Newspaper of Evening Star, March 11, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 11, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR LOCAL NEW& AMUSEMENTS, *c.. TO NIGHT. MATiobal Thbatbk?-Bachelor ?f Art#" icl Po-ca-hon-tas Wall's Kiw (h ika House.?"The I>ead Heart." Opd Pillows' Hail ?The jreat Miltoaiaa Tableaux of Paradise Lost. ST. FAl'l.'H F.BOL1SH l.CTHIBA* GUVWCH' coraer of H and llth streets.?I^ecture by Rev J G Butler, on "The of the nation.'* The rate ef Lee, the Abu*adli| Clerk. H I rLIADH OCILTY iKD It SKNTBNt *U TO TUB I'lMTlNTlAIT roR THKM VIABH ? BIS COSKBSSIOB. <n Saturday afternoon, A. H. Lee, the cl^rk of the Treasury. who was arretted by special officer Coz^ens. of the Departjr?nt. 10 St. I^>oi->, on the charge of ab* jnding from the Department with from thirty to forty theosand dollar* werth of bonds, Was timed over to Major Kicbards, Superintendent of Police, and by him committed to jail This morning the Grand J ury fonnd a trne bill of indictment against him for abstracting the bonds under the name of A. H. Lee alias U. Miller, and be was brought from jail to the court-room, wbere be was arraigned. In reply to tbe inquiry of the clerk, (Mr. Middleton, after be bad read tbe indictment.) ? Are yon guilty ? indicted or not guilt? I'' ttte prisoner responded Guilty,** and was irame* ilitt'eJy sentenced to three years' impriaoament in the penitentiary at Albany. He was taken fcack to tbe jail. Tbe accused made a written confession before the officers of the Treasury and the District Attorney, of which tbe following is the purport: He was born at Stomngton, Conn., i-years old; enlisted in tbe 21st New York -volunteers in April or Msy, 1-41; was dis. charged in January, 1^>3, on account of sickse^s; lor a time subsequently was a clerk In tbe Ordnance Office; went to Buffalo, N, Y.; secure* a clerkship in the loan branch of tne Treasury Departmei.t, in August, 1-S4, and at cnce entered on his dnties, one of which was to receive packages of bonds from the express companies, to be converted into other bonds; and with these bonds sometimes small sams ?f currency to pay the interest. He lo?rt some money in beta on the New York election last fail, and took of the cur rency, enough to pay his beta?about 890? ai.d ibis was his first offence. Being unable to replace this, he took from other letters amouuuof currency to replace that first taken, and retained the packages of bonds in ms desk. He continued these abstractions until the *jtUh of January last, at which time inquiry was made for some missing packages. At tnat time tbe money abstracted amounted to about 8lm>, and be became alarmed, not being able to obtain money to replace that wbieh bad been taken. In tbeafternoon be left his desk, taking the packages wrapped in a newspaper and wen', to his room and paid his rent He then went to find a friend to borrow the money to make good tbe amonnt be bad u?ed, but could not find him. then went to see Mr Andrews, to make a full statement, hii* fai led in seeing him He went to Baltimore that night and commenced drinking. Next day (Sunday) he examined the packages at his room in tbe Fountain Hotel, and was surprised t# find that the bonds amounted to over 82u,flM>. He pretended to be going to New York, but went to Pittsburg, atd had previously put ?-.Uio in the legs ot his drawers, to save tbe trouble of going to his trunk. He sold il,?ioo in bonds lo a Puteburg broker; bought & ticset for 4 bicago, but intended to leave tbe train at Crestline and take tbe train for Cincinnati, to bother any parties who might be following him, went to Cincinnati, where be bought a pistol, intending to shoot Himself ii he was arrested, weut to Cairo and thence to New * 'rlfans, with the intention of going to Mexico, but after spending a f-w days there took the &x>at aud went to St. Louis, w here he .stopped a: the Planters' Hotel, under the name of CMiller, New York, which name he took ou leaving Washington. Major Cozzens arrested Ii m. and he told him that the money w:ts in the trunk, and he was subsequently'brought here. A list of the bonds taken is appended to the * nfession. The amount is about $17,tuu; all wbicb, with the exception of about 81,(Ml, has been recovered. Thi I.atk Firs?i>r ti-' ?/ Jury f in' ''' ? After our report of the coroner's muest bad cIo*e?i on Saturday. Mr Preston, fcneofth- reporters of the imteUig'.%c*.r, was :-worn. and he te^'itied thai the fire in the .- .reappeared r? be of a very inflamaSle nature, and be at first thought it wns a liquor *tore. I he jury visited th* he use of Mr. Mnhliugbaus. aud viewed the body, and also tbe scene ?. f the bre, and returning to tLe station after c liber a'ion they returned ;? verdict that on 'he night or the "tb ol March, l?*7, tbe deceased < tne to their dea'bs bv the falling of the west wall of the Merchants' Hotel, situated on the ? wru^r of bth street and Pennsylvania avenue, ih^ wall tailing on the back two-story buiidmg t cnpied by Mr Kmricb, and killing or suffocating them They further lind that the said hotel wa? on fire a- the time, which they brieve was tbe work if an incendiary. They further lind that the structure was erected in an insecure manner for a building of that size, itiere tien.g iio division walls throughout the building, and that the dea'hs of the deceased are chargeable to that fact. Mr Bernard Ostermaver bad one of his feet i-rupurated about noon on Saturday; Drs. May .?:.u Miller, with others assisting," performing i -e operation. He appeared to rally shortly af -.rv. aids, and during the afternoon and eve1 g ibere were strong indications of bis recovery. bnt ouring the Bight he grew worse lr. m the effects of his internal injuries, and at . o'clock yesterday morning died. Mr. Osi? -nnver is the fiftn victim. His funeral will take place at 2 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. Obfiias-' COVBT, J ul-jt I'urcel! ?The will a. d codicils thereto of John P. Pepper, de. ? ? -ed. ? v admitted to probate and record fur I" r- naiity, and letters testamentary were i?.-u-d to Henrietta P Pepper and William P Jl:ik-. Bond, fl.*,??01 lit- will of F.lijah Fdmonston.deceased. ws? Jully proven and admitted to probate and record. and letters testamentary were issued to .Mary Kflmouston Bond, Tl.e will of Henry Edwin Kainals. deceased, was hied, fully proven, and admitted to pror ate ano record, and letters testamentary were i sued to .lobe C Kendrup. Bond. J!eT,r?e"!i y pepper appointed gnar* r .! hn Ge rge Le?, orphan or Alex tuder deceased. Bi nd. 1 he fjr?t and final account of John Kagan JU'rn.ii -tr-.tcr ef Patrick McNeil, vra, approved and passed. t b;min>l Cockt, jZ.ij' h\,h'r ? Th.s momg. Melville Kurt/, indicted for larceny, w;u . nd not guilty in two cases. Brown for defense .lames A. Mason, indicted for larceny, was found not guilty. In the cases of Leonard Drudge, Samuel ivtoggius, and William A. Wnartou, for larceny. ano//eyrot. was eutered. A H Lee, alias C Miller, plead gnilty to an indictment for abstracting money from the Treasury I>epartment, and was sentenced to ihr-e years in the penitentiary at Albany. T)i4>mas Armstrong aud Wtlliam Cole, in?2i 'ed for the larceny of 6mi pounds of iron. "Were found guilty of tbeiarceny of pounds. l'0Si.Ri!S8ii>SAi. Tkmikraiicb SocibtvLnst evening a public meeting ot tbe Congressional Temperance Society was held in the hall of tbe House ot Representatives, which, o -pite the unfavorable weather, was largely a'tended. Senator Wilson presided, and alter tie meeting had been opeaed with praver, adi:r?e? w?-re delivered by Hon. Hiram Price, r' Iowa. Hon. John Hill, of New Jersey. Gen. * Try. of Connecticut, and Professor Dr>*w, of this city. During tbe meeting a seng wss -ug by a quartette, and a letter read from M r. Bo wen, city poctmaster. stating that of 'he nin~ty-three clerks ib his office eighty-five signed tbe pledge. 1 ii a Victims of thi Fibe.?Young Chas. 5 LuWay who was killed at th* Ore corner ' h street aud the avenue, on Friday night, was buried yesterday afternoon, the remains being interred in the Jewish Cemetery, near T n ion town. The funerals ot three more of the victim*. Meears. p. Fmrich, John Ihrig, and F. M ubllir ghaus. are 'airing pia -e this af-ernoon, the tlrst from the Masonic Hall, the ei-oad frr.m the Licban House, and tbe third fr< m his residence on Massachusetts avenue. '1 he fi.nerals wili meet at. the comer of 9?h l Jj streets, and proceed to Oak Hill Ceme;-ry Georgetown, Where Uie bodws will be interred. 9 Ntw ST ATI OS - H' *1" SB IK THI SBVBVTB WakI'.?For the better accommodat e of the kact polio*. Mayor Waltacb has sac* 'ueo iu securing i Uase of the new threery br.. k hcu=e corner of 1^' and H streets - ."h. The house contains *en rooms; gas ^ ughont. The prison will consul of strong '-U.-. constructed in the rear of ths building. It ?ili be a very comfortable stauon-honse. i'lITiT Col'KT, C*i't Jnuicf Car'Ur.-To' v th? cat of ffffl. Watt-rt, eolored, agt. the * rporation of vl a.-bi&g!on.?action to recover I.- ef a horse v f?li in'o th* 14th * ee; sewer and was crushed ") death, -re. 1 v.'sd ill a VerdlCi UrT pu.ullff f>I w liAViS plaiiiUlf and Brame> lor deleudaats. | ' i Kginrif. a Bawdy H<?reB ? Eilzab'h Brown i ^a'urilay by Officer W. H Evans, o* t;,.. seventh Ward, upon acharge of keeping * *?ily - house She was held to bail for court *>7 Justice Boa well. Cocrt m OnmL Term?Oa Saturday the following badness wa? transacted by the District Supreme Court in General Term The fee bill of tbe Justices, wbicb w? in force previous to the passage of tbe law extending tbem jurisdiction, wbicb (ires the power to fix a tariff of fees, was continued in tor oh lor tbe present. The motions tor a new trial and in arrest of judgment in the case of Sanford Conover, convicted in tbe Criminal Court of perjury in connection with tbe conspiracy inquiry, were overruled. A H. Heylman and J.J. BrlgtU, Esqs., were admitted to tbe bar. Carelehpnesb.?An instance occurred a day or two aince, caused from carelessness In regard to tbe use of medicines, wb oh came near resulting in tbe death of a promising little boy of seven summers, tne sen of Mr. A Mr^ullum, residing at 3*5 E street. A solution of caustic, wbicb bad been in use, was carelessly left in a tumbler on the mantlepiece, withia reach of tbe little fellow, who took tbe tumbler, thinking it contained water, and emptied it at one draogbt He waa immediately thrown into spasms. Drs Garnett and liurrougha were called in, and succeeded, after some time, in relieving the little sufferer of bia intense agony. This should serve as a warning to parents and otbers. FrRTHin Postpohed.?Messrs. Jos. Van Orden, J. G. Lamer, and G. W McDaniel, who were arrested in order to investigate the tacts of the tire at the Central Hotel building. appeared at tbe police beadqnariera this morning. Maior Richards postponed tne bearing till to-morrow morning Mr. Van Orden was tbe proprietor of tbe restaurant, and tbe otber young gentlemen were his friends, and during the fire were trying to secure bis property. Tbey court investigation, as they are not willing to rest under the least suspicion in the matter. Mr. Van Orden aod Mr. Earner were both losers by the conflagration. Rkal Estate Sales ? Messrs. J T. Caldwell A Co., Real Estate Hrokers No. 48-* v, jtb street, have sold to Mrs. Jtacbel S. Solomons the Katcliffe property, No 354 K street. FranE11n Row, for fourteen thousand dollars cash Ta Mrs. Virginia E. Norwood, small brick house and lot on I3tb street. Island, between C and L>. tor one thousand and twenty-live dollars To Mr. Henry Fisher, lot S3, Pierce's subdivision, sqnare -2*7. on 14th street, opposite New State Department. '20 x 14u, at SO cents per square foot. Railroad from Alexandria to Georoetows -In the Virginia House of Delegates, on Thursday. House bill relating to tbe Alexandria and Potomac Canal Railroad Company was taken up, and a substitute of Mr. Robertson agreed to, and 'he bill as amended ordered to be engrossed. It authorizes the construction of a railroad along the canal and aqueduct lrom Alexandria to Georgetown, on certain conditions. SrRRATT at thk Jail.?Up to this time no day has been set lor tbe trial of John H. Sur- I r?tt. The prisoner is at the jail enjoying excellent health, and continues to spend some of j his time in reading His sister visits him almost every day, and his brother has had several interviews with him during the past | week. | ? Violating Sanitary Lawr.?Yesterday, Fdward Dolan and Henry Stewart were arrested by officers Voss and Leach for violating the sanitary laws. Mr Dolan was fined ?10 by Justice Walter, and Mr. Stewart *5 by J us- I tice Morsell. Friends or Ibei asd.-'There will be a meeting of the friends ot Ireland at the Assembly Rooms, Louisiana avenue, this evening, and Oen. <Tleason, of the Irish Republic, will be pre; en t. Satfrday's Police Report ?Yes'prdav, the's of police returned their reports of Saturday s operations. Fifty-nine arrests were D?ade, and the tines amounted to Go to Hammack's Re?tai ra>t if you want a good dinner, prepared in the best style and ser\ed with promptness and attention. Police Reports.?The entire number of arrest? yesterday wassixteen. Thelinesamounted to SiS. ?? ? CITY ITEMS. Silver Plated Spoons, Forks, Cups. Goblets, Call Kells, Setts, Rutter Knives, for uuiy one dollar, at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry store. No. 4:J; Pennsylvania avenue, near 1* street. 1'esmni. s two dollar and fifty cent French \ eke Shirts, made expressly for bis sale?, of good muslin, and will weigh about one ounce more each than shirts usually sold tor three dollars 'all at tbe corner ot ?th street aud Maryland avenue [communicated.] Another >1 isrkpresevtation ok the Chkomcle?"We learn that our German fellow-citixene are very much exasperated at an article that appeared about the disastrous fire of last Friday, in the Cbroni?!e. They justly complain that that paper is trying, with calumnious falsehoods, to degrade the German population wf this city in the eyes of the lest of our inhabitants. There is not a word of tru:h In the statement ot the Chronicle, that '-two assistant barkeep. ers of Mr. Einnch. while his remains were lyii g in tbe rums, and the dead body of one of tl.eir comrades. Mr. Kirich, wa? lying upon the iloor ot the room, continued to dispense liquor^ from the bar, in the very face ot grim death." Mr. Emrieh had only one barkeeper, and ne )*-risbeu with him He had no "assistant barkeepers." and his larnlly, a- well as every person connected with him. had lett tbe place alter tbe walls of the adjo.ning bouse had tallen. If nny of the half-suffjcated tir-meu, exhausted by their arduous and perilous labors, helped themselves to refreshments, they * ere welcome to it. and neither the family ner any sensible man will blame them lor it. The Cbrouicle, as usual, tries to lurii the :ninds ot our citizens against tbe Germans; but the latter, as well as all the rest of the honorable portion of our citizens, will regard such miserable ra;"representation with tbat contempt winch they so fully deserve. We regret urthei that the H*u. Mr. Pn*e, Member of C ingress from Iowa, a gentleman elected almoft exclusitely by German votes, should la>t u gbt, at the Congressional temperance meeting have used theabove falsehood as material f jr a fulgent temperance speech md an onslaught upon the German citizens. How lament! ble a spectacle to see a congressman entertaining an audieuce with such small and calumni ius stutl as that! f <iricK sal?s and small Profits!!!?(Food White Shirti *-<4 and ?2 50. at Franc's Gent's Furnishing Store. 4114 ?th street, be. tw en D and E; also shirts made to order, lm We are Rtvt'ESTKD by tne Congressional printer to saj that it is absolutely Impossible to give emplovRienr toanv more personsat the Government Printing Office, and tbat it is useless to apply 3 Gray's Collars. 25 cents per box; Goldsmith Collais, 25 cents per box: imitation Lineu Collai*. 25 cents per box: and all otner goods cheap in proportion at Franc's Gents" Furnishing 5 tore, 4(47th street, between D and E streets. jm For Chili lains and Frosted Feet, White's Fmbrocatiea is a specific. Price #i per bottle. For sale at 4' 4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4% aa d tith s? reets. MAURI ED. I'AILKY?VIBSTBB. Ou tbe 7th instant, by the Bev Dr Sunderland. MAE' Il-Ll H, .on of ?T ? ?? >' ! Bailey, lo EMILYi WEBSTER deuglUr of Prof. Ghaa. Q. Page, all of this city. UANMAY-PBOOKS On the 4th day ef March, b> the B*v Kether Otarnpl. at th* reeinense of the LriUs'e father, Lieutenant JOH M W KETTS H ANSA Y, J* V. >. Infantry .formerly ot Loi do a, BogUnd. to I.ELBN CBCi Li A. dantner of LeWia breaks, esq. of Georgetown, D, U. * DIKX9. BBAOBDBY. On the lot h Instant, JOHN W., vonngeit soi of JohnW, and Martba E Brad; months. The frienSt and ac<iu*1ntan<-*a of the family are re*p?ctrtilly la\1ted to atteicl his funera from tbe re?t lence of hie parents, on M street sonth.betw ?o l"th a 3d 11th streets east, en Tuesday afternoon, 12th li st., at 3 e'cleck. OBTEhM.iYKB. On the morning of the luth ii4?t?nt. U. IbTlhM A K tLtt. whu died "rom Injuries be received at the late Are He was born in Uaedbetin, ieruiany, but for the last V> years a resident wf this city. He leaves a wife sad six i hi'drcn to bjoi rn bis loes. 9 e?p, dear*et father, Bleep. K*re?eil. uv children, weep not for me; Vor mr breathe cot a sigh. Yor when life ia a burden, 'tis a pleasant thiag to die Biafuueral will take plaee from his late realdeuce, f atraet, between 12th and l.<tb, oa Tuesday . a- 2 o clock His relatives and friends Of the faaiiiy are respectfully Invited to ettend. * 101 BO At his resldenc* in this city. Pnnday eT?n!?K. 10th intiant, OKOBUK W. VODNO, In tbe 71st Je?r of his age. 1 he relatives an4 friends of the finally ae# fa* vlted to attsnd the tnneral to morrow morning, ^Tneertey,-;Co'clock, at 8t Patrick's Church. * I10GAM. Oa the Iftth lnstaat. Mrs. ELLIN 1. HOGAB, wife af John 0 Ho?an. aa4 aecend daughter of Janes B Davie, in the Z34 year of her *6 The frierda ?ad acqaeiatancee are Invited to attend tie tnneral on Tuesday, the 12th Instant, i -.-In. m? f'oiu No t-JX, corner of Id and M streets, laat Waablagtea. amusements. RATIONAL THEATRE. F?BM7ltr?ate ithimmi Wlllards' 1?M. MOBDAT BTBBIBG. MABCH II. 1967, Beveath li|tt of the angaaemaat of MB. JOHN BBOOGHAM. Wbo will apyear la twa character*. The performance will commence with BACBELOB OF ARTS JOHN BBOUGHAMS KBYSTONB POLKA. by tba ttrcheetra In cenoluaton, will b? preeeatad John Broughbam ' Bxtravagan/.a. PO OA-BOB-TAS POW-HA-TAN Mr JOHB BEOPOHAM WALL'S NEW OPERA HOME. B. B. PBILL1PB LESSEE ABD MABAGEB Firet production ia lbl? Theater of tba great Hiatorlcal Play *f THE DBAD BBABT. "Tba body wae till living thouah tba baart?tba heart wae dead'" MONDAY EVENING, March 11 1967, will b?> preeentea tba Oreat Senaatlanal Play of THBDIAD H1&1T. Robert Landry Mr P. O. Banci Tneeda*?Benefit of Mr P C BANGS.when will ba presented Bouricaalt'e great play of the WILLOW COPSE Wedneedajr?Pi rat aarearance of tbe youthful. talentad, ana beautiful WOBBBLL 818TEBS, la a moat attractive antartaiament It* ODD FELLOWS' HALL. 8ECOBD~WSBK. CONTINUED 8UOOBS8 or THE GXKAT M1LT0NIAH 1'iBLBAOX, Prom Landon, Bepresentin* in aixty fear Magnificent Tab lean* HEAVEN. BELL, OH AOS. and PABA DISE t fu'ly llluatratlng Milton'* aabllme poem of " Paradise Loat. or the Pall of Maa " OPEN AGAIN TO NIGHT AND BVBBT BKiHT THIS WBIK OBLT. MATINBBB WEDNESDAY AND SATUBDAY AFTERNOONS ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY FIVE OBNTS. Beaerved Beat* M centa NO HALF PB10E AT NIOHT. Arimleeion to Matinee,all parts of the hall,25 centa Children to Matinee liotata Beat* caa be eecured during the day at Bill's' Maalc Store, S06 Pennaylvanfa aranae. mh 11 tf F^ANCY DBEB8B8 AND OOSTDMEB. Por Tableaux and Private Partiae. Apply to MBS. FBAMK BE A. fe21 lm* 447 19th etreet. lost and found. I OST?Ou Saturday evening, a email 8ILVEB mj WATCH, with sold chain attached Tne hader will be liberal!) rewarded by returning it to Telegraph Office, Wlllard'a lletel. 1 OST?Ob the 4th inet.. a Lady'a Gold BUB AST-A PIN The finder will be liberally rewarded I y leaving It at the atore of P. J. HE1BBBGER, No. 3?^ Pa. av.. or No. 4 74 north D at. ia9 31 'I'AKEN CP Oo the Sth Inatant. a brown aad 1 white epotted COW. The owaer will please con e forward, prove property, pay cbar^ea, and take her away F, FBEDBBIOK, tub 9-3t* acroea Kaat- ra Branch Bridge. I OST?At the National Theater, or betwe?a i ttiereaud Willard'a. laat evening, a BRACELET. marked "M. A. F. to B. B , Birthday Gift, lv* " The &nd< r will be liberally rewarded by leavlDg the name at Wlllard'a Hctel. fe 22 tf personal. J\| PATTON. OP OULCMB1A, TENNESSEE, 1 ' * ia wanted at Willard'a Hotel,If In thia city. my-Jf A. J. WORSHAM. JOHN O. UuLLUW&Y, OP UKM DKBSUM, KeitJ?tky,la w mied at Wlllar l'a Hotel, if In thiailty. m 9 St* A. J. WOR8H AM. OT ICE?I heteby forewarn all P'-raom u )t to truatmy wiltt. AflNA UKKEi KC.or pay her aii) moDey one to me aa 1 will pay no debt* ron tract'd by her, ebe ha> iiii< left my bed and !> ?rd nih ? of WM U1KK0K E. F'RKN* H WHALEliOSE < URS*I> AT 91.00. Al?o uM Imnd, a full assortment wi home male Corcet*. Whalebones, Corset Steele and Boa ds. lateat and all <-t?l?? of Hcop Bk r.a. Covers aa J Tuiuminga Will be aold at the lowuat rate, at (JHaBLIS IIAL'M'3 li?op Skirt aud C?raet Manure tory. 4 9 L< nluiana avenue, between ?;th and Tth strt?ta. luh l ltu* I VNLY FOR LAD1IC-TTO KHD-Blegantly * ' Embroidered KHiUT GOWN an 1 CHEMISE 10KES, tuor?- *l?bor?te than any eyer "tter.-d h^r*-. <>t tbe n w ct and moat bemitilul Jeaijfna, received dully, fr^m onr corp-i of 15" ?up**rt"r Imixla.and for aale at RKDDCRD PKK'Ks BeiuR the la/KC-t manafactnrer here of tbia kind ot l?diea wear, we can plea?e all, both iu quality anrl price, an>l are determined, at whatever c ?it, to pioduce the U?-at work, iaxne the inont elemaut patiei ntt. ajid IsTAM P (HBAriR, than any concern in this or any other city. Oar iepntati?n aa the only Practical Stamper here inaured litdiea that no la.urioua compoaitlona a-e nt<ed, and ahlelde thoin from trusting their uork in tbe hande of those who bay t? few l1>ckb and proclaim themeelvea atami^ara. Btoiupinc, 5 centa per width, atid give you a Collar and Outls in. WM. I'RlliCB, 4.^9 ytli street, fe 2 tf epp<>?lte Patent Office. HHI DAL AND rrBEBAL, WRC\T1IS. BO" gCBTS,CROBBCS, ANCHWRS STARS. Ac , preaerved in natural form. Iuporr?'l FLOWERS, 11A1R FLOVN EKS. and BKAIDING. AUo.lm ported MOSS. HaIR DRESSES ior Ball*, by Mra. FRIES. Has removed to No 4 11th at., between O and H. oc 3 8rn* AT THE HEW CHEAP STAMPING BOOMS 4 is yth atrreet, oppa<ite Patent Office, ladiei can get at onr reduced pricea, on the very beet Wamaentta? Bight gown ^ okee, ready i tamped 4Hcta. Ch' tnise Yokea, " " ?ct?. ' Banda " .Jo eta. Either for oral lor embroidery, oar patterns are of tbe very Imtni deeisait. eeleoted with care in New York, and beina in receipt ot them weekly, we are able daily to isaue new pattern! aa well I as make and etamp any pattern brought na. I O. O Working Cotton at reduced prioea. de ly tf J' OIIN D CLARK, ATTORNEY AND OOON8ELL0B AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC, Mo. i'ii 12th etreet weat. de 14 ly ~boardinq7~ A FEW WOABDKRScan be accommojated w ith BOARD and LOPG1NG. at At M per week. Table Boaid ?S fAi per we?k. Apply 3U3 I) street, bet 12th an>l l.'itbau. nth 9 it* fj^OR BENT?Two well famished PARLORS, on r the trat floor, with or without BOARD Apply 303 K at., bet. vth and 1th. fe 14 'I'ABLJC IIOABD at No. 4?4 tutb etreet,a few 1 doora north of tba avenue Terms 926 per month. 4e 18 tf ^ a*hin<m>m, mageli t, 1- 7. For t-ale, a gnantity of OLD BOXES. Iaiaire of the undersiK ned, at hie uffice. 397. on 18th btreet C. SUTHERLAND, mh 9 ' Aaaiatant Medical Purveyor,U. 8. A. j ) - '-'I ; 1 '-N ur CO P ABTN KB SHIP The copartnership heretofore exiatlng betw een ( H A RLEB I'ABMER and .1 AMES T. WALKER, Merch.i lit Tailors, doint; busineea at Ne 4?? 1 8eventli atreet, In thia day dissolved by mutual content CHARLES P A KM ICR, lAME-> T WALKER. The bnaineea hereafter will be carrie<i on hy JAM EH 1 WALKER * ho will b? ple iaedteaee bia frlenda, and the public la general, at hit place of bualneaa, No. d^4 seventh etreet. JAMES T. WALKER. Merebant Tailor, m 6-7t No. 494 Seventh atreet. All peraoaa indebted to tbe late firm of PABMEB A WALKER are hereby notified that the under< alpned will collect all ilebta due tbe late firm, who ia alone authorized te receipt for the same aih9-3t JAMES T. WALKER. METROPOLITAN PATEBT STEAM BAKIBY, 347 0 itraai, between iX and Oth etreeta. Furnished with McEenzle*! Splendid Baal Oven and the most approved machinery, tuina none bat the beat material, carefully eelactad. The Orackera manufactured at thie eatablUbment are superior to a*y heretofore offered In thia market, we Invite attentlaa ^^ec^aD^^to following varietiea : A very cboiea article, from eelect family floar. BOSTON CBACKBR8. From Welch'a family flour, auual to any lu tba country SODA CRACKERS. Bxtra line, from high grade* extra flour. W^TiB *'IVckSVS *?A'4 ; SUUAR C BACK BBS. BCJTTBR CRACKERS, CRACK EB dust. PILOT BREAD. , ^ OIBGEB SNAPS, NOVELTIES, We are alse snpplying Grocera and Pamllloa with Havenuer a well knows FAMILY BBBAD. fe LMrn THO. HAYEBNER, 3?T 0 atreet. A P. D. CLEARY, LOTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANT SuutUeast corner of K aad Eighth afreets, lOpperite Northern Liberty Market,) WASHIXGTOW, D. 0. beoulatTsale.s, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY. FRIDAY, AND bATI RDAY. Coneiananenta eoUclted. Liberal advance m ide oac B*ierimeots Particular attention paid to the aa'e of Real Estate, ar I Household Pornlt are at private restdefci ra. fe2t. eolm Latest pabis fashions of uaib DBEaSlNti. E. ALLIOT, metrch hah dkf.sser, atreet. betweon 13th aad Utb ata. Mr. Alltot, from Parla, Uair-Dreaaar, of the celebrated Rachel, with whom be arrived In thia country. has now been eatabllabed for tne laat eight yeara la Washington and Newport, eaoiing the patronage of tbecorpi diplomatique, and ofthehlgheat aoriety. He has tba honor to aanouace that he baa thia aaaaon imported the latest faahioua of hair dreaalng, and aW> pomadea, and evarytblng that bi tooira to thadreealng of hair at very reaaoaai le prlaea. _ ta 7 6m EH ABB A OO.f PIAMO0. PBIBOB O OOlJdO^ANB AAO MB MH) ior aato aad reat aa aan terma. %?. Na. 4*9 1Mb treat, above Pennsylvania avenue al-anfca*_ ___ I. O. BB1CHBNBACH. GOLD PENS?A flue aaaortment of Gold Pena, ' Pencil Caaea, Ao.. for sale at manafactnrer'a ; yrloes. [da U] FBABCK TAYLOR. 0 f ? A ~ WANTS. 71 W'nn-i rrictioi ituiiu. W ^VsKI!R,SL\I.VT.-/i. D M4 I. |t^_ \\r ABTBB Imm*diatal>,a**ia?*?aa tWOMAI ? 7 * ? *< ? *??? iron A??il it da. 3*4 I *traet. betwaoa l4tb and 16th su It* WWTID-A yon of OIBL, to Ukl?r? of a ?' kabe:one tkat U capable, aad tkat mo !** ot bono, Wkite preferred. Apply tt 17? 4th atraot, oo?r Mow Ya?k avaaaa. ?> ?' ' WANTED IMMEDIATBL i ?4 Udy OIBL to do the general koiHvoit of a small family Moat ?ome well racommende4. Apply at 4 ?? 7th treat. poor B. all St*

W ANTED?A young LADT a* saleswoman; " alto. a BOOKKEEPER, by RBNNIDT A CO Apply ft person, between* ood 10 la the morning, tohBfthBDY A OO..SO Pa.a*. It* WAMTBD - A reportable American WOMAl. competent to eat and fit detblag. and do Slain sewing tor until family, Inquire at Bo. t>9 B W corner Uth and H ?U. uiA 11 St* WABTED?By a young American woman, a SITU ATIOB, to do sowing and chamber work, fhocat *atiiactoril> recommended. Ploitao adiirooa a note to Box . 3 Star office. ah 11 at WAMTBD?One er two good eALEBMBN in dry good* basioaas Bone apa'y bnt who undarttancs the basinee* and haa go,>d reference. h, OUTMaM. m 11-11* 117 Bridge at., Georgetown, D. C. A BOOK KBEPBE DESIRES A POSITION. to serve aa principal or a*?i*t*at; la thoraagh ly contiTMi t with ail huslne** forma applicable to commercial vocation*. Address O T C Star Office. in U-Jt* |>nil.DINO LOT WAMTBD-Abont *0 toot front, north uf B, and t>?t*e<-n 4th an<i lft'n streets we?t in a ?ood location A<ldp-??. l*?n?adia'ely, Be* 514 P o , staling lowoet term* for caah^or cash and time mli ll-tt* WAMIU-Mi the let of April, three woli furniaked ROUM8, aaltable for houaokeep ing. and a** of kitckeu few h?mor three tlaiea a day, by a young uan nod bis aiatar Addreaa with partlcnlara, eapecially terms, W. K , Star Office. It* WANTED?A GaRDENEE, married, without children, employed in the Botanic Oarden, where he ran be *een ever) day, haa long experience in the management of green houaes, nuraerie* otobaraa, vineyard*, large and small farms, landscaping, ate , dealraa a a aitnation in any of the*- branches. Bo ebj?*c lion in leaving the District. Heat references* given and exohanged. Addrae* D. F DB8> OBMB, atatiag wanes and my duty there. Botanic Oarden, Waablngton, P. 0 nah 11 6t* WANTED?Several LADIES, experienced in every kind of human bair work la inire of B. PHILIP PI. Ladies' and Gent's Hairdresser, 106 Bridge atraet, Georgetown , D. O. mh 9-lt* WANTED-A MAM BEKVaNT. Mnat bo a thoroughly competent waiter, aad bring good recommendation a. Call after 10 o'clock at No 4 00 4th atreet, near the City Hall. mO-it* W~ANTKD-A good COOK. WASHBU and IRONEK On* that understand* har work >-*n ha\e a g* o l home. n na other nee-1 apply, at 381 P street n?rth, bet 9th and l?>*h sts m" It WANTED?A OIBLtnat caa oook,wa*n and iron. On* that can fnrniah good reramn*"datioua can find employment by calling at U96 south B strtet, Capitol Hill. mtf St* WANTED TO BENT - A Kn.NMIIIP vv HOUSB, with twelve rooms or more, b> t ?era 7th and lsth streets, not farther over thaa 1 street Bent moderate. Beat of reference given. Address F 8. P., at the Star ofic*. mh 9 eeiw* WASTED TO BUT OB PDBOBABE^A K A KM of front 1? to 100 acres, north of and near (he city, with good building and ether 1m 1 orov. menta Any person having such property ran hnd a first" last tenant, by applying at STAKR A OO.'a. 4?6>k 7th street, between D and E. mh t :tt* 14 ANTED?In a private family, a W til IE vv WOMAN toUook and Wash Must be re. omwnded. Apply at 401 C street, between VI aad 4H. tn *? it tt ANTED ToTiBNT-A sn.all HOOSk.con vv talning abont 4 rooms. Kent low. Within Ave or six ?-inare? of Willard s Hotel. Address, or apt ly to HKMBY SLUM AN, L'pholaterer, Wtllaids' Hotel m " St* \\ ANTED TO KENT-A nlre HOT81C. suitT? v My furnished. with about eight or ten rooms. Mnst be In a good neighborho->d. A bouae t iat 1 will suit will be taken by the year, and rent paid monthly in ad\acce. Addreia Box *03 city I'. st offi. e. mh < lw* %k ANTED?A Silent PAKTNEK with "a V^sh ' ' capita'of 9 .'W1' in a safe aud profitable tirst ria^s niaimfactnriiii.' bnslness, Addreaa MANUFaOTUKBK,city Poi; Office m4?t* ' k% ANTED?A respectable white * * take care of a youn^ child. Apply at 371 Pa avenue. tab 1 1 THE MOST EXCITING AND INIEKESTING ' 1 BOOK OF THE DAY. liEN. L. C. BAKBBB HISTOBY OF THE SB' BET SERVICE AGENTS WANTED 1 In every city town, county. and 8ta;o of the i nlon. to canvass for this work. This hiatory 1 was announced one year ago, bnt owing to the attempts of tbe Ovvernmeut t> suppress It, its publlrstlon was d?>la\ .-d. It will now be issOwd. < unaltered and unabridged, nnder the supervision , of Gen. BAKKU. It contains a tall and official j expose of the Intricate machinations of tue secret enemlea of the Union. I For startling developments and thrilling adven- , tures, this book eclipsei the famous experience* of > Konche ai d Mdoc i. The marvelous narratives of General Baker are all attested by the highest official anthorlty. It will contain tb- only official history uf the Assassination con?pira.y. A fall iil>tory -f tills grest. startling, and terrible crime, ' h BOM ITS CONCEPTION. IN THE HAUNTS OF VILLAINY TO THB BUBIAL PLACE OF ] BOOTH, has never yet been placed l>efw-H the i public. The work also fully exposes the nefsrloN* system by which Presidential pardons were aud t < are ><0 readily obtained at Washington ] The anornl* of the National Capltsl are thoroughly v*ntilat*d. and there are *otne strange ( revelation* concerning h-ada of desartments. member* of Congress, female pardon brokers, and a distinguished military characters. For circular*, canvassing numbers, aud all other 1 information, ad lreat "L.O BAKER. Post Office ! Vox No. 'if<0, I'hlla lelphia.' I This work will be ready for delivery on tha lit day of May. i N B ? None bnt those thoroughly conv*r*ant with tl<e busmen*, and with good reference as to , character and re*pon*lbillty. need apply. mhMm \%7 ANTED?A SITUATION aa *eatnstre<t* by a vv i?dy who understand* *ewlng tharonghlr by i M'beeler & Wilson's Sewing Machine. Oaa < nt and fit ladles and children's dr*s*e* Address, far . three day*. Box No. 1, Btar office. fa:t7 WANTED-All ta want of MOMEY call at 8. GOLDSTEIN A CO ?, kicensed Pawn- I broker*, 34 4 a street, near PeuH*?lvaaia ave- , nne. fe il lm J AGENTSWANTED FOB "THE UTISTOKY OK TBE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, TBAC1NG ITS OB1GIN. CAUSES AMD BE- , Bl'LTS.'' By Hon. Alex. H. Stephens, and for ' THB LIFE. LETTERS, AMD SPEBOHE^ OK ' HON. ALEXAMDBR H. STEPHENS, by Henry Cleveland Send for Circulars and iw our ?erma. Address NATIONAL PUBLISH! NO OO.,. fel4'lm* 307 Minor s re^t, Phtladelphia, Pa. \a' ANTiD?New and Cast-off CLOTH I NO, old I v v GOLD and SILVEK or aay ether article of value, at the aid astablished Merchant Pa?n b.oker s Store ot K FI LTON A CO , iOi ?tb at., i 3 door* north af Penna. avenae. I Bole Agent for BIMOEB'S SEW 1NO MACHINE de /2-ly AHTKD-100 LADIES immediat?lv, ts embroider Yokes, Rands, Wrapper Yokes, Flannel Skirt*. Slipper*, and Initial*. To good kanda | who bring samplaof work, gaol wagea and con- t tant employ nent given. Call at the nt w Stamp r lug Boom. 439 9th street, opposite Patent Office. t STAMPING reduced to FIVE cent* par width, t da lft-tf I WANTED?10.000 LAD1BS to know that at 1 the Mew 8 tarn ping Rooms. 439 9th street,op- i aosite Patent Office, they caa bud the best selected I assortment of Patterns aver otlered here for 1 Cloak*, Cape*, Apron*. Jo*?y*. Waists, Yoke*, Band*, Wrappers, Slippar*. Plncu*hion*. and Initial* Also, assigns for Pillow Oaa**, Ottomans, Chair Cover*,Pianoa. and. in short, every"Variety ' of Patterns aa they ara daily issaed. We have a I Freack Machioe and a Practiaal Stamper, aad ( have reduced the price to i riYB CBBTS FEB WIDTH. ] W* make and stamp any pattern broagbt us. Braids, 8ilk and Working Cotton vary low. d* lltf iBTAMTBD-BBCOBD HAND FURBITDRB. ! W Also. MIBBOR8,CARPETS. BBDS, BED DINO and HOCBBFUKNISH ING GOODS of every description. B. BUOHCT. 404 7tb street, Jeeg-tf bat wean G and B, eaat side OP 1 A B O 8. c NB Bacon A Raven Piano, for f I'JO. One Andrew bteiit, for 9M. Km One almost new 7-octave large ronnJ'llin corner Boardmaa B Gray Piano. 8:75. J f or sale upon easy terms, at the wareroom* of ' W. O METZBltOTT A OO i Sola Agent* of Steinway A Son'* Piano*, and c Mason A Ha ahn's Oabinat Organ*. fe 14 tf ^ EVo^RAIE^HOMl^M AH UF ACTUBB I j PRACTICAL CARPET WEAVER, Corner4>4 and 0 street*. * Inland.) ( Make* Car pats to order wltk dispatch, onmoda- . rate iarms, atd satisfaction guaraatiad.. Carpet* constantly aa hand, aud far sale. Ja31 2ua W " \ bbow Case Manufactarer. School Furnltnra 1 and HonsefnrnUhlng War*rooms. Baw and 1 Old FurnUure, af all description*, bought I I I t aud eold. Be?airla?, Cpko star iM, and Varnish^ J ing done at Iba *hort*st nolle*. Southe?t oornar 1 of 8th and K atraet* nortk. Bo. II. d?18-fca t C 4k PER CEBT. SAVED by uaiag O. B. JBWO U ILL'S para unadulterated i Premium Maw York City BOAr, tt. Post Office Will be promptly J y?JBWELL, J Foap aad Oandl* Maaafacture'r, Mo. ?nd a 0 *t. north, bet. 4tk and*tk. J*11 IP I R D O P PREPABED *?OD For Mocking Bird*. !?' Rot bin*, Llaak Bird*, , , ?ndar Bbbttt House. J fe it1 - eomar IBB aad W ilmk. t -< 0K11 AM GREBB COBB. W BTJSBHILL, <.u., . FOB SALH AND BENT. 170? BAL?-MILLI??BY MXTOMB. la I* cladlag omwiImttwOmfor the itrijt. 1B??1HH ttli Oflo,(M>t t " I^OB SALB-A OOAL OIL BOWTB, HOES!. r WifloN , m4 HilN EsS. A good.iBJu-tri ??* MM CM aU? from ? to 8 dollar! P*f day. OBc?- ii U l/OB REN1-A HKICK BOUHB. on tha corner r of ll|h u4 nk iumU. Owmt??i . >a UiBiU 1?* rocM. nittkli fw a Ufw>?boiHlt| boaM, ic. Uoiir* it 4$7 15th itrwt.Ut, M ?nd thBiTealat. mh ? ?* ' ??? L/OK BALB^Oalv $1? cub repaired. th-bslr idm cib bttildTn moitblr Mjni*in of $19 F^b, thrM ?fw two itor? HOi'lU, ittatM #1 the s?ath ltd* of loath O itreet, ??r ?th Thli li m opportunity Hldon oflen?d U> procare i both*. HTAKB A (JO , m lllw* 4?*H 7th IU??t Bear B. I^CBNIBHED rABLOU u4 IID ROOtK.oi r tlio let 2d ui 3d floor*. U He lot single or Is ailM The rovnt bivtbwi m?Ij aod aliitod, they are suitable for hiasekeeslng or inflr Mitlimn Tbwtltwillt. |u,?b1 beta in the boon. Ap?lr at 234 H street. between 19th ?Dd JPtb, OBI equara from street cbti. b uitii; IVOR BALB?The 8TOCI, FIXTUBES. 0<>0g F WILL. FDBBITUBB.aBd tea yeari LBABE of b Hotol of forty T*" staadlBg. Bm rooms. aewl* papered BBd pala'ed:, a ?uMU Beth Rome. whf.h pays well; b large HalI. well adaptad fnr coacerts billiarda or tooetingi of aey kiad. It also hu eecommodetleai for twsnty Ave or thirty bor?oi. Bh b ipleadid yard, wltl !ii grape arbor attacked. poacb trees, Ac The hoaao " well edapted to bo kept upoa the Eurep*?B f lan, or bi a lager beer ea'ooa ?f itrlij. F >r rai. Ac , apply to 1ROOKB HOBDiT, Broken. 19 9. Oay st . Baltimore. Md mh 11 ootw F'OB IALI-I bar* pbbt valuable BlTfL01 HO LOTS for ill* berln -in* lathe First Ward near Georgetown, and fr*m tbeace embracing several desirable lota through the city as far a? the Navy Tard IbcIbiIti of tha Ulead.,bm;i wb'ch may b* oie of th# late tor a gentleman ' residence 1b all WaahlartoB, Bit aatM la tba liaatediato violnlty of the OH? Hall. having a froat af 2? feet. with great advantage* for trvirac*. and frcnttag the public raaervation on wblah tha City Hall itandk. Aleo. many beautiful bnlldlng lota on Asylum S<iuere.S7s, bounded by 9th aad l?b and Band H streets.? have jaat aold all the lots oa north end loath ji la ofGrast street, oa ?ald B-iaare. toMj'oeri Gilbert aad Alloa, oa which lota wy to k. er.eted taB beaaftifnl three-story rnodera hrick honsoo. of nnifcni ilze aad appearance, whan Mid itroet Ii opaned, which will b* ai aoaa ai tb? ?#?tltr permit! Tba lllui?rious personage after whom the traet ! named la a inr<' gaarantee for the *accoaxfal e?terpriie of tha two yeatlaraen abova named. Ha?a aoma lot! which I wonld Ihm. clit?fly la tho 8aooad Ward To thOM waattag good bolldinc Iota now ii yoar time, for ot* ara Umi rapidly taken up. and tha opaortaal'y will ahortly pais to become po-?aaa?ed of each Bdraatace* aa ?ra bow offered. Ta coBn?^tion w'th tha aboTe. r hara a b andiome th rai Btory brlik honie. with b&aomaBt and aida lot. oa Mb itraat wait, wltnina rtanoi throw of tha I Offica. on the moat roaaonable termi, a amail portion of cwih oaly helnc raynired at tha t ma of Mrcbaaa. Have alio two b<?antlful farmi la Vlrcinla aad >1 arylan l for iale. All caB>ayaaclBg ?.nd itamp* at aoct of parchaiir. Can ba leaa f'<>"> tha boara afllboob to I p. m., at.o^ce Bo. 4? *2Tt* ot Patant Office. . ?. ? ' j Property Aaent and mh 11 St' Meaanrarof Bnlldera Wort SALB?Tha STOCK aad F1XTUKBH of a r Retail Grocery Btora. oheap Poaiaeaioa giran immediately Reaaon f r aellini: bad haalth Ini^nira at Bo. 404 7th atiaat., tetwe<-u 0 aud II aU. m 9 3t* i/OB BBHT?A thraa-itory BBICK HOOiB ?t r iStb ?treat, naar Fraaklln Bow. betwe-n L and Man are ; II room*, with marbla mant-ia. watar.gaa and callari. Apply to M ORCBH, cor. 13th and L. j H h^OR BBNT-A two atory UBTOK HOi 8K,iit nated on !t?w Jara^v arenna, between K and L ??reati. containing fonr roona and store Thay will be rented iiparitely, If dailro.1 ? or farther information ia<iair? of A BIuHaBDS. Ho. *6^ come: fiov J? raey avaiiae and M at. mh 9 3t* kj M A L L i.ARDBN VAKM b"OB SALB? KHAMK HOI ,-K. of 8 roomi, atable. chichao home, hot house. Ac., 6.H0O strawberry f Ui,U, In h?-arlnif with acres of land, in Virgiala, t wo miles from tha A'mednrt Brldga. Prica, $1,60 ; b?lf i arh, balacce in two years n.h 9 6t O^L WILLS A OO. L-OR HICNT-Two PA BLOBS, nnfarntshed. on I flrit foor. with caa. Can hare use of kitchen. Dot- inart- f rom 7111 st e-t cars No. 1 Main?* ?t , I at. 4i? and6th iti., Island. m i St* /OB BBNT-FBAMS H??U7b. coitatnlnj -It I r?oms, 4 47 N stra. t between l.t?i and 13th. I mi nil a next daor. Alao. seMral R >oms with bed root is attached Nu- 341) B street. twttw-Hii Uth and 13th. Inquire at Paiut St^ro. nest iMir. R~l81AlBABT FOB 8Aiii-Tbe HESTAl RANT (St Charles? immediately opp-site the Uapitol. Apply No. ft -outh A stieet, tao do^n kbotre New Jersey avenue^ mh5 6f 1/OB SALB?(Only cash required, the balance ran be paid It: monthly ioltullments wf .-a<'b ?New fire-ro 'm HOL'SE, sitBtted on t*ie i a?t side of 6th street. Island ? atween H aid I utreets, *ad first bon-o (r-'in H st Key next Joor. STARB * CO , 4*?s?S7tt? st , mht-Ct* between P and C >)an ACBB8 OF BK8T LAND n> ar Waih p)UU inuton To LIT for two years A|tb?ut ?i y rent, for the ooniidoration of putting tha land ender culti*Ati'<B. ia lot* of one to filty *cras. aith many other Indue ment*, incln'tiug the prlvll. ge o! bayine the land at any time. For .11 particular, inquire oj ^ ^ ^ mh 4 lm Corner l"th an l F street!. L'OB RBNT?In Plant'" Bnildlne corner ot New r York areaiie and lMh street, sereral vary deurable OKFK B B<>oM8. For tarms applv to jBiiKOE B PLANT, oftce 2d story, "Plants Building." mh t tf r-OB SALB OR BHNT heap, a lour roomei r frame HOI PE. rear th" Circle Also a nn.* carriage DOG for sala. at bORIBl KU LTwN S, Pawnbrck'r. ftOri 9th St.. near fa. av. fe2"> J.v* \HT7TK THE MUST VALL AITLB ANI? 1>B I 1 S1BARLB BC1LDJNO LOTS ia the city f >r tale. It is situated ?u the north aide ot h stie t, jear ISth between S<enat<jr Sherman's and the Mexican Minister's, fr .tting on Fr?- VI b S juare aid lot i- ifi feet by 137, ronnmc back to a fo_>t klley. and Improved by a two itory brfk ?tal le. feft-tf 8. P. BBOWB, 4?4 9th street watt. H>OK 8ALK-I OnTy ?M0 cash re juireJ, the hal anc- clB be pai l ia monthly ii.italmenti of 5 26 each k?3 new two itory HOUSj^ ^ oo fe J? 2w 7th it., bet. D and K. h^OB SALB ? All klad of UNBKOEBSIED PLEDGES, to pay advances, at M4 4* street, lear Pa. bm. S. GOLDSTEIN A CO,, fe 21 lm Lb ensed P?? o!>rokers. F^OIl SALB OB BENT- Fnrnfhed or uufur I nisbed?the RESIDENCE of the An?triaa Minuter, cori.Br 12th and K. Apply betaeeu 11 ind ti. m foW '? H'OB'SALB^Three small GARDEN FARMS, near the cttv, o?e ot 6?i acrns improved by new woitory brick house and nece-sary oat buildiu^s, !iape?. strawberries, pearbei. apples. Ac , 2 I. fif '?ij acres b**t of warden S I, thirty t*) I'i'y kcres. deslrablv located f..r Butcher or Milk Farm. V. D. SIWCKBRIDGE A CO.. Real Estate Broken. fel9-lia* N. E. corner 7th and F ate. I/OR RENT-The STORE ROOM nut ?> the I Star office, amier Me'ropelltan Hall. A?oiy oC. B. BAKER. Star ottica. fe li tf f 'lOROETOWN REAL ESTATE AND HOUSE I AGENCY, lOO BRID'.B STREET House* for rent at $ti to $1-4) per month. Desirable Housei and Lots for iale. fe 14- lm * 0RS1E A COOrEB. Fr?OB BEBT-The FABH, for tha last three year* 1 the reaidBDceof Ma;or The?philus Qalaes. conilstiBg of l'? acres, lyin? near Fcrt M*hau. 1 tie rom fiennmg BrMge. Inifror-oo nta, dwell ng louse ef 11 roomi, atom stable, servant" housei, tarn. Ac Addreel "B S.," 437 E street, Mr asti ngton, D. C.,or Ball la pirson. betweaa 3 and 7a B" oc 16 tf L^OR BENT-Two large aad one imall comBjnnir eating ROOMS. anturuish?d aeood floor No 1.14 Peon a* . bet 19'h and ?th ats Bo 2S tf ARB OHaftCB? For Immediate sale, one of tbe best located imall corner itore GBOCBitlFH In the city. Stock aad Flxtnroe new Ap>ly Itnmedlitely. by letter, to A. B. 0., City Post jroce. *oX tf h'OB BBBT?Two Fnrntebed ROOMB, at Bo. 67 13th atraat between E aad W ats. ds 14 tf |i||g GUILD, Dtmif an Art#aad S*t.ondkmnd I Fumuurt. Old Farnitare Repaired, Reaptolitered and Tarnlahed. lltk and B sU.. (Bear he canal.) filghMt prloB ?ald for aooad-hand raraltara. *lw_ American gold, stocks and bonds. [\ bought on oeremission at the Hew York and !ther Stock Boards. vl?otaUoni regularly re^ d' LEWIS JOHHSON A CO.. Bankers. "ili Penna areeoe. SEVERAL 8PLBND1DPARLit.'R ORuAXS, > with Patent Organ Kwell. and i ne novable Pedal Bass. (*ery cenveulent fDr|K? ircaB practice at home ) will * a * v ? POSITIVELY BB SOLD AT COST, ireparatory to rebuilding . vos at reduced AUo. 13 new BBO no 13 Cm Bo. 497 11th street, above Pa. ave. gABBBN SEEDS. OABDBM SB1DS. franco and Huret A Sob. Loadon, England, and iav<? made arrangements with the largast and nost reliable leert ifrowera la the I nit>'d Stat. * or my ABaerlcan Seeds, and have bow In store a ar>e snaalr. which ara warrantad fresh aad gan* Sm J. P BARTHOLOW, fe 19-ooSw ftSS 7th itraet, below Pean. areuu COAL IBON.AND OIL.or tbe Practical Amerloaa lltner; beiag a guide to oar mines and ntnaral reaouroes. with nuaaeroai maps and llloiraUonB. Price $7M. nAE0K TATLOR. V1W lORi BBOEWHIAt, 1 BP'JJO"40 "BBBIB0 (wlth Boe?.) All of firit anaUty ^ WobThBLL, f#14 CowV^V?bMtiMl^io. GORDON A CO.*8 pKIBjEKi?r9B?. 0AT8DFB^it9 ^ *?> of tbeir 5,n^r BUBOHBLL , fe 14 ~r~?l&r*Btfit?^UXU. APCTION 8ALBS. _ |#hr edAer Ammm #H?< aaa/kwfk #?..*.] APTMMMOON AND Tu-MoMMo W. UT 8UII AWILLIAII.AMiMMr,, U rawrof 7th aadHetroati TALUABLB IN PHOT IP i|p DamploTID rkorKKTT FEOBTIBG ?N <"H miir WBIT AND HIW J1MIT AVBBDBBV Tflll M ill 1 fiTBBBTS Bui"* AT PUBLIC ACCT10B -w?tb. ? Oa MONDAT.the lltb dtrof HwrhMit.Mi o'clock p ..ob tke premteee. we sheU **11, L>* Ho. A aad B, kelng eubdl rialoa of Lou Ne 4, ?, NitrtKo 5S3 k?Hw good front u4 lnd? lB?r*nd kr ? l? tkrw story rr>M Boom, roiutilai eight goad room*, with ktiii and a Am dry cellar, with aa*4jarfaiag lot. Bmi be'ng Bo. ISO Alea. after tke Mi* of tke ako*e. wa ikUlNll,|?rt?rUtHf t. liM*l(av?.k?Hai twiatx n* ff?t t?? 4tckM frint ot !* J*rnr niilu back th? depth tkareof This K?HrtT li li 1m l?r?Uni, ul worthy of tke attention of bay era T bo yreml aee mi koom* before tko day of Mi* by edlih| n the itmt m tk* yromlM* Tm?s. One bo If cask, balaace ?1t ud t waive montka.for netee beariag Interact, aod 00c a rod ky a dood of trosf ob tbo premises. All ceavayaactng aa?1 tamo*at tb root of tka porrba or $aA down 00 ooak whoa aold. fo M eoAJs tlBKB A WILLIAMS. AooAs. OT O0OPBB A LAT1MEB Aaotlaaeara. ? .. <Lato clork? with Jae 0 McGaire A Oo.J Boatkwsst ?omer of Penneylvaaia a*a ahdUU street. Star Office Beildiag TBi57f ?A.iLJ?>r CHIMPBOTBD PBOPJ ?J oh thhIslabd at AuorioiT jJL'/l of-tLu't 4\"* tkm JL* day af ;J.Z D" ,8?*And recorded ia Liber J. A 8. Ho. T . folloe *. 7. 8, and f. one of tko Iaa1 records ' r ^Boklnatoo coaaty, u 0,1 will Boll at 00b? mom?* J" m* ?? "? a'clock P m. ob MOBDAT, March il, imt.waat. Lot aambare^ W pfflfi1, ^todKPVt *f L?* No c7i eeveo, ib *b H I tilIIpa sab of part of original Lot Bo. 11) two . In square Biinbartxl ft ?a hundred bb<I eighty aao '?5' ?1p* property ta 011 Bated ob tka east fhJMiVlT* V' n#cr OToaao. oad lfe tbrlvftDf location Toriua Oao bolt oaab. balaaroIb alt and twelve ^ ,r*" of *aia. oacarod by liV. OI5 prefer ty. A dapoelt of ?M J' bf, ro<jBlre<i Iroa tbo purchaser at tlm? ? / sale AH roaveyanclng and revenue stamps at cast of ( uixkaoar. . ? . WM * DBIRK Atf). Tramo fa 19-eodAda OOOPBB A LA T1M BB, AboBB. By OEBIN A WILLIAiBTiioao^orB Ho. a*a, coraor 7tk aad D at root*. TALPABLB Bl> 1LDIHO L< >T I Pi TH K 0BOOBB V, ABD FBON TIN W t-h I ?Ttt BT BeYT WC *T BBTUBBM OHIO AVKHUB AMD O BTHMBV MOKTH. AT PCBLIO AlVCTIOH " BT On HON BAT, tko <tb iaataat. at s o'clock a a 5Vi il,!!,,,.0,, Pr"""*aa,LotNo N.iDNiaarB Mo- Irf. ha?lB# Si foot, rnnntac bbek abooi M Wt In drptk. making tt a Haadaoma BatMIni Torma Odb kalf ca-b, the balaaco |a ? bob'ha, tor aotOB boonnx Iniaroat, and aocnr?d by ad*?d of trast on the promiaoa. All coaroron clnjt and rBTonae atanpa at tbo coat of tl/a ?r chaaar |w down oa th? d*r <f aalo. lotfd OBKKM A WILLIAMS. AnckB. >srT.H??a^B IS POSTPONED. OH accoont of tbr rain, nntll HoNi'A Y, tbo 11th la. ataat. at tie taw* boar and clace _aib!k-d GRKKH A WILLIAMS. Anota. !< WALL A CO., Aaotteuaora. BALK OF PEA ME BUILDING On HONDA Y A PTE EN OOB, 11 ih of 8 o clock. we will II. ib front of tbo aramlsoB pnt* Frame Tenement M< nae aitnated 1 (cwlJ r#Th Vr!?V. ,th m*d ,ftlh *?'?- /ko balldlnc to be reinoyod boforo the 2fith lDittbt. TcrRi - . ash mt' 8^d W.L. WALL A CO Ancto. BY W. L. WALL A CO., aoctioaaorB, 8t..roa Sli and i!7. b"Otb carnor PauuayUanU bvcbi* aad 9tk at. OEOCEB1ES. Wlllbkl AS. PL'BNITUEE Ac OaTriBDAT MnEMBajHurch |*tk we will aell at onr Auction Ho ma a lot ofUroceuao. Far n 1 ture Ac., cuinpriMftig? Broom*, Buck* tK u l Linoa Oandlea Popper and Statck ( a*cia Tu. iWcrl. caae Wmo Barrr la Oof?**,<:??* Bittera n.. Barr?la Whisk. > aad octave* Br&sdy " ?tl a lot of oibei Ororerlee and lot of a* oadbHLil Furniture, all of wbicb will be perempuHIr " _-j_^___W'_L._yALli A CO.. Aacta. HT W L WALL A Co"7At^tIuUMrr^^ * Original Horae and Oarri%?e Baaaar ?? Loaiaiana avenue. SALE OF HOEiEB, CAKKIAOK8. HA EN EMS. On TUF-DAT MOHN1NQ. M*rcli if. at it 2 CJ^V Tf? '"H. at the Bazaar, a number of tadJle. CarrlHffe and Work H?r?es iafnli d-acrlatiou at aaie.1 compri-inc ahout "?"oeav.n?. _ _ TH1ETY HOBOES B mong tk m ar? good Karui and Work Horaaa '* 7; ?TSai?*Sf**'T#r> ^De "orkA larea ooll?ctloD of New aai *ecoad band Bat. ^'* ^5w?ya. Ci ?rr1 . Wagobs. aad otk?r Tw,. ne w .tenny Lln l Wagoaa. built la tbla city Out- aocoiid-iiand Ti uck aud Or* ^, uearif ue w. New and Second band karnesa, 8?d<31ea. CarrJ Ac., at prirate aal*. Sahirdaya da>#' Tn,*4,'>>* Tkoradays. aad r?rria?ea and Harneaa alwa>a on private aala. lermacaah. " W. L. WALL A 00.. Aaota. L?f HaQLE A OO . Auctioaeer* i^laaraoBi, '2'J* PeonnylTania aveaaa. I'KEEM ilORT SALE OF OEOCEEI KB. OnTDlHiu v l8' LIvHJOHB. Ac ..11 i ff M%rch li, at 1? ?V!.ck, we shall T'o'l" p"u, * ,0t 0f tfr^"rtea, Ac . c??i 5 aaealad.go :.l boxea Bi cark Bod a 16 boxaa Cream Tatter IS boxea Ground P?-pyer 2U boxe? Maatard in tin c?na - ? halla Twiae, ! boxea Btarck *VC' <?oaa?. t kaga Butter ?5 Neata Market Bwk ti ??0 pounda Virginia Tobacco 1 barrel Old Gin 2 caaka Brandy 1 barrel Old Bourb' n and 3 barrel* VM ftie Whiakey ^ X.' demi.okna w ia> a and Li ,uora. Ad., Ac Al?w, ^ lirije ehow Win ioma aud ^kuttere, complete A amall lot of Kuraiture 1 Iron Wat?r Tank Wagon Several A-ricu11rtal Implement* ADd a lot ot anndilea, c -naiBtiag of Can Meat* ifcd Frnita, blacking Bruabea. Blacktag, Ac .Ac Tern.a caah. ? HAOLK A 00 . Au. ta. K. D. CLKA B Y , Aacti Beer. Bostkaaat -ornar K aad 4tk atroeta. KI85 OE VBCJETABLK BTAND8 IN THE MOBTHKBN MtkKCT AT ALOTluN. OtiiPlil DAY MOBNlNti. March IS, 1 will aall. on tbe prea-i-as, tw. Fi?h or Vegetable Stand-. Nos- 10 J aad lo:?, 1n the N^rtkera Market Tetma caah. mh 11 St F D OLBAKY. Aocta |^Y GEE EN A W ILLIAMfl, Aaetteaeera TBI 6TEL fi SALE OK HOUBEHOLD AND EITOilkH rCEHITlEE, OFFICE AND BAKE noes* fLEMlTCEH, Ac , Ac , AT alot:on Oil FBI DAT. the l?th instast. I aball eell, at 10 o>-l'<ck a in . at H .? ? No 3?'l and 3*6,on (th at reel weal. beta eea G and H atreeta north, by virtue of adeedol trust to the aubacriber, dateA lat day ol N. *. mher, 1*6. an 1 duly recordeU In Liber K M H.. No 3. fell?a J|, 23.'and S3", of Chattel Eecord for the coanty af Waablagtoa, District of Columbia, all tbe Oooda and (^hattela mentions In nalddeod In said aatabliaiiment. We nieatlon la part, via : Bur> ai.a. Table*. Chairs. Bedsteads WaakatapAa F.'attei Beds and Bedding. Carpets. Oilcloths Boxkcasa and Booka, China, Glaas aad < rockeryware Bake Lonae Utensils. Ice Cream Moulds. Pans Freezers, aa>l Kitchen Utensils, two Bow Windows Two Counters, Shelving, two Shew Cases Ot- and Water Fixtures. Ac. With man. other arUciaswkick we Ueem uanecessary to enumerate. Term* caah. OHAELEB B. CHUBCH. Traataa mh 9 d GBKKN A WILLIAMS Aocta |>T GBBEH A WILL1AMB, AactloaaarsT MJ N*. S-^6. corn-r Ttn and Dstreets. TWO BTOBT FEAMB~TlO' 9B AND LOT OB ^TH STBBBT W EOT. i.etweea B and T atreeta north, at Public Auction On WBDHEdDAT. tbe istb instant, at I o'clock p m , we shall aell, on the pretuisea, part Lot Ho. 3^ In aauare No 417. baving a good two-atory Fnvme H?nee. aultahle for any aanll family. Sale positive. Terms cash. All e?nveyauckng and revenue stampa at the coet of the aurcliaaer. ui S d GBKBN A WILLIAMS. Aocta. 486? 7 4jj(i Tth XMat.\ arrkoraiaTB roK /Tth streat. ALL BBABONB. EEA UT1FUI. Ay H L'SEFUL <'OMBl\ED. PA1HT1HGB AND ENGRAVING* A limited but cnwice selections of Oil Paintings, Kugravluga. Ckromoa, Wr-aths, Baakrta of Flowart,Ac., appropriately framed. OVAL P1CTI EB FRAHE8 A rich and varied aaaortment tretn tbe keat tuic'actnrera tn tke ooaatry >-mbraciag Welaqt. Imitation Eoeewood. all Gilt. Hnatic aod Owrrad > i atuea. Paaaaparteate. Card Framee. Ac P1CTU&K C C'SD A> L> TABSBlsB. WALBUT BBA^KKTirA Picture Card and Taaeela all alsaa and oolaro, PA1^EB?ANGVNGB'ABD*1*^IVDO*W BHADBB. A keantlfol variety of tkeae goada.emkraaAog tbe richeat designs of Bllt Embrotdarod Parlnr Pat teraa In tka t'latriai, with a well aeaartaA stock of the cheaper gradea, with a rarieAy of Wla Sow B? ajes. different slsaa aad colors Orders ler Window Shades aad PaMrkaaglaga Banctnally Sllad. In city or coa^trr. A large portion of the abova Go a Si ware made specially to order, 1 altering tke *mM the aha a net, and aiming te keaa that cHas af Goods, wa rasp art ^ i"K4i?ft'ss. s. ?ss m ? da moa* Elgkt Sa .ts above Odd FeUowa' Ball. I^BBBCABT IS, 1%ST."?Alf peraoaa haviag a UrtartlclaalB ay abovfiH- rep-ire,aravtoos ta the 1st of Jaauary, are r?<ii.ested to oall aad get them, otharwiaa they will be sold at poklle a notion oa tke lat af March to aay tke chargae tkaraen. JOHN J. PHABOWT, Oub aad Lockaaitk, jan It 3m Bo did Dstraat. 1