Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1867 Page 3
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" the evening star LOCAL NEWS. AMC8EMKSTS. Ac., TO KI8HT. >a :o?al Theater?Mr John Brougham ?. i aptaia Roderick O'D -nnell." in his latest , r?matic novelty. O Dounell's Mission." wail s New opera Hocse.?The Worrell v ters are good musicians and actresses, and drew a fit 11 house last night. This evening ttev appear in "Cinderella" and the comie feu;ie:(a, ..The Fool of the Family." <r>i> Fellows' Hall.?Las: night two of the (: >?' Miitomaa Tableaux. Distribution ef I mes every eveelng. ? arrest or two Female Picirocnri.? "Yrr-:erday evening Detective Miller got ant of a car in lrout of the police beaiquariert and remarked to Detective McDevitt that two very * -. -pioons females were in the car. He hastily ?:e-cribed them to McDevitt. who immediately ? arted after the car followed by Miller. The car s'opped bear the Baltimore I>epot, and the i males got out and weut to Boyle's Hotel. JVI Devitt ran >a the t>ack way and met them at i .e ladie-'eutrnnee He addressed them as It h- wa* proprietor and asked what they wanted. '1 hev >aid they wanted a room. McD. iamfed, *How loa* have you beenin the city ?" TLev replied that they arrived that afternoon. >lcl? continued liis inquiries as to where they h~).>t ge<i. Ac . when one remtrked in a br, fly manner ? Ob. come on, Molly! wants to know too mncb. I wouldn't stop Lere !" Mr. McD. instantly replied that they ?ould c*t room* at Mmor Richards' hotel, < j*>nisiaaa avenue. No. * They were taken tbere and accommodated for the night. Th?y rejri-tered their names as Anna Lev, alius Hill, tative ot Louisiana, who has traveled the n. -e South, and is well knowu in Si. Louia a' J Nashville,} and Mollie Hogan, alias OoaBur. or Philadelphia They are 18 and 23 years o.J respectively, of pleasing manners, and xa ner good looking. They say they have been viorkinc for several years through the coun itv. North and South." and tbisia the first time tLev have been taken by the officers, aad wonder bow the detectives discovered them. This morning. Major Kicbards ordered their photographs to be ta?en to adorn the gallery of the department, and permitted them to leave the c. y by the 11 o'clock train. Ba*e Ball Playbk.*.?Last evening a meet, lrg of the representatives ot the various base Mil clubs in this city was held in the Council chamber at the City Hall, delegates from the National, Jefferson. Potomac, Olympic, ConM.ental, I'men, Empire. Interior, Gymnastic, ard Capitol clubs being present. The name adopted wa- "The Association of Base Ball Players of the District of Columbia. and tne following-named gentlemen were elected as officers : President, Charles E Coon, of the Empire Club flrst vice president, K E Elleabach. of Gymnastic Clnb : second vice president, A. G. Mills, of Olympic Clnb recording secretary, S. E. Slater, of the Continental Clnb, 412 14th street, corresponding secretary. J. K. Lathrop. of Union Clnb; treasurer, W. C Mclntire, ot Potomac Club, box 31S city post office. A I'riminal Corkt.?There u no business be* W lM done in tbis court excepting that the grand nry is la session. The pettit jurors on Wednesday were discharged until Monday, when the trial of the Alexandria Railroad for a nuisance will take place. This case has been >ned once, wben the defendants were accuitted. they having been indicted by the v rong name. The case will now be tried on a r.> w indictment. The cases of Leonard Huyok. the banker, charged with larceny and em^2/lement. have been set down for Wednesday next JSo day ha* been fixed for the trial cf Surratt, ana it may go over to the next i.lure term, wben Chief Justice Cartter will preside. the new Cathei>rai .?On Sunday afterl.oon next, the most Rev. Archbishop Spttldn.g. of Baltimore, will lay the corner stone of ite new Catholic Cathedral, on l<itb street, between E and G streets, with imposing ceremonies. The Archbishop, with a number of the Catholic clergy of Baltimore, will, it ia expected, comedown in a special train to perform the ceremony, and the various Catholic societies and schools of tne District will be on ihe ground. The Cathedral is intended to be a magnificent structure, and will extend from F street to the priest's dwelling on G street, and will be pushed forward to completion as early as possible. The Texpekaxub Reform ?We notice that the several divisions of tae Sobs of Temperance, as well as other organizations, not the Jeaat among them the Wasbingtomana, are receiving large numbers of new members at each meeting The new divisions?George Washington Home, Columbia and Crystal Waveare growing finely, and their meetings are very attractive. At the last meeting of G?sd Samaritan Division. Senator Yates was received a - a member, an d at the meeting of Crystal W ave to-morrow night,Geo. Keilly. the well Enown temperance orator, will address th meeting. The (ieoriietbm m Ei e< tiow ?The Grand Jury of the Criminal Court aie engaged in taking evidence as to tbe alleged illegal voting of certain colored men a', tbe recent election in Georgetown, and it is said that they will also examine into the trnth or untruth of certain charges against tbe judges of 'he elections re cently held tbere. that tbey received the votes c? some colored men which tbey destroyed. It will be recollected that Judge Fisher stated the law in reference to elections on the opening of tne court. Stole* horse* Recovered ? Lient. w sj Hurley,of the fourth precinct Metropolitan j Police, returned to tnis city Tuesday morning with the mare of Wm S. Graham, of the First Ward, which was stolen from him on tbenight of'be?ld December last. Tbe thieves who carried away tbis mare, and also tbe pair of horses fiom Mr. S. A H. Marks, have been set nred, and are confined in tbe city jail. Great credit is due to the parties instrumental I in tracing the whereabouts of these horses, tbey having passed through several hands I since they were stolen. I The City Post Office Employees and the Tvxhtt Per Cbwt.? We learn that the clerks m the eity poet office have not yet received their extra compensation under the late act of Congreas, on account of a misunderstanding aa to the manuer in which tbe money shall be drawn from the Treaaary. It ia to be boped that so inconsiderable an obstacle will soon be obviated, and that deserving class of employees placed on a foo'ing with their moie fortunate neighbors in the other Departments. t he registration of Voters?Tbe judges appointed to register vo'ers. learning that tbe hours selected by tbem for holding their sessions in tbe Eirst Ward are objected to by I many old citizens, have decided to meet at 3 i clock p. m dally and remain is session until ~ o'clock. Tbis arrangement, it is hoped, will be satisfactory to all classes, and give all atnpie time in which to come forward and be registered. The Fish Mae?et.?For several days past small louof bernag from tbe lower Potomac landings, and a few ahad have been selling in 'he District markets, and the prices of shad , and herring, aa usual during the first weeks of lent, are higher. Shad are selling at SI 30 *v per pair: herring 60 cento per bnncb: rock l.*b. large, fl to S3; all small bunch rock, perch, Ac., 60 cento. prbsehtatios.?Yesterday afternoon, the < lerka of the Treasury Department, through A M. Gangewer, chief clerk of the Third Auditor's Office, presented to D. M Kelaey, Esq., a beautnul gold watch, valued at |l(iu. a- a testimonial of their high appreciation of his labors to secure tbem the passage of the increased compensation bill. St. Patkice's Day ?TheHibernia Benevolent Society propose to celebrate St. Patrick's div, which comee oa Sunday thia year, by a tnppu || the Wallacb Building on Monday . evening the Itth inst. Mr. Patriak Murphy, I tbe well-Known caterer, baa charge of the aflair, which promises to be a pleasant one. ? o Tee roam ?Tbe farmers of Maryland and irginia. who are obliged to visit the city for supplies and to dispose ot their prodace, report the roads in a miserable ccndiUon. Some <-sy that they are in as bad condition aa daring ine last years of the rebellion, wben tbev were so mach traveled by the army trains. ' set Back "?The alexandr a Ga:elte says If Mr. Morrill's bill for goveraiag the Kistrict ?t Columbia by commissioners, be pasaad, and Alexandria be -gobbled*p," and "included." it- re will be but tew officers to be elected by th? voters, and these, not of a remunerative i-attre. those who are keeping Lwat will Had at liar mack'a restaurant the finest fresh fish, i}>'?ra, Ac., all cooked and served in the beat sijle; white those who do not abstain from I Eieat can find at the same place tbe finest 4 chops, cutlets, Ac., and all sortsof game to i-eason. (' aii.i of Districts.?The Frederick#- , fcori N*w? cays: ' Congress is going to re. Airxandti^ from 'District Wo. I* to the 'l?utrieT ofColhifila' ~ ? I'olice Report*?The lieu tenants of police ' t *ft<or>.i 'mrty eight arre?t> tn the District lb* hues amounted to ^66.10. ?ImV* AL**AWDBiA.-Tb? Alexandria G* *'tlt of yesterday atterai>on say* ?.fhe biirk labl*on Pitt itmi. Wtwnn Kin* and Prince dVco?^KB^of?l,Sr Jwptt Q^? ?? autowrM to bo on tlr* vesterdav ir. _ ? "peedily on the *ronnd tiSe e!S2?hr a P?*Uon oriMconk?rf'' fe*d' *??n con!?urt?n? tk. ?2!"** w're 'e?cued from the building. The Bre was nndoubtedlv the work and tlerewiT SoinwrT^ dMtT0^d' the value of ?i U,'u'7##d' * ro*inb*r of the m eT?/?!i!lLiP" . from th# roof of Summ?ra coach factory, adjoining the burning ankiM1n^?J^n m Wrlo"",T inJ."r*<1 one of his ankles. Q*o. Hongn, ion of Mr W. 8. Hoar*, had one of his feet mashed by th* falling of the CITY ITEMS. annJ-lT,.?,1** Tablbai * ?Another large and ?!T??irt VTf was present last night th?m i ^ Hall, to see and judge for ! > u? T. tlM> Panties Of tho magnifleer !K*trat'2S 'par*d^e Lost," now on xhibition there. The tableaux were just is m DLlnrtntlr,J',b'Ld<'tfCnp,,v' ,"cfnre joat ??eV?1?iti?'?UB^r0,f08t,y ?w*towed Jr. i ^ elegant. Amongthe la"er ??hiK,rP - service set of six pieces. i\., ' modern times bi? me? MhthiK success than this wb?nver exhibited in thia country, and all who hive 1fitth#hal1 both satisfl ?d and dek ?.Uly w'tath* artistic beauty or the ;.k 48vWeM wlth th* complete illos171 .? *f ** *! <* of which they treat. Th?y "p,:nd,d eu*raTin/s scattered through some favorite work, adding bv their attractive, n^s to the interest of the volume n?I? w?*.ar?rtBle,,t 01 *>'*. including an" haa?tif?| tea sot, is announced for tothf h.ri nf^y nt*-fct wl" posltivelV Close *? aeries of entertainments in thi<. city A wa^n ?* rlT#n Saturday afternoon. cnt* chlldnn wm ** admitted for fifteen _ *'r? ATTntTioir was called yesterday to the new and beautiful stock of Spring Cleths and ?w2E7 Ml?thVl0r" ?f ?" old fr?"nd James TaS? ?? nMr * Wa,l"r> Merchant J?! ' Tth "treet, where he Is malting I?h -.D ,at*Bt "T1* and best manner, !??i?LP 8?k,ow tbat th<* wil1 de'y com. petition. Qiye him a call. ?</>?roR3f ATro*-?Those about to marrv and married, can tind ready-made Linen n?5i^?tt011 Sheets, Pillow Cases. Bed Spreads Ma rSrC Feather and Hair Pillows, aiiirfiiei, 1 able Lines. Toweilnr i?rA*h Acma?T^1Shade*,'Uarp'U' 0,1 Clotb< Matting! ^iv^,?.mSOn8' 806 9tb ,trMt' near Pennsylvania avenue. lm raJ5T*i.*V ~Tifd Bo* Wood Setts. 3 Link Chain Drops. Jet Chains. >40 liew str,J! Meeve Buttons, Silver Plated Spoons, Forks u?e\ . morn>nK. at Prigg's tino i?0u !?>.J.'S%s.'?D5,t">- ^ p""' price, at F. X. Foley's Ajotbecarv. corneT ?!??"""* Pennsy,Tanla arenue. c*p_ in' for'on?V^TJ"X,!ry ofb"Ting your clothes aiHenninr i ? marlIr<* iB plain figures, m!l7.n5 J Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. WhE- Kt/?e,..1Dd MnaU Profits!;'?(lood ^ ?15"' ,>f andfJ5(i, at franc's G?*nt s* urni?hmg Store. 4!?4 Tth stree-. w ^en D and fc: also shirt* made to order, lm We are K?\ir*8TKD by the Congressional pr.D-ertosaj tiiat it ,s absolutely IStpTss,?!! ,? * ' emploj m?>nt to any more persons at the ZV^lyPriDUDK ?fflce"iDd ,hat 11 ts nr! smith*35 c#n,s P"r*>ox Gold^.1 ' ceats P'r bo*; Imitation Linen Collars, 25 cents per box; and all otner Kn^i.?.inar?,n I,r4?P?rt'on at Franc's U^'s' E streeus 'e' 4W7th 9treet. between I? and lm >oa Chtlblatns and Frosted Ke?t, White's Foruu^e?j*if ?peci,flc Pr,ce 1 P" bottle. 1?r. Whits, Chiropodist, 494 Penn. av be. tween 4j{ and 8th streets, continues the suce^ar^iwrtr<iaIm?eilt ?f corns' bunions, bad nails, enlarged Joints, warts, moles, vascular exS n*!nnC'.,'/?C'. Offlce honrs from ? a. m. t? ?P- m , and ? to 0p. m. Established i?6i. A Srks Pilb Curb?l>r. Gilbert's pile in nnl!in''!ilP.0iltUely cnre8 the worst cases ?f fars^fre?*?Soiri on ^ceipt of 94 Circu\J?dTa*fiB2 A*"nu wanted Address J. B. Komaine, Manafer, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: gffSKTcSSj>? ^ Ui any~qnanuUes at tha Olio. VsSffnS."' V?V,lr.J;0.? 1 rlday. lath inst .) afteraoon ?t 3 o cl^k I Bt?J5AJ,*2: At.p#Ur*T,H*.Md ,en ths 4th InSIS ags< 11 months and 12 days. 4WBp,# m- ^ atl?*. ??*** 'a thi, cit>,D?ar the Havr TarJ at the rssldenrs of hsr sea. on Saturdar th?*thin ?'Zlork s m Mri MAKVs *' Prince George's oounty, Md , ia ths 54th je.r of her age, consort of Thomas G byer after Sii ? f Painful illness, which she bore with ^brtstiaafortitnde and resignation. 8ks Isstss ^aatljy and a large circle of relatives SKai22SSTet5jt!,*r* h*lr **<1 bsr^vemont. ^[Marlboro payers ylease copy.] rr iotioi. 1 HI CO-PABTIIBR9U1P heretofore existing between Bdward C. Dy?r and Thomas Kuaaell' under the firm of . O Dy?r * Oe . wm diU^Ua^ on ths isth1 Inst, by thsdaath of Mr. Dyer; the nn? 1 ^ Jeaot!Iiorixed to close up th< business, 1? *;,rlE accoants must be areiented for settle- ' Bj*nt- THOMAS BFssILL. T?*'andersltmed have this day formed a co ..II P*'rtaarahU nn Ur theflnn of Thomas Bus- I WlHn iLYnfc?owtk* sal. of and 01GAB3. and have anr. I t ??i5k and fixture# of the late flrrn of aMke^f' ^ cootlaa# tbe ba?in*Hfl at the old stand, 856 Pennsylvania a^ enne THUS UUS8BLL, Wa-h:XuTOx. D. 0., Feb. u. |M7. ^^aii-Jt A full assortment ot White Manilla I and 8traw Wraa?ln? PAP*R ve^tfo^,Ei BA0B *Dd F^0CB BACKS fer sals mfcro--* S??D MOBBISOH, nih i im 43* Pennsylvania avenue. AaeTioi. LL. ?*^20*8 inhbbtbd TO TUB OLD nrmof YATB6 A BBLHV are reuoMtl,! t7. We ap their accounts, as 1 am desiroas of cloamg ?p the affaire of said Arm J a8. W 8BLBY At the old ataud of Tates a Beiby. 3** Penn'a avenue. mh Itf of T^*? *?elby, - ? ' " 3i3 Ponn avenue, near 7th nt. U1TTBB OBABGBS' 4 BITTBB OBAHOB8 :1 For freserving. H W BUBMHILL. r.w 1 corner 14th ann f streets, nader Bbbitt Boase. A.*'?80*"!* J. BMlTHBBfl K B^wa"ifmoToB?DHoB8, t,awBCBBAU BBFIOBBS. rBBBDMEM AWD Offi.s No A1.4.*?0^? LAHD* AWD Offi'e Ho. 47b Seventh street,opposite the Post . , f# 2-1V P1AH0 8TOOLA ? PI ABO COVBB.S. BBW AB D Plirn Bf TLBS. i4? -,A AT COST JUt* BLLiS. SOh l enna ay. tIBlTBO BTATB8 BOMD8 ' AND TBBA8UBT If OTIS, B^ngBt. aold and ex<-han?ed on favorable terms ? LBW1B JOHHSOH * OO. Bankers, 89#renaa. avenue. ( 'HOWLATl DOOBLB, TAHILLB, vPll,. DB H. MA1LLA1BL) fur Oacao et Sucre. Bxampt de tent' neltnre " I. M. P. K1NQ * BON. ? King Piace, Werner Vermont avenue and 1SH street. C 8P^^?M,,ST EAI*II?B. HOS.OOBBANTS, tea Bar -1.4V ' lo salt thin aartlcuUr seade Sl-Sf bf * M r- **"? WON. - 51 " ling Place C^ONSTOVwTiVL4^'0 -b?OOKIH. BD ttd "aanhlc Jtli to serve Ms frienJs g'f f talalMi^ qt**r? *nii Tobacco, at Bo. So Bank of Washicu? ????ft 9. in, DAHfrrtLtgt^fS;EVf!p nbTlady eedlted br Bev SlZ^k a?^*.f5u;',t'"* ?y??aJ; Diaawi wlMnf J' Pieg?(ck Papers^ Disorders of the N?rv*? The story of a Steia?h sKiar&v-ss}* FBANCK TATLOB. amusements. WALL'S WW OPE* A MiM'll, . B. PHILLIPS ^.LSSSB* ABD MABAGEB Second Bight ( the Bagagement of the Youthful, Talented ?Di Beontlful WVKIILL BIftTB?8, >0PH1E. 1BENB, AMD IBBBIB, Who will kypMr THII Pv*NiN?*in ?? r??4 Pa ry DirlMiU ?f CINI E^ELLA uith?0?Bl? Bar I at ta of the POOL Or Th* supported h? Mr T. L DONNELLY, and the Farei IK" of tb(\ny . It* NATIONAL THEATRK. FeOBeylvenlB aveaaa, near Wlllardi Hotel. THIS THUBBDAT. MARCH 14. 1">67, Tenth night of the of MB. JOHN BROUGHAM, Who will appear as CAPT. RODEEl'K O'DOH* BKLL ta hi* latest brtmt ic Novelty of OTOSNKij'j MIKMON. Mow Sceion , hj ijxtnb; Now Machinery, ky Kelly Jt Grcaa. Propertiee and Appoint nriti br Mr Panl The r?rulor h?w *?>rk actor. Mr. T. B MORBID hi* l>eeu expre-sly ?ut?g?d to appear lu tula play ?a lULIO ALBKBOM ODU FELLOWS' HALL. ftBC0ND~WBBK. OOM'IMKD tsUOUSSB of tuk great MILTON 1 A N I'ABLEAUX. From LniuJod. Bepre?entin* in aist> Uur Magnificent Tab lean* iJKA \ EJ?. HELL. ? HA OS. and PARA Mr<E ' tully illustrating Miltou'* ssbiim<> poem of " Paradise Lett, or tbe Fall of M?n " OPEN AGAIN TO WIGHT. ANO EVERY NIiiHT THIS WEBK ONLY MATINBEB WEHNEBDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS ?.u ADMISSION OBLY TWENTY FIVE OBNTB. Beserved Beats. ... .... ......SO ceuU BO HALF PB10E AT NIGHT. A^niissibn tn Matinee, all part* of the ball, '25 ceBta Children to Matinee cents BeatM cbb be secured dunn< the day at Buis Mnalc Btore. 306 Peuasylvsnta avenus. rah 11 tf l/ANOY DBEBBBB AND OOSTO MBS. I Por Tableaax and Private Partiea. Apply to MBS. FBANK BBA. fall la* 447 10th street. balls, partie8 <fec. The young hibbmmia in thb fibld AGAIN. EIGHTH GBAND BALL Mi of the VBk YOUNG HIBEBNIA CLUB_ Will bo given at ODD PELLOWS' BALL,7th street. between D and S streets, OB MOBDAY, MAkOU 18, 1**ST. Committee of Arrinneniiti-J H Bash. M Scaaloa. J Foley, B. Foley. M. Foley, J. Myera, T P. Haooora T1<A?U 51. admitting b gentleman and ladiea. mh i? 6t' "lost and found" foST-Gn tho 13th inatant. a POCKBT BOOK, Li containing >33 Th? finder will bo rewarded with Bio at M. RING'S Bakery, 347 Mrgiala BVentV. Island. w 14-3t I OBT-MarcB Uih. between 9 a. m. and * p. m., J a SUM OP MONET, in and $1* Botes. Tbe tinder will bo liberall> rewarded by leaving tiie an me with J. W. K.BEPPB. Library D 8 Patent OffiojP m 14-3t St r BEW ABU?Strayed or stolen, on the nth instant. a dark spotted 80 W , bwi> tail, cnt In ooe of her eara. The above reward willbe gives if returned to Mr. QEOBQE EMERSON B slaughter honaa.cor itth and N sta m ii-tt* 1' A K E N UP?On the 2d inatant, a BBOWN 1 MULE, with saddle and bridle Theowner 1? rejneeted t? come torward. prove property, pay charges, and take It away. KING A KEYBS Stables. corner 14th and D atreeta. fe 8 3t* The above-mentioned MULE will be sold on the 16th Marcb, at Wall A Oo ' Bazaar. m H it' LOST-At the National Theater, or between there and Wlllard 'a. laat evening, a BRACB LET marked "M. A F to B. B , Birthday Gift, WsS " The find r will bo literally rewarded by leaving the oame at Wlllard'f* Hotel. fe 21 tf personal. '|"UB gbntleman who took the ovbb1 COAT ibreuHh mlsttke from AU I 6tb atreot, will pleaae return the same and get his owu. m l l It* NOTK E.?I forewarn all p< raon? from trusting my wile. MAGGIE BOHEETBON, foraierly M?g(io Ifokem.of M D<>nongh. Del., on my account. for 1 will nnt p?y any debts of her contracting, as she haa left my bed aud board without csose 1m H St* | DAN'L BOBEBTSON. 1MP0BTANT TOTHE LADIEH.-IN 0KL1BLB STAMPING WarrxBtod faat colota. Will waih and boll. Done by a French compo*iti*B, the receipt of which baa beeu purchased at a high rice Baxos expenae of kraldiag Ladiea ore Invited to call, get a sample, sad try It. Ladles' white or colored Underskirts. Balmorals, Apr> us. Ac.t Stamped in imitation of ^ nWliW.D'ioT TO WASH OUT. Grsat saving to ladios baviag clothes for chll drOB to make np. No braid, bo searing; hat tho pattero printed iu the goods indelible. Strips that cbb be attached to tbe Bottoms ot Ladiot Skirts, (same as tboy are bow worn la New York,) ready atamiod. sb4 tor aals at lesa than half the anual cost of braid. Birds, medallioas. Figures, aalmals of aa> pattt-rn atampod Goods as rsprosented or tbe money rstarnod^ pBI>CBf mh 12-tf 4 39 9th street, opposite Patent OfBco. F~ BENCH WHALEBONE < AT Sl.ftO. Also oa haad, a fall assortment of home made Corsets, Wbalebonea, Corset Bteela and Boarda. latest and all stiles of Hoop Bkiris. Covers aad Trimmiags Will be aold at the lowest rate, at 0HABLB8 BAl'M 'a Hoop BElrt aad Oerset Manufactory, 49 Loaisiana avruao, betaeen 6th aad 7th streets. ?k 1 I?* IF GEOBOB DBVEEB. SON OF ALBXAN DEB BBVBBB aged about thirteen years, who left Washington with his father In 1861, and who la supposed to bavegone to Virginia, will cossmuBicite with Prof SO ALA leader of the U 8 Marino Baa4, Washington, D. V , bo will hear of sometbiag to hi a advantage. IFautiaier papers please copy ] fe H ?aw8t* B~B1DAL' ABD FUBEEAL WEE A THB, BO QUBTB,CBOSSES, ANOHGBB. BTABn. Ac., preserved in satural form; Imported FLOWERS, 11 AlB FLOWERS, aud BRAIDING. Also, Imported MOSS. HaLB DBESBEB tor Balls, by Mrs FB1BS. Has removed to No. 4'i9 nth at., between Q and H. oc i 6m* JOHH D. CLABK. ATTORNEY AND OOUlfBELLOB AT LAW AND NOTABY PUBLIC, Bo. &'i> lltb atreet weat. de 1? ly "boarding. B6aBDINC_52S PER MONTH.?A few eentlem acanbe accommodated with good BOaBD aud pleasant BuOMS, at 111 &th strevt weat. mh It 31* 1/OB RENT?Two well fBmiahed PARLORS, on v tbe first floor, wilb or without BOARD Apply 393 E st . bet.JKb and loth. to 11 rrABIiK BOABD at Bo. 4?4 10tb etreot,a few 1 doors north ot tbe aveaoe. Tenss |U por bobth. LATEST PARIS FASHIONS OF HAIB DRESSING B. ALLIOT, WENCH HAIR DRESSER, 334 B street, between ISth aad 14th sts. Mr. Alllot, from Paris, Hair-Dreasor, of the celebrated Barbel, with wkomke arrive* la this oonntry, baa now been established for tae last eight years la Washington and Newport, obo\ I itg tho patronage of theeofpi diplomatique, and of'tbe highest society. He has tho hoBor to aanounco tbat he has this season imported the latest fashions of hair d'essiag, aad ales, pomades, and everything that beka?gs to the dresslag of baJr at very roasoaai.le prises. ia7 fim ASHINGTON CITT BAVIN8S BANK, Corner of 7th street aad Lonisiaaa avsnne. PAYS 1NTBBBBT OB DEPOSITS. HIGHEST MABKBT BATE8 PAID FOB GOLD ABD BILTSRj mh 6 6t A GENTS W AST ID. *7S, $100, ABB fiao PEB MONTH is aos being made by our Agents canvassing for the nsw work of biatorlcal value aad romantic tntereet, entitled "WEARING OP THB GRAY," Comprising Pt on ml Por:rattf. Skttrhe*. Adventures, and II d'ntsoftkt tare War, with Thrilling \arra~ tites of the During Dttd.i. Daskin* Chanel, Toibome Marrhts, Willi*t Sacrdirts, and i'altent Svfert ntsqftke _ SOYS IS GRAY, Br JOHN EbTAN COOKE, Formerly of General Stuart's Staff, author of "bairy of Bagls'sNsst," "Life of Stoaewall Jack*?B' *cHANDSOMELT ILLUSTBATED. To energetic men and women a rare chance la offered to make money. Addresw BOUTHEBN PUBLISHIBG C0MPAHT, Bo. 13 Holliday street, Baltimore, Md. Poet Office Box 1.434. mk 1 oolm Cl AB?EN SEEDS OABDB* SEBDS. PEAS.BE^ABS^ MEET. LBTTUOB, Ac , Ac, 1 am just in receipt of my Imported QABDEN SEEDS from Vem*riB Andrienx A Co., Paris. Branca, aad Hurst A Boa, LoadoB, Bngland, and have made arraagements with tBe largest and most reliable aoe? growert ta the United States for my Aatri' ,n Seeds, and have now tn store a large sapply, which are warraatod freah and gen* nine. J.J' IIARTlloLOW. fe 19-eoSw 698 7th street, below PeaB. avenu STERLING BILLS fof sale in suas to evlt par chasers. Hi.beet market price paid for AMERICAN ' LB WIS JOHNSON A CO , Bankers, fe 7 tf BB3 P?aaa. avoaae ^PEROFeB ABD ADDBBBSBB OF H W1B W TIB DA% 18 Colorado, a Summer Trip; by Bayard Taylor. TheClaverias a Novel; hyTro^ lope. Tbe Village on the Cliff; by Mies Thackeray. Two Marriages: bythe author of JnhB Halifax. Plckwiok Papers, Diamond Edition. Ie 1? F RAM OR TAYLOR. WANTS. WA*T*D TMMEDl ATMLT?A Brat cH*? li??lr* tt'i79Pi. ?t( . bet t"th bb? 11th *ts ; south side. It ?f WAJ*T?D-A Brst class oTBBAT IK on ao<* Wllsan Mvms M?h n?. Ap ply at**-.2 Pa iti mutt* WANT ID- Jiy the 1st ef April ea BaMsratehed HOOHl,oontciilti( 7 or 8 rooms, for a priuU family. between id ?n?l 9th eta K?nt must b? ttuontblo iHw J. P. M., 8Uf effies mil ?t* W ABTBD TO BENT-A good at7*4 STOBE.

' " ?lth cellar and ftib r attached, in a guod business lo. atien. Address E. H , ?ter office. m 1? 3t* WANTED?A settled colored WOMAN to 0?>k n't assist Id Writhing aBd lroaing Nene I ?t ?" experienced coek need apply. 409 H*t., near 7lb. _ If \\*AHT?D-An experiescsdH A bE^M A N In " t'1* ?fco? tuit hoot business In .aire it B 0ET1 INGKR'S, 1A| Bridge utrMt, B) It St-* t LL HOUSE w ah TED?From 11* > room*, t north . ftfce Arroue; a^t ov?r five i>ta*rM I a k from Penu avenue Terins not to exc?*d % 2f? p-r ruon: h Address"E W H Lo:k tf?x lit.uit) Phi o:!t.f mi, w A MW ENOI.a'ND LADY woriil LIKE to m> et with an enga** went as HOUsE K fE I IB, or W'.nlrt tsacn yoit?? ch> idr<-n Ad* dn~s Mi e JULIA LAMBEBT. Washington m 14 St* Any one haying a houbb~fob bent on K l.orU titrrti. letaeeu 7th tnl K b ciieetr not exceeding VOdollars per ra >ntu. ran find ? Cd(i Km) IpkOj tenant, without children. I y hCdreMiDu tj c , star Office mh It-it* 11" AlSTED ? Tbe 1st of April, three Hn'iir vv niehed BOOMS?sitting room,' hember and kit< b? n- s tu?te,)l,iiorth ot ruin'l ttr ,betw.en 6th and l'-'th ?tr><-t? No children Beat not to e?oee?i $2" Address H. M., Star office mtt tt* 11' ANTED?On or about the first of April, twe v * co jtntBtii< bIibi anfarnlanwt BO 'MH, on second floor, by a geatleman and wife, f >r henee keeping purpose*, north of E atreet aad west of Mh atreet Befarsaes siren Audress T. N BOVkB, City Poet Office. m 1? St* II ANTED?A good BAE EBEPBB, On* whe " l< willing to work regala>|honrs will receive (rood waeea sad steady taaiojBoat. None hot a single man need apply. Also, a eenteel colored BOY ; on* who baa been accustomed to tend bar and waiting. Apply immediately at the Star Offoe. ib lt-3t W ANTEB-A good CANVASSER. either gen vv tleman er lad) , to canvass a sure thing in the Departmeats and elsewhere. Address, statin* where an Interview caa be had, PHOT9QBArilEB. Box 6. 8tar office. mh ? tf WANTED?A frst-rate female OOOK for a Restaurant. colored or white. Apply to CBAB. KLOT/., G st . bet 17th bb4 ISth. mil it* WANTED? BOARDING by a *entl?m*u aad wife, commencing April 1st A private family preferred. Address Z, Lock Box 30. Wa?b ingtcn Poet Office. m H-3t* W' ANTED?A first class COOK for the extra " diet kitchen of Oolambia Hospital. She must thoreuRlily underataad her bnaiaess and Ci'Oie well recommended Apply to Dr. J. H. THOMPSON. 194 I street, bet. ttltb and list sts , after 4 p. m. or before 10 a. m. m 11-St* Agentswanted -tubcomplete bebbA LIST; OB. THE PEUI'LE Til El E OWN PHYMCIANH BY THE USE OE HERBAL the title of one ef the beat family medical books that has erer been ottered to the public The rapid sale of this book, and the large commission allowed, enables a good ac*nt to make easily from 9^0 to $30 per day. Address for full rnrticalars the author and publisher, Dr. O. I1E1.PS BhOWN, Bo. 19 Graud Street, Jersey City, N.J. iu 13 st CCABINET MAKBB aad Ul'aOLSrEUBK / wanted at 4t>v2 Ki*h street. in II-it* AAj' NTBI'-A coniaeteut CO'Jk, and al?o a r* (rood WA8HEBWOMAN, well rtoommeal ed, at 37a C street m 12 3t WANTED?A renpectablnyonng WtilTE 01 BL to take care of a baby; will find a heme at No. b00 16th at , between D an l K m 12 3t* ll/ ANTED-A DRAUGHTSMAN Steady em VV ployment will be givt'ii Apply to ALEXANDBB A MASON. id 12 ^* Patent Solicitors, cor. 7th and F sts. W ANTEi>~BMPLOYMENTfor an active, tn" telligeut lad, about thirteen years of age. I hatiafa( t< ry referenrex caa be given. Addr??a I U S J.. Box 34t>,City Post Offl e mh 12 Si* 11,' AN TED-To rent, a small HOUSE, four to | " aix rocma. pleasantly located, with water eotiveaient. Address, statiag terms and locality, 1 W W., Star Office. m l.'-4t* 11' ANTED?A large size and well furnished vv BOOM, a front one preferred, for two gea- I tletuea. Terms $2.' or $3" per month Address, with particular*, "0. H. V. " Star office. ml2 3t* I WANTED?Two BOOMS (one nnfarniahed,) I with BOARD, In a private family, for two gfntl>m>B and their wires, where the charges will I e moderate. Address "B. & 0 Star Office. I m 12 St* I Agents wantEd-a fow active oanvas SEES are wanted to solicit adverti<ement< for one ol the 1>?at Mediums in the country. Call at Seaton House from 12 to 2. m 12j3t .1. L. M1T0HKLL. WANTED?To purchase, a neat H?*U8E with all modern oonveniences; not to exceed Io price At.OOO. payment part In cash, tha rast In montlily Installment* to be situated between 12th and lsth. avenue and H streets. Call or address 3dU D st. m 12-3t* I HOUSE WANTED?By April ist.or sooaer. a DWELLING HOUSE, ef from 8 t? 12 rooms. I with water and gas, in a go-d location Kor such an bonse rent will ba paid in advance and a good I ttnant secured. Addrass. giving number and street, and terms. Post Office Box mh 12 Jt* WANTED-A practical GABDBNBB, single v v man pref-rred. Apply at Station House, Qeorgetuwa. D. C. mh 11 6t* WANTED-A GARDENER, married, without children. employed in the Botanic Garden, where he ran be sesu every day, haa lon< experience in the management of green hoase?, nurseries, orchards, vineyards, large and small farms, .lauds, aping, stc . deairs* a a situation In any of these branches. Noobj c (ion in leaving ti e District. Best referencees given and exchanged. Address D. F DB&KOSSB. I statibK wanes aLd my duty there. Botanic Gtr- I den. Washington, D. 0. mh 11 St' I WANTED TO RKBT OR PURCHASE ?A FAkM of from into 100 acres, north of and 1 near the city, with good building* and Ather in I rr -..tijts Any person having auchpropertv <an find a flrat-<Ta?H tenant, Vy applying at STARR & CO. S. 4SSS 7tk street, between U and E. mh 9 2? * i WANTED?A reapectable white WOMAN,to I take care of a young child. Apply at 371 Pa avenue^ mh 1 Agents wanted roRTHE most exciting ABD INTERESTING BOOK OK THE DAK. GEN. L. C. BAKERS HISTORY Of THE SECRET SERVICE In every city. town, county, and State of the I Union, to canvass for this work. This history I Was announced one year ago, but o?itig t> the I attempts of the G?verntueut to suppress It, its I publication was delajed. It will now be issued, I unaltered and unabridged, under the supervision of Gen. BAKKB. It contains a full and official expose of the Intricate machinations of tne secret I enemies of the Union. Tor startling developments and thrilling ad vea- I tnres,thla book eclipse* the famous experiences of I Fooche and Ytdoc i. The marvelous narratives of I General Baker are all attested by the highest I official authority. It will contain the only official history of the Assassination conspiracr. A fall I history ef this great, startling, and terrible crime, K ROM ITS CONCEPTION, IN THE HAUNT^ or villainy to thb burial place or BOOTH, has never yet been placed before the pnbllo. The work also folly expose# tha nefarlons system by which Preeidential pardons wars and I are ?o readily ebtained at Washlngten. I The morals of tbs National Capital are thor- I onghly ventilated, and there are some strange revelations concerning heada of departments. | members of Congress,female pardon brokers, and I diatiagaialied military characters. ! Kor full descriptive circnlars, terms, and all I particulars, address P. GABRBTT A CO., mb2-lm 7Utl Cliestnnt st., Philadelphia. I \V ANTED?A SITUATION as seamstress by a 1 v v lady who understands sewing tbaroughlr by I Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machine. Can cat and I fit ladies' aad children's drssses. Address, far I three days, Bo? Bo. T, Star office. fa 27 11|7 ANTED?All ia went of MONEY call at S. I n GOLDSTEIN ft OO.'S, Licensed Pawn- I brokers, 34 street, nsar PenaS)lvaala are- I one. fe 21-Ha Agents wanted eob "the history or THE WAE BBTWBEN THB STATBS, TRACING ITS ORIGIN. CAUSES ABD RBBULTB." By Hon. Alex. H. Stephens, end for I THB LirE. LETTERS, ABD SPEECHES or BON. ALEXANDBB H. STEPHENS, by Henry Cleveland. , Send for Ctrcalars and see onr terms. Address national Publishing co.. fs 14-ln* 407 Minors raeljirhtladelphla. Pa. I WANTBD?New and Cast off CLOTHING, old GOLD and SILVER, or aayotbsr article of I value, at the eld established Mercbaat Pawn- I bieksr's Store of R FULTON A 00., 304 9th St., | 3 doors north ef Penna. avenae. Bole Agentfor SINGBB'b SEWING MAOBIBB de 22-ly W~ ANTBD-10.000 LADIBS to know that at the New Stamping Booms, 439 9thstreet,op- I peslte Patent Office, tbey caa find the best selected | assortment of Patterns ever offered hers for I Cloaks, Capes. Aprons. Joseya. Waists, Tokes, I Bands, Wravaers, Slippers. Pincushions, and IbI I tials Also, designs for Pillow Oases. Ottomans, I Ob air Oovers, Pianos, and. in short, srery^arlety I of Patterns as they are dally lssnsd. We have a I Preack Machine and a Practtsal Stamper, aad I have redaced thejprlce to FIVE CENTS PEE WIDTB. I We make and stamp any patters brought as. Braids, SHE and Working Ootton vary low. del?-tr WANTED?BBCOBD-H AND FJJBBITUBB. Also. MIRRORS, CARPETS. BEDS, BED D1BG and HOUSBrUBBlSHING GOODS of every description. B. BU'iHCT 4*A Tth street. Jee8-tf * between G and B, ess* side 17BBBUABY I?, 1BB7.-AU persves having r le.t articles 1b my shop fee rep sirs, ore vtoas to the 1st of January, are requested to sell and get I *-m, otherwise they will be sold at yablleaao- | n oa the 1st af March to pay thj. cha?*ja there on. JOHN J rj ABOPT, , v Gun and Locknaltb, I Jan W Mb i Mo, 4 M.P street. I W ?. 1. OPLL^^gMSlSS I Show Oaee Mbmu aotursr. School rnraltnrev^^ end Bonaefmnishltig Warerooms New and Old PuraUnie et all descrlpttoas. bensht ?^l , and sold Repairtng, Upholstering, and Varnish- I lag doae at the sbortest aetlee Soathsast corner cf 8tfc and X. streets north. No. 13. 4a M to* I FOR SALE AND~RBNT\ FOH ?ALB-TheOI?AB aad NIWI DTIND t the Caf'tri wit** c^nnt^r, btJ? ?ag aad ?how caaa tlrttdj U?Uc4 ra II ? C*0* MINT A well locate 8 TO KB. To a fool t tenant tk? r. nt will r? *->1erat? Iaqatraou T?* llto "l(k lttwt' Oeargetown. . IhrM or foir d*?ir|. .] J? far tio-is*k*?r<Bjr. tnated at Ho. a?9 North & UiNI, between 4 h ai.d Mfc. stark a CO , <? tr w?t i>aad k. FflBB CODBTBir REfflDSMOE >H| |VlI, ^ fcar**in Wall built Brick and Fram* doa* h?B?e. liiM Iwt two itorlN, aikt r x?om, and gardes epot of ?cin with frnit. On teranike. s m;nutM walk fr.m BlaJan-burr Railroad Btatioa, M minutes from Washington. Imm^nu fOMMina Thui eaay. Title perfect NeUhborhcoS excellent A cheap. oooTfoim tni Lealthy home lor Departw?ni Clark or Bn?ioa?e ?S'i,.Iri<1!?A4j!?#,f *oW Mono*. Apply to J B. BltiAB 14* I csnaylvania a*?una oap-taite Metropolitan Hrte7, or OLaGETT A S*K1ST, y***y Broker* or by letter to J W R TAN W \ CK K<ittor lat. Kct. Ke- ord 'J Liiari; treat. New York city. nib U-eott L OR KENT?Til I Bl> FLOOR in h ??e .iOi IVan?) I v?t)i i avenue, south fide, betw^eu 'th and Iflth treat* mil -t* ]> LEA BA N T AWELL FUEN18U IP * B'JS T RcOMS <"?u be t.a?l at J?9 M st.corne Indiana ave. Tarma mnserat*. aihlltA'* L^OR KENT?A four room HOI'iK out ijna'e E front th< Capitol. Inquire at No H'J* on tbe corner of B sreet north and 1st street ?t?f K?nt f ' per month nih IS at* L"OR Kf NT-fvO par month . F H \ M R HOf'SE, E containing an roomi, pearly new. on 8th *t , near P, No 1X7. Inquire i*f.r* H) a.m. ?r between 4 nnd 5 p m.,of HOLT/.KAN, 4*7 irtb treat.tat. U nod H, or on tba promisee n 13 it' ft^OR BALE?One of th? beat retail OB'^IIY V.8??.?B^ntb* 1,1 W%r4 Alao, tba HOU9B iff LOT. For t*rn?s Ae.. apply on tbe premiaee. i'jJII* comar of Idth and h ata. POB BBBT-A BBICK BODBB. caataialag E seven roams. partially furnished. KeuiwtodA|ply between 2 and 4 p. at. nt Ho. 340 18th street, between B and I. far one weak Ona block from eara nnd two from War Department Poeeeeelon Ctjan lat af April. m 13 rt* L^OB SALB OR BBBT-M; two ?toryFRaMB \ HOB8B, at praaant occupied by Bdward Lynch. B?<j . aitaated aa the eoraar of Second and Frederick streets, Georgetown, D C , coatataiag 8 room a, basement and kitchaa, with watar in tha yard, and (aa throughout the honee. Location vert daalrabla. The nnderalgaed will raaeira sealed propoaala for the aala or rent of tha aame ap to lath Mar eh Ina'ant Poaaoaaion to he given, if raunirad, tha lat of Mar nest. ? _ RICHARD PBTT1T, , Bo. 43, corner 2d and Mnrket atreeta, " H 'W Qeorgetowa. D O. pOB SALB ?HOC8E AND LOT.oa hti> atraet E weat, between Peo nay Irani a araano and K at. Aptly on the pramlaaa. nah 12 *t* fc^OB B1JIT?In Oe >rgetown, new BBlOB a BTOBB. Bo. ITS Biidge atraet. Market Bpaca; auitable for any buaineaa. Rent moderate Apply on the premiaea. mh ll-3t* HOT8B AND LOT FOR SALB?Honee con talaing five room* store and cellar Inantre at the premiaea, 1T2 6th atreet, between N and 0 atraeU. ^ ||.)f P)B RENT?A thre.- atory BRICK HOC8E conta'ninc twelve rooa>a. with caa and water tbrongh nt. No. 94, aituated an Peno, are., bat 21at ai d J2d aU. Apply at Bo. *4, appaaita. u 12 U I^OB SALE?Tha STOCK and FIXTURES of~a Retail Grocery Store and Hoard in* house, doing a good bnaiceaa. with a two yaara leaae. *or sale cheap, aa the proprietor lnt<*u ie going We?t. Inuuira at No. a94>? D atreet. between 12th and 14th- m 12 ?t? I*'"? KENT-A BRICK HOt'SB, on tha corner ?' High and 5tb ttr#eta. Qtornto^o, *on lalDlBff 1 w rooms. auiUble for a tavern, board Ing honae, Ac. In jnire at 44T 13tfta atreet, bet. E and F, between 7 and 8 o'clock In tbe evening. mh ll-6t* " l/OR 8ALB?Only 9100 casT. ra<jnired: th? bal ance can ba paid in monthlr payments of .}!? <^ h, three eew two etory HOI 8E8. aituated on the s?atb aide of aonth L atreet. near 6th. Thia is an opportunity seldom ottered to procure a hon'?. ,_. STARR A CO., m II J* 49*)$ 7th atreet. aear E. l/l'RN IHljED PARLORS aiid t?ET> UOi7*>. on 1 the lat 2d and 3d floora, to be let sincle or In soitee The rooms havu baen oe ly papered and painted; they are suitable far hjns. ke pine or amale gentlemen There is watar. g^s.and bath 'ILL1'*' ^oosf- Apply at 2S4 H street, betneau 19tb and 2iitb, one s<4uara from atreat car*. mh 11 tapl" L'OE RBNT-A thrae atory BRICK MOC8B en E 13th utreat, near Franklin Bow. between L and Maas. ave ; 11 rooms, with marble mantels, ,*?d collan. Apply to M. ORERN, cor. l^th and L. n&h '-at* W MALL UARDEN FARM FOR BALE? ^ FRAMB Hol SB, of i rooms, atable, chicken hoaae, kot konae, Ac., ft.000 strawberry plants. In bearing with 6 ncres of land, in Tlrgiaia, two milea from tha Aqueduct Bridge. Prica, $1,60>; half < aah, balance In two years "'b 9 6t D. L. WBLL8 A CO. QAA ACRR8 OF BE8T LAND n-ar Vaah'Jtlvf ington TO LBT for two yeara without any rent, for tbe consideration of patting the land under cultivation, in lota or one to fifty acres, with many other Inducement*. Including the privilege of bnyine tba land at any time. For all particulars iBquire of D L. WELLS A CO., n?h 4 lm Corner luth and F streets. FORRKNT?In Plaat's Balldise. corner of Bew York avenue aud 16th str -et, several vary deairabla OFFICB ROOMS. For terms apply to OBOBGB H. PLANT, office 3d .toryT "Plantp Building." nib t tf E^OB SALB OR RENT?Cheap, a four-roomed I frame HOLSB. aear the Circle. Alao. a tine carriage DOG for sala, at ROBBBT FDLTON S, Pawnbroker, 408 ?th st., near Pa. av. fe25-2w* ONK OF THE MOST VALUABLE AND DE BIBaBLE BUiLDINO LOTS in the city for sale. It is situated en the north side of K street, near 13th. between Senator Sherman's and the Mexican Minister a, fronting on Franklin 8 mere. Baid lot is A feet by 137, running back to a .*> foot alley, and Improved by a twn story brick stable. fea> tf 8. P. BBOWN, 4b4 9th street west. FOji 8ALB- All kind of L'NREDE M ED PLBDGBS, to pay advances, nt :<4 4w street, near Pa. ave. S.OOLD8TBIN i (JO,, fe 21-lm Iilreiiaed Paw nbrokera. L^OR BALE OR RBN'T?Furni?b>-d or nufurr nished?the BESIDENCB of the Anurian Minister, corner lith and K. Apply between U and 2 p. m fe20 lm* FOR BALB-Three amall GARDEiT FARM^, Bear tba oity, one of >U acres, improved b new two atory brick house and necessary ant bnil'lings, grapes, strawberriea. peachea, apples, Ac ; Jd. fifteen acres beat of garden soil; 3d, thirty to sixty acres, daeirably located fer Bntcber or Milk Farm V. D. BTOCKBBIDGB 4 OO , . , BanI Estate Brokers, falHa* N. B. corner 7th and f su. FOR BENT-The 8TURB HOOM neit t> the Star office undar Metropolitan Hall. ApcIv to C. B. B A K B B. Bta r office. fe 1 jtf CGEORGETOWN BBAL BSTATE AND BODBB I AGENCY, 100 BBIDGB BTREET Houses for rent at 926 to 91? per month De?irable Houaaa and Lots for aala. fe 14 lm* ORMB A COOPEB. F9* for tha laat three years the reeidaaceof Major Tbeopbllua Galnea. en istlag of 154 acree, lying near Fort Mahan, 1 i.tie from Venning?s Bridge. ImproveiueaU, dwell'og house af 11 rooms, stone sUble, servants houses, barn. Be ^Address "B. B .V 437 B street. Wash ington, D. C., or anil la person, between 3 and 7 b _oe 1? tf Sj^OR BEBT?Two large aad one email oommuuiE eating ROOMS, nnfnrniahed. second floor No 134 Penn. av., bat Itfih aad ?th sts. no 28 tf I) ARB CHANCE?For Immediate sale, one of El tha best located email corner atore GROCBlil E8 ip the rlty. Stock and Fixtnree new Apply immediately, by letter, to A, B. C.,Clty Poat cc no 36 tf FIB REBT-Twu Burntahed ROOMST^aTBo^ 467 13th street between E aad W sts de 14 tf ?OLUKBIA HOSPITAL BOB WOMB* LTING lV ABTLDM, Fourteenth street,(airele,)corner of M street, Waaklncton, D. 0. Tkls Institution has bean eetabllshed for tha ra* oeptton af patlanU who stay ba suffering from diseases peculiar to their sac. and for the admlasioa of ?nan females aa may require tha aomfarts of tha Irlnc-in chamber The building Is situated in the most healthy aertton of tba District, surrounded by its own grounds. Oars pass tha door every Eve minutes Terns of admission: From #6 to Bio par weak Id m. a.rdc.l dMa. SfflSSfBSEs Ordara for admission to the tree bads InthlshaaaltaJ,(of which there are 80,) oan ba obtained af the Bnrgean la chief nt Uls aMoe, 1B4 I street, or army. Patients living at a dlstancs wha desire to aaasa to this laatftntton tor treatment ona secure private raoauby applying by lattor to the matron at tha "g'fciya UaalredVKnp bolstered aad Tarniahad. lmh and Bsts., (near ^csgaL, HlEaraa^toF&aa^ffi A MB BIO AB OOLB, STOCKS nnd BOBDB. bought an aaaamlseion nt the Saw Tork ani ether Btock Beards. Qnotattoaa regnlnrly ra7*** ' LEWIS JOBBSON A CO Baakera, * fe Ttf 8?? Pea an aveaae. POAL. I BOB. ABD OIL. or the Practical KmarV> icaa Miner; haing a guide to anrmiaea and mlBaral raeonroee, with nnmeraas maps nnd lllnatratlons. Prioe |TJ|. Ja 18 FBABOK TATlsOB, ^???? AUCTION 8A.LES. _ ' Mw Baiat ,r. *?--? | TBlS AtTMMyoOIT AND TO-mOMK' W. g? sum i riuuuTMl^; T.raKi vu-iw ??? ??? ?:s /* "o1"'" ""'W'ftVS! .MrVvw? 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Seaara t 0i< Isle de Cnbti " 6 W'O Henrj <J1my ' Solace < bewiac Tobacco M' ?rachaain and Briarw ood Pipaa 1 caaa 24 oaaca Tarka l ot Grocaiias, Broahea. Ac. Tennacaak. COOPEB A LATIMBB. ~ Aoctloaaara. R* *A?L* * UO . Auctleitaera. AJ balaarwoa, PaamaylTaaia araaaa. O^a!frr?naOvPBiH0.LD 'UBHITrBB. A. ."fcU BAOLB A CO , Auata. It* * 'I1; WALL A CO . Aactloaaara- ~ D t"??laal Borl and Carrt^Baiaar, #8 Loaialaaa avanae. alb or H0BBB8. CABBIA0E8, HABHBBg. a H\8?TDB.DAT *OBNIBO. March 16 at IA 2.LV W1" *" ?? tha Bazaar i ii.j if ^'' ^' rtMeaod Work H a ra^/fall ???.!' "on at aal?,; comprising about *?aeacrlpw FIPTT H0BPK8 Many pood Work, Saddla and Baraeaa Horaaa 20?iro*a H< raaa from tae country A namber of Work M^iaa?' A 'tiST ^i.t^tlon ?r,^ew ?nd Second hand Baa * "ic^k*WaM'Carrl'?-' Watona o'Kr Two new Jeaay Llad Waaoaa. ballt la tbla city. 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