Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1867 Page 1
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^1 %'VW '-^1 V2i. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY, MARCH 12. 1867. N*. 4,371. , __ i THE EVENING STAR published daily,!aundat excepted* AT THE STAR BU1L.D1SVQ, earner Fenm *. avenue and I1A strut, BT W. P. WALLACII. The KTAR U served by tne carriers to their subscribers In tbe City and District at Tu C'bsts ram WIH. Copies at the counter, with or without wrappers, Two Cbbts each. Faica roi mailiho ?Three months. On* DvUar and Fifty Cents; six months. Three Dollars, one tear, Five Dollars. Wo papers an sent from the offct longer than paid for. The WEEKLY STAR?published on Eriday morn ing ? On* Dollar and a Haifa rear. pawnbrokers BCUDMISt 5 LUAN Mllfll 4 7 'i ;3* h strtet. jU aoor south of Peon. nee., Losns MONEY oa time t>? snlt customers, on G? Id *L<J Nlur We'chs-, Dlsmonds. Jew- /Ov firy, Ladies' sod Gentl-meni Wearing JLW A Appar-I WW Old Gold aad Sllvsr bought mh&Sai* B. BUBNSrlnB. ^ A LS flT8 CEXTRiL IO I y O FFICE, Wo 4??0 HMh xtrert. our <loor oelow Psnn. ate. This well kaown Offie* makes /0\ LlBKHAb ADVANCES J^A On Dtsui' d?j?, Wold sod Silver Watches ? 0 Clotb:ng. Furniture, and Merchandise of every tocrtfiiM. Open every day<except Sunday) from 8 a. m. to &a ?. N. b.-Hunines* strictly oonfldentisl. fstt If |/ g T A B LTbH ? # T 8 3 a. SPECIAL HOTIOI. CHAKLI"UKK/HCK9. Success* r lo lease Herzberg A Son, who t.ave con 1*i<-t> + the Pawnbrokta; Business for r.fteeu fears In tl?i? city, f?r twelve sQ\ year- the > CitDtii ^ir ia the Btstric*, a. JL take this n ' bod of ttiaukirg their patron-? V sod Uit pi. lie tor tl.r coLiidrAc* hirctolmihowa theiu. si ! b< k 1> an to call ilieir at entiou to tbe t?ct that ? * till . ontinue to make tbe highest ad* vane ? Id all ?ntn< upon sll articles of Jewelry, Diamond-. Bond*. Government Scrip, hilver Hate, ac for which we have superior eie<ea of deposit aa l s*cirlty, which will always tn lb'*u for tba vtti>fiu ii 'D of tnose patronising se behave special facilities for the care sad pre?er\ati a of Wearing Apparel of every dsecrtpti ti to >o1ers, Ac., on whieh the highest advances are mad?, guaraatoeine when required ?gaitsf motn. at d siways au'a>n*t ia.nry Having a arm wai?-hou-e in coioectinn with our e*fl-e. we have special facilities for storage of all kinds ef Bkrcbacdiss, >atnitnrs. Ac . on which we make the highest s4vah<tta f<>r days woeks or months W? call e?p?-cl?I attention Co the fict that owing to ttie largo carltal eaipl ?y^d iu oar bustaess we can make a>1v<o<*es at such rates of iiitei ??t a* to defy c"mpetition We sell no gieds natil the expiration of six months a'ter ttwir forfeiture, an'' then only at paMtc anction. first trivia* ample notis- thr >ug!i tbe varioas city journal* to sll depoaitor*. By thl* means doposita with ii sre never lost if tbslr redemption Is desire<l We call especial attention to our arrangements for forwarding go-><le to any part of tbe cocntr>, arraug-rueur* witch an exterteace of llfteen years has brwnght to rertectioa. Depositors are enabled bv tnis ireaas to redeem tueir gords fiom 4>nr no matter where they way l>elccate<]. Knll InforiHation alwaj given. Private apartments lor confidential business N. B ? We have no sooaectloa with aaysinllar establishment in this city. Kcfer to anv "Id resident of Washinctoa Bemember URB/RBKO'8 Lean trftic-e. 35t north O street, betweeu and 6th, W s*htr;gt?n. D (J. fe 15-lm* momt: Moaimi MOM?f:Ti H PKINCX'B SlWLi KSTABLISIIXD LOAN OFFICE, 27? Pa. sve.. ntxt to Potau iui'sCoafsctlonery. Money loaned on every description of salable Merchandise, especially Watches, Dia- /Ov ?<cds and fre Jewelrr I can a?snre/"l these who may favor me with thsr patron-? 6 age tt at tliev will aot regret having dons so s. B?Private door ar.d office. Persons not wlsblna to ent .r the public offlcs will ring the oSce bell. fe2f lm* ? OAH OFF1V n~. MONET lesned on Oold and Bllver Watches Diamonds Jewelry,Clothiug,Ac O Q D DONOVAN, Pawnbroker No. 47:1 Est fe 1 lm* between 10th sad 11th sts. TBE OLD EftTA BLleifkD It 1 lit OF a, GOLDSTEIN A CO , LICENCED i'A W NBEOKEBj, 34 FOCB AND A HALF STaBE r WEST, _ near Penasj Ivanla aveaue, Offer the big lest cask advances oa all kinds of Merchandise, to sdj amount and for any tlms desired, at reasonable ratsa. JL A Interest on large sons greatly reduced. 0 9 Busineaa strictly confidential. Good- bought for cash and sold at private tale. te >1 ly dentistry. DE. LEWIE'S DENTAL AsStfCIATION, No. ^bO f *. > N 'A AVE , Between Uth aad Uth streets. Teeth extracted without pain by almlasterlag fI*"? "xyds ?.r laughing tias. fi _ ^awlE Lss recently purchased tbs bestSG3 ( hen.i'-al Apparatus la tha country for^ ' masisg Pure gasever> day, also, an improTed Valvalsr Inhaler The Association is CI w prepared to make Teeth on Gold. Silver and Bubber a' New Phrladelpbia aad boston prtcas. All pereons wishing denral work done can kave tt as cheap as in tbe'above named clti??. All work doue m the neatest -and best manner, asd wsrrsnted t? give satisfaction. Persons will do well to call acxl exaaiidc our work. de 34-tf T* B T V'Loosn s.o., hia office in tb?s city. Many persons caaJaflBB wear these teeth who cannot wear others?^111 and no person can wear others who canaot wear t^n, . Pereoaa call in* at say office an be aeoowmoda*ed with any style aad price of Teath they may desirs, but to thass who are particular, and wish tbe s?reet, cleanest, stroagest and most perfect dentare that art oan arocnra.ths MIBBEAL TEETH wtli bessorefyiv warranted. . *<>??;?athlsdty-Mo 33- Penn'a arease, beMU sts Alao, 90T Arch street, Philadelphia. a? bit personal. M?S CCBTI8 I EYING, Clairvoyant, and Test MediwsN.ssiU else lifs readings, Including Fast, Present aad Fatnre. at bar office, 420, nerta side ef Pa av., bet ween 4* aad 4th streets. Office hours-from ?to 1 a. a? . and 4 to > s . . ja 14 Jm * AB. MADE1CB, BEAL S01BNT1FI0 AS _ TBOLOGBB O* AMKBIUA, I f rom thepasitioa ana aspect of tbe Stars at tba time of one a birth, will reveal ar.toulehiag se- I erets Shat no liviag mortal avsr knsw before, how to be saaceaatal in all reasonable undertakings. He tells name and very day you marry , deacribae , the intended comsanion. and telU all erenUof 1 life, gaod lock ant long life to visitors. Ladies 10 cents tc #1 gentlemen la fall fl. Gall at 4 70 lsTh !}F. all hoars uutil ? in the eveaiag. AO 31 M PONFIDBNTIAL.-Tonng ssen who hsve In V- jured tkenisaivsa oy certain secret habits, which BAflt them for bniiDNi, ileuore, or Uke datiee of marriad life. also, middle aged and old Ben? from follies of youth, or other Can see. feel a debility in advance of tlielr years, befere placing themselves under tbe treatmeat of ?"t read "The Sscret FTieVd . LI. i .TVL '_'eam something of Importance by pernsmg The Secret Friend." Sent to any adArtT:L*? MSI?1 rvHon of?ciau. Address Dr. OHAB A STUABT A CO.. Boston, ^ no Hr woodand coal7 ^'OAL! COAL!! Best ^ BITE ASM at by the toa. All sLzss. to *?it customers ' Pawed aad 9plit OAK WOOD. per card 1'INE #? Long Oak. 93 per cord. A ton of Ccal sold by me alws/s weighs l.tM lbs JOHN B LOBD. fe 18 ly Corner ?'.h sod ? strsets. 0 A Is I C O A Is! I AT GRBATLY BEDCCCD PRICES Grose tons of 2J140 lbs., delivered Id not cart of the city Cbeetnnt White Ash. #7. 1 but*e, iev and Furnace White Aeh, ed.b). M Ash *3 II. Lablgb. #9. Oak and Pine Wood eonstantly on hand. Orders racalvsd at oar Office; or at the Wharf, foot at Seventh street hotels, reritaurantx Ao, J^IBEWGCD HOUBB, Tenser Fmmn. ?jssi mmd TweUtk itrts,li.ll4l Fstltsrus, I). C. tilt anted || Mm most oentrnl location the city, midway bstwe? the CAPITOL AIB PEBSIDEBT>AL MANSION, Only n sburt dletamoe trem nil tba Departmeats, 'stent ami Poat Oflcee, Smithsonian Institute, ?f. H. H. DUPLET A CO., aull-t# Proprtetosa. LBMICBB BBSTAiJBABT. Ij lo. SAS Psnaa arenas, sear 4th street. P BMBICH wtebee taTnlbna his friends nnd the Babllc generally that be now keeps eon-1, .a tactly on hand 01STEJW. fresh svaryfm x'glswil'egil? Call aad give him n trial. oeM U [J ITBD STATES BONDS . _ TBEAHCAliVDHOTES, r sold aad sickaassd an tarorable terms, ... , LEWIS JOfllSOB ? CS, Bankers. r" tf W9 Peosa. press#. > * GREAT SALE of ENGRAVINGS, 1H aid or TBI PKSTITCTB AND ORPHAN SONS or oca SOLDI!B8 AND SAILOBS, a?i r a PBI8IBTAT10N WILL Bl U1TII AT WASHINGTON, D. 0 , ON THUBhDAI, APK1L 4, 1-07, The Inatttnt'on for vhoM benefit thii enterprise N cou<luct<d wm fioidtil forth* pur poae of gra taltoofly educating the aona of deceaa<-d Soldiers HLd 8- ?iiH n of the United States. Srv imptla will he rrcf iv<?d after April 4, upon complying alth reqniremf nt?. The paichaaer of oech Engraving for one dollar will t' gl yen a certificate entitling the bolder to a hare rathe award of prostata. LIST OF PBE8BHT8. 1 Troye'i great e>jneatrian portrait ef General Scott is the ladit-a' atairway of the Gap!Ul ? 'J 28,000 1 f 10,0?t0 in gold 13.Ow) 1 Greraback,0.8.,. - ?... A.OUn 1 Greenback. B 8 - 2?00 5 -?1 Ueo C. 8. Bond*.? ? ft 009 10 S-Oo ? ft.006 6tt ijioo " Greenback* 0 uoo 100 $M> " " ? ft,00*> 100 926 " " ?.... 2.500 1,100 910 " ? 104)00 2.oro 9? " ' io i>eo 16.(00 #1 " " 16,000 2 BoiMiae Lotaoo Eleveath Arenae, Mew York city, tree of encumbrance S,1S5 1 Bet Diamond Barrlnsa 50 0 1 Diamond Pit ? nv 1 Steinway Plaao ?... 1,000 4 Chlckerinv Plan^a, 9?00eacb. |,4ou 2 Muon A Hamlin'a Parlor Organ*, jJl.OoO each ? 2,000 10 Eewlag Marhinee. 9100 each l.OOu K4) Family 8ewln* Machiu?i, 37:> each fMK! 10 G' Ltp Gold Wat liea. #tm) each 4,00' 20 I/ad roe " 9 190 each 2,600 JO Genta'n Gold Gnard Ghaiua, fl iOeac h. 2.900 2o Ladiea' ? " 9l00each. 2,000 25 Silver plated Tea Seta. 97ft each 1,870 1 Geat* Saddle and E<jnipmenta, -Sift)........ 101 1 Ladiea mo 1 Rrevkter'a Buggy ..... 600 8 Seta of Harneee. $80 each gjo too Sub?crlpti?a* Weekly Tribune. 9ueach 1,000 ?<? " " Herald, #2 " 1,000 100 " Harper * Monthly, .fs " I?.S0<) BO> *? Atlantic Monthly, 93 - l,ftn IU0 " National Freemaaon, 94 * 2,000 1 Painting. David Playing the Harp l>*fore Ban I .. 1^00 1 Painting, Undine and Ariadne..........,. 1,'?jw 1,0W Handaome Engravinga, 95 aach , - , 6,U *? 918" noo Engrariags to the amount of 600,000 will b ao'd, aad all fnnda received are to be depe?it>-l with JAY COOKB A CO., Firat National Bank of WaahinKton. D.C , to be held by tbtm far the benofit of the Inatltatloa. HOW TO OBTAIH BNOBAVINGS. Ordara may be e?nt to ni onclooiag tbenoaey, from one dollar to twenty-flra dollara, la a registered latter or by poet office order, at oar rtak. Tbo?a within? Bugraviaga aant moat aaclaaa tan canta ia atampa to corar expeaaea. Large amoanta ahonId be sent ia drafts or by expraaa. PB1UB LIST : For 91 00 a haadaome Engraviag. For 3.00 " " of larger class. For 3.00 For a.CO ' " For ft 00 For 6.00 * For lo.OO a aplandid Americaa Chromo. For >.00 German or French (Jhromo. a By bnyinr warka or art in large qnantitlee wo are enabled to give parties pnrcbaaing from us the tame kind of angravlaga that ar* aold in any tore, for tb* aamo prlco; and, in addition, we will give a certificate which eatltlao the boMor to an interaat In the award of premlams for each dollar lureated ia the purchase. Add raaa all or don aad commnaicatieaa to KBBNBDY A CO., AS* Paaaa. araaaa, Waabtogtoa, D. 0., Lock Box 41. * i 1 . 1. I. , Sr J *11 m ,. - Ik / < ' ; I - I . r SPBCIAL BOT1CB. To the military orgaaisatiaa laflaoaotag tho largest aalo t eagraving* will be praaoatod a haadaome Baglmoatal Ataadard. Partloa parchaalag Bagrartago wiN please ad rlso tho agoata to which roglmaat, Ac., that* doatra to credit their parchasa. Thooo deelrlag ta art a* agaats win t? ialhmattoa. mhToolm ' i SPECIAL NOTICES. M. . O. BBOWM'B HKTAPHYSIUAL DI9 OOTBRT ?um Deafneas. Ctlurb, all DImum of the I;t, and e?iry dlitme flesh Is heir to. Tor sals by ail Druggista. mh 9IW MIS, M.G. BROWN'S CELEBRATED POOR RICHARDS BYE WATBR. Lifts up every sunken eja. and strengthens every weak eye, opens blind ejren; is tke best in the world. For sal* by all Druggists. mh 9 tw* MBS. M O. BROWN'S UNBQUAtiLED SCALP RENOVATOR AND HAIR RBSTOBEB No sulphur in this preparation, which is killing the scalp* and rendering the people blind. For aula by all Druggists. mb 9-lw* %jT THE ORRAT CHAKM OF METCALFE'S GRBAT RHKUMAT1C REMEDY lies in the mall tnantity necessary to elfeet a car*. One doe* ("forty drops ') gives Instant relief, and thrice reieated. seldom fail* to restore the sufferer to perfect health. mb fi et2w 8. 0. FOBD, Agent. RBMEDIAL IN6TITU-TB FOB EPB01AL OASBS. Ma. 1* Bond street. Hew Tork. m^Full information, with lae kmntst ie*Umontnls; also, a Book on Special Duiuts, in a seaitd envelope, ??ntfree. tOT Be sure and send for thtm, amd you trill not regret it; for. as advertising physicians are gensrally tmpoitori, without refrrmrn no stranger should be trusted. Encloee a stamp for pontage a?d direct to DB. LAWRBNOE. No. 14 Bond street. New York noU-DAWly B7*MABB1AGB ANDCELIBAUY, AND TUB Happiness of True Manhood. ?An Esaav lor You UK Men on the Crime of Bolitude, and the Physiological Error*, Abases and Dis*-as*s which cieate impediments to Marriage, with sure means of Relief. Sent in sealed letter envelopes. fre* of charge. Address Dr..I SK.ILLIN HOUO 4TOS Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Sm SECRET UiBBAShd. Samaritan's O: tt is the tnoat certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cnre? In two to tour days, and recent cases in twenty four hours. No mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only ton pills to be taken. It Is the soldier's hope, and a frleul te those who do net want U be exposed. Mala packages, #l;Iomale, #3. Sam amiTAN's Boot aidHiib J mens? A positive and permanent cure fer Mpyhills. 8crofata, Ulcers. Bores, Spots. Tetters. Ac. Pr*ce ifl 29 per hottle. Sold bv 8. O. Ford. See advertisement my "dancing. pBOFS. J. W. * a. P. EBBla? DANCING ACADEMY, gL Pennsylvania avenue, bet. Mb and 7th ate.. dK Opposite Metropolitan Hetei. New Classes formingevery evening. Those desiring to enter our elassea should avail themselvaaef this opportunity. 'reparations will be made in this quarter for our annual May Ball. ror ClrsuJars can be had at J. F. Bills' and W Q Metkerott A Co.'a Mnslc Stores. The Ball can be rented for Solreea. Be. Days and Hours of Tuitxon : _ For Ladies, Misses and Masters, Tueedw and Saturday afternoons, frosu 3 to 6 o'olock. Gentlemen's Classes. T need ay and Friday evenings. from to lo o'clock. For further information, apply during the hoars of tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first leeeon. ja 8 MA B I N 1 ' E FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, AT MARINl 8 ASSEMBLY ROOMS, M E, between Mb and 10th streets, The last <iuarisr of thi* seaeon, prepara- *SE^fc toiy to the May Ball will commence on Saturday, March 2. Clauses fer theGermaa are now open. f. B ?Private i nstruction given to suit the convenience of the pupil. tela Masquerade and fabcydress balls AND PARTIBS. Tke undersigned wonld most respectfully Inform the ladles and gentlemen of Washington city, and the District generally, that he is at all times prepared to furnish parties with Masquerad* and Fancy Costume, either on loau or made to order. Be ha* taken rooms at the well known fancy establlshmeut of Christian Rappert, B?i 7th street, between D and B, where he will be bappy to await orders. CHABbB* BERG, late Costumer at Ford's and Grover*a felllm* Theaters. Washington. D. 0. CLOTHLNG.Ao. JAMES T. WALKBR, MERCHANT TAILOR, Seventh Street, 45*4 Respectfully Inform* hi* friends and the public generally that he Las a fine, large and well- ts selected asMortment of ^MM t'LOTUS, CASSIMERES, WK VE8TINOS AND GENTS FCBN 1811 IN>; <;?oi>8 11 That he Is determined to run otl at a very anrill advance on cost. Persons patronizing bis establishment will be l<itrkBt?*d a GOOD FIT and ~ood workmanship, as be is detarmiaed to ampioy none bnt the best workmen ? 8?JOHN A. McLEAB takss this method to Inform his friends that he will be found at kis post atthealove place, wbere he will be pleated t? ca/er to taeir tastes, glvin- th> m caraientato suit the moat fastidious, and seeing that their garmenta are made up in the most workmanlike manuer. mh ll-lm j\|ERCHANT TAILORING. Tke undersigned having entered into copartnership, and laid In an euteiaive ans csreful^ a* Ml^tsd.tock of CLOTHS, OASEIMBBBS.^B Y EST I EOS, and Geatlemens FURNISH im ING GOODS, are prepared to maPe up for WW tbeir customers neat Attinr asd/ajJkwsai/i-^ of olothlng, at their new establishment. No. 3*20 E street, two doors weet of the National Theater. Persons desirfuE neat fitting and fhshlonablsi clothing, en moderate terms, should not fail " iwvi'iar tftfiM.'ssirFormerly of 409 fth at.. Merchant Tallora, mh 6-Im* No. 3*0 E at., bet. ISth and Htb. Metropolitan Hotel, lata Brown*, Wlf ? s ~ amn#,"* Waahington. P. 0. BOOTS, SHOES, <fc0. BOOTS ANP EH0B8. * W TT OBI. The undersigned begs leave to inform hit frisks 'he pnbllc generally that he has opened the " * CHEAP BTORB, No. AOS 7th atreet.under Odd Fellows' Hall, where he kaa on baud a general assortment of Ladlea' and Goutlemen't, Boy 'a Miaaaa and OfelMron % BOOTS AND SHOBS. Bamembar the number, .iai 7th atreot, under Ball The Jlsw Cheap Store, for* ?Srl7-a * Page's store. QBOEGB B. WILBOM. H ftAOlT" H. B. SWEENY, I BBAL ESTATE BB0KEB8 ANP AUCT10M1IRS. Parties contemplating building in the anting or Kr.c nf.?"If ?,r0T?r^erty for iarettment nii d " 10 edrantage to look over our Uat before purchasing, at we have added raoontly to our former list alarge amount ?f thatdeacrtptien of property. Wa can offer many i nduoemeats e? regards situation, low prices and eaay terau. ,lU# e*eral sm?ll tract* of land ft the immediate vicinity of this city, vary all ItiL7! for suburban rssidenoea.-aa waH as reaU /bargains ^ Maryland, which are Propertyleft with us for aale doaa n?t subject the ownar to expense unleea told while on Wr fe 111m OLAGBTT A SWBBNT. Q S O 0 ft X B. ~ ? HALL * PLANT. PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner Maw Tork Evan no and lstn street, (Butmnco on Mew York avenue,) Denim In Una FAMLLT GBOOBRIBS. TEAS would rsspactfully notify their (Hands and the public that they hATO just opened their Mowdhooarp Store, where onn he ohtelned any arti ale usu Hy kavt in a first claaa Oroo*y. Without atlemptlng to enumerate our largs(fVukh nndwall* elected stock, we eordially inotta the public to aznmlne our stare nnd stock, baUavtac wu hot full to E?ve entire ashtfciMun to eH who mny fcver no with their patr?ua?a. Wa call eopaatal attanUen to our aaeortmeot of TEAS aad OOF FIBS, which have heea gyltslifl with graat curator purity. Daulars will End a Bne aaaortmant to eeleat ban, nnd onrprtoaa to Hii Gocdadalivsrad yrmnptl^ in any p*rt of toe alto. TKLIGKAXt, k?. Th? Iadiana Legislature adjourned si me die yesterday after a tfuion of sixty day#. A large nnrabfr of important laws were passed during the session, among which was the registry law tor the protection of the ballot* bo*: new congr*ssional and legislative appor. tlonment bill*; a law to prohibit bolting in the Legislature, a law for the establishment of a Hone* of Kefnge for juvenile offenders. The question localizing the agricultural college and depositing a congres*ioual land grant for that pnrpese failed. The amount of money approved in general and specific appropriation bill* amonnts to 91|5UQ,(tfki. The Idaho Avalanche of February Id says that General Crook is prosecuting the Indian war with irreat vleor, not withstanding the winter season At the battle of Su^n Mountain sixty Indians were killed and thirty taken prison* rs. The Boise Indians render material assistance. President Koberts wn expected to arrive at Chicago last night to attend the State Conventions of Fenians to be beid in that city to-day A larg? attendance is expected its w ventv-tive circles have reported aud tor warded their certificates of delegates. The senatorial caucus at Annapoli?, Md , latt evening resulted as follows On the tirst ballot?Thomas, 39; Jones, 20; Kvans, 14; (Tox, 1; blank. I. Thomas was nomin.iM and accepted the nomination in a spirited speech. To-morrow, by order of the Town Oonncll o f Clifton, C. W , the sole remaining portion of Table-Recii will be blown from its present dangerous position This will entirely obliterate every trace of that natural cnriosity. The wife of John Welch, an Irish laborer, was brutally murdered at German town, N. Y , on Saturday. Her husband was arretted as the supposed murderer The Virginia Setate has appointed a committee of five to leave for Washington to confer with tbe Government about ins requirements of the Sherman bill. Tne electioBs for members of the Italian Parliament generally reMtlte-d in favor of tbe Government, which carries a majority of the electoral districts. The First National Hank of Hudson. N, Y., resumes business to-day with a new casnier The losses by the defaulting cashier was not

serious enougti to impair its operations. Dr. Edward Kugules, the artist, died at his residence in Brooklyn New York, Sunday night. CONGRESSIONAL. Sknatk?\esterday afternoon? Mr. Sumner's |omt resolutions declaring certain lurther guarantees as essential to the work ?f reconstruction, being under consideration? Mr. Johnson rose to controvert a statement made by Mr. Dixon, that the policy of Mr Sumner s resolution would sooner or lat r be adopted by the dominant party In the two honses of Congress. He (Mr. Johnson 1 did not believe Congress would depart rrom the conditions of the bill recently passed. He had so assured many leading men of the South with whom he had recently corresponded on the subject. Mr. irelinghuysen opposed the resolutions, and moved to lay them on the table: which was agreed to by yeas 3<5, nays in. The Senate then, at *2 40. went into executive session, and soon after adjourned. Horsic.?Yesterday afternoonMr. Garfield introduced a bill appropriating; for the Department of Education *15,too. and it was referred to the Committee on Appropriations when appointed. Mr. Wilson, (Iowa.) from ths Judiciary Commit ee, reported, in accordance with the resolution of the 7th instant, a bill supplementary to the act of the 2d of March for the more efficient governmeut of the rebel States, and to facilitate res'oration. It directs tbecommandiDK general In each district provided by that act to cause u? be made, before the lot of September next, a registration in each county or parish of the male citizens of the United States over 21 years ef age resident in each county or parish, which registration shall include only those persons who are qualified to vote for delegates by tbe act of March 2, and who shall have taken aud subscribed an oath that they are sincerely and earnestly a-tacbed to the Union aud Government of the United States, that they will steadta-tly support the Constitution and obey the laws of the United States, and that they will engage all others to such support and obedience. When such registration shall have been completed, and copies thereof returned to the commandite general, the general commanding shall, within thirty days thereafter, cause an election to be held for delegates to frame State constitutions, to re-establish civil governments loyal to the Union therein, and to pass all needful ordinances for putting such constitution aud government into operation. The constitution is to be adopted by a majorirv of the registered voters, and on its approval by Congress Senators and Representatives are to be admitted from such States. Tbe bill was passed?yeas 117, nays 27- a strict P*rty vote. Tbe Speaker announced as tbe select committee on examining tbe accounts for furnishing tbe Executive Mansion. Messrs. Spalding. Beaman, and Glossbrenner. Mr. Donnelly asked leave to offer a preamble and resolutions of sympathv with Ireland. Mr. Stevens objected to the introduction of the resoluuons. Mr. Donnelly moved to suspend the rule* in order to enable him to introduce it. Pending that motion, the House, on motion of Mr. Bingham, at 4 o'clock p. m , adjourned. Waihii|tsi Annual Conference M. E. Church (Celered.) FIFTH DAY ?MONDAY. Devotional exercises were conducted by Pbilip Scott. On motion, it was resolved that each minister raise a collection in his charge this year for the purpose of sending a delegate to the General Contervnce, to be beid in ihe year 1*68 Tbe following were appointed a committee auxiliary to ihe Freedmen's Aid Soclety, viz: J H Brice, president: N M. Carroll, vice president; R. H. Kobiuson. secretaryBenjamin Brown, treasurer. The managers areC. O- fisher, D. P. Jones, W W. Foreman P G. Walker, W. Perkins, E. Mitchell and Alfred Byard. It was resolved that ihe money collected for centenary purposes be given for the use of the Baltimore Centenary Biblical Institute. Tbe following were appointed a committee on Church Extension Society, vir J May. bery, C-O. Fisher and T. Jackson. The presiding elders, J. N Marr, Benjamin Brown, J. reck, and J. P Bowsen, were ex. amined and passed characters. They rerorted the increase of members for this year ,100; of the valne of church property abont 50,000. The Bishop introduced to tbe Conference Rev. Messrs. Wra. Krebs, Barton, and Langborn, of tbe Virginia Conference of tbe Episcopal Melbodist Cburcn South, and James Lyncb,ot A M. E. Church; also, Judge Bond, of Baltimore, who addressed the Conference in the Interest of the colored people. The following were admitted on trial:?J. H. "\ olantine, p Brown, Wm. Clax'-on, James L. Evans, Ca sar Johnson, Benj. Brown, L. Snowden, A. J. Wheeler, G. O. Pickney and E- Ankard. The order of Isaac W. Brown, a deacon in tne A. M. E. Church, was recognized. The Conference adjourned with dozology and beneditlon, by Rey. Dr. Ryan, of the Baltimore Conference. Tea Annual Oonfb&uxcks ?The Conference, of the Methodist Episcopal and Episcopal Methodist Churches, which have been in session la Baltimore ef nee Wednesday last, are likely to close their deliberation! to-day. It Is nxpected that the appointments of the firstnamed body, which convenes at Eutaw Street Church, will he announced this morning, as *h? presiding officer, must he la * rederic* to-morrow morning to open the annaal session of the East Baltimore Conference, which assembles there. To-morrow' morning another Annual Conference?that of the Methodist Protestant Church?will eommenee its sessions in (be ehurch oa the southeast coraer of Lombard and Green streets, Baltimore. Rey. J. J. M array, D. D. Is president. BrauiD ro Duatu.?Clemeat Carringtan. a prominent young man ef twenty-five years of ag?, a eon of Dr. W. W. Carrington, ef Halifax county, Va., was barned to death at bis home in that county a few days since. Be hud been ill, and was sitting la a chair la his night clothes, -with his back turned to the fin, when the flame caaght his garments, aad soon enveloped him. He lingered two dayeltn terrible ago ?y. Vfb?n Was recently a masked hall la New Orleaas, the faa of whieh aoartMnd la caaelng a fhlee alarm of Are to he raieed, aad frightening the ladles il??I la to Ito! LOCAL NEWS. I'arperntien Affairs. Boat? of Ali?rmrx, March ii, 1<*17 ?The Hoard met pursuant to law. Present, Messrs. Barr, C. S. Noyes, Lewis, Gulick, McCatbran. (iivea, A. Lloyd. President T. E. Lloyd, and Secretary S. V. Noyes. Tbe Chair laid before the board a communication from the Mayor. stating that he had approved an act for ihe relief of A Gaddis A Co.; an act to licence dealers or traders in horses, and an act amendatory of the act re. quiring vegetables and grain to be sold by weight. Also, acimmnoication from tbe Mayor, nominating Alex. W haton lor clerk of the Eastern Msrket, in place of K. J. Wood, rejected: referred to committee on markets Also, communication from the Mayor,transmitting a memorial from owners ot real estate on 4th street west, front E to F streets north, asking for tbe passage of an act lor the construction of a sewer at the point named; referred to committee on drainage Also, report of the inteudaatot tbe Washington Asylum for the month of February, IN57; referred to commute? on asylum Mr. Barr presented tbe petition of ,1no Itnchler for rrmiwiun of a fine; referred to committee on claims. 4 Mr. L?*% is presented the petition of .Tame* T. Barnes, praying payment of balance dne him lor street work referred to committee on claims. Mr. Gi\en presented the petition of .1 B. Nye for additional compensation for removing garbage, Ac.; reierred to committee on claim* Mr. A. Lloyd presented the petition of Mubael Kennally, askirg the privilege of carrying on a smith shop on Massachusetts avenue, reierred to committee on police. Also, petition ot Tbomas Alien and others, for improvement of alley in square 56V; referred to committee on improvements. Also, memorial of Motes Namsiag. proposing to remove all night soil trom the city, to have the privilege lor ten years, aud pay *ne Corporation one dollar per load lor all so removed, except that fr >m tbe public schools, station-hon->e?, and other Corporation buildings: referred to commio??e on police. Also, communication from th? Commissioners of the Fire liepartment, asking an appropriation of f.SOO to pav contingent expenses of the Fire Department; relerred to committee on fire department. Also, introduced a resolution instructing the committee on police to inquire Into the expediency ot a bill 1 or appointment of an inspector of buildings Mr. Noyes stated that he bad prepared a resolution, which was read, for appointment of a committee of three from each Board t- report what amendment of the building regulations is requisite to prevent the erection at unsafe buildings, and al-o to report wh it supervision of the construction of buildings is requisite to the same end. Mr. Lloyd accepted the above as asub?titure for the resolution ottered by him. It was passed, and tbe Chair appointed, on the part of this Board. Messrs. A. I.lord, Moves, and Lewis. Mr. Tait presented the petition of Thomas liurlebey and others, asking tor the laying of a pavement on I2ih street west, east side, from Kbode Island avenue to K stieet north: re. lerred to committee on improvements. Mr Qulick presented the petition ol Michael Leahy, for remission of a fine; referred to committee on claims Also, introduced a bill appropriating ?500 to grade 1st street ea.?t, from I to N streets south; referred to committee on improvements. Mr. Noyes Introduced a bill to lay a flag footwav across C street south, on east side of 14th street west, (in the Seventh Ward), passed The chairman (Mr. T. E. Lloyd) introduced a resolution instructing tbe committee on tbe Fire Department to consider the recommendations ot the Cnief Engineer of tbe Fire l>epartment made in his report of July 1st, l->d?. and report by bill or otherwise: adopted. Mr. Barr introduced u resolution requesting the Mayor to inform this Board if there is any appropriation out of which to pay the city"* quota of the salaries of the new Metropolitan Police officers. It there is no such appropriation then to inform this Board what amount will be necessary to pay said police officers for the present fiscal year: passed. Mr. Gulick, from the committee on finance, asked to be discharged from further cons<deration ot the bill directing the classification of certain taxes, (white and colored,) and that i* be referred to the committee on public schools agreed to. Mr. Lewis, from the committee on Improve, ments. reported a bill to set tbe curbstones and pave the lootwsys on tbe east sideof loth s:reet west, between K and Boundary street*, passed. Also, reported a bill appropriating SujUuu to diedge tbe eastern section of the caual. pa-sea Also, recommended that this Board insist upon its amendment to the Council bill for repair of alley in square ^74, and a committee of conference be appointed: agreed to, and theChatr appointed Messrs. Barr and Mct'athran on tbe committee of conlerence from this Board. Also, introduced a bill for grading and paving H street north, from l*th street west to Pennsylvania avenue: referred to committee on improvements. Also, introduced a bill to grade and pave I street north, from Utb street went to Pennsylvania avenue: referred to committee on improvements. Mr. Barr, from the committee on police, leported back the bill amendatory of the la a- in relation to fish wharves or docks, with an amendment striking ont the first section; recommitted to the committee. Also, reported back bill amendatory or the act in reference to theatrical exhibitions, Ac., with certain amendments. laid over one week and ordered to be printed. Mr. A. Lloyd, from the committtee on claims, asked to be. and was discharged from further consideration of tbe petitions of S. S. Kuey and Edward Barke. Also, reported a bill for relief of J. T. Caldwell A Co., refunding license money paid by them: passed. Mr. Noyes, from tbe committee on schools, reported favorably on the bill increasing the bond of the Treasurer of Public Schools, aud it was passed. Mr. Given introduced a bill regulating the weighing of hay, straw, fodder, Ac.; referred to committee on police and ordered to be printed. Tbe bill defining the Iimite of Center Market was taken up. It provides that the limits of tbe Center Market sball be a? follows ?Begin, ning 15 feet from the corner of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue curbstone, on the line of 7th street, and running southerly to tbe canal, thence along said canal to 15 on 9th street, thence along 9th street until tbe same shall Intersect the corner or northern side of said market, thence along the line of said market on Louisiana avenue to the place ot beginning, viz : extending 15 feet into 7th street; but not to interfere with the rights and privileges of the occupier or occupiers of any of the houses on tbe spaces above mentioned, or with the free passage of the tootways; nor to authorize tbe placing of stalls, stands, or benches en any footway: also, that any person or persons who sball sell, or offer for sa>e, outside of the limits of said market aforesaid, any merchandise or clothing of any description whatever, or any other article outside of the limits of said mar* ket, or on the sidewalk or bed of any street or alley within one square of the limits of said market, without the consent of the Clerk tbereof first bad and obtained, shall, for each and every offense, pay a fine of not less than f5, or more than Sio, provided parties are notified by the Clerk of these regulations also, that the Cierk of the Center Market shall have full and complete control of the hay market so far as the powers of this Corporation are vested therein. The section in reference to sales outside of the market limits was debated by Messrs. McCathran, Noyes, Given, Lewis, and others, when the bill was passed?yeas ?, nays I. Several bills from the lower Hoard were referred. Council bill makiag an appropriation for removing a wreck from the channel of the Potomac river, was passed. Adjoamed. Commo* Cornell..?President Moore la th chair, and all the members present except Mr Morsell. A message was received from the Mayor, aa nounclsg Ms approval of acts making an an. propria*ion for contingent expenses or the Centre Market, and tor relief ot E. M. Spedden. Also, one enclosing a communication of the Commissioners of the Asylum, asking an appropriation of *6.0uu *o meet a deficiency for the fiscal year ending June 30 last. Als#, encloetng a communication of J. D. McPherson. attorney for W.H. Downing, eon. tractor for the i?th street sewer, stating that ha bad been Informed that some difference had arisen as to tbe liability of tbe ooatrastor to tbe expenses of certain repairs, which can no. affect bis right to reoelve a very large part of tbe balance claimed. Tbe aeeeant foots up 47.O0O3B, mm which tbere lea credit of fM,leaving a balance ot mm 1*37 Also, in answer to a reeelauoa of Inquiry as i 'o stalls ia lb* Writtrs Market, encio.isg the ''"* *** t Mr. M.lier, tbe clerk of ?^7W7?e*. stating that certai. vegetable stalls want H?n?T'rl?d batch era'a tails with the appro, nauoa of tha*. in -ommortiu/ ca onf esdisi wumc the rrtrtu* nearly tare* hundred dollars. Also, one ia answer to a reflation. stating. /T,.1* eosstrsctioa of a l?ri<ip> [ ov*r c ai K street, tbnt the proposals were transmuted to the Hoard ?f Alder, men, in compliance with tbe provisions of the Also, on? encloeing a statement of U?e <J*.. Ci^rap^nj, In &n?wer to to inquiry m iq tba laordute increase of charges The 'tatrroent is that tbearrangement with Mi| Maury was for the lamps to be lighted se venteeu eights per moatb, burn 6)j hours per night, with 4 feet per hour burners, miking 4W b?ur% p??r month, at 38 cents per 1<? feet, and SI m*r lamp, to which VI cents for lighting add*d makes IS.U; under the act of Jaljr !>C6 ti mgbts per mi nth. 10 boors per moatb, 7 fret p*r hour burners. i.4<m boars per mout'b. 3?'. cenu per l(A>feet, H .i^ per lamp, to wbicli 4' % cents aid?-d makes *5 :y Kefrrred to committee on finance. AUo, * communication from R\ndolph Ccyle. giving, m compliance wttb tbe request of the Hoard, his opinion as to a system of drnieagr for the i?t ward . which was referred to tbe committee on drainage, and ordered to be printed. Tbe loiiowln* were tntrod.ced ?Ily Mr. , r Br solution directing tbe committee on police to inquire into me exped.encr of providing tor the appointment of an inspector o( By Mr *>?? *-Pernio. ?n,for remission of a Una: referred. I,! mi?? a V Nfc'r" ,or ^rrearaof rent for ruildin* used for school purposes, referred B) Mr hmmi-Petition for loot pavement ou the east side of 5tJi street, between (land liouu *.7_ **??+<' HyMr Cal vert-lVopoution of Moses Samstag to relieve the Citv of * -Oil, erred By Mr. AnderUn-&? olutio. calling on tbe Mas or lor tbe amoaat due to contractors for grading and paring ttie streets; adopted Beeolut.oS req^esu^f ? Mayor te inform the board why the bu>ldmg regulations base not been enforced a reference to the frame building* now in tl# course of erection Lear Tth and P iti , adopted. Hv Mr Mulloy- Mill to r< pair carriageway of ~th ?t Ircm >Vfin<Mvania avenne to K street r?-fer * rrd. B> Mr. M**d?Reeolutton providing that ?J^:n 00 '* corPV.ra,on w^V shall be f 2 per day, and for burses and carta f3 Alter considerable debate, m which it wna stated that by the law th. w-urrs were fixed at the a bore figures, bat thai som* of the eupermtei.dents had essayed to cat down the wages, the resoluuou wa* adopted?yeas Sau,:jIV pWI2 'he 11- J: ?J rx,gh *cused fr jm voting By Mr. Anderson?Bill for foorway* on tbe north and south ides of I, street north between >ew Jersey avenue aud North ummi preferred. By Mr March*-*" Mr II-,nfo,n Square, referred. By .? ?y~l 11 for,h'' fepairof tbo footways ia the W eetern Market retired ?roll?" ?* l>??b. tae petition of Jctin \ .111 R is wick, in relation u> u*? u i>h ington Canal, was taken up and re?r?c??o tbe cowmuMe on ways and mean- re,*rred to teJ. u[Ui7rDv, WT r"f,orr^ from commit. r;K> Alr- Pengb, (ways aad m-*ua>?Favorably on the bill increasing tbe> cempeuka ?n' *^TrTa: nnm, and ad\er??ly on the amendment oTere.i 1 ^ pay of *" ttiecbanics and laborers on corporation work be iBcr*^sed X-ll!^^.Ken, The PreT,oa? qaecuoa being called the amenoment was reiected. and tbe bill paesed?yeas 14, najs S?Messrs Brvan lirury, Marcbe, Peake, and Talbert * 1ia,r ,fc'd before the Board a menage The iT.^.ay?w *'nc,0*in?a communicaiionif < Master, asking the appropriation thi^ '? PTy 1oT ,h' r*"00*11' of ? wreck from ???*?!' and ,ntrodnc?Hl a bill for the purpose, is blch was passed. MJ" p*B*b (ways and means) asked to be dinharjed from the further consideration of a petition asking the refunding of an atnosnt ov'-rpa'd for insurance license; refusei Br Mr. Stewart (improvements)?Bill to nave soBih side of \ street north, between 13th and ItL *1T . West: P*?#*u ?o grade and kravel I streei; north, from 1st to Tta streets east: passed. By Mr. Baker, (claims)^Bill for tbe relief of William K Downey, (to reimburse htm for damages sa?tamed by bis horses and carriage being injured by ranning in a Q W T^ITSS750 P?esed. PetiUoa of " w.Tncker for the remission of a fine- laid on the table. Aldermen' bill f< r tbe relief of Unfarorably on peVh??i ?J McCarty, and asked to be discharged; so ordered. Mr Iirury offered a resolution calling on tbe 7fV*X 5"'"trar f(>r a ?t*t'ment of tbe receipts aUo'he amount of expenditure* Jin*.'h* year onding Mar 1st laat adopted Bill for the relief of Wm. Booth was received from the Aldermen and passed, as also bill u> provide certain plat-books for the assessors Aldermen s resolution in relation to un?afo iW?* adopl*^; and Messrs Joyce, bimrni ttd Molioj were appointed he committee on the part of ibe board. Adjourned. BALTIMORE M. E. tOKFERENrC. _. ? ,^K,|rTH "SY-UOKlur. Tlie Italtimore M. t. Conference resumed its eighty.tbird session at the Lutaw sueeL Chnrcb Bishop Kingsiey presiding **L i he fotlowinf: ministers were admitted nn trial John Whi,son. Wesley B a^s H L>"tr,cr J *?nes p Wilson Jo frh li ^ , ;- SoU^ Baltimore District; Jo.epn 1 i Stltt, ivrrt*ulfat G. IiAk?T ^ W^thlnrton District Geu P wfi cess, Kockinghiun District .lames A. Mct'aulev submitted a reoort ? Secretary of the Church Extension s?i?l e bich was adjpted. representing tbe obiect of the Society to be tbe preservauon of cbuLb property and to encourage enternris. ,n /j~ intoaCLurcb Lxi^ostoo 6ociftT i>r w?m.ii id tbe chair. As officers of H F > ice Praaident. p. A. I.,rook. Treasurer W 1 Hiss, Secretary. Addresses on this subieet were madebr Dr. Trimble and Mr. Pbelns A time not later than J une was lized as nronsr towards this object'. SSSTrS^e?' *?*???.!?& ?" b. ^SSHf S Baltinsre A.anal ef the Esiscepal Methedist Ckwtk. The Co. fere nee *w\>peMtf'wttb s b?s"pp?;?.'"c* " c*um " . "y Thomas, from the committee annsmuii to confer with a committee lrom the Virginia r'nce upon a proposition from tbe latter body to change the boundaries of tbe two Con "<1 ^ke three Conferral of ?bi y now covered by tbe two. renort*.! that they deemed it expedient to defer any de-tt:.? "w BULBcea, to postpone this matter "for the pre?" tW1^. 01 lhe menuo^Td D. Thomas, Jas. 8. Gardner and s..Mi K'Pb':rJ,rfr ,b' adoPUon of the report The mouon te amend was determined in th* negative by a count of 40 to " tb9 ado5fedr'P?rt 01 me was tbe. -J. ls#ir*P5>rt of the Committee on tbe Snndar School Cause was presents, fronTwhi^h ^ appears that that interest has great!r in creased during the past >ear. though much yet remains to be done, f be um.e .s ?e?aTded ^ COttmittee 00 TPIBttartpa. anKiniHail their report, accompanied with a lesoTutmn dec artng that tbe preachers oftbi.fWmrrll will at all time advocate tbe canse of t*mi??>r 8 w? ,r* of Chatsworth Church r?resented a resoloUon recommending a call lor a of Sunday School, m thu cMTi^ r ^ "ppolnung as a committee mimst7ra*^k? * Pe0O!B,B*"^at?OB tbose m*y ppolntments in Oo.fere.ce year. TuaS? "r wu* Copied nc*,w* MimHmvj Moneyfwf, fi lhro.g b their Chains... J. W. Bull, ' bad racelvsd tbe totai sum ef S477.I6, of which amount ? jo wu set apart for tor if. miasio.s, and S3 proved te be co?.trrleit. id. inoB.ta coatributed by tbe eereral dis> trlcUwere as follow* : Baltimore Diet net,. 75Wa.hi.gtOB Dwtrict, |?4 80; WtBcbeater Dial ^Ict; f 155 40; Kocktngham District, s?Bbanoke Dls-rlct. m If; Lewisb.rg Distric97.90-, Booth Branch District, ft. 1 Q.let Restored la Irelaad Lokdo*, March 11?Ere.|.g._iJlM^l . q.ieu The Uorer.Me.t bowerer ne!el.. xmg its ferce six flying pursuit cf Mattered band, of 1 enianTv^i ?T" tire service In case neceasit* aT.i!^ _ Tbe bmd of Pen,an. en ca^To'^f1^?^mcu.tai.s baa vaatabed leariarV . tbetrwherMboata. Tbe O^rJ^JS^b^ offered a reward for (be uprvkMiMi !) nl? "+2VSIW*1"" T** Honorable S. h. Waloola. Seer* ' 0' State for the Home Dapartme.t ^ How of CowimZEE m' '?? from Ireland was coad Me Zf22L*?r,taH>d tha? ^e ooT^SSi *r? Ibw Id Irelaad, bSt wla **7 fnlUi by a special commleeioa.