Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1867 Page 4
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. *> THE EVENING STAR. ' orruii tT, LAWS OF THETMTED STITES, Passed at the Second KrUtltn ?f the Thirty-ninth <ongiess. [Pvruc-NO. 91 .J Am Ait to HUblnh a uniform sv?tem of bank* rup'cy throughout the United State# [Continued f rom yeiterUay't F. -tiling 5!?r.) ?P M'PBRBaTdllO THI BANKRUPT PROCEKPmOR BY ARRAM'iKMKXT. Swr. 43. And be it fur'her enacted, That if at the first meeting of creditor*, or at sdt meeting of creditor* ro be specially called for that purpose, and of which previous notice shall have been civen for such lenrth of t me and in such manner as the court may direct, three* fourths in value of the creditors whose claims bate keen proved shall determine and resolve that It is tor the interest of the general body of the creditors that the esrateof the baukrupt should be wound up and fettled, and distribution made among tDe creditors by trastees, under the inspection and direction of a commitree ?f the creditor*, it shall be lawfnl for the creditors to certify and report ?uch resolution to the court, and to nominate one or more trustees to take and bold and distribute toe estate, under the direction of such committee. If it shall appear to the court, alter hearing the bankrupt and such creditor* as may desire to be heard, that the resolution was duiy passed and that the interest of the creditor? will be promoted thereby, it *nall confirm the same; and upon the execution and tiling, by or on behalf of three-fourths in value of all the creditor* whose claim* have been proved, of a consent that the estate of the bankrupt be wotrnd up and fettled by said trustees according to the terms of socb resolution, the bankrupt, or bis assignee in bankruptcy, if appointed, as the case may be, -hall, under the direction of the court, and nnder oath, convey, transfer, and - deliver all the property aad estate of the bankrupt to tbe said trustee or trustees, who shall, upon such conveyance and transfer, have and bold tbe same in tbe ntme manner, and with the fame powers and rights, in all respects, as tbe bankrupt would have bad or held tbe same if no proceedings in bankruptcy bad been taker, or as-the assignee in bankruptcy woald have done bad such resolution not been passed; and sncb content and tbe proceedings thereunder shall be as binding as in all respects on any creditor, wbo.-e debt is provable, who has not -ignrd the same, as if he had signed it, and on anj creditor wnose debt, It provable, is not prdved, as it he had proved it; and the conrt, by order, shall direct all act* and things needful to be done to carry into efl>ct sucb resolution ot the creditors, and the said trustees shall proceed *o wind up and ?ettle tbe estate under the c. re !:rn and inspection of such committee of the creditors, for the equal benefit of all sue!* crecitore, and the wiudiug up and settlement ?j! any e*tate under the provisions of this section shall be det-med to be proceeding* in bankruptcy under this act: and tbe said trustees shall have all the nrhts and powers ol assignees in bankruptcy. The court, on the application of such trustees, shall have power to summon and e*.iro;i.e; or [on] oath or otherwise, the bankrupt and any < reditor. and any person indebted to the estate, or known or suspected of having any of the estate in his possession, or any other person whose examination may b* ir.a'erial or necessary to aid the trustees in the execution of their trust, and to compel the attendance of such persons and toe production ol books ard papers in tbe same manner as in other proceedings iu bankruptcy under this act: and the bankrupt -ball have tbe like right to apply for and obtain a discharge after tie passage of such resolution and the appointment of such trustee* as if such resolution had r ot been passed, and as If all the pro. ceedings bad continued in the manner provide*; in tbe preceding sections of this act. If the resolutieu shall not be duiy reported, or tbe consent of tbe creditor* shall not be duly tiled.or if, upon its flung, tbe court shall not think fit to approve thereof, the bankruptcy shall proceed as. though no resolution had been passed, and the conrt may make ail necessary orders lor resuming tbe proceedings. And tbe period ot lime which shall have elapsed between the date of the resolution and the date of the order for assuming proceedings shall not be reckoued iu calculating periods of time prescribed by tbis act. PKRALTIKS AtiAIKST BANKRUPTS. 5*c 44. .And be it further enacted. That from and alter tbe passage ot this act. it any debtor or bankrupt shall, after the commencement of proceedings in bankruptcy, secrete or conceal any property belonging to hia estate, or part wrh. conceal, or destroy, alter, mutilate, or falsity, or cause to be concealed, destroyed, altered. mutilated, or falsified, any boo a, deed, document, or writing relating thereto, or remove, or cause to be removed, tbe sam>-, or any part thereof, out of the district, or otherwise dispose of nay part thereof, with intent to pre. vent it from coming into the possession of the assignee in bankruptcy, or to binder, impede, or delay either ot them in recovering or re. ceiving the tame, or make any payment, gift, sale, assignment, transfer, or con vevance of any property belonging to his estate with the like intent, or spends any part thereof in gaming. ur shall, WitD intent to defraud, willfully and fraudulently conceal from his assignee or emit from his schedule any property or effec s whatsoever: or if, in ca-e of any person having, to his knowledge or belief, proved a talte or fictitious debt a^ams' bis estate, he shall fail to disclose the same to hi* assignee within one mouth alter coming to the knowledge or t?eiiej thereof or shall at'enipt to a -?.ot.nt lor any o! bis property by fictitious lo^es or expense*: or shall, witbiu three mon'hs before tbe commencement of proceedings in bankruptcy, under the lalse color ai d pretence ot on busine** and dealing in the oromary course ot trade, obtain on credit from any person any goods or cbatte e with intent to defraud: or shall, with intent o detraud hi* creditors, within three months next before the commencement of proceedings in bankruptcy, pawn, pledge, or dispose , f, otherwise than by bona flde transactions n the ordinary way of bis trade, any of his go ds or chattels which have been obtained on crtdit and remain unpaid tor, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon coaviciton thereof in any court of the United State*, shall be punished by imprisonment, with or wi hout hard labor, for a term not exceeding thiee years. ri?A!.TIIS At; AIX ST OFPICBSg. Stc. 45 And be it further enacted. That if an> judge, register, clerk, marshal. iae-*?nger, assignee, or any other ot the several courts of bankruptcy shall, for anjrtniugdoneor pretended to beooue nnder this act, or under color ot doing auj thing thereunder, wilfully demand or take, or appoint or allow any per.ou wDatever to take for him or ou bis account, or for or on account of any other person, or in trust for him or for any other person. any fee, emolument, gratuity, sum of inonev, or anything of value whatever, other than is allowed by ibis act. or which shall b~ allowed under the authority thereof, such person, when onviced thereof, stall forfeit and pay me sum of not less than three hundred do!. lar?, and not exceeding five hundred dollars. and be imprisoned not exceediug three years. NEC. 46 And be it further enarteiL, That if ar.y person shall rortre :ne signal ore of a judg*. register, or other oflicer of tbe court, or shall forge or couoterfer the seal of the courts, or knowingly concur hi rising auv such forg-d or rouuterteit signature or seal for the purpose ,,f authenticating any proceeding or documen , or shall tender in evidence auy such proce-,|. mg cr cue urient with a fal-e or counterfeit signature ot any su.-b judge, register, or otn r officer, or a faise or counterfeit seal ol tb? court, subscribed or attached thereto, ?now ng stub ignature or seal to be lalre or count rfer. any such person shall be guilty of felony, and upon conviction thereof shall be liable to a flue of tot less than five hundred dollars, and act more than ti\e thousand dollars, and o r<> imprisoned not exceeding li\e years, a: the discretion ot ihe court. San* ASP COSTS. Sec. IT. tml be it Juriher enacted. That in sa b case tbTe shall be a!lowed aud paid, iu ac duioa to the fees, of the clerk ol tbe coui t as now established bv law, or us may be established t>y general order, under the provision* Ol tbis act. for tee* m bankruptcy, the following Jee-?. a* bich chiill b- applied to the pay. meet for the services of the registers For issulrg every warrant, two dollars, i ?r each day in which a laee lug is held, three dollar*. > or each order for a dividend, three dollar* For every order substituting an arrangement by trust deed tor banaruptcy. two dollars For every bond with sureties, two dollars tor every application for any meeting in any matter under this aet, one dollar For every day's service while actually employed under a special order of the court, a sum not exceeding Ave dollars, to be allowed by the court. For taking depositions, the fees now allowed by law. For every discharge when there l* no opposition, two dollars. Such fees shall have priority ot payment over all other claims out of tbe estau*, aud before a warrant issues the petitioner shall de. posit with the senior register ol tbe court, or with the clerk, to be delivered to the register, fifty dollars as security for tbe payment thereof; aod if there are not sufficient asset* for the payment of the lees, the person upon whose petition the warrant/ is issued shall pay tbe sam*. and the court may issue an execution against him to compel payment to the register. Before any dividend is ordered the assignee shall pay out of tbe estate to the messengar the following lee*, and no more First. For service ot warrant, two dollars herond For all necessary travel, at the rate ot Ave cents a mih?, each way. Third. For each wtiits* note t? creditor gamed la the schedule, ten cents. Fcar'Ji. i'er cas-oajr ef property, pablica tioa of notices, and other services, his actual and necst-sary ? xpenses upon returning the .-a ane iu specific items. a?rt matting oatn that they bave been actually incurred and pud by hire, and are met and reasonable, the same lo t be taxed or adjusted by the conrt, and the oath of the messenger shall not be conclusive as to tbe^ necessity o( said expense* For cause s-uowu, and upon thereon, such further allowance maybe madias the eour?, in its4tiacretion. may determine The enumeration ot the foregoiug fees shall not prevent thejadfes who fhall frame *ene. rai role* aad orders in accordance with the , provisions of section ten, from presenting a tariff of fee* for all other services of the officers of courts of bankruptcy. or from reducing the fees prescribed in thia section in classes of i cases to be named in 'heir rules and orders. or ?ASixe or tkrmb ahd cohfutatioh or ! TIMS. *5 it further enacted. That the i wot a "assignee" and the word "creditor** snail include the plural also; and the word "me-- ' senger shall inclnde bis assistant or assistants, j except in the provision for the fees of that offi- i rer. Ths word marshal" shall inclnde the marshal s deputies; the word "person" shall also inclnde "corporation;" and the word ' "oath shall include-affirmation " And in all cases in which any particular number of days is prescribed by this act, or shall be mentioned ln *ole or order of court or general order which shall at any time be made under this ac;, ror doiit of any act, or for any other purpo?e, the lamt shall be reckoned, in the absence of any expression to the contrary, exclusive of the first and inclusive of the last day, unless the l last day shall fall on a Sunday, Christmas day, ?Z OD.,any d*y appointed by the President of ' f* united States as a day of public fast or j thanksgiving, or on the Fourth of Julv, in which case the time shall be reckoned exclusive or that day also. S?c 4(1. And be it further enacted. That all the [ urtsdictlon. power, and authority conferred upon and nested in the District Court of the United States by this act in cases in bank, ruptcy are herebv conferred upon and vested in the Supreme Court of the District of Coimnbta, and in and open the supreme courts of the several Territories of the United States when the bankrupt resides in the said District , of Columbia or in either of the said Territories And in those judicial districts which are not within any organized circuit of the United States the power and jurisdiction of a circuit court in bankruptcy may be exercised by the district judge. 3 S*c 50. And be it fvrther enacted, That this act sball commence and take effect as to the ai?potnrment of the officers crested hereby, and the promulgation of rule* and general order*, from and alter the date of its approval Pro rid#,/. That no petition or other proceeding under this act shall be filed, received, or commenced before the first day of June, auiMi . Domini elgh een hundred and Approved. March 2, lt-?7. Dki'artmxnt or state. ) Washington. March 9, l-ti? i Jniormatien has beer, received at this i>?. partment from Mr A. O. Aldis, the consul ..f the Cnl-ed Staffs at Nice. France, of the dea'h on the'Hth d?*y of Februarv, 1867, at Nice, of Wbeeier. an American citizen and a late resident of \ ictoria. Texas, aged .*>3 year-. * _ ? ?? iNOV?L.^,aw-"T'^ h&!' bf*<,n l?**?ed hy the Legisla ure af Illinois, making eight hours w Jir rAWOrlt' unless it shall be otherwise provided oy contract. This is the tir<t instance in which the wishes of the working and*it>rimav KTCard a*('nin,'d a form H?rt ?1! V be considered a triumph on their part. The practical working of this law. bow. ' II>K3r BOt Prov* beneficial as its friends . J*onl,lhave it. since it will be easily evade I by making contracts as to the number of hours labor to be performed for given wage*. This is as dehcate a question as that of wages ?,D*' 'n the sarae qK^stion in a differ" f?d involves a variety of interest ! so liable ro rnctnation as to be difficult of adjustmentby law.?A", y. Sun. K?" It is announced concerning the new women s paper which is to be established ,a New ! aimt Phonographic reporters from London have been imported to do the M^*a??% ^he editorial staff is to of ",.A?n ? Stephens. Mrs. Cilhoun. Mrs. Croly, Mrs. Par?on. and Mrs. Terbune. Miss Ann. Vm*?" W"i tb? drainat?c critic, and Anna Dickinson foreign correspondent. of John Welch, an Irish laborv JLr ? murdered at Oermantown, New^ork, on Saturday. Her husbaud was arrested as the supposed murderer ? ? *?* Afr,can chieftain ever donned a cecked hat and fea'hers with more manifetations of delight that is skown by man v of the i tion a" at tbe pro'P*clonil?'fnf? posiWllcanty m women and men is said to be , "increasing very rapidly in the United S'ate< i faster In proportion than the iul crease of population."' V ery likely. ?"Mrs Sweet, convicted at Saco, Me. of poisoning her bnsband. has been sentenced to six year s imprisonment Charles Wilkinson of the same place, convicted of murder h is been sentenced to prison for life. I 1!." re?>orl*a ?? I'aris that the husband { of the Clueen of Spain lias been banished 1,.1 ^lUtt alU'mpt*d 'o drive l,er Mijeity irom gent 11,11 ^"nself proclaimed r?*tjrA little girl, four years old. was recently I called as a wituess m a police c< arr. arul he ! "wb"I of little flrls'who ell falsehoods, innocently replied that thev ' Wf re sent to bed. uej ; A bill to prevent delays In railroad travel has been reported in the New York Legislature It compels companies to make connections be.-" twe?n their ioa i? with reference to passeugers baggage and freight, and appoint* Cornmia! >toilers to decide disputes. ! ?-Sc?e dishonest sharper from Petersburg having prefixed the Utle sf "Reverend" to his name, has been fleecing (the people of HaltiI hThr,'pr"",i,,1? himself as an agent of the Southern Orphan Society. ! < at th^ whole condition of things ,LJL\ Ub emP'r?at the present moment, there appears to be serions apprehension of a general revolution. K"?T7Kh?1F!11?brld|:* flo**in* master ought to ? * ?oftb* "I,eP*Ttment of Kdue-ti J", f . Pit him at the other end.Philadtlpkia Bulletin. SPECIAL NOTICES. iM'M ah? eo?w 8. C. fOBP, Agaat. COvifitT rnri*nL^Ii'8 IIBTAPHY8lOAL D18? eur*f Catarrh, all DU?M?. Stffisvsssr ?-1' * ba r?rooR sunken ) , aDd strengthens sverr weak Iw? I ?Vor'.bJu h^t n' 'a thaworM | *or *? Praggisls. i . MB8_M O. BKoWN'd UNBQU AuLE D 80AI a i BKN()?aTOK AMD UaIE BK8TOfilli wA sulphnr la tkls ?r?Mratios, which is killing the I scalps e*d rsLdertag tbs reopls blind j tor sals by ?H Druggists. mhS-lw* SFF1CT 18 MIBAOOLUUB t^,. "ALL 8 VEOITABLM 1 ,A * HA' * BIMIWEB, lists *u wooa*rfolartlcls. Unre? al Isr i ' Cir n^ /'Mr0W 1* l>#,lor drsssiag t!i;?a wiry bilr hrash, dry, and ab-f# /il n? f?L 8,,a?? Ties*es. Hu*, whuh It 'rai'tnT *jnd#r li the rtpl'lt; wiih Tolor CEAV HAIR to ITS OEKil.t.L 1 "?S?r ,00t "a ttU' 11 WUh ? * : thl^| -. tikfOBE Tiifj KKOW IT win'be s^aJ*?/fil?lwr^ ap?ssr?nce of the hslr I and taautlTni fjck^ 10 ,u'trou?' i &*? V!W&'?u&:"ig*3x?% hror.^UhP^ w.Mhll? * H , Proprietors, ror sal* by al. draggisis. f* 18 d?weoJn.r MM I DIAL 1JI?TITDTB WOU IPC01AL HAflKM * Bo?<l street'. |*w Tork. ' -."7 Inferaaatioa, with the highest testtmo"j*0' *,^ook Di', tn a ?m led JE ?*/? /** t. *mt mnd *'*'* for tlum, Bf l u advertising phy. sitewasavssas'1 tsssy'SKS W Miw V? wBB- UV|HCI. Mo f " B0M **reat. ?ew Terk noltDAWly itea ??s,?.'; IWIIT OIIIAIU eertala. sals mU *J ever disouv*r*d .^arss U twii'J r*m+ xL'tr ? -as4 ifiirt&ss; %ar AUCTION SALES. |?1 THUS. DOW LINO. Auct ; Georgetown. fcftLB OF OROOERlIft. WINES, LIQUORS, Ac. AT ACCTIOH. The partnership heretofore existing between Donne It * t'ffutt htving by ?.a'.u?l coatot. they will offer at Put>Uc Au tion.on >loNDaY. Matob It. 1841. * 10 o'clock. ?tNo I* Bridge street, Georgetown, D C . all Vieir large ?Ld uell mIk(hI stock "f O^oceru*. Wia??a ail Liqucra, Teas. Wooden Wart. Ac.. Ac. We name id part? bl>l* Wl .?ky, Brandies and Wise* Bbl?. Oin Hum. Cordial and other brand* BMe. 1 a?. Oofless. white and brown Sugar Bols M?lass, a, Gold-n Syrup Bid*, pure Cider Vinegar Bble. Lard Sperm anowoal Oil Larg- lot priiu<-, Shoulders and Middling Baron Btls. Fiah. Including bbls No. 1 and 2 M i herel. No 1 FiUoiao Labrador, and Eaatp^rt Herring*. Ood . Hake and ther fish Largr lot prime Cigars, Chewisg and Smoking Tobacco L< t Ad mm tine and Tallow Candles Assortment Faney and Common So* pa Lot Wooden and Willow Ware, including Buckets, f'edar and other Tub*. Bug*, Twine, and other articles too nun-roue to m- nlion. nh II d TH08. DOWLINQ, Auct. , |JY GBEEB * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. KCCE1VBRS' SALE OF FUBNITURB AND LlueOKH IN, AND LEASEHOLD OF TUN "R IRK WOOD BOUSB, ' BIl U ATRD &TTUH CORNKK O* 12TB ST W Est AND PA. AVN..1N SOUARB NO 343. IN THE CITY OK WAHBINQTON, IN TBI DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. AT FtBLlO AUCTION. IN TIE SUPREME COURT OF THB DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. The National Bank of the Metropolle va. 0. C. Spragueetal. In Equity?No. ?7 4. la pursuance of an order of the Supreme Conrt of the District af Columbia, sitting ineiuity, bearing data the 2tftb day of February. A. O. 18o7, the unierslgued, a* receivers appointed by aaid conr In the above anit. will eeil at pablie auction. at tl<e 'Elrkweod Home.'' in the city of W aabington, D. o., on WEDNESDAY, the 2'th day of Martb.A D. IS07, commeLcirig atlOo clock am: Firat?The leasehold of the establishment well known aa the Kirk wood House," a Hitel.ia Its advantage* of location and arrangement, equal, if not superior, to any etber Bottl In the 0?ty of Wasbingtou. The lease has about aiz jeara to ran. ALSO, Immedlately after the aale of the above, we shall proce? d to sell the Imruitnre and Lienors in the ectabllshment. and continue troui day to day until all ie diSDoeed of comprising in aart, fix : Oae srelleat lioeewuod Oaae Piano, Cover, and Stool On* handsome large French plate (lilt frame Minor, with lifts*wood Frames and Marble slab Table Thr* e Oreen Rep Parlor Snitea, consisting < f T? te a tftes S >1 as, Castor and bi le Chairs Six heavy Oreen Kep and Laco Curtains and Corric** Six MsrMe t^p Center TaMe? and Oil Painting! Seventy five Marble und Wood t-p Walnut Drsailug Bureaus Seventy five fine aolid Walnut Bedsteads, all c< mpleie, with Spring klattrea-e? Seventy five Marble and Wood Walnut Wash* tande Thirty Pslntd Mr-as ng and otker Bureaus Kittv rauit?-il W?-hft?n<t? One buLd***! Cottage en I other Bedsteads One hnndrtd and S'-ven Kruasei*, Three ply. Ingrain and other Carpets Two hnndr- d good H ?ir and !In?k Mattresses I on?* hundred Feathrr Pillows nd B ilaters I Two hundred and seveuty Bedspreads and Comfort? One hundred and aevenly pairs of ^ood Blankets Large quantity of h iitle end Singlo Sneeta Seventy tivet'ak l ining Chairs Twh* large Doing Tables Twenty Damask Tablecloths and Seventy-fiie NepV Ina Sixteen Worsted Table covera Tfn Hesvy plated Ca-tors Fivedwxen l'lated Forks Five deien Plated Sp^ona Four dor.en Iron handb-d Knives Twelve Plated bugar Bowls ?wu dozen Plat?dOrvam atui Sirup Pitcbera went) twe piecea of Copper Cooking Lteaeils Oia-n and Crockeryware throughout the entire house One excellent Iren Sa'e, in perfect order Office Furniture, conaiatiag of Deeka, Setteea, Stoves and fpittoons One flue Office Regulator. ALao, Four Phelau'a Billiard 'tables, with Balla and Cuea all in perfect order. With many other articlea, which wo deem annecsastry to enumerate. The above Furniture is of good qnallty throughout the entire henao We call the attention of dealera. hotel keepers and tho public In general to thla -ale. aa it la the largext collection of household goods that haa been in the market for a>.Be time. ""ifelvwh?""'-* a?-n. mh free Ads ORBRN ft WILLIAMS, AucU. BT COOPER ft LATIMRR, Auctioneers. date clerka with Jaa.C. BlcOuIre A Co.,) Southwest coraer of reiin'a avenue and Uth at.. Star Office Building. CHANCERY RALE OF~IMPBOVBD PBOl'BB Tl ON a?TH 8TRKET WEST. BEtWBRN E ABD F STREETS, 1ST WARt?. ? ^ By virtu* of a decree of *he Sopreae Court of tho District ol Columbia, r atted in cause No '>66. equity. In which Thomas Cozan Is complainaut, aud Jane McManus ?t nl.. are defendants, the undersigned. irustee. will sell, in front of the premises, at f-S o'clock j> in . on 1 11 L' RpDA* , the 21st day of March in*taiit, part of Lot unmhered hvo, i 5.) in Square numbered one hundred aad twenty two, (172. i comni<-nclnr on aonth side of said Lot ht-, ar.d running berth in a line with aud fronting ou Twentieth stre. t west JS feet!? inch; theuce ea^tvur<ily ISi feet an I 10 in hea more or Ins. theoc southwardly 3^ leet and S lucl . and toence we-t v ardlv 158 feet and IV inih>-s mor?? or less, to the 1 plat e of beginning. lii in* of sale prescribed by thede.-ree: Onebait i isb and the ba.aace to be paid in 1- months, li.r which tLe purchai?er will le reqnired toeive , his protni su^y note, bearing mter'-at froin date. et.rotsed to the tatie'ai tlon of the trustee, or tti? ] porchaner may, ll he re deeiree. pay the whole of tke purchase uuoey casb. or one-half cash, aad 1 tl.e ba an'e ou the ratification of the sale by t*ie ! court 1 nle to be retaine 1 uatl I th''wiiole of th i ' puichase money is paid and thf? ratified by tne court. Conveyanitng and etauipa at the coot of the purchaser _ _ _ EUGENE CARUSI, Truatee COO IK. B ft L&TIMEB, mh 2 eoftda Auctioae ra BY COOPBR ft LAT'MEB, Anrtloneera, ( Late cleikr with J amee C. MuUuire A Co ,) bouthwe-t corner Pennaylvenia avenue and llth street, "Star Otrice Bnllding." TRUSTEE S BALE OfTMPBOVBD PROPER T\ AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trnat dated the Slat day of Fol runry, A. D., IS--#, and recorded In Liber R. M. H. No. lb. felio 3M, one of the land records for Wastiingtou Connty, 1) C , I will sell, at Public Anciioit, in front ol tbe premise , at 3 o'clock p. m.. on '11'EbDA Y, tbe rtth day of March, A. D , 18e7, all that certain piece or parcel of ground aitnete, lying sad being In Wash ngton city, D C , and known and dietingulahed upou tbe ground, plan or plat of anid city aa tbe eouth part of Lot numbered eight. < 8,!in Square numbered two hundred and fkfty -eight/S68,)rronting2Sfoet on the east aide ol 13S atreet weal, between C and D stroeta north, with a depth of one hundred aud five feet tea at d >ne half lichee 110"> feet 19H inches, > to an alley. with tbe improvemeate thereon. Tormeof aale : e?ue half caah, balance in 6 and 12 montha with interest from day of eale, aecured bv dte.i ol trust upon tbe premises. Terms to b? compiled with in fliedcys otherwise the trustee re eervee the rleht to reaell at the riak and coat of tho detn^ltinc purchaser by giving 10 days notice in the Evening Star. AH coet of conveyancing and r-\ei.ue stamps at the expense oi the purchaser. Sli-0 rtaulred at time of aale. JOB W. ANOU8. Troatee. OOOPBR A LATIMER. mhl-3'awAda Auctionners. BY F. V OLKARY. Auctioneer, Bouthcaet corner K. aud Sth atraata. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE ON TUB I SLA NO. By virtue of a deed of trust from Joaepb Rlrharde, tearing date on the dtp Lecembor, H.J, iMiLi record# d, tbe undersigned, Truatee, will,on TI'lPDA Y, tbe mh day of March. A D. 1SJ7, at 4H o'clock p m . in front of tee premlaes, otter for eale ?t puolic austii B. th>- weet naif of Lot No. JJ In Bquaie liumt . rod ftSH, together with trie imp overrent-rhereou, wnieh constat of atmall i nmo Teurmeut Tbo property frouta 2'. teot on ecuthR street between 3d and 4^* streets. terms of sale One baif cash; #20 down at time of sale, balance in six tuoutna. with interest. Tne deferred paymenta to beaecurod by a deed of trust upon the property. or at the op'ionof the pur chaser tl e v bole amount down in caah. Stamps aud convo> anclng at coet of puichaser. It the Terois el sale are not complied with wlthiu fi*e days from day of aale. the Trusty res* rve* the right to reeell at tbe risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, bv giving five day* previous notice of?tucb resale _ _ B. B. LASEBT, Trustee, mh > H.IS.I8 F. P OLKARY. Auct BY COOFBR ft LATIMBB, Auctioneers (Lata clerka with Jaa C. McOuIre ft Co.,) South weet coiner of Peun'a ave. aud lltn street. Star Office Building. YALUALB IMPROVB"D~A!?D UNIMFBOYBD BBAL ESTATE NBAR PEBN'A A.VENUE AT AUCTIOH. Ou FRIDAY AVTBBNOON next,March t2d. at 5 o cbx k p. m.. on tho premtsoa. we will cell tbe south 24 foot inohea of Lot 3t>, in (viaaro Bo 2*4. Improved bv n subatantinl aud wall-ouilt threeat-ry Brick Dwelling, with A two story back building, containing In all fourteen rooms, with gaa throughout. Pump of water in yard. Also, ad mining the above, and immediately after, we will aoil tbe north 14 feet f Inches of Lot Bo 27, Square 2M. unimproved, except bv a brick building on the rear ol the lot. Both Cote have e depth of lot loot 10)ft Inches to a thirty foot pnvec' alley In the rear. . . . . Tho above d-ecribed real estate belonged to tb late Col M. Nouree, and is situated on ths w?t side of Uth street, betweoo B and F atreets nor*, and near Pennsylvania avenue,,-nd is well worhr tho attention of persoas desiring first-class nr?erty . there being little or none for aale in this ftimeatate neighborhood. Posseeeion gives Ma 1, l0Terme: One-half cash; balance In six moohs, with inteieet. aecured by n deed of trustoathe p-operiy AII convey anting and revet,mj at^pn at cost of purol A-*?r. A deposit of flOowll bo reqnired of the purabeaer at tlmo ol eale WM * JOS B NOURSI Bxecutore of Mtrhael Bouf*. mh7 eeftris 00?>PBR ft LATIMBB. Ai^a American oolb, stocks and binds. boupht on osamiasioa at the New Yo* and

other htock Boards. QuoUdons regulaW received " LB1TIB JOttBSON ft OO BaakFa. fe7 tl Hlil Fennn. ifM. AUCTION SALES. |?T GBEEB * W11LIAM8, Auctleaeers. TWO TWO 8TOBY TBAMB HOUSES AMD LOTS OB 20TH BTBEET WBBT. n??r M street north,?t Public Auction. OiTDKDDtT, tktlltllnUM, at 5 o clock ?. ? we iktll eell, ?a the pirt of Lot No. jo in Mo 100. with tbe improvement*. coqatstiag "t two two itori Frta? Houses, coatamli g five rooms each, which will make a coaafortat le residence for a small family. Trrmi: On* ball cub, bkltsct wis and twalve mouth*, for note* bearing Interest, and secore-1 V a deed of treat oa the premise* All conveyancing asd rwreBue lUmn at the east of tb* purchasers. SAO down oa eaoh house when sold. m IS d 9KIIM WILLIAMS. A acta. UT GBBEN A WILLIAMS, Auctlouesrs. AOMIHISTBATOB 8 8ALB?HOB"ES. WAGONS. AND K ABHINO CTBH8IL8 AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On WBDNB8DAT. ths (5th day of March, at 10 o'clock a. m., we shall aell. on tha prenn-ea. ?t tb* rlace railed O B. Colberts Picery, opp >alt?? Clarke Mills' place, on tho Hladenaborg road, fey oider of ?h* Bon. Orphan*' Court ef the DUtrict of Columbia, tha peraonal effecta of tka lata laaao Snowdea, deceased, !*? Two Bae work Horee* and Harneaa Two Bpriag Market Wagana and Muggy One Bt'iwa Cart, Ploughs, Harrow*, tfradlee, Saddle*. A?. Oca Lag Houee and Frame Shanty About fifty Bve Baabela of Wheet, nart la Straw Aud many other artirlaa which wa deem uaaeces ary to enumerate. Terms caah. By order of the Adininlatrator. OBBBB * WILLIAMS. Aucts. S0TTRB AROVB SALB IB POSTPONED OB acconat of tfce weather, uatil WEDNESDAY, tba J>th the aame place aid hoar. By ordar of tba Administrator. mh 7 eoAde OKBBN A WILLIAMS, Ancta BY NAGLBft CO., Auctioneers. Balaaroom So. 8?A Peaa. avoone. Between Mb and 19th tie. BAOLB A 00 will give their peraoaal attention to th* *ale of Baal Batata and Household Purolture. Alao, to tba aalea of atocka of Groceries, Wine*. Liquors, and Merchandise of every description, Horses, Oarrlag**, Harases, Ac. Liberal caah advaacee made on conalgnnenti. Begnlar Salea at onr ?alesroom every T0E8DAlr. TBCB8DAT; nnd 8ATCBDAY, nt 10 0 clock BAOLB A OO. jail tf Aoctioaeer*. ^ALE OP 1ISH BTABB8. The Piah Stand* lo the different market* will be told to the highest bidder, for caah, on the following days; OeBire Market, on SATCBDAT, March 30, at 10 o'clock a uj Northern Liberty Market, PBIDAT, March S', at 10 o'clock n. m. B?t? Yard Market, PBIDAY, March 29, At 10 o'clcck a nt. Weatern Market, on WBDNBSDAY, March 27, atlOoclock A.m. . _ Pt-rar-na now holding atanda in the different markets can retain ttem Dy paying tb- appraisement price for surh stand* previous ?o the day of sale KICHaKD WALLAOH. Mayor. Waahington, March II. 18.7. m 13 eoiw rp R U 8 T BIB' 8 S A L B . I n pursuance of a power of eale reefed In me by a deed of trust, executed to me by Gooree \V. Miu bel and Cornelia D Mltchel, hie wife, or Waahington city. District of Oolumbia, dated on tl e 28th dav of August, l?6.v and recorded in Li lor K B. P., Bo 3, folio *3J, Ac., one of the land record a of Montgomery county, 1 will offer at ynblic fa.e and aell to the highest bidder, at Baker's Hotel, tn the Tillage e? Clarkeburg. In Montgomery county, Md , an WEDNE3DA Y, the 2?th day of March, in tlie year eigh.een hundred a?o>-l\ty seven at 11 o'clock a m . all the follow lig described real estate, situated in Montgomery ccnnty. State of Maryland. These lands lie near 1 Clarksburg. Montgomery county, and adjoin tbe p*op? rty of Bufus King, Perry Biowning, Baatl Kail and others One of the tracte la part of a tr>ct?fland called "Trouble Enough lob-ad." nitainint sis hundred and sixty acree of land, It being the aame land heretofore conveyed by ('barlea Hendry and Cleaner Hendry, hla wife, to aail George W . Mltcbel, by deed dated t>n theldth day of Angnat. lues The other being part of a tra<t of lai d called "Kemrvey on Maple Breach, ' heretofore convert d to said George W. Mitcbel by Ann 8'per, and containing thlity fireacraeof land. TbU land la under a good atateofcaltiration, almated In a healthy neighborhood, well wate red and nnder very good fbn? tng. The improvemenia conaiat of two comfortable logdwelunga. g?cd etable. corn honsea. and other neceeaary cot-hailoinga: alao, f?nr t'ood tobaf-c.i1. uaen. The above described tract la anacept?ble cf being divided Into two or three convenient tarma I'eraon* nlahiqg to look at the sroyerty can do *il>y calling on Mr King, reeldfng on the land, who will take pleasure in abowiag it. Terms of aale: One-third ot the purchase money t> be paid on the day of aale. tho reeldae of the mrcbaeemoney to Be paid In one aad two yeare l orn the day of aale, tbe pnrcbaaer or ynrchaeara giving hla. her or their notee, with approved ( -utity. hearing internet from theday of aale On pa\ meat of the whole ;nrch?ae money a deed wITt ke executed By tha truateo. the ynrchaaer ruing ex pen*ea of pre paring the deed and stamps r?>ioi p joHB T. WILLIAMS. Trnatee fe 23 dtt LBYI YANPiiSBBB. Anct. 1>BC8TKB'S SALB OP YALUABLB BBAL ) BSTATK. j By rlrtne of a decree of the Circuit Conrt fer | Prince O^orge'e eowntv, aitting as aco irtof o-jultj. passed in a cauae therein depending, wh<-rein jtnitaO. McOuire A Co. are complainants, and Marcu* Du Val la d*-fen<lanrwthe aubaariber. aa tniatee, will expo*e to public eaK-, on th prem lata, on MONDAY, tbe JMh of Mar< h, 1SS7. at 12 oVlcck m.,(if fair, if not, on the next fair d*y tker^alt< r,) the Heal Kata'e of Marcua Imi Val, i' kiMiwn aa ** H^g Harbor,*' ritnated ia Prince Geor^e'a cown'y. about o..e mile frotn Good Ln k, n iitnininc 1 2 Acres. i> ore or leaa. and adiolaing tbe I and a of Halter II- Hilleary. the heirs of Tb- ma" tf all, aLd Ool, O'len Bowie. T he above land is c- v#red with a heavy growth o! t'?k and ClietBut Timber. and b<-lng located in c nv< dI< nt distance to tbe Baitiiuore and Obio aud I'alt'm ore and Potomac railroad, will ?upply an ulilli. in d iCantity of railroad tie*. Term* of aale. < aah on tbe da y of aale.oron , tin ruilficatioB thereof hy the court, with inw at fri lit tbe dtt\ ot aale; and en payment of th-- whole purrba-e K.?n?y the property will be couveye-I, in tee. to the pur-haa?-r , , Mianip* and conaerao^e totaat tnrclaier. BIOHABO B B CHEW, mh ft - **otd Trqat^a PRUFOSAL8. pBOPOSALS POB PLOL'B. Cttkrr Depot Commitiary 0/SubsxtenuA lfai4ia|iM. D C., MarfSll.lSfl. { Sealed froposala are invited until THOBSDA Y, March M. l?3, 11 o'cioca m.. for fnrnUniug the Snt>sia(ence Department witn TWBLYB UUMOBKD >1JHi BABBBL8 OP P LOL B. The proposals will be for what is known at this Depot as Koa.l and 2. And bids will be antertained for any <iuantitv |?aa than the whole Bids must be la duplicate, and far each grade ob separate ahaeu of paper. The aell very of the Flrur to commence within Br?- daya from the opening wf the bids, and must be delivered In auch viuantitiea, daily, asthe Gi?v^rnm'-nt may direct, at tbe aharvee. or Bail road Depot iu Wa?hingt?n. D. C. The delivery of all Flour awarded to be completed within twenty days froui the acceptance of Bid* will be received for Flour to bo delivered in Dew oak barrels, head lined. Payment will be made in such funds as the Government may have fo r disbursement Tbe naual (iuvernment Inspection will be made mat before th?* Flour ia received, and Botie will lie accrpted whlcb ia not fresh gruuud. and of a superior (oality. . . . Mo bid wil' be entertained from parties who have previoiwly falbd to comply with their bids, or frnm bl.ldira not p-eaent to respond. Government reserves the right to reject any bid for any cauae. . . . . ? Bid a to be addressed to the nnd?ralgaed. at No. UU3 G street, eudorsad "I'ropoaals for Plour ' G. BELL, mh 12-4t Major and O. 8 , U. 8. A pttOl'OBiLB FOB IBoN WOBK. Tirn ui y Drpinuiettl, t Offirr ofStir'Tvt.-in* Archiitcl. March 5.1157 ^ l'ropoaab will be received at this office until 11 o'clock M. March 19.1067, for cast-iron Columns, Pilast) ra. Cat>a, eu.l Rasea. Window and Door Praotea, Or the Bortli Wing of tte Treasury Extension ? . . . . .... A achedQla of the work re mired and the draw ingaof tie aame may be aeeB at the oRica of the 8ui-er vigii/ Arcbit.-ct,Trea-ory Department All bid" must 1 e a?'0<>mpanie I by the gatran'ee of aome roaponaible poison 'bat tbe bidd>ier will accept tud perform tbe coutract if awarded to hint. Tb* le part merit reserves the right to accent sepal at' pertiens of fhe varlou? propo?aia, and to reject any or all of the bids, If oousluored far the I ltterritof the Government to do so. BU* ta l e inclosed ln a seated envelope and ladon?d"proposals for Iron ^ULtjBXT ph s-W F.Mfit Supervising ArchDact. D~~U>ABTMBBT OP TUB IBTBBlOH, UMTED STATES PATE ST OFFICE, WAauikaTon. February 16,1887 On the yatltlon of OBOBGB M. BKBD and PXBC1B L. TL'TTLB, administrators of the estates of Joseph H. Tuttle. deceased, ot Geneva, I.Y, pra>tug for th* extension of a patent grantd to the said Joseph H. Tuttla tba Slat day of Joae.ltia3, for an improvement in Saws, for seven Bira frem tbe ozplrattoa of said natent, which as place on tbe 2ist day of J una, UC7: It Is ordered that tbe said petition be heard at the Patent Ofllce en Monday, the 3d day of June next, at It o'clock m.; aad all persons are no* tides to appear and enow cause. If any ther have, wby Mid petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing tns extensioa are required to file ib the Patent Office their objections, spacially set forth la leaat twenty days befrire tbe da; of hearing: all teettmooy Bled by either party to be need at the said hearing tnuat be takes and transmitted 1b accordance with tba rales of tha office, which will bo furnished oa applioatloa. Depositions aad other papers re Med upon aa teatiuony must be fllad la theoMoe tietmy days before tha day of heartBg; tba arguments, if nay, wlthla let days after flllac tba tastiasoay. Ordered, also that this aotieo be published la tbe lnielllgenoer and tbe Bepablisaa, Waahing. ten. D. 0. aad la tba GenaTa Gazette. Geaeva, M. Y, one* a week for thraa sacoeeatwe weeks; tba Brst of aud nubllcatione to ha at least sixty day* yrerloaa to Bay ot THB. EB1 Oommisaiooer of Palancs s paper contain! tut this notice to ? lawJw T? dn^^OTu^?k^d k'tt l.ViuioXS, OatVBTlUa.MA, GOVERNMENT SALES. U?8E?VIO??BL? Q'1 *lTIUi.*TII PTOSES AT AUOTIOB. CU(/ ^MfMrMUMr'i OfM. < . faMwwi, d. c.. Mar< t> 9. laff. | Will be void At public iKtloi, (7 order of tbe Geaeral. at LI IIcoin Deat. ? TtlSuil, March 19 ?>du lbs superv1?l >a of LltiUUDt ld??rd SotWr. L'tk U. 8. lufutrr, acting Avslstaat gaarterm**t? r D. S Army. eaie to cctameace at lu a m ,e quantity of uneervloeitl#jinirUrB ktiiritotM. cositil'if in part of? "I F?if-Ion? Amy U Co?i Offlc* diotm, *** - ^ a Cvllader do, j 10 Two florae do. liC-ok4e, 10 Two-Bora? Auto 43 Wood do. Iidcn, 7 0toklta|M, 1 Four Horee do, 1 Boo* Ctrriae, 1 Oue-Horse do. 1 Hotelrtl, | 12 Carta, a .**? foot I Arc# Boee, i l?>set*Lead mule Bar 147 fe*t malldo. Besa *21 Saddle ttliuktta, , C6 sets Wb*fi in?)o do. 101 Wacoa OoTers. 20 ' t* Load 81 yards Oxo* Matting, 1 Harticua lb* Aaaorted Bom, f Meets Wheel Ambulaac<J.<*0 1be. Old Tiro Iron. Haraees, X 000 Iba Ires Shoes. MCitldroH. UiaViliM* WkMln To/tether with Brldlee. Ova Bucket*. HalterC'baln*, Uanva* Horae 0. var?, Anvils. McOlellaa i 8 add lee. Carpenters' Tools, torb 00 Ha mars. 5awa, Bracoa and Bit-. Blaoksmtth Tool*, Ac. Bale will bo coatlaued each day until the % hole aaiouat it aold Tim caab. ia Governmeat fund*. Parcbaaera aro required to remove their parchaaoe witbis tea daye from da/ of ea'e cbablbb h tompkims. Deputy Q Gen . Bvt Brig. Oea . Aatlng Ohlof Qaartnrttie*ter, | ?a >-9t Be pot of Waehing^ea Auction balbor oovbbbmkbt btild- I LNGS AT CAMP TODD. SOUTH OP TBBABL'BY BUILDING. hfdvmrttfi lhp*rimt?t 4/ IPajAiagtea, 1 1 (&<t a/ckn/ . , W^u*umx?w, B. C . March 8. 18S7. \ ^he aold at Pnh:ic A nation. ob the premises, | QDdtr dlrtctUn of Brevtt V? r UltaiOQ, A.QM.Tols.en THURSDAY. March 14.atll , ?c'och a. m., tbe follewlat deeertW?d Pram* Buildings located at Camp Todd. <aoath of Trea?art Building. > in tbis city, viz : One Barrack (twoatoriea ) *4x23 feet, with porch. Oao Guardhouse. 34*19 feet. Ona Office re Quarters, Sxt4 feet. One officers' Quarters, feet, with wine. Building* will he aold singly, and must be removed witbin ton data from date of aale. Term caab in Government fanda M I. LT'DINGTON, Bvt. Brig. Gen and Chief Qaartermaatar, B>b gt Department of Waahingtoa BANKERS. JAT COOMB k CO., ~~ 1 1AIIIII, pi/tttwk strict, errostu TVaarwry, fctytid wl t icorrcat market ratea, and k?| outtatlT on hand, a full supply of aU GOYEBBMBBT BONDS, SEYENTHIBTIBB, AND COMPOUND 1KTBBB8T NOTES Ordera tor CTOCEB. BONDS, Ao , ezacatod, and Oolloctlona mad a ob aU acoaaalbla points. ael tf _____ _ _ ARROW *10., BANEBBB, Corner Louisiana aveaue and Sevoatb reot. EiBaLBAA IK government securities, GOLD AND BILTBB jy S-tf AND LAND WABBANT8 First National Bask of Waihiigtoo. B.D. COOBB. (of JayOooke A Co..) PreeMeat. VI. B. HUKT1NQTOB. Oaahlar. GOVERNMENT DBPOSITOBT AND riBANClAL AGENT OF TBB UB1TBD 8TATBB, 1 AU crrosum tk* trt*s*ry dtrmrtmtnt. | Governmeat Bacnritiaa with Traaanrar Dnitad Btataa mrone million dollars^ We boy and aoll all claaaea of goyerymexl , llcvr1t1es at carraat market ratoa. furnish exchange and make cml'ction, am all tbe pm1nc1pal cities of the united states. Wa parcbaao Government Toochora ob tha most fa f or able terms, aad fire careful ana prompt attention to accounts business men *nd firms, and to any other bnalnoaa antrnatad to na. PULL INFORMATION la regard to GOTBBHMBMT LOANB at all tlmea cheerfully furnlabod WM 8 HUNTINGTON, Oaahlar. WaahlBCton, March ?. IMS. mil tf STKAMIJOATLIX KsT~ W1EAMES WILbON f-MALL fon the eastern shoue NOTICB.-Tba BW.mer WIL>?N SM ILL, OAPT. B T. LEUMAKIi, Buwtn ^.fP^ all reapecta one of tbe atauactie?t,^^4|MKA most cmfurtaMe and e^nntPHfalf B ettramera pljiug ^n Chesateake La.', will resume > lift CD tA 1 L hDA 1 B.irchid She l?-av-? ^ ller opfoaite No .70 Light atreot whitrf. l?T.THL\Ver,0TL,CHDfY ?HrBSt>AT< *ni ^/rrirAIvV * ni.. for ea^tox point. 1r * r %hb/f\l??}oxrbmd rlora'sfo!x t, ll icvhauf. cambridge. hl <ih 1 l&zl* rab!x creek. med foeds whakr,?*\ lloyb's laS'dixh. , Baturnin*; from THEEaSTABN bBOBE,an? ''B'm Llo)d Landing at 1 p. in , Carnt ridre at 4 Point at 8 a m . er^ry Monday, Wedneada\ and t ridaj .touching ntali laterma dlate landlnaa. and rea< hing Baltimort at 5 a m on tbe tollowinc aiorniaga She baa a Urge anint? r of fine it at* ri/o?*. fa ki tf TO TBAVKLLBB8 GOING SOUTH TWIOB DAILY, (Sunday p. m axoeptedj Tha QBlckaat aad moat diraot route to Blobaoad, a ,aad tha Soath. via ttta Potoaiav an? _ teaman from Sixth btrvet Wharf WaablnftoB, to Aaaia Croek Elchajood, Prederlckaburg and Potomac Ball road. bow eatlraly oomplated froai Aq -.ia Oroek to BlchBtond.Ta. eon seen ng th?<r? with train* oa the Richtaond aad Patorabarg and Btcbmood and Danvilla Ball road*, for Petaraburg. Waldoa. Wilmington, Raleigh,^Oreaaaboro'. Baliabnrr. Charlotta aad Btoanara Eayport aad O TanderMIt laava 7th ! Btraat Wharf dally (Sa^day ?t. aing excepted at m. and ? p. m. and arriva In ElchakoBd at 1.46 p. m and S Ma m. THBOUGB TO BICHMOND IN 8ETEB HOUBfi- ! fifty Mliaa Shorter ani a* Houra Uuickar Uaa 1 any Otaar Route. Bo gara aad gat Through Tickeu via Bgcta Creek and Fredericksburg, to Kiohmoad, at tr>e ! Oompany' Office, corner 01 Penna. areaue and Stb 1 street, or ob board of tbeboata. Baggage oheckad i through. Otnaibaaaea and Baggage Wageaa will bo lb , raadlneaa to convey paoe<>nga>ga aud baggage be ' tweea depoU ih Bichmoud. Paaaenger* by tbia line paaa by daylight Mount Vernoa. aud may have an opportunity of visiting ! aeveral oattl*-fields near Froderlcksbarg by atop plag at that point Breakfaat and sub ob board of Steamera. GEO. MATTINGLT .Bnpt . WaahiMtoa. D o. G. B- MATTINGLT, Tlcket0Aynt^^*th|n?,OB- 1 ap l-ly Geaeral Pasaearer Agent DOTOMAC TBANBFOBTATIOB LINE. NOTICE TO SB1PPEB8. TheBtoaater EXPBESSu Capt. B B. BTTHBB. leavee Waabingtonat? a m. and Al _ exaadrla at 7 a. ia BVEKT BAT'C^nB^ UBDAY forOlymont, Budd'aPerry,^**^i^fc Smith's Polat, Chattarton Lauding, Naajemoy Btorea, Matbiaa Point, Ohapel Point Plowdanx Wharf, Lancaa'er'a Wharf. Stone ? Wharf. Our* rloBtoa Bay, Poxwell* Wharf, flat<<iri Wharf, Ptney Paint, Point Lookout, aad arrl ree at Baltt* aaara at l a. on Sarday j. B. BBTAH * BBO , A genu. BP 7-tf No 4 4 Penna. avenue. pLOUBI FBBDI A full aaaortmeBt of all trades choice Flour for Bakera; quality No 1; pricolow. I Are tbe only direct recelvera for Golden Hill, J. H. Gambrtll (not Patapeco) and Liaganor Faailly Floara la the Diatrlet. As th? Utter brand has been extensively oounterfHted and sold la this ' city, we would Inform those wUhing this flour by arrangem< iit with tbe mitlera we furniah It lowar , than It can be obtained from auy other source Quality eocead to uone. Price a fraction laaa than other Brst-claaa Family Floar. Buckwheat at low ratee All grades of Weetera Floor n store aad lor aale low by W. M. OALT A OO., Indlaaa aveaae and 1st etroec, ?oB aear Depot._ j^jTBlN WAY'S PI A BOS. We bavo jaat received a bow aeeortmeat of 11 PlANOPOKTBS from the factor/, coa sisting of Graad, Square, aad Uprfght|EMBIB Cabiaet Pianos. mTTTI For tbe last tea yeare Btelaway'e Piaaoa have, on all occboIob*, recoivod the Brat premium over all bow York, Boetoo, Philadelphia, aad Baltimore makers, whenever and wherever they have oonie in competition At the World a Fair la Loadon. Stein way A Son* received the ladoraameat Jof superiority of iMir Placerar^lmakera of tbe Wfo?'tf Bo. ?1? Peaa aveaae. Bole Agents. M A 1 L OHOOTLAT8 DB FASTAISIB, ALSO " MAILLABD'B CHOOOLATFABBW^IJO^ Thla Triple YaalUa CBOOOLatTtsiipWier la gaallty aad Savor to any other made la thla tiwiwajty ? a* ! _ RAILROADS. | rSBSetMAMH BOCTB IS67 TOTH^KoiTBWir^^OTH AHbSoCTB. fw ... -''HIDl'LB.I fo^Te M f*fo^ Nl ^mb#r ?? * ?" Win Waatlagu-n7 Wk at I Ba.t more ? u . " 8 ?a ? " - M * " TBI ?BBaT DOCBLBTBAOS BOOTV? yW> LIOABT BOBBKST. FiI*. * *u,u rLday and alfbt Oy* witb n.odern i?Bro?eiaen?r *** VJC* 'r<mi fcnr to Iwt'tf hoar. f? uSToT'r aty other route. Two h iB ired mil** ae?id ?. WMhfi uc OMtrtl Now Tor It M 10 Two Daily Train, to tbe Wmrt. * MfA BB3KM3. P??*M>g*reby tble rt vit? fr m FalClmor. h?. s?tt?rairiw.atk-?- * u",u? Tick eta by tkte root* can bo procarwd *t tbe of Bee. corwr fttb atreet and PMHyltultiron,, #?i?r the ItMkki Hot?l. wboro rellab.e latormatioa win |* given at all time* Paeeeageca procuring ticket* at thfe office eaa cure aerommodatione fa Bleeping Car. lor Bl*lra or Fltiebere. B J WILEIS8. Ticket Af^nt EB. J. TOT.O, 0.. rJ'SSZ"' " " Baltimore. Md dolly rrH*ULUH LIM BITWtilt ViMUXOTci ANI>,,BW Y Trmtm. >_^r_ ? W a.H 1 Nfc TOB , J an 4. 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BOAL8 ?On aud atter MONDAY. But. II, )*C6, tralna for Alt any aad Tror. coanectlag with Berthera and Waatarn tralua, will loare Bow Tert a. folk*. : 6a. vi Bipreea trafa via Hodeon BUer Bailroad . * tti at aad 1Kb av.. threngh to Buffalo and Ba*pen.i?a Bridge wtib<>at cuaageof car* aad connecting at Troy with tralua for Saratoga, Batlai.o, Burlington aad Montreal. lUa.m Bxpreea and Ball trail Tla Badaoa B'T?-r Bal 1 road. connecting at Alhaay with Waatarn train-, and at Tr?jr with train, for B^rth. Ill Hi Kxpreaa ttala via Harlem Ballroad, V th .t and 4th ar.. conaocting at Chatham with Waatern Bailroad for Lebanon spring., Pittatieid, Ac .at A!l>any with Western train*, aud at Troy with tralua tor Saratoga Butland. Barliagton and Montreal. .1 *t p m Bxpreee train ?1a Htstfitoa BtT?r Ba r> ad roakectina at Albany with Waatrra trail... and at Tr^iy with trains for Montat^. with elaea ing car attached 4 is p in Bxareaa train r1? Harlem Hallroad, ro- hertine at Ctiatbam with We.teru Bailroad for Lebanon cptluga. I :tt?field, Ac ; at Albany witc *>?tctn train* . and at Troy with train* for Bot lund. Burlington and M <atr*al Bleeping cara atta bed at Alt any t p ni ?-&p>-ea? t^wln via Hudaoa Klver Ball r. ad. with ?|>-eping car. aitached, ad thrunch to bufalo a' Bu?pei.>ion BndC' wtthuvt change t i?r>. Al.o, sleeping car every day eiceptinc Batnrde a attached from B?-w York tb-ou^h ?<, < gdenaimig withont chantfe, v a Borne W aad O l.ailri <. Oonai-cttM lor Troy will I* made, at i?a All aD> Ttil. train will ran o' Bauday* il p aa Train tia Bu>i.< n Bailroad, wit*i ileej inr car atta> b*-<1. nne? ting at Albany with early ti ?ln* f<?r Ho?*hIo and ba?per atoB Brilge and at Trey with train* for Saratoga and point* berth A Sunday train will be raa Tla Hvdaoa Bi*?r Ball: oa>1 fiOBi Sew \ ork to Poo|hke-p?it aad iltern ediaU-aiationa. leaTing New York at 8^'a n . B> turning, le*Te P-ng'tke^peie at f.45 a m arriving la Ne w > ork at <5 is p m Alao. a fonday trait tia Uarl-m Bailroad. Ie<\r lag 4Sd atreat at Ha m . and arnrlng at Millert n at 3 >h p m Ketnrnivg lear* MtIi?rtoa at b a a., arriving la Kew Yo>k at 12 S1 a. m WM H. VABMttBILT. jal> Vice Preeident. gBC Bit" ? 1 8 B A ?T IAHARITTFI'I OIFT! 3AM AM ITAJT 8 OIFTl THB MOST CBBTA1B BSMBDY BVBB U8BO. 'Tea, A Poo?tit? ?rn," fat OONOMMUQtA, OLE* T, MTMJCTcMKA, ^ Oontalaa no Mineral, ao Balaaaa, ao Mercery. Only Ten P%Ut M t>< 3ba*w to Kjtct a (W?. They are eaurely Tefetaoie baTtug Bo etaell aor aay auftieaaant taawa, aad wtU aot la May way lain re tbo atomacb ?r bowel* of the moet delicate Oaree la from two to foar ttaya. and recent oaae* la"twtaty lonr bontj Prepared by a gradoat. of the tniTaraity of PenaayWaala. eoe of tbe aaort eniiuent l)octora aad C beo>i/ta of tbe areeeat day; ao trpo>*r?, no irimbU, no (Lnu* teamitrtt. Let tboee who haTedeepaired of gettlag cared,or sr ?ri?-T~ BBent by mail In a plain eu.elope Frloe? Male packagea, |1 Female, 81. BLOOD t MLOODH BLOOD tn PCBOPULA, DLCB&=. BOBBS, BPOT8, TXITBBB. SCALES, B01L8, SYPMltle T#l OB VBBXBBAL D1SBABB8, Ac ' BAMAUITAA S MOOT AXD HEH-B JU1CB la offered tbe anbllc aa a aoadtt Te care SY PHIL.IS CB \ kMalAL OIBAabKB. tn. eAMABlTAB'S BOOT AND uBBB JLlOa iTa aioet potent, certain and efleitaa: remedy ever are acriled. It reacbea and eradicataa every particle o* U?e venereal potaon.eo that tbe care la taoroaab and permanent. Take, then,of thla pBrifying rained y and be healed, and do not traaamlt it to y00r posterity that for which jZo nay repeal la aftar Tmn' DO BOT DR8PA1BI attboash you mar oe proaot,nce<i incaratla SASTABITAB S BOOT AND HBBB jrro? wit'. ren-eTe eTery Te.tire af Impuntlea from the a/atem. a. well aa all tbe bad efaota ot Mer.nry ItBkUbal UMALlsj In many afleciione wl^a whlon naiua-ra of Bialea .uller t^BUUT AND HABB Jl'lOisiu'l bappll) adafttS, la UId-rated Cteroa la Lea<^-rnu-a, in bearing down, Falling of the Wcob, debility and for all compiainta Hidden! to th* eag. Bantbr exyreaa Price 8l.? par botu* BAMABITAN *8 WASH fcjrOTSt'sffii?- ? "* rulldlrectteaa. Price SSceata Tbe efficacy of theee retaadie* la alike a/-knew. ^Sa lf l^tiwpSal* 4 ******"' Tb#7 are aa<rf S{SSiSftl??,,,,,uu "Poat BoariTaL, Fort Ma&aHaLL, baltlmor*. d. Fab. W, 18ft4 ?"1 haTe great eat* el ecu ?u la atatlag taat 1 have aaad 'The Baiaarltaa UoanHM1 (jt Veneral dteaaaaa In IU Moet euaftoaaar> torax, that 1 haTe aaad tbaaa with jadxmeai, diacreuea, and properly. aad, have foaud taem respond to my aattclpationa proaaaUy aad effectual. baowing their compoaltloa, I kaTa the faUeat oooAdeaoe la ttalg iiwrr,aa? aa for aa aay aaaaCtkaa egteada. <?. rw.M.. MM by B.C. FOBD, oaraarllta atraataad raniHiwOtuaM, ^ggTaaaaaagy Maa, br t. T. Whlpale; ?| 7?. Tke Bataaoe of Waaltk, by Aaaaa Walker, $] Ufcand Ttaae* m Bad Jacket, by Wa. L. Ktoaa. #ft. Tke ?m?i^ny; >J?ir7 ftf~tke OlTll War. Uluatratad, %* KWai tba Bod; A Bevel, by ?V PBAMOB TATLOB.