Newspaper of Evening Star, March 11, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 11, 1867 Page 4
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TilK F.VKNIN? STA1 or FILIAL. I UHS or THR IMTKD STA7t>. Ml |Hf fcee???l V..t?N ?i Ikt Thirty-ninth 4 ??g: ess. :Prrxic-?*?). 91.) an a' to establish h tin.ft rm sys.em of bankrnp'cy brougbont the Imted tie. ?: ?'4?c'?i I'H ik>- -v ?*ic 'e ami e)t IKpret ?./ {Aii.'cd Ktatti of .4m<ir *i in Ci/wyrr:i I tiK the Jf T*rtl diitri.*t tunrtl of the I nited S ate* he. ami they hereby are, consUtuted conr'a of hankrnptcy? and they snaM have original jurisdiction 'u their respective districts in all matters and proceedings in baakruptcy, and they are hereby #? torjit'd U> hear mid ad indicate upon the *?:ue < ordiDir to be provtamne of thi*? act. The ?md courts shall be always open for the tfatp-u tion of bnmness under this act, and the power* *nd jrtiisdi *tion hereby granted ana confer red shall be exercised as well in vacation a* .n 'arm um?, and a judp* shubc at chambers sha.l have a* same pea era and jurisdiction, including tbe power of keeping order and of f nns?hin^ ary contempt of his authority, as when sitting m court. And the jurisdiction hereby conferred shall extend to all eases aud controversies arising between the bankrupt and any cfed.tjr or creditors who shall claim any debt cr demand under tbe bankruptcy: to tb?* -ol lection of a!l the assets of tbe bankrupt; to the ascertainment and liquidation 01 tb-i liens and other .specific claim-thereon, to the atl a?'m*nf of the various priorities an1 *ontlictiiiK interests of all parties, and to tbe mar-bailingar.d di?po*\tion ol the differ?nt funds and assets. so as to ?ec<ire tbe rights of all parlies acd rtne di?TibHtion of th? assets am >nz ail tbe creditor?', and to all acta, mailers, and to Ire done under and In virtue ot the banuruptcy, unuI tbe final distribution and settlement of tbe estate of ihe bankrupt, and trie ;?o?e of tbe pro endings In bankruptcy. The and cour's "hall bave full authority to compel obedience to all orders auu decrees pa^^ed by tiiem In bankruptcy, by process of ion"*"p" and other remedial process to th* -ame tnteiit tbat the circuit courts now hire lu nay suit pending 'herein in equity. Said court* may sit for m* transseion of badueas in bankruptcy a' any place in the district, ot whieti pla ard 'he *itne of holdinj c>>art they sbHil ha. e riven ro'ice. as v.ell as at tbe places designated by law for holding such courts. St.* i. a il t< {.* J rJ*fr ? ???>.', Tuai the se\?*r::l ircnU courts of the United S: re-, ?i"binand for *te dia?ricta where th-* procrrOin|R in oankruptcy shall be pentiln?, ?ball ba\eneeneral superiotendence and jnrisdtct?? cfallca-^e- and questions artsiuc nnder rhi- i and ex.-ep' wnen S|iec' U provlsiou is ''herwise made, may. upon bill, pet "ion. cr o'fc-r proper proce^e, of any party azzne\ed. bear and determine tbe enj?&3 a court of e< u.ty The power-and turi-do. tion uer**by pt nv u may be exerc.-ed either by saii court or by any }u?tfce tbereofin term 'ime or vacation. S cd circuit courts -hall al-o have coucnrrent -nrisdictiou with the diamei c?iurTsof h- -ain? dn'rict ot all smu at law or in e |Utty wbk h may or *Vill be brou^'jt by the &>si^ree in bttnkruptcy afa'nst any p*r-on ? U nure an adverse'interest, or by snch person a?:t ist such a?si(rnee, touching anv property or rijthls of property of s iid banxrupt iraiicferable U> or vesred in such as^irnee; bnt no suit at law or in equity shall iu any c ;se be maiutamaole by or aeainaC such assignee er hy or against any person claiming an ad- I verse interest, touching the property and i ri*hU ofproperty aforesaid, in any court whatsoever, unless the same shall be broujtbt withiu two years f'om the time tbe canse of action accrued, for or against such assign***. y'r?r?!?>/, That nothing herein eont lined sball revive a ' right of action barred a: tbe time such assignee ia appointed. vjf ~ r.e aronmptpitiov of thh law is COCBTS Of BASKBrPTlT St- T Ano be it further enacUri. 'l'nat it shall be the duty ol tbe judges of the district courts i of tbe ? cited States, within and for the several districts, to appoint in each Congressional district in said districts, upon the nomination and recommendation of the Chief Justice of tbe Supreme Court ot the \ nited States, one or more registers in bankruptcy, to assist the judge ot the district eourt in the performance ?! nis dnne? under'his act. No person snail be eligible to such appointment unless he b- a coun-ellnr of said court, or of some one of tbe courts of record of the State in which he resides. Hefore entering upon the duties of his office, every person so appoiuted a register in bankruptcy shall give a bond to tbe 1'nited States, with condition that be will faithfully discharge the duties of bis otlice, m a sum not less than dfee thousand oollars, to be fixed by said court, with sureties satisfactory to said court, or to either of the said justices thereof: and be shall, in open court, take and subscribe tbe oath prescribed in the act entitled -An act to prescribe an oath of office, and for other purposes," approved July second, eigh'een bui.dretl aud sixty-two, and also that be will not during bi3 continuance in otlice be. directly or indire ttly, interested in or benefited by the lees or emoluments arising trom any *uit or n.atter pending in bankruptcy, in either tbe dist'i.: or ciii nit court iu his district. Sa< 4. .1rcf t>? it fur '<tr tmut-'i. That every register in bankruptcy, so appointed and qn '.litied. *-hall bave power, and it shall be his duty to m?ke adjudication of b.mkrnp'cy, to r??ei%e :be surrender of any bankrupt, to adn.iniiter oaths in ell proceedings b< fore turn, to bold and preside at, of cr?litor* to lake proof of debts, to mfkeall compn'ations ot dividend;, and all orders ot di^tribu 'on, and t'j furn:?fi th?- assignee witb a certified copy of sucb orders, and of tbe schedules of creditors aud assets tiled in each case, to audit aud pass accounts of assignees, to grant protection. to pa.-s tLe last examination of auy bankiupt lr. cases whenever tbe assignee or a creditor do not oppose, and to sit in chambers and de-pau b :ti^:> su^U part of the administrative business ol tbe court and such uncontested matters as shall be defined in general rules and orders, or a? the district judge shall in any particular matter direct: and he shall aUo malce -bort memoranda ot bis proceedings in eavb case in which be ahull act, iu a docaet to be kept by him for tbat purpoae, and he aball forthwith, aa the proceedings are taken, forward to tbe clerk of tbe district court a certified copy of seid memoranda, which shall be entered by said clerk in the proper minute book to be kept In bh office, and any register ot ihecouil may act for any other register tbereol: 1'rvruied, Aor ?rer. That nothing in this section contained shall empower a register to commit for contempt, or to hear a disputed adjudication, or any question of the allowance or suspension of an order of discharge, but in all ma'ters where an issue of fact or of law is raised an i conbated by any party to the proceeuings before him. it shall be his duty to cause tbe question or Isane to be stated by the op p? si eg parties in writing, and he shall adjourn tbe same into court tor decision by the luo^e. >o register shall he of counselor attorney. either in or out of court, in any suit or ma'ts'r pending in bankruptcy in either the cir nit or district court of bis district, nor in an appeal therefrom, nor shall be be executor, administrator, guardian, commissioner, appraiser. divider, or lusiguee ot or upon any esia'e within the jurisdiction of either ol said conrts of bankruptcy, nor be Interested in th?? tee- or eiutdnments arising trom either of said trusts. Tne tees ot said registers, as established by this act ana by the general rule? aud orders required to be :ram?*d nuder it, shall be pa.fl to ttum by the partirs for whom ttie serviees mar be rendered in the course ol proceeding* authorizes by this act. >*< a. And t't it further ena~t*i. That the iudge of 'be district court may direct a register to a*>end at auy place witniu the district lor the purpo. e of hearing such voluntary api lirat.ons under this act as may not r>- oppo-eii. ot a'tendiug any meeting of creditors, ?.r receiving any proot of <l??b'*, and gsner.tlly, lor <be prose ution of any bnrkruptci-or o*h-r pr? et-ding-. under thi- a t and ^be travelling and iii .uJtuUil expeuew ol such register, and of m j tlerlt or other olbcer attending b.m, ini i.i i?l in "o nc?tnf. shall he seij'lertj by ?aid ?.iurt m accordance with the rules preicribed nailer 'fc? *>*nth ?ecion of ?h?s ac?. at-d t>aid cut of the assets ot the estate In r**pect of wticb such register bas so acted or if tbere he no s h a?-?ets, or if the assets shall be tnsi tH<-ien*, then ?uch expense' shall form a part ct the costs in the case or cases In which iti?- register shall bave acted in such journey, to te apportioned by the judge, and sueh register, so actiug shall have and exercise all powers, except the power of commitment, v est# d in the district court for the summoning and examination of persons or witnesses, and for requiring the pr?>dnt*tlon of books, papers and docurteuts iTovtdol always. That all depositions ot persons aad witnesses taken before said register, and all acts done by bim, shall be reduced to writing, and be signed by htm. and shall be tiled In the clerk's office as part of the nroceedings. Snch register shall fce subject to removal by the judge of the dis. trict court, and all Tacancies occurring by such removal, or by resignation. <-n?.i>ce of residence, death or diaab&lity ,sh til he promptly filled by other fit persons, unlets said court eball deem the continuance of the particular office unnecessary Se?\ ?. Jnd ? < it further enacted. That any p?riy shall, during tbe proceedings before a iegi?ter, be at liberty to take tbeopiaion of tat district judge aponany point or matter arising iu tbe course of snob proceedings, or upon the revniiof sncb proceeding-, which shall be stau-d by the register In the shape of a short cerirflate to tbe tudge, who shall siga the same if be approve thereof, and sn b csrtitlaats, so slgnea, shall be hmdinr on all in* partis* to tbe proceedim: but every such certificate may be discharged or varied by the judge at oharuhers or in open eonrt. in any bankruptcy, or in any other proceeding* within tbe jurisdiction of th? conr-. under this ant. tbe partie* concerned, or submitting to aucb jurisdiction, may at bmj of the proceedings, by cen trnl, ttny <}iiffiloD or nB??iinn? in ? ?p*> o&l case lor the opinion of the Court, and the | u.iigm-iit of the Court shall be Bual, unless it be agreed and s'ated in such special case that * either party may appeal, if, in each ease, an appeal i* allowed by - *"* iW" m;t> alto, if tbey think A\ a?rerf. Uiat" fcpm t thr nuMtion or ?iumuub? raised by *ucb special fn?e beinK naSli? d*cld?4,*Miaof moj ney? fixed by the parties, or to he ascertained j by ibe conn, or In such mane^ras tbe eoort may direct, ot asy j?*opa-rty. or tb* amount 1 ?f any disputed oeh- or claim. shall be paid, ilel wered or tran"f-rred by one el snrb parries to 'be other of them either with or wuhoat co-'te. Sir 7 And ix it further en^c'arf. Tba* part e* and witnesses summoned befbre a roister -IimII b?* brvund to attend in ppnutluce of ?uch j summons at the place and time de-iguated i ; therein, and shall be entitled to protection, j ! and he liable to process of contempt .a line manner a-, parties and witnesses are now liable thereto in case of defsuit in attendance i iiaiVrr any writ ot sub|xr na. and all persona ' wilfully and corruptly swearing ?r Affirming i falsely before a register shall be liable to all the pei alTie?. paniebtn^Bta, aa<l consequences , of perjary. If any person examined before a register shall refuse or decline to answer, or to -wear to or sign bis examination when taken, the register shall frefer the roitt?r to the jndge, vtio shall have power to order the person so acting to pay the costs thereby j occasioned, if such person be compellable by law to answer such question or to ?ii{n such i ' ex:iDina,U>n, and such person shall also be i I liable to be punished for cootemj>t. N jirmin A"vt> pRArrin f>KC * And br if furf\er enacted. That appeals may be taKen from the district to the j circuit court.-- in all cases lueqnity.and wriu of error may be allowed to -aid circuit i ouru from I said dis'rict courts in cases at law under the i iurisdiction crm'ei by this act when the debt 1 or damages claimed amount to more than five b ii no red dollars, and any s^p^osed creditor, whose claim l? wholly er in part rejected, or an assignee who is dissatisfied with the allowance of a claim, may appeal from the deCiHor. ot the district court to the circuit cour from ' ti.e stale district; but no appeal shall bealt lowed in any case lrom the district to the cirt cm: court unless it i-claimed, and noti ?e in ven thereof to tne clerk of the di-trtct court, 19 be entered with ihe record of to* proceedings, anil nl?o to the ??*ignee or credi'ors. as the ca?f may te. or to the defeated par y inequity, v. ithiu leu days af'er the entry of the decree or d? tsiou appealed (von. Tue appe il shall b? ; ent--r?d at the term of the i irctnt court uliich shall l>e lirsi held within and for the district ' Be*: alter ihe expiration of '??n days front the time of claiming the same. But \{ the appe|. [ lant in ? rttiug waives bis appeal before a ay oeci?ion thereon, proceeding.- may be ha* in til* district court as if bo appeal had been I t;>kt r: and no appeal shall be allowed unless tl.e appellant at the 'im? of claiming the same stall g'vebondin man[ner] now required bv law in cases of such appeals. No writ ot error shall be aili a ed miii 96 ttje party claiming t st * 11 i s. mi ly with the statutes rrgulatiBK the granting ot such writs. Sec. ? And he it further entrf'd, That in cr<svs arising nniUr this act no appeal or writ of error shall be allowed in any ca-e from the circuit courts to tbe Supreme Cjurt of the L nred States. unte-s the lba-ter in dinpue in such case shall exceed two thousand dollars. Se? . 10. And he it further enacted, That the JuMices of t'le Sup rem Court of the United S'atee. subject to the provisions of this act, shtll frame general orders for the following purposes: for regulating the practice and procedure ot 1 the districts courts in bankruptcy, and the , teveral forms of petitions, orders, and other i proceeding- to he n?ed iu said courts la all I mat'ers under this act; For regulating the duties of the various ofll: cers of said courts; For regulating the fees payable and the ! charges and costs to be allowed, except such as I are established hy this at: or by law, with re< spect to all proceedings in bankruptcy before said courts, not exceeding the rate of feeo now allowed by law for similar services in other proceedings. Kor regulating the practice and procedure j upon appeals: For regulating "he filing, custody, and inj spection of records; i And generally lor carrying the provisions i of this act into effect. After such general orders shall have b<*n so ! framed. Hey or anr of them may be rescinded i or varied, arid other general crdern maybe I framed 111 manner aturesaid; and all suca general orders so framed shall from time to time 1 be reported to <%>ngre**, with s^cb suggesI tions as said justices may thinK proper. I \ OLI .\T A K\ BANKRfPT" V?COMMENCEMENT OK I'KOCKBIdNOS. S*c. 11. And he tt further enacted. That if any person residing within the jurisdiction ol I the Vnited States, owing debts provable uuder this act exceeding the amount ot three bundled dollars, shall apply bv petition addressed to'.be judge of the judicial district in wbi. h such debtor has resided or carried on tidiness for t?e six months uex- immediately preceding the time ol tiling such petition, or lor the longest period during such six months, setting forth his place wf residence, his inabili'y to pay all his debts in full, his willingj r e.-s to surrender all his esiate and effects lor ; the benetit of his creditors and his desire to i ob-a.11 the benefit of this act, and shall anoex 1 to his petition a schedule, verified by oa'h be: tore the court or before 11 register in b^nit- ' mptey. or belore one ot the commissioners ot Ibe tJircmt t;onrt of the f'nited S'i'.es. i c-ontairin^ a tullat.d true statement ot alibis debt.-, ai.d, as far as po-aible. to whom due. w itb the place of residence of each creditor, i t known to the debtor, and if not kno wn the I : c' tote so sta*ed, and the sum due to each crsd.tor: also, the nainre of each debtor demand, whetner ldunded on written security, obligation, contract or otherwise, and al-=o the it ue cause and consideration of such indented- j II ess in each case, and the place where such | indebtedness accrued, and a statement wf any existing mortgage, pledge. ij?n, judgment, or collateral or other security given lor the payment of the same: and snail also annex to bis petition an accurate inventory, verirted in like manner, of all his estate, both real and personal, assignable under this act, describing the same and stating where it Is situated, and whether tbere are any, and If so, what incumbrances thereon, the tiling of sucb petition ' shall bean But of bankruptcy, and such petitioner shall be adjudged a bankrupt. I'rorid'4. That ail citizens of the lrni:ed Statin pe; titloumg to be declared bankrupt shall, on filing such petition, and before any proceed: ings thereon, take and subscribe an oath of alle fiance Mid fidelity totbe United States, which 1 oaih shall be tiled and recorded with the proceedings in bankruptcy. And the judge of the j Iiistrict Court, or. if there be no opposing party. any register of said court, to be designated Wv I tbe judge, shall forthwith, if hebesatistled that . the dsbts dae from tbe petitioner exceed three 1 hundred dollars. Issue a warrant, to be signed by such judge or register, directed to the marshal of said district, authorizing him forthj with, as messenger, to publish notices in su?h newspapers as the warrant specifies; to serve written or printed notice, by mail or per*onallv, on all creditors upon the schedule filed v i'h 'he debtor's petition, or whose names may be given to him in addun u by the deb'or, aud to give such personal or other notice to any ! persons concerned as the warrant specifies, 1 winch netice shall state : First. That a warrant in bankruptcy his I been issued against the estate of the debtor. J-econd. Thai me payment of any debts at.d 1 th?* delivery of any property belouzmg to such del tor to him or for his use. and the transfer of any property by him are forbidden bv law. Third That a meeting of the creditors of ttie debtor, gi \ ing tbe names, residences, and I urT'.unts, so lar as known, to prove their debts nnd choo->e one or nnr? assignee- of his estate. Villi he held at a court of bankruptcy, to be ktOlden a? a time aud plice designated hi the v. r rraBt. not less than ten n?? more than nine! iv Jays after tbe issuing of the same. to its COrSTJNt ?t?.> VJndge Huval. of Texa?. ha* decided that j interest as well as principal must be p Ud of I dent* contracted belore and running through ! the war." \ woman in Indiana shot another wo; man with a nun for insisting on staying with ; her wnen hee company wasn't wauled. youe Yankee gunboat at Havanaspends more for cigars and other creature comiorts thi.u otie-hall of all tbe t'rencb transports together. ^"The golden cap used In the Havana cathedral at tbe dispensation of the holy sacraj ment disappeared the other night. | ^"Korty divorce ca*es are now before the | courts in Pittsburg. Twenty.fovr are rtpplications from wives and sixteen from busbauds. 1 W1 here are la tbe I n:te<i Kingdom about -'. mi trades unions, including as members about P2(Mjuo laborers. yTbere is a clergyman iu Counecttcut who I is < onb n'ed wnl SI a year. / Her. Mr Magutre, president of (leorge1 town College, has recently preached several ( tiB'es In Leesburg. WTiis editor of a Mississippi paper says he saw two or three whlie buy- tbe other day i ->>pping wood, and thereupon be hopes for | tbe rising generation. A eitlsen of Kew London, V. H., WHO was a captain In a New Hampshire regiment, has gore to California with the wrong woman, leaving bis lawful, upngnt, mid deserving wile a penniless vialiai of bis bareness and treachery. ?y~Tbe New York Sta?? Senate on Thursda> passed its bill lo* ih.>e|etiion uf IT7 delegales, and no delegate* ar large, aa4 gi09\ oned men tbe ngbt to vote. %ir liaroo Tbenard aaaonneed, wiilegiri?c a chemical leotnre belore Cnarles X. tbeee gases are gong to have the boner uo combine before your -Majesty." AUCTION SALES. BI GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, vifwlU Ik* t>Mk of lite Hfiublio. cotDir 7 th aud l> streets. BTOCKS or DBCGS. fTIsluUl'tS. BUTTLIi. I >1aL8. iOIMIKH, BH EL Y IM r.*4lUT ARTICLES, Ac . AT fDMU AUOTION. Oa TliBKuaE, tB?wtk nwtsti At *0-**'clock a. , m-. we shall Mil, at the Drug store, on 7 th street ??t. bttw*ip I mi 1 streets, nottlw 111 tb? ! Drugs, Msdioigee. B ttles, ViaU, < onuCMs. bbeM .og Fat cT Artfelw, Ac. To ^ssotA wttMt r?t?rt?Tur Mik . ?hi-d 9IUI A WTLLIA1H. Aucts. |jf nm A W1LLIAMA, Aacfio?^: i REOF.IN %US' sale OF FUBNITUBB and LiWCURb IB, tMl) LEASEHOLD uf Till V -Klb**OUD HOUSE." Bit DATED AT THE toBNEB OK liTU AT. WIST ANDVa AM .IB 80UAHI Ma :iii3. IN THE CITY OF WflBHiH?Tt)F. IS THE DIBTUICT or Columbia, at Kblio alct> jm. IS THE SUrBEME COURT or THI DISTBIoT or COLUMBIA amvla The Kittoul B?ik if th? Metro poll* vs. c. C. Bptsgueetal. In Equity ?Mo. ?T4. In lumiDM of ? order of the Supreme <'ourt of, 'L? Dutiict et Columbia, sitting iu tinltj , beaiii>| dste the 2r>tti lay of F?ltruw}, A L? 1*7. tbe uiider?lgned. as reisiveis appointed by aid Cvur In the above sait. will sell at punlic an< tioo. at tr.e 'Kirk wool Hon-e "In the city of Vaaaiagtou, 0 o..on WEDNESDAY the Z'tfe day of March, A. I>. Iae7,commencing at 1U o'clock am,: Fir?t?The lea-ehr Id of tla*> establishment well ku<w;i a* the ?'Kirkw>.>d Hou*e," * II tel,iu Iu advantage* of locatl n and arrangement, e iu?l. If not anterior, to any other Hoit I la ihe City or Wcshiugtou. The lease ha* about six years to ran. ALSO, Immediately aftarthes*le oftlie above, we shall proce,d to tell the furniture and Liquors in (he '^i i j i continue irum da) to day until all Ir disposi d of ccnipi lriug in part, il? Oae.xeellent Rosewood Case Piano, Cover, and Stool One handsome large French plate Gilt fra-ne . P T\ . " *o?#wood Frames aud Marble flab Ttole Ihr-e Oreen Sep Parlor Snites, consisting of Tete a t. tea. ?,>fas, <'astoi- and bide Cliairs Six heavy Oreen Hep and Lace Curtains aQd Corl'Cv ' Bix Msrblc-trp Center Table* and OM Painting* Seventy :iv< Marble and Wood i.p Walnut Dreading 1'UIOUH Sevent) Ave fine solid Walnut Bedsteads all c> mple e, with Spring Mvtfes-es Severn) five Marble aud Wood Walnut Washatam la Thirty Hatn'ed Hressing and other Bureaus I ifty Painted W tn-hitaiidOae hundred Cett?K j aud other Bedsteads One hundred and aevvn Brussels, Three ply IQ. urain aad nther <'arpet? Tw>> hundred Kooil Hnirand Husk ^attreaies ?>B' hntidred Feithr r i llloWK and B inters Two hundred and a^Tenty Bed*presds *ad Comfut t* One hnndred and seventy pairaof good Blanket* 1 ar l'? iinantlty < f D uble a< d Singl* Bueata Se\?nty tve <>nk l iumg C: airs Twelve large Dnilng labia* Twenty Damask Table cloths and S? re-ity five Napl ins Fltteen Worsted TaMa covers Tfji He*V) pintail Ca-ters PiTerioxen I'lated Korku 9 ive deren Piattd Pp <on* Fwr docen Iron handled Knives Twelve I'la'ed fcut'at Bowls Twu doyen Plati d Crvam aud Sirup Pitchara Twenty twa pleca of Copper < ookiug L'ti nails Cla-? and Crockery ware throughout the entire house One ascellent Iran Sa'a, In perfect order Office Furnitnrt. lonsiatiag of Desks, Settees, St?T * and hpittoon* One flue Otlico Kegnlator. . Also, Fanr Fhelsu'a Billiard t ablet, with Balls and Cues all in perfect order. lVrthn'any oiher articles, which we deem uaBrtnaiTf to enumerate. The above Furniture Is of good quality throughout the eBtire hon??i We call the attuntiol of dealers, hotel keepers and the public in general to this sale, as It t? the largest callectien of household goods that baab*?u is the n utket for s ?e time. Ten ,L4^THAinlL wiLSOS.t Becelrers JOHN F.BNNltJ. \ Becelver?. mb 6-eoAd? OKEEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. BY COOPEB A LATIMEE, Auctioneers, (Lata cieiks with J<tme* C. McOuIre A Oo ,) 8oothwe?t coraer Peunsylvan a avenae aud 11th street, ' Star Otfica Building." TECBTEE S BALE OfTMFBOV*D PBOPEHTY AT ACCTION By virtue of a deed ?f t rust dated tha 21st day af Faiifuaryt A. D., 186. aad recorded in Liber It. M. 11. ho. 16, felio t^.one of the land rec >rd* for Washington County, D. C.. 1 will sail, at Public Attcion, in front of tha premise , at A o clock p. m . on 1 I EsDa Y, tti? .'fitt! ilay of Marrb, A D , i8e7, all tbat certain plcce or parcel of ground situate, lying aad being in Wash ngton city, D O , and kuowu and distinguished npea the ground, pla ti or plat of said rity as the aou'b p ?rt of Lot I numt ered eight. 11,, in H^uarv nnmbnred two hundred aud fifty ei?ht.(fed,fronting Ufeet on the east aide ut 1.1 >? street west, between C and U -traers no rib, with a depth of oi'f hundred and Ave feet tea aLd ae ball n ehas MU^ feet 10s inches,) to an alWy. with tho improvenieats thereon. Terms ?f sale : ?ne half cash, balance In ??and 12 n enths. with Irif?-re-t from day af sale, s? nrei by deed of trust upon the premipe*. Terms to b? complied with in ff\ed?ys otherwise the t'ust-e re serves th" tleht to resell at the risk and coat of the deianitioc purchaser by sivirg iu nays notice ir thf ^tar. AH cost of c nv>-yai<ctng ami ri\enne stamps at the expense ot tne purchaser. *1 U ! quirt '1 at time of sale. JOB W. A NIT.'8 Trustee. COOPEB 1 LATIMEB, mhl-Stawld* Auctioneers. BY OUEEM A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer* No iub. corner 7th and D streets. VALUABLE IMPMOTeD PBOIFRTT IN SIXTH W A HD A T PUBLIC AU< TION On MON l? A Y . the |.*th iu*t?nt, at 6 o'clock p m . we shall sell, on tha premises. Lots A. B.C. anc D. in Tweedy a sut-diTi-ioo. and the south forty-five feet front by the depth of Lot Ho H, in ? iiiareNo H47, situsted at the corner of Virginia attnux and ath street eait c intaining H.ZJ7 s tuare feet, with the imprnvi msuts, con* -ting of one two st. ry Btick and two two stary Farme House*. Terms: One half cash; balance in one au1 tw years, for bi tea bearing interest, and *ecnred by died of tru?t on t iia premises All conveyancing aid revenue at the <-o*t of the parokiser. *&!' <lo? u w hen the property is sold . OKEEN A WILLIAMS, Aticts. mhM 11,1S lt M.14 HY ttHE-SH A WILLIAMS, AnoUotiaera. IvSObTOHY FBAME HOUSE AND LOT, KbONTlttU ON U tTKEKT NOB1II.BE TWIEN ftTH Akt) 1 TH STBEETS LAST, AT PUBLD At" HON. Ou KMIDAT. the l.'th Instant, at 8 o'clock p. m , we shall sell. on the pretniaea, Lot No. 9,fu subdivision of Lota No 1 aad 2. in square V4, havict; 17 feet front, by 86 feat dee a. to an alley, with the ImproTemeat", consisting or a good Frame Heuao. containing four roeusand kitcneu. Teime cash. All conveyancing and revenue stampaat tha cost of the puri haaer r SO down vben sold. OKEEN A WILLIAMS, nib 8 d Auctioneers. Bl COOPER A LATIMFB, Auctloncer7.~ I Late eierka with J C. McOnire A Co .) Southwest' oiaer of Pennsylvania avenue an i 11th atreet, btar Odice Building. TWO-BTO&T FBA^IE BUILDING AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTEENOOH next, March 15, at S o'clock p m.. in frent of the premises, I st. north, between 14th and l.Mh streate west, we will sell a good and substantial two story Frame Pullding. 24 feet freet by 44 feet deep, with bask bulldlnwr, 84x13 leet, to be removed within 14 days after sale Terms cash at tini- of sale mad COOPKB A LATIMKK Aucta. JRCBTII'i A A L . In pursuance of a power of sale vested In mebj a deed of trust, executed to me by Qeork? W Mitibel and Cornelia D. Mitchel, hie wife, of Washington city. District of Columbia, dated on ti e 28th dav of Augu-t, 1SAS and recorded in Li her K B. P , No 3, folio Z'SI. Ac., one of the land 1 records of Montroioery county. 1 wtli oner at ; public sate and aell to the higheet bidder, at Be1's Hotel. In the village of Clarksburg, in Mpu'tromery county, Md , an WEDNESDAY, the T th day of Marcb, in the year eigh.een hundred au l sixty seven, at II o clock a m .all the following described real estate,sitaatfd in Montgomery t uunty. Btate of Maryland. These landa He near Chtrksburc. Montgomery connty. and adjoin the proaerty ( f Bufus Ktn^, Perry Browning. Basil 1 Heal land others One of the tracts Is part of it ; trio t ?f I and r ailed "Trouble Mnoush In i'-sd." containing six buDdnd and sixty acres of land,

i it bun* the same land heretofore conveyed br y Parte- Hendry and aleanor Hendry, bis wife, to said George W . Mitcbel, t.y deed dated en thelBth day of August. l?.v The other being part of a tra< t of lai.d called " Basurvey on Maple Branch,'' heretofore convertd 10 said Qeorge W.Mitchal by Ann Super, and containing thirty fHeacreeof land TbUlandls under a good state af cultivation, situated tn a healthy MeUbborhood. well watered, and under ^ry good femini: Tb? 1m provenienis consist ol two oomfortaole lo-dwel lihas. g?od stable, corn houses, aud ether~aec?asaiy out-buildin.'S also, fear good toba?r..i housaH. The above described tract is susceptible of being divided Into two or three convenient farms Persons wishing to look at the property can do si4l.y calling on Mr. King, residing on the land, who will take pleasure tn showing it. Teims of sale: Cne-tblrd ot tbe purchase money to be paid on the day of sale, tbe residue of the purchase money to be paid in one and two years trcm the da\ of sale, tbe purchaser or pnrcba sers fclvlni: his. hemr tbeir notes, with approved security, bearing intereet from the day of sale Op payment ot the whole purchase money a deed Kill be executed ay the trustee, tbe purchaser pay ing ex peases of prepaiins tbe dead dddfaUtnng. t, * n. L&iVtttiyiiiVvz!. (] AMMi MEEDS, KEU1T TUBES, Ac, J O H H I A U L iiSlT Kiiil8torK. '**** ? OABDIN SEEDS, wbtcb are this seaeoa of ttneet uqality. From bit practical knowledge of the trade, end the Seeds having been grows specially 5e?ini *e lh#y wnrraateg tresh, pare, ''FLOWBE SEEDS, embraoing all tha novelties from hngland aid the continent, with many j|iltl?*tavediroat hip r'eh collection of Florist KkuIt TEEKB cf SneefmatltT.oonslsttnc of Cke"?^4!?1"' Apricota, Nectarines. ( BAPS VINES-Delsrwwre, Concord, Diana, Rrsers Hybrids, loaa, Adlroadau, A# . B'rewberriee. Blackbefipa, OdaeaWrrles. Onfraats Evergreens. Ehade Treaa, Bpses, Green u n mi* ''"'fi.ii*. B." j ?' H l? 4 i PRurot^Ls. pSOPOBALS FOB 80AP! ! Dog C*mmZ7mrnf suhsnui > ' -x gye Mf*i?j? :rr free from clay. aoluhle gfa.s orotbV, ^dnIIsT!* ^ WAH5UWW ? r t?.r S" i* ?,* ?f \Vrtuajdlh# rem*inu,r -r ?fc.9^ h1^' nin"t V'ufarnf"h^ w,th l*0 proposals tlci* L2ZZ ?' *>? ' ?"?? ?? mi.vr"' . '.V b? well llrtppti] Will klrkar* trap*. Ik? itine ?( ih? o<>Dtr?< 'or, <tt*u(trtn4 fer HlMtkieuitnki vttb irttoa tare ?n!i net w.iaht. aiH lH plainly marked on ?*8 It" I. recllW li t^r:JInspected before .'.Hummed M de?r?.I by the a tutorahr ned Iki stesssj" ? *SSS was: No a low Mice for yackagee. It will be received At the Subsistence nt,.,?. kr'O'M in the M moment Lot. anl 6th atreet r?i*t ;?r *' BfcU,mur? OhloBailVotd ,Bb5 61 Major ?nd G*8*?0. 8. A. |JB0P08AL8 FOB MEAT. Qffici Vn>ot r9nirnii of guhu %u%ft a >i a d d. 0', .Virck t ]?* r I the nut- Of the troop* and All the OOBn'bd' bt K T ?i : i" 'X?? mt. lb* '?? ?? ?"ll j ,i, Wa-bmgton. D. C , ALiandria. Vi .Tort wish j! ' 1 0rt and Fort Whip^ie, Propoaa'a will ilm be received for All the /.; vf:?,r"1 tor sale* to office*. VapplM Vr.m the \\ a* kmc ton Depot This Heor wri i^T J.l fitmstfnallty ?f b^,h ^ lobe of McVflent marketable* WJltft 'Xtf?**'' ex?. ???o-.bU co lHion?bV?^;, *nj"? 1 t?ll<>w not received U,!CI" 4,1?nks. and kiduey chk*ea'in*fhe' ^SXlll ^tW.'t^ e*jp'-?i?e of the contractor male at the j The contractor wilt r>e revtilred to deliver th. Meat (it tb?< HK>r?koH? at Ih? ?!???. I.? T bo win dialntaie it in-n b wentYrtll' ' and at such times, an an officer of the 3 ibalateacD<partnient iua> dheet '^??tence Sarerat- pro| csal* will be received f >r mnntv if ! !/ "" *' OTe nam?d places bids mB,t l,ePrv,eat " the opening of the f.Tm. ntto bemade at th!? offc?? tn^ithly. far pole ?orchaaed, or when in fBtlde for the p ir k"?*?r:,ll15 in*l,t?' D'1 condition will he ?>-ttie-j by th" offi?er ot the tMibeiatence Deparrm. nt receiving tbe Meat ,,unM tt,? !'.Xn_tr*r?t?w''iBl*d?fo'" ? * tnontlie from the l?t d?y of April, 1W. fr ?nth period a? the Con.miwmr, Ge ieral tn\v deterrni-ie. Hide mti't be '-cdor^ed " I'r' potHhi for ? ?? *' ?' *nd addreiaed to ike undertipnel mh?a* ^ O. BR Mi, ?h ? and C. B., 0. 9. A. |>BOPOSALB FOB C1RWCLAB AND OUTK 1 UON *AHKlMa 8TAM?'h AND CIB CULAB BATING HTAMi'S. i'UsTOl?ICEDK/iRTyg|IT. > 8BALE*I) VBOP03 KL* ' i\"M71 < . t^e 2ith day ot Mar.'h n-xt ?Lf Aprl! ?e,t. MABKIN." and rItiVo 81A MPs of the following description, namely* ? CLASS 1. ofC ^lM^B?^|!,-Kr"*? ?o?bl?*l. name of the othce and State'Vith^^rformonth* and date. |D MMka7r like maUrU|M cieiitthnmb acrew for theaame. and WiTh handul of ...ahogany, walnut or < ther h^VoSd"4.^ of * njooel nnat conyanient tor use In ?r^*??i. for tbin elaaa ef Utrcalar Htampa the bidder^Jin rate the additional char*.- per I'tter or flvnrJf 'i inaertiug la the circle, when .emired nck woldi Mid l#i "shl?*"'a!drsr^ cti": b?^5SS.."*tS'ST SSM^.22:V if and days of the same Material ?"?. . . C'LAitd *2. Circular Marking 8uapa of iron, or an, othar durable material, tor the n,.. ot Po^t OthceT a^rt heth~'Ln\* ?n/tLlr0ai *n<1 "toowhoat III.M *lth tbe ainn of the <Bca and out" < ? >hi name of tbe railroad or river line, with t\ oe fur months and dsUs, in blocks or daralile with suitable thumb acrew and handle" of^wt ' nut. clerry or otb-r auitable wo 4. or a m'del b?-at adaptrd for nan. the utamp to be at the aam? diaineier as is deacribed for No 1 ? . . ^ CLA88 3. Circular aod Octi^ou Marking RtAmAa r%f a a^'cla's So? ldn?n'h'^%,,ri#l 'heaa'n'e .|M u? cla-s ?o I, with the name t?f the and e.'iTit >t?n P"n\?t m'*D,h# ?L<1 <lates lu hrOlrcular >tamp, and for ye?rs n.onthi suh,>, <n ?Ja?:p printers' type metal, in Mocks of siCRle Tettcra and figures, with thumb screw and handles aa deacribed in class No ? ? .. . CLA88 4. .11. ' ?r"f "J,F n, , bating stamps ?? ? i *r'^ Bating Statupr to < erreiaond with J!'*1t^c,,'*r8Un'M of c'aase. i 2 an l i in mate? . V -A,? Jht 'Fortrar?ieJ "P. kj Hnn ??e,',, Advertised " " Meamboat" "Sblo ' HiSiJS?. > "Heldfor foi'age ' ' Ml'adlrecUM Nut t?>imd.'' Unclaimtxl.'' * r,. . p'? Begiater'd, ' Miasent and f .rwarded " rJctiV,Bl?^n *rJ^?T*T? "Betarno 1 for better d'iJ "Duei?." Duels 'Ac Ae aud of figures ooly such % * s 5,16, 20 24 Mr m.r%A aii^ othf r Batfnc 8famp# aoi herein nanVed to be furmekieo at h pri? e not excee<iinfir that for 4* leturs f*f tttter dl^?tIou,', when the aawe is of *,,lbe received ror all or the above ascribed or for ea< h e^arat'* class u Tfor the oiflerent cl%??es 11 theCDepart"ao nt" ^ tb# ,fe^Bt 0r ,u,ure ru,M aalS0-*" ?f b,ain?* mn,t cton??nnF the ?ropoBach bidder mtxtfnrnieh with bis propoaala evidetic e or bia ability to comply witb kia bid tre"t? ,uttlc'*nt wlU ^ required to a conTho stamps itinit be delivered to the Pnft Office Department at the ezpens<- or the contractor. Pio?o?als sbonM be endorsed on the outaide of the o'^^'ovo tbna "Propo-als for Post office Marking Htatips. md a'dreaaed to the Pirit aasictant Postmaster General. Wa?htnat?n, D O ALEX W BANDALL. J? 13 PosfastT General. pBoposALB fob ibur wobk. ^ ^ Trtnsnry Ikrirtnumf. I OGrrof Sur*rr,',nt Architect, March I. 1*7 f rtopofais Will be received a' ?b!a office until It 0 clock M.. March 19, 18?7. for c iron, Pilasters. Caps, and Bases. W.nd?w aad D.?or vrafeei, for the lortb Wiog ot tin* Treaiarj K\A schedule of the werk roqnlrad and tbeurawIngsof the same nay be Men at the office 0r the / 1rJ ^re,|'1''Ct.Trea?ni y Department All bids mutt 1kj accompanied by tba gnarantee or aome responsible pei-oa that the bidd 'er will mco pt and perform tbe contract if awarJad to Tbe Department reserves Uie right to accent separate portioaa of ike varlnni proposam, a?d to r?je<t any or all of tin* bids, ir conalaered for the iv forest of th#1 Oo\ err n>? at to do to Bida to bo motop?>d ia a ?eaied envelowe and Indorsed "fropoaais for Iron Work." U - .. r A B MULLBTT. mh B w.F.Mtt Snperviaing Architect. P.BOWW Jf'BuVAL^'LBTTW1 PAT Vnr li rtn b? tbe !SSw&I!3J?;42S?* 1 linSfalll?, ? 'he affect nal remedy for Bo ^Thoaa, aud Kxhauillon ot Trieoemar Ho. 1 has enffrely saper sedtd tbe nawaeoaa use of Conavlh, Cnbebs, Aa Trtoaetnar No lathe Infalllno remedy r?r all Secondary Symptoms, tbu- obri. Ingtf-dVonm mopsnty aad all othar dnle&erluns h ,n the 'onn of a most agraa ^octired frem the effects of cll. atmosphere In Uncase*, at W eftcP' ' tour (Soiiei In one for 81, aud la fVJM e_ Divided la separate dosea -ad^mlnlsto^V Toipean, Sail am and a, Boux. Wboleaale and retell by Dr. BABBOW, Bo 19a Bleocker street. Now Tork *' To be had aly of g. p. f ogp. ?0. v?90 Penn', wroano. corner 11th at. eofl-lr pUBlABLB BTBAM BNOINR8, Combining the maxlmnm of efflclency,dnrahllltr? and ecoaomy, with tba miaiaiom ol weight sad price. They are widely and favorably knows, more than 600 being In nae. All warranted satisfactory, or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent oa applfcatloB. Addreia r. a J* Q' A CO., fe 8 eoSm Lawrence, Maaa. MAILLABD'8 OUOCOLAT8 DB FANTAIHIB ?T BONBONS. MAILLABD' 8 * OHOOOLAT PAB BX6BLLBNCB, iJnnluI^f1'S I?n,,u CHOOOLaW Is Sillier In qnallir and flavor to aay other made la this country, and la ?reparo4 eajaeelaily for table oao N.W. BUBCBBLL. ai D^Tu?T"'^%b':oaVu^'??? ss fcr ?????? Tttiioa. { MviilA* iiJl . iwJ of] ".jk^ GOVERNMENT SALES. LBBlBVIOi&BLB QFIBTCBMA?TEB b TO JIM At *CUTIOB. r (%itf QmrimmmiUrH Of** Dmtif W*tkmrt*n,l X? Waskm*?. D C . Mirrl P 1*7. f Wlllb* aoid at public ikUoi. b> ort'fd tbe > QliriwaiiUr Geuerml, at Ltuoolo Depot, TlISuAl, Msrch 19 undtr !M aupervlslja of Lie "tenant ldward IhMtr. i:ih T 8 lu'iitt;, Baling AtittMt Qnarte rtasster C 8 Artn>, Ml* to ccniassnee at |i> a m .a quantity of BBservloe P all* ?strurutiirr stores. cot.?ie?'a? in pariof7t Foar-Horae Army *6 Coal Office btov.s, | Waaeas, ?1 Cylinder do, ; Ifi Two Horn do. liC-okce. ! it) T?o Btri> Asibu tSWooddo. 1 laucee. 7 Cook Baases. 1 1 Four Bore* da, lBow(Vn,i|t, , 1 Ona-liora* do. 1 lloaf Ii-m, ! i; Carta. taat large Hntt, H4 sets Lead ainleHar 1*7 feat mall do. Bsss X-i Saddle Bla: kets, (5l?tl Wbr?l B*l? do. 101 WtjOD OoTtrrl. ;o ?ets Lead Ambulance Ct yard? C>eoa Matting, Harnesa O lk? Assorted Bope, 65 seta M bail Ambnlanc*J,(*H? Iba. Old Tlra Iron, H irorai, Z.PUP lha Iren Shoes, ! IS Cauldrons, 1'. hmbalance Wheels. Toceiher with Brldlee Gum Buckets Ualter' Chains, Canvas Borse Cover*, IbtIIi, McClellan i tladdlee. Carpenters' T<>ols. sarh a* Ha raera, ' Pews, Brace* aa?i Bit". Blackrtulth To<?l?, Ac. Sale win ha coatlaued each day until tit* whole I amount ta a*ld I Terns ca?h, la Government fund*. Purchasers ara required to remuxe their par' ebaae- within ten "lays from day of sale. CHABLfcS H T'?MPhlNS. Deputy Q H Gen . Bvt Brie. . A<tin* Cbiat Qaartermaater, a 9 '.'t bepotot vrwb iif'ci AC< TION SAL* OF OOVtBHMCNT Bl'lLD 1NG8 AT UAMP T?'DO, SOUTH Ul TBBABLHV BllLDIhW /fsarff*artrrt I'trnrimint nf Waia'ac***, I Ojfcc/ nt Chttf y*Aii'' nw '.tT.S U C: Mar hd. 16&. S U 111 be wld at Prbllc Anotion. on the premises, nnder direction of Brevet Ma r Jani?? (Jleason, A y M .Vols ,*i. THCRr-UA Y. March It, at 11 o'clock a. nt., the following d?acri*-"d Frame [ Paiidings. locate at C*mp Todd.iaontb of TreasI urv Building,) in thia <-ity. vi/ Or* Barrack (two atorira IiiiJ f?et, wit'i porch. One Ocard^oaie Jix.O feet. One Offli'W" Quarters. 3 x il feet. One oftVere' Quarters, S.'xi'i feet, with wirsg. Bildin*- will be sold siaflv, aa<l mill l? removed witbin ten data from date of ?*i Ttin>a ca? h in <Jovernni?- foods M I. LI'UISGTON, Bvt. Brig. 'Jen and Chief ynartertBHsfer. a>b?-tt Department of Wash n?toa fr; ~ BANKERS. __ JAY C4WBK * ., BAIKIBI, PiftirwA ??#'?. apro/ttt 7Wa.*wm, ityend ael a icnrrent market ratea. and keep cD*tai>tly on hand, a fall rawly of all eoVBBVMBNT BOOTS, SKVBN-THIBT1BS, ASD COMPOUHB | LNTBBBST HOTBB Orden far STOCKS. BOND?, Ac , ex*cnt??a. and Celtactloi^ mad* oa all aoa**albl* polnta. ar 1-tf _ JPARROW fcCO., BABKBBS, Oorner Loclalaaa aw?M and Batenlb ra*t. ISALKKa in OOTKMIfMEST SECURITIES, OOLD ASD SILVBB jy f tf AND LAND WABBABTS First Natioul Bnk of Waihingtoi. B.D COOBB, (of JayCooka A Co..) Pr*ald*Bl. WB. 8. HLNTINOTOB, CaaAler. GOVBBNMKNT DBPOS1TOBT AND riBANClAL AOBNT Of TBB L'BITBB STATBS. ISIA itrt*l, or*o?ut tkt Trtantry Dtrn*' ****?. Government S*curtt|as wltA Traaanrar United Stat*# SWOVE MILLION DOLLARS V> e boy and a*H all claaaea of GOVERNMEyJ bECURITIESit currant market rat*a. fURNlSH EXCHANGE and make Coiiectten* cm ALL the PRINCIPAL CITIES OP THM VKITED STATES. W* parch*** Oov*rm*Bt Yonchera oa the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and give careful an* prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS. and to any other bnalseea eat mated to ue. FULL 1NPOBM ATION In regard to OOTBBB MBBT LOANS at all timee cheerfully fnrnlatied WM. 8. HDNT1NOTOB. Cashier WaablngtOn, March SO. 18M. mJl tf IbKPABTMBBT OF TBB INTBBIOB. _ LI UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, VisUiSbluK. F"brainy a, lab7. ! On the petition of LAUKKN W ABD, adulatetrator of the eat ate ol Bicharl Ward, deveaaed, oi N dugntu k. Contecilcn t praying for the ex i ttBuivn of a patent granted to tbe -md Laur n I Maid -?ld admioiatrator, on tbe 28tb da>' of I June. laA3, for aa iaprovemeBt in Ma hiBei for Tnt nlna lrre-nlar Forma for eeven veare froai the expiration ot said patent, which takee pla e on theMtbdayof June. 1867: I it ia ordered that tbe eaid petition he heard at | the Patent OfBce oa MONDAY, tbe )0th day of , June next, at 12 o'clock at ; and all poreona ' are notified to appear and afcow cane*, if any tb? y j have, why eald aetitlon oufbt not to b* grantaa. Feraone opposine tne extension are rtqalrwa to tile in the Patent Office their objection*, specially ' setlorth in writing, at least ttrmry days before i tbe day of heating: all testimony tied by either K' ty, to be need at the eaid heart dh. in oat be en and transmitted in accordance wlta the rnlee of the olBce, wblcb will be furnished oa appllca|)epealt1on? and other papers, relied upon aa I testimony, must be filed in the offlse daya .*foretheda> of hearing, the argument*, If any, i m i thiB ten daya after tiling the t?Uu< >ny. Ordtred. alee, that this i>otl<* t>e pabllebed in tha lairliit'nr'r and tbe H'wlhc** , Washington. D. 0 and In the fU?i*i'r. New Haven. Coan.,om-*a week for three anccearfve weeka; the Sratof aald publications te be at laaat sixty daya prevloua to the day Of heanag T_ Q XBBABBB, Com mi sal c> a* r of Patwata. P 8 ? Bdltora of tha above paper* will aieaa* copy, and send their billa to tha Pat*at Offlc*. with a paper containing thia notloe. fell-l*w3w \BPABTMBHT OF TBB IHTBBIOB. Lf UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, M aaUiXOTu.i. >ebra?ry l?, iW On the petition or GkoBGB B. BEBD aad PBBC1S L TcTTLB, administrators of tbe ea tatea of J.>a<-pt> II Tnttle. deceased, ot Geneva, fc. V., pra>iag fir the extension of a patent granted to tbeeaid J?>aeph H Tnttie tVe 2iat day of Jane. loJ3. tor aa improvement in Haws, for seven scars Tom the expiration of a?id p*teut, which *kea place ou tbe 2iet da> ol June. IdtfT: It is <ird< red that the eaid petition be heard at tbe Patent Office ea Monday, the Jd day of June next, at 1J o'clock ta.; and all p<-raons are notified to appear and show caaee. If euv they have, why aald potitlen oaght W't tob^ (ranted. Persons oppoalng tbe extension are required to file in tha Patent Ulhcc their abjections. epe<-hilly set forth in writing, at le*at frm-y days l>eii>rn tne day ol hearing; all testimony t.led by either party toti* used at the said hearing mast be taken and transmitted In accordance with tbe re lea ol tbe ofbee. which will 1>* faralehedoa application Depositions aud other papers relied up a *? teetimonj must be hied In theoflce ire* vdavs before the day ot hearieg; the arenmenta, If aay, wlthia t,n daya after filiaa th* teetinaony Ordered, also that this Botioe be pobiieh*>1 la the Intelligencer aud tne Keoubllsaa, wast ingt? a. D C . and In the Oene*? Carette. Geneva, B Y.,oueeaweek lor three successive weeks; the hrotofsaid publications to be at leaat sixty days prrvlona to (ko day of hearingq Commtsalooer of Patents, p 8. Editor* of the above papers will pieaaa eopy, and send their bills to tbe Patent Office with a paper containing this notice te it lawjw T^HlS 18 TO G1VB NOTIC?, That the sabecrlhers ba\e obtained from the Orpbana' Court if Washington county, la the District of Columbia, lettera tea aweuiary oa the> aeraonal aetat* of J?lm McKim. late of Washington, D. O., deceased. All Peraona bavin* elauna agalnai tbe eaid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to tbe aubacrtbers, er to Dr. 8. A. H. McKiib, Washington D. O . on or before the IMh day of February next: they may *tharwiae, by law, be exoinded from att ^*G*ven*nnder o'urlTaads thla 14th day of February, 19C. ALBX. H. KICB, I Ixacatara fe iHawiw* JOHN W. MckIM.< B?ac?Urs. THIS I8 TO GIVB NOTICE, That th* rabacriber ha* obtained from the Orphans' Coart of Washington tha Dlatiictof Celwtabia.letters of admlBlatrartoa. *w th* aeraonal estate *f William Bbert. late ot Georgetown, 1). C? deceased. AU peraona having claims ajrainst said deceased, ar* hereby warned to exhibit the name, with tha voucher* thereof, te th* anbaoribar. en Or before tne tth day ot March next; they may otherwise by law ha exoinded froa aih t-law3?* AawiBlahrafaix rVHlB 18 TO GIVE NOTlrtt,That tkeVuhecrlI t>er baa obtained frata the Orphaaa'Court if WaaUngton oS?ty, lntbe Diat^ of C^umbla. letters taataaaataiY tke peraooal eatata af ?asola Bozal, late ot Waahtagtea oosinty. D. C.. 'joceaaed. AU aaraoae kaetag claims aaalaet tae said dweased, ara hereby warned*a srtlwt tha same, wtlh tbe vouchers thereof, lothaeabecribar. on or mh ? lawgw- B*ecatrlx._ ?B*MtA?S.*^C*. WABPB.tAMOB. ?.V.BLACg I ' BleAOB, LAMOB B 00., ,?esBX?gaigsum b&SHIim ^'"'tvy i ! RAILROADS. j k 1 v;7 to bohtb **8^south! a wo ?octm... sohedulhj isse wa?2? !? ^ tr^n. will l fi*-" i baitiaiora im . j?a- !! - llmi. : tbi ?biit d?jnrll teach bolts " !*v ?lr1Lm ?*7 *?* Oars. with n fmttro lmirofxai?nu aad tin* from fonr to l*f re hon . inmmeos?/ ary other roate. two hundred mih ?-- >. vwtni ?h0 central New york *" ***? * Two l>al.y Train, to tba foul. tkroaak from b?1 tlmore to rocillttl<n? i pittshl'boh wtth< at chaage ?i!51!,5rl?'r,rtt-robla km cuu<" " 0*?w* Ticket* bj this r*?i? mm bo ?rnrtr*4 m tk? of. cora?r mb street aad per usylretiie aresce csder the National bot?l. where reliet ie ib-cri mat! a will be *lren at ail time* l rlwmfmi procuring tick?ts at this osw can . Sec-ire eeon.i>i<xteti>na 1b Sleeping tare for Elvira .,r plttabor* I.V wilkin*. Ticket _ _ Wastnagton. d.o. bd. 8. totho, Gen. Pees. agesi. i psl timers, Md. del ip i r|'haul oh li n k kirwih ~w ach i mm ton 1 * ^philadelphia and new yuhk. ? . . wa?n wto<, j?l ?, iwr. _ t**1"" washmgtoa and Haw York ar* ?* r?o m'ullowi tl* fob haw k okk . without dl|? r4 cere. s'vi ?o*cep? siudey at 7.*a a. ta and | nsw tobk, chaaslb* cars ! pblladelt '*wrl stini1*f1 ?t 11:11* ec i?4 sok philadelphia. *^7^" ceptmoaday at 7:sft aatd lilt b. ; m., end ? 30 end 6 w p m leare tor Hew fork aud pbtle^thta at f ? p it oolf. sleeping core for Hew Yark on ? >1 y ra train i d*tl?tl.roush tb k?ts to pi n hew ysteor Po?ton. Oku be iltul at the otbseet oil b.inr* in ttie day ** well as at t!.e urw office : l ttio 7<ankers an.* brokers Toleg/arh Liu*-, 3 4* Peuu. ??nw, fcn*f? 9th aod ttu strfeta. See Baltimore and ohio ba'lrne* adrer*1?ement fcr echeilnle between weeh1ngt-*a, dekitaore a tu poiis. an*4 the Weet j, l. wilsom, kultrol tranap^rtatlen. l m coils q?-:rt?l ticket aami ? oso. 8 Boost/. a?.at. wa?hit.?toa. oe ?tf 19alt1mobe and ohio btilhoadt w akmi jaa. a, iw. ?is?!p^:?j3^"35s3s between w*ph!noton 4kp balt! mcbs.atkl wa8hinoton a!ip tub w b"t are now raa aa follewa. t|? rou baltihoeb ' .,.*** except tinimiar, m 7- ?. 7 ?t. and ' 11 :li a ui . ai d iow, aad 4 yt. an4 p m. rob all hay 8tatjoa0. , and s if) ana 8 00 p m. rob ?* at btatiohs 90tth os ann APOLtti junction d Leare at <:uaod7tw a a .and at standi 9ft fob ann apol1s. Leare at 7 4ft a. m.. ?i d ? so p m Mo tratna to or from antiapoli* oa hna iar. uh bln^at. fob baltlmubs. Leave at 7-40 a. ai.. an<i 2 ^ aud 6 jo p. ta. fob wav stati"nw LoaTeat 7:? a. m.. an* :? and awi m. fob all PAHTB of tub wett aicapt faodap, at aaB a1*1 p m oa bondar at 9-00 a. a. only. conpacoa* at Beiar Bta'loa with traitu from Baltimore to whaellac, Parte rubor* Ac. thboooh tiobhtb to the Weet caa be had at the *aehla*taa biattoa Ticket ufflce at all hoar* in tfce aay, aa well ae at the aew efflce of the Banker? bad Brokt-ra' telaarapk Liae, i4 * P*lb. areone, between ith aad 7tli atreeta. For New York, pblladalphla. and Boatoa, aee adtertleement of "throaan Line " j. l. wilson. ilaetor of traaayortatioa. l. . cols, Oeneral Ticket afeot. oc? tf obo. 8. boomtz. Ayent Waahla?toa Hudson biybb and hablhh bailboadb.-or and after monday,, 1(46, trataa for Albaap and Tray . ooanectlar with Bert bet a and Waateru tralua, will leare na? 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BLOOD 1 BLOODn BLOOD/// ecbofcla, ulcbba. scus8. spots, aiuARitAira boot axd her# jcicb Is oSerad the pcbllp as a soaltlee care bypblkild Ola v knkakat l'>?3. ji.e i bamabitan s boot and hbbp jl'ios lea most poteat. certain and ebectoai remedy erer pre; aenbed , tt reaches aad eradicates ererr partiola of i the venereal polaou, so that (as care la t!ioroa?b aad permanent. 1 ake, Uteu.of this parlfrlug r?mn!j aad be heaiod. ajjd do not traaMsIt It to year ' posterity thai for whlah >*o may repaal la aflsr do h9t despa1b 1 i aithoogh tob w?ay pe protiooaoea lacaraoie. hama&ltam s boo r and himb jlIOHB will remove every roettge ef laiparitles fross thB "-tisils" ",tt* ^ 'wikck."" happily adapted, la lloeratefl uwaa la leacorlialtii express Prict- tl * par botus sam a bit an wash la, ta taw af bvphiiu. aaed la oobaeaclt p with ths Boot aad Kerb jtiiam. Full dlrecttona. prtcetf oenta The eAcacy of thaee remedies ' a a jka acknewtadm*d ^ ^h^siclans^abd patlebta. They are cs?d what thb 8d bo bomb bat of thb 8asab whaitss^ ssmed1h8. Post Hospital, Fobi maaaaaul. batnaaoca? Hi.,*1 bare areat satisfaction la a.h.? that i hare aaed 'The somarltaa keaaiim' for Vasaral lasts as ta Its Boat oalaaaary foraaa; swat i have aaed tBaas with ;adgiaebt, dtacrecipe, and proparly. aad, hare toaad tteat ras*aad to tar naasist " "* 1 ~ -alr *mu o htm iawimi.a f. i t*u ' ^msrmysjsis.^ isssi **"** fbahob tatw*._ lyiablto fob 1mt.-a Mrn sssnifaat# i itssa^^aaarba?.