Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 official. UW8 OF THE HI1TKD STATES, at the Sfroud Session ( the Thir* ly-iialk l<i(i til. [Public?No. 91.j an a t to establish a uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the Untied States. from yttterday't Fctning filar ] XirniMM a*n fracovlbnt cohvbyAUCIS Dt' LAKE!* VOID S*c. &. -<*'<X 6? it fwtker enacted, That it any fi'on, being insolvent, or in contemplation ? f insolvency. within four month* before tbe films of tbe petition by or against him. with a view to give a preference 'o any creditor or person having a claim again*: him, or who is under any liability for him. procure any part of bis property to be attached, seitnestered, or seized on eaecntinn, or makes any payment, pledge, a<?i|nmeu>, transfer, or conveyance of any part of bis property either directly or indirectly, absolutely or conditionally, the person receiving snch payment, pledge, assignment* transfer or conveyance, or to be benefited thereby, or by such attachment, bavins reasonable -aase to believe snch person is insolvent, and that such a'tacbmen% pay menu pledge, assignment, or conveyance, is made in frand of the provisions of tbi3 act, tbe same sbali be void, and tbe assignee may recover tbe property, or tbe valne of it, from tbe person so receiving it, or so to b? benefited. and if any per?on being insolvent, or In contemplation of insolvency or bankrupt, cy, within six months before tbe filing of tbe petition by or against bim, makes any pay. irui, -v, w>i(uiurui, iramirr, fOBffyanee, or oilier disposition of any part of bis property to any person who then has reasonable cause to believe him to be insolvent, or to be actios in contemplation of insolvency, and that ?och payment, Mi?, assifi mer.t, transfer, or other conveyance Is Bade with a view u> prevent bis propertv from conibc to bis assiznee in bankruptcy. or io prevent the umf from bein* distributed under this act. or to deteai the object of, or in anv wny impair, binder, impede, or delay .he op? r:ttion and eflect of, or to evade any of the previsions of this act, the sale, assignment, transfer, or conveyance shall be void, and the | a?>ijnee may recover me property or the value thereof. a? assets of the bankrupt.. A^id I it-neb sale, assignment, trau iter. or convey- I an re is not made in the u?u-tl and ordinary : I'our.'f of buiMnese of the debtor, the !:*ct shsfl ' be prima lacie evidence of fraud. Any con- 1 trit t, soveuant. or security made or a.vrti bv t a btu krupt or other person with, or !ii trust j for. any creditor, for ircuniie *b* payment of j an> money as a consideration for or with m- I lei.: to induce the < reditc r to forh? ar opp?>-laz ;tie npt lien*ion for di-?chnrte of 'lie t> inkrui'T, vf :?11 ! e \ o.d. ;\na it any creditor sbhll obtain at) t(tm of money or othtr foods, chattels. <>r wurl'y firm any person a? nn ?edti',er>ie;1t fer forbearing to opp**e, or con^entinf to siw U application tor discharge, e%ery creditor to oflei.rn,f shall forfeit all right to any *bare or dividend in the estate of the bankrupt, and t-h.ii also forl?.U double ilie value or am uat ot I snch money, foods, chattels, or security ?<> obtained ly recovered by the a?si?uee for l*e benefit of the f?"ta!S. 8,i>Kr.t I'Tl % OK fAKTME-BlfS ASl'OI COKfOKATIOSS. S*c 'Mi And It \tmf <tr'ker enacltd. That where two or more person's who are partners in trade shall be adjudged bankrupt, either on the petition of such partners, or any one of them or on the petition of any creditor of the partners, a warrant aha!) i?eue in tbe manner provided by this act, upon which all the joint stock and pioperty of ib# copartnership. ar.d also all tbe ??parate estate of eacb of tbe partners, shall be taken, ezceptinr such part* thereof as are hereinbefore excepted: and all tbe creditors of tb? company, and tbe separate credl- ' tore of eaeh partner, shall be allowed to prove their respective debts; and'the assignee shall be chosen by tho creditors of tbe company, and i shall also keep separate accounts of tbe joint stock or property of tbe copartnership and of tbe separate estate of eacb member thereof: and alter deducting out of the whole amount received by such assignee tbe wbole of the expenses and disbursements, tbe net procerds of the joint stock shall be appropriated to pay tbe creditors of tbe copartnership, and tbe net proceeds of tbe separate estate of eacb partner sball be appropriated to pav bis separate creditors: and if tbere shall be any balance of tbe separate estate of any part, ner. after tbe payment of bis separate debts, neb balance sball be added to tne joint stock for tbe payment of tbe jotut creditors: and if tbere sball be any balance of the joint stock after payment of tbe joint debts, such balance sbali be' divided and appropriated to and among the separate ?-?iate<? of be ssveral partners, according to their respective right and interest therein, and as it would have been if tbe partnership bad been dissolved without auy bankruptcy and the sum so appropriated to tbe separate estate of each partuer f hall be applied to tbe payment of his separate debt*: and tbe certificate of disc barge '-ball begranred or refu?ed to each partner as the same won Id or ou?bt to be if tbe proceeding had t.een against him alone under this act: and in all v>. . - . v mr ('lycrtuu-HJ |>ar,Uerft shall b<- conducted in the like manurr as if they had been commenced and prr>?eent?*;l apir-: one person aioue. If sucU copartners re-ide in different districts, ibar court in v hn li the petiMon is first filed shall retain ex In-ive jnrtediciioa over the case. N*t. 37. Ami be it further enitui. That th? provi-ions of this act *hall apply to all iiiolfjfd buslne?s or commercial corporations acd ?oint stock companies and that npon the petition ol any officer of any such corpora'ion or c< mpan v, duly authorised by a vote of a majority of tbe corporators at any 1***1 meeting failed lor the purpose, or npon tbe petition of any creditor or creditors <-f sutb corporation or company, made and presented In the manner hereinafter provided in respect to deb'ors, tbe like proceedings shall bf had and taken as atrtt hereinafter prev ided in the case of debtors: and all tbe provisions of tin* act which apply to the debtor, or set forth his duties in regard to lurnisbing schedules and inventories, ex renting papers, submitting to examinations, disclosing, making over, secreting, concealing, conveying, assigning, or paying away his money or property, shall in like manner, and with like force, effect, and penalties, apply to vach and evary officer of snch corpotauou or company In rrlauon to the i-am* matters concerning the corporation or company, and the money and property thereof. All payments, conveyance*, aud ascifntnenis declared fraudulent and Y*td by this act when mad* by a deb'or, shall in like manner, and to the like extent, and with like remedies, be fraudulent and void when mad* by a corporation or company Ito or discharge shall be granted to any corporation or joint -tock company, or to ah> person or officer or member thereof: 1'rorid- >, Tbat wHencver any corporation bT proceedings under :bw> act "-hail be declared bankrupt, all iu? property and assets shall be distributed to the creditors of *ach corporations in the manner providel in this act ii. respect to natural persons. or PATS'* JL>I) Dtl'OSITIONS. Sxr 3i-. .lm! b xt Jmr'ker enacted. That the filling ! a petition tor adjudication in bankruptcy. either by a debtor in bis own bebalt, ,.r bv auy creditor against a debtor, upon vt bub an order may be issued by the court, or by a register in the manner provided in sec nun mur, rusii ff aeemen ?na tak*n to be the commencement of procfdin^J in babkrupk.7 under this act; the proceeding* ia all ca*e* of bai-kruptcy thai) b?de?-m>d iu.iitcr? of record, but 'be saiue --hall nut be required to be recorded at large. but yhall be carefully tiled, kept, and numbered in the off re of the slerkof the court, and a docket only, or short memo, raniium tb?r?of. kept in books to lx? provided lor ihat purpose, winch 'bail be open to public inspection t'opies ?t such records duly crtitieU under tbe real of tbe court. ?hall in all . ase? be prima fac?e e* ideuce of ttie tact* therein stated. Evidence or examination in auy of the proceedings under thus act may be taken beljre the court, or a register tu t.ankinjitry. Tlra voce or 11. writing. before :? Com. missioner of tbe (Jiffcml Court, or by affidavit, or 011 commission, and tbe court may direct a retereuce to a register iu bankruptcy, or other mtabie person, to take aud certify such examination, and may compel the atteudance of -witnesses, the production ?t books aud papers. aud tbe giving ot testimony in the fame manner as in snits iu equity In tue f'trcult Court. nvtirVTABT RAKSWl'TlV !*?< . .It. JtU tx it further enacted. Tba; any person residing and owing debt* as atoresaid. wbo alter tbe passage of 'bis act, shall depart from the State, district. or Territory. of vebtch be is an inhabitant, with intent to defraud his creditors, or. being absent. ?hall. with such intent, remain absent, or shall wouceal himself to avoid tba service of legal proceed in an* action for 'be recovery of a debt or demnud provable nn*ler this act: or shall conceal or remove any of bis property to avoid It* being attached, taken, or sequestered on legal process or shall make anr assignment, gift, sale, conveyance or iraAefor of hi* estate, property, rights or ? redHs, either within the I'mted States or elsewhere, VIItb intent to delay, delraud. or binder his creditors- or wbo ha- beet arrested and held in custody under or by \lrtue ol mesne process of execution. Issued out of any court y>f any Siate, district, or Territory, within which surb debtor resides or ha* property, loanded upon a demand in iu nature provable against a bankrupt's e^'ate under this act, and for a sum exceeding one hundred dollars, aad such process is lamaiBing in force and not discharged br payment, or in anv o'h?r ntnnner Vrovidetf by the law of tncb Suite, district, 01 errltary, applicable tbereto, lor a pen>l ol sevea days, or has been actually imprisoned lor * ?ore than seven days m a civil action founded on < ontra?*t, fur the ?an of oae hundred dollar* or upwards: or who. heiag bankrap' r asol veot, or l? OPMWpUtiee < h&nkrapt :j or insolvency, shall make any payment, fit, iriiit, fair, coDTfjincr, or transfer of money, er other properly, esta'e, nrhn. or crfdiu. or give any warrants to confMijudci ir rui. or pr?cor? or luffer hi* property to be takt>n on legal process, with tntrnt to (five a preto-renoe t? one or more of hia creditor-, or to any person or persons who are ur may b-* liab<e fur b m as endorsers, b* 1, sureties, or otber; ?i<i or with tbe latent, by soch disposition of bi? property, to defeat or delay the operation ot mis act; or who. being a banker, merchant, or tracer, baa fraudulently stopped or sua; pencted and not resumed pavment ot hia commercial paper, within a period of fourteen days, ! shall be deemed to have commuted an act ot bankruptcy, and, subject to the condition* hereinafter prescribed, shall be adjudged a . bankrupt, on the petition of one or mure of hia i creditors, the aggregate of whose debts prova- J ble under this act nmoont to at least two hnn- | I dred find fllty dollars, provided such petition is brought witbin six months after the act of bankruptcy shall have been committed. And if such person shall be adjudged a bankrupt, the assignee may recover back the money or j oiber property so paid, conveyed, sold, assigned, or transferred contrary to this act, provided the person receiving snch payment or come>ance bad reasonable cause to believe tbat a irauu on tbis act was intended, or that the debtor w?a insolvent, and such creditor shall not be allowed to prove hia debt in bankruptcy. JSkc. 40. And It it further enacted. That upon the filing of the petition authorized by the next preceding section, if it shall appear that suffl> cient grounds exist tbereior, the court shall di rect the entry ot an order requiring the debtor ' to appear and show canse, at a court of banki rnpuy to be holden at a time to b? specified in I the order, not less than live days from the service thereof, why the prayer of the petition should not be granted: and may also, by its injunctions, restrain the debtor, and any other ! person, in the meantime, from making any trsnsier or disposition of any part of the debt vi f | inprrij noi ricfpn'a ?y mis act iron tbe i pern'ion thereof and Irom tiny interference therewith: and if it shall appenr thattft^reis prot<ible cause lor believing that tbe debtor is atw ut to leave tbe district, or to remove or conceal his goods and chattels or bis evidence ot property, or make any fraudulent conveyance or disposition therrof. the conrt may Issue a warrant to the marshal of the district, corn nim.dtng him to arrest the alleged (biakrupt] and hint safely keep. unless be shall give bill t?#tt?e satisfaction ot the court for b;s appear, atue from time to time, as required uy the court, until the decision of tbe court upou the petition or ibe further ord?r or the court. and tortnwith to tak* po?*-e??lon provisionally of af| thr properly and effects ol th- (febtor, and sa U?!y ke?'p the jar.# until tbe lurtber order of ift? court. A topy ot tbe petition and ot such order t<> show cause shall b?* served on >nch debtor by delivering the same to him per?oually, or lrntmr't* s4jn?:?tbis l.-ist or u-uai pia> e ofabodijror, if a? titor canuot he Jomd, or Lis plac*-of r^ideiioe ascertained t>e? \ ii e than in- made by publican n, in such m:?r!*?r aa the juii^p msiy dirt-ct. No further pr> cfed'tg?, unless the debtor up;>.?;ir and consent thereto, ehail be had until proof shall ha re been given* to tbe satisfaction of the court, of such service or publication, and it ?ucb proof b?- uot giveu oa tbe return day of su-'h order, the proceedings shall t>e adjon rued anil an order m i?;e hat the notice le forthwith ^ served or published Sec. 41. And I* it furt*A.r enacted. That on such return day or ad joiwoed day, it tLe uotue has been duly served or pnbli-hed, or eba!!be i waived by the appearaiue and coujentofthe debtor, tbe conrt shall proceed suinmirily to bear tbe allegations of the petitioner and debtor, and may adioarn the proceeding* fr-tm tune to tune, on good cause shown, and shall, i if the debtor on tbe same day so demand in writing, order a trial by jury at the lirst term ol'beconrtat which a jury shall be in at* tendance, to ascertain the tact ot snch alleged bankruptcy, and If. upon snch hearing or trial, the debtor proves to {he satisfaction ot tbe court or of the jnry, as the case may bj, that the facts set forth in the petition are not true, or.that tbe debtor has nald and satisfied nil liens upon hi- property, in case the existence otsuch liens were the role ground of ttie proceeding, the proceeding* shall be dismissed and the respondent shall recover cosh. Ski 42. And be it further enacted. That If the lac's set forth in the petition are tonnd to be true, or it default foe made by the debtor to appear pursuant to the order, upon due proof of service thereof being made, the court shall adjudge the debtor to be a bankrupt, and, as such, subject to the provisions of this act, and shall forthwith isrue a warrant to take possesmod of the estate ol the debtor. The warrant shall be directed, and the property of the debtor shall be taken thereon, and shall be assigned and distributed in the same manner and with similar proceedings to those hereinnefore proTided for the taking possession, assignment, and distribution of the property of the debtor upon his own petition Tbe order of adjuilii cation ot bankruptcy shall require the bank* 1 rupt forthwith ot vii'hiu such number ot days, not exceeding five after the date of the order or notu-e thereof. :t? shall by the order be pre. ; siribed, to mufce ar.d deliver, or transmit by i mail, post-paid, to the messenger, a schedule ot the creditors and an inventory of his estate ; in the form and verified iu the manner required I of a petitioning debtor by Bection thirteen. If the f*ei>tor ha.- fa>l? d to appear In person, or ' by attorney, a < enitied c> py of the ad indication tu ?li i e t< rthv Ith serv?d on him by delivery ' or publication iu tlie manner herein before provu e?i lor the service of the order to show , cans*-: and if the bankrupt is absent or cannot , be Sound. ?uth scheiinle and inventory shall be prepared by the mebfeeuger and the assignee lr*.in 'he best information they can obtain. If the petitioning creditor shall not appear and proceed on 'he re nrn day. or adjourned day, the court nay. upon the petition of any other ' credit, r. to the required amount, proceed to ad-udicate on such petition, without requiring j a iiew service or publication ot notice to the debtor. fro be rosTixrBn.j Kai Tory Kiform,?s?vera! hundred women employed in the Lowell factories have held a meeting to cousiaer their grievances. I The resolutions, which were unanimously i adopted, express '-Indignation and disgust at the conduct of the managers of the corporations of Lowell in reducing the wages of their I operatives while the necessaries of life retain . their former high rates: expressing ths opinion I.iiat socd reduction was designed to suppress the labor reform movement, rather ttnic a nece.?*ary consequence of depression of the markets: declaring that, naving pat on their armor, the operatives will continue the light until corporation tyranny is pat d<wu ana the labor proclamation of emancipation become* effectual in the establishment t?ru?etenhouT system in incorporated lactones throughout the commonwealth." I'kivuul srrriaut in Prcsmia.?Some time liefore the elections by universal suffrage ot members to the North (ternian Parliament, the pre'ecf or mayor of a village received instructions to draw np a list of all the men in hi* village v ho bad attained the age of twentylivej?-Mie. When bis return was drmitnd'-d, | he answered that be had uot prepared one, I berfttiee be thought it unnecessary: there wm I only one man in the village exactly tw*tyfly e years of age; all the others were either yomiger or older The Fichist Mas in thk Would ? a. London journal says tne young Lord Belgrave, grandvon of the Marquis of Westminister. if b? lives to inherit his patrimony, will te the richest man in the world Tne Marquis own- Belgravia, the taehiouaUfo ijnarierot lA>ndon. which i ow vields an in1 come of AM* u per day, and ten years hence, | ly ilie lapse of ground lease*, will b*> ten or j twmitj times tbi# amount. The young h?*ir is i thiri?-en years <i age, Tbe culjs?al for' -ne i has been kept in tne tami.'y and increased by i Intermarriage. W A voting lady wlio hid been visiting at Norwich, Onu during 'he winter, ditap\ | eared mysteriously, Wedneci^iy night, and no ?Tace of bet has yet bssu diaMfsitd. The i t?mily retired as usual iu tbe evening, leaving her lu company a friend who had called. ! tut ibe next morning her room was found to be vacant, and letters werr received spying thai ?-he aad become tired or lite, and desired , no search to be made, as BUe wat> going where . she roll id not te ItfUbd. I#" Rev l?r. Max. Lilieatbai, tbe Rabbi of ! th* .lewifrh Syr?gugue in O-ncinnati, occupied tbe pnipit of (be Unitarian Church in that city { on Sunday morning last. He took fs?r his i icm ' rear >e 1101: siaua still and see ihe . >nl \ xtion of the Lord;" and ibe njt'ject ot hi* 1 dMtoar^ was "A treeUhureh in a free{*?afce.'' ' This via probably the first uceatlon ot the ! oft upation of a Christian pulpit on Sunday by , a Jew Ift preacher. GT It a laddie meets a lassie walking in *ha ! street; if the la-sle wcir? a tllter"?shows an ai kl?* ura?; if 'be wind, iu rudely blowiag. litis ber ?klrts too inch, and the laddie s?*es tbat at kle. need a la.-Me cry! Every lassie , , wars a tllter" ?nd a "bmrterpest,** and a rcftjil "palpitator" on Iter snowy breast. If wtifu married to the laddie, iboae false charms . I he t\<y it he saya. m s?m. by jingo!" need a [ j lassie cry' i ; ?/ A etorv is goiug the rounds, in faahionabl*> circle*, that a joung gentleman and voung i | lady lelt a tasbiennbte part? up town, the > j orb?-r evening. j?:t into a carriage toother. I I ttroAt io? cl< rrymab i residence, were married. and aftrward returned and daneed the ! Oermaa" te?Hl?r We preaome this if a , new figure "?AT. f. Horn* Stteenat. ' | B7~Su>ppiac the stream of alcoholic fluid that finds iu way 4own the throat* of human l beinca, had checking the slight waterfhli that xiata in Niagara nytr, are matters of euaat fMlHIIlf. PKoPOSALS. pkl>PO>ALS to* KLOl'B Qf a Dtrot ("cmmixarv of Subs'itmtt,l \Va-htm ton U C., M -?r b 1! 18 -T t Besled P>o?..eol? me iuti'-J uatil Till KM>AY, Wor>h?l, is . ii o riors tn . for furulsntug the got si>ten<-e P?portt*??>t "irn TWUVI UUM??Kli <1 jBO' BAKKEL.0 OF F L< > I K The proposals will l>? for what is knuwu at this lepit <i* Nm 1 aid i *ii<i bid* wiii t>? ?utertamni tor on> lo-s thou the whoi? rtui? mam t>< lu duplicate, aad I ?r each grade on Separate *h <*M ot Ml r The oellvery ol the Floor to ownunvnce witmn Ave < ?>? from the opening "f the l?M*. ?n1 mum ?>e d>'li ?e >'<t in audi qnttmifit-*, ilnily, o? the (V.vrnm< nt may direct, ot tit* wharves. ?r U* ir<><?rt Do-' put in Wa-hin?t.n, I?. C. The delivery of oil Fl<wir aaarded to be ct>mSifted wifbin twenty days fr'>m the acceptance of ?e bid Bid* will he received for Flour to bo delivered in new oak barrels. head lined Payneiit will be niodo in onch funds m tho Government rant have fo r dia??ur?euj?Mit The usual Government inspection will bo mode jnst before the Flour in recei ved. aud none will be accepted which in not fresh irouml. and of a rior <|tmli?y fin bid will be entertained from parties who have previously faiWd to comply with their bids, or fF?m bidder* not preoent to respond Government reserve! the right to ro^ect any bid for any cause. Bids to be oddreosed to the aoder?lffw?d, at No. '2S3 O street, endorsed Proposalsfo. Flour " G. BILL. b u-4t Major and O. g . P. tf. A WOODANfTcOAL. r OALI OOALII vy ? Bm? WHITB ABM at fj, by the ton. All atioa, to init caatowera Sawed and Split O A K WOOD. $'0 per cord. .. I'INC * ?9 Long Oak, <48 per cord A too of Ccal told ky iu? ?I?ar* weighs i.??o lb*. JOHN B LORD feMly Corner 4'.h at.d O atreet*. QOAkl OOAbll AT GREATLY REDTOHn PRICKS Groan ton* of X,2*0 lb*. deli voted to fin> part of tho city Choatnut White A*h 37 Stove. Pge Hnd Furnace White Aah, f j.O1. K? d A ?b 5 8 20 Lt-high. *9. Oak ai.d Hne Wood eonatantly on hand. Orders received at onr Office; <-r at th? Wharf, foot of seventh atieei ? S. P BRON * H<?N jaTO tf 9th street K and F BOOTS, SHOKS. Ac BOOTS AND BUOK5. jgM flj maw T~t o B . Ttie nnderalgned be#* len\?> to inf th? hi*fri?n 1anrf the public /?t-p?->a<l> rh.-* bp ha* opened the NEW CHEAP f>TOU?. No. 4"* Ttti !?r Odd K-llows ball w liere h-- ha* ou in?nd a toilera) ae*ortrr:ent of anH Gentlemeu'a, Boy a si i BOH voixirfK a BOOTS AN1? -HOBS. tkopnbtr th? namijer. .lust 7ta itroet, nnler Odd feHows' hH|| The New Otieap Store, fur n.*rly K. store. <U18 * UKOBOI B WILSON. 1867 OB&ND XOUBSION 18G7 TO TUB PABI9 EXPOSITION. The sew and first-class orean going Iron Steam >b>P H A V A * A. . 2,000 tons burthen. STEPHEN WHITMAN 00 m Biander, will make as EXOUBMON (ram New fork to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 46, North Biver, on WEDNESDAY, April 17th. at 11 o'clock n.. Taking paeernaere for Paris, London and Bremen, Beturning, will sail from Havre on .lnae 5tb. ulv lag passenger* k<>l?iug xcarsiou Tlcketa about six weeks in Europe. This magnlfleent Bte<m?lilp la divided lnte water tight catupartrrn-aU, and has i>eeu newly tnriiixhed and elegantly fitted ay expressly for thlavoyage. The HAVANA will only carry first class pas setger*. An experienced Surgeon on board. y A full Band of M*itc will be al't- it-i to tk fhtp. I'rice of passage, In currency, to Havre $1%) *l -ff- *A ul/A r\f italu vaam Tft Hatvi 'an'l ^elurtT.^S^W *nd #J"\ according to i>1*>- of stateroom For farther particular* and p usage apply to the Agents, ML1 BRAY. FERBIS A 00., hi 8>>ath street. Nun York. Or to the Merchants' Union K*pr>*s Cumptny, N?-w York. rnh J 30t ^ BOO IBM to . HALL A PLANT. PLANT'S BUILDING. Corner New York avenue and IJtn street, (Entrance?n New York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GBOOEBIES* TEAS, WINES, 1MPOBTED LUXUBI1S, Ac., Ac., wonld respectfully notify their friends and the public that they have just opened their New Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article naa ally ke?t In a first claea Grocery. Without attempting to enaaaarate oar large, fresh and well elected stock, we cordially invite the public to esamlne oar store and atock. believing we shall not fall to give entire satisfaction to all who may favor ua with their patronage. We call eepe?lol attention to our assortment of TEAS and 00FFBB8, which have been selected witb great care for parity. Dealers will find s fine assortment to select from, and our prioes to suit. Goods delivered promptly In any part of the city, yen 9 3m /hBPUANS~Oo"uif, MARCH 6. ?*P.-Disteici \J or Columbia. Wa^hisotos Cochtt, io-fU:? la the case of Catharine barrett, administratrix ol Thomas J Barrett, deceased, the administratrix aforesaid bae. with tie approbation of the OrphMs' Court of Washington ?<?unty aforesaid, appointed Patarday. March SOth, 19ST,-for the final settlement and dietribaU?a of the per onel estate of said deceased, and of the aeests In band, as far as the same have been oollsotod and turned into money; when aad whera all the creditors and heirs of said doeoaaod are notMed to attend, with their claims pros nr vouched, *r they maty otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit In said deceased's estate: provided a oepy of this order be pnbllahed oars a week for three weeks In the Bvealog Star, previous to thessM day. ? . *es4:-JAS. B-O-BEIBNE. myftwSw* Begister of Wills. UEPABTMMT OW TUB INTBMlUB, app.lcatluB having been mode under theaet of Jone ?. i860, for the reissae of the following de scribed Land Warrants, which are alleged to nave fc"? l?!i. ?l 4?:treyed,?Notice is hereby gives that at the daft following tbe description of each ? new certifloatoor warrant of like tenor , Will be relaaaed, If SO valid obteetlon ahonld than I JOB. H, BAHHjPTT, OommlaBioner. Ho 2.015, for 80 acrea, lured under the act of M?rrli 3>l 1816. In tbe came of Qnorve Plain, and waa Kratited Anguat 15th, 1858. March 90,1W. Mo 87912 fr>r 1>*) acre*. I??ued under the act of March 3d. MM. to the name of Jamea Heary, and waa granted April xw. 1*51. March SO. 18>7. Mo. M 7*S. for 160 acre*. leaned nn4er the act of M?rcb 3d, 1855, lu the nam* of Jobn Wood, and wan ranted Fel-rnary *6. 1857. April I. 18o7. Mu.MlSA for 146 acre*, ieaued under the act of March lid. 18*8. in the ni^ of Sarah Wood, widow of Kob? rt Weod. aMwai grautaU February!^, 1857. A?rtl8,18d7. , Mo. 4l(4K? for 1?? acrea, laaoed under the act of February 11, 1847, to the same of Samuel liodeon, and ?a> granted becember 4. 1?4S. April JO, 1867. Mo u: ,326. for so acrea. leaned onler the act of September. I860 In the same of Loogdon U. Johnaon. and waa granted Marah 5, 1866. April SO, 18^7. Mo 77.831, far 80 acrea, iaeuad undar the act of Mar. hS. 1&65. ia the nana of Laugdon G. Johneon and waa granted April 1,1*5.;. April uo, l?7. Mo. 7J.231. for 130 acrea. laaued under the act of March 3. IHt. in tba nnnie of Mary, widow of Tliomaa Bowling, and waa granted Mar 9, 1888. April 10,1867. _ Mo. 98.135, for 190 acrea. laaued voder tba net of March S, 1865, lu tha name or Pelly Paaaa, widow of Cheater Paaaa. and waa granted July 18, 1860. May 4.1867. Mo. 83 MA. for 1*0 acrea, laaued under tha act of March 3d. 1886. in tba namea of tbe minor children of Jacob Laahar, deceaaad, and waa granted July 23, iauo ? May 4.1867. No 87.8?. far 188 acren.lanoad under the act af 1 February 11th, 1A|7, ia tba name of Martin Boaa, ud waa grnutedMny 13th. 1848. May 11.1447. Ho. 82.Wo.for 140 acrea. ieaued a Oderthe act ? March 3d. 1888, in tba name of Alrla Bllie, and

waa granted April 15.1857. May 11,1X67. Mo ia,rtHl. for M aeroa, leaned ondar tha oct o March 8,18*5, in tba na?eor be wie Lambert, aad waa groat ed October 38.1888. May 28,1887. Ho 37.888. fo* 180 acraa, leaned ondar tha net of March 8,1886. In tha na?eof?tch?laa PrUohett ^pd waa grantad Wonawbar 18.1888. May 88,1887 /^OLOHBD TOT BOOKS, from London; Frooah W"-1 tura TATIiOB. I I V e~ 0ft*y\ * <rW h. | AUCTION SALES. |gv 6BCKN * WILLIAMS, Aoctloaeara Ak;lllNisTBATUk 8 NAbB?HOB-E8, Wttil NS iM> > \k?INO D TBNSILH At PUB 1 ID AlM'TlON < n * BI>MBsL>** ?tbd.yof MareV at 10 o'ci o k ? m . we ?h*ll aril no ik* pren?n?i ?t tbe 1I*'' *Jl*d O B Caihert'g pi try, opf ?! * t U'k? Mm*' place, on toe H aUnaburg reed 1 otd-r < f ihe Hon Orphan*' <'-o?rt JT tr># District ' ot? olttiit i?, tbe pertoaal tde ti of tfa* leie la**o Sncwdeti, detf??. d. ?ti. Two ^ ?i h H?IDNI l?i>0prtug Market Wir*g? tier*/ One H- r?* Cert. Plougha. Uerrowa, Orel lee, 8*4dl*a, Ao. | Ot* Li. ? Hon? end Fram? SS?ntr A?h o? lifty nvr Bn-hei* ot Wheit, *ert la Straw And ni-tay otbei erii. l?? which we Jcai uiut o* g?ry to euunierate. Tern c?ah By order of tb? Admin! <tr*tor. GBEKN A WILuIAMS. Anct*. / TBI APOYK H&LK 18 POSTPONED OS i *< < onat of tte weaiher. u?til YV'fcDN BvbAY, tbe JOtti inatant, at ri w ?arne piece * d hour. By oitf*r of tb* 4d*>lnl*ti *tor i u.D 7 fot" OKHW A WlbLf AM3, Kvtn BY l ooriv * LATi MCH, Aactt*n*er7 _ I Lat?? clerk* with J a*. O WcOair* A ?'o ,) i Bvstkwcat co. ?*r oi Pei n'a eve *ud 111u street. Star office Hathduf. VALCAL1 IMPKOVbTTAND UNlMPKOVItt BKAL KbTAT? NBAH PKNX A AVEMUI AT ACCTIOBI On FHID* * ArTBBNOON neit,Kerch lid. et 6o lo<kp m. on th* prenil.e* v? will i.u the eotk <(4 leet 9 inebee of Lot 2->, 1* Sjqare fto ' tn.proved fc? e *ut*lanUel e?d well built three I *t-ry Biick D**llli?* with * two *?ery hack | l.uiidio* ooeiaiulKf In *1! ionrteen room*, with tkr*ngh< at Pomp of weier in yard. | Alto. MjxtDlnf the ah >ve, end In H*dl*t*ly I after we will Mil th< north i* leet f Inch** of Lot 1 No iff, Square IM> tinlm*rov*d. except bv a l.rt k ' bnll'liui: ou the rear of the lot Both lot* hev* < ? I dei'tb of Hid te*t lOS inch** to a thirty foot paved i all*-) In the rear ! The a' o\e 4-acribtd r**l eatat* belonged tu th* late t'ol M Nonrte.eud l<ai'nate<1 on ifce w. *t | aide of I' th afreet, between B and f atreeta north, at d bear Pei ti"v 1 vai le avenue, p.nd la well worm? the attea'iou of peraon* deairine drat-claa* prop ert> there reins little or n< oe for a?(e In tbi* LnDie^lat* neighborhood. Po-aesalen girea M.ty l, Term*: One h*lf cub; balance !u all months, ?tth inteust secured by a deed of trnst ou the p operty All rouvej ?ti< inn mid reve a>?tuupi ?i c ?t ot pnrel t<?r. * depoMt of 9 I'M will be required ol the surthaeer 11 lime ot *al? WM ft JOS E NuCB^I, K\eeut<>r? < ! M.<:h*e| hoarse, tub? eoAds COai Btt t LATIMRH, ftu.:t? BY UHKEN ft WILLIAMS. taction** So 4-'H corner 7th and D *tr.-ets VALl'APLK IUI>ttU\Ki) PBOI'KBTr IN SIXTH WMtU aT PlHLIf) AI'''TlON Oi 3tu(il'At,tu? itiii imUut, 6 o'clock p n\ . we fhxll eeli, on ib~ preiii'-es. Lot* 4. H,<), hQ< L' Id Tweed\ a ?ul.d:Tl ir>u. aud th* aoath 'Oit)-ft' e feet fiont "j tV? I'Pthcf Uvjt Mo JO, in Pitiiare N-> Si7. vtu*twi at th * rirncr^f Vir^iaia a\tnr.< ?itii ?tr<.?: * t c main i< Ii.tiJ *<iu *re feei,wi?b th" imprt>v?me -1?, con* ?tin? ot one urn si.iry Hrtck ?'i<l two ce ?t?ry Frtme T' U'r One U->lt i ? ! , <toce Ju ?>u?> tul iw ?n.r-, for antes tejtlt.R in erect, and ?e o rt?rt hy ilif ol i r u-t on I be pi uiiees A I u;u(???Kin( a> d rev. nre ?tun.r? at the co<t of lh? pHrch i?er *5 do? li w lieu the property ' < aold U K k liN ft WILLIAMS, A'fts. mtiB-s 11.1* U i?. ? BY > A O LE, ft CO . Anctloceers. Salesroom >o Pmu avenue, Between 9tb and 10th aU. ft NAOLI ft 00- will ?lve their personal *ttentl->n to the of Haul Kb ?te and Household ro'irftare Also, to the sales of storks ol Grooeri**, Wine*. Lt'jnora. a\<! Merchandise of every description. Horses, Carriage* Harness. Ac MW'tl ra?k advaacss made on consignments. negmar ?at?s at our salesroom ever* TOESDAK, THURSDAY; And SATURDAY, at 10 o'clock NAGLEAOO. jail tf . Auctioneers, y u C 6T Il'f J_A L . In pur?tiance of a power of sale vested In me by a deed "f trust, executed to me by Qeorge W, Mitibel and Cornelia D Mitcbel, his wife, of ' Wash'ngton city, District of Columbia, dated ? the i8th .lav of Aotco-t- lift J and recorded in Li t ar K B. P , No 3, folio 232, Ac. one of tbe land re ords of Montgomery c> nnty, 1 will offor at tublir saie and sail to tbe highest bidder, at Ba> r's Htsl. In tbe village e* Oarks'iurg. in Montgomery oeuDty, Md , an WIDN EdDAY. the jotb flay of March, in the year eigh.een handred en<) sixty seven, at 11 e'clock a. m ell the following described i e*l extnte, nltnated in Montgomery county Mtate of Maryland These landa lie near Claiksburg. Montgomery<l adjoin tbe property of Bufus King, Perry Browning Basil B.-all and others One of the tracts is part of a tract ef land called "Tr<>nole Enough lnL-ed." containing six hundred and sixty acres of land, it being the nana land heretofore conveyed by Chai les Bemlry and Kleaoor Hendry, his wife, to said George W . Mitcbel, l>y deed dated on the Men day of Angnst. 1*5. Tbe other belt** part of a tract of Iniid called "Be?urvey on Maple Branch,'' heretofore ccnveitd io said Qeorge W. Mitcbel by Ann S per. and cont.unlog thirty tivem re-of land TLf- land le under n good state ef cultivation, slioated In a healthy ?etghborhood, well ' valeitd. aiid nrder very food fen tog Th? Impro vemenuconsist ol two comfortable log dwel lings. K?od stable, corn houses, end ether necessary out-huilding?. nlso, f*nr g<>od toheccoh'.use*. Tha above dehcrlbed tract Is ?n*cept*ble of being divided into two or three convenient terras l'er?on? wishing to look at the property can do sojl > i ailing on Mr Kin*, residing on the land, who will take pleasure in showing 1 * Tetn>s of ??ie: One third ot the purchase money to he paid on the day of sale, the residue of the pore lie*" money to he paid in one and two years tn??da\ ef -ale, th- purchaser or pnrch* rii giving bis. her or their notes, wltb ipproved ne-unty. i.eaiing interest from thedav of sale On pavment ot the whole furchase m.>ne> a deed wilbe executed t?y ibetru<tee. the fur'-baser 1 i.aj Ing expenses of preparing the deed and stamps JOHN T WILLIAMS. Trnstee fe 23 dti LIVl VANru88BM.Aact. nPBU?TKB8 SALE OF VALUABLE BE A L 1 ESTATE. By vlriee of a decree of the dreult Court fer 1 Prince George's coentv. slttine as eeo >rt of e<iulty , paioed in a cause thereto depending, wU-ref n James C. Mciiuire A Oo are eomplatnants, and Barcii- Dn Val I* d- femlant, the subscriber, as trustee, will expo*e to public eah , on tb premises, on MONDAY, the Mth of Mar. tt, 12 o'clock m , (if fair, if not, on the next fair day ther< aft. r,i the Heal Estate of Marcus I)n Vnl, keoan as " Uarbor,'' situated It Prince Geoff* county. about out mile from Good Lack, containing 102 Acrrg, more or lesa, tad tdiolalBi the lenda of to alter U. HlUearr. the beira of Thoniaa Ball, and Col, Oden Bowie, Theabove> laud ia on re red w|th a heavy growth | of Oak and Chesnut Timber, end being located in convenient diatanee to tbe Baltimore and Okto and Baltimore and Potomac railroad, will (apply an unlimited inaatltv of railroad tlee. Terma of aale : Caen oa the day ef aale, or on the ratification thereof by theconrt, with internet from tbe day of aale; and en payment of ibr whole purchase meney tbe property will be conveyed, In Tee, to the pure bee<r Manpi aod conveyance to be at the coat of the purchaser. BICHABD B. B CHEW, mh(>-<-otd Tru?t*e | kKPABTMBHT OF TBB 1BTBBIOK, \J UMTBD STATES PATENT OFFICE, Wa?k!!*?toji. March 2 1067 On the petition of WILLI** B. HVDB, of Tewnaena. Ohio, praying for the extension of a patent granted to him the 2lat day of J boo, Idt'l, for an improvement In Cultivator Ploughs, for seven yeara from the expiration of aaid patent, which takee place on the Mat day of June. 18i?7: It in ordered that the ealfl petition be hoard at the Pnlent Office oa MONBAY, the M day ef June next, at 12 o'clock M ; and all peraoaa are notified to appea" Bud ahow oeuae, if any they have, why said pe?i tion ought not to be granted. Person* opposing the extension are re-juired to file in the r?tent Office their olijecUuna, specially aet forth in writing, at leaat twenty day* before the day of hear!ug; all testimony filed by either party to he naed at the aaid hearing meat be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. Impositions and other paper* relied upoB aa teallmnnr nu?t be IIM in the office twenty dare before the day of hearing; the arguments, If any, within ten daya after filing tbe testimony. Ordered, alee, that tbia notice be -BaDllahed In the Republican end.tie Intelligencer. Washington, D C . and in the Herald. Ol??eland, Ohie, juce a week for three xucceesive weeka; tke firat of aaid tuhiirationx to be at leaat alxty daya previous to U..4., orb.*rloS. T.O.VBS4KSS. Commissioner of tenia P. B.?Bdltora of the above napera will pietue copy and send their billa to tbe Pnteat Office, with a paper containing tbia net^ae. mh 7 wSw Dkpabtmknt or thi iktxrio*. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, .? ... _ .... . Washington, March 4.1*7. nsftn&rX* 1Uon ot.JAUJtS ***? BBd BOIiEBT CMC HTOH executors of Henry Carter,deoeaeed, akd James Bees, of PHtaHnrgh, Pennaylvania pray in* for the extension of a patent granted to the nald Henry Carter and J ante* Boee the 14 dar of Hovember, IMS,Bad antedated June Sd. ISM. for an lniprovel?ent iu hut Machine*, tor aeven yeara from the expiration of aaid patent, which takee place oa tbe Ml day of J one, 1M7 : It ia ordered that (he aaid petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the fctth day of May next, at it o'clock M.; and all persona are notified to appear and ahow cause, If any uic; d>?, w ? h? fvnuon oofBi not to be granted. persona opposing the extension are required to filei*the Pateut Office their ebjeotions, specially t?- forth iu writing, it 1 treat tictnty day* before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be ue*a at the Mid hearing mast be taken ana transmitted in aooordaaee with the mlee of the office, which will be famished on application. Depositions and other paper* relied upon aa teetimon* BQSt be filed in the ? fflre twn'.y daj? before the da* of hearing; the arguments, if any, within rf? dayaaftar filing thotaa Imony. Ordered, alto, that this notice be pnbllahad in the Bepobllean and the Intelligencer, Washington, D. O., and In threest, Fittainrgh. PenneyIranla, once a week for three aaooeeslve week*; the firot of aaid publications te be at leaai sixty days pre.rSWi... T o Commissioner of Patent*. % paper containing this nonoe. mh 111 awl w Vl?JSion!?tSiKB BMCL4T?1 DBHF.KT M | <^? wtnM,iW r>. >mu. GOVERNMENT SALES. Th 8 KlVIOfl A BLI QC 4BTEBMABTEK I STOBId AT ACCTI09. OiV Utr?< af Waski?tt??,l Wtukimuo*. D C.. Match 9 1967. | wlilbaaold at aubtfc aocttoa, br order o- tha Grnertl, at Llrteolu Dept. an TlEHfAt. March l? uhdar the iu|*rrf>l >b ?f U?uten?nt fed ward Hurtar L' 8 Infantry. actitiR A-rivtaot y?irtfrnni'T U H Aria v. kI? to coiaoiaaca at M> a n . a quaoti>? of on?'* ?tce at l?> viQort? rti a* w r aiotea. c?k>ii( n* in part of? 74 EourMoraa Arm; 65 Coal OJflca fetvifi, *? ??, 11 O* Under do. 10 Two Horta do. liC iie*, It) IwoHara*- Ambu lancea, 7 Oo.ik Ran cm . 1 Four Horaa do, 1 Hi a* t arri >(a, 1 One Horaa do. I Hoi? 12 Carta. >.?*? feet large Hoaa, act* L?a<4 aide Ear 1 ?7 fr?t -nalld. u? ?? ?.'l Paddle Hlankata, 6A let* Wheel-male do 10] Wa^un O-Vera La ad Atubul*u?e 8i yard* O >aoa Mattine, Hariif?? lb* Axaortfd l 55?e?a Wh-al A )> alanc-lb? Old Tira Iron. Barten, 2 WO P a Ires Sh'vaa 18 Cauldruaa, >.' Amtnlanc WhMU Tosatber with BHdlea Gum Bucket* tlalter Chalk*, Caova* H?r>< ?nvtta M'-Oteliao ha* d lee Carpebtar*' Tout*. ?n h a* Ha aera. Saw*. Brace* and Bit?. Black*a.l(h To??U. Ac. Half a*i11 ba toutlaued each day until ttie whole arr< out ia *ald Ttrmi rath, la Government fcada. Purcaaaera am re<iutrad to r?a<n* their p :r cbaaa? atihia 'en day* froui d?j ot aa a. chakleu h tompkimb. Deputy Q M Geo . Bat Brig. Ilea , Actiui; Chief (Juartamia*tar, ? Hapit?f Wa*h?nfoa ACTION SALE OP GOVERNMENT BCILD 1NGS AT CAMP TODD, MOUTH OE TBXABl.BY BUILDING H*a4itu*Tlcrs I'erarimtn. Vfa<\tns:on, ) _ , t&ct qf Ckii/ (4 tear it wutauMa, D C., March S 1867. \ " ^ >!<! At Public Auction, on thi pr^roit+t, under dlractUn of Ir^rat Maj. r .>amea GUaaoa, A. Q. M . V.le .an TBI BM.AT Mar, h H, at 11 1 o c o< k a. ai., th" followtnc dewrii?d Frama PaildiDaa. located at C?a>? Todd., aoath of Treat- j my Building,i iq thia > lty. vit: Una Harrack .twoaiorira )Wx23feat, with porch. Out Ouardbtuit 341.0 feat. One Officer*' (^u trtera, a** >4 feet. One ortVera' Quarter*, J.'*.'* feat, with wine. Billdin** willbeaoM ?ia?lw, aad mnat be re ! mo*ed witbin tau data from date of ?ale. let in caah in t?OTeram?nt fnuda M I. LIIIIINGTDN. Bvt Brig. Gen %&4 Chief gn*rterrL ?"h h 5t TVpnrtment of Wmhin*to? BANKERR " J A* CUOkK k CO., lAIIIBt, AriMitk wwiti 7Ve?.*?nr, 1 t}fnd s?| a 'corrent uiark?l raU-t, atd k<?? ocitantly on fcand fall ?n?pl? of all GUVIH.1NENT BONUB, BICVEN TH IUTIS8, AMD OOHPOUfil INTBEBST NOTBS Order? far BTOUK8. BONDS, He . executed, and Galiartlona ma^a or al! acceaaibla ?olnta. ael-tf : JJARKOW * t O., HANKERS. Ocruer Loclsiana ?mn? and Bataiitte re*?. DliMM I!? GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND BILVIB jy ?-tf BMP LAHP WABB&HTB First National Buk of Washingtoa. B.D.COOBB, (of Jay Cooke ACo.,1 Prealdeat, WM. 8. HUNT1NQTOB, OaaBUr. GOYKBHMEBT DBP08IT0BT V1BANUIAL AQBBT OF THB CBITBD BTATBS, 1 $tk /trttt, ofPostt* tk* 7Y?u?rv JJmriMM, GoUMBMl B??ortilM wltB Tr*?nr?r U&lUd ItstM WTONE MILLION DOLLARS Webay andaallallclaaM* of QOYKRNMEXl t?.CL'KlTlES at correal market rata*. | FUflNISH EXCHANGE mmdmake CMlenumt m ALL TBS PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. Vi parcbaaa Government Toockera oa the MOST FA V OR ABLE TERMS, art Hn careful aM prosit attention to ACCOUNTS <J BUSINESS MEN mmd FIRMS, *a an* a(K?p Knal r aatraa*ai *a nm FULL INFORMATION ta regard to OOTBBIMBNT LOANS it all time* cheerfully furnlafced VM. S HUHTINQTOa, Oaahler. Waehlagt?B, March M.ifl*. mn-tf STEAMBOAT LINEsT" STKAMBB U IL?ON SMALL. FOR THK EASTERN SHORE. NOTICB.?Tbe 8 to. mar WILSON SMALL, OAPT B. T. LEi? Attl>, iu? In JP all reapei te oiie of tbe eleca^ fcr?t nioat ccnifort able end eieg?ut"C^^MIM stt-amtra pljiLK on Cheaeteeke Itay. will rentime b- r root?* on ta i I bDA V, March 21 bbeU-atea her |ler opposite No .70 fcjrht afreet wharf, baitim* re. evert TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and hATt BDAK. at? ? w.,lor KAHTO.V POINT, DOIBLE M ll.l S, OXFORD CLQRA'SPOTSt, ; WALL ACM S WHAKF <A MB HI IK, E. HUG H{JTTS WHARF. CAMS CREEK. M ? It FdbD'S WHARr.%*1 LLOYD'S HS'DIXU. , Returning from THK BAST A UN SHOBB, aba lea>M Llojd 'a Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4 i p m, and Baa ton Point at 8 p. m , every Monday, Wederptar and Friday, touch In* at all intermediate landlnra. and reaching Baltimore at 8 a m. on the following mom<bkb. She baa a Urge humlrof fine atata-rooa*. fa ti tf RI?mo> v?%DK}asap*? * TO TBAVBLLlB?eonie SOUTH. TWIOB DAILY, (Saaday p. m. excepted.) Tha aalokeet aad moat dlraot roate to Blehmoad, a .and the Boath. via thp Potoma* ateacnere from Sixth Street Wharf.*ft4^^A Wnehlngtoa, to A* ale Creek Bichmond, Frederlckatarg and Potomac Balboad, now entirely completed from Aatla Or*?k to Btchmond.Va. connecting there with trains oa the Bleh< mond aad Peter*bur* and Blofiaaoad aad Dar HUe Bnllroada, for Petersburg, Weldea, Wilmington, Raleigh, MHtiMO', BalWbary. Oharlotte mi Steamers Kmart aad O YaadarMlt ham 7B Street Wharf dally (Bandar evealna eaeepted) at and * w p. m, aad arrive la Blehmeod at 1.4t|.a.aa4IBa . ??? THBOUOH TO BICHKONDIV SBTBN HOUBS' Fifty Ml lea Shorter and &* Houra Uulohar thaa par Other Boat*. Be mre and cat Through Tlcheta Tta Again Oreek and Frederlckstmrc, to Btohmootf, at tbe Oompaay a Ogee. corner eT Peaae. aToaueandtth atreet,or oabowdaf thahoata. BaggageMUtod UOuSibaMB aad Bhim< Wagees will be Ib readlneaa to ooarey paeeeugers and baggage hatwees depoti Ib Blphmood. , _ ^ Paaaengera by thia line yaas by daylight Maval Vernon, and may bm-re aa oaaortnaity of rtetttag several battle fieUa near Fredericksburg hy ete? tefAftSMtf"!: . ^ hw&.lAmra"! ?n?t. w^hiMtoB. ? o. Q. B fcATTINGLY, Ticfcet^A^nt^ WaaMn*%>i. p l-ly Bw*r>l>?imi?t Agent. DOTOMAU TBABBFOBTATIOB UI& * B0T10B T(TBB1PPKB8. Tbe BUWH IXPBXi^O.H. A. BTTHBB, iHTMWUhllMlt Ittiiu m.Mdll _ __ exaadria it U. a BVEBYBATSRDAY ror OlyBaoat. B ad d*a Ferry mltb'a Fatal. Ohatterton Uadliii Mmumn Btoraa, Mathtaa Point, Chap?I Point Ptoaiwi Wharf, Lancaster's WbaxL BtW" WharT Oarriomea Bay, Fexwell* Wharf. Har.ell Wharf, Plney Point. Point Lookout, and arrtvaa at Bald?' "',fc VMlE-. ?42 ap 7-tf Mo. 3t* Penna. avenao. jp? lo u bi r B B PI A full aaaortneat of all gradea cboloo Flout fof Bakers; Quality Ho 1; price low. Ara tne only dtract roc?ivara for OoMea Bill, J. H. GambriU (not Patapaco) and Liaganor Family Flours la the District. Aa tho 1 attar brand baa beea extensively counterfeited and aold la this city, we woald lafona tboaa wtehing tbla float bp arrangement with tba aaillara wa furutah it lower than It can bo obtaiaod from aay other aoarae. Quality second to none. Price a fraction laaa tbaa other flrat-olaaa Family Fioar. Buckwheat at low ratee. . All gradee of Weatera Floar a atore aad for aale low by W. M. OALT A CO., Indiana avenue and lit a treat, _no II aear Depot. CTllIWAT'8 PI AMOS. We bt?? just received i mi mortawt of 11 PIANOPOUTKB (roa the factory, coi stating or lirud, Square, and Upii|bt|HHH| otbiMt rt?oi. '"in For the lut t?> rwri Btelawar* Pianos here, on *11 occasion.-, received tbe first preaainm over all sew York, Boston, Phllt4?lphii,iiil Biltiaor* Bakers, whenever end ?here?er they here oonie In competition Atthe Vgrln Pair ia Lnadoa. Btetnway A Boas received the Indorsement ??f enperlority of their_Plapge ever eUmafceraaf the ?. 3'?Vj?T." H1" OHOWLATH DB " *'? UWC s nhflswk?r& BAiLROAPS. 1866 milTL^iVu BOOTS 1867 ffMil . J?u WW IOTHl*OiTHWI^>Ot TH AMU 9ULTB* wimtbe m'hedclbj O* M* ?t? Munabn II. W"i Itici win Inw m foltowa wftcfcidc ;'4j . ..7 ona m i t mb b. TH* T**CK BOOTfc"" wttb ElBGANT BCEBrhY. F?l*-o Buu* ro'>m to) ftod m?ktOtr? with rolorti iBtrnTvarM bb-1 Milm (rwro fonr to iw?!t? hutn To tint o**r mr-f i ib*r lonif. Two kim.lrod aii?i ?b*m to WMtrrv ABC OntrBl Now T<-rk Two l>?Uf Tr?to? u> tbo w??t " I* ... " - North Through from Btlllanri to ROOH B0TBB be6 P1T1 BHlBOU without cUrni P?**ttFor? bj thlft ronto fr?M BvtUsoro hovo t*?- flf mok'Bs *11 ch?t?oo m CIluH DEPOTS i<.d bo tEKIKS Tlrk?u b? thlft ron'o r?n b# ?r?rBrod M tho oItco. c< raor <th fttrooi ftod Pooho?!? ?? o*?bbo. order th? JtfttlODftl Hut-l.whoro rolUklo iBlormotto? will bo *1tom Bt Sil t)n>o?. r?n??irfr?rr<*iHcj tlcl?t? rt tbU ofllro ?bc ft^uro ?*x>wt?o<UUobJ I* ld?|li|Otril?r El trtwhsijj^. waIlJ|| THhot *? ?? H i?lui?t?a D 0. ED B. TOTBO. Oon roM i|Nt. Poltfmoro, Md. T'HEOl OH LIMB BETWEEN WANHHATUI AN b MEW loEE. ,im. TnlM bftVHft VMbikftoi ?di) l?w Tftrt ftM ?ow mi m follow*. Tti fORMhW tUltK , wit hoot cktftf* of corft. Loo?? feily (*?i??t BunJoy t Bt 7 ?ft b. m bb4 m FOB MEW TOUE.ctftBrlBf rtn at PhlloJol. 4Ju"p Ti<lm,lr (8ob<1??' ?* 11:11* ?*4 PHILADELPHIA. . . ^rS!iy ???<? >at r?tui?i) u a. m , and 4 90 and t V m <?N BCM1AY Leave far Hew York and Pbllaajphta at ? SB t m only. Hw?lai cvi for H?? lark on 4 tu p. m bill itiii. Tbioocb ticket* to 1 iil.?.ieipBi% New York or Bo?ton, cau tue Matiou Offic< at *11 hoare In tb?- flay. *i well a? at tt.e new office tbc Kiot^ri ?!? Hf'tfri Telcrt ar h Lln<,l S4* Nui. ??hd?. ******>* dtb and 7th itrfH* M BilOoiui?wJ Ohio K*<lro?'l t4T*rt)Ma#nl (or dkHlnlt b?t??ni WuklD(t->. |*itta?rt, Ihr Viral J, L. WILSON, M?ater ot Tre&saertattoa. L M COLE OfiM r?l Tick't A^ent GEO B KOONTA, Agcu* Wuniii|tan ?c?-tf Baltimore and mio bat lh'?\u ~ W*?m*hTO!i,j?!i e,t*T T r?uj? 1 flw f?u W ABM I M'lTON AM) BAL7 1KMIE %r< WASrfTNQTON AND THE VTBSl are a</A~ runtc foil .*n, vi? YOH BALTIMORE Leave daily, Jm.l.j at 7 &, " , #C? a m And 24V, an<) ? M* at<4 * (M p m Y'iB ALL WAV ?T?Tlua8 L eve daily, neept Bender. at rut m,. aihl 2 <h ?q.. 8 01 p m. tou At Bi ATluN> SOI Ttt OE ANNAFOLft! JUNCTiuM Leave at (.11 aiid 7 UU a. .. and at f 0 and 4 U ? . iu ?OB ANNAPOL18 Leave at 7 4"> a m , and 4 SB ? m. trains to or from Anuapolie on Sandey UK aUlU). FOB BALTlMoBB. Leave at f tf a m , an i 2 <? ati i 81)0 p a FOB WAI BTATIUNB. Leeveet 7efl a. ., and 2 to and 8 wj. ap. f ob a ill pabtb or tub wbst - *K4|t Bandar, at Ma.a. aad B v p n. Oi> Bandar at 8H0 p. a. only . connectla* at Belay Btatloa with trains from Baltimore to VbNllai. Park erst ore Ac. TUBOLGb TICKMTB to tt? Wact ran be had at the * aebinct* Bta Mob Ticket Office at aU hoe re In the oar, M well aa at the ae* effire of the Banker and Broken' Telegraph Line, MB Feaa. evesue. between Jth tad 7th ttreau. For Hew York. Fbtlenelpbla. and Bo*V>a. Me hdvertleewjentt* Threcah Lisa." J. L WlLBON. Master efTraaaaartauoB. L. H. COLE. General Ticket Acent. oc ?tf OEO.B. EOOMTZ. Aieat WaTuin?toa HLOBON BIVBB AND IABLIM BAILBOADB-Oa aad after MONDAY. Mo*. IB, 1M6, tret tic far Aibaay aad Tra*. eoaaectta* witfc Mar there aad Western tralaa, will leave New I.rt aa follows: ea. m iximi trni via Hnd*oa Bi ver K*iiroad. SPtb it and 10th *v ., tbrengb to RnfTUo end liiMDilta IrMif witkoil ebnct?((?n tidcoinee ting *t Tror ?lib treiaa tor 8ftof?, BatUtl, Bnrlinrton iii Moatreel. llt.s ItyrMt ul Mall trala via Madaoa Elver Ball road, connecting at Albany with Western trains.atid at Troy with train* for Vcrtk. Uam Express traia via Harlan Bell road, IMh ?t and ?tli av? connecting at Chatham with Vmtern Bailroad for L*-t>aa<>n Bprlng*. Pltufieid. Ac at Albany *lih Wntern tr?tws.and at Tror with train* tor Saratoga Bntlaad, Barliagtou and Montreal. 3 4fl p m Express train via Had*oa Biv -r Banned counseling at Albany with Vaat^rg traius and at Troy with train* for MontaiBt. <tb sleeping car attached. 4 16 p m Biurets train via Harlan bailroad. connecting et Gl>atban< aith Western Be I roe J for Lebanon Sptlugs. I'111-fl*-ld. ?c ; at Albany witn W<-sU-in'rain* . and at Troy with trains for Batland. Bnrlinstoa and Montreal Sleeping cars aiLb h>-d at Atbenyfi 30 y m ei prea? tr-eln rta Hndsoa River BetlruM. with *|< c^jua car* ?iucb?4, a< d through to hufalo ai.d ?nsp< unieti b: idg?- witUunt obeage t car*. Also, sleeping car e^e^r d%y e&ceuttng bn'orrta * a?t?rb*ii from H<-w York tbr<to?h to <*gd?nsl>i;rg without cl ance. \ a Borne W . and O hailM .o* Ooiini-rtMii t<>r Troy will 1? mal>. ti Baal Aiban) Thl* train will tan on Bandar* Up m Train ? ia Hiuttui B?vr tUilro?J,?ith Bleeping car aUt*eb*?l. c?. unecting at Albauy with early train* f*r Buffalo and Su-peusion Bridge, and at Tray witb train* for baratoga and point* Berth. A Kutdar train will be ran via Hadaoa Elver Baili cad frani Mew Vnrk to Pongnuerpei* and intermediate station*, leaving New York a' ? a m. Betnrnlng, leave Pougl.ka^p*!* atl.u p. m arriving in Hew Tork ut 6 M p tu A1*o, a Sunday train rla Harl-m B?ilr>ad. Ie?t lug 49d eireabat <*a n . and arriving at Villert^c atSHa m Returning, leave Millfitou at i a. tu.. arriving la Maw York at llljua WM. H. VAJMM RBILT. ja 19 vice President. g BC KIT PIIIA1 lT ill ARITalV'l flirt! aAMAEiTAjra aim TBB MOST OflBTAJM BEMBBT EYBB C8HB. "Tea, A fosctm Wfffippwfli. OLtMT, armJCTbTM*, Ooatalaa mo Mlaeral, aa Balsas*, aa limiy. Only lki* P*U* aa 6s Mm* V?* CWa. They are aatlraly vegetable, having mo smU mt __ ,r*lTi?* taste, aad will not la any way InW*U;*^c>^ towel* ofths me?t dell^E OaisslalMa two to four days, and repeat easa tu "twaaty law hours." Prepays! bp a graduate rf the Cctvar*.ty ol .Paaaa? 1 vaaU. aaa of llae saoat Milnaat Uoctors audCha*..nt* of the praaaat da*. rr.T-r?rwrt, ao ae rAar.ta asAatersr. iJet tbes*who haved^y^oUttj?gcurad>oy KHSSr ^^MARTTAN 8TO?-r * Beat by uaail la a plain envaiopa. Fit? BLOOD/ BLOOD f f BLOOD/// eOBOTUliA, ULCS&b. BOB IS IPoTa MAMAMITAJTM,BOOT AND UBMB JUtOB .. Kvur?K5?. "* ?ill?KlTl?-S BOOT Art) HE*?Jtlut-SZ momx. Must. MTtain and focta*irem?dr *? ?L? dj.ndto ki?M.uifl? not trftwntthSf ?ort?rttf ttat lor whUfc |C? bat m?m< !? after ,Wil' DO HOT DR8PA1K I NSfifiRMS "u"k?njT: * '** HaiSif.r'^^XSiSrTi&^S. Milt?. ??d tor ?Tl oompUiBU iucIAmI to tb?Lf Hikiuvrw. PHoe <i ? ht fcottU BAJIAE1TAM5 WASH ^iSS^!S:?LTJUr*w,<'*"* "* ThtaSMC) of (Mm mM0Mla aJfk* *rtc*s?. WBtT ssti^txg^!gSiH: i "i.'sssf.iftivjiW""IIWOUMM. ^gtgaarjfiftiuiwfcsy PiqpSBB l&k&SsB ' "?* mwi tiTua..