Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1867 Page 1
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^ _ 4# ' . D 9 I I 'fl H I M H I B I X^B ) -^F. . M H 1 W ^L ^b V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. t\. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 13. 1867. N*. 4,372. TilE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY,(SUNDAY XXCIPT1D> AT THE STA.U UL1LMXHO, JnUkwM eormtr rtmm, *.aottnu and l\lk strut, bt w. d. h. It? bT AM la KTtfd by tee camera to tbetr atn. nUr- in tbe City and District at Tkb cbbtb rait wb*. Copies at the r-ouater, wlib or without wrapper*. Two cut* each. Pbicb for Mailibo ?Three months On* JHUmr e?,d fifty Cent*; iti months, Tkrtt VolUr$; on# year, PVt?? Do.lurt No papera are seat from the oCce longer than paid for. The W EEKL.Y hTAK?published oa Friday morning- (M* DoUmr m*4 a Half a Te*r. pawnbrokers"" BbL'BMMINB 0 LOAN OPTICS jjthKrtel j?1 ?ioor south of Pen*, are., Lu>ix ttlih KY oa time M suit cm'oh-ti, oa 0? M ahd Silver Wt'cu*-, Diamonds J-w- /0\ airy, Ladlts' and Gentlemen's Weariagl a a^?m o y Old Gold and Silver bought. Mb & Sat* B BCBSBTINI, yy also "S CF.STR IL LO 4> OFFICE, Ha. 4*0 I'.'th street. one door below Pana. are. This well known Office mafcee /Os LlbEtiAL ADVAMCMS JLWA On DiMv Mt, Oold anil Hilver Wtlchti Q y OvtbikK. Knrnlture, and Merchendiee of evuy description. Open every day(except Sunday) from 8 a. aa. to I p m N B. ?Busiaess strictly confidential. fe J8 tf J, B T A U Li gH * y l~sV7~ SPECIAL NOTIOl, rHABLK* KBR7.BERG, Sue ceweor to lease Heriberg A Bon, , w?? uaveccudncted the PawnbroklB- Haalnesa icr nrteen je*rs in thie city, for twelve /Ov J**""* only Pawnbroker ia the ?istric*,jCwA take this nethod ?f thinking tbeir patron? Q aad ue put lie for the confidence heretofore shown them, aad |,?ve to rail their attention to tba lact t rat we at 111 ontinue to make the highest advanced in all upon all articles of Jewelry, Liau.onds, toaicliee. B iud-t. overnment Brlp, Mlver Plate, tc . for which ?? have superior rlace* of depteit an 1 a?cirlty, which will always sn^wn for the satisfaction of tnose patronizing us we have social fn ilitlea for the care and ?re?ervatii n of Wearing Apparel of every description. >* <>< leua, Ac., on whirh the highest a IvaLce* are nuarait<e ok when required agalaet motn.aiid a. ways aga>n?tini?iry having s 'aree warehcu?e in 'OMiectinn with onr sfiice. we h?\-social facilities for storage ?f all kinds f M?rrhanoise, Kti-ot'tire Ac . on which wo make ttie big. eat advances for day*. we<?k? or aioatha. W* call *-peci*l atention to the fact that*, wing to toe laige rarltal employed in onr luilLMi we can rimie ni|v4D':ei at mch rates <>( irtn e?t Ha to Co in petition. We sell no g n*?t11 tb? expiration of six m >nths after their forte: tare, and thee only at puMlc auction flrstrlv lag ample notie- thr ush the various city journal* to all drpceitor*. By this meant deponits wi;h as are iievar lost if their redemption ts deeir?"' We call especial attention to our arrangenient? for forward! ne good* to any part of the cccntrj, arracg nuata which an experience of !t?-en year# has brenght to certectioa DerosItots are enabled fcv thi? mean* to red;---ra their i:o? d? irom oarortce tia matter where they may l eiccaled. > nil inf 'rotation alwg. s given. Private apar's. *s for con dential business N. 11.? bav> no tonueiiJuu with anysidsilar estahlishment in this city B-fer t?a'i?ol(i re?ident of W-iehirctna Bemetrber BRB/. BBKQ'fl Lean t'ftice. .tai north 0 street, between ?>? an1 6th, w ashli.gten. l> 0. fe 15 lm^ ^ I ON BY MOS fci i:" mTVSXY:!! U. PBINCB S MSWLY~IC8TA BLI8HID LOAM orrit k, ^17 Pa. ave., next to I'otenilni'sGoafactionary. Meney loaned on every description of salable Merchandise, especially Wat. hee, L*ia- /Q\ ends and fire Jewelry 1 can a?*ureJlwjL these who may favor me with ther pa'ron-? Q a?ie that ti er will not regret having done so. f B -Print* door ?rd ofBcf. P^mnoi not wldhiu* to ent.r the public office will riaa the office >.eIK f? 2d1m* joan ornci. MONEY leaned on 8<>ld and SIlTerJ^^L Watches Diamonds. Jewelry,Clothin*. Ac O ftj D DONoN AM, Pawnbroker No. 47i K it . to 1 1??* between loth aad 11th sta. TUB OLD BftTABLlSHrb FIBM Of B, OOLDbTBIM A CO . L1CBM?KD PAWMBMOKKBS. 34 rOUB AND A BAL) STtfBET WIST, ^ near Peans) Ivania avenue, Offer the Ligbeet cash advance* oa all kinds of Merchandise, to any amonat and for any A time desired, at reasonable ratea A A. Interest on large snai> greatly reduced B Business strictly confidential. Goods bought for cash aad told at private tale. f* M ir dentistry?" DB. LBWIE> DBMTAL AaBOCIATI0M, Mo. UbO PfcMM'A AVI, Bt tween 12th aad LJth streets. Teeth extracted without pain by ad ml uttering Lir'i it er Laughing Gaa. Ur.^A r*oe?t'J *urcba?ed the b^st$a|5S3 t hen.lrsl Apparatus in the country tor^J-LJ-& ?V?f pure gae everr day, alto, an improved Val Inhaiex. lb? As>ociation >s now prepared to make Te: tb oi. (.old, Silrr Bubber at New ,kn', pneee. All per acr.t wltLlng dents' v ^ .^ue cai> have it aecbeap aiiatbe atM>ve- _ i citing. All work done iu the neatest aad oeat mar ner. asd warranted to give satisfaction. Pertons will do well to call ano exac ine onr work. de X-tf Tn u r~n~. ? M LOOMI8.M D.. t>J Patentee of tae MIMBBAL LA . K TEETH, attenda perioaaliy at^Mk bit office tn UiM city. Many pertons caafle|fij ear these teeth who caaaot wear others^"'1 " atd no person can wear other* who canawt wear ygna Person* calling at mr offioe oaa be aocomiaodated with any style aad price of Teetb they may desire, but to these wbo are psurtlcalar,aad wiab tba crest, cleanest, atroagest and most perfect deafer* that art can procure, the MLHSMAL TBBTH will be more fully warranted. Booms la this otty-Ho 3S? Pann'a areaaa, beasaa-iv "* - a"lsrrpeksonalT" [\1 K8 HIT[. 1KV15Q, ( uifr- B.T.', md Tat i"l Af'dttiffi. win give life reading*. Including I'ast, Present and fatnra. at her office, 4 Kl, aartn "ide ofPaav.. between tS aad ith streets. Offioe boors from ?to 2 a. m. and 4 to ? a. aa. jaM-lB? AB. MACM1CB, BBAL SOlBNTIFIO AS _ TBOLOGBB OP AMbBIOA, from the poaitioa ana aspect ef the Stars at tba time of one birth, will reTeal aatoniahlag ae crats that no living mortal aver knew before: how o be succeeetal In all reasonable undertakings. He telle aame and very day yon marry, describe* the intended companion, and tella all events of life good lack and long life to viaHora. Ladies M) fTJi* i* uaotlemea In full fl. Call at 470 I* J ^?^ar t, all boura until v In tba avaalag. I^OMFIDBMTIAL -Toubc men who bare In\'.J??^d-themaelvsa oy certain secret babtta, which unfit them for bnsinaaa. pleasure, or the datlaaof married life; also, middle aged aad old men, who. from the follie* of youth, or other cause*. * ? debility in advance of their yeara. le.ers placing themselves atxler the treatment of any one. *botild firat read "Th* Secret rriend." aarried ladies will learn something of Importance '' Perusing ' 'The Secret Fii*nd." dent to any adaress, In a sealed envelope en receipt of t6 centa. A dre** Dr. CHAD A. STUART A 00.. Boston. bo ?-ly hotels, restaurants, ao. L i&KVOOfi BODSB. fevacv Ptnm trssi' mn i Twelfth ttreu,%A^% ITa-A inriMii D C. JfliU situated In the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PBESIDBMTfrAL MANSION. OLly a abort dlatanoe from all tha Departments, l atent and Poat Office*, Smithsonian Institute, ctr- H H DUDLEY A CO., no 71-tf Proprietors. L'MBlCH-b BBHTADBANT, -Li No. 3AS Penna avaaue. near 6th street. P. MM BICH wishes to inferm his frleads aad tba public geaerally that be now keeps cen-iVVa vSi'SJsgffi ttt'-0"3? PsoraoTD Bl'StVlf nTTSM r? collage of Medicine. Yleaaa. imperial Trias star Me. 1, la tbe effectual raaoedy Bar BelaxaUoa, tpermatb<<rrboea, and Bxhaustlon of thel^?am. Trltsamar Ho.B haa entirely aapersedad tba naaseoas use of Cosavla, Cube be. Aa Trieaeaar No | U the InlbUlbl* remedy all Impurities and Secondary Symptom*, thui obvlatl ag the aa* of mersury aad all otAar deleterious Inaredlaata. Bach preparation l? la tbe torn ef a meat agreeable Loaenge Secur*d Jreaa tbe effects or climate and cbaagaaaT atmdipher* In Mn can**, *4 #5 each, er four t* case a In oae for ft, and in * csssa. thus saving $t Divided la separate dole* m s^mtalstered by Yalpaaa, Sallaaanda, Boux, Wholeaale aad r*4aH_by Dr. BAUOW, So. 194 ieVhld also oJV (rtoBD, Be. atO Pban-, ivBttsimtf utASs J AtBBBBL AMP OOPflijI. 10 m ponads large SROBB CODnsa. ? barretoMo 1 lAObBBBL. .Just received aad lor aaleatoar w^arf, at tba ft?t ef Seventh at. B. P BBuVItSOI. Oommisslon Merchaata, Beis tf Mo. ?B? Nlatbat . wet. Band P. y/m ? Ltrmk. I1B0 PLACM. Y. Ill),:* ' ?r l CARRIAGES. ^IDllV J . JOTCBft CO., 0ABB1AGB MANOFACTBBBBS, BOB. ITT ABD 479 rOBBTEBMTH 8TRRBT. We mn m? nmri d to fk?Iw or dersfor OABBIaGKB li all tha new ard fubiostbl* iI)Ih. to b? ooa?ltM w *" ? it to tuly day. Vi hntoi kt>d ?UrM assortment of LI6BT PAMILY OABBIAGB8, BIBB TOP AMD BO T?P BUGGIES, DEABBOBME WAGOSS. BOOBAWATB, Ac. Desirous of malntaialng the high standard which onr work has held for many ye are. we contine onr buaiiHS* exclasively to OARRlAGES of oar own manut?cture. aud of the tirat cla-? ?iily, and a<l riee oar patrons and tba public that we offer no Inferior aale work. RBPAIBJBG made a speciality. feUeolm ABDBBW J. JOYCE A CO WOOD AND COAL. ^OAll 00 A Lll Beet WH1TB ASA atTs,by the ton. All al. es, j to unit customers. Sawed aad Split OAK WOOD, 'O per ctrd. .. .. K VIM 1C ? ?9 * Ldbk 0*k, 48 Pt cord. A Us of Ccal told by me always weighs 1.?I0 lbs. JOHN B. UOBD, feW ly Corner t'.h and G street'. 0 A L 1 COALM AT GRKATLT BEDUCED TRICKS Ores- tone of i;tW lbs., delivered In an/ rert of ; the city. chestnut White Ash, 87. _ Store, Hg? and furnace White Ash, ?S.O'. Bed Ash ?3 IS. Lehigh. 09. _ ^ ? Oak end Pine Wood eoastautly on hsnd. Orders received at onr Odice; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh stu-et g p BRQWf( ^ iaW-tf 463 9th street be'wpen E atld P. STEAMBOAT LINKS. ttTlAMBB WILSON SMALL ~~ ? FOR THE EASTERN SHORE. BOTIOB.?The Bteemar WILSON SMALL. OAPT. B. T. LBOIABD, now In all respects ons of the itauclie!<t,CL|^2^C moat comfortable aad eiegant^6*"?^^"" steamsra plying ea Cheaapeake Bay, will resume her rente on SAIUHDAY, March 11. She leaves her aler oppoelte Bo. <70 Light street wharf. 1 Baltimore, every TUB8DAT, THURSDAY, and BaTUBDAY. at? p. m.,for E ASTON POINT, DOUBLE MIL LS^OX FORD CLORA,SPOIX1f, wallacm s Wharf, Cambridge.hugh LETTS WHARF, CABIX CREEK. MED FftRD'S WHARFT.?A LIMYB'S LANDING. Returning from THE EASTERN SHOBB, she leavee Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. m., Oambrldge at 4 jp m., and Baston Point at 8 a. m., every Monday, Wodnoadav aad Friday, tone bin* at ail luterme diate landings, aad reaching Baltimore at Sam. on the following mornings. 8be_h*s a large number of fine state-rooms. ^^OB^FBK>g5|?BBBWI ABD P? TO TBATBLLBBS BO IRQ BOOTH TW10B DAILY, (Bnnday p. m. excepted.) The quickest aad most direct route to Blchmoad, a , aad the Boath. via tbp Potomas J7mm ^ steamers from Bixth Street Whar f. Washington. to Aaaia Greek and^^^^^^^M Richmond, Fredericksburg aad Potomac Ball road, now entirely completed from Aq&laOreek to Rich mond ,Va. connecting there with trains on the Richmoad ana Petorsbarg aad Richmond and Danville Ball roads, for Petersburg. Weldon, WiLmingtos. Balelgh, Greensboro', Salisbury. Charlotte aad Cheater, B. O. Steamers Eeyport aad O. Taadarbllt leave 7th Btreot Wharf dally (Sunday er?a1ng eacepted) at l.? a. m ana < f9 p. m. and arrive la Richmond at 1.48 p. m and S 90 a m. _ THROUGH TO BICHMOHD IB BBTBS HODBf fifty Mllee Shorter and IX Hoars Qnloker tbaa any Other Route. Bo aare aad got Throagh Ttcketa via Atoh Creek and Fredarlckaburn, to Richmond, at the Oompany's OAoe, corner of Penna. avenne and <;tb street, or oa board of the boats. Baggage checked "'Omnt'baseen aad Baggage Wagons will be tn readineesto oon*ey paseengsia aud .baggage be tween depots la Richmond Pnseengeni by this line pom by rfnyllgjt Mount Vernon, aad may have on opportunity of visiting several battle-fields near Froderlckaburg by atop * Bree* fast sup on board of Steamer,. GBP MATTINGLY.Bnpt.. Washington, B 0 G. B. MATTINGLY. Tlcket^Aynt^wWjngton. apft-ly Beaeral Pamongsr A gnat. DOTOMAC TRANSPORTATION LIMB. BOTICE TO~SHIPPBBB. Tba Steamer BXPBBB8, Oayl. B. A. BTTHBB, leaves Washington at la m. and A1 J? exaadrla at 7 a. m. BVRBY BAT'BA9^Bk UBDAT fbr?lywnt,Bndd'afanT.^ ^^" Smith's >olnt, Ohatterton Landing. Baajomov SsSt. rioaten Bay, Foawell's Wharf. Haaell's Wharf, Plney Pel at. Point Lookoat, aad arrives at Baltt ???o H f-tl Bo. 34* Penna. aveane, BOOTS, SHOES, Ac. BOOTS AND BUOBS. jjj fB B B W _ST OBI. RH Tb^nderslgnod begs leave to Inform his frlenie and the public generally that be baa opoaed tba BBW CBKAP BTOBB. Bo. SOB 7tb street,under Odd Fellows' Hall, where be baa oa hand a general aaeortmentofLadlee' aad Gentlemen's, Boy's Mimas and CbiMreu % BOOTS ABD 8HOB8. Remember tba ttamber, aoS 7th street, nnder Odd Fellows' H*i\ The hew Cheap Store, formerly A. F. Page ? store. _ de la WRORGB B. W1L80H. ^^ BOGBB1BB. HALL A PLABT. PLABT'S BCILD1BG, Ooraer Mew Tork avenne and lMn street, < Bntranre an Bew Tork aveane,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GROCERIES, TEAS, W1MES, IMPORTED LCXUBIBS, Ac., Ac., wonld respoctfally notify their fdeada aad the public tbat they have just opened their Nev Gro eery Store, where can be obtained any article nsn ally kept in a first claee Grocery. Withoat attempting to enamerale oar large, fresh and veilselected stock, we cordially invite the public to examine onr store and stock, believing we shall not fail to give entire satlsfbctloa to all who may faver oa with their patronage. We call eepoetal attention to onr aaaortmont of TEAS and OOFFBB8, which have been aelectrd with great care Car parity. Dealera will find a fine aeeortmant to sal set from, aad oar prices to salt. 1 Goods delivered promptly la any part of the city. JsaP^Ba pbOVBI I B B PI A full aeeortmant of all grades cboloe Flour lot Bakers; quality Bo l; prfo* low. Are the only dlroct receiver* for Boldea Hill, J. H. Gambrill (not l'atapeoo; and Liagaaor Family Floors la tbe District. AS the latter brand has fiasa extensively coanterfeiud aid Mid la this city, we would Inform thoee wishing this flour by arrangement with the minora we furnish it lower than It caa ha obtalaad fro* any other aouroe. Quality second to none. Price a fraotioa leea than ? B^cSiJb^tTt lo^ratea. ladlana aveaao aad lat street, ao 11 i ? aear Depot. gTBIBWAT -8 PIABOS. ' ' * JMaa. K?g?ar' !L" For tbe last tea yean Btelaway^s Plaaoe have, oa all^oyaglow, recolved ^Bbe ^llrat pay^lnia^ver "ifi 1 F BAB CI TATLOB. SPECIAL NOTICES. ***>' BKALING ON ITS WINGS" say ell who km Bide str cf I'K * lSTAk'8 B*LSAM Or WILD CHERRY. ard by such use beeu cured <>f cei|l>(. enlia, bronchitis ?ore throat, or ccnaim|L(u The prsdent will always keep tkla standard remedy by them. H MBS. M.G BBO^N'B MET A PHYSICAL DISCOVERY cure# Deafness. Catar'h, all Diseaeee of the Bye, and every disease flesh is heir to. Tor itltbytll Dtii;giit? mh9iw MBS M G. BBOWN'I CELCBR\TED POOR BICHABD'B KYK WaTBK. Lit te np every aunken eje, and strengthens every weak aye, I opens blind ayea, is the beat ia tbe world. For sale by all Druggist*. mh 9 2w* | MBS. M G. BROWN'S 1'NBQUAL.LED SCALP KBNOFATOB AND HAlK RESTORER No aulphar in this prepuratior, which la killing the scalps and rendering tba people blind. For aala by all Druggists. tnh 91* IT 13 NOT A HUMRUG ' ? Be convinced. Tbongb having been in use only for a abort tia?e" 1 METCALFE S GREAT BJIKt'MATIC REMEDY has gained a world-wide reputation and ia I recommended by tba beat doctors in Mew York aa fbeonly anre care for Bhearoatism oh 6 eo2w S. a FORD, Agent. ITS EFFECT IB MIRACULOUS. HALL S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENBWEB. It ia a perfect an'1 wonderful aiticle. Cure* hall- I nees. .Mikes hair grow. Abetter dressing titan ai.y 4'oil" orpooiHtnrsi Softens brash, dry, and wiry haii into beautiful fcilKeu Tiesses. Dot, I al?\e ail, tbe great winder is tbe rapidity with I which it restores ?kav hair io its ok ?i\*l 1 COLOR Tbe whitest and wors* looking bair ragtimes lt? J youthful beauty by its use. It does not dye tie I tiair, but strikes at the ro jt and til la it with ne>? life ktd coloring matter. The first applr ttflun will do good , you will e I the jiatcral C' ou returning ova y day, anl HRKOBF. H O KNOW IT. tb<* old gray, dlsco eri <1 aptearince of the hvr I will be |?D", ffiviQEr place to 1 latroiis, ahiuia^, I and beantltnl let k Ask for iial' V -ullian Hair Renewer ; n? other I article is at all like 11 iu eiioct. . ? See that e.ich bottle has our oriv at? Qovernnaent | ftamp ?ver the top of the bottle. All o:U rs ar-' I imitation*. _ R r BALL AOO Nashua. N H , Proprietors. I Cor aale by al drag^isis. fe 18 dAweo2m,r REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES, He. M Bond street. Few York. WFull information, with tiie kiglutt ttstimo- I tinl.t; also, a Book on Spedil Distorts, ?? <? staitd I ?mt -elope, sentfree. MW Bt <ttre and send for thtm, I end yov teill not rtg'ti it; for, as advertising pUy I sicians are generally, wittiont reftrenc<i ne atranger should be trusted. Encloae a tarns I for postage a><d direct to BB. LAWRBNCB, No. I 14 Bond street. New York nolJDAWly XT MARRIAGE ANDCELiBACY, AND TUB Bapplneaa of True Manhood. ? An Essay for I Yonng Men on the Crime of Solitude, aad tbe | Physiological Brrors. Abuseaand Diaeasea whicb cieate impedimenta to Marriage, with sure means | of Belief. Sent in sealed letter envelope*, free of charge. Addreae Dr. J. *KILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association. Philadelphia, Pa. jall-to I BECBET DISEASES. I Samaritan's Gin is the meet oertain, aale and all actual remed y? Indeed, the only vegetable remedy aver discovered. Curee In two to tonr daya, and I recent cam In twenty four honra. Mo mineral, bo I balsam, no mercury. Only tan pilla to be taken, it I 1* the aoldier'a hope, and a friend ta those who do I net want te be exposed. Male packagea, |l,(a- I Sab ariTaH'* Boot ahd Hirb J ricns?A positive and permaaent anre far Bpykilis. Scrofula, Ulcere, I Borea, Spots. Tetter*. Bo. Price $1 IA per bettle. Said by I. O. Ford. Sea advertisement my ? DANCING. ' pBOVB. J. W. * H. P. EBAlb' DANOINQ ACADEMY, A Paangylvanla avanna. bet. 4th and 7th ate.. jK Oppoalta Metropolitan Hotel. fiA Maw Claaaaa forming every evening. Thoeeda Iring to enter oar claaaea abould avail themaelvee of thia opportunity. Preparatlona will ba made in thla quarter for our annual May Bali. Circular* can be had at J. F. Bllla* and W. O. I Meteerott h Co.'a Mualo Storea. The Hail can ba ranted for Soiree*. Bo. Days and Hours of Tuxtx&n : For Ladiea, Muses and Masters. Tuesday auo Saturday afternoona, from 3 to 5 o'clock. Geutien en "iClassee, Tuesday and Friday eva- I nings from 8 to lo o'clock. Cor further Information,apply during the hour* I of tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesacn. ja 8 I Mabibi'b fasuionai;lb danoino ACADEMY. AT ?* I MABIMI h AbSBMBLY BOOMS, St K, betw< en ?th and 10th streeta, I The last quarter of this xeason, prei>arB- w* tory to tbe May Bill will commence ou Satur- | day, March 2. Classes fer theQarmai aie now I open. i N. B ?Private instruction given to *olt the coo- I vanlence of tbe paptl. aeli , Hf ASQLEBADE ANDVaNCY DRESS BALLS ivl AND PARTIES. 1 The undersigned would most respectfully in- I form tbe ladiea aad gentlemen of Waahlngton city, and tbe Dlatnct genarally, that he Is at all I times prepared to furnish parties with Masquer- I ade and Fauoy Costume, either oa loan or made to I order. He has taken rooms at the well known I fancy establishment of Ohriatlan Bappert, E*j., I A7th atraet, between D aad B. where he will b? I happy to await orders. CHARLES BCBQ, { lata Ooatumer at Ford'a and Oroyer*a i fe 11 lm* Theaters, Washington, D I I OLQTHINO, Ac. j JAMES T WALEIB, J MERCHANT TAILOB. 4P4 Seventh Street, j Bsapectfnlly informs his friends and the public generally that he has a fine large and well-^^ selected assortment of CLOTHS, CAfcSiMEBSB. ? Km TESTINGS ANDjnf ^ GENTS FUBNISH1NG COODS. That be is determined to ran off at a very small I advance ob coat. . .... I Persona patronizing hia aatabllshmeat will be I guaranteed a GOOD FIT and good workmanabip. a. be la determiaed to employ none but the best I workmen P 8-JOHN A. McLEAH takes this method to Inform hla friend* that he will be fonnd at his post at the al ove place, where be will be pleased te | > nitr te their tastes, glvinx th--m garments to *uit | the most fastidious, and aeeing that their gar menu ar# made up in tke most uorlnanltke nmn- I nir. mh II-lm jy|EBCHANT TAILORING^ j The aaderaigned having entered Into copartner- I blp, and laid in an ezte al ve an J carefully _ ? selected stock at CLOTHS,CASSIMBBES.^M VkSTlNGB. and Gentiemena' FURNISH l|A IBG GOODS, are prepored t? maFe np for their ca*tomer* neit aUtni' and fayhum iKlt Kuit* of olotbing, at their new eatablishmeat. No. I 3 JO E street, two door* west ef the National The- | Bt?r. Persona desiring neat fitting and fashion- | able Clothing.ob moderate terms, should not fall I te give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. GBO T. R1EI, B.W.GILBEBT. Formerly of fOV 9th at.. Merchant Tailors, mh ft-lm* Mo. 390 ? at. bet. ISth and 14th. |7 i. hbibEbgba, etpopolltan Hotel, Ul? Irown'e,' . M SSB PMwylvanls newwe/-*" 7 I M Washington. D- O. H CLAOBT- H. B. SWEENY, I UAL ESTATE BBOKER3 A!*? AOOTI OH IIBB. Parties centomplntlng build lag In the sprlaxor I pnrchnaing n aim proved property for Inveetment will End Ft to their advantage to look oyffur I Hat before pnrehaalng, aa we have added recently I to oar former list aiarge amount of that dear rip- I tlon of ptnpmty. We ran offer many indnoemeate I m rognzda altuation, low prloea and eaay terms. We have alao for (ale ?everal small tracte ef land I la the Immediate ylcfnity of this city, very eli- I o^r's sssf.* really bargn^M. Property left with ua far aale doea net aakject I Iheowner te ex pease unless aeld while on oar fs'ltlm OLAGETT A SWEENY. Auction a A odiMss'iok MEBCHABT 1 Southeast corner of K and Eighth streets, (Opposite Northern Liberty Market,) WashihotoB, D. O. BEGOLAB* SALES, ^o^i^MsentauioUoltod. Liberal adyaaoe made "\?rtieulBr*BttentloB Mid te the ea'a of Heel Betnte, and HemaMold Furaiture at prlvau reallull. fe as oolm pBPiaiNVTS. BASINS, F W?, OC BBAMTS, TELEGRAMS, fee. The National Democratic Committee met id New York yesterday af'ernoon at the resiAJ*n,tHS Belmont, Ita chairman. aio?t or the Northern States were represented. 1 oe committee came to the conclusion that it *a' m?3tpedient to ea.ll a national convention previous to the regular nominating convention ear'bDtl re-olvedon a thorough organ iUnion Democratic party throughout the At & meeting of the loyal Union members of the Legislature of North Carolina, witb oher V7? fi1"1"1*- h',d Raleigh, C. L. Harris, 5^9 '',? senator from Kutherrord, Cleveland o?W?2ik- ,E lkm Cha,r *n(1 W K R'Chardsoq, . rorefarT' " unanimously recom / tbe people of th- state promptly State? Inl M0t,?r CoiBrea^ of the United .ml ' ? u,,,<1 "An act ^ Provide for a more

effluent government ot th.' rebel States " The Fenian* had a very large and enthusiastic meeting at St. Louis Monday night. W, rf' ad?P,ed Pledging assistance 1 rJL. h h means ,b* present movement in *r **? d,demanding ot our (Government the immediate acknowl# dement of belligerent riehts 10 theRepublic of Ireland, and calling upon wealthy Irishmen of this oonntrv to pnrrhase privateers, to prey on English commerce A cable dispatch from Dublin, Ireland, yesterday, says ? Arr sti of Fenians continue to be made in all parts of the conntry. Large qu&uuues ot arms Aa\e been seized hy the po1U e A dicpatch trom Cork Pay., a detachment has been sent in pursuit ot a large number of ii.snrgents who were 1 eported to have gathered in the vicinity of Mallow .Innction, an impor. tant railway centra in comity Cork. Ihe Fenian Brotherhood met in Chicago at two o'clock yesterday; se venty-eight circle, were represented. After the organization. I resident Robert* was introduced and <nok.< on the pie**nt *tn e of the organization, it* pest record*, and it* future prospects. After the appointment of a committee on busings the convention adjourned until thu morning A young Jewess aged eighteen, arrived in iwtKimore, liotn New York. Snndu morning. She threw hermit ?,?o Jones' Fall* vesterdav morning and was drowned She was in full are** The name ?B. Kurzman was on hei wearing apparel. A Sandy Hook pilot-boat report.* that on the lit*. eight miles south-east of the Highlands, she saw a sunken vessel in twelve fathoms of water. The upper part of her masthead pole* were piln'ed white. She is supposed to be a full-rigged British brig. *w? batta,'on? of Montreal militia will be called ont shortly for Irontier service. A company ol volunteer rifles ua service at Kings\fn' ^ fhe last raonth ha* been retillery * meD de6erted from ,be royal arThe Mate Senate of Missouri passed the finance bill with an amendment cutting odwn lu"fwtr iS|l0nr?T V? Payment of overdue Interest ?300,000 for free school fund. It is iunendmen* W'" -ncur in ihe Governor Qeary, of Pennsylvania, yest^rd?y signed the death warrant of Albert T? ufel ?tVria^i ?w-tt>e rder of "apt. J as. Wirlei at Bristol, Fa., in November last. He will he executed April |h. at Doylestown, ra. The St. Louis Democrat'* St. Joseph's SDecial Coole * recent raid on UieV.^iau. in the region of stein s mountain reeulted in killing sixty-three savages. It is expected that Governor Butler will foou convene the Nebraska Legislature to take m-ceseary mea*ure* to put the Sta-e in working A number of bridges and considerable other property have been destroyed in Nebraska. The F.mperor ot Austria left Vienna, vesterdav, on a visit to thecapital of Hungary Mrs. Lacretia Pope, mother of Maior General Fope, diea at St Lonis yesterday. Railkoap Communication isktwkks Al*xakdicia amd washixiiTON.?As the matter oi railroad communication between Alexanfo th^ h K^b,D,t,0n's ?f considerable inter*-*' o the inhabitants of the two cities, of general tan? /? trav,1??'? community at large, and of pecuniary consideration to some ilTaW V'Pub,lsU the following lint ot the different railroads and railroad scheme* bv which now. or in the tnture, passeiitrers anil oh'er ?an carried ftom one city to the W-bington and Alexandria Frei rh M- K K uf w b,ch 18 S. trench, L*q., which was sold out durinz the war, and for which *uit* are pending Seeo^d. The present Washington Aleian dna and Georgetown Katlroad r J^'rd^\Tb'' A,exandria and I'otomac Ra.i^ < P?'ed the Legislature, believed to ^ a instance of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, cna*. Marshall. B F rii-klin and other*. I h? "herm bank" railroad: the bill for which, we are intormed, ha* pas?ed the house of Delegates. pa^ea me The braDcb e'tha Loudoun ic Hampfhire Railroad, authorized some years ago. to go by way of the aqueduct, or if the company prefer, by the Long Bridge. sixth The provision of the general law. auiT.i extension of railroad* from one *iae of a town to the other, outaide ot the corporate limit*, wherever necessary to form a Wllh a railroad terminating on such "ll?of way' tbW tOW? aufhor,t,?s Betides all the above, in e**e or in posse, it would *eem that the Alexandria Dock Company, under its general power to conairact railroad* within three miles of the river, can build a railroad from Alexandria northward either to tne Lone Bridge or the Aqueduct of he Canal, or anv where else not beyond tha limit ot three mile*.?Altxattdria Gaxcttt. Th* citt ok Mkxico OcciPmo by the IjIkieai.j.?1 he Mexican Consul at &an trancisco has information derived from the Secretarvtofthe Governor of Mazttlan that the n?y.h?f f-rhX,C,? occupied by the Liberals on the 1 - th ot february, and that President Juarez. Cabinet and suite were at O ueretaro ou the same date, a three days' journey from the capital The report that General Ortega bad been shot by order of President Juarez i? untrue. Goaquin Miramon. a brother of the Imperial general, had been taken near tecas and shot a* a traitor In the la*t engarement Miramon bad 160 Frenchmen who were captured by General Fscobedo. They had left the service of France to join the Imperial cause. They were ordered to be shot at San Jacinto city. Morelta has been evacuated bv the Imperialist* and occupied by the Liberals under General Bitftiles. The tall of Morela left no garrisoned place in all Mexico to the Imperialists. p Last Lk<;imlati un._Tbe number of oills paased at the recent M?*eion of the Illinois General Assembly toots up twelve huudred and Mxty-three. The session consisted of iast forty working daya. This is eqnal to just thirty-one bills each day, er say five every Th* Ballot roe Women.?Petitions are circulating by the women in St. Louis, aakin* h! ,f?,:,AlDreto ?trik* word ma e from the state^constitution. Preparatioaa are also making for a maea meeting of wemen for the purpose of bringing the queauon of female suffrage prominently before the people. d!^"Bi?m?rckempueeahotueof wine every in^r7?h',c,i?rk of WPath8r has been drivlofwith a long rem of late. eeems to have fairly stolen a March on spring. BreewUl Bap Us u in the United Mates have a membership of &>,000. fSnnday night am use menu are in vocue lot l^oiiaau theatres. MTa rural couple were married In a drv Roods store at Springfield, Illinois, on the 2d W^hakltig baada ia nnfaahioilAble, except of eonree with ladles v JL/~Physicians in St. Lonis expect a return of the cholera. John A. Bingham declines to be a candidate fbr Governor of Ohio. ?JeT**y LegisUture is annoyed with dam Mile. 1BT A vein of valuable coal haa been diaoovered at the Portland quarries, OonnecUcnt, ^Th? ce rem mi lee of Lent brtng ont a good deal of coaaroreray on ritnaliam. Kansas dame haa bad five children A gentleman In Iowa ad vertices for a wish "who wears her own hair, bar ova teeth, her own cheeks, her own "baxxum," and her own caiyea." BALTIMORE M. E. COSFEREHCE. SIXTH DAT?'Tl'watr. .1. W l-snnU-'ti ?iu m?(t^ a t ip^rnumfriry J A. McCauley, trom th# Cw?niTiitt?e on FrceOinen. submitted a report approving of the woik dose in that direction. indicating tbe great importance of educating tbe tr??dm?i and improving their condition, directing all pastor* to make collections for this objects* early a* practicable. and forward '.be same to the Treasurer of the Society. Kev. Thomas M vers. Chairman of tbe Hoard of Stewards, estimated tbe probable claims for tbe ensuing) year Superannuated, 91,-On; widows ana orphans, f'2,^00: other claims, 95.'2G>; total, ?9,'20U. The report was adopted and the necessary apportionment made Dr Hamilton, from the Ontenary tuna Committee, reported the total receipts of the Methodist Centenary. |U3,? <t: disbursements to Dickinson College. ?30,4t4 06: incn?a*e of cburcb property, 939,1<K>-0?: Preachers' Aid Society, 97,34:2; Irish Conventional Fund, 1/21* Metropolitan Church, Washington. 933.1 H t S; American Me'hodiat Historial Society, 965<i5(i, Centenary Kducauonal Fund. 9' -25; Missiou House, New York, 9T4y 50; Hibual School, Bremen, Germany, 96*v i-< church debt, 916.500 95. Sunday School Children's Fund. 9731 5-<; unspecified collections, 134.50; plate collections, 9(17.34; cbtarch extension, 91,150: local education. tt.s->. local objects, 52*25. chartered fund, S2S.50, Bibical Institute, Concord. ?tt>50. The committee recommended that the Central Comm ttee in New York publish the statistics contained m 'he report "lhe report ww adopted The Conlereuce pri>cei*ili*d, on motion of M*. Morgan, to fix the place of the uext annua! meeting Foundry Station. Washington, and City station, Baltimore, were named, tbe latter place beit g selected. A resolution offered by Rev J A. McCauley vas adopted. expressing he endearing tie* that have bound Kev L. F Mirgau tothis C inference for thirty years. Mr Morgvn connects himself with the Pittsburg Conference. A similar resolution was adopted respecting W. F. SpeaWe, transferred to the Fast Baltimore Conference. E. Richardson reported irom the Commitw on Mi?sionarv M nev Receipts from Biltimere District 99.9 3.71: Sonth Baltimore I?i=-met 93,^2 43: ??'ashington District. ti.0W <, Winchester District, ?l?l.J? , total, 915.4'20 3 >. The closii.g exercises were conducted by Key. N J B Morgan, after which a brief but eloquent address was made by Bishop Kinsley, who then read off the list of appiutmeuts, alter which the Conlereuce adjourned ?<-. The following are the appoiutments fur th icity and vlcinitv : Kaltimore District?J. Lanahan. Presiding Elder. Montgomery Circuit?J W . Start, G. W. Hobbs : Kockville?D. W. Arnold, John Whitson: Sandy Springs?C. Richardsou, J. H. Swope. one to be supplied South Baltimore District?Samuel V. Blake. P. E- Prince George's?to be supplied: Bladensburg?W. H. Laney, W. E. Herd. Washington District?N. J. B.Morgan, F E Washington City?Foundry, B P. Brown, B. N. Brown ; Wesley Chapel, A. H Ames : Metropolitan, F. S. De Hast-; East Washington. George V. Leech: McKendree, Wm. Krebs Union, Charles A. lit id. Ryiand, W m. Hamilton: Gorsuch, James N. Davis; Waugh, G G. Markbam: Providence, to be supplied Fletcher, .lob W. Lambeth, supernumerary: Hamlin, J. W. Hoover. Georgetown?James A McCanley ; West Georgetown and Tennellytown?George M. Berry. W. O. Lumsden, supernumeiary : Alexandria ? Joseph R. Wheeler; Leesburg?Geerge S. Sikes Fairlax?Lenas M. Nickerson; Loudon?A. J. Forter. Baltimore Annual 4 oafereace ef the Episcopal Methodist Church. SIXTH DiY-TrWDAV. Tbe following persons were Pieced *Acers of tbe Conference Missionary Society: George G. Brooke, President; W.J. Perry, Secretary. J. E. Armstrong, Treasurer; W. V. Tudor. , Thomas E CarsoB. J. P. Etcbisou, A. Wilson. S. S. Roszel, E. Welty, S. Rogers, J. L. Gibbons and J. Langstreet, managers The Committee on Colleges submitted a lengthy report on the subject of edacation They report that there is no college wiibiu the bounds ol the Conference tor tbe educatiou of young m-u connected with tbe Cburch. and but one lor tbe moral and religious culture of young ladies ?tbe Wesley an Female Institute iit Staunton, Va. St. Timothy's Hall, at Citonsville, near Baltimore, though not officially connected with the Church is highly recommended. Tbe report was adopted. Then Conferenbe then took a recess to bear the sermon of Kev Loyitk Pierce, D. D., ol Georgia, upon the lift* and services of the la:e Bishop Sonle of tbe Methodist Episcopal Church South. Alter the service of Dr. Pierce an account of the last moments of Bishop Soule was given by Mr. Green of Nashville, and Rev. Thomas B. Sargent. D. D . read an original anthem The services closed with he doxology and tbe benediction. 4Jonfeten:e then adjourned ?Z?a/'. America* Washington Annual (eaference M E. Church. (Colored.) % SIXTH DAY?TVEHDAV. Tbe following committees presented their reports, viz ? Bible cause, tract cause. Sunday school, and educational The missionary committee reported the receipts of the year at 9549.45. Tbe stewards reported thetr receipts at 9463.46. Tbe court of trial of charges preferred against il P. Bell, concerning fraud, reported the charges and specifications sustained, and be was therefore expelled. Mr. Bell gave notice that be would appeal to tbe ensuing General Conference. Tbe following were admitted oa trial, viz ? A. Posey. J V\ . Brown, and Nathaniel Jackson The Bishop closed tho Conference by devotional exercises, and readout the appointments, tbe following being lochurcbas in this city and vicinity: Potomac Dittrict? Benjamin Brown.Presiding Elder ?Washington City?Asbnry Station. C Johnson; Ebenezer Station,T. Jackson: Georgetown?Mount /ion, N. M Carroll; Bladensburg. Andrew J. Wheeler; Sandy Springs, Lorenzo Snowden: West wood. Benjamin Brown, ir.: Clarksburg, J. H. Randall: Patapsco, W W. Foreman. Severn. William Hicks: South River, J. Gross; Annapolis. J. Ockmay: West River. H. Mathews; Calvert, G. W. Ptnckney; Patuxent. J. L Evans. St. Mary's, Nathaniel Jackson: Charles, Daniel Wheeler; Prince George's, Washington Lanktord. Faypahanttock Oirtrict?Jas. Peck, Presiding Elder.?Alexandria, Va , H. R Elbert: Fa.rlax. Robert Wheeler: Loudoun, Henry Carroll. Tub Lioip: atlkk ok Maryland.?Both Houses proceeded yesterday, in accordance u ub tne actof Congress, to vote separately and rt't a roc* for a Senator of tbe Vnited States In tbe Senate tbe vote stood -Ex-Governor Thomas, 15; Hon. J. A. J. Creswell, 5: Mr Cm field, 1. In tbe House, 54 >oted for Thomas and 16 for Creswell. To-day, under the law. both Houses will meet in joint convention, aud will no doubt elect Mr Thomas, the nominee of the caucus of the conser\ativeo. The bill to appropriate SiMMlOu for the relief of the starving people of the South was taken up aud passed?veas IT, nays 1. (Mr. Davis, of Caroline.) Lieut. Got Cox made a few remarks, cordially endorsing tbe bill. The money is to be expended by a commission, consisting of tbe Governor, the presidents of the Corn Exchange and Board of Trade of Baltimore, and Lawrence Sangston, Esq., and three others to be selected for tbe purpose. The oyster bill was taken up, amended and passed after which, the late yote on the bill providing for tbe call of a State constitutional convention was reconsidered. A motion to lay the bill on tbe table was defeated; after which, it was laid aside informally. The Hoase adopted a joint resolution to bring tbe present session of tbe Legislature to a close on the tfcid Inst. Leave was obtained to report a bill to authorize tht mayor and city couacilsof Baltimore to extend relief to the sufTarinc people of the South. Massachusetts AHDTHKCokstitptioiiAL Axxhumxht.?In the Mouse of Representa tiyeo ol Massachusetts yesterday afternoon tbe report of tbe commute* on federal relations on tha proposed amendment to the Constitution of the I'aitad Suites came up lo consideration, the question being on subsu tuting the report of the minority, which rec ommends the udoptlon of lbs amendment, with an explanatory resolution. The majority report recommends tbe reference of tbe amendment to the next Lsgislatnre. After two hours' debate an smendmeut to the amend meat In the shape of a resolution was offered ? That th* Legislature of Massachusetts earnestly requests Congress to propose to the States na amendment to the Federal Coastituttoa prohibiting th* dUfraachiaenssnt of aay ciuxen mi sccoast of o*lor." Oa the adopttoa of this amendment th* y**a and aays war* mrdered. It was rejected by 14 W 130. LOCAL NEWS. ? Korkth Ward Kitirlicax Cldi. m >?. day night. tk? Republican Club of the >'o?r:k Ward ?? > m tbe Third B?pu?* (cs?k<r?i) Church, n>tu?r of L and 4th ?tr>*t? noMti. *ni ** called to order by Mr. J H Crosses m. (* bite.) president. Mr. <t. F Needham. : white.) from th? committee on by-laws, reported tba' tbe cr? umit-ee bad had no regular ir.eetinr. bat be MkiM'V i two series prepared by Mr Uaugewer aud himself. Mr. Dixon (coloredi parroted that the cons, roittee were all present, ana ouM mt*?- a definite report. The series were recommitted, and the committer retired The Chair mentioned tbat 'he committee on nomination* would report the name* of p-r. ' manent t fflcers to be elected on the Ut of April next. Mr Needham remarked tba* Mr Bowren had ccn-ented to serve as president of the club if eie?ted, and hoped tbe committeee would remember ibat fart. Mr. Needham. from the committee on bylaws, reported a series, wbicb was read, ami adopted unanimously without debate. Mr Needam moved that the secretary be tastr noted to prepare a correct list of members, and that from tbe next meeting tbe member* be required 'o pay the fee*, agreed to. Mr. Netdbam muted tbe appointment of a committee of Ave members, to confer with similar committees from other wards in relation to petitioning (lonrrfn to provide for the election of M"?y?..r and a comptroller for this city in June next Mr King i whiter explained tbat tbe reason for adding a comptroller is the well kaowu fact that the money of the people?tbe taxes, fines. Ac ,?is expended without the accounts havinjr been audited. He al?o announced that a committee from tne Seventh Ward upon ihi* subject was present in the church. 1 hey wire invited to speak upon tbe mhjs-t, but before any address could be made the res. olntlon was adopted Mr. Williams, twbite) :rom the Seventh Ward, congratulated the club upon their *pparent watcbtolnsse He. with the Seventh Ward committee, were here to confer with them, and were clad to *>-e they had already adopted the resolution. If tbe club* co-oper. ate, and the petition is properly presented, the provision will be made by Congr?s*. Mr. .1. S Hrown (white'i rose and remarked that this charter election should eorr.e off" in the spring. The Chair, interrupting. said be had evpte>-sed opposition to speaker* from other wards participating in their discnssiou. In this case he would put it lo the sense of the club, as he wished lo hear Mr Krown <i re. marks. The club deeded iu tavor ot Mr. H , and he resumed He had talked with a num. wr of colored m-'n and learned from thetn that among the colored voter* were many wbos* business called them away Jrotn the city tjefore the m?>nTh ef June, and kept them away during the summer. That is one reason for an earlier election. Another reason is the moral impulse v.hich would be given by it. <'ongre?? would be here, and that would give the impulse, for we know 'hat during the absence of Co tigress the wet blanket of secession is thrown arounu us. Mr J. 11 Crane. (White) of Seventh Ward, lavored the resolution. Mr. Lucas, (colored) of Seventh Ward, aaul it we get a majority of the Republicans of the city, we will have a majority of the Distrlc . and there is no doubt that Congress will act iu favor of the majority. The president appointed the following committee <V F. Needham. white. Rev. J. A. Jones, colored. Mr. Hatton. colored, Oen. Jos. Oerbardt. white, and (iangewer, wr.ite Mr. Hatton introduced a preamble sett r.g forth that as the Seventh ward Club hail adopted a resolution excluding member* of other clnbs from the discussions in their meeting. this club resolves that its courtesy be extended to all Republicans who may be present at it* meetings and desire to give vent to their feelings, or to offer suggestions. Mr Williams, t white,) of tbe 7th ward, said tbe resolution reierred to only excluded out. siders from discussion of the business of the club, not lor matters of general interest. Mr Lucas (colored) denied the passage of such a resolution as is referred to by the 7th ward club. On motion, the preamble was stricken out, and the resolution adopted Mr. Jeffries (colored) moved that the uames of any persons engaged in enticing colored citizens to migrate be stricken from the list of members. A Voice ?Who is it? Mr Jeffries referred to one Mr. Mcintosh. (Laughter in the amen corner "1 Mr Mcintosh (colored) excitedly denied the charge, and called for the proof, and declared his readiness to answer for himself. The chair called to order, and boped that members wouM have acbauce to justify 'hemselves. Mr Jeffries renewed his accusation with re? newed emphasis. Mr Mcintosh again denied tbe charge, aud said his accuser's coaduct was uumauly. Kev. Mr. .lone* (colored) hoped no further personalities would be indulged. Mr Need ham moved tbe appointment of a committee of three lo .nvestigate charge* of this kii'd : agreed to Kev. Mr Bouldin colored) cautioned tbe club against persons going about getuug colore* families to migrate. They are only wireworkers trying to get the voters out "of the District. The Chair appointed Messrs. Jeffries, Lewi?, and Shai.klai.d the committee. Mr. Stokely (colored) moved the appointment of a committee of *hree to invite radical members of Congress to address the club any night next week a' their convenience. Agreed to and Messrs Stokely, (colored. Needham, anrt Oen Gerhardt (white) were appointed. Tbe business of the club having beeu finished, addresses were made by Mes?r* Williams. s. J. Brown, Mr Crane. Mr. Wood, (white.) and Kev. Mr Bouldin, (colored.) briefly favoring the impeachmeutof the President. the Immediate alteration of the election law of tbi* city, and opposition to the migra tion of colored families from tbe District On motion, tbe club adjourned to meet in Galbraith Chapel uext Monday nlgbt. >otLiki*otobf Pravid At -Tbe Senate ot Massachusetts considered a resoltuioa. a lew day* ago, to prevent the chaplain from making perseual allusions to members in his prayer*. It seems tbe chaplain is an en?my of liquor selling in every form, and greatly exercised at tbe prospect of tbe substitution of a license law lor tbe present prohibitory system. So he lays the sins of tbe friends of tbe license law before the Lord, and pravs that members and ministers wbo favor a license law may be induced to aak forgiveness on their knees. Senators freely express their views and are of opinion that tbe cbapiain should abstain from expressing his personal views in bis prayers. HotTMOF Laboi ixMahai hl'sbtt- -The majority of tbe Committee on t^aesuons of Labor have reported to he House of Representatives of Massachusetts a bill making a very proper aud humane provision against the employment of young persons iu factories tor an excessive number of hours in the day. Tne Legislature will probably adept this report, aud decline to legislate respecting tbe hours of labor of adults a minority report has been submitted, providing lor an annual reduction of the boars cf labor tor all persons in factories, except those occupied in repair* and in necessary labor, until in lts? they .-hail be reduced to eight hours in tbe day. ay The citizens of Johnson cennty, Mis. souri, recently formed a Vigilance Committee, made up of men of all political parties, for the purpose of riding that and adjoiaiag counties ot lawless men. Cue or two desperadoes of the old bushwhacker class have already been shot, and two or three others driven from the State. A notorious gambler, who Is known to have killed two men. was arrested at Warrensburg. and, after being tried by the Johnson County Vigilance Gommiuee.'was bung to atree in sight of tbe railroad depot at Warrensburg. and his body was allowed to hang several days, as a warning to all men or bis character. VTbereare schools in Ireland, with 1 scholars. 1^* negro in Lngland has received the victoria cross. A woman boldly affirms that "aman cannot cook a iaeal ot victuals " Many wives can't either. y Rev. J a be* W. Swan, the well knowu revivalist, ha* become deranged at New London, Ct., in consequence of easessive labor. IT*An lewa lady has just recovered SNi.0()O damages for defamation of her character by a man wbo told scandalous stortes about her. yTbe leech business is flourishing in Australia. and Boston intends to do away with tbo henry laws. *7"Bridget Dnrgan, the servant girl, big confessed to the murder of Mrs. Dr. Corill, at Newmarket, New Jersey. gVTbe women of Missouri ask the Legisla tare to strike the word male from the Coastitution of that State. S7~Tbe Detroit Common Council is at last organised, a Democratic preside at having been choeea after a struggle of two month*. WOa Tuesday seventeen Catholic couple* were married in Portland wbo concluded that ft was too long to watt through the Lent teat, lag season. mr England is arming on a great ecale. Bully for Bull! 7-Oraatand Lee is the R. Y. Herald's last presidential ticket. *?*F>male evangelists are oa the Increase t* Eaglaad.