Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. AMTSF.MKST3. Ac . TO NIOIT. is at 'ova i. Thiatie ? Hrongbam in hisown (omrdT oi "h iim m (If Web *' I'M perforntuoi to commence with "Napoleon's Old Onard * Wa' l's Niw Opira Hocsr.?First night of he raienlesl Worrell Sisters, who will appear in the faiTT burleeqne ?f '-Cinderella.'" ana the farce ol "Nan. the <f?K.d f?r-BO?hinc " Odd Fkllow*' Hail ?The grand Miltoman Tableaux. Handsome presents distributed every everfng. Th*<v>?sb< ticitt Elicctiov.?Last evening a meetinc ef the citizei s <'f Conn? cMent ??? held at l nion League Hall. The waa called to order ly Mr. C- K Dai ley, wboettted that the obi'it to coreider what ?'*ps are necessary to have Connecticut men vote in the coming election, that the I nton ticket might be trm mpban*, and ou hts motion Mr S. I'jjyli was called to the chair, and Mr. t. C. Lone appointed secretary. Mr Iisiler stated that Senator Nye ha) commenced the csnta-i, and that gentlemtn was ot tbe opinion that the success of the I nion ticket is doubtful. tBatthe third district Is the onlv one in which a victory is sure He Mr 1? referred to the tact that one-fonrta of the voters of tbat State are foreigners, who, while cryirg for liberty in their uland in the ?a*t, will cast their votes here almost entire for serldom. He also s'ated that f}?n. Floury was anxious thai tbe sons of Connecticut would organize for this election, and sent to the -ecrecary's desk a letter from tbat gentleman which was rend. A motion was made and carried tbat a committee of one from each bureau be appointed to confer witb voters of Connecticut in Washington, to ascertain who will ge to the election. and to impre-s on them their dnty to go, and tbe following were appointed?Messrs Daily, First Auditor's; Smith, Second Auditor : ' Pratt. Third Auditor's; Spencer, Fourth Auditor's, I.eng, Sixth Auditor'*; Clark, First Comptroller's; Qilfillan, Treasurer's; Hun tingdon. Internal Revenue, ot the Treasury Department; Noyes. duartermae'er General's, War Department; Jones, Interior Department; Faxon, Nary Department; Blague, Capitol. %. Mr A V S Smith stated tbat he had been in formed tbat the State Central Committee would furnish transportation to tbe voters, and moved that a committee be appointed to correspond with the State Committee and to make arrangements for transportation, wbioh was agreed to. and Messrs Smith, Blackman and Spencer were appointed. It was stated in regard to securing leaves of absence that as Mr. Faxon, Assistant Secretary or the Navy, intended to go to Connecticut to vote, and Assistant Secretary Chandler had gone to New Hampshire to vete, that there would probably be no difficulty in toe way, and tbat Senator Ferry and the committee would confer with the heads of departments on tbe sut'iect. The 1>-?A>B Womas ?She Attempts to Drmrn llert'lf.?Tbe young woman, who was noticed hi tbe &ar of Friday last a? having been found roaming tbe streets seemingly insane, and who was taken to the tenth precinct station, was detained at the station until Saturday evening w hen she appeared te be more rational, and was allowed to go: an officer being detailed to keep a watch on ber movements. A tsmilv residing near 'be corner of and H streets took ber in Saturday night, but on Sunday ?h>* walked out, and getting to tbe 6thstreet wbart, attempted to jump overboard. She was brought back to tbe station, and on Tuesday morning was committed to the work bouse as a vagrant, but the officers tbere refused to receive her, and she was brought back to tbe station, wh?>re sbe remained until tbe afternoon, and was again permitted to leave, and two officers were direcu-d to follow her Sbe went directly to tbe 7th street wbar! where she took otf her shves and threw them overboaid and prepared to jump over but was prevented Sbe is now roaming tbe streets in tbe western portion ul tbe Island. She gives ber name as Mary Frame, is abont 1? years old. says tb?-t she ie from Columbus, Ohio, and taat her guardian is J edge McLean. who recently moved tr >ai Ohio to Wilmington, Delaware. Tbe latter ha* been written to by tbe police, but no answer ba* as yet been recived. Kimril ok Me Ostirvater.?Tbe funeral of late B. Ostermayer, the filib and last victim of the Central Hotel catastrophe, took place from bis residence, on F street, yesterday afternoon, and was very largely attended. The services at tb* boo?* were conducted by Rev Mr Finke), of tbe Evangelical Church; after which tbe procession formed In the following order, and proceeded th Prospect Hill, near Olenwood, where tbe remains were interred?Bergman's Band, German Benevolent and Evangelical Church Societes; Wagner's Band Oriental Lodge, No. 19, and Columbian Encampment. No. 1, of Odd Fellows; after wbicb came tbe corpse, followed by a long cortege ot vehicles, containing the tamily and friends of the deceased. The pall-bearers were Messrs Offexstein and Dickman, of tbe firstnamed association; Ang?rmann and Wayne, of the second Launder ad Rau*. ot tbe third: and Hines and Moxwell, of tbe fourth. Boap.dof School Tbi *tbb?.?The regular monthly meeting of tbe Board of Trustees ot Public Schools was held last evening in their room at tne City Hall. Mayor Wallach in tae Chair. Present?Messrs. Wilsou, Tustin, Brov.n. Woodward. Rhees, Fox. Walsh. Johnson and Murtagh. Mr. Woodward, from tbe committee on accounts and expenses, stated tbeaccounts ot tbe Treasurer lor the quarters ending September 3. and December 31, 1-Ct'-, had been examined and found to be correct, leaving a balance to tbe credit ot tbe Treasurer of 911.05. During tbe la?: quarter ihere w?3 expended tor salaries of teachers in the four districts ? 1^.909 41; for care of *cbool rooms, f tor contingent expends, ?t?, 1 j; for rent of scnool rooms, 92.ITl.6d for luel and stove fixtures, 9l,oi9 16. Adjourned. Akbi val of Mb. Pratt.?Daniel Pratt, the great American traveler and standing candidate for tbe Presidency, has arrived in this city, and announces bis purpose to mediate between the Nortb and tbe South, the East and tbe West: also, between the legislative and executive branches of the Government. Mr. Pratt differs radically from tbe immortal .!. N ." tbe great thinker ot the West, in regard to the best mode of reconstruction. Mr. Pratt favors the aggregation of ideas in a spltere, with the base of the predominant circumflex ion, and "J.N goes in for lifting the pressure and establish ng ratiocination on tbe principle of innate perceptions In addition to tbe nominations received by Mr Pratt for the Presidency by various societies and bodies throughout the country, the Washington H. A. D 'shave unanimously nominated him for tbat position. EMPLOY*EST OF t KKEDMEN ? Col. Beehe, Local Superintendent of the Freedmen s Bureau for ibis lustrict, baa made bia report to Major Oen Howard, showing the worlc performed by the various employment offices in this District for tbe ten days ending on March loth. Tbere were Jit applications for servant ?, and 061 applications tor employment. 167 were provided with employment in this District and throughout the Suites. In Alexandria, Col S. P. Lee, Superintendent of tbe Intelligence Office, reports that during the ten days ending on the 10th instant, 83 applications for servants were received. and SI applications for employment. All of whom were furnished with employment. Cbivivai. CoCbt. Judy Fisker.?Yesterday, Martin Welsh, indicted for burglary in robbing the store of Magrnder A Bro , in December last, was found not guilty. J>avis for tbe defense. Hathaway, who wv flrst arrested for 'be same oflense, gave ball, and his recognizance forfeited. In the case of Mary Bnrr, indicted for larceny, a mnlle pvt. was entered. John Brown and Daniel Webster, charged with larceny, and James Mathews lor an attempt to commit a rape, were discharged (torn jail at the euggestion ol the grand jury. Tub Hotkl Kobbebt.?Last Saturday night, the rooms in the Owen House, on Penneylvama avenue, near l*th street, occupied by Messrs. K H. Pierce, John J. Matthews, and Henry O. Fnsbee, were entered by a thief or or thieves, who relieved thee* gentlemen of a watch, also money, amounting to more than *60. Subsequently detective Miller arrested Hugh Robinson. alias Donnelly, and John Harri*. alias Charley Hicks, aad turned bis ?riaon?rs over to detcotivea Clarvoe and [cDevttt, who had inspected them of heme concerned in th# robbery. Justice Mor?ell Investigated the cMcand commuted Donnelly to* court. Hicks waa dismissed. r - As*An ted AUD Rjcat*> ?This morning i about bull pa*t two o cluck, officers HUl and Tucker, ol the *'onrth Ward, found a man named Jobn Nelson, on the corner of Pennsylvania avraue and 6th street, in abelpieta condition, having been assaulted and beaten m some locality on the Island. Hia law-hone was fractured, and hie head badly cut Officer B ill pn riired the service of a physician, w bo dressed the wounds. The injured m m was ttrc conveyed to his residence on north A ami 9th streets eaat. ? o OnruAJt*' CeuRT. J*Uf r*rxfVL^-\p*tenday. le tcr* of adm.uiAtratiou were taeoei to Jua Morrte% en tbe estate of Tbaddeu* Marrice, 1 bond 9$ to James Peokey on estate of Uassawav Patterson, bond 83,iW. (leorge F Atkins was appointed guardian to the orphan of tbe late William Green, bond IM Tm* Sakitab* l^Awe._The laws of the corpuiation for ih- prutectioa of tfte heiltfe of the city. ar* o?w Beta* strictly enforced By the o n cere detailed for ibat purpo.e, and to-liv a number of caare were reported. Th< ward commissioners aUo, are giviag aiunuon to euhjeot, and all ee?*m aniiou* to do nil they csn to protect ttae city against the oholera tb.s apring. MaT.iODlPT PltOTB->TANT COXrBUBNt R ? ! Tin# body opened it# annualsai.ioa laHii't, nmre tfeia nurBiar. and alrealy Utre are many preachers and delegates present. Washinitios, Georgetown and Alexandria, are well represented. I'ni attik Huian.?Ye*terdav. William Scberger wan arretted hy officer MMlr, of the Second Ward, tor keeping bis restaurant open after boars, lie was fined Blu.55 byjusuce Morsel]. At HAMMAra e Ks^tavkast theiimhe?. the at'endance. tbe manuer oi cooking and servii?#c tbe food, and the quality of tbe food rself, are ail that tbe most exacting ran require, while tbe rates charged are aot in excess of those elsewhere. Sai.b of Momt ?The Central Building Asdonation, at its meeting Tuesday nigrht. this being the 19th month since its organisation, sold I4* shares at an aTerage of 40', per cent. CITY jTKMS. Jbwblby.?New styles Doable Drop Bog W ood >etts, :i L?ink Obain Drops. Jet Cham*, received tbi? morning, at Pngg'a One 1H?Ilar Jewelry Store, No. 438 Pennsylvania avenn?. near 4# street. Thi 9*2.50 white Shirt is an excellent article for tbe money, made to order for KM per dozen or ?IS per half dozen, at Henninr'a One Price Clothing Store, on tbe corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. WaNoTicaat tbe Addis Gallery,3** Pennsylvania avenue. (A. Keno Sbmdler A Co's) a beautiful cellectlonofpbrtograpba.amongihera those of the Indian Chiefs recent I y here and some beautiful portraits on porce'ialn which are a speciality at this gallery and are just now in demand. Boy'? St its of all styles, dents' Suits of all styles, black drees Pants and Vest, black Frock and Sac* Coats. Also, a lot of Boys' Jacket aud Pants, 81 and 85 per sait. We offer our immense stock at great bargains for tbe next sixty days. Call at Smith's, No. *00 7th street, opposite Poet Office. Quick sales and small Profits!:!?Good White Shirts f 1.311, f* andS2 5n. at Franc's Gent's Furnishing Store. 491 ?th street, he. tween D aud E: also shirts made to order. 1 rn e Wx ARE HHgi x?TBD by the Congressional printer to say that it is absolutely impossible to give employment toanv more persons at tbe Government Printing Office, and that it is unless to apply. 3 Gray's Collars, 25 cents per box. Goldsmith Collars, '?'> cents per box; Imitation Linen Collars. 25 cents per box: aud all other goods cheap in proportien at Franc's Gents' Furnishing Store, 4i>47th street, between I> aud E streets. Xm For CnrLBLAias and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price ?1 p?*r bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4>? an d 6th streets. Dr Whitb, Chiropodist, 4*4 Penn a* , between 4jf and 6th streets, continues the successful treatment of corus, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, 4c. Office hours from s a. m. to 5 p. m., and 6 to 8 p. m. Established 1MJ1. A ScbbPiLb Cckx?Dr. Gilbert's Pile instrument positively cures the worst caws of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of *1. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Komaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Pbvfib* can be bad in any quantities at tba ttmr office counter HAlkllP. IBGOLD?TBOM PHON. On the evening of the 12th inat., at the I street Baptist Church, Washiagtcn . b* Bev K H 9ra> . Chaplain of the I 8. J> I*GOLD JNorth Oarolina, to Miss BELLE THOMPSON, of Virginia. HAMILTON?O'BBIKN On lltb Instant, by Be* Dr H<> mead. HARBISON H. HAMILTON to Miss ELLA A. O'KBI IS. both of this slty. * BIBB. WILSON. Oa tbe night of the 11 th last , WI&. condsoa of Juhn and the late Oath arine V? llien, in the 14th > ear of his age. after a ChrVES wt4cl,h' "^rpd Tare and serene In thought, A fcait.stid kind and dear, By loveimmortal brongtit To leave this brief eeieer. To live to inch an end. And lay by day while here, By deeds of love to lent His influence to sheer. HisfuBeral will iak<* place 'rum the residence of his mother in law. Mrs C Higgle*. Ne 40b 1Mb treat. tetwetn I and K streets. on Thur-^ay afteraoea, at 2 o'clock The relatives and trieads of the tamily are in viled to attead * ^5-ES!1?0 0> th<! ,,lh instant. THOMAS BONOiiOO, aged 5-j yiars. formerly of Pnlladclphla. The friends of tLe family art Invited to attend hi? funeral to morrow (Tbarsday evening. at 2 o < leek [ Philadelphia papers please copy.) fT? auTioi. 1 HE < O-PABTNBKSHIP heretofore existing between Edward O Dyer and Thomas Bnsaell, urxler the Aran of B O Dyr A Oo.. wax dissolved on the 13tb inst. by thedeath ol Mr. Oyer; the nod?rsign>d is anti>ori^ed to close up th- busluess, to whom all accoants mast l>e presented for s?ttleTHOMAS BB48KLL. 'I^BB i:n4ers1<:n-d have thte day formed a co1 partnership uud? r the firm of Thomas Bussell A Ce., for tbe Iniportatlon and sale of WIBB8. tigDoBS.and 01HABS. and have pn?chased the stock and fixtures ot tbe late firm of B V. Dver A Co,, aod will continue the business at the old stand, '256 Pennsylvania a% enne THUS. BUBS ELL, _ L. r CLABK. WA-HtxnTO.x, D P., Feb. 13,18.17. m 11 st r|>WlBB-A fall assortment ot White. Manilla, A and Straw Wrapelnu PAI'EK PAPEB BAttB ami FLOIJU BACKS f?r Sale very low by B. MOSBIBON, mh ?-lm* 4 31* Pennsylvania avenno. ABOTIOB. LL PEltSONS INUEBTBO TO THB OLD firm of VATBfc A 8KL15V are reijuestail to oome fo< ward aLd srttie np tbelr accounts, as I ?m desirous of closing ?p tbe affair* ot said firm. J AH. W 8BLBY, At the old stand of Yates A Belby. 3*23 Penn'a avenue. JC8T BEOKlVKf) ?A large lot of 4-4 BLEACHED OOTTOH, undressed. which we are offering te the public at the nnprecedeu'ed lew price of i"> cents. Also a lot or 4 4 BLBAUH Rt> COTTON at SO cents, very cheap. J W. 8BLBY A CO . At the old stand of Yates A Belby, _5>h ! " 3:i'J Psnn avenge, aear 7th st. UITTBK OKARGES' D BITTBB OBANOE8 I For preserving N. W BUB0HBLL, _ . , comer 14th an? r streets, "'h 8 nader Ebbitt Boasa. A B. BBOWNB. B. J. 8M1THBBB BBOWBB A SMITH BBS. ? WASH1BOTOB. D O, BUBBAU BEFI OBB8. FBEEOMEN. ABO o? ? ABANDONED LANDS. n2"c# Bo- 476 Seventh street,opposite the Poet u??*: fa S ly ASHIBOTOB, MAACH 8, la67. Torsale, aqoaatity Jf~OLD BOXES I ami re of the anderalgnad, at his office. :t?7. en 18th ' OOLBB, Poeelafn Kyrup O^na. Olaas lined Fanoets aad Syrup Indicators AI?o. two atsteen Ballon copper Fountains, all in excellent 0rmh l^3t"r0M 8o** FonatalB "City PostOfflce P1AB0~ST00LS. ir PI ABO OOVBBH, B II 3t BLLIB. 206 Panna. it, IJBITBD bTATBB BONDS ti. AND ^ . TBBASDBT BOTES, SOBgfet, sold and sxchaneed oa favorable terms. . , _ LEWIS JOHNSOB ft 00, B ankers, .*'"f Wl Penaa. areaae. t 'HOCOLATB DOCBLB, VABILLB, V, ? DB H. MAILLAIBD. Par Cacao et Sucre Bxem pt de tout! aseleaga. Z. M. P. BINU * BOB, ? * Blag Piaoe, Corner Termont areaae and Ah street. pBOlCB B UTS BAi 81NS. FI OS. 6 0 B BABTS. bPIOES. Ac., Ac , to ?olt thle particular sea *!?' *ale by t. M P. BINO ft SON, de li-tf Biac Plaoe. AND TOBACCO -iTBOOKE N BD"''I be happy toaarve bit friends 8au r w,th toAecoo, at No. Loalalaaaavaane, a*er BaukoX WashingTkitliS It' ?n^1' Murray's Emoticaal Disorders of theNsrvea The Story of a Stomach. Bralthwaite's Review UT Fei rnary De Bow's Be*lew fut February. f?t> FBAN0K TATLOB. AMUSEMENTS. HATlOBAI. Pennsytrnain Ifmuw Wtllarde' Hotel J.*,1.? ,<Wr?*5"U'),TBI,,,r0* *ABCB 13. Winth algbt of tlif nMvmiiMt of MR. JOBS BKnOO'UV, Him ?f hi* elrgiat ?rl(iitl C jmedy, la three act* entitled ? ? FLIKS IB TRI WBH. Mr, Corydon F#i|inT?, Attorney at Law, , Mr John KronshAni. Im per fermanr* ?(|| romm?no? with _ N A KOI ION 8 OLD QUA To sorrow Bight. U'POMNSli'B MIBHON. WALL * NIB OPKRi Htflnt. I. PHILLIPS L!8i)t| AND MANAGES. First night of tbe Engagement of the Talented and Bean'ifni WOKhBLL nISTBBB, . fOTH Ik. IKKNB, AND JBaWlB, Who ai| appa*i "TItl(k' W<-rfn**d?ri BVBNIN4. i# t>? lturUfiin?(f CINDBRLLA. and the F'?rce of BAM TUB t.OOD I OB NOTHIN J Sua t * >' New York Coao-dUn Mr T L PoiiMLLT. and the fanrluo of tha (V.m pany. it* ODD FELLOWS' HALL. SECOND"WF.RK. CONTINUED SUOCE88 ? ? . TH* (; KK AT UILTOMAM iaBLBACX, From London. Bepreeenting in a1*l, Magnificent Tableaux HBA>EN. HKLL. <;IIA06 and PABAI'l!?E intly illustrating MiItoa'a aubllme poem of " l'nradi*e Lost or tbe Fall of Man " _ OP1N AGAIN TO NIGHT AND1VEBT NIGHT THIS WIIK OBLT MATINSAS WEHNE80\Y ANU &ATURUAT rBBNOOSS. LT TWENTY riVB CENTS Beteryed heats SO cente NO HALF PBIOB AT N1UHT. Admission to Matinee,all parts of tbe ball. 26 cent* Children to Mntinoe tr.eeut* Peat* cu bo secured riurin< the day At BlIiiT Mnslr Btoro, 806 Penaeylvanla aveaue. nb 11 tt L"ABCY DBBBbBS AB D OO8T0 MB8 E For Tableanx and Private Fart lea. Apply to MBS. FBaNK BBA fa 21 In.* ?4T Itch street. BALLS, PARTIES, &?. TUX YOUNG H1BEBN1A IN THE FIBLD AOA1B. *| 10HTH OBAND BALL /A of tha QBl TOUNG BIBBBNIA CLUB Will bo Riven at ODD FELLOWS' BALL. 7th atraot. batwean D and B street*, On MulDAT, MABUtt 19, 1**6T. Committee of ArriDKrntnti-J. B Bath, M Bcanun J Foley, B. Foley, M. Foley,.I Myara T P. ^annara Ticket* 91: admitting a gentleman And ladiaa mh i8-6t" LUST AND FUtJND. AKKH UP-On tha 3d instnnt, a BBOWN MULE,w,th saddle and bridla Thaawner la reiuested to cone forward, prove property, pay cbargea. and take it away KING A KEYBg' stablei, corner ltth And D atraota. fe * it" Tha above-mentioned MULE will be aold on tbe Nth March, at Wall A Co 'a Bazaar. m 13 It* I OUT? At the National Theater, or between j there end WiJlard't. Int evening, a BBACB LBT marked "M. a. F. lo B. B . Birthday Gift, lvift " The finder will be literally rewarded by leaving tbe Fame at Wlllard'* Betel. fa tl tf PERSONAL. 'TEE GIBTLIBANWHO TOOK TliEOYBB 4 COAT through mistake from 501 oth atreet, will please retaru the t&iue and get hi* own, m 13 2t* 'PO ALL THOSE NBHLB FB1BN D8 ANU A acquaintance!, at well as to tbe different Ledges and Societies which yesterday a conpi "J* of at1 husband, BKBNHARD OSTIlBMEYaB. to tbeir last resting piace.l bei*b> express. in the uame of myself and my tunul) , the most sincere and grataful thank*. It* CAIUABIMB OSTEBMEY EB. IHEBB'r Y TEMDBB MT MOST UKABTKECT th?bka to tbe members ol tne German Lutb?ran bt Jebu'a Congiagatlon, of this city, for their noble lift of a Ilia policy of Bl.tOo, as wall as for many oth? r tokens of Uto sad respect with which the> have to kindly Ai.d nobly favored me at a time when effort* were being made by ontsidart of both to ibjnre we and the conaregatioa. ? . ^ WILLIAM A FBT, P*ator of the German Lutheran Congregation '1 of St. John. ?H street. Island. NOTIi B.?I forewarn all persons from trusting my wile, MaGOIA BOUBBTSON. for.nerly Bi"f?le Yokem.ot Mi Donough. Del., on my account, for I will not pay any debta of her csutrading, as abe baa left my bed and board without ???e [mint* | DAN L BOBEBTSON. WOFT FBLT BATS, and all kiada of flats, Sv,!ii!tll^?,.t!2,'Sir?4 Trimmed new, at M. CINMINgHAM S Cheap Bat Store, No. 34b1. Seietth street, between I and K. le 11 ooim* I M/nPAT^,B?T^T0?H LAU1EH.?IHDBLIBLB " STAMPING Warranted fast colo<s. Will wash atd boll. Dono by a French composition, the receipt of which haa been porchaaed at a high price Suvea expense of braiding Ladles are invited to call, get a sample, and try it. Ladioa' white or colored Underakirta. Balniorals, Aprons. Ac., Stamped in imitation of braiding, in f*stcolors. V* ABBANTBD MOT TO WASB OCT. Great saving to ladiat having clotbes for children to make ?p. No braid, no sewinc; bnt the pattern printed in the gooda indelible. Stripe that can be attached to the bottoms oi Ladiot' Skirts (fine ?a tboy are now worn in Now York,) ready stamioi. and for sh)? at lee* than half the usual cost of braid. Birds, medallions. Figures, animals of a? pattern stamped. G<ooda aa represented or tbo money rotnrnod. WM. PBINCB ?h 12-tf 439 9tb street, oppoeite Patent Afflco, Fbench wbalbbonb cobsbts at?i^o. Also on band, a full nsaortment of home-made Uorsets, Whalebones, Corset Steels and Boards, latoat And all st) lea of Bcop Bkirca. Covers and CHABLMS BAU M s H?op Skirt and Cerset Manufactory, 45# Louisiana avenna, between 6th and 7th street*. mh 1-lm* ftJBlDAL AND PDJIBBAL WBIATBSTBO" 0 QDBT8,CBOSSES, ANCB9BS. STAB^. Ac preaerred in natural form; Imported FLO WEBS, HAIB FLOWEB8. and BRAIDING. AUo.Im norte^ M08B, BAIB DBES8E8 for Balls, by m . FBIBS Has removed to Ho. 4 89 lithst., between G and B. oc ) gin* JOHN D. OLABB. ATTOBNEY AND OOOBTBILLOB AT LAW AND N0TABY PUBLIC, so. i'Ji 13th atreet west. do 14 ly BOARDING. Bf'AKDINfl S Ji PIR ?ONTn"^* f.w ..ntl. m ncan be accommodated with good BOaBI) aud plea-aut BuCMS, at 111 6th atreet west, mh 13 St* L"0B BBNT?Two well fnrntshed PABLORbTon 1 the trst floor, with or without BOABD Aopl) 393 E St., bet. 9th and loth. fe 1* Table boabd at ao. 4b? luth street,a raw door* aortb of tbe nvenne. Terms fa per month. de 16 & LATIST PAB18 FASHIONS OF HAIB DBESS1NB. E. ALLIOT, MENCH HAIR DRESSBR, 8K4 B atreet. between 13th and 14th ata. Mr. Alllot, from Paris, Hair-Dre*eer, of the aelebrnted Bacbei, with whom he Arrived In this oonntry, baa now been eateblished for tne last eight years in Washington and Newport, an oying tlie patronage ef the corps dimUmatiwe, and of the blgbeat society. Be bee the honor to aanonnce that be b?a this aeaaon imported tbe lateet fashions of kalr dressing, and als* pomades, and everything that bekenga to tkedreaalng of hair At very reaaonai. le pricaa. iaT Em* ^yA8HINGT0H CITY 8AVINB8 BANK, Corner of 7tb atreet and Louisiana avenue. FATE INTBBX8T OB DBPOflTB. HIGBX8T MAKKKT BATK8 PAID FOB GOLD ABD 8ILVEB. mh 6 ?t ^GIHTB W A B TID! " tlOO.^ANBTlftO PXB MONTB la now being made by our Agents caevas-ing for the new work of hiatorleal value and romantic Intereat, entitled "WBABING OF TBB BAT," Comprising Per sen ml Portrait*. Si. tick t>. Adrtnturts. and Inr? d'Mt of Ik*late lTar, teuA TknUint Sort aUtesof ik* Dartng Dtml*. Dating Oori**, Totlxome Marches, WilliHK Sacrifices, and fatirnt Suffer ??*j of tit _ mBOYS IX a RAY. By JOHN EST AN COOKB, Formerly ?f Oener?l 8turn's Staff author of aon^ji^ A^M "Ufc of Stonewall Jack' HA&DBOMBLT ILL08TBATBD *J^To energetic men and women a rare chance Is offered to make moaey. Addrem 80UTBEBB PUBLISHING COMPANT, y??? street, Baltimore, Md. Poet 0Bee Box 1,484. mh 1 eolm f;ABBEN 8BBD8. ai/.?wJ?. In receiM of m? Imported GABDSN SKEL'B from Vem rin Andrteux A L'e , Parle. France nod Hunt A Pos. Lwndon. England, bnve made arrangement* with the largett and meet reliable a*?d growarn in the L'nited States for lay American Seeds, aod have new in atore A large supply, which are warranted freab and gen* I??' . J P B A HTllOLOW. fe IP-eogw 7th street, below Pean. avenn bFlLS for sale in snms to suit pur GBJ^tmarket price paid for AMEBIC AN f . UIWIE JOHNSON A oo., Banker*. . f>7 * Peana avanoe. S'tF^W8fs OF Tf;Vim^^>18 Oolarmdo, a Summer Trl?, bf 41"^?,V The ?>???ring. a Novel; byTrollope. TbeVllimge on th* Cliff, bp Miss Thack ff*' Two Marriage*; by the anthor of John Bal- ; "5*-.. P'ckwick Paper*, Dl?oiond Edition. I 15 F BAB OK TATLOB. I - ? M J: >-1 I,.* v iM WANTS. tt lKTlB A aaod C A N V A SSBB. el ?r IMT,t* miitwi t iw* ' the Departments aa<* elsewhere. ASAree. '* )'!* Mlinrrlwcrt b? bad, UkAPUIB Boi?,8i?r o|, ?. ?h li ? W AbTKl>-l*me<Jlnte*y.aBRfCS? BAKBB, " at room N? 9. Bsliding, ear* T 7th and F*t| ave 1* WANTED-A Aral rata female OOOS for a *2 iMturut, colors# or white. CHAS. K LUt/. l) at , bet ITth aa? 18th mt3 tt* l\'ANTKii-BUAKHI>0 b* a tenrlf?*o ?n1 .. wife, commtrlit April 1st A privel*'amilj prwufrrt A4<r*M it , Luck Bvx 80. f ?<! iug?. n Pas: Office. IVH' WABTIH -Ht iv- rMfMttble ClrU, MflA Tilths together?one ee oook. tnk?r. snd ireuer, the other e? lUnti* mail a*' te le plain sewlt g Have ne objection to ge to the coaatry Reference gi on AddreasBox Mo. 1, Star ?le?.it*

W A hTBD?A lret^loee'OOOKTroF the extra diet kitchen of Oolambla Hospital. She must thoroughly nntferitand her business ami eoaie well recommended Aral? to Dr. J H. ThOMl'bON. 194 1 street, hot. "Oth and Slat eta , after 4 p. di or bofore 10 a as. as kS-St* A OBBTSWANTED -TUB (' MPLBTB H EBBXV AilSr. Os, THB PEOPLE THE1B W#H fHtbH IA cits BY THB U?B Of BBUttAL REMEDIES, is the title of one of the best fa nily medlt al I ooks that has ever besn offered to the public The rapid aale of this book, aai the lar<e cvBiailaaioD allowed enables a good afoot to wake easily trom f.U to $.10 per <ie>. Address for full particnlsrs the author and pahliauer. Dr. O. PHELPS BktlfN.lo 19 Brand Street, Jersey City. N J. in II 3t CLARINET MAKBB and UI'HOLSTBRBrt J wauten at 464 lu*h street. tn II U' W* NTBP-A conaeteut OUUk, and al?o a I (rood WASHBBWOM AN, wall reoommial ad, at 3' 4 0 street alt St WANTBD- A respeotabln young W HITB 01 BL to te* scare of a baby, will flad a home at Mo. 400 16th at . between D and K m U 3f *\ ANT*P A DBA! UHT8M AN Steady ea" ploy meat vl II l>a given Aap'r t? ALBX*NDBB A MASON. m It M* Patent Solicitors, cor. Tth and f ets. WANTED-BMPLOYMENT far aa actim, inteliigeut lad. aba at thineea year* of age. Satisfactory refarenaas can ha given. Ad1re?e G B J.. Box 346, City Post OBco ash II 3f %\7 ANTED-To rent, a email BOOBB; foar te '? six roc as. pleasantly located, with water aonvenient. Address, statiag terms an4 local!tf. W _W W., Star Office. a 12 ?t? WANTED-A large size aad well furnished vv BOOM; a front one preferred, for two gentleman Terras $ZT. or ?30 per month. Addre?e, with particular*. "0 H. P.." Star offioe. mi2 St* WA N TE D?Two BOOMS (one MfB rale bed,) with BOABD, In a private family, for two gtotlrmnn and their wives, where the charges will be moderata. Address '' B. A OV'Star Offlce. m 12 3t* AGENTS WANTBD-A few active CANVAS BKBsare wanted to solicit adverti*emeat* for one of the Net Mrdiama in the coantry. (Jail at Beaton Mouse from li to 2. . ni 12 31 .1. L. MITCHELL. WANTBD?To purchase, a neat H*4U8B with all modern ootiTeoinnces; nm to axceed in price $4 OUU; payment part In cash, tha rast la monthly installment* to be situated between 11th and I.Mh. avenue and H streets. Call or addre*a D St. m 12 3f *V ANTBD? Prom the 1st of April, in a d -el '' rable locality, two or thre^ coatienant RSOM8 or a wmall HOO^B. snltahly furnished tor housekeeping, lor which 430er $3. per month will be paid Beferencea exchanged. Address Gity l'ost Office. Box &9)j. m 12 lt^ HOt'SB WANTBD?By April 1st. or sooner. a DWBL.L1NO HOUBK. ef from 8 te 12 rooms, aith watar and gas, in a go*d location. For such an h n*e rent will he paid in advxnce an I a good t>n?nt secured. Addrais. giving namher und street, and terms. Poet Office Box 54<i. mh 12 3t* WANTKD-A practical OABDBMBB, single man pref- rred. Apply at Station liou?e. Georgetown. D. C. mh 11 Gt* \V"ANTBD IMMKDIATSLY ?A tidy GIBL to H do the general honsewora of a small tanlty Mnstsomewell recommended. Apply^ at 4?9 7th street, near B. m II 3>* WANTBD-A respectable American WUM AN. competent to cut and fit clothing, and do ?lain tewtnc for a rmall family In quire at No. tiSN.W. corner 18th and H ?ts. run 11 St WANTBD?By a younK American woa%n.a SITUATION, to do sewing aad chamber wi.rk. Phecaucome saiitactorily recommended Please ad<tree* a note to Box Mo. 3 Star Office, mh 11 3t A BOOK KBBPBB DB3IBB8 A POSITION, to serve as principal or ?s->istant; ie thoroa?h ly coBv<-reant with all bnnin"*s form* appttc ittle i to commercial vocations. Addrtas O T O.. Star Office. m il-3t* WANTBD-A~GARDKNBR. married, wit .out 1 children. employed in the Botanic Garden, I where he *aa be teen every day, has Ions experience in the manngemeiit of green h uses, unrseries orcharos vin?yarda, large and amall farm*, lauds aping, ate , dealre* a a ci tn at ion In any of theae branches. Nwobj c ilon in having the District llest referenceea given and exchanged. AddreaaD V DBsl'OjSM. t itleg vain and my duty there. Botanic Garden Washington. _D._0J _ nth 11 5t* WAMTBD TO~BKHT OB P0B0HA*B-A PA KM of from lh to 100 acres, north of and near the city, with good bulldtug and other im proviinenta Any person having such property can tind a first-class tenant, i.y applytug at BTABB A OO. S. 49S>* 7th street, betweda D aid K. mh t m * WANTBD TO BBNTOB PBBCHASS?A aealum ?iaed DWELLING HOL'eE, aUgibly located, contaialng all the modera Improvmenta and <'OBveDiences, and handsomely furnish -d or nufurniahed. Any pe rson having a honse oi this description for rent or sale, will pleaae ad lreas tlie subscriber by letter, stating terms, aud time i w haa posseasioa can be dellverwl BOGBNB OABCSI, j mh 7 eo6t (Intel.] 3"? Louisiana avenae. WANTBD?A reapectable white WOMAN,to take care of a youn? child. Apply at 371 Pa. avenue mh 1 AGBNT8 WANTBD P*tK TBB MOST BX J1T150 AMD INTERESTING BOOK. OP THE DAI. OEN L. C. BAKBBS HIBTOBY OP THE BBC BET BBBVICE In eTery city, town, connty, and Stato of the Union, to canvass for this work. This history was announced one year ago, but owing to the attempts of the G?verameut t> euppreas It, its i publication wa? dela> >-d. it will now be ia?ued. I unaltered and unabridged, nnder the supervision of Gen. BAKEK. It ctintalns a fnll and official I expose of tha Intricate machinations of tne secret eiiemiea of the Union. Por startling developments and thrilllnc id ventures, this boolk eclipses the famous experiences of Ponche and \ Idoc i. The marvelous narratives of General Baker are all attested by the highest official authority. It will contain the only official history of the Assaaslnation conipira> r. A full hi-tory ef this grsat. startling, and terrible crime, K BO M IT8 CONCEPTION, IN THE H Al'NTS OP VILLAINY TO THB BUBIAL PLACE OP BOOTH, hat never yet been placed befure the pnblic. The work also folly expoaea tha nefarloas ystem by which Presidential pardons ware aud are no readily obtained at Washington. The morula of the National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, and there are some strings revelations concerning h-ads of departments, members of Congreee, female pardon brokers, and diatiagaiahed military characters. Por full descriptive circulars terms, and all particulars, address P. GAKRBTT a CO , mhJ lm 7U2 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. WANTED-A SITUATION aa aeamstrees ^y~i lady who understands sewing tbaroughlv hy Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machine. Oau cat and fit ladies' aad childrea'a dreeeee. Address, far three days, Box Mo. 7, Star offioe. fa 27 %E7' ANTED?All la want of MONET call at S. v v GOLDSTEIN A CO "6, Licensed Pawnbroker*, 34 4H street, near Penss} braala avenne. feH-lm Agents wanted pob -the bistort OPTBE WAB BBTWEEN THE STATES, TBACING ITS 0B1QIM. CAUSES AMD RE SULTS." By Hon Alex. H Stephens, and for THB LIPE LBTTEBS, AMD SPBBOHB** OP HON. ALEXAlDBB H. STEPHENS, by Heary Send for Circulars and pee our term*. Address NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., fa 14-la* A07 Miner a re< t, Philadelphia, Pa. ANTBD?Hew aad Oaat-off CLOTHING, oUl GOLD and 8ILYBB, or aa* other article of value, at the aid established Merchant Pawnhi eker's Store ol B. PULToN A OO., 5049th at., 3 doors north of Peona. avenae. Bole Agent for SINGBB'S SBW1NG MA0H1BB de2? ly W ASTED?10.000 LADIBS to kaow that at the Mew Stamping Booms, 439 tth street,opposite Pataut Offlce. they cas end tha beat selected assortment at Patterns over offered hare for Cloaks, Capes, Aprons. Joeevs. Walsta, Yokes, Bands. Wrappers, Slippers. Pincushions, and Initials Also, deatgBB tor Pillow Oases, Ottomaus, Chair Coven, Pianos, and. tn short, everv"Varlety of Patterns aa they are dallr issued. We bar* a Preach Machine and a Practteal Stamper, aad bass reduced the price to _ _ P1VB CENTS PIB WIDTB. Wa make and etamp any pattern broagbt aa. Brnld^ SlUt and Working Oetton very low. WY.I,STSJSaf,s2SI!Br.r5,Ki.rSS!!: DIB O and BOUSBPD RN1SHIBG 400IM of a very de-cr ption. B. BUOHLT. 4M fthetreet. Jeeg-rf baAwaon G and B, eat side I7BBBUABT 1?, l?ST.rAU peraoas having r le t articles la ay sboplar ropelra, previous to he 1st of January, are reynested to nail and get thea, otherwise they will be sold at pabUe ane Gun aad Loekaalth, Jan M-9m Bo. 414D street. N'lMSw U1 of?r., tuJlV -V5rV0"fS'H?L, iiu CIO M/BD Bpaaac0. B.JBW50 ^Ws^^OAP, Tor wSeBe1?sij?Wf sash. Orders through the Post Office wlftte S^MwELL, Soar and Gnndle Maanfactnrer, No. d?0 and Ao'i O st. north, bet. ?tj^nnd Sth^ j_a ll-la IIHYSICIAB'S BAMB-BOOK OP PBA0TI0B . 4af|rim' PEANCK TAYLOR. FOE 8ALK AND KKNT. FBB KBBT-TBIBP FLBOB la B'aee * * Peanayiveaia a> eaa*, aoath aid*. V'twwn tth Mi MMMr !?*' DLIM1KT A WBLL PCBNI9HBD U9IIT ? KuOtD^i ?* )>M at )*> U M .HrN' la dlaaa eve. T>rw<<*f??? ?i> H't' ft/OI RKMT?A four roea BOC?E eae F from th- Oepltwl. Ii<iairf tl Ro 1 4??a tae corner of B urMt Bvrtk ?>d l?t iknI *??* K*il |'4Mrnattk mh l |7?/l B* NT?# vO Hrai>?tb.VB4MKH0rsi, r ronli<linK ill rnomi, nearly Mw.tKlik at , Bear *. No I'iT. Ien !re h?f, r? II a m. ?r b? IVNI4H4I) ,af HOLT/MAN, llt'< strict, bet 0 ??d H, or oa (bo IS St* I/'UMLI nni 4'h> beat rn. Ol'^Ill ' STORBSiBthe let \s ard A No . the HODS! u< l.OT. P?rt*rms Be., apply oa tbo praanaee. Bo S31 Northwest corner of 18th aad k aU. > IS * l/OR BBNT-A BRICK BOUSB, ?nntaiMag eevea rooms. partially fnraished. B-nt ?.>1<rato Apply betwsen 2 eel ? p No. 330 18th stroet, between H and 1. for one week Ona Mock froa cara sad two froa War Departa-at Pooamalon (lava lota* April. a 11 rt* F'OB SAL* OR BBHT-Mt two?tory KI t M I HOBSB. at present ?ccup>*d by Blwarl Lyach B><] . situated on th* corner of Bor m l and Frederick streets. Georgetowa. D < , containing 8 roooMi kiaoino* t sad kitchen, will water in the yard, aad fu throughout th* boa**. Location very deslreMe. Tha oaderetgned will receive sealed proposals for th* aalo or raat of tha same ap to IWh Marsh ias ant Possesion to ba given, " -"".""'" '"KVoKin PITT IT, No 43. cornar Id and Market st-sjs, I, 13 la Georgetowa, l? (J. FOB SALB-HOOHB iHD LuT.oi litt. afreet waat, Between Pennsylvania aroaan aad K at. Anlr oa th* promlaos ah U t?f L'OB BBNT-In Georgetown, n#V BBlOB r 8TOBK Ro ITS Bridge atra-t. Markot Space; aaitabla for any busiaeea. Boat aiadorato. Apply oa tbo irialwi. ah ll-3t* Houaa AND L< T PflB SALB?Boa a* coatalaiag lee room*, atoro and oellar leqaire rthe preaiaae, 174 6th at root, batwooa N aad street*. a. li lt* P>B BBBT-A thro* story BB10K HOI'HE ooata'aiar twelve rooaaa. with res aad water throath at. Mo. 94, aitaatod oa Fenn. ???., hat Slat and I Id st*. Apply at Bo. B?, eppatite a It * K7<OB BALE The STOCK aad FIXTOBE* of a r Botail ?rocery Btore aad Boarding hoaaa. dolag a good basins**. wltb a two years loaao. *or sale cheap. aa th* proprietor lateuds going Wo*t. log aire at Bo 494* Da treat, botweoa ink aad ltth. a 11 -?t* KTOB SALB?MILLIN BEY FIXTCBBS. la r clndlag ona very fin* Show Caae for tba atro*t lot air eat thla Offloo, (Star Office > m 11 It* |>OB 8ALB-A COAL OIL BOTTTB, HOBSB. r WAOOB.and HABNBSB. A good, taiu<trleaa aaa caa aako froa 4 to 8 dollar* per day. Apply at Wtar Office. an II It fToS KBNT-A HKIOK oa tha coraer of High and 5th atre-ta. Oaorgotowa, ron tainiaa U moaa. aaitahle for a tavern, board lag bonao. Ac Inquire at 44T isth atroet, l<at. E and P. hatween 7 and 8 o'clock in tbo evening. mh 11 <t* L'OR BALB-Oaly BIOO caah ro'ialrod th* bal r aaca caa bo paid Tn monthlr aaymeuta of #10 each, three new two atory HOl'BBB. attnatod oa the a?ath aid" of eoath L stroat, aoar 6th. Thia ia an opportunity aeldon offarpd to procar* a boa*. 8TAKB A <'0 , m 11 tw* 4f>*H Tth atro?t. aoar R fTKNiSHBD PA BLOBS and ?Bl> ROOMS,on tlie lat 2d and floora. t? be let tlngl* or la anitea Th* rooB)* hare baen newly paporod aad pnintad; they are anltaMo for k>a?>'ke?ping or ainale ge?itlom?-n There ia watar. g?a,*nd bath In the hooi>e. Apply at -2S4 H atract, bet?aoa lath and 'Jt'th, oua txjuare froa etrvot cara. ah 11 tap!* L"OB OALB Th'- BTOt K^BI XTL BK8. O ?OD r U ILL. FUKBlTllKK.aVd ten y*ara LE\BK of a Hotel of forty yaara >tandins Ha* foutttan roema. newly papered and paln'M: a pnMic Bath House. whi?h ray* well:a iar?* Hall, well adapt*d for coacerta. billiard?or aoe)ini;a of any kind It alao has accoamodatlon* for twenty flu or thirty horaaa. Haa a aaUndid yard, with a l?<-autl ul grata arbor attached, poach traea. Ac Thahon*e ia well adaptor to l>o kept upon the Barwpaan plan, or aa .t las-r bear aa'oon or garden, r r iftni. *c , apply to BBOOKB A UOBOaT. Brokara. 14 3. Oay ^t . Raltiaore. Md mh 11 oo2w (.'OK BALI 1 ha*e maay valuable Bl ILI?lNO r LOTS for aala boaln itij; in the rirat W ?rd. noar Georgetown, and fr?tn theaco *mhracln? aeveral dealrahle lota tbronth tha city aa far a* th<-N?Ty Yard. Inclnalve of th* laland.amovg wh'ch may be m*ntioa*d oaa of tho tin?at lota for a gentloaian'a rraidfQC'.* In all Waaltiayton, alt natfil in the imai?niat* Tlelulty of the City Ball, having a front of * f**t, with groat aWaotHgea for a?-werag?', and frcntlni; th?? public r*een ati?>n on which tbo City Hall stand" Alao. many beantlfnl hnlldlng lota on Aaylnm S inaro. 375, ?.onD<1.dby 9th ?a<l 1'th and B ind H atr**ta.? have joat aold all the lot* oa n >rth aad * ath alio of Graat atrei-t, on -?td a'lnare. to M aara Gilbert and Bllaa.OB which lota aro to be erneted tea beautiful three-atury tuodarn bri k honaaa. ??f nnifcrm alze and appearance, whan aaid atroet is oponod, which will bo aa aoon aa tha weather pormlta The llloatrlona per?>naga alter whom tho atreot ia named la a aqr<- ??*raut*?- for th* a?c cearfal eaterpriae of tho two gi-atlemea abore earned. Bare aomo lota which 1 would leaae, thlefly in tho Second Vard. To thoao wanting good bnllding lou now ia your timo. for lata aro being rapidly taken up. and tha opportnai'y will ahortly paasto bocoaaa po?saaaed of aach advaa tagea as aro now otiered. Ia conn-otion wth tho above. I bare a hand acme three atory brick bonae, with baaament and aide lot. oa eth atroet wat, witnin a atones throw of th* Pateat Office, on tbo moat reasonable term*, a aaall portion of caah oaly being required at tho time of purchase Hare alao two boantiful faraa la Virginia and Maryland for aale. All coavoyancfag and ata-npa at aoat of purchaser. Can b* ** * irotn the hoars of 11 boob to 1 p. m , at ofBc*-No. 490. aorth of Patent Office. JAMBS TOWLES. Property A*eni|u<l mh 11 3f Mtasnrer of Builders' work. FOB BBNT-A thr*e-*tory BBICK IIOCSB eu ISth at root, noar Pranklin Bow. between L and Mass. as* ; II rooms, with m?rbl* tnantela, water, gas. and cellar*. Apply to M. GKEKN, cor. 13th and L. mh -6t* SMALL 1 A KDBN FABM FOB BALKFRAME HOI SE.ofS room*, stable, chicken boa**, hot bouse, Ac., 5,000 strawberry pUaU, tn bearing, with 6 acres of land, in Virginia, two milea froBi th* A'jnednct Bridge. Prlca, half caah, balacco in two year* mh y?t D. L. WBLLS A CO. FOB BBNT-PRAMB HOU8B. contatnlBi; at* roam. 44? N atrort, b* tw?en lith Bod 11th. * nlte next door. Also, several Rooms with room* attached. No. 340 B street, betw- n i 11th and 13th. Inquire at Paint Store, next I door. mh ?i-6t* t)|Wk AClREH OF BEHT LAND n?ar W*shOtM' ington TO LBT for two years wttboat at y rent, u>r the conaideratlon of putting the < land uuder cultiyatioa. ia lota of one to fltty ! acres, with many other inducements, includlug the privilege of baying th* land at any time. For all particular* inquire of D L. WELLS A "'O , mh i lm Oomer loth and F street*. FOR RENT?Iu Plant's Building.corner of tL-w York avenue and l&th street, several very d?sirablo OFF1CB ROOMS. For tortus apply to GB"kGB B. l'LAMT, office 2d story, "Plant * Building." ah i tf I^OB SALE OK BBNT?Oheap,~a~tonr-rijome<1 A traa* llOl'SB. near the 0ir -l- Also, a tine carriage DOG for ROHERT FULT?N S, Pawnbroker. 604 itth at., noar fa. av. folo lw* j BE OF THE MUST VALL AKLB AND DB S1RABLE BUILDING L'JTS io tho city for aale. It la aituaied on the north aid* ot & atre t, near 13th between rteuator Sherman's and the Mexican Minister's, fronting on Frauklia Sjuara. Said lot ia .8 feet by 137, running back to a 10 foot alley, and Improved by a ts? *tory brick stabl*. feas tf B P. BBOWB, ?th street west F~ OB BALB- All kind of 17S BE DEB MBD PLEDGES, to pay advance*, at 34 4)4 atreot, aoar Fa. ave. B. GOLDSTEIN A OJ? fell lm Licensed Pawnbroker*. fi^OK BALB OB BBNT-rarni abed or uiifur- I r nished?the BBSIDBNCB of the Austrian Miaistor. cornar 13th aad K Apply between IS and 2 p. a. fe 20 lm' FOB BA.LB?Three aaall OARDBN FaRMS, aoar th* etty, oa* of gu arraa. improved bv new two *tory brick boueoaad necessary aat baildlngs, grapes, strawberiiea. po?< b?, applee. Ac ; >1. fifteen acre* beat of garden soil; 3d, thirty ti aixty acres, desirably located for Batcher or Milk Far a. ?. D. BTOCKBBIDGB A CO , Real Eatate Broken, fel9-la? N B. corner 7th aad F au. FOR BBBT?The STORB BOOM next t> the Star oMc* aadar MetrepaHua Hall. Apply to C. B. BAKER. Star office. fe 18 tf PBOBOBTOWB BBAL ESTATE AND B009B AOBBCT, 100 BR1DGB BTBBBT. Houeea for rent at to fl ? per month. Deairable Houses aod Lots for aala. fe 14-la* OBMB B COOPBB. I70B BEET?The FABM. for th* last three yean r the realdamce of Major TbeephHus Galas*, *oa iatiag of ISO acres, tviag near Fort Mahaa, 1 oil* froa B*natag% Brlag*. ImaroveueaU. dwelling honss af 11 rooaa, *ton* stabl*, servant * houses, bars, Ac Address "B. 8.," 437 B street, Wasblngton, D. O.tOr OhU la persoa, betweaa 8 aad 7 a. a. oc 14 tf FOB BEBT?Two lane aad oae small eoaauaieating ROOMS, aafaraiahed, aeooad floor. No. 134 Pean. av., bet. I9ih and Wth ata. ao ?8 tf tf ABB GBABOB? For lma*diate eal*. oa* at i tb* boot located aaall corner store OBOCB1ES lathe city. Stock aad Fixture* aa*. ApImmediately, by letter, to A. B. 0., Oity^Post |?OB BBBT?Two Farattbed BOOMS, at Bo. r 46T 13th street botwaaa E aad F au do u tf JAMBB BBELD, A*aJ*r ia ffwss4 Sseead Aaa4 IWaiMrs. Old Fwmltare Bs pal red, BeapMBBIOAB OOLB, STOCKS aad BOBDB. bought oa oomalaaloB at th* Bow York aad atber Stock Board*. Qaotatloa* regalarly re* ^ ' LBW1B JOHBSON A CO . Baakars, fsTtf 904 Peaaa a vena*. w " ^iiawag ""T Show Baa* MaDuiaotarer, School FuralUreU^ and Hooesftovaktag Wararooa*. Bow aad M ?S ir,iKiSj!'0d,T.USi?S; .WiiS feyj'sSj&urX: ,r"ts^sr r^O AL. IBOB. AMD OH?. or tha Fractioal Aaer^ Icaa Minor; baiag a guide to oarai*** aad Btstral rHooroN, vita iu?*r#ti do IIIii* tratlon*. Frlc* #7.M. ^BAXOE TATLOB. AUCTION 8ALBS. ' ? ?*?r ! >?> ??Pi ?#?< " ? , e.J rmiM Arrma.wuQm Atro To-Momm ? |(' 4 VtLLUMl, 4MtlMMn tormruiH DtiroHi TyotToar y?A>? aorss and lot ob f"TB II KBIT * KMT. botwaac B h1 T iu??U rotts, at Pobiic tunut ?a WBl'BEsDAY. the ittb ia*tar.t, U I a'clO'-k V . aell. on Ik* Itwiifi. ?kri Uxt Hi I, ta *<iaara Ho 417 KtflK t |? *j |wo nUrf Fraaw HnDK- sultaM* for ?w *aaail (mi!i Male puaitira. Tmi oa?h All tniffTMelM aad r*r? it it?H at Ik* coat of Ik* atirehoae* ro S d OBEBN A WILLIAMS A a eta Bt BAULB A OO.. AinioiMri 8?||||?'IBI r?Ba'l|rM|, On TBl'BSDAV. Mar. b 14 at id o'clock ? holt I' at oar *alo*roo? ? ?? raee* H?b?7, | l.ntH Uno'i 10 bo*ee < he 19 keao eood Bitter ? r?k?f?. U mi ob<i Black Ti-a SB kes*? No<U(4 >n4 (tyiefa 1 Uim li<4i<n, )? boiw Ground Pepper 11 |lO-l Mat' bM, i0,<?*l oi< | f*N>< k m? \rd Cbeu lug T>?'ac< o .V ca*e* * me* and Liuuora It) crtiiljoko* Mot Gin l? do Orandy I' B> f till l?nrk?ii Wklikf 10 Bkarrr Who _ _ AI M>. Rroorn* Br rk rt T wl n< . Market Ea*k*l*. a lot of UoMOohoid Furniture Me 'L BASLB A TQ . Aa to BT W. L. WALL A 00AAsotloa**n Orlglaal ll?n* and Cvriic* Hoiow, S La. M.. b.|w?? Mh aad MCk oto BALB Of BORSE8, OABBIACBS. HABBBBB. Oa THCBADAI moWbJbO, BliroB H. at M " n* wiU * " ** ?* 'aar. o aaaBar of Baddla. Carilag* oad Work Borae*. ta (oil do crlptloa at oale. comprlaiag? w TBISTY BOBeBS AND MO LB4 BBaar ?o*d Work. Ba<l4'o oad Baraooa Moraoo A tore* colloctBoa of Baw m4 Sec ?ad hood Boo . iibVttsssf- w-~ Two naw Jour Liai Wagaaa, kutlt lo tku cttr Al*<V Bow and Boroad kond Hara?o*. Baldlaa Oar rlagea A* , ot intata a?M g?**Jj^*al?>o4aro, Taeodaya, Tkaradofa. tod Carrtagaa aid Baraee* alwara oa >rtrate oola ? U W L WaLL A CO . Aooko !(' BAOLB A OO , Aortloooora A# Baleereoa. 2?a F*aa*yl*aol* aeeaae BOBB*BoiuB FOBBITUBB. A **r'h li'%X * # *1#ck l" . *?*?!#hol? *?ra?toro. Boddlag, Btoro*. Crock ?F-WJaoa Ware, Ac BAOLB A CO . A.ota |?T OBBBB A W1LLLABB. AaHlinn. BOUBEHOLD KTRBITUBE. OH B mTKIIT THinb abn rouBia PUBLIC AUCTION 0?>ftID4Y.te? 1Mb imUK, at IV t'clool a "cieTVlVf * " * "?- ^' t^ fill'w'Ma? Sown Bodateada. Baroooa Waakataada Met tree* an ood Pilloaa and Bolatoro >eran Iagrala ood otkor Car pete Small lot of Parlor Furaltnre Dialog Taklea and Cooo a<-*t Chaira Table Crockery end kitchen Ke.<ui*it?* Abu moo> other orti loa wbick wo do?o oaaoooa aary t* onoinerote Tern* oaob i"fa n d QBKBB A WILLIAM-*. Anrta B* * J?- A CO . Aacti?BMn, Orlfloal Horae and Comoro Hoaaar Looiaiaoo oveaut BALB Or UOBtfKB.^CABBlAOBH. BABBBBB. 8ATUKDAT MOBN1NO. March || S CJai V Ult Bi/Uf, * IQBlMr Of Koddle Carrlo?eoDd Work Ilar??a, < o toll d?ai n a tiou ot oolo. i con>oii?io( at><>ut __ _ urtl UUKHB8 Many food Work, ^oddlo ood Boraeaa Boroo* MI i ? . AL?O, 2fl arovo H rm irom tno coaMry. Al?o. A aamber of Wurk My loa. Al?O, A lor*o collection of N?w and Second band Bar VthicUa arriAfaa, Wocona. ood other Two bow Jena} Lln.l Wiioia, kollt lo thie otty. Sew ood Borond hoad baroooa. Baddlea, Vorrtoaao. Ac . ot priTote aalo. Keen.'ar aaleo doji, Tooadaja, Thnradaj , and Saturday* Corriacoa atid BaroM* oU aya on ari^ato aolo u t. L. wall a qq . Aacto. |J? UBBKB A W lLL^lAMa. Aoctloooora. LOT OF BlILMKO MATIKIAL AND ritht IIVILDIBG IB TBB BBAB KAuBTlK??r DThtf.T BOkTH. I:|W||| VTH ami IOTH PCBLIO "cTIOB U TH - i if mAT,iS' lwh ,aat*at. at 5e cl > k p m ?'^ ? I1""'?a tke pr. aiiaoo. ? coo 1 lo'ot On Id' LoCt C *Cd * ITronte Boilding ta tho r at o! ton tho'dajr"? ?{?* ^ r#moT#<1 w,ulli 10 daya ofter ah l:-,!^*^' GRBEB t WILLIAMS. Aneta. |J* OKBKR A WILLIAMS. AocUooi^ Tr.v;.? iviViTtnf ^ 2* north, at Public Auctloo ro w^aHP^n' 'a*tont. at to cloak p. pr -miaea, part of Lot No. 26. la a',oar< Bo 100. wlta the iuiproo^aieDte cootwo.,,or? Fra*? denso., coatalaIdk fivo roomo oacb, ?bick?lll iaak* a coaiiortable roald^Boofora-aall family ' Toraaa Ono haltI < aok, balance aix and tvolro ?v?aSJ!J r ?Bta" b#,r1n* Inter eat, and aecorod ?? proauooo All ronTeyaorhia? ?5T2Be ,U?H at tkecoat of the ()[. ? u bono* whoa ool'l aijll d QKBBH A WILLIAM8, Aurt* |^? Til OB DOWLIBO, Aact ; Gaorgotowa. BALB OF OROCEBIBB WINB8, LlVll0BB, Ac.. AT AUCTION/ Don-te^tll"o?*bt,.'?.h*ret<)f0r* 'z,at D? b?t wee i ^ Cffatt havlair ceaaed bt mntual con DAV Mlr^h lS iri.tPuhUc V tion-?B MoK S*, >8. I"?7. at 10 o'clock, at No l?>?? LrlOf atroet. Oeorgctowo. D C.. all tn- rUr^e ai.d ??ll jyUctad itkk of Groceries. Wib> ? %u?| TeM W 0w,,*? ?^ VAc. He* amo wi.ll n.h "S* ?rf? "*a and Wiaea BLi.' ? Si ( ?r<lial and otbor brand* r^i It' V' ?bito and brown Sugar Bola. Moloaa.a, Uold?n Byrop *?}; P u ro Ci a^r \ i oopar ?5? Sperm aud Veal Oil Bmcon liau.-, Bkualdora aa<i Middling r ?bi? r>?b. Indndlnc bbl* Ho. 1 and 2 Mt ke rtnnLt0l?Tmc' L*T'rador, and Kaatport H r rloga. Cod, Bake and thor flet. Tobacc*,^Pflme Olgara, Ot.owlar and Bmokia.' L< t Adamantlo* aa d Tallow Candle* fancy and Curiu&>>a Boa pa ?i2f ,w??dfn and Willow Ware, lueluiiB.?ocke?o. Vodar aad other T?b?. I!a^k ta Bug-, and otb'-r artlclea too num roua to o> o h 12 d TBOS DOW LINO. An I yT OBBBB A WILLIAMS, Aaottonoora. t^'0 8TOBY FBAMT" HUUBB AND LOT fuafJ'l.T.i011 U e,T*B*T NOB 111. KB AT PDA"""" LA'rOb ''kIDAT. ?he 15th lr-tant, at t o'clock p ? j ? ' ahall aell. on the pr*mi*?*. Lot No ?, lu aubdiTiaioa of Lota No 1 aad 2, in ajaare - 4 wTr^fkl'?-1 ,ro,,t? b* # feet deep, to aa alloy, with tbe ImproTenioat*, conaiatinK ot a * khI rrame B?uao. coiitalaing four roeaaa and kitchen ?ta?rJtrCffh AUJ0?"' anclag aad reveouo coat of tk^ j>ur haaer <?90 down W^Vi',d- OBB1H A WILLIAMS, mn 8 d_ AactleP'-era ' D CLKABT, Aucti. aoer. " Soatkeaet corner K aad ^tk atreeta STANDS IB TUB BOBTBBBN MABKBT AT AUUTIWB MOBN1NG. March la. 1 will o-U. *ko pranlaao, two Fiak or Ve?rtable Btanio. No* lOi ood 103, la tne Bortkora Mark*t Terma caab. fc??*21 Bt F P CLBABT, A acta gl OBBBB A WILLIAM, l?atl.ama. ? TBrSTBEB BALB OP HOU8BHOLD AND BITCHBB r0BHITrBB" olrriCB AND AUCTION^" Ac'iT Oa FBI DAT, tAa lfttk luotaat. I akall aell, at 10 o clock am, at Hoaao Bo 3?J aad 3**A.oa?tk treat woat. betweea Q and H atroet* north. b% rirtue of adoedof trnat to tb* aabacrlber dated iVJ,"t0faa*??i1S?..W,d dn" rer?rdo4 lo Li bar I. . H., It 8, HIIh 2S6, fr and 23*, of Chittfl Sewrd for th? eonatr of WMbliftoi District of OolumbUa mil tb# Uaoda and ? battels Sr4 U ?4 ^liSLrWa maatlon la port. Tit: Bnrjan?,TWbloa, C'balra. Bodateada, Waakotanda goather Bea* and Bodiiag, Carpeu. Oiklotba Bookcaoa aad Bookat China, Olaaa aad Crockerywara Bako bouoo Gtaaalla, loo Cream Moo Ida. Pan* Free/era, aad Aitchen I tanaila. two Bow Wladowa Two Countora, Shelving, two Show Caaoa Oa. aad Watar Fixture*, Ac. With aaay otker ar tic loo wklcb wo doaa oanacoaoary to oaamerwto. Term* caab. CUABLBB BjCHVBOB. Traate* mb 9 d OBCBN A WILLI A MB Aaota CBTBBAL BPLBNDID PABLOB OBOABB, O witb Patent Orgao Swell, aad ?ao ? -k ? it.oTail* Pedal Bui, (rery coatoaloat forfcaiH organ arar?lco at hotaa.) wtll >11 m F081TIVBLT 8B BOLD AT OOfT, preparatory to roBolldlng Store. Aba. U bow aad aaooad band PI ABOB at radacad prlooa. OBOBOB L WILD A BBO . na 13 Aa la. 4>T lltk aOraot. aBora Pa. a^a. n PI ABOS. Hi'??r.iznJizOae alaioot aow 7-artava larga ronnddl 1T1 corner Boardmaa A ?ray Piaao. Am. For pale ape a aaav terma, at tko wararooma of Solo Areata of Btjlnwa"^"^0?^0^ Moaoa A Haiaiia a OabiaotOryaaa. Ik It tf SOMKTHIBO BBW! "" XBOOUBAOB HOMB MABSFAOTOBBt PRACTfZLQCAKVrET It A VER, O^raer and 0 atreata. (I*laad ) Makea Oarpat* to ordor with dl?p??< u. aa moderata Beraaa.aad aatiefactloa guaraatiaa. Carpet* conataotly aa kaad. and far aale jatl 2a /"'OLD PBBS? A Baa aaaortmoat of Oold Pea*.