Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1867 Page 2
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.THE EVENING STAR " Tie LargeU Circoltlioi it the DiUriel w. m. WALLACH, K ! n?r Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITT : T* g?PAY XAtClI 19, 1?*7. MATTER 03T gVgRY PAQ1. UUTj?Il)g *oR INTERESTING TELK fcRAPUlL AM) OTHBR MATTER. TO ADV EHTIARRI, W?wiif )< tbe odi'jti bowing of the Ctrculattoc ot the daily j a peri or this city 1 conP#,,'|t 'or ib? <}uT?rnffl?nt advertising tder the recent a?t of Conrni directing snch advertising to I* miMe In tbe two dally newspapers of Washington baring ti?t larces Circulation; iumiQMU 7,71s copies per day LkronxcU 5.Wfc .. ? ' InUlhgmtXT *1.552 t. ? Th* returns of advertising by the rtty papers or tfce quarter fadnj December 31, a* i t*kec from tbe books of the Internal Revenue 0?ce, are as follow*: t-VMISB STA? IntfU^ncer 2\JZ CkrvncJ* ? {** ?-?? :::::::::: 5? BE StrPLAM^NTARY RECONSTRUCTION The bill supplementary to the Military Re. fiaiirociiea bill, reported in the House or Kepretentniives yesterday by Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, irotn the Judiciary Committee, aud wh.cb passed by a strict pany rote of y.a, 115, nays :?7. M the same as that Introduced lato lie'Senate by Mr. Wilson, of Massachusetts y directs a registry o( voter* to be made uuder the direction ot th# commanding olicer iu each district, prescribes an oath for the voter* and directs that when said registry is completed an election is te be held for delegate, to frame. e Constitution. The Constitution is to oe adopted by a majority of the registered ro'ers and on its approval by Congress, Senators and Representatives are to be admitted from such It is an excellent measure, absolutely neces aary to make the former biU effective, and hal rVhiC\^TUC^ rMo?mend it In the first place, the pronslon for a regi?!ry ot ' voters who have takru an oath that they are mcerel.v and earneGtly attached to the I'nion and Government of the United States, and will support the Constitution and obey tb. Jaws; such registered voters ouly to choose ' to the State Conventions: win ^ j " ,br,r management by the same cla*s of i politicians who engineered the rebellion, and who are now striving to retain their power aad control the Slat, governments ,? ill >o?tfc. In the next place, it giye^ the as?ur. ance to the Southern people that when state constitutions adopted by the convention, n.tve been approved by Congress, thetr Senators aad Representatives will be admitted Tais provision removes the objection of the most violent Of the rebH pre*, agaiust the military bill, thai it contained no guarantee that the Southern States would be admitted eyeU ,f they accepted if provisions in good faith. THt MARYLAND SENATORSIIIP of thV .** cone*ryative members Maryland Legislature resulted l*?t evening. as announced by telegraph from tb* "^>0* ot uoa. j'mi,,, f, I Iter to ^. h'UUTaia^ 'or United States Sen- , to All tbe vacancy occasioned by the ; expiia ;on. on tbe 4th infant, of Hon Mr 1 1^ I)T *** TOt" 8t',JOd ;-Tt?oma.. i K Isaac D. Jones, JQ- AlexanderjEvans li scattering, 2. Mr. Thomas ,s well to h?-peop,eo, ttae s,at*. havmg oice been i>* I ?ov?rnW. to,on he WVi chosen on the Democratic ticket in 1547. He bai hai in pnbiic Ule before that per,^ hav.^ been elated to the Legislature ? i?I 'ho following year to a scat in the lower House to'"-'. .?< ^ ""X he rebel.ion. Commissioner of Patent* he? i and on the res.gna.lon of Hon. Hov A,b ? dent Buchanan to that position, which how ^er. he held for oaly a short time He ls a I YLbT and is at present a member of the House of Delegates from Ta^bo' county. His nomination is considered equiy. j alent to an election. ! THE NEW UAMPSHIUE ELECTION The annnal State election in New Hamn .tir,.." b. !>.,* , Oimur I hree members of ConKress, and a State Lens e axe to be chosen. ?en. Walter S. Har* riman is the Republican candidate tor (loverl nor. ard Mr. John O. Sinclair the Democratic are <aa*toii Th* uCOB?re*?onal nominaUons a-e as follows: Kspublicaa-Jacob H > la, Aaron *. Stevens, Jae,?b Eeaton Demo t^n SSrr, *arCJ' Edwird W. Harrington, Harry Bitgham. La,t year tho Kopubltcans elected all the Congressmen, and earned the Stato for Oovernor, by a majority of four buusand six hundred and flfty-six, the vote Tlb' (Kep ) 15'137; Sinclair, 4 L em , 3w,3ol. The Democrau hope to over I come the above majority this year, but the Ke- ' publicans seem sanguine of success by a ma jority of at least l.wo. Tneir CM<1 t ereV ^'' G"n<>r,U * "*m??au, en! red the war a liemocrat, and. like, many f other., came out a thoroughgoing Radical R I publican His opponent is John (i. s.ncla,r" a Frace l?emo< rat during th- rebellion, l'he.r candidates for Congiew are new men The Republicans had a majority of 7,3l:j on the 1 congressional TOtc in leSj. I ?TATE DINNER BY TIIE PR^IDENT I 1 he ninth State Dinner of the President thl? i season will take place this evening at 6 o'clock I in the Mate dining room at the Execntiye Man ion. Cards of Invitation have been issued to the new Senators and about one-half el th* new Representatives in the ?ith Congress togetber with their The invitations ta tne members for this evening comprise all the ! new ones on the list from the letter A. to H. VRKM'H HPOLlATIONa. Mr Sniuner, irom Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, reported to-day on the French Spoliation bill, (Senate bill 4,) adopting the report o 1 the committee made in JNJ4, by the < omm 11tee recommending the payment of the claims. ? RE< SITED THE REWARD. Ma). J. k D. Coo/ins, tbe detective of the 1 reasury Department who arreiied Lee. the defaulting 1 rea.-ury clerk, this afternoon re***** ** ??? ameunt -t. l.nWH.. 1b* ar,e?t. reoovery of the tie SrSt. wpeaeon incurred in making I*c**a*b or Force in Th? Pbuhiom (>r. ri. K.-1 nder a recent act of Congree?. the Ccmmusioner of Pensions u antherlzed to inertase the force of his bfflcs by the appo.nladditional clerks, tbe bus,?e? <;t tecfflce having gre.,Jy incre.?ed with* P??l 7e"r- By this law about evenly k* "ww e?Pfoy?l in tbe otMce will be made permanent clerlis, and ten new cletks appointed n n*w ^"From J. C. Parker, post Offlco News Msnd. we bavefia convenient pamphlet form. Tbe I nited Stale* Bankrupt Law of l-?7, to' ge.ber with tbe Household and Homestead Exemption Laws of tho sereral States.'1 CoimiAKTonsk or Ei>roarioii._Tio Prosi. 1 dent has appointed Rev. Henry Barnard, of ;?be Commissionera/Ednoation tfiiurlss'* O'^'d s bill establuhing the ?-Tb. Fenians ,? ?.w York soYtiune to be ! greatfy eteltstf over the news from Ireland . hey are said to be using every mea?s |o give -aid and comfor.'; to their friends in Ireland iNTiwiilUTura-Tbsrecsip'tsfton | source to-dny were flfl.iojfy. . Aw Ft'iBT H<VTB Law 15 ILLINOIS tkt.jvemorof lliinot, hgssicned the biiieJJST nia sight hours a legal day s w!,k ^n TL State, in abe-nce of contrac t fo H/c Juar^ goon into effect*!mmediately, government securities. w ashiiutoHi Ma/ch It. 18B7. , J*, Cooke A Co furnish the following quo- , tat.ons of GovMnmi-Bt ?curtUw. -.V? * 1 Itwjmt. S'tUmg IJ..?? '? Coupon iH0't ... i?8\ !' *!; C S Five Twenties, i?*W H87, !0?^ I* K F>ve Twenties I?** m 1?7 % *' S. Kif? Twmti*. ?9A* MTl* Wl( 1 I*. S. Five Twenties.JanA.J'y.H6.l?<?^ \ II? I', s I>u FortiM ?TV f s ^even Thirties, Aueust.... l?S\ '8% I C\ S. Seven Th<rtie*. Jane......105 105^ ! V. S j?even Thirties, July 1l?5 1U3)% I kiw YOU riB>T RtiAtD KALU. C'opons I?r.? ?0 to's 97* .'.ills. l-*_? 111!)', MO'd, Aa(tust....lU3\ $*>, l>*4 Ui7 T rw s. June tcvsi svats is?5 ti?7 34 ,.3n's, j air .ti*j S.Su's, Ju &.Ty.'65. 1<K>5| <iold .............liJ , rniNciiL. !.- *ik Jobnsun A (Jo , quote Stoots and Bonds in home and foreign markets as follows: niw Yuri. M^rch 12?1st Board? IJ. S 1^1 Coupon d's. <U>.. S-20's, lof*\. U. S. 5's s. Coupons, ICS, 7-3?'e. It/5 HiCaa ton Co, 45^: Cumberland t.'oal CO. pret'd,31; Q,uick? MvrrMinintCo..%V: New Yortr t>ntral R R.; It 1\. Er-e Railway. .r?9|(; Hndeon River R. R.. iJ6fc, Reading R. R . It I*. Michigan Central R K., U ?; Michigan Southern nnd N.Indiana ll K "2V do. guaranteed. ; Illinois Cen. tral R.R , lit Cleveland ana Pittaburg R R., f 1; Chicago and Norm western R. U.. 3t\; do preferred, 6-\, Cleveland and Toledo H. R.1H Uiioago and Rock Island R. H.. Pit'sburg, Fart Wayne, and Chicago R. R. !>5\; Ohio and Mississippi GertiBoatea, ?7V Gold, 2 p. m , 133*. THIt NKW ELECTION LAW Mr. Morrill, of Me , introduced, la the Senate to- d?y, a bill requiring the Corporations ot I Washington and Georgetown to pay all necessary expenses, and a per diem compensaMnn to each ot tbe.lodges of Election, under tbe recent art of Congress, of S3 per da* forevery day they shall be actually employed in tbe discharge of their duties. It shall be lawful for any ot the Judges of Election to administer oaths in alt cases relating to the duties assigned them by law; any person making a false statement under oath sbail be deemed (a'lry of perjury. Tbe Judges of tbe Supreme Court of tbe District shall appoint three Commissioners of Election iu each Toting precinct in Washington and Georgetown: who sbnil bold tbeir offices tor two years, whose duty it shall be to take charge ot tbe ballot boxes at the polls aud make returns. And the Mid corotnireionera shall receive tbe votes of all persons whose namea are on the list of voters in said precinct prepared by the lodges olelection and none others. They shall have power to admiuister oatbs and examine persons offering to vote, and other witnesses a' to identity of voters: persons swearing falsely to be deemed guilty of perjury:and the commissioners ol election shall receive the same compensation for tbeir services now paid to commissioners in said cities. Referred to District Committee. ENLARGEMENT OP THE CAPITOL GROUND?. Mr. Patterson, of N H introduced in thSenate to-day a bill to enlarge the public grounds surrounding the Capitol. It providea lor tbe enlargement ot the grounds by extension tietwcu First street ea?t and First street wesf, northwardly to tbe south sideof H street uorsh. and southwardly to tbe norta side ot B street south. Tbe Washington and (Georgetown Railroad ( ompany are required to remove their 'rack trom Delaware avenue, between A and B stieets nortb. and from the Citpitol grounds, and rnn the seme along B sweet north to 1st ireet east, i ben re along 1st street east to tbe main line on Pennsylvania avenue- and the Metropolitan Railroad Company are reqolr-d to move the track ol their road from A street north and from New Jersey avenue, between A ana M streets nortb. tad to rnn the same alone the route prescribed for the Washington aud Georgetown railroad, to the intersection j ot tst and East Capitol streets. ItriLDIKft COMPANY Mr. Nye introduced in the Senate to-day a bill to incorporate the Washington Land an 1 Bai.ding Company of the District of Columbia. uiih John M. Broil Lead. N. P Chipman Stephen Flanagan. S P. Brown. James MFlanagan. Wm W Harding. W. S. Allen, Henry Simons. T- W. Plowman, Joseph F. Brown. Cb?rle? |?. Gilmore. Wm. B Sua sr. and D. C- Forney as corporators. The bill authorizes ibe company to nnrcbsse and sell land in tbe Fifth and Sixth Wards of this city, erect dwelling-henses on the land so purchased. and ren', lease or seil tbe same. Relerred to District Committee. GOVERNMENT PIRE DEPARTMENT. Mr Wilson introduced in tbe Senate to-day a reso lu'.iou instructing tbe Committee on tbe 1 D^trict to inquire into tbe orgauizatieu and equipment of tbe Government Fire Depart, meutot the city ot Washington, the number ol men, burses, ecginvs. and ambulances employed, and tbe total monthly cost of tbe same, also, w bet her tbe expense cannot be materially r?duced. or wbetber any additonal legislation is necessary to promote the efficiency of said lire department. A REPORT CONTRADICTED A statement having been published that there was trouble at Williamsburg, Va, between tbe whi'ee and freedmen, and the military had been called out to suppress tbe same. General S. C. Armstrong. Superintendent of the 3th District of Virginia, telegraphed to General Howard to-day that be had not asked for a military force at Williamsbnrg. Eight mounted mtn b?d been sent to Yorktown for a few days to asoiat iu removing treed people: but there was no trouble whatever. HILL TAKING AW AY THE DISTRICT CHARTERS Mr. Morrill, o" Me., 'o day introduced in the Senate tbe bill introduced by him last session* prov iding for taking away tbe charters of tbe District cities and the Levy Court, ana lor the government ot the District by Gomrai?biouer?. Si me amendments are mtue to tbe bill ax originally introduced by Mr Morrill* among them one str king out the section allowing the District a delegate in Congress. Referred to District Committee. fY3=- PAlhTERo ATTAMTiOM -A meettog ILjf of the Painurs Ontua ?iii hi he 14 at weTtaan' Hall, oa THDRbUAI KVBNlmO, March 14.st7H o'clock, Oo>l times akaa<i. WM. H OBuVffl, Prest. \\ *t. Bitot. Secretary tn (Y~*r~ IRISHMEN RALLY ASSIST THE BOYH tJJ? IN THE #IBlO-A Meeting ot the * 0 BO.nEYaN RudiA OIRvLK willbe held ou WEDNESDAY SYSHlHU.ISth inst, at 7 oclt, In "McGse's Ball,' street, bet tree .112th and l?h etr?*ts. All tte old members and Irlehasea, filsadix to the came of Ireland's frs-deui, are lavltnl 10 attend. man* committee. ? C ITU ERE or COMSECTIODT temi-ora |L? riiy residing la Wasniagten, who value tin blgU privilege of votlug. are oarneatlr re lioesteo to meet at Union Leaf ae Hall eBtfttiat., K?1 weea D and S. THIS EV EMI BIG, at half east 7 o'clock to arrange for going to Connecticut t? perform tbe aerea duty of depositing their b*l lots for State eMi ere and members of Conrrew on the 1st ?f April neat. Hon. 4AB. W. NTS, of N? .ada, who has recemly returned from Connecticut, an4 others are expected 10 address ibe nie-t*ag It is important that every voter should be preeeat: By order of the State Oentral Gomnittiee. lt*_ n^3=?REGISTERY HOTICE-Hetice Is hereby 113 given to all iiualtjled voters la tbe First Ward that tbe Judges of Blectloa appoiated to regiet'-r voters under the act of Oongresa approved February 5th, 18 T. entitled * An act to paalah illegal voting la tbe District of Colombia, and for other purposes," will he la session at the : I irst Baptist Chareh.corner ot 1 street uorth and Itth Street ?set, en MONDAY.the Uth, TUESDAY, the 19th WEDNESDAY, the t th and TH CRSDAY.theMst instant, trom ? SB to ?o'clock p. sn .fer the purpose of receiving and rsc^rdiag their names TheactofOonceess entitled "As art to regulate the elective franchise in the District of UoInmbla." provides that ' cash and aeary male 1 parson, excepting paapers aad persons under ! guardianship of tns age of twsuty-oae years and 1 upward , who has not been convicted of uay infamoui crime er offense, and exoeptlng p^rsoai who I bavo voluntarily given aid and comfort to the rebels ia the is to rebellion, and who shall have been both or naturalised In tbe Bnlte<t Htatee. and who shall have resided lo the said Dfitrictfor the period of one year, and three months in the "?ard < r election precinct la which he shall offer .- vote, next prec< dint anf e*ect*oa therein, shall be entitled to tbe elective fran< hlse, aad shall be deemed aa elector aud entitled to vote at any election In said District, without any distinction en aoroant of color or race.'' , mh 11 B. T. ROYBB, Sec'y. nrs*JOSIPB B. SBAVriBLD, -UJ FRBROH OOHPECTIOHBBY, Ladies' icb cream a dimino saloob, *? Penn. Ave., bet. itth and Uth sta. Weddings Dinner or Supper Parties supplied at short notice with novelties In Pyrasslde, fausr | Cakee, and Oonfectiooerles, Jellies ; Wei llag Cakes, best quality T?ble Ornaments- Salads. IceOream, Water Ios. loan Punch, Boce.1 Tar ket.plaia. Eeoeloped Oysters. Boned Turkey In jelly, Oharlotto Amee, oto., o?c Attendants also will be aeat to attend to all details of arrangements. Botwaeta, Wreathe, aad "aar*10 ?rd,5osH PH B. BHAPPiELD. [JJ.BOTIOI T00?\} rjMM OE wm "lie Beard of Assessor* baring computed the aranal aaeosemeot far IMf, sill sitae a board of appeal, aad ferine ?arp <ee of makt uf cormctloas, ffoa. the l?th 1 uatnut to April 1st loffuo?v?,/Swa. sbays eseepted.i aS J*chool iiomntssdouer's Boom, second story City Ball, wsat wina.froui Pa. n td '%y"oHnrof the Prwldsat. f fnlj fs lsotipl % H "A"Uan. -le-be ?J"- ?^?IU? ' t?**Te to re <>rtn bill 0 Mo n> reltevmr the i?hib 'an>. ? purfiors t?jb,'jie*,b fr,"? "Bering Hi ar*B|1011 '' W*< et-it# I vr .1 a I d P po*> an Appropriate of *i<o am, not ? a l" the *uff ring poor T". proposition met w.,h th? apprU?tlo*Of inoct Of tbe Seau'ors nf ail part.** The i?Uw al*o adopted ? resolution to nPP ,int a ittmcjtnmltfee of I wo .Vaster* and three U l#?ia ?? t > ?i*lt * Mbln(ton and urge Congress ? ? make ** "Ppropr.?Tioii of Bit 0 .a<?, to be loan the people Of the Soma arbo may rM,, "^ tisianre. to enable ib?-m to cultivate their ?r >ns -Um "t??. P?'??aaat relief Messrs. ?vla and Billingslea were appointed oa >b- committtee on the part of the S*n*t*. The bill providing for ?a election of mayoa and u * in Baltimore was lafcea ..p a. I Hec'lon to be h-ld ? Of April. A mori ?ii to srlleoutthe enacing clause waa lost, yena 4, naya I* Tbe MH wtis then ordered to be ogroesed tor a third reading Aa order wa* adopted by lh? House giving permission to tbe Committee ol Way* and t0#r'^?rt a bl11 Prw*l?*'b* tor an appro. Fi, c 'i. i relief of tbe starving people of the Sontta |>?Te was (ranted to reporia* ui ??.?!* "* lb,> iniJror and city counc.i ot I altimore to issue bonds to tbe amount of "MU, to exb-nd the water-work* of tbe oitv and also a bill to Increase the issue of water rock in Baltimore A bill was pas 4.1 to m. ro poiate the Maryland and New Yorlt Ss*m ! 1 ra importation Company, and al?o the bill io pro vide for a general valuation am assessment ,b.. KniPr?irr,J 01 lh* Suu> Tha obje 2f gages rflDO" th* heavy tax onraortMexico?Matamoros dates to the 4th of M-rrb bare been received Juarex wasatBa. firo J 2,et Maiin>'Han was at Quere- I taro with an army of ten thousand in three I div,sjons. under Miramoo, <5a*tello and mT ?i chief of htaffto the Emperor I K.cob-do U at 8*0 Miguel, fiER! 2r??h * * ff,D'Mt">enti. Hecul's, I 7tm*t f? -i (Ln,',nd m'n' ,nd Corona, with eight thousand, are expected soon to arrive I Cite 5f "notber bitMe. The I z!iL M.e*tco is garrisoned by two thousand I soldiers. Forflrio Diaa is at Homoulla with I ?!? **P?CU a reinforce. ?fr before attackinx the I ci'y of Mexico. In takin^command in oeraoa I Maximilian said: "Tbla dat .nee but wereinth.wa^l ?a? now free frcna all compromise and ran follow I nr^ Tfn.h,,, The foreign represeata- I caPi??l have petitioned and pro- I tested to Maximilian, rehearsing the nrevion* I "r?Xci"rM? In"'?"*'''' " *I1<1 ">' Ir"<il?J,iiL BDILDlNtt ABaioiATlOS? Seers arr. j JJ-PAWMBHOK BITS HOTIO*. ~ - *f 4H 8tre?t w<mt, ntir P*nn9* ava I & BTSAtti h matoonta? * * to PArUe.wl.hlaf large abl^'V^fV.^T' Wlth ^r vMu M?rT>n?^nfia *>' ? confidsSni1?l^M,If.oc'Ml on Oo,<, ?n< I'lnr batches ? SKSUiJ!I'"""- >** "?. ??i ? .iik?.". Bo d 8?"ck., Scrips, Governmen* 8ejeJftofaT^*bf d*7?r WMk 00 " rchandis..ab W. B ?'Arrangement, have been nude br vhtrh I Itersons depositing property with us raa rece ss th5a"V?r L*5?s?.r,?cif'%l cHr oT (h" 0 n"on * yot H-AMD A-HALf 8TBBBT. fe 21 tf j BTABtlgeiD 1 mi, ... "cph.BSOH * FBBQUMON. P.J? * "* w,*bt Fell promytly aaawersd. S?.BA?A^PABAJC8 f'OBSALB?One of Biseht rim. ^ *i?? V t.'enibli.atlon 8UUA ?ud 8THI l? * OOLBB. Pooeialn ?rrnp C.ns.tJlIi *.**!?l* tt'1 8,Lnp l?<Hc?r?r. AN0 tVo ' .*^aA^l?* ?yg?*r Conptains, all in excellent I wb U at-'*" ffountala, "City Poet Offlce I DIAMO STOOLS I r ??. PIABTO GOV BBS, ?*W AhDPBETTYsffLBfl. _ ? ? AT COST / BLLlg. 306 Peuna. av. I I 18* OF PBOPOSAL8 OP A MItUBLLAI a neon, rbaracter received at tbe office of tiie I n',,|?7rim",er ae,, ^a,for th# w**k ending Maron I J?_aepb P 8snf<>rd. New York .ltr, offer a I ?? for tbe steamer Cosmopolitan. it'' I p i a i o aT! I OBEAT BABG A IMS. taken lo exchanKe yesterday, one of themfiBA a>trest new, for >a!e upon easy teraa aiMllTi I tbe warrreom. of _ , . WO MBT/BBOTT A CO., tsfer fit*law*7'a Piano, and Nasen "" f _A Hamlin*._Oablaet Orgaaa. I ABBWBTMKMT OfWEW AMD BBO a j ond band Parlor , Ml OBOAS8 AND MELODEOBS. at great bargaiaa. ITTin I mllM ,n?.JOH*r BMilS. m * M 3106 Penaaylvaala aveane ^bbat baboains ~ j Beat B B TBA . *1X1 Pine BLACK TBA, 90 rents. !< at BLICKTKa, *1 16 | Very finest IMPEBTaL and OCNPOWOBB #1.90 Good, delivered free. 8. BVAMB, " I mh 11 tt* Blath atreet.between H and if. CJAVB TOCB HONBY by using 8 If A MB *8 I ? PAT,*XT Wei3|| gu irantM more ligbt with one third leas gas Than any Burner now la "?? Leave yonr ?r<i' r. ?1th BBOWN, REYNOLDS ft CO., ?00 9th fttiwt I Or his Agent,?. W JONHBON, ' n,h !UiI 39* uth atreet. | ? g T A B L 1 8 H IP 1 ? 4 6 _ . _ It. 9. CLABK, I myTJ( deecrtptlen, Wlsdew 8hn<te.. Picture Tassel., 0?rd.. Ac , Ac ..till continues to do bnalneas at his old .tand. No 8*9 *'"l11 between 12tb and lith St. All wot k i| tbe al>ove line done la the beet maa ,r' P'??Ptly, and at the lowe.t prices, mh ?_?t ' JELLING OUT AT OOBT TO MOVB. I BILLING OCT AT GOBT TO MOVB. fcBLLIBG OUT AT OOBT TO MOTS. MUBIO AID MU8IO BOOKS, AND M0810AL 1N8TBUHBNTB. JOHN F. BLLIB, r 11_3t 30? Pena. ave., near Itth .t. bi ".'2iiaTl,K.4,?L8i9K?2 SSSif," * eloee aptae business. J II) D ?/V,?rM "f the late firm of ' "ftr A Co,, and will contlana tK? hmin,.. I at the ofd stand, U46 Psnn.TlTama a,enne " TH08. BCS8BLL, .FiUisc:.!!, p. p., Pab. 13,1M70LAB? if 3t T-?-J,A.BTN*m8HIP l>.t*eea the ^d^... I" tbe manufacture of Yluecur is this d.j diaaolved by mutual consent ,,ne?ttr?M H BRWICKBI_WsihlagtOB, March T. 1W7 mh aw j VALUABLB AOBBC1BB may be nht?i?~<~v. reliable and Influeutlal par tie, m ?I ft^lMworWagoerftal tor one of thV i si* *r DtarprftM fit ortioiz?d Th* I Ci mp*uf ioaifiMi lAtural ad?T?l I fsas Investments. Address ? MIBING.'^ L?e idlS? nliia "Sa fla* Commerce street. Phllad^ puiT'Sr _i m 9tt U1TTBB0RABGE8 I w . bTttbb obabgbb : i For preserving. *. W BOB0HBLL. mb a ?*raer Ml hue P street., I ntb* under Ekbttt Bo^. ^ K. BBOWBB. B, J. SMiTHBBS j ABP POLICITOIUI FOB THE I "? Ottco Bo. 476 Bevsath street,opposite the Post

fa n? ' j* -~w/a yy AasnowS. lua ?. im. Ptor ale, a quantity of OLB 80XEB Ianatr. nhieeit AartrtaBSBodlcalParvt&Jrtf's a A*. '"'^-tvagf ^T;., *; Fr*b kiboplacb. / I? CONUffessiQNAL. Tuwu^jr. Mareto i? ^r?uJ*r~*tl' ,<* * ' ,pw? ?toe O .mmlttee OB Military .Af air*, repotted it,,. nuit rnolu. in.n directing the s?creu,rv of War to furnish 5 "'?? JJV,?SSt."" **" w " ? * ? .???" AUa. from the r?, committee, bill rflaUrc i P*yme?t ml bounties to colored soldiers aaliors iti.d murine* and ibeir heirs: which was lVi?d i w I if. r Sumwr.frw tkcUoKmti^on Foreign R?la'ioii?, reported favorably oa tb? bill to frest'ler ,Wr ,he def",B* ot ?* northeastern AIkn bill to provide fbr the payment of ' 1 itiub spoliation claims, with airport. i Mr ttyr Introduced a bill to incorporate the ! Washington Land and Haildiog Con,pane lunula Co???tt?noir tbe District ot Co-' ' ,n,r<Hl*<*d * joiat resolution Ksars^arri,?r?;s?tsuss flssssaiBEr w AI! o, bill in addition to the several acta for establishing the temporary and permanent ?e?tof the Government of the United Sm-es and to resume the legislative power* defeated iurt h-'i1" f shington and Georgetown, hi ol ?* District of Oolnm: lumb<a Committee on District of Uj(Ihis is the bill for the same purpose in trudnced at the first session of the ;5Pb Congress J V/"? Mr. Wilson offered a resolution of inn nlrr reiativeio'he Firs lirpitrtment of the District of Columbia, the nnmber of men, homes en fines. Ac., acd whether the expenses of sncn department cannot be reduced. Adopted. Mr. Sanlsbury Introduced a joint resolution fJirrllgf1 t"crr,try of War to return to the different armories of the State of Delaware the arms. A.C., taken therefrom d urine the war n? '?t m5",mrlL ,orc<* o1 th? United States or to replace the unt, aud asked for iU ores en' consideration. p . *r Conness moved to refer the resolution MlUUr' Affairs, which Mr. Patternon (N. H ) introduced a bill to for the enlargement of the ?n"l? buildiogs and (rounds surrounding the Oao. M-;?HiR'f'rr^,? th* Committee on Public Hmldings and Ground*. .K?r* Ny? offered a resolution expressive of Stai^L,mpfi! ,w *f "** People of the Ualted > ?!?, J ,th? ejoP'* of Ireland in their nmS .h ^ I wh tyranny and oppres. ?,KSfcr?th* ,OW8t,on of *r r. vZ:?0r\0\m0"* to "consider the vote of yesterday laying the resolutions of Mr Sam. uer on toe table. m .KMrIMorlon he did not agree with nn'.^r* t"xpr"M<Kl b* several Senators that ?t Sad nnf"--.0^ mad* totbf" bill. Swy n accepted by the Southei n S atee. There were things in the resolnti >n> ??,co? s.'.r ?T? ecessity of educatiaa the freed mm be fully acreed with the Senator Otber Sen n'? 'd U WOB,d en^ih to lSi upon this when the constitution* should com" tial tol'h?11. n?W WV ,hs Um* 11 w?ls .If.LJ ^ auccess of republicanism that the speedy education of the wno.e people^,f fhe S utb should be provided for tdncaUon wM "> rescue tHe emanci^ p.ited slaves from the control of their former 1 ?P ",#ar'8t?cracy which ! Mr. Howe said the power of Couaresa over o^r"thenT^rrn,,,,f" was JB8t,the s?rae ss it was -I n',Terr,,ori^or ll?e IHstrictof C>>lura- ; V ar,d ^"DKre s was equally responsible tor the proper *overnmeut of them. The neCe? Mfy of immediately vacatinr the exist,ngSllt ""So,,:t ? ^ ^^rf^onse biH, anpplementary to the act to I provide for the more effl< ,eut Kovernment S ' the nj^nrrectioriary State?, was realt -wi?dicla'r'v " ,elerred 10 tbe Committee on the Ju. se*ronTr,,"bUU Xn?T*d 10 ro ,nt? p*ecotiTe Mr Snmner hoped not. He would ask the '? iOT a moment. Mr. Trumbull said the debate would h? .? terminable on this point. d * in" Mr. Sumner said be could not forbear con rratuiatln* the Senator from Indiana?!Krt2Ei on i he stand he had taken iorien> hi^MT^?TKb,,J, caMed Mr Sumner to order he (Mr s > had made a motion to go into exec^ utive aeasion, and the Senator from MmS2T chusetta waa congratulating another Smium on bis opinions on the aubject of recon?truc ?: T h? ubmlttea bad nothing to do Wi!i l5? "ubJect of an executive session stroctiorwJe"8nm*d bl' rem"^ on recon. Mr. Fessenden called him to order Mr Sumner _1 know the rulesof the Senate J'***" en?Of course; you knowev?rv* thing better than any otber Senator irfm Same" ~N?l ^W#11 a# ord^r Cb,i,r-Q*nt,*mwi. Please eorne to in*rrd?rUmnerarfn^1 that ** Was P^eeding .".rSrCS".""1 *' * "??" ?" oot of The Chair said it had always been the ens torn to allow considerable latitude in debate Mr. Sumner remarked that he would pursue , af aoot,l*r '"ne. when the Senate went into executive session, and after some time spent therein adjourned. Uoi'bk.?Mr. Woodbrid^e (Vt.) asked and obtained leave to make ? personal explanation hi .h* * r1*?'aUon wtL" 1,1'rod need yesterday by tne gentleman from Wiscouaiu. tiir Wuh burn , m respec to the bill w?'h fid ZSti at last Congress iu relatluu to the claim of J^hn L. Boullgney s heirs, he (Mr. WwoUbridw hhh ,uta*<lUua t??e facts as Jt forth^r "^ ^ did not wish to b0 ond^rifrwri ttatMr. Washburn h?id made a wilitm statement of fhcu. He did not wish hi on. H^fcn- imputing bad motives to any one He, however, insisted that there w?r? errore-^aad mistakes in the statement of^Lhe h?t3y* that thTT^guage"jsTd0"^^!: lfJ** h,td r!ven off??>se 7 q Mr. Wmshborn (Wis.) said he did not suri br?f>*T gave offense intentionally but the language did eeem strange. The language used by Mr. Wood bridge after the read ing of the resolution was, >1 object. The stated in the resolution are noi true " To this he (Mr Washburn) fenlled. tae stated are trnef' and toe f Mr. Waetobnn^wonld repeat toere that a more lrandnleut claim had never b^eu presented. ca^r *hb"rn **V# * history of the ?r>iV,^f"?hW,d#baw th??object was dropped, ard otber business taken up. Mr. Stevens 'Pa.) Introduced a bill makinr appropriation of such fund, aa may be nec^? sary for the purpose of carrying into fulief> ofC^?? k 1418 more edicient government of ttoe Southern States, aud the acts suDDlewho!T5ousereU>' 10 Committee ofPJ,e The Senate joint resolution for ttoe relief of E-T aod colored people in the District of Columbia, was taken from the b" ""PM"1- 11 ?P*ldhl? (Otoio) introduced a joint res. ul w??faHiL5CVh * lbt of the Interior to wittobold the enforcement of tne law re ^ to the claim of the heirs of John e ?' * >??? ? (/'y "m "U""'. ?? ||0il distillmyT" " The public is hereby not!fled that I an M&*. '*7 ttoa trade and lovers ef a ml^ tiale with pure copaer stiiUd HTB WafsK ?r 1ST, J&fSfb.'i h? !"? CHA8. A. rtuuSB, Proprietor. 1 T1118I TE1B81 f ins variety of BHADK TBBB8 for sals bv . , ? 111 OB. P. MO SUA N ^OKMAL^-Two HOXBK9, one Barr^ ? tsd on Brown. Also, .two i m 34T 0 street, between 4X and Ctto -?nrH,^ ssfl^ggs^ 4 ^ *?*T' ffrea, Walchy^vjfonr, to aay l. ^a 'MLiJiSMMW? .m.i mS atnlbStir ' NEWS. ; Si, # /* ' 4 ?*oyi kvk??rk to-day. |rrl?l4 Tnt^tll-AaMkrr RI*Ib| K?* rfUd-Mrlliiti Laltrrnla Pane?B?esSk. (dt Cablr to the AMnciatrd Prw ] I ol\OK, March IB?N ton ?The Kentan band*in Ireland have ml di?j?er.-ed. and the eptire lelnnd to now tranquil The nnthorities, bowc?fr, have good r?a?on to trar anoihr; riMur ?n<l have taken toe ntt?*?sary njr?*utr( to pr?vfot 't. 1'aiuh. March lif?Kooa?T??e labnr^MiplniHilB preparing the grmieitw xa 1 buildings lor the*ppr?>ecb<Bg l'ni\er?al Exp?sit on have truck f r higher wages. II>bli?. March 12?Nooa ?Oannt Von Ki?marck r^rommrDdi ncoroproBiwbf'aetn 14? Ttriot* (>rt*oR? in tbf Ofrman Parliament, in J order to adopt a new cnpuiiuiiwn l.oMx>a. March f<? Noon ?Oonsols,{?l; Erie. 4?h: U 8 llliuoi?78. l-ivgnpooi., March U ? Noon.? Cotton todat opened doll *nd Wlibont much activity. Fab a are very email, not aggregating more , th-n 50.0 or 6.000 bale*. Price* are nti- ; ohair'd Middliag Uplands, it J; Middling^d: Breadstuff's areqmet and ste.viy. I.arrt if dull at5iis6d; Bacon, 41? per c*t. for Middling Tallow, 4>fid Military Rule a Kfrritlly ia Texas. (lALvmox, March II ?General Griffin ban ifrtueo an order saymc tltat in eon?eq jMice of rep?i?ted oil traces and m orders in Grayson county. and the seeming unwilliagnees or abilry ef the officers to give protection to clu-/.ens, order number Ave is suspended in Gray* son r^nnty, and the aab-assiatant commissioi < r >s hereby directed to arrest all persons wbo are or who may hereafter be charged with the commisaion of crimea or offences against citizens, refageea. or treed men in cases where the civil authority failed, neglected or is naable to bring the parties to trial detaia them in confinement until anch time as a proper jodicial tribuaal may fca ready and to try them. Mr. Lamp, secretary to Governor Throckmorton, has gone to Wasbingtou to consult President Jubnson about reconstruct. ing the State. JAMBS JOHNSON, HOK&K AND COW fUHR/SK. May be coasnlted every day from* a m. to ? 9 m , at Be. UBS. corner of M street Bad Virginia eve aas, Islaad. __ m 11W d?"5ihi! state* mil5s?sppw?. WasbiBotok. March *.le*rOa the petitloa ef BaMlLTritf L. I?M ITH of Gambler, Ohio. preying far the exteneiu* of a patent granted to him oa the 7th day o? Jans, IMS, for an improveaseat |a Paper fllss, for sevea years from the eapirettot ef said pateat. which take* place oa the JW day of Jnae lif. It Is ordered that the sat I jSMttoa be heard *? the Patent Offics ea BOI^AY, *e BKh day of Mat next, at l? o'clock a.; aad all pereoua are notified to as sear and ahow., <Bwaa, ft e?y the? have,why aidpetltioa otfUjtM be granted. Persons eppeelng the sxteaaftfc wre fegnlred to file la the Patent office their objeotloha. specially set forth in writing, at least Iveta s daws before the day of heartag: all testimony filed by either party to tensed at the said heariag maat be taken and transmitted fa accordance with tbs roles of the office, which will be tarnished an apptieal epoeitiona and ether papers relied npon as testimony must be filed In ths office witty days before the day of hearing;tb? argents a ts. if any. within ten days aftsr fil'ng the testimony Ordered, also, that this notice be published In ths Bepablican and the intelligencer, Waahiugtan, D. C . and la the Herald. Cleveland, once a week for three suoce??tve weeks; the first of aaid Cblleatlons to he at leaat sixty days previous to ?day of hearing. T 0 Oommissfoaer ofTntenta. P. 8 ?Bdltors of the above papers will p'ease copy, and aead thslr bills to the PgtentOffice with a peper containing this notice. mh U lawjw pBOPOSAL8~ FOB FLOIB! Ofir' D'pot Com mister* of B^.Atarro*. D C. March It is .7. i Sealed Proposals are Invited until TlirKSDAY, March 31. 18.". XI o'cuxa m . lor fnrnlsoing the Sol sistern s Department witn TWELVE HUNUEKD <l.w>> BARBELS OF FLOL'B. The proposals will be lor ?hat ii known at this Dep. t us Bos. 1 and 2. aad bids will be eater- 1 tain?-d for any qnautotv lest than the whoiu Bids most be In duplicate, and fer each grade oa asperate ?h>eu of peper. Ik*1 eellvery of the > lour to commence within five days from the opening wt th?- >>ids. aa-i must be delivered In *?ch jnaatities, dally, as the Gwernment may direct, at the wharves, or Bail road Deput iu >AashinKt?n. p. C. The delivery of all Flour awarded to be conr pleted within twenty days from Uie acceptance of the bid. . . ? Bids will be received for Flonr to be delivered in new oak barrels, head lined. Payment will be made In wch funds as the Government may have for disbursement The itoual Oorernment inspection will be mads jnat lielors the Floor is received. at.<! none will he accepted which is not fresh ground, aad of a sape riorquality. . . M m .. . Me bid will be entertained from parties who h?f9 pr^fioaily failed to comply with their bfd>, or from bidders not present to respond. Goveratnent reserves the right te reject any bid for any cause. _ . , , , _ Bids to be addressed te the undersigned, at Ho. G street, endorsed ''Proposals for Plonr. O. BELL, mb 12 it Major aad O. 8 , U. 8. A. WM P BMBBSON'8 GOLD MEDAL PIABO*. I have secured the sole agency for tb*-se|B^Efe beautiful l ianea-have now fcnr ea hand'1' *t I -will aell at low fiaurea. previous to moviac. JOHN F. ELLIS. mh 11-t 306 Penn ave . near lath at. ? JAME8 0. M. GD1BE Jt CO.. < FUBItlTI BE WABB BOOMS. Having rellniviiched the Auction and Commisaion baaiaeaa, and coaterU?d mr extensive waretooma, at the corner of luth and D atraeta, into a tirat claas HOC8B FUB5ISHIH6 ESTABLISHMENT, we are now prepared to tnrniah every variety of HOCSE ABB OFFICE FCBN1TUBB, at the Roat moderat* rates. Onr stock comprise* PABLOB BETB.iaB- pa and Hair Cloth, OA BY ED and PLA1B OILED WALBL'TCHAM BBB SETS, COTTAGE 8BTS. SINGLE BUBBAC8 ABD WA8H8TAHD8, ELABOBATELT CABVBD BBBSTBADS, CHAIBS OF ALL YABIBTIE8, EXTBBSIOB TABLES, HAIB MATTBE8SES and FBATHBB PILLOWS. OFFK'B DESKS aad WB1T1BG TABLB8, CABTOB MATTIBC, Ac., Ac. We Lavs also for sale th<- celebrated TCCBEB SPKIBG BBD, which forcoui^ort, durability and cheapnaaaia unrivalled. Alao.the TIGK.BB MANCFACTUB1NG COMPABT BBON/.E CLOCKS, Beautiful la daaiju and finish and at very reaaoaabie prieea. JAB. C. Mi GDI BE A CO.. nih 11-lm coraer of lttb aa l Datreets. rkl8?0LLT10B OF COPABTBBB SHIP The conartnerabip heretofore existing betweea clABLft PABMiB and JaMBB T w ALKEE, Merchant Tailor*, dolug buslneaa at Be 4^4 Bavjnth street, ?s thl. da, ^1^8^aV;^00" . james t. walker The business heraaJter wlll he carried ea by jaMBB T WALKBB who will be pleased te see his frleada, aad the pablic la gaaerat, at hia place r.lior, mt-7t Ba. 484 Seventh atreet All peraoaaiade6ted tothelateBrmsf PABM1B 1 A WALKBB ate hereby aotlfied that the under* signed will collect all debts dne the Tate firm, who "at*""""""u ""jlssob^vhkk*. ft. and for sale at BBDUCBD PB10BB Eaing price, aad are determlaed, at whaUver aost, fin aradaaa tha WpBt work, issae the most elegant pafte raafandlBTA H P cAbaPEB. than aay oonctm in this of aay other city. Onr reputatiea as the oaly Practical Stamper has* lneured Indian that ae tayavious eampaaltlous ars^ue^. aad shlsldn theuTfroui trust!ag tbslr work la tVe hands of those who buy a few bl >ckg and reclaim themaelvea stampers. Stamping, 6 si'i^tb'rtrtet, *fe t tf epporite Patelit Office tyg kmabb a p1abob, Ssz&xzzSlBB' r" ""fkflhi. ''l.-i'ii'i"' <* la G?tr|f|?*i, SSWRS25Sx?Fr.r?S work of ^ BaJUtm-eTh Ohio ka?K? attjt hoist of Hoc*. wh-r. they .re wid*u?u. ^ way for# double track, ay <^..ibi? .*np*rrotendent}<phie* to dJlAT tb*" *?"?* *f hi? Dimuoi. bat we b> bt that tie h\* n^t M. ?atrd bimrfii ,0 d. bo, ??* I- l, at ?.^rt^ . cf the Caaal reqaire* it to be done. lo* raw be on th* i5th tuft .or a later da e ' * *?? Stb** *'? Kan.s*. \Ari^ M.nufacur,n Oon,,..?y or MaBChaater, N U.( annunnce tbe compi*. tion of the ateaa lire ecrn.r built for th* poratlOB, ro supercede me ban.1 enfiue* {org IB w by oor fin. depanment V? .twiner hm been dipped and la expert# t* > arm* to morrow. ^ * Pobt or (}coil'* rrotrv ftBiwj Columbia. Hayc 1'ob Balumoie with aw cb*adiw. Tub Ritbb Faoxr.^Tbe work of rethtiar the wharve* ban proereaaed rapidly, am mw. of theua are ill c >aJr.on Several coal transport* bare arrived at tbe dock*, ana atv recetv.rg their ctrftM*. and n?r men ar? beginning to make ibeir appearance a* for merij. tLoTR **r Qiaix Market ?Market V?r . ?ur Urmer, tendency of prior* upward t .r rrade*. which are in acuye demand vita * very limited *npp|y. I,ow cradea ouminalie i-oiV 1"0,rd- *??? ?* -ellm* at *1* ?$ I . ?.,*? / .0,',r" br*?d*? ' * 3 raft 14 CBt ex.rav No m??b?: HOT *ry*< '' ** !? Or*ia ' ceip??. and no wfcni In the mirkfL IV """J *?r mi lin* active. Uora ib ?.oo"d dealJ 10 '?*? taken and tranaterred to seccad bitndr, and aa far aa anticipated rormau ' ar* beard from all auld Tbe aduc** tr?* We? ern depot* indicate that receipt* will fall hbort of eipectfttioaF (or flour aad (ram Tas flrat receipt* will be aboat the *ith Clip the foilowiag from the Gazette o! yeaterday aiiernuoa . pring >avi(atiua baa opened ia earnea??a the aaaber of arrivals at aad departure* * ImLfrf1* J1** * ,a*t coaaiderably id. Ty. ?" WBlteaed (hi. morning, With th* tail a of rleer crafu aad the Mnoke i*? from t*cB* ?f vartoaa steamer* on their respective J*>i^,> the river added activity t* the aceae. Oa? tnjr bad in tow thia raorumr l?1 St'i"" fo"r ,ar** achoooera tit. P1*14*"** K? ke able to tate, on tb* h*at authority, that tb* aeceaaarv AI?drta&?U and tb* 7^/ duct will be compl*t*d, and water let ia a> or about the lat of April n**t, at which time t^^m,HC0ro,b"i",id WUl flirocuy throuRh|with coal. Thua we have tbe proape/i k*k J l*sualPliOB of the coal trade which ia of vital importauc* to th* welfare of oor fond old town. w* aaden'aod tnat th* oririnal I'mon cm. wnsof thia place, who ar* aot connertod with tbe lat* Radical moremenu her*, areto ?* <] or have pent to Coagre**, a repreamtatio* ?.Drh?rh-D? pr?rw>d1i?" ' lb,i city, connected with th* Mnaicipal Klec'ion. and aaaa oflaoi to the representation* made to map v n?mbera ? d'e,cn*d to injnre Alezaadria and Kac Tirens J The larjce bnck hwildm* aitnated on \ a ion lnd Pnao**.. kaown ^ t be old ateam mill. ba? bee a hfed ap aa a / i1? "I*4 ,,9t nnder tbe aian^ement ?f J V. StmlnrtoB. the operatioa of grinding tbe mineral called heavy -par was commenced there. Some thirty or torty hand* flnd conainnt employment at thia mill t'litlU>0K? ,,,ra>1"* ,h* Ooagr?*> ot the ed State* to re-aoi.ex the city an,i OI Alexandria to tbe District of in cireulation in tbe different coiored chnrche* ib tin* city yaeterday fot were to Uar* tMeu piloted to * thia morning. Kroder* & Downbam, of thia city, leased, aad tborongbly fitted np. and prepared for a dutillerj. tb? hnck buiidiuc i^At^Jr01 'hewr^'1 hou*'' formerly known ** AndersoB* bakery, and will, we underlILd' com,m,'?<?'fliatilling ib a few w ek? lb* body of the colored woman Sua* Tiin on"Thr,JW-ff><1,Whl1' cr?i,ln* Cameron Hon. on Tbar*day last, waa fouod the next it at^J? who w"r' '*r.?hia? for it, about one hundred yards below where abewa*drowned, and burled r* ^*jr^.rock aDd P*rcb are broacht to h^ieh Ulrr,7' bUt tb* P;ic*? yet are too high, to admit of ready aa!**. Wbit* perch are offered at .mot*, per bunch. COsOROKTOWN ADVEEMTS. 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