Newspaper of Evening Star, 12 Mart 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 12 Mart 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAB. "local news. AMUSEMK*T3. Mr., TO-It I (HIT. NaTimhai. Thkatkr ??>Piayi?g with Fire' ??<i "Luau ?t a L >vf r. ' Wail* Niw iiritt Hocus ? Benett of .Mr >.C. Bang* ibis ?uoib;. vi bo win ap5>ear a* ?-L.lie Fielding,"' in ?-The W.llo w Cop-e." Odd Kii.iow*' Hait. ?The great Miltonian Tableaux of Paradise Lost. MAf> Miktimi ??r the Ke<ii!<!> or Irc*i A?D? A mass meeting of the mends ot Ireland w is held last evening at ttir A'sMObly Koonis, on Louisiana arenue. betweeu 4 if aud Mb streets. The hall wa> densely crowded, :t?ere >*?iu? a large number o> ladies pr-sent. 1 be stage was decorated with tbe Irish and American flags. Malone's Bind was in at. endance. and enlivened the occasion witb tbe l>erformauee of some excellent pieces ot music. Oen. Jobn Gleasou, from the County of Tipperary, wn* present and occupied a seat ou the stage. At ?? o'clock tbe meeting was railed to order by Mr. O'Hare. who nominated Francis MeNerkaay. Esq.. a* chairman, aad be wuunani moo sir elected. Mr. Mc^erliany,after returning bis thanks, congratulated tbe audience for this demonetra'lon m&de her" in be Metropolis of the Nation 10 bt-hslf of poor oppressed Lrin. God grant that the sword of revolution thail never l?e>beaibed until Ireland sball gain her independence. Tbe nay lor argument is past, and the day for action has come. Tke wrong* of centuries are to be avenged, and leaden bullets and glittering steel must now take the place of persnasive words. Irishmen have joiight for America, and will do it again, whenever occasion requires. They have never been backward in gome forward when the rights ana honor of the American people were involved. Mr. Jobn P. Rrophy rben read tbe address adop'ed by the Irish Executive Commitee in New Yor*. Hon W m E. Robinson, ot New York, was then introduced, and (aid be was here with pleasure, though some might question the propriety of a member of the National Legislature taking part in a meeting against a country with which on tbe pari of the United i-'ates there was a kind ot 71*0*1 peace. Quasi peace because there was no peace with tbe eppressor Tbe sympathy of the whole world was with Ireland, and the hatred of the w hole world towards her oppressors. l,uw<,000 fighting men wen in Ireland to-day. The ,-peaker desired to see tbe day when we would ml forth not ocly our words of sympathy hut our recognition of beligerent rights. Hon Wm E. liarlmg, New Ycrk, was the next speaker lie said It was impossible to express the feeling which prevade* the whole vountry tor the down-trodden and oppressed people of Ireland He thought this country through its ^"preventatives should give those words of sympathy, which to be valued, must i?e given now. Let belligerent rights be granted to tbem and to all other friends who strike for freedom. Col. O'Beirne was then called upon to read rbe following preamble and resolutions, which a ere unanimously adopted : Wnerea.- the preesnt revolutionary movement in Ireland teing confessedly, e\ en by the ( nglish Government, a general uprising of 'hepeople to throw off the yoke of oppression nder which they have so long groaned: and * bereas it t? tbe paramount duty of every ! risbman especially, aud all lovers'of freedom of every nationality, to assist by every means at then disposal he revolutionists : Therefore be it Jit. m. That while holding unshaken onr ealty and devot.uu to this glorious Republic, our tin-1 duty shonld be the lib?"*a(.ou 0f our ' alive land: ami we bereby pledge ourselves to renewed and unceasing exertl6*i by all and very honorable means whereby that consummation may be rendered certain. If' ' ?*. Thai the Irishmen of this District, remembering ib*ir pa ' services to the Government, and feeling assured of the justice of netr cause, earnestly and respectfully call on ne proper authorities here to recognise as belligerents iheir country men now la tne tleld ir. Ireland. General Gleason was then intromited, and ceived with great applause He said during the eight year? he had been conspiring against England he had never attempted to maw a --peech. His object in coming before the people of this lMstrict was to ask lor their contrton. I .ions of arms and munitions of war, and the tutting men would be furnished in Ireland. The Chairman announced that the committee was now ready to receive all contributions, wher. the following-named persons subscribed: Mr MiGarralian. SHJO: Jobn H Green, Col. O Heme. ?*25: John Maboney.Michael McCrogban. *5. Hugh O'Neal, fS; English Kadical. ny Charles E. St. Clair. #5. C-iptaln I rell. Mar hew J. Barry. #25: Tbumst < ornolly. M. Prank McMurray. fj; Michael ]>nir> t-5 Jobn Callahan. S-5; Mat. O Brien, * > Hats were passed around, aud over *4(*? contributed by the audience Alter addresses by Mr. John H. Green, i'barles E. St. Clair, and Jobn P. Bropby, the meeting adjonrned. Tti* Ki nilKal# or tuk V icrixs.?Yesterday afternoon tbe funeral ot the late P. Mublia. bans, one of the victims of the eatastropbe a? :be Central Hotel, took place trjin bis lateresi*ieace, on Massachusetts avenue, and was very largely attended. The procession was composed of the Washington Schaetzen Corps. Arion Singing Club, Washington Bowling < lub. Liberty Bowling Club, of Georgetown, and tbe German Radical Club, headed by lieald's Waj-hmgtou Brass Band, and mar?haled by Mr A E L. Keese The funeral proceeded to Prospect Hill, near Glenwood, where the remains were interred, the Anou's -ingiug a beautiful dirge as tbe body was committed to the earth. Mr E. L. Scmtdt, Treas. orerofthe German Assectation, delivered au eulogy on the deceased. Ihe funeral of Mr lbng. another of the victims, took place from the Liehau House, and alter tne service* by Rev J.G. Butler hail been concluded moved up Penney 1 vaniaavenue to ilth street where it joined the funeral or Mr Km rich and proceeded to Oak Hill, Alderman A Lljjrd, Cap 1 am Ho* let, Captain Browning, w m. Turpin, P. Reagla and John Reanear being the pail bearers. Tbe fnneral of the late Peter Emrich took place from Masonic Hall, where the remains, which were In a fine mahogany coffin, on which were the embiems of the Masonic order, were visited by a large number of persons. The tunerai was very largely attended, the following associations being in line:?Oriental I.odge. No. 19. and Grand Lodge of Odd Fell?wl I?dge, No. IS; Columbia Royal Areh Chapter. No. 15, and a delegation of W ssbmgton Commandsry of Knights Templar, ?-r Masons Franklin I.odge of United Brothers, <?erFian Benevolent Society, German Evan?e|ical Society, and Washington S.-engerbuud C*pt Powell acted as marshal of toe Masons, and P_G. C R B. Colledge as marshal of tae Odd >ej|ow- At tbe grave Rev. Dr. Butler * rnriated. and the s9rT|cr.a 0f orders being i erformed.tbe Sanger? snng a solemn dirge. Lakobny Casgn.?Saturday, Martha Johnsun was arrested by officers Crown and Nutt tig, ot the -'d piecinct, for the larceny of a wau-h and clothing the property of Henrietta >.adison, Betsy A. Brown and Margaret Pavn She was taken before Justice Walter. * no held ber to bail for a bearing. lohii M. Lee and Wm Newton, colored, were ^rr^sisd by I>ei?ctives Kelly and Rigley forth* irceny of do< uinei.ts from the Capitol. New. n was discovered with a wagon loading it w h sacks ot bonnd documents from one of -e store rooms, and was taken into custody by ike Capitol pnitas, who turned him over to the I *-*ecti ves. They obtained informatioa which le i t.? the arrest of I^ee, who was employed as aborer in tbe Capitol, and traced tb^'bookn a man named Green, a dealer in waste pa. wbo bad at vanoas time purchased dot uer ts from Newton, aud oucs Irom I>?e The ;o'al loe- from that store room is estimated at -veral tbausaad pounds. Justice Walter held ttem lo bail for toart. Chailes Bur h was srrested bv officer White, H 'f tbe 7ib Ward, who turned bim over to f-elective M<*I?ev|tt to answer to a charge of larcsar. He was taken to police headquarters and fceld for a hearing. ?1 I>r< R?r r?r Im^ec*?Yesterday, in Eanlty <'<>art. Judge Olin, made a decree divorcing l>becta M^reiaud (maiden name Johnson) tr m the bonds of mairimoay with Thomas Moraiaad. Tbe pwauonei set forth that she was married to the defendant on the IStfe ?f February. I**, bj Rev Dr Ryan, that she 1 >ed with him but about two months; that ~e has been HUenaperate, idle aad diasoinie ia < ? habit*, srd frequently told her that behad r*?u v> lib other women. Tfe<* tesiim?ay was i.en before E. K Krcwn, (Commissi >ner, and * ? to the effect that tbe defendMt had been ">'.*ht s? \ eral time# h? adultery with Mary < rr, on MHt!?. end was seen ^n conov w i'U psvetuu<e*. M Tboavynon lor cotar 1. , < \ <>: ?T!mi th 1 ?'fellen Hi van, ter < 'arreM, Jaba le. J ah a Hafes aad J ?n M hi'e ?e-sarre?.?di1 e?s?e^"vy br officers I ' .-n ai:f? ,\ ."ing. of he Second preetflet. fc.epir g rows in the city ear-rary ta law. Mice Waiter fined,*b*ea #l ai ? "nsVo-raae or CO^ saorrcut1 1 a this c?fy d a niee'iag at Tjntoa Ijeigae Half ta. " ? 11 referee e to 'he appronrblng e|a?iioa N t ? o?i tb- 1m of A aril Vnswr Nyd II oti.( - Vin tulijr^t th- aeaMDff 4 *as?Ki>T*iH??r m ? tLttUhs itt rep. l < one of ke hei' h >a*a? la Iks ?Mo sed ?f d meals, prompt Jld^ I v served, are < riterions of merit, it dewt'sall that is said ia its tavor. -w I * a 9 r!/ "I M Vi Ufi JI M\ UkihimlCovkt, JmHot KiMr-YMitftfRrr Cut-rles litis Indicted for aa a?#ault and tew teiy ?H|i intent to Kill Petpr Mrooke, waa fm nd fullty T? j? morning, in the case* of William A. W ton. Anna W liiam*, William Jobaaoa, t fro a?es.? indictra for l?reeny, a %oUe fro*. vine entered. I Mar trail. Indicted for tbe larceny of a v.atcb. with ring, Ac . was iound guilty, and lo he ftrrter lfi yeare ot ate .Inh > Mack ail, lndlct?d for the same offenw, ?n found not guilty. Drurjr for deiwiw Martin Welcb, implicated with Etwa"1 Ha'fcawav on me ctaarg? of bnrglary in hr^atinp into the etcre ot M'f r? Mngruder A Br?>, on D street. on the s*d ol Itecember laj<t, and r-'hbing the t-afe of BUO. was arraigned an.1 I lead not guilty. Before tbe jury was eml>inHied Mr Davi? lor tba pria ?ner. brought to the notice ot the Court tbe la'e it' of (tonere?s, gtvirg a prisoner, charged with a? ofI'-rt-e the punishment of which is imprisonment in the jailor penitentiary, tba rifht to form peremptory challenges, and challenged two of tboee on "the jury. The teols which were captnrad at the time from tb?* nccused were in conrt, and their use wee explained by Detect! veCiarvoe, who also tei-tilled tbat he ai rested Hathaway at the depot, who was with Welch at the time. Lieut. Eekloff testified to finding eorae portions ol the tools in the store, which were found to tit the tools taken from Hathaway. An IsMA? 8ci0il>? ? An Indian, answer. in? the description of Scarlet Crow, the Sneiton Siou* alio disappeared from the iat ka on I'nh street some time since, was found this morning in Virginia, near the Aqueduct bridge. When found he had the appearance of having been dead abott wo davs. He bad torn a slip from the blanket he wore and bung himself. It le probable be bad wandered about for a conple of weeks, and becoming bewildered and desparing. and most probably suffering from starvation, be determined to end his misery by suicide. He leaves a wife and eight children to moara bis loss. This man is said to bare been aa induiirioiis and well-behaved Indian : was a warm friend of the whites, and a man whose Influence, previous to tba outbreak, did much toward the promotion of azriculture among tba members of bis band. Hia laborious babite bad made him a prosperous farmer, and he lost valuable improvements and considerable stock and household property in consequeaceof the outbreak in Since tbat time he has been an efficient scout and given valuable information to tbe authorities in the frontier settlements. The Fire* l-Af?T Nioht.?There were two a.arm? ot tire last niitht. Tie first from box 62, about s o'clock, was caused by the of a frame bou-e in the rear of the Government Printing Office. Damage light. Another. abodt 1>3U, trom bo* IS, cornei of lith street and Maryland avenue, was occasioned bv tbe burning of th? locomotive home of tbeWasbington and Alexandria Railroad Com pany, at the corner of Sthstreet and Maryland avenne. The building took Are from the i - parks of one of the engines. The house was nearly entirely consumed, involving a lose to the company of about $500. Gove into Practice.?Mr. Geo. W. Blake who irradnated so ?ncce?sfnlly from the medical department of the Georgetown College, ha.- pone into practice with l)r. F. B Cnlver, F street, with whom he studied. If energy, capacity, and faithful attention to business can gi\e one snccete, Mr. Hlake is snre to succeed. He had graduated at the Star office a* an excellent compositor previous to entering upon the ftudy of medicine, and fitted himself for his new profession by assiduous study while working at tbecaee. KAILROiD FROM ALEXANDRIA to Georoetowp.?In the Virginia House of Delegates on >aturdav the bill in relation to the Alexandria Canal and Railroad coming up, Mr. English earnestly advocated the passage of the bill as vitally important to bis constituents. The vote by which the bill was ordered to engrossment was reconsidered, in order to enable Mr. Herndon to offer an amendment, which was accepted by the friends of tbe bill. Tbe bill was passed by. but subsequently taken up tud orI tiered to eugrossment A Kait> os the Rki> Men ?While a meeting of 0?ase Tribe. I. O R M.. was in session at Island Hall, some adroit thief entered rhe anteroom and earned oft tbe bata, caps and overcoats of tbe members, causing considerable consternation when the theft was discovered. Mar.y of tbe Red Men were compelled to go home bareheaded, causing some inquiry on the part of their better bal\es as to the maaner in which tfoev had been spending the evening and met with the loss of tbeir head coverings. Bid? for the New Jail.?Noaction ba? yet been taken by Sepretary Browning in regard te tbe bids lor tbe new jail in this District, which were opened several days ago. The bids-, a short time after tbey were opened, were placed in one package, sealed, and delivered to tbe chief clerk, with directions that they should not be opened until called for by the Secretary. Mr. E, wboae alleged viola tion of the sanitary laws was reported yesterday,was, we are informed, only unfortunate in having the wa'er pipes in his house hurst on Sunday, flooding the alley, thus creating a nuisance over which he'had no control This fact clearly exboneratea him from any willul violation of law. CtRt riT Cocrt, fki*f Juttict f'artter.?This eonrt is engaged in the trial of tne ease of Charles Herdl-y and J. A. Cbambtrlain agt. Rittmhou*e, Fowler A Co, growing out of dealings in sto?k? Davidge and Riddle for plaintiffs, and Bradley and Kradley for defendants. ? Charoeot birui ahy.? last nigbt, Peter McKenny was arrested upoa tbe complaint ot Michael Boyland, charging him witb burglary. Tbe prisoner was taken to tbe station boese, and was committed to jail this morning by Justice Handy. (>raid Lab(ITT.?Sarah Jackson was arretted by officer Sprague, of the Fifth Ward, i; l>on tbe complaint of Caroline Paulson, charging ber with grand larceuy. Justice Cull committed tbe accused to jail for court. Police Revokts.?Tbe police made arrests for violations ot the laws yesterday. The fines in Corporation cases amounted to >9'91. DIED* OIB8OV. Oa tbe lltb Instant, at 2 o'clock*. j., f hem t disease. THl)MAM OI 880in, aged 27 years MDuf Willitra and JaasOibeon. The f rlsnls of tbe family are re>j u?*te<l to attend his funeral from the reaidence of hi* father, No, 17 1 WmI street Georgetown, on Wednesday *f ternoon at 3 o clock. * DOWLIMQ Oa the 12th Instant, after a lingerie illness, Mrs. JOdEPflINK DOWL1NQ, in tbe 4Mb j ear cf ber aye. Hsr relatives aod friends are re*p?ctful)T invited to attend ber fnn? r*l.on to-morrow! Wednesday afternoon, at 3 o'cl?;k p. m , Tram b?r late residence. Mo. 44 Bridge street, Oeorgatcvii dc. (Mount Ytrnon Free Press. Jefferson, 111., please eorrj 'l'WIVK- A full assortment of White. Manilla, J and btraw Wrapping PM'IK PAPSa BAGS and FLOUB BACKS f?r sale vsry low by 1 MOBEIIOS, inbT-lsa* 4 3* Pennsylvania avenne. aeTIOB. LL F1RSONS INDEBTED TO THl OLD firm of YaTKb A BBLHY are ra^ueeted to eome forward *td settle up tbelr accr.unts, as I am desirous ol closing op the iffalr. of -.aid firm, JAB. W ofeLoi, At tbe old stand of Tates * Belbr. 32S Penn'a avenue. JC8T MUEIVED?A i.rge lot of 4-4 BLEACHED "OTTOH, ubdieased. ?b1cb we are offsring to the paMIc at ti<e unprecedented lew price of i'. cents. Also a ot rf 4 4 BLBAUHKD OdTTON at ? cents, ver) cheap. J W. 8ELBY k OO., At the old stand of Tates A Selby. nili l-tf 3U3 l'?an avenne. near 7th st. ST E&LIBQ BILLS for Bale In Saras to suit pur (basers. Hi it beet market price paid for AMEBIOAM GOLD. LBW1A joBNEOH A OO , Beak-re. r? j tf 39'i Penna. avenue. / IOABH ABD TOBIcOO -B800KEM ED\ MOb'STOM will be happy toeerve ht* friends end ibe public with Otgars and Tobacco, at Ho. k?H Lonlelaaa avenne. near Bank of Washlagton fe >-lm r ATE ST rilU IAEIIMI Of HAIB L DEEdSlME. I. Ai-Lier, 9MMMCH HAIR DRESSER, S94 street, between ISth aad Uth at*. Mr. Alllot, from Paris, Balr-Dresear. of ?he celebrated lUrbel, with whom be arrlvai In tble ouvatry. baa now beea eat?btished for tne last ifat f ear* la Washington and Newport, a?i ag tba patrenage af the corps dip?matnue, and ofthebigbePt society He b?? tba honor to aanounre that be has this season Imported tbe latest fashions of hair dressing, aad aD. pomades, and svsrything tbat bebings to tbedreeelng efhaJr at very reaeona le prieea. ?T*?_ fr ft PEE OEWt. EATED brjmagC. B. JEWoil Bl'li't pareda^aiterated Prete*n?s Wew York <*lt? SOAP, And Mo I BluEHBO*?/ _ For sale cb<-ap for ra/h Order* through tbe Office will be promptly ?t?eMe4 ?e^_ , * - * h V BDIGn^tt. Corner i4tb t ?tr<-ets, t{ under Ebbitt Bou?e _ . .. .-I .. y ; 1} 4 CITY fTEMS, tJ,tZHL*Z~c,r'?'T *"u- Urr,,< Pi"? *W/?Or.? P.nsanl I)mos Bog Won . ?n. ieceir?<i *t Prirk's Oo? !?->?. lar Jewelrv Sto e, No. 43e Pennsylvania are. DL?,anr 4# street. 7 T anu?*h!!!?? <* ?!<! American WmoIim, ?? ? . J**'Jry *0<l s"**r clteaper "n '? *nY store in this city, at t. A'??*airuBU * Pennsyirania ar?nue, near l?n? * *OBUIn* PnntTsnre beinr r???ived rlf* 'J.rrr^buMauee and ofrar- q a ?l.ty fr^nrtfP^, on Eighth street. neir I ilh " v nA te bis establishment will repay our citizens. ?~ t iT?h k>WK and flttv cent White Sh,Tt "l Hsnnwrs Oo. Price 1?h s? Store, on the corner of Seventh street 1y -??T*nn*' ' ,he ***n" article be f?old for two dollars and fifty cents one year ?aTA'\*i^0TIC?.?^Catholic Hooks of all ginds> ? , Ikmlts Fancy (roods, Engravings Lac* Pictures and stationery oi all styles, ar? for I?or/ ^C^MP *.1 Jobn P trophy's Bwk. church wrMtl jnst above St. Patrick's WK?r,TI<If"-??-" '*'? ?. Gold. Silver, , e" a,ul frame Spectacles and EyetrrtT" prices at I. Alexander's,.^ renneyl vftnla avenne. near 13th street. ? ? n?Hrc!L"*,M nnd small Profits!!!?Good ?AVt ^,r". SIJ#' 9* nd?5". ?t Franc's Gents Furnishing store. 4?l 7th street, hetwppo I) and E; rIjo shirt* mide Co order. lm Wiakb Kigri'TiD by the Congressional printer to say that it is absolutely Impossible to five employment to any more persons at the Government Printing Office, and that it is n*eless to apply. a 85 e*n,# P*rkoi; GoldTTnlnf^ii-ir'.P C*D,S p"r bok: imitation Linen Collars. *> cents per box; and all otner roods cheap in proportion at Franc's Genu' t urnishing Store, 404Tth street, between D and "WtS . lm I: ok Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's i ?rabrocati?i is a specific. Price 91 per bottle, t or sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4)4 and 6th streets. Db. Whit*, Chiropodist, 4M Penn. av., between 4# and SUt streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails enforced joints, warts, moles, vascular e*I creeences, Ac. Office hours from 8 a. m to 5 p. m., and s to 8 p. m. Established lWl. ASubhPilb Ccrb ?l?r. Gilbert's pile l*. atrumeot positively cures the worst cases of piles bent by mail on receiptor *4. Circulars tree. Sold by druggets. Agents wanted *T*rvwhere. Address J. R. Komaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. $ P***1* can be bad in any quantities at ths ?/or nffiire counter AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. 8. B. PHILLIPS LkSlI ADD MARAOIB. BEM KIT AND \j.A? APPEaBANOI Or Other characters l.y the entire Oomran v " coop fob both "ho " of *? ~~~ national theatre. Pennsylvania avenue, nsar Wtilards' Rotel. *AE(3H 12 1?6T Eighth n glit of the eni'Aaement of 1 MH JOHN BBoUGHAM, ANO last time ef his elegant .eiiditl on of Br. Sarave In r.i-?,wn pop alar and original comely jn riva Act. of PLillNfl WITH KIb? JOBN BBOLGHAM8 KEYSTONE WALTZ 1 ? By the Orchestra. ' rrsvloiiH to the Uomrdr will r>? , BlaLche's Musical Farce, entitled LOAN 01 A LOVES ai *1" f?r seenred ?e*ts Tomorrow OLV 6 D A BD.111 TH1 W 8' ?nd ? A POL?0 N H ODD FELLOWS' HALL. SECOND WEEK CONTINUED 8COOES8 MILTON I VN" G"2TB LIADX Frooi London, ' iteyrefentinc in sist* fear Ma(nlll?n? t w lejuii 11 Ka \ EN. HELL. OHAO8 wANOmvY?V?AlSVT"TSVi0A\ O.LT i ATISBtb WVr^rVKV)MINI*1 U ^ATUKDAI NO HALF PBidl at Ni?iaf" a?wa.^mgSi s L^ANCY DBEB8B8 AND COSTUMES. Tor Rud Private Parties f? ?V* 7 10 MBS FRAN K BE A Jj?Li2! < 4 7 10tb street. BALLS, PAR'l'IES Ac! TUI T0Lfii0 IN TUB FIELD EIGHTH GBAND BALL jA of the -? Will ?.T5U*? BIBEBNIA CLUB ODD FELLOWS' HALL 7tl. On ilTTii uI'v * street*. ' Un MONDAY, MA BOH 1?, 196T. AT "Kemsnts?J. H Bntb M wbr'"t*1' * gentlsmsn and ladies. LOST AND FOUND. I OBT?On the 11th Instant In Pennsylvania dar/cUBrH^Si0.^ l?h .tr^T*two hZ?'?"S?*:r''msh?".'Sf." !L H.TL WHITE. I .UpiT*r0^tfc#^H,1?ln"1'.* Lad / ? <iold BEE AST'V1? The tluiler will be liberally rewarded f.u ?* ?hs *tore of | j, HE1BBBQEB *P* ay., or Mo 4 T? north D ?t. ?9 St "?" ":vrfk max*--' 111 b 9 3t across East* ro Branch Bridge. 108T-Atth? Rational Theater, or betwsen ^ there and WtllardV. Is?t evalog, a BBACBt'lT Marked k. A. F. to B. B Uirthdav Oift ' Thefind.-r will i>e lil<erellv rewarded by '^^J^j^^PS^at^WlHarjl's Hctel. fe 21 tf PERSONAL. N?Ji(,i?;~,.Ior?WBrn persons froai tmuting M.bEI V/t-MAQ<i.llhr,*0,,**T,,0a' f'Jruierl" ? V?.'*r MrDonongh. Del., on mr acir^tLl?r 1 T"L 001 !*' 'debts of h?r cm cea?J ' *1" .e. .,ef* Ix-d aud board wl tbout CM,e I m II 3t* | PAWL BOBEBTSON. I Vt0iBMHHTriT01? LAhlDataULB DiAiJIrlfltt. ^ irrdltad fur rAl?? u/oi iV^reJSiuSr'-lPK". b>. .* frvueb comio.iti.., 1" '"?* it i i?*?t*d to call get a saoiyls, and try ljo-ali a?? #?.0r co'*r*d Underskirts SalW ABEANTEO ROT TO WASH OUT. draL'tl 10 'tf'V hV?* c'?thea for clill .[fi.. No braid, no sewlnB, hot the ?an^ln?f. i* theaoodsiedelible. iStrtpethat LaA to ^ ??"?tns ot Ladis*' dkirts. ,b;? Bow worn In Nsw York,) raady * ' ^*0 half the nsnal maf. ir ^ ?lrd,? asedalilons, Fignrss. ants;.-;,",.?^;v?ss4; _?k 12-tl _439 Hh ov.MilTpitont'oAc. M PATTOH, OF COLUMBIA, TBNRBSSii, 1 * Is wanted at WiUard's Hotel,if ia this city. m#'3^ A. J. WOB8HAM. " A. J. WOE1HAM. N ?TJS1fc,?WJSwaSJK-Wi" ts ns.ssl will pay no dsbti cob n.5.1 Jiy f',he b?Tl?* l?'t mj bed and fconrd. Dlhatft* WM UtHEI'K| msu^ts! Lo1^ ttB^?^Do j?l^^ ? ' . ^ ^~WANT& f?*?'j?? t ?AHi ..4 upioUTitvc V> WMM at 463 l??fc tr?t m ?? -*

W at'ioi"1! ? raapacavle glil. aitd * - tar JmS? ' a? * ? ? * Aaaraee **'. W 1^-rArj^Hiti OOOK., mi anaa Ml .? 41, waii rHOiM-Bt M.?t J'4 Citmt m ti Jt W VT,K?- A g~ad Jonmtrnu Ui a it Bad 11^ .. I?.v' . ?T*IM. ? ! ?? 4X ?n<l6tb atreate It* W *PO< Oa? wN? eu c m< ??ojrin*a.|#d can laieire at .ii- 6 b street, between H aad I. It* \1'AWT??_\ mi of PBBMirraB, i*- <it?ag ?wi ^i**rMt,fora?iaflH'-"C?. Adir*?aJ. 0 -?., itii one#, ||t VV ANTBD-A rp?peetabl*youagwaiTBOIEL ?7 ??'..,afc^c*r# baby; wlii flat a koMti Ho. #00 14th at , D aa<l K. m It ? ' W' ANTBD-A DRiDOHTMil. Steadf mmpioymaat will ho |Itn App'r *? ? alixanuir a mason, ** U St Pateml Solicitors, cor. 7?h and f ate. VV A^T,D-B?ARDIMa far a geoMamea *? wife, roamau lac April lat A private tear ly preferred. A<1 Jreaa BOARD, Box 917 Past Of. "?*j ni liault' VV ABTBD-By a young men. a SITUATION In . a* hr'Jr "labia, or with a faraar; ia<1ar stands cardanlnit. The bant of refereacee flTtn. Addreee a nota to box No. 8. Star Office. it* VV ** ENT l?r an acuia, iab..iJ. . ab?nt thirteen year* of ?(a. J'V i ^Lr' rj-f?rfnta? caa ?>e given. Ad^ro i O > J.i BvX 34ft, City Poat Olna nh II 3 * VI'ANTED-To rant, a a wall HOUSE. lour to I* rooms, pleasuutlv located, with wat?r ? Addreee, statiag tarma aad locality. " * *v., Star Office. m li-4t* VWnnV"^ large alr.a and ?all furnished aOOM; a front una arefarrad, for tw o gentlemen Tarma $ri or *30 par month. Addr e?e, wIlBjarticalam/'O H. r, " Star offioe. mil St* W A ^.D-Tw ? eoTTm"b odi' ?afiraiaba4,) ] BOARD, In a private family, far twa *'?,and their wivea, where tha charge* w,,,.,.*JSf>*'*t* Addreaa ?*. A O ."StarOffice, a )2-at* . AMNTS WABTID-A f-w active OANTAS BIE'tira wanted to aollclt adverti<emeat< for oae of the Ixet Mediants la Ihf Mintrr. Call at Beaton Houae from it to t. 12 to J. L. M1T0HELL. reapeelable ynang girl, a SITUATION to do chaiabarwork or lauadreee. or to ba a nur>e. Ia willlag to travel Apply at the i-oruar of Wth and L streeta, next to tha grocery atora. Can ba aaan for two day a. 1 ? WANTED--A geod CANVASSBRT^lthergantlrmao or lady. to canvaas a euro thing In the Departments and elsewhere. Address ataJfn 'nterTlewcaa be had, PHOT0UBaI'UER Box 6, Star office. ah l2-3t* W ANTED?To pnichaae. a neat HttUS1 with ' all modern oon venieacee; not to exoeed In price St OuO; payment part In cash, tha raat In monthly installments,to ba situated between 12th and listh avenue and H streets, Call or addresa 342 P at. m H-3t* WANTED?From the lat or April, in admirable locality, two or three coatigneua RSOMB or a atnall HOUSE, aaltahly fnrniahed lor houaekeening. for whicb S*t?r %%"> per month will be paid. Befarencaa exchanged. Addreea City l'aat Office. Box >9fr. n u jt* HOUSE WaMTSD?By April lat.oraooaer. a DWELLING HOCSE.effrom 8 to 12 room, aith watar and g*?, in a go-d location. For anch an honaa rent will ba paid In advance, and a good t*aant secured. Addre<a. giving namber and street, and ternia, Poat Office Box 046. mb 12 St* WANTED?A practical OABDENEB,~aliiK'e man pr> ( rred. Apply at Station Uou?e, Oeorgftowa D O. mull 6t* WANTED?A yoang GIRL, to take care of a babe; on?> that la capable.and that can "leap at borne, V bite preferred Apply at 17? tth atrecl. near New York aveaae. m n Jt* WANTED I MM K DI AT KLY - A tld j OlKLlo du the general bonaawori of a muali la nily Mnataome wt-ll racommonded. Apply at 4-9 rth atreet. n*ar E. mil St* WANTED ?A rt-api-ctable American WOU AN, competent to cnt and fit tl .thing, aud do p'Bin tewtne for a amull family iu iuireat No. 3b1< N W corner 18th and H ate. mn 11 St* WANTED?By a >oun^ American oimtn.a SITUATION, to d > aewin^ aad chamber work. Shecauctme aalifactoril) recommended. Pieaae addreas a note ta Box No 3 Biar Office mh 11 St U! ANTED?One ?r two good SALESMEN Fn dry gooda haaintraa N >n? apply bat who 1 under*tancs the bnaineaa and baa good re-arence. k UUTMAN. m 1121* 117 Bridge at., Georgetown, D. C. A BOOK KBKPBR DESIBBS A POSITION, to aai ve aa i rmci pal or ne-iaiant; ia thoromrh Ij convi raai.t witb all buaine<a formn api llcuble to commercial vocations. Addrtsa Q.T C .star I Office, in 11 -3t* |>U1LDING LOT WAHTBD-AbMt ? feet front, north of F. and t>?t?e?n Atli aa<l l:>m atre> ta a eat in a _ood location. A<Mresa. Immediately, Bfx 21 P O , atating lowest t ri ialor aah. or cash and tim<\ mh ll-2t* VV AN"TED?A GaRDENKR, married, wit out V? children, employed in the Hotanic Garden, wbare he raa be eean every day, baa long experieace in the management of green bouae*, nurseries orcbaroa, vineyards, large and , amall farm'*, landscapiag, etc., desires a a altnation in anr of thea> branches. loobj c tloa ia having the DUtrlct. Heat referenceea given and exohanged. Address D. K DESKOaSB stating wa?f-a and my duty there. Botanic Gtrden. Washington. D. 0 mh 11 fit* WANTED?A GIBLtbat caa oook, wash and iron. Oi.a that caa fmaiah ,-o?d rec*mm*n, datlona can find employment by calling at 29b , aontb It street, Capitol Hill. inMSt* Wanted to bbnt-a ruknihhed HOL SB, witli twel ve ro<>ms or more, b tn 7th and 13th streets, not forth t ovar tnan 1 atieec. Kent moderate. Beet of rafer^acr (>Tiu, Address W. 8. P., at the Star office, mh 9 e-?iw* WANTED TO BKNT OB-PUROHASC^A k ARM of from 1? to 100 seres, n >rth of and n??ar Hie city, with good building and at her im prov-menta Any person having such pr.,pertv ran had a fir?t-tTa?i? tenant, >?y applying at STA BE A OO.'S. "th atreet, between Dand * mh 9 1?* ! VV ANTED TO BENT-A nice HSUSE, suit.*? liralsheg. with about eightor ten roetna. inf . iM0."^ nelghborhor.d A hons-that ?J. fw. .w j uk"n year, and rent paid i jn^thlj In advaaoe. Addraae Box B03 city poet ??c?- mh 'i-iw* W AN TED-A respectable white WOMAN,to vv take care of a foung child. Apply at 371 a A. ivodqo, mh 2 AOIHT8 WANTED run TH* M08T EX JIT1 A^1NG AND INTERESTING BOOK Or THE GEN! L C. BAKERS HISTORY OF THE SB! RET SERVICE In every city, town couuty, and State of the Union, to ranvaat for this wotk. This history w?a annooaceil one year ago, bat owing to the , ettempte of the G?vsrameht to suppress It, its publication was delaj d. It will now be ia?n?4, unaltered aad unabridged, under th- supervlaion of Gen. BAKER. It contains a fail and official expoae of the Intricate machinatlona of tne eecret ebamiea of the Union. ' Por startling developments and thrilling adveatnrea.tbls book ecltps*a the fam us experteaoee of Poncbe and Mdoc i. The marvelous narratives of General Baker are ail atteated by the highest official authority. It will contain tbe only offlcial history of the Aasaxaioatioii conapira^y A fall bl-torjr ef this great, startling, ana terrible crime. KROM ITS CONCEPTION, IN THE HAUNTS OP VILLAINY TO THB BGBIAL PLAGE OP i BOOTH, has never yet been placed befwre the public. The work also fully expoeee the aefariaas a> stem by which Presidential pardons ware and are so readily ebtalued at Waahfngt>tn The morals of tha National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, and there are aome at range revelatloua concerning beada of departmenta men bera of Congress,female pardon brokers, and dlatagaUbad military oharacters. Per full descrlpti\e circnlare. terms, and all particulars, addreax P- GAKRBTT A CO , mb2 lm 7oQ Chastnnt at., Philadelphia. WANTED-A SITUATION aa aeautatrees by a lady who understands sewing tbaroaghlr by Wheeler A Wilson'a Sewing Machine. Oan rat and tit ladies aad rhlldrea'e dresses. Addreas, far three daya, Box No. 7, Star office. f?t7 1M7 ANTED?All in want of MONET call at S. GOLDSTEIN A 00.*8. Licensed Pawnbrokers, 34 4>i atrcat, near Penaailvaaia aveuna. fa 21-lm Agents wantbd pob "the history OK THE WAB BBTWBBN THE STATES, TRACING ITS OBIGIN. CAUSES ABD RESULTS. By Hon Alex. H. Stephens, and for THB LIPE- LETTEBS, AND ffPBBofclS OP HON A LEX AN DEB H. STEPHENS, by Heary Cleveland. * Sesdfor Circular* and see our terms. Address # ? , . *ATL(irfA^ PUBLISHING CO ' feU-la* 407 Minor a re<-t, Philadelphia, Pa. W CLOTHING, old GOLD aad BILVBB. or aar other article of Taint', at the eld aetabllshed Merchant Pawnbiokur a Store ot B. PULTON A OO., 409 ttb at., Sdoora north af Penna. aveaae. Sole Agent far SIMOBB'S SEWING MAOBIBB delS-lg WAHTBD -l0.000 LADIES to kaovTthat at the New Stamping Rooms, 439 9th atreet,oppaelte Patent office, tbey caa Bad the beat aeiected assortment of Patterae aver offered bare for Cloaks, tepee, A proas. Joewva. WalaU, Tokee, Bands, Wrappers, Slippers. Pincashioae. aed laltlala Aleo, deeigus for Pillow Oaaea, Ottomans, Ob air Covers, Pianoe. and. In shert, averr>arlety of Pattorna as they are dally Ueaad We have a Preach Machlae and a PiacUeal Stamper, aad hare teduced the piioa to _ PIVB 0BNT8 PEE WIDTH Wa make aad a tamp any patiera broagbt aa. Br^lde^ SHE and Workiag Uetton vary low. VL/ANTBD-f EOOVD^M AN H PUBNITUBE '' Alaa. MIBROBS, OABPETS. BEDS. BED I?1?G and HOU8EPUHNISH1NO GOODS of every, description. B BUOHLT 40^ 7th Street |eeS-tf batwoanGan^ H.eao* aide , BO^UVLN^. BOAEDIKS PEE MONTH,?4 few .eetlam?a can be aceemmodatau wita good BOaBD and sleaaaut ROOMS, at 111 MAei.ei* w?at. ml it St* ' t>0B RENT?I wo well famished PARLOUS, op r tba|-?THoar. *llb or wUliuat BOARD. Apyly .<9;< H at 1 a| ink iia lllh fe li n^ABLP BOARD af foTttA^ ** fonfV**?-4VM r olJ Pencil Cases, Ac., for sals at mant.tactnrar'a prloee. Idal?) EBANCK 1 AYLOR. FOB 8ALB AND RKNT. | p?? lltl-BQfgl IBB LUT *a M. .'re* J .*T>*?1a aveaae mm4K *. H *> W?1?M ak It ?' P?ea S^aS^/^1**? nW9 Bf 4ND B%mtm w,th coaator, aneiving Ud lb*> OM already to Kwk ... it h FSrnA'I*";^ ?* 'r-tow?, nt> miri a ultabif i!r P* 'WlMt'M. Market f?*a.?. - t AMIF "tth?i? r?T!;^*r* ,B< c#,,*p ' "min. tulK ,n* itb betwoes N Ml m li st' P?* *^?LT~A *hp#* * '* RRIO* HU HI IbnS M.Tfi%*MmmSl? ?*2? ?*;k f." ? * *?W?fS!.V/n^SSrk" L^Oft 8AtV~Tb? STOCK *?4 firtrfj 1 f li! ?rocer' *)??? 4%~ 'M ? f cod bu>itesa with * Iwo Min Uu, ?r 1Mb? 293* D street, b?if>*n Iftb and P9,? "?AtB-MILHSlET FIXTCRB3 ia r rloding OBOvery fine chow Caw for tk? ?tr**t Inquire at this Office, ( Btar Office ) mil Si' FSjfaotiVrA SH'iSH BOD"T horsr. ' , Z?T HABSRsB, A?o..d..a1u t iK?Jf 8VS5 "t'?? OOt <?. ..." lb. r.r..r ui.!. *nd Mh Georgetown. fan law hi -L" *T"i*' "V l'Al * tavern, b-?aid K?Ja 5*L? ? <!??' * <4T * ? "treet.het. mhl??? *" SoVlork ' P?.*_8AL*T ***'/, tw> eeeh-riKalMd th- b il A-*?*?* r** * BWtlly Hfintah of f irt no s.ath eld. of acath L atreet, nwi Mb Tkia L*" opportunity eeluoai o?ered to procure a ???.' ??. STAR** CO. m II ,W <***S 7th ?tr?. t aear * FWIVWJIW** ROOM*, in !,u"' 1;L M aad A! floora, to We tot single or la tSjt??Li !u POO?i ka? U?d a?*lf aad ainele^entilJn.V* for fc**k???liii or u5?C "T? TWraUaiiw r?v?n4 UtS AaHT at M? H atreet, Watson "mi topl? * H,,,lkr# from itrHt can. PV*-I.h**?mmmr ?alaabl? RTTlhlNO . **2T8 fo* b**,Q > ?* la thf rirti W?rd ?*** Jr9m bracla* m ? - 5rr^u?1?!* !hron?fc *ha city ?f for ** Lki^. T T.aM 'Bc'? '*? ?f lalaad. arao*c n'cn maj ba Mentioned oae of fha fln*a? lota for S/ttV "it" I ?? ?" Wo.hlmton,?lt natrd la too Immcdiatv Tleinltf of ?heCH? 6*11, hatln* a front of M foot, with ?ro?t advaitoaoa onr wMtfc**k' u*1?,* th* VMc roaor>atioa ?!. ,w J .' n?f,r7 H*1' at and- Alao. many NtftuUful building lota an Aaylnm Bgnara. Vi. hi>an<lrd by 9th aad l<Hh aoj ? ,nd 11 ?tr*?ta ? na?a jnat aold all the lot* on north and aonth ofKraat atreet, on *ald a>m?ro to M -aur* otlb?rt and Alloa, oa wfcich iota ara to t>e orated tea baantifnl three-atory nitxlara brlrk ho km of uniform aire and av^aranoe. whan aatd atraet ta SST^+k^ii. wi' M ,0*B * "> "aatnar perntta. Tba lllnatriona ?araonaf* after whom tha atreet l? named la a aar^ cnarantre for the sac cea?fal eaterpriae of tha two (?Btlr>men aboro " f*-, Ha?o noma lota which 1 woui<1 leaao k ?U facoad Ward. To thoaa wanttnc food building luta now ia your time, for lot* ara ^,nf,rapidly token ap. and tha opportunity will ahortly pxa? to become po-?a?*. d ?.f -ach adTan aa ara now offered. Ia connection wth tha " T? handaome thro* atory brick home. wl! j baaament and alda lot. on Hh atreet w*?t witnina rtonaa throw of tha I'atent Offica. on the mo?t raaaonable terma. a amali portion of C^iah only beinc required at tha time of puroitaM> Have alao two beautiful farma in Virginia and Maryland for aale. All c?a\ayanctn< :tnd ataaipn at aoet of rnrchaaer Can l? ae^a t'rom the bourn of It aooa to I p. m , at office No. 4??0 n->rtb of PatantOffice. JAMRg TOWLIS, nhtta** ? Property Asentand nib 11 3t MaMurorof Suiloera Work Orowry 8lori, chtip Potiionoioi g.Tixn u |Dra a^ili7 A nV?fh "/?r *1JlnK ^ "^ith Inlu ?3t* atreat, botweeu 0 and H au. P0!?.!?^?1-4 thraa-atory BKICIL HOOil ?n iDd Mil. ?. Il!l,r 'ranklln Row. betve a L Safer J!. i,1*,lh marbla n.antela, *Wli K if c?Hata. Apply to M. OUKK1, cor, ntn and L mliv it* F?.M"iTw5v5 ,tor' dK,CK HOT8l7aiti .t Jfln ^ 7 avenue between K and iui if fWtilnlng onr room* mud utore Th-?y Tn? r fately. if deairo.) Kor f.irtS J information ia'iuiio nf a ItluH \RDS. No 764 coriioi Ae? Jrraey avenue and II ?t. mh ? St* S ?h\ h*lUn"?*\ TAH*~r'}* 8ALKS .5 1 s*.of#roonn. at able, chicken hoaae, but bona*, Ac., a/?u strawberry p|Huta, in bearing with 6 actea vf land. iB Vl'giala.two nnleg froni tha Aqueduct Bridge. Price, ?i & half ra?h, balatce ia two yeara ' "i,6? ' J"11 ?J* D. L WILLS A CO. pORRKNT-FBAMR H0D31. contUnT?~^x V ' t L N b-tween 12tb ao i iSth Inqnlie next do. r Alao. ae\aral Rxnna with i-,hr?-,.%V^Ch^ N,? 340 * *?* bet wet n Kth and 13tb. loialre at Paint Btore, next d or- mh V?st |? d8?TmhI ?ABT '0B SALE?Tba RB8TAUIl BAMTiBt Charleei Imrnedi.ttely oppoaite the aim^,0L* A??,y No- 4 00,h A atrJot, two do?r5 above biew Jeraey avenue. ' Uin 4 ?* PO* 8ALR?(Only f?V> caab required, the ba!~ f"? a?^bC**M 9i ,n "on^ly ioat illmenta ?f %.o eack i?Maw ive room IIOPSR 1'ilreet?*'d? i? a^botweea B and 1 atreeta, vad firat bou-e iroa# B at Kiv i.,i 8TAR* 4 C?bo?weaa Dan' k 3oo asuum tmjgigsu acroa. with many other indncement?, tnciu ilri^ aM P^Ucnf*ra iiojViia*ofhe l"d "> tiES * ' mhjIJin Oo?a?r loth"ant?r*n'reeta. <iB BKNT-Ia Plant'a Bnllding.comer of Hew I S^koi n pi iM 5i F^r ,#r ? *P?'r to Bulidice " LAHT? offlc* M "T'laat a mh I tf I .A H f? ,?A M K N T^b < a p . aTonr -^aei t?Hr! OflKaPf TBi MOST V4(it AKLI AND f)E I /j|Bt uBVtK *}?JLDf?Q L0TS ia ?^ cltF f?r "'* /'' ,""ud ?>' ti'? tortb aid* ol K atro-t, I ?woen Senator 8be>nkan'a auj the I ^ ' /i ttin? 00 ''auklifc Square ii f?**t by 157, ruun dit bip k to ft S tn ?t I *' y-' ?'?^br a tw "rtory brick atable 1 fe? tf H 1". UROWR, 4bi 9{h atreet weat! I P?P^?BAJA~.An k'|fJ of UNBKDICdCO . rliRUGRS, to fay advance* at II \\c atreet I 8?a7.'?Hir I "d^m?0rB*r ,2th "d * Apply ^twoeT" | L"OR 8ALK?Tnree amall OARDCN PaRMR twotToJv'brlrkV ?B? *' cr* '"proved bv new iwuiiorj brick houaeand neoetaarv aat bniiHi...TT I jrapeK.atraaberrlea. peackSTappIeTAc I! ??' te? d hcipi beat of gtaifiMil: .Vi, toirty t> |j.>v I acres, deairabb lo> arej f?r Butcher or Milk Kara I V. D. 8TfK!8.BBlDGR4co . fa 19-Ibi* m ? *' ****te Broker?, " B corner 7th and P eta. I P^? BKBT?The BTOBK BOOH n-xt ti the to C. llf B AKBB??SrJ| iI^r^urBr*nl M i? 31 0 P"- month. i i Houaea and Lota for aale. feli-lm* UBXCdk COOPER FA KM, for the last tk reeve ara I the realdeaceof Major 'fheopblln* Oaim-i fj't fi of ,I60 *** near Fort iahin V Ue hn^L ?/'i' * ImProveujenta. dwell n? Mgton, D. 0.,or sail la peraoa, between S and i p I oeis u I t ^catinf Vi"" amall communl41 CHtaOI-yor Immediate aale. oae at I i?L.-^y iooatodaaiall corner a too UbOCE I 1EB in the city. Stock and fixtures new aZ. &,icenUU l#<7' L/ UtUr' 10 A- B 0..?*y PoSt ! - no 26 tf z*?u j bo late red aod Yarnlskad. lstk and Rata <?L. fcggt) HUbea. BMffltfKj.gS I A W5S tf M^faioVJKKi^?? jtbe^Btock Bearda. QuotoUoua r.^uUMy ,^ to 7 ,f LBWIS* ?> Baakara, * " Ponaa avenqs. I WRYERAL BPLRNDID PARljOR~OBU4J(fl, movable Pedal Baaa, (vary ceavenieat forlnBEi ' organ prar< ire at hoaae I will 'TtTTi POSlTlVRiiT BR BOLD AT COST. preparatory to rekalldlag Btore Alio. U new and aerend hand PIAVOSatradoced Pr,*? _ _ OROROB L WILD A BRo . no 13 ka lo 4BT llth atreet above Pa. a to. | 0~~ P1 A M OB. : NX Bacon A Raven Piano, lot %M. M " One Akdrew Bteln. for 9M. I One almost new 7 actava l*r?e ronnd"' IT? t earner boardaian ft Cray Piaao frSs For aale ap*n eeev tortaa, at tba warwrooma of , , . w. a mrtsrrott a ou I Bole Agenta of Btalaway A boa's Piaa-n ud I Mason A Hamlin's Cabinet Oigaua. fa 14-^^ | > 4J0MBTH1MQ HEW! ? I 55 ftcoUUH OMMMieBACTPBB! PRACTICAL VARfKT Vfkd TRK, ! . 0??uer 4)s aakd O atrtato. < ialaad.i Makea CarpeU to order wlta tii-pateSu aa eode- I \VM T- 00Ufei"Aw?iK.1 '""A" '* do?*t tbeebor?e?t Mttea. Soatoeaat oorae* t*b aad K a treats aorta. Bo. 11. da lA-kaa* . j 'coii ff^,VK.o,.'*^:sp,si!^vi mlntrai resource*, with nuveroae map* and lllua- I tratioua. price ja If PRABCE TATLOR. AUCTION SALES. ? rm *"* ****** Smlii *? fmm ia r?N.j - TUl* *m**OUir AMD ro.momu .rn~ Rf ?**BM * WILLIAM*. iMtltMon U ??*?<* th. ut tZTZZS:,. ^ceraer Ttb u4 etraoto ITOOIH OF DBUHI. NIDiaiat4 B. wSffESPSF*Ssraa B and T tr^'4 onk *n ?k* SEP!' * ? ?' ?? ??' . ^i?u. "T .*b?-lvittr F%cct Article*. Ac. T? beauld tilt,-.* rr??m for u*b "*,a OB??M _A WILLIAM V Anete. |JT UKESI * ?!b?,v;,?cV?S?a ^ ,or? '>* '**> 'MtMl M cl<> k p m !?.* ?} { UiOHk?KM?l*?.? g ?I |ai ml if,. |i" L<? Mj hMl* Baildiu* D twrw M U. U r,"JTel M4?r> e'ter "h 15 41 ?*"** * WILLIAMS. A acta y* OkCEH A WItU*M8a??nW ~ Vot?t5? 'ffl'rfKW O. TrfcVl1,. ?1 lL"hUe *- Clio. 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By or<ler of tha Adn.inlatrator OMKM A WILLIAMS. An U ac?^T.H? fIJ0V* SAL* 18 P06TP0HKD UN ny ordar of t ja Ad?i?.latr?t^r. _mkj eoAda OK*** a WILLIAMS. AacU. H* r ? ^ AAY, AKUoMar, " fc<- "tkea*t wrutr K ?od 5th vtreata -mk ll * W D CLKABV Anoka |JT OBIIB A WILL^AMflTAnctla*?ar?. t*itc"5 M#aiihit' ki?orrici1' iSS ?Xjiv i?j% "jriia?cuj virtfiM*r*l ?nd H atra^ta north, ?.? virtue of id^tMl o( trull t) tho iQlitrrfbi?r Kbiv/yf', Kt8? fccort- to* District of Col. tibia, all tfc. Ooo5. mTcSSSL ia?ei* O'aaa and Create itBake bo ise Ut? nilla. Ice Cream Mould*. P?.,? ftT*?' *Dl ^ltchen ^''*?*?l?. two Boa WlaTwo Ooeatara, ShaMBr. two Shew Caaaa 0?? ana Water flxtnrea. te Uitb man. aruciea which we does amMiMux; tveBuui rata. Termr ca?b. CHABLK8 B. CHUBOH . Tr?et?a UkECM A WILLIAMS "et? 11T OB*** A WILLIAMS. Aootloeaer. A' H<. &2b. corner:to and I'atraeta T?TMBJi,KbfVkLV ??r" AND LOT OM > n t)i kllr ? Ha r, between B end T .tr^.b ??r?; at rol.tle Auetiee ""* T T* t.etio cloek p m , weahall acli, on the preuiUre, Hrt Lot Be i ln aypare No 417. bavias a good two tori Fjrane Hona?, auttoble for any naall family >el?> p<?itiTe. * Teriaa rank. All eoaveyanelBtr out rerenne atampa at the coat of the eurctaaa?r. reT?"? mad G*RBN A WILLIAMS. Aarta 486 7 - *,. t 486 tth r?ft ?Tta atreet. BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL COM BIS ?n PAINTINOp AMU IHSBkVlkO! A limited bat choice aelertlone of Oil Ptintlnn KLgreTlno. Ohroa.ce. Wr^atta, S???a of f Uwera.Ao.. aporoartatel. fremod. ' 1 rlow . _ ^ 0?AL FlCTl BB r*AMB8 A rich aad varied aeeortatent Iraa the beet -?? ofactnrera in the coantry ?mbraciai Walatt In. ftatioB BoaewooS, all ullt, *natlc and barred Frame* I'aaaeaarteat*. Card franee Ac FIOTVBI ^TA88*La; WALHCT PictBfi 0#rd iikI TiihIi i gijh| am^ haIam Blue Malta. Walnat Bracheta iiu A^ f,AbfaBSf??XH(it' nD ^UIDOW 8HADBB A i tbeee (ooda. embradnc the Hchaet da?ntia of Gilt tm^-roidered Parlor ret !?r'Vt. tbe P1etn*t. with a well ae?erta4 etock of JL* 'mZTf** w,tk ,#p?* *?"?o?y ef WlwaAa?? a ad cetera Urdari far WIa^ew *hadea aad Payarbaacincs >anetually filled, la city or eoeatry. * tarae eortloa of tbe a be re Oooda ware aila a^riairy to order, believing tbe beet th* c bee peat, f"?. *!" ? eH" ?* ?oo4e we reelectaia.'v?sis Kif^jsr' ?1~ TW-' rsrwar'im.?.m da I? ?ai* Blabt deore above Q*4 Feiiewa' M*l| F'BBBDABT lb. IMT.-4U peffua* haelae let articlea la my a boo fer nB.lra,Mttaaaw S^^^TJBrsS?v%isisi ,to? o. ttc 1,. ' "'"j'o'bPJ %e4'.'oW,W" ^raSaa., FOTOMAO HK^B*nia.(w??b Km ) WBI^II! B*bT FAMILY FLopk MA*ILABD Cl'IlAO *A|||. I A U of brat quality aad at jaw pru-oa. _ * W. BCBCHBfcL, ton _ Coro"n^VSl.',-,liS?. ikt't ?I JLV.r.* ^Clutfriu abofl, br Treiltf?. TW\niare on tbe CltY bf Mlaa thacb fay J?? Merrlagea. by tbe aatbor of Joba 1a|Ha a. Flckwicb Fepara, DtaMoad B-lliloa . ? U FBAMOB. *. ATLOB. I