Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1867 Page 2
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the evening star. Tht Until Cirtnlatioi m the Diitritl ^ WALLACH, Ediler lad Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY: TH1 ?M>AV MARCH 14. l-?67. ^reading matter obt every pag*. RE OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER TO ADVERTISER!. The lullowiuc is'Uie official showing of the circulation ol the dally papers of this city oorap?-tiuj fcr tee Government advertising ar.iter the recent met of Congress directing such advertising to made in tbe two daily news. pap*r? of Washington baring Uis !atge? circulation: E\ wiiFti Stas 7,?u copies per day CkrrmUM 5.W ? .. .... .'I.5V2 ? <1 The retutu* of advertising by the city papers or tte quarter ending December 31, as t?kec from the book* of the lnernal Revenue Office, are as follows: fcyuim STAB mw Jntellig'ncer ## 9 CkrmmcU. * oiw B^hcmn ........I..'.'...;; 5.'j28 reconstruction in virginia Tlure seems to bate been a regular alliance ' formed in Richmond be; ween tbe parties respectively headed by Messrs Ould and Bald- 1 ? in on one tide, and !*T-s*rs Botts and Unnaicutt on th? other, to defeat, in the House of IMegaLee, toe State Senate's hill for the reorgamzation of the State Government under tbe Military Reconstruction act. Messrs. Ould. Baldwin A Co. seek the bill's defeat, because It frankly acquiesces in tbe flat of Congress shelving the class of Southern leaders who etill strive to keep the South devoted to secession aad to rebel leading politicians, who teach that the whole duty of man, sooth of the Potomac, is to ha*e and damn negroes and Yankees. Messrs. Botu, Hunnicutt A Co. am to disfranchise all who bore arms against the United States in the late rebellion. Con- I ftess has wisely voted down that proposition > ortunatrly, the supplemental reconstruction txil. when It becomes law. will relieve tbe southern masses without distinction of color Xrom all danger from the schemes of both extreme* referred to above. It will compel the prompt reorganization of all the Southern States" governments in accordance with the epirit of the times, which secures tbe necessary downfall of the influence of the secession leaders over the Southern people; the great desideratum in that quarter PROVISION FOR THE SUFFERING SOUTH. All will commend tbe recent action of tbe ate in appropriating a million of dollars to relieve human suffering at the South. Should it become law. the question how tbe fund frbould best oe disbursed will arise. It strikes lis most forcibly that from fifty to a hundred thousand dollars of this fundshould be devoted as promptly as possible to tbe distribution of tbe seeds of tbe various esculents and grains throughout the South, by means of the Agricultural Department, which has the neces*-a-y organization to that end ready for the labor Such seeds, judiciously and promptly distributed in that quarter, will do more to ward off famine and suffering in that region throughout the approaching summer, fall and v inter, than a hundred times their cost dis tributed in provisions at this time. CONGRESS TO DAT. The House adjourned over to-day until i? t? morrow instead of until Monday, in the expectation that the Senate will to-day dispose ?f tbe bill supplementary to the military gov. eminent bill, in which caae the House will try to get action to-morrow on anv amendment* adopted in tbe Senate. Should tbe bill be disposed of by Congress this week, and the President de*i promptly with it, as it is ?u. der^tood he will dc, there will be nothing to pre\ent an adjournment by tbe middle of neat week. There is an evident impatience apon the part of members to get away, and it e-ms quite certain that an adjournment will he effected next week. COLLECTOR OF PHILADELPHIA Senator Bucaalew and ex-Senator Cowan had an interview with Secretary McCilloctt to-day in regard to the reappointment of Col William B. Tnomas as Collector of the Port of Philadelphia. A delegation of Philadelphia merchants are in the city, bavin* been tent here by the merchants of Philadelphia t? ttrge tbe reappointment of Col Thomas. disposal of public lands The Commissioner of tbe General Land Office is in receipt of returns showing au aggregate disposal of 17,^73 asres of the public tln^%?nnn* th',month of February last, at the *WO toliowifig offices ; ?lioon villp fcTi* aonri, lt^3!?> acres: lirown ville. Nebraska! 7,4-cj a. re- The greater portion of the laud waa taken under the homestead law lor actual set. liement and cultivation. RELIEVED Brevet Lieutenant Colonel W. R. DeWitt. Jr.. Surgeon in-Chief of the Preedmen s Bnreae for the Districts of Maryland and Delaware, has been relieved from duty at Head?n,YI'IVn ,Ba,M or?>' and ordered to report K? Comm"???onei at Louisville, J*y., for assignment to duty. f "MMISJIONER OF INDIAN AFFAIRS It is stated that Hon. N G. Taylor, formerly a member of Congress from Tennessee, has been nominated by the President as Commis- I sioner of Indian Affairs, vice Lewis V Boev ! rejected DEATH OF A NAVY OFFICER information bas been recei ved at the Navy Department of the death of Paymaster John A Hates, jr., of the storeahip Jamestown, who d;?d at Panama on the 4th instant. Pt hlic School? i* Maryland.?A bill providing for the levy, annually, ot IS eta In the tiui for schools, and for other purposes has passed both houses of the General Assem.' hly of Maryland?and is now a law The fund thns raised is to be distributed by the treasurer to the hoards of school commissioners of tbe cay of Baltimore and tha several counties la proportion to their respective population between the ages of live and twenty years, but the act is not to be coastraed as to prevent tbe county commissioners ol tbe aeveral counties of tbe State from levying and collecting In the same manner any additional ?hi!t0K bo,,d,n? of school-bouse* tha have been built siace January, 18W, in *** #eho?I dwtrict or sub-district within the k proTJd^? a majority of the voters in aucb district or subdi.trict .ball so determiae aad require, by a majority ?f their votes, at either a regular or a special election held for 'he purpose, of which election a notice of at least fifteen days sbail be given by the president of the board of school commissioners of tha coonty, or the president of the board of county commissioners. assistant Doobkbbpbb ow thi hocsb or Rai aasaxTATiria.?Geu. Llppincott, the recently installed Doorkeeper of tbe House, has, \u accordance with the general requ??t ef the Republican members, appointed O. S. Buxton, of New Yerk. his principal aasistant, the duties ol which ofllce the latter so satisfactorily aad efficiently discharged under the former Doorkeeper . Captain Goodeaow. tif a- tbi>.?The Senate was ia Executive tension yesterday for four hours. It is understood 'hat there was an excited discussiot) Qv$r he EcaiPftiwi ^ nr, u I lenipoteatiary to Belgium. And tbat u was i nally rejected. ^From Messrs Prencb Jc Rlehar.lson. j fortflkxly Hudson Taylor s) we have received Mail uvq4$ Edinburgh Manet me for February. 1 *tbb?al Havxars ?The receipts from this aource to-day were *3r-.t>45 3n colored mnn l.*> Nashville was fined hi for Keanne his wife, who refused to black Has boota That hla?.k wk uted booting. 1V1C6CRAL DlNNKROT THB WA8HINOTON OOKHK*l*OSDKNT5' OLUB The inanfsrt dinner of th* WtikitftM Correspondents'Club was held laat night at Welcker>. ou lStb street. The diiMrWMU excellent one. and served to put tki Himb!3f.e in good trim for the ?nbseqtient ? fea*t i of leas^n aud iln* of sonl." Mr I. A Clol runt, of tb?N?w York An*cmted 1're^ pr"*>de?it of the olnb, presided iipoo this occa: ion and Mr. Oeo W Adams, ot tte New lor c ft'orli, flr.-t vice presi<l*nl. did the Ijoloi- at *be tool Mr. Gobright was support d ra tbe rgiit by Hon. James Brooks, of New \ork. am on the Jeft bv Senator Anthony, ot Khodi Mind Mr. Adaotvruiupported ou tbe tuht by Shaker Colfax. while a seat be If!' b irt beer. prepared for Hon. Win. E K"t.tri?oi:. of New Yotk a Washington coritspordent? I c'b. r daj t. v. t,o ?ent a letter regremug biK iuaoilny to ntteua. To ibe right ot the presiding officer were i seated in the eTder named Messrs. L. L. | C'uun^e, of tbf New York T.m's, It. W. Harriett, New YorH /'?!, Crosby a. Noyes, Washington .far: W. P. Seville, New York ifereM; t A Ktcbardsjn. lia!ti:uu:e *<iTi O. K. Harris, Ualnmore S'vn H. .1 Kamsdfll, New York Trilnn'; J. K. Young. New York Tribune, E. L. Andrews, New Orleans Crescent, .1. W. Fitch. Boston 'Vi' W II. Shaw. Boston Trans| crip!, and .1 I: MjCoilongb. Cincinnati Cam i mere ml. To the lef: of the presiding officer, an J In the order named, were r?at*d ?ssrs. II. Parley Peure. ot the ios'on Journal; H Y N. Hoy nton. Cmcinuat Ua^rtte. W W Worden. Philadelphia L"ige * T. M. Cook. New Orleans Ttm't, J it. Itolla'id. New York Associated Prn?s. I 11 "muter, Philadelphia Inquirer. J. N Htirritt. W*t-Tirn Associated Pre**,; E. p. Lrcok?*. New York Tbn't; J McF'arland, Wa.-hiiig on W. 1). Wallaeto, Washington S'ar, tod K. K Eliot, New York Exi press. A* stated akove, a letter was read from Hon. ! W K. Kobinsm. regretting hi* inability to be present: and also one from Col. L A. Whitely, | of the Washington \atinnal Intelligencer, re; grettmg that circumstance* prevented his at! tendance. Mr. McParland prevented personi ally the regrets of Colonel Forney, of the Chntnicl*. After doing justice to ?B* good things pro1 Tided by mi:ie host Welcker. the clnb was called to ord *r by L. A. Oobrigbt. Esq., its president. In a few pertinent remarks, Mr. Gobright cot gratnlated the member* of the clnb on the a ispiciou- occasion which brought them together, and extended a cordial welI come to ihe invited guests In answer tore: pea'ed calls. Hon. James Brooks. of the New i York Kxvt'ssi arose and gave a detailed and : extremely Interesting acconnt of his career as a newspaper correspondent. Hewastheeldi est Washington correspondent present, having I been the first to inaugurate what is now a { regular business, and a fixed and important feature of journalism. His remarks were listened to with much interest, and frequently greeted with applause. Speaker Coltax, In reply to the general demand for a speech, related bis own early experience as a correspondent and reporter tor some of the journals of the West. His first experience in this capacity was on the staff" of the Indianapolis Journal, as a reporter of the proceedings of the Legislature of Indiana. and as the correspondent ot a paper in tbe town where be then resided, and where he still has his home. He was proud to be recognized as oneof tbe fraternity, and in whatever position he might occupy, he would always regard it as an boner to be associated with ; member* of the newspaper profession. When : Mr. Coltax *at down loud calls were m&de for ! Senator Anthony, who responded In a brief | and pleasant speech. After paying a high I compliment to tbe profession, he alluden to tbe tact that when there was a rreat rtrou'h I tbe manufacturers of paper took occasion to advance th* price, because they said there was no iam. For tbe las* forty days tbey could have noexcuse on tbi* account for maintaining nigh rates. He hoped the price of psper wouli decline to such a figure a* to allow the propt ie'or- of the various newspapers throughout the country to double tbe saltrie- of their c respondents. This sentiment was received with treat applause, in the midst of which Mr. Antbony resume* bis seat. W. 1>. Wallacb, of the Washington Star, be. ing called for. followed in some interesting reminiscence* of Washington lonrnalism, and concluded by bearing testimony to the cbaracter and ability of tbe present corps of Washington correspondents, and expressing tbe belief that their labors con Id but result happily in moulding public opinion intelligently and for tbe best good of tbe conntry. Brief and telicitoas speeches were al*o delivered by Q. W. Adams. Ben. Perley Poore, L L.Crounse, J. B McCullougb. E. P. Brooks, F A. Ricbardt jn, W W. Worden, and others. Bueno Buro." of the New York Cititen, was loudly called for, but declined to unmask. Tbe company separated about 9*; o'clock. Tbe inanguration was a great success, and the Correspondent*' Club start* out with the promiae ot an able-bodied longevity. NAVAI. X*WS. The Navy Department has received information irera Commodore Cbarlea L Boggs. of tbe *:eamer Lie Soto. We*t India Sqnadron, dared "Point a Peitre,-' tfuadaloupe, Februu: y Wk. IHI7, announcing tbat be sailed from St. Croix on tbe *ith of January, for La Gua> r?. tbe Hon. James Wilson. U. S. Minister at Caracas. having requested the appearance ol a vessel there. After communicating with tbe Minister, be sailed ftora I>a Guayia oa tbe 2Stb January, and reached Guadalope on tbe !>th of February, whicb place be would leave alter receiving coal. On the 5th of February, tbe French fleet, consisting of three iron-ciads and eight large transports, each capable of carrying 1,200 men. was at Martinique, destined for Y'era Cruz. Six transport* sailed before the arrival of Commodore B., tbe other* were working day and night, taking in stores, ccal, Ac- and wonld aail on tbe 9th of February. fY?=?I.O.O. r-OBAkD LOOS2-PaatUr*n4a: llJZ Meet TO MORROW (Friday; AfTER NOON, at 2 o'clock, to stUid tbe fuasral of P. tt. Thw.a- P. White, of Harmony Lod.-e Ne 9. 1? P H. BWIIT, Q. 8sc. YV>I O. ?. > -HARMOHf LttDGK Me. 9IL3 If embers ar* reauaotedto meet en TOjfitTRROW Friday i APTgRSOON. at ?e elock to attend the faneral of P. O Thoma* P. Wuiti. Member* of alster Lodge* s<-? fratsrnallr luvited to attend. I It* 1 y. M. H 8COTr. R. dec. nr5=?MAM)?IC -Th* members *f WASH IMG|ljf TON NAVAL L0I?GS. Mo 4.F and A. will meet at their Hall, corner Virginia ?tenue an<l 6th street east, oa FR1MAY. tbe ISih instant, at S o'clock,f*r ikf* pnrpo?e of attending the funeral of our deceased Brother, Thoj P Whiti All Maatrr BmosiIh Rood ettndlng.ire frate-nelly Invited. By order "f W. M bl 14 T. B. CROSS. Jr..Bee. HTs-* A LBOTURR wtll be delivered befere the iL? "WMbinfteaUnltartan Aeeeciation" THIS (TEoisdayi IVlMlkO, by Rev R R. BHIPPRN. Bubje t ?"Tbe Liberal Faith and Its Prlneiilei." Tbe public are cordially invited. A collection will be takea at the close. It* ry~=? JOURNRTMIH HOOBR OARPRNTRR8' Ik? A88001 ATlOM will a.aemble at Oerman Bail, lltb utreet w>et. between F and O atreets north, at 8 o'sleek p. m. MONDAY. ISth I net .for special bnainen. Oa* hundred new hand* waated. Oome. every member, m 14-St* nT5=?MAJ0R OEMSRAL O. O. HOW ARB will UL3 deliver tbe MIMTR LRCTORR of th* Y. M C A. COURRR, at tbe FIRST BAPTIST OH DRCH. 13th street, between Oaal H. FRIDAY RVEM1MO. March 15.18C7, at o'clock, tub jeft?A TOOR IM THR SOUTH. Tickets, ? cent* each. ni U-tt Yl==-TO IMVRMTORU AMD OTURRS. Wotic* is hereby given that the member* of a Oemmieeien. acting ?nd*r th* aathorlty of th* Secretary of tbe Treaenry, will meet la the city of ewTork, at the Oflce of the Sopervlalng Inspector ot ^t^amboete. Mo. U Pine street, on the SROOMD MOMDAT IM APSIL proximo, for tbe purpose of examining and teetlng the merit* of sucb Invention* of a life aavlag character as may be brought before tnem. Said laventioa* will embraoe Boiler* ot S^eamengiaee, Anti lacrneiatera Safety valvee. Steam Kiim, Water gan?e*. Steering.Apparata*. Life eta. with detachlaic apparatus, Ac , Ac , Re. Iaventnr* may appear In person before the OoMimisalon, for tbe purpoeeof '-vplelnln* their Inventions: bnt no expense* will be allowed under any eirenmstanoee -fT, . H. MrOOLLOOH, Secretary of tbe Treaanry. Waahlngcon. P. C., Marca 13, W7. .tt rr&* PAIMTRRO ATTBMTIOM !-A meeting L1J* of the Painter* Onion will be held at German Ball, oa THURSDAY RVRNlHQ, March it,at 7)4 o'clock. Good time* ab*ad. . WM. H. OROVffl. Pmf Wv Biko^.Secretary. m 12-Jt* (yw?RRGl.?*TRRT MOT ICS?Met ice I* hereby LL3, give* to nil qualified voter* in the first Ward that the Judge* of Mlectlon appointed to register voter* under tLe act of Oeagres* as?roT?^ February 6th, 18satltlsd "An act to puaiah illegal voting In the District of Oolnmbla, and for other purpoeeswill be In sessloa at th* F iret Baptist Ohnrsh, corner of I street aorth and 19tb etreet wwet, on HON DAT. the Uth, TUBSDAY tne 19ih. WRDMRBDA^, the S^h and THURSDA Y, tbe 21it Instant, from 3 to 7 oVIock a. m , for the purpose of rsosi via# and rseordlag th-lrname* The act of Congress sntftfsd "An set torsgnlate the elective IreacBlee in th* District of Oo lumbta, trovUU* that ' eaaB ana every mate person, *x cap ting panpers and persons under gnanltsnebft o> th* ats of twenty-one years and upward .m* IM not bee* convicted of any tufamow cftmaor bffsnas, and exs*pting p?r*en< who have voluntarily given aid and comfort to the gafejgta-.yfHg;. th* aertod of one year. Vt'ttt** months ?a the IsJ^t Section preelsctin which he shall offer tA vote next preceding anv s*ect<os therein,shaH be entitled to ?he elective franchise. and shaH be deemed an elector and eaiitled to votv et aay election in said District, without aay dlstlnctloa ''mhll"'* ?f 00101 #r r*C*- v- > i GOTB1NXINT SBCCRITIES WiiilNTOi, March U. 1-4*. Jay Cook* * Oo lariuk the following quotations of GovsranasBt securities: Buying. Selling Oo-upon, 1981 1?<> lus^ U. 8. FIT* Twuuw, I94i 109* l<?\ C. S. Five Twentiee. 1964 107 ? 1WT U S Five Twenties, lfc*ii l?7>i IU7\ I U.S. Fire Twenties,JanA.ry,'65.'.' >)$ IU7 U. S. Th Porties 97* Vi n S. Hvven Thirties, August.... U. S. Seven Tturtles, J utie......l<i5 I U. S. Seven Th> rtiee, Jniy 105 l<?5* NIW TUSK riUf-T BOARD SALES. Coupon* ln.40's 97fc 5.'W'8, l^'J 10H*, 7.30 s, August 1U5* S.SU's, 11?4 li?7 4 7..Hr?. June lu5 * S.VO's, 1S6S .107^ /.3u's, J uly 1?? , 5*?s, Jn.&.Ty,'6."?. lOOfc Uold '34 * FlftAftt IAL. l.evrit JoLison A Oo , quote SU>oks and Bond? to borne and foreign mwkeu a* follows: Mkw York. March 15?1m B >nrd-U. S. l^L Coopon 6"s lol)%. do., t-'.Vt, Ui!t\, U. S. -j ^ 1<i-4u e. Cou j)i us. !)< ,. 7-3ti'e, it 5\; Canton (Jo , 5*; 0'imberlRiirt t.oal Co prel'a,33; li>u,ksliver Muiiiit. Co..30 v- New York Central ft K , 1U" , Er r H.niwy .'i3\: Hu'^on Rivei K K.. IU8: Beading K. K . 1 I*,. Michigan Ceural K. K., ?. M Lb kUti Southern and N*. Indiana K.K-7 !V do. rnataiiteetl, ; Illinois Or.trsi U.H , 115; Cleveimd ?na Pittibur* H 11, 91)%. Chicago and Northwestern K R . 35*; do. preferred, 03*; O'eveifuirt and Toledo K H . 117: Cr.icajto and tiock Island It. R., 95\; Pit'sburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago U. R. \ . Ohio and Mieeieeippi Certificates, 45\; Pacific Mail. '.M Oold. i<:30. 134V. I.oktn^, March 14?[Per Cabio.]?B>nd*, 74X . Consols, wi v: Erie, :??#: Illinois, ~~%. Liverpool. March 14? Cotton firm and acute. Middling, 13^'; sales I'j.nuu bales. Dry GHds. The dry roods market closes with increased activity. H B. Clafln A Co.. A. T. Stewart?* Co., and many otb* r large houses seem now to be crowded with customers from all parts of the North, Fast, ana West, with a fair sprinkling from the t?oath. The spring trade will not be equal to thatcf the past year or several years previous, but will be mnch better than was expected a month ago. The display of French, English and Qerman dress fabrics is very attractive. There is also a fine assortment of American prints, printed lawns and muslin delaines. In silks the stock Is rich, baffling all descriptions. The French Exposition bas called forth the most exquisite, brilliant, and '-marvellous" novelties which bumnn skill and ingenuity coold devise. A full display of all these new styles, figures, rare combinations of shades and rich puterns would in itself be a museum of novelties sufficient to attract admiring and wondering crowds, almost anywhere, throughout the season. New York at the present moment has such a display on exhibition, to which public attention is now invited from all parts ot drygeodsdom. Brown sheetings and shirtings are steady in price, with some slight concessions on some brands. Bleached coods of best make are in fair demand, with little or no variation in price lirills are n fall stock, and are offered a shade lower Stripes and ticks are in demand. but are heavy. Corset jeans are in good request Denims are lower. Printcloths are firmly held, without sties to any great extent. Woolen goods, of many styles, are firm and higher under the new tariff. Buyers, however, are holding off, believing that after & few days prices will go lower. Linen goods are very plenty, aud lower. The auction rooms are now well supplied?raostlv with second-rate goods which are dull and heavy On tbe whole, we have to represent a w?e* of activity, with line prospects for the future The fall in gold makes some buyers a little timid, but the trade reuerally don't pv,* much attention to tbe antics of the bulls and bears of Wall street ?.V. 1'. Ind'penJ'n . Ulk. Okficb ?It is the general belief that a man in this country will sacrifice everything for an ofllre. Such is not the universal cas?, however, for the editor of tbe Concord (New Hampshire} Monitor being urged to be a candidate for the office of Mayor of that city, re plied in the following unusual style ?"Cruel and unnecessary punishment is forhiden hy the laws of New Hampshire. After a rigid self-examination of my past life, I am totally unable to find among my numerous transgressions any sin of commission or omission of sufficient magnitude to merit the infliction ot snch a punishment upon me by my fellowcitizens.*' MokB"Maixr"?'The Maine Legislttnr> before adjourning passed a law to be submitted to the people, to pnnish liquor-sellicg with imprisonment for tbe first offence. They also voted to have stale constables to enforce the liquor law. ET'Tbe Petersourg (Ya.) Index says the late freshets have driven large numbers of beam from the Dismal Swamp, and that barn yards are in consequence suffering considerably. WTbe private secretary ot the Qovernor of Tfkas is on the way the way to Washington to consult the President in regard to reconstruction. rr^-JOBSPH H. HHAFFIBLD, IL3 FRENCH CONFECTIONERY. LAD1EB' ice cbkam a dining saloon, 24b Penn. Ave., bet. 12th and isth sts. Weddings. Dinner or Sunper Parties supplied at short aotic* with novelties in Pyramids, fancy Cakes, and Ooafectieneriss, Jellies; Wedding Cakes, btst quality. Table Ornaments: Salad*. Ice Cream, Water Ice, Boman Punch, Boned Tur ker, plain: Bsooloped Oysters. Boned Turkey In jelly, Charlotte Ansse, etc.. etc Attendants also will be sent to attend to all details of arrangements. Bosquets, Wreath*, and cat rlowera to order fell liu JOBKPH H. SUAFFIKhU nr?=-PAWNBBOK*B 8 NOTICE. ? MBPBB8. B GOLDSTEIN A CO.. No. 34 4>* street west, near Pena'a ave.? Beg leave to call the attention of ear old patrons and the public in general thai we have no# en larped our business, and are prepared to offer inducements to borrowers that have never been offered before?expressly to parties wishing large amounts. Large store rooms, with good safes for valuables A private office connected forall confidential business. Money advanced on Oold and Silver Watches. Diamonds. Silverware, Jewelry, and on all kinds of merchandise Also, on Bonds, Stocks, Scrips. Government Securities. Loans made by day or week on merchandise sabject to rale. N. B ? Arrangements have been made by which persons depositing propert) with us can receive tbe same at any principal city of the 0 nton 34 roCE-AND B-HALP BTBEET fetl tf rpf iTABHSHlP 1811. ^ McPHEBBON A FSBGUbON. 4T1 Fish, avxmcs,coxmaa 1st sraiiT, _ , . OariTOL HILL. Dealers tn PliBB DBCOH, HBDICIBB8 and CHEMICALS, PBBFUMBBT, FANCY GOODS, INSTBDMBNTB. Ac , Mo. Physicians Prescriptions aeenrately compounded. The Night Bell promptly answered. ol?-tf [yjOTlCE TO THOSE THAT WANT THEIB 1 v Gardens fixed and boddlng dons, er Trees slanted. Call at 491 N street, between Cth aod fth streets, where it will he promptly attended to ?t moderate rates. m it 2t* WHO W1BHEH RBASS AND GESMAN 8ILVBB WIND 1H8TB0MBNT8 at lsss than first oest * Call before moving JOHN F. BLUB. m 14 tt 306 Penaa. ave. OHLT 3ft CBNT8 FOB A OOOB. HEAVY pair of RBITlsH SOCKS. Gsntlemens' UNBBB SHIBTS and DBA WEBB, at all prices, AD AMBON'S, mh 14 las 406 tth St.. next Pean. ave. fUBT BBCBIVBD?TWO MORE of those bean J ttful.carved, highly finished PIANOS,? from those celebrated makers. CHIOK-BBB MktHG A B9B8, which, for a few dayi'Mtl 1 only 11 will offer at large discounts. Also, assortment of beautiful 1*1 AHO COTKBS and STOOliS. JOHN F ELLItt, mh 14-it 3OS Penn avenue near 10th street. inn BOXES BKST GBADES NEW YOBK I UU State Factory and Dairy CHE ESI jnst received and fer sale by the Northern Produce Company, Pa. ave.,between 10th and 11th sts. _nh li-it* OA 1 NATIONAL LAUNDRY, t) 4 1 1 Peats av., betweenlxthand 13th sts.^Y 1 All work done by hand. Good* called for and delivered at the shortest uotlce. French fluting done In the neatest style. mhlS-im* ^ONOEETINAB ANB ACCOBDEONBT A very large assortment just received direct frem Germany. New styles, and offered at cost. In oonsaqneace of being compelled tn move. JOHN F. ELLIB, mh ll-tt 30S Pa. are., near 10th jt._ ^'OAL I COAL II COAL"!!! Just arrived a carre of the best <juallty Lykens Valley BED ABH COAL, e?g and stove sizes. For sale at tbe lowest cash price, at the Wood and Coal Yard of GEO. T LANQLET A SON'S, BU-St* corner luth st an?l Mass a>e. 0~0"D. WOO D, BT TUB OABGO. I have a prime lot of OAK WOOD arriving aad for sale. J, H. JOHN BON. mh 18 <t* Busy's Wharf. pbdnelLab, FBBNC11 PBV8KRVBS. very choice, BABBABA DATB8, LISBON rIGB. PARADISE NOTJ. AT , FBARSON'8. Foreign Fralt Depet,

m 13-St 491 9th strset, nesr l'enn, avenue. w CONGRESSIONAL. THCK8PAV, March II. ISevatk ?The Chair presented the cre-ien. tial- ot tbe Senators from AiVuMi, which were laid on the table Mr. Actbony presented the memorial o' emyl-jyees Id tbe Government Printing O'fice, a.-kii'g a continuance of the eight-hour system. Ke'erred tj Committee on Priutiug. Mr Pomeroy, from the Committ e on Post Offices, reported a bill to provide for the utahliebraeut of a line of In; ted Suite? mail strainers trim New York to one or more port* of Europe Mr. Pomeroy. from the Committee on Post ( dices. reported favorably oil the bill to :illow the Atlantic Telegraph Company to make surrejf and lsy cables to establish telegraph communication with Europe Mr. William* Introduced a joint resolution annulling the contract of H W Corbett, Senator from Oregon, wi'.h the Post Office Dc-partnr.eut, lor carr> irg ilie mails in California and Oregon, a member ol O >ugr-*?s being prohib! ned lrcm b^ie* ictere^tfd in a contract with ! the Government, wiiuli pa^ed. Mr Kes.euder., fr.un tne Committee on Pnbj lie Buildings end Ciiounas, reported iu part i the bill to provide lor the eiii&rgemetl aud ! imiirovemt nt oi the public grounds. Mr. Ktseenden ta.d the committee had thought It would be not pos&ibln to pUi tUrf ' entire bill at this se^ion, but they reported a bill tc appropriate $ _' .n-0 tor the gracing aud Inij roving of the grounds and streets surrouiiriiuk tbe Cauitol. to be expended und-r the direction ol the aichUect of the Capitol exlei.ficn. The bill was passed. Alio, m m the same committee, the joint resolution pr = bibiting the fate or use ol liquors in the < ap-.tol. with an Moeudmei.t in the najure uf a s-ubstitute. Mr. Nye introduced a bill to create the office of surrogate in the District of Colombia. Keterred to Committee on the District of Columbia Mr. Trumbull called up the House bill supplementary to the act to provide for the more efficient government of the rebel States, the question being on the substitute reported by the Judiciary Committee. Hot es ?The Speaker laid before the House certain papers In the contested election cases of Delano vs. Morgan, ot the thirteenth Ohio district; Hogan vs Pile, in the first Missouri district. Referred to the Committee on Elections. Mr. Covode (Pa.) asked leave to introduce a resolution declaring that assertions bad been made upon the floor of the House, and in the newspapers of the country, that there were inegulnrities and delinquencirs in the currency bureau of the Treasury Department; that it was asserted that coupons bad been duplicated, and that duplicates had been presenten tor redemption : that these rumor- created great uneasiness in the fiscal concerns of tbe Government, and if untrue should be set at rest; and if true, the delinquency and alleged maladministration should be punished : and authorizing the appointment of a commitee ot five to investigate the charges, and to examine the accounts and books of tbe Treasury Iiepnriment, and toascerutin tueoutstandii!E indtbiedness of tbe Caited S'ates: any deficiency that may be exhibited : the amount, it any, of duplicate bonds sent in for redemption : and to inquire into auy other irregutar! itie-; and that the committee have power to sit during the recess, aud to s?nd for persons and papers. Mr. Chandler objected to the reception ot th?- resolution, and Mr. Covode gave notice t> a' he would endeavor to obtain a suspension ol the rules on Monday. Mr. Julian (lnd.) introduced a bill io fix the time for the election of Kepre?ent*ttves and Delegates to Congress. Referred to Committee en Judiciary. j Mr Julian also introduced a bill declaring eight hours to be a legal day's work in all Government workshops. Referred to C>ntniiUee on Judiciary. Mr. Hwlman (lnd.) introduced a bill to in- i corporate the G*-rmau ludeprudent Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of St. John, in Washington city. Referred to Committee on District of Columbia, when appointed. On motion of Mr. Miller. (Pa .) the Committee on Printing, when appointed, was directed to mlorm the Hon?e wny the Congressional Directory for the 40tli Congress was printed before it had l?een properly corrected. Mr. Scbofield, (Pa.) from Committee on Elections, submitted a report on tbe Colorado contested election case, with a resolution directing the papers ot tbe contestant to be referred t) Coram it tee on Elections, for their decision a- to who has a prima facie right to the seat. Mr. Kerr, (lnd.) from the same Committee, pie-ented a minority report, dHclaring that A. C Hunt has the prima facie right to tbe seat. Hoth reports wrre ordered to be printed. At bail-past 12. Mr. Beaman Mich / moved tbnr the House ad|ourn. Mr. Randall (Pa) moved that the House adjourn until Monday. Tbe latter motion was rejected, and the House then adjourned until to-morrow at 12 o'clock CHILDREN * TOT MUSICAL. INSTRUMENTS at Oust. Alse. ACCORD*"NS CASTINETTS TAMRolilN KS. MOITH ORGANS. FLUTBB, VIOLlkS QUIT *BB. BANJOS Bexes for the iitai, Ml flC BOOKS, ail at tost, for a f?? days he for? i/KC'i n*. JOHN F. BLLIS. Dih U it 306 Pa avenue, near llthst. IVOTICK ?The undersigned having on baud a I> *ro?il lot ef W INTCK CLOTtlS and CASSI M KKKS, and not wishing to carry tbsm over to n??tseason. will make to order suits from ths same in the bett n.snm r sod lateststrle. "forlt>> tfittil roit. ' J a MBS T. WALKER. (Lat< Fanner A Walker.) Merchant Tailor, No. 4M Seventh street. A large assortment ef GBKT8' FURNISHING G10DB mh 14 at |>ARIS AND NEW^YORK M1LL1- ^ Mrs A G. GASTON h*s just returned from New York with a large and slegaut assortment of fine French, English. and A merlran Straw Bonnets and Hati for ladies and children; Crvstal, Amber, Pearl, and straw Ornamevts Also, a general assortment of fine French Flowers Bonnet and Hat Frames In -rest variety. Ribbons, Silks, Crapes, Talles and Heal Laces. Ac. Particular attention given to all orders. B< cmi, 440 8th street, near Pennsylvania avenue. mh la 3m ^HICKRRIHG A SONS' PIANOS. JEdEE* Over sn 000 Pianos havs baeacenstrm t H T \1I ed and flushed b> this manufactory, tor the snptrioiitpei which sixty-rive prize medal* hsv? Teen awarded them at exhll< Itlons in the United states, being the highest premiums over all com petition They also received at the World's Fair. In Lon don, 1nM, tbe Pri/e Medal It is tbe oldest, largest, and best Piano Factory In the United States. I have new la store a very large assortment ef . the*i superb Pianot. embracing ever? style aad f n'?h, whi' h I will aell less than factory prices? even at a sacrifice, being compelled to move in a few days, iu order tobuild a new store. OLD PIANOS TAKRN IN PART PAY. Great bargains in good aecoad hand Planoe. JOHN F KLLIS, 306 Pennsylvania avenne, m 13 3t bet, yth and 10th streets. gTO tbavblbrs AND CITIZENS, n SAV? MONBY and tboublb In traveling, by purchasing TRUNKS, TRAVELING BAGS, LADIES' ANB MBN'S SATGHELS. AT LOW FB1GES, At tbe PBACTIOAL AND EXTENSIVE MANUFACTORY OF JAMEB 8. TOl'HAM k CO., 7~?00~>?C SEVENTH STREET, East side, one door atoeve Odd Vellowa'Hall. EBP AIRING Promptly and thoroughly done by good workmen ?15 VBW YORK BUCKWHEAT, 1' p M T J ^ H k'B B T B G. f J JrflS&bm. Corner 14th and F streets, felt Under Bbbttt Bouse. EMBBOIDBBY OF ALL KINDS WORKED on reasonable terms. Even kind ot Fancy Work taught at eery lew prices, by Madam KUTCHBAOK, at F Bupp's O, between 8tb aad >th streets. fe M-lm d^ARDEN SEEDS, FECIT TREES, Be. JOHN ?ACL Ha* now In Store hit extensive stock of GABDEN BBBDS. which are this seaaoa of finest quality. From hit practical knowledge of tha trade, and theBeedt having been grown specially for bia sales, they are warranted trean, pure, { 'VloWBR SEEDS, embraclnc all the noveltlea ' from England and the continent, with man* articles saved from his rich eotleenon of Florist "fruit TREES of finest duality, consisting of Potrs. Apples, Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines, jloul? wtttl. ac, h i hamm Mm Removed to 4AS Tth street. fe 18 eel as epnoelU D. 1. PaAent Odtoe. Q*SB4* OSSSS^JOES. B. W. RUBGHELL, Oemer 14th and F streeM, fel 4-t_ ender Bhbltt Honee OHTBI01 AN*8 BAND-BOOK OF FBACTICK Vr1*' VBAKCKTAIbfl. telegraphic news. FROM El'ROPE TO-D1Y. The ?> '* fftl,, fm4,4_Fmmr rwmm. boat* seat to Irelaad-Tbe Feaiaas im tk^ "zrxtx:, (Hy Cable to in# Associated pre?s.) Ix>>i ox. Mirt li II ? Noon?Cosioli 91 w Erie*, 3u^; Ulino.s Central, 7; V II s Viti twenties 7i)(. * """ I;'v?i-ool. March 14?Noon ?The cotton market opers firmer and with continued ac li /J.' S*JV ,0"rtar wlU r**cb ,2-00<' Middling Uplands, 13*; Middling Orleans. 4T I'ifpatfh?? frntn Manchester report an im- ' proved leelinjr and advance in the prices f)r goods and yarn. <\?rn advanced to .t?? 9d California wheat nrmatl^e. 3d. I,ard. Hm fid. Tallow, 44* Maria 14?No#a.?The Fenian troubles hav? not altogether ended. The Government has just dispatoh-d lour run boats to lmblln and they will be posted a? dixifrfnt places u> the LifTt-js river ??J,l?K,,>n4an" h*r* lak'n refuce from th? ?r.tuL troop. ,u W.clow Mouuia n-. a Je*, *T1? ** .'o?rb ol llublin, whi-r- tbey are perish ibk from the extremely cold weather I.OM.ON, Mar<h 14?Noon ?Oeen Victoria T -^7|,a'CJ ,h"rP?r,r*,t to Mr Peabodr. tie American philanthropist, *<>m>*iime n-xt we if 1 ioi:km k March 14-Noou ? Nearlv one. half of 'be Italian election* are to he reputed 1 ^ult ? oxcetdiagly doubtful. (4-n! | ti*rt? 18 al ,h" b'*d wI th* opposition Weaters Items. Detroit, Mich . March 14.-The I?-rao?r*tic J*n e, Convention yesterday nominated tor m? /I Justice of the Miprerae Court Sanford ol. Or?e.i. Resolutions were adopted d? oimcmg ihe reconstruction bill: declaring the enfranchise of the negroes and the disfranchise or the whites by Congressional action nnconatitntiona), arbitrary, and rPTolutioaarr. Henry J Percival committed suicide ye*, terday by taking poison. Domestic troubles are supposed to have been the cauie of the rash net. r /) 1^ ANOBWXIB rorsaAeUw " 80 OBttAB BOX AS far WiH answer for Famero * "" rlN?Jh-0S>r:ce, mtSutuHn^V 18ii, for an improvement in Boae Ooaplinr for re sotifled JA, uJTSS bar*- why laid petition ought not to be graoUd mP?r*"ue opposing tn* extension aro repaired to forth *1 iT whh ?C<1 lf1#ir okJ|ct,OM' specially set iorth 'ft writing, at leant twenty days before the day of bearing; all testimony filed br either ?tj!?a'a)>h *ji oaid hearing. moat be 4*/.? hud transmitted In accordance wlta tho rnlea cttbe office, which will be furnT^d ?. opU^" Depositions and other papers, rolled neon ma ^timony Mathe filed In the offis* ??,,?? daE ueforo the day of hearing, the arguments, if aav within ten days after filing the testimony. ' Ordered, aloe, that this notice t*o cnblished in tho Initio tenter^and the Jt^pnbltimm , Washington, D 0., aud in the Tnur*. Mew York R. ^Tonco a* ?? three onceessive weeks; the first of said ' ffowvosa*4 ,#mt "xty<u" _T 0. TRRAKRR, p. s ?Rditon of corFt and tebd their tills to the Fa teat Office ItL a pa^r^^ainiu^thila notice. mh"uw3w' PAHI8 MILL1NRRT -HISS 8AHrOED~^7ll i op-a, on and niter TCKSDA Y. M ?rc"iiM lea! JVLlftfst imoortstions in SPKINi. niii L1MBKY OtKPIMID BONNETS liTlV ItlcBOBS. FLOW BBS. Ac '4T?'^^ 1 34), MABKBT 8PA0C I R B imte ',,?3fflttS.?lRi ff- I m'"ssffismrtfflm:ssiy~s , avo Bow York on SaTD HDA March loth, at 4 p. m , fr^w Pitriy.^HiflK .i Th? t'-omor will posltl .sly sail at oMho vetoSl' Shippers will take notice , m U 3t JOHM W. THOMPSOR. ! T1!18 L8 T0 0'v* NOTICB, That the onbocrtW?.K?r^* ,?btaiaod fro? the Orphans' Conrt of tbe D',tr'ct?f Columbia. 1 TlSI!t ?r *^m,ni?traUon on the personal estate ol Thaddeno Morrice. late of Washi nston Ci t^, b 0 . dtctaMd'are h^/T1" h*T,n* claims against the said *re hereby warned to exhibit tho same before the""iC?arVbereo,f- i" the. ubecriber. en or ] mi. !lt ?. ? day of ^'arch next: they may ' th- i7d wUto!*W exc,uded *11 benefit of IS67.Ten ODdW mr hand thU 1,th imr of March. J h 1? lawSw" MABOBLLrs MOBBICB. 1 rrHB MOST BXUITiNS AKB I NTBBBST1NG 1 * r BOOK or TEB DAY L- c ^JLVtTa?A-vTPJtY op THF ^f ^.?-va.0?.'.?;,:?e'r<rr. ivr % j owing to the attempt- of the Government t > sotpress it, its publlcati ,n *n delayed It will now l-e Issued, unaltered and unabridged uo l.-r the of It JoafalM a fuU and official expose of th?- intricate Biachiaatioas * of the secret eneml.-s or the Union ! developments aad thrilling ad ven- J LmtiK*V4'fJ#rB.eral Baker are all ittteoted by the highest- official aathorl-y It will conUIn the 1 A cf Awavsination con ' ?nd U-rriMe^Vlme ?f th" er#at' ^tllng FBOM ITS IRCBPTIOR, IB THB HirNTa OF VILLA IB Y TOTBB BUBiAL 8 1 _ PLACE OF BOOTH. " iott r,r,? it1f * " *" " ? The morals of the National Capital are thor oupfaly ventilated and there are ^m* .trfnle revelationi' coacemtng beads of deD?rtm?nu i niembers of Con*re?s, female pardon broker* and distinguished military characters "<> For circulars, canvassing numbers, and all other I PaA.KKR PMt dor o'"May ^ r**d' 'or Mlv?T on the lot ?i?K those thoroughly conversant ith tV<e business, and with gsod reference m to character and reaponolbility . need apply, mhl^ lm I AMES JOHNSON. m . ^ horse a a d c<> ir fa k rier, Ma? be consulted everv da> from 9a m.toli d . ?t No ub corasr of 1st street and Yirgtaia aveane. Island. mm ? 6t. JAMBSO. McOCIBB A CO., ^ZSHF 1 " Fl BNITFBB WABB BOOMS.?^ 1 Having relinijuisbed tho Auction and Commls- ( siou business, and conrert>-d our extensive ware- j looms, at the corner of loth and D streets, into i a first class I I HOL'SB Fl'BNISHINO ESTABLISHMENT, ( w*,re now prepared t<> furnish every variety of HOUSB ARB OFFICB Fl BNITUBB, ' at the H ost moderate rateo Our stock comprises \ PABLOB SETS. In B psaud Hair Cloth, , < A BY II) and PLAIN OILID WALNUT CHAM BRB 8BT8, COTTAGE SETS, SINGLE BCBBAC8 AMD WABHBTARD8, ELABORATELY CABYBD BEBSTRAD8. ! CBA1BB OB ALL VAB1BT1K8, EXTBBBION TABLES, HAIB MATTBBS8B8 and FBATHRR PILLOWS, OFFICR DESKS aad WBITINO TABLB8, CABTON MATTIBO, Ac., Ac. Wa have also for aale tho celebrated TUCKER SPRIRQ BED, which for comtort, durability and cheapnoMia unrivalled. Also, the TUCKER MANCFACTURING COMPART RBONZB CLOCKS, Beantifnl la iNign and finlah. and at very reasonable prleea. JAS. C. MrGUlBR A 00., tnh 11-lm corner of 10th ant D atreeU H?"? D18T1LLRRT. Tho public is hereby notified that I amreadv new to sapply the trade and lover4 ef a 0IgTy nolo with pare co??er stllUd BTB WHISKEY The homo Bade Whiskey ia warranted all r?? .?< will be sold wboleaalo only. " ry*' %Bd ?b lm* CH AS. A. KBACSB. Proprietor (TOR 8ALR?Two H0R8BS, one Hav r and one Brown. Also, two 1 hor^l p. i a i o s . ? GREAT BARQAIVS effta tak*a In oxchaage yesterday. one of thein|^|^ ainie?t now, for tale apon easy terms at*^^^^ the warerooma of ^nTll'jt**",#f ?^i?\5!TPi"SV.d Mu,a m * Haanlia'a OaMaet Orgaaa. Affair* la Cnnruwa. Itrn-laby ?The boat* of Cli%ries Down.*. Po'o??f waseater^d ifeu mortice twees two aud three bv a b*rgi?r w la took from the pocket of Mr tijwaiace'eeat. baiy mg at the foot of lb* bed la vh?ch a* lav a I erkat book containing one *.*> i uot- an* x number of valuable papyri. The thi*f mad* K<>od t s eecape with tb* bow Tiib Ca\al ?The arrival* by rami are f, w and only of boata irMun b-tweeu ivxiiao oa 1be (i r^etown division, munly bringing a on* and wood. The superintendent of th* dtvi-lon report# It in *xc*||*?t condition aod bouts are now at tb* west *n <1 awiuuog tt?e letting in of the water oa the upper divtatons. in order u> go through lie taonghi ibat ibe water will be let in to-morrow, a* he . not aware of any reason why the suspension at liBTigattoa should be continued 1 hi KifH Makkit -The n?h market baa no: yet fairly opened with Potomac ahad ana hernrg. Thestaaris are supplied mainly wlib bunch fl?h, mifht in the d*?*p creek* and 'irfums of tbe lower rlrer A fear Wnuh?* of b?rrmp w^jv ?>ld yesvrday at 15 ceuu |*er dw/ n. nud s(rw shad, <-aucht by filler*, were at?lo at ft $5*Bl .vi per pa?r The nv*r is in * ery unfavorable condition fwr fisherm** n?>w, the astir being ingh. muddy, and runnat wnh a urosf current; bnt a few day* of clear, warm we-ither may hwen opera tone wirti the long eeiuea at the regular )an1iug?, and oriug to mnrVet a plentifal supply, at ratr? thv dealers much beitei >Uui the potaai lngh prices Port or < I r.oRiiKToa n ?Entered?S-eamer \ alley Oltv, Tomun, front New York with Di rchandixe. Flock a?r. (Ikaiv Markit-Ib consequence of the scarcity of high grade* ib ibia market and tbe advanceof prices i' the Northern market*, price* have advanced bar* 1J* 'o J5 cents per barrel for beat qualities over yesierda}'? quotation*. Th?dS4i\ad contta ue* active, sten k light aad rapidly diminiahiiig. Wheat?No arrivals or sa|e? of arheat reported, la absence of which correct quotations cannot be given. Corn ?No recelp'a; price* are quoted at OS eta to 81 per bushel?a slight advance over yesterday "a quotations. Alkxaidru Itbx*.?From the of yesterday we clip the following There was a regular meeting af the City Council last night, at which the salary b<ll for tbe yaar 1S6T was reported aad paaaad. 1 he salaries, with bat one or two exceptioaa. are the same as laat year. A resolution to go into aa election for city officers on Tuesday night, tbe 96th instant, was passed .1. Q. Verplanck A Co., of Wv-hiugton. hare leased from Mr. George fc. French, for fir* yeara, tbe large brick building on Water street, between Cameron aud <4neen, formerly known as HewettV bakery, for the purpose of transforming it at once into an extensive spoke manufactory. Some loads of oyster* have been received her*, at from Go rents lo hi.per bushel, according to size and quality. The oyater aaason la drawing to a close georgetovvx advehmts. (''HEAP SPRING GOODS " ' .s. ?J AT " Mil. 101 Bridge street, Qeorge?ewa, V. 0. Calicoes, If -, to 18; Marrtmac and Sprag***. M ?j* ??rinA Dolalaas, choice styl**. very cheap, Mieached Maaliaa, II. 12*, it. U; ,ard widedc", ? Jami?a Steam Mills, i?,Mct? , Bats-a B. B, LV.. W; Aadroscogfin, WansautU, New York illlli cheap; Brow* Muslin, M, it'.. II. yard aire do la aa4 28 rents Al*<>, a general aaeortnent of Dry Goods, Oall and examine oar stoak. Ton will bay cheap. faBliu* BENJAMIN MILLEB. WM. H WHEATLEY fe PREMIUM 8TBAM DYEING AND CLEAM81HO _ ESTABLISHMENT. -Wfflra, Ho. 49 Jefferson St.. Goorgetowa.D 0. Established in 1131. premium awarded by the Metropolitan Instltote 1W; rebuilt i?*?, aad u far the largest and moat c nip let* eatab ll*hnjeat of th* kind In this section of country Dyeing and Scorning <>f all kinds dene in tbe beet SlftDDtr Truly thankful for past favors, th* subscriber loliri ta the c<'ntiaaed ouatom of the camu>aaity Goods received and returned by express with tbe Utmost armnptneee and dospatch r<*t Ottic* address. Lock Box Ho ?n Office closes dally at aunaet except Saturday, when It Is closed at 8)? p. m. fe l? ?m AGBIOULTLBALCHEMIBTBY-Mebigh Agricultural Chemistry: Llebig's Prfnclplaa at Agricultural Chemistry; Johnstea's Lectarssoa Aari< u'tural Chemistry, Chaptal's A?rl oltaral Uhemistry Browne^ American Muck Boek, aad many others on the same subject wh 9 rKABCB TAYLOB. SEVEN-THIRTY TREASURY NOTES of any series,excbanged for NBW rITB TWENTY BONDS, AT THB NATIONAL BANK OK COMMEBCB , _ Of UEUktiBTUHI.D ?. Internal Revenue Manps fur Botes. Checks Drafts Bonds, Deeds. Mortgages, aad other le.?l iecuuents for sale at Government rates mh 7 lm J G HAM MBE-Cashier gIB O J e O li^ e ?. "IPABBD FOOD ror Mocking Blrde. Thinabss, Hlgbtiagales kobbias, Blaok Birds, Star It a*;*. 8ky Larks, Ac H. W BUECHELL, , under Bbbltt Hones. ? ? corner Mh aad f streets j^J BTROPOLITAN PATKBT 34T 0 street, between 436 and tth streets Furnished with McKenzie* Splendid Beel Oreo knd the n.ost approved machinery, uaicgnoae but be best material , carefully selected ?fhe Orach rs maawfactured at this establishment are eune t<>r to aay heretofore offered In tnte market We nv.u atteatiaa fo.lpwlag varl^l^ A very cheica article, from select family floar _ BOaTON OBACKBKS r from Welch's famllv floar. e^aal to aay la th* oeuntry _ SODA CBACKBBS, ., from high gra'lee extra fl*ur. Aleo, the following standard varieties IV ATEB CRACK BBS, BDGAB CEACKBBH. BUTTER CBAOKEBS, CBACK EE Dl ST PILOT BBB\D, GINGEB SNAPS, . , NOVELTIKS. Ws ar* ale* supplying Grocers and ranslltso nth Havenner s well kaovi BAM ILY BRBAD feP lm TBO. HAVBJNER. 34T O street. nEANB bally or men and bote. ^ it TUB OBBAT CENTRAL CLOTHING HOVSB, Ho. 460 7th street, opposite Post Office BUSINESS SUITS of all deecfiptions. DRESS SUITS at reduced price*. BO) 8' Bl'ITB of alt deecriptlons. BOYS 81'IT8 at all prices. New stj lA of BOYS'CLOTHIHO. GENTS' CLOTHING at redaced pric**. New ia your time to lay in SPB1HG GLOTH NG. as we offer special iadac^enu for the next hlrty days, at fcMlTH'S, 460 Tth Btuxt, opposite Post OlBca. mh*-lm [ kNLY FOB LADIBB TO BBAD ?BteganUy I Baabroidered MHiHT ?OWN and CHSWl8i fORES, more s labor ate than aay ever offered lere. of the aeweat and most beaatlful designs, " eelred daily, frem our corpe of 19* aupertor lands, and for sale at REDUCED PBIUES bun be largeet maaufacturer here of this hi ad of adiee' wear, we can please +U. both In aaolttr md price, aad are determined, at whatever ooet, to preduce the best work, laaae the most eisaaat patterns, and STAMP CHBAPBB. than aay aon ern la this or aay other oity. Our repatati*a aa the oaly Practical Btaaspar tiere iasured ladies that ao tajarioua c<>mp*eitiuas are used, aad shields them from trusting their ?ork In the haads of those who buy a few blooka and proclaim themselves stat pers Stamping, a cents per width, and five you a Collar aad Cuffs in. WM. PB1H0B, 4 39 Mh street, fe J tf apposite PeteatOfhoe ^E. BBABB AOO.-S F1ABOS, PBIHOB B OO^gjABS A-D MB ))f^ for sals aad reat oa tJitwm. a; B*. 4*9 Uth Mr**t, above r*n?|tl*gl* a venae ? l-*edss* ^70. BBIOHBBBACB. D GORDON A OO.-S OAT8UP8. F BO ITS Ac. F Tbe best af their kinds. N W BUmOBBLL, corner lttk aad f atreeU. f* 14 aader Ehtdtt Boaee d"a"!w? "ars? o.j?. e?ofi?ir0vi' k'isryisstrlX of tbe estate af Aagaataa B Pope, deceased? id BoassrvtUs MassaahnsstM, praxing for tas ex tension of a pataat granted to U? a aid Aagastas B. Poaetaellm day ofJaae, uu, for an Imprevement fa Electro Magnetic Alarms, for seeen yeara rram tha axj4rattoa *T said parent, which takes place sa th* Slat day af J une, 18C7 : it Is ordered that the said peUUan he heard at the Patent OAce aa Monday, the M dar *f Jnae a*xt. at 11 o'claak M.: aod all p*asons are noticed to appear aad ahow caa*e, If any tney ha**, why said psatloa ought aot to be granted. Per sens oapomnf the extoasien are repaired te flle In tbe rataatOMc* their ak?*ctloBs. specially eet forth la writing, at laast twenty dayabstfsre the day of b*artag; all teettaaouy SUd by either party to be need at th* said h*ar1ag mast bs taksa aad transmitted in nccardanoe with the rule* of the oSlce. which will hefaralshed oa appHsatios. D*po*ttioas and otnei papers reiie* upon as aea tlmony mast be filed In th* shs* tawtr days before thedav of hearing: the argumeata.If aay, wlthla ten daya after flliag th* tactlmeay _ a _ Ordered also, that this notice be pabtiabed la the Be publican and the B atlsaal la tellig eaoer. Washing ton. D C. aad ia the Jaaraal. 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