highest ad <?i rn ti ?|| | ,nn *yon ail truciesol Jewelry, : '.pri". Watches. B r In, Oovert.nient Scrip vil*er I '? e ,*r for which ?'? have superior 1- p, < i HB'I s ?o irlty . whi/>h wfl? a!?nvi t e st v?i tor 'he > *ti?f>?<-ti ii ?if t?i.>.e p^tro'ilMn? ii? U>-btve peri*1 t?^|liUe? far the c*r? auit u?ii it ul Mttnu^ Apparel of e?ery d??i ' j *ii B * '> "le 1, .V,., uu ? Lit h the bigliei' vl >?I r?t ir> > ? !e. K<:?r*nt ein?: <*h?-n n juire l * ri oth, < .1 ?iwa>? ar;?in*t1hjtiry Having ? tree ?B'<'h> q*e in < o-nectl^h wit'i onr ?fti e, ? B<v? aperiAl fart It tie* for ot?rac? of ?ll "I "*f! i m ui'ure, <tc . on w iii li we -1 tlTMNW t? r dftyn. w.->?lt* or ii i.t V \* 1.1*11 bif>,clAi attention to the (?ct !h>?t?wicgto ttie !?rgo rarl'nl empl<?y<-d tn otjr ti.-ineee ??noigi|? atvio< ea *t ?nch rates of lbterret a* t > I'-fy c 'tnpet i tiorj AVe ?e!f no until thr Mrirttisii ??t m m nth* n'ter th< irfor'eiinr^. sti<i tf^jj .inly at jqMK' n-tcfion first ?!? i? ampl> o11 ??- t*ir.'ti?ti the ??rlons city jour n?N to all 4<-p?s<t0r?. By this w-ans deposit* w ' b s* are never loe? If th?1r re<1eaiptlon Is desire.I U e call spe. ia| attention t<* onr nrranee ni-i.ts for torwar-lin? u ds to *ny part of the cwintr'*. arrans-menra which an e*p?Tlenoe of fl'teeu ye?r? has bri o?ht to rertection 0*-poeitsrs ?r?- eratied b\ this m^iio to redeem their |;i? ds from vnroth.M no bitter where they way lekcate<l F'lll inf'>rr<ntloti ?l"a< given. Prl et?-?partRi?i ' for confide utial ba?inee?. KB ? I M?- fca?? no cobbh tl?>n with any ?i nilar oatah- | li?kiu>-nt In this city u- ter to anv ..Id resident of , M tsbmvtoB Kemember HKR/liKKO'S Lenn t'flice. 341 north 0 street, between 4X ?nd <>th, H ashttiaten. ! ? V. fe V> 1 m" !^|ONBy: MONICI!' MUSKY r? J t PBINC'1'8 NlWLi KWTABLI8HED LOAN !H 7 Pa. ?rt., n? 11 to Poteu'ini s Confectionery. Meney loaned oa everv .leecy?ptlnn of salable errha' dise eepecinllv Watches, Dia /Ov m i,d? and flte Jewelry I c*n a?snre/w \ tbes*' ?he maj fav..r wie with ther patron-O Q nee ti at II wiii not regret having done so N B ? Private door ard office. Persona not wi?h is to ent r the pnblic ofBre will ring the efhee1)#!!. f?26tm* | ua m orrioi. MOIKT leaned on <lold and 8ilyerJ^^\ Watch's Diamond- Jewelry,Clothing, Ac.M Q D DONoN AN. Pawtitmker No i7iE ?t ? > 1?* between Itfth and llth sta. 'I'U* OLD *?TABLl8MaD~V"lKM o* 1 H. UOLDtiTBiM A CO . L1C*N>ED I'AWM BKOKEEti. 34 TOUR AND A HALK STalKf WEST, near P'-tios>Ivania a^etne, t'ter tie bigtie^t cash advancen ng all klndeof M*rcl<?iidi*e. to any am' iint and for any ff?> tine <t??ire?l, at r?-asonabl- ratee A A i <te ? ?t n larre towi- greatly red iced Q En?*neas strictly c nfidentlal. Ooo4? h' nght for casta and aold at prlTate sale. fer 1} P K NT 1ST R Y. DB LKWIK s> DENTAL A^SOtM atTOJT N... -J*U fKNN'A AVIS , fc-tw. en lith and lJttl atrvets. Teeti eitracteJ wlthont pain by admlnsterlng i i'ii "r Laughing Dr Lr. n H I.?? recruit. pur< hasel the brstMSB t-ben .il Apptratcs in the tonntry for making rore Ter) day: alao, an iu.proTe<l Val m if t ? Th?- As?oriatii n is n w prepared tc ir.a? Teeth on *.?,ld. Silver and Hnbber %' New lork urladelpuiis and l'..>?ton price- All pers< [,-, ? sbing dental work <ione can have it a? h ap as m tie ab. ve-name-1 cltiea. All wotk don? in the c .teat and best manner, aad warranted to gtve -kttsfaction Peraona wll: do well t' rail m enuinc onr work. de 24 tf TUT n ~T 1 S] LOOMfft.M O.. T* elevantor and Patentee ef the HINKKAL 1 LA KTkSTfi, attends per?"nallj la o3ce In th>e city. Many : ? rs' ns canJMIMH * ear Jiese teeth who oaanot ? ear others,^" 1 ' " and li peraon can wear others w bo cauavt waar these ?\<rs?se calling at my r fflce can be accetamodated with any atyT.' and price of Teeth they may dealre, tit to these who are particular, and wi?h the Barest, cleaneat, strongest and most perfect den tsre ttat art can procnre.the MINKttALTBSTH will be more fnlly warranted. Kcoras in this city ?No MS" Penn'a aveane. be t?eea pth and 10th its Alao, 907 Arch atreet, "F?K60\AU~ \11U< < rKTI^lBYiaO, narn eyaa', m i T>st ;jcjium. II give life re*dings, inclading Past, Preaeninad Fature at her othce, 4-0, nerth aide of Pa av., between 4S and 6th streets Office MsnfMa)ttll m. and ( to 9 b. m. :a2i2m* AB. 41.1 EI B. BEAL SCIENTIFIC A = ThuLuViKH OK aMP.AIOA, Vrera the position anoa.pect ot the Stars at ths time ?t cDe's birth will rev. a! astonishing ae cvets that no Iniag mortal ever knew before^ how to b?succ>-n?tu| lia all ret<onabl* undertakings. He wlla name and very day yon marry , describes the fcten.led con Banion, and t. .la all eventa of life.geod Ib k and louc life to visitors. LaiieatO c?B?to3l e-r tlem^c In full $1. Call at 4 70 Hit at .near f, all hours uatil y in the tveai Q< de 31 2JB* C^tNFlDBNTlAL ?Young m?n who have la' Jttred ttenisetvee ry eertatn secret habits, which ocflt tlit-Bi for besine^s, pleasure, or the daties of married life; also, middle %i<ed and old men, who. from the fellies of youth, or other Oaosea feel a debility tn advene of their years, betere plad? 7 themse've* nnder the treatment of an) on? sft nld first rend "The Secret Friend " Married Udie- win learn something of importance t y P?-rij*.t.fl "The Secret Friend." bent to any adareas, it a sealed envelop* on ret-rtpt of V rents A .drees Dr. CHAS A 8TUABT A CO. Boxton, L" LOU hi F E E D I A fnl! assortment of all gra-ies choice Ftour for "ll'ff 'ica!it> So 1, price I w" Are ti.e o 11> Slrect receivers for Golden Hill. J. G^trbnil not Patapscv at. 1 Librfauor Family ' .1. .in the D.strict Aa the latter braud ba, '? u eitone vely com.trrfrite-l aoJ s?>ld la tii:s ' !. wsw'Uld tnforru tb mm wishing tats i>>ur by ra:,' t with the tnillera we furuisn It lower tt a. it can fcr obtained frotu any other source, ^ns lty lec nd t i.una. Priren fraction lees thau otter r-st class Kauilly Flour. i k wheat at low rates grades (<'> Western Klonr n store and for sale '< ? bj W 0AL?T A CO.. Indiana aiantsan.l 1st atreet, no 13 bear Depot. HI >AOLE A CO . Auctioneers Sale-ro. ni No 'J*** P'-nti anane, Between yth and luth sts, NAGLE A CO will ^ive their pers >nal attention t' tIi, sale of Kc al hsiate and tlo<ie-ho!d Fntni' ' A so. t. the sales of slocks of Groceries, w.n ? Li a rs a- M-r-hiadiSe of every le e, ru ti>,L II .rse? Carriages. U arnes?, Liberal cash aavanevs i< ade on constgnaients. hetn 1 ar t?ales at eur ?alesro? m overy TUESPAV. TBLBCDAY. and BATUBDAY, ?t 10 ?c,f5*f NACiLEACO, -**' ' Auctioneers. j^TElNWAY > FiABOS We have yn?t re elved a new assortment of 11 llANUfOlkTES lr n the lact.,r,. . oa i>t if of Grand,, and L'prlgUtfesS^^ t.nnet risnoe fTTTTl ? r th?* last teR years S?e1Bway'a Pian?s have CI .ill orcasiou-, re elved toe first premium over ali new York, B<<stoii, P'.Ma lelpbia. sad Baltimore a. keis wherever and wherever they have come 'l cm pet. ticn AttheWorWs Fair in London. Meieway a Son* received the intloreement Sof s (erlority of their Planoe o??r all makers of the one W G MET/EBOTT ft CO , le 23 tf N HI* Pfou aveaae. Bole Agents. \ J AChEBEL AMD OODFIBH. 10 lis pvnnds large iiHOBI CODFISH. m barrels No 1 M ACKBhEL. Jc?t re. elved and for sale at oar wharf, at tha *? olBsienth st. 8. P BftOfFVaSOB. Oom iiissioa Merchants, ?si; tf Bo. 414 Nlatfe st . bet. and r. f'OU.BBn TOY BOOK*. fTon Lea loa. French Joseotia Boeka. direct from Paris; Laboulayen' , * Psiry Tales; Beop. largely Illustrated, aad s I otL?*s.,uit received. <#>? PBANCS TAYLOB. DBTBITIAX 8 HABP BOO* 99 PftAOTIOB FBAhCft TATLOB. > CARRIAGES. ^KDBIW J. J0TC1 A 00., CAftBIAGX MANUFACTU RBR9, H08. 477 AND 479 FOURTEENTH STREET. We ere now prepand to recelv# or- A derafor OA RRI s G AS in ell the new a- d tub onebleaty les. to U> completed i>' "***"? at >u early day. * e have on hand a large a**nr tau nt of LIGHT FAMILY OAHRIAGES, Fib* TOP AND NO TOP BCG0IE3, DBA KBOBN R W\GONS. ROOKAWAYS, *C. P?e1roti? of maintaining the hlih standard which our work bus held for Many year*, we confineonr bnt-ilies? exclsisivt lv to OA KRIACE3 of oil' own Ii.HiUlacti.rr, ?ini of the lir?t ola-x #n|y, au4 ad *i'? our patrons and the public that we olfor so Inferlrr a?'e work, RKPA1KIKG mad* a spec iality. f. IS eolm ANDREW J. JOYOK A HQ WOOD AND COAL. { ' 0 A L : COAL'.I Be?t WHITE ASH at *3. by the ton. All sizes, te pnit < ost ~>mere. t?wfj aed Split O ^ K WOOD, '0 per c?rd. i INK $> L?we Oak. per t?ril. A t<'ii of Ct ?1 sold by mr aiwav-t weighs 2 210 lbs. JOHN B. LOBO. j fe 1 y ^ C rner t'.h aud G street i. j^JOAli COAL!! AT GKKATLT BEDHOBD PRICES G rofea toua of - 2%o lba.deliwfedinftn > part of tlie City I'hentnct White Ash. 87. Move f gu hd'1 Furnace White Ash, 38,0 R. d Ash 48 25 Lehigt., i?y. link ai d Pine Wood ncnstantly on baud. Orders received *t onr OHice; or at the Wharf, fot>t of Seventh street Si, P BROWN A SON. >* 16-tf 4fiA9th street. between K and I\ HOTKLS, RESTAURANTS, Ac. I/1BKW00D UOUB1. Corn'r Pinna. ar$nw nn<t Txr'l/fk B'a'im.fois, i> C. Sltuet.d Id the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AMD PRESIDENTI-AL MANSION, Only a short distance froin all the Department*, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, H. H. DUDLEY A CO., P? Proprietor!. L"1 MRICH'S RESTAURANT. m-J No. liii Penna avenue, near 6th street. P BM RICH wishes to inferm his friend* and the public generally that he now keeps ccn I, . taijtly on hand OYSTERS. freeh every day. prepared In every atvle If t III* WIN B8 and Llo I'ORS cannot be surpassed Call aed gtre htm a trial. oc 23 tf 1867 GRAND EXCURSION I ?S<)7 TO THE PARIS EXPOSITION The new and lirst class ocean going iron Steam HAVANA, 2.?J"tont burthen. STB I'flKN WHITMAN, Commuder, ?lll Make ;<n EXCURSION fmtn New York t > Havre and beck silling from Pier 4t?, Ntrth River, on W EDK ESDAY, April 17th. at 12 o'clock m , Takirg passenger* for Paris, London an1 Bremen. Betnrniti?, wl11 sail from Havr? on InneUti u'tv in* p 1-seiifrei-h doing Ex(nr-ion Tickets al.out si* weeks in Europe. T11s maijnif.c^nr Ste mship is divided into water ti;bt compartments. ai.d has been newly fnrni-htd and elegantly fitted up expresaiy for tbi? \oyaK<The HAVANA will only carry frst class passerger*. An experienced Surseon on board l< f .1 full fc'ifi'l oi Mi'.'i wt'i ' i''a it I'o h' - A?r Priee of pa?sa?e. in correnc.v, to Havre and re tnrn. $;5o and "9) ac< nling to Kl/e of state r xwi. To Havre only *180 an l J} 175 lor fnrther particulars and passage apply to the A sects, MURRAY. FEU RJ 3 A CO., *i2 Sonth street, N?w York. Or to the Agent of Mercbenta Union Express Coinpatiy, Mrj?shiiigton. sihn sut C'ULLMBIA HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN , AND LYING IB AB7LUM, Bonrteenthatreet,(circle,jcorn?r of M street, Waahiagton, D O. Tble Institution has been established for the reception of patients wbo may be anffsring from diaeases seen liar to their sex and for the admission of anch females as may require the comfarts of the lying in chamber The building is situated In tbe most healthy portion of the District, anrronnded by ita <^sB grounda. Care paas the door every Ave minutes Term-' of admission . From 96 to ?10 per week tn accordanre with tbe reom required, payable In advanc This inclnd>s Board, Medicfaea, MedIcai and Sarglc*! attendance. medio a l iTArr BPRGEON IN OH1EP. . J H THOMPSON, M D., 1*4 I street, between mh ao<l Slat streete CONSULTING PHYSICIANS AND BUiZSeONB. n ^ BARNES, M. D., Burgeon General, United States Army klLEf 5j j) Oeorfet'.'wa. THOS. MILLER. M D , F street, Waahlegtun. A ^ P.OARNBTT.M D., New York avenue. W P JOHNSTON M. E> .Washington GRAFTON TYLKR, M V , Georgetown. F HOWARD. MD..K street. Orders for admission to tl* free beds In this h'^arltal,(of which there are au,> can be obtained of be Ssirgeea in chief at this office, 1 4 I street, or of any of tbe Medical start, aad of tbe Reva. Dra. Hall. Gurley, Gillette, and Coombs. ?iui aud widows ef soldiers desiring admission will apply to the Surgeeu General, United Statee i arn.y. Pvtlents llrlna at a distance w+>? deelre to come i to this inetltotion for tr>-atiarnt can aecare private rooms by applying by letter to the matron of the ho*pitat. A B. GILLETTE. D D , an 33 eoly.s President. | ARV LAND AUBlltLTlRiL COLLKOB. T he duties of this Instituslon w ill be resumed on >10IS I>A * , Kikul M aroli While it is designed to maJve instruction iu the the*?ry an praftice of Aarl nlture.the pe uliar teature tt e College, pro* i?l.,ii is mad? f.,r a fin I cour?e cf coll^jiate lr.struction. embracing the Lati r Greek. French, German, It all-in au 1 Span i?h lau^iiVj.H or any of them, a course of Maitimstics Mental and Moral Science, History .nd the atndy ol the Kngliah Langtiage and Literature. Natural Iliatory and Natural Philosophy in their ?ev<Tal braarbes, will hav e special at tenti'ou Mliitary Tsctics will be taught There will b?- no Preparatory School, but a se lectui English and Scientific urse mav be takeu at tbe ?tudetit ? option No one received nnler fenrteen vearsofage For a Ci-cniar and further i formation aIdram N B WORTH INttTON. Register. Ac , Office of Amorican Farmer, m 1 eo iw Baltimore ^GENTS WABTBIK 5100. ARB l?140 PER MONTH is uou being made In our Agents canvas-lng for the u*w work of biatorical value and romantic intei eat, entitled "uiannc EARING OK THE GRAY," Comprising Ptr final Portraits. Skt'rhr*, A<lreniur,t nntf r or th< tat* Witr, with Tkhl/,M^ Xorn<K?? af Vif Hiring Dertls, Dmhinx Cknnrt, Toil<w Mtrrhts, WUlio s Swnjir+t, ,,n,f fat i'M tar 'Of tn. n HOVS IS GRAY. B^ JOHN BSTAN COOKE, t Formerly af Ueneral Htnart's Staff tnlkor of son^'ii 0 ' Beet," "Life of Stonewall Jack' riANDSOMELX ILLUSTJEATBD. ' . m%T*u' nergeiic meut and women a rare chance 4" '"?"* Addre#~ SOUTHERN PPBLI^HING COMPANY, r~i o".; i?3,"""STTiSt t'BlTBD MATU BOB OS "r~ I AND tSiii e' ? iMt?Mai,ay?|aai ? w _ SPECIAL NOTICES. MBS. M G BBoa N 8 M ETA PHYSICAL D13COYEKY cures Deafness, Catar'h, ill Dlsaaeea of 'he Eye, and evrry dlsea?e flesh is heir *? Fur sale by ail Draggist* mh Si*'" MH8 M G. BBOWN'S CRLEBBATED POOR BICHABD 8 tYK WaTBB. Lirte up every sunken eje. and strengthens mitt weak eye, op'us blind eye*. is the beat in the world. For sale by *11 Druggist*. mb9Zw* MRS M 6. BROWN'8 UNBQUA c-LED SCALP KtMiVATliK AND B A IB BESTORKB No ul pt n r In this preparation , which is killing the sculp* ai-d reider'ng the teople blind. 1 or sale by all Druggists. mb 9-1w* IT IS NOT A HUMBUG'? Be convinced. Though having be*n i-i use only for ashort time. METCALFE S GHEAT RHEUMATIC REHK I)V I h? eatn< l a world-wide reputation and Is recomri-tiided Ky the beat doctors iu New York as B-e< nly sure cure for Rheumatism h( ecitv 8. C. FOB?, Agent. REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES, Ho 14 Bond street, New York. VFuU lut-riiiitloa with the tifixtnonia->, also, a Book on Sprcial Diseases, tr? a staled envlovt. sentfree. Bt sure an t s?n I for Mew, anil yvv rrtll not r'trrf it: for, as advertising phy siciauM ?re generally tmposfnrs, wlthont referr*r*s no stranger ehenld be trusted. Enclose a Htanip for portage ap<i direct to UK. LAWRKNCg. No 14 Bond street. New York coliDAWly ir M A R BI A < E Ab D CELIBACY, AND THE i'hpciutrPs of True SiauUood.?An Ef?av I ?r loi.i g Men uD the Crime of bo'itude, auJ the Physiologic a! Errors, Abuses mid Divaaes whiin ci iate impediments to Marriage, with wnre means Of Belief 8erit in se*l. d letter envelopes. freo of charge. Address Dr .1 SKILLIN HOUGHT11N, Howard Association. Philadelphia, i'a. jitll-lin SECRET UlSBAbEB. Samaritan'* Gift is the most certain, safe and eflectual remedy ?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cures in two to tour days, and recent cases In twenty four honrs No mineral, no balsam, tio mercury Only teB pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope and A friend tn those who do ot strM te be exposed. Mai# packages, #J.lemale, Q3. 8a v ak!Tan's Boot an^. Hkrh J rica*?A positive and permanent sure far !"p> kills. Scrofnt*. Ulcers, Sores, Scots. Tetters, Ac. Pr'ce 91 P?r bottle. Bald by ft G Ford. See advertisement m? DANCING. DBOFB. J. W. A H. P. K BE IS' DANCING ACADEMY, Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 8th and 7th it) . JA Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Nsw Classes forming every evening Those desiring to enter onr classes should avail themselves of this opportunity. Preparations will be made In this quarter for our annual May Ball Circulars can be bad at J. P. Bills' And W.G. Metrerot; A Co.'s Music Stores. The fiall can be rented for Soirees. Ac. Days ami Hours of T\iition : For Ladles, Misses and Masters. Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, from S to 5 o'olock. Gentlemen s Olasses, Tnesday and Friday evenings. from 8 to lu o'clock. For further Information, apply during the hours ef tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with tbe first lesson. ja8 MARIHl'B FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, AT n MAB1NI S ASSEMBLY BOOMS, JA E, between Jth and lttth streets. Tbe last 'luarter of thi? season, pret ara WHA tory to the May Ball will commence on Saturday, March 2. Classes fer theGermai are now open. N B ?Private instruction given to suit tne convenience of the papll. seSS MA-. LhAl'K AND FANCY DRESS BALLS AND PARTIES. The uBderslgntid would most respectfully inform the ladles aBd gentlemen of Wushingtoa city, and the District generally, that he Is at all times prepared to furnish parties with Masquerade and Faucy Costume, either ou loan or made to order. He Las taken roonu at the well known fancy establishment of Christian Rxppert, Esi., A J V 7th etroei. t,etw?eR D and ?, w nere he will M happy te await orders. CHARLES B E BG, late Costumer at Ford's and Greer's fe 1MW>? Theaters, Washington. D. O. CLOTHING, Ac. ^1 KiiCUA.ST TAILUKING. 1 he undersign id having entered intocopartnersblp and laid in . n eztn. sive an < carefully _ a* tolected -tork ef ( LcjT H8, C A = SI ?1 E BKS MtSTlNciS. and Gentlemens FURNISH (1^ 1NG GOODS, are prepnred to male up for IT their customers n- 'if fittnir t f'i iionnbU suits of clothing, at their Bt? establishai-nt, N S'JO E street, two door? * est of tbe National The ati-r. Persons desiring neat fitting and fashionable Clothing ox moderatu terms, should not fall to give <i- a call before purrbaslnif elsewhere. WEO T KEEN. B.W.GILBERT. Fertberll Of ft??v? uth at . Merchant Tailors. Klit'lm* No. .'i'^0 I" st. bet. lith and 13th. FJ. HEI-BEBGB&, . Successor te H F. L*Hdon A Co.,^a CITIZEN'S AliD MILITARY ,*?i w MF.KCHAXT TAILOR, Km Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown's, 36a PeBDaylvtnla asv 1 tf Washington D C. BOOTS, SHOKS, <fec^ gjll BOOTS AND SHOES. fW NEW TT OBI. The nnderslgoed beffs leave to Inform his frien<M and the ptiblic generally that he has opened the NBW CHEAP bTURE. Mo. AOil 7th street,under Odd Fellows' Hall, where be has on hann a general assortment of Ladies' aad Oentlemeu's, Boy's Hisses and Children's BOOTS AND SUOBS. Bemesiber the somber, :>u J 7tb street, nnder Odd Fellows' Hall The New Cheap Store, formerly K F. Pace's store. dej8 _ WEOBGB B. WILSON. h clagbt- h b. sweikr, BEAL ESTATE BROKERS A!?B AUCTIONEERS. Parties contemplating building In tbe spring or I purchasing unimproved property for iBvestmeat will find ft to their a<lvantage to look over our list before purchasing, as we have aided recently to our former list a large amount of that description of property. We < an offer many indocemonts as tegards situation, low prices and easy terms. We have alao for inte several small tracts of land in the Immediate vicinity of this city, very ell fit ly located for suburban residences, as well as , igbly improved farms lu Maryland, which ara really bargains. Property left with us fer sale does n?t subject ' tbe owner to expense naiess sold while on oar books. fell lm CLAGETT A SWEENY. f^BOOEBlBS. If HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New York avenae and LMn street, (Entranre en New York avenue,) Dealers in fine FAMILY GBOOERIE8, TEA"*, W1NE8, IMPORTED LUXURIES, Ac., At ., would respectfully notify their friends and tlie public that they bgve just opened their New Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article nsa ally k? pt in a first class Grocery. WlthoOt attempting to ennmcrate oar large, fresh and well elected st> ck,we cordially Invite the public to examine our stere and stock, believing we sUail not fail to give entire satisfaction to all who utty favor us with their patronage. We call e-epeaiel attention to onr assortment of TE A S anil COF F EES, which have been selected with great < are for purity. Dealers will find a floe assortment to select from, and oar prices to suit. Goods delivered promptly in any part of the city, jan 9 3m VICTOR BECBER, PIANO Tl NER AND REGULATeB.--^B~ Establishib ij* 186*. BR1 OISUI sow ktciirtn at DBMPSEY A 0TOOLB 8 Engravers and Bta tlonets. Ac., 3*it> Pa. av.,bet. 9th and loth hU F. 0. BVICHENBACH'6 hano Isomi, 4 tf e? llth streot, usar Pa. avenao. Sr>tial ttntim from Win. f main t Oa., Baltimore. Mr Beeker nas taned Pianos foruatour Warerooms, and we take pleasare In stating that we bolUvahiBto boa competoat taner. aoSl-ln ^7 A SHIN OTOS 0 ITT ~ 8AYINB8 BANK, Corner of 7th street and Louisiana avenue. PiH INTBBE8T OB DBP01ITB. HIOBIBT MABKBT BATES PAID FOB GOLD a? ixx/TJU. bimi TELEGRAMS, kc. I The bill railing for a convention to reorjanire under the military bill, which passed the I Virginia Senate, received a yote of lw to 8? 1 jfvcB Senator*- being absent. It provide* that the election of delegates shail be held on the j I tirst Tbiircdav in May, and tbe convention 1 shall meet in Richmond on the third Monday I 1 in May "to form a constitution of government

J in conformity with end act ot Congress'' All I persons are" to vot* for delegates who are I qualified to yote by tbe act of Congress. GovI erner Peirpolnt is empowered to appoint three I persons in each connty, who shall *ele*t c?*mI mi-sinners to condnctthw voMng. The nnmtier I cf d? leg-ates to be the same as is allowed to tbe I pre^nt House of Delegates A dispatch from Carson says the Nevada I Legislature adjourned sine He. Tbe LieuteuI ant Governor, before it adjourned, said the I legislature bad btought no credit on themI selves or State; no revenye bill ha? been been I passed, and that the State was withou credit, I laving tne credit of one hundred I barrels of tl??iir tor the state prison, which was I wit boat a tef'i provt-ions. and that hewonlrl I turn tte prisoners loo. e to seek for a living tor tht msel ves. The closing scene* were disgrace' I till. I 1 n consequence of appreOended trouble a* I the municipal election in Mew Orleans to-day, I General Sheridan has ordered that no polls I shall l.ejppened. The election will be postponed I nn'il a district commander is appointed or I idrcltl instructions are received covering the I w:tse I l.dward O'Brien, a switch-tender on the New Jersey railroad, has been convicted of I I manslaughter, and fined hundred dollar' I lid wHiBCtd to three months' imprisonment, I for negligence and an accident by I vliichtwo pSMMgen were killed last sumI iiut. 1 he Senate of Maryland has rejected the bill I whi, ti bad passed r!i? House ot Delegates to I call a State convention to form a new constiI tution. A motion to reconsider the question I is pending. The Fenian excitement ;n New York has I abated. N iim-rous donations were accepted. I but owmc to tbe lowness of fun 1s, hundreds I w h > offered to volunteer were refused. Nineteen steamships sailed from New Yorlt I Saturday for European, West Indian, Central I American, and coastwsse ports, carrying one I thousand passengers and 000 in specie. K. W. Taylwr, a prominent citizen of PetersI burg, Ya , was drowned there Saturday while I endeavoring to cross the Appomattox. Tne I new ra'lroad bridge has been washed away. | In tbe House of V irginia,Saturday the Senate I bill for a convention was reported, with an I amendment, protesting against the constltuI tionality of Sherman s bill. | The steamer Santiago de Cuba with CaliforI niapassengers via Nicaragna, has arrived at I I ."iew York. She reports the Transit route I perfectly healthy. I Articles of Impeachmant against Governor I Wells of Louisiana, have been driwu up aud I referred. I George Shea, one cf the counsel of Jeff I liavis, reached Fortress Monroe yesterday I morning on a consultation visit. CONGRESSIONAL. Senate.?Saturday afternoon? I The resolution appropriating *1,00(1.out for I pa rebus of supplies of food sufficient to preI vent starvation and want in the South, was I debated at considerable length and finally I passed. Mr. Cameron introduced a resolution mI itrnctiag tbe Committee on Foreign Relations I to inquire what steps are necessary to prevent I foreign Governments from introdncing upon I this continent institutions and governments I contrary to those established bv the founders I of this Republic, etc. Referred to the < *ommitI tee ou Foreign Relations. The Senate then, on motion of Mr. Sherman, I went into executive session, and soon after I adjourned. THK MARVIANIi LKi.IRI.ATt'KB?Action nrt I the ' um fbtc n full.?The Senate, on Saturday, I took up ihe bill from the House to t all a coiiI vennon to lorm a new state constitution. A I motion was made bv Mr. Maddox to change I tbe time of electing delegates from May n?xt I nn'il November, This motiou. after de| bate was rejected?yeas 7, navs in. M: MadI dox then moved to strike out the provision re. I quiring tbe convention to Insert a clause in J the constitution prohibiting payment for slaves 1 bis amendment led to a protracted discus. I siou. and was finally rejected?yeas 2. nays j I 1c. Another amendmeut was offered and re| jected The vote was then taken on the pas. I sage of the bill and resulted?yeas 1.1. nays T. I As it lacked one of a two-thirds majority", the I bill was declared lost. Notice was given of a I motion to reconsider the vote. Two of the I Baltimore city Senators?Messrs kimmelland I Stirling gave their votes for the bill, bnt th>* I third one, Mr. Mules, voted in the negative There was an interesting debate in the I House, on Saturday, on the bill providing for j a State tax of fifteen cents on the Sluo for the I support ef the free public schools of the I state. It was proposed to amend the bill by I making the tax ten cents, and also that the levy I shall be made upon the existing assessment J law. No final vote, however, was taken. The I bill to charter the Frederick and Pennsylvania hailroari Company was defeated, but the vote I was reconsidered. The bill was then made a I special order for to-morrow. A; the hour of I adjournment a motion waa pending lorecon I sider tbe vote on the passage of the bill incorporating the Central Railroad Company. I YUOIIU Limsr.ATi KE ?In the Senate, on Friday, bill to authorize th* transfer of the I State's inieret- ir. 'hi? Al-xar.dria, Loudoun I and Hampshire railroad to che said company on certain conditions, wa? laid oil the table The bill No 5i, au'horizing c-rtain citizens of Fairfax eountv to be credited on their taxes for 1L?7, bv :ne amounts of# taxes erroneously paid by them in 'be year 1-01, 1 -'tl-J, iPOl, and l-?5,was referred to the Committee on Finance. Tbe bill to secure interchange of cars en all connecting roads, and through tickers on all loads in the State, was passed. The bill to amend and re-enact the 2d aud 1Kb sections of an act entitled ,lan act to promote and encourage immigration into the State of Virginia," passed 3d ot March, 18<i<>. was passed. In the House of lleiegaies, bill providing for a State Convention was referred to the i oramittee on Resolutions. House bill relating to Alexandria Kailroad Canal Uompany, wa* tejected by a vote of ayes 3b. noes 1*2?not a constitutional majority. The vote was, on motion of Mr. Waddell, reconsidered, and, oil motion of Mr. Robertson, passed by. Thk State Excise Law.-The Senate bad under consideration last night the bill to extnnl the Metropolitan Excise Law all over the State, and referred it to the Judiciary Committee to repoit complete, which is equivalent to ordering it to a third reading. In tbe meantime, it is proposed to make the Excise Law in the city more stringent in reference to the use of ale on Sunday, and iustead ot removing the most offensive burdens to make the existing law more offensive. So | we go in New York. In Massachusetts, where j for years penal laws have been piled upon penal laws to suppress intemperance, some of tbe best men'in tbe State are now urging legal reformations. The more intolerant the law, 1 the greater the amount of intemperance it is declared.?.V. I*. Exprctt. | Land Sale.?P. McCracken, real estate ageut, has sold lrelaud Farm, in Stafford county, adjoining Falmouth, formerly John R. Fitzbngh's, containing #J0 acres, to John E. Woodman, of New York, for ?4,500.??'J,5W? cash. P. McOracken and James Taliaferro have sold H W. Celbert's farm, In Spoteylvania connty, containing 244 acres, known as 'Spring Hill," to Joel Lingley, of Chester county, Pennsylvania, for ?l,7uo cash, the balance on tune.?FrtiUrickthuri/ Herald. K7"The General Assembly ot North Carolina adjourned on Monday, to meet in August next. %jr'\ be number of Indians In the United States at present is VReer fills many a bottle, and the bottle fills many a bier. MT'The Pennsylvania Committee ot the State Senate on % ice and Immorality, has reported against Sunday passenger railway travel la Philadelphia. ^"Several European capitalists are traveling through Texas and Louisiana with an eye lofutare pnrr bases. %JTRrideport, Genu., is scandalized by young men masquerading About tne town at ni^b: in women's clothes. A panther attacked and alternated to carry off a child near Bricksbcrf, New Jersey, the other day. It was cloeely pursaed and drspped tbe child, which escaped with- i out injury. I BALTIMORE >1. E. (OXFERCM E. rot BTH PAT. 1 he eighty, third annual session of thi? < onfT'ncf wwr?nmfioii Saurday a' th? F.utaw street cbunh, the usual religious services conduc ed by I>r. Qk?d . Bisaop Kiagsley presiding. J. A McCauley retnrned to he Board of Stewards the sam of ailo:u?d to i? B Barues, who is now dead. A communication on the snbjec: of Cbarch extension was received from Kev. Mr. Patterson. agent of the Church Fxtenslou Society J W Swope, at his own repeat, and K M Lipscomb. were retired to a supernumerary relation, and O. P Wergman pla *d on the superannuated llat. T. T. Wysoug applied lor a location, which was granted. On motion of Mr. Clemm, David Trout was entered as withdrawn l'rom he Coufereuce A report on Dickinson College wa*4Vibmitied by G. D. Cbenowitb, agent of tha' college. The Confereuce Stewards reported th-following claims Superannuated, ii.*:*.. widow* sud orphans, VJ.I70. efl'ective. t?"e-9. total, $5.Tli9. The following receipts were :icku3?|. edg-d Baltimore District, ?l,o.J3.tiU South Baltimore District, SO'ri\ri Wm-tnugtou District, fTic ?>- Winchester District. 1? chartered fund, **; ; R. Barns, dividend returned, *65 50: total, I ;.3t>. A dividend of itVper cent, has been ei\en 011 each claim. The committee desire, tha' gr?*a*er eflTofs shall be made in ?he collections for this fund, that the preachers present their collect, mis on the second day of the Conteren e. and :Har tiir>-e ministerial Stewards be appointed ' > the Coufereixe representatives in the Boards. The report was adopted. 1 pon motion of A J Myers, fhe Sailors' City Bethel vi as exempted from p tymg 'tie collections made there for the general mi-su nary cause in'o 'he treasury at ,\ew Voi k. The tecond question, -Who remain on trial !" was taken up, and Messrs. H F K Lee< b, Charles W. Baldwin, and J. s liver were continued. Luther T. Weidermau was continued as deacon. J 'hales H. Wytenper, .loel Brown. L. R. B. Rhode*, were passed as elders. Cpon the question of those admitted into full connection, O. F. Waters was discontinued at his own Teqne?t: G. W Carpenter wus ontinued on trial: A. Robey was discontinued at his own request. Greenleal" G. Baker. William Burris, local preachers, members of Foundry "station. Washington, were passed as elders. J. T. Kicbards, Baltimore iMstrict. Wm G. Young, isouth Baltimore District; Joseph B. Sutt, Washington District; J 11 Carskadon. Winchester District, and George W Kombnrg Rockingham District, were eiec'ed to dea. onu' orders. John A. H. Moore, whose name had oeen stricken from ihe roll becauseof hi* being pre. vented from attending Conference on account ot ihe war. was restored to membership and given a supernumerary relation without au appointment. B H. Smith spoke at length upon the subject of taking np collections lor the promotion of a parsonage fund. In this connection a resolution was adopted instructing each preacher in charge of such circuit* and stations where parsonages are not found to organize .1 Parsonage Fund Society, the better to secure toe objects of the fund and to bnild up the fnud. The Committee on Nece-sitons Cases, through its chairman, W H. Chapman, appropriated S 1,200 for the benefit or claimants. A committee was ordered to be appointed to pu-h certain claims for property destroyed by the war in Washington. The Tract Committee reported resolutions of endorsement by this Conference of the objects of the organization, and directing collections to be made in all the churches fur that body. Adjourned until Monday, ?la. m.?Baltimore A mertcan. Baltimore Annual < onferenee of the Episcopal >1' tlio.list t hurch. FOIHTH DAT?siTCRDAT. Conference met i?t <? a. m . and was opened with devotional exercises, conducted by Kev. T. B. Sargent. Tb' committee appointed for the purpose ol making arrangements lor the funeral service* ol the late Bishop Soule. submitted a preamble and appropriate resolutions which were adoted 1 be following persons were admitted to the ministry on 4 W Jordan. Jas t . Clark and Alex. M.Cooper. T C. Wortenbaker and John S. Pwllen were authorized to b- employed respectively bv the Pr?,dmg hlders of the Baltimore and South Braneb Districts. W . J. perry was appointed to supenutend the publication of the proceedings of Cout-rence. (ieorge (1 Brooks. Chairman of the Coram.ttee oil Missious, presented a constitution. A. lor a Board ol Domestic Missions of the Baltimore Conference ot the Episcopal Metbodis' Church, which was adopted On* dar is to be set apart in the year lor a sermon and collection in behalf of the Mission cause, and onetenth ol the collections are to be forwarded to tne Parent Society, and ths balance to be applied to the support of the Gospel within the bounds ol the Baltimore Conference. The object of the Board was fullv explained by Drs McFerrin and Schon. of Nashville, Tennessee. John P. Bay ley and James H. Burns were located at their owa request. James Higgins and Sylvanus Towmsend were elected to LIder's orders. Conference then adjonrned ?Bait. American W??hi?;U? Annual Conference M. E (hurch (Colored.) KOCRTB pay. j The Conference was opened on Satarday with devotional exercises by D P. Jones, after v* bich Bishop Simpson called the body to order, and introduced to the Coulerence R*vs. Larnh&st, (/raj*. Shannon, Keise, liemorv, Murkham, Kr-ever and Kann, of La? Bar.raeie (inference. lhe Conlerence resumed the examination of characters, and the loilowing ministers pa<M. Spridle. H. Carroll, C. O. i isner, P s on. J Mabery, BR Klbert. P.U.Walker, J. H Brise and D. P. Jones. The Conlerence then elected the fallowing to Deacons orders, vizB. Carroll, J. Mabery, 11 W ood. J. Washington, and A. Kdmoud*oii, anil for Fldersordert. IS'. Jackson, P.G. Walter. 11 Mathews and James 1'homas. The Bishop introduced Ker. Dr Sargent, of the Fpiscopal Methodist Church South, aud Revs Fisher, Bart and Sherlock, of the Ka--t BaltiDiCre Conference, and Rev. Mr Bia.. of the Baltimore t'onlerence. The appointments were announced for Sabbath services, and the Conteren.e adjourned with doxology and benediction bv Rev. R s Vinceau of Fast Baltimore Conference. Wheji Did Slavsky Cka~k!?A suit w.u? recently brought belore Judge Duvall, i?. the Fnited States Court at Austiu. Texas, to recover the value of a note given ftr some negroes in 1N>4. The delonce alleged that the sale, taking place alter the emancipation proclamation was issued, w is ilieu'u., and that there was ao consideration. The jury held that the decease ol slavery must be dated at the militarv Occupation of "the crate by the federal troops. The ca?e will go to Washington. , ' Rklhybii.?Captain E. B. Gates, an officer of the Freedmen's Bureau, for some tune superintendent of the government farms in oar 1 county, and latterly a resident of oar town. 1 has been relieved from duty in our community by bis superiors and assigned to a position, we understand, at Freedtnen*s Tillage, near Washington. Be is to txrBUcceeded by Capt. A. A. Lawrence, whv has already arrived at his post ol duty.? Levnardton^i [itd.j (icuMte. Gow* SorTH ?Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe 1 aud her brother, Charles Beecber, nailed from New York, on Tuesday, en route to Florida, in which State Capt. Frederick B Stowe owns and is cultivating n farm. They expect to re. main in iho land of centipedes and flower* ' some six months. Robb*r\ .?A freed man celling himself Henry Bolden was committed to jail at Rockvtlle Md? on Saturday week, tor robbing the hoase and premises of E. W. Burette. Esq., delegate from that county to the Legislature, of a lot of female wearing apparel and some poultry. 1 Mztrodist Episcopal CoariRxttcB The ' tenth annual session of the East Baltimore Conference of tbs Methodist Eptsoepal Chnrol begins in Ki ederick, Md.. on Wedneeday next 1 the ?3?h Inst. Rev Bishop OatTia Klaniev of Cleveland, Cbio, will preside. w 1i?ti?ti6ati?? rum I^irrnniBA. The Pen nsylvauialx-gisiatarehas appointed aepe- 1 cial committee to inanlre into the lettery and ^ol l^'bnainese carried w? lm Ifcert^efYhll- 1 PROM URori Tbe Pfiita UiarrrctiH, tr. I .ob dob, March 9?.Noon ?It ia reported fTMi lnlud to day that traaqtllltr ha. been restored throughout the pro vtuoe of i^iaMr, and that. tiers bwa uo reoeat OJtu Mnt id the county of Kerry, the ?ci*d? of the abortive ombrea-B of la?t mouib. DrIU?. March h.? a dispatch from Wit?r. fi rd ?UtM taai Ui* Oalir imt?aiaia?. on th? border* of Tipperary ud Ourb < ouutie*. nr? swarming wild 1 euian*. and it m feared Aai an attack will be made upon tbe town ot Tipperary. tbe inhabitant* ot wbich aiv disaffected and atrongly disposed to beij. them Unriwx,XirclMp m ?Official dispatches from lteland My that load* of arm* have been discovered and iwi*?-d by tbe military, aad this fact seems to confirm tbe report that iur rising ot tbe Irish bad failed to be reneral. Tbe reorganization ot tbe iWbritovernaoat hvh^n ci mple.. d Tbe Duaeof JttaritMruugh become* Lord President ot tbe Privy Council in placw of tbe I Mike of Buckingham. who *t< sp iu'ed Colonial Secretary, and in* Jtuae of Kubmono vuU 'ake the chair at tbe Mad of the IV ard of Trade. 1'iapatrbea from Dublin atate that small bands of Uuiau* *:? pa roling tb<- counties ot for*. Wa eriora, Tipperary. and Limerick. iwiu( tbe people into their raaks Bud committing ofl?n> e* every where 1 be taverns in tbe city ot Cork are to bf dosed e\ery eveniug at dusk. James Steven* la reported in be atill in Pari*. Tbe funeral ol Arirmun Ward. (Cuarles F. Krown^,) took pla>e to-day. The remain* wer* bulled iu kensal Green, and were followed to 'be grave bv a great number ot liierary geu'l*men and Irb nd*. including many American*. I be Cnl'ed States legation wn> represented by Mr Moran. secretary to Mim-t-r A<1am* Dl'BLls, March lu?Tbf hand of Fenian* reported to bave t.ik**u poMftawa ot u>e barrack* a: Kiltech. in Ivildare county, bar# been di?per-ed by the troop- 1 he insurgent* made an Attack on tbe batrrcks at Mouut MeUik. a: th-loo? cf Siini* Kloum Aluuu'aiu, aud were repul?? d Two ot the attacking party were alio: The rebel* are *a,l toha\e a-sen bled to the number ot three thousand in the neighborhood ol Aborle Troop* have t?eeu Mint out to d'*pvt-e 'hem Tbe extstence of a Fenian . ouucil. which has been ic session iu ibis city Lu been discovered, an.I tbe member* arre-'ed by tbe police, General Burke, one of the Fenian k-aoera in tbe south. ha- been cat?t a red at Tipperary. I.? *r?^>\ March't- ?A dispatch from Cjiiatautinople ?ta>e?< that the saltan ha* rati# Ceticet-sions which are aati*iactory to -he ppl?* ol Sei v 1a, and has promised t? nrrt iau? etle^t tlii* iirmau cl 1*Ih? A delegation ha- Tf acht d Constantinople MAbBlTk, March M? ? A royal proclamation KiiiuiiiDcrs the termination ol martial It* in Spam. I-1 oitim e, March 10.?A n attempt wa? rn ?d> to a^s-a-sinatv the Kuij; ol Italy, MiUu. v hicb failed Athiki, March in.?A terrible e^rtb<|ua'<c? has taken place in the Wand of Mytifen** All the habitation* on the i*l&ud are m ruins, aud hundred- of live> bave b-eu lost. I'aki*. March b1?The Moniteur stvtea tba'. by ihta time all French troopa mu*t have lefMexico, and that the Jeparture ol th? Ktnp-ror Maximlian wm to have takeu place on th?? cth of March, frc m Vera Crux. [By Steamer.J N*w \ (irk. M?r. b lo._Th? >teamer America from Sou'hampton on the 2Ttb, l>as arrived. In the House ol Lords, on the tM ultimo.* I-ord Derby moved the aecond reading of tb? bill to continue tbe ru*pen*ioii ot tbe babsvn corpus in Ireland fcarl Kussell gave a >x>rdial a?s?mt to the bill, which he considered tuliv justified by racent event*, and commented strongly on the conduct ot the Kemaa leaders in tbe l otted Stat??. especially dej recatiar tho interference of the American Government iu relation to th?? trial of the Fenian invaders iu Canada. Lord Derby fave an explanation on the part of tha lrisb Attornov treoeral. and prorated that the correspondence relative to the President s message concerning tbe Fenian trial* tn Canada should be laid belore Parliament. Tbe bill *a? then read for the second time. Two Irish Americans were arretted on beard tbe vessel from Cardiff, at i;ork. Mom were recently at Chester A Corfu telegram of February v4 states, on Qreek authority, that w Turks were defeated on tbe tnth and l?tfe in the western portion of Crete, loatng two fune and many prisoner . The ottoman- wsr* also l>eaten on theiub and 12th ib another part ol the island Fresh mtimacrss are reported by the Turk* Tbe Cretans elected as delegates to Constantinople refuse to fo. and the Cretan Assembl) pei eista in its demand for annexation to < ireece. Death of the Krv. Da. LIvikomimhb A cable dispatch announces that tne celebrated Alrn an traveler and misaionary, tbe Kev. Dr. I?a\ id Livingtone, bas been killed by the Catfres. Mr. I.iv ingstone was born at Rlxntyre. upon the banks of tbe Clyde, near tJla-gow. in 1-C As a n uth he earned his livelihood in tbe cotton mills of Mlautyre, but by hard labor he win enabled to pursue, during the wm'er month-, his -tn.iies at Glasgow. As he grew up he resolved to devo e himseli to th* life of a missionary, bopmg that Africa or China Would be the scene ol his labors. After studring medu ine and theology, he offered his services, in l-3>. to the I.oudou Missionary Society and was actepte.l. He reached :h^ shores of Africa In the summer of l*4o. For sixteen years he labored a' various atvion* in South Africa. Iu th-Koral Geograpbi,'tiI Souety of tugland conferred upon bun Ue \ ictorta or Patron * gold rae4al in the samo year. Dr Livinrstone eticces-fullv made a journey acres* Southern Afri a Jle visite<i r.ngland in 1S5'>. and met with a magnitl -enr reception In IS> be returned to Africa and con'iimed his geographical explorations Hiworks on hia travels iu Africa have bad au immense sale, aud eudeared his name to ten, of thousands in both hemispheres. > . jn( arte. Tbe Lxgliah Kkk >km ?Br tbe Cable we ba\e been mlormed that M.>udav, March l?tb. is the day now fixed by the English Ministry lor bringing in the Reform bill. The expres-iona ol public opinion throughout Ft gland have actually l?reed the MiniBtrv to take thia step. Our mail advicea Irom Lugland are to February t?*ld. Large meetings in lavor ol Keiorm bad been held by tbe workmen of Southampton. Worchester, Bradford, Leicester, and other town*. The Keiorm League was working with effect upon tho masses ol the people and It was eonlldentlybelieved that if the government reaorted to a dissolution of Parliament upon their deieai. which was believed to be impending, they would find that tbe demand for Reform could uo louger be resiated. It is stated that Charles Da kens was a spectator of the recent Keiorm demonstration in London frvm the balconv of the ATbemivia Club, in company with'thn Archbishop ot V^rk who. Irom the pulpit, has denounced novel reading fxth aoblm> aky 1'iath ?a gentleman named I^eyton. a retired officer, poasessed of considerable property, and living in Cnthank's road, Norwirb. Lagland, bas beea fotmd dead in hia bed nnder extraordinary aad shocking circt.instance* The deceased parted with his housekeeper on tbe fid of l>eceniber. and fcc was not seen by the neighbor* alter the *.?Ph ol that month. It is supposed that he bad laiu dead for about St) days before an entrance was forced into the house, and when loiind hia remains were in an advanced state of decomposition, it la understood that tbe deceased, -ome months since, while walking in St Giles street, Norwich, taught his foot in a ladv's crinoline, and, being thrown down, sustained an internal rup.ure. Securities lor monev to a largo amount were lound in the house of the deceased, wbo, nevertheless, perished mi erably aud entirely forsaken by bis fellow-creatures. Tub Sociai. Evil.?Tbe New Vork Tribune says- We print tbe bill reported in our Legislature to re-trict prostitution in New York which has the sanction ot our Police Commissioners aud Health Board. It puni b?s w ith a fine of s6o?< property holders *-ho le.taa their bouses Jor the use of prostitutes, aul with tbe ssme flee keepers of such bouses This penalty is in fact a license The Polic? Board is directed u> keep records of all ?uch house* and their inmates, and have authority to summ?n their keepers belore it. Tn? registered women are not allowed to remove from one bouso to another without the fact being reported to the police These are tho main Jearures of a bill which deliberates sanctions a crime under the pretense ot restraining it. and encourages vice by undertaking to protect the vicious. ^Maine has ilommau acres ol unbroken foreet. An intoxicated man in Madiaoa. N J , wa- sufiocated in amudhole Sunday night. WTtieChiueae use water as a medicine, and iheu only in very small doses. ^"The population of Wisconsin in 16*o wu U.l)00: in 1-Go it was TTti,<Mi ^"Winter seems unwilling to leave the lap ol Spring. tUTA *even-year-olrt boy la In priaon in Boa* ton for tbe sixth time tor larceny 7*Tbe Emperor Napoleon fainted the other day on hia return rrom a sbootiqg excursion. 7*Tbe Japanese Ambaaaadora in Paris eat II ve meals a dav, and go to bed drunk every nigbt. So any the Paris papers. VLaqnor la sold to women in New York during illegal boura at small in read aud n*?dle establishments. 97Tbe prohibitory liquor law baa beea killed by tbe Minnesota Legislature. WOblcago slaughtered 6(^.uki bogs last fear. A big squeal. 97 Wilkia Collins, tbe novalut, is d/iag of (oBaomptton Noticea in tbe country papers indicate that there will be a very large emigration to Mr Weet UUa Bummer.