Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1867 Page 1
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w ~~~ f ??. ? ? ? " V . XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. MARCH 15. 1867. N?. 4,374. THE EVENING STAR i IbLIdUED DAILY,.SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT TUL MAR BUiL.l>lMil, Sc% Attest comer rent, 4 avenue and llik freet, bt w. d. H. Tte STAR la served bj tae carriers to their subscribers Id tike City and D^tr.ct at r*? l wti ri? *i?t. Copies &t the couo'er, with cr wlthon* wrapper*. Two Cb*t? each. Fbicb fob *Ainaa;?lhr?? months, On* Inilar and f\fty Ctntt; six months. Three O ltar$; cn# Tear, Fir* Dollar t. No paper* aro tent from the office lotj?r than paid for. 1 he W fcfcKLY STAR?published on Friday morning?One Dollar and a Hal/* Tear. PAWNBROKERS Bit i aft si in a s loan office 4 7 rf :3th street xl <ioor south of Pena. av*.. Loans huMY on tiae t> salt carom-re, on G<-ld aad Silver We'die*. Dt?m n-ij. J-*- XVy 'Irji Liditi' ?ij<l Ueati>mena W?arl?|A A *?ir i y y Did Gold en J Silver bought h ft Sm* B. BP1N8IHB. yy A L SH'S CE\TRiL LOA.v orFlCEt He. 4*0 10th street, on* door below Peaa. eve. This well k nowb Office mekee LIBERAL A DV AM'"B8 /V\ Ob Diemonda Gold end Hi Ivor Watches O Q 4^e'ri,pa&ururnltar*'ma', of erJT OpeB every dayiexcept Bandar)from 8 a. m to ^ * ?. B.- Busineae strictly confidential. feU-tf ?0T AUL I a H B D 18 4a. bpbcial HOTIOB. _ ( baulcs~hbbz?bbo. ?v? Bncceeeor to lea*c Herzberg A Bon, fcr ' ** >?nbrokia* Business veaJa&tY?!**? ' ?w* ?"F. f*r twelve XK #n!? Pawnbroker in the Dlstrlc*J^*jL it,* B'e?hod of thanking their patronsQ U for th* confidence heretofore shown ?!ct c,li th*ir * ?<? i? th? Ifctl *ha* we allil continue to make the highest *dI>*aan Jda* i?Pf ?*? articles of TCTel* ?iIm? pti. Bonds. Borornaeat Bcrlp. *! i.*? Ac . for which we have saDerlor pieces of deposit ee l security, which will always It SVk th# "rtffjctjn. of taose patronizing . TCUI for the care an* ?<7T?tiV J *r*rn* Apparel of every de!?/!: Cooler a, A?., on which th* highest al acafitat n'nta"1 d ffaaraateeing when reqnired a^lrce ?..h m"d ?'"?> **a'B?.tln,nry Having wi ll 'n coiiDectinn with our *fti f M*rrk??2h?! farilltiea for sferag.. of all kin la > '?"? re *c. on which we r ?, 8 ul 4 r*-' for days week* or !v ?"#, %*tentioQ to the f%ct large capital enployed in our I business we canadvances at each rate, of I *" to,<,^.f? 0??petiilcn. We aej no goa.fa -UP.K* 5u.of '* a'ter their forfeitare, and then only a* p?Mic anction first civ iae ample notiee Ihroogh the vario<i* city jonr BM? to all depofitor*. By this aeana d?po*it? S^iMwre De,7*r ,0 ., their redemption 1? de r ? call eepeclal attention to onr arrange meet# for forwarding gu.<ds to any part of the conntry, arrangements which an experience of tfUen years baa br?aght to perfection Depoeftcrs are enabled by th>a ?"Ba? to redeem their ?* lfra[?!r ?rru^rt "* *tt*r wb'f* they may - Pull information alwa>a given. pT J*'f.,*"B?it?fc*M?fids#tlal kaiiMu. N B ? ?l?.^?D,,tctlo2. Tl,b *"7 aimilar eetahBabmeBtin this city B? for to an v.,Id resident of ni?B#member BIB/BBKQ'S Le.n Vlflitjtl/n^ street, between and ?th, Washington. P 6. fess im* M OH BY 1 HOBBY !! MOnTYTTI H. PBIHOB'8 KXWL^BSTABLISOBD LOAH 517 7 Pa. ave . next lo Pa tea Ini a Ooafactionery Money loaaed oa every deocrlptlen of aalable Herchaudise. especially Watches. Dia- /Ov aecds and fi?e Jewelry I can a?snrejf''A theee who ma; favor mo with tber ratron-O Q age that thej will not regret having done so. .?;,B -Private door ard o?ce. Persona not 9mtt P?*>?o offlca will ring "he mmcm w? fa 28 laa* j[^ O A H OFF I O B . MORKY tr-aaed on ?old and Silver Watchea Dlamon4?. Jewelry,Clothing, A< O Q D DON0YAH Pawnbroker Ho. 4Ti n'Jf " f* a lw between 10th aad nth eta. TUB OLD BbTABLlsU kl> PIBM Off w OOLD8TB1M A UO . -a 1'AWHUaOKBBS, 34 POCK AHD A HALF STaBBT WB3T, n-., ,w v.nMr Pennsj ltanla avenue, m*l 'g^est cms It a.) Nances oB all kind a of Merchandise, to any amount and for aay A time desired, at reasonabl*-ratee. Interest ob larjte aams greatly reduced A Buslnrsestricily confidential. w ^ Oooda bonght f??r cash aiid sold at private sale fe 11 ly DENTISTRY. I)4' LffWIE'S I?*HTAL A^SOCIATIOH, Ho. ^?0 PKHM'A ATE , ' Between 13th and 13th atreeta. fc'itrous w1.thoot **ln by admlnatarlng Lawia 1,^6* *r Laughing Gee. " _ T ( hV! ,.i V reesatly purchased the bestCj^Q >n "> country for^^BHT ^ar fnEj2re"e'5aerla*a,;,^P'oeed Val a? , 5- * Association ' qdw Dr?i%rHl ?nT*" Rubber at Nt-w Prices. All pe* Is^The * -Jone can have it aa cheap tMre.te.^1?"4, 'Cl,,B* All work doiM- IB i?ve sl??!f "' nter. Bad warrante-i to f-?r; p'r*ons will do well to oall agd examine oot work. de S? tf T* ? * B~ *? L. , , M- LOOMW, M.D., p/aVb V5????Ld Pateateeef tVe MIHB&AL 7 P?rtonally at^mm dt'- Many peraons cu4fl|| *e,,r theee teeth who caanot wear othera,^?tTTw peraoa oaa wear others who caaaet wear ??Ttl * 0??* ean be aoooosmoda atyle and price of Teeth they may d?JJ'*; b.?t f? theae who are particular, aad wi?fc the Barest, cleaoeet, atroageet and most perfect denSm S?f. ?rocure-the MIHBBAL TBBTB wiu be aaore fully warranted. . **-**.g*1*?Ho 3S* Pean'a aveaae, beRTudKhiy ^ ^ AUo' ,0T Arctmrwt' PERSONAL, l\I "B C^BTIS 1BVIHQ, Clatrvovant, *nd~Tut 4 * will give life readings, Including ?"* and Fatnre at her office, 4'iO, nertfi aide of Pa av., between ?* aad ?th streats. Office hoars from 9tola. m. and to Ib. m. jaltlm* AB. MACBIC'B. BBAL BOIBNTIV10 AS TBOLOOBB OP AMKBIOA, r rom the position ana aspect of the Stare at the Ome_of on, , birth, wlir reveal astonishing se /tL . no li vlag mortal ever knew before: how u fC'Mlul in all reasonable undertakings. l*rV? n4 *#r' 'on aerry; compaaton, and UUs all evente of "?^Jod lock and long life to vleitora. Laliee M ^ ?i Ket'tlemee la fall fi. Oall at 470 de 31 ja**r * " Qatii * ln lh# C??e![iI)J,hNTI^L ~Tonn? 'B wbo b,n" hi^ S^el .K M'I'- certain aecret habits, 'ch nnflt th.m for baslness, pleasure, or the donee of married life. also, aiddle aged and old aea. who. from the folliee of yonth, or other Caasee. feel a debility m advance of ttelr years. anwr?' ?f^'"g tbemselvee under tb? treatment of Mar^i' firet read "The Secret Prlend " f- III ladleewlll learn something of laportaace J!Bee ret FHend.'! Seat to any aJ ereee, In a seal* 1 envelope. ?b receipt of IS centg. A Id re* Dr. CHAS A STCABT A CO.. Bo<toa. U?! BO P-ly HOTELS, RE^TA URANTS, &<j. IBKWOOD BODBB. ierner Ftnna. irenue. aad Tvtlf'k itre?,W(fS^4 FwlisdM, D C. Htaeted la the most ceatral location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PBBSIDBHTtAL MAH8IOB. t a abort distance from all the Departaeata, Patent and Poat Offices, Bmlthsoaiaa Institute, ,tc- B. H DCDLBY AGO., L0 Proprietors. I'MBKHS BB8TAUBAHT, * Ho. 3** Psnna avenue, near tth streat, P.BMB1CB wishes to lafera his frleads and the public generaHj that be bow keeps c?n-4 a stantly oa baad OIBTBBS. fnah every llM# PEOTBOTBD PAT at ,?f fctUad. aad sees red by the seala of the istJwxsZj'dz"- jxsrt&bs&srssf saaas.^ the System. Trlseeasr Ho. 1 baa eaUraty ewaer**ded Bt aaaaeoaa nee of Cope via, Cnbabe Aa Trteeeaar Ho | U the Infallible remedy fir aJi Imparl ties Bad Secondary Byaptome. Ihnsebvl' atiiigiheaea ef macaary aad aU other daiatarloaa iBgredlaatB. tacb preparattoa la 1b the form ef a most agree able Loaeage Seeared frsa the effects or ellmate and chaagee at stmsspksrs. la tin caeee, at 93 each er four f3 eaees la oae for #9, aad la #? r-aw, ?^J5J2zri~?, AGKBBBL ABD OOPFIBH. Ml uaa poaada lane SHOBB CODFISH. aB barrels Ho 1 A AGKBBBL. Jest received aad for ewle at oar whaif. M the <* 1 efSeveaUM. S. P BBOWH A SOB. Ooaruioloi rthifltt. islt tf Bo. 4BS H lath at.. Wat. aad F. W'BT 1HDIA OBABBBB AMD uL ^mVkgm f CARRIAGES. ^ B D BB W J . JOYCE * OOT^ CABBIAGE MANUFACTURERS.* ABD 4T9 /OBETIISTB 8TBIII, 4^v^rATO:8f.".;r?ir.,s <jn& ard faehiooableatjlea to be completed i tB early day. Wa have on baa J ft larae M^or truest of LIGHT FAMILY OABBIAOES, BIBB TOP AND NO T?P BUGGIES, DEABBOBNB WAGONS, BOGBAWAYS, Ac. on'r^Tk1\?J.,h* hlgh ,Und?rd whtch l?IiT ? .' ?any year*. we confln?oar n!i?r7*cta,i7,y,lo0ABtlAGI of o?r own * ?I i?* fir*' cl*,s *n,7? ?0* ?d tlZXX .ViVwnorSDd h# ,UbilC that W* 0{fer "O BPAlBIBGmada ? apeclallty. ABDBIW J. JOYCE A GO WOOD AND COAL. C^0A1,1 COAL !l COAL!!! VK^IsV^ni be,t iual,|y Far eat. ?t . ? , JOA V' *"* Dd it0?* nd C?.Vy A S CMb prlc*- at the Wwo4 ml, ... 0*0- T LANOLBY A 80H 8, m 13-31^ curneMuth at and Mai. i.e. O A L ! COAL!! ?.%SK2!4" ah n/et, b"*e<1 *?d 8?,lt OAK WOOD. f'O jer cord _ ? rlci E |i ?? Long Oak. per corrf. " A ton of t'cal (old by me alwavn w?|gka J UQ |ba _ JOHN B.LORD, wa ly WMr 4th and ? mrei't' QO Ali! COAL! | AT OREATLY BEDUOED PRICES the city. 2 A??be., delivered la an, pmrt Cf Cbeatnnt White \?h 97 15*A'rtftj*/u,,-e# wut*A,h- 9 >L?hl|h. 90. Oak aiid Pine Wood eoaitantly en hand, r .^rS r*c*i**<1 ?tourOtfcce; or at the Wharf, toot of Seventh atreet JB00TS~8iJ0KS,<tc |||] BOOTS AND SHOES. B B W Tl OBI. *>** <o Inform Ma frieSt MW rlif* a 5SS??1'Jh*! Ji? h** the nJL KA,P pt?BB, No. ao? 7ta'ler Odd Pel Iowa Hall, where he baa on hand agen Ita Sou!d?rf.W*Bd?ent,?m#n'-. *?' BOOTS ABD SHOES. f ,*h? number, aoa 7th street, under 2?riF'!r w'?*"?? .Tb* aew Btore, formerly K. F. Page's atore. d#" OEOBGE B. WILSOB. 1867 GBAND EXCURSION 18(57 TO TH? PARIS EXPOSITION. The new and tirat class ocean going Iron Bteam "hlP HAVANA, J.oon tone bnrthen, STEPHEN WHITMAN Com mander, will make an EXCURSION from Now York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 46, North Biver, on V EDM BSD AY. Apr i 117th. at 12 o'clock 0D.( 5:?^rraffa^!srs;!!?r, ?x WMkVfn Baw,,g ,X Br9,OD T,ckeu *b^'lt wJ.LU?,nl^n,ft,tnt. 8t?:,n"*hlp la divided into r,Ai k j campartmeuta, and hax i>eeu newly thia roja** u? e*?reealy for The HAVANA will only carry first claia paa aeLgcrr. An experienced Surgeon on board. i17" A futl band of Mustc will be attached to tk >H'P. lB c?rr?ncy, to Havre ?150 ami 9l<A,lnccordlag to at/e of atate room To Havre hnl return. and aceordinit to m*. of atate room. . ?ugrmn* w th#?AgeVu^r **rt,cnl'r' Bnd PM?age apply to MURRAY, PBRBIS A CO., 6a South atreet. New York. bS York1* Merchint*' Dnlo? Expreae Comply, ??*' mh j 3ut H TLAOBT" h b sweeny. BBAL ESTATE BBOKERS A.fs AUCTIONBBBS. ?nPrchtJrr?C??2f!"p,*tlftf^aUdlB? ln th? prin? or wMl flT,! f?^ .?*.roT . ?ro?*rty '?r Inveetment Sll ilL J advantage to look over our * Wrchnalng. aa we have added recently h>.o*.r.**,m,r Maiajagge amount of that dea< rip a milML iU off1r c?m?ato We haV.VSl ^ Mo?' ,oW Pr'cea and tkiy torna. I .i V "*> for aale several email tractx of land Ltbi^oiSM*1* T,c,a,t' of thla c^ty. veryelT for, uburbaa rraidenoee, a. wall ?a re all/ bargain^ fM1U ,D Mar>*nd'wh,cb ?' tw?roJ*'rty i*ft f#r do* n*t aubject the owner to unleaa Mid while on o.r fe 11 lm CLAGBTT A SWEENY. ^JABYLABD AGBICULTUBAL COLLEGE ?vssi'irA,^i^*m"" >? o. feature of tie College. provUlon la made foTn fhfi S^1T,*nf colletfiate lnatruction, embracinj tai Lat n. Greek. French. German, Italian iS i &JLm l?h lan^nagea or any of them, a courwof i!?i ematica/Mental and Moral Scien^ HI-t?i-" fill Natural History and Natural Phil their several bra jchea, will have apecial att?n?i ,n m'ltary Tactica will be taught jjKn s?.t.% tesr ?r.r.-,bK &,?? -* ' ??*__ ??e* Y?. '^(L0Ti!O*,.AHD "???" *?"'>< mibcqast A/M..r#U,er w?f K El< atresia (Oppenlte Northern Liberty Market > WAaaiHexmi, |)f Qt ' REGULAR SALES, ""'""iKHXStlt.' "m mi. ParUcnlar attanuon paid to the aa'e of Beal Batata, and Hoaaabold Furniture at private reai" fe 36-aolm ^0 8AT*D bynainco B BLL 8 pure unadulterated Premium New Work City SOAP. Premium FAMILY SOAP, Premium FLANNEL bOAP, And No 1 BBUWN SOAP. _ _?r cbaae for eaab. Orders through the Poet Office will be proaftlr attended to n u j i! well a *.B<1 0mP<"# Maaafaoturer, No. and ??a Gat. north, bet. ?th ai.d ath. jallU v ffinnunu-_ BaTABLtaHan IH 18U. bH ?? ; vmiii y<si'? ;i. ^ w^&WBE3lI&-a'i&L,}&2M 4 iltb street, aear Pa. aveaaa. LfyzSiX *ck-rt.i&R'u.ToV* ? Blag Placa, LlfrT OF LETTERS KKMAlftlMt III THE WASHINGTON C ITY POST OFFICE, ^rUay, March IS, (OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IX TI1E PAPER HAVING THE LARGEST CIRCULATION ) t/ To obtain any of three Ultra tna inlluot D u-t tail Jor "AdTtriiiMt Ulitri, '(ivtiilM date the list, and (>ay one ceui (or adverilainc MS II Bot called for withia om won la they will Le r ect to the Dead Letter Office ? LADIES' LIST. A<J? n rPercillaLB'-xron Bicbie PocbaBSoB'aMra Sir# Boaard Mary Ploden S Mrs Ai aroa J *ne Mraiialheid Maat'ebarker Rhode / d<m> K ? Mr* BtggiiicMA taraR** Mary Mrt Aa<iui*kelviftl raHarrteoaBeb aSBIce G Croftao Ai'sev.Lfc K|l B Mra Mr* ftira BopkiuOllf'aABvia Mra Avery P J Mra .Mra nose CiiAja BMra a bion Amy HamiltonBop'a Royee f W Mra iMlerton LacyA Mra Reed Sary Mr" Mia BerrityBo'aMraRiueaOiaraA Mra Avery Louisa BergeabimerM'aReliy K B Mra Alaan ttlaale MaoaonWH MraBaynerJo* eMra Ai.Ui raow Matil UiLtoa Bo aMraBoboioaon DD da Mia Mawkiua Bary Mra 2 Brow a col CheDBackuey M'aMraBolliBa Mra Mra H- rley CarulmeBuhar iaonEm a Bruce Catb Mra Barruon Anuia Mra Brown Ko-nia Ingham Alice BatemnuadBlizBrown Harriet Infnam 0 Mra abetb Mra Bout* Jalia Irvlrg Alice Bother ton A L butk Jennie Jonea Oady Mra Mra. burke Jw? A MiaJoneeBcmabMraBoberta B MelaP,io*d Anno Jonea Battle tiahle Mra Bean Kitty Mra Junea Boaa Mra Rouiuaon Rach'l t*<.11 Be'tie Mra JtD?lLi;c AMraRawliuga Mar;t burn Ann J*mi~ou Hary Mra ? Boon Eliza Mra JackaeaAnnie BBaacher M'yMre Boicei laraPMri Mra Rueaell Mra brown Ana JthnaoaAdeMraRodler Willie R l>air4 Mary H .lobBi-onb'a MraRoberta 8 M Mra Bolta Mra Jenever Mary Khoddy Btdia blr. li MarK't Mra J SrnallArtherMra butt Molhe R Jauiiron B Mra Stein Uottilnh Bale* StephuMraJarviaCha aMraSmitb Ms.ry E bell V Jacob Martha fhaw Nettle baki Murtha Jobnaori Murirt Hba* M A Mra B?ir i M?ry K JohiiHonJ" aMreShaw KttUoDIt* burae VS in Mra JotinatouKmily Bands lion'a Mra b row n OS Mra JobahonCI > hrihiaitb K Mr? Bradley B li/.a< c \lrnninga laue 8 ..iita Getty Ann M: ai'kettAlaMraKoas Amelia Mra barcrotiCairieV KtngMat daMraSllver B Mra Barrett Mary Kl b< a Amy B Seldan bl-?uche Brewer Bt-leu Ke?hle*L e Mra^aioraoa Alice IfOntwellEm Mr*L?-e Carah Mra V Mia Baiton A Mia LeachL aK Mra Pint latonFraii a Barnett M?rr Lowe RboOl A Stauton Addle P BrMiiuatiCatbtfnJLaw Aiibio E Byrnu* Alllce Brown Joa'e Mrabewi* Allea Mrasullivati Oath'e niH?kie< hs MraLe- nve^ Boaa A 9bo?maker Ab'l r-eiriabo M Mra Latrenth E Mra2 Mra Baldwin J Mt Lewi- Lnclnda 8*mele M B Mra Cook Mr* Mra Btreiter Bit/a fc Bre-aii Rliam ElLacaa Francia Mra la. Mra Mra] Slagle Minnie Braolirra G Mra Leavy Carry A S'anle Annie PailotTMarLMraLtnnay Arn'aM ra^t" wart Mo! lia 0 Blackwell Marc baGranue LiaztaSolen Mary) BincketntitMaryLymau Obaa Mra>t?wart Jas Mra Bt.chaaan W J Lander K W Gen^chrlDer Mra Mra Mra Serrinar Mra B> era BnxnAMraLewis Sarah 8<amon Mra Baptiat Matilda Laaiie Marg't ASptrrr Eliza B Cain J Kendal Mr* Mra TulledgeBridget Cba>eCatb Mr* Little M A Mra Ta> lerLiddyMra Ctopper Ritty KMeadeMiaa TenneyJullaMra UreamarCbaMraMyaraliewla MraTrtitnhall Ella Campbell A M Mara Annie Tbaver Oarrle 8 CooperBar'iMraMunarl B Mraic)Ta> lry Ida War 1 oburn BentMiaMaiaball Annie ten Mra Callell B J Mra Merchant L U Tracy Addelaide Carroll C A Mra Taylar Le*ie R Carter Clarry Mtddleton 'uliaTajlor Jennie CUtpansAieaMrs Mra Thorn peon Sarah Cbt-ffee Bate Mu.orOA Mra Toi iakiria Allle Clew ell AilalinOMealian Bllen A Mra Crowley BridaetMlditley B J MraThomaa M y Mra OaPon Belle V Murphy D Mra Tumblely Barab PK.lbaC U Mia Maratun Sallia Mra DnatinKrantMra Mra Talbort Mary A Let-rtugLizzleH Mveklna SarahBVaa.horn Be Mra Marrer Bebecca becca Mra Po<l^onBI'nMra Mra VretlardOarrieB DeafottaaBaianMMiller R#b'a 8 Vater B P Mra Mra Mra Van Bnran Julia DonaliaonSalliaMiUarSam^Mra Mra Mra Maraland M B WomI A B Mra Darl? Mra Mr* Waeka Alo'oMra BPi'Boaania Morton Lea A War<lAdeliaMra BlyAndwF Mra Mra Whifa Alllra(c) K m. ndsFa e VMoilloy Mollia Wriuht Sarria Etaliib Li//le MyarRoaina Wall Barah B B ana.Caa eMraMeraer ?'b Mra w ri?htKU 'aMra Kerl Ancle Miiler Flora Evt'hiteMae'eMr* Ford Maria Mra Mra WadaCAMra FnllarBnillyMraMiHer H Mra Wheeler Annia FnranacaBian tMcNoil Etiima WTblttierCM Mri Fain m Sopb'a M^Bride N Mra Wi|?on H M Mra Fenrick MartliaMe' onaell Bu?ioWaabln<t?>n L'y Grant Emma M< Bichol Mary WilburJnoBMra Gray Nellie McMahon P MraWb> rriltGMMra Gr <-eri Bl/erMr?>i<.he Ada W odruft Fania Groxea Laura M*a-h L ' Mra Mra Bf ra Hewman Anian hWIIcox Julia H Graham Ephm'aNealy Aoa Whltehaai Bm i Gr ibamT W Elizabeth Whelaley Lottie Oi' <l>nv- M L Newna* Ln< da E Mra.1 Gensovi M i * B\in-liJ R Mr* Webst?rABMr?J Carlord M'y ErnMotolaon fi b J Waxw<>rtti Bl'h Mr* Mra Mra 2 G^llaway hlal aNye Mary J Webster Eli/a'H Mra Obera Mra Warr< n Ann a Grikwrnb BE <?'<;oB!ior Kellia Mra H nt La r? OD'-nnOghua F WilllanaMDU M ,tb Lleh Mra O*erloake A Mra Mra t'al. J?.*eibine M F Mr* Wit*on Sarah M Hat S M'tinle Oeclt-^ 'an <I>M iaweidman Mary Ha?e* Sarah P> ath Lill'e Mia Mra HaiiVir mMra 1 l'aal Hann r MraWarnar MiHieA llodiiino't A1 eOPatt* raonAJ MraW haatlay Marct Poover Jennie l'?rH* Helen Ann Mra Mr* 2 I'rateer inha Wllliaoaa Mary B .ntla?ATMra Parii-?j >n'n Mra Mra IlercuaBa'bMraPrlndla PriacllIaWaltanMa'yMra Belli* Harriet Mr* Web?t*r MatUe Hey wood JaaMraParcell Marc t Woodward Ada Boward Bm MraPrabla B A Mra ltde L Mi>cbllai?boc*? EyaUna; Mra. B. M. T. OtNTLKMEN'S LIST. Anderaon D Alcorn Hon J a?L Allan lea Aader*>uu B A AlasaudarJaa Aiuoa HouOlirer Aiah Beery AndreesJno Allen Wb Arhrroa J** B Araat'Joa Allan Win H Allen Ja? MM Allen Joa Andrew Wm Brown Anaea Brower Geo W Ball Janaa M Burwail A Blake G BuelLtJn~L bllliBga B F Bri.wiMa.BM9 Brent? Kiaarer V aman U Edgar Branch t ol HB Bnali L Barten fc'bae Mobmas llorBca Beiry Lt Blu*jackettCba2Be:i?ar Haary Barry Mat'w J Baruarrl < Laa BailayBe*H?ny Bandar Mr Bauir Dr Bachart Ira Bordan Rabt J Brown Dr Bat ay John Back Baaon Bt-neon Edmd BoweraJna Bryant Richd Brown Edwd Bryan Jadae Baotlay 8 L Burkellot BdmdBlatr Jna M Bepnatt 8 Benna't Edwd Blanchard J B Bally 8te?h A Bolt Edwd L BatterabyLtCol Boaworth Siu'lN late* Edwd F JO Brazell Thoa Burt F O Barton Jaa Braly Thoa Fereildra Fr B B^rnd Joa Barton Thoa S Borin 6?*?i Q M Bra?an J O Bradflrid Maj W BeLB?ar4en?aHBennett J B Baily W R Bartiea Geo W B*B'-dict J 1> BnitonWm Bancroft Geo BowiaLtJno Bally WO Bra>dtGeo Bahien J Lewla Blaka Warrati I Bra<lli y Geo 8 brown Jno Bnrke Wm C< fltothaGra Anchriatlue HniyACu* ningh^m Carter Arthur CiearyHJ Curry A Croft* Barrr , Crawford Bobts Cartiugton Aaat Carver Capt B L ChlltenBonSam] Cr;ma A?bl?-y A Cbalm-ra Otu Trandell SraphM 01 apel Alouao J aa V Oaaay A Co BberCaflre|Ca?tBU CanebanBinglaa H?aB ( o'lngton Bill GalemanJonn Coleuian Thoa Cao-chart Chaa Connelly Jainaa Crawfard T lj7C) Carter John Oarter Wm Or. fl*rd Chaa Chamber J Oocawall *? 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Iddy HondoriB Faloay Dan'l Ferdinand J ud Frelmann Oiirer Fitzgerald Dan Fol. y Jarry .^fiah Paachal 1 retina F > BllertonQenJSi- rean Pat 'k Ford GaataTaa FoatarJnoT Finthel Jno I ainiB col J BForraat Jonn rordTheran Fowler J B Faulkner Bel*?aF<>wler W R Q Irillaa ArchdGrlffitb J H gray aob Hllaa B Gaalar A Co A OlranJae V ??'uaha T B GrLwold A B Giran Joaiah Codley Thoa G( Biila A J Gaatry Jno Grahaaa Wm Gray Allea GaUajber Jaa Gambia Brlgflaa GardnerCT OradwohM b*d Wm Ori ea David 8 Gordon Capt L'dOrahaia Hen*1 Griffith B T Ginata Ant'eMnatiardner Woi F GnnB " W Oellant M H . Gilmer Wm Gaiaa Geo flier Oecar _ Gaudy Waah'B 2 Graburr Geo W GilbertBt'pmB Oarratt win Grandy HoaGWJ^amaga Capt 8 Oantt Walla' Hall A?a Bandy Jaa A BowaOolMJ HarLaBeniT Barboar Joa BoilaadOF Fehmao C Hiatt Dr Jaa M Heller p B b ewe Carle Henry John Hahn Pbillif Hot it Cbrlan H awlay Joa H Hnbbard Biohd Blna Chaa M Banian Jaa ?D Han Bora David lloj nthan Joa Maatley BJI H'tmanBA Hemphill Joi Hill Bolit B Btdam EdwdB He-/JaoJ(fn) Holmea Saml Hart Bdwd W HerbrldaeJ HalaaaBBMai BtBcklejEdwF Balible JB _ H Ward MjThW Hill Geo BaBa BnghcaRav JaR H irria Thoa 1 a1irr4""b"i|s3:wav Hathaway J B leiJaeiMr HaMf a Fealy JaaD Beafcaa Mr HarriaiaaKeaW H"d*oa JeaBja Ball Mr HU1 Wm 1 IK**?KkH J?Qyit?wq JuiiJiMk Jtboi>n Ckw I Jo>rbln Jcnh Jtrk-ot Lemuel Irvftl i kni Jtro'<iBf?J 'u02J??Mon L> i??** Bmaauel JuLkuu I M JuJi->d Jlr u* Joaea J B Jrkton Mr>aby %* 11 Jwmi FIuJm Jokiwia Thoa J ? **" S*? ^ Jur John Johaeoa Wa Juaee Beraea PJoiin Juo JultMvn Wa A Irlioc CeloO Ketcban. Bon Kane MIcM vS*"J?vM^ Hiram Kelly P H BlifperHC KumHB ^?v'* J^enerBerry P Koaely Tk<?e M K^VPi?1 SH,LJb1b ??*>by Brt Ool *?'K| E H K*Dt|fr IliAr Th*a p *);<* ?> Ben Ed KeaOei juo M KMiogHo?w,? t ??fcm8'.*W LymaaBKeerenee Wm H Kirelay B a KelliarerMort iKeyea Wa H l?u??Gw LIutonNethauM LeaeDr Lacy Gao W Ludy 0 0 Lawler JD J LittiO Henry M Lip rait II p 1>TI()iD?dbIiPUiII? Ju Lada? P \ f**??C*?tI)Wt Li.coabeJa? Lloyd Richd

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Markwoa4 Ber I Warshftll W H MHUng Oeo MuntJoba Monrl e?d Wm Maila\ Geo W Merrlam J L Marshall W 8 Morton Geo Mor.ait*.ferry M rrf# Wm T Marulre Geo A Moore .I110W Miller W My ?ts Geo W Mack John Ne> lor Franct* Bicialli Br R Nevit T (i Newton H Nolaad Saml Borris Jno S Nichols J Norton Wiu 0 Callahan An i'Ot her day John O'Donoghue M'l tiwena Jno H'y tOrma L Owen W H O'Brian Jamea Pelland An'w OJ'erm Dr G Phillip* R a. Price Hon B F Frtut DrJena' Siotta & Do 1 -las Phelps B Parker J 1*. Perkins A SiePlattaBS ParkhuratGenJ vens Parsons BF O 2 Pa-rpont 8 8 Parker CP I'mder Jamea Parry Thoa ('has H Pooa Jacob Pitcher Col T G P< rtsr < lark B Pool Bar N Peckham Wm B _F*rfc*rBlt|rU'>lap?rkar Wru <; Pkilllpa E W 8 Bl'aina Hon B M Piara. n W T Prira M (iadcrey Parker Capt K C Eli-sell* Anatin Bogera Graham Roger J S B'OufftCaj tAlexKaiTf a G W Keynolda .1 F Butter A L Raff Gao W Ro<a Lt J M 1 bo?a Amoa Bicka Ge? Bu>aeil Dr L Badgera Ang% Bo?a B F R iol-lll Lew,, a BicbardaonAl'J Bugglea1 Jaa Bnaaall Belnkart .InoAd Bogara Iaatab Bobarta^.iptThil Boaaall Obaa Ryon John Roller Wm B'ca Ban DanI Bavliaga Joa 1 Bilay Wa Bicbarda Bon B Buaaall J K Bobertaoa Wm i Bit* Bdwd Baadall Joa Bonch Wm 8 Rat kin B P Bonefedoax Jno 8te\enaan Alf bte^raa F C Bhaeta Wm Bmtth A B Bberwood Oeo8 babaffall P Buntli Arthur Bcliwait/Geo Slada klohd Bcheitlin HonR 8t John Geo II Bmith Bichd SbcrreliAMang* Slack Bra Q Bommer Robt gcbaeffer Bon o Pmlth GaaW 2 fealeyBichSRav 1 8pic at Geo 8chornRaynolda Slater 0 P Stewart HanyH Smith Silaa Sbaata Ho C 0 8tlnee Henry J Slater 8am! v gimma Henry Schemerborn 8 8ee!y Chaa Baablona Jno Satth Sarel Slagla David Sullivan Juo Bamaon?Simaon Shaw Baxter M Sawytr Maj J A Scott Baal BargfntPary 8aar ?on Jno Salliran T F Scborlrv Cap D bbortar Hon JG B< hmit T J*1"!?'? HA Shoot Jacob SwitiiarMoaWF Bm'tkDaTid SaithJ L SandaraOolWF k?.1! alf S?'!h i. Htanfaldt W A Bill Lt Bdwd Bwaln Jno B B Baaderaon Wm 5????V-*.1" Bharp Jaa G Bberaan W w Baiter Edwin BtawartMB Bnndam Wa SkillmanBnoaA Boott M T Shepherd Win Bmitk Fraaaia-1 BhankKn Maj Snanon Wuj BnllanbackKr k Sbagbrea Micl B-ott Wm Taaaln Auantua Tar?ln G v Thornaa P 4 Totnpklna Chaa Torry Barbt Tombal.l W Jpjykr OB Tarnar JoNn B Trnax B P flicker Chaa D.illaa ^ Thnrher Tbao ^TayiorC H Tontine J T-itt Thoa Thonaa C M T?rn?r J L T Tlrrail W M TnterGbarlie Tofta Jamea Thomaa Winf-! 8 Triple Bawltt Timma Milton Troat Wa Totman Bdaeil 2 Turrell Mark Tuff Wtn WilliaaaArtharWartlng'nn HanWtnn John Wood A B Veldon Henry WrlvlitJaoB A Wetl.eriii Hen AWliliaaa L wia Srfl?? H,nAlf dMWaddall Ino L Wilkina nCol M ^illla Cap A L Walbrlrtge Joah Warner N 0 JJ*rr?i B O Washington Jaa Wstkina Sam'lG Wllliama RrcokaWoodworth Joa Wib? rt SV WafkiagtonB rdWalker Jn?> w Warden 8 W W lleon CbriatopWoodwar.l laH 2V, illiama T W Williams A f o Willlama Ja? Washington Ths WnalilngtorCa'l.Williams Jo? C W>i.sner T U!7"0?Jh 0 11 Wilaon Jne K Wingate Wm l? ? n ?F5 11 S",1?1* !?'' E> ^he'ler W *1 WelJa BII Wilson Jno F Warren BarWrm m?rr?i.' Bdw'dLWigein I?aa.- B Walla W U Wella F A WaP|ilngti>n Jaa When Wm II White G- o Wjr.atoa Bn.lnAWell* W A WaodGaaS Waitelong I L Tonng G-o D Welch Heary M *celi.a?sar*.-Pab Column*. 2. Reporter. _1! 8 J BQWIS. P. M discing: pBOFB. J. W. A B. P. BBB1B' DABC1BG ACADBMT. aa Pen nay I rani a a*enne. bat. 6th and 7th ate.. Oppoaita Metrepolitan Betel. Claaaaa foralngevery evening. Thoaa da hraJ af thfa pport'ni^i^!"" ^ theB on^Ta^fiVy 5*1* * ?>* W"??r for Ctranlara can be had at J. r. Bill*' and w a Metaarott A 0o.>a Mnale Btoraa W* 0 The Ball can ba ranted for Boiraaa, Ac. _ . Aim and Hour* of IVtiioa ; L?dl*. Miaaaa and Maatera, Tneaday and ontnrday afterno?na, froa 3 to 5 o'clock Gentlemen ? Olaaaaa. Tneaday and Friday erani ngs. from 8 to Hi o'clock. #.?'(?rtfc?' lnfara?tlon,apply dniinc tha hoara af tuition, ar addraaa a note to tna Academy. Qnartar coamenclng with the first leaaen. ja 8 M A a ' 1' .A r?KOKA.LiT DA.OJ.CO MA BIN IS A88BMBLT BOOMS, M between #th and l?th atreeta, Jl The loat quartar of this eeaaon, pre par a tory ta the May Ball will commence ou Saturd??? March 2. Classes fer theGermai are now Oft!* M"^ "AD.^HDFASOV DE.83 BALLS Tke undersigned would moat respectfully in form tbe ladlea aad gautlemen of Waahingtoa city, and the Oiatiict generally, that he is at all times prepared to furnish parties with Maauuarade and Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at tha well known fancy establishment of Christian Bappert Es i tfil 7th atreet, between D an4 B, where he willt^ happy to await order*. CHABtEs BBBG lata Ooatamar at Fjrd'a and Grovor'a fall-lm* Tbaatara. Washington. P C CLOTHING, Aa J A MIS T WALEER. " MERCHANT TAILOR, 4!?4 Seventh Street, 484 B?apectfally Informs his friends and tha public g?.ueI^i * 1 h?* ?flno, large and well- as aelectad assortment of iLOTttB, CA881MEBEB, o?ai?a. VEST IN OS AND WVP tk.. fdbni8Hin<; <;oods. l ine* on iV**"** to rui1 ofl at * v*r> f?1 L1 Mtabllsfcment will ba PtL i ? *IT and good workaanahip, Torkmea* ?ni*'oir u?n? but tha beat . ? S.?JQBN A. HcLEAB takaa thiaaetkod to Inform hUfriaiida that haarill be found at kis post at the above place, where he will be pleaaed t? enter to their toatea, glvia/ th> m garment" to aait tbe moat faalldloua, and aeelng that their garf*Bta ara made np In the moat workaanllke man**1: ah U-lm I j\f EBCBABT TAILORING. | Tke underaigned having entered intoooaartnerI ahlp, aad laid in aa exteielre ana carefully '^l?tock of CLOTHS, CABSIMBBBfl.^H VEJWlBGB.and GeaUemena FURNISH W\ l>t GOOBB, ara prepared to anFa up far WW thel r customers neat /iiian Md fatkienablit suits of ale thing, at their new eetabllahaeat,B?. i-20 E street, twe doors weet of tbe BattouU Theater. Peraona deelrlng neat fitting aad nahionable Clothing. on moderate terma. akould not rail ? Hiwitlitr Fanaerly of 909 Mh at . Merchant Tailors. all 1-lm* Bo. ?ao K at. bat. 18th and luh. k t Pairo?olitan mf V9 * 9 ^"^wmmSSoTb. o. ttOBA APPABATUS FOB8AI>B-Om of Blga?JC.W # Polar Boa Oaaiblutia ioUA aad :ury^w:?r.awv?s',,5iR:! io n i * i I * i ? 1?. * * J '' I TELEttRAMft. *c. I Judg ingfrom the returns received from >*w Fsropebire General Harrlman's (Rep ) majority will be little, if any. less thau 3,5.0 I hi* is a Republican loss of o*rr l,ww, lbs majority iu ls>? bfi?| 4,t>5?. This decrea?? is at. Uibuted by the Republicans to the increased efforts of the Democrats, who hay* largely increated their vote om last year, and in part to tbe failure of tbe friends of Mr Stearns, the opporltioa candidate tor tbe Republican nomination, to vote. A boiler in tbe Novelty works. Brookville, C. W , exploded yeeterday afternoon, kilting two men instantly. One body was blown into three pieces, and tbe trunk was tonnd one bnndred yards from tbe scene of eipl<Miou Several other persons were severely injured, and one baa sine* died. A joint protest introduced in tbe Loustana Legislature declaring tbe military bill unconstitutional. and appropriating ?JU,OUU to test tbe constitutionality of tbe act, was read and referred to tbe Committee ou Federal Relations. Governor Geary, of Pennsylvania, at tbe solicitation of tbe spiritual ad visors of Alexander Wy lie, sentenced to be bung on Friday next, bas granted a respite until Thursday March tit. The Texas Conservatives are moving: for a session ot tbe Legislature. Tb* San Anromo tspr'it ( Radical) says one will positively i>e held to divide the funds ou baud aud organize fntnre action. General Robm?on, iu tbe absence of General Sickles, issued an ord^-r Wednesday, announcing the reception of an official copy of 'be military act. and declaring it now tbe law of tbe Department of the Carolina?. Tbe New York Board ef llealtb hive issued a circular warning tbe p tblic oi the probanle approach of cholera this mi miner, and urgmg rh>- Legislature to provide lor citable quarantine accommodations. F. Kurtie, a commissioner arrived at New York yesterday iu the Oceau <4,ueeu from Aspinwall, with documents relating to tbe interjceauic railroad concession recently granted by Costa Rica to General Frumout an J associates. Tne New York Southern Family Relief Assotiation earuesnv requ~*t clergymen of all denominations through tbe Northern States to torn in simultaneously appealing for contributions on Sunday next, tbe 17th inst. In :he caucus held at Annapolis, last night, to nominate commissioners o the Baltimore police under tbe new law one ballot was held without an election. Mr. Jarrett, a strong Conservative, had the largest vote. Tbe house ot Mr. Suell, in tbe town of Mt. Jefferson, ten miies from Chicago, was entered by burglars on Tuesday night and fflti,0fK) stolen. Nothing is known as yet who they are. Tbe Sa<Tamenu>, California, municipal election. held Tuesday, resulted in tbe success of the Umou ticket by a large majority. The new Chamber of Commerce was Inaugurated at Louisville, ky., Wednesday, with a banquet and speeches. Tbe Union convention in Cincinnati have nominated Charles F. Welstachfor Mayor. Tbe navigation of tbe Hudson now ieopen to j the city of Hudson. 1'hi Lfct.isi.aTCRkoi M a kylami.?On Wednesday night and yesterday the Senate passed a large number ot bills.among them the following: The bill to incorporate tbe Maryland Central Railway Company; the bill to provide a uniform system t?f public schools throughout the State, the bill appropriating 91,UOd to assist tbe Children's Aid Society ot Baltimore, and the bill incorporating the Southern Maryland Railroad Company The Baltimore city election bill was taken up, but without any action tbe Senate adjourned. Among tbe bills passed by the House was one to appropriate ?'2,u>0 to the Disabled Soldiers' Home. A bill was reported declaring that eight hours shall constitute a day's wot W A fav orable report was made on the Senate hill to appropriate StfM>,UUU lor the relief or the star \ mg people of the South. The -ill to encourage immigration was rejected. A joint resolution was adopted appointing thre<?commissioners to settle certain mutual accounts between the State and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. The -boom" bill was tnken up and discussed and then passed This hill authorizes the erection of a boom " lor the catching of timber logs, near ude. water, on th* Susquehanna, and affects confidrrable interests in Hartord ;tud Cecil counties, tue Loom Company having power to condemn lanes along shore lor ita purpose*, and it is expected that saw mills and other establishments for tbe manufacture of lumber will grow up in tbe vicinity The bill had previously passed the Senate. Mkxho?On Februaryt?" Marquez was ro take command of tbe imperial forces at the City of Mexico. He is called the Tiger of Tacubaya, and says in his proclamation:?' I have given you proof enough now of my determination to defend what is entrusted to me/' Ou the 25th Maximilian would march to meet Eecobedo aud give battle. Maxuntl. ian's forces are estimated at 14.7U0 men. The Liberals have 32.UO" men The entire armies in the field number. Republicans, 45,0.*). Imperialists, 35,UOt' A decisive battle will probablv be fought about the 1st of March. The following is a translation ot a letter received yesterday by Minister Romero . La Pkovipbncia, Feb. IS, I86T?Acapulco is still in the bands ot the French, but it will be abandoned, according to a communication that tbe trench YiceCousul addressed in the name of the admiral to tbe otficer commanding our forces at Camp Sabana, asking for an interview. 1 instructed that officer to decline this, as I see no object In it, as the port will soon be abandoned. My son, General Diego Alvarez, left this place on tbe 12th ult. for lquala. This city having been abandoned, my son went wltb 4 0U0 men from this State to Cnernavaca With this force, which is well equipped, having artillery and cavalry in due proportion, he will contribute, with tbe other force? now in the valley ot Mexico, to give the fluai blow to the tottering Empire Jcan Alvarez. lyossov Lir* a*i?PRor*rtv btthr Flood. Tbe Cincinnati Varetle't Nashville special says reports of suffering at Chattanooga and other places along the Teunessee river are appaling. At Chattanooga on the l-.'th inst., the water was from twelve to twenty feet deep in the city. Many bouses were toppling over, and others were floating away. The Mayor, w ith a posse of cltiiseus aud soidiers, was foraging among tbe loaded cars for food. Tbe agents of tbe road protested, but tbe Mavor said tbe people were starving. Twenty-live dead bodies were seen floating d^wn the river at Bridgeport, Alabama, on tbe 1.1th in?t. Tbe loss of property Is estimated at 81.<*>0,UU0. General Carlin. at Nashville, was making efforts to send rations through to Chattanooga Tbe officers of tbe steamer Rockford, jnst from Arkansas, report that the country is overflowed. There is a great loss of propert y and sufferinr among the inhabitants. Twentyseven lives were lost at Helena by the flood, mostly freed men. Fxmal? C*tminal? ?Why is It that there are so many murders perpetrated in this country nowadays by trxmeti! It Is nitacreat while since Mr. Burroughs was killed in Washington by Mary Harris. It is only a few weeks since Mollie Trussell shot to death the man whose name she bore in Chicago. A fortnight since, tbe servant woman. Bridget Durgan, stabbed and killed ber mistress a Newmarket, N. J. On Frlcay last, Emma Howard stabbed to tbe heart a young man named Sparr, In Chicago. And beside these actual murders, there have within a few months been half-a-doxen attempts at murder bv women, which have been frustrated by one circumstance or another, it might be worthy of thought whether tbe impunity which women enjoy in this c?A airy of doing men to deatb has uot something to do with this.?X. Y. timet. 7Tbe weather during tbe present mouth has been unfavorable for persona afflicted with rheumatism y It seems that tbe roll of Robert Toombs slaves will be called at a Georgia ballot-box instead of at Bnnker Hill ? Boston AJrrrtuir. MT Topers should bear in mind that what tbey quaff from tbe goblet afterwards appears in tbe mog. aT Moral Massachusetts, poly gam us Utah and miasmatic Louisiana exhibit tbe greatest degree of mortality. Oregon is tbe healthiest Stats laths Union. VSeveral cases of small-pox art reported in Norfolk. tTTbe great question of the preeeat day is, "Shall wo extinguish sw asOoaal debt sake of posterity I** Asd ?7 ?? **r. posunty should do us own extinguishing. % ( OIORKMIOHIL. Yeaterdav ,afu-r oar report <~io?ed. The *upplemeotary recons'ructioB bil was ukt-R up ana nad ?' length. The r?id n fctT or br?n conclude*?. .Mr Drafc !>? be bad wfernl trn'oaiw".*. to uffT tbr Irtl wto to lB*ert ?? tl' th.rd Mc:twi a pruviNw* l*at at ifc? ftieuiw f'? Tidrd lor it ib* preceding aeetioaa tered voter- of each Stat* shall ?'**' on tbe question of bold.of a S'**? coav*nti-n and forming a constitution Tfcu-? is favor of the convention shall have *riuru or pr?nte?l on their ballot "lor a convention.*" tb<?se opposed ball have -aga^r a convention" writ rn or printed on their ballots. Tbe per-oaa appointed to superiotend the ele, ;ion shall make re. turn* ot the votes for and ifiiB't The com qisb<!isc general, to wfccm the ?? snail be returned. shall ascertain the total *oi?. and if a rta icritv of tbe whole number of those i*aae Siate shall buT* toiwI 'Branch aoonTWU i -hall be held li a majority shall bare ret agaluat the coaveotion. no such cantw.. ball be held. Mr. Trumbull raid be Judiciary Comraiti* coasideied a propoeitioB similar to that now iiitioduced by Mr Drakf. Bat they bad concluded tbat it waa be?t as now In "be b>lt Frantia were effectually guarded a<aiB?i by the provision tbat the conatiiution mnal bo rallied by a majority of tbe regtatered votara. Mr Frelmgbuy sen telieved there wai an ficient security in tbe provision requitag tbe consent of a majority of tbe registered voters to be formation of a'coaetitaUoa Mr Howard boped Mr. Drake "a amendment would be adopted aa a necessary protection to (etlitf n lull expression ol ?be popular voice. Tbe bill recently pureed bold* out a propoai lion by accepting whicb tbe Sou'beru States may be rehabilitated and reatored to their rigbt* He thought it proper to brio* tbe Knowledge ot these term a to tbe whole people of tbe Souib, and be kaew of no better w iy of doing *bia tbaa by submitting to tbem tbe qa**Uon wbetber tbey war* willing to comply witi tbem. Mr Feseenden liked tbe propoattioc in tbia bill which required a registration of tbe voters and secured the free exer. ise af 'he neb: of Totera to alt wbo were entiUod to It. Hat be did aot thin* It ought to b* made tbe duty ot a commanding officer to call a convention That ought to be left lo tbe people. Tbe President was denounced tor thrusting upon tbe people of tbe South constitution* to which tbey bad ot given their aaaent. He did not think tha' men wbo called tbia usurpation in the Pre-|. dent abonld favor tbe compulsory formation of conantutiona now Ilia mode would be to let the registration first, and pot it into the banda of tbe provisional Governors When the proviaional Governors expressed a deeire to call a convention then tbe commandiag general rbould do what is required of him to assemble it. He thought it very essential that there should be no forcing of the people into tbe formation ot a constitution. He woold wish them neither to b* forced into the I'nion aga.u nor kept out of it forcibly Mr. Drake s amendment wa? no' agreed toyeas 17, nays *27. | Mr. llrake moved to amend th? fourth section ?y adding the following pro vieo I'ro- id'd, Tbat no such constitution shall be considered j a* entitling tbe State for which it was framed to aucb representation, unless it provide tha* at all elections for State, county, or muuicipai officers, the electors shall vote by clovd ballot, and sncb mode of voting shall never fce changed without the assent of Congress J The Seuate, pending tbe ooneideration of Mr. Drake's amendment, went into executive session, and soon after adjourned. Maryland AbbbbI ? eafereaee ef the Metk edist Pretestaat Ibarck. KkU'.M) HAY? THl K*Di Y, The examination of official cbara?:er was returned, and the following paaaed. H. C Cuabing, J. D. Kinzer. J. li. Joaea, W G. Holme. K. Wbirman, Thomas, S. B Southerlano, A D. Dick. W M Strayer, Dr. A. S. Everaole, Cbas. H, J K Nichols, John K Nichols. J. W. Charlton, R S. Nome. F. Eight Wilson, James W. Gray, B. F. Benson. James Thompson. W. D. Eitziuger, J. Clay. S T Graham, Dr F. Swentzel, S A. llobiitjell. W. T. Dumm, J. E Heed. M E. Hyaore, Tnos. C. Downs. F. M Hawkins, Thoe A Moore. John F.. Darby, Jas.O. Stewart, A. F Melvin John M Holmes, H. E. Miskimmoa. S. T. Ferguson. Francis Waters, J. Thomas Ward. Geo D F.dmundsoB, S. W. Everist, A W Mather. James 'id l?eemes. Oliver Cox, J. Thomas Murray, Aug. Webster,C. W Simpson. Eli Uiukle. Thomas M. Wilaon. James A. Met a den. H. S. Day C. Everaole, J. L. Mill*, Jno Morgan, J. A McFaden. The President announced the standing committees and Conference adtourned ? HtUUm*r" American. Attempted Murder af a Trlbaae Carrespoadent?A Jealous Hasbaad the Assailant. A most determined a'tempt waa made at a lata hour Wednesday nigbt, to murder Mr. Albert D. Kicbardaon, formerly a war correspondent of tbe N. Y. Tribune, by Daniel McFarland, a well-known lawyer, | practicing in this city. From informa'ion ob1 tamed from the police authorities, it would | appear that both the parties reside at 'i Amity st., Mr. Kubardson having hired a room at McFarlaud'e bonse, some five or aix weeks ago. Mr? M Farlaad. who is an actress, a: present in tbe cast at tbe Win'er Garden, neems to bave been tbe remote cause ot the attempted murder. it is alleged that McFarland brcame jealous of Mr. Kicbardeon's attentions to bis wile and had remonstrated with her. Between II and lt> o'clock lai>t night, as Mr. j Richardson wa- walking down Amity street ' with Mrs. McFarland, the husband came up i behind them and drawing a four-barrellea pistol from Liv pocket fired three shots at Mr. Bicbardeon. One shot only took effect. <he ball sti iking bim in tbe hip and ledginc in the groin. Officer Culbatie. of the loth Precinct, who was near by at the time, seized M.'Farland sud di*t.rmed bim, and witb tbe aasistance of officer Serry arrested bim All the parties were then taken to the I5tb Precinct station House, and McFarlasd was locked op for the night. Kich trdson wa> oonveved to the bouse No TV Amity street, w here he waa attended by a physician, who extracted tbe bnllet. He was subeeqi ently taken to tbe residence of | Mr. Samuel Sinclair, in Washington Place. Tbe prisoner was brought before Justice Esdwith at tbe Jefferson Market Police Court I this rooming Richardson did not put in an appearance as he was unable to leave bia bed. He was represented by Counsel, who atated to i tbe Coui: h a client daclined to make any charge agan *t McFarland, and he waa of I course liberated.?.V. F. Lxprrst. Tin Difval SwAHr UiiAL.-Tbe Dismal Swamp canal, which penetratm and passes through | the inmost freceeses of the great great Ditmal S? amp and connects the harbora of Norfolk e..'.d Portsmouth with the aoands and Inland waters of North Carolina, ta in the proceaa of grsat improvements Colonel Walton, the engineer ot tbe projected improvements, with a cumber of asaistanta, la engaged in surveying tbe cana; and ataking out the line. The wSole coarse of the canal la to be dragged aid Jeepened. and the width la to be increased iwnty feet, making the canal aizty feet broad Tbe locks are also to be removed and extended twenty-flve feet. The excavation will commence next month, and wheu finished will place tbe canal In a condition to accommodate ten times tbe amount of huaineas it is capable of doing at present. BA< iwa&t KKeP in FaRMIMO IX maryland-? Owing to the prolonged spell at rainy weather, which although prevailing for some four weeks or up wards, still sbowa slight signs of abatemeut, and the consequent saturated condition of the earth, there is general complain' among our farmers in regard to the backwardness of their farming operatiana. But few tobacco-beds have been seeded. Spring fencing has had to be neglected, and corn and tobacco lands remain yet to be touched by tbe plow It is thought, even under the moat favorable state of the weather, tbat two weeks or more must elapse before the ground will be in condition to juaufy general farm labor ?St. Mark's '.a.ittt Trial ok a Vorm; Widow ro? I*fa*Tt. n?B? Harriet M. Allan, a prepoaseasmg widow of eighteen summers, has been on trial in Mobile tor tbe murder of her illegitimate offspring by expoeure and neglect. Owing to mitigating clrcamstauoea, and the absence af evidence convicting her of malicious inten'* the was acqnitted by tbe judge. VimeiatA LK igLATt-KB? Both houses have passed the resolution ot thanks to Geo Peaaody. The Bouse on Wedaaeday laid the Senate bill to provide for a convention on the table. The bill to prevent drnnkenneea and disorder at public electiona was paaaed by a vote ot yeas, *7: naya. as. VGift- concert aw indies are "goiag np" al I over tbe country. VKngland laat year realised 1,0M,S*j from ax on doga. 9TWhat waa tha greatest bat ever made I The alphabet. VCbinamen refuse to take pasaage ia a ship which carries a corpae. ffTttreen leaves begin to appear on the maple treea ta Kichmoad ?7*A raral towa in Maine *a? a daaoa, tbe proceeds of which are to be aaed for the parcbaae of a hearne. gtp-A Chicago critic speaks of Mtaa Helea Western, the actreee, aa *?Tfce Etopbaatiae " ay The fieadmea of Daa villa, Va, bars argaaiaed a temperance asciety, which embraces a large membership. mrk yoBBg lady jaet married in Mew York had -H pairs of ahoaa to match U dreeeea She waa a whole soled maiden VTb* colored people of Portaaaath Va, have a candidate tor mayor.