Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Yht Urstu Cirtalilioi ig the tUUict W. D. WALLACH, Editor ?a4 Priprl?t*r. WASU1NOTUN CITY : f RI DAY MARCH IS, 1W, RKA DIMQ M ATT BR OS BTIKT PAO*. 8kl OUTSIDE FOR INTERB9TIMO TILI ?RAPHIC AND OTI1BR M ATIKR TO ADVERTISERS. Tba fnllowing is UJe ofRciai bowing of UM circulation ot *b? daily papers of this city conpatinf for tb* Government advertising ander tbr recent aat of Uoairress directing sncb dvertiMDjt to t?# mad# in tbe two daily mwipapers ot Washington baTinf tbs larges Circulation Ltuius Stab 7,713 copies par day. Ckrwiclf * ? ? *5<U66 ** ** Inl'ihg'ncr 3jsi " ? Tbe returns of advertising by tha olty paper* or U>?* quarter ?ndine I??ceraber 31, 1**I6, as c^kfn from 'be book? of tbe Internal Kayenoe Office, are as follows: lvkhjiio stab 913,107 Intelligencer 9.19* CKrvnic'e 9.1.41 Hey+blxcan S.M TWENTY PER CENT IN THE QUART CRM A3 TEK\* DEPARTMENT Dr. J M. Brodheaa. Second Comptroller of tbe 1 reasury. yesterday transmitted the following communication to (irarral Tompiini, in answer to iBquinee from him as to who of the employees in the (Quartermaster's Departmeat should receive the twenty per cent, increase authorized by the late act of Congress "la reply to yours of yesterday's date, 1 have to ray tbat, after a conference with tbe First Comptroller. It is tbe decision of bo'h officers that none of tbe employees named br you. except clerks, messengers, watchmen, and laborers employed in tbe t^uartermuter's offices, are entitled to tbe additional twenty per cent. The committee representing the Quartermaster's Department were assured by members of Congress that the employees declared exempt by tbe Comptroller were included in the bill as it passed It is to be hoped that tbe present Congress will pass a supplementary net m tbeir favor, if it is necessary, as it seems unjust to deprive tbe hard.working superintendents, agents, mechanics, laborers. Jcc., in the Quartermaster's Department, wbo happen to be employed outside ol the office, from an allowance granted to those so fortunate as to work indoors. There is neither justice nor humanity in such discrimination The outdoor men are as hardly worked, as poorlypaid, and as deserving as the others, and require more food and clothing, on accoant o ' tbe nature of their duties. Let all have a fair chance to sbare the benefit of the * twenty per cent." THE COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS Yes'erday. Col. B. B. French turned ove the books and papers of bis office as Cammisr aioner of l'ublic Buildings to Brevet Bngadier Oeneral N. Micbler, tbe officer detailed by Oeneral A. A Humphreys, commanding tb? Engineer Corps, to perform tbe duties ot the office, and den. M. at once entered upon bis dunes, lien. Micbler has for many ye.;rs been attached to tbe Engineer Corps, and recently has been engaged in making surveys north ot the city lor a public park, resulting in tbe ad. roirable report noted by us lately at tame length. He is a highly accomplished officer, energetic and intelligent, and is just tbe man lor the place CONFIRMATION i?F QUARTERMASTERS Amoiig tbe confirmations mini' by the Senate towards 'he close of the i*?t ??*<>,r.? the following Brevet Major General D HRucker, to be Assistant Quartermaster G jneral. *iili the rank of Colonel; Brave: Brigadier General Charles H. Tompkins to be l>eputy Quartermaster General, with the rank of LieutenantjCulonel jBrevet Brigadier General M 1. I.udir.g'on. Cbiet Quartermaster, Department of Washington. to be Quartermaster in the regular army, with the rank of Maior: Brevet Brigadier Oenenl J. J. Dana and Brevet Brigadier General A. J. Perry, to be Quartermaster? in the regular army, with the rank of Major. OUR neutral relations. Mr Morgan introduced, in the Senate to-dav, a bill "to further define and amend1* the a :l or the punishment of crimes against the United States, providing that nothing in that act, or of any act to preserve the neutral re| u tionr of the United States, shall be construed to render it illegal to sell or charter any vessel, fcbip, or steamer built in the United States, or purchased from the United States, to any Government then at peace with the United States, or to any subject thereof. although such vessel be wholly or in part prepared for war Pr>~ 1 tiled. That such sale or charter Is a commercial transaction, with no intent on the part of such seller to participate in any hostile or belligerent act or undertaking of the purchaser. WNMl "K PUBLIC LAND.J The Commissioner of the General Land Office has received returns showing an aggregate disposal of acres of the public iai.ds d urine 'he month of February last, at trie two following local offices ?I-aCro*se. Wisconsin. ."> 44?". acres: Kan Claire, Wisconsin. ?.44?? a< res: lonia. Micmean. ?,l5.-> acres. Thi? greater portion of the land was tak-n under the homestead law lor actual settlement an 1 c ulti\atitn, and the remainder so!d for cash, and located with Agricultural College scrip .iLd ^jJjiary warrants. THK WhRK BEFORE CONG RE??. The Senate meets to-night at half-pas? seven, to dispose of the supplementary Reconstruction bill, and wil; probably bold a protracted session. If this bill is passed by the Senate to-night the house will take prompt action rnnr if < of ?? w? ? j ? v* iu*. luciuvris ui iuai iaajj are anxious for a speedy adjournment. It n^-rns yuite certain that Congress will adjourn dunngnext week. Th? Coal Tkahi ?The Board of Directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at their meeting, yesterday, adopted a resolution r?dacing the rates of transportation on coal from Camberland and Piedmont to Baltimore (U cents per ton, and on gas coal, and from Newburg, Fairmount and Clarksbnrg, 5U cents per ton: al?o a corresponding redaction of way rates for coal upon the road aad branches The rates from Cumberland to Locust Point shipping wharves will be reduced under the resolution from 13 to ftt.Tuper ton, and from Piedmont to the same point from 93 35 to sn.i>5 per ton Tbe*e rates reduce the transportation to 1 ** cents per ton per mile, and the reduced tariff will be placed in operation on Monday ext. TheW*mly ii now on our counter for sale, and in wrappers, ready for the malls, containing, among much other reading matter "A Fireside Story/' which is exceedingly interesting. the F?nian Outbreak, the Fire at U?e Central Hotel; the Confession of Lee, the absconding Treasury Clerk; the Con. l*rencee la Baltimore; Keceptions during the week; Proceedings of the Republican Meetings daring the week; Useful items of domestic economy; Congressional proceeding; Humorous Sketches, with Domestic. Military, Naval. Departmental, and Lootal News. Agricultural and Hoasekeepiag Missel >any ; and the latest Telegraphic Disp-ttches from all quarter*. CoariSMBn.?The Senate in Executive Session has confirmed the nomination of Hon Henry Barnard, L. L. D , as Commissioner of* Education This appointment haa given great satisfaction to the frientfa of edueation through ?at the country. VThe East Baltimore Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, is bow in session at Frederick city, Md , Rev. Bishop Ktngaley presiding Rev Dr. Slicer, well-known in this city, is a prominent member of this Con. fereace. That Datiaiva Battlbib Mexico of which we have heard so much was, according to a telegram ta the morning papers, to Bave been fought on "the *?tb of February.'* Quite likely. * a7"The lower House of the Massarbnsets Legislature haa adopted the C!oas?itntiona Ainecdment by a vet# of IJUyeas aad 20 aays. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. W ASUiaOTOH, Ma.-cti IS, t-*.~ .!*? f!(v>lr? * <lo fnrnisb toi? following quota ions of Government securities: Buying Selling.; I . c?!'n iSHl ..........110 h-y, r. S. Five Twenties, lr?2 ltii^ . (???; | I*. S Fit? Twenties. 13K4 .......luT 107'.. ; I* b Five Twenties. ia?*? 107^ 107 \ ! U. S. Five T wenties,Jan&.T*y,*66. !'6)f i<7 I C. > Teu t'ortlM 97^ {H j r s Vvcr Thirties, Angnst.... MSfc IV tT. S. Seven Thirties, Jane 1?5 I'fi.S i IT. S !?even Thirties, .|*|y |05 Utijf mw YOBK FIRST board SALB9 Coupons I0i'lu.tu's 97* ! r.iti*#. WJ Ii*i# 7J0 ?, August....US* i Slit's. ts64 _..l<7* 7.30's. Jnue 10A *? , SiOM-W llCfr <.? '?, Jalr ( 5 20V Jo &.Tjr.'6S.IM>X Gold 134*, financial. Lewis Johnson Jt Co., quote Stocks and Bonds in bone and foreign market* as follows: N *w Yon. March IS ?1st Board?U. S. Isril ; Coupon O b, it#1,; do., 5-iO's, 1M\. IL S. 5'n j lu-4o s. Coupons, ?7^; 7-3tf's, lijfc,Canton Co., R ; Cumberland Coal Co pret'u,35>?.; nnickel ver Mining Co..37, Mew York Central Kit., : Ef* Railway 59 K; rtudxoii River R. K.. I 1%. Reading K. R. lit Michigan Central R K., li<7)(; Micbirau Southern and N. Indiana R R . 74%; do. guaranteed, ; lllmoia Centra j R.R . 115^. Cleveland ana Pittsburg R.R., Chicago and ^ortn western It. R.. do. preferred, 63Si Cleveland and Toledo R. R.llf; Uiiicago and Rock Island R. R., 96 Pittsburg, For' Wayne, and Chicago R. It, tfC, Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, J9; Gold, J p. m. 134 v Tbe Baby Market. j Tbe New York Dispatch gravely asserts tha i the Mir of illffltimtu babte* in tbat city is a ! large and profitable business, and eo publicly carried on as scarcely to be clandestine. I sa>? tbat should the King or tbe Ashaateea. or . any other distinguished cannibal,come to tba I city, and desire a One, fat baby for a luxurious i meal, be con Id be accommodated. Tbese so| called nurseries are numerous, and may be t fonnd in different parts of tbe city, tbere whereabouts being for tbe most part ad rertis?-d in 'be daily papers; tbe announcement being made in a manner tbat disguises, but does not conceal tbeir real impsrt. Tbese places, the largest of which is situated in (ireen wicb street, answers a donble purpose, tbat of relieving those of tbe responsibilities of maternity, wbo do not wish to be so burdened. and bestowing upon those who wish j such blessings, tbe well spring of pleasure, a babe in tbe house." The seeker after infan' tile loveliness* can, upon application, be ac; coramndated to any desired extent, babies from one day to one year old, are constantly on band, "or provided to order, of any type ef beauty or shade of coioplexion. and at prices ranging from ?25 to JUi, warranted sound, and in a good fctate of preservation at the time ; of delivery. A reporter who visited one of these baby bazaars, was offered & sickly little English male Infant. 17 days old, with a red flabby skin,covered with "rash," for tbe unreasonable price of $3". A robust female child, four months old, was exhibited, but tbe reporter did not inquire the price. A baby boy one month old, who was good and gave no trouble, was held at #75. A year and a half old French boy. with fair round limbs, ha/el eyes, and curly black hair, was ticketed at ?150 The ma'roa in|<harg? volunteered tbe information that babies just then were "rather dull " Intfrval Kkvxmuk ?The receipts from this source to-day were ?.72-.?,6?>9 9<?. fT-s?BOARD OK TRADE.?An adjourned meet Llo lag of the Hoar ! of Tra<l* o* the District oM olnnbia will he h?l 1 at their Room* SI > 4. Market fcpacr <>n MONDAY KV|H1mO. ISth instant at 7'j o'clock As matters of gr-?at In i ter-et to the Bond will b?- submitted. it is enjelneri ttint every memt er atltn 1. nib 15 ( Intel St Chron ] N SARDO.Sec ft % >1 ATOMIC?Tiie end ir?-mb?-rs of i Lk_3 (OLIMPUk A.OlliPTIB. No 13. will sttrii ! a ? ptcial me?-tiL* to Le hel l oa 8AT 1 I'KDAT RVKBINii VCXT. the Mtb lust?nt nt Maxmic Ball, corner of 9th an.1 D street*. at 7 0 clock 9- in . in eontenti<>? with Mo' Dt Yemen B A. Cksptrr. No. lift, ?n l WHghi"eton R A. j ''bijitr Su Ifi.for the eurpose of forming a Gran! R A Chapter for the District ot Col im bis. | mh 13 It L G 3 TKPHKSB, II. " Vi. R A C , No. lb-There will b? a \X3 special comm nicationof WAHUIHOTOH 1 A_C,. No lr>. hel en BaTI KIiav ivs Ainu. 3lar<h )A, H6r 'n cuD>eutiou with Coluia bi?. N?. I . an-! Mt Vernon. No. JO. to tuka Into coBti lcr?t|(.ii tbe Iitti <!! !* formation of & flrtii'i ( hapterfrr tbe Diatrlct of Colombia Ail companion* of W U A. O., No. 19. are aara eatly ra<iueate<i to bapre?ent. By order of tha M K. H P. mi.'2t O. B. THOMPSON, Sac/. [Chron., Int.] NOTICE.-A social meeting 115 ?f MOUNT VKBNON B A CUAI'TKU, NcTtf". will be held on SATUBDAY BVKNINO next. tf>e 16th inatant, at 7 o'clock, ?t Maaontc H-*ll. corner vth and D atreett, in convention with Colombia B A Chapter, No IS. and Washington B A Chapter No. 14. 1< r the pnrpoae of forming Grand B. A. Chapter for the District of Colambia All mimbera of Monat Varnon B. A Chapter, No. i*. are reqneated to be prea> nt. Br order of tha M. B. H. P. It* Attaat-J W OBirriN. Sec'y. JOURNEYMEN HOUSE CABPBNTNR3' L_3 ASSOCIATION will a-aembla at Gorman Hall. 11th ftreet w at b--twe*n F and G aireeta n< rth. at 8 o'clock p tn. MONDAY. 18tb inat. for apeclal buaiueaa. One hundred new handa wanted. Con.a every member. m 14 St* fV5=?MAJOB GENERAL O O. HOW A BD will llj? deliver the NINTM LBCTU KB of tha Y. SI ?' A. COCBSE, at the HBST BAPTIST CHURCH. 13th street, bet wean Gaa ! B, FRIDAY EVENING, March IS, 1^7, at 9 cl?ck Bub jact?A TOUR IN THE SOUTH. Ticket*, &> centa eacb. mU-Jt fy^?TO INVESTORS AND OTH EKS. Notice la beraby Riven that the membara of a Comu>i#aton. acting onler tha aatnorlty of the Secretary of the Treasury. will meet in tha city of New fork, at the Office of the Siuervtatn* In- ' ep?ctor oi fteambOHta. No. si 3 Piiie atreet, on the SECOND MONDAY IN APB1 L proximo. f..r the purpose of aaTiiiniBB an1 tct iif the muritaof ' ?ach lnventt<>ne or a lifa saving character as m *y i - I,: -1 : before tuem. ' fai.i Inventions will embrace lioiUra ot 8'earn ecgiaia. Anti Incrus'aters Safety**!vea, 8 team cmces. Water eau.-es. Steering A (paratua. Life boats with deterhin apparatus. Ac , Ac , Mz. , Invect'-ra may appear In pera< n b fore the < Commission. for the purpose of <" plalnlnv their Inventions: bat n<> expenses *111 be allowed un^.ar any clrcamstaiicea l 1 H McGULLOUH. Secretary ot the Treasury. Washingfcn, D C., March 13,18"7. 3t j V-^ RBClsTBBY NOTICE?Netice la hereby L_5 Riven to all 'iuelirt?d votera to the Fust i Ward tlat tba Judaea of Bl^cti-'ii appointed to i regiater votcra under the aei of lltnurr*mm ??- I proved February Mb. IS 7. entitled "An act to ! ] puaisb illegal voting Id tb? District orOulumbia, 1 ?nd tor other pnrpoeea," will he in (esiloti at the 1 ir*t Kaitlst Ohnrch.corner of 1 at reet north and ! Hth street *wt, an MONDAY, the Itith. TCK8PAY.tae 19th. WEDNESDAY. the 3 th and TI1UB8DAY, the Slat in?tant, from 3 to 7 o'clock p. bd , for the purpose of receiving and recording tbeir name; i Th? *ct ef Oongre** entitled "An ait to regulate the elective franchise In the District of Uo Isatilk," provides that * ?aeh ana every mala parson, excepting pauper* and p?r?ou under guardianship of the age of tw*nty-oa? yearn and upward. ?li? ha* not been convicted of air tnfa ou crime or offeaoe, and excepting prtuii who I have voluntarily given aid and comfort to tba rebel* in tha late rebellion, and who shall have been born or naturallied In th* United states, and who shall have r*sid*d In the said District for the nerlod of one year, and three month* the ward or election precinct la which he shall offer to vote, next praseding any *'ect<oa therein, shall be entitled to the elective franchise, and shall be deemed an elector and entitled to vote at any election In said District, without aaf distinction 1 n account of color or race." mhjl B. V. NOYBB. Bec'y. jv^-pawhbbokbbs boticb. *** MBSBBS. B GOLDSTEIN * 00., So 34 43? street west, near Pean'a ava., Beg leava to call th* attention of *ar old patron* and th* public In gen*ral thai we hav* now enlarged onr husluess, and ar* pr*par*d to offer inducement* to borrower* that hav* never b*ea offated t>*for*?*xpr?s*Iy to parti** wiahlag large amount*. Larga store rooms, with good *afe* for valuable*. A prl vat* offio* conn*ct*d for all confidential business. _ Money advanced on Gold and 8ilv*r Watch**, Diamond*, Silver war*. Jewelry, aad on all kind* of merchant!!** Also, ou Bonds, Stock*, Scrips, Government BecuriH**. Usus mad* by day or w**k on merchandie* subject I* ?al*. M R ? Arrang*m*nts hav* b**n mad* by which Craons d**o*l ting property with ns caa rec*l v* ** * *i aay principal city of th* Onion. ?* Form a bp ? half irmiT f?<i ** fYf*??t ABL18BBD IBM, ... McPHBBBOB * FBBQUBOB, #T1 PiM. XV IXC I, con NBA 1ST axASiT, U Oahtol Mill, Fh valet an* Proacrlpttous amtatdy *?n* pound < *d The Bight B*ll promptly anwmd. t ? n-tf | I^ABOAIBI III P1A1I0B. ~ In *on**<ia*nc* of b*iug comp*U*d to mov* In a > few day*- I ?ff*r? _ _ Oo* t;**?*d L*g BOSBWOOD FIAWO.BSla iron from*, mad* By Baser son, of Bo*toa,l!l 111 tj Am CHIOEIBIBO, **v*n octave*, f?Two?good. small *ii* PI1B0S, ll order, for #i?l*a*h T"?' *" JOBS V. ILLM. mh 1 30# F*nn. av*nus, n*ar 1MB *tr**t. SorTUBMH Paom'OTtt ?The l?admc Sonthrri journal* are eugf??>t<nr to plauter* in that m cuon ibe policy of planfnz crain crop*, in t?-ad of devotinr mor? laii-i to tae cnl are of cotton, rice ami ntl' The etar\atton in eoa?e secMens of the 5>o ith t? urjred a* a strong ar?:nm?-ni in lawor of 'HI# course. (}-ra.n crop* rpr,uirf fewer hborcr? t!u?n the JSou'hern staph h aho\ f mentioned, ana h scarcity of l*o,?ii r* is- nil* n herious trouble in the Soutn. It Ik upp??-ert that the planters will liet-n to lhe?e t-wppeet ions, *nd that dnrnir l^?K an lrrm?t>>e himo! corn wi'.l he planted, whr,<t ibr nmouiii o: cotton planed w ill b# Iris tain us uai. Hir. Sai k ok a F arm ?The firm ot Thornton L' PfnUWon. E<u . 'n CJl.nt ke c iun'y, nesr ii- .Tefl- r-oi I re, wi ad *posed ot la?i wale to Mr. Ki l>ie. 01 Cumhfi lan 1 county, Pa.. ' tbn round *um ol *.? ,Ik*?b>*iu|C an a*era*e ot *il # j?>-r acre. 1 be trrni?ot sale an Slu.ouiin cvti, 9>S.UIU in cn<" >e*r,and fS.>,i?0 In Im year*. The l?TBth of time riven on tbe last paym-ut, was at Mr. Pendleton'* own instance, he refusing to i?c?-i\e ?t sooner. Tbis we consider about the b?a: sale or laud we hare heard of. Toe place, however. If well improved and desirably located.?Charlettoirn Sjririt of Jtf-rton. When have married p?opie p\?<ed through the alphabet of L>ore? When tbey hare reached the ha-he. (^OTernne million rats were drowned by tbe Iretbet at Cincinnati. The question ts, aad tbey Ary-rat after tbe flood subsided? Vlltbe Southern people, who are now so completely a' sea, would quit politic* and go to wark In their corn-Held*, they would soon be able to cry "L?aud Hoe!" ITAd insurance agent, arcing a citizen t? get his life insured, said: t yeurltfe in. en red for tea thousand, and then, if yon die nex' week, the widder's heart will slag for joy " ITThe recent census of Franca for l-<66 shows an increase of population. In the last u?n year-, of IJftMi.UP', witbout|includinr Saroy and Mice, aad that the actual nonulatinn nf t ruce if m jre than 37,000,00.1. CPA number of kind hearted Cinciuna . woman h*?f organised a b*n?vol*?t society for their own sex. Tba object ts to procure employment at a reasonable rate for such as are wortby. TV*W ABO OLD FIABO 0?YBB8~ 11 kev and old PIABO STOOLS. Hew end Old MUtUOAL INITIOMINTS at bat gains. JOHN r ILLIS, m 13 2t 306 P?h?. tre. JO 1HI PUBLIC Bavinc within the pant few months advertised tc the affect that Z wassailing oat at cost tsooae my business in this cttp, preparatory to opening a store in New Tnrk, I feel thstoa account of my continuing business in this place an explaaatisa of the caee i? due to ar patrons and frieada. Last winter,a business man in thla city made arrangemeats with aie to purchase mjr atock aad fixtures, and was to take possession of the store cd the Brat of the preeent month, and X had opened aetorein New York, fully expecting to remove to that place at that time; hat th?' purchaser ofay store having fslled to meat the re quiremants ot the contrast made with rue, I have wilLdmwn my name front business la New York, and shall continue at my old stand in this oify, and having replenished my sto;k with new and* fiebionelle m oils fr*m the North, 1 stall he plosst d to see my friends, who may rely upon fair and honorable dealing LEWIS baab. ai 15 3t* No 3'J Market Spaoe Books on yabming, gardening, *c OaideuiLg lor front, by I'eier Handera >n, )i U'j Auieiican ko>? Cultnrlst, 7tc., Clark's lower Gardea Directory, Mi.; The Miniature Pn it Garden, uj Thomas Klvrrn. |l: The Gardan by U- H. Saoiues. )i; Coles American Prait Hock, 75c.; Field s Pear Oalture. ijl 60, Ten Ac es tu> UKh, $ l .to Oar farm of Ponr Acres, ot,-. I inee on tbe Potato TUut Tic . Hew to build ami \ eiittlete Hot houses. |l SO. Watson's American Home Garden, ft; baiat's rami I y KitchanUar deter . SI; How to aet a Parm and Wbere to Find ?u? $1 7-j.liu!S h flower Gaiden Directory $1 w. Muaere lor the Girden and Parlor. GarJen Ploaeis. How to Cultivate Th* K a. Hand, $ I, I'ai kaan's Book of Jto?es, $i Gardening f>r t.. H. i ^? ?- - - .. . b.u.n, u/ mi - mvuwuii, ?i. >ua?ia on laatsin C in. 51 rt, Johnston Agricultural Gheniatrv, 7i. Boi.ati nuaulta Rural Kconomy, [)tu? > Mick Manual. $1X4; Allan's American F*>h? Book #1 .'0. French a farm Drat saga. $ t ..'0. rMaboh'a Amer cmOtrilrnar. #2*0 Br idgm tn's Aoiarlcau Oaid'-tier'a Assistant, $i.l0, How to Lay Ont a Garden, by Kti Kent. Told's Young Farner- Manna) $1 80, P.retk a Haw iUok of Floue r?, Ae, Charltou'eGraa* Grower*' Unit, $175. bntuiaii on Grape and Wine, $1 6", Ful 1 r'sGrapfcC'uiturist ?1 ;0;My Vineyard at Lake* view, $1 26: Br ?w'a Trees of America. $?.t0. 1'uibl y un Baea, % I Ait; Laurstroth on the tiiuay Ate %Uav hew a Illustrated Morse Doctor, ?.1; Maybew's Illustrated Horae Management, 1|3; Farmer's Barn Book. $X.?0. Jennings' Horse and bit Dis?aaes, D<>dd * Modern Hor Doctor, #1.M*. Btew?rt% Stable Book $1 60; Dodd'a American Cat tie Dntor, ?1 60, Allon'a Domantlc Aulmals .51. Her Wart a Bint* to Hon? keepers, $1 74; H<>rse traimug Mate Baa>. by leoning*. ?1 z:,\ Ma>" n B Farrier. ?1, kvary Man kia Own Cattle ti< tor, :0c Youatt akd Spoon*r 011 tba Horre. $1.M. Gucnan on Milcb Oows. 74c ; Bemant'a An>eile?b l oolUrt-r a Companion. ?2. Cole's American Veterinarian.75c., Allan Baral Arcbite< tuie 51.40 Woo lwanl aCountry Honaes, 51 ,vi; Jerques Rural Arcbiterlnra. S| :u\ Villa^u and Farm C ttagaa, St.Vaa* Villa* and Cottage*, *2. hloaa a Horne?tea<l Architecture, Field's Riral Architectura. *2; Downlog'e Laadar?i>e Hardening and Baral Architecture. $6.40 Holly a Country Beau, $ 1. Sent by wail prepaid BLANOiiAKD A MOHUH. Bib 14 *o4t Corner Pcnoa. av and lltb at. fVOTICK TO THOBF. THAT WANT THEIR Gardens tixed and (sodding done. or Tree* planted. Call :'t 491 N street, between Ctb and 7th atreeta. where it Will ba promptly attended to ni moderate rate*. m 14 ;t* WHOU1SBBS Bit AM AMD OCKM AN SILYXK WIND 1N3TBUMRNTS at le?a than tir?t costv t ill before moTiDtr JOHN F BLLIB m 14 2t SOW Fauna, ave. r\NLT ;t3 CENTS FOB A OOOB. HBAYY i/ pair or BRITISH SOCKS. Gentlemens* UN DKB SHlitTS and DBAMTBBS. at all prices, ADAHSuNd. mh 14 ]m ftoti #th St., next Pean are. JrST KKCRIVBD-TWO MORE of those beautiful.carved, highly fniahed PMNQS.__ > k >rom these celebrated mature. 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ATI -Mr UnmM botm) that tbe Sen ve take a recess at 5 o'clock oaul 7* o'clock. Mr. SnBMr could in ao neceeaity lor this, efpeciaily at this early atage of the seeelon. Mr. Trumbull said tap dknui; was to pt? (tf lUMtlftneaurj bill.

Mr. Pomeroy hoped a vote could be reached befwrc llri o'clock. Mr. Trumbull Mid ir that should be done. tb?* reoesa need rot be taken. Mr. Cob bum wished to stay here until the bill *u passed, If it took all night Th* country waa anxious (or Congress to nettle up ttie work of reconstruction and go bom", but there waa aa evident disposition on tne part 01 acme {Senators to deNy action on the bill, so aa to protract tbe eeeaton a a long aa poesible. Mr Drake would like the Senator toepenfv those Senators wbo he said were ao desirous to ! protract the session. Mr. Connate said if tbe Senator intended ?o pi t a kick oa his hat, in the expectation that 1 somebody wonIK knock it off", be would find I it rather disagreeable. He (Mr. O.) bad tne right to make tbe remark which he bad. Mr. Drake said be supposed tne .senator < migbt have referred to him, aa he bad occu pied the attention of the Senate most of tne time yesterday He ?aw no necessity for this haste to getaway, and did not know why tne 3Titb Congress had called this Congress tjp> iter if they were only to stay here for a tew day*. Mr. Coaneaa said tbe Seaator from Mi?souri would have ample time to five the Senate the benefit of his advice and experience at future test-ions The Question waa thee taken on the mo'ion to take a receea, when it was agreed to; Mr. Stunner in the negative. Mr Morgan introduced a bill to farther amend (fee act topieveatand punish crimes against the Vnited States. Referred to Committee on Foreign Relations. On motion of Mr Wilson, the Secretaries of State and of tbe Treaanry were inatructed to report to the Senate the disposition of the exerea of Consular feea received by their Depart, meats, and whether any couaular or commercial agent haa appropriated to hie own use any amount of said fees over and above bia regularly authorized compensation, and if ao, the nnmeaof such agents andamnuntareceived by tbem. and under what law or authority such amounts have been received Mr. Wilson called up the resolution reported yesterday from the Committee oa Public Buildings, amending tne twelve joint rule, so aa to prohibit tbe aale or uae of malt and aplrituous liquors in the Capitol building, which was passed. Mr. Morgan introduced a joint resolution t? remit or refund duties on agricultural machinery imported into the Vnited States as mooeis or experimentation during the year. Mr. Henderson moved to Increase the Select Committee appointed on bis resolution to en- ! quire into the management of tbe Printing Harean ot the Treasury Department from three to five members. Mr. Sherman said great damage bad been ; done by false reports which bad been sent ' over the country in regard to duplication of | funds. He could state that then* bad been no ! duplication. It appeared that the same num* ! bers bad been erroneously stamped on differ- I ent bonds, but the whole amount of these was only ?I6,0W He thought It would be better to make tne committee a joint committee. Mr. Conkling thougbt it would be better to watt and see what could be done by a conference with tbe House l!?tnmiticc. Without action being taken on tbe motion, Mr. Trumbull called np the unfinisbed business, being the supplementary a<:t to ttie bill to provide for the more efficient govern, ment of ibe rebel States, tbe question being on tbe amendment of Mr. Drake totbe4tb section. Mr. Drake moaified bis amendment so as to read that no State sball he admitted to reprerentatton in Ccngres until it provides by its Constitution tbat at all elections. National. Ma e and Municipal, the electors sball vote b> ballot. Disagreed to. Mr Trumbull moved to amend tbe Trh sec- j Hon by adding additional conditions ot admission so as to make the concluding portion read I as follows, wbicb he said wa- tbe language of the House bill. "And if tbe said Constitution shall be declared by Congress to be in conlormity with tbe provisions ot the act to which this is supple, mmtary. and the ot>ier pro visions of eaid act sbail Lave been complied witb. and tbe Constitution approved by Congress, tbe State shall be entitled to representation. and Sena'orr and Kepreventatives 'hall be admitted therefrom as therein provided/' Tbe amendment was adopted. Mr. l-'essendeu moved to amend the first section to make it read as follows : Tbat before a convention shall be bolden for tbe purpose of framing a S1 _te constitution under and by virtue of the act to provide for tbe more efficient government of the rebel States, approved March 2, If'iT. tbe commanding geneial In each district defined in said act shall cnute a registration, Jcc. Mr. Trumbull hoped tbe amendment wonld not be adopted. It would leave it optional witn tne commanding general to make a i > *!*tration. Hoi "E ?Mr. Bank;, (Mass .,) from the Cjdimittee on Rules. reported a resolution authorizing tbe printing of the rules and regulations and of Whartoh's Digest, lor the uw of members of the present Ho nee: which was agreed to. Mr. Hanks also reported the following additional rules which were severally agreed to, viz Providing tnat when ar.y act has been approved by the President tbe usual number of copies (1,550) shall be printed for tbe u?e of the members of tbe House: providing that all messages from 'be President of the I'm ted Stater, or from tbe Senate, announcing the approval or pasaze of any bills, shall be re. peated forthwith from the Clerk's desg. amend* it g tbe 134th rule so as to include members of Cougress as among gentlemen privileged to the floor of the Honse, providing they are not interested is any claim before the House, a., J will register tbat fact. Mr. Blame, , Maine,) from the same committee, reported a new rule, providing that all estimates of appropriations from the Executive Departments shall be addressed to the Speaker, in order ths; they may be laid before the House, and not gone by to the Committee on Appropriations directly as heretofore: and also a rule requiring tbat id all appriatioa bills, tbe sum total appropriated shall bes'ateri: both of wbicb were adopted. Mr. Boutwell (Mass ) introduced a joint resolution in relation to claims against the Uovernroent of the United States. Referred :o Committee ou Foreign Affaire. Mr. Ashley Nevada! presented the credentials ot Hon Mr. Mallory, Representativeelev-t from the State ot Oregon, and the latter advanced to tbe Speaker's desk and was sworn in. Mr. Hulburd (N. Y.) introduced a resolution authorizing the Speaker to bppoint tbe Committee on Public Expenditures, and that said committee be charged to take into consideration the report made at last session relative to abuses at the New York custom house, and to report the result of tbat investigation. Mr. Hulburd said be made this motion on account of charges that had bwen made against the report submitted at last session. In these charges. Mr. Smythe, tbe Collector ol tbe Port of New York, said tbat tbe report was conceived In malice: a smicmeni wuica up (air. nuioura) s&ia was utterly untrue. Mr. liulburd then referred to the denials m*de by Senators Patterson and l>oolittle, relative to tbetr alleged receipts of *5,000 each from Mr. Smytbe, and said neither of tbe Senators denied that there was some sort of an agreement pending, although they did deny receiving the money. The committee in their report did not charge that either ot tbe gentlemen had received one dollar, bat in or. der to ehow bow the custom-house was man* aged, they felt it to be tbelrduty to state all tbe testimony, and this testimony showed that an arrangement was meditated between the col> lector and between tbe Senators named. ^HICEBBIBQ * BUNS' PIANOS. jrf|^ Over 30.000 Pianos have been censtract- uTln ed and finished by this manufactory, for thesuKrioritr ef which sixty Ave arize medals have tn awarded them at exhibitions lathe United States, being tbe highest premiums over all competition They also received at the World's Fair, in London, 1861, the Prize Medal. It is the oldest. largest, and best Piano Faetory i in tbe United States. I have new in etore a very lame assortment of these superb Pianos, embracing every style and i finish, which I will eell lets than factory prices? even at a sacrifice, being compelled to move in a few days, in order tobnfld a new etore. 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It is 6aid tbe ta*frnm?n! is in po?te^siou ot important information on tb<* *ut>jeet TD*Hob. Mr Blair, tbe only CaHinet Mmi?ifr bere. intend* (o lea* e tor Montreal irnmedniflr m v i n t b a a l, Marcb 1* ?One hundred and twenty-tire regulars under Captain Bow Hon aiib a fail ?appijr of ammunition Iff by train | tbif morumg for Ubamplam A ttronc tore" of artillery wnbeifbt field pieces. will be sen* on frontier duty to dar Tbere were frequent conference# yesterday bet wee a the authorities and the t.tafl of the militia department Toronto, Marcb l.i ?Tbere will be snm? movement of troops here to-day, particulars ot which are witbbeld Relief af the -Seuth Phii adbli'hi a, Marcb 15.?A meeting was i held at tbe board ot trade rooms tbi- i to nmignrate measurets tor tbe relief of the ' Miflerinf poor of tbe Soath. Tbe mayor, Mr. 1 McMicbail presided at the meeting. Keeolu tion* were adopted fiprfwiut sympathy wita tbe destitute people of tbe Soutb. and committ?-eH were appointed to collect money and supplies andeupenatead tbeirdUtribntion The ( ?ty (Mexico MtOre apiedby the Lib. trait. Sa* Kaarcrsoo. March 15-Maaael Quel- j len. Maximilian's Agent In this cttr. publishes a card contradicting tba statement that the ; City of Mexieo was captured by the Liberals I on February r h He states that he has re i cpivea imiorn&uoD ot a iat#r da?* earta* that I <len Marqae. bad poa?*s?ion of tbe city at the tim* rfffrrwl to ! J?Y liKEEN * WILLIAMS. lactlonHri LOT OF BUILDINO MATEBIAL 4HD FBAMB BUILDING IN THB BBAB FRONTING F bTbXKT NOKTH, r.|W|||| ITH AMD 19TB 8TBBBT8. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Oa FUDiT, tk? Itth imUii. M a ?'eln-k i a.. ! we eballeell, on the p rem tees. a coal lot af Rn Idia? Brick and a Frame Baildtnc ia tbe f?r of tbe Lot. Terms cash, to ba raaaovad within 10 daft after the day of sale mb 12-d GREEK A WILLIAMS, Allots mr TBI ABOTB 8ALB IS POSTPONED until FB1DAY, the *td iastant, sam* boar a?l ?laaa. GBKBN A WILLIAMS. m II d Anettoaaer*. |^T QRBEN A WlLLIAMb, Aactioeeere TBTSTBE'B salb oT household and BlTOtlBM rUKNITi BE. OFFICE AND BAKI HOUSE FUBN1TUBB, Ac . Be , AT AUCTION. On FBI DAT. the 16th Inataat. I shall Mil, at 10 o'clock a rn . at Hhum No 3n4 aad 3*6. on sib street west. betwaea O and H streets north, by virtue of a deed of trust ti tha subscriber, dated 1st day of Hoveaiber, 1866. aad daly recorded In Liber B M H.. No S. feli-s 2M. 2T aad 23'. of Chattel Beeord for tbe county at * asblaxtoa. District of Columbia, all tbs Goods aad Chattels mentioned la said deed la said establishment. We mention la part, viy.: Bureaua,Tables, Chairs. Bedsteads- Wasbstanda Feather Beds aad Bedding. Carpets. Oilcloths Boufccasa aad Books.China, Glass and <_rockeryware Bake house Utensile. 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Ihe Hoard w>* iui 'Tftimi atthe waaal boar, K-corder M t'h??r? iu the c ar I're*ei?\ Meaar*. Hyde. :>.m*i?. Oropiey, Heiaton aud Ttsomaa Mr Hyd*. from the Mandinf fotnmiti#f, r*port?d a r?*o luiion |iantii( ka?? to 1 ?r O H t rai*en i* w i'hdrAw certain paper*. adopted T na kill from ?be I,oare r Hoard to repair (be fl?h wharf vi a- taken up *o<i paaaed wt;h an ameailmeai author* rJBf ib? clerk to pnj for the eame a loiumnnication waa received fn?m <a? Mayor 'an?mit ia| a lettar from the Secretary of t?aa Hill C>m^t*T7 Company aakinc that a lot o *m?<l by the Company, at the corner of <ire?i. mi.d Kbodea atreet*. be amempted from tatex under tbe Id aeciion ot tbe charter, referred to the arandinjc com mil lee A j>nri.ed. j Coy mo* conacil ?Tbe Mar or a n?**?are tran*BuUia|c a letter from the >e,r^ta y oJ h? Cemetery Company, witb a ropy of tie char. ' ter oi tbe company, nnd inquiring if a rer'a. i | lot of the company'* gronnda ia not viempt | from taxation, waa referred to the Alderm-u j Mw?*^ in reference to th* lair* goreming tb* f:re ((iBmiMionrri va> referred to th* Or* department committee Me**are in relation necesfary permanent repairaof ihe flab whirl, uby tbe present I?*aaee. araa la 4 fi-r temporarily. A < oram ouicatiou from tu< at *?t CommiMioner, callinc attention to> ( ] certain afreets during the recent rama ana auFgettmg their early repair. alao.aur|Mt ng tbe placiuc of tire-ping* at corn?r of hh ? and Frederick and Mridge and Kaaetta ?'N *. and one rear the ateam fire engine-i weie rrletred Mr I>a\idi>oa pr^aent. 4. "<a iwlllinn >.l >k. -' ? ? I : V. > "- II UI ini" r *? ; (;um|i?ny, (ixkinj: ih?t provision mil t.?r I proiwiioii of tbe Hunk and ladder apparatus. f*lfrr?4 Mr Ruhrrr presented the p?uooi of l?rt L. W KitchieandCbarle* Mcforvlck, physicttfbs forth* poor of tbe town, for in crease of compensation; referred. Mr.Iiavidaou pres?nted tbe bill of the Georgetown Courier; also. the petition of M Samstag. pr ? posing to remove tbe night soil from tbe town, and jnve one dollar per load (except that from tbe Corporation building*. - referred Mr. Da* Is presented tbe bill of K. A Waters for pnn-. ag poll liets of recent election. Mr lUvidsoa presented tbe bill of tbe l)ulj Times, ant account of tbe judge* of election?J W. Br?aaugti. C H tragi n, L L Ulementn. referred Mr Shoemaker, from street* committee, re. ported aresoiuuon concurring in tbe appoin'ment of (George Harrison a* street aenxenger and repealing certain acts mating to ?b%ottce. recommitted Mr. Clabaugh by consent. offered a joint resolution far the repair ef tbe fisb wharf; passed. Mr. Ciabsngb from ctatms committee, reported resolution* to pav claims of James j. Kaue :iod Wal?h A Lyn.h I passed Also, a resolution to pay rent of roomi used by fudges of election. iStb Fehrnary, I ? ?>". parsed Also. unlavorably on a bill 'of the National Intelligencer for aoverusing certain Town meetiuge. committee discharged Mr Cragin moved to saspead tbe rule* to offer Certain papers; agreed to: and be snbmittel certain wapert of C. H.Ciagin, as guardian, re stive to certain property, and askiug fjr re. mission of certain taxes, and an increase of the damafrs erroneously as-eased by tbe jury of ccn* em cation of tbe alley iu tbe rear of Foxball'a Kow: referred. Mr Itainsburg. by cuuBent, introduced a resolution granting the u&e of Marke- House Hall to Potomac and Fountain Diviiloni, S of T . lor a public meeting referred Tbe resolution to repair tbe flrh wharf was returned by the Aldermen with au amendment; which wa? concurred iu by this Board Mr. Brown, by consent, stated tha* it having been reported that he intended to resign he wished to say that he never made % promise be did not intend to comply with Old as he is. having consented to serve in the pom. tion of a member of the Common i'ouncil, along as bis health will permit hew II endeavor to be m h's place during tbe term for which he has been elected. The Board adjourned. The Canal.?But little business is doing upon tbe line of tbe Georgetown division The mills, for want of grain, are operating irregularly, and tbe <.eai derricks are not in use. We are requested to call the attention of tbe sujwrintendent to the tact tha: bis laborers have not jet rsmorsd tbe mod from tbe towpath above tbe locks. It was taken from he bed of :be canal, but if not removed, a fewshowers will return It. 1'edeeirtans are vehemently complaining of it as a nuisance The advicts from Harper's Ferry this morning announce that tbe water has been 1st in upon that division of the canal. If that is correct, the water it probably in the caual wCamber. land, and navigation' will he immediately t?. etimed The Potomac and Sheuaudoab river*, at Harper's Ferry, are so high as to interrupt comma mention between Maryland aud \ lrginia Floce ami Gkaik AlAuarr.?Under tb~ influence ol Furopean advices, together Wi t the arcity and light receipts in our .N ortbei u sea-board market?, prices of breadstufts ha\e advanced?oil flour full*- 4' m su ' barrel, and on corn 3 to i ce&t* per bushel Holders of flour are firm at the rtdvttnced prices. No wheat in market. I^mand for corn active. and a manifest disposition to purchase in advance of receipts. White and yellow will readily command ?1 per buthei tor Immediate vanti. fort of ororoetowx.?Entered? simm-r Express, NtcWIe. from Baltimore Johu (fribeou. 1 ultou. irom New YorkThos fc Cahiil. Norm, from Baltimore with m?rcbandisV Cleared?Steamer# Vall?y City, Tomlin. Tor New York, and Express, Nickle. lor B*lumore. A lex asEi.: a Itkmb.? We clip the followinc from the Alexandria papers of yesterday attarnoon: Col. J? P. I^ee, Super n ten dent of the Kree.1men'b Bureau tor Alexandria and Fairfax counties, reports |th? dnr n; the ten davr endujg on the lib lust ant, at the office in tuicity, .&:j applications for ?ervaui? were re. teived, and 31 applications lor employment, all ot whom were furnished with eirplovinec ret. Mr. Randolph, Kector of Christ Church, will, on S&bbatb morning next, pr??ent to the Bishop of this JMoeese quite a large cl%?of penitents to receive the rite of confirmation The steamer* due yesterday from Baltimore and the lower Fotomac, arrived up in go>d time. 1 h* current in the river this meriting is as rapid a* is remembered by some of the oldest watermen John Eldrtdge was examined before the Ma vor this morning on a charge of stealing a horse. He was commuted to ibe county fail for further examination. A few sbad were in maraet this morning Ther were of fair sire and Quality and were offered at IM CO per pair. GEORGETOWN ADVEtt'MTS CHEAP 8PBIN0 GOODS AT BtlULSfB, lot Bride* street. Oborgeiosrs. D 0. Oallcoes, 1J;? to 13, Merrluisc and 5pr%*.e? W cts,Spring Delaines. choice style*. ??f ch??| Hleecbed "Inslint. II, 1J ?, 11,16; yar 1 wide J*. , 20. James' 8te?:ii Mills, 4 1, Met* . liet s B. H , 4 4 . 24, Androscoggin, WkamtU, Sew York Mill*. beep. Brows Maslia, 10. it-?. 16. >erd wlc* do . IS ana M ceci Also, a general eseortnent of Dry Ooods. Call aud examine our stock, lou will buy cheep. f* tllui* BENJAMIN MILLEB. WM.B WBEATLEYS PREMIUM 8IBAM DYEING AND CLEaNSlNQ ESTABLISHMENT. Office, No. 49 Jefferson St.. Georgetowa,D. O. Established in 1831: premium awarded by the Metropolitan Institute. 1M7, rebuilt leaf. aud it bow b> far tb* largc*t and no*t complete -sta! llshnieRt of the kind In this section of country Dyeing and Sceartng of all kinds den* in th* b^et manner Truly thankful for past favors, th* *uo?cri?.er solicits the c<>nHe?ed custom of th* consT,iamt> Good* received and rsturaedbj express with tbs utmost promptness end despetch Post Office address. Lock Box Ho *><1 Oftics closes daily at unset exoept Setordsy, ?e 4. _ 1 A a* a; ? ? ? SBVBBTHIBTT TBBASUBY BOTBB. of anr atrlea.r xcb*ug?J fur NBW riTB TWKNTY HONDB. I AT TBI BATIOMAfc KAN K OF t'OllMIBOB Or GBOBuBTOWB V C. Internal Ke?eus? Mtupt fur huiM. Chocka. Draft* Botidi. I'aoda, M riftgti. and othar la*?l document* for sale at Qovararu?nt rate* mh 7 lin J O HAMMER Gi*hi?r g ii o f'eo'nT . _ .. PBBPBiio FOOD For Mocking Bfrda ThiailM, Blfbtln?alaa. BtbbiU, Blkd Si"L*rW?. Be. B W BCBOHELL. _ andar Bbbttt Home. ?* '* coraor lath an.l f ?tre?>u QBABB BALLT OF MBN ABB BOTB. " AT TBS OBIiT OBBTBAL CLOTH I BO UOCHl, Bo. 460 7th rtmt, oipodtt Foat 0?ce BCtlBBU SUITS of all dearrlptione. DBBS8 SUITS At raducod yrloaa. OTB1 SUITS of all deoerlptloa. BOTB* SUITS At All ?rioaa. av at) lea of BOTS' CLOTHIBO BBKTS* CLOTHIBG at nitttl prlcaa aw to fomr ttaa to lay !m 8FBIB0 euoTB 1B0, aa wa offar i)teUI tAdaceoMato for lk< thirty data. At SMITH'S. 460 1TH STSSST. oypoaita Faat OSoa. mki-la OS&BUrt^TRiKlollBfil TOBBB, mare elaborate Mm mMj erer offaM bare, of tha arvNt aa4 Boat beanliful deaifaa. {SKLt&JEOMgB AJarES tha ter*aat MatfaMiar hara of tAla Had ladtaa' aaar, ? ma alaaaa ait. hath la analin aa4 yriaa, aai ara 4atarminad, at arhatever coat. 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