Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ! OFPICIAL, L1W8 OF THKTNITKO STITKS, Passed at the Srctad of thr Thlrt|-ai>tb [Public?No. ! .] As Act to eetablish a uniform syftern of bank* ruptcy thrcagbont the United 9ta*e*. [Continued from ytnterday'i Keening .frar ] OF FROPIRTY ?1K| ?H A Kit AHD I* DIBPrT*. > ? -?-> And be t(further enacted, That when ti appears to the satisfaction of (be court that the estate of the debtor, or any part tnereof, is of a perishable nature, or liable to deteriorate in value, the eourt may order the name to be sold, in such manner as may be deemed most expedient, onder tbe direction of the messenger or assignee, an tbe case may be. who shall Bold the fund* received in place of the estate dtepoeed of; and whenever it appears to tbe satisfaction of the eoarc that the title to any portion of an estate, real or personal, which has come into possession of tbe assignee, or wbicb is claimed by him, is in dispute, tbe coart may, upon tbe petition of tbe as?igne?*. and alter snch notice to tbe claimant, bis agent or attori*;. as thr conrt shall dwm reasonable. order i; to be void, under tbe direction of the assignee, who shall bold the funds received in place of the estate disposed of; and tbe proceeds of tbe sale shall be considered tbe measure of tbe value of the property in any ma or controversy between the parties in any courts. Hut this provision shall not preveut tbe recovery of tie property from the poesession of tbe aesign-e by any proper action commenced at any lirae before the eoart order? tbe sale KXAV1NATION ?p RiKKKVlfS i?*C- 26 And be it further enacted. That the court maj, on the application of tbe assignee in banitrup'cy. or ol any creditor, or without any application, at all times require the bankrupt, upon reasonable notice, to attend and ecomit to an exsmina ion, on oath, upon all matters relating to tbe disposal or condition of his property, to his trade and dealing? with others, ar.d his accounts concerning the sara?, to all debts due to or claimed Irom bun, and to all other matters concerning his property and estate and tbe due se 'lenient therjnf according to law. whicu examination shall r>e m writing, and shall be signed by the bankrupt and tiled with the other proceedings, and tb?court may, in like manner, require tbe attendance of any ttbrr person as a witness, and if sncb person *h.Ul tail to attend, on being summoned thereto, tbe conrt way compel bis attendance by warrant dire?ted to the marshal, commanding him te arreet such per-on and bring tiira lorthwith before thn conrt. or be tore a register in bankruptcy, for examination as sncb witness. If the bankrupt is imprisoned. absent, or di*abl?d from a'tend;knc?. rhe court may order bun to be produced by the lailer, or anv officer in whose cus.ody be mav be. t r may direct tbe examination to tie bad. aken, and certified, at snch time and place and in snch manner at the crnrt may deem pro;?er, and with tike effect as if snch examination bad be?n bad in court The bankrupt shall at ai| times, until bis discharge, he subject to the order ol the court, and shall, at the expense ol lhees;?te. execute all proper writings and instruments, and do and pertorm all acts require* by tbe court touching the assigned property <>r e?'ate, and to enable tbe assignee to demand. irvv?-i.?ini rin.c ail u?- [MU(>rrijr spa w Bl? assigned. wberev?T situated: and for neglect or refusal to obey any order of the court, suen bankrupt may be committed and punished a> for a contempt ot court. If the bankrupt is without the district, and unable to return and personally attend at any of the times ?r do any of tbe act* which may be specified or required pursuant to this section, and if it appear* *hnt each absence was not caused by wilful default, and if, as soon as may be alter the removal of snch impediment, be otfers to attend and submit to the order of the court in all respects, be ball be permitted so to d?, with line effect as if be had not been in default. He shall also be at liberty, from time to time, npon oath to amend and correct bis schedule of creditors and property, so that the earn** shall conform to the facts. For good cause shown, the wife of any bankrupt may be required to attend before" the court to the end that she may be examined as a wi'ness and tf such wife do not attend at the time and place specified in tbe order, the bankrupt shall net be entitled to a discharge unless he shall prove to tbe satislacik>u of the court taat be was unable to procure the attendance of bis wife. No bankrupt shall be liable to arrest during the pendency of the proceedings in bankruptcy in any civil action, unless the same is founded on some debtor claim from whict his discbarge in bankruptcy would not release him. of the diptetb^tioji of tee rankkupt's estate Sec. *27. And bt it further enacted. That all creditors whose debts are duly proved and allowed shall be entitled to share in the bankrupt'? property t.nd estate pro rata without any priority or preference whatever, except tfcat wages due f~om him to any operative, or clerk, or bcuee servant, to an amount not ?xfeeding flry dollars, for labor performed wiibiu six months next preceding tbe adjudication of bankruptcy, shall be entitled to priority, and sfcall re first paid in fnll I rol led. That any debt prove 1 by any person liable .is bail, surety guarantor, or otherwise, for the bankrupt shall not be paid to the person s? proving ihe muo? nn'il satisfactory evidence f nali oe produced ol the payment of snch debt by such person %o liable, and tbe share to which -uch debt would be mtuied may toe paid Into court, tr otherwise held lor the bintill ot the party entitled thereto, :ts tbe court may direct. At the expiration of three mouths from tbe date o: the adjudication of biuk ? -K.v t .U u?T vi us iuuwu piinitr as ill** court may direct, the court, upon request of tbe ;issi? r. ?*e, sball call a general meeting of ibr creditors, ?I which dne notice shall be given, and tbe a.*stgnee snail taen report, and exhibit to tbe cour' and to tbe credi.ors just and true account.-of ill bis receipts and paymens, verified by bis outh, and be *ball also produce and file vouchers tor all paymeuis for which \oucbers ebal! lie repaired bv any rnle of thn court: be sball a so submit tbe schedule of tbe bankrupt s creditors and property as amended, duly verified by tbe bankrupt, and a statement of tbe whole estate ot tbe bankrupt as tben ascertained, of tbe property recovered and of the property oautai ding. specifying 'be ranse of us b?-ing outstanding, al-o wbat debts or claims are yet undetermined, and rtating wbat >-um remains in bis bands. At sucb meeting tbe majority in vali.? of tbecreditors p.e.-eut shall determine whetler any and wbat part ot tbe net proceeds of tbe estate, after deducting and retaining tium sufficient to provide tor all undetermined claims wbicb. by reason of tbe distant residence of tbe creditor, or for otber sufficient reason, save not been proved, and tor otber expeusee and contingencies, sball be divided among tlse creditors; but unless at least one-balf in valne of tbe creditors sball attend sucb meeting, either in person or by attorney, it sball be the duty of tbe assignee so to determine. In cane a dnideud is ordered, the regis, ter -hall, witkin ten days alter such mee:ing, prepare a list of creditors entitled to divider J, sud sball calculate and set opposite to the same of each creditor who bas proved his claim tbe dividend to wbicb be is entitled out ot tbe net proceeds ef tbe estate set apart for divideud, and sball forward by mail to every creditor a biatement of tbe dividend to which be is entitled, and sucb creditor sball be paid by tbe assignee in such manner as the court may direct. S*< . -8. And 0? it further tnatUii. the like proceedings shall be bad at the expiration of tbe next three months, or earlier, if practicable, aud a tbird meeting of creditors shtll T h#n h# , -A I hr ?Ka " * w?... iuu ix iiuai dividend then declai *d, unless any actio* at law or suit in eqnity. be pending. or nnle?s ?.>me other t-itate or effects of tbe debtor afterwards cone to tbe bands af tbe assignee, in wbicli ta>? tbe assignee shall, as soon as may b-*, convert such estate or effects inu none/, and vittiD two months .titer tbe ?a?ae shall b- ro inverted tbe same shall he d'virtsd iuibhii?er aforesaid. I nr.her aiv.deiu Hbill he ro-ule in like manner as often as occasion requires: ana after tbe third meeting of creditors no further meeting shall be called, unless or* dered by Use court. If at any time tbere shall be in tLe bands of tbe assignee any outstanding debts or other property, due or belonging to tbe estate, vrbwb cannot be collected and received by tbe assignee without unreasonable or intou venieut delay or expense, tbe assignee may, under tbe direction of the conrt, sell and assign snch debt* or otb?*r property in such menner as tbe ceurt shall order. No dividead already declared shall be disturbed by reason of debts being subsequently proved, but tbe creditors proving such debts shall be entitled lo a dividend equal to those already received by the other creditors before any turther payment is made to the latter. .Preparatory to ibe tinal dividend, tbe assignee shall submit Lit account to the court and tile the same, and rive notice to the creditors of snch tiling, and -hall also give notice that be will apply for a settlement of bis account, and for a discharge from all liability as assignee, at a time to b? specified ia sacb notice, and at such time tbe court shall audit and pan* tbe accounts of tbe assignee, aad such assignee shall,| if required by the court, be examined as to the truth of such account, and it found correct, be shall thereby be discharged from all liability as as. jngnee to any creditor of the baa hr apt. Th coait shall thereupon order a dividend of th estate and effects, or of snch part thereof as i sees fit, among such ot tbe creditors as aave proved tbeur claims, m proportion to the respective amount of their said debts. In addition to ail expenses necessarily incurred by him in the execution of his trust, ia any case, the assignee shall be entitled to aa allowance for bu services la such case on all ntoaeys reLei ved an'1 paid out by bin therein, for aay saaa aot exceeding one thousand dollars, fife per centum thereon; for nay larger sum, not exeeediag Ave thousand dollars, two and a half per oc?iam oa th# e*?Ma over pas thou -ttd dollars; and for any larger iom, on# per centum on the excess of Ave thousand dollars: and if, at any time, there shall not be in his hands a sufficient amount of money to defray the BSCHMry expenses reqaired far the fur ther execution of his trust, he shall not be obliged to proceed therein nnttl the n*ce??*rv funas are advanced or satisfactorily secured to hiai If, by accident, mistake, or otter cause, withont fault of the assignee, either or both of the said second and third meetings should not be held within the times limited, I the court may upon motiou of aa interested psrty, order such meetings, with like effect as to the validity of the proceedings as it the meeting had Ween duly held In the order for a dividend, under this section, the following claims shall b?* entitled to priority or prefer, ence, and to be first paid in full in the follow. ' ing order: First. The fees, costs, and expenses of suits, I and the several proceedings la bankruptcy under this act, and for the custody of property, i as herein provided. Second All debts due to the United States, and all taxes and assessment* under the lawa thereof. Third. All debts due to the State in which the proceedings in bankruptcy are pending, and all raxes and assessments made nnder the laws of sucb State. Kourth. Wages due to any operative, clerk or hoose servant, to an amount not exceeding fifty dollars, for labor performed within six months next preceding the first publication of the notice ot proceedings in bankruptcy. Fifth. All debts due to any persona who, by the lawn of the United Stales, are or may be entitled to a priority or preference, iu like manner as if this act bad not been oassea: Always proculed, That nothing contained lathis |?< . c uniI iuti iril WHU IU0 Ut-FFDIOI'lll ItUtt COIlection of taxes by the authority of tbe United States or any State. OF THE RAHKRl'PT'S MSCHAKOB A.f D ITS KFPICT. S*? . '29. And be it further enacted. That at any time after tbe expiration of six months from tbe adjudication of bankraptcy. or If no debts bavt been proved Against tbe bankrupt, or if no as*ets ba\ e come to tbe bands of tne assignee, at anv time alter tbe expiration of I sixty duy?. and within one year from the ad i judication ot bankruptcy, tbe bankrupt may i apply to the court for a discharge from bis debts, and th6 court shall thereupon order notice to be riven by mail to all creditors who have proved their debts, and by publication at least once a week in such newspapers as tbe court shall designate, due regard being Had to the general circulation of tbe same in tbe district, or in that portion of the district in which tbe bankrupt and his creditors shall reside, to ap]>ear cm a day appointed for that purpose hud show cause why a discharge should not be granted to the bankrupt. No | discharge shall be granted, or, it granted, be . valid, if tbe bankrupt has willtullv sworn I falsely in h is affidavit annexed to bis petition, scnerjule, or inventory, or upon anyexaminaticn in the course of the proceedings in bankruptcy, in lelation to any material fact ci>nct rung hi* es:ate or Lis debts, or to any o;h>-r material Tact: or If be ha# coucealecl any part of his estate or effects. or any books or writings relating thereto, or if he has been guilty of any fraud L>r negligence in the care, custody, or delivery to the assignee o' the property belonging to him at the time ol ttie presentation of I his petition and inventory, excepting such j property as he is permitted to re'am under ttie . provisions of this act, or it he has caused, per1 mitted, or suffered any loss, waste, or destrac' tion ibereo'.; or if, within four months beioie | the commencement of such proceedings, he ' has procured his lands, goids,money, or enn'j tels to i>e attached, sequestered, or seized on i execution: or it. since the passage of this act, he hae destroyed, mutilated, altered, or falsi* tied any of bis hooks, documents, papers, i writings, or securities, or has made orWn privy to the making of any falseorfrandnlent t?ntrv in ?nir K/w?l/ -ll*? -* J .... J uw? VI ULUri UOCUrnent, with ltfrnt to delraud bis creditor*, or has rmiuvl'd or caused to be removed any part of bis property from the district, with intent t? delraud his creditor?; cr if be has given any fraudulent preference contrary to tbe provisions of this act. or made any fraudulent payment, gift, transfer, conveyance, or assignment of any part or his property, or has lost any parr tbereo! in gaming, or has admitted a false or fictitious debt against bis estate; or if, having knowledge that any person ha? proved such false or fictitious debt. b<- has net disclosed tbe same to his a^ignee within one month after such knowiedge; or it, being a merchant or tradesman, nehas not, subsequently to the passage of tms act, kept proper books of account; or if be or any person in bis behalf, has procured the assent of any creditor to tbe discbarge. or tnll nenced tbe action of any creditor at any stage of tbe proceedings, by any pecuniary consideration or obligation: vr if he haa, in contemplation of becoming bankrupt, made any pledge, payment, transfer, assignment, or conveyance of any part of his property, directly or indirectly, absolutely or conditionally, forth** purpose of preferring any creditor or person having a claim against him, or who is or h;ay be under liability for him, or for the purpose of preventiug the property from coming into tbe bands of tbe assignee. Qr of being distributed under this act in satisfaction of bts debts; or if he has been convicted of { any- raud>'tT.eamr under this act, or haa beeu guilty of any Irand whatever contrary to the true intent of this act; ai d beiorean? discbarge is granieo.|ibe bankrupt shall take and subsoibe au < a U to tbe effect that he has not dine, suffered. or teen privy to any act, mau t?r, ?>r thing specified in this act ai a ground ; for withholding such discharge, or as mvallua'ing ?uch discharge if granted. Sk< . 3u. And tx it f irmer enacted, That no , per-on who shall ha\e b****n discharged uud^r his act. and shall aiterward* become bankrupt, on kisown application shall be again entitled | to a discbarge whose estate is insufficient to psys*-%rnty per centum ol the debts proved against it. unless the absent in writing of threefourths m value of his creditors who ba\e I proved their claims is filed at or before the ; tune oi application lor discharge: but a bauk1 rup: who shall prove te tbe satisfaction of the i court that be has paid all tbe debts uwlug by him lit IhA Hnnu a! ni- 1 ...... v* |?ht?i?u? uauaiupu;)-, or wbo Dm t^u voluntarily released therefrom by bis c reditors, sball be entitled to a discharge in the fame manner and witb tbe same effect as if be bad not previously been baaarnpt. 2>ac. 31. And be it farther enacted. That any creditor oppoeing tbe discharge of any bankI rupt may tile a specification in writing of the giouna? of bis opposition, and tbe court may in it* discretion order any aaestton of tact so presented t? be tried at a sta'tea session of tbe District Court. Sat- 32. And be it further enacted. That If it sball appear to tbe court tbat tbe bankrupt has ib all things conformed to bis duty ander this net, and tbat be is entitled, under tbe provisions thereof, to receive a discbarge, me coart sball grant him a discharge from all bis debts except as hereinafter provided, and sball give bim a certificate tbereef under tbe seal of tbe court, iu substance as follows: District Court of tbe United States. District of . Whereas bas been duly adjudged a bankrupt under tbe act of Congress establishing a uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the t nited States, and appears to have couformed to all tbe requirement* of law in tuai oeball, it is therefore ordered by tbe court that said be forever discharged from ail deb's and claims wbicb by Haid act are made provable against bis estate, and wbtcb existed on the day of , on which day ihr pttuiion for adjudication was filed by (or against) bim: excepting such debts, If any, as are t.r said act excepted from the operation of discharge in bankruptcy. Given under my band and tbe seal of the court at . in the said district, this day of , A. D. <>eal) Judge. Sac. At,'I be it further enacted, Tbat no ' debt created by the fiaud or embezzlement of j tiie bankrupt, or by bis defalcation as a puolic i officer, or while acting in any fiduciary cunr, arter, sball b?* discharged uuder this act; but thec'eb'maybep.oved, and tbe dividend there. ; on shall bt* a pa> ment on account of said debt: ' and no discharge granted uu<ler tbis net thall i teleaee, discharge. or allec: any person liable lot 'he tstme d*>bt, tor or with the bankrupt, either as partner, joint contractor, endorser, surety, or otherwise. And in all proceediaga in bankruptcy commenced after one year from ib? time 'bis act shall jo Into operation, no discharge ebail be granted to a debtor whose as tf? 00 not pay flrty per centum of the clauoa against bis estate, unless the assent in writing ol a ma lority in number mid value Of bis crednor* w ho bare proved their claims is filed in the rare at or before the time ?f application for discbarge. Sec. :s4. And be itfurlker enacted, That a discharge duly granted nnder this act ahait, with the exceptions aforesaid, release the oaakrupt troin all debt*, claims, liabilities, aad demands which wereor might bare been proved against bia estate in bankruptcy, and may be pleaded, hv a simple averment that on the day of ita date nocti discharge was granted to him, set. ting the ram* forth in n;ec verba, as a fall and complete bar to all anits brought on any auch debt*, claims, liabilities, or demands, and the certificate shall he conclusive evidence in favor of such bankrupt ot the fact aad [the] i regularity ef sncb discharge : Alwyt provided, I That any creditor or creditor* of said bankrupt, whose debt was proved or provable again t the sstat* in bankruptcy, who shall ?e fit to coaUMt the validity of said discharge on the ground that it was fraudulently ob taiaed, may, at any time within two years after the date thereof, apply to the conrt which granted it to set aside aad annul the same Said application shall he in writing, shall spe. cify which, in particular, of the several act* mentioned in section twenty.alee It is intended to give evidence ot against the htakrupt setting forth the grounds of avoidance, and no evidence shall b* admitted as o> any other of the said acts; eat said application ? all he eab. fct to amendment at the dleeretloa of theeoart be court shall cause reason a hie aotioe of Mid application to he given ie said taakrapt, and 7 .I' I order him to appear and answer tbo avme, I within iuch tirer as to tbe court shall *e?m 4t | and proper. If, upon tb* hmrnit of *a>d i parties, tbe coart *ball find that the fraartal-at ! acts, or any of mm, *<*t forth a* afore* ?<d ay ( raid creditornr creditors uamit th^banxrupt, . arc proved, and that aaid creditor or creditors | bad no knowledge of the s?m? until after tb? ! granting of said discharge, judgment shall rv ' flee n in favor of said creditor or creditors, and the d>sebargeof said bankrupt shall be M?ta*id? and annulled. Bnt if said court shall find thit. said fraudulent ac's and all of tbein, sat forth as aforesaid, are not proved, or tbat th*y were known to said creditor *r creditors before tin granting ot said diacbarce, then ladgmeatshall he rendered in favor of the bankrupt, irid the validity of bis discbarge sball not be affected by said proceedings. [TO Bl CONTIBL'aD.) - ?? . A little three.year old girl of Mr. Samuel Hardjr, of Winchester, Va., was buroe.d to death on Friday. She got hold of matches, while left alone for a few moments, and set fire to her clothing. VTbere la a case of courtabip in F.ast Lyme, Ct., tbat has been going on for more than forty-five Years, and during that time, with a very few exceptions, the gentleman has called on hia intended on each alternate Sanday evening. VAt Waco, Texas, the other day, a man named Oray attempted to shoot a Mr. Parker, wbo got behind another man, a Mr. H eod, and tbe latter received the discharge, which killed him in atantly. Louisiana.?'The larger plantations in Louisiana are planted in sugar; tbe smaller one in cotton. More rice will be raised this year iban formerly. The treedmeu command higher wages?fifteen dollars and rations. VNear Opelika, Alabama, about a week ago, a negro cut tbe throat of a Mrs. Vincent, witb a razor, and waa pursued by the citizens of tbe immediate neighborhood of Opelika, when be was overtaken. When summoned o surrender, be defied bis pursuers and was sbot down. proposals! pBOPOSALB FOB FLOLB. Offirt Depot Commit>ary 0/ Subsi'UnaJ Wa-iikiiiriMi. D C., Mar^n n.Uff. 1 Sealed Proposals Are invited ontll Till HSPAY. March fl, Uf.', 12 o'clock m.. for furulsniBK tbe Subsistence Department witn TWBLY1 UDMUIKU il.JOO) BABBKL8 OF Kboiik. The propo?als will be for what U known at Uiia Depot us ho* 1 and 2. anil bids will b?i tnti-rtaine.l for any uaantitv le?? than the whoi* Bids matt be In duplicate, and f?r each grade oq separate rh^etit of paper. Tbe ?elivery of the Fl>?ur to commence within Ave day* fr<>ni the op. nine of the t>M?. an<l vinst I e delivered in au< h quantities, daily, as the (Jovefnment may direct, at tiie whtrves. or Bailriad D <pot in Waehingt<?n, I>. ('. Tbe delivery of all Floor awnrded tol>*oom^leted within twenty day* from the acceptance of !>e bid. Pid* will be received for Flour to be delivered fn new oak barrel*. h*ad lined Payment will be ma<te in audi fnnda a* tbe Government may have fo r disbursement. The usual Government inspection will lie made jast before the Ki<>nr is received, and none will be accepted which is not fresh ground, and of a superior quality No bid will be entertained from parties who have previonsly failed to comply with tholr bids, or from bidder* not p-esent to respend. Government reserve* the right to reject any bid for any cause. Bid* to be addreated te the undersigned, at No. 2*23 0 street, endorsed 'Proposal* for Flonr." O. BF.LL, ?b 12-41 Major and O. 8., D. 8. A pBOPOBALS FOB IBuM WOBK. Treasury Department, I Office of Supfrriunt Arckiiut, March B. 1887 \ .Proposal* will be received at thla office antll IS o ciock m., marcn ip.iot, ior cut iron iwiumm, PI Inters. Caps, anl Bane*, Window ud Door Brands, for the Bcrtb Wing of the Treaiury Bxtenaton AKh?dnl( of the work roqnlrod ud the Growings of tbo aime nay bo Men at tbo office of tbe Bnpervising Architect.Treasury Department , All bids must be accompanied by tbo guarantee of aome responsible person that tbe bldMor wilt accept and perform tbo contract if awarded to bim. Tbo Department reserves tbe right to accent separate portiona of tbe varions propose s, and to reject any or all of tbe bide, if ooaatdered for tbe Utarest of tbe Government to do ao. Bida to bo Inoioaed In a sealed envelope and indoraad "Propoeale for Iron Work." A. B MULLBTT. mh 6-W.F,M6t Supervising Architect. 1867 GBANB BXOUBSION 1867 TO TUB PABIB EXPOSITION. Tbe new and first class ocean going Iron Steam >klP H A V A B A , ^OBL 2,000 tone burthen, BTBPTI RN WHITMAN. Ooa'mandar, will make an BXOUKblON U*m Mew York to Havre and back, aailing from Pier 4b, North Blver, on WBDNBBDAT. April 17th. at 1?o'clock m . Taking pasnengers for Parla, London and Prom n. Betnrnn.g, wf II aaii from Llavr* on -lane itb. gi v ing passengers h Idmg Excursion Tickets about aixweekain Europe. Tills iragnificcnt Steamship Is divided into water tight cempartmeata, and baa t>oeu nawly furnished and elegantly fitted up expressly for thlavoyage. Tbo HAVANA will only carry first claaa pas sengsrs. An experienced Borgeon on board. */* A full Band of Mute will be attar lad to :k sk ITPriee of ta currency, to Havre #160 and $173,|*cc?ratM to six* of state room To Btnt iD'i return, and aocordins to Kizf of atate room. Tor farther parti culara and puiwt apply to tba iinti. BRAT FBBBIB A 00., 63 Soath tract. Haw York. Or to tba Merchants' Union Express Company, ?** York. Mh ? Jut jy|ABYLAND AOB1CULTUBAL COLLBOB. IV duties of this Institusloa will ba resumed au MOallAY. tith of March W bile It is iNiintd to mki iaatructiou f n the theory and practice of Agriculture, the peculiar feature ot tba College. provision la made for a full coarse of collegiate instruction, embracing tba Latin. Oreek, French, Qertnan, Italian and Spaa lehlangaaiee or any of them, a conree of Math emetics. Mental aad Moral bcieace, Biftorr, and tba stady of the English Language and Literature. Natural Hietery and Natural Phtl*aophv, in their t-ev? ral breaches, will have special attention. Military Tactics will be taught There will be ao Preparatory School, bat a ae lected Engllih and Scientific Course mar be taken at tba atudeut's eptlea. Bo one received unier faurteen rearaofage. Ear a Circular and further I formation address B.B WOBTHIHUTOB, Begiater, tie., Office ef Ameiicaa Farmer, ash laa4w Baltimore. fl^fllS IS TO GIVE MOTIC'JC Tbattba sabecn1 bar bae obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, In the District of Columbia, {era teatameutary on the aeraoaal aetata ol Joba Mc Carrey .late ofWaahlngtoa sounty, D 0 , ?.rau ycivuiw usTing claims agatnat trie Mid deceased, ?re hereby warned to exhibit the Mae. with the vouchers thereof, to the sitbecriber, | on or before the Mh day of Kerch next; they any otherwlte by law be exoleded from all benefit f Mid Mtltl Given nnder ay handthla 5th day of March, vm. miuhabl r. moban, ah 6 1aw3w? Mx ecu tor. 486 J ?? ?-* \ 4^ BU?Xii\WZ&*w?&r.wFDA United hot cheJoe eel wWine of oil Palntiaya. frSS2f'BMk,u of fU>w' " O^A^$lcfruai FKAHII. A rich and varied assortment, from the beat man nfactorera in the oonntry embracing WalautTliu Itation Rosewood. ail 01 It. Ana tic and Oanred PIOTOilMS<JBD_ Aljp TASBILS; *WALEUT . BBA0KET8, Ac. Platan Oerd and Tassels all ataoa and oolsra, PA^>BHAM?'ia08 AMD WlNDOW BHADM A beeotlfel variety of thoes goods. embracing the richest designs of Gilt Kmbroldered Parlor Pntternain tkoMdit, with vailaraerted atook of the eheanar *t^dee, with a large wiety of Window Shades, different d???M( colon. Orfcre fbr Windaw ihadM and Payer hangings pnnetnally filled, ia city or eonntry. _ A large portion of the above Gooda were made VeeiaMy to order, believing the boat the cheayeat, and aimingU keen thatclaeeef Goods. woresyectfully invito tho PnbMc to inspect and oomynre oar Oooda with any In the market. r"~ rsrftffhm.m? .M. delB Sm* Bight doofa above Odd Teilowa' Mall. V rffifo1in MOCLAie*.^^^ WW inmrVXT.fK M ?u4M

11th atreot,noar n. avenne. AUCTION SALES. |> Y OBIII * WIU1A*B, iicUaMMi. backivbab balb or roamiuu abd LiwPomb is, * [> limiTuld ur tbi "R I KK W oOD BUUBB." BUL&TID AT TBB I OolSlR OK ltfTfl BT WIST AND PA. AVB .IN BUOAHB BO 34*. IN THB CITY I OF WAtfHiaOTOM, IB THB DltTlilCJT Of COLOMBIA. AT FBBLIO ACCTIOH. 1M TBI SDPBBMB CODHT Of THB DIBTB1CT OP COLUMBIA. The VtUontl Bank of the Metropolian*. C.C. Bpraga* et ul. la l?uity?Bo. ?74. In pur*nance of an order of the Supreme Co art ' of ike Dietrict at Columbia, aitting in equity, b?ir)t| date the J6th d?r of r*kruwr. A. D. 18?7, the nnder'tcned. a* receivers appointed by aid Cv?r In the above anit. will Mil at pnblie ! aacti? tie "Btrkwood Honi>e.''in the city of W eeoiagtoa, D O.. on U BDNBRDAT the 2'th I day of Merah. A. D. l?o7,commencing at 10o'clock a ni. : Ftret?The lea-?-h<Md of establishment w?-ll kncWD ae the ''Kirk wood Home," a U lw ?i??n?age? of locnti > and arreuHement, equal if not anperior. to any ether Houl In the euy of Waahingtou. Tne leue haa about tlx lean to ma. ALSO, Immediately after the a.ile of tha above, we ahall procet-d V? sell the Furniture and Liquors in the establishment. and continue from day to day until j all 1* diatosed of ccmpr'dng in mart, via: I On* xrelleat Boaewuod Caae Piano, Cover, and Stool Ona handsome large French ?late Gilt frame | Mirror, with Jloaewood rraise* and Marblei slab Table Three Green Ben Parlor Snitee, constating of Tete a t. tea. B .fas, Castor and Bide Chalra ; Biz heavy Green Rep and Lace Curtains and Cor?i?<' fcix Marble-top Center Tahlea and Oil Paintings Seventy live Marbla and Wood tep Walnut Dreaslig Bureaus Seventy-tire tin<? (olid Walnnt Bedsteads al I fnnmlKi*- tlliSnrl.- M.? Seventy Ato Marble and Wood Walnat Wwb ttudi Thirty Pslnted ?r easing and other Bureaus Fifty Paint'd Wa?h?tand* (>t? hundred Cottage ami other B ad ate ad One hundred and sev?in Hrnatal0, Three ply |B. grain and other Carpets Two hnmlrtd good Hair and Hask Mattresses hundred Peathrr Pillows aad Bolatara 1 Two hundred and seventy Bedspreads aad Comfoi ta I One bnndred and seventy pairs of cood Blankets Large quantity of Double and ?ingla Sheets Seventy five Oak fining flairs Tw<-lv* large 1> uibg Table* Twenty Dam nek Tablecloths and Seventy g\e NapV ina sixteen Worsted Tabla covers Ten Heavy plated fa-tors Five d?>?en Plated Porka Five d?7.en Plated Sp?ons do/en Ir-n bandied Knives Twelve l'la'?d feugnr itowl* Twu dozen PIat? d Cream and Sinn Pltchera T?ent) -twe pueee of Oopper Cooking I'ttmsilp Gla?? and Crockeryware throughout the entire kottre One e*rcllent Iren 8a'?, in perfect order Office FuTti5fnre. consisting ot Desks, Settees, Si' Ve? ?ud rpittoons One ullic- Bigulator. Also, Four Fhtlau's Billiaid tables, with B.?Us and Cn^s a'l In perfect order. With u any other articles, which ws deeui antx>ceaRi.ry to enumerate 1 be ab"T<> Furmture i- of good quality throngliout the entire house \*ecallth? atti-ntion of d**lers. hotel keepers and the pnhlie in general to this ^a'e. as it la the lir|i??t collection of honseh Id goods that h.ts been ia the market for st m? time. Terms cash. HATHANIBL WILBOS.J JOBNK.BNNI8, < Receivers mb 6-eo\da 0BBEN ft WILLIAMS, Aucts. BY COOPKB ft LATIMER, Auctioneers, < late clerks with J as. O. McUnire ft Co.,) Southwest corner of Pena'a avenue aad lltb st., btar Office Building. charcebt sale of-improved pbopbb tv ob uoth 8tbkkt wbst, betwbbh b ahd p stbbbts, 1st wash. By virtue of adecreo of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, passed in cause Mo. 646. equity, In which Thomas Cogan 1* complainant, and Jane McManns ?t. al., are defendanta, the undersigned . trustee, will sell, in front of the premises, at*H o'clock p ?n.,en THUB8DAY, the list day of March. la*tant,part of Lot numbered Ave,(A.) in Square numbered one hundred aad twenty two, ( 122. ) conmfnrintr n? annt h ai<U - *<-? I and running nerth in a line with and ftenting on Twentieth street west 39 feet )* inch; thence eastwardly 1U feet anl 10 in< hes more or len; thence southwardly 19 feet and S Inch, and thence we*t wardly ISA feet and lo inches, iuore or less, to the lltttef beginning. Terms or sale prescribed by the decree : Onehalo-ash and the balanea to be paid in 12 month*, for which tbe purchaser will be repaired to give his proml'tory note, bearing interest from date, i endorsed to ths satisfaction of the trustee; or tbe purchaser may, If Le te desires, P?7 the whole of the purchase money cash, or oue-helf cash, and the balance on tbe ratiftcatlon of the sale by the ceurt. Title to be retained untl I the wnole of the pnrchase money is paid and the ratified by tue conrt. Conveyancing and stamps at thecoct of the purchaser kcgb9b cabcsi, Trustee uooi'bb * Latimer, mh 5(oWs A ncti?ne*-rs. BY OOOPBB ft LATIMEB. Amtloneers, " ( Late clerks with James O. Ke<>ulre ft Go.,) Southwest corner Pennsylvania avnue and llth street,' Star Office Building." TBU8TII S BALK OFTMPBOVKD PBOPEBT\ AT AUCTION By virtue of a deed of trust dat-d the 31st day ot' February, A. D.,U><, and recorded in Li her H. M . II. Mo. IS. felio ;iM.oi e the l ind r?c>M<f?r WaehiLcton County, U O.. I will sell, at Pubic Auction, in front of iue premise . at ft o'clock p. m . on 1 CBsDA V, the ^6tlt day of March. A 1> , )?7, all that certain piece or parcel .if prouui situate. lying a?id being in Wa-ti nirton clt>, D C, and known and distinguished upen tbe grounl. pUn or plat of *atd city as tbe sooth part of Lot nnmtered elcht i H,)ln Hanarv nnint>*re1 two hun1 dred and fifty -eight 2. 8. )fi ooilng zafeet on theea-it sKle ot stieet west. twtMr> en O and O treats nc rtL, a ith a dt pth ol one hundred and five feet um at d -ne hall it ches i1U) feet lus icc'ies,) te an alley, with the Improvements thereon. Terms ot saltt s?n?. half e??Vi i.?i?>i?? i? t '? month*, with ioUrMt from da. *f **!?, H?< nrnd l.v d-eil ot tract upon tti* i reruise*. Tei nit to l>? compl ed with iri otherwise tke trmUx re wrw ?h?- itcht t<> retell at the rihk and coet of th* dea^ltiijir purchaser by giving 10 days notice in the Hvering Star. AUcoit of c a?'.-j-?nctne aa l revenue stamps ?t the expease ol tee purchaser Slft) required at time of sale. JOB W. AHQl'S. Trmteo. . , ... 000P1B * LATIMBB, n?hl-3tawAds Auctioneer*. DT ?B1*M A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer* ~ ?* Bo. 6^6, corner "th and D street*. VALCARLB IMPBOVID PBOPBBTT IH ? SIXTH WABD AT PUBLIC AOCTI JM On HOBDAY, th* istb instant, at 6 o'clock . ? ?*" hall eall, on theiireiuisee, Lota A, B,C, and 1>. In Tweedy subditi.loa. and th* south forty At* f**t front by th* death ?f Lot Ho 2ti, in 8<iu*r*Bo 647, situated at tne corner of Virginia avenue and ?th meet east contain) a? 13,157 mare f**t. with the naprovemeata. consisting of on* oeo story Brick and two oh st*ry Frame Bouse-. Terns: Ob* half caata; balaace in oa* wad tw ears, for notes bearluf Interest. and s*cored br deed *f trust on th* premises All conveyance? and revenue stamp* at the cost of tba parckaaar $5udowu wbeathe property Is aold. III KAOLIA CO., Auctioneers. " " II Salesroom Bo. S9i Penn. ar*na*. B*twe*a SHh and 10th ats. BAOLK A CO- will give their peraoaal attention to th* aal* of Beal Baiate and Household Furniture. Also, to the salee of stocks of Qroeerie*, wines, Li'iuora, aud Merchandlae of ev*ry deaeription, Horses, Carriage*. Harness, Ac. Liberal caah advances made on consignments. Begnlar Bales at *?r salesroom *very TUBBDA*, THCBSDAY; aad BATHED A Y. at 10 o'clock^ NAOLIAOO, jall-tf Auctioneers. rp u u s t i B'B mrr la yorraano* *f a power of aal* r*sted fa me by a (lead of tnut, executed to me by ?*orge \V. Mtteh?l snd CnriiAlia n M it/ Kai k<? JVr. Washington city. lM?*rict of Columbia, dated <? I th? ttth da? of August. 1365. and recorded in Li bar 1. B. P., Mo. 3, folio ttl. Ac., 000 of the land records <>f Montcontery c<naty. 1 will offer at public sole and soil to the highest bidder, at B?ktr'a Hotel, In tbe village * Clarkabarg, in Montcomerjroonty, Md.. eu WRDNKdDA V. the Juth any of March, in tlie year et?h.een hnbdred and sixty seven. at 11 o clock am .all the follow In* described real aetata, situated in Montgomery coaaty. State of Maryland. Thete ianda lie near UUrhaburr. Moatfoniery oonnty. and adjoin tbe property of Bufus King, Perry Browuing, Basil mall and others One of the tracta la part of a triictefiaad called "Trouble Buou?h ln<le?d." euBtalnlDir six hnndr<-ri and sixty acreeoflaad, It being the aaae laud heretofore conveyed by Charles Hendry and (leanor Hendry. his wire, to aid George W. Mitchel. by deed dated ea thetttb day of Aagast. lSfti. The other being pert of a tract of iaad called " Boturvey on Maple Breach." heretofore conveyed to-aaid George W. Mitchel by Ann Boaer, and contslniag thirty five acres of land. This land la under a rood state of cultivation, sitae ted In a healthy aetgtborliood. wall watered, abd order very yood fV>n< in*. The lrnprovements consist Of two comfortable logdwelitage. f-ed stable, corn booaea. and other naceasary out-bntldiaira: alao, fear rood tobeceohoaeee. The ab?<*e described tract la susceptible of be in* divided fato two or three cooveaieut far ate. I'ereona wishing to look at the property can do ao|by calling on Mr . ILlag, residing on the iaad, who will teae pleasure in ahowiag it. Teratt of eale: Una-third of the pun baae money to bapaMonthe day of aale; the residue of die purchase money to be paid in oao aad two yeara trom the dar of sale, the purchaser or parcha aaia giving hie. bar or their notea, with approved aosartty, bearlag latereat from tbe day of aaia. Oa pa) meat of the whole fcurchaee money a deed wlU be executed by the trustee, the parchaaer paylafeape^f^yajhed^.^un-N. feadti LBVI VAMfoflBBB, Anct. M A 1 L &HO&LlTBDBPAHTAlHI<. BT BOBBONB. a.Lao, MilLLiBD'l CHOOOLAT PAB MMI.LBBOH, ^ Tbla Triple Yaallla CHOOoLaA la saperier la aaalltp aad flavor to aay other aaade in thla ??"? ? " " MTOMWIK? ? ?. Fszz. To w mMi GOVERNMENT SALES. 11i8bbti04abl.i qu abtbhmabtbb u btobbb at auotioh. ! (Ml/ ^DtfMraMitir'i OPd. thfttaf . Wagingraw, D. C. March ?. 1?. f Will be 10M it public auction, kr ortrr of the QWitnidtr General, tt LI nook Depot. en fDIBbAI, M*rch 19 aadar Um iiyrrniioi of , LUiUmU Bdward HitlM. 12?h U. 8 Infantry, acting AMlatMt Vutrt*rm>at(r U. 8. Army, aale to CODDtlC* It 10 t. . ! t tlllBtlt; of BBMTTlc* I iblt isirteTD iittr itorti< coimtiin In iirt ?("I f??f-8on? Army H Ooal Office Store*. *K??. O 0? Under do, 16 Two^Hcree do. liCokde, 10 Two-Hort** ambo 43 Wood do. Iucn, < Oook Kuin, 1 Four Hone da, 1 h<h Cirrl<f?, 1 Ont-Horae do. 1 Hm? B-el, 13 Carta, l.ett faet large Hoc*, 100 eeta Lead-mole Bar- U7 fnt tullAo. aea*. SZl 8??tdl? blanket*. CS *?ta Wheel male do. 101 Wagon Govern. 11 ieta Lead Ambula&oe 85 yarda Ooeoa Matting, Harueaa. ??. lb*. Aeeorted Hope, 56 ?ete Wheel lbe. Old Tlra Iron. ' I Haraeea, l.m lbe Iroa 8boee. ! 18 Cauldron*, 35 Ambalanoe Wheel* Together with Bridle*, Gum Hucketa. Halteri Chain*. fc'anva* Horee Ot>ver?, Anvila, McOlelUa Saddle*. Carpenter*' Tool*, aarh ae Hammer*, i Saw*, Brace* *nJ Bit*. Blacksmith Tool*, Ac. Bale will be continued each day until the whole amount it Mid Term* caah. ia Ootemmmt fund*. Pcrchaeer* are required te remove their pnr- j cbaae* within tea day* from da/ of tale. chablb8 h tompk1h8, Deputy Q Hen , Brt Brit. #ea . Aeting Chief Qnartermaetar. . m 9-St Begot of Waahingtoa ACCTIOH 9ALB or OOVHHHMBHT BUILD IHOB AT ?AMP TODD. BOOTH OF tbba8dbt B01LDING H*4Uta*Mir<?r? Utpmrtmtnt * Wmtktngt&m, ) I _ UActq/ChiiJ Ouarifrma<ter,} I rrm v. . B C- March 8. 1?7. \ i Wlllbeaoldat Public Auction. on tbe premieea, , under dlrectlen of Breeet Major lame. Olaeaou! A,- Q. M., Tola., an THI BHUAT. March u. at 11 1 ? i?S. ?" ??'' following deecrlWed Frame Baildinge. located at Camp Todd, (aoath of Treaanry Bniidicg,) id tiiia city, viz. i One Barrack (twoatorfea ) feet, with norch. Onb GuardUnuae. J41JO feet. One Officer*" yuirtera, >ii4feet. Oae officer*' Quarter*, 3?xff feat, with wing. Building* will he sold single, aad maat be re BiuTm timiD ten cm* irom <iair 01 ni?. Term* cut in Government fnuda M I. LriUNQTON. Bvt Brig. Gen tn4 Chl?*f Qnartenmuter. 3-ft Department of Wathingto? BANKERS. JAY cooks * ce.t j Bill III, ^fittnth mtet, arr*r\t* IVwtni, i'cjBnl Ml I icnntit urktt nt?, and to** enrtaatl y cd hand. a full raolf of *U govbbnmbnt bonds, SXYK5-TH1BT1BB, AHD COMPOUND INTBKBbT HOTBtf Ore!en tmr BTOCB8. BONDS, Bo , ?*cnted. ftnd Collection* made on ail MocgaibU yotnU. el-tf JJARROW fcCO., BABRBB8. Corner Loilitua ml r??rt. PKA.-BRI IK -&07FKXMENT SECURITIES, GOLD ABD SILVBB )y t tf AND LABD WABBANT8 Firit Haliofttl Bank of Waifciftftoa. B.D.COOBB, (of Jay Cooke BOo.,> Pre?Meni WM. 8. HCHT13QT0M. CmUW. GOVBBHMBBT DBPOBITOBT AS* BIB ABC1AL AGBNT OF THB CHITBD 8TATBS, lUk erroutt tk* Trtarmry Dtrarimtfu. OoTtniMit Becwltiee wltk Tmnr? ObIW SUIm 9T0NE MILLION DOLLARS.^0 We boy aad Mti all cteaaea off OOrERNMENl bECURITlES*t current market rata*. FURNISH EXCHANGE mmd make Cblleaumt cm ALL TEE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. W? yarcbiM Government Tmktn oa thi MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and fivecarefal and prompt attention to ACCOUNTS 0/ BUSINESS MEN mmd FIRMS, aad to My otbor biitaw oatraatad to oa FULL INFORMATION In regard to OOTBKIMINT liOAHB at oil time* cheerfully faralatoed VI. . HUNTINQTON. Oa abler. Waahln*t?n, March INI. m Jltf lUrABTllITOr THI 1NTKBIOK, U UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, i Wa<misgt?x. #'-t>r??rjr o, l?7. On the petition ofLAUKEN W A BD, ad ruin's- ! trator of the estate of Bicbard Ward, deceased, I ot Naugatuck, Connecticut. praying for the fi tension of a patent granted to tbe said Lauren \<?id ar-al l adminiktrator, on the 28tb d*> of June. 1(4*5, for an improvement in Ma bines for . Turning Irregular Kornii for sevea veare from the expiratlcn ot said patent, wbicb take* place on j the z*tt> day of Jnae. 1*7 : It in ordered that the said petition he heard at the Patent Office on MONDAY, the loth day of June rest, at II o'clock m ; and all poraona are notified to appear and show came, if any the/ have why said petition ought nut to be granted, 1 Pers-ne opposing tiie extension are requir-d to fileinthe Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at leant rtrrary days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party, to be need at the said hearing. mast be taken an.: transmitted la acoordaaoe wlta tbe mlea ' of the office, which will bo furnished oa application. Depositions and otbar papers, railed upon aa teetimony, Boat ba filed In tbe offiaa itremty daya j before tbe dayof hearing; tbe arguments, If any. dnvs after the I | Ordtrni. alio. that this uotic* oe publiahed in the Inttlhtfnrer and Uie Urrnbhcan , Washington. D. I 0., find In lb* Rt$ist'T. Hew Hith, Conn., one* week for throe inwwitw wooki; tk* Ant of said publication* to bo at leaat sixty daya prerioua in to, ?f 0 IIU U Commiaaloner of PatMti. P. 8 -Idlton of tbo above papers will please copy, and lend tboir bill# to tbo Pateat Office, '< vita a payor containing thisaotloe. fott-lawpw Dbpabtmbbt or thb uttbbiob. ^UNITED STATES PATENT orFICE, _ WuHineToii. Mbrnari)(, W7 On tbo Mtitlon of OEOBQB . BE ID aad | PBBC18 L. TL'TTLB, adnamistratora of theeetatoo of Joseph 11. Tattlo. deceased. of Oonovn, H. Y., praying for tbo extension of a patont granted to rneaald Joseph B TuUio tbo 21st day of Jane.lSU, for aa improvement in Saws, for eevea years from tbo explratioa of aald patont, which takoo plaoo on tho 2iot day of J ndo, wh : Itia ordered that tho aald potltloa bo board at tho Patont Office on Monday, tho M gay of Jane next, at 11 o'clock m.; aad all persons are notified to appear and abow cauae. If any tbar hare, wby aald potltloa oaght aot to be graatod. Pereoaa opposing tbo axtoaaion are required to file la tbe Patent Office their objections, specially aet forth l* writing. at loaat ttrmri daya before tbo day of hearing. all toettmony filed by either party to t>e aaed at the aald hearing must be taken and tranaaaltted In accordance with tbe rulaa of the office, wbicb will l>e fHruiahed on upplicatlon. Depoaltione and other papera relied upon aa tea tiinouy moat be filed in the office tiren'v dara before tbe da/ of hearing; tbo arraux-Bts, If aay, wittrn Un daya after flllag tho reatiwocy. Ordered, alao that tbia aotioe ho pabiiahed la tbo Intelligencer and tbe Beeublfean, Washington. D O aad la tbe Oeneva CazMte. (jeoora, N. T., onooaweek for tbree aucceootvo weeka; tbe firatofaaid pnMioationa to be at leaat sixty daya previous to the day of hearing T. O. TuEAlal, Ootnmiaaioner of Patouta. P 8. Bditors of the atxtre papera will pleatae copy, aad aend their bille to tbe Pateut Office with a paper coaoaiaiac tbia notice [ejKlawJw ra^KU 18 TO OIVB NOTICE, That tbe aubacrl1 bora hare obtained from tbo Orpbana' Court cf Washington count) . la tbe District of Columbia. I letter* t?f??eul?ii OB the eernonal mut? of J?fca McKim. ItM of Weehiactoa, O. C., dKeWi. AU MrwM harlug elaim* ifklnn the said deceased, ?W hereby warned to exhibit the tame, with tbe Toucher* thereof, to tbe sabscrtban, er to Pr. 8. A. H. MeKim, Washington. D. 6 , on or before the l?th day of frbrotn next: they may otherwise, by tow, be excladed from all benefit of tbeeaid aetata. Given underour bead a this l<th day of February i 1MT. ALIX.H.RIOI, ta.. fe IHawSw* JOHN W. McKIM,< HPHIB IS TO GIT* IT OTIC*, That the sub1 scrlber hae obtained from tbe Ornheas' Coart # Washington County, in the District of Oelwaajetters of adminlitratiaa. oa tbe personal Mtate of William Kbert. late ot Georgetown, D. G.? deceased. Ail person* barluc against said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to tbe nbecriber. on or befere toe 5th day of March next; they may otherwise by law bo exoladad frees all benefit of the said estate. Given under my haixi this Ml Iw of Marah, 1867 l^IBABBTH BBBBT. mh d-lawSw* Administratrix. ri'HIB 18 TU OIVK MOTTCK, That thesubscri* 1 ber lias obtain** from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, In the District of Columbia, Utters testameatsry oa the persoaal estate of BnsoU Bosel. late of Washington county, D. C.. doeeaeM, All persons ha vine claims afaJBfttbeeald doc eased. are hereby warned to exblbitThe asms, miththe voucher* thereof, to the subscriber, oa or before the ?th asy of March next: they may < otherwise by lawbe esoluded from all beaefit of the 2^." t"bJiSAJWIc-" mkd-law8W xooutrtx. maMWAM s. ? Ku b RAILROADS. ^ SlBRs"' boctb mt to TH? Bt>BTBWS8?.^UTH. AbS^tb_ ^ WIlfTlE 9CH*l>UI?Bj , "* Boreaiber It. !* . train* win IMUMUIIOVI WMfciuun T on* m. I Belt'?o re J is % m. " ? I ft ** - II M t. . TUZ ffi^T "iK) "bLi teaoe iocrfc."1* Wttfc BLBOAHT BOEEEBY. Palace IH.U r?v m lay and Bight Oar* wilt motare lairnTN^ui, iMMnm Trotn four to twelve bow re in time <. v?f fti J other rowte. Two Imnired nlM Mrtd to VMtm ut Central New York Two Dally Trutu to tbe *?t M "* " * Sort*. TkrOMb !>OJB Faltlmore to RtfUBEBTBB end PlTTaiiriOB witho ut cbtnn PMM>?r*ri by ttile route ft m Baltimore l.e?e the a4Tenta?eof maklB* *11 eb?ii?ee la OBloB DEPOTS, ai.d bo FLKB1KA. Tickets by tbtt ro?te c?n be |roctr?d at the at Ite. coratr Ub itreel end PeoneyWeate eveaoe. under the Betiecal Bot?l. where reliable iafor tatloa will be alren at all time*. Paeeenfen preen rlns tlcfcete at tkli ??o? tta wrnre aronB^atioai la Bleeyiag Oars (or Itwil?W?. ?*? Waehiacuu D. 0 ED. 8. TOCE?. Ge?. PaM. Afsot, Baltimore. 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THKOt'OH TICK BT8 to the Vm< riaUkidit the ?ukli|tuiBuit?a 1lckttOflc?itill kuun In tbe day, a* well M it the Mw*tc? of tba Back* ei> ud Broken' Tel <-*raah Lid*, .14 0 Feim. vence between ?tb and 7th atreeta. For Hew York, Philadelphia, and Boatoa. m adTartleement of "TLrongh Line." j. l. WILIOM.iHter af Trui?orUU&s. L. M. COLB. Oanaral Ticket ifent. oc ? tf GBO. S. BOOMTZ. Agent Washington HUDSOM RIVER AND IAKLI1 BAILBO ADS-On and after MONDAY Wow. if, MM, train* far Albaay and Tror. connecting with Barthern and Wnutb train*, will Inn Maw Terg a* fallow*: la. m Bxpraaa trail via Hndaon Blrer Kailroad, 30th at. aad 19th av., thraagh to Buffalo and BaepenaUa Bridge with?at ct.ang* of can aad connecting at Tror with tralua for Saratoga, Batland, Bnrllngton aad Montreal. Ili.a. Bxpreea aad Mall trail Tta ladaoi Blver Kail road, connecting at Alt>aay with Waatarn train*, aad at Trey with train* f>>r North. Ham lipreaa train via Harlem Ballr a<1, Mth *t and *tb ?t? MuMctini at Chatham with Wa*t?rn Bailroad for LebaaonB?ring?, Pltutieid, Ac . at Albany with We*t<-rn train*, and at Troy with tralu* tor Saratoga El tlaad. BnrlmgtOL and Montreal i.ti) aa Ex tree* train Tla Mad*oa Elver Bailroad comectisit at Albany with Warten train*, and *t Troy wifh train* for MonMBMh* with aieep ing car attached. 4 16 r m Biareea train !* Harlem Railroad, connecting at Chatham with Weateru Bailrn?<j for Lebanon Spring*. l'itt?fi*ld, Ac ; at Albany witn Weat< i n traln? and at Troy with train* for Botland. Burlington and Moatiaal bleeping can attached at Albaar. . _ 6 30 ) n ?*pre*? tr-%ln Tin Hud*on Blrer Bat Ir< ad . with l"?t<a( car* a*tarbad, aid throe Kb t'* UnTaio aiii Pa*>ei-i?n Bri<lf wtl. at chank> f car*. Alan, aleaping car every day nfff batarda* * attached front h?w Yorl tbrookh to Ogdensi.urg wittion: change, via Eon.e W. aad O Railroad. Connection tor Tioy will t>e max. -x Kaat Albany. Thia train will ran < > Scndaya U p m Train via H ud*<'B River Bailroad, ?ith leepina car atta?he<! n<in*ctiig at Albany with early train* f*r 65."* ?t>d ?n??enaic.a Brldee. and at Tr?t with trum for lum ?>u4 >. Berth. a Vnaday train ?1T1 be run tIb Ha 1bob Btr#r Kfttlroad f:om Smt V?rk to Fo?chk*?piiif and i . teru *diat?* nation* l*aem* Hew York er 8 v> Bi. Bttnrnmg, leave Peafftik**?e>e ?tl (6 > n, arriving In New Tor k at 6 lft p . m. Aleo, a botiOa? trait tib Uirl*m Bailroad. |?. ,T. leg 4Id etreat *t 9*. m . and arriving et Millort a ?t)Hp b>. Koturninc. leave MilWrtoaatte in., arriving li Hew York at it S i b WM B. TilMRBILT. J? II Vkf PrMtdrnt, ^10 BIT DI 8 X A 8 I 8. IIMiftlTall'l airTI aamak.itajt a oim TBI MOST CSBTAIB BBMBBY BTBB OBBfi. mYH, A PootTlTB 0VKB," f? QOMOBBUiBA, BLMMT, 8TM1CTl'KgS, Ooatataa no Mtaoral, ao BtlHa. bo Mercury. Omit Ten Pill* M ti IUm m Kfta a Cmrt. They aro oatlrely ref ?tBl>le Bb vi rig bo hmU Mt tu wUiW l? 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