Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1867 Page 4
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the evening star \ orriiiAL. LAWS OF THETMTED STATES, Pasted at the irc??d KruUa ( the Thirty-ninth l?|i eu. [Fviuo-Ko. 91 J An Act to establish a uniform system of bankrup'cy throughout the United S'atM [C*nUnu*d from yesterday's Krening Star.] or esiOMiK.aTa amd aeaioaaaa. SMC 12. And be it further enacted. That at tbe meeiing held ib pur-nance of the notice, on* of the regis ers of the coart shall preside, and tbe meirrufcr sball make return of the warrant and of hia rfoiugs thereon: and if it ap. p^*r? tbat tbe notice to the creditors baa not , been given as required in the warrant, the meeting sball ferihwitb be artjoaraed, and a new notice given aa required. If the debtor dice after'be issuing ol tbe warrant, tbe proceedmge may be continued and concladed in like manner as if be bad lived. Sac- 13. And be it further enacted. That the creditor shall, at the first meeting beld after due notice from tbe messenger, in presence of a register designated by tbe court, choose one or more assignees of tbe estate of the debtor; the choice to be made by the greater part in | value and In uumbrr of tbe creditors who have proved their debts. If no choice is mid* by the creditors at said meeting, the judge, or it there be no opposing interest, tne register, shall appoint one or more assignees If aa assignee. so cfcos*a or appointed, fails within five days to express In writing bis acceptance ef the 'rast, tbe judge or register may fill the vacancy. All elections or appointments of assignees sball ne subject to tbe approval of the jndge: and ? hen in hia judgment it is for any cause needful or expedient, be m<y appoint additional assignees or order a new election Tbe judge at any time may, and upon the request iu writing of any creditor who has proved his claim (ball require tbe assignee to give good and sufficient bond to the United States, with a coudmon lor tbe laitbful pertarmance and discharge of his duties; toe bond shall be approved b? tbe judge or register by bis endorsement thereon, shall be tiled with ttie record of tbe case, and innre to the benefit of all creditors proving their claims, aud may be prcsecnted In the name and for the benetit of any injurs d party. If the assigue*- fails to give tbe bond within sucb time a* the ju dge orders, not exceeding tea days after notice to him of sucb order, the judge shall remove bim and ap- j point anotber in his place. Sxc. 14. And be it further enicUd, That as ?ot>u a* said assignee is appoin'ed and quailfleo, tbe judge, or where there U no opposing interest tbe register, shall, by an instrument j m der his band, assign and con vev to the assignee all the estate, real and i>ersonal, of tbe { bankrupt, ? itb all bis deeds, bcx k*an?t papers relating thereto, and such assignment f ball j reiate buck to the commencement ot said pro* : ceedings in bankruptcy, and thereupon, by operation of law, the U'.le to all sues property and rttnie. both real and personal, sball vest ' in said assignee, although tbe same is tben 1 attached on mesne process as tbe property of tbe debtor, and shall dissolve *uy buch attacbn ent made within four months ties'. ?ee. ceding the commencemet t of said proceedings: fmideii, Uwctr, I'bat there shall be excepted from the ope-.utn of .the provis- ' ions of this section the necessary household and kitchen furniture, and sucb other articles and necessaries of such bankrupt as tbe 'aid assignee si ail designs,* and set apart, having reference in tb* amount to the family, condition, and circumstance^ of tbe bankrupt, but | altogether not to excced . u value, in any case, tne sum of five honored d -liars . and also tbe : wearing apparel of such b&Hcrupt, hhJ tbatot I hi" wife and children, and tL uniform, ai m? and equipments of any person fhi, ib or tiai been a soldier In the militia or in tbe service of tbe United States ; and etich other properly as now is. or hereafter shall be exempted from attachment, or seizure, or levy on execution by the laws of the United States, and sucb o'ber property not included in tbe foregoing exceptions. as is exempted from levy aud sale apon execution or other process or order of any coart by tbe laws ot the State in wbicb tbe bankrupt has bis domicile at the time of tbe commencement of the proceedings in bmlcruptcy. to an amount not exceeding tbat al. lowed by such State exemption laws in force in tbe year eighteen hundred aud sixty-fourPrutided, Tbat tbe loregoing exception shall operate as a limitation apon the conveyance of tbe property of tbe bankrupt to bis assignees: and in uo case shall the property hereby excepted pass to tbe assignees, or tbe ti le of the bankrupt thereto be impaired or afTected by any of the provisions of tbia act; and tbe determination ot tbe assignee m tbe matter ' shall, on exception taken* be sublet to the final decision of the said court: Ami provided further, Tbat no mortgage of any vessel or of any other goods or chattels, mide as security for any debt or debts, u good faith and for present considerations and otherwise valid, and duly recorded, pursuant to aay statute of the I nitcd States, or of any Stxte, shall be invalidated or affected hereby. and all tbe pro- 1 perty conveyed by the bankrupt in fraud ot bis creditor*, all rights in equity, cboses in action, patents and pntent rights and copyrights all debts due b;m, or any person for bis u*e, aud all liens and securities therefore; and all bis rights of action for. property or estate, j real or personal, and for any cause ot action which the bankrupt had against any person arising mm contract or from tbe unlaw- j iul taking or detention, or of injury to the pro- 1 perty ol tbe bankrupt, and all bis rights of redeeming sucb property or estate, with theliice right, trie, power, and authority to sell, inauage. dispose of, sue jor and recover or defend tbe tame, as the bankrupt might or could nave bad it no assignment had been made, shall, In in virtue of tbe adjudication of bankruptcy j and the appointment of his assi?tie?. beat once vested in sach assignee: and he may sue tor aud recover the said estate debts and effects I and may prosecute and defend all suits at law ' or in equity, pending at tbe time of the adjud cation of bankruptcy, it wbicb such baukrupt is a party iu his own name, in the same manner and with the like effect as they might | have been presented or defended by huch j bankrupt, and a copy, duly certified by the clerk of the court, under the seal thereof, of tbe assignment mad* by the judge or register. aa the case may be, to him as assignee, sball be conclusive evidence of hia title as such assignee to take, hold, sne for and recover the preperty of the bankrupt, as heremhelore mentioned; but no property held by tbe bankrupt In trust shall paes by such assignment No person shall be entitled to maintain an action agaiaat an assignee in bankruptcy tor anything done by him as snch assignee without previously giving him twenty days' notice of euch action, specifying the cause thereof, to tbe end tbat sucb assignee may have aa opportunity ef tendering amends, sbeuld be see ftt to do so. No person sball he entitled, as against tbe assignee, io withhold from him possession olany books of account of the bankrupt, or claim any lien thereon; and no suit in which the assignee is a party shall be abated by bis death or removal from office, but >be same may be prosecated and defeuded by bis successor, or by the surviving or remaining assignee, as the case may be. The assignee sball have aatborry. under tbe order and direction of the court, to redeem or discharge any mortgage or conditional contract, or pledge or deposit, or lien upon any property, real or personal, whenever payable, and to tepder due performance of the condition thereof or to sell tbe same subject to sucb mortgage, lim or other incumbrances. The debtor sball also, at tbe request of the assignee snd at tbe expense of the estate, m?ke and execute any instruments, deeds and writings which may be proper to enable the assignee to possess himself fully of ail the a??eu of the baaxrupt. Tbe as'siguee snail immediately give notiee of ais appointment, by publication at least on -e a ween b>r three successive weeks in snch newspapers as snail for that purpose be designated by tne court, due regard being bad to tneir geueral circulation in tbe district or in that portion of tbe di-'rict in which tbe bankrupt and bis creditors shall reeide, and sball. within six months, cense the assignment to him to be recorded in every registry of deeds or other office within the I nited States where a conveyance ef any lands owned by tbe bankrupt ought by law to be recorded and tbe record of such assignment, or a Only certified copy thereof, shall be evidence thereof in all courts. SBC. l3-4?</ be U further enacted. That the assignee shall demand and receive frjm anv and all persons holding the same al 1 the esta'e aesigued. or lutended to be assigned, under tbe provisions of this act: and he sball sell all such unincumbered estate, real aad personal wbicb comes to his haads, on such terras as he thinks most for tbe in tweet of the creditors; but upon petiuou ol any persoa iatereeted,' and for cause shown, the court may make such order concerning the time, place, and manner of sale as will, in its opinion, pcyve to tne interest of the creditors; and the aeetgnee snail keep a regular acoeunt of all money received by him as aeetgnee, to which every creditor shall, at reasonable times, have free retort. *BC 16. And U if further enacted, Tbat the assignee shall have the like remedy to recover all said estate, debts and effects ! his own name, as the debter might hay* had If the decree in bankruptcy had not been rendered and ao assignment bad been made. It, at the time of tbe commencement of proceedings in bankruptcy, enaction is pending in the name ot tbe debtor for tbe tecovery of adebt or other thing which might er ought to pass to the assignee by tbe aeeigameat, the assignee shall, if be requires it, be admitted to proseeale the action la hia ewn name, ia like manner and with like effect as if it bad heen originally cofnmeaced by him No suit pending in tbe nsme of the assignee shall b>> abated by his rieeth or removal: but upon tbe motion of the sareivtLgor remaining or new assignee, tbe case may be, he shall be admitted to prose gpsg the snit in Uke manner aad with lib ef. Het aa if It bad b?f> originally roam??cf< >1 km. la suits proseeaSed by the Malpaas a { eartfled eopy of tbe aaalgnment mads *o him by the judge *r register shall be caacluaive evidence ef hie authority to ane. Skc 17. And be it further flwM, Ttat the tiiteBM shall. m soon w atj be ifttr rtcwrinn Id> money bfiuniiDC 'o sh* wtM, Mis Mure in roue kuk in bis name as aed<n?e, or | otherwise keep it distinct and apart from all etrsr more? la bis possession; aad sball, as far a? practicable. keep ail goods and effects to tb? estate separate and apart irom all otber coods la bia possession, or designated 1 by appropriate marks, so that they may be easil> aad clearly distinguished, aad may aot ; be exposed or liable to be taken as his property or tor the payment of his debu. When it appears ttiat the distribution of the estate may b- delayed by litigation or other eaase, the court may direct that the temporary in vest. ment of the money belonging to such estate in Mcuntiee to Ve Approved by the judge or a r?gist*r of said coart, or may authorise the s ime to be deposited in aay convenient bank npea snch interest, not exceeding the legal ruts. as the bank may ceo tract with the assignee to pay thereon He shhll giv* written notice to all kaown creditors, by mail or otherwise, of all dividend*, and such notiee ef meetings, after the first, as may be ordered by the coart lie shall be allowed, and may retain out of money in his bands, all the necessary disbursements made by him in the discharge of his duty, and a reasonable compensation for his services, in the discretion of the court. He may, under tbe direction of the court. submit any controversy arising In the settlement of demands againat the estate, or of debts due to it, to the determination of arbitrators, to be chosen by him and ibe otber party to tbe controversy, and may, nnder such direction, compound and settle any snch controversy, by agreement with the other party, as he things proper aad most for the interest of tbe creditors. !**c IS. An>l be if further enacted, That the court, alter due notice and bearing, may remove an assignee for any cause which, in tbe judgment of tbe conrt, renders snch removal necessary or expedient. At a meeting called byordtrof the conrt in its discretion for the purpose, or which ahaii he called upon the application of a majority of tbe creditor* in number and vaine, tbe credi'ors may. with consent ot [tbej court, remove :iny assignee by such a vote as is hereinbefore provided tar tbe choice of assignee. Aa assignee may, with the consent ot tbe judge, resign bis Trust and be discnarged tberefrom. Vacancies eansed by death or otherwise In tbe office ot assignee may be filled by appointment of the court, or at iu discretion by nn election by tbe erediiors. in tbe manner bereinbeforu provided, at a regular, or at a meeting called tor the purpose, with sw<h notice thereof lu writing to all known creditors, and by such person as the court sball direct. Tbe resignation or removal of au assignee shall in no way release bnn iron, performing ail thing* requisite on bis part lor tbe proper cloeinr up ot bis trmt and tbe transmission thereof to bis successors, nor sball it afreet the liability of tbe principal or surety on tbe bond given by tbe assignee. Wten, by ueaih or oibcr wise, ihc uuinwr of assignees is reduced, ibe estate ot" the debtor not lawlully disposed of sball vest id tbe remaining sasignee or assignees, and tbe person* selected to fill vac&ncie-, i any, with tbe same powers and duties relative thereto as if they were originally chosen. Any lermer as. ignee. bis executors or admin is-1 rat ors, apoa request, and at the expense ot the estate, aball make and execute to tbe new assignee all deeds, convnyances, and assurances, and do all other lawtul acts requisite toenable him to recover and receive all the estate. And the court may- make all orders which it may deem expedient to secure the proper fulfilment of tbe duties of any former assignee, and the rights and interests of all persons interested In tbe estate. ISo person who has received anv preference contrary to the provisions of this act sball vote tor or be eligible as assignee: but no title to property, real or personal, sola, transferred, or conveyed by an assignee, sball be affected or impaired by reason of bia ineligibility. An assignee refusing or unreasonably neglecting te execute an instrument when lawfully required by tbe conrt, or disobeying a lawful oroer or decree of tne court in tbe premises may be punished aa for a contempt of court or DBI'.TS and i'rook uk claims Sac. 19. And be it further enacted, Tbat all debts due and payable from tbe bankrupt at Ibe time ot the adjudication of bankruptcy, and all debta then existing but not payable until a future day, a rebate of interest being made wbea no interest is payable by tbe terms of coutract, may be proved against the estate ef tbe backrupt. All demands against the baukrupt for or on account of any goods or chattels wrongfully taken, converted, or withheld by him may be proved and allowed a? debts to tbe amount ot tbe value of tne property so taken or withheld, with intsre-ii. If the bankrupt sball be bound as drawer, endorser, surety, bail, or guarantor upou any bill, bond, note, or any o her specialty or contract, or for any debt of another person, and bis liability shall not bave become absolute nntn after tr.e adjudication of bankruptcy, tbe creditor may prove tbe same after such liability shall have become fixed, and before the bnai dividend sball bave been declared In all cases of contingent debts ana contingent liabilities contracted bv the binkmpt, and not herein otherwise prov.ded lor, tae creditor may make claim therefor, and bave bis claim allowed, with tbe right to share in tbe dividends, if tbe contingency shall happen beforw tbe order for tbe tlnal dividend, or be may at any time apply to the court to have tbe present value ol the debt or liability ascertained and liquidated, which sball then be doue .ri sucb mauner as the court sball order, and be sbnll be allowed to prove tor tbe amount so ascertained. Any person liable as bail, surety, guarantor, or otherwise tor the bankrupt, who sball bave paid tbe debt, or an v part thereof, iu discbarge of the whole, sball be entitled to prove auch debt or to stand in the place of the creditor if be shall have proved tbe same, although snch payments sball bave been made after tbe proceedings in bankruptcy were commenced. And any person so liable lor the bankrupt, and who has not paid tbe whole of said debt, hot is still liable for the same or any part thereof, may, if the creditor shall fail or omit to preve such debt, prove tbe same either iu tbe name of tbe creditor or otherwise, as may be provided by tbe rules, and subject to sucb regulations and limitations as may be sstabliabed by ancb rules. Where the bankrupt ia liable to pay rent or otber debt falling due at fixed and stated periods, tbe creditor may prove for a proportionate part thereof ap to the time of bankruptcy, as if the same grew da* from day to day, and not at such fixed and stated periods, if any bankrupt shall be liable for unliquidated damages arising out of aay contract or promise, or on account of any goods or chattels wrongfully taken, con verted, or withheld, the court may cause sucb damages to be aiteeeed >n such mode as it may deem best, and tbe sum io assessed may be proved against tbe estate. No debts otber tban those above specified sball be proved or allowed against the estate. SBC. '.20. And !/e it further enacted. That, in all cases ol mutual deots or mutual credits between tbe parties, tbe account between them shall be stated, and one debt set ofT against tbe otber, and the balance only abail be allowed (r paid, but no set-off sball be allowed of a claim iu iu nature not provable against the estate: Provided, That no set-oil" shall be allowed in favor of any debtor to tbe bankrupt of a claim purchased by or transferred to him after tne Sling of the petiuoa. When a creditor baa a mortgage or pledge of real or personal property ot tbe bankrupt, or a lien tbereon for securing tbe payment of a debt uwiug to bim Irom tbe bankrupt, he sball be admi'ted as a creditor only for tne balance of tbe debt after deducting tbe value ot each property, to be atrenamed by agreement between bim and the assignee, or by a sale thereof, to be madu in such manner as the conrt shall direct: or tbe crediter may releaseo* convey his claim to 'be assignee upon such property, and oe admitted to prove bla whole debt, if tbe value of the property exceeds the mm for which it Is so held as security, tbe assignee may release to tbe creditor tbe baakrapt's right of redemption therein on receiving such excess; or he may sell tbe property, subject to tbe claim of tbe creditor thereon- and ia ettuer case tbe assignee and creditor, respectively, sball execute all deeds aad writings ueceaeary or proper to consummate tbe transaction. If the property is not so sold or released or delivered up. tbe creditor shall aot he allowed to prove any part of bis debt. Mcc SI And be it further enacted. Tbat no creditor proving bia debt or claim aball be allowed to maintain aay salt at law or in equity tberefor against the bankrupt, bat shall be deemed to have waived all right of action and suit against the bankrupt, and all proceedings already commenced or uusatlefled judgments already obtained thereon, aball be deemed te be discharged aad surrendered thereby: and no creditor whoae debt ie provable under this aot aball be allowed te prosecute to final judgment aay salt at law or ta equity therefor against the bankrapt. uaUl the question ef the debtor'a discharge shall bave been determiaed; and any each eutt or proceedings shall, apoa tbe application of the bankrupt, be stayed to await tbe determination ot the coart la bankruptcy oa tbe question of tbe discharge, provided there be ao uareat oaable delay oa tbe part of the bankrupt 1a endeavoring ta obtain bis discharge, aad provided, also, that If tbs amount das the cred tar lata dtspate,tbe salt, by leavs of the coar la bankruptcy, may proceed to judgment foi tbe purpose or ascertalulag the amouat due, which amouat may be proved In bankruptcy, bat execution shall be stayed aa a to re said. |f anv bankrupt ball, at tbe time ef ad judical oa, be liable apoa aay bill of exchange, proailssory note, or otber obligation ia re? peel of distiact ooe tracts as a member of two or aaore firm ? earrrI ag oa separate aad dieUast trades, aad laving diatlne* estates te be woaad p ia baakrt ptcy, or as a sole trades aad alaa [as j a m*miH* ol * flm, the circumstance tbat such Arms arc to whole or la part composed of ibe same tadtridavs, or that tbe sol? cod. tractor u also one of the joint contractors hall not prevent proof and receiptef dividend in respect ot inch distinct uuirtcti aa%iast tbe estates respectively liable upon aacb contrncu. Sec. W. Amd 4* it further enacted, Tb*i all proofs of debts against tbe estat- of the bankrupt, by or in behalf of creditors residing withia the judicial district where tbo proceedings ia bankruptcy are pending, shall be made before one of tbe registers of the coart ia said district, and by or in bebalf of non-resident debtors before Any rarister in bankruptcy ia tbe judicial district where sncb creditors or either of then reside, or before aay commissioner of tbe Circuit Conrt authorised to administer oarbs in any district. To entitle a claiasant against the estate of a bankrupt to have bis desnand allowed, it must be verified by a deposition in writing on oath er solemn atbimaUon before tbe proper register or com. misstoner setting fsrth tbe detnaad, tbe consideratson thereof, whether any and what se. curities are held therefor, and whether aay a"d.w*at payments <*ave been msde thereon: that the sum claimed is justly due from the bankrupt to tbe claimant; that the claimant any other person, for his use, received any secnrity or satisfaction whatever other than trtuLtby him set forth, that tbe claim was not procured for the purpose ot iniln. encing tbe proceedings nnder this aet. aud *Win or agreement, express or im?L.s f made or entered into, by or on behalf of snob creditor, to sell, transfer or dispose of the said claim or any part thereof against such baa krupt, or take or receive, directly or indirectly, any monev, property, oconsideratlon -whatever, whereby thevote of such creditor for assignee, or any action on the part of such creditor or any other person in tbe proceedings uhder this act, is or snail J* ii^any ^way affected, influenced, or conii?Vr^ fnd n06laini shall be allowed unless all the statements set fsrtb in such deposition X wrue- Such oatb *r soleain aflirmatlon shall be made by the claimant, JoTclnV?* Know'ed<e, unless he is absent Irom the Lotted States or prevented by some other good cause Irom testifying, in which cases the demand may be vended in hy the attorney or authorised agent of the claimant testifying to tbe best?f his knowledge, iE/ormation, and belief,and setting forth his means of knowledge: or if in ? ,'*? country, the oath of the creditor may be taken before any minister, consul, or vice 1. nu2d Stat?;and the court may, if it snail see tt, require or receive fur?*'nt either for or against the admission or tbe claim. Corporations may verify their claims by the eath or solemn a/llrmauon of th?ir president, cashier, or treasurer. If the proof is satisfactory to the register or commissioner, it shall he signed by the deponent, and delivered or sent by ma.l to the assignee. wbo shall examine the same and compare It with the books and accounts of the bankrupt, and shall register, iu a book to be kept by hun for that purpose, the names of creditors wbo have proved tbeir claims, in the order in which such proof is received, staring the ume of receipt of such proef, and tne amount.ind nature of tbe debts, which books sball be open to the inspection of all the creditors. The court may. on the application or the assignee, or of asy creditor, or of the bankrupt, or without an y application, examine upon oath the bankrupt, or any persoa tendering or who has made proof of claims. and may summon sny person capable of giving .fit? c?atecniugsacb proof, or concerning the debt sought to be proved, and shall reject all claims no, dnly proved, or where the proof bows the claim to be fonnded in fraud, lile. galitj, or mistake. Sb?/.?!. Andbe it furtk'r enacted. That when a claim is presented for proof before the election of the assignee, and the judge entertains V! TalldltP or of the right of the ? prove it, and is of opinion that such validity or right out to be investigated by the afrrMY?* postpone the proof of the claim until the assignee is chosen Any person wbo, ?f'er the approval of this act, snail have accepted any rrefereuce, having reasonable cause t? believe that tbe same was made or given by tbe debtor, contrary to any provision ? 'J''"'- ,h?'l not prove tbe debt or claim on account of which the preference was made or given, nor shall he receive any dividend there, rotn until he shall first have surrendered to the assignee all property, money, benefit or advantage received by him nnder such preference The court shall allow all debts duly proved, and sball cause a list thereof to be Vhd certified by one of the regmters: and any creditor may actat all meetings bv his duly constituted attorney tbe same as tbongh personally present. B 1 Sec. 24 And be it further enacted, That a supposed creditor wtio uiEee au appeal to the circuit court from the decision of the district conrt rejecting bis claim in whole or in part, eonrt appeal ia the circuit court, file in the clerk's office thereof a statement in writing of bis claim, setting forth tbe same, substantially, as in a declaration for the h m C(fni,e of acti?n at law. and the assignees !& ?r an*WPr thereto in like manner, I and! Ike proceedings shall thereupon be had n the pleadings, trial, aud determination of the cause, as in action at law commenced and of ??7 ni.iyVhe U8Ual mann". the conrts ?h. . States, except that no execution ' fha.l be awarded against the assignee for the ! a debt found due to the creditor 1 he fiual judgment of the court shall be conclumve, and tbe list of deb s sball, .f nec?ssarj. be altered to conform thereto The p-irtv prevailing in th. !-u:t shall be entitled to costs against tbe adverse party, to be taxed and re! covered asm suits at law: if recovered against Zu I "haK b* allowed out of tbe A 1,1,1 of exchange, promissory no-e, or other instrument, used ,n evid-uce upon the proof of acla.m, and left in court or deK J" **|Prll's office, may be delivered, thl!- V^E1\ or clt"ri? having the custody thereof, to the person who used it, upon his filing a copy thereof, attested oy the clerk of the court, who shall endorse upon it the name of the party against whose estate it K frt^n/Trf ain? J,11*-'date and amount of any dividend declared thereon. [TO he 00?TIXr?t>. | 1867 GBAHB X0FB8I0N 1867 to the PAB18 BXPOBITIOH. 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Out Plowsrs, to JOHB SADLi Seed Store , . Bemeved te 44? 7th Iitrli* opsone U. S. Pst.n^nSiL pOBTABLB STB AM BBS1BBS, Ooiablnlag tbe naxlmnai of e?ctency,doflMu?y1 aad economy, with tbe aialmoai of watebt ?nA price. They are widely and favorably knowa. more tbaa SOP bsiagia ass. Att wnrraated aaMs* factory, er ae aale. Paaariptlve afrcalars mmt am appUcatloa. Address _

fe 8-eeba . * M A 1 L &BOOOLATS D1 PA ITT A19^ MAILLABD.S? GHOOOLAT PAB BXGKLLBROB, Th,V.Tr,?l* Jaallla OBOOoLa'tViI^SlL la qaaltty and flavor to aay otber ads ?^?w^ AUCTION BALES. By ouopbb * kiimii, 4?moo*?ra. iUu clerk* ?IU Jm C. McOeire A Co.,) Soathaest eoiMr of Peba'a awe. and 11 tu street. 8tu Office BalUiag, VALCALB IMPROVBITANB CBIMPROVBB BBAL ESTATB IlAl PUM A ATI!OB om fbidVv a'ftbrnoom m? t, March M. at ft o'clock a. m., oa tbe premises. we will nil the south 34 foot ft inches of Lot as, 4a Square Bo W. improved bv a substantial aud wall oailt three u rj Brick DwelHsm. with t two Mary back bulldiag. ooatainlngfn all tearteen rooms, witb gas threughout. P?ap af water in y?rd. Also. adjoining the above, aaJ Immediately after, we will sail tbe aortb H feet 6 Incbee of Lot Bo 27, Square 2*4. Miairorat, except br a brick balUMng on tba rear of tbe let. Botb lota have a depth of 106 feet 10H laches to a thirty foot paved Hey in the rear. Tbe above described real estate belonged to tbe late Col M. Nourse. aad Is elevated on tba went aide ?f 13th street, between K and IT streets aortli, ail near Psnba) Ivanla tauoe.and fa well wort by the attentioa or pereaaa deatrlug 11 rat-class property . there being little or none for aale la this 4mBM8H neighborhood. Possession glvea May i 1867 Tam: One-half aaab; balaaoa In six ss oaths, witb Interest, aecarad by a deed of trust on tbe property. All convoyaacing aad revenaa stamps at coat of aurctaner. A-depesIt of flOowlM be required or tba purchaser at time of aale. _ WM * JOB NOURSB, ?S*SLfortof Michael Nouree. akf ealda OOOPBB A LATIMBB, Aucte BT COOPBB A LATIMBB, Aiirn..De7^T " (Late clerka witb J as. O McGuire AOo ,) B. W -corner Pena avenue and Uthetreet, Star Office Bulldiag. I TBUBTEK'B 9ALB OfTMPROVBD RBAL BS| TATB IN THB rOCHTH WABU, WA8HIBG TOM. D O. By virtue o' a decree of the Supreme Court of . the Dletiict of Colombia, eittiag in equity, dated J an nary 16. l?o7. aad passed la a caaee la wbtoh Catharine Shagbma aad otbera are complaiaante, ; and Daniel F< garty la defsndaat. tbe anderaigne>( traatee. will aell, at public auetloa, to the blgheat bidder, en MONDAY, tbe Utt day of Mar>h, A.D. 1M7. at ft o'clock p in . oa tke preaiieee, part of Lot No. 3, In sqaare No. ftj6, in said city; beginning on R street north, 22 feet fraai ti<southwest comer of ?aid lot, and running thence east 32 feet, theace aortb SO feet, theace ?est|R feet, aad thence south cBfeet, together with the Improvement* Also, tha >outh part of Lot Ha. 4. In aald iqnare. heeiLuiau on Fourth street wast, at the southwest comer af arid lot Ne 4, and running thence east <4 feet theace north ? leet. theace eaatt<> the rear line of aaid lot No. 4, thence north 11 feet, thence weet 93 feet 4S inebea t<> the line of Maid Fourth street, and thence south 33 feet t? the point of beginning, together with the improvements, wMcb consist of a nwidlumsiatd dwelling house on each of aaid parcela of groaod. TiiIh property la located in a growing section of tbe city, where real estate ii rapidly improving. Tcrmsofsale One third of tbe pnrchxs" naouev to he paid in cash. S'" of which will be required at tibia ot sale: the residue in two equal inataimenta in six and twelve months, tfe sail deferred payments to bear Interest from thedavof si.d lobe secured by tbe notes Or bonds ef the pure baser or pur. l-a-ers. with a surety or to be approved by the trustee If the terms of sale are not complied with within five day s after the day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell the?sld property at the risk and coat ef the defaulting purchaser or purchases, after giving five days notl< e af tba time, place. ar<d terucof sale All convey seeing and stamps at tie expense of tbe cuichaser. C. INGLE, Trustee. COOPER A LATIMBR. inh a 12 It v 1- Auctlonaera. fp K O B T S B'B B A L . In puraaanea af a power of sala vested In me by a deed of truat, executed to me by Oaorgn W. Mitchel and Cornelia D. Mitchel, his wife, of Waahln^ton city. District of Columbia, dated oa tbe?8th dar of Angust, 1H65 aud recorded in Li lark B. P . No 3. folio 131, Ac., one of the land reeorda of Montgomery county, I wi'l offer at Snblic saie and sell to the hlgh^at bidder, at Beer's Hotel, In tbe village a* Clarksburg, in Montgomsry county, Md . an WKDNBSDAV, the 2i>th a ay of March, In the year eigb.een hundred and sixty seven, at 11 o clock a m. .all the follow lug described real estate, situated in Montgomery coanty. State of Maryland. Tbaae lands lie near Clarkaburc, Montgomery county, and adjoin tbe property of Bufua King. Perry Browning, Basil Beal 1 and othera One of the tracts la partof a tract ef land calle<t"Tronble Bnoujrh Indeed," containing aix hundred and alxty acres of laud, It being the aame land heretofore couveyed by Cbarlea Hendry and tleanor Hendry, bis wife, to said George W. Mitchel, toy deed dated ea the kith day of Aagnat, 1S65. Tbe other belag part of a tractof land called "Besurvsy on Maple Branch,'' heretofore convsyrd io said Oeorga W. Mitchel by Ann Boper. and containing thirty firs acres of land. Thia land la under a good state af cultivation, aliuated In a healthy neighborhood, wall watertA. and under very good fbn? ing. Tbe Improvements consist of two oomfortaole log dwellings. g?ed stable, corn houses, aud ather necessary out-buildings: alao, fear good tobaccohonaee. Tl>e above described tract la susceptible of beinc divided into twaor three convenient farms i'eraona wlahtng to look at the property can do aolby calling on Mr. King, residing on ths laud, who will take pleasure in showing it. Terms of aale: One-third ot the purchase money to be paid on the day of sale, tba residue of the purchase money to be paid in one aad two years from tb?- da) of sale, the purchaser or purcha aer* giving his. hsror their notes, with approved security, bearing interest froui the day of sale On payment of the whole purchase m-ney a deed will We execntfd by tba trustee, the purchaaer raying axpenaea of preparing tbe deed and stamps. JOHN T WILLIAMS. Trustee fe 23 dtp LBVI VANFoSSBB. Anct. T'BUtTEE'S 8ALB OF VALVABLB KSAL 1 ESTATE. By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court fer Prince G<-orge'a eountv, sitting aa a eonrt of e-mlt? , pa?>ed in a cause therein depending, wherain .lames C. Mo<>uire A Co are complafnanta, and Marcu- Du Val la defendant, the aubsariter. aa ttuatee, w ill expo?e to pnbllc aale, on th promisee. on MONDAY. th? Vth of Marcb. Hn7. at 12 o'clock ib . i if fair. 11 not, on the nextfalrday t be re aft** r, ti.?- Kenl katate of Marcus I?u Val, kwi?D aa Hve Harbor," -itnattd lu Prince I George's count>, about nut mile from Good Lu k, c< ntalning 1*2 Acres, more or leas, and aJtoluing tbe lauds of * alter li. HIILeary. tlie heirs of Th''t>ia? Hall, and Col. Odea B<>wie, The above land is covered with a heavy growth ot Osk and Chesanr Timber, and being located in c nveni?-nt distance to the Baitlinors ami Ohto and Baltimore and Potomac railroad, will snpply an unlliuitfd quantity of railroad ties. Tetma of sale . Cash on the day of sale, or on the ratification tbereof by tbecourt, with inter' st from the da> of sale; and on payment of th*.- whole purchase meney the property will ba caaveyed, in fee, to the pnrchaeer. , Mtataps and convayanoa to li at the cost o; tha purchaser. BIOHABD B. B. CHEW. mh ?-eotd Truat e a PtturOSALS. pBOPOBALS FOB SOAP. QMa Dtp* Ccmmxismry tf Skituitve, I Wmskxntum. D. C.. March 4,1M7.( Sealed Propoaals, in duplicate, ot the form turniahed by tbe nnderaigned, will be received until SATURDAY, the lsth instant, at IS m., foraappl)lnc the Subsistence Departaeat with EIGHTEEN THOlBAND (lS.OaOt PODHDB OF GOOD BABB BOAP, to be made by boiling from only good materials, free from clay, soluble glass, or otber adulterations, to have ao unpleasant odor, to contain not more tban twenty-hve per oent. of water, aad to be wail dried before aaeklng. Tobe delivered as follows: One third iK>oa or before tbe 1st of April, one third I'j'loa or before tbe lftth of April, and the remainder oa or before tbe 30th of April, I**?. Samples must be famished with the propesals, to which a copy of this advertisement malt be attached. Boxes to be well strapped witb hickory atrapa. the aame of the ooatractvr, data of tranafer. as well as the contents, with groaa. tare, and net weight. uau?t be plainly marked on every pack age. The soap will be carefully inspected before it is received and compared with tbe retained samples. Verification af weight of package will be determined as deoired by tbe undersigned, who will also aettle all qnestiona with regard to quality and condltloa. . . . Payment to be maule as soon aa the article is received as satis:actory : but tvseut^-fivs per oent. will be reserved ffoin each pay meat uutil the completion ef the contrast No adowaace for paw kages. It will be received at the Subsistence Storehouses: la tbe Monument Lot. aad 6tb street Wharf; or at the Baltimore and Onlo Ballroad Depot C BELL. luhft -6t Major and C. 8 . 0. S. A. pBOPOBALS FOB MEAT! QfUt Depot Commi?*Mry of Smhstitontt. I Watktntitm. D. C., March 4 1867.( Sealed Prepo*aie.?>f the form fnrniaKed by the underaigned, will ha received, la duplicate.until THU BSD AY .the lftth of 12 m . for all tbe FRBBH BEBK and MUTTON re-mired for the nae of the troops and all the OOBNED BBCF for aale or iaeue at tbe following place*, vis Washington, D. C . Alexandria. Va . Fort Vaahingtun, Md , Fort Foote, Md , aad Fort Whipple, proposals will also be received for all the Frenh Rrtf required for sales to officers supplied from th< Washington Dspot. This Beef will he of the finest Quality af select parts, both Irota the hind quarters ana the ribs of the fore quarters. All the Meat will be subject to rigid inspection; to be of excel lent marketable quality and In unexceptionable condition. The Fre*k Ft"f required tar tha troops of equal proportions of fors snd hind qnaitera, necks, skamke, and kidney tallow aat received. In all caeea, if tbe Meat It not satisfactory, parcheeee la tbe open market will be made at tbe ex_penee af tbe coatractor. The contractor will ba required to deliver tke Meat at the Store house, at the ptaoee named, where ha will distribute It In sa<-h qnsntttlas, and at snob times, as an officer of the Subslstaaoe Department may direct. Separate propesals will be received for supplylas either af the above aamsd places Bidden moat be pareeeat at fha epsalag af tba Psymcat to ba made at this office monthly, for al 1 Meet purchased, or when ka funda for the pur^.q-estlons respecting aualltv. aad coadlttoa will be settled by the Hfirar of the Sabelatence Department receiving the MeatThe con tree t will ba made far six moatbs from the let day of April, 1ST. er sack period as tha Commissary General may determine. Bid* mast be rsdortel" Propoeals for , at ,M aad addreesad fto tfce uaderptoed ahlB Maiar aad 0. U*!. eedited by Bev. Freak Bewail. Plekwick Papers; Braitbwalta's Review for Febraary Deiow** launnma ) GOVERNMENT SALES. 11 MttBBTIOBABU (MMBTBBMA0TM i U STOBB8 AT ACOTIOB. CW Qmmvtsrsneaser'aojue.W+.tkimtU,.i ?<n k- D .* >Urch ?. MS. < On.rt.rti??. at puhUc BBCtioa, by order Of th* ' ?<Va.!?v L Oeaerel, at LI noola Dep?t. Li?t*!unt' u UOder IIW Super Tl?l>U of UtaUunt Id ward HiiHr. HH U 0 Intoutrv. Ktlur AmIiIui gurttrBMitr 0 8 Arm. aaie tOMBUKtitKlk .. quantity ofnBeep?loe able quartern aaier iiwm, coaaiat bk Id pert of? 7# Foar-Borae Army 66 Coal Office bk>n'i ? ?I Cylinder do, II C~ak de, 10 Two-Horae Amba 43 Wood do. _ - *** ? 7 Oook iUofN. ! #? a?0 1 ^0* 1 H0t? Icfl, " fftAl ]4rf0 D/ua ICO Htl Lead atlelir 147 feat .malfdo ' ... Jl'Lv . . ^ Huddle Hlanketa, ?5 aeta Wh^l nulfdo, |ni Wa^oB Oovera n L#? Ambnlanae ?< yard* Ooeoa Mattlnt . uArti*aa. |{,? A-aorted t??? Use's Wh?elAmbalaae<a,000 1be. Old Tire Ir*a IB r?Y.D*"' SOUOIbe Iran tfhoee, ?... _ ... isAnbaUnetVhMli. To/*?h?r with Bridle*, eon Buckets Halter Ho?M.O?>T.rv Aavito/McOlell.. Bardlet. Carpenters' Tool*. Mirk aa HaniMera Saw*. Braces an-1 Bit-. Blacksmith Toola *r a b*co*u*?<^ each day until taa ?i,|, amouat ia sold Terms caah, la Qoemment fundo Fnrcha*ra ara repaired to rrm >to their aur- I chase* within tea days from day of ea'e OHABLfaH TOMPKINS. Deputy Q ? Hon . Bvt Brl?. 9~a . _ g Aetln# Chief (^aartermaeter, 9 n frepot.f Waak n?*on ACiifosNA1TAi'i?i.>f "?X*b,,*bnt BUILD /A INOS AT_?AMP TODD, fOUTH or TBBA8LBY BUILDING * MasAsagtaw. i ?< .*~i; under itrertl.u ?f Ir.rM Ma W7S' A .Q. M.. Tola., an THUKHDAT. larch ij at 11 *" i" ' deecriUed Frame Bnildlnga. located at Camp Todd, aootk of Tr*?. ury Building,) ui UiU city. *il OI ? *One It arrack (l?oit?rii-i )?t*a feat, with torch One 0? ardhoaae. 54XW feet. ??rcn. On* Officera' Oaartera. Snj >4 feet One c Wrer* O iiartere, rx?* feat, with wine. nifilli iwli J he Bold eiaglv, and muat tx> re2. within tan data from date (if *alTar ma cash iu boveram. lit fenda ? , _ . ? MI. LUD1NOTOW. ?7*. Ef'l? Gen *nd Chief Quarterm%?ter, ^-partmaat of VTaah na<f>a. BANKERA IAV COOKE b CO., ; liimi, Afitentk strtet, oppo-if? TV??<*^?, iJtyand ael i tenrraat mark at rataa, and kny onataatly on hand, a fnll anyply af all OOVKBITMBHT BONDS, 8CYB2(-TH1&T1B8, AND OOMPOUSB INTBKB8T NOTB8 Or<len tor 8TOCR.8. BONDS, Ac., eiacutad. and Cwllectloua made on all acaaaalhla ?otnU. ae 1-tf I^IRROW h. CO., BABKBBB, Corner Lo?lBtana areane and Seventh reet, DSALIM in QOYEKXMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND SILVBB Jy ? tf AND LAND WABBABTS First National Bnk of WaskiB^tei. B.D.COOK*, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President W*. 8. HUNT1NOTOH, Caahlar. GOV CRN HINT DBPOBITOBY AMD financial agbbt or thb dbitbb BTATB8, ItU strttt, orroiUt tkt IVaaiary Dtp+rim*ni. Government Beenrltiaa with Traaanrar United Btatee mrone million dollars^ W*bn? and eall all claeeee of QOTKRNM.EN1 I. RI TIES at entrant market rataa. tURNISH EXCHANGE and make Otileriiont cm ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE INITEB STATES. We par chaaa Government Touchers an the HOST FA TOR ABLE TE RMS, and give careful una prompt attention to ACCOUNTS nf BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, and to any other bualneea entreated to tta. FULL 1NFOBMATIOB In regard to GOTBBBMBNT LOANS at all timee cheerfully fnralahed WM HUNTINQTOB. Oaahler. Waahlncton, March M, 18M. mM tf DlrV?""^"'r" r, f. W*!<d]XiTMK. f?bta*ry|, |Hi7, On the petition of LAUHtN W k UD, admlaiaof Rlfhari Ward, deceaaad, ot Bangatu k. Conuactlcat. praying for the r* : vi aVd Kraijted to the eaid Laur n Jnne itlt !n,*,r*t0r' 00 ,h<> -S,h d,?) ?f *h"b ? ' 11 is ordered that the aaid petition be heard at the Patent Office on MONDAY, the 10th diy of June next, at 12 o'clock m ; and all *e?aot?B are actiCed to appear and ahow caaae. if aa> tb-y have, why aaid pctitiuu ought not to be ?rante/ I'ere< na oppoains the eitension are r* jalrwi to fil?J''Jhe Patent Office their objection*, aaectali* aet forth In writing, at lea-t itr^a-y daya before the day of bearing; all testimony Cled by either party, to be need at the aaid bearing, ninat be n'l tfADamitted In accordance with the rnloe tion "?c#? whlch will be fnralahed oa agplicaDepositions and other papers, relied naon aa 1 testimony, mnat he filed Inthe offiae tvtmydaJ! ^efore the day of hearing; the argnmenu If within i?? daya after filing the teittm^ny ***' Ordered, also, that thta notice be anhllehed la tha Im.lhjfnctT and the K<r*U,rnn , Waahln^on D 0., and in the Retuter. New Haven. Cann%oce a week for three ancc?e?i ve weeks; the first at alia CdaCyofhe^lSM UMt rtxt' "* _T. C TBBAKBB, P. 8 ? Bditora of thal^^^^ri'^SL. copy, and send their bills to the Patent OiBcT with a paper containing thU notioe. feif lawSw * I\BPABTMBBT OF THB IBTBBIOB. U UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. ? w AtH'!i?rus. February 16. lgc? yiBrULHfr?i.lI8,J0,QI * BKBD a ad ^7 # i * *' Adminlitrttori of the mtetee of J'.eepn U Tattle, (leceaeed. ot Oeaera, B. Y., praying for tha extenelon of a patent rraat5^^ \IS? f J?*eph H Tuttle the 2iet oST^of Jnne. 1SS3. tor an improvement In Sawa. for bctm veare frem the expiration of eaid patent. whi?h f??o* on the 2iat day of June, EST Woil It le ordered that the eaid petlUoa be heard a* the Fatent Office in Monday, the 3d dav of Jane next, at 13 o'clock m.; and all aeraana ..I ?? ?> ??d show cause If any tbew have* why eaid petition onght not to he granted^ ' ai op*0-8* *pe extenaion are required to file in the Fatent Office their ebjectiona aitaclallv eetforthm writing at le^t frrrnr. day. beVTJ tha day of hearing, all teatimony filed by either part* tola uaed at the eaid hoaring mint be taken arid transmitted In accordance with the rnloa of the office, which will be famished on application DepoeltloBs aad other papera relied ?idob aa tea tluiouy mnat be filed in the office '-c?a V day* "fore tha day o{ hearing; the arCTmenta, If any. within lex daya after filiBK the teetimony. 1 t"*t thl* otlca be published in the Intelligencer and ttie RepublUea. Waahincton. D. O . and in the Genev? Ca/ette. Genera, N. Y., oncea week lor three eucceesive weeks; the tirst of aaid aubllcatlons to be at least sixty daya prevloua to the day of hearing *" T O THEAKKB, p a w^t.^r. .. Commiaaiotier of PatenU. ? " Bui ton of the fcbov# FUMri will riftiir copy, and aend their bl 11a to the Paleat Office with apepercoLitalningthlanutlea fe2j tawjw 1'BIS ? *0 G'YJC NOTICK. That theaub^rt1 bera have obtained from the Orphaua' Court cf Washington couaty, la the Dtatrict of Columbia. letters anu-tna*y on the aeraonal eaUte of McBim. late of Waahiagtoa, D. 0., deceased. All peraona having eiatma aaainai the aaid deceased, ara hereby warned to exiabit the aame, with the vonchera thereof, to the aubacribcra, ar to Dr. 8. A. H. McKim, Waahlngton D. 0 . on or Mora the l"th dav ofr February next; s?reaisftfcs.tow-u ?"?? li!fe 25-lawSw* JOHN W McKli.< **c?tort. THK 18 TO OITB NOTICE, That the anh criberhaa obtained from the Orahaaa' Court 01 Waahingtcn County, in the Diatrict of Celambla.lettera of adminlstratioa. oa the aeraonal aetata af William Bbert, lata at Georgetown, D. O.. deceased. All peraona aavlng claima M^nataaid deoeaead. are hereby warned to exhibit the aame, with the vouchers thereof, ta the aubecriber. on or before tae Mh day of March x*; ^*7 m*T ?r law bo axoiudea from all benefit ef the said aetata Given under my Band tMe Mh dar of March. UOT- BLIBABBTH BBBBT. mh ? lawSw* Admlnlatratrix. THIS IS TO OITB BOTICB, That theaabacrlceaead. All pareona having claims against tha aaid 11 deceased, are harehy warned to exhibit the mom with the voachan tbaraaf, to tha anbeoriber, oa or hofore the ith aay of March aaxt: they mar otherwise hy tawbe excluded from all baaaBt af ta? aad* estate ~ """"" "I i , - .. ka-ilroads. hmhe*" *0CTB n.*.e afw^*1* ifhmbuj awwftr ***,k*r "? * ?hi wnchlagton j ma m i mimn^j m * m. rSW-Kfsl MVH?^ Ja^Sis^i^tcjirK^H ary other root#. two headred mim ^wli ls vntctb mo oatral n*w york ** two l>?lkf train* to tbe wm< JHsWoSa p?mfnwr? tr thu rom* fr, m bmhntor* bar* depots"^ 0^;Yi?i ck*n - " c,l?* tickets by this roat# ran be proeared ml tk? of c*. corwr lib ?tr*h and Pmmjkama ?*?ig? under the national hot*i. where reliable mfortnetlon will be#iven at all time* paeeengere rrecurtag tickets at tkli ?oce n> retire aeconomodatlcaa la sleeping cars tor ci ira or pltuborc i 3 wilk1119. ticket apent, _ waahiaftm, o. o id. . yorbq, 6w. ptti. ageot. baltimore. md. deiiy 'i'hbolbh mhi iitwiis wamiisoton and n*w vorl ?? _ waehimeroa, jen 4, 1047. 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Hmi ISirjyrarIyG%vlloa,DVaVBi are now run aa fotlaw. vir _ puk Baltimore ^'p. exoept bnuday. at ri>i,ra. and 11 u a tn.. and 2.<m, end t 90. and 4 00 p na. , TO* all way stations. ftno<1"1 at r*? <*? ron .tat stations ??orth os annapolis junction ^ l^eave at 4 14 aud ' uu a. ..and at l.qi'endtli ' ' _ sob annapolis. leave at 7.4.1 a a , and ? m p. m no train* to or from annapolis on snaday us mmiai. . sok baltihobb. leara at 7 U a. m.. an l I tie and touya. pob wa? stations. lear* *jm a. .. an4 ? ?i< % a ?w a m . sob all parts op thb wkbt . j. ?mcept anday, at 7tta. ., aad ?.w p. hi b q* ?nndv *f? 00 b ob|y, connect!*! at belar steflon with train* from baltimore to wheeling, parkerahnrw. ac. thbocob tick stb to the waotcaa be bad at jha aahioetoa station ticket offl. e at am hour* la tk? aay, ae weu ae at tbe aew afloe of tbe backera aad broken' telefraah liaa, 34 b sana, avenue, between 6th ana 7th atreeu. porsew t ork. pbt ladel phi a, and boatoa. eea advortleenant of "thraegb line " J. l wilson. maeter of traaaporkattoa. _ l m. cols. oenaral ticket agent. och tf obo. s. koontz, agent waailagkaa. 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